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"stephanie nato" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Important allegations that the commission has previously said they would prioritize but we can't address them right now and we don't know some of them may be completely unsubstantiated but some of them may be serious allegations that require investigation was sanction so you can't decide on whether to investigate and tell you have your compliment of of commissioners that's right and then connects with the president said in June that he would be willing to accept information about his political opponents even if it was given to him by a foreign government you quickly warm. you put out a statement that this would be illegal expand on that what were you saying well not talking about any individual but the rule of law it is that it is absolutely illegal for anyone to accept or receive or solicit assistance from afar and govern for any foreign national to assist in our elections we have a flat ban on foreign spending in our elections it's important for American citizens to know that we are in charge of our own elections we are the ones making the decisions we are the ones funding the politicians we are the ones who are ultimately take responsibility for our own government and another point to add the president trump has been making really for a very long time and that is planes continued it repeated claims of voter fraud in this country there was a recent USA today poll that found four in ten voters have little or no confidence that next year's election in twenty twenty is going to be conducted in a fair way should the American people trust that it will be conducted in a fair way well I think election administration is being conducted throughout the country by a lot of dedicated public servants working at the state and local level and they are I'm sure going to do their darndest to make sure that the election is carried out properly but there are a lot of risks that we know about right now we know what that foreign governments are trying to attack our elections we know that people have difficulty voting sometimes there's one scholar who looked at every election between two thousand and two thousand fourteen over a billion votes and found only thirty one credible possibilities of voter fraud now the problem with talking about voter fraud it when it is unsubstantiated is that there is a risk that measures will be adopted that will make it harder that will impose obstacles on legitimate American citizens exercising their right to vote right now if we get over sixty percent participation in any election that's considered good turn out and. we need to have more people participating cynically engage and making their choices so that the government represents them coming back to the Federal Election Commission again you only have three commissioners you need six you need four to have a quorum you don't you don't have that I assume you've made the case to the White House we need these appointments with the response you get well I don't want to talk about any communications that I've had but I have publicly stated and I will take this opportunity to state again that we need to get new commissioners on board it didn't take very long it could happen very quickly if the president and the senator motivated we could get new nominees nominated and confirmed in fairly short order the the vice chairman who recently resigned when he was originally nominated he was confirmed twelve days later so we could get back up to speed very quickly and we should Ellen one tribe chair of the Federal Election Commission thank you very much thank you Judy. even with trade negotiations set to resume next month the trade and tariff wars between president trump and the Chinese government are not expected to end anytime soon among the industry's where the terrorists are clawing away at profits is the lobster business economics correspondent Paul Solman reports from New England on the unusual twists of this story part of our regular series making sense. see the clock on back right here that's a little smile out one. this software yeah I kind of feel like a gummy bear out on Casco Bay of Portland Maine with Dave liver today hauling lobster I use it's a small slot for I've ever seen staring mostly throwbacks in order for us to keep the lobster. it's got to be three and a quarter inches across the back that's called the care of this yeah so there we go we got a keeper lobstering is a one and a half billion dollar fishery helping keep the state of Maine's economy afloat one two three watch. but last July China in fact did retaliate with its own terrorists immediately after the U. S. as move. profit trustee crustaceans became a target of the trade war described as the largest trade war in economic history. twenty five percent retaliatory Chinese tenor of on the auspicious we read and dragon like food stuff that over the past decade has become a sign sensation close out territory lobsters a top quality food products to we are using is the main selling point in our buffet because our guests are used to thinking the eating lobster should be something that they should pay a lot of money. but not it seems an extra twenty five percent what it does though is a lobsterman like Dave libertaire becoming desperate now. no right now. that was the great. we haven't seen an effect on the full price yeah. how can this be China had been taking an ever bigger chunk of the local lobster catch snapping up nearly half of Maine's export. and that's the economic puzzle that brought me to Casco Bay how can the price of lobsters not have dropped given suddenly drastically lower demand. love seminar really being affected by this because Canada is why are you a fosters tagging them is Canadian and shipping and that's as Stephanie meadow a wholesaler revised at the dock in sales to the world is the answer to the puzzle. China is still getting a flop even those from Maine but not from American wholesale so you mean that Canada gets the business with the United States used to get yes. here's a Canadian lobster and here is the American lobster it's costing four dollars. Dave has lost his once taut chemistry felt trapped in the classroom switch to lobstering fifty two years ago but as we found out he was still a teacher to the core this one goes over still for hours this one now has a twenty five percent tariff imposed by the Chinese government right and so that is going to cost an extra dollar which one are you going to buy their identical both of America's Amerikanische both of from the Gulf of Maine and why can you S. lobsters get into China via Canada Tara free because Canada is not a trade war and that is to have its own quite liberal trade rules and the way they write their certificates is it only has to come from the north Atlantic fishing region it doesn't distinguish between country of origin but on the flip side any lobster ship by American wholesaler from the US to China even one caught in Canadian waters is stamped product of the USA. thereby triggering the tariff there's no way out for US love for dealer and you've given every advantage the Canadian one. insurmountable. to China's retaliatory tariffs benefit the Canadian industry already growing as the Gulf of Maine warns pushing lobsters north but so what in the lobster industry everything is connected any to leak this runs the Maine lobster dealers association you represent wholesalers the middle man historically either customers no war suppliers have like the middle man right our fishermen go out fishing every day they come back and they bring in their lobsters. they're not the ones that are marketing and promoting their lobsters so we really need this industry to work at its greatest potential and for us that also means having our valuable export markets accessible for this product that is so important to the state of Maine in this particular product you have to have a middle man because someone has to be responsible for the life support systems to get him to where they're going. you can't just take them out of the ocean. they have to be kept in this very cold room and fought back under temperature control we develop the map the how we keep our luggage tags how we handle our lobsters over fifteen years and is that you need still lives now at least for the moment. last word for a class yeah that's up to date. so what's an American lobster seller to do. resident recently tweeted an edict our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China. by the way this is just what Maine coast lobster in New York one of the state's largest wholesalers has been trying to do we did find growth in Taiwan and Korea and Malaysia we're starting to see some growth in the Middle East vice president she's at we had two choices when the tears came out we could retract knowing that that business is going to go away or we could say go for it so we had to look to other countries as well as we continue to expand our domestic this. how do you weigh the appetite of American consumers for more a lot for a promotion that you'll see done is lobsters are great for tailgating grilling a lobster see me up a lobster in a big parking lot before game you're gonna lot of friends coming to see your tail gate parties and that's a double entendre tail gate. I didn't think about but I'll use that but smaller players like Stephanie NATO cannot there's no one tapped the market were missing so what do you do it selling less lobsters. making less money. as a result she was laid off half of the fourteen people in her wholesale operation our world communities along the coast are dependent upon this fishery that's what is potentially very scary for us is thinking about this long term and by the way since last month has Laos goes My Baby bill last year was thirty two thousand dollars this year it's going to exceed fifty thousand because the price of herring has gone up so shell fishermen to are now starting to feel a substantial **** we're not achieving anywheres near our profit margin this year as we did last year and the year before you mean your costs are going up correct so the fact that the price is the same at the wharf is misleading because you'll need to be charging more just to stay even absolutely my dealer is trying to supplement our income right by giving us a higher price but he can't because of the tariffs was that in here and Hey even eighteen year lobster backstage lovely birthday trying to escape the vagaries of the now volatile lobster trade the slide that out to. I merry business is is tourism yeah taking the passengers out I don't agree necessarily making a lot more money than a commercial lobster man word is that there's a fine. just in case Canada takes the opportunity to further build up its lobster industry. take the Chinese market away. in the United States. this business and economics correspondent Paul Solman reporting from may. everyone alive at the time remembers where they were on September eleventh two thousand and one while the events of the day are seared into our nation's collective memory details of what the victims survivors and emergency responders experienced have faded over time but a powerful new book the only plane.

Canada Maine China Stephanie NATO United States Dave Paul Solman United States. twenty five percent thirty two thousand dollars fifty two years billion dollar eighteen year fifteen years sixty percent four dollars twelve days