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"stephan schwartzman" Discussed on Poop Culture

"Been diagnosed with a chronic. You may be entitled I had chronic incest aside. But as a cream for. It's really not that funny. But it's a good job. You're old stone isn't Tom. Cream with a good sense of history. That's okay jokes, not topical either. All right. Let's move onto the ruling for this round. Right. So the ruling for this round is a sad one for me because I'm gonna I'm just gonna come out and say it it's going to December Ninety-two it sad for me. Because as anyone who knows me deeply and personally knows I make huge lover of Jomon metal music, especially because the members of the band have names, like wolf, Hoffmann and Schneider. Who doesn't love that? Unfortunately bulls to the wool one of my favorite album titles. Cannot cannot win this round which is the same. I know that the somewhere the drummer for except from nine to ninety four to nineteen ninety five. Stephan Schwartzman is crying into his our crowd. But. Ninety two and I also just have to say as well, what is it with December? Not a music released in December. Apparently. Eighty three pretty shitty. December ninety two slightly more. I almost didn't give it tonight to to the verve EP came out. And while the I don't think is a huge thing over here in the UK that fucking bittersweet fucking symphony played endlessly just endlessly forever. That record though wasn't. No. But it's still enough to hate the entire back at a life. Figure that song without thinking of Serra. Michelle Geller's, Milton. Is. What a being well there we go then. And I was at she surprised that Jason precedes. Cock did not go with Alejandro Hernandez self titled debut that was my backup pick. Honestly that was your backup pick. Disco. Rick and the Wolfpack my favorite albums back from hell, nobody even knew that the. Are the wolf packs a spur of the moment trip? Jason's pre Jason Priestley's talk. I'm going to just touch tip and give you this music round. It's your go guys by my fucking teasha blue..

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