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Beyond the Headlines  Detroit  Episode 22


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Beyond the Headlines Detroit Episode 22

"You're listening to the podcast detroit visit w._w._w. Dot i'd passed introit dot com before information <music>. Welcome to beyond the headlines with your host veteran journalists dealing nichols. Please welcome to another episode of beyond the headlines. I'm your host darren nichols. There's been a lot going on locally and nationally over the past week or so jay. Z sit sent social media black social media on fire when he struck a deal with the n._f._l. To produce the halftime show for the super fall but he also requires social activism colin kaepernick situation looms all over the agreement in folks had strong opinions hangings on both sides in our area. We were also in the spotlight nationally and end locally for three stories stories michigan state star. Mateen cleaves was accredit acquitted for raping a woman for years ago. A nine year old girl was killed by a pit bull raising the issue. Should there be more stringent regulations on the drought on the dog breed and finally the rapper t grizzlies car was shot up leaving his aunt and manager dead helping us break down. Some of the news and these issues is stephanie. Davis davis the on air voice you hear at w._w. Gay radio nine fifty welcome stephanie. Thank you thank you. It's good to be here in good to see you and good to be a part of this podcast. I listen so i'm honored to be here or that's great. That's great and tell folks about yourself so that they get to know who you are. They hear your voice but they don't really know who you are. So tell the folks around the metro detroit area who is stephanie davis because i know who stephanie davis is but tell tell the world who stephanie davis's well it and you know it's really interesting because i was talking to another journalist friend on my way here and i'm like man i have to i have to answer questions this instead of being the one asking questions so that's a little that's a little different so and then i rarely talk about myself rarely <hes> but since you asked <hes> born and raised here in the city of detroit <hes> the daughter of <hes> autoworker my dad joseph. Davis junior spent over twenty eight years with ford motor company. My mom worked in retail in downtown detroit specifically and she was the one that actually kind of cat up started my career ear 'cause she was always. Is you know moms are right. They are <hes> your cheerleaders and your marketing managers and so on. It's only way <hes> my mom worked in retail. Many years downtown detroit got to know martha mcqueen and kept nagging her about her daughter. My daughter is down in college and she's majoring in communications and in so queen acquiesced to my mother's nagging and hired hired me and that's where i started my radio career actually in this market which is <hes> really rare rare to start in a major media market it it it was just <hes> the blessings of god. I can't take credit for it so that's kind of how start my career. That's exactly how i started my career. <hes> under martha jean the queen steinberg came in as a reporter <hes> ended up being the news talk director and had a lot of fun doing community radio and and that that is where i got a good lesson on the city of detroit and its people its leaders the history i knew some some some history but got a different type of history just three there and so i started my career in radio station radio twenty years plus. I'm going to fast forward. I'm still in radio. It's been twenty five years plus that is really unbelievable <hes> and so i love rhino how you can do that when you only twenty six years old saying yes and this is why i love darren nichols <hes> but no i so so twenty five years plus. I did some time with detroit. Public schools radio had fun there with young people and students and training them working with the legendary and my dear friend cliff russell and say you're working cliff yup and i met him actually at qh chen we prefer in in in so it the relationship started there and so <hes> worked <hes> some years at the detroit public schools ride at the time of the changeover some we'll call it the the the takeover <hes> and when the state actually took control of yesterday back in the ninety nineteen nineteen ninety nine yes. I know you know very well. I know very well because i covered it could day that it went down yeah that that's a whole podcast <hes> a amen and so that's why i am so. I'm currently the anchor a reporter at w. W. j. anchor on the weekends overnight if you up at three a._m. A._m. tune in i get you around traffic and weather and we'll keep you updated and then also i'm the reporter <hes> the evening reporter <hes> in the evenings at w._j. During in the week and <hes> also if i can just say <hes> i've been a partner for a while with fresh nation <hes> and we train <hes> students since grade school students in broadcast training classes and we're having fun over at detroit pal. We start our our class this coming saturday for five weeks okay and i been doing that for about a year now. Having some fun with some young people introducing them to the world broadcasting that sounds great sounds great so let's just jump right into who it you covered the mateen cleaves case this week. Talk to me a little bit about the case case and what you noticed <hes> in the courtroom. I guess <hes> tuesday yep in and to to be honest. I didn't cover her of course the station did <hes> and fascinating story right imitation cleaves acquitted <hes> found not guilty of the charges charges of sexual assault and and <hes> you know here is a young man beloved in flint and really southeast michigan and across <hes> the state <hes> for his time here and he was just always that face of michigan state university and so the forty one year old now <hes> <hes> he was facing second degree criminal sexual conduct and third degree criminal sexual conduct and unlawful imprisonment and assault <hes> with intent to commit sexual penetration for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman this happening back in twenty fifteen at the knights in <hes> in mundy township township after a golf outing there and so the verdict comes about six days after testimony from the alleged victim her former oh boy friend and some police officers all you know who were there and <hes> they the closing arguments. If if you were watching this one it took several hours on tuesday huge day but then the <hes> the the jury coming back deliberating for less than three hours yes <hes> before returning that verdict around four twenty on tuesday and the jury comprised of tin tin women and four men and two jurors were randomly dismissed but they came back with that not guilty verdict and <hes> cleaves <hes> is a free man and he can put this behind him right and so my question into you is sort of what does this mean for other rape victims because we know it's very difficult for victims to come forward forward and you see particularly when you when it comes to high profile athletes when it comes to entertainers when it comes to high profile profile people <hes> they end up in a lotta cases being acquitted of these incidents that occur yeah and <hes> you know in this metoo movement. We're still in that right absolute as we we're seeing i think maybe some effects with the epstein case <hes> now charges coming forward and before you go on i just wanna make it clear. I'm not saying that mccain cleaves did rape the women because he was found not not guilty so i'm not making any <hes> <hes> assessment on his case but i do want to deal with the issue of what does it mean for victims so victims and this particular case it means <hes> well. It's you know for those who who say this. You know this woman was raped and she came came forward and as you know there was some back and forth with this case right. The charges were dismissed and they were reinstated. I think there was even an appeals process and so they came back and so it it's a it's a little bit of a blow. If you're a of someone who was advocating for rape victims to come forward i think <hes> <hes> but but a jury a lot of times you've sat through some cases where you see the details that come out and the evidence that come out and then the the jury comes back and make a decision and sometimes i have to step back and say wait a minute this jury had access to all information and then they came back with this verdict verdict have to respect that right and so i think to rape victims. They're thinking you know. This is sort of a blow. After this this this woman had made the claim and there there was some video evidence that some say suggested that something was going on but the jury wasn't convinced and i've sat on a jury before and you can go back and forth and i was surprised really the three <hes> less than three hours at this jury took to come back with a verdict. I think there was some after looking at the evidence they were there was some confidence in their decision and so it could be a blow to those who advocate for victims to come forward <hes> but i always have to step back and say wait. We didn't see all the details here and the jury ditz. We'll have to respect that yeah. I mean for me. You know you always have to keep it in the context of not not particularly not necessarily with this to go case but his link with michigan state university with all of the things that was going all larry nassar with all of the things that you <unk> are hearing in have seen witnessed over the last eighteen months or so with michigan state athletes <hes> and sexual assaults on campus and and <hes> the sort of i guess cover up <hes> of what was going on with those victims and so oh mateen cleaves obviously was not a part of that culture as it was currently going on however it still still that cloud of what michigan state is going through still lingers on even with those athletes who have graduated and moved away and and so that's a part of the reason why i brought that question you know forward. I think you make an interesting an interesting connection. You're seeing this picture in a larger picture church of michigan state university and i i would imagine that some some thought taste since this. Is you know coming. After after the nassar maybe there will be some maybe some empathy and in this case and and maybe <hes> you know innocence genesis corbeil i think to make the two connect connected to but it's michigan state as the umbrella but again the jurors will saw the evidence and came back and made a decision right and and so did you see mateen's reaction after <hes> the the verdict perfect and what did you think about it if you saw it. That's all some video outside the courtroom with the us attorney's yes i did see that <hes> and you know i saw him ma too long some time ago at <hes> at a restaurant and and he was with his family <hes> in a couple of people would go up tim <hes> you know from time to time. I'm kinda interrupting eating and i just it. This case was in the back of my mind as he was sitting there eating and i just could imagine okay. He knows he's probably going to be facing facing. <hes> the jury again on these charges. You know what how how is he feeling but you got a chance to see how he was feeling. I thought you know it was appropriate for him. Obviously going through that and and coming out acquitted to show not give okay well. Let's move onto the the sort of next thing <hes> the nine year old girl <hes> terrible <hes> incident she was kamal by pit bull <hes> while she was <hes> walking down. The street was riding her bike. She was on her by her by alley area behind their house. M hernandez nine year old <hes> and i was out in the neighborhood just yesterday <hes> and you know you have to your heart goes out to this family who lost his child in this way and <hes> she he was riding her bike and three dogs <hes> that attacked her and <hes> there was a person who came to her aid <hes> <hes> someone on the block and then there was another woman who sat with her <hes> gets a man got there. He threw a brick at one of the dogs and i guess one one got away in somebody ended up coming and shooting one of the dogs and <hes> and to get the dogs off of her and so <hes> she not as she waited for e._m._s. <hes> a woman sat with her and was just trying to encourage her to to to stay with her and she said by the time e._m._s. got there she lost pulse so and so this says <hes> this is one of those stories that i think will to change something in the city of detroit people you know in. We're we're we. We add our store yesterday. Just the mayor mike duggan saying you know oh there's gotta be something we can do <hes> with regards to owners and how they secure these animals and their pets <hes> better fencing we've got we've got upon our <hes> you know patrols and also enforcement of these these laws that we already have and so <hes> it it's just tragic can and <hes> just a story today. I'm not sure if we're running it but i did see it on social media but this young girl's uncle had to fend off two dogs in the same actually on the west side and he shot at one of the deals so the city of detroit has a problem problem. If one child ends up dead because of a mauling we have a problem and so i think you will see something done as a result right and so you said you were out in the neighborhood yesterday. What was the mood and in the neighborhood and what did you see in discoverer. When you are out on assignment yet yeah and <hes> was i went to saint hedwig park which is a park next to the church where this young this young girl and her family members at saint hedwig and the mood <hes> from what i can gauge <hes> children are afraid. I did gauge that <hes>. I like you know hey we do see dogs from time to time and now we're just gonna run and <hes> you feel for them because these are kids you know we play outside and we we have to worry about that but these this is a concern of kids. Now haven't play outside <hes> so these are kids. I think they were like seven eight years old. Maybe nine ten eleven still getting in that last play outside before summer before school starts and and so there was a sense of of fear we're of of these young people plan outside and not talk to some parents there who knew the family of emma hernandez and they said you know the community now. That's the other part of the story. When we see tragedies like this right you have the community respond and so now you're seeing the response. People are just wanting wanting to do something to support this family. We've seen a gofundme page. Surpass forty thousand dollars and that's another story taken up by the millionaire. <hes> pokey is his last name. I'm forgetting his first name at the moment <hes> but kind of issue that twitter challenge and so the funeral was paid for and they've got all of this money that they've raised so now you see the support around this this family and so that's what i'm even talking to <hes> the adults. They think oh yeah i'm jay. I'll check on her today. I'm gonna go over to the house and let her know that you guys because we were out at the park and talking and so <hes> there is the communities responding they're wrapping their arms around this family and that's the sense since i get from from the adults <hes> about a decade ago there was a movement where several communities around metro detroit decided to ban pit bulls also <hes> in their communities because of these kinds of situations. Do you see this going hit. Detroit headed in that fashion and the second second piece of it is how do you enforce it when adult went if you do have it. I mean because you know detroit is not <hes> mm-hmm. I dunno garden city where you have a such a small community where you can drive around with police cars and you can find the house that has has the pit bulls right. Detroit is still you know three hundred and seventy two square miles you know <hes> even still has still has six hundred thousand six hundred fifty thousand people <hes> and so it faces challenges in terms of that and so where do you see this headed headed <hes> as we move forward and i think and where do i see this headed. I don't see a band completely. I don't see that for a couple reasons. <hes> and you know we have dog lovers in the city who will probably fight that in probably could have a legitimate lawsuit. I don't know but i don't see a city wide ban. I do see stepped up enforcement of those who number one who who who've already had problems <hes> so if you have a pit bull city of detroit and the city has already already maybe reached out to you you've been reported on there will be i think a stepped up enforcement of certain things and action taken as as a result especially in those communities in southwest detroit in particular where you do see more of stray dogs or and or a ah homeowner or homes owners with those dogs and maybe they're not secure yard at the fencing is not writer. They've <hes> they've got now before. I think the case today i think the dog jumped out of the window of house to tack this man and so i think this is going to be a stepped up forcement in there. They're going to be penalties and the city using this instance. This tragedy will say we must do it. We must do do it now so i definitely see that and before we move on to our next subject put our listeners in the in the vantage point of view as a reporter because most people don't understand what we as reporters deal with right <hes> they think that we are <hes> people who have no feelings have no empathy <hes> and all of that and we <hes> we're just hardin in people who ask these tough questions now so so put our listeners in your shoes when you were in southwest detroit. <hes> tom this this week. In particular <hes> how tough it was for you to cover <hes> a tragedy such as this and does it wear on you over time or is it something that you you know you turn it on when you're at work in the turn it off once you get home. There's definitely no turn on turn off me. I know for sure and and and i can't speak for others but i will say that you are affected by it. You know you are that's basically you are in if i could put you in my shoes of course <hes> you know how come into work like you go into work. You know you have your mindset <hes> and in my mind i know 'cause i reading news. I'm i'm watching things even before i come in. I'm like man. This is the story of the day man and i'm looking at the details and in on my heart goes out to you know any victim of a tragic circumstance it does and that's when i when i see this young girl emma i see my niece. It's my nephew who plays outside in detroit or my neighbor and i i i see them as my neighbors and so i in my mine i'm like man. I'm a woman faith. I believe in god and the lord jesus christ and so i say a prayer go out and i'm like man. I'm just blessed his family comfort comfort them. That's that's that that gets me through you know just in my mind i can pray for them and then when i go out and have to face families lease who are grieving. You've faced reporters. We see people in their worst at their worst moment and i think you just lead lead with compassion. Always you know i know that i'm going to get the story. I know that <hes> audio as we call it in my business we gotta get audio <hes> <hes> i know that i'm going to get that lead with compassion and justice <hes> you know just some empathy for them in what they're they're going through and so a lotta times. I'll just say i initially just say i'm so sorry for your loss and i genuinely mean that. I'm so sorry for your loss <hes>. I can't imagine what you're going through a lot of times. I tell them who i am. I if you have a few moments. I just wanna just ask you a couple questions and you know <hes> in the most of the time i people are gracious. You believe it or not people are gracious in this these moments and so and i lead that way and i just try. Try try to put myself myself in their shoes. You know how i want somebody to approach me. If i just lost my son or my daughter i went to the interview. The family who lost the young man at the gas station. Who was you know he was hit heat and again took our accident guy jumps out and he hits this guy and he dies and so i was one of the few reporters out there first and they were putting up ribbons in my heart sometimes darren. I'm gonna admit dowsett in the common arn cry minute. You know just to get myself together because this is this is tragic and so i they were gracious i said i'm so sorry and then a lot of times they hug me and so i don't i don't. I don't stop them from hugging me. I hug them back in those cases. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna hug coming reporter. That's crazy <hes> but yeah i've had people when i come up and say something and then they hug me and i'm like okay and then okay then i'll pause. I'll wait a minute then i'll say. Is it okay if i can talk to you. I don't understand if you and they have their gracious. Yeah i mean absolutely same thing here. <hes> i was gonna ask you. I know you have covered and the same thing the biggest one that stands out in my mind was when i was an intern at the detroit news and there was a shooting or a killing thing of a <hes> eight-year-old eight or ten years old young man killed by his neighbor <hes> the neighbor he was going across the street to play <hes> with his neighbor and inside the house. They were playing with the gun and they shot through <hes>. Oh wow the the door and the young man was killed and i had to drive to flint <hes> and to interview his family well the next day next day and i'm twenty maybe twenty one years old at the time right and the only thing that i could do was was tell them that i am writing the story so that people can know who your child was was <hes> and that they're not going to remember your child. As someone who just got shot or was involved in a bad incident incident and this was a way of telling at that at that point six hundred and fifty thousand readers yes the detroit news <hes> the child was in there and that they're just not another blip on the screen <hes> and then another one one was <hes> that same summer because i was filling in on the cops beat for corey williams shock and corey wing or <hes> <hes> i covered a shooting of a murder of a young lady at who was getting robbed at a taco bell on on the taco bell that's on six mile and hubble bubble. I believe six-mile hubble okay and the i track laid down or her family down at a house that was listed <hes> when over to the house rang the doorbell but ahead ahead to break the news on no to the young lady that her cousin had been killed. Wow <hes> mind and you wow twenty twenty one years old how again after we got over that shock because <hes> we eh it clearly. I was not anticipating that i was going to tell her that her cousin had died the day before <hes> <hes> but what we found out in having some of this compassion was that the cousin worked at the taco bell with the young lady previously officially with the young lady and told her that she should leave that location because it was too dangerous for her and so it turned out to be a very good story a very compassionate story primarily because you had you were you were dealt with a real life situation right in front of you and you don't have time to say anything other than i and being compassionate us anything other than being. I'm sorry not only for breaking this news to you or telling you about your cousin dozen but for the loss itself right <hes> and that and i think having those experiences early in my career <hes> it also helped me later on down the road <hes> as i dealt with other murders in fire and all those other kinds of things yes wow aw can't imagine i can't imagine it was tough to say the least yeah twenty twenty one years old at any age. It's very hard to to deal with and i'll say this to aspects. I've experienced this too when i've gone to fires and shootings where people don't i wanna talk and they're angry and they don't want to see a reporter in their face with a microphone and i respect that too. Oh absolutely i respect that too <hes> <hes> i understand that <hes> you may remember this last it was last summer. A young man was killed over gym shoes. I guess he was selling them online. He met up with yes. Someone one in something happened and the person shot and killed him yes and his mother who raised him right. Do everything right told them you know just be careful and so i remember being on the scene there with a microphone just kinda standing off to the side. This is what we do we go to the scene and we stand off on the side and i'm always respectful of police and grieving family and <hes> i approach and manages m._s. All i needed. He said we don't want to talk right and and he yeah i understand i think one of as as a journalist as a newspaper the journalists i had an advantage <hes> i could always walk to the scene. One of my one of my tricks for any journalist net is listening right now. One of my tricks was i. We'll put my notebook in my back pocket and i would just stand there and i would listen and i would talk as as any person that was watching ching what was going on happened and then i would pull out my notebook after i got comfortable whack after i assess the situation and found and that one person who you think might talk and then you ask them what was going on and then you kind of you know you gauge and then you know again your blackened and all black situation <hes> that helps to yeah <hes> because you're able to <hes> safe. It's not for people like me. You're not going to get your loved one in the paper. No one else is is going to show your side of the story as well as we can. Yes <hes> and that was one of the things that i try to do as well but but again all of those things were learned very very early <hes> and when i learned those very very early it helped me later on in my career yes as well and speaking of tragedies cities. One happened yesterday meaning. If you're if you're going to listen to it it'll be a couple of days layer so this was wednesday <hes> as has t grizzly was <hes> driving on the east side of detroit <hes> and he <hes> his car was shot up <hes> it is in question whether he was the intended target of <hes> what was going on yesterday but as as a result his manager <hes> as a <hes> was was killed <hes> and and so talk a little bit about this and whether this will be the spark that really gets the administration and the police chief active about the shootings that are going on edge troy. This is <hes> into the rap world this this is mater absolutely it is major her and to the rest of us who may not listen all that much to wrap it. We're thinking who is t- grizzly. You're probably looking them up right now. Let me look up and see what happen. Open who t t grizzlies from you know from detroit area the manager young woman killed on on the issue of crime <hes>. I think you know oh. This is another moment and i see this as an opportunity for the police chief with this community right with this community <hes> that that who knows grizzly to to kind of make some inroads here because i don't my humble opinion. I don't think it was a random shooting. I think they knew and then <hes>. I think unfortunately maybe this young woman was not the target <hes> but she was with t- sheikh grisly so i think it's an opportunity for the police department to do some things in regards to this community to this the rap world world that exists. I think <hes> i think some i think what is the rap world disconnected from the average detroiter detroiter. I mean you're talking about <hes> a whole genre of folks who listen to hip hop <hes> you're talking about <music> out a whole bunch of people who are thirty five twenty twenty-five under under who who listen to that music nick you know and so he was an anti was homegrown yes and so i don't necessarily know if it just is uh-huh hits. The hip hop community because the hip hop community is for the most part art. A large segment of who detroit is right yes so we know that we have problems in our neighborhoods. <hes> we've seen <hes> you know campaign about check yourself. You've seen the mayor who was sitting with <hes> gang leaders or crime leaders you know and had pizza with them but so far the summer none of it has worked what is going to make it work what is going to make people people get off their butts and get serious about dealing with crime in detroit and i'm shaking my head on microphone folks. You can't see i'm an agreement. I have those same questions that you have <hes>. I from what i can see. I think there still is <music>. This problem of people thinking they can shoot and get away with it and we see that all the time and i think in this is my humble opinion. When i stand back and making observation i think in in a certain <hes> certain group of people those who who want to commit a crime. They're probably thinking you know i can. I can do this and not get caught. Nobody's gonna say anything and that's where we need to hone in on you know. How can we want. Change that mindset like you can you can shoot somebody and get away with it and then two for those who see see something to say something how do you those are the areas. I think we can deal with and and if the police have answers. I am open to them. I think the the to his credit chief chief james craig has done well in with the green light program their green lights everywhere and i think the way they can respond to crime because of green light is over beautiful thing it's wonderful. I don't know if it's a a big deterrent with crimes like the one we're talking about a drive by shooting people not <hes> you know 'cause how many i mean. I'm like like i'm talking to an audience. How many of you know if you could raise your hand that the people in that vehicle probably know who the shooters are are sure they probably do and in a lot of instances. I've had detectives. Tell me a lot of times. People know who the shooter is sure hot hot. They don't see anything for whatever reason they don't and that's a problem we have. That's i have no idea what the answer is. I have idea okay and one final an issue. I failed to mention earlier in the broadcast is about facial facial recognition technology because you're talking about all of the things that helped deter crime <hes> although there's a very mixed bag on facial recognition took -nology and because it does not necessarily <hes> pick up on <hes> the right victim or the right <hes> assailant in what is going on and so tell me about your coverage on <hes> facial recognition technology and where's this thing going into jury so <hes> facial recognition technology is already being used in detroit number one <hes> first of all oh <hes> michigan state police have been using it for years more than a decade and the police department has been using m._s._p.'s software off wear and their technology so what we have in this discussion and debate today is hey the seat of detroit police department purchase their own software and now now they need policy to govern this software and that's where we are with this discussion because they're using it right <hes> they just need the the board of police commissioners to adopt a policy to govern it and so the concern legitimate and we saw in the exchange change in twitter twitter posts on recently <hes> between congresswoman proceeded to leave and the police department but the concern is that hey this technology miss identifies people a lot and in particular african americans and so black and brown people people in particular and also mostly african americans so the police department has been hearing it from the community. Hey look this is the problem we have. We don't like this and we don't want you to use it and the police department is like hey wait a minute. We're not using it in the way that you think we are. They ah the police department is chief craig and the mayor mayor. Mike duggan his come out to say hey look. We are not using this technology in for surveillance in other words. If you're walking down the street you've seen it on the movies where you know your faces digitizing transfer back and so it's in real time that you know they're not using it that way and for example men just sitting in talking with the chief yesterday or this recently he gave us an example of what he called a the mass mass shooting where man came into a house party opened fire shooting five people killing three and the man had a mass is gone but a witness remembered what he was wearing so they checked some green lights gas stations boom there he is he's he's in the gas station wearing the same clothes but he doesn't have his mask on in so just so they can get a suspect or someone they took took the steel pitcher from that <hes> green like of video camera camera and ran it through their system and they showed us reporters number of reporters reported a hey we ran this picture through our system and these are the faces that came up there were four different men and they're saying looking at this man and the pitches that came up they don't match so we would immediately these guys and these guys are not the one and so they have a pitcher though right now i just try and identify in the man <hes> i had a facebook page and so they found him on facebook of course i'm just saying if you got facebook so he's on facebook with money and guns and so on and so they matched on facebook live with all your stuff yeah. That's what you know. He had pitchers on top of car. I know he's got a lot of money and so they were able to identify them through and they didn't. It wasn't live surveillance. It's like they saw they saw the picture of this man wearing the same clothes as the witnesses said that he was wearing when they rob when he robbed them and shot him and so now they have the person's not arrested by the way and and here's some numbers for you <hes> detroit police department according to the chief has used facial recognition for time since june. Three of those cases are still pending one of the case one. I'm speaking of they've identified so it's in the chief will say this count over and over. This is just a tool to help solve a crime and he he wants the focus to be more on the victims and and also the the perpetrators in this case and so he said he met with the number of families of victims and he said to them you know we want to go back and some of these cases this and if we're there is video we're going to try to find a face through our technology <hes> and through our system to matt and he's. He said they got an applause. You you know people really want something to help. Solve these old cases and we have a lot of them in the city of detroit sure sure sure sure well. We're running short on time <music>. I'm so give us your final thoughts on everything that we've talked about and <hes> tell folks where they can find you. <hes> i'm in give her email address year phone numbers and all of that good stuff sure thank you so much. I don't know how to synopsis to bring this to a synopsis but <hes> it's just an honor <hes> i've i consider it <hes> a blessing to be able to work in this field but people like yourself. I dare nichols on the beat was was always was glad to see him on scene or something because i know if i had a question if i was like man i missed that i can go and ask darren so it's been an honor to work in this field and with so many <hes> very <hes> just dynamic people like yourself. I enjoy this work. <hes> and you know <hes> hug reporter no no but we i just enjoy the work in and helping to to to pass on information <hes> i do enjoy that part of it and i look forward to many more years. You can reach me if you have a story. I'm always looking for stories. I'm on social always looking always looking for stories. This is looking for stories on so lug. We're looking for stories here and low and i listened to darren too so listen to this podcast looked list looking for stories stories. It's so and i appreciate the work that you're continuing to do in this brand new world of of journalism really podcasting who who who would've known many years ago so i'm at at s davis w._w. Jay on twitter and stephanie davis on facebook on instagram stephanie de underscore four three one three stephanie de underscore three one three and i sure i give my number. If you have a story idea i have a number for you. Two four eight eight four zero fifty nine twenty five two four eight four zero fifty nine twenty five well again. Thank you stephanie for appearing beyond the headlines and that will be at for this week and you all have blessed week relieve beyond the headlines this week. I wanna give you as we always do an inspirational quote that you can ponder this this week. This one is from dr. Benjamin e. mays the former president of morehouse college. It must be born in mind that the tragedy of life does not lie in reaching your goal. The tragedy of life lies in having no goal to reach until until next time. We'll see you on beyond the headlines yeah.

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The Headstrong Project

The Kensington Corner

59:29 min | 11 months ago

The Headstrong Project

"Hello hello welcome to the kitchen ending quarter. I am Jeff and I'm Tom. How's everyone doing today today? We are graciously and humbly welcoming Matt McCoy from the head. Sean Project. uh-huh Matt. I already going to mess up your. I'm going to call you creative director. We'll go with that because that's what I call myself. So how you doing today man but works. It's good thank you guys. You have to kind of that intro. We know we just appreciate coming on. Let it be here. Yeah definitely so Just just for our audience alone we. We've kind of started pushing into this. This veteran focus which we didn't even know if that's what we were actually going to be man. We started out like a general royal. podcast it kind of went in some health and kind of went into like mental health. A little bit. Our first episode was on dealing with depression anxiety and and overall stress dress. And things like that. And we've kind of started going in this veteran focus kind of direction. We had Jason Candor on a last week or a couple of weeks ago now. And you know Jason and so that was really cool and we done a couple with boy. Did Stephanie Davis. She's at East Kansas. Va She's our suicide prevention coordinator. She's amazing she's just absolutely phenomenal. And she's Kinda got US hooked in with some some new stuff around around around our area and it's been funny because we just we have we kind of we kind of just stumbled almost into the whole. The whole veteran sign of things which I mean with our backgrounds with our backgrounds is probably the most natural way to go but So now here we are. We were sitting here with you this morning. And we don't have any is. Is that how many people are getting on board with this movie. Yes so recently for a veterans day or maybe not giving Tuesday we had a senator or sorry congressmen Moton tweeting out about us. And what we do you know. Saddam had conversations with a Tulsi Gabbard in. She is very well aware of what we do. So we're really starting to see like people especially when Again Wall of with what. We're doing in Grafton understanding what we're doing how he complimented the Azores been really colder Especially this past year all the people who are kind of jumping on board nearly coming to find out about his shot in our Improv yours. Making you just expand on actually what you guys are are doing it and And I guess what your creed motto basically is absolutely so I mean to keep it simple. Our motto is really just provide cost infre- bureaucracy breath mental health treatment for those in need a really essentially what we do. Is We build the gaps in the market by putting a therapist of in a better than a need together. Make a seamless process so the federal calling went in. We'll do an intake with him in the we will make should get a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist. Once a sign opting opting will lincoln with eight. There is that it's close in of oxygen. Needs where they are and then they can start treatment once a week cost-free ain't thing They don't have anything other than show. Religions Day a plug and play type thing with these markets. Were going into You know we're getting back to go now. Not Right. Now we're about to go to Phoenix in Dallas. Next year the adding those to the city that Ardian sitting state so We're really just expanding in Rodney. What we do of because of work so well of just at a meeting recently in a got back? Some of the feedback from Veterans Program in ninety nine percent said they would recommend and what we do to France. And I think that's the biggest compliment as you can see because that means that newly it works when people are going to program about programming Prince were also a need to come in. Check this out. I think that's the volumes of of any way. That's a late the answer to that you went through the program yourself right I did. Yeah so I went to the Prague myself and that's how. NFL ANTIBIOTIC IN. And so. That's why I'm such a big advocate. Wide came on ordering to work with a how much it helps You know people are getting better bring myself you know. I think it's really interesting especially the way Tom and I've been going with this podcast. And we don't owe bought with veterans organizations than just veterans themselves and I think it's really fascinating to see some of the ways that veterans are really really leading the way on the this This this way. Our Society Kinda treats mental illness now and mental health in general. And I think it's just it's it's really phenomenal and it's kind of interesting just because you know I think that it even ten fifteen years ago you know you wouldn't have thought. Hey this is. This is an area where people come out of the military are gonNA flourish from just because of the taboo nature of it. And they're so the crazy thing is I feel like there's so many veterans out there that are really passionate about this and I think it's for the exact same reason you said you know that it we've been through these things ourselves and we've seen how well these processes work and it's just like one of those things like you know when when you've been through through it you just become the biggest advocate for it. Yeah and not only that but I mean also is such a need for or what we're doing because of that are out there in terms of I mean really you can call it an epidemic of what's going on with suicide numb you know there's the statistic physically April last year is twenty twenty. Two Veterans Lives Day. I guess that's including active duty. But that's an inordinate amount of people In it's it really jaw dropping when you hear that kind of stuff and so when you hear that I mean you understand the need for organization like headstrong what June because this is necessary in his life Changing your feet. That will be able to provide people at a time of need in their life. You know. The people are Communist when they're at the most broken so the fact that we're able to really help them in their time need. I think that's why you have people that I wanted to speak Out there willing to go to bat for Intel earned vice because you know them at the point when Jeff and I put on our first episode we actually started. This is like a creative creative outlet kind of thing just like you're just doing it for fallen man to be honest and It was funny. I was telling him we dropped the first step. We jumped the first six episodes together. But we put out our episode worn on like soundcloud. Just as like not edited anything no interim music just like complete raw like go check it out. Let us know what you kind of think kind of thing and we were getting messages from people that were like. Hey Man I'm like super suicidal and just knowing that you and jeff go through like depression anxiety to two and knowing who you guys are in you're able to come out and talk about it. It helped me so much like just being able to relate with you because I would have never thought you were type of person person. That goes through that kind of things and I was like in the whole. Don't judge a book by the cover kind of thing you know people think Jeff. I don't have our own issues and god God we one hundred percent do. We're probably worse off the most people by not well. I mean in literature earlier is like the stigma. Also there's still that stigma Eh. Where people don't want to speak out Aiken about feeling these hidden avoided. They've gone through. What have you so you this you know? People are just reluctant to really want to talk about this stuff. So the more than we have people like you or you know some of these people like Kevin Love even though he's not notes but just making it normalizing for people will understand that you know everybody goes through certain doubts depression anxiety or any of these other things that people deal with on daily so normalize it makes people feel okay. What Hey I'm not one yet no I? It's you're right. It's absolutely about that Normalizing it and then I. I also think of it as almost like a especially when you're talking about Jason Candor kind of right before we started the podcast and it's really a leadership thing it's showing people how you do it and being unashamed of of the fact that you know you're you're seeking you're seeking that help and because that's the that's that's one of the biggest life lessons you can learn. It is yeah being your own advocate and and being able to you know to take those steps even though you may be I guess fearful of Fearful of the process. I know I know I was when I I. I went to outpatient therapy for about a month. And and you know I was like I was so resistant when I went in but like man I came out on the other side of that process and I was like this is worth telling the world about like what ah what happened for me. Personally I mean and I feel like I was very lucky because I I kind of had a very quick turnaround with things like started clicking and And I know that that's not the case for everyone. You know some people's paths with with their mental health is a is a is a much longer longer more difficult course than I took but You know it's it's still it can be done you know I think that's that's the important thing too is you just brought that up actually is the fact that with with especially with our program is that we don't cap number of sessions that will no. It's for as long as you eat right so there's a lot of other organizations. I'm not sitting here trying to do good work or anything that is just you know you can't tell awesome homeowner's it'll take you eight years ten years every sessions like okay. Well what happens if I need twenty right like alright. Eat thirty audience needed for the rest of my life. Yeah no I like you know an organization like ours. I think that's why of there's so many unique identifiers about our program program what we do Because we really are just. We're here for what people need more. We're here to help people in so we don't want I to me saying would make it as easy as process all the red tape rights light note. That's the thing with saying. Fill the gaps earlier. There's no be as where people have to drive to three hours right. That's GONNA make people less willing to going receive help whenever they're like. Okay we'll have the Hours or sticking point now like crepe. Yeah so we matched up with these therapies. It in in their box me like one of the things. We're trying to make it as easy as possible for them taking care so really all better futures Just make one once a week. You really at that point. If you WANNA get better we find that is the case in. We just WANNA make a devious possible. Now how can I ask you a little bit more about like just the the history against the headstrong project. Like how long have you guys been active now and Yeah it'd be nuts. Yeah yeah that's that's really the unique thing in the allow people to understand why we do. We do so Just to give you as history. Two thousand twelve was inception as strong in. It came off the bag Willie of our former executive director. Now how of or Chairman Zacharias Zach was marine news over Volusia in do all the chaos that lose right on with that lost a lot of marines brands over their hands Thirty two in came back com in after that battle starting to notice that a lot of friends and colleagues and people have been with L. Rains. Were we're really struggling. Once they got back home in so be starting to notice that nowadays struggling but you know there was a lot of suicide one within his unit so he was like not to a point where zine he ended up having more people die by suicide in his his unit that died in fluid audience battles. No that we've basis war so that's speeds to the epidemic burnt to career in terms of if I'm facing with the suicide when you have your entire now into that. They did overseas the deal with the mental health aspect of thank me known onto late the things that they went through over here in your life. So it's it's it's it's tough in. He noticed that there's a province that you might want to do something about it. So you sound to Dr beat her. You're a Gerardo Aria. The clinician and he's like I wanna do something about that like you know I just WanNa understand why in business if somebody has a probably go get help. Like what for veteran. It's you you can't just go and see the world class that their heads it's like it's a lot harder for them to get the care that they need to do something about this. So together in partnership will Reforms at some point twelve. So you're now doing this. For seven years we've really expanded the last four years of a bit like a federally who in twenty five five cities states Nine employee Dallas in Phoenix junior earlier. So continuing rapidly expand but that neat. Well well yeah. Even the last twelve to twenty four months for you guys. Social Media Wise has been huge. You guys have been shared a lot of stuff. And then I think that you're the actual stories no worries you guys are posting on instagram and stuff are actually starting to get out to people because for a while you know it was just I would see it every now and then now. I'm seeing a lot OUGHTA veterans than like I was in combat with who are starting to share your guys stories on like instagram. Or like you know a guy says post and stuff and I'm like Oh wow like so that I didn't I guess for me. I had not realized that it had taken off that much outside looking in I did not realize and you guys were like actually a pretty big deal now right yeah no. I think that's been my main focus. Collaborating with France individuals to tell our story when involved in health for we do so. That's really been my main focus within the organizations just to tell stories of veterans people who are struggling because it is normal by people understand that is suggest a one thing for people who have pizzas today are not specific are Jewish group. Like this is something everybody knows it. So yeah that was one of the big things of stories in the video Kanako by terms of like people to understand that this is a normal thing but a lot of listen you know the marketing aspect of it is so important you know I mean I you know you get down to get down to the core of it like you know what organizations are doing is without doubt the most important part of it right but just having that job that that good marketing associated with it like I know like. That's the one thing Tom Tom. Tom Does an excellent job of that for us would just networking with people and and like. That's that's so key to just getting traction and then getting that message out there you know like which which is kind of a shame. Because I'm sure there's probably dozens if not hundreds of organizations out there. They're doing great stuff but but they're just not finding a way to effectively get their message out there and be seen and heard so. Yeah I know I I commend you guys. You know it's it's been pretty pretty cool watching what y'all done that honestly though I think I think really this just speaks to what you know. This all started with word of mouth. All Okay so a lot of women in how important but as we were now and now we're starting to get all these people on board. They're talking about us in helping. Spread the word and I think that's why you're starting to see some of this growth of because we have. These people are speaking out of people who want to go to bat for us in the Notes that are coming up like German company like I said in people were actually going to be on prices December. Twenty second in what. I'm doing now. The way that came about though is like clinical. So you know there is a guy Construction six in connected with him in the nine. Now he's on the show Adviser for them on the show. It's devious the Beneficiary of them when they launched the price ratio in so we kind of connected in the incident. You love to work. It doesn't So I was like it's just unique different stuff like that. That is really I I think now. Is there a monetary element within. There's also that national exposure to it and I think that's what I was referring to like my hi folks. We tried to go now to where we're branching out we're not Internally talking to having people in terms about us now we're having other people other organization Asian other individuals out on the APP. Yeah I mean and that's the thing to results speak for themselves and obviously you guys such a good job that you're getting the word out there you know when we did the podcast with Jason That you got that was like I think I actually on air I I believe so but I was like Hetero projects like the. That's like my number one right at like that two. I Want I've been talking about you. Guys probably have. You're not happy about how we started. Yeah we started on May twenty nine about seven months and you guys were like my number one. I was like this where we need that. I mean that that's the kind of stuff that helps when you have like local. I guess local organizations in people were are passionate and and care about what we do. So that's that's where I want to say that I'm the most. Appreciative is like people who voted back. I at this celebrity in the in. The people speak out what that is so much appreciative but really this grassroots organization we built off awfully everyday person grassroots Speaking out about what we do tell people. That's so predictable. Absolutely I another thing. I'm curious about is Soon you guys that kind of the the demographics the folks you have coming through your doors I mean is it kind of is it are we. Are you talking more a younger. Like say twenty to forty eight g also have our Yeltsin getting getting traction with we'd like say Say older veterans. And that sort of thing. Yeah you know. I think outlook on just be honest. It is younger demographic but I think primarily with that we that we see that is because they're more of willing to admit that they need l.. Absolutely has the older generation. Maybe now they're still not so much I made a conscious thing taste of It on your own so I think it's probably why we have a younger demographic but you also also judy doesn't start out as just a nine eleven organization where you held the white now Extended of we're we're helping a lot of different WADA. Different worse so you know I think but primarily are his younger base and I and I think that is really associated can be attributed to in just being more familiar. Yeah the whole process. I didn't want understanding willing to to speak out full demand. I you know. I think that's another thing in my mind. That especially with the the the older our generation of veterans. Is You know they. Obviously they don't communicate quite in the same way we do. They're they're they're much harder to reach. I think in the traditional so as we think of like reaching out to people as far as social media. They're they're not quite as plugged in there so I do think I do think that they are more difficult the demographics to reach just in general in our day and age. But I just curious because we're talking a little bit about The veteran ski project here in Kansas City. You know in Qalat. Those folks are are older folks from what I understand but it's it's a little different situation and but yeah. I'm always curious that you didn't like I. I think you're also to go about it in different ways through Yahoo these you know these meetings together. What one of those things? It's not alcoholics anonymous. It might be it might be. It might veterans and veterans nuns. Yeah Yeah but you know we will the the one of our got one of our mentor Vietnam and he what he ended up doing And as I think people tried to find the best way they can to help in a way but he started a veterans writing club so they get together right and stuff but I think if it's I think people for a long time trying to do the best they could with what they had and that was the hardest part. 'cause my dad was forty two when I was born. He's Vietnam Bet. But I mean when he turned seventy three this past August and he just now started getting help at the. Va on his own accord. Not Not he just the back from Vietnam and was like I'll never Chelsea government again on never. I don't want anything to do with them. And then seventy three now. He's like oh I think I'm going to yoga and do some physical therapy and maybe talk. Some people are Mike. Okay Dude I think that's that's the That's the gap does win. Yup realize a talking to my friends the Over stuff my battle buddies. That's that's right that's helps however there's a professional element lament to it where you know you need to do things that are maybe a little different than the Professional getting healthy licensed therapist. It can really help guide you in how you understand why you feeling bill nope Kinda give passing. Movements blocks will explore some stuff that you've gone through. I think that's key on a journey of really getting better. A new realize that there's a certain no reaching out and talking to friends. Can it only goes so far right. Our running you're doing all that stuff but there's a element of therapy that is a higher quality that occur bite in an illegal. You know it's okay to to the asteroid though. Well Yeah I mean. I think Tom and I can both relate to that because he actually when I kind of. I got to know Tom and kind of how this podcast got going. In the first place we would just get together in the morning and have coffee before before before we went to class. And you know not not to say too much but Tom was really going through some stuff and I had some experience going through therapy already already and I was very much. You know. Big Advocate for him. Like Hey man the I I love sitting here and listening to what you're saying but I'm I'm limited in what I can do and you need. You need a professional. Take that next step. You know and I think that that's you know that's another thing that we need. We as lay people need to be aware of his. Yes there is. There is benefit you can provide vied to just be there be there to listen but at the same time you know you. Also Yeltsin need to be ready to encourage them to take the next steps in their in their in their journey essentially essentially why there's also the science element to arrive. We do a multitude of different modalities that we use to help people get better but once specifically that we use called MD.. I movement Station in Your realization in so no no we use those modalities to because they're scientifically based in a people process is feeling starts at eight. They have in get passed asking so it's no longer it's almost distribute one time to me. It's almost like a scar right so it doesn't mean that what happened didn't happen avenue. Forget about it like it just means that you've now process it nearly two acid mental Like physically when you have a scar it it you can still see where that happened. But you know you're able to understand that it's something in it's no longer with you. Yeah it in Gno I will say another thing at least from my experiences. You know obviously going through you know through working through the things you need to work through them and can be can be a very very painful experience. But I've found the now that I'm about actually I think I think about three years out from my. You know my major the major therapy kind of the starting starting my mental health dirty and I finally feel like I. I think this year's really been the year like I feel like I'm uncomfortable talking about it. I feel like I can draw wisdom from those from what was really a terrible experience. I wouldn't want to go through that ever again if I didn't have to. But you know it's it's Kinda like accepting the fact that hey you know this was my this was my journey and now like I said you know being able to talk candidly Lee about it and Kinda understanding the the the process. The trip was bad but what came out of it is is good and I'm a better person coming canal another side of it. Yeah Yeah I mean that's ultimately go ride Took point where you can talk about. It think that's what I think he'd been in really awesome too early the stories. That new gets a place that you feel comfortable enough to known started. Tell your story down galaxy they tell people about seven been through because that ultimately helps as well. And that's what I was going to say to that. That's been the most inspirational part for mine. At least east. Is that if you if you obviously. You don't have me personally but if you knew me personally. A lot of people don't think that I had any depression or anxiety issues like you met me. You'd be ah you know. I'm the typical. I wouldn't say I'm typical. MD back. But I'm Taipei Day like I am and so when I when I did the first episode and everything a lot of my former soldiers were texting me and we're like what are you talking about like you. Oh you know and I'm like yeah man like yeah like I'm going through some stuff and they it was just like so mind blowing for them because they saw me as more of a father figure older brother figure to them and for me need to be going through some stuff. Yeah I think it made it easier on them to be like. Oh Wow I can talk to him about this or awhile I can there i. He now feels more acumen to me in a way you know we we have a connection there. I mean listen in my as somebody who grew up in the mid west. I think it's just different in certain pockets of of the United States. Senate is another so I say that because like out here in New York it's more formalized normalized Maybe back to their is. The Dog. Hasn't therapist like wonders ended a little bit better whereas like in the mid West Farm. You a people it's ten more on. Hush goes back that stigma like people. Just don't understand it or wherever it is like it's just. It's not as formalized Understood though I do think thinking what to my friend back home I think they probably have like really That are like they'd be more taken. Backer may not understand like what I've gone through. This is just were not as a so and you know it's the same thing with the military to man for a while for years. People didn't talk about it because it was honestly affecting promotions emotions like they were guys e six can go into e seven and then you know obviously a can't actually come up but once that once that gets put up like once they go to a board and they know that you're on medication or you got some mental health issues or something like that. They're like yeah man like it's kind of like a black a black ball this almost. It was really weird to no one talked about earlier. A little bit about like making sure that leadership in order at bats will start to see right now house leadership recognizing understanding. This is a real problem in a you Dumper Joint Chiefs Chairman of Scout speak out at our gala this past year it is a year him. Talk about. You could tell that like really understands. Recognizing is this is an issue and so now that you start to have some People leadership position amount by helping one one and the amount of people you guys come out to that gala to was insane like yeah. Yeah it was our big gala evidence that we had a nine hundred. y'All uh orders from all across the United States about so. That's one thing that we do really wallace as has like the gallows in organizing people to To kind of for the word about nine what we're dealing with just mental health journal. So yeah you know we we have a I eighth annual gala in your city but now we're starting to expanding do those uncle or so. Were you have one in Washington D C next year that will be the second one. We have one in in San Francisco which year second one GonNa have something. Beatings woman So you know all this is really just. It's it's crucial in letting people know because not only about why it's important what we you also like. Shoot a storage from people who have gone to program. PEOPLE REALLY DON'T A. That's the hardest. Part is the privacy a a concern an issue that goes with therapy In so it's hard sometimes until the boys are come forward because he wonders. Thank thank you privacy. no-one make people divulge anything they don't feel comfortable during but luckily had people have gone through a lot of people who've leaving willing to speak out and so when you go to these cows and stuff like that you're able to hear these stories like oh my gosh this is why would give one it you know and and it takes a lot of courage to get up there. especially if you're at a very public event like baton and share that story I remember we were at a was the PTSD ESP symposium for the East Kansas va about probably two months ago and they had a gentleman Get up there to share his story. I mean it was like it was. It was so moving moving from my side. He could tell just how emotionally charged. It was for him and difficult in in some ways for him to be up there but I mean Neela. There's a there's a lot of very raw power when to having people share like that. If they're willing to do it I think is. It's so so strong it's in a non. The person that actually does a lot of interviews for basis Right and So I get these stories powerful Time has been moved to almost tears because yeah talking about what they've been through Struggling going along with that in in it's it's it's moving to hear these stories and it's impactful just this validates why I love being toward Headstrong Annetta Organization. Where we're doing something to help people deal with those things Is really interesting to do a lot of the stuff that you absolutely. So besides the price is right. What else do you guys got down coming down the pipeline liner now? Yeah you know outside that. Like national about to be on a CBS of unity. A profile on second-story very nice nightly news that will become now on next week Right at the end of the year in in really going into this next this year we got so much stuff coming up. We have so many events really trying to sit down and collaborate in it is but this is what I do. I'm interested in doing is really collaborating with individuals and organizations next job sending home with Kevin Love Fund. That's about ways that we were together on some sure you'll be able to find out like we can be got somebody to some national campaign. I'm working now Arizona cardinals within the We've been in saw. Then they want to start working with us so really really not a thing. We're going to start the off of all over the place. Yeah we did it in Jeff and I were talking about this yesterday. was that you know one. One of our big things is is. You know we've been at this about six months now we're at close to fifteen thousand downloads. Overall and the more we do things like this. Obviously the more the words it's GonNa get out but our big thing too. Is that the cool thing that we like is that we're we're starting to kind of like link organizations together that we support you know so like we have you guys coming home. We have the veterans project we at the Green Beret Foundation coming on and And that was our big thing that I really liked with with doing with you guys that I I really like that. There are veterans like actually out there helping other veterans and like trying to put the foot four like we're talking with VCPI about it and they're like you know we're they're about to blow it nationally as well as far ars getting Some popping up Dallas. DC late last five cities payments city. Saint Louis coming up and so I really feel like as much progress as veterans And better and based businesses and solutions agents have have come in the past ten years. I really think the next five years is going to be huge. I know I I completely agree with that. And the other thing is I look at it not only only from the fact that you know. We're this this services going forward with veterans and mine. I mean but we're really providing the not we you guys. The organizations organizations like you are really providing the model not only for veterans and active duty military but also for our society. As a whole. We're you know we're opening up conversation and it goes it right now. You know the focuses is there but it goes well beyond the bounds of just that group of people bill. I feel angry. Yeah I think that's what you start to see the military like leaving the final line so we like our organization is so unique the model on in what we do. How we about treating veterans that not interested in it could be replicated a month's society job because like the honors is like this mental health issue crisis not just solely relegated to better no not at all? It's something that civilians can understanding sanding. Go through as well and so really. Our model is easily Didn't replicated you down to the bare bones of it in terms of what we do how it works in how else people in no. I think we're really laid it out there in terms like this is a way to treat veterans in people who are dealing with some of these issues that are you know life so I really think that Whoa people come to find out about what we just continue to spread the word on health that you know the more that we're going to be able to inflict a suicide epidemic distorted orange and that's erase another really good point there that you know the fact that it as it is veterans. Yeah that are you taking the lead positions in in Kinda this This deal is that there's best. There's kind of that military mindset the comes within there's a lot of just strength and power the justice. Simplicity of the way that that. y'All WanNa go at the problem you know. There's you guys WanNa get you guys WanNa do it as efficiently as possible possible and there's not there's not kind of all these other ideas had dangling off it's very you know sing. Very singular type purpose in so you tend to get great results with that. Yeah Yeah and you know what we do is is You know we're helping people doing. I'm doing it in a way that it just hasn't been done but when you think about it I mean it's really simple in right. It's easy like you said you it because what we're doing is we're just or partnering with what class the Niche all over the United States. And we're we're giving them their market rate to treat treat and so we said we uniquely figure out which they're back with veteran coming through our doors and leaking together Able to get treatment once a week so I mean think about it like there's a lot more of what we do and go and turn the arches Rutley look at it firm is a rod you. It's actually pretty simple. Overdoing like our healthy. The people in in something that like you really feel like is changing landscape bettern from people in society. Jim that I mean we talk about basically That the one thing that stuck out to me with what you're saying that you basically you guys look at the veterans that are coming through the door and then you say okay. We had this therapist and we think this would be the best suit for them. Is that kind of how it goes exactly. So you know these therapists all have it bring on accreditation ripe on licenses ince's specifically well In so when people come through our doors whether it is at the with disease with his nose to sexual trauma whether it's More injuries that who started CPAP of more Mike example by germ so why they're not directly in combat. You know there have youth that are new inside of them they feel like this term struggle trying on right to mind rain so the there's a lot of different things that people suffer and then you help and so when we make them up with therapists with one of them up with their best suited to to help them get through whatever it is young. Yeah an APP in the other aspect of that too. Is You know therapies a very personal experience and you don't always always jive with the with the first therapist that may you may come across the ninth or yeah And so yeah. I think that that's really powerful. Fool you know the fact that you guys get. That's that's where we are. We do such a good job in the betting Rises adjourned of linking people together really like a we highlights are high like that because that's why thank So much attention to details but into you know who to link them up with what's best for the letter that militate all that in consideration it's not just a one size fits all type solutions. Yeah and that's that's like the only downfall I will say about and I think the VA is wonderful. But I think that that's that's the only downfall. is they kind of just sticky with WHO's in your area and I had a wonderful therapist. She was a very very nice lady but she was a I would call her more. Ah a positive psych kind of person so I would say things like super rational like yeah. It's a mill semester. I think this Friday. I'm just GonNa fly to Peru and dude. DMZ in the jungle. And she would be like. You should do that. And I know I need you to tell me not to do that. And she guy no. That's really what you WanNa do you. Thomas do it and I was like no. I listen to Joe Rogan podcast. And like I probably should not do that. And she's like you should do it. You should do it right now. I might do Jesus Lady. She was so sweet but I was like this is just not working for me. It was just more fun than it was therapy at that point. You know so. I think that's where we're so focused on the of each individual In what they need. I think that's where we can separate ourselves thousands Delegates attention. You tell did not every veteran saying not every veteran's You know the same issue So when they come into our program we really tailor what we do toward what they need in. I think that's where why do I say our program could essentially be equivocated I'm not sure that anybody else is going to put the attention to detail right. Really share about the veterans coming into our program. Saying that I I was just gonNA say again. It's kind of that personal touch that comes from having been through the process yourself and knowing you know I guess you know being it's one thing to know about something is another thing to experience something and I think that's a yeah that's important distinction to make especially you know when when you're talking about things like mix matching people with therapist matching people with appropriate programs that you know that there's no Tom Mature. There's no Woah. Yeah there's just there really is no substitute for that having not experienced and and I guess kind of knowing how to how personally like on a personal level how oh difficult back in the navigating that so and that's I that's I think that's really important that you can take those experiences and translate them into the experiences that people or walking through your door are going to have an how your higher shaping those experiences site and also to. I think that each veteran while different you know they all want to be treated as individuals right like the all wants to be we all. We all want to know that people care about people have our best interests at heart. I think that's what we do. That's that's it really is the foundation of just one veterans. Were here for them to net. o- aw so when when you started I because I know you're in prints all over this stigma series. When how did that come about when you started already doing it? And because I I've read a few of them especially the one you guys just posted and they're very personal to be honest and I mean obviously very interesting but very very personal I i. I read the latest blog post. I think it was what two or three days ago. Now Yeah it was extremely well written very very good but very personal and I was like wow okay and so yeah so I would be remiss to say that this was Some idea that I can give a media a partnership with brain the same provision of New York WanNa see three or four years ago in a series in how backward wasn't how people like drawn to that so I was like you know I would love to replicate that except for just only better and Are People that are in the veterans face like I did want Veteran but Iraq stuff like that. So our 'cause I really wanted to. I really want people to hear these stories of better because you know everyone always says thank you for your service or follow down. They truly know whether thanking people for oil why we should be grateful. And so you know I was like what's the story until I had a replicated agreements model of using your with the thing. Brennan's is what makes I think that when I'm I'm doing different. Is that a lot of time to just kind of a highlight of a problem that they've had or an issue that they're dealing with it whereas line of our I should say Sean it's the Arcus they're still. I want people to understand because especially when it comes to trauma trauma or when it comes to know. Somebody's story in things that they're dealing with like only solely just one event thing that happened in Indonesia Pakistan. Change Your Life like a lot of time you see will be. Gold wound drove against New England. So thanks from your childhood or things that happened to you early on in your life in our pounded by not being after young. So now I really wanted to argue these people stories and let them know like that starts. The beginning are starting to beginning the middle and then whether at now in I think that's been. There's obviously been a lot of information information that comes out with these stories right like gone through it. Sounds like a real util. I'm never I think I feel like that's really the impact for part of it is just alley. Got to the point that they were there now. Yeah it I I think the other thing is people people want that complete story like. Oh you don't want for there's something about taking a snap shot out of the story. That just seems some in some ways almost authentic and I think that I think when you do oh you do show that whole arc. It tends to at least at least for me personally. I feel like when when I know the whole when I see the whole picture it it turns out a lot more power for me for some reason so understanding no right so like I'll say my stories are visually aren't want to speak about mine late Ni- I've profiled myself early on. Because I felt like I wanted to. I felt like in order for me to be able to ask other people to tell her story. Like I hadn't seen in what you said in terms of intensity by seeing more authentic comedic field to reach out. Nah people to do this about data myself. So I'm only GONNA speak to mind but for example you know with my story like when you hear about. It's a thing that went through early in childhood. It makes more sense as to know why that was compounded when I went through so the military stereo after the fact with dramatic Like that so y that ultimately led me to therapy right so that's why not. Only their authenticity. Pissy feasts also It just tells a wider northbound version of why people get therapy. Why the suck it gives you your own personal journey men to to highlight it and that's Definitely that Super Important Jeff. And I've talked talked about that before. Four I mean my dad was in my life but I was raised by single mother. You know and as I got older I believe that a lot of things from my childhood I was raised in a not. Not a poor your household but definitely lower the middle class and you know going through a lot of those things that society itself push dressers on you and trying to overcome come that and then you start compounding it with things when you get older and no and then you know anxiety starts creeping in and stuff and it's hard to deal with especially when you just never dealt with it before you know ages ages. It's really the whole monkey on the back kind of thing and it. It was hard for me. There were days where like I wasn't getting out of bed like at all lie rough. Well I think the other really good point you raises you know. It's it's a lot of times. It's the combination of these things you know. It's not just oh I joined the military and something happened there. It's it's you know there's there's factors beyond just that and like I said I that's interesting that's actually not something in my ignorance that I've actually really had anybody speak about before so I I think that's that's really fascinating actually the night. So it's interesting bigger Thomas. They wouldn't said about not being a bit. You don't tell that story say that right now podcast. Maybe or if you didn't know what you know if you would feel like oh if I only want like this going through this. It's funny because I'm let's say that in Saint I'm like Oh yeah I've been there was Better like Nah. I can remember two years ago. I didn't get advantage so it's thirty. PM Up in the house like what is wrong with me. Why my sort of crashed and I really felt like it was just a issue that I was dealing with them? So that's why I think what you guys are doing. So orden Because you're normalizing this for people letting them know understand like okay. You've been through this as well so that we can play to. The the other thing is is just that idea of isolating in general I mean is that such a huge. I mean I think what we interview the Suicide Prevention Coordinator at East Kansas via. You know that that's one of the things he said that. That's probably the most common flagged for just about anyone with mental health issues. That idea that you're isolating in yourself and that's the that's the staying in bed. That's the I'm not gonNA leave my house or I can only go to the grocery store. You know. Eleven o'clock at night when there's not going to be anyone around that those sorts of things and I know for me personally like if the isolating aspect is such as I track my mental health. Moving forward Yo if somebody invites me to go do something just for no particular reason. I'm like I don't feel like doing that I i. It's really one of those things where I have to step back and say okay. What what Nelson going on then right now? That's making me feel like that. That's definitely like for me one of my big things that my other ones like not taking care of myself. That's like not eating right not not not working out not taking my medicine that that sort of thing But yeah like like you said. I think that that's such. That's that's a really huge one for most people that that the idea of isolating themselves. We have a podcast coming up with a say Casey filmmaker and a director of I I don't I don't know what she's director about both for autism and she is a huge myth thing a Advocate and they're doing like these whole webs nine the web series like an actual film series called this. This is me so I think this is music or something like that and and I have to look it up. It's our notes and the issue was texting me and she really WanNa come on and talk you guys and I'm going to bring the the film director on and we're GONNA talk are movies releasing in January and I was like yeah. Sure come on in one. She was she was texting me. She was like yeah. You know I've been there before without me. Even town counting. I've gone through and she was like I was. I was the one that like couldn't get out of bed days and she was like an. I would forget the last time I showered and stuff like that dino real that is like you you know you know we're just taxing like it's normal because it is you know but like if somebody else read that that like hadn't talked anyone they'd be like where there's other people that do this to this. It doesn't. I'm not just like this one person who in it's not meant so many people you know it's crazy so it is so important share stories. Oh yeah the woods. So people won't so I sleep and I think that's that's a great thing about technology burs much as people wanna say the negatives what about technology like it also helps us to kind of come together and understand what each individual's gone through. And so even I mean I'm from broader view like I can understand what's going on now a little bit with China progessive without that technology accessible You're absolutely right that that I feel like me personally. Probably out of the boat. We we talk a lot of trash on social media and the Social Media Age but like you think about this. You know probably ten years ago. We wouldn't even be able to do what we're doing right now. The fact that you're halfway across the country and we're shooting a podcast and we've got video of each other it's like there's there's definitely for all the drawbacks. There's there's just as many there's just as many positive things about it. I think that's what this was intentionally. It is a lot of this stuff was essentially you know wanted to be used for good in the queue. The dolgin the step we obviously league too far. Yeah I mean we tend to do. We all have dualistic approaches lighting. Like yeah like is just it is it was it. Would I think initially we use us for stuff like this where we cannot relate to one another like that earns thing well Matt. I know you're busy. I Man I know you have to go sue you in closings or anything else. You WanNa say about Headstrong Maybe rapid force artist say is Gauntlet Program. Outside of the fact that I'm right now let's speak about some money where this is life changing What we provide all people The carrot which were in we each individual person Or change in life. And I know that because I hear these stories not talk to people and don't do it myself. I could say that anybody who is maybe on the a fence about getting health. I wonder reach out our really worried because or will we do. They saves lives in testing Martian unity. In outside of this. Look we're always grateful. Reform or BOOM WANNA get involved with our program financially or start awareness stuff like that but at the end of the day foundation is. It's only been about veteran while helping people about you know acting that inside so it would like to know more about what we do. Go to head Shonda or You follow us on. Is Agreement. Edstrom twitter at had shrunk Faraj in had trump project on facebook. And I think you'll have a better understanding of what we do. If if you really look into the what we do you hear these stories and you get to know the kind of level who were up. I think it will help. People understand why this is so necessary in tackle. Yeah we just want to say thank you so much for taking an hour out of your day to come on with us this has been really Enjoyable for US and your we hope guys continued. You just great things absolutely Yankee Guy. Some appreciate no. Thank you so much I appreciate it. And hopefully we can collaborate in the future man. I I really enjoyed this lot. Absolutely guests are all right everybody. Hey that was Matt McCoy from the Headstrong Project. Make sure you look them up. The website and social media gave out always you can find us at the Kensington Corner and the Kensington. SINC- one on twitter Aguinaga

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Treatment Works

The Kensington Corner

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Treatment Works

"Hello hello welcome to the Kensington quarter. I am Jeff and I am Tom. Today we're very lucky to have Stephanie Davis who is the suicidal prevention and coordinator of eastern Ba. Kansas he's from Kansas Kansas. Va Every oh she has a PhD in counseling. Psychology correct awesome. How are you doing today? I'm doing okay. Thank you so much for having me on your version years. We have been super excited. This episode with you. I'm kind of repeating everything everything we literally just talked about for ten minutes which was good. I guess I'm curious though. Yeah he did. Mention Your P. H. E.. What is your educational background? So I did my underground Undergrad at University of Iowa and I had an undergraduate degree in psychology. And I remember that my sister wrote in my graduation. Asian card. Practice this Stephanie. Would you care for fries with that. People has undergrad in psychology. Doesn't get you a whole lot. I'm an Undergrad in psych ward. Well so so then I was look I knew I wanted to go to graduate. School and I was really desperately clueless in terms of how to narrow down schools and my roommate at the time was a huge basketball fan and so I ended up at. Ku Yeah yeah so I went straight into the PhD program. There for about six years. They are so amazing. So yeah well you know I I like I said earlier I have a history degree. So yeah I'm not really doing much other than mopping-up Soda on my computer with that thing. But I know I'm always curious to know What was the process like? I'm curious personally because you tom as we said earlier. We're both premed we're kind of in that situation. We've got a long long road of education ahead of us of got any tips or pointers or yells pitfalls to avoid anything like that or just you know live it and love it and do it or yeah. That's it. I think that I just got so accustomed to being a student for so long. It didn't occur to me not to be and so that was just my daily lived experience since was kind of slogging day in and day out and I do remember sort of freaking out about writing that dissertation But then realizing that man it's just a big paper. Oh it's no different than anything else. It's I had a CO worker. That used to say. How do you eat elephant one bite at a time and that's true? Yeah you wake up and you're at the end of it but I still do have those moments where I stop and recognize Nice. How grateful I feel that I don't have a paper pending over my hedrick upcoming test? It's it's nice. We definitely relate to that. We got absolutely hammered in class. Last week it was ugly today. Tau But on the flip side we always talk about to like both of us have lived life for the last decade. So we're having like the time of our life right now. I would take the student any day over the real world and coming at it from a non traditional route probably gives you an an entirely different perspective. You know anything that was. The thing that I struggled with was everything that I learned was about theory and I really wanted to get to the application part but like what do I do this. How do I actually help people because this is why I'm in this field and so I could memorize a whole bunch of facts but then once I got thrown into into the actual field? It was terrifying for me because I was like. Oh my gosh what if what if I do the wrong thing. What if I say the wrong thing is like the education really starts once your education station inside the deal right? So how did you end up with the car with Veterans Affairs. Then how did that happen so in Graduate School for Psychology Psychology. You've you start kind of the experiential piece you start with the practicum and the practicum advisor sort of assigned as you to to that. Whatever wherever you're going to be and so my very first practicum was at the Leavenworth? Va and my very first. Patient was a World War Two veteran and he looked at me. And he was like what's a little whippersnapper like you get help power you gonNA help me and I literally just had. I don't know and I had to come every week on Wednesdays at va and I carpooled recalled an every day on the way there and on the way back I would cry because I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing and I also knew how important important work was terrified that they would be better off with somebody else that I wasn't the right person to be helping them but I knew I needed to learn but I didn't want that to be at the expense of anybody in the end. In retrospect I don't think it was. I wish I did just fine but so I never imagined that I would have ended at the Va.. But Yeah I did another practicum at the. Va Than I ended up in my internship at the VA I did a post residency at the Va and then just hooked hooked. Because they're just really isn't anything like working in this environment. There is so much need and the people that I work with are so incredibly grateful and this feels just. It's important work that you're doing my my internship. Oh boy that was probably two thousand. One misses the warriors I ask because the mental health as we awareness as we know it now was not present than correct with into a lot of things have changed mental health since then yes and I mean I I think especially the way that we do psychotherapy A lot of what I was originally tot was a lot of underlying theory are- but then ultimately the end product was a lot of supportive work which is lovely and there is absolutely a place for supportive psychotherapy. I completely we believe that. But as the science sort of caught up to the practice we recognize a lot of what we do is what we call empirically based psychotherapy and these are. I'm protocols that have been just. They researched the dickens out of them and they know that they work and they know exactly why they work. Jeff are are both huge advocates for mental health. I think with our own kind of personal battles with a lot of dating so I think for one kind of drawn to it a little bit. Yeah absolutely absolutely a unbear- I personally very passionate about this and you obviously not in a professional context like you are but like just you I think my main thing is is one on the weatherman school. Whatever it's just I want? I want to be open about my experiences with it because I I at least in my mind I still think. I think there's a lot of things about mental health. That are taboo. Obviously I'm not a professional like you but I think just you know having people that are open to sharing their experiences and telling them telling people what an amazing experience it was for them. Because you honestly going to therapy and you don't feel whole process. It's something that literally changed my life and You know I don't know if I mentioned this earlier but I think my my kind of my my backup plan. I'd love to go to med school but is to get into some sort of counseling link position. If you know that his work as I am I I've seen what is done for myself and I. I think it's such important work. What absolutely and I appreciate appreciate that perspective in terms of US sharing your own lived experience? I mean that's what this takes. Its for whatever reason. Mental health concerns half. You've had this stigma associated with that and really isn't any reason for that and oftentimes say if you saw your buddy Limping all of a sudden. You wouldn't hesitate to say. Hey man whatever your hood. But we see people withdrawing we see people shutting down we see people. I selecting and dropping out of society in for whatever reason people aren't like hey buddy what's going on and that's exactly what we need to do is just recognize that mental health conditions physical health conditions. It's we've all the same we just have to be able to talk about it for a while. L. And just from the military perspective from a lot of things is that until about fifteen sixteen. It was I mean I remember I I. I think the first time I ever thought about going to see someone was two thousand twelve and I was might've in two thousand thirteen actually i. I just got promoted to staff sergeant and one of my peers. I would not do that like he was like. You'll never see seven and I was like aren't man. Yeah and it was a big thing. Think for a long time it because they technically. They're not supposed to be like. Hey this guy went to see mental health. But once it's a known thing you Kinda Shun for worked for a long time and looking back on it now when I was younger I probably was that guy too because I mean I got promoted quickly so like twenty two twenty. The three hours of staffs are and I was kind of like many guys kind of weak you know and then you kinda grab go through some things and then you realize you got misuse yourself. And I think the stigma uh is is really what it stops a lot of people from reaching out to help. Because it's already hard enough. They will stop working. That's okay I don't act now. We gotta really fortunate. We've got a very talented sound editor. He has everything out for us. But OUGHTA you know you go through these these things in life and it's I think it's hard to watch somebody obviously go through these struggles but at the same time we haven't from childhood we haven't conditioned people yet to be like is everything. Okay in that manner we because for so long. It's been if a person's feeling suicidal or persons withdrawn like that that they have an issue that you can't help them with no matter what happens in life. They're always going to feel that way whether it be their week. Think crazy miserable. You can go back to just sixty seventy years ago and look at the practices. We hadn't psychology at the time. It's it's medieval flight light at you. Admit that you're feeling bad. They're gonNA start boring holes in your head. It's funny one of our favorite shows called Madman. I haven't I know it's an entire phenomenon a society. It's one of the things they hit on. Their lot is a ton of drinking in advertising world but in the first two episodes of going to therapy is a big thing and it's kind of like it becomes like the rumor mill like. Oh I I heard. His wife saw it. They're pissed it's funny now because it shows that Jackson position now like our age like I got it there take a badge. It's real will you. Then you the example table you gave the comparing to you. Know Senior Buddy limping. I really think that's a great way to look at it and you don't. We don't really talk about it in those types of terms but I mean it is a very very real and in most cases very fixable phenomenon and loonie and But yeah it's it's it's still one of those things and I. I see it getting better all the time and we still have work to do and what what is it. Maybe getting too personal but do you do you. You see a Lotta open acceptance of kind of like mental health and in the within the VA Association. Like what's what's it like around here. What are the attitude in your opinion? Well I feel like I get a skewed perception because I am in mental health and I think sometimes I forget that everybody isn't the same way so I'm forget forget that there may still be some stigma out there in the world because that's just us. This is what we do on a daily basis in even had a co worker the other day. That said Stephanie. Sometimes I just come in here to ask you a specific item on our agenda and I end up walking out and saying why did I end ended up talking about my childhood and my parents just like you just do this and I was like I genuinely can't help it. I'm curious about people. Can I just ask follow up questions. I WanNa know how what makes them tick. And that that to me is fascinating. I don't I don't know why right. That's something that shouldn't be acceptable to talk about what we did. Our first ever episode was on dealing with depression anxiety and stress in what we said but one of the things that blew my mind is that we started getting a lot of feedback from people especially by deployed with and I just I I mean I knew people struggled. I mean my my first point. I'm still in this the other day. My first point I think brigade wide. There's been like over twenty suicides from only thirteen within seven. I think this is somewhere around there. Some crazy But we I would just get feedback from people that were like. Why didn't you had issues like that? Like you've always been like this like strong leader kind of person knows like yet but I think it takes people like us. It's been able to talk about it for to become a national conversation because it's still in. I think the generation head of US I think it's still viewed as only the people with real real issues. Who are going to shoot up a hospital or something to ones that had mental issues? And that's just not doc true and would you when you try to tell people Like no that's not true or if you saw me like at dinner or something and I told you that guy had issues that people were now. You're pretty well put together. I don't think that's true now. It is bad one hundred percents years. I think that's I think for me. That's the biggest hurdle is is is. I think there's a conversation that's dare. I just don't believe people are really willing to to talk about it just yet and then it really seems the winter. They are willing to talk about it when it happens to someone close to them when it's their son or daughter than it's time to talk about it and for me. I think that's the wrong look at it and I absolutely think that that's why there is such power and conversations like these because people can see somebody and say oh. That's that's neat. I recognize myself in that person and recognizing that depression anxiety. PTSD SUICIDAL NATION IT. It cuts across all socioeconomic status race gender ethnicity religion geography it cuts across all of that. And that's it is powerful when people speak out. I don't know if you remember when Jason Candor who was the former Secretary State Surrey was in the mayor's for Kansas City and he last fall publicly stepped away and said you know what I'm struggling struggling with. PTSD UNLESS I call the Veterans Crisis Line. Because I've been struggling with thoughts about suicide and I remembered reading that on social media and and I just got chills and I was like this man has just done more to reduce the stigma of talking about mental health. I can ever do in my career because this says my job. But this is his he's person and I quickly reposted that and the very next day Part of my job is I respond to calls that have been placed to the veterans crisis line. And then they'll send a console out and so then I get that console and I got a call from a veterans crisis line respond and she said You know I just spoke with somebody who called the crisis line and he mentioned that when He. I saw this article about Jason Candor. It kind of broke something in him because he too is pretty prominent and he recognized himself in that and he couldn't deny himself any longer than than struggling with PTSD. He's been struggling with suicidal aviation and so I was able to just at that moment. Reach back out to this person. And just start connecting him on his healing journey and so it just was this really. Poignant reminder of the power of those conversations what I mean at its core really what that is that's leadership by example. You know I mean you you you don't tell people what to do. Show them how to do it. And I mean that it does take a large amount of personal courage. Do what he did. Because I mean you know it's easy for me to he'll be talking to one of my twenty year old classmates and say you know. Hey Yeah I've struggled with depression. I've done this but when you're in the public eye like that you're absolutely right. That's that's absolutely amazing. I actually wanted just to jump back and piggyback on what you were saying though about the conversation the whole the whole idea and You know will you were making that point i. It hit me that when I was going through therapy for the first time I I think that was actually the conversation aspect of it was one of the most useful tool for me personally because I learned not only I learned basically as long talk about what I was feeling by the examples of other people. I didn't know how to verbalize what I was going through but I I sat next to someone who did in you know gave me ways to learn it and give you an showed me by example how to how to do this and you know it's funny because I probably if I'm talking about my feelings I probably instead of using two different adjectives. Now probably twelve and I probably need to expand that to a couple hundred but you know it still. It's it's it's a it's a skill isn't it. I I mean so many things with mental health. Our skills it absolutely is skill and it's also the minute we put words to an experience. We begin to shape it and so sometimes the very words that we use shape our own perception of what happened. That's part of why trauma that happens. When somebody is pre-verbal when it happens in childhood they never can really get it out and process it really understand what happened because they were never able all to put words to it and when we use those words so in our brains you know the right half his dominated more by emotion and imagery in the left at half half is dominated by logic and language and so in order to get an experienced across the Corpus callosum? You you have to put words to it in order to then be able to sort of logically analyze it otherwise it just gets stuck over here in this amorphous imagery and emotion and you can never really define it essentially have your brain working together to to work through experience and so we start putting words to it and start appointed over to the other side of the brain and then absolutely you can so not only does that help them to sort of make more sense of it and we're that experienced falls on your journey but then there's also a skill to be able to share your story with others in a way that can be healing and helpful to them and there's there's a whole aspect in suicide prevention that's called safe messaging and it's everywhere from social media to the the traditional news media to people who share their stories in a public light and and make sure that we're doing that in a way that is safe breath and that provides hope to the audience to the listening audience his except the end of the day most suicidal aviation is driven by treatable underlying in conditions or solvable. Transient problems. And so I think it's really important to get out there. Exactly what you're talking about that message of like. Hey this stuff works it really does. Anyway it's still funny because I can say from again from my personal experience like I was so adverse to going to go through the process and basically what happened with me is my my mom as Lee said Bananas Seven. I can't watch you do what you're doing to yourself anymore. We we need. We need to figure something out. And I you know I ended up going through the process. And you know that I probably I actually went to an outpatient clinic where I was basically going in for therapy everyday every day and And I remember that first week I was like this is bullshit. I don't WanNa be here and then after got about the my second week I it was like the light. Flip Donnas like Holy Shit this actually works and it's I mean it's a really empowering feeling to and you know I think that that's the the at least in my mind. I think that that's is the messages that you you can were. You can learn skills and there are people that will help you and it is. It's very empowering to know that you don't have to live the way you're living and I mean because my my main hiccup with me ever going and actually getting held. It wasn't a lot of people people I feel like. They think like. Oh they're embarrassed you know and for me it was never that as much as I I- humbly thought that I was more intelligent than the person I would be talking into. So why in the world would sit and I and but I do bring this back into the two one bad therapy session. I had ad that really shaped I went. And I talked to someone I think after my third deployment and she handed me a sheet with like pictures pictures on it and was like take with you throughout the day in anytime you get like anxious or angry like right down like next to the picture like which one I was like. You know like that will not be. Thanks I walked out and I was like checked out of the points. You want us up another point. I was like no thank that you and I left and And I remember walking out of that and being like was she a child psychologist did not know what she's talking about am I like am losing my mind and I was on ever go back. I'll never go back and I mean you and I kind of had that conversation when we when we first started going and Tom was going through stuff and I I was really encouraging him. You know to try to try something else essentially and I think that I obviously I have not a professional. What are your thoughts on that? But you're say going and seeing a therapist it doesn't work for you. I mean you be your own advocate right like try something different and present and is you so much The I mean as much as we see psychology as a science and I think he wants to be a hard science. There is an art art to it as well and I think that it is. There's a piece of that connection between the therapist and the client who that's that's a really important piece of the puzzle in fact there's some study out there that talks about like the What are the actual change agents in psychotherapy forty percent of changes from extra therapeutic things like it has nothing to do with therapy session and like a small sliver of it has to do with the actual techniques but most of it is relationship? And so you've gotta have that good fit and so if if it's not a good fit absolutely go find somebody else. But I think that the and I'm so glad that you had the courage to try somebody else time because I think that that's the danger that happens sometimes when somebody does have a bad experience ends with therapy or a bad experience with the Va and if they are very vocal on socks think of how many people's People's lives you may have just inadvertently negatively impacted by saying. Don't go get therapy there because it doesn't work and and I I think it's really important. I'm so grateful that Y'all are saying like Oh shit works like come on come on over. That's also part of of love like the cancel culture. We're going through right now is that we will talk about Things that are shared social media wise. You never really see the thousands of lives the. BA saves a year. You see the one or two people that had a bad experience and that that's a really hard thing to go through right now when you know you get I know that Topeka for really really long time and I. I don't know the statistics now but they were as high as third in the nation. PTSD CARE for a while. Oh in terms of like are nationally renowned UCSD unit. Yeah absolutely so there will be yes so there was a lot of people that would be your your pizza's great but then shit on Kansas City. And it's like I'm sure there's great professionals I can't see to. It just needs work like it you need to know and so that that's the hard part for me. Is that you you know Jeff and I've talked about this is that it's It it's hard when you we were in a society title now where it's singular Vince. Release shape and you. Don't get all the full story a lot of times but we don't. I don't think that we talk a lot about the success success stories anymore for and I think that's what we kind of try to do. I don't I can't name names physicians at work. Your can I probably case good probability probability. That should not do that. But there is a a nurse practitioner here if she's listening hopefully told her about it whatever she's dope like she has a shoutout totally fine. Yeah always mess up her name to two last names but I've Rama Karachi Joanna Roxy Roxy Yohannan. Yes yes Saito. There's two days in life. I can't do spell and talk science words. We just horrible and last names. I can't I mess all impacted anytime I call from Patricia. I'm like Joanna Roxie there at everytime they're like E-eh rockies here I'm like all right cool and then I looked out the bottle and I'm like on Saturday. It's the other way havoc avenue but anyway she is amazing and I I kinda got pushed off onto someone. That was intern. Here who was awesome mm-hmm as well but she was only she had told me we set down. She's at. I'm only going to be here. Be Able to be here for you for about four to six sessions depending on how you want to do this. I said Yeah Cool. Let's see let's start. It was cool and I talked to jeff and I was like man you know. I've never been on meds before. I've never even tried this this route before. It's never been a thing for me. He's like I think you should try if you think it's going to help you. Trump coup so I went in. That was the that that by four was the biggest challenge for me It wasn't the therapy to ask him to talk to. Somebody was easy but going in and having that stigma of like especially in today's farm big Pharma World of being my unease Janis pills. That's how I felt you know and I was like. Hey what do you think about this. And she's like well. We know we have these like PTSD tests you can take. We had the anxiety and test. And there's one more one more tests you can take and see where you scale it and so is scaled on all three. Depression was the scale. And I'm like all three whatever she's we'll take you back we'll talk somebody and I net Rachi and I sit down and shake looks dead so no bullshit like it was like We're on we're good. We're good here. We just talked about and when I told you that she was just so real with me she was just like Yeah Bob. Aw and she's like oh by the way are just like you can't add until you. You may take these pills and you may have erectile dysfunction so so just so you need to know okay. But I wasn't ready for that as far as I. It was a sigh of relief but it wasn't for me Alec walked out of there and I was like Oh my God my my whole life just changed. You know what I'm saying the Guy I had that like that moment where I was like that was really actually cool and it was the first time and for example. This is how much I never went to see a doctor. When I got out of the military I sat down to the reputation? represented represented representative the representative and said list. Everything you have As far as what you could claim where where you broken down and I was like I've I've only been to sit called for my knee when I tour I toward the PC L. my knee and had surgery and he was gay got that but what else and I was like. No I don't have anything else. Got My wisdom teeth out. Like I don't have anything else on file like I've never been and he was like was anything bothering you and I'll say my oboe. Yeah right now I don't I don't have anything else not end but he after I you know the sign. Everything's in way news like online. Do most people have anywhere between fifteen to thirty things they write down to see and That kind of blew my mind. I think that was the toughest part for me was like I've never needed help for so. Ask Him for help. Already tough enough and then it was just cool. I thought they did a really good job. Overall team of making someone like me feel comfortable. Someone who wrestled with the fact of light do actually need help. I probably do but can I just tough it out without killing myself. We'll see but my life would be miserable. So is that was. That was a far for me. Yeah yeah and it sounds like When you're sitting down across from Roxy and she can just be a human being and I think that the field of mental health has gone that direction but I I also think that as somebody is in the field for a while like you start to learn how to just be your own self in the therapeutic session? Listen I mean. It isn't October and push into you know it's like we're all human beings and we're all doing the dam best that we can with what we've been given and sometimes life gets overwhelming in. We need each other. And that's not an issue that is a part of the human and condition. We all need each other from time to time we are. We are herd creatures by nature and we have to have human connection for survival. Warm will any of you mentioned earlier. I think that that's why I think for so many people. You isolating such a huge red flag right. I mean I know that that's one of mine like when I start. It's it's like literally like that is like number one on my list like when I start saying no to social stuff for stuff with my family like. I know that it's like okay. Something's there's something else going on here. Yeah I do safety plans with anybody who comes into the hospital with thoughts about suicide sometimes. During during times of stress they get thoughts about suicide. That's the number one thing that I hear and I oftentimes give the analogy of you. You know our our brains are built to to propagate our species survival of the fittest wolf pack. If a wolf knows that it this sick and dying what does it do it leaves. It goes off alone to die and because it doesn't want to infect the rest of the pack it doesn't bring the pack down in terms of being able to get food it sees itself as a burden on that pack and so it goes off depression. A depressed oppressed brain is a physiologically inflamed brain. So her brain knows it is sick and so those signals of the brain is telling lean somebody isolate but what we know is that depression isn't contagious. And actually that's the last thing that you want to do when you're starting to feel depressed oppressed if need to connect more because that sends those safe signals to the brain and it gives you the availability of of connection and Karen optimal getting help can absolutely trying to earlier. But I just did when I got that Middle Egypt was watching madman again and I and so I was like well I gotTa Start Watching Madman. Admit again we're going to watch it so I started by about three weeks ago. I text him. And there's a scene in madman towards the very end where the main character basically stops at a bus stop in gives his car away to a stranger. I taste Jeff. I'm watching. I'm laying in my bed watching mad and I thought he would get the reference and I said hey man to ride. I just gave my car away to a stranger enact quoted the madman par and he was like what he thought. I gave my corals clipboard to the story was that homage vitamin having a rough week. And I login thought that like he was had just given his car to a homeless person in more ah like it was like showing up at his doorstep with the policy can save you a whole like failure to communicate situation. But like I literally was like I was like Oh my God he just I did. I went on by literally got my keys was getting ready to drive over his house. I was legitimately worried worried about him and then you know. He texted back through from the show. Like death man you were you were willing to get in your car. Hard drive over to his house. And that's what we gotta do not afraid to do that. And maybe you maybe you feel like a jerk when you realize that you didn't get the madman quote and that just kidding but but my God what if they weren't events the thing to this and that's what like I for me. It's huge. I hard when because I still have a lot of connections to a ton veterans like across across the board a ton of veterans. And I I really do believe that. It is imperative if the people with our backgrounds and now our backgrounds who we are now. I mean a lot of veterans and newspaper articles. I mean we get hit up worm. Student loan my board Kansas. You know we started this. And we're kind of seen alive in the public eye that way and I think when people see like Oh oh my God. These guys are doing successful things while also be challenged with whatever problems. They're having life and they're are able to talk about it. That's huge like that. That's a big thing and I believe that it gives people haven't reproach now to not have to worry so much how. How am I going to be frowned upon or looked at differently? If I speak out about what's bothering me won't in in honesty like I mean that's part of the I I feel like this podcast in general is usually fair pubic for France. The have that chance to connect with other people have these conversations and I mean Tom will tell there's been multiple times where like I've been having a crappy day and we'll have to. We'll have something like lined up for. We'll have podcast lineup. And I will show up and I'll I'm just like you can tell I do not want to be there and it's like it's funny how it can like literally just sitting down and taking time away from Yale. The things that are bothering mm you like it can be. It can be very therapy. We went we got done at least two where I showed three. Just literally Pissy as all get out and I have walked out of there smiling. So it's it's it's a positive for us to whether we are actually doing mental health topics or we're just talking just talking with with books. The local community at Lawrence Weekly. We did warn. And I've mentioned it every podcast since my my street going over we did one that by jeff literally was like did on go on go on needed. Don't want to be there and I was like Mary van and shows out and we've oh they're kind of like we know what to expect. Expect weren't even sure who wanted to do it. And then it was like one of the wildest things I've ever heard in my life and to a great podcast that we both left him. Where like that was fun because like yeah we? We haven't had any really where we've read. I I had one was sick and rescheduled. But we haven't like we never Roy. We've never rescheduled anyone. But we there's times when you show up to do things just like with anything life. There's times we show to do things like I don't even know how this is going to go like I. I feel like I've got more important stuff at my play right now and I know it's been it's been a really positive experience all the way round. Well Yeah and I think too is that would anything you do in life is if if it starting out to bring And I use success loosely not financially successful but when you start to see a Pros versus cons list. And you're mostly pros from something you you start to value it a little bit more and that was the hard time for us because we're both so busy so you're trying to schedule these podcast with people. And you're trying to mitigate that the one the stress between new but then also the third party you know and so when we started doing that I actually. We actually started getting like we'll get responses from people that are like hey like justice episode. Thank you guys so much in the war dude is happening. It's forty I see this like as the podcast for me has always been kind of like a creative outlet which is always. That's one of those things like I think was personally for me like going through my mental health journey like getting back to doing. The things I loved was like the B. I remember. I've told Tom this story before. I don't know if I've ever told it on air but I remember one of the things that my therapist told me newseum start reengaging with your old hobbies seabees and I used to when I was growing up love to read a lawn and I kinda got away from an and I picked up a book. My brother got me probably like two years before Christmas us and I remember I was sitting there reading that book and it was the first time in belong time I actually felt something that I that was like positive and good like I literally. I remember goosebumps on my arm and I was like. I think that was kind of like my lightbulb moment for therapy that I was like. Oh my God this is amazing and so I do. I think that I think that engaging in those things you love and finding creative outlets I think that's so so important when I'm also hearing from the two of you that this thing is so important to you because you know you're reaching other people you know you're helping and that's that's sort of the secret sauce. I think when most people but I think veterans especially is that. y'All caller way more likely to do something to help somebody else than you are for yourselves. And so when we can find that outlet when we can find something that connects both of those where you're helping other people. Oh by and large you also start to get there yourself you know. I agree because one of the things I way I struggled with a lot is losing people see. I'm trying to say this without sounding insensitive To me suicide is one of the most useless Most preventable deaths obviously obviously obviously be. Because there's a choice involved no matter which outlet you WanNa do it but the surprise of it is something that I that I have found. Never goes away doesn't matter if it's somebody that I thought could you know what was going down a bad pat hat or just someone that you would never suspect it from which happens a lot. I just think that we as veterans need to do more than post on facebook. Hey I'm GonNa do twenty to push ups a day great movement. I'm who who would. That's fine not helping anybody because awareness without action doesn't lead to any lasting results and for me and I know we'll one I've they really don't care what people think it to me. It just seems like a very selfish like hey anita social media kind of I need these likes some opposes video of me. Doing these push ups. That's high always felt about. I've never done one so that's how I feel about it but that's not to say there aren't good people. People out there. The organizations that are are doing it but I just think there needs to be more awareness brought to it and I don't think I don't think people know how I think that's why they what do absolutely I was just GonNa say. I don't think I would hope that. Most people might find pictures of kittens playing the piano. If all they why not want our likes you know I think that somebody. That's posting about veteran. Suicide genuinely wants to be part of this helpful movement and we we are all aware. I think that that's something that you know. At first. It was that twenty two number now. It's Twani Veterans Day. Now I'm curious about this was the twenty two do. It was kind of not not opposite on a made up statistic but it was based on something like was. Was It actually twenty two a day or was it twenty something. We still win when they started to dig into that data and it was when they're pulling together the state's Va DOD CDC Who are pulling all of these numbers and it's really hard to narrow down? Exactly you know. Make sure you're not double-counting something making sure and so they've they have refined their processes in in terms of how they're doing that it was. That was the number on it. It there was some question as to whether or not they were actually counting hunting active duty deaths by suicide and so what the number is now is one hundred twenty. Three Americans die each day in our country by suicide. Eight of those twenty our veterans and one to two are active duty service members an end the the data seemed to be a pretty consistent for the last several years It's important to note that of those twenty fourteen of those veterans aren't connected did with the. Va for care. And so and of the six who are connected. Only three are involved in mental health care and so anytime. I am talking to a group of veterans or a group of community members. I'm saying you know you know like we talked about before. We do know that we can address those underline underlying conditions and problems. That somebody isn't going to be stuck in that. That place of pain for forever we can treat. We can heal. We can move forward. And Life's not going to be there but if we don't know who they are. We can't help that and so that's why it's so important for traditional now and nontraditional veterans service organizations and for community members and for business owners and for providers in the community to recognize this. Because I they may not know who those fourteen hour but you do during your facebook feed. And they're in your contact list and so we all have to be in this together together and the va recognizes what we may not be for everybody. That's okay we don't have to be it for everybody. But we've all that to be holding hands across this country in providing this web of support and not being in these silos not being territorial about help shoot Shii being there for each other and reaching out to anybody that you see. That looks like they're struggling. Absolutely would go the thing I love most about the BA though was Just how simple it was and I think that's something honestly. This not talked about enough when you talk about e- even if it's active duty members getting out once they're there it's not to the. Va Isn't present when you're getting out because it is you go through everything when you're getting out we know about the Va.. But I I think a lot of times that when we're looking at Getting out of the military there so already I was bitter. I was so ready to be done. It took me about a year actually when I was like okay now. I'm okay okay again to talk about things I was just like I was done and I I think a lot of people get out in their first reaction is. I'm going to distance myself as four as I can from anything that has to do military related. I don't Wanna I'm going to grow my beer. I'M GONNA grow my hair out and I don't WanNa see another veteran And it wasn't a bad for me obviously. Va So I I just the simplicity of it is what made it easy. I I thought it was. I thought it was when you think about saying. Hey I need help to somebody that you don't know I I guess in my head. I never envisioned their reaction and I never thought about that WHO somebody and they're like Arlan. Coolidge let's get you some help your like that so I've got another question can you mentioning this. Liam basically like action is really what what we need to solve this problem in neo domino. I've been back back at school. You obviously were plugged in with y'all sorts words of whether they're pre med pre farm in Greek life or in you know one of the premed fraternities or prevail fraternity. Feeling a lot of people who you know I I look at every day I talked to someone. Oh I need to find something else to do. You know that. What what what kind of opportunities do you have for like say those folks around here at the Viv worldwide twenty minutes down the road? Basically I think top. Pick me up a ted after we got here a little late. But that's just me. It was about twenty minutes. Yeah I mean you guys are really close. You guys are providing a great resource to our community. Our veterans are. You guys have a lot of opportunities for students if they wanted to get involved over here. So there is voluntary service and there's a very specific process awesome people go through in order to become an actual volunteer. Va so Y- and they do that. They make it that way for protection because they. I want to make sure that somebody coming here is genuine and going to have the time and have the energy and the availability to continuously be there. Ah You know time after time. So so that's kind of the best way in terms of the VA per se. But I think there's just so much more that we can do in our world in general. I think that one of the most important things like we've been talking about is to reduce the stigma of talking about health and one simple the thing that people can do is in context of suicide prevention to abolish the word commit. Typically we think think of you commit a crime and so what that does I. Yeah it what it does is it lends to that stigma of step person is doing something wrong or bad and what we know is that nobody ever chooses suicide. Sometimes people I picture it. They're just dangling off the edge of a skyscraper in their whole non all they've got and then one more thing just piles down on top and they can't do it anymore more and they succumb and so nobody ever chooses it and so we can substitute towards like that person died by suicide that that person ended their life but just that one small step can really help but I mean that's kind of a kind of a problem cross mental health away. We talk about it in general unrelated. Just you're saying something as simple as the verbs we use rain like I have depression versus I suffer from depression. Those sorts of things absolutely. Yeah is calling somebody somebody schizophrenic. Oh that's not the entirety of there being. This is a human being with thoughts dreams and hopes and fears and and it also is diagnosed with schizophrenia. You know have a very ID. We have a very very bad habits. Sometimes of making those things about that person's identity when like you said it's not it's it's just it's it's something they're they're they're struggling one small aspect of a much greater will potentially powerful person. Right that made. I happen to be very good at animal noises. But that's not the entirety of my beam. If that's that's all it took for me if that's all I was known for for Tom. Animal Noise Guide light. We can maybe have competition and we're going to record let for second only I can only do like maybe maybe a soft bark a useful skill. Where where do you think it goes From here from the from we're we're here. We're talking about these conversations But we're all three In Jason Hcc all these guys are their advocates. But where does it go from here. What what is the next logical step? Says some of the other things is that people can do obviously recognize those signs and symptoms of of suicide risk the American Association of Suicide Allah she uses the acronym is is path warm which is Kinda dumb acronym but it's the only thing that they could. But so you know recognizing and is that person struggling with aviation satellite station Substance Austin us. A sense of purposeless nece increased anger or rage. Feeling trapped feeling hopeless withdrawing wind from friends and family feeling increased anxiety agitation. I'm real reckless risky. Behavior Those are some of those things as where sometimes when I'll be talking with somebody I'm like are you kind of flirting with death. May like yeah. I'm not actually trying to end my life but but I'm kind of flirting with that can be that risky behavior and then out of character mood swings so when you start to see those signs or if if somebody is posting on social media questions about death or dying seeking access to means just kind of asking about what combination nation of medications might be lethal or asking about purchasing a gun for all those things that we can key into and when you see it directly reach out to that person the va uses the acronym save so. It's look for those signs of suicide. Ask the questions and it's important to actually ask the question they. Are you having thoughts about suicide. Yup Don't beat around the Bush I- early on in my career. I asked somebody one time I said. Are you having thoughts. Lots of hurting yourself. He said No. I'm not having thoughts of hurting myself. And having thoughts of killing myself and studies have shown people. Just want you to ask the question and oftentimes people are afraid will like if I say that word. Then it's GonNa implanted in somebody's head and we know that asking thoughts about suicide isn't going to Hawes Hawes suicidal anymore than asking about chest. Pain is going to cause a heart attack. And you're more often than not somebody feels grateful that let somebody recognizes it. And they're able to talk about this thing that's pretty uncomfortable for them and then if somebody is struggling a win. PS One way that. I like to ask the question that seems to help people feel more comfortable. I oftentimes say something like you know you've got going. I mind heading any thoughts about suicide and it's against sort of separation. It's now it's not me. I don't want these but my mind keeps I. I put her socks in there. And it's uncomfortable and I don't know what to do with them and so if somebody's mind is handing them thoughts of suicide getting them to treatment. It meant in. You know if it's a crisis and the person is a veteran you can call the veterans crisis line one eight hundred two seven three eight two do five five and press one that number without the press one is just the national suicide prevention hotline. So anybody can call that. I have you call any. Va A in the nation. That's the first thing assess so if you're a veteran new called the BA the first thing it says is if you are having These ideologies press yup and you don't actually have to be in crisis to call one. I would much rather have somebody called before. They're in crisis rather the at that point that now it's an emergency you know if it's three o'clock in the morning on Tuesday and you just need to hear another human beings voice you call the crisis line and they will listen. Listen to you and they will be there for you. You can drive somebody to an emergency department. You can pick up the phone and call the mental health clinic and help them schedule an appointment. There's all sorts of stuff we can do to help people get connected when we're just willing to have those conversations that may feel uncomfortable at first but the more more we have them the easier. It gets I think another tangible thing that is important for us to talk about Mitt can sometimes be uncomfortable. Discussion in our country is Access to lethal means and one of the most important things that we can do is if somebody is having thoughts about suicide. Ask Ask if they are a firearm owner and if somebody is struggling with thoughts of suicide in that moment probably the best thing to do is take the gun and get it out of the House and I always say when I'm talking to groups of veterans like I get it your the military you have guns. I don't want to take your guns from you. That's what I'm saying but what we WANNA do is put as many barriers as possible in in between the urge to act on thoughts of suicide and the ability to act and so like I said during times of stress when you know. Somebody's mind as handed him. That's about suicide. Be The friend that says human. Jimmy hold on your guns for a little bit. Be that person. Hang onto the guns for a little bit and then and when they're better given absolutely or you know if they're not comfortable with that say you know what I've got these dumb locks. Let's put him on all hang onto the key. You keep the gun here. I've got the keys if you need it. Call me. I'll be here in thirty seconds. Sometimes veterans don't have anybody in their life that they feel that comfortable with and so there's this whole initiative out of the Syracuse. Va called Free Sakiz and so in what we know is just building in just a few moments of time can save lives so somebody doesn't feel comfortable either giving their firearms or handling the key to somebody else. Storing the firearm here storing ammunition over here and then taking the the LAX The locked the gun lock putting it in a tupperware container freezing freezing it in a tupperware container put in the freezer her that way. The urge hits that person has to go get the gun. Go get the immunization. Then get this ball of ice and put it under the Faucet Awesome. Start Chipping away at it. All we need is just enough time to go. Oh my God what am I doing i. I don't WanNa die. I just want this pain to stop. They can reach out for help. Well that's that's really interesting. I you know I think that that's one thing actually at least now just listening to talk about the about addictive the idea in your halo. We throw your guns in my safe for young until you know until you're feel more like you're feeling better. I don't think that that's probably a conversation. We're having enough honestly. I mean. Tom And I had talked brown around about these sorts issues. I don't think that that's literally ever something we've ever discussed but you're right. It's something that's so so simple and we're almost UN- unfortunately where we sit on the issue were kind of afraid to talk about those sorts of things and we need still be having those conversations nations and that's that's that's all. I'm really glad you mentioned that. Honestly something I've never even heard of before so this is a conversation of safety non gun control. Exactly yeah but we we will go down the go control. Yeah but no because I am a Advocate for having better background checks due to mental illnesses. And that's just me. I think there should be more. Were a stricter background check. Because I did this was last year. I guess I did a thing where I timed myself at a a purchasing a pistol. And we're both. I'm registered Republican. I Dunno if you okay. We're monitoring independence area though that but I I time myself because I'm I think for me I'm okay Aw knowing that I am okay with the gun I because I feel that way about myself is. I'm sure a lot of other people do and so I go in Talk Guy Telmo veteran. I'm in and out like little bit under four minutes. Wow my own yeah. That's you and I will talk though so very persuasive and I just walked out. Geez man you know but for me was my I never had. Obviously thoughts carnage okay. I'm good but like I remember. The guy was with. We were both like. Ah You know the what. The data show are that states that have enacted a both a combination of extensive background checks and then a mandatory wait period head for states with those two on the books. There is a significant reduction in suicides when both of those but independently kindly. There's some you know some data to suggest it but it's not statistically significant. It's when when you have both of those and then thirteen states have enacted aimed at red flag lies or extreme risk protection orders and half. The Red flags are a little bit to me again because this goes back. That's what I was talking about earlier that you only hear the negatives you you so you only hear the I can't think it was New Jersey. Where the if the guy known deserves you shot the guy? They showed up to his house and he had a gun role already. And so that I think when we talk talk about those kind of things that's hard into because it's had his neighbor called the cops on him do anything to the had the cops called on him but when the cops showed up he did draw. Lebanon so I think that goes back to the privacy issues as well though when we talk about who who. It's weird because I feel like one. I don't think anyone ever call the cops on me for having a gun but to I. I don't think that I would ever Pula look gone on a car. That's weird to me like that that I honestly I don't really know enough about the red flags of Real I say I. Can you a similar viable paying on it. But that's my problem with that. You know you only see either social media stuff that we see the negative stuff about it. I own going back to what you were saying about. You know mandatory waiting through those sorts of things. I think they're like I said I am a gun owner. I love my a guns But I think we really do need to face the fact as a society. There's some serious serious issues lead to like yes. We need to consider moving forward. It's it's really. It's really bad that everything's so tribal right now. We can't really have these healthy matter so I do see that as this part of sort of our fragmentation of society and again why this place can be can feel like such a painful place to live and I mean it may sound around deceptively simple. But it's really not that that that suicide can't be preventable and what it means is just being fricken. Human beings to one another again choosing kindness S. choosing respect choosing to reach out and go the extra mile in allows them discomforting yourself to to check on another person De Deti somewhere along the way we seem to have sort of lost our humanity. And that's what we have to get back to. Yeah I think a sense of community is been lost and it. It's it's really really hard because I believe in the in the world world we live in today and it's not a soapbox kind of thing I truly do believe that there are so many things going on all the time like your is. We live in a way faster citing now where things are constantly. Moving news is constantly flowing information at our fingertips whenever we wanted. And I think it's easier sometimes get lost in fruit gifted. You know there are people out there. Who are? That's hard that's hard to think about because social media in its design is not meant to distract you in that way but it does usually only show you the good wife and so when that happens you the way your brain works in a way you can manipulate things in over time you start start not believing the only good but you really do start believing that life. My Life's the only shitty one right because very few people post host Dash. I'm really struggling with a panic attack right now and you WanNa talk about being isolated by get on instagram and look at everything that's going on. That's good and you're having a bad day and then all of a sudden you're the only one that's having a bad day in your head. Yes and we know it's not true but logically logically. We know it's not true but it's a double edge. I mean it's just one of those things social media I'm not as I'm not nearly as big a fan social media's Thomas but you isn't a podcast a form of social committee by I guess technically probably we're creative art quit you know this is. This is a very loose interpretation reputation or my friend. We've got a blog coming out in the liberal arts and silent and that's one of the things though like at I really struggled with was I was constantly comparing myself to other people like I'm not where I'm not where they are in line for the the thing is really easy to look at someone and say Oh me I mean. Everything's going great for them. But you don't take a minute delay just step back and say the other human to. There's there's things that are. They're struggling with the matter. Who you are? What your circumstances circumstances are there? They're going to be. They're going to be things in your life. That are not knowing right. It's think it's important to remember that Mammalian not everything is as it appears on the surface sometimes times and we have no idea what's going on underneath you know whenever my man Anthony Bourdain. Yeah that's my dream job and I when they did Dave Chapelle came now. This news stand up and said that I was like yeah. That's that's it's really suicide. One of those. I in their snow many studies out there and I still to this day like think back about people that I know and I still can't forma almost fall on you know that was one of the things that we had been talking about. Previously was Especially for our veteran population which the suicide rate for veterans. This is one point. Five Times greater than for the non veterans civilian population And there are so many people asking why you know and so from veteran perspective. I think that it's really easy to try to say. Well it's combat and it. What we know is that it's not that simple that a two people can go through the exact same traumatic experience? One may develop. PTSD or or say stuck in that recovery process which is kind of what is another person may go ahead and be able to believe run through that. Recovery Process has quickly and not get stuck same thing for for two veterans who have both been through a combat situation that may increase risk of suicide suicide for one but it may not increase risk of suicide for the other independent of whether or not they have are struggling with P. T. S. symptoms. And and so it's really that's overly simplistic to try to to boil that down In terms of the the numbers when thing that the veteran population is a male dominated needed population women are much more likely to attempt suicide but men are more likely to die by suicide and oftentimes that can become because of the delete out of the of the approach. Eighty five percent of the time I firearm is used in a suicide attempt. The results are lethal. It is firearms or more lethal than all all all other forms of methods of suicide combined. Together a five percents Thallady as opposed to two firearms. And so that's why we talk about them so so much but so and not to get too technical but there's this theory of suicide it's called it's widely accepted theory of suicide it's Tom joyner's interpersonal psychological theory of suicide and basically when we look at deaths by suicide there there has to be a combination of the desire tire for deaf and then also the ability to act on those actually thoughts about suicide. Most people have had at least a passing thought at at one point in their life. It's not uncommon to have a fought pop into your head at one point or another. It is relatively rare to act on those those thoughts so when we look at deaths it what we see is if you know if you remember your van diagrams. The desire for death seems to be related to a combination of what we call a sense of thwarted belonging nece and a sense of burdensome nice and when we look in a military population that thwarted belonging that sense of utter aloneness. You know you said when you got some and sometimes people just don't even want to be around but you lose your tribe there is. I have touched to to veteran after veteran. Who have said? You cannot describe the connectedness among active duty military members on you know you are living in close close proximity you are wearing the same uniform you are saying the same words you have a common mission. people who are willing to lay down on their lives at a moment's notice for one another and some people who have laid down lives for one another and that level of intimacy just doesn't exist anywhere else else. It not even in marriage and I'd sounds weird to compare those two people will say I can't even tell my wife what I what I would be able all to say to you. Know to my buddy and then when you transition out of the military all of a sudden you're on your own and you're out here and you're trying to live your life and nothing is making sense anymore. And so that sense of burdensome that over that sense of thwarted belonging us. I think it's exacerbated in a military population and in when we look at deaths by suicide win they occur over the life span for veterans We see there's there's two spikes one is at about twenty five years after separation from the military. That's about three point six percent and I think of that as a you. See you've been going probably transitioned out and then had another career. Stay busy busy busy busy busy busy. You retire from that career and all all of a sudden all of that stuff that you didn't WanNa think about starts popping up and sometimes people don't know what to do with that. The other spike is within the first the year after separation about three point two percent of of deaths by suicide occur in that first year and in that first of the people who die in that first first year by suicide forty three percent occur within the first ninety days after separating from the military and so there's something profoundly clear leading about transitioning out and I think that it affects our veterans in this very specific way because all of a sudden your tribe is gone. And you don't know what to do the other piece of that ven diagram that seems to lead for two desire for death is That that sense of burdensome ness and and I think we talked about that that somebody can have a really high level position in the military and then they transition out and that that doesn't translate into civilian qualifications and says somebody that had a really high level position maybe struggling to find an entry level position then in the civilian world and things don't make sense anymore And then I also think in terms of that sense of burdensome nests. There's an automatic sense of purpose and importance in the military. You know what your mission is. It's a shared mission and you get out into the civilian world and all of a sudden assignments like what's this all about and I can't see what I have seen and I can't unknow what I know about the world and and so much of this life feels insignif- insignificant and I can't do anything about it and so that sense of burdensome ness can be compounded founded in a veteran population I think and that's when things really get dangerous anytime somebody says to you that they feel like a burden on the ones they love the most that can be a very very dangerous situation because most people in their right minds when they're thinking logically when they've got their prefrontal cortex attached. They know suicide never helps the people that they love the most. It always hurts a lot but when somebody is that far down into that well L. of depression that they injust in that moment genuinely believed that by being alive. They're hurting the ones that they love. The most. That's when suicide in their minds in that moment moment feels like a selfless act but even then most people who have a thought or even an urge to act on thoughts of suicide bombed and so that third piece of joyner serious this acquired capability to act on thoughts of suicide in the veteran population. We have have a group of people whether through genetics or training have had that fear of death. Sort of habituated out of them And so in order to act on thoughts of suicide with to go against our brains very nature which is survival And so when somebody has been trained trained to not fear death you know this is. This is a group of people that when the explosion happens they're running toward the explosion not away from it that in and of itself is not a risk factor but when you pair it with the desire for death people are way more likely to act on those thoughts We can also see a habituation to death and dying particularly the people who have been in a combat situation when death doesn't feel like such a foreign concept anymore it's easier to act on those And then again as we've noted you know you can't ignore the the access to and familiarity with firearms And so you put all of that together and that starts to maybe give us a picture of why that the veteran death rate by suicide is significantly higher than for our civilian population. One of the things that I have noticed probably more than anything is that Eh when we We talk about suicide with veterans. One of the things that always comes up is not so much much. They don't look at it as a death as much as they do Almost like a free of the oppress in a weird way. It will get it if you think about it but they see it more as in. I'm not so much concerned with dying as much as I'm just not concerned with living s and look at both of them right and so I always found that in interest hosting Because anytime that I've had any Thoughts of suicide. The two things that have always popped in my mind is One the only reason I'm doing a lot of the things I'm doing today is because I i. I wanted to prove to my parents that I could come from where I came from. NPR better than you know. Than I was and two I always look to the future and Jeff. We talked about this law. The reason I do the podcast the reason I want to be a doctor and I'm actually signing a national contract I'm going back then try first election. SF is because. I always always wanted to continue trying to do things so the one thing that I that has always kept me away. I believe from slipping to four. Is I I always tried to look ahead. I always tried to to the short term long term goal effect but I always tried to make life worth living and and I think that when you take a step back and you you you have realistically convince yourself that. There's no other reason to live. That's to me the dangerous point and I think that's the problem when you talk about. The isolation with the veterans is because he get alone. And you don't have that person in a people person you know the tribe effect younger district five that and that's why I use that word I I recognize that it may be viewed as cultural appropriation. But I also I think it has such such a museum for this can level of connection and the one thing that I think that veterans don't hear enough and this is why I really do like social media. A ton alone is that you can reach out to different groups. I mean there's a teen red white and blue were doing this. I don't know if you know who they are. They're doing a lot of stuff now. Which I think it's very very cool but I mean just on a small scale? There's a guy that owns a operators associations named John Alan. He's a former navy seal. Usually guys have twenty thirty thousand followers. They don't talk to you on like a one kind of thing. You could right now. Any veteran right now you can message John on instagram. And he'll talk to you. You can mess Munis. You're by away to talk to you all day. No problem with them if you go to our facebook and look at the Kensington Corner. It says like there's this thing for like groups where it says like how quickly they mess his back back. Ours is like a meat salting search for their computer to isolated. The gentlemen. Just hit us back. But I I've I don't have a fascination with suicide I do have a fascination with fixing it because I don't suicide for me is one of the few things in life that I don't and I say this again humbly. One of the things. I don't quite understand I've never been able to wrap at my head around it and I think that's one of the frustrating to is so important because we've all had thoughts Jeff. I've talked about this. We've had thoughts but I I just couldn't imagine where not that I think so highly of myself. I just could not imagine where my life would be. You know like I could. Jeff would be without him. I don't know what do you do. You know why it is important for us to talk about the fact that treatment works I think sometimes people develop coping strategies that work in the short term but long term. Actually just make life more painful. And I talk about these. Especially when I'm working with folks on this Stress Disorders Treatment Program I go over once a round and and go talk about. PTSD and suicide risk. And I don't want to give the idea that. PTSD is like the the most common common diagnosis that we see associated with suicide risk. Because it's not there can be an increased risk for folks with PTSD but so we talk about these things that on this you know at. I feel really helpful but then long-term make life more painful and Franklin flabbergasted whenever I meet somebody that has struggled with post traumatic stress and hasn't had a substance use disorder because short-term works great. You can go to sleep and you can go to the grocery store the Times other than two o'clock in the morning and you can go to the family reunion. But then longer term it takes more and more and more of that substance and now you've got a substance issues problem on top of struggling with post traumatic stress already and lay starts to feel out of control. We see people doing real reckless glee Reckless in risky behavior. You know somebody that's driving one hundred twenty miles an hour down ice seven rocket without a helmet on. I say to myself breath. Well that person's probably been in combat for all right because if my adrenaline is going to be spiking on a daily on a Hourly basis at least can be in control of it just for a moment you know and I also see a lot of over scheduling somebody. That's it's a workaholic. Somebody that's constantly got somebody throwing something going because as long as that's what my mind is thinking about your van Verville. Yep It's when things are quiet Ryan and calm that my mind starts to throw me those thoughts and memories that I can't I don't think I can handle and the other one. I see a lot of his comic drama instead. Stead of trauma. And when I'm talking to a group of veterans who have struck hoover are in the midst of struggling with stress disorder. I'll say have any of you ever for felt like a crazy magnet in relationships. Like it's like you know and sometimes we subconsciously. Choose drama drama. Because that's what our brain gets focused on and as long as what I'm consumed with is in love. You did no baby come back. You know. As long as that's what I'm dealing with the my my brain is busy. It's when things are quiet and calm that the brand he says oh now we can start to process through that trauma you know and so I think that sometimes and that's why I think it's important to understand why those who is coping strategies occur. It's not because somebody is bad or weak willed or choosing substances or drama over families or connections work work. It's because the thought of having those memories and feelings come in feels so terrifying that they are willing to do just about anything to get away. Hey from them. And so then the harder they try to cope the more life feels out of control. And I think that that's sometimes how we get to that place where somebody says I'm done. I can't do this anymore. Because the harder I try the worst yeah and and so that's why it is so important for us to have that message of treatment works. You don't have to keep doing it that way over and over again this hurts. This is painful. Come over here we can help you. We can teach him but today's episode in treatment. Works like that so in closing. I'd like to do just one quest. Yeah I mean you go ahead Have One off the top my head right. She actually just answered my last question about Substance Abuse Q.. So I have one that I'm super curious about n Especially curious about in the state of Kansas Kansas I believe Last I checked back to still one of three states that does not do medical marijuana We are now seeing a lot of studies being done that show a soul asylum is this can be used to treat depression anxiety and suicide. Maybe we'll see. What are your thoughts on that? Though we because one thing that I I hear a lot from veterans who get out are I. I wish I could get like a medical marijuana card. I wish that I could. I could eat edibles instead of taking so often I wish that I eat shrooms and or not insurance but the the the injectable suicidal done In an have that that kind of treatment done but it's not offered some security your thoughts on that so. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert in terms of medical marijuana for an I nine I to have you know read these benefits absolutely from my limited clinical clinical perspective of working specifically. And I'm talking about with PTSD N- What what we know is that really the one of the only ways to truly he'll SIGNIFICANT PTSD is to work through that experience emotionally emotionally process through that experience. And I'll probably be more than that you want. Go Away visit. The the reason I ask is because I'm huge on the not. I don't want to sound like a big government person but I'm huge on the the way Colorado auto is done stuff because you know what strain you're getting because when I first got out I thought it's been ten years I'm going to smoke pot and I like I cannot about thirty days and I was Daca Dude as I was losing my mind as far as like anxiety I would smoke and then I do anything and hang out and I was like this miserable. Why would anyone wanna live like this and so I didn't anymore obviously but I am? I am also ignorant on the the medical side of it. You know how they're how they're doing these things you know because there are studies show that there there have been A ton tunnel positive results. And I'm just curious about them. I guess so so when I think of a brain with PTSD. So I think of our brains is our memory stores as like a bunch of filing cabinets in the back of our heads an emotional experience that we've had gets processed through and then filed away way. oftentimes we'll ask people who taught you how to ride a bicycle For me it was my sister Jodie and if I choose I can go into that filing island cabinet and pull it up and with specific accuracy. I can remember the paint. The metallic flecks of paint on that bicycle. I can see the plastic basket and the the little flowers on it and the blue one had a thing to the streamers and I can I can experience exhilaration of you go in and realizing that Jodi had let go of the bicycle and the ground coming up to meet me you know. I can really vividly pull that up. And then when I'm done with that memory I put it back in the filing cabinet my shut the door and that memory is probably cross-referenced with memories of my sister probably cross-reference reference with later the adult pursuits of of you know exercise But tonight when I go home and I'm eating my spaghetti. My brain isn't going to we throwing that memory at it because I file it back away unprocessed trauma memories. I think about like red rubber balls bouncing around in those filing cabinets and again. PTSD I think of as somebody who is stuck in the healing process and for whatever reason either they weren't able to or it wasn't safe for them too emotionally process through that experience at the time that it happened and Specific to combat trauma. If you took the time to process through what you were going through you never would have made it out alive and so for survival revival you shut off that ability to feel you don't have access to it in the moment but your brain knows that its job is to process through. Oh all of those emotional experiences whether or not somebody had access to those emotions at the time that it was happening. The brain was experiencing those emotions and so then when we get into a place of relative quiet the brain goes now it's time and so it starts in the brain throws those emotions are are those memories at you. It doesn't tend to do it in a real nice neat linear beginning to end. It tends to throw the hottest or the most horrific or the worst part art. And it's natural when something like that POPs into your head. Nobody wants to think about the worst thing that ever happened to them. And so it's really natural to go. We'll insure that away But the problem is to bring it's going to keep throwing it at you in different ways. That's why you know this nightmares happen. We'd lose conscious control in the brain is oh that is a great time to process through. This feels really out of control what we know when we can emotionally process through that over and over and over again. Then we can put it away in a filing cabinet and it might be filed into under horrific shit but it's filed and it doesn't have to keep throwing it at you so this is a very long winded way of saying. I don't care if someone wants to smoke pot smoke pot. That is fine but I don't want Somebody to have to smoke the in order to exist and so if somebody is in if somebody is using marijuana to Numb Nam what I oftentimes see is that they are existing but they're unable to process through emotional experiences says and so it feels more tolerable but in the long run. All this stuff is still building up under the surface and then it takes more and more and more emotional national energy to keep pushing that down into keep suppressing and so then it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and feels more and more and more out of control so from a clinical perspective specifically related to PTSD. I would much rather have somebody not half those substances in them. Go ahead at an engaged fully. Learned that you emotions are safe. It emotions are not dangerous. It's the stuff we do to get away from emotions that that can be dangerous but I always say emotions are like armpits. We just have them. It's what you do with them. That can be dangerous and so don't be afraid to feel. Don't be afraid to remember who work through that. And then you're at this place in life. Where was okay judging go? Oh so I guess. That's the take that I have on it like I'm of a lot of the medical. Yes the other one. I got one that alright. Come and take. What are your thoughts on? This is It's weird when what are your thoughts on The the veteran feeling betrayed raid one by government to buy leadership A lot of returning combat veterans build like that their own unit put in in in positions to where They had to make sacrifices human war. We know that and a lot of times it's gotten better and And I'm I am on both sides of the fence when I think about this But especially during the Vietnam Vietnam era. War bootcamp taught you basically how to view another human is not a human the end so when you talk to the Vietnam veterans they have still to this day embedded racism due to basic training. And what they went through and what I have seen with a lot of the newer generation guys is that Early on in the war there were a a lot of people who also had you know the bat tag to them in the new see people. Now I believe that have not They sympathize more with with what's going on especially with the civilian deaths took place With the wars wars in the Middle East and I. I'm I've always been curious about that because a lot of things that I see with the veterans in the Va.. It's always. It is always an act of betrayal is what it seems like. They always feel like someone has done something wrong to them. And I'm I'm curious. What the what you think? The the steps are net moving forward. How how we get away from that kind of because it's really toxic thoughts to be because because like I told you earlier I mean and I know I'm just a small sample size but the va has been nothing but great to me? But I also live in area where I had a great. Va Hospital twenty miles up the road. I'm very lucky in that. I don't feel like everyone shares that opinion with me so curious says a lot to unpack there and I don't know that I will fully do it. Justice there is a growing body of research on what we call moral injury and you know in certain occupations hugh patients in certain positions. We ask people to act or to bear witness to things that sort of go beyond what we view as being within the realm of humanity And and then we asked them to hold onto that and somehow just move forward with their lives And it can have grave implications in terms of you know if I did that or conversely. If I witnessed fat Matt but didn't do anything about it. In fact you know some of the TRAUMAS that are most associated with later suicide. Risk Peacekeeping Traumas People that might go in with like like United Nations and B. S. to bear witness to this horrible depravity. The human beings are capable of but then told to stand down and you can't engage uh-huh and then we asked people to hold that And for some people it damages that sense of humanity inside themselves and they start think of themselves as other than human Again we can. We can heal that. It's a complicated process and it has to do with. I think somebody's his own spiritual journey and their own emotional journey and talking through this and making sense of things and recognizing that we can't look at uh we can't look at wartime through. Our peacetime is but I think that sometimes people that get stock and a huge part of that. That sense of moral injury can't be feeling betrayed by the government by their leaders That that is the way that their brain is organizing that information. And then sometimes that can get stuck in a pattern and so I mean we know that nobody ever sees reality as it actually is MM It's somebody interviewed us after we leave this room and said hey went on what went on in there. Hopefully it'd be somewhat similar. But each one of us came into this with the different perspectives with different ideas with different goals with different views. And so each one of us is seeing. What's unfolding right here in a very different way and so sometimes people can have their filter on and if that filter only less through Ways that people screw me over ways that people mistreat me ways that then yes sometimes your entire world can't seem that way because that's the only thing that's getting through that filter and what they're missing are all the times that people randomly smile at them in the hallway. All The Times people tried to reach out to them all of the Times people call them to check and see how they're doing or went out of their way to to do you something Nice but if that doesn't make it through that cognitive filter it just bounces right off. That's another way that therapy can be helpful. Is that you know in cognitive therapy. European restructuring how we see the world in trying to make it a bit more accurate Not to say that the world is Sonny Sunshine all the time but man if a few missed says the really beautiful precious pearls in life and they're just bouncing off your filter than life feels pretty miserable. Will I would just. I'd like to say thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with US assassinating. This has been so enjoyable for me. I'm sure Tom would say the same thing I'm going to speak for you. Now actually We we really appreciate you taking the time out of your very busy day. I'm sure This was absolutely enjoyable. Thank you well same for me. I appreciate being able Lissette Down with you guys and do this as well thank you. I was really nervous coming on here. Because I'm in my forties chronologically in my eighties technologically. Yeah I've never actually listened to a podcast before. Well now you'll have any now you have to but no thank you so much really appreciate tate it because this is something that was very important to us and then on top of that. Actually when we did the article for Lawrence Journal World I think I told you this. I thought that you were the one on that. told them to call us because we sit down with her and she goes. Yeah you guys are health podcast about PTSD right. And I was like yeah politics. Yeah well I was like no well. No we're general topic conversation with some focus in health and she was like yeah. PTSD AH. I can't what I really do appreciate that so much of it was an honor. That right Becca thank you. You have a great night really hope you enjoyed this episode and as always did. Did you want to plug your instagram. or or anything it just helps you unsocial or not even that evinced how `Bout Topeka. Va or desert. Any other anything out there. You Would WanNa plug veteran wise Jason. Anybody yes. Our upcoming Mental Health Summit on Friday the twenty seven. We've got coming up at the Dole Institute of Politics also. Maybe just want to throw a plug out there for the APP the Virtual Fox so anybody can download it. It's a free via dod venture and it's just it's really got a lovely safety planning and contacts to call and and videos. That are pictures that you can put in. That just reminds you of life is precious. What keeps you other to this earth so I tell everybody download the virtual outbox thank you so much Uh?

Va Tom depression Jeff PTSD Stephanie Davis Kansas facebook basketball University of Iowa Joanna Roxy Roxy Yohannan Veterans Affairs Kansas City psych ward hedrick VA Association coordinator Graduate School for Psychology
ACS (Part 2): Scott Aukerman and RJ Bell

The Adam Carolla Show

37:46 min | 1 year ago

ACS (Part 2): Scott Aukerman and RJ Bell

"Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast one where he got RJ's power rely. We got news. We got some updates on already. Lang which is good and Kevin Hart is well first lifelock security researchers revealed the hackers can access Bluetooth to not only listen to data being sent between two devices but altered is well. Oh my God. This is is a scary future. We're living in this vulnerability affected every Bluetooth device tested by the security researcher so everybody's no one's impervious so there's so many ways cyber criminals can take. What's yours good thing. There's lifelock identity theft protection ads the power of Norton Security to help protect against threats to your devices. You can't easily see or fix on your own. If there's a problem they and their agents will work to fix it. It's two thousand and nineteen people. Let's protect ourselves. Let's get some lifelock Dawson. No one can prevent all identity theft or CYBERCRIME monitor transactions at all businesses. The lifelock Norton security can see throughout you on your own go to lifelock dot com or call one eight hundred lifelock and use Promo Code Adam for ten percent off your first year Promo Code Adam at lifelock dot com or one eight hundred lifelock for ten percent off the NFL is back and you can bet on this. Rj Bell here brought to you by bed nds this is RJ's Parlay R. J. Went to two and our last. This season is too and oh. There's also kicker wade good kicker name says he was good from fifty-five in could not play division one football so talk. There was all the talk about the lady kicker and then. I think I got some crap crap because I was saying. I don't think she could play because there's so many that are so good at that level but good honor. She's took too many steps but fine let's see. Rj's on I'm sorry line six. Rj Hey Adam I call it through faction. You know when this yeah yeah. You are perfect so many can can. Can you answer me this riddle me this you watch you're watching New Orleans. They get the ball with thirty four seconds laughter. Whatever now can't everyone just do what bill belichick would what do bill belichick would check everyone at the line in blitz and it disrupts everything you gotta. DB playing eleven yards off the guy by the guy completes a nine yard pass underneath that kick a field goal. They win the game. What are you playing so far off a guy. What does the preven- prevent and how come come bellichik never does that. He just sends everybody in screw and check. Everyone at the line disrupts everything why don't people just as their game film on on the Patriots People Could Watch Scott first off. I think you've identified a a a real issue in that specific game with the taxes whereas it was agreed is because of the time out situation that time left on the clock all the game details said the odds of them thrown deep here are slim to none on and if they get ten more yards. It's going to be vital. I obviously sixty five versus fifty five yard field. Goal is a world of difference so I agree but here's what I say. It's you too easy to sit on your couch and critique. What's happening in the heat of battle. I mean you think about this. You followed Howard Stern on the west coast. A Lotta people listened and all their stations and said how did I do this. Did he speak there and it's like when you're talking for four hours a day and you've got hard out. It's harder than it seems well. I can promise you I'd lines. It's harder than it seems that said that's why they get paid the big bucks. They should have don it but it makes sense that they don't always match. What makes ballot check different if everyone did what he did we wouldn't even know his name but here's kind of what I'm saying. He realizes that disrupting the play sort of before the play begins is his is vital to his success and giving these guys a exc riding off the receiver not rushing rushing three guys is letting everybody kind of get into a comfortable position and start to execute the play lower the percentage of of of the play working out our raises it so high that I just don't get why everyone wouldn't do this. I know some of it is personnel but draft toward doing that. There's nothing worse I then when you're playing the Patriots and it's like Oh it's third and seven in your guys back there running for his life because they've sent two guys versus set adopt them do they. WanNa do right and here's what I would say is. If you and I've studied ballot check probably or certainly more more than all coaches combined so you know seventy percent of the time. I've read about coaches. It's been ballot check and the reason being I think he is so far in I mean it comes number two right. Some people might say go with us. Then rams coach McVeigh other Andy Reid. He's just gotTa game but as Sean Peyton but there's not even consensus number two well how good you talk about the Serta batters thing. My feeling is is Bella. Check doc is great and when you give him time to prepare re re he's goes to the next level and the Patriots win their opening game. It seems like every single year and I feel like they just got done. Crushing the steelers. I feel like take the Patriots. Give the points or whatever whatever it is on opening day every ballot check three months to prepare smash lawsuit of the chiefs. It's the opposite and equal or even more extreme. If you fade the Browns Amazingly Adam last twenty one opening game and that's from the beginning of the new the incarnation of the browns remember they had a couple of years off when they moved to Baltimore and in the new browns showed up since then twenty one years twenty one opening in Games one straight up victory. What are what Jesus Christ. What are the pats since Brady and their own funding for for next week. Irony here is by far Ballard checks worst month is September so I you're right. I buy my recollection. He does well in the opening game but he doesn't do so well. In Game Two three and four relative to the rest of the year which which is because he talks about this publicly a lot he considers the rest of September a continuation of the preseason and extended in preseason. He just can't get ready. He doesn't feel like that quickly and the time they give him especially since the last agreement with the Union in two thousand eleven where they cut a lot time out less hitting etc so in general September is by far the worst month for Bala Chac but opening day as you said seems to be batter. I'll have the exact numbers for next week. Do you Tom Brady's two hundred and eight and sixty but that's probably not N- opening. That's probably not just an opening days because I don't know I wanNA probably now about opening day Max but anyway also a lot of guys arresting a lot of guys and I think there were kind of talking about it on some of these games where it's like. Ben Rothlisberger didn't take any snaps during the preseason are I can't remember who it was and they looked like they weren't really ready to play. I mean you can overdo the rest department right no doubt in fact two of my biggest in fact my two biggest bats this season so far given out publicly on a national show. Oh so this is absolutely true has been under in the first half of two games where they shot their quarterbacks. The most remember on Thursday tonight Aaron Rodgers didn't play the preseason and neither did the opponent trubisky and my thinking is combination. The Nation of rustiness plus the coaches being conservative because it's the first action of these guys makes the first half more inclined to go under went under in that game and then we had the rams and offer the second straight year office had no preseason snaps by the way last season he was the only quarterback of the projected starters to not have any preseason APPS and now this year there was like six of and Cam Newton took a few steps to I recall but then he was is injured from then till now or Guan and he didn't take anymore snapped in the games or practice so to Resi quarterbacks doing my way over in the the game but the first half went under so I agree with you identified. QB's that didn't take any snaps or zero and look for low scoring Warringah those games early Brady's fourteen in three on opening days. Max Pat Best winning percentage amongst the in Cuba's and superliner. Rj a slightly abridged version of your picks because I got to see my daughter playing volleyball off in about forty minutes so you better get your priorities straight at them waiting harsh you're right. Yes your picks for this week. Place yeah all right. I'M GONNA go. I'm a steelers fan. I'm going with Seattle plus for in Pittsburgh. Now the quickly quickly design kind of concept that I've been talking about this week. Is that week one games being more than any other game because it's your only data point at that AH stage but everybody almost everybody overreacts so you might say well. You're overreacting to Pittsburgh getting dominated yeah but when a team looks bad early it's often a sign of a big process one thing to lose a game. It's another to get dominated. I'm getting more field goal. Seattle plus four pick number one and number two. I'm going with the loss Angeles Rams Lay in two and a half against the saints below key number three also the saints deed Homefield as much as any good team the not as good on the road by a greater the degree than most and remember the stat we had last week. We covered that one but the Saints One Saints last five years I two weeks of the season then that's ten games entering this year one in nine straight up one nine against the spread so they started slow the fact that they had a miracle win on Monday night doesn't change changed for me so I'm fading the saints more than playing the rams taking as rams minus two and a half under field goal. It should work work and I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'm not going to go out there because it's too depressing to go to a rams home game. It's like one hundred eighty bucks to park. Percents guys selling ghetto dogs wall. Somebody's writing out chicken ship parking tickets right next to a guy selling food so he's got super angry and depressed. Thanks R. J. Hey Hey Adam. If you want me to put on the soccer on the volleyball game you're semi the only snow prank middle school volleyball. I'll send you all the girls. Heights Jay presented glad that DAS great time of the year beautiful weather and the ball is now back and excitement and make bet decide com betting partner US Bet Diaz is alive betting platform you watch all the events and you bet all the games until the final whistle new members get one hundred percent bonus match with their Promo Code Atom One. Oh one that's double your money everyone paying winners for over twenty years top rated on review sites user friendly as well and easy to interface with the mobile side fastest. Asas payouts in the industry they have the NFL NBA NHL Boxing Politics Reality TV for Gina Grad. E sports parts everything that goes on bet the SL. has you covered but decided that Com Promo Code Atom One. Oh one for a limited time get one hundred percent bonus miss offer It's only game until you bet then it's Bet Diaz I baby. Let's talk to Wade Wade real quick way more kicker yes and yeah. We're kicked in division three and you know coming out of high school. Distance was a little bit under fifty. I've made a forty seven yard. Bill go in in high school and still no recruiting from colleges by the end of college that was able to hit in practice into up to about fifty seven pretty consistently with the normal steps. That's not not anywhere near good enough to play an NFL NFL but go ahead. I was GonNa say you know sort of golf that guy's an eight handicap or scratch golfer or something like that Bowler. You have an average you know kicking. Obviously you make one from sixty doesn't mean you're good from sixty just means you made that one from sixty but I would also ask you make one hundred in a row from sixty sexy. That would be unfair but it seems like you'd have to make six out of nine or something like. Is there a kind of a number for you to say I'm. I'm good from this number for the coach like for coast to put you into the game like the coach was able to put me in a game and try to fifty two in college and I missed it He never let me try one above fifty after that but he was on it was pretty good from under fifty. You know probably in practice with the rush coming out me any lives now under fifty. I'd make probably eight out of ten over fifty. It was about fifty percent about you. I JUST WANNA Dr. He's there and it fell guys. Oh they're now asking a pretty basic question here. which is when does it become? Let's say you started kicking king at the forty yard line and you kept moving back and you're hitting everything consistently all the way but then at some point. You started missing a little too much. What does that it number where you're not good for. I don't know that there is a actual equation mathematically but I just WanNa know like what percentage percentage would you say what you online does that percentage drop start to drop off or who for. That's what I'm saying anybody anybody anybody anybody average guy or like an NFL kicker just to lock in that yardage. How many would you have to get out of one hundred. I'm making the announcement spent I'm good from fifty but if I made it one out of ten times from fifty that wouldn't be an accurate statement. We'll just repeat it but it wouldn't be accurate to make a one hundred times in a row from fifty. What is the equation where you can say I'm good from before before it falls off or not. I'm not asking who yeah now. What's what's the top range makeable. You know what I mean about better yet. I'm not asking who do like. NFL and you know junior college. I'm just saying what is equating that number got you. You got to say about eight or nine nine out of ten so somewhere around eighty five percents so you're not eighty five percent then. You're not you're not trying. I if you're doing six out of ten from fifty five. You're not good from fifty five. Okay I listen. I try things all the time. They rarely were just don't work but I in my head. I'm excited ooh. I'm going to get some answers but we did you got you're GonNa make you gotTa make eight or nine out of ten and to be good from that range are good for Iran agrees saying it's wide right the or the broncos guy of the kicker the broncos kicker is a nice looking moustache kick by the way. I stop playing off the Goddamn dirt top off the dirt. I know it's baseball season. It drives me. That's a professional football fan. Biggest sport in the world is the last game ever on baseball field. I think because the raiders home game I believe is after baseball season good anyway. They're going to try sixty eighty four yarder off of dirt by the way the entire game takes place right in the sweet spot of the dirt of the Infield the way it's laid out but anyway he tries to sixty four yard or in Mrs by six inches. There's right happens. It makes me laugh. Other guy makes fun of it before drills it down the middle drills also the deep back didn't even they put a guy in end zone to return it the poor guy and he didn't even catch it then some a guy comes up and I'm like no you did no Lavaka like you watch it. He does a sixty four a yard. They take a guy and they put him in the end zone to possibly return it. He stands on the back of the end zone. The ball goes over his hat is so buzz closest guests and it was right down the middle and the Guy Goes Lucky Sean slip in a supermarket or not going to mention the David Arquette's gets the kicker what he looks like all right Brandon McManus man. He's my favorite. NFL player with Amos's name. I got good. I mean he drilled that Aria all right. Would you taunting that good or oh okay all right. Quick break then. We'll come back and do the news right. After this Joe we go to seven eleven right now. You can be back in time for the game. I don't know man I don't WanNa Miss Kickoff. Okay but gatorade is to fifty when I use my seven eleven dude but kickoff kickoff but how are we going to stay on top of our game while watching this game if we're not on that seven eleven game. I don't know how keep up dude two for two fifty gatorade with my seven seven eleven AP. Oh okay all right. I'm feeling you now thank you seven eleven B Game Day ready plus tax where applicable valid at participating locations main man. How can you afford gas for that big. Suv I pay less for gas and everyone else. I got the free get upside gas at twenty five cents a gallon cash back every time I am I buy gas you up to twenty five cents off a gallon with the free side gas APP while I'm paying full price. You know people aren't over a million dollars last year you you just gotTa take a picture of your gas receipt and Bam up to twenty five cents a gallon cash back. You don't have to tell me twice. I'm downloaded the free. GET UPSIDE GAS APP now download download the free get upside APP now in the APP store or Google play to save up to twenty five cents a gallon. When you buy gas use Promo Code next for a twenty twenty Cent Gallon Bona's on your first tank. That's up to forty five cents a gallon on your next tank just download the free gap side APP at the APP store or Google play and use Promo Elbow Code next save money on gas on every fill up just download the free get upside APP and use Promo Code next. That's an xt gene graft break gain via all those crazy truck to grab crat Lucia the the news with gene a grad some good Artie Lang News. He's announced. He's seven months sober. After receiving long term treatment in Rehab he even tweeted. We're looking at a picture of right right now. Looking good please planning on announcing a new two or soon lang has also included a current picture which we're looking at shows them happier healthier looking than some recent times times the fifty one year old comedian check back into Rehab earlier this year after testing positive for cocaine twice he was arrested in May he was held at the Essex County Correctional Channel Facility in Newark. He also had been arrested in January for drug possession. A month prior. Lang shared a shocking photo which we're all pretty used to now of his collapse snows which is caused by over three decades of drug abuse. Well we all love. It looks like his weight is down mastic. Yeah Yeah let's it's not overdo it. God that is true. everyone loves them and everyone route sorority and hopefully hey. This is that sort of last last chapter for him in the addiction part because he's always been funny and comeback. If we could stay stay out of harm's way with the drugs he he will he will be great. Everyone always routes already. That's right well. Speaking of that Kevin Panhard expected to be out of the hospital by now. He's been hospitalized since last weekend's car crash that left him with three spinal fractures. He'll then move to an inpatient physical physical therapy facility for a week or two sources. He's super eager to get out but this is the really interesting part because this is another crystal brain moment from New Atom Kevin's Nineteen Seventy Plymouth Barracuda will be taken apart by the California Highway Patrol according to TMZ and could result in the CHP recommending a law ought to quote require that car companies that customize and restore classic cars must install safety harnesses well. I was yapping about this. I think on car casts as I did earlier today Arizona Friday which is I'm not a big fan of regulation but it's it's weird thing. which is there's so much? Regulation involving automobiles like for instance every time I see a new concept car. Everything looks great. Servers got the big fucking Mir's on the outside of it and it's like they have cameras. They've mini cameras at backup cameras. the new. Toyota Rav four has a switch which I just saw it you flip on the rear view inside the car and it goes to camera yeah and cool stop. There's no reason we need and it's like the rules are the rules or it's a mirror on the outside of the car. It's it's how they hypothesized that they got light into the center of the Pyramids at two billion years ago. We don't need me glass mirrors on outside the car we have cameras but yeah but that's an old rule but it's still a role they. I need the rules and this other rules rules rules rules and more rules or you get a shell of a seventy Barracuda drop a seven seven hundred and fifty horsepower. Hell cat engine into its and no real yeah so it's like this weird. It's not a big problem because they're not going to be a lot of the people this way but I was saying. Maybe there should be a roll cage. That's built into that vehicle or a harness. That's built into that field. I would say I was saying on car cast that I have had conversations with and we probably all have with lawyers or doctors or whomever's and you go. Hey can you just do this and I can't really do that like I'm a lawyer. I can't really just say that or do that or write a note for this or I'm a doctor I can't just Blah Blah Blah like I'm a doctor. I'm a lawyer as a car bill there. I think you have to say talk to whoever you're building that car for we're dropping at seven hundred twenty five horsepower health hat engines got. We're putting a Cajun and someone go. I don't WanNa cage my car. It'll be nice. Thanks one and it's not gonNa cost that much and you're you're spending three hundred and fifty grand for the car anyway. This'll be an extra nine grand and we're just going to do it and that's just what I do is a is a car constructor. We'll put harnessing yeah or you just call it. Your mobile coffin well couple of stories from the penis desk care men suffering from erectile. L. Dysfunction may be facing a bigger problem than that little frustration according to CNN E. D. May predict your risk for future stroke or heart attack and the way they come with this conclusion pretty interesting. That's the takeaway from an analysis of studies on more than one hundred fifty thousand men published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine so compared to men without the symptoms symptoms of impotence. The analysis found men with e have a fifty nine percent higher risk of coronary heart disease and a thirty seven percent higher risk of stroke. meanwhile there's there is a good reason that they're sort of making this correlation this particular. Oregon it's a good predictor of future circulatory problems. According to experts it serves serves little canary in the coal mine since the penile artery that delivers the blood flow to the penis is a very small diameter and it smaller blood vessels which show the first are signs of disease canaries an apt description of my honcker just in a little yellow well. I'm just saying wouldn't WANNA pick like PTERODACTYL or power Kenner bird of prey yeah you're having if you can't get blood down there then you're having issues moving artery and that that will then be the proof. That's interesting meanwhile meanwhile it's more hot. Ed Talk NBC News reports that Head Trauma informed NFL players may be linked to low testosterone and erectile dysfunction later in life. This is according to a new study out of Harvard shout. Head traumas never good no benefit. Is your watch Gilligan's island when I was a kid. I thought head trauma was good for him. Areas Areas Get hit on the head of the coconut. You lose your right and then the way to get it back. If you get hit on the head of the `nother Coca Yeah and then you get your memory back. It does the first coconut who pitched jokes in early days. How come there's no one in the room. Going what the fuck you talking about Stan. That's not funny and it doesn't even make sense more so met an old boxer. That's how it works. She's remembering and remembering more than three sorry thirty four hundred former professional football players were surveyed investigators as part of this study on football players health they found that players who reported the most concussion symptoms had nearly twice the risk of Ed as those that reported the fewer symptoms and one possible explanation for those results could be that the injury to the brains pituitary gland causes hormonal changes like diminish testosterone e all the stuff is linked. any issues good for you. Yeah I you know on on all the you know a lump in with the people that are about heartburn acid reflux and bad stomach and whatever like speaking the language I was talking to the dentist the other day and you're discussing my high threshold for pain and I said Yeah you know I don't. Let's just get stuff and I I did this hot wings show or is this a eating the hottest sauce and world. I it didn't make me feel like anything he's like yeah but the next day right and I was like no zero firehall zero nothing. It's confuses me when happens to the people and they say oh boy now that happened and I'm like I didn't it didn't it was I felt like nothing I could feel. It was hot when I was eating right on hot ones and then two minutes later when we're done it felt like nothing as later on that day it felt like nothing and then the next day felt like nothing and you can sleep on your right side and not feel like your sophocles is coming out this border problem up my bone. there one of those rabbit traps type string around it well. Hey I wish I the way I wish there was some sort of information buffer before this next story but it was about ten year old girl she is a hero in Arizona she recorded video the of her mother driving while intoxicated Saturday and then called the police on her according to the Maricopa county here Benedict Arnold more line. Welcome home so thirty one year old. Stephanie Davis was arrested on September seventh on suspicion of aggravated Dui. I feel like we we had had a Lotta. These kids dropping a dime stories like like in two thousand seven or eight a lot of I don't know that we had a rash of these stories where they reported reported their own mom to the kind of went away while they're back on the ten year old showed Glendale police officers in Arizona. The video over mother in which three children under fifteen years old could be heard yelling at the mom to stop. She's GonNa get in an accident. Officers say Davis was staggering around the car. She was bloodshot. She smelled like alcohol. She was slurring. She had mood swings. Davis refused a standard sobriety test the field test and so then they have to do the blood sample sample. She is scheduled to appear in court September Twenty Third Way. So how did the filming park so the ten year old is in the car with her and they're all the all. Three kids are screaming at her to stop the car before she hits. Somebody and the ten year old just started rolling Sir Rowland film right so they're pulled over anyway. Then then the ten year old called nine one one oh okay so she had the proof and then called nine one one four gotta be careful relationship like could some point you're at home and you want to crack natty light sweeties it okay. I have a beer at home or you're going to film that. Toss it up on the Internet hassle ads yeah. It's it's weird thing yeah. There's about seven thousand little piggy jokes at the at the Alec Baldwin Lake Griffin. That's the one they're showing right now. That one was gold platinum gold. Oh which one wasn't we. I think we have it but we'll yeah they. They just put out just a little taste for us. Waiting for the Rose and Blake Griffin has three zingers in a row for Caitlyn and one of them is It's a little piggy joke about Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn completed her gender reassignment in two thousand seventeen finally finally confirming that no one in that family wants a white. Dick the AW that's US coming out from you there for a second Caitlyn's Pussy is so young Alex calder route thoughtless little pig Perot I. I know we're all here making fun of Caitlyn today. I want to take this moment to publicly. Thank you as an athlete. I want to thank you for your bravery and as a as a human I want thank you for the doors opened and on behalf of the entire NBA and half of the rappers on the billboard charts. I WanNa thank you for giving your daughters daddy issues. There was one of the jokes wow and Alwin didn't seem super happy to hear it. Oh he got thousand piggy. Okay Ireland came up there. Oh Yeah Oh oh my God I was in the news. I I've been sort of sheltering myself from a but that was one of the more uncomfortable sure she laid eight into an for ten minutes very starting a bad dad okay yeah. Let's hope that never happens within the town all right right. Let me hit castrol edge. Stronger under pressure engine can lose up to ten percent performance and that's why you need cash alleged transforms under pressure. It is three times right not impressed three times stronger leading full synthetic risk AC- breakdown. It's castrol edge. Get The ads get castrol edge. Gina Grant Right well. There is a lot of talk of WHO's going to be at that halftime ofttimes show super bowl fifty four and everybody's talking about Jennifer Lopez. An insider told US weekly Jaylo is at the top of the list quote Jennifer and the NFL L. have been talks for a while. It's in Miami but there are many factors that go into the deal before it's official but Miami is her home and she partnered with Fox TV to kick off the hundredth season of the NFL L. The Super Bowl will be broadcast on Fox. It seems like that will probably be the deal was she. kind of like the Tom. Cruise of I duNno females emails or performance like I just feel like she's never out of shape. She's never ticked off. She never eats she she. She never has a piece of cheesecake with a meal or something. It's like it's it's always like I don't know does anyone go. I love her music. No like I love her. She just kind of constantly. She's it bowl of. I Dunno so or something pit bulls kind of the spot of the super bowl halftime shows like no one you love but everyone can kind of agree like also speaking if if a body of hers and I'm sure Bryan will tell us all about it. She hasn't new strip movie. Hustler's coming out no Cardi B. and well yeah she just. I just feel like she never i. There's no never picture her sleeping in eating ice cream out of the container it doesn't you have twins. I mean to kids and what's your cheat. Day like shouldn't have cheat day yeah her cheat days only four hours a pilates or something like I. I just feel like she's just out there. Yeah I'm working. It's like Tom. I always say to somewhere. Tom Cruise's somewhere doing a push up right now. How like just yeah stand relevant staying on top yeah all right. God bless her not interested but God bus. Let's bring it up you. You got it. I'm Gina Grad and that's the news right gene gene the news with Gina Grad all right. Let's see live shows everywhere. We talked about Lexington. Kentucky probably a couple more tickets for that laugh. It's coming up September twentieth and Uptown Dan Theater Napa. That's me doing stand up so you can see me on the twenty seven. We're doing West Palm Beach Doing Improv October third. That's live pod going on going on a cruise. Maybe still get tickets you got to cruise is cruise by Parker. Dot Com are good. Am Carl traveled. Parker got an Corolla Comic Brian's show lasts with BALL BRIAN DOT COM still couple tickets left of that but that's going to sell out November for second at the Avalon Adam. Dot Com all live shows coming up in Valenciennes Santa Monica in Torrance doing stand up there. I'M GONNA pop into one of those bad boy Brian GonNa host check out Oh between two fern ferns between two ferns the movie was Scott Ackerman Directing chicken as well and until next time for Scott Ackerman and grandma brines lines eight Mahalla folly out on twitter at girlish. Oh always on twitter Adam Corolla even at his voice mail at eight eight eight six three four one seven four four for tickets and Info on everything go to Adam Corolla. Dot Com Financial Hugh is complicated. There's the you with debts and bills that never stop the you would like to put a few bucks away the the U. Who'd rather buy a place than pay rent forever. All of you need apps and advice that work for all of you. BBN The N. T. all we see is you member F._D._I._C.

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Part3:NHC 2020 Live from Las Vegas

Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

1:46:19 hr | 10 months ago

Part3:NHC 2020 Live from Las Vegas

"Form now early days yet things can still change at that. Trend does look like it has a chance of continuing David Snyder with his five million dollar dollar bonus potential if he were to win with that entry seventeen forty cents some work to do there and then Brad Anderson rb the CBC winner his Second Entry Is Okay with thirty to twenty but his three million dollar bonus two dollars eighty cents so We might not have a bona story story to to track. It always happen. How how is it that that just doesn't it? Is it a pressure cooker. Or why do you think it's been so challenging. I think that it's mostly probably random but I think it probably is a little bit of potentially a little bit of panic to. We've we've seen. We've we've talked to dave good freund when he was playing for it. I guess that was just last year and I did sound like He. You felt like when he was looking back at it he may be got in his head a little bit baby effect that a few things and he did get up off the floor and make a run on day two. It was not happy at the end of day one so I do think it's mostly random is one of these years and it could even still be this year make no mistake. We'll get a really fun. Bonus story sorry to follow but it is also possible that the that one's going to go away by the middle of the day Tamar I know we're we're still trying to find a champion to win twice. Yes I mean there's been never been a two-time winner very very difficult to have a big run super difficult. We have seen a of past winter. Make AK- final table. We're seeing Ray arsenault now up on the leaderboard that'll be fun to follow Stanley Babylon not too far behind that is. That's the story more than the bonus story. The story I want to do is the time the two time. Winner Steve Wolfson. I guess is came ridiculously. Close winning back right away and then And then running second the other the year so we did we did get the follow that all the way to all the way to the end or nearly Hanging hanging Paul. Paul Dominic. WanNa come chat for a minute. He's looking picture. You have all your pets in. Don't sit down and work so is is that that the two lanes sweatshirt the one sweater t shirts on. Is that the famous Tulane sweater. That is g shirt that is your good luck charm. Yes is it working today. Yeah I guess so. I tried a new strategy with one ticket and You know those two bombs probably knocked me out but it was on the bubble okay for a while you know like a fifty dollars or something or forty so basically. That's an th that was five two twos and two two ones and three two ones that I just put in the first thing and the other tickets blanks we were talking a lot. ABOU- Golden Gate and synthetic and that potentially being an ended advantage on a day like today. Where with the East Coast tracks diluted that a player who plays woodbine might would have a little bit of an edge in terms of familiarity with golden gates? And all I can't I can't I can't six. I don't follow Golden Gate at all that plays the same or you know. So what are the factors for you in synthetic handicapping that are different than betting dirt or turf that it's it's basically a fair surface. Most of the time I I just hate factoring bias into every a lot of players look players that big money do it and you're the second person to say that on so I don't really care villas fair every day. Hey would you know I i. I'll be fine. I'll be more than fine. Just don't give me a don't want to buy it. I don't want that horse. I've been waiting for to get over Beca it's plain speeder. Her closers and you feel like sent generally speaking fairer than than any the surface woodbine house right now. The previous one the poly all tracks they had it was basically the opposite of a dirt track. It was seven white closers all day and all night you know and I think keeneland had the same track and and that one was blowing at their backs in the lane just handicap. The last two so the new the new surface. It's it's everything is just most days. I don't even pay attention to the bias like I don't even keep them for the for the synthetic I wouldn't mind your thoughts on the new Woodbine Turf Horse. Did you play much of it last year. You're looking forward to it this year. Yeah I was playing playing it. It was all right but you know I just. I snuck on a couple of times after rains jeans and seem pretty hard but I'm no track specialists or anything right and even more important. I didn't run a horse on it and and I have someone who's doing an indepth study good handicapper. That has nothing more time than I and he goes. You want me to do something. You only woodby right because women do something over the winter some stat I will. Yeah tell me how the horses coming off the inner turf races I would mind. How did they can come with a number you know how did they all come back overall? was there a trend very interesting. I think I think there is one. But that's just kind of thinking about a day to day meeting. You WANNA share. Sorry you WanNa share your theory on what you with your hypothesis really. Yeah yeah talk more about that goes on. How's the summer How's The wicker down in Florida? It started off badly. I spent the first five days in the hospital. Oh my God At Idiots a Toronto airport made me take my cat out of the bag right then. Don't break my balls on twitter or some please guys but this poor cat security yelled let me to take it up like twice so I took it out of holding her and she's neurotic and she. She was fine and then she looked around and she started just sunk into my hand three times. I'm gushing catcher at the other end of the airport under so my something. She bit me again and I find it locked and she went in the age and we got infected off five days. I five days in Florida. I've been to a hospital. It's not good. KNOCK GINA recover. Okay yeah it's almost the middle finger kind of locked in the morning. It's like tendon thing. But no offense Tommy but I was more worried about the cat. My Cat's great now. Because you know what's she's really scared of everything but in my backyard. There's this manmade lakes it and there's squirrels and little lizard big lizards which ducts with Whitehead's and. She just stares at the window imagine murdering them all. Today's nine to one shot is going to be second and Faisal watched shot two to five or three to five is going to go down Royal insider for Steve Leave NAP with Yego. Pierra is five to one at twelve dollar winter and the nine to one that looked like Who did all the hard work? And I gotTa tell you that horse the five Kyle L. More the Gary student that went to its nose out of the gate and so that was a tremendous effort by the five nine to one and a lot of people. The yelling presumably more nine to one and the winner but option plays dwindling. I'm sure a lot of people participating there. How many places do you have left timing? I don't know how many are alive. But they're all in I'm done for the day. You put them all in early. I one ticket all in once. I got the scratches and and had to go to change the law races. I A couple of Laurel races. They were censored by the way who you. If if it's not you in this tournament who you rooting for Justin. Do two dollar ticket on them so for anyone. So Ray Arsenault was up there doing pretty well you sitting with him. You sitting with Toronto. No no no no no. Where are you with well stocked around? I'm trying right you know. I don't want to bug the Toronto guys side. Saw Tony's I'll share so I know probably till four o'clock I'm going to have all the allegra shows up. He's been bouncing around here. Don't he's been beside me and where you know. We talked for a while. Once razor started perfect guy to sit next to He's he says the same thing about me because I can really start talking and you know I'm so like today I was ready. I had nothing to do but you know handicapping to do just a little bit thinking so I was read. I've been ready for the last few days right so I can sit there and talk talk all day tomorrow. It's a different than how excited are you for the Breeders Cup betting challenge to be back at Keeneland this year. The site of your great victory. Oh Yeah just to get. Even though it's a a two day trip just just to be able to go to keeneland three times in the year instead of two I want something. It's your home away away from home in many ways. What do you like about Cain lintels? I don't know I just I don't have always hated. Going to places that are crowded compan- no one likes to hang around about drunk and you go to a place where everyone is drinking. The odds are so the first time I went there. I never had. Everybody was just one thirty. Everyone around these hammered right and and it was never problem. You know what I'm just saying. Okay so I got over that then just just got to relax. Don't they. Don't relax and then the money. I want like heroin. Never mind. Relax relax you subtle make you want to. I don't know what it is. I feel magic every time I go there now. What whether it's getting see people get the C. France but I'm real sweeping? Don't sleep for a week before the because I going to go there and kill him ears feeling. What what what what? I'm confident I don't sleep. I asked Jim Goodman what he thought. The connection between you and your success excess there and he cited confidence. He said you feel he feels like no horse. Blair is more confident than Tommy. Massa Keelan do you think that's right or are you that confident I've I've won every way possible team Lynn's got back to the hotel room then even though I wanna catch twenty four thousand because my horse was scratched and I got the favourite and a big war all kinds the stuff like that. They were watching as executive branches Even money winner Chad. The one four four seventy two so no help in the nightcap at Oaklawn for anybody really I mean unless you're just for some reason how to play left and decided to get involved but unlikely to shake things up the way we've seen we should be due for new leaderboard fairly soon. Well we just saw John Kosten. John Walked by. He's got royal insider. The Steve knapp Napa Winter Nineteen dollars combined and so a nice little boost for him and we'll look forward now to the Santa Anita This will be excuse me the seven. I should say we already had the cows come up with the winners back to where exactly right now. We're looking ahead head to the seventh and our. We have two more mandatory as things have just whistle by the this. Oh and by the way actually Casey. I'm sorry Casey asked me a break break an hour ago. We just ran through two hours since the last break unbelievable. Let's take the break here. So the Casey Chop up the segments on the website site. We're coming to you live from bally's Tommy masses. The Hammer is with us and look so distinguished with the with the glasses blesses. My aunt calls me the Macedonian George Hamilton back after the apparitions with Steve on Sirius Sirius. XM radio develop by horsemen horse. 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XM Radio uh-huh the we're back on the music is playing but PEOP- compete nine headed to the metro and rich was saying hello to somebody and I ran into Andy Burg and and and he started to talk to me speaking of music music. I got some comments on the music that was playing on the feed before you came on today and I couldn't I couldn't remember first of all was super positive about The quality of the music but it was it specifically. It was about the GIN and juice bluegrass cover. Who's that WHO's the artists on? Yes and Casey and I have been. That's that's that is that plays haven't really used it. We haven't used it In show but it plays as we have a K.. Cases got a pre show and kind of OPPO show tape and I'm and I found it originally. I want to say say case. He'll tell me a second. I completely forget I founded years ago and I said I knew because I knew case with would go crazy. And he'll give him a second. I forget who it is but it is. It's awesome pro player Sean. Bormann was very excited about hearing it and said you know if for you if we need to take a break we could just play that again. The GOURDS gourds. Yes the Gorz. Yes there it is thank you. Thanks case Steve Out to make the suggestion to you in DC. And the Pete some of the interviews that you just had here with those people when when you when you put together a Like a best Delvin love and taking a day off but if if you could cut off as some of those interviews man oh man tremendous tremendous interviews well and it's funny. Elite people seem to love the coverage from here and at the same time when I when I run. When I'm off like we'd have I especially especially the June July break? My tendency is to run. You know at either final table Sunday Sunday tape or you know whatever and people say. Oh it's boring to listen to contest. It's not interesting. What do you mean it's not interesting? Are you not interested in the kinds of people because we're not just talking about the I mean we talk strategy but what about everything else that gets it gets discussed and incites set approach and tools and I. I'm I'm surprised when I when I hear that from some people. I'm surprised I I would say for for example Roxy Interview with with you folks if he was a paid consultant at a gaming conference he pipe big money for a lot of the stuff he talked about hundred eight percent. If you if the quality of guess we've had nothing that we've done but the quality of guests we've had today yourself included rich if you can't learn something and be entertained by by them. I can't help you well. Here's a compliment as somebody. That's enjoying the show. Our partner in the horses. Steve Garland checking in listening listening on the beach and Costa Rica. Oh now that's how it's done that's how it's done right. Not so bad not so bad. It feels like some people have left Steve. I'm looking at the crowd is thinning out here for some people they put in there too they must there's still to Mandatory so they must have made their mandatory plays and they're gonNA go watch it from their roots dangerous because of you know late scratches and whatnot agreed agree. Maybe they're close enough. They think they can get back here. I don't know TQ. Tom Quickly walking by. He gives us the mets quickly quickly. It criticised rocking the trademark aloha shirt and looking really good quick you put in their Their last mandatory about a half hour ago Oh and then went up to the room and took a nap and say they were like in Fifteenth Place. If they take a look at the standings at the end of the day they might be fiftieth. I mean there's there's a lot going on is coming. Well we've got a full field coming up a seven to five favorite for Peter Miller for the Rosen's going to vegas going to Vegas. How about that seventy five here? In the seventh race at Santa Anita let's handicap this and how about how about ELISSA WITH I. I saw her daughter. It's gotta be your daughter Right. It uh it would appear that way on the feet Making a giggly appearance. And what's the secret of we're going to hear here from Christina Oliveras blacker tomorrow and What's the secret all these quarter horse trainers marrying up marrying up the TV the to go become a quarter horse trainer to Landa Right TV? They become an unbelievable. It's unbelievable looking ahead to this seven. Here it is. It's a maiden eighteen. Seventy five going a mile on the grass and fielded nine quick A quick glance. Let's look at this field. Doug O'Neill stretching out violent speed of violence philly for great friends racing Out there and you're looking get a twenty one to one third career start. Hasn't done a lot to recommend her as of yet Flamingo Bay. An Irish bred the holy Roman Empire for an an and May Her brother or brother. Her husband is a bloodstock agent mail Mail Lloyd I think right they eloy. Male Loyd is I think the partnership this is another try sources over five got one the show performance newtown or stunned actually actually bread and thirty two one four two one on wine at sunset a second time starter. Eric Cruel Jack and by the way earlier one of those nights so I think one of the Nice Prices Matthew recently and that is the. It's not respectively. It's not the kid road on the East Coast. This is the the the the veteran or is young. But he's still a veteran who wrote in Hong Kong. And it's reese Poli Reese Poli reese he's like like reese Poli Poli Walk Poly. Rose Reese Poli is how you pronounce that I got that directly from Mir Ahmadi. So it's gotta ought to be right now. He was master of pronunciation. Eric Rule Jack is using him to great great success He's getting a lot of good mounts but cruel cruel Jacko's with Mike Smith in this spot Wine at sunset. And you're looking at four to one off of a ten to one morning. Line Cosmic cowgirl Ritchie. She bought this for sage racing and partners. She is with responded and eight to one here and Rosario Road last time This one is moving to the grass with Malibu Moon out of a yes. It's true mare bred by casselton lions. I give up the five Hector Palma seventy-two With the Pierra puts the blinkers on. Lucia's design Craig Lewis. WHO's won four races here the first COUPLE COUPLE OF MONTHS COMING OFF. A bullet work says two one then. Some prices thirty five to one on heat the storm Turkish Angel with Jose. Valdivia Junior. I I love you. More mean Michael McCarthy going back to the grass after a trip to Golden Gate was actually a decent third in their up at the s African and thirty thirty eight to one and then three two two on going to vegas who is over six but four seconds. Isn't that a career. Megan might might just might just have have that look about it. Maybe an interesting place to try price against this favourite despite the hunch play name. Golden Gate is in the gate and the eight after this will will be the last of the mandatory and there's only three races left on the day for everybody and looking here at a field of eight. You've got got an eight to five favorite brother Chichi. Oh and You've got to shot seven or stone grow for Tim. The Cana trying to win his second of the afternoon looking for the quickfire double up there at Golden Gate keeping an eye. There is my man. How you you doing John Lennon Netco Louis up there we go John Nichols having himself day up into fifteen place as I think he was about ninety five dollars turning for home and every raise the golden gate like like you said they all live across the top of the typical poly track? It's unbelievable this quite a Finnish Bali track. Did you play here now Now the two wars eight to five favorite and here comes five to one inside three seven one shot as typical polly chaos. You have eight horses. Assist seven of the eight were separated by a like the corner. That was a crazy craziness. I look at the three Gallup out. This is Juan Hernandez aboard for Dan. Marky seventy one. Dan markel a smiling tiger four year old gelding and this is a nice mutual. Sixteen dollar winner John. Talk About Your Day Got Lucky early. In the day with the off the grass race at Gulfstream started looking at the race and really didn't like anything now went back again. I looked at the force a little bit in the pocket. Lopez like the rider changed him and the mayor or the Horse three times I start on the dirt that well really took a little money. Came back around on the grass twice and didn't run a separately. I got to look and I said this horse bred for the dirt and mud Justin Adjusted Philip Philip out of the. I can't remember kind of Mary was the thunder Gulch. Maher is mud on mud. I thought so I took a shot with him actually better my pocket too so that paid eight thirty four dollars. Four dollars Just Andy Berg from dumpster and the ad that horses and then got a brutal be huge double chickens double ticket. These live for fifty fifty grand opening of those of you who don't think the contest players are betting. There's your answer after that after that I had the Saint Lawrence Gulfstream and other than that. I just grinding it out. What how how how you approach mandatory? Yeah I'm not the kind. I don't go reach for bombs until I have two of them. I mean I'm more logical player. I go look for value and everything. Thank but if I'm still said okay I don't go out just play. Twenty two one demand worry. Just play twenty two once. I'm GonNa take a horse alike or horse. I'm going to actually play the race right. Actually using a gimmick bet him to win but I'd use them in the gimmicks next. What was your goal coming into today? John One hundred dollars ninety Already Pomona next to you. Plays in our no what I'm got so you have a and you're you're done with the optional. Yeah so you just got the two dettori left. We got a top of the hour or about eight minutes away from the Santa Anita seven and then now the nightcap at Golden Gate actually these are both nightcaps right where does golden gate has one more after the nine altogether nine racecar interesting so there will be hanging around for that. I guess. Yeah we'll get we'll we'll have a we'll have the leaderboard going into the day. Let's got eight minutes Decapa how we just shot on the three. Didn't know I figure Mike Smith ride had them the first race English Channel stretching out. He's taking money now other than that. That's that's the only way I could really come with. It might offer offer little value. But he's been better off the board kind of good sign. I brought up the fact that cruel Jack has been writing recently in you know a lot of a lot of resources and so I thought also that the Mike The the Mike Smith was a bit of a was a bit of a flare. I mean if I wouldn't up close right now I wouldn't know if I'd go. Forty four to one. I'd go for something else in the Stabat but this is where I'm at now I've gotTa take him this play logical. How's the rest of the table doing over there? Francis Francis Truth and sixteenth. He's in there he's he's the table next week. With the Matisse Jesse's in my table he's right up there right now we've got the bet with our table able Jonathan Blake Jesse all of us against the HR table US head to head scores. And go you're looking pretty good right now What what what everybody on the on the on the hook for one hundred and fifty nice like twelve hundred altogether? It's a fun idea that he'd on the other competition. I don't know if it's a table to table but it's kind of fun. The ten strike a partnership and the Little Red Feather partnership have a little bit of a head to head going. I think they did it a little bit different different. They're GONNA do like best three scores or something. And there's a charitable element to that one as well so it's kind of fun. The all the competition Titian within the main contest and then tables amongst themselves and entities amongst themselves as well. You have a pretty good record in that head to head against the bay chocks don't you. I wouldn't involved. Yeah I was always on the Mideast table and they were the table next to us but I know they won the last two years. Insure I love what what's been the dining. You've been here a week you almost a week. Yeah we're going to the steakhouse here in the Tonight Look Nicer. Pete and I went to uh-huh tire restaurant the other night today last year. Last yesterday I was worn out early on when a lunch date. Any fog eating at night here here that I know the feeling feeling what What how much work have you done for tomorrow? And I've looked at about five tracks already. I'm already gone through the preliminary stuff and I'll finish up in the morning. You keep on east coast time this morning at three o'clock Vegas time which is six nine slave their toy for five o'clock vegas time it'd be eight lifetime well at home at home you're churchill by duet ten five. I get there. I'm there. Track them down there at five o'clock just like Mardi Mardi gave me. I've seen he's beaming there once. I think I've seen their one night though when we're still on the old press box when I was a great story Marty. Don't don't cuss me. That much. But but This one we were still in the press box Derby Week and he's now go during the break. I walked back the restroom back in the back of the book I looked down the press frozen. The lack they had the whole road where the press during the Derby and there's Mardi laying on the floor and Indians curled up in a ball talking more during the break always taking a break so fast fast none other. He's he's Tampa What Speaking of which what what. What your impressions here about? How are you? You're not gonNA go anywhere now. Visits more for a week or so. It was like to have a little time off. I go nonstop from. I'll start at Keelan at the end of March and I'll go pretty much seven days a week in a few days off here and there till the end of November who suppressing ring as we get Kinda Roland now nobody really I mean I don't I don't get too excited about him. This early in the year to me horses too much contained with a horse between now and then and I just want to go into the race so now I just don't I don't fall. I've I've gotten to where I don't fall in love with anybody. Now who's who's Jake like I don't know he was. He was going back. He called me last week and he was headed back to Louisville after the draw on Saturday to see his girlfriend. I guess and he's been so busy. Now it'd be Allie. He's gamble is needed for channing. Hill and Joe Talamo. I mean it's like a real working. You never thought you'd see what the kid growing up. He's all grown up. It's unbelievable to funny. We're talking about Jake Romans of course Who who John? Who Harasses John for winners for as long as I know that I've known him since I was a kid and his grandmother? TAMMY's Mommy's actually babysitting me when I was a kid so I kind of feel bad for you gotta look out from a little bit but aw he used to hang out the track with all these guys. It's when actually go the track. Every day be down by the paddock. He was like nine or ten. You come running up this to see who I liked. And we'd watch him. Go Run off until these other guys. He's big betters and everything. So was there one day he comes up one day. I'll look at them. They're shake my head. He goes over to Winfrey Winfrey pulls kick it off. Pocket flashes. Adam J goes run off little say that was a losing ticket. Merlin a day. It was random number on it so they kind of learned after that the next time you talk to jake asking me all that storage straight too funny too funny body they're heading onto the turf course And have the odds moved at all. No Not really twenty five to one and thirty two one for the inside runners that violent speeding beedon flamingo bay. John's worts the four three is four to one wine at sunset. The cruel jacket Mike Schmidt six to one cosmic out girl Maltese. A couple of nine to two shots money spread out here. Five a horse I give up a Becker Palmer. I mean this this going to vegas doesn't this is a horse. That's been second. Four time had the worst marks of a play the right for yeah exactly right. I mean you don't WanNa bet this so you don't want them actually GonNa have golden gate the worst. I took stretch between now. Oh goodness well. I'm glad we flagged you down. Go back to the room one to five shot now in in in that Golden Gate Eighth. Now that's unfortunate. Wow Mandela Mandela. Sent the Horse Up to got horse up Golden Gate after. Take a look just on principle. That's GonNa try to beat. You gotTA wonder five and a three to two. So let's see what happens as they load them up going to Vegas now seven to five. And I know Steve I ran up real money on the four pocket cosmic cowgirl cosmic cowgirl or Rich and wind at sunset for John. Frank Mir Ahmadi giving the The contest the shout out participants this is a maiden claiming seventy five thousand dollar maidens going a mile in the grass Cubans This is Greg. Shout out for the Love Groove Leo Rich James Leo Fluorine Fluorine. Sima not sure. Who else is in that group of there? They're all able they do of course take you there you go. There's the there's there's the five of them there's the table there is the table. The leaderboard continues to roll. They're giving us a double uh a double look and they're promising a Breath update after After this as we just click past seven o'clock doc. This has been the fastest Friday yet and we thought with with some of the difficulties. It was going to be tough here we go. Let's listen to Frank Mira Monte. The second last mandatory day this out of the gate violent speed along inside is very prominent by give up also up close with cosmic cowgirl taking third there followed by three go racing inside all of you more is designed why that subset of the distant trailer is Turkish Angel. I turn it's violent speed in front by go into data for big obey the rail conflict cowgill between three one. Three of the kids that it's all if you talk to design when at sunset and the distance to Turkish Angel Jordan while Polston violence speed we there live from Vegas second I give up to their outside next the cowgirl two and a half ranks you decide it inside. Libya board is for the bill to war to sunset and Turkish Angel. This trend through you go into Vegas takes around the form germ violence speeds second this. It took tame seems to please the champion scare business. He seems designed was sensitive. It sets in completes the assuming well. There's a maiden breaker at took seven tries. And I I Jon. Your Mike Smith was standing up going onto the back stretch and didn't ask for a thing that was that was. I didn't get slow paced. Who there's no passing there? It didn't Jerry Jenny Reese they can Getting the getting a little little Kentucky Kentucky Anna going so sixty-five winner and the six four to one so no real You know modest takeover now steve power right and that gets us through the night nightcap and seem to remember you're GonNa Handicap again. John it's going to look back at it and it was nine six five eight and and three nine six five eight three the nightcap you money in Santa Anita so we've got to racist left to on the race day Dave Golden Gate's eighth and ninth haven't looked at the nine yet but three. What do we know that that we'll have a look right here? That's right 'cause that's it for Santa. So we're we're and then there were two you can use the last race as a four thousand dollar claim to eight horses. Signed up for that one would manager the two to one favorite Jonathan Walk so people will be trying to beat. Jonathan one needs to release the next one race. Eight coming up in ten minutes. I would imagine a lot of people's Day. We'll be wrapping with this Mandatory in Christian hellmers sitting at eight hundred eleven and everybody. Everybody needs to go blindly. Hit a number back spin the wheel. RANDOM NUMBER DOT ORG number one through you John. Thanks Nichols everybody One of our favorite people around the country when and We're doing our thing. And the two weeks we get to spend John so accommodating to the invasion of his of his private sanctuary Mary He Don Winfrey and Beat vestal they're up there by themselves and and Oh my Gosh Barest the the recording the recording numbers we are but say hi rich resnick. How're you actually grab that preppy grabbing the and here's Jay Jay French wonderful full experience? You have to talk about it. It's a much different experience than going to the track with your friends You have to be physical Shrink Pink Siren at Sire. This really and I hope we can get him next year. What the your your next next year? What's going on this year? You're in trouble radio. I'm hanging in there. Somewhere in the low sixties. I haven't seen well. That's that's that's not bad. That's nothing wrong with that shortly today. It's four dollars. Yeah so just sixty dollars now and I think the last where he said Golden Gate's pretty wide open the the nightcap not not the mandatory take this one Are you going to try to end mandatory. I was not gonNA play boys. Wow this is okay so this is a starter allowance. I have not looked at this rate. She had thought on the Thurber of sheets. It was a very close race is interesting at and let's you're my third graph the user of the day and talk a little bit about the. When did you when did you discover Jerry Jerry for Scary about thirty years. Twenty five years. I remember when she's written on small five by seven graph graph paper and when we went to Saratoga we would pick it up at the diner when the bus came in. That's so They knock the building down. The dog also swims with the Fisher House. What it it's gone and I think it's a it's a wonderful product? And she's become a he's become a friend and this is terrific. This is terrific. How did you qualify I won A feeder and then a qualifier one of the twenty seven dollars one hundred sixty five dollars and were in great horse racing stories it was a twelve race qualifier and in the last race was picking prey which I think is terrific and in the last race I had a twenty two to one shot. Just please don't ask me if I made a bet on it because I the answer is no I was twenty eight dollars behind the winner and then My wife is screaming out in Iowa. So that's great this as a small bucket list item for and of course in the Pan and the pick and pray that you you pick that horse in the last race you really liked it that was. I don't have that opportunity. Just reach for prices. That frustrates people in the live format prior people picking it just because they can do math. And that's that's the event they need can pray. You set your own line and you can't just take a stab. Yes I've read your book twice. Oh No that's awesome. Thank you and I listened to your father when I was asked. Where did you From Manhattan Bronx Broom. We're at McKinsey Manhattan. Which were dad was from his dad's family there? That's very cool. It's always great to get a chance to talk about him. And you know I always make joke when you when you were a fan Dan. You let me know you're a fan of my father immediately. Know three things about you. I'm old great musical taste of a certain age. No doubt no doubt very very cool. Well that's good to see everybody and keep doing good work. Rats are that's our obligation. It's our it's our mission and delighted that you get here and How much work have you done for tomorrow? Well I took a quick look at the mandatory my daughter and granddaughter flew in from La to be here and go out to dinner tonight. And I suspect I'll have my usual solid twenty three hours sleep and down here three thirty thirty tomorrow morning whatever. Hopefully the weather will be good for everybody. It can knock out what it looks. I have on fairgrounds grass racing. I spent a lot of time on them. Didn't that a nickel off the turf races. Everyone's in the same boat right absolutely absolutely thanks. That was great. Thanks rich resnick and one of one of Jerry's kids as I like because all of us that That are that are disciples of Jerry Brown always good to bring in that star graph after user perspective and served in pretty well today. That's not a bad spot to be in as we approach the today one obviously tons of work to do tomorrow but I would say you know if you can get a number close to that holding serve total. I'd be feeling pretty good about that. WE'VE GOTTA GET WE'VE GOTTA get What is going one on there? We go We gotta get hold of get Ahold of Michelle or or Keith. We gotta find out the leader of the inventors be willing to find out what about this. I don't know I do is. Hopefully I mean very very likely to be the leader at the end of day once Hopefully they'll be digging. Do they did. They do the booklet this year that we have a yes. But it's if you didn't like basic is because he didn't qualify insulate Gotcha goes through December. Okay well let's take a look and see I'll see if they can find about our our leaders while you go on the Well you go on the mission there's We've got three minutes to this last mandatory Golden Game here is the this is interesting. They player profiles. Yeah there's a ton of information this buck lately we. We're drawing live to find something interesting out here rich. Did you look at this golden gate forest to the favorite Horse interesting little bit. One was three tall. He's only two to one in the bedding right now. The other one is a little more price was the four it. It was really woke up with a huge huge race last time out as a million Bentley Norsk repeat every repeats outrages. She's actually got a pretty good shot from trouble before is eight to one right now. Drift out on that favorite out to three to five live and I would think this potentially get some people yelling especially in this favorite dozen fire some pleasing prices on the Lord some folks GonNa GonNa look to try to get back in this thing. Hurry as we approach our last mandatory race it appears that now being j benton qualified after after the deadline to put the book together because his name is not listed in there so no help from his book. The Miss Yeah we like Men and women of a mystery in this tournament. So we'll we'll get the skinny before too. Long Steve's off on a fact finding mission Somewhere I have have a somewhere I have a list of where people are sitting. That might offer a clue as well we we can go. We can go to the horse's mouth as it were but I'm pretty sure what happened in terms of building. That impressive leading total is must have had those quick fire cap horses thinking he must have had both of them so that was a good. Yeah that's the quickest way to get to the top Cap Cap Cap. Take a look here. one minute to post now at Golden Gate two races remain and oh we might have our man here we do. That was impressive. Steve Holly that was Halley Short. Got That so we were speculating. Albion as to how you built your big total did you have those quick fire cap horses. Interro what was that experience like coming up with those two and having that all happened within such a short period of time. Unbelievable unbelievable will it. Just put me in a position where I can manipulate. What do the rest of the way? Let's I can't let let's catch up up on on your background. It's your first time. Yes yeah did you qualify for qualified on horse players. I got really really hot in August. I I just started rolling after the four day and then just going from there and am I ended up getting bailed out with junior Alvarado in the last race Saratoga. Talking one day he had the news on the eleven hoist and he was seventy one and he got there for me and I walked over twenty people to get in amazing. Or are you a New York area. Guy New Hampshire. Oh New Hampshire very nice very nice and how long you been involved in racing. I've been since about two thousand one mile alkyl owns racehorses These take me rocking apart and definitely need to play the sport I love it. It's great unbelievable animals most they they're athletes. They really how how did you. How did you get pulled toward the contest side Well believe it or not. I watch I watch that show that it was first players actually came in from that and I said you know what I think I can do this and then I was talking to the life and I'm like I think you know if actually sleet devoted some time to this actually be pretty good because I worked three jobs so this is what is your profession. I work at Walmart at their a distribution center. I'M GONNA unload their I worked for my buddies cleaning company and Believe it or not I still deliver pizzas to this day. That's been there twenty three years so that's right. Where do you find time to play the horses with that schedule even or not? I put it all in before the pick and praying to pray realistically. That's amazing and you play a lot of the feeders and things like that Yeah I played most of them. MM-HMM for me. It's pretty much Friday Saturday. Sunday for me is the only time I really free chance but when overtime comes back at work you know what I mean I just put it in and go to work. I'm sure it's a blur but what do you remember about what you liked about those big price winners. You had today while I just love how they both sat awesome trips and and you know they. They came right growing needed him late and they just held on delay which is which is awesome for me handicapping methods and a tools computers algorithm name. Mary Kate and I just run through. Stop the rams. orbs words have a program that commercial staffer proprietary thing I got him through a buddy of mine who works pretty interesting and yeah hey gives me shots anyways keeps me in there and you know whatever happens tomorrow happens today and so in in some ways. You're basically you're basically just picking winners off of us. There isn't that too but I but in terms herbs of but in terms of the format as opposed to as opposed to playing. You know playing cash money how you know. How does the the wind place format format? He'll fit into your approach It's great because I know I have lied bombs. I just have to wait for him. You know what I mean. And that's one of those things. Thanks I I was sitting on lease it. I missed a horse earlier. Gulfstream four horse ended up winning dollars. Voice I just haven't got them. What did you hear this mandatory Three US I just think they had the had the trip he added ozone way. He's still can win. So I the three who had a little bit of trouble and a strip irrefutable myron older today three two one now. Nah then you can do four to five on the Mandela Klondike Creek. Gio Ponti a seven year old. Run down the one voice in fourteen. The one mad at money The Ray Bell Twelve to one shot. And then you've got Electoral that Alvian is taken to irrefutable. The Board is seven two one five stretch choline six is sixteen and the outsiders American thirty five to one as they're ready to go. Here's Matt Bittermann. Take your has a clear. Lead appears to be going beyond their ouster agreement with track tasted second the second lease recruitment and he's very again in the data from reading in the rear end of office. Leader sloughs things down the next link behind a bit closer that sick Zeeshan American prince third leader role going pretty right now green green as the seven runners. We're sick reading still bye-bye bad apple. Irrefutable again insisted re-instill showing the link Shuli Snack position. BURPING troop hits the Third America's neck. Listen recall seriously. You repeatedly trying to steal reclusive doing ninety ninety three take command on doing well even money with her. You could just hear the air go out of the room in the last. That's fifty yards there. When it became clear the chalk was going to get there? A lot of people had the longtime leader. You look good for second there. He just it didn't find well and and it's funny because Anthony. Georgie was sitting still. I mean he was. He didn't didn't. That's that's what I thought too swell glance here waiting these numbers you gotta you gotTa turn that air. We go little little committee. I'm the only one wearing a headset and Dinner was blaring through hundred. Seventy eight forty You'll you'll finish for the day and The the closest pursuer is twenty five dollars. Back that's John Bale who was the first the first leaderboard update of Of the day He was on top so he that he kind of floated down and floated back up so probably twenty dollar plus lead the going into Saturday. The perfect awesome. What will you have to change game plan for tomorrow? It'll be editing. Just pick winners and you seem very comfortable at the high end of the of the odds versatile obviously in the mandatory there at a a five to two shopping seems like your preferences to reach the longer while the funding is so my buddy is is that you know going through this I i. I'm very very restricted and contests races. This is the first time I've been able to just take playoffs in play. Would I want That's interesting so good point. Did you do anything special to prepare for. That applies valid six hours. After I sat on the tarmac for two hours took a six hour flights it ended up being eight hours as wired for sound when I got into now. It's just go back at it. I got so many races to look at you. Got To try and find what is logical for a priceless. What's your goal at this tournament? My goal is forget around two thirty ready for tomorrow but obviously we're we've done very very good so I put myself in positions firm all I would have loved to be here Sunday to play for Sunday. The man upstairs us we do that. Keep finding horses like you did today. You're going to be Withdraw and live to win the whole darn thing Melendez Coletta today take care of itself and move on tomorrow and just keep going. I love this is a tremendous restaurant. What's the rest of the night? Hold I think I know the answer. Yeah think it'll be merryman government governments leaving God speed man. Thank you for coming by. Welcome guys Albania. Benton tremendous best tomorrow. Cheers Buddy Golsby. How great is this and About as the media media's over that this is Chris Little more story yes it could be to go. You know a a real proper rapper force players horse player comes here. Gets the shot gets hot shoots to the lead. We'll see we'll see if we can keep it going like Chris little more it working three jobs mason. That's that was a real working man when these -cation yeah shots dot Gov awesome. That's great My friend Vince Stevedore Vince is asking. What's the day money I think the day money is ten thousand thousand? It's the BBC entry. Okay I think you get an entry so very likely. We don't a jinx the poor man and he could happen. I suppose in the last but he's looking very very. Are you good looking to get that day money about that. And he's got he's got them he's got jenny receives got the Frank A thanks recording and The press will be rooting very heavily for for for not a big upset. EXAC Jack exactly the deal being motion and then also have to interview somebody else it. Let's take a look at and we got a nice. We got a nice opening here here in our last. Probably half hour of coverage We Are we're GONNA hit it right at eight o'clock it looks like Let's scroll through and Hit some of the names and and see where things stand that obviously that mandatory is not going to move anything to know for the most part But the Albion Benton one seventy eight forty as I mentioned John Vail One fifty three twenty. John Fail a good story. uh-huh hot early hot late and one fifty three twenty there Brian Sullivan in third with one thirty four twenty trae styles. NHCD Hall of Famer fifteen plus qualifications for this event. I'm not sure what is best finishes but He's doing great today and thirty. Two Robert childress in fifth at one. Twenty six forty at Peter's Pantini from the Derby Trail Forum one twenty-one twenty best finish in a contest so far a second at the Breeders Cup betting challenge looking to better that here in this mythical money three day format seventh Robert Magneti one twenty sixty former champion. Ray Arsenault arsenault in eighth right now. One Seventeen Sixty Sean. o'malley in ninth at one Sixteen Melissa Margolis top rated female player at the moment. One fourteen eighteen sixty darren. I'm having trouble reading that name from this angle. Looks like spelled J. Guys Geilo or Gilo. One twelve forty Christian hellmers walking right bias. There known more for his live prowess but finished something like eleventh or twelfth. This event last year has got to be happy with one hundred and eleven twenty. He's got Michael Murphy and Lucky Thirteenth at one hundred ten George Bryant Fourteenth One zero eight forty William Holmes Fifteenth One. Oh seven forty todd far or open up their much of the day one oh six eighty Michael Otari co one. Oh six twenty. In Seventh Place John Fisher a very well known and well regarded regarded contest. Player dances all the dances one. Oh five sixty fisher. One of the many players looking for his signature win might get it here. Who knows James Morgan? We started out the day with two entries in the top ten keeps one of them in the top twenty by day's end here probably with one zero five forty. There's another name it just the the angle. Some of the letters others run together. And I don't want to put your somebody's name that you take one jerry philosophy rounds out the top twenty one hundred and five. Some names We talked earlier with John. Kosten John Sitting sitting nicely at twenty second out terrific to twenty Rick Broth last year's Katie winner. WHO's had a lot of high up results? He's keeneland winner in the past. Two One oh one sixty John Farrar one hundred twenty. Stephanie Davis with an even hundred Russell Weber also in that century club. There's here's Bill Schanberg Ninety seven twenty and The other Morgan entry and see their and thirty third. So he's he's in very good shape. John Don Nickles and we talked to ninety four twenty sitting now tied for thirty seven kind of push down a little bit from the fifteen the his highest the slot. Stanley Stanley babble issue did have a lead for a moment. Ninety two forty. He hasn't really moved since we talked to him. No but that's That's fine I think you know if you're ninety or higher here feel really good going into Going in today's to Blake Jesse we talked about earlier. Ninety one sixty trader Mike Denney. I didn't realize that one six genie was in my city. Ninety one sixty Bill Sherman. WHO said he'll talk to us tomorrow? I like it he was going to. He was take pass until tomorrow. Ninety one bucks. The the the the sibling rivalry could get interesting brother. Paul of course has three top ten finishes in the history of this event. He's a past tour winner of second. Nobody's got a resume like him. William Sherman Bill Sherman as we call them looking to another looking for that signature. Victory to move things along how `bout the scandals That of course. We're the point of contention the contest. Gillian queued via the beard. Rule for that appearance but has another entry apparently and doing quite well. Stephanie Davis Her Cousin I would imagine we set her name before as well. So team up there. Lee is here. I'll go you one of the most beloved figures in the contest world and a shout out that Frank Mir Ahmadi gave the Eddie Logan crew. Leo Did you know that was going to happen. Nor nor nor I didn't put doesn't surprise me the Franks He's a big supporter of all of this week. He is A true A true horse player at heart and definitely pays attention to all the things going on. What are the vibes? Like at the so-called Eddie Logan Table here at the treasurer tables in one's like a cemetery in action wasn't we actually really interesting wars. Were just talking about the war in front. He had regained. Hey but after that I mean. You're the hunt I mean. Not US guys shouldn't ten bucks right now tomorrow make the cut us it right Ya. Yeah the cut line looks like it's going to be at the theoretical cutline as of the end of today. Looks like about one eighty bucks eighty six eighty six right now season you look probably what percentage of the people in the room that play Golden Gate that they already wasted all there so That's what we were just talking about right now with with with the guys at the table is like you know anybody can anybody right now. There's nobody out of it right. Where is your ticket line on that? I'm not I'm not playing support is here. Yeah just here with the guys you know steak lobster. Every night. I get a funny story. Yeah about that. I've I've been listening to two big constantly pretty much every day. I don't Miss Because I get on the road. I got an hour drive to work every day so I try to get out about missed the first part and there's a guy that I like But that was years ago but it was. It was funny because when when he's talking about when he's here he it goes to del Rey and had been there a couple of times and then I should take my wife there and the last four five years we go there about thirty five times is a year so if you ever have a bad day where he reservation you can't get in. Just call me and I can get you can get you in. It is so so funny. You told me that story and then I met a couple I met a couple. It might have been here or no. It just may have been at Santa Anita Nita was at Santa Anita and they said you know we used to go to when we were kids when we were like a young dating couple apple we used to go to the Dow all the time and then for whatever reason we kind of moved in we were we were within range but we all of a sudden we didn't go for fifteen fifteen years and you started talking about the Dow Ray and we looked at each other one day and said why have we not gone back to the Dow and all this time and the same thing now. They say that they go almost twice a month now again. Yeah Yeah we don't we don't miss it. Was We started going back to my wife. Ordered the same something like the first two years and then she finally shake. She's she's finding she's right now. She's on the Chilean Sea. Bass right. That's that's the biggest. You'RE NOT GONNA get it if you're not going to get a pepper steak Chilean sea bass. I'm funny I should have gone to the Super Bowl party last Sunday. And I I'M GONNA kick myself that. I was in town for Super Bowl and actually I didn't think to call you my go-to guy was Richie Silverstein. Because he was dating. Yeah Yeah Yeah Right. Is he still. Data's yeah yeah she yeah I think so. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. So it's retired. He retired judge agents. Yeah the funniest other things you know you like fossil men's right. Yeah and I grew up like three blocks from there. I grew up from three blocks from there. Yeah there was a there was actually before you don't probably with the time you start going there. There was a liquor store on in the corner called Dornier's and that's you know I have about five things that got me into racing but when you walked in the door. He's as a kid. They had the winners. The Guy who had a owned a bunch don't you horses and he had the winner's circle pitchers and they were like I mean they were. They were like eleven by seventeen like those big black and white around the whole around the whole place itself so yeah so we go to Dorney and get soda and and we get the green sheet right and we get the green sheet so this is funny J. Privilege so we get the Green Jackie and then we would go. We're like eleven years old right then we would go to the park right and so we played in the summer. We'd play Football Basketball Football Baseball and then at five thirty we stop doing. Put a Horse Jockey on right. You take which you know what that is. That's that was a real race recreation show. That was popular back in the day. Jay Richards right. Who's still alive and they've got a really funny story about that so but So we would do. We would bet so we were. Betting is like eleven we were betty. So we've been ten cents we take returns and then I. I was always a clever when I was trying to pass post like I was trying to fight it out before I can win the money but it was so funny because in the sweet was funny as I've I have something big scores. Something I'll yellow horse and jockey or whatever like that right and so Mir Monte he One day after we're talking in a button horsing jockey comes up and so he clicky he gets his foldout right and he calls Jay Richards on the phone so Jay Richards is still still alive and kicking in town. Right Out Vegas. Yeah Yeah Yeah you gotTA. He's got an incredible story and he went from that that he went from there. Doing the horse and jockey came to Vegas Right. He did the when you went to the Racing sports book when he went through the racing sports book after after. You know. This is when they didn't have you know he had no video. No nothing you'd listen to the races and it was j richards calling the races. He did the regime town. Yeah Yeah so you know they jump from one track to another and it was all racist creations from the right absolutely. Why not guys up the guys up? The you know like the hotel across from Saturday. Getting the service right and he he run and tell Richardson I were friends. WHO shuttle human? He was my predecessor at the Las Vegas Review Journal. He worked there ten years going when I was doing or in writing the columns and the handicap turf right when he was going to retire and do the Hong Kong thing with the Hong Kong the Hong Kong. Hey the Capris I him and Rosser recommended to his bosses forced. That's all. I got the job at the Journal. which helps how it was funny? Because you know freight how how how how funny he is and he has. He has Jay. He'll do his call. Oh you know person jock powerful speech or you're not so we have a lot of fun. We have a good group of guys on lowering since to my right James Lee House there. We have guys coming in and out and or Katya who runs the place right. It sounds. It's a special place has a place as you know when they talk about like magical places like there's a lot of spores that happened in that place so it's tough for me leaving because of the product but of course you know we're we're loyal customers have weeded free time. We we we still. They're still showing up reporting the room. Where you support Sanam Leo? You're known as a player sharp handicap. But I think of you as one of your particular alert skill sets as the ability to write tickets and and construct. That's yeah so when you've played in this tournament before do you feel a little bit. You feel a little bit handy because you can't you don't have now. I'm not I'm not out of my comfort zone but my strength is I pick pick pick pick six multi. Take a waitress funny because I was thinking about what are they. I think Hawthorne does is anything where I know Jonathan. Yeah he had a sixty five today. Yes so I think that's my strength and so it doesn't define me as a player. I think Nick Paton on. I think it was telling you it's like you said you'll don't chase it you'll next here's another year so that's the way kind of looked at it right and then you came yesterday. I'm here with my friends We're having a good time and and You know it's the place to be. You set it man definitely definitely Kelly is and hopefully. We'll get you back playing in this next year. Yeah yeah it might start earlier. Maybe this year yeah all right. Great Cheers Leo. Leo of monitoring is one of the great players need any logan sweet and just a just a real a real positive person. Paul Yeah that. Follow him at polyester. Yeah he's contests player a cut. Come on the last New Year's just the last year brand new at it he's just these these absolutely torn it up. Yeah and UH UH came here came here with a chance. Don't know how he mentioned how he ended up today. Leo mentioned Dave Good for the the artist formerly known as maybe curious to get an update on him. Let's take a look at standings linked to see where he ended up tonight anti on August. We're talking about last year when he was playing for the bonus started off Chile. Chilly and ended up ended up in pretty good shape fifty three and Thirty eight okay. Well within a cap horse or ran away a lot of people look at it and I think at the end of the day you can say hey within a cap horse of the cut line on people will be happy with you know at the at the end of the day. They'll have to have a day tomorrow but why if not why not fall. Kush forty seven six taking the context where seven hundred entries if told you at the start of the day so you could finish eightieth. Yeah that's right because you're imposition. And the you know the real running in many ways starts tomorrow especially with the cancellations we had today. There's just of options available tomorrow with the better weather expected tomorrow. Moving Day here at the age. See the top sixty nine players will want want to compete in the semi final on Saturday on Sunday at about halfway through the day. Those sixty nine we'll get winnow to the final ten we'll go on to compete for the eight hundred thousand dollar first prize and the title of forced player of the year just about three million dollars a year on the line. It's going to get very serious. Tamara state well. And just you know not to not to Belabor some of the people that have struggled. But they're going down the list from from zero up and one of Roger's one of Roger's subpoenas do tickets has struck out and he needed. There was a price eyesores that he needed. That looked like it was going to get them going Then we look at some of the some of the smallest numbers. Joe Corey Right Joe Rogers Roger his other ticket five sixty Rogers Struggled today Carl Broberg. I see down there with seven forty seven with a bunch of horses and tomorrow. You'll wonder if you wonder if he thinks about the daily. I wouldn't but you know when you're so busy like he is i. It wouldn't shock me. Pete dresses joining us here. How did you do today my friend Pete did you Did you get off the off. The mark today extremely mediocre. uh-huh what does that mean to you. Fifty dollars nothing wrong with ash well within a CAP horse of Of being above the qualification cutline. What was your goal coming into the day? I wanted triple figures but I had some good prices that got third and that seemed to be coded quite a a theme for table. Does it change what you're looking to do tomorrow or do you come in with the same approach looking for that hundred and figure that might get you where you need to be Probably follow a lot of the cut. Line is kind of project some stuff out. I mean I just have to probably sounds somewhat obvious but just you're successful at at the choices that I have confidence in a couple of years ago you were the NHCD rookie of the year. How has the development bent for you as a contest player? You playing as often as you did that. Rookie year I I do. I play off and on online tournaments pretty busy guy and we don't have we don't have tracks like my home track in Saratoga. I live in Boston so Yeah I mean I enjoy it. It's a nice way to spend a weekend afternoon and night. You know my my son and so A. He's a man now he's twenty four years old right you know. We do our trainer together. Go to some football game things but that that's it. Where did you qualify this year? A couple of online tournaments. So you're you came here double-barreled. Yeah what's where's your second entry. Forty two okay so both in yeah in that range a lot worse offering you that makes me feel so you're not looking. Ah Damning with faint praise here. I didn't mean to do that to you. What's the plan for tonight? Going back to study or you're going out now have a nice meal I I've done most the cards of fortunately did not do act. They didn't waste any time on the smart and I will. I will do that. I will wait until tomorrow to see what's going on there. Looks like it's GonNa be okay just. FYI But yeah. Ah What the tracks doing regular fair enough Erin. I that that's a work in progress. I mean we're getting ready to load for the final final race of day one here at the NHCD The nightcap race number nine at Golden Gate fields Still a handful of people around. I imagine. Imagine they'll be some serious rooting going on here. You have any place left or you. You Rat Paul Paul Sirven. He touted some minor values values or competence level in in the big bomb. Here the two so I said you know I got one play left. Let's do it and you're not kidding. Thirty four to one which which is the longest shot on the board Eight to five favorite comes from Jonathan. One four thousand dollars flavors and eight to five. I've On the seven. Unusually Green unusual heat nine year old. There aren't that many unusual eats still running That's that's notable second choice. Wish right now. Five to two on the one blamed right with his main man Juan Hernandez The one horse color me happy a seven year old gelding five. Two two two nine two two on get like me. Sightsee Tamayo with Francisco Monroy aboard and then a six to one and shot the recipe. Six one is the five worse than the whigs up nine to one thirteen one on the three moonlight blue and twenty eight to one pocket prints that were rooting for Peter for cap horse. Capsule the two here we go win. Burley's GonNa go and snacks. The second and like eighty right outside of possible. dachshunds racing with on the wings of pocket grits the grave boards. The red was Thrill deal the one-sided pocket second land in unusually making their way towards the let them work on light blue him. He's on the outside. They open up links on on the links. Strides into third with Koch. Sabado made ape clear after breaking the outside closing score legs off the piece the blackjack gap to the rams racing with the eleven year old lock in rich in a pro scrambling to sixty five favorite has seven path and links to make the final mile color behind me. Light blue contentious turn color me happy in a light blue space of four on the wings of being sent back to the pod. Aw Brown at this point excreting asked by getting like need also leave grim filling Nakisa the woodland owners the rift grinding with Chris. Raillard the script cleaning leader. Kim depending the rim on the other be happy wondered should be activated second is usually green and occurred and they thank you everybody. which great night haven't I say? Get your work done. I and we'll come back. We'll talk to you tomorrow. You got another hat for Tamari wearing the same one. Of course he does of course he does the Great. Yeah I did finally by a hatbox for the for the topper. I couldn't I could've brought it but I'm recycling this one good stuff. Peter Jackson's who ever heard US talking about contests world Three four years ago and got involved in is one of the great One of the great stories that what are the really good stories absolutely seventy-two winter color me. Happy that is the Blaine right trainee with Juan Hernandez. Who of course blamed used and along the way with with his with his preakness horse last year Those days now escaping me my brains to Friday holy cow. It's in there somewhere but my brain fried but it sounded like a lot of people might have had that we're sup- almost surprisingly but I mean I guess if you're you're opposed to the favorite you come come up with a logical. You're you're nearing that sweet spot. It's actually smart just to grind. There's no reason to reach here at the end and should assure that we've this is great normally we'd We'd have to hang around a long time. Find the day one winter. We we did that already. We did do that. And nobody's going to leapfrog past Alvian in Benton and everybody out and a lot of smiles no matter what the scores are Justin in Moose starring. Guns he was reaching out to say hi and color me. Happy nine dollars in change so somebody will pick up. You know ten eleven points are GonNa come in very handy tomorrow this time tomorrow. It'll be chaos. They'll be all kinds of human drama people. Waiting people sweating ten cents in a place. Price is GonNa make the difference for somebody between getting to advance to day three and the not so consolation tournament which will be happening on Sunday as wow. That's a very good point. Six six or eight or ten dollars today. It means a lot because moving the day to take those dollars moving position and trying to get into that top sixty nine to earn the right to play on Sunday. It'll be a lot of that going on. Well we can ask you should not burden necessarily Obliged to wait for the the final update L.. Send out the link and send out some some snapshots of of the way the board finished up are being the Jimmy standings. Things are looking while says. He needs the Silky Sullivan. Finish for we'll see we'll see how it works. Though guy like Patti Daddy can get hot and get moving. There's somebody with zero who's GonNa make you know. So we should mention speaking of some lower scores Bring up the date date on team Matisse because Paul was sitting well down thirteen eighty not where he wanted to be for sure Duke with twenty seven twenty and twenty forty. Yeah I mean a little bit better and those guys never out of it you could see them adjusting and getting back into the fray for sure but but clearly not the day that they were looking for where Jonathan end well. We don't know yet because his last race but Jonathan Sixty four forty eight. He's going going into the end My goodness I just got kissed by somebody. S O Joe Scanty out. Nice this guy. I hope that wasn't like like you know after after everything that went on I. I hope that wasn't like you know Michael and make on freight Freida beat. You're broke my heart and I had nothing to do I. I report the news and I kept his name out of as much just five thirteen call at fourteen twenty which is which is really good. Good points that was actually. The worst was basically four to one. it was a tick away from four to one all the break out a little bit of a drift. There got to be happy with it and it will change some of this positioning being at some stage here though. Certainly not at the top of the leaderboard where Albion Benton is gonNa Punch ticket for the Breeders Cup betting challenge and look really good heading in today's today to here but of course you know lotteries tomorrow very early days and we're going to have to see what happens. Let's all right. That's all right. Yeah Yeah Noah James James and in the sixties. Let's get a couple of updates on some of the Defenders says some of the former winners Chris Little Moore's his high ticket eight sixty. It's not bad at all. That could be developing story tomorrow. What about some of the other champs we saw Steve wolfson making some noise? Seventy seventy one forty seventy one forty before that last race that the other new hall of Famer Rich Goodall playing this event the two thousand eight champion forty one twenty no no. I wouldn't mind being higher but not bad at all sally. Sally has struggled Sixteen forty seven sixty imbalanced professional player. Jim Chicago and sixty. They're they're all sort of you know just hanging around and they put some you know. Put some points It was Kinda first half a story right if any one of those people that you mentioned with those scores gets like one hundred fifty one hundred and seventy Mile Bang. They're right up there. They have their Albion Benton Day in in there and they're going to be looking looking good drawn. Live to make it to that final table trying to think who else who else should we What we check on the bonus baby? Here's what we're looking at one right there in the tour available for a huge bonus I think off the mat a little bit thirty five eighty so that he's got to feel good good about that given he was nowhere hour ago absolutely acid. That's good and then Brad Anderson was the other There's there's the Maven twenty and thirty eight forty Anderson the BBC winner who just walked by. He didn't look unhappy. I wonder if One of he hits something sixty eight eighty but oh thirty three twenty. It can't feel too bad about the sixty eight eighty. That's the one that he won yesterday at the last chance as a very very fun table able with the reigning champs. Scott Kohl's and Brad Anderson they each one in and where did Scott in eighty four eighty eighty four eighty four hundred. He's not have a bonus in this one eighty four eighty. He's gotTa feel excellent about that when I checked on him midday there wasn't much going on And Yeah and he he obviously put A little bit of movement in Let's see where Ray arsenault finishing up for any mental don. Lose some glasses of that one of the venting missing Zingani Glasses here. All the important stuff getting sorted out at the end of how are they going to read the handicapping. David is somebody who left early. Unfortunately for them you learn a lot of things when you punch these letters in A. R. S. gets US Scott Carson Marshal Graham and ray ourselves three of our friends so ray as we mentioned before it looks like he'll finish the day in the top ten or close one seventeen sixty Scott Carson sixty seven forty and Marshall grams. Thirty one sixty another another in that category of not where he wants to be but Couple of horses away from launching himself right back into the situation. Have we heard how John O'Neil's health is by the way no is Robert Ramirez playing in the tournament this year. He would know if we can find him. Yes yes one dollars. We'll find his table tomorrow. We'll get a John O'Neill update hopefully. Hopefully good news helps. One of the nicest men are just love him did we. I should AH NO JOSE. Arias aided qualify this year. Patty County's health is also some question not great and I betcha mentioned Jamie And let's see where he is ending up The way things are I thought I saw a decent seventy eight sixty. Okay yeah lots of former champs drawn life to make day three. That's terrific not not bad at the wall. Well a little less than a couple of minutes really. Don't say goodbye on this Friday evening. Almost eight o'clock back east and a have five o'clock here in California. There's I see Frank Sorenson sitting still and what's frank look APP. No he doesn't. It is not the captain captain. Frank Forty to sixty. That's not that he's not. They shouldn't be desperate rich gang. I gotTa thank you for a wonderful afternoon to noon. Yeah thank you for having me folks. I'll be back tomorrow accent schedule tomorrow. Steve same two o'clock to to the to thirty to thirty two to thirty the first mandatory is is that how is that is ten thirty Pacific Super League. They shifted this a little bit Wow we've does that mean we need to be on for it. I think we not not enough enough to be on for the first. They don't need to be on for that first one but that is trying to do the second one though That is well. You know what I I think. That is crazy early. But I'm glad I'm glad we showed up at two thirty would've been like hey to racists are done Dan. This is why it seems like they've taken a very specific composition of the race. Can't figure out what it would be. But maybe maybe I mean just randomly. Maybe it ended up. The fourth and fifth at Gulfstream were better contests type races than the stuff later in the car so the first mandatory about ten thirty Pacific Time Ten thirty is the first first mandatory that is really ever being the case before well and the last Dettori with golden gate is at four fifteen so you know about about where we were today but they really spread this out a five hour spread. Yeah that's borden that a serious it's going to be fast and furious action on a longer day than usual. Well I I think I think our ticket might be noon instead. Okay Hey that works. Just come in. We'll have we'll have an updated story but there's still all to play for. It's not like that's going to determine the course of things no not at all a and that there's an hour and a half between the second mandatory and the third this you know what's strange range about this is this is very different than the. Are you doing the charity thing I am. It's not the mandatory. The charity thing is no well no I. Pack does have it does have have the fourth and the fifth. There is one rate the OAK. They're not using the king cotton for the contest. They're using that maiden special way to Gulfstream instead. That's very strange. Should be mandatory is but but there was one that they that they swapped out that they swapped out So all right. So let's let's let's call it noon tomorrow. We'll or out along the same day it is. It's the same it'll be the same instead of instead instead of two to eight. It'll be noon to six basically noon to no not even noon eastern three two nine right. 'cause we know we'll we'll be done right. I'm sorry we'll be done by five o'clock Pacific time local so eight so it's so it's noon to eight. Yeah Eh long no no. It's not no it's three. It's the same five hours. Okay right because we're taking eastern three. So annoying I want rich. How are you the sorry guys? Take you take you to make the full adjustment moving from east to west. I felt comfortable after maybe a year. We're here at the beauty of it. Guys is when you're watching ball games on television because the three hour time difference we get to see everything out here it. It is great for sports yup three hours behind the world but great for sports. Well there you go. It's that's a wrap day one and we us the new leader board. I think not that I see any. I don't see any significant movement. I Man Rob Robbie Courtney Courtney right on the bubble right now. That's a story. I'm looking forward to following tomorrow. That's cooled there's marginal I think there's marginal change here. Ed Peters hit ED. Peters hit that last That last race I think to get up to eighth is that right. What was he he was? He was the top ten already was he the baby. Is that updated on this big screen. I this one looks updated. Well the this this update update. Yeah this updates just as quickly on them and Melissa on their Yes yes yeah. There's no it was eighth. There's no major major switches. Know whether it is all right. I'M GONNA GO Casey get home. It's been a it's been a marathon day. Obviously for case on the Board Award and back tomorrow we're GONNA tell you noon to five eastern time. Excuse me noon to five Pacific. All three eastern can add three to Polish three days. Hey this is exactly exactly exactly. Get a bite. The and rest up the vocal chords. Actually John John. No this this is this is updated because John Nichols is up to twenty fifth. He made his he got us. Yes he did one on one sixty oh so he made so when he changed in the Golden Gate Scratch his horse. Scratch that Golden Gate and he ended up getting something yes he got something yeah he he got pilots hadn't seen him yet at very nice well up today We'll find out we're GONNA find out not that ended. Yep Good dinner plans. How am I supposed to remember? I can't I can't remember the difference between East Coast and west coast time. Oh my God awed Steve You gotTa See five seventy. Oh that's killer. This is amazing fabulous more of and t shirt with the iconic Obama campaign poster design but with more of the bet runner. This is my new favorite t shirt. That's responsible for this. Yes I I am. I cannot take the credit for the art. My girlfriend did it all. She's she's pretty good with this stuff you know she doesn't do it for a living. But it's it's fabulous. Look at the look at the pocket. Oh that's great moisture. Asthma colored shirt he wants and he goes Brown. I'm like I'm not finding brown long eared around pocket shirt anywhere. So so what's your next year. He goes black long season. Like I'm not buying long sees. We believe we got on any confirmation about whether or not you you're not the youngest pat stitches the youngest five-time qualifier to the your second. That's something mustache. Bring you luck today. Fifty Comey writer and conditions first. Half that's not that firing away we like like to hear that. And you're in good shape for tomorrow so I gotta get second drink tickets. You're you're winning so if it starts to go wrong long you'll start getting after it on top of a decent deal with conscious. That's that that's what it's about and obviously a lot of smiles. Great Work Eric. Eric don't go too far. We got sort out to dinner plan. Veep thanks so much thank you. My friend is one of the great pleasures of the year to be here get to interact interact with so many players and I thank you for the opportunity. We'll be back with you tomorrow. Noon Jewish capital Pacific. Three o'clock three o'clock eastern time. Everybody when I look forward to talking to you then Rejang again thank. You can't even go through the list of visitors. Who many they out there? There were so many but Roxy Roxborough being the highlight without without a doubt no doubt about it Las Vegas Legend always great to spend time with him from bally's Day One and H C talking tomorrow apperances with Steve on Sirius. XM radio develop by horsemen. WORST BILLS DOT COM is a cost effective time to the environment friendly paperless revolution of how equine industries industry's bill and receive payments vendors rape will degenerate electronic invoices for each horse whose owners can pay through the same website with just one click Saket bodies tax of invoices handwritten written checks and postage costs easy accounting for all parties with the highest online security measures get started freed horse bills dot com simply registered with your name and email address redesign line up no subscription fees defenders until the first invoices sent. Bronner's you with a free account comprehensive dashboard with information on all horse zone to billing records. Ach and credit card. Payment options for vendors generate invoices efficiently and receive payments quickly from both owners and other vendors syndicate and partnership managers get flexible billion payment options to both genders syndicate could members for more INFO. Call eight nine. Three eight forty six forty three eight eight nine three eight forty six forty three or log onto horse bills dot com. That's horse bills. Dot Com get started in Kentucky over eight million dollars in additional purse money available at the five Kentucky tracks for Horses Eligible Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund. Kentucky is a good place to raise your Kentucky bred. Come home to Kentucky and make Stock Sports for digital digital edition your ultimate weekly Ben Guide published by daily racing form. Sports form delivers all of the analysis and insight you need for every NFL game more than forty college. 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Da Accreditation is only awarded after a complete review of an organization after cannot be an afterthought for the industry to learn more or support the TA's mission visit therabreath aftercare dot org.

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172: From Battleships  to Check Fraud Prevention ... How Richard Reass started RynohLive at 62 Years Young...

Entrepreneur Stories for Inspiration: Millionaire Interviews

50:25 min | 8 months ago

172: From Battleships to Check Fraud Prevention ... How Richard Reass started RynohLive at 62 Years Young...

"If you need some help with your business during his quarantine lifestyle check out our facebook group you can check the link in your episode description below. Its newly reinvigorated on posted in daily and try to answer anyone's questions and having other people answer other questions if you again if you. WanNa connect with other listeners of the podcast and hopefully we can help you and your business. Then check out the link in your episode description below or search for millionaire interviews podcasts and facebook annual see our facebook group. They were people who told me you're crazy dick and I said the thing is believe in yourself. Failure is not an option. Look within yourself strength. Get back up after you get knocked down. If it was easy everybody was going to do it. But at the end it was hard working really. Didn't know what I didn't know. It quickly realized there were no policies processes no procedures color cellphone. She didn't answer. That went by our apartment. It was empty. They plugged Rhino live in immediately. They realized that you only touched on it. Briefly said in the beginning. He had cancer three times. And you said you had a daughter with down syndrome as well. I lost her in two thousand and five in the past in two thousand nine and it's been a challenge. It hasn't been easy you just persevere and push through Good Morning. I'm Dick Reese and I am the CEO and founder of Rhino. Live say upward system that has revolutionized the real estate settlement industry. I've founded Rhino when I was young age of sixty two. I'm currently seventy six years young. Enjoy getting out and being active like all should exercise regularly. Try and keep this thing going as long as possible. The company has done extraordinarily well. It's been an interesting journey when I started. The company is a result of my being in the title industry which I joined after a long very successful naval career. Rhino live is name of your companies are Y and H Live Owen. Word. That's the product name and that's our D. B. A. Doing Business the company is actually Sagan software. What I did is I found a company called Sagan Systems which is the holding company and then I established. Llc's for each of the products that I had developed so all of my staff works with a big company and right now taken software. Rhino live is the dominant product in the biggest revenue generator for the company. So what percentage of revenue does that make up for? You like ninety nine percent of our right now some surviving big portion so it is basically is the company. So how much did your company do in revenue last year? What's The employee count? We did seven point. Four million dollars in business and we have twenty four employees most of them located in Virginia Beach which is our corporate headquarters but I have sales staffs in different locations across the country but long-term developers who worked with me in Virginia beach or years this up in Pennsylvania for ten years as white took a job as a professor in the University of Pennsylvania System. Making simple as possible. What is Rhino live to? The software is a financial management tool. We oversee the money. That's assistant exchanges hands illustrate settlement industry. As you know there are a large dollar changing hands and we make sure that when he gets put into the right account dispersed to the right individuals at the right time and nobody puts their hands in the future so to say it was an industry when I got into it. That really didn't understand how to monitor oversee and protect the money that has been entrusted to them a built it. This result of experiences title agent and simply gotten tired of losing money in other words. You had lots of money that comes in and out of your account for example when we were doing to three hundred real estate transactions month in each real estate transaction has fifteen twenty sometimes dispersants in other words checks Disperse wars attempt to send out as part of the closing process when somebody buys a house or does the refinance. You have as much as twenty million dollars in my case. Hey twenty million dollars in my account at any given time and to make sure that money was moving in the right places and getting the right time is awfully hard to do and I saw the need and built thing that I called Rhino life to track the phones. Men's clothes on real estate or even commercial real estate was what I didn't even more complex all the different people you have to pay but even if you're buying a house if anyone's been through it when you're looking at the appraiser if there's an environmental issue or a building inspector or you have all these things like you're saying that closing some of only get paid at closing and distribution of all this just from one real estate transaction you're saying could maybe good twenty different people so basically you're software. Help simplify that because if you did. This sounds like about fifteen sixteen years ago when you made this software. I can only imagine that it's hard enough like you said you have an account with all this money but it's hard for you to figure out if you're having multiple closings in one day and multiple transactions maybe twenty people per transaction. Getting this. I can see how getting very confusing why you would need software to help you. Actually disperse that money. There are counting systems where you can cut the check and what I rapidly discovered was. Sometimes the money doesn't get where it's supposed to go and was everything from putting a check in the mail and either somewhere along the line. The recipient didn't cash it or it got put in the wrong inbox. I could sit here nor galley with all kinds of stories like the time we were doing. Final title policies. After it completes the transaction you sent the deed to the courthouse. And of course you have to send a check with that record the deed and then when the deed comes back from the courthouse you send out the final title policies to the lender into the bar and you close out the file in. We use what we call one. Check one policy so we cut a check for every title policy that we shoot in all those outstanding checks in represented policies that I had to do one day. We opened the file. There was a second check that dropped on the floor and it was a check for homebuyers already and I can remember very vividly closer. Who was working for me at the time when I was running title company came out and said mysteries. I've got this check for homebuyers already. It was in the file in. It didn't go out. This was almost two months after the closing because it sometimes takes that long for the deed to get back and she says what am I supposed to do with this? Because we're supposed to get the check to the homebuyers Orna Company within thirty days. I said well you can call and see if they'll take the check and they wouldn't and so I said well it's not our money we have to return to buyer and we're probably going to have to be the home buyers warranty company because we didn't get the check to where eight at the B at the right time and it's exactly what happens. She calls the clients is returning or three hundred and fifty dollar check unconscious. What about my homebuyers orange? And she says well now. We'LL STAND BEHIND THAT WALKIE. Just if word the homebuyers company and three months later their dishwasher goes out and I had the privilege satellite buying a dishwasher but it kitchen floor for the two meadow about twenty eight hundred dollars simply because the check didn't get work supposed to go and that was one of those. Gee whiz moments wouldn't it be nice? If I knew that that check had cleared my niece has gotten into al. The whole product really has changed the real estate settlement industry because when I first entered the industry there was a requirement that you only had the balance your books. Reconcile your accounts once a month which meant that. The end of the month he would take out your bank statement and you sit with a long ruler and you go down check by check and somebody sit on the computer and it's usually my son and myself were in the beginning. It was my wife and May as she'd come in and help me because she was a banker and we go item by item. Check by check. It spent hours trying to pouncing and it never came out right manual processes make mistakes. And you go. Oh my gosh. This one didn't clear that wanted to declare. Where does it go? The thing to kind of hit me right between the eyes was a couple years. After that event where we're doing a real estate closing and was particularly difficult closing in the sense that the seller had a bunch of Liens against the property for unpaid taxes. Unpaid child support. Irs Leans front-page federal taxes as well as the state Texas in the city. And so we sent out. I guess it was about nine or ten overnights to pay off all the liens judgments and this was a closing in November of the second November and we had a payoff that was due to the IRS. On the fifth of November will our overnight carrier. Guaranteed JIM THANKS TO DELIVER. So we check an envelope and dropped off the dropbox. That was right around the corner from our officers and all of them made it to where they were supposed to go. Except the one that went to the IRS and we didn't know about it until the middle of December when the bank state in came and we were doing. A reconciliation escrow manager came up to me and said mysteries. Remember the closing. And she mentioned the client's name said yeah she's civil. The overnight carrier didn't get the check. Were supposed to be on time and the fact that they lost it. There's no record of it ever being delivered and it was the perfect storm. Cellar had moved to Alaska and we're in Virginia and we had no forwarding address that way of getting a hold of them and we call the IRS. And all they would tell us was tennyson. Check explained to us what happened and give a solid documentation from the first submission and we did that clash the check and everything. I thought was well and good six months go by and one day my receptionist calls me and says. Mr. I've got a very upset attorney on the phone. And he wants to talk to the owner or put him through and I answered the phone and and the attorney. He didn't even bother to identify himself and was stuttering and basically said to me. You fifty thousand dollars you on my client fifty thousand dollars you didn't pay off the mortgage the IRS that leading to the IRS. You took all my money I said who are you? Could you explain to me which closing this is all about and the minute? He mentioned her name. I said I will like the wall about that. And we took care of that and he says no you have it and I said well all left to do stuck to the. Irs resolved very quickly. We'll I'm not GonNa let you resolve it if you don't pay me fifty thousand dollars by Friday. I'm GONNA sue you. And the payoff was only five or six thousand dollars so it was anywhere near fifty right so I said well I'll send you all everything documentation. Let's take this a reasonable man. Approach is if you harmed by client says how I heard your client. She had multiple judgments. We've paid all of those off. It was one of many and you know I had a guarantee that would be there and unfortunately sometimes things happen that way and he said I don't care. You had a responsibility to do that and so I didn't pay him. I said I'm not going to pay the exorbitant. Amounts you give me the amount of its allegedly owed. He said well. If you don't do that I'm GONNA sue YA. Which he did and we went to court and case was dismissed except that I had to pay the penalty and paid off the irs and because there was penalties and interest because the check had gotten up there after the fifth to November and the Attorney said that I had a fiduciary responsibility make sure that check got there and I should be calling and checking every single day. At that time I was going to have to check. Be Checking on hundreds of transactions every single day. And I'm going. How do I do that and I knew I could never afford to have this happen again? Because in how they look at court rulings as precedent for law. I had also created the software system. And I've kind of probably gotten ahead in this discussion. Because the whole Genesis Verano started when I went to Arizona that I think it started this conversation. A little bit backwards with you here. No that's fine. If you don't mind just let me cut in here from time to time because I don't want to cut off your story but you just jumped in of a couple of reasons why you need your software so I think we're still good. I think anyone listening now. Probably totally understand. So how much did you end up? Having to pay for this last story that you told us with a backer and having to deal with that the whole bill when you got through with it was about thirty five thousand dollars from the five thousand dollar. Irs payment. Yeah well I had to pay you like five or six thousand dollars to the irs restaurants attorney's fees. Okay this attorney's fees. That's why I was wondering I'm Mike. Penalties SHOULDN'T BE FIVE X. You know whatever you're doing unfortunately it was twenty years. I ran the title company. The only time I had any errors admissions climbed eight. The company was very fortunate that ran a burly tie chip and we made mistakes but usually they were small ones that I paid out of pocket. Even this sounds Kinda small as just seems like you've got one of those dreaded attorney calls that screwed it up I mean if you didn't have the attorney saying maybe it costs you an extra thousand and that was it but it doesn't sound like a very fun business. At least from the first stories of white you needed create the software. I mean having to deal with this. I guess you might have still been using a computer but even if you were just like if you're just doing it at the end of the month like you said we're just talking about multiple transactions happening in a day and how many parties it goes to just not even have to do it daily but if you're gonNA wait till the end of the month then times thirty how much harder it is versus daily logger transaction lists of course one of the things. I've seen navy. I spent thirty year Navy career. You want to jump back to how we got started. Because you're seventy six today and so it's kind of funny to GonNa Point this out but I literally just got done with the interview where a guy was in the Cayman Islands and beautiful place. Obviously and then you're in Hawaii right now just before we get started with your store. Do you good Hawaii often or why. Are You doing this interview from Hawaii? When you say your company's in Virginia Beach I am kind of in that transition point of wanting to retire to do something else. I'm a three time cancer survivor. Do you want to start a podcast? I can help you out with it. So if you're cool dude or non gender well listen up. I'm launching it done for you. Podcasting service I've been doing podcasting consulting for individuals over the past few years and just recently realized is one of the few things that are actually good at Melissa. Podcast two thousand five and I finally had the idea to launch my own in two thousand seventeen and through my experience as a listener and producer. Got a pretty good idea of what it takes to make a good ship so if you're a business owner real estate investor consultant entrepreneur speaker or simply coup. Guy Like me will. A podcast is an awesome way for you to gain more attention for you and Your Business. Just imagine being able to reach an education your ideal clients so you can build trust or being able to connect with more people in your industry to build that credibility or even being able to land more speaking engagements and book deals. Well having a high quality podcast in do that for you. So if you're interested in starting a show and don't have the time resources knowledge or desire to figure it out like all the tech stuff the hosting the platforms equipment. The software the production the writing. The repurposing marketing. Well you get the point. There's a lot to producing a quality. Podcast if you fit this description. Let's jump on a call and see if we can help you only working with people that like so if you're a likeable dude gal or non gender and you think you have the personality for an awesome podcast and shoot me an email and let's see if my team can help you. Hit Me up at Austin at millionaire DASH INTERVIEWS DOT com. I've already got one client. Who's taken me up on this offer and so I've only got two more spots available so if you're serious about launching a podcast to help you and your business then again. Shoot me an email at Austin at millionaire dash interviews dot com some time cancer survivor. And I'm still in my go years. I'm very active physically play off almost every day. Do pilates exercise. If stay. We took a three mile wife and I and so I enjoy in that. We jokingly say this is our Gogo years we can still do that. And then you have your slow go years and then you feel like your mom. My Mom's ninety five and she's at her no-go years gus when those are over. You're gone so I want to extend the Gogo as long as possible and I'm at that point in my life. I really would like to really retire. Finally and enjoy all the successes that I've finally been able to achieve. It's been a long struggle kissing. I developed this product and realized what the titled Industry Doing In regards to managing and overseeing their money it was wrong. Yeah it sounds like it because again we even talked about how about this. If you want to jump back we can jump back to you when you get your new Navy but it sounds like you've kind of retired there in Hawaii and that's why you moved out there you're in about to. I live in Virginia. We're out here at this time for three months. This is sort of a test case to see whether we're going to stay longer or just come once you're twice. We have been coming twice a year and they will only been doing that since two thousand seventeen because when I first started rhino in two thousand seven is what I call my soft opening. And we just had agents around Virginia Beach and Norfolk Virginia using the software and we had only at that point been able to do the integrations with one settlement software one accounting system. That's the dominant software settlement industry and so for two years we were local and we only had one software but right now we agreed with over twenty different real estate settlement softwares. We cover the entire country. We have clients in forty eight states the district of Columbia. Our clients are everything from the very very largest home services all the way down to the mom and pop shops in a little rural communities. And so we've got the mega clients. We have title insurance underwriters. We have over a hard number about thirty five forty percent of real estate transactions. Go through our systems relational Well it's a big number. Yeah so you've given us some numbers. Yeah we definitely understand your size. As far as if some twenty something. Plus employees over seven million in revenue. So you've given us a good view. I just checked to congratulate you your oldest guest on the podcast today so by three years. I like people that have some experience. Sounds like we have some so you started this in two thousand four two thousand five. We're talking maybe you're about sixty four years old or so during that point in time publicly just jumped back. Even I mean you come out of college and go in the navy. I know we can kind of quickly. Maybe go through it. But I'm just curious if any of that helped you with your business. I am definitely melted by what I learned experienced at a Navy I had a very unique extrordinary career. As many senses the word I graduated from the University of Texas I was on a Navy scholarship to attend the University of Texas on an ROTC fellowship. I was graduated commissioned in married on this same day June. Fourth Nineteen Sixty six. That was the height of the Vietnam War and so I went into the navy. Thought it was going to be a pilot but I didn't have the eyesight to be a successful pilot so I wound up on a ship out of Newport Rhode Island because of that experience in my first tour I was picked up for early commands so as at the age of twenty nine years old I was sent to command of mine. Sweeper and with that mean with minesweeper do it was you know wooden ships and iron men one of the ways that you can protect your harbors and your approaches is to what the calm lay mine sir explosive devices or placed in the water they can either sit on the floor of the ocean or be suspended and cables sort of if you've ever seen some of the Old World War Two submarine movies with the big ball with the little horns on it. That's a contact mine. And so to protect the ships you have these things called minesweepers who have volleys devices. They can drag behind them. Were they. Can cut the mooring cables on the minds. That was lieutenant commanders job. Which meant that you needed. Be IN THE NAVY. Ten fifteen years right. I'm Google right now. This is interesting. Yeah so if you minesweepers. One word is basically a small kind of tactical ship. Where you're going and making sure that the big ship doesn't get go and contact with any of the mindset. Maybe other people have laid great okay so this seems like a dangerous. You have like you. Probably don't WANNA LISTEN TO BE ON THE SHIP. That's going to look for mine's as to make sure that's right okay. And they're made out of wood. Okay well I was a lieutenant ahead. Six Years Service when I took come in is an officer and the Guy I replaced had sixteen years. Do you want to tell us how that was able to transition you coming out of the navy and then did that make you WanNa Start? Your own business right away. Or what was your plan as part of the navy and got into the business world because his ninety three it sounded like you said right when he retired during Desert Storm. Iran the embargo of Iraq. I was spanned with a multinational force and there was a book written by L. Santoli call leading the way which talked about the key leaders who have an impact on the outcome of the war. The first Gulf War. Who had been melded by their Vietnam experience? And I have a small chapter in that book after that I came back home but I thought the war with a very serious illness culp Russillo basis which had a profound impact on me in my career. In the Navy I went into a job. After the squadron job where the last three guys have made flag so I was on track except that I came home and wound up being hospitalized for this gopher disease and then lost my job at the Atlantic Command because I went on with call. Limited duty went up to Washington. And it's funny how Lemons Become Silliman eight at the time and when I'm good job who is Director Management Information Systems Bureau naval personnel. And we responsible for the conversion of the enlisted service records from paper to digital and I got a call one day and somebody said a perfect job for you here working for a defense contractor. I said well. When would I start? And he said when we win the contract and I said well if you win the contract I'll get out of the navy you can use. My resume just went back to doing my work and I called three months and said we won the contract. You still get out I said. Yeah that's how I got out because there was no one who floors on my elevator left and I went to work for this defense contractor developed a couple of programs and left that job but will you out of the Navia the point or you still in the navy. After I retired I went to work for a defense contractor which I really didn't like that. Okay so this is a transition. You're talking about when he came out of the navy. This is working for a defense contractor for a couple years. You were like fifty years old at this time just about it. Seems like what's up till this point been all navy stuff even now? Even the defense contract stuff is still sounds military related. Obviously so you're still in that field. You hadn't started growing Title Company. At this point. I wasn't happy and doing some of the stuff and so and I was kind of like restless and so my wife who was a banker approach me says well. Why don't you go started title company? Like what are you talking about? Oh my wife was a private banker which is now Bank of America and she used to go to the real estate closings for her clients and they had just passed along Virginia. That you didn't have to be an attorney to do real estate closings. She says you ought to start a title company because you know all about real estate. My mother was a very successful realtor in Houston Texas. And when we were stationed San Diego in the mid Seventies. She came to visit and said Dick. Once you get out of the Navy Moment helped me run my real estate company I say. I don't think I can do that right now. In one of the other problems handicapped daughter had down syndrome daughter. My wife was twenty two when my daughter was born and so I stayed initially in the navy because getting medical care because three existing conditions. I wouldn't be able to get medical insurance to cover the illicit my down's syndrome daughter. And then I discovered that if you stayed in the navy for retirement she would get a portion of my retirement income if I had died before her as one of the reasons I stayed in so when my mother said what should get out and come home. That was GONNA be a problem and almost got out oils first eligible to retire but didn't because that was right in the middle of the big savings and loan Brouhaha in the mid eighties and my wife was correct when she said you know while about real estate. Well I sort of but I didn't because I knew about the real decide I didn't know anything about title. And so she said I can hook you up with the paralegal. Does my closings and the two of you can see what you can work out. So I figured I could do anything I could figure it out. I did read the books. I was a quick study. I thought except there were no books and so we started the title company and pearly didn't know what I didn't know and quickly realized there were no policies no processes no procedures and so one of the things that really helped me more than anything else in the navy. But I was at the Atlantic Command as the j. One which is head of personnel for everybody in us. Atlantic Command doing this leadership training and one of the Nice things about the military was. I did get a lot of leadership training. And so they were going through this thing called. Total Quality Management Tq L. W. Edwards demming. And so being as the J. One they wanted to simplemente throughout the Atlantic Command and so I had the opportunity to tax ago to study under deming before he passed away so I learned total quality management physical process control. My degree is in statistics and operations research. And this kind of melded into who I am and what I am a so I actually taught tq. And when I started the title company and at Rhino or Sagan. I follow those fourteen points in. You know you asked me. What was my favorite book? The book by Jim. We're about out of the emperor's general thing that the book that probably helped me the most you'd like company was out of the crisis in those fourteen points about building in quality removing fear and has really been the heart and soul of what. I've done with running up title company and Rhino so the title company started in Nineteen Ninety eight right so again your mid fifties when you started that fifty five. Yeah yes I'm like you said there wasn't a lot of knowledge are for you to set this up. So how did you do in business like your first year and getting started? We did fairly well. We became very successful very quickly because I put processes and procedures in place. The only thing that I've had my wife Otilia the transition of leadership navy style. I can't tell you to do something I have to ask you something. Was that hard for you to do. Since you're in your mid fifties at that point yet it was I could imagine. It was extraordinarily different. When I walk into the room. Nobody would stand up and go attention. Ondeck alley anyone at the time. They wouldn't even acknowledge me. And in the Navy I had almost ten years in command I mean during Desert Storm. I had sixteen ships worked for me at one time. Definitely a different in your power and authority to I guess navy. They put this button on. Your right side commanded see started. A call at the is was but you is in you was so I definitely was and so that was hard. Did you get one of those stars to wait around the office to or no? No no no. You can't do that. Have the plaque with the little bells you know but I took that out of my office. Put up this little. I know WHO's in command? I'm not sure WHO's in control. But that was probably the hardest thing for me was adapting to the mindset in a change in culture but then again there were some things took me awhile quite frankly as I struggled with it in the beginning on the ship behind you to be successful and I really had a lot of problems in some ways and relating to people think operating particularly in the title company and particularly when I started building Rhino in Santa. Can't you explain it? Can you explain to me how this works? And what doesn't why this is important and I struggled with that and said did you get better at it. Over time is that what kind of made you successful over time here? I was when I started right now. Changing the industry's only had a balanced your books. Reconcile your bank accounts for a month and here comes. This guy decreases new to the game. He's coming out there and saying he shouldn't be doing it once. Money needed to be doing it every single day. You have to use these things called positive pay system that prevents the bank from cashing fraudulent checks. He needed to be using secure system. Listen will authorization for wires and separate computers because after that experience I had with the ups again the overnight being lost I started doing research of businesses and how they operate it and discovered that the big businesses and they were describing businesses as those dino Over five billion dollars a year in revenue. They use the sinkhole positive bay. They reconcile their accounts. Books on a daily basis. They had these checks and balances separation of authority. Well shoot in my little title company. Jahmai revenue was only a couple of three million dollars a year. But my Gosh I was putting seven or eight hundred million dollars a year through my escrow accounts and I was managing as much money as a big company but I was operating like a mom and pop shop. Anti title club did understand that there were a business. They thought they had until the end of the month fix their problems in the bank would make them whole again if there was a problem in the account but the wrecks and all of a sudden rules. They've really only had twenty four hours to correct. The problems in the bank was under no obligation to make them all because they provided them that information on a daily basis online so when you started the title company did it to grow slowly over time until you develop your own software. That's obviously when there is a change in two thousand four but if we kind of fast forward in our limited time here left. I'm just trying to figure out what your growth path was. Was it all easy? Once he started getting the business world and after he learned how to talk to people instead of directing them no actually. The title company became very very successful in fact. Rhino live was not the first software that I built within two or three years. I lost total control of my operation. That was the big refi booze and all that and we were right on the cusp of and I had no idea who had what file but the status closing was and so I said I need a system to help me manage my day to day operation so I built this thing called Cap Transaction Insurance Program so I was the first guy in the industry that I'm aware of that had this online transaction portal. Where I was scanning all my documents you could. Click on a hyperlink. The client could see what was going on with their real estate closing in I- internally a new who had what file and what was being done on dated a real time Biz status so I built tap ahead this document scanning and imaging system and by two thousand three I was paperless. Were nearly paperless in my office because of tap and so I was working on that when the whole genesis for Rhino really started with the positive pay check and that was in two thousand and three was the first time I had fraudulent checks shit by escrow account and it was detected only because my wife was a banker and her sister who would end up working with her for twenty eight years called one day and said what are you doing with all these duplicate number checks clear in your escrow account. I said Jackie that can't be reprinted checks. We can't say number twice. She says well it's happening. I said well senator checks look at them. They were fraudulent. Jacks and somebody had gotten one of my checks and started printing duplicates ex-oil shortly after that I went into Arizona and for the American landside. Liz sociation I had just joined the American Land Title Association and Their Guest Speaker that year was frank acknowle. Who wrote who was movie. Catch me if you can with Leonardo di Caprio and he talked about positive plan. That needs positive. I know what he was talking about and he said you have to have positive pay to protect you against check. Fraud slowly went back to the time my wife. Left Bank of America. She was at a Community Bank where she started the private banking division. So that bank and I went to the CEO who was had been her boss. Bank of America's this thing all positive pay and he said we're not GonNa do it so I went to another bank to get it only to discover that it didn't work this software that I had. I built it so now I was doing positive pay and I was being approached by the bank. That said. 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Obviously now hindsight's twenty twenty good thing that did happen to you. 'cause you're able to incorporate as positive pay and then if that was working obviously the banks would want your competitors the other title companies to do it as well so. I guess that's how you're able to become more of a software company and I guess sell license your software to these people and you say today sounds like thirty to forty percent of real estate. Transactions are done using your software. So it's quite amazing how you've come from the Navy to getting into the title business and coming more of a software business. Let's say five or six years after that so just looking back on your story especially the business heart what he thinks the hardest part of. What are some things again talking to people who are listening to your entrepreneurs want to grow their businesses? What's been the hardest part about doing this business implementation in your life for me? It was changing. The Paradigm Change will only occur when it can no longer be avoided. I think that was a damning statement getting the industry to change the understand. For several years I was an army of one dunk. Who proselytizing but I was supposed to and the thing that really made it for me was the financial meltdown in two thousand eight. And that's when the industry tanked will also in the title industry. A lot of people were putting their hand cookie jar because there really was no oversight on the escrow accounting and there was a near simultaneous failure to title insurance underwriters. One was southern title at Richmond. Virginia my home state and the other one was New Jersey title about at a New Jersey. They both failed because their agents were embezzling money out of their escrow accounts some people had defined the industry as a playground for criminals. You also had attorneys titled Fund of Florida called The fund. They had about eighty six million dollars. Embezzled they would have failed. Had Not old republic stepped in and acquired them and cropped them back up and so the National Association of Insurance Commissioners which is Fairly Supportive Association of all Mistake Commissioner Insurance that needs to look at matters affecting the entire insurance industry. And of course there's subcommittee for title a small one and their charter was looking at escrow. Thatched regulatory compliance and business practices and they were putting together an escrow white paper trying to determine what the industry standards should be because clearly it was working while I got invited to testify in August. Two thousand twelve and I had already been doing this presentation. It was standards the imperative for change and I just laid it all out toward advice and I said here's what you're doing. Here's why it's wrong. This is what you need to be doing. And this is the system some policies and practices that need to be put in place and essentially. That's what HAPP- that was what was adopted. In fact the American Land Title Association Adopts What they called Best Practices and their standards. They don't call out Rhino live. But if you read what you required to be doing it can really only be met by the use of byproduct because it's electric verification. Its financial transparency. It's real time not daily real time reconciliation of your accounts and we've saved fifteen players that I know of. I don't have a single client. That's paying more money than I've saved. An estimated has been the most rewarding thing. That's what I really working for. What did he even WANNA start? Taito business you'd have to ask my wife. She wanted you out of the house. I just wanted to do something that was going to be mine. I mean even the defense contracting beside created this program in fact that went to the local companies. I said hire me. I have this vision for a product. Hire me. I'll get it funded running a did that but it wasn't my product and when I became so successful they let me go because they didn't want to have to pay me all the money right. So did that light a fire underneath you to start your own thing. Yes I wanted something for me. Did he have plenty of money? Saved up did you have to work like what was the risk. Because I think what I'm pulling from. Your story is anyone who's listening to be. I think you're never too old to start a company or start your own thing really. You started your first one really at fifty five. Yeah sounds like so if you have any input or any thought process. I'm like okay. Maybe I didn't know how much money you had. Or maybe someone's listening doesn't have much money. And maybe they think they're too old and they might be thirty or something like that. Could you help anyone relate or like what your process was and how you're able to do it it was self funded not much to my wife? I was very successful title company every Penny I Made. I used to fund rhino. And even talk about this but I also fought David and Goliath if you remember the movie about the windshield wiper the guy who invented the various speed windshield wiper fiscal touched genius or something. I can't remember the name of the movie where he went to believe. It was Ford and said I've got this variable speed windshield wiper that you ought to be able to put on your cars and so even the great big contract and started a factory and is it called flash of genius flash of genius. That's it yeah thank you go. It's not me but that's good. Don't ruin it at all because I want everyone to watch it now. Looks like you got some good actors. I had one of those. I was a very successful titles. I had the largest. I was an agent. What are the national underwriters? I was there exclusive agent I was in business partnerships and so when I had this product called Rhino I went to them with the idea. And we had not slow agreements and all that other stuff and it's always two thousand eight. They lost two hundred eighty million dollars in two thousand seven from embezzlement and other problems. And I've been talking since two thousand and four about Rhino and they weren't interested and so in two thousand eight the approaching. We're interested in this and so we started to do the dance. And that was the head prostate cancer. They gave me a binding. Mou said sign on the dotted line. Of course. When I read my board looked at it and I said this is not they declined to work with me and very shortly thereafter told me that they had a company that did exactly what I did. They found which they did. Is THEY PIRATED? So we had to file suit and batteries two million dollars by the time. We got through all of that in two thousand fifteen. I was in deep and seven figure but it wasn't an option and it was David and Goliath and I was the only excecutive from the company. I was army a one and really took it's toll and it was only after I came through that we prevailed but it's kind of like a pyrrhic victory because you dig two graves than it was able to truly be unsuccessful as able to hire other people and they were people told me you're crazy. Nick and I said the thing is believe in yourself. Failure is not an option. Look within yourself strength. Get back up after you get knocked down. If it was easy everybody was GONNA do it. But at the end it was hard work. They were nights. When I first got started where I didn't come home at night. I was working effect the janitor the building where we were at our offices on my wife would come in and said you got to do something about you gotta relax them as part of why. I am where I am right out. I finally got relaxed and finally be successful and the people of my product. I mean one of my favorite tagline has Craig Haskins Library title. We did a little testimonies three things. I look for in warning my First Cup of coffee. The Wall Street Journal and my Rhino morning report but the whole key is people. I haven't even talked about people to me. Like people are my passion. I have a core of very loyal people who been with me my two developers John and Jay Dee developers hop around they've been with me for twelve and fourteen years. Stephanie Davis Manager Product Manager. She knows the product better than me and Deborah. Who is my comptroller? They've got my back. We are a flat organization. Everybody has an we work profitsharing. Everybody in the company gets same bonus. I don't care if an entry level support person or your department had all get the same bonus and we pull all the departments together so you break down the barriers and so the bonuses are based on performance of all three departments together and so everybody is helping one another make the barriers and try and put people in golden handcuffs. We Love Dogs in the office. Have Pizza Bays all enemies and it's awesome lunar we started the company Gomez. She's a six Sigma Black Doll. She's not my son who Sarah and being the boss's son US early been hard for him but he's blessed he's taking over the sales and marketing company doing great things. I'm only as good as the people that are behind me and the fact that I can come to Hawaii for three months and not miss a beat with the company says it all so in two thousand fifteen you talked about having file also The only guy left in the company. Because that's the only part. I was a little confused by. I was the only executive at that time. I think we're four or five of us. Gotcha you talking about the developers and you said a couple of been with you for about fifteen years or so and then tells what happened with that lawsuit. Were you able to actually make money from it? And I didn't make money. We were ready to go to court and fortunately because I had it will go to journeys. I think it'd been in Norfolk and the rocket docket and like two weeks before they were supreme court ruling about Bissett methods patents because I did rhinos patented they challenge the patent was and that was going to drag things out for another couple of years. I couldn't deal with it so we just settled out of court. It was going to be too difficult to be burned through all of the money. And it's an anyway and you'd probably burn through light. Just yeah I mean. I was working all day in the company visit. How much money did it cost you to do? All that to court over two and a half million dollars how much it cost. You will not raise the money but it's gotTa be repaid. So that's what you're talking about. You went in debt is because of this rate. So was it all worth it. Yeah Dat is yeah. It is the lawsuit. I wish there was some other way to have done it. Sounds like it obviously. I think that's everyone's business owners less worry like that's the last thing you want to deal with because it's already hard enough to manage people run a business much less at lawsuit onto it and then you only touch on briefly said in the beginning. He had cancer three times. You said you had a daughter with down syndrome as well. I lost her in two thousand and five. So right when you started basically in a dead fast in two thousand nine lifestyle. A couple of a challenge. It hasn't been easy you just persevere and push through I've been married for fifty four years chuckling says there's no logical reason we're still married. Yeah I've been looking back on your whole story. Sounds like it's one of obviously perseverance. A No we didn't dive into much of the details but I didn't think it was really necessary as much because you've got a broad spectrum of experience but looking back on it. Is there any words of wisdom again for any entrepreneur? Who's listening right now? I think it's important to believe in yourself. Make sure you've got a good. Cpi Good banker darn good lawyer so things set up properly and then I chose to self fun. I never had anybody looking over my shoulder. I liked that. There are those who want to go out and raise money and use other people's money and for those reasons but so that's pros and cons. Would we be probably but would be success? Oh the profit margin of our company is phenomenal so I can say and nicer last sorts always them. If you'RE GONNA have a real say closing make sure you use rhino software. Yeah whoever the title company is alive. We've saved clients. Millions of dollars in the interesting part was our very first client. That was a law firm at Virginia Beach. And when we did the training back then we used to go to the officers do train outsold Internet based but we went into training and the next day the Paralegal who managing the restaurant counts. Didn't come to work. And she was at fifteen year employees coming to work work. The longest hours didn't take vacation data and other was on a Friday. Come to work in the next weekend. The following Monday. She wasn't there either and they began worried. She's a woman in her early fifties caller foul call her cellphone. She didn't answer. That went by our apartment. It was empty. They plugged Rhino. Live in Bang immediately. They realized that she'd been embezzling at that point out of that account one hundred fifty three thousand dollars. I thought it was just going to be something in balance the books I had never looked at it as the way the catch rock. We prevented check fraud. We've prevented wire fraud. We prevented cyberfraud caught embezzling employees bank errors. It's in effect right now. We do. This program call ran alive because it's in sociology with L. Anti State. We solicit input from our clients and overwhelmingly. They love our product. In fact they will just say that was the only does what it says it's GonNa do. Thanks again for coming on and sharing your story and think it's been very interesting one if anyone. Richard wanted to say thank you for doing. The podcast is their best way for them to reach out. And say thank you either through. Text me or call me at seven. Five seven five three six nine thousand nine hundred fifty nine texting is probably the easiest best way or Dick Dot Are Assess at R Y H DOT COM. Thanks again for coming on and sharing your story and I guess if people work in Tex- you or call your whatever price like you said text first but be open to any entrepreneur. Who might want to talk to you about like growing their business or is it is specific. Like would you rather them email you? I could. I just WANNA make sure. If you're you're you're number that we make sure that people are asking random stuff that we make sure we get someone that you can actually help. They're probably a best. I will respond to everybody. Let's put it that way. Thank you for coming on and sharing your story and again being a appreciative of your time and having the opportunity to go ahead and help these other entrepreneurs learn from your story. So thanks again. Dick Austin thanks a lot. Thank you so much for allowing me the Opportunity Sheriff Right. Thank you have a good rest of your vacation now there. We'll do millionaire interviews even though you're probably one right now while listening to this podcast this very second. You're actually listening with thousands of other listeners. All around the globe and if you'd like to connect with those listeners all around the globe or maybe you want to ask one of our guests a question about their episode. Well then check out our facebook group to search for millionaire interviews. Podcasts ASTA the Wego Baby.

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"It's all shit. It's all just I'm gay politics. America's got in kinda wack, but we're not going to let it go down like that. Because we've got a dumb gay podcast Adum gay political podcast. We probably don't have all the facts. But we got opinions and we'll probably backtrack. That's why it's a dumb gay podcast Adum political podcast. It's all it's all shit. Social, it's all shit. I mean, I don't know. I I am. Of this shit is the. Us this shit. Is Trump t- argue MPA? What I don't know. I don't even know. Hello, everybody. Welcome to dumb, gay politics. I am Julie. And this is the podcast where we talk about politics. Like, we're talking about reality TV it's nine eleven nine eleven so it is nine eleven and I will say not in a in a any manner. Just manner of saying one does remember where they were on nine eleven. That's the only thing you seem to remember. Because that is the guy asked you like where you were. I'm like we were trying to figure something out. And I was like, oh, we'll where were you when you know, like the Orlando shooting happened of like all the gays and the club like I have no idea. I'm doing fuck that like you're gay like, I remember the moment. Exactly what I found out that happened. I was like holy fuck. No, I don't I don't I don't know. And I don't know the only place. I remember where I was when it happened was nine eleven well, the only good thing about nine eleven, and it is a keeps on giving are the people who get caught lying. They were involved. Oh, yes. The old. The old my X Y Z was killed in nine eleven. So then we find out that you know, they were there, and you ran out. Yeah. Just like sure just they're Spock. It's welcome. Yes. Through the years. It started from I ran out of the tower, and then at says somebody might probe and be like, well, I was in Brooklyn. But I saw the tower hacker whatever and that one famous comedian. Yeah, there's so many people that have gotten caught and it's just baller, and I love it. Well, let's talk about what we really care about patriots. Happy patriotic patriots and happy Rosh Hashanah. 'cause that's right. I mean, not for nothing. It is the Jewish new year. So have your apples, and Honey and that started two days ago. Yes. And as we say, a happy and healthy, you know, and as you taught me a long time ago. This is the most important Jewish holidays. Rosh Hashanah into Yom Kippur is the that's the main one those are the high holidays. That's why they call them high holidays, and those are the ones that any Jew who isn't religious. We'll go we'll go and deal with. Well. I can let everyone know we Julie bought apples, and Honey, but we didn't end up beating them, but I can let you know this. We did get high. So you know, what I think it was approp-, and you can let your mom, no, Phyllis happy Jewish new year. We didn't eat the apples, and Honey, but we did get high. Okay. I did get pickles to we had some of those. Yeah. Those were good. Yeah. The half hour. And if you're wondering the best pickle to have as a half sour pickle. It's the crunchy and the most forescent so Jewett up. Okay. But anyway for Russia Shawna, we want to give the gift that keeps on giving. Which is of course, the patriot. And we want you to give it to us your money in order in order for us to continue doing the podcast. We have to keep doing the patriot. Because that is what keeps us paying our bills rat this moment, and though we do try and get other work. No one seems to on higher us. So that's how it's gotta go. I mean, I have some weird right now. Like, I this like I can't even really describe I need the patriot. And to like go up like so high like, I'm just like why won't this fucking go up higher? Well, it's like trying to you know, why am I not being invited to the cool parties or whatever. Like, right, like, I need to be, you know, more. Like, why can't I? Get a raise I think. But maybe. Yeah, right now, I have Sesing over it for some reason. Like right now, I'm just like I need that to shoot up like, well, we figured it out. How much does maybe that's fine. Maybe that we're looking at Dublin the numbs, you know, what I mean? Well, yeah. Exactly what Angie Knox always tells us to say is that or to promote is that we're about halfway there. But when we get three thousand patron, yes, we will add an extra hour because you get for one dollar you get an hour podcast. And if when we get to three thousand patrons, and we're about halfway there. We will add another extra hour for free. So you will get for one dollar. You'll get two hours a week. Right. And it's separate podcast to we're not just going to roll it for two hours. And then be like, good luck with that. But our. The people who do support us and the people who do care have sent us some some carrying loving gifts. The people who love and care about us on the patriot. And the friends have sent us some treats and want someone who's not a friend. But who's an actual sixty best e brother? Send us gifts. Even though he lives down the road. But I mean, I that was and it was in a big box. And I had no idea. I had no Johnny is. He's the tits. You know? What? I mean. He really is. He's the post. I take a big with you know, he he's he's we love him Jonny McGovern. Listen to his podcast. That's right. Hot tea K Queen hot tea. Go go watch his. Yeah. It's called. Hey queen. Yeah. And then, but also he has a podcast called hot tea, and we used to be on his podcast called the of all time for years and years and years and years, and he goes hunting for you us the game a podcast you taught us the game. The the student has now moved on to become nothing. A teacher's aide. That's right. They'll the student exactly soon. So he came in a big box and any so one of the things that he so he gave us both each gifts. Yes. In back separate bag right now, you wanna go. I know I think you should. Okay. Well, he he sent me a belated birthday present. Which was so nice. I mean, he that is so thoughtful, and Johnny I know I don't get anything. You need to add it that just get to it. He sent a card that said as your as you celebrate your belated one hundredth birthday, which is true. And then he crossed out the where he wrote over the words that are already written on the card. It's like you've arrived at remarkable milestone, and he just in purple robe, blah, blah, blah. It says that online said happy birthday, and then he wrote the personal note, which I'm not gonna read. Oh, that's nice. So that was very nice. And then it was just like skittles and pot ped- sour the bulls, which we are so goddamn sour they burner Tanya. We had already called warheads or something had an obsession. Right. It was in the summer, which was funny. Yes. So that was so he's he is really listening and he got a Louis Vitton. Yes. Sweatshirt red hooded pullover. Honey, that is cute. Very cute akara. Wait till the weather gets chilly. So I can wear it. I was already needed to wear it since you got your new air conditioner. Okay. So for me, it says sending are carrying wishes during this difficult time, then he wrote when you in your. Feelings blah, blah, blah. And I'm going to read my St. girl, you are a nigga wrapped in a riddle wrapped in Kristen Cavalieri. I don't know what exactly you are going through. But know that I love you. And I'm here for you. If you need me this hat was meant for you to rock during the summer, but hopefully, we can say it's a resort item. Last a little Lemaire. Always chairs me up chairs. Cheers me up love, Johnny. So he got me like a little thing of Lemaire, which is baller a Dexsa. Tim, objects, trim diet, energy drinks. Yes. And a white Balenciaga hat that I'm wearing right now. No, like anymore more white hat after Labor Day. Well, that's what Johnny said he said he got to be like, it's a resort item. Oh, what that meant. Yeah. God. I do not know the rules. I do not know the do not because I'd be when white pants right now. Okay. So then Jen Galvan and Stephanie Davis census like a super sweet letter, and they made stickers their like a kind of like a bumper sticker style sticker. Yes. Uh-huh. That started says dumb gay politics. Really ready? You look farm-to-table you're going to be to table a classic quote Andy how and they and says politics, Jillian, brandy, and and they gave us the they send us like a bunch. And I think they sent them around to like other. Oh, they did like patriotic vans or whatever else up. So that's really sweet that they distributed them. Yeah. This is this is the shit. We should do for like the words on patriot Mike, we should just make these and be like here you go. Oh my God. Who should do patriot awards? No. I mean the rewards. Like, oh, I thought you said a words that I loved that idea kind of awards. Would it like boasts commenter? Okay. Oh, yeah. Best that would require work that we're not going to do then Ashley writer who is. Absolutely. Well, this bitch would get like, oh, the shit like we fucking love you Ashley love visages. I mean, she straight up red someone on their so hard, and she's just great and hilarious, and like absolutely one of our faves, and she's she sent a picture for the bulletin board. And it's like a collage. That's it's a four. It's a Quadra. What do you call the quad, collide collage? And it's so I wanted to know actually, what you didn't say, and you're like hilarious description of the pictures. What your daughter's name is. Yes, I need to know what your baby's name. So and Johnny her baby is dressed up like Sophia from the golden girls for Halloween and so. Johnny would like completely. Appreciate that. And I just want to read you the end her letter is so funny. Yes, just she's just amazing. So it's love you guys. Hope hope you're feeling a little better after vacation. And as FIA says anger is a lot like a piece of shredded wheat caught under dentures. If you leave it there, you get a blister. And you gotta eat jello all week. No. Thank you. Mr. Cosby, if you get rid of it the sore heels, and you feel better and then she said, but so feel also said sluts just heal quicker. So there's. Actually, so Ashley's going right on man. So glad we have a pick of her and her gorgeous, baby. And in fact, her mom and dad, and I guess like, I guess maybe probably her husband right here. I'm assuming zone, right? I hope she's not even married. I hope that's just her baby. Daddy. So then we got a card with some pictures in it from just Mahan, and she I guess made this, I don't know. I like homemade and it says, brandy western screech owl. So if anyone's listen to the patriot you'll know, and I don't need to even explain it here. But you'll know brandy the so it says Julian brandy, here's my pick. And also, including a picture of my rescue pups, poppy left like the flour and kell, right? Like one half of the Nickelodeon duo since their longtime listeners to love you love your show, just Mahan you pronounce it right on the podcast. So she sent to pictures, and it's done the dogs are. Yeah. Adorable, and you I mean now we have a lot of people in their animals. It's really sweet. And she's so sweet we have her picture, and we're going to have all we gotta keep this together. 'cause I got a label. That shit with the label maker. Oh, that's right. So here's a keep going up there. Okay. So then a card and a pick for the bulletin board. They labeled there's okay, a mom and daughter name Reagan, and savannah and Julie's in the pick. I mean bonus points for actually sending. Like Antione needs to mail us. The one onus bonus is me Andrey. So it's like because because I mean, let's be really want our picture on it the most we're going to get really making a conscious effort in the next year to do more live podcasts and to be traveling together. So hopefully, the pictures won't just be of me. They'll be of me and you together. Yeah. Well, I'm Andy only has one of us with her. Yeah. So and that's just from a club. So yeah, make sure you get those that'll be special thing. Reagan and savannah are fucking adore like adores dot goddamn org. So. This is a really really I like this letter. So I'm just gonna okay. All right. So dear Julie and brandy. We first met you on people's couch, and you instantly became our faith do on the show finding you again on GP was beyond amazing. Especially in the sad political time, you bring us a voice we need. So smart. So real joining patriotic was a not joining patriot was a no brainer. We both tell all our friends about the show savannah is away at school. But chatting about your shows as part of our way to catch up. Howard classes school's going. Okay. Oh my God. Did you hear brandy? The owls and a road trip from Saint Pete to Orlando to see. Julia showed the venue was everything you both are amazing. Thank you for what you do. Hope you enjoy the stickers. You two are the best our love Reagan and savannah Stevens comeback, central Florida. We have seagulls. So I will work on it. And that made us start crying guys because we love mom daughter. Oh, my gosh it, and they sent us stickers that say, so if you look farm-to-table you're going to be farm-to-table, hashtag GP. I mean, can you believe I can't stickers with that? And these are. Because they're in circles. So you could literally like put it on. I'm gonna put it on the guitar too small ones. So put both on the Qatar Kentucky. But I guess that must've been the funniest goddamn thing. I ever said we can put those on the file cabinet too. Because now we have to stem like is that the I know should I should I just call it. Now, should I just retired shit? No shit who's going to license that out. I was going to license it. Okay. Well. That's it. Oh, that's it for like, the sweet sweet. I thought like when we started getting these for bulletin board. I was like it's gonna kinda suck like just getting pictures and not getting presents. But you know, it hasn't it's been so great because I like the letters are really like I love it. I can't wait on we fill the bulletin board. And we were talking about the other day someday. When we have a studio when we're really just when it's on fire, or maybe this room who knows we're gonna make a wall would exer- the pictures overflow passable to board. We're just going to start putting it gets wallpaper. Yeah. So it's going to be pictures of all people who listen. So it'd be fourteen pictures, fourteen pictures, and I can't wait. So get your pictures in the mail and now it's time to eight by time for this shit storm. Put up on the wall. Shit off of the wall down on the floor in a glass bowl. Take some books. Put up on the wall. Lying around. On me. Hand you have to walk with it. I have to get a stick is not the first time you've had on your hand. I get it on my end every day. Almost every day a baby a newborn baby who has the wipe. It's own diaper. That's what it's like. No, my life this week, the Trump shit storm perfectly encapsulates, the reason we do this podcast. So listen closely. It's so juicy and so and so utterly king meaningless. And we love it. I love it. So goddamn hard. Okay. So on Wednesday. The New York Times published an anonymous op-ed from a senior White House official. They just quotes love saying that in who went savage on Trump so shout out to JJ again for hooking us up with her New York Times password or we wouldn't have been able to read the fucking okay, no shit. So the senior white official. Who's been called anonymous now or a monogamous Manama? None none and move. You should look up the Trump the Trump's speech where he said, then is an unknown unin in the Minoan. And then this numb. I mean, it's literally like. And it's worth watching. So basically said that there's a faction of people working in the White House who are going against Trump behind the scenes in order to protect America and Republican ideals. That's so gross. It is so gross. And if I need one more time conservatives think that they're free thinkers, and the people who are molding this country my throw up in that that this op-ed. That's exactly so the article point says that the problem with Trump is that he's amoral is that he say that. Uh-huh. That's how I would say. Okay. Or I'll go morale. Oh, and that he has no discernible values to guide his decision making saying this is with articles that is why Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting, Mr. Trump's more misguided impulses until he's out of office. So the writer the senior white official brags about the good things. The administration has accomplished a quote affective deregulation, historic tax reform, a more robust military and more. But these successes have come despite not because of the president's leadership style, which is impetuous adversarial petty and ineffective. I do like that part. Yeah. I mean, I like the word petty and the amount of shit talking that has gone on about Trump this week. I mean, it's so much more to come. So the whole point of the op-ed is summed up with this. I think the whole point. Is right here. Yeah. It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era. But Americans should know that there are adults in the room. We fully recognize what is happening, and we are trying to do. What's right? Even when Donald Trump won't even though you voted for him yet. Fuck. So this whole op-ed. Yeah. Really bugged me. Yeah. You know what? I mean. Of course, like oh. Are you doing the oh, are you? You're are you a hero? Are you a hero? Are you a fucking savior? Are you the Jesus Christ? Because you're you're you're with fucking Judas who you voted in right? And you're keeping keeping their and you're staying employed by so, you know, what here's my op Ed opinion, I'm gonna put in the New York Times deer. Monotonous senior staff might go. Fuck yourself. Exactly love. Julie and brandy. Yeah. Good. I'm glad you included me. Like in the in the in the op-ed, he goes on to say like that there's been there was all these whisperings like months ago, which we remember about invoking the twenty fifth amendment, right? Like that thing when you're peach the begins the articles of impeachment for the president because he's unstable. It's like you you have to show that an unstable mentally on. Right. Whatever it, and I mean, we know is we've now we know he's like a functioning illiterate. Right. He's I mean, he's everything he does around. Does. It doesn't understand anything. Nobody can they have to he eats paper reasons. He doesn't know what's going on. He's he's a Bob puzzling. I mean, he's yes, he's so I guess they were that was the thing that was everybody was trying to make happen. But the are the non Mus writer, then goes on to say that that now has been I'm sure Mitch McConnell located. Oh, it was gonna very complicated, and it's a very complicated process that we don't want to have to deal with. So we think it's better. Oh, and we don't want to cause a constitutional crisis. Yeah. By by invoking, the twenty fifth amendment. Meanwhile, it's like you're not you're not there is no crisis because that's the amendment exists. Not. There's no crisis. There's no constitutional crisis. The only crisis is that you would impeach and get rid of the president. And that Mike Pence would be president. That'd be the crisis. Right. And I fuck yourself. Yes. So I think Mitch McConnell put a full stop to it. Because he's like, no you're crew. He wants in there. They'll do your. We're all go. So the whole thing is like why write it what? And it's like, I think you're right. Writing it because you want you want to have a job after this on of you will know, none. I dunno anyhow who's hiring them. Well, the coke brothers will hire them or some gross. And it's like, so it's like here's the deal. Here is the straight team isn't like this isn't like that groundbreaking for probably anybody who's who watches the news. But it will be to you. So okay. So in the I thought when I heard it. Okay. Yes. The second. I read the second. I even heard about the op-ed because let's be real. We didn't even read that shit till today. But I honestly also also the words op Ed don't ever come out of. Yeah. So I just heard about it on the news. And when I heard it was like the the bullet points. I was like, oh, I think Mike Pence did it the whole time. I thought it was Mike Pence because I feel like he wants because we already know that scare Mucci and fuck in a what's his face alone. Does yet Corey Lewandowski were put into Mike Pence. Yes. Like cabinet. Yes. To keep an eye because I'm going around campaigning. He's trying to well as we learned from watching the news today. Mike Pence talks to God. And God told Mike Pence that God wants him to be president. So he will do anything to be president because becoming president is God's will. And it doesn't matter. How he gets there? It's just him getting there. And that's that's how he is. That's where his morality is coming from. And even in the in the op-ed. It's like there's a fuck it mention of like, there's no moral compass. I mean, the moral coming, but it's like he has nothing guiding him or whatever morality talk. Yeah. So it's like the whole time in the whole tone. So then, and I just I just felt like we know he he he will not get even in like whatever and in in twenty twenty if they try to stage some coup where he becomes a candidate even know if that's possible. But like nobody's going to happen because he's a fucking hypocrite who's sitting there, and he looks like a hypocrite. So at that point it will then be revealed, right? Like, it was me that wrote that I've been here. So that he then is the savior to everyone. All right Bill. Thank god. Mike Pence was there. So get this already thought that now get this shit. So at the end of the op-ed, it says, we may no longer have Senator McCain, but we will always have his example, a lodestar for restoring honor to public life, and our national dialogue turns out, sweetie. Mike Pence, the only person on the planet who uses the word lodestar and there's fucking montage of him using it constantly. Yeah. And I was like oh my God. I fucking guest home. Oh my God. I didn't date someone else. This lodestar veasley. I didn't crack, but I thought it was Mike Pence from the beginning. And then when and then when I go like this lodestar thing, I was like boss, so check this out. Okay. Okay. So hopefully this. Continues to be the lodestar of for by the way, two thousand five two thousand five him saying that the first one of us speaker that the lodestar of the two thousand one we'll making process it. Twenty eighteen that's going to continue to be a lodestar. Jack's lodestar as our God store. It really was to lodestar. God really who the fuck? First of all, are you as your mind blown all what mine is blown? Secondly. If there's why Lisa Vander pumps next gay club needs to be called boats are darling. I mean, the fact that somebody named a gay bar lodestar. You should probably call yourself now. I've never heard that phrase before I've never heard that word. I need to look up. Even what it means. I don't even know what it means. I'm thinking, it's just a star this binges. Don, I don't understand it is. And so and he's now since two thousand five and he sang in one thousand one who nobody else has ever said that no one's ever even heard of the goddamn word, and it's like heats then tried to say because people are putting things out. And by the way for tell you this Nancy Pelosi when they ask her there like right away. They're like who do you think wrote the anonymous thing she's like, oh, she goes, my she goes so Nancy Pelosi when they ask her. Who they who? She thought wrote the anonymous thing she's like at a press conference or whatever her. She's like my first thought was that. It was a vice-president fucking good. Yeah. So then so now, of course, people are like ask him about it. And he's like, I don't know. I think somebody used that word to try to like set me up and make it seem like it's me. And it's like, no, Honey, nobody would have ever looked up that were now. And by the way that word in. It's like God. It makes perfect sense. The word lodestar. I hope this is the name of episodes star is two things. One a star that leads or guides like the north star or to one that serves as an inspiration model or guide. So I think he fucking thinks. He's Jesus Christ many definitely is trying to set it up. So that every single person isn't like get your hypocritical. Fucking like like. While the fact that it was in the New York Times is like. You know, they all hate the New York Times because it's liberal in its New York and his New York elite, and blah, blah, blah, blah and Mike Pence, Mr. fuckin-, I mean gay conversion therapy fucking. Mommy, mama mother sends that to the New York Times is even in itself hypocrites. It'll oh completely and just pieces issue naked fucking ambition. He will start out. Luckily, nothing he thinks it's God. And he'll stop at nothing in. Now, he wants to cover his ass for all the people like me. And you were that are like get the fuck out of our face and everyone who has zero interest. It's like your Trump up Trump's butthole, and you can go live up there and get out of our face. Nobody's interested in anyone in that administration ever again ever. And he's now being like I fucked my career, and it's like, yeah. You did you should've fucking cared about Jesus when he asked you to be his running mate, you should have been like. Oh, hell no dog. Yeah. Okay. So now, it's time for the tip to tip of the iceberg. This. This. This week. Bob Woodward released the book and the revelations in it are not only insane. But after the what was said in the New York Times up. Ed, we can definitely assume that the shit is just the tip of iceberg. I mean, it's nothing but Trump shit talking at this point. So I mean, it's the tip of the shit's Burke. I know that. So the stuff said in the book is alarming and crazy, and it's so fucking over the top. But if I believe that if anyone else wrote it, I don't think I think in people even believe well, yeah. Well, it's like Omarosa wrote that book, and I'm sure everyone never wants to write her off and say she was iron period guy. Right. Like what everybody, but this guy. Bob Woodward Woodward, for those of you out there who don't know is famous ass Pulitzer prize winning journalist who has worked at the Washington Post for like one hundred fifty fucking year. Right. And most importantly, it was him and Carl Bernstein that broke the Watergate story which ultimately led to Nixon being forced to resign right now. He's credible. And I couldn't be a better person to release a book like this. It's called fear Trump in the White House love that title. I think that's about title so far fear. Yeah. Any says that people need to wake up to what's going on in the Oval Office. Oh my God. Thanks can by the book depicts the White House as a Byzantine treacherous out of control operation held hostage by impulsive, ill, informed, and undisciplined president. I mean, I want to put that as a sticker. Yeah. So I guess Bob Woodward interviewed tons of aids. And senior officials and he definitely put in a request interviewed dump Trump himself through Kellyanne Conway old scarecrow made an executive decision not to give the request directly to Trump. But probably John Kelly who L whoever else is on the team called Trump is crazy and cannot be allowed to Bob Woodward. A may decided not to inform Trump of the interview requests that said Woodward said he interviewed over a hundred people and some of the key people he interviewed as many as nine times one person who said had like eight hundred into the trap transcribe interviews. One person alone was eight hundred pages my top to so many people. He started interviewing before the transition. Let me before the inauguration. Probably during the transition whatever during the inauguration. So some highlights. After a conversation about a standoff with North Korea. Defense Secretary mad dog Jim Mattis told colleagues the president acted like and had the understanding of fifth or sixth grader is fucking up this. Yeah, I'm Bob Woodward said that like being the like. Pulitzer prize winning journalist, he is that an all these hundreds of people there isn't one thing in the book like especially these things that are in quotes that wasn't cross-reference by like three different people in the interviews. That's crazy. You know, what I mean because he was writing off the op-ed because he's probably don't try to steal my mother fucking thunder. Right. But he's like this shit these quotes these would come from three different people who aren't even they're not even in the same room so corroborated after crop. Corroborating. So. At one point Trump's aid. Be aids became so worried about his judgment that Gary Cohn. The chief economic adviser at the time, and he's in the book a ton to like at this point. It's like Gary Cohn, and that fucking wife beater, rob porter area better like pretty much on every single page. They both don't work there anymore and Trump is like over the top pissed at them. And supposedly he's about to come for like rob porter like all talking about the white offering. Yup. Because he's super pissed because they obviously were concerned about that. So he he took a letter. This is what he said he took a letter from Trump's Oval Office desk authorizing the withdrawal of the US from a trade agreement with South Korea. Trump was like wanted to sign the letter and withdraw from the trade agreement. And so he swipes it off the desk and Trump never realized it, and then that became like a thing they would try and do just moved thing. Just so he'd forget, you wouldn't even know because he didn't care. No. And he doesn't he'll be like about to sign like, let's fuck NAFTA. And they're like taking it in highlight. Like literally like. That was like a huge thing in the book supposedly, I mean. Okay. Well, so John Dowd. Trump's former attorney told Woodward that he did some mock questioning with Trump to prepare them for to testify in the Muller investigation. But ultimately, he concluded that Trump can never ever be allowed to testify talk to Muller at all because he literally cannot tell the truth, John donnas, quoted calling Trump, a professional liar. I mean, he literally they're doing mall questioning like he's like and it ended up with Trump like like throwing like a raging fit. And he's like, this is all you know, this is a witch hunt. There's no collusion throws fit. And literally, Gary, I mean, John Dowd like you can't even talk to Muller because he can't say a sentence without lying, and he's going to immediately. He's going to perjure himself in its around. Yeah. Would I mean right immediately? So so I guess the thing is going to be like, Ken Muller. Subpoena him can they force him to testify? Yeah. Somehow, the motherfucker, and that's probably what the stormy Daniels thing when they like sued about that stuff. Somebody needs to get the guy. On the stand like the Bill Clinton because he will. And then it's like by girl immediately by girl, please God. So the chief of staff John Kelly, whose he's a fucking asshole. Anyway. But who cares? He called the White House crazy town in a meeting. And then said, I don't know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I've ever had. And then he vented about Trump around the Whitehouse calling him unhinged an idiot and off the rails on hinged Omarosa. Yep. Title. Yup. Also John Kelly year off the fucking rails. Yeah. Go fuck yourself. They alter all have this like, they think they're heroes. They. They're martyr heroes. Right. But you voted him in. It's your fault. So I don't want to hear about here. You're a hero and you're sticking around. And you're making it. Okay. For everyone. You wanted him to be president? And he's your phone. He's unhinged. Go and vote the twenty fifth amendment being a fucking clinically your L. He's unhinged. He's crazy. You have a fit all of you are enabling a professional liar. An idiot person who's unhinged a person who's off the rails a person who has the mentality of a fifth or sixth grader that is the president in your allowing that to keep happening. You got all kill yourself, and they should all go and vote. I mean, even. Mattis is like the motherfucker like he'd be like, why are we sending so much money over there? I don't want to like like south, South Korea. Wherever like, I'm done spending money on those troops. And he's like, why are we even doing that? And he's like to prevent World War three and like, Bob Woodward's. Like, I've I've never liked the guy is like not I can't believe that someone's sitting in the White House. This disconnected from reality. Right. Like, he doesn't even understand he's controlling whether or not there's a World War. He's fucking beyond just walking around thinking. He's running Trump Tower right now, just like a business, and everyone who wants him thinks that they're going to get their jobs back and nothing no consequences for many thing in the world doesn't exist and only your town exists and only your it's just like. Yeah. Supposedly, Trump called attorney general Jeff Sessions, mentally retarded and a dumb southerner, and he called White House chief of staff rancid cubes, former White House chief of staff rancid cubes a little rat that scurries around. Well, that is true. That one is true. That's true. Okay. So this one I like definitely loved so his so then there's Gary Cohn. He that guy wanted to resign after Trump praised the white crunch rap supreme writes in Charlottesville, so Trump, babe. So Trump said you can't resign. I need you to tax reform. If you leave this is treason, so Trump ultimately talked and that's in quotes Trump ultimately talked out of resigning. So when cone walks out of the meeting John Kelly goes up to him, and he literally Gary Cohn wrote this fucking down on a piece of paper and had it like right after he said, he literally wrote it down John Kelly goes if that was me I would have taken that resignation letter and shoved it up his ass six different times. Wow. When and Gary I'm writing that down and like, meanwhile, you're still working for him John Kelly, and that's why you're a piece of ships ISA shit. His Gary Cohn was out of there. And you know, what we know what eventually had him get out of there. Someone put a fucking swastika and his daughters dorm room, I got but he wanted he was so offended after the crunch rap supremists and fucking Trump and Mike supreme. Yeah. So maybe that's the title. I love cruncher agreements. So this like, so he he was like beyond offended, and I guess he I guess he was there for the historic tax. Form that everybody's so Vulcan happy about who cares. The tha the store tax reform is not helping anyone now. Good for fucking you. And I'm glad you all help deregulate every single thing. So we can dull die faster. And. Yeah. More people can get toxic shock syndrome from keeping tampons inside them too long or just drink water or drinking water just doing anything. Just you know, like, okay. So some of our listeners know that I'm like a vitamin Queen. Okay. And I just discovered this of super awesome company called care of. And they send you your vitamins and individually packed like packages in the mail. So I have always, you know, put all my vitamins in ziplock bag, hundreds of them. It's a total pain in the a, and I can't even deal with it. And now, I don't have to because I can go online order my vitamins from care of you, take this quiz ask you all the questions of like your health goals and your lifestyle choices and x y z and then they recommend vitamins for you. But you might already. Oh, the vitamins you want, and then you pick your vitamins put him in shop shopping car, and they mail them to you individually, wrapped sealed, and if any view are vitamin people like me, you know, you don't want your vitamins to hit the air you want your vitamins out of the air. That's right out of the air. Like, you're an astronaut taking vitamins, and they are and not only do they have the vitamins, but they also have these things called quick stick powders that can be added to your monthly delivery for an extra easy boost. Whenever you need it like, energy or sleeping or you want to distress. And it's awesome. You put it in water stir it up Bloomberg com. You're done right now. We're on extra batteries, which is why we seem to crack out. We have a lot of energy. That's right. So for twenty five percent off of your first month of personalized care vitamins. Visit take care of dot com and enter promo DIGI p. That's right. Twenty five percent off your first month of personalized care vitamins. Visit take care of dot com and enter promo DIGI GP. Really good. Hey, good job. Yeah. Good job guys. And you know what? Thanks. Bob woodward. Now, it's time to speaking of supreme head on over to the supreme court street. Can you tell me how to get how to get to supreme ac- street to get to white supremacy street to get to sue prem- court street crunch drips, Precourt street? Yeah. I saw your mic work there. You started away real singer. And then you wanted to go in the like why she she really point? It was good. You know what I mean? Just like that. All right. Well, so amidst all the gay drama going on in the White House. We are about to get saddled with a racist sexist bible beater for the next thirty years on the supreme court, and this shit is not, you know, the Democrats in the Senate are really trying their fucking hardest to come for Brett breakfast. And while the should is endlessly, entertaining, I feel like there's nothing anyone can do. And I gotta say the guy is in credibly unlikable. And I promise you dead series. When I say this him getting on the supreme court scares me more than Troy. Being president agreed because he's smarter. And he also not only is he so unlikable in disgusting. He's everything that we know about him from his things that he's written in op EDS from magazines and his decisions and everything he believes that for whatever reason that the president should have supreme power that the executive power the the courts don't have anything to do with the that the president is above the line. Even though he said, the president is not above the law. But everything he does is against that. He's going to try and reverse Roe versus Wade. He and swing vote on the supreme court, and he he's and he's completely conservative and you'll be there for thirty years. Yes. He can chicken reverse all the progress we every fucking racist like racist and has written about he he wants to rate racially profile. Yeah. He wants to do that shit. He is completely fucking racist. Yeah. It's like we can't have. A a person who racially profiles on the supreme porthole twenty eighteen dude we can't it's beyond like it is. It is scary. And it is scared, and they're they're all these all Democrats all the stars, all the judiciary. It'd be lucky. They got to black people on their Kamala Harris and Cory Booker the only early killing the game right here killing God the game. But they're trying it, but it's like a work. Well, there's not enough. The I think it's two Republicans have to vote no on him in order for him not to get past. So they're hoping that two of the Republican female senators who are moderately pro-life or? Yeah. That lady Susan Collins in colon. I don't want him in my vagina. Yeah. I won't should be in control of my of n McAliskey, maybe. Yes, to so there's a possibility that they'll say, no, I mean, I hope they need to dig up some dirt. And they already dug it up. They were they have Email saying do about racial, profiling they have shit and writing about Roe versus Wade. They have him. And it's like the Republicans don't care. No. They will do anything to own that supreme court. And so okay. So let's. Right. Well, we compiled some clips, and so the thing also with the hearing itself, it's not so I you know him and it's Cavanaugh himself. And there was just so many moments through afford a hearing we couldn't even get through. I mean, it's beyond how much stuff happened. How much you learn and how good it riveting? Yeah. So but one of the highlights for me, and this isn't about him specifically. But it's about the chairman of the judiciary committee Chuck Grassley who I didn't realize is one of the world's biggest pieces of shit. I gotta go. So he needs to retire. He's old sorry. He is to racist. Clearly, obviously sexist, and he I I I'm I've lost my mind. This made me lose my mind. This this is my so I wanted to this is the very beginning. This is the first day the first minute of the hearing. Yeah. The first minute and I wanted to Julius compiling these clips. And this particular one had the bits going for four hours. I was like she's on Twitter the tweeting and mean shit. She's she's watching this when over and over, and then she goes off on some tangent of only looking at clips of him. I'm like is this going to be coming? Should this be a judge Julie about Chuck Grassley or whatever we'll maybe next episode? Oh, have to do something because I needed him to know that I fucking hate him. And I wish that he would try and talk to me like that. Because I will not fucking respect your decency and your honesty because you don't have any fuck anyway. So here's this little clip that was at the very beginning of thing. Now, let me just say in case, you don't know basically, the hearing was rushed that they nominated this guy. And you might remember that Obama nominated gear. Merrick garland, the Republicans wouldn't even meet with him. And that was squashed very quickly. They wouldn't even meet with him ninety here. They even knew him this hearing what very quickly they had all these documents than more documents were asked for forty thousand documents were given to them the night before the hearing. They had no time to read anything there were other emails and stuff that they finally got that that were redacted. There was the information was hidden. There was information that was left out. So what's happening at the beginning of the hearing is that the Democrats are trying to just pros Ponant postponing need more time to the people are prosecutors more than half of them are fucking lawyers. Right. They wanna prepare what they're gonna this. Right. And they want to be able to know what the fuck the guy's background is. So the guy's a judge. He's written a million decisions. They need to read through all the decisions everything he's written. So that's what's happening here. This is the beginning of the hearing. He's the committee and they're trying to morning. Welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing. I just picturing big hearing. Imagine too. The chairman to serve as a small hair chairman recognized as ignoring proceed. Mr Chairman, I'd like to be recognized as an even doesn't even look at it received just last night less than fifteen hours ago. German Reynolds pages of documents that we have not had an opportunity to review or now he just making banks's gobbling. He doesn't stop out of order, I'll perceive we cannot possibly ever look up. Warm. Welcome not like twenty years. I I've been on here without. I'm not gonna have some black to to me like that chairman. In a Harris, Mr Chairman revenue. Get another woman's voice doesn't look. Attention to her exciting for all of you. You're ignoring her and you're rightly proud of them, and if we cannot be recognized he literally stopped I moved to turn. Judge seven. The man that is attention or move. Chairman. We have been denied we have been denied real access to the documents. We need this is the only person who got Gregory orders turns this hearing into a charade and a mockery of our norms. Will Mr Chairman I well during this going, okay? So basically, then it goes on and on and the guy never pays attention any. But he, but he only lets the men talk. Yeah. And it's so gross and disgusting and they didn't post on the hearing. And he said they had plenty of time. And they got everything they needed and they wanted to keep going with the Harry. So they did. Okay. So there are many many different things that people are concerned about one, of course, Roe versus Wade. So the thing about abortion, so right? Brecca. Basically the thing is is that he he's real judge like in the way that it's like the precedent was set. The decision was made you have to respect the decision. But the president and the law can be changed. Yeah. Which is what he said he won't say it in the room. But they're trying to get him to say what he already said. And you just don't say have proof that he's already said that right? So. The first thing is Kamala Harris who was the Brady of. I mean elaborate I mean, she needs to be president immediately. So she started asking him questions about abortion. Okay. Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body? More specific question. Male versus female there are. Medical procedures. The government that the government has the power to make a decision about a man's body for your skin about medical procedures ever unique to men. Men. Why you're not a doctor? She did she say the word medical procedure. You fucking asshole. The power to make decisions about the male body. I'm not a I'm not thinking of any right now center because there is no exactly there is none. I mean. So that was one of her, you know, at least there was no he couldn't answer that he tried to tried to say talk about medical procedures. So because that's constant thing. I mean there we used to hurt so much. We watch so much of it. And it's like he's constantly talking in circles discussing he's a liar. He is he is a straight up liar. And we've seen a lot of these hearings just since the stupid fucking podcast started. And I can honestly say he's the most unlikeable and to me seems like the Vegas liar. I've seen one of these hearings. Now, certainly not I didn't watch Oliver North or any of that shit. I've I've been doing this for that long. But in the year and a half since we started this shit. I can't believe how much this guy, and how shady I think he is. He's so shady and the shade just gets worse. So then Dianne Feinstein also wanted to ask him about Roe versus Wade. And she she tossed her Robie. Wade question into the ring and she can come live with. Me shit lover. Yeah. Both California people you just played both cow. That's right. California gals. You're right. That's right. We have an Email that was previously more confidential. But is now public and chose that you asked about making edits to an off exit that read the following. And I quote, first of all it is widely understood accepted by legal scholars across the board that Roe v. Wade and its progeny are the settled law of the land in quote, you responded by saying, and I quote, I'm not sure that all legal scholars refer to row as a settled law. Settled court level since courts, pondering always overrule its precedent women shouldn't vote either current just that'll get reverse board with do. So this has been viewed as you saying that you don't think row is settled I recognize the word said, it's what legal scholars referred to. So please. Once again, tell us why you believe row is settled law. And if you could do you believe it is correctly settled. So thank you Senator Feinstein in that draft letter was referring to the views of legal scholars. And I think I think my comment emails that might be overstating the position of legal scholars, and so it wasn't a technically accurate description. What is he talking about skull circle? Like talk about Rover or not exactly we're still. Still on just like word on such a and he's a judge. He will not answer a question. Not we we didn't see what. And by the way. And then and then that bitch came was like he mentioned like starry decisy's, which I guess is. That's the word for precedent. Right. So he mentioned that that legal term. And she's like oh glad you mentioned that. I've been through nine of these hearings. Right. And each time the person sitting there says that they will honor started his icies and each time. They don't. Yeah. Are you going to? Let's go ahead and the Chirad of you being like, I will. Okay. So I we saw I'm obsessed with this one from Cory Booker Koi. Booker's like, really? I started liking him more since the started. I mean, a lot of people really like like him for president too. I have I mean, he's I've liked him. Okay. But I like him. I like him a lot. Now. I don't need to be president. But I like him I like him where he is. But he so this whole thing this whole thing Cavanaugh is that you know, he he believes the sitting president can't be indicted. This is his big thing and Cory Booker mode, sim so fucking hard, and Jillian I saw this on actual TV when during the hearings, and so I like like find it because it's so dope. But he basically shouldn't play the clip, and you can't see it. But he basically has this giant sign made where like labeling each thing he's talking about. So while he's talking about it and the dates he's pointing to this big huge sign behind him like a straight up visual aid where he's like may twenty sixteen this happened. This happened in sodo. Okay. So here we go. Just Bill to this. In remind time I have left in may of two thousand sixteen Ben candidate Trump put out his first list of potential supreme court nominees. You weren't on that list in September two thousand sixteen. He put out another longer list, you weren't on that one. Then in may two thousand seventeen something incredible happened. Robert Miller Wooller was appointed by the special counsel to investigate any links and coordination between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. The president was now in jeopardy releases campaign, which he was a subject of criminal investigation. And then President Trump without third list of nominees and your name is on that list. You've heard so many of my colleagues asking about your views of the constitutionality of a president being investigated. You're failing to to at least hold President Trump, and your is of the same level of the presidential character, which you've talked about speech after speech you suddenly you're going mum as to the character of this president given all his lies all his remarks have been renounced actually criticize on both sides of the aisle. And now there is a suspicion. And I don't think this big leap to think that the public has suspicion that somehow you wanna position I wondered you credibly believe that if you agreed right now to recuse yourself credibly believe that somehow like he said with Jeff Sessions that he would not hold your nomination up. Credibly believe that Senator in this process. I need up hold the independence of the judiciary in one of those. But that's what's question right here. I mean right now, there's a shadow over the independence of the judiciary because a president who's been credibly accused by his former lawyer of being unindicted co-conspirator has the opportunity to put a judge on the bench. The only judge from that list. That was added after the Muller investigation of all those judges. You're the only one that has spoken extensively from raising your hand at a Georgetown law school into speaking about it. I don't think it's a big leap. I to have the common person begin to suspect that you're being put up right now, a person that can't even speak to the character of this president won't even say what you said about George Bush that you have the greatest respect for president. And granted it's hard to say about someone who brags about sexually assaulting women. It is understandable for people to suspect that there's something going on that somehow this is rigged that you're so he's because he because when he raises his hand at the Georgetown event, he wrote like he's written law letters. He's he's known for he his benchmark what he's known for is saying the sitting president can should not be indicted and the minute Trump got under investigation. Boom there. Right. Right. So you know, there's that. Yes. So the last time we have to play this. And I know if we go on whatever, but this this one, this is come all Harris. I mean, if this this doesn't make you fucking your panties. Wet like your think that this person shouldn't be the president and your mom and your dad, and yet everything like, you wanna know who the next Obama's is this mother. Yeah. Judge have you ever dismissed special counsel Moller or his investigation with anyone? The news every day. Have you discussed it with anyone? With other judges. I know have you discussed Muller or his investigation with anyone at Kasowitz Benson Torres. The law firm founded by Marc Kasowitz, President Trump's personal lawyer. Be sure about your answer. Smile smile. Are you certain? You've not had a conversation about anyone at that law firm. Has has has wits. Ben. I'm just a decorated judge. I've castle. Who is President Trump's lawyer? Are you have you had any conversation about Robert Muller moon or his investigation with anyone at that firm? Yes, or no. Is there a person you're talking to my masking a very direct question? Yes. Or no. Start getting. I'm not sure I know everyone who works about well firm. I don't think you need to. I think you need to know who you talked with exactly what you talk to. I don't think I I'm not looking. Are you saying that with all that you remember? Yeah. You have a pet couple member. You've been speaking for almost eight hours. I think more with this committee. Smile exports things you remember how can you not remember whether or not you had a conversation about Robert Muller or his investigation with anyone at that law firm investigation has only been going on for so long, sir. I'm not sure I do I. I'm just trying to think do I know anyone works at firm. I might know had that's not my type two other judges anyway. I mean that firm about that investigation. It really specific questions. The person you're thinking of because what if there's think you're thinking of someone in you don't wanna tell. People are laughing straight out, so laughing. Mr Chairman, I fucking Republican from Utah comes in and tries to be like alert law law firms. And I mean, it man can't remember every law every person that works at every law firm and the entire directory of the firm, and he's and she stops. And she's like can you press? Pause on my time. Mother fuckers, you sexist pieces of shifts like racist, sexist pieces of shed, by the way. So she just and she never stopped and for four days. She was a dream to watch. And I would highly out. Just anyone go watch the footage on C span online. Just fine Kamala. Harris mo- go to. On YouTube to all right now, it's time for so there's that. This is the part of the show where I give Julie the task of finding something going on in the world that doesn't completely suck. It's never easy. And today, I told her to keep the ship brief. So I'm quite sure this will be very. So all right. What is your? So there's that for the week. Okay. It was like this. I mean, this might have been the hardest yet to be honest. I don't like God. This might have been the hard. Why? Because it needs to be. There was nothing. Good. I mean busy trying to tweet Chuck Grassley. Yeah. I'm like kinda like in you know, like in my rage. You know what I mean? Right. Just like feeling my rage. And all this other that's been hard since we've been feeling that is very very very hard. I can't really see. I'm not really feeling positive note. I mean, I mean not that I'm, but I'm just not we're certainly not looking for silver linings right now. No, no. So I I mentioned this last week, and I guess things have changed a little bit with this. And I am going to keep it brief. And it's just like this too late. Basically, it's just this California sets goal of one hundred percent clean electric power by two thousand forty five. Wow. So there's that. I hope I'm bed. Basically. Okay. So I read this article on NPR, and there's I mean, it's not just the one article, but California has basically like, yeah. They said they're going to do zero emission energy sources for electricity by the year, two thousand forty five governor Jerry Brown signed a Bill mandating the electricity target on Monday. He also issued an executive order calling for statewide carbon neutrality, meaning California removes as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it emits by the same year. Oh, cool. So that is very cool. The hill in the executive order put California on a path to meet the goals of Paris and beyond Paris agreement obviously Brown's edge out of so it's fine. Exactly. But governor Brown, you'll remember was the one governor who still went and was like, maybe the United States isn't doing it. But California's doing it California is one of the bigger states in the United States right uses something like a third of the energy of the entire country. So he's serious about like the about clean. Energy. And which I think is is pretty awesome. So it's not the first state with these ambitions Hawaii established a goal of one hundred percent renewable electricity sources by also by two thousand forty five but California uses about thirty times more electricity than Hawaii and its fifth largest economy in the world, California. Wow. So holy shit. Also interested in California is almost like its own country. Which is why people want to see yet, just like, Texas, California think my California Texas could be their own countries. I guess. So the California energy commission estimates that thirty two percent of retail energy sales powered by renewable sources last year. So hey, fuck you call. That's right. How about fuck you call? Okay. It's all about renewable sources of energy. And the fact that California is at the forefront of it. I think is awesome. So makes me very proud to live here and Kamala Harris Dianne Feinstein and this goddamn renewable energy goal. Yes. Cal Kelly is killing the game. Kelly Kelly's killed the game. You can say what you want. And, you know, people wanna think that New York is the center of the world or east coast is whatever I don't, but California, I know, but California is to me and has become to me, especially for me coming from the east coast and being Boston and New England, and blah, blah, blah to me, California has been an inspiration. And the fact that they're on the forefront of renewable energy and the most progressive values in my opinion in the country makes makes me. I do feel like there is a little bit of a silver lining. So there's that. All right. Well, that's it. For this episode of dumb gay politics sank, you to the five people who are still listening. We want to urge all five of you to sign up for our patriots podcast, if you haven't already it's one dollar, and you get one our podcast week not about politics. One of our patriotic France is planning a live podcast for us in Seattle in the next month or two we are still working on doing one in the mid west where thinking maybe Chicago, but crag crag lives in Seattle and has it on lock and he offered to plan it for us. So that's where we're going to go first. And then we will make Craig do it again in Chicago or New York or whatever. Yeah. Hopefully, you know, but so for those of you who are in Seattle just know that we're coming, and we need you to come. And we'll it'll be fun and grade, and you know, we're gonna launch off like we said we're trying to get on the road. We're trying to get the road. And as always it's been real, and it's been fun, but mostly it's been gay, and it's been. Dumb and anonymous minimum and supreme Menam. Nominal. Do. Little. Ken. By the way. Don't judge a book by? Not much of a man. Dada. Justice. Sexual. Something. To take it in. Home. Good. We use your phone. Both in a bit of a hurry. Right. We'll just say where we are then go back to the. We don't want to be any worry. How about them? Babies don't you? Justice. Sexual. Stay for the night. I could show you must favorite obsession. I've been making a man. Blown a ten. He's good for relieving mind. Tension justice. From. Sexual. Try so. So come up to the left and see what's on the flare. I see you with anticipate. But the right. Really to playing. Remove the core. But not the symptom.

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TRPR 169  News Review 3 February 2020.

The Red Pill Report

1:52:06 hr | 10 months ago

TRPR 169 News Review 3 February 2020.

"MM-HMM MM-HMM. Hi My name is Andrew. Welcome to the Red Fox and welcome to afraid independent written and God judge who made the mighty make the mighty in the BBC may have no interest in celebrate brexit. We'll talk more about that later but I do. I'm very very very pleased that we are now. An independent sovereign nation again. Under God's and well we are still whoa. We're now wicked. Independent nations instead of a wicked slave. Nation are waiting to be seeking God to bring revival to Britain and to shoop bringing not only news economic growth new independence but revival within the Church and morals of on nation ship. We have become a decadent broken. Hell that's no but we need to revive toge- Eh welcome to episode one hundred sixty nine recorded on the third of February. I'm sorry that we missed it but see this coming. Yesterday was international drone dyke masks around the world celebrating a day. So rack that unless you are very very sir lifetime so it says here this is of course a gallon drum day when the date. It's the same backwards this forward. This is oh two oh two two. Oh Two oh the second February twenty twenty and When was the last one? I don't know it was the eleventh of November one one on one which was a while ago if people weren't using Arabic numerals back man in this part of the world so we wouldn't have known it was fat. Anyway there is one coming up in the near future. I believe there are some others but in international powertrain pollen drum days. When it doesn't matter it was the month it comes before the day or the day before the month as some of our brethren get things messed up but the month I don't they anyway? That will actually happen. The Eleventh November I on the Twelfth December. Twenty twenty one so there is another one coming up despite what it says only only happening once in your lifetime. It can happen more often than that anyway. What are we gonNA do this week? This week we will be looking at the a stretch them attack. What happened there little bit on that? Not a great deal yet but a little bit on that Welsh smacking band set to cost eight million compounds football banter at work. While you gotTa stop just can't talk about football at work anymore. Britain Britain will be will not be aligning with AU rules praise. The Lord Brussels Broadcasting Corporation coverage of the brexit was rother somewhat. What biology shall we say? The whistle blowers in who Yang in China WHO warned by the risk of this inviolable outbreaks that we are suffering from the moment one last month they were arrested? So an expert claims study STUDY FINDS UNBORN BABIES. Mayfield paint as early as twelve weeks. Gospel events hosted by Franklin Graham to be axed because well people. Hey Hey to and just thinks you might be excluded them from your group of friends. Well that's basically a hate crime. Anyway this is the red pill report. Despite the strange opening the ripper reported normally posted every week as every weekend is unusual view the pups the read report is to help people especially in the UK and Europe Not European Union Europe to think about the news news and current affairs and what the media is telling us to ask. Is there another side. Hi to the events that we're seeing particularly asking are we being played. Is the mainstream media keeping us in the dark misleading us by omission or commission show notes and background articles for. Almost everything we talk about can be found on our website the red pill dot reports the three words there with no gaps gaps the red pill then a full stop and report no need for. WWW dot co dot UK just the Red Pill dot report and our homepage. You can sign up tron newsletter if you want to. Although this little news goes asking is it just gives you an update when the website is updated with a new article or a podcast and generally speaking because because life is busy. It's just the weekly podcast that goes up. You can also donate thank you very much to the person who gave seventy you plus pounds last week. Thank you very much. We don't have great expenses here but we do have someone that coming up in a while. We need to Redo our hosting. And each week we have to pay quite a bit for the for the podcast hosting To make sure that's up when quality you know with good quality anyway if you wanted to contribute towards that you can do through the homepage. It says he'd trigger warning you the sort of person who's desperately upset that someone women might think there are only two sexes or genders. I don't even think they're really gender. Would which were using. But if you will not well this probably isn't the right podcast for you. If Asians four fifteen should be speaking the truth in love that means that we modify the way we speak the truth not what we insight is the truth. The truth is still the truth and the truth should be spoken but we do it. Hopefully in a way that is compassionate and caring and is out out of love for the people we are speaking to and you can use mine. Shot dead by place after stepping in stoppings in London. She's BBC but lots reporting it. A man has been shot dead by the police in south London. After here tanked people on a busy high street. The attacker was under active police surveillance at the time. I'm the incident which pleased described as terrorist. Related says here. I've not heard any definitive vindictive information but we can be fairly sure that this was an Islamist incident. In fact now we know it wasn't Islamist incident since I wrote this So here we have another attack of the religion of peace causing housing death and mayhem on the streets of London. So who was this attacker well we don't need to worry about his name it's show dish Ma'am I man I am. I don't know but he's a twenty two year old. Who was responsible for the stress from attack in south London on Sunday in November two years ago he pled guilty to six charges charges of possessing documents containing terrorist information and seven off disseminate disseminating terrorist publications one of the manuals? He admitted to owning was bloody Brazilian knife fighting techniques he was jailed at the Old Bailey following the following month for all three years and four months though he's already out Less than two years after I think that is my math is right I was there and record that this is what the report says recall ammon smiling. As he was sentenced he was released. The end of January twenty twenty shortly before the streto attack a man was first arrested in North London in May twenty eighteen eighteen by armed officers on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks. But already he's back loose free on the streets of London to tempt murder again. He had come to the attention of the counter-terrorist police in April that year. When officers were made aware of postings on the telegram messaging application? I'm not quite sure how that happened. Because I thought telegram was unreadable by the police the end to end encrypted anyway maybe it was the other end. We're letting the police know about it. The posts included photo showing doing an image of a knife along with two firearms on a flag along with Arabic words meaning armed and ready manhood written of how he was thinking of conducting terrorist terror attack in north London and high conducted reconnaissance. Detectives discover that the college student had sheds and Al Qaeda magazine in a family. WHATSAPP group The then teenager sent extremist content to his younger siblings and exclaimed Islamic State is here to stay you know. Islamophobia is is not really the word that should be used for people who are concerned about Islam. Phobia is irrational fear. And there's nothing irrational about fearing a fanatic gerardus with a knife and the religion teaches him him to kill the. What's that group entitled? Al Family formula included images of his younger siblings in poses. This is reminiscent of Isis supporters. Such as the one finger salute and wielding weaponry. The court heard in messages just with one family member he suggested that. ZD women are slaves of the Koran. Making it permissible to rape them. If Tommy Robinson had said that the Koran teaches that Islam Iskin rape us any women he would be guilty of a hate crime. But that's what this man is claiming his religion teaches him. What we would we told here? I'm sure is that this man is a victim of white oppression. And that's the only reason he speaks like this. He sent beheading getting videos to his girlfriend who he said should kill Cafa parents now. A far is Arabic term meaning infidel reject checked disbelieve an unbelievable number. The term refers to a person who rejects or dispersed disbelieve in Allah or the tenets of Islam. So he's telling his girlfriend to kill her unbelieving parents and he told her. If you can't make a bomb because family friends or spies or watching suspecting you take a knife or a car at night an attack attack. The tour tourists meaning crusaders place and soldiers taught a UH police and soldiers of taunt Western embassies in every country in this planet the messages with her in messages with her he had pledged allegiance to Islamic state and wish to carry out acid attacks elsewhere. He asked if he you can have a knife delivered to her address and told her he considered Isis to be the best thing to happen to happen to Islam. So here we have a man later took wanting to die as a martyr and go to paradise here. We have a man who following the teachings of Islam maybe not the beliefs of all Muslims but the teaching of his llamas. He understood it believes that he needs to become a martyr to be able to go to paradise our dice and that confers. I'm believers deserve to die now. Of course we're not calling for all Muslims to be any Muslims to be ill-treated all Muslims to be hated or anything like that. There are many many nice Muslims Muslims. I spent much of my early ministry in Birmingham working with an in the Muslim community and had very good relationships with them but nevertheless there is a problem in Islam that leads to things like the Islamic rape gangs that leads to Islamic terrorism. He don't tend to get baptised machete. Wielders or Trying think of another group method Methodist Baptist Baptist bullet bullets and beans brigade or whatever. It just doesn't happen but it does happen. In the religion of peace moving on to better things march for life. In June this year June the thirteenth there will be a march for life with thousands thousands of people from across the U K marching to show their support of prolife initiatives. I believe that will be happening in London. Though I don't have details yet but for your Diary Thirteenth Thirteenth June twenty twenty the assisted suicide law protects vulnerable from pressure to end. Their lives. Is the current law on assisted suicide protects the vulnerable and God's against exploitation and coercion medical ethics experts. Say and. There's more you can read this this because we got lots to get through. This is the Christian Institute and is linked in our show notes but talks about how in some other the countries People are being pressured to well. You know your burden grandma. Why didn't you commit suicide? But how in England the in Britain the assisted suicide laws protecting them from that pressure. Now there are real problems with people who are dying in terrible pain or anticipate dying in terrible pain and who don't want to go through that but nevertheless pilots have K.. Is What we should be offering. Not An politics care may end up with a person. Almost dying of I've maybe even dying of the anesthetics or pain relief that they're being given but it doesn't mean that we use the anesthetics to kill them. We use the anesthetic to relieve their suffering and if they die in the process. That's well maybe what needs to happen. Excuse me something some coffee. Two o'clock in the morning and anybody deserves a coming this time of day. Welsh smacking Bantu cost crossed. Eight million. Pounds the government's making bond is set to cost the tax. Pay Up to eight million pounds. NEW FIGURES REVEAL yesterday. The assembly passed a bill to remove move defensive reasonable chastisement from the law by thirty six to fourteen and from twenty twenty two parents who give their children in a mild smack. Risk Prosecution here. Do you not think that eight million pounds could be spent in better ways to prevent serious injury or harm to children in Wales rather than Prosecuting loving parents who use reasonable mine. Smacking to chastise their children. Those says here say you can prescribe castrating chemicals to children. You can expose children to violent corrupting Ching Teaching on section sexuality and no crime has been committed but you give a gentle smack to a child and you are now considered legally really a criminal more than nine out of ten workers opposed Belfast Sunday trading Christianity Jennifer Dot Org again over ninety percent of the Belfast shop. Workers are opposed to extending Sunday trading hours. A new survey has revealed the poll which was conducted the Trades Union as door as USDA. W WHO said that allowing hiring shops to open for longer hours have negative impact on workers families and communities so the way democracy tends to work in our land nine out of ten vote against it but the those who hate Christianity and who hate anything that smacks Aksa Christian morality will have their way and we will end up with Sunday. Trading extensions in Northern Ireland. The BBC wants about calls for virginity repair surgery and cool for it. To be banned. Companies Are Urging the government campaign is urging the government to outlaw virginity repair surgery. Actually get your virginity back can you. You may be able to stitch the hyman back but it doesn't mean you're a virgin again. Many Muslim women. This is the BBC not me. Many Muslim women risk being out cost or or in extreme cases killed if their spouses or family discover discover. They have had sex before marriage. Here again we see the religion of peace striking for woman. Sins kill her and some are opting for met a medical procedure in which doctors restore a layer of membrane the entrance to the vagina but there are concerns concerns. A bandwidth increased the dangerous to Muslim women by driving the procedure underground The founder of a Ed Middle Eastern Women and society organization told the BBC News of a Moroccan student in hiding in London. After being told a father uh-huh had hired someone to murder. There are currently at least twenty two private clinics across UK offering hymen repair surgery. According urging to recent investigations for the Sunday Times they charge up to three thousand pounds for surgery which takes about an hour. Women's rights campaigners mm say that such clinics are profiting from Muslims. Afraid of what could happen to them if they are not brackets. Pure closed brackets rockets off for their wedding night. Now it's not me saying it's Muslims are going to murder their new wives of virgins. That's mm-hmm this BBC. Article Region See International Clinic Dot Co Dot. UK Say Hymen. German repair London get virginity back. which is a bit of a joke isn't it? You can unity back. You can just have some stitches to pretend you're a virgin. We understand that a woman losing her virginity before marriage can cause complications in some cultures. Read Islam and societies hence the desire for some women for hymen repair surgery. Men of developing countries now allow doctors to legally perform repairs. This has reduced the number of female deaths deaths Ju- questioning of virginity. We've been performing hyman plastics. Otherwise known as Hammond repair surgery since the late nineteen ninety s helping many women from from different backgrounds and cultures read their Muslim. The patients should then expect to bleed on I subsequent sexual penetration. Yikes football banter lighter are not football. Banter work excludes women. This is the BBC chatter about football or cricket in the workplace should be tailed. A Management Body has warned Chartered Management Institute. Heads and frank said sports banter can exclude would women and lead to laddish behaviour such as chat about sexual conquests a lot of women in particular feel left out. She she told the BBC's Today programme what are we going with this prescriptive world anyway don't we. We have a women's football league football. Let me not just transitioned to become a woman. Of course not this world mad. They don't follow these sports and they don't like either being forced to talk about the more if they don't run being not being included you can presumably now never have a conversation at work that all women in the workplace judo feel one hundred percent included founded in or it's basically a crime if any woman at any time doesn't feel included in your every conversation. Well well you're just filled with hate. You're a misogynist and you should be locked up. What sort of entitlement culture are we moving into I'm Anne Frank's being a bit sexist herself air? How does she know that women don't like talking about football shortly some women? Do we have a football league. Surely at least some women like football and some men. Don't she says I have nothing against in sports enthusiast. Saw Cricket fans seemed that means that crooked is not a sport that's great. She said but the issue is many people on on cricket fans. She added an arguing arguing. Buses should crack so arguing. Bosses should crack down on sports banter. Miss France's concerned that discussing football for example and the merits of video assistant referring a A can disproportionately exclude women and divides the office. She also calling for laws against sharing knitting patterns online because most men are not interested in knitting. It's a jumps strictly hitter even contemplate. This it's a gateway for more laddish behaviour and if it goes unchecked it's a signal of more laddish cultures. He said Bush's have to stop people talking about football because because well it's a hate crime so if a friend walks up to me and said what about the match last night I'm wanting to stop pinching female star bottoms at work. Of course not. It's a very easy. It's very easy to escalate from the V. A. R.. Talk Talk to chat and chat to slapping each other on the backs and talking about the CO conquests the weekend. I guess manages manages filthy animals. You shouldn't have anyone to speak at all what you just have. This all put down. Nevertheless Miss Frank does not dispose. Chatter should be Japan's just moderated. So how just how much of this gateway drug a football can we take each day. Can I talk about the goals. But not about the red card incidental is you should only talk about football on days. START WITH A T. I don't know what what's except except what is allowed before they actually start. Raping the female staff she said good manager should be inclusive and show that everyone in the team feels comfortable. Well everybody except those who want to talk about football. I guess Brexit News and surely nearly over Brexit in us now by the way. I'm not saying I want to talk about football in the workplace. I hate didn't test the idea of talk about football but my how the what do we call them. The snowflakes want to encroach on a freedom to even speak for men even speak about football. Because it's it's horrible. If men do that isn't it. The urges will just burst forth. Nobody you know disgusting. Britain is leaving Europe. We've laughed ish assists here. We're out we're out but we're still in the EU rules for few months wants yet and we need to keep praying that we do end up with a good settlement at the end of that time before or by December no later it sounds good so far. We've got things like Dominic Robb saying that we will not not be aligning with EU roles in post brexit trade deal. Let's listen to that question of getting clarity outset. So we're not going to be aligning with EU rules. That's not on the negotiating table. It's not even an issue of red lines. It is not even in the sitting room so Hallelujah. It's sounds like we're moving. Towards what's a good position where Britain is going to be free to be well either the widow of the Godly nation that we end up being. I'm as I say on the website at the moment. I'll take it down eventually but at the moment sort of the brakes shot is that we need now. Is the chest be praying for a revived LAVAR nation to once again turn to be that great missionary sending Christ honoring nation that we were anyway. Let's move on before we get there. We need to do some other things like the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation the BBC's coverage of the Brexit was well l.. Not Very Patriotic. Should we say that Newsnight studio was acting. EU colors with a blue background and gold stars. Not a sign of the Union for there was actually a tiny slither. I believe one of the stars had one of its five points points. This could have about five hundred stars or I'm putting one of its poorest points at one of its stars was sort of a union flag. The countdown clock was blue with a gold starlet. But of course one expects that at the end of the time when the countdown reaches the end each GonNa Turn Well Union Jack Ma who you knew. Flank like no plane pink pink pink to do with anything the thing they reported things like a few hundred people outside parliament but will thousands. They never showed you any real Distant shots of the crouch showing the massive crowd that was there though. If you go online you can find plenty of pictures of that. They sent reporters down into the crowd to speak them to interview them. Well they were very generous show he says. Listen to to one of these people first of all. Let's listen to some tape about what went on in Parliament Square. Ah I'm not sure this reporters name. Let's have a listen to a little bit of what he was reporting about the events in Parliament Square. It's the brexit celebration aberration that's put on by supporters of Nigel. Raja pretty noisy pretty KUNAL. No they're not supportive Nigel. Garage off Raja Seacoast Him Brexit is Patchy Arctic Pro British people. We don't support the man we support. Well the man stood for. We're not for Rajai tes. WE'RE PATRIOTS PATRIOTS WE'RE British people. I mean Englishman Brits we we're celebrating our Independence Day. No Farraj Man. He went on later to talk about what. What about the for? Boris Johnson had issued a short talk a message but the BBC wouldn't play the message. I believe still to date the BBC. I haven't anywhere played Boris Johnson's Brexit Day speech. Now I think there's several reasons behind this. Boris Johnson Johnson. And he's pretty pretty bullish in pretty pro British but more importantly he didn't let the BBC The film his speech. He's going around the mainstream media now. He recorded this using a private media company and issued it himself or other as number ten to the media instead of letting the BBC report recorded an issue at through the poll system. And I think the BBC feel a bit snubbed about this and fail that well hang on. We're beginning to lose control of our position. As Britain's Premier Media Organization will let us let us listen to Boris Johnson. What he said tonight? We are leaving the European Union for many people. This is an astonishing moment of hope. A moment they thought would never come and there are many costs. You feel a sense of anxiety and loss and then there's a third group paps the beast who had started to worry. The the whole political wrangle would never come to an end. I understand who those feelings and our job as the government. My job is to bring in this country together now and take aboard. The most important thing to say tonight is that this is not an end but the beginning. This is the moment when the dawn breaks in the curtain. Martin goes up on a new act in our great national drama. And yes it's partly about. Using these new powers. This recaptured sovereignty. To deliver the changes ages. People voted for whether that by controlling immigration or creating reports were liberating our fishing industry or doing free trade deals or simply making our laws and rules rules for the benefit of the people of this country and of course I think that is the right and healthy and democratic thing to do because for all its strengths and for all its admirable qualities the EU has evolved over fifty years in a direction that no longer suits this country and that is a judgment that you the people have not confirmed at the polls not once but twice and yet this moment is far bigger than that. It's not just about some legal extrication. It is potentially a moment of real national renewal and change. This is the deliver new you era in which we no longer accept that your life. Chances Your family's life chances should depend on which part of the country you grow up in. This is the moment when we really begin to unite and level up defeating crime transforming our images and with better education with superb technology with the biggest revival of our infrastructure since the the Victorians we will spread hope and opportunity to every part of the UK. And if we can get this right. I believe that with every month that goes by we will grow in confidence not just at home but abroad added our diplomacy our fight against climate change our campaigns for human rights fuming education occasion. We will rediscover muscles that. We have not used for decades the power of independent thought and action. Not Because we want to detract act from anything done by R e France of course not. We want this to be the beginning of a new era of friendly cooperation between the EU. An energetic Britain Britain that is simple Tena Asli a great European power and crew global in our range in admissions. And when I look at this country's incredible assets on our engineers are world leading. Universities are armed forces when look at the potential of this country waiting eighteen to be unleashed. I know that we can turn this opportunity into a stunning success. And whatever the bumps in the road ahead I know that we will succeed. We've obey the will of the people we've taken back. The tools of self government now is the time to use those tools to unleash the food potential of this brilliant country at make better the lives of everyone in every corner of our United Kingdom. Well you could see what the BBC. ABC didn't want to play that. But I only David Cameron had come with a speech like that the day the referendum result came out and move just forward art and if Boris Johnson to this they don't think like restarted business link which was assistant to encourage new luke businesses by older more experienced business people mentoring supporting advising new businesses. What a difference we could have by now? Oh Oh three. Ninety four years later it'll be three years later. We could be such a transformation already. Let's listen to the BBC. ABC said about the city. About Boris Johnson's message in the loft out. Boris Johnson is put out video message and he has hailed this moment. Depart approach from the European European Union as a moment of astonishing hope but he's also reaching out to the losing side. And saying I understand onto you a moment of anxiety and lost my. That doesn't really convey Boris. Johnson's message does it. But they didn't didn't want to play that now they send people down into the crowds griego. Ramada was one of them and Well numbers for interviews. We're quite old altercations with a pro brexit supporters. Were quite difficult in the you have experienced reporter not not interviewing a politician businessman. Someone who's used to public speaking but catching people in the middle of the celebrations uh-huh and well What's the word for it? Just sort of catching them unawares unprepared to answer her questions and well. Let's listen to what what of this is one of those interviews. Aw Very reminiscent of John. Snow's I've never seen so many white people. Britain still eighty seven percent whites which who brought race into this. No one's been talked about rice except the BBC. The brexit is didn't bring it up up. It's not part of the argument. The arguments about the fact that we want to be able to make our own laws. We want to be able to set our own taxes we want Amos responsible helper forum courts nothing to do with racism but the BBC bring up racism. The brexit is array. CEST therefore all these people here celebrating must be well white racists in the Brexit it night coverage when the Brexit party were singing the national anthem about trump is an image of this in the show notes a cutback to the studio in the present. His look actually disgusted. The Britain's should dare to sing the national anthem anthem. How do they now? Admittedly Niger. Faraj was quite heard quite prominently Siegen. Maybe maybe that was socil- most people's milk but there's nobody was about this is about brexit celebrations and they were to sour faced presenters says now. This is not a typical program. If anybody's tune into this for the first time this one couple from our Chech- might be listening into this for the first time. This is not quite unknowable program. But I'm a bit disgusted with the way brexit has been handled by the BBC. They put out a a horrible histories special bricks with niche. Koo Koo Ma for CBC now to start with nickel marsh never be speaking to see BBC's not appropriate children's speaker. I don't think but I'll put a link to the role in bed. The show in our show notes. If you want to have a look yourself horrible well history. It says is hilarious. Comedy Fun of grotesque in Grizzly bits of history. Well we'll discoveries hilarious not if you don't mind and brings selection it says in the introduction to this selection of sketches about European historical figures this is the BBC's brexit coverage for the children of Britain about Brexit Shit. Hello I'm nick. Kuma so here. We are on the verge of Brexit. UK leaving the European Union. You might not have heard much about it because things have been so quick and smooth I I mean if anything. It's going to well but I thought as we stand on the verge of historic moment we look back at what Europe has done for us anyway and most of what he talks about. He's nothing things to do with the European Union. It's about historic Europe. But we'll get to that the message really if this is something tonight Britain's a bunch of CRA pay and everything we have. That's worthwhile we got from someone else. Mostly Europe so he looks at. What has Europe done for us? He starts the Norman invasion and they joke about well. They don't even really joke in any detail. But the slaughter that happened to northerners to secure Europe so so the first rule of Europe invaded us. But I think with some some. There's no mistake of great architecture. They say the Germans gave us the royal family wealthy European royal houses a rather more complicated than just the Germans gave us our royal family of royal families have connections going back to the Saxon kings starting with Egbert eight hundred eight hundred twenty seven BC B. C. N. B. C. Ad. Well before the European you union ledge the Italians giving us cooking and fashion and then they go onto about Leonardo Davinci. Well that was pre your opinion. You mustn't it. Napoleon Pre European Louis the fourteenth pre European Mozart pre European marie-curie pre European. And the he he says we have to say goodbye to all of these or the Great Europeans. We have to say goodbye to because we're no longer going to be part of Europe but enough of what will miss Britain is striking out on. Its own and leaving Europe Britain. I didn't know we were actually leaving Europe. I thought we were only leaving the European Union but apparently well. I don't know we're going to get a tugboat and tow us out into the Atlantic or who knows but we're leaving Europe. Apparently and he talks. Well there's lots of other stuff that they took out t coming from India. Not being a British competition comes. I'm from India. Doesn't mention the fact that it comes from China. Originally and Britain brought it over to India so that we could grow it and as part of our trade with India. Britain was just evil in fort wars and stole stuff no mention of the missionaries sure. Is that took the Gospel to the heathen of the Christianity bringing civilization to the world of trains and government police forces hospitals. Oh so much more that we took to the world. Sugar coming from the Caribbean. Even though it was I actually know domestically the USA sugar by the indigenous people of New Guinea a crystallized sugar was found in the medical records of both Roman home and Greek civilizations just in the first century after Christ and around three Hundred Years after Christ. Crystallized sugar was used in India so he cannot wrong too but none of that fits the slave narrative that they want to bring out. With a Sugarcane grown in the Caribbean England. Being an evil brute of a slave nation no mention of the fact that slavery had been abolished almost everywhere in the British empire. By the time Queen Victoria and Queen Victoria. They used to explore all these things. By the time Queen Victoria had got to the throne. No mention of the Church and Britain the British government were the pickus movement worldwide for the abolition of slavery that we paid thousands of pounds in we borrowed a great deal of money. Pay Thousands of pounds and we lost. Many sailors lives trying to stop the slave trade in east Africa. And that I believe in two two thousand fourteen was when we paid off those debts. Two thousand fourteen but the British only evil never a force for good according to this horrible histories and Niche Kumar hobbies. I thought that was uses free. There's a well before Queen Victoria. We had the first navigable submarine designed signed by William Born anchor anchor escapement for clocks to help accurate timekeeping. Isaac Newton invented the first reflecting telescope the first commercial steam powered device. A water. Pump was developed by Thomas Savory the first practical steam engine is designed by Thomas Newcomb the first electrostatic motors are developed by Andrew Gordon. The Iron Bridge the first architecture architecture bridge made of cast iron is built. By Abraham Darby Edward Jenner invents the first Vaccine Gene Humphrey not so Humphrey of yes prime minister but Sir Humphry Davy's Dave's Dave creates the first first incandescent light. Not Thomas Edison. Then the world's first locomotive hauled railways built the John Loudon John mcadam develops the Macadam road from which all around the world to build his evil. Nowadays isn't it. Charles Babich proposes. which is the idea of the difference engine? The first computer was around but Nash. COBB POO poos the Britain's basically invented nothing. Nothing no one twitter commenter come to. This is very funny that this this unfunny race baiter on horrible history voices prejudice through the medium of well either television telephone computers or radio illuminated by roomful of lightbulbs. None of which he would have. If it wasn't for Britain the most effective way to destroy people is to deny the the blitz their own understanding of the history says George Orwell we criticized for fighting wars but no mention is is made of the fact that we saved Europe from the dictator Napoleon all the Kaiser or Hitler through fighting coaching wars. We just evil things seems to come from a and basically this this program. This BBC programme appears to be saying Brenton. You are rubbish. What is the British bore costing cooperation with British government funding at least by British mandate as the government by the charter? That requires almost everybody to buy a TV licence. What are they doing so cropping? On our nation with our resources come back to the song the beginning land of hope and glory mother of the free. How shall we exalt the WHO are born of the wider? Still unwired. A shall I bounce besets God who made the mitee not make the mightier yet. God who made the mighty make mightier yet. Why are we not celebrating and looking forward to a bright eight godly future for our nation instead of pope owing us? I'm making us appear as though we rubbish and we're in brexit news but we're really talking about the BBC's propaganda against Britain. And I want to continue. Can you in that just for a little bit. Even though it's not really brexit news. But as I was trying to find the news I think it was yesterday to live. It might have being today to listen to her hanging two minutes and melody in Arizona so they were being sausage. Cut Remember where now I came across a BBC programme waterfall. Textbooks were black we can change our exhibitions and keep on changing them and keep on telling different stories but but if we don't also change our textbooks then nothing changes at all so. I'm going to be speculating about this. And I like you you to speculate with me. The speculation is what if our textbooks were black. What if our books and our education focused as much on a global black history as it does on a European history? The reality of it that is that there have been significant players contributors actors in the cultural history of the world who don't originate nate from Europe. who originate from the African continent and its descendants? So I like to maybe fill in some of those those gaps in histories and see if we can find some compelling stories around ways in which we can expand our history of the world now. This is a radio program presented by Naomi Black with. She grew up in Chicago South side and usually actually. I'm sorry. Unusually her school prioritize the teaching of black history of no problem with that I was a black neighborhood and teaching black history and black neighborhood in America where there's a large black community no problem. What's the problem with that great? When she opened a textbook she saw people who looked like it says here? Well does that mean that. I don't like her she she just looking on the color of my skin saying well. We're not the same bewigged different. I I don't I don't see why people being that racist assist but when she left that school most black faces from the past disappeared. Today is an international curator for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago her exist. Her exhibitions rebalanced the story of art and culture focusing on African American cultural figures who could and should be better known so. Her exhibitions are based on race and racial selection of artists. Not based on how good that artists but based on their color is that what Martin Luther King stood full our dream my four little children one day in the nation where they they will not be good by the color in but by the content of character I would judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of the character. That's what Christianity would teach. That's what I thought we did. But she argues that we we need to go much further. We need to reconsider our models of education so they are race based race favourite now of course she wants black people to be promoted. She's as racist as enemies about Chinese history. She's not an Indian history. She she in you it history initiate. eskimo she's not talking about. I don't know what are the history that might be. So how much of it now reading history. Oh sorry native American history. The BBC is promoting again. The idea that Britain is racist country and that we all Weitz Weitz and haters but Britain is eighty seven percent white in population and we are a European nation so why should not most most of the history that is torture. Our schools be from a British an English British. I've got European European history which is by chance mostly light even now how we are. Eighty seven percent white population but back in history were much higher percentage white. It's not racist to to say that Queen Victoria was a white person or that can george was a white person or that Stevenson was not racist. We shouldn't should brought them up or shouldn't say scrub those only talk about the few black people that were involved in street. Someone said In tweets I was reading. Britain is probably the most influential nation in the world. Historically it certainly in history since perhaps the time of the Romans the most important nation in history since since Rome ego but beyond that you might have some Chinese influence she might have some some other influences Mongol influence and so on but in recent history in the last thousand years thousand fifteen fifteen hundred years Britain is probably the most important nation with regard got to world history and by chance. A lot of those people were white is not racist but we are but the BBC we see a wanting to promote no. No we really do need to be lacking up our history as it were and and for that matter films. Three generations of black filmmakers on diversity and craft awards says the BBC award season is underway with both the Baptists and the Oscars coming up and once again the announcement of nominees has been criticized for its lack Komo of diverse city. I'm not surprised I'm kind of horrified that we're still talking about the lack of diversity. I just WANNA see films I can be like. This is like space. It's what we're finding in two thousand twenty. That is very little knowledge of the black experience premeditated. And say okay. We're GONNA have a Motif that's GonNa just because it's the process the remmy the Lamelo. He was serious about what he was saying. You manipulate unit. That's all we have no writers that are present in TV we have no holly and directors and talent or any expression of black. The black DOC experience. I'm Tim get off your backside then and write something or filmed something or actor bit. No one has made it illegal for black doc people to be in films to direct them to write them or to act in them today. It's easier than ever to get a start in media if the start a podcast on the video cost. Get yourself out there. Stop whingeing stars. Like Laurence Fishburne Denzel Washington engine Morgan Freeman Richard. Pryor David Murphy. Samuel L. Jackson Laurence Fishburne Again Whitney. Houston Whoopi Goldberg. These are people who have stunned in their abilities and I think many white people even think of them as being just actus amazing actors amazing actresses. Yes I'm going to use that terrible at actresses than female mel actors the actresses many of us. Who are minute thing? When we're watching a film with Eddie Murphy or Samuel L. Jackson that think? Oh there's a actor he's just a great character actor. Don't give a fig about his color. They do not need need to use the they. They did not need to use the race card to get themselves to staal billing or to a great salary and Jackson particularly early. Says if you don't like where you are just get out of there get on a bus out away you off. You feel oppressed go somewhere actor or get on with whatever you're doing and this is I know we still in Brexit News. An really his Roy diverging. Well who says it's my program. This is where I want to go. The BBC is to cut four hundred fifty jobs across news programs. As part of its money saving drive it says here. And that's in the independent and I think this is just a sign of the Malays that has come across the BBC. Hundreds of jobs will be cut at BBC as part of plans to reduce costs modernize the newsroom but broadcast has has announced. The measures will lead to an estimated four hundred fifty job losses including at Newsnight and radio. Five Live I think the BBC is is now such a discredited source of news. The did is no wonder that. They're having to make cuts and rearrange things they are they. They have run down the good name the BBC used to have around the world the BBC used to be they standard bearer of good reporting shambles. And a shame. It's a left wing liberal pro. LGBT propaganda machine pro was your brain fairly when you get out. And who is this. Rick Look in the morning. pro- who globalization propaganda machine. And you can get better coverage from a mine in his kitchen with a laptop and on iphone but when he goes out on the streets then you can from the BBC's news coverage now back to the article the corporation nations said it would also be be a review of the numbers of presenters. We have an how they work. The corporation needs to save eighty million pounds reduce financial financial pressure which includes paying for the free TV licences for over seventy five on pension. Credit when I didn't actually have to pay for that they just don't get revenue from it. The corporation said it wants to reduce dupree duplication while making the savings which will see a reduction in the number of films is produced by Newsnight the flagship political programme which recently made headlines with this interview of the Duke of your now. That was a good program credit where credit the chew. The man and his laptop would not get that one but but I watch a man who every day Jay puts out another well two or three videos about Prince Andrew and the investigation. That's going really investigating investigating investigating what's going on with Glenn Maxwell on True News more than the BBC done staff about twenty an income. Come up about well not much at all. Their loss should be post closures at five driven by the Changing Listings Habits Habits listening habits of the origins and demand for digital content. The changes made there will be a reduction in the overall number of stores covered and there will be further investment in digital news. The broadcaster said Fran Unsworth Director of News and Count Affairs at the BBC said the BBC has to face up up to the challenge of the way. Ordinance are using US. My comment is the way so many people are now listening to independent media over the Internet. Means that well I think they're switching from radio and television to try and Fight back against the independent media. Anyway we need to reshape the BBC's news for the next decade in a way which saves substantial amounts of money. We are spending too much of our resources on traditional linear bro Costing and not enough on digital with regard to digital broadcasting. Yeah I think the fact that independent brokers eating their lunch when it comes to Good Quality Broadcasting Costing people in their kitchens in their attics in their sheds with a laptop and an iphone eighteen the BBC's lunch when it comes to research approach to Investigative reporting and they are in my mind planning on fighting back. They say here are juiciest public funded broadcasters to inform educate and entertain every citizen but there are many people in this country that we are not serving well enough. Well my comment is stop propagandizing US stop trying to reshape society to the image of your perverted views and and maybe people will start listening to you again world news. We could look at the trump impeachment but why bother looks like his nearly all over. It looks like it's about to be dismissed but we'll see see we wait to see how developed nearly all over it nearly rate really never really began. Did it the nearest they got to evidence of wrongdoing wrongdoing. With someone say well I think the president was this. He didn't say that he said No. No no no pressure but I think when he met was really quick pro are pro pro quo anyway. Trump joins hundreds of thousands at US march for life. Christianity dog say president trump became the first. US President President in history to speak in America's annual March for life in fact. He did that several years ago. Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers had the president express his support for protecting the lives of the unborn. And this is I have no second or third time there. I just the first president in Forty odd years to ever appear at the march for life here for a very simple reason to you defend the right of every child born and unborn to fulfill their God given potential. Aw for forty seven years Americans of all backgrounds of travel from across the country to stand for life and today as president at the United States. I am truly proud to stand with you. He said today we must protect cherish and defend the dignity in the sanctity of every human life. Now he's done that greater job on their still Shuji huge amounts of abortions in America. He's cut some of the funding planned. Parenthood was still get many millions of dollars each year. And and although I don't think they're allowed now to the not paid any more to kill babies they're paid for other services they don't provide and they divert that money to the killing of babies. I believe that Trump probably would like to to see the end of abortions. He would like to see The killing babies stop. But he's under a lot of pressure politically and it's not easy to make those decisions. He should just make them anyway. But it's not easy and I'm not defending him but at least he was there speaking out in favour. What do we say about the the Corona Corona virus while we had seminar church? Today I had hoped up to get on the program here today but I never managed to get around to. It can't reopen stomach. I had hoped to get on here but that's not going to happen happen. She said that things that she's heard from her friends. And contacts in China a much much was number being told him in the Daily Mail this is whistle blowers in who young who warned about the risks of a contra. The Coke Corona virus outbreak last month were arrested experts claim whistle blowers who sounded the alarm about the controversial virus. Chris in China reportedly arrested for spreading rumors leading. UK expert on China has claimed that the whistle blower has warned about the deadly virus. A month ago go so I really don't know there's lots of questions I have. There are some challenging things we have to people with corona virus. In in in Britain. They wear to hotel and the people who were there with them. Close contact with them just being told with. Here's some symptoms to lookout for now you can be asymmetric permanently just a spreader. Oh you can take up to fourteen days. It's not about four days but up to fourteen days just to become symptomatic. All that time you can be spreading the virus. We have a massive spread to thousands of people before before. Anybody knows that the people who were with those two people caught the virus. That may not happen but it seemed very moist me. We're rich enough nation. We could have said to all rollers people. Look sorry you're GonNa have to stay in this hotel for fourteen days. We will secure your jobs. If necessary will put workers into work in your place. I will pay your bus to keep the place available for you will pay your rent. We'll pay your mortgage. We will provide you televisions and game boys. And we'll we'll feed you on caviar and champagne while you spend fourteen days and it would be cheap compared to allowing doing the virus to get out and spread in Britain. The people who came back from China on the plane. And we're taking into a fourteen day quarantine. We're taking on coaches and as far as I could see now I couldn't find any footage of this. The drivers of those coaches appeared to be well in civilians. They weren't sort of white coveralls and a mask on so when they get to where they're going they can take the covers off and throw them away in. The coach can be disinfected drivers in quarantine now or are they just going about their business. It seems James Very strange to me. Now this is not really a news. They want to come here but I want to bring them out just the juxtaposition. This president trump signs animal mccourty bill into law making the federal felony to be cruel to mammals. I think it is. I won't go into detail of a federal felony now after Donald Trump signed the bill into law on Mondays. The bipartisan bill preventing the Animal Cruelty and torture the pact act preventing cruelty and torture packed. Act Act and I believe the penalty for for breach. This is up to eight years in prison. Of course tearing a baby apart it in his mother's womb. No problem even speaking about the baby being born late in a cop. Besides mother having a chat chat with doctor about it and then killing the baby well even. That's not a crime although they haven't yet I believe normally killing babies post birth. We do in England if they have down syndrome. They just don't tell you they do it. But eight years in prison for being called to a rat tearing a baby apart in his mother's there's room without anesthetic no problem on that story here study finds unborn. Babies may feel pain as early S.. Twelve weeks gestation from Breitbart a new study in the British Medical Journal has concluded UNMOWN. Babies can feel pain before four twenty four weeks and possibly as early as twelve weeks just station to medical school. Researchers including one who claims to be pro choice A paint expert asserted investigation strongly suggests unborn babies who are aborted prior to twenty four weeks legal limit that exist in Britain could be experiencing pain as they are being terminated. Well he say being ripped bottle burnt to death of the chemicals. British professor Stuart Daba share Who has served as a consultant to the pro choice forum in the UK And Planned Parenthood's joined American John Bachman including good evidence that unborn babies brains means a nervous systems are sufficiently developed by eighteen weeks for him or her to fail pain during termination. I think so too and so it goes on. You can read more yourself. They can feel pain so they go through the fact the well maybe we should give them an anesthetic static before we kill them so no moral problem with killing a human being but we ought to give it an anesthetic. I they do go on. Actually the office do go on to note the May experience pain is a more morally significant and I did science again points it's the humanity of the unborn lastly in World News News. And I'm not going to talk about this much tool but I came from a very interesting video. My research this week how donating to charity can make poor people poorer and the gist of it. Basically something like this. You have a nation that has an existing clothes economy. People manufacture cloth. Clothes people sell clothes and the end of it. You have people who buy clothes because you know you gotTa Win Clinton's but British charities have lots of clothes donated to charity shops. That don't really fit to sell all the just don't sell get put in huge shipping containers incentive cross to places like Africa. Well if you're a poor African who gets off with a free pair of jeans and a t shirt or you go to a native store and buy cheaply some native clothes made by native seamstress. Starting with the word made out of cloth that was made by cloth manufacturer in your native country. Well you're going to go for the free stuff on you so dozens of people in that chain you can get put out of business and the same same happens with food and with technology video talks about the fact that people use to have a thriving industry three in selling doing up and selling secondhand or cheap electron. It products was now charities donating thousands or millions of secondhand phones secondhand computers and so on and his absolutely sleep devastated the the natural economy of these nations and the clothes economy goes the food. Economy goes the farming economy goes. How's the seed in the fertilizer? Sort of economy goes that transport Economy for those goods go. The markets for those goods go the a clothing manufacturing the growth weaving cloth production close production close sales businesses all collapse ups and I guess it's the law of unintended consequences. Anyway there's a video I will embed in the show notes if you want to look at. How donation relation to charity can make poor people poorer? Now you know those lovely people who are really keen on people's rights and the everybody deserves a freedom medium of choice and freedom to decide how they want to live etc.. Well here we are Christian Dot Org the Cushion Institute Gospel Event hosted by Franklin Engram axed over Biblical views on sexuality and this has been in the BBC in other places to major a major British conference. Venue Major British comforts values of cancel bookings for Franklin Graham Billy. Graham's son no this is a nice man once a major charity. Samaritan's purse helping tens of thousands of people in hurricane struck areas and so on where the charts she's not making people poorer. What's happening in desperate circumstances? Franklin Grimm's Gospel event because of opposition to his views on homosexuality but he says he's coming with with a message of Love Not Anti Homosexual Glasgow Sheffield and Liverpool have all dropped the preacher with some lgbt groups claiming me his mainstream Christian stance on issues like same sex marriage well violence against gay people when has a mainstream stream ordinary Christian preacher ever called for violence against homosexuals yes. I'm sure there are some particularly insult like African denominations where it appears they get such a strange view Christianity that they will try and beat a demon after someone burner demonopolise someone with brands and so Jesus spoke to demons and they came out in beat them with a stick. We don't call for homosexuals to be thrown off buildings. That's another religion as the religion piece Billy Graham Franklin Graham of never called for violence against homosexuals in response. The son of like Billy Graham said I am not coming to the UK to speak against. Anybody I'm coming to speak for everybody. Franklin Graham has planned on eight Van van Utah across Britain to speak about the good news of Jesus Christ between May and October Graham has status. The Bible says marriage is between a man and a woman not to men not women here's also expressed the mainstream Christian view that homosexual sex is sinful but also that all have sinned and we'll come to that Latroun Israel Phyllo or flour someone the by to say homosexuality is similar losses greed is. Sid says the pride ISN since the not loving goddess in the door and your parents have sin saying it sins. Not Saying you're worse than me it saying. Hey we'll send us from Sheffield said. His statements direct hate speech and incitement to violence against LGBTQ communities and on individuals well violence and to move would be sent to but here we have Heather Patterson calling Ling Biblical normative. Teaching hate speech. Being a Christian is to be a hateful person. Listen now in Britain off the Docks Christian theology is now hate speech you WanNa say Orthodox I mean traditional not Greek Orthodox traditional two thousand years of Christian teaching and before that four thousand years of he bright teaching from Adam to today says that marriages between one man and one woman that now is hate speech. No one who believes that marriage is between a man and woman has any right to speak anywhere in Britain anymore all all venues must be picketed and partitioned by the LGBT community to silence you we have no freedom of speech according to the LGBTQ gpt community partisan added this homophobic beliefs include branding homosexuality since it's to say that homosexuality is a sin is hate speech. Well they don't believe in God anyway. So why do the cameras is not so yes even believing that marriage is between a memo manner woman not even speaking of just believing it the Liverpool a Labor lgbt networks Graham's appearance may incite hateful hateful mobilizations and risks the security of our LGBTQ plus community. They know this is not true. They are lying but they using hysterical language to whip up fear and hatred of Christians. Can I say that calling. Franklin Graham or Christian belief hate speech is whipping up or risking being whipping up and mobilizing hatred of Christians cuts both ways. He's one of the proposed venues in Glasgow said following pressure from its principal shareholder the city council. It had cancelled canceled the booking so here we are Glasgow City Council Anti Christian. It's just true you can't deny you can't go around one way and the other Glasgow City Council is Anti Bible Anti Christian. You are a hated minority because Christianity is a minority in this country. We are a minority religion minority group and we are hated it. I'm persecuted minority Sheffield Arena. Venue also faced pressure from the cancel as it barred the US pressure the city's major claim to believe in free speech and the right of freedom of expression but said it did not not extend to Graham so the the man claimed a belief in free speech but that free speech does not extend to Franklin Graham and presumably not any any other Christian preacher either. We've said many times before the rights do not belong to Christians only to the left into the LGBTQ LGBTQ plus plus community. You Christian have no rights in this country or we're beginning to get to that state by what they claim we have by the law. We still do but only just in Liverpool the venue the preacher statements were incompatible with our our values. What surely there are Christians in Liverpool who values that are compatible? The the churches should on mass. The Christians should on mass be at Liverpool City Council offices tomorrow demanding that they have a right to have their preach preach in their city incompatible with our values in light of this we can no longer reconsult consult the balance between freedom of speech and the divers impact. This event is having on our city. So yes yes you have freedom of speech but if algae bt people don't like it you don't hope not hate. We'll be protesting against the bigotry of these activists who are shutting down Christian speech. I don't think so. Do you just one item into science news and his under climate change and and this could be true of so so many more celebrities and bigwigs in the Climate Change Movement but here we are Prince. Charles flew sixteen thousand miles in just eleven days says the Daily Mail Prince Charles took three flights of private jets. Gets the helicopter before meeting. Activists Gretchen Somberg after an impassioned speech on climate change on Wednesday. He took a four private Magette from Switzerland to Israel. His flights travel traveled travels over sixteen thousand miles in less than a fortnight at an estimated cost of two hundred eighty thousand pounds. Two Hundred Eighty K.. To the taxpayer on a trip to the world economic form in Davos last week Prince Charles met activist Greta. Bergen used an electric Jag. You Aqa aw to travel to the Swiss resort but the M. S. O.. Can reveal who that is could reveal the deneen eleven days before this is high profile of parents. Child took three flights on private jets for official government business and one helicopter and after his speech on Wednesday dream which that she urged the worldly to take bold imaginative action on the environment he then took for jet to Israel on another trip. You and I must give up our leisure and pleasure. Not even that more than that. You must give up your right to drive drive to work to drive your children to school to have a fridge to watch television. You must give up all of those for the sake of the planet but we the elite screw you. We're going to do what we like technology news while quite a way to go with this. I hope this is true. ooh This could be really really good news and it could be part of what's going to screw the BP device said screw you screw now. I haven't really have. I know I'm a good aboard. Mark Zuckerberg declares facebook. We'll stand up for free speech. Unlike living boosted counsel Mark Zuckerberg declares facebook is going and to stand up for free. Speech is the Daily Mail and allow people to post what they want but the CEO admits the new move. Will something awful awful people piasters estrus offer. People Mark Zuckerberg touted excessive. Censorship joined the tech summit appearance on Friday varying facebook would stand up for free speech. The social media said his company had previously tried to avoid being going to offensive but no longer curtail those against freedom of expression. Mark Zack has declared that facebook is going to stand up free to repeat a lot. Don't they ask for a lot of people told the audience at the face that facebook had previously tried to resist moves that would be branded as to offensive. But says he now believes he's being asked to partake in excessive censorship. Now we know this we know this all too well but I guess he's beginning to see the light or as you can see. The doctor told US disappearing probably not because he's excessively wealthy but maybe increasingly we're getting caught on to censor a lot of different kinds of content. That makes me really uncomfortable comfortable. He claimed we're going to take down the content that is really harmful but the lines need to be held at some point. Now now this sounds like fantastic news to me and we'll wait and see our people like Tommy Robinson is going to be reinstated. I give them back their facebook. Page all posts. The that mentioned the name of Tommy Robinson going to be reinstated. There are several possibilities. That underlie this it may. DP that he really has been censoring to avoid pressure. He's being put upon by other people. He's not really wanted to send me being put upon and felt. Well I I probably should censor these things because well it will make my life easier. Maybe he's at less day-to-day control over a over facebook and its foreign into the hands of left wing activists who have used left-wing consultants to program facebook with a censorship ship regime. And maybe now he's saying hey hang on. I've lost control of facebook. I'm going to get that back. Maybe he's saying the people that facebook is falling out of favor and actually show many young people now. Don't use facebook because well either because grandma does possibly because it's not where the truth is anymore. Maybe he he sing is company fall out of favour realizes he needs to do something to get it back. Maybe he sees facebook is being taken over by whiny borey. Leftists and the right are no longer interested in going to his site. And that's hitting his profitability. Maybe that's the same thing as I said before. Maybe he sees the coming collapse of much of the left-wing media like the BBC like CNN. Like well so many ninety of these left wing media stations and programs and and imprints. That are coming coming to well Because of their left-wing ignace if that's a and he realizes he needs to position himself further to the right before the comes down metaphorically chops off the left or just dwindles on the vine as it were in dies and he wants to get out from underneath that before the dwindling arrives. I don't know what the motives behind it. Lots of possibilities. But I do so hope that he means what he says. Israel still not allowed to express his beliefs sacked Australian rugby union play. Israel flower has been signed to the French Super Super League club catalans dragons or similar to that however the new signing has renewed criticism of the player over his previous comments on social media which warned various sinners to repent from their sins wins among them homosexuals says Christian concern for lower was sacked in April last year. Four after he posted a call for people to repent on instagram based on various versus from the Bible He hit the post led to extreme criticism in the media and from other players many labeling him homophobic homophobic which is interesting. Now we'll come to his actual post but I believe he's relations is five thousand. Nine hundred twenty one is the foundation verse for there's another works of the flesh Manifest which are adultery fornication on cleanness liberty assists toiletry witchcraft hatred variance emulations Roth. Strife sedition heresies envying murders drunkenness raveling and such like of them which I told you before as I have told you in time past. They wish to such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God to even have homosexuality even think we did his post. Let's go down. I'll find is posted not warning drunkards homosexuals adulterers liars. Fornicated thieves atheists in idolaters odometers. Hell awaits you repent. Jesus only Jesus saves now. Let's go back up here. Many he calling him homophobic strange. They didn't call him adultery PHOBIC. They didn't call him four negation of PHOBIC. They didn't call him witchcraft. PHOBIC PHOBIC or Angora phobic or merger a phobic. They call him homophobic. That's where they center into in on. Because they hate the fact that he stands for righteousness and according murderer phobic will. You couldn't really sock him for that good you. But he's as a Christian. They hate him. They want him gone after swift. Disciplinary Proceedings eatings flower sacked from rugby Australia. An issue with a former warning from the rugby football union with crowdfunding support. He mounted a legal challenge. Challenge the led to an outcry. Sorry out of court settlement now nine months later allow continues to be criticized for his beliefs reporting reporting on his Mussa catalans dragons mainstream media among them. The BBC The Guardian. The Sun all continued to label his comments. Homophobic home phobic not adulterous phobic. Not Fornication of phobic not which crafter phobic Angra phobic not merger phobic phobic only homophobic rugby football league are Raphel. Said we have sought and received reassurance a show from both the player and the club regarding future behavior fillet himself also reassured his critics that he will not make make any further comment. I'm proud I'm proud Christian. My beliefs a personal. My intention is not hurt. Anybody I will not be making further further public comments about them. He has been shut up. He has no free speech. He cannot coat the Bible. He cannot share his belief. We do not have free speech for Christians in this land. We are a persecuted. Not Minority continues warnings of stubborn issued. That philosophy is not free to express his belief Super League chief executive sexiest chairman. Robert elston said that strict guidelines are in place to prevent fallout from making any similar comments in the future. He has has been shot. He continued by saying that a repeat would result in the players contract with Catalan being terminated. Immediately Caitlyn also facing a substantial fine if allow us to do so. Let's hear how the BBC spoke about this subject when Israel fill out the rugby union players last year in Australia for saying that Hell awaits gay people now. This is the BBC Today Programme and here again. The BBC propagandists the Babylon Broadcasting Corporation. They're not the Brussels broadcasting comb conversation he didn't say Hell awaits gay people. He said warning drunkards homosexuals adulterous liars. Fornicated thieves atheist idolatrous. Hell awaits you repent only Jesus saves but is that where the BBC does the BBC. He's against drunkards to this as against adultery liars. No because they can't. Hey Tim Tim enough for that. Those things aren't bad enough Stralia for saying that Hell awaits gay. People may well find himself playing rugby league against Huddersfield as the Super League. Season opens this weekend. That's the surprise development to follow his return to League on a one year contract with the French club. CATALANS dragons now regularly correspondent. Dave Woods is on the line Monday Sunday morning. Ron How did this come about. It's been something that's been in the pipeline for a couple of weeks. Now I know the clubs the twelve superleague club's met last May and the name of Israel L. Flow came out then whether any of those clubs should approach him given the circumstances of his background and what he'd said and the twelve clubs at that point seemed to agree. No this is not apply. We want in Super League but Catalan of gun alone and have gone on signed him a the. RFL and Super League itself the body have deployed and rather condemning in that comments yesterday. But there's nothing they can do legally at this stage to actually stopping being registered as a player as you've hinted flowers risky not to say controversial. Sure decision for the dragons it is under warnings in place the RFL who say they can't stop. The registration now have said that he repeats anything that he said in the past and remember more recently as well as those original currencies linked Australia's bushfires to same sex marriage and abortion laws. If he repeats anything like that then they will come down very heavily on him and the club have been so Catalan have been sold. That they too will be. Fine and Catalan seem to agree that that yet they will accept that and they will do their level best to make sure that whatever with lots he might have that he keeps to himself. What exactly I mean He? He had a distinguished career as we know in Australian Rugby League before switching ten years ago to ozzy rules and then to rugby union. uh-huh maybe it's best. Hope of avoiding further controversies in performing well on the pitch. What are the chances of that? I WANNA well easy. He's a very good player. Put everything else aside. He's a he's a fantastic player. He's He's played in not just Rugby League and Rugby Union Australian rules as well. He's an all round athlete. One of the interesting developments yesterday though and this cannot literally a minute after the announcement that Carolina decided assigned that Wigan Rugby League club immediately announced that then when they play Atlanta March twenty second they dug it pride day on. It's going to be a celebration of the LGBTQ plus community that. I wouldn't be surprised if other clubs go down the same route so that is seen as a positive. Let's take this negative and turn it into a positive how much that acts as a provocation. To the play himself to Israel remains to be seen so misquoted. They lie about what he said and so most people who haven't researched. This looked what he actually said believe. He's a he's a homosexual hating bigot. wjr weather then. Rejoice that weaken and others are going to be provoking him and hating on him by making it an lgbt pride day whenever he plays anywhere. This is deliberately heaping. Hate on a man who who is a Christian you are a hated minority courses courses because he was a Christian. Have no rights to not be hurt you. Dan Not hurt the feelings of a homosexual or a transgender the man with testicles who wants to wear a frock and go into the girls changing rooms you cannot speak against them but you can hate Christian or you like in fact things get so strange that the criminal prosecution services now say that if you think acute being excluded Nisa Cristina dot co dot. UK Christner's to excluded. It counts as a hate. Crime says the C. P. S. if a pupil believes they've been excluded from a friendship group because sexual orientation it could be a hate crime according to the Crown Prosecution Service we. Where do we go with such statements? If someone thinks they've been excluded from your group of friends it's a hate crime you don't have to done anything acted on a thing. You've not punch the hit them the more than anything. But if they think you've done it it's a crime so you need to make sure that everyone in the whole world world knows that they are all welcome into your group just in case someone by mistake gets the wrong idea and you are guilty. Not a crime the new guidance schools written by the CPS alongside lgbt active grew to activist group grant Greenwich Intelligence and stonewall other examples of potential anti LGBT hate crimes LGBT hate incidents it puts forward include rejecting someone or not wanting to work with them so now by law while sort of love by law. You must be friends with people whose life choices you find objectionable. It's a criminal criminal offence not to want to join someone who to be friends with someone who I don't know wants to cut their penis off wants to have their breasts. Removed wants to have sex with men with a man. You cannot you d'hainaut it's criminal few not to want to have them as best buddies his months. Now buy low befriends. We'd Raucous rugby players. Must now well well play Ping Pong. I guess consensus will seem to vote for Labour presumably it's J- US bonkers continuing on the CPS defines a hate crime miss any criminal offense which is perceived by the victim or any other person so not even involved some third person so you may be happy. The other person may be happy but someone else thinks you being nasty to them. Perceived to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person's race or perceived race religion or perceive religion sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation disability or perceived disability and any crime motivated by hostility or prejudice against a person who is transgender or perceived to be transgender. Now normally they have religion in here. I thought but I guess you can't have that because we could say that I perceive you're hating Israel fellow so you could have a Homosexual and or another person who are happy not being investi buddy friends but an activist group like Mermaid says says hey. I think you're hating on that person. And now you're criminal this document states that the CPS regard homophobic homophobic and transphobic hate crimes as particularly serious you thought Gbh murder criminal damage etc.. Were serious but no. You're wrong long thinking the wrong thought is what the CPS plans cracking down on not physically hurting or damaging property not people damaging property even have to be your thoughts. You may not have thought anything wrong but some third person may perceive that you are doing something naughty a now you can be held guilty. The new guidance source tells schools. They could face legal action if they refused to allow male pupils access to female changing rooms. They don't even need to pretend to be transgender. They just need to want to go into the girl's rooms to watch the girls change and shower and if you don't let them it's a hate crime. Apparently what can I add Chris. Long the national leader on hate crime said the guidance would educate children and young people and support victims in regarding transphobic Abuse Parent Group transgender trend founder founder. Stephanie Davis Airy also criticized the document for the suggesting that single-sex spaces are on lawful and her opinion what it said above which is scores May face legal action if they stop a man going into the latest changing rooms that is unlawful Sarah film or a barrister who specialized in public law. Aw Child Protection described the guidance as extremely alarming she added that clear incentive is being set to encourage students to report one another's behavior behavior or for teachers to feel under pressure to refer on to the police and I suspect This new guidance tell schools they face legal action if they refused to allow male pupils to access female. Changing would also apply if we tried I to stop a man going into the latest toilets at Church for man wants to go into the latest toilets church and disturb the ladies in there. Hey it would be a hate crime to stop stop him. Scottish transgender reform unleashes gender. Free for all says the Christian Institute put the new Scottish bill would allow self declaration of Gender. The Scottish government has come under fire from gay activists for its controversial proposal to enable more people to change sex by self identification the LGBT Line Scotland called for the withdrawal of the government's draft. Bill saying it would unleash a agenda free for all Roman Catholic churches also said now the proposal to reduce the minimum age from eighteen to sixteen is a troubling development. The L G B alliance Scotland said there would be nothing to stop a man legally changing sex and gaining access to female only changing rooms and hospital wards while it appears from the above article. He doesn't even need to do that. A. Woman wearing the LGBT allowance. T shirt was removed from an LGBT bar for being anti transgender lesbians are now Evil Committees of LGBT. Oh Gee bt hate crimes even though they are part of the Lgbtq community we are just falling apart as a nation. Are we not off so God help us every hour forty nine minutes in hope. Well make this close very short If if you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and he is your own hope as Israel for lower says if you are any of those categories including things like pride not honoring God as you should not honoring your parents thinking. Thinking lustful thoughts not even committing adultery. Book thinking lustful thoughts. Jesus in the sermon the amount you are guilty of sending against God Almighty now we all are no one's putting your finger you say your sinner. I'm I'm I'm a good person. You're a sinner. Now we have all syndrome. I was all in the full shortly. Glory of God. That's why Jesus came to forgive sins and he did not by taking our sin upon the Cross church. Today was the father. Jesus became a no value. became nothing became as the dust and blew away. He's wrong when Jesus start on that cross. He had no reputation among mad and but he was still infinite. Value is God incarnate. He had sufficient value to pay for your sin and my sin as one man he could only pay for one man sent and it's still have to be perfect man. It was a perfect man but he was more than that he he was God all mighty so we could pay for your sin and my sin. If you want to know more about that when you just need to call it God I hear of messed up. I realize allows it messed up. My Soul tells me I'm guilty. I need forgiving. Please forgive sins. Pay For my sins on the Cross. You want to know more about that. In the the end of the show notes every week now is linked to finding God's way where we look at God making the world goods how things became bad. You know God made the world good. What in God's good loving God how can we got cancer and disease and San and sickness etc.? Well there's a good answer there. What a man? Dying two thousand. In years ago Jesus Dying on the Cross two thousand years ago can do to deal with your sin and the last section is what you need to do to get that for yourself how to appropriate that forgiveness for yourself finding got at the bottom of every show notes for the red pill report. podcast cost so God. Bless you got into this week. So love and serve your Gordon King and live to his glory and Hallelujah Brexit should is well underway not complete. I gather we've left the European Union you will. I want to wait till we get past that December deadline. Maybe a bit of of that when the deal is done I would see that we are really really out EH.

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