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"stella volpi" Discussed on Talk 1260 KTRC

"Through a policy process on these and other issues with support for democracy and human rights, always at the core of our work. Press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that changes made by the Trump administration carries significant restrictions. Former President Trump closed the door to increase tourism to Cuba after it was opened up by former President Obama sake said the protests over the weekend where the largest we've seen in a long time, almost every state is dealing with a surge in Covid 19 cases, some nearly double from last week. Sarah Bartlett has the story the hardest hits. It's R Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, California, Kansas, Florida, Arkansas, Nevada and Georgia. The CDC says the more contagious Delta variant now makes up about 52% of all new infections, but in some places that could be as high as 80%. The strain is especially rising fast where vaccination rates are low. I'm Sarah Bartlett. A severe budget crisis is forcing officials to cut back on exhibitions planned at the 9 11 Museum in New York City for the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, the nonprofit museum Had to lay off employees and put some on furlough due to the effects of the pandemic. There had been plans to develop a new exhibit exploring how music helped unite Americans following tragedies such as 9 11, you're listening to the latest on NBC news radio. Federal judge has announced the sentencing date for former Nexium president Nancy Salzman. She'll be in court September 8 to find out her punishment after pleading guilty to racketeering conspiracy charges. Saltzman spent years at second in command to Nexium founder Keith Ranieri and admitted to gathering the names and email account passwords of people who are perceived as enemies of the controversial group. Salesman's daughter. Lauren, who testified against Raineri during his trial will be sentenced July 28. The latest American fitness index out this week shows many turn to exercise with a nation was in the grips of the Covid pandemic. Stella Volpi helped compile the reports. People who weren't active Realized that you know, they don't want to stay in their health the whole time. So if they could face to the outside, and they walk with their families they did. It ranks the fittest and fattest cities in the nation. Arlington, Virginia was at the top. Nearly nine out of 10 adults said they exercised second was Minneapolis, followed by Seattle, Denver and Madison, Wisconsin. Oklahoma City ranked last Shakeri. Richardson may be out on the Olympics this year, but she's now being offered a green opportunity. TMZ reports VAPING company Doctor Dabir has offered her a spokesperson deal. The company is willing to pay her a quarter million dollars to test their dad, Briggs and Vape pens. In a letter to the U. S track and Field Star Doctor Dabir cites the benefits of THC for athletic recovery and mental health. Richardson has been suspended from competing in the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for THC. It's unclear if Richardson will accept the deal in North Jersey Man is being sentenced to 16 months behind bars for cyberstalking. Prosecutors say Reno Diamanti harassed 23 people as well as their friends and family by posting nude or seminude photos to Facebook. He claimed they were of people on such sites as four Chan, but other photos were downloaded directly from his victim's own social media accounts. The 26 year old Bergenfield man also left comments encouraging viewers to post Degrading comments about the victims. Diamanti pleaded.

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