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"stephanie herman" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"And she said his visit photo prove that that was her in the in the frequent cutaway as incred on so congrats of jesse j congrats to our listeners for being there were very jealous of you rats congrats to lima shell oh no actually more like congrats today andy for having another birthday that's great it was andy's birthday as you know we at who weekly loves anti sandies become like a such an icon to us fight he's a needle last name i don't even know his last name just like he's right all right well i'll keep annals rer knowing that the signal we're supposed to be able to go along with that it's like share barbara beyond says andy lena shall celebrated sandies birthday by posting this like very backlit photo of zandi in a hoodie and i was just reading the caption when it came up four days ago visits scenarios links if you follow words room stories you may have seen me explain this but her caption was thank god your best friend married my best friend and sat us next which other at their wedding and oh that was some time ago and i had the pleasure of being your friend for these past few years now we are on this journey together and i couldn't be happier happy birthday z heart i love you so i was thinking like and are now she's laying an all thick she's leaving these details as though she wants us to follow these breadbox obviously he's like oh a puts on his like detective has has out is like i got see now i wonder who who's everything every boring thing liama michelle has done in the past five years has been documented on the internet so i was like let's see win lima shall when to quote her best friends birthday because her best friend is actually jonathan gruber off um but and we know he's got married so because a lot of people her best friend but in eat junk and got the timing works out here in december 2015 lee michelle was still dating that model matthew paetz yeah they went to a wedding that was called by multiple sources her bff the effects winning stephanie herman it was like a casting for alanon johnny than garage not jonathan growth.

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