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"stephen derelict" Discussed on Pratt Cast

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"stephen derelict" Discussed on Pratt Cast

"You get your podcast. This might be wrong, but I read something of like the way you got signed. Was Your at some party? And you play the song You are too drunk, so didn't Kinda kill it. Can you tell that story? All right, so we just detours hours. Riding is about the time we wrote detours off the EP. My Buddy Day terminal has has a spot east a town over office river this river, so we went over there and we were fishing all day in office, looking for publishing, he was signed to a company, called Ole at the time, and when I was out there. Dave told me that he's. He asked me that. Hey, man, have you sign a publishing deal yet? Now's like now Ma'am still looking. and. He's I will do my publishers coming out here today, so you should. Talk to you can get a meeting. I had a good buzz going on in that room and I was like Man i? Wish I would have known that like you know Kaz. If we have a fire I would probably start playing until are better than that insurance. That's exactly what happened, so we built a fire were hanging out in days. Like pay been. You know who ended up together first time. He's a hey, man. This is a my buddy Jordan. He just moved to town looking for pups Jordan play some songs, so they hand me guitar and I am just tank in. In light can't remember anything. Start Butcher in my songs in the felt terrible, and even Dave Kinda felt bad baddies man. I should have thought about that because we're hanging out fishing having beer all day and the next morning. I'm like driving into town in my brother is kind of beat me up on as I. Do you had a chance last night that I play some songs in his date you it. and. But Luckily Ben Simmons emails a Hey, man, you know. I realized the other night it was. It was kind of weird situation, so that like two days after that he had me into his office, and that's how I got that meeting by screwing those songs up so bad it let him. Do Oh God. That would give me so much anxiety that. Don't I? Know I always every time I show that story I bet you. Don't follow that route. Because also like I'm a I'm a terrible singer, and like have serviceable guitar player, but I've been that party so many times, and then handed the guitar so many times and got like halfway through blackboard. I'm like I. Remember the lyrics. Yeah Dude it's a scary. Like I didn't sleep at all that night I remember just being like dude because I mean like I said I was. Four years into town so like every meeting I was putting so much pressure on myself down to like. Did you get a? You GotTa make this work? Make this work to I. beat myself up so much because I mean. It was at that time where I was Kinda like. A ad put a two year. Limit on me moving town because I moved to town later. Now's twenty. Six twenty seven. And And I was just in here I am for years and I had another opportunity that kind of blew it. I was almost to the point where I was like dude. Donnie go back Louisiana. Get A job. Come up, buddy up you now. The man didn't work out. You got a job. I burned four years of my life because you suggested this new. Job. Why don't you just Barbie likes? You have a lot of great songs, but I I think singles Yup is is my favorite one. Just because I'm engaged now, but it's a song. A lot of guys can relate to. It's like hey, man. If this ever goes to shit, yeah, I want to be here, you know. Absolutely. That's exactly what that is. Where the song come from I wrote down Steven Dale Jones just Niba, in Justin, had just gotten engaged, and he said that a friend of his they were somewhere in midtown I thought the losers, red, or somewhere, and one of them said you're smart in never single her up and just put it in his phone and silver sitting Enron. injustice anything to like You're smart. Never single her up, and I was like that's kind of cool like it sounds cool. I've never heard it put like that, so we start writing this song about having this amazing girl that you never wanNA single era in. We've got about halfway through about an hour into writing that and I was like is. This is boring man like? Like I. Don't think this is the way we need to do it and I was like, but if we switched it because I don't know about Y'all, but I've been in a situation where I've seen a girl that was taken, but always talked to myself. I do that would be such a better boyfriend when she has. In both bow. Just Stephen Derelict do me. Do man up in here. In like a media like flipped it in the song like. Came within an hour I always say as I can remember so many times in college. Just being like God man if that girl wasn't Dayton that clown. Be Such a better boyfriend, yeah! That's one of my still one of my favorite song to play out. Loud your married now. Does, your wife like to hear that song we played. Is that weird thing? MMA. She doesn't mind singles you up. There's a few other ones. That she's not too big on. Take it from me being one of them. That's about you know ex. In N. also like going round is another one that she's not crazy about Carr's. That's about another another girl, so yeah, but she she answering was the up at all huge songs, so she's like well. Hey, as long as it keeps getting played, yeah! That one paid for the West, wing of the House. That would. Be Her Amazon You remember the first time you heard yourself on the radio I. Do like it was yesterday I was in Houston Texas. We were in a sprouts parking lot and I was down with my set my radio Rhett. We were sitting out there in our member. Thinking this is one of my first first weekends out with her. and. She's awesome she. In world will you're sitting in this parking lot waiting to go somewhere because she knew it was coming up and. I remember thinking like. Why don't we just got like? We could see the House that we were going to like. Why don't we just go over there and like walk in? The All we're not supposed to be.

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