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"stephen goons" Discussed on The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show

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"stephen goons" Discussed on The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show

"Is your host key notable Welcome back to another episode D listener. Viewer however you're catching us. Welcome back and this week I have got my guest. Even Doan's Stephen Goons Stephen Jones. The business disruptor those of you who listen to some of my previous shows We call it Stephen Year ago this this time where we're going to be highly focused around all around the fears around around sales in a really interesting one. He's got a rather different take on it so it's not stuff that you've heard before but for those of you who haven't come across Stephen All maybe those of you happen just kind of refreshing. Let me give you a little bit of a little bit of his bio while he was always going to run his own business basically when he was ten he went right into other houses in the area doing chores for cash then in he realized that his friends who wanted money could do the work for him. I could just collect some of the money deal with clients. Pay His friends half. Many's the lesson was learned to that time that he draws upon even that. This is the age of ten. You can see. This is quite remarkable guy. He tried to real jobs several Saturday jobs. He didn't like the concept of Working Hawk for somewhere else. The prophet just never seen fat phosphate university not final year election campaign against Hilary Benn job interview. The publishing house and suddenly he graduated is talking about pension schemes mortgages life insurance. He ran to Australia. Obviously he set up a little sales consulting in business reviewing sales teams and sales processes. Yes this was at the age of twenty one and he was published efforts then took a year off went to the. US wrote a gold wing around. Now that's an episode. We need to record. Sometimes you're in Canada setting investments which he did well. Let's what's on the by the late. Nineteen ninety he had established a venture capital company with offices in Dallas and in London. He has lost everything having twice. He's rebuilt twice been divorced twice and he's a single father twice yesterday. Kids doesn't do things by half off. He doubles up. That's my yesterday Stephen. Jones Hey Steven how you doing after that. I'm doing quite well. You sound amazing take you into my networking events with me fantastic. Let's negotiate the rates laid off of the commission learning absolutely absolutely so yeah. Your sales. Destructive businesses do sales disruption option as. Well it's it's born of a concept the a quick back story on it two thousand and three. I lost the money the first time. Two thousand five six I was back in the UK rebuilding. Nobody would hire me because I was unemployable. Because because I've been running my in business for so long didn't have sector the specialist in some is set up the networking events and set up Managed Growth Program Program for small businesses. Realized that everybody hates selling because it's really difficult to that's really weird because I've been selling most most of my life and technically one way or another we will ask selling whether it's woven into without mates on Friday night to wife or girlfriend you know so whether it's why we can't go to parents Christmas this year. We're all trying to think of ways to sell stuff but we don't call it selling. And then I went went off to the Middle East and of land and several years later on back in the U K next the networking events realized. People don't know how to sell the scared of it. It's a problem problem and and it took a while for it to sink. In the reason people scared of sales as if we sat in a room now with a thousand or one hundred thousand people that got one. Give me the first. We'll do it. Give me the first thoughts. Come into your mind. If I say sales person who character traits you always do this. Put me on the spot at my job to put on this disrupt. What can I say they do? uh-huh salesman you're gonNA think you're going to think lease is the first one the first one that has known the first one or second of a get variations fat. You know shiny suit pushy. Talks too. Much doesn't listen Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. So you're hypnosis you talk about an l. p. and hypnosis all the rest of these these are the brain retuning things his me sitting here running my own business and and I realize I have to start selling but when I think about sales people think of negativity I think of to say hold on regular beheaded later but we don't think of Nice genuine people we think of horrible stuff and then we think okay. Now go out and sell so your brain is basically telling yourself you've got to become something that you despise or fear is we don't like being sold to and then people wonder whether or not very good at it because they've created this system wet right from the beginning there already negatively and in a position to quote you'll you'll works folks here so the reason I called. Stop selling start growing what I called. It was because people need to stop associating what that doing going to grow that business with selling a make it more about growing the business so that the very basis of it is that we we stop selling selling your stuff to people we start engaging in conversations with people who might be in a position to buy what we have so we're trying to create an environment. Where if somebody comes to you and bias from you rather than you shing stuff in that sites you know the history? Ibm Sort of doing it. that the different levels of IBM you had to wear a different color kind of tie so you knew robots all those guys and sales all those guys to Agnel the guys management based on the color of the suit and tie only for Chrysler would they would turn up. I guess sixty fifties sixties seventies with a briefcase. They'd put them down and take an older stuff. Nego- could be see. This is I don't pony show and all this stuff and all these things and features advantages benefits. This is a book. The facial book your white advantage because what's the benefit you've got something to write too much more intelligent intelligent much more open to the concept of Y. I so now. If you're going to buy something whether it be a service or put chances are you'll go online. The chances are you're going to research it. If you're working in a company you probably have to get three quotes anyway so you WanNa make sure that if you're quoting you've actually got a chance of winning the business before you start growing thing but the whole thing feeds back into that fear in that if you'd started off on the wrong foot I I'm trying. I'm just telling trying to sell and trying to sell your always going to have that resistance in your own. Mind before you have it in this and that resistance crates more resistance. Sure absolutely absolutely absolutely I mean. We'll we'll go on to look a little bit about the whole stop selling side of things in in a a couple of moments because that's fascinating really want us to dive dive into even though we've only got about twenty five minutes in this episode. We can still do a shallow dive. We Ah I mean. We talked very briefly. And you mentioned that people escape selling I always. You've you've done a lot of sales training and what with a lot of people. Wh what kind of the big. The most common fears that people have around selling so again. I think the biggest one is this whole concept of what sales is in a way and again we're selves that negatively because we instantly think of bad things when we think of salespeople ago I have to become a bad thing and then people start saying things to me like oh well I don't like talking on the phone I've had women tell me I don't like talking on the phone. I've never met a woman yet. That doesn't like talking on the Frank Friends and we have to take a timeout. Sorry.

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