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"steffan caitlyn" Discussed on Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast

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"steffan caitlyn" Discussed on Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast

"Yeah. Yeah. Book it was part of school think fifth or sixth grade. And I remember loving the book. I haven't read it in a long time. I would like to read it again since watching this movie, but we have never watched the movie after we run it. I don't think that we ever had to read it. I think that we read when the Redfern grow a set of yeller, I think it was like they alternated those two books every other year, something we did all they want traumatizing. Yeah. So. Dog. Really hits you or hurts. We watched that movie. Yeah. We. My school. Most of apparently. We didn't read any books about dogs, and mice Foale is like little house on the fairing. Just so weird 'cause wearing in Canada. So. I read that one to put that's like the really thick one, right? Yeah. And I put him until I last minute. I was late for like, you know, seven year older over old. I was your old. Dumb. I don't know. I still do it. I've never learned. All right. Disney memory this week comes from Kelsey, Elizabeth. I'm gonna say. This one's a little bit of a tear Jerker. But it's a very good memory quit reading it. I'm about to read it ruin it. All right. So Kelsey says my Disney memory is a more recent one. I grew up a Disney kid, but had only been to Disney once as an adult in August, twenty sixteen might sister. Was diagnosed with breast cancer, she fought with all her might until she was informed. She was terminal in head maybe a week to live in October of twenty seventeen. My sister, the fighter said forget that and continued to fight in November. She her husband enforced. Children thirteen twelve four and two were gifted a trip to Disney for thanksgiving weekend. She invited anyone to come at night. Putting two thousand dollars on two credit cards to go with we spent thanksgiving weekend, Disney, and it was the most magical weekend ever. We had thanksgiving dinner at chefs mckie's and watching my nieces and nephews meet Mickey Mouse was magical. I forced everyone to wait in line to meet Elsa on only twenty minutes. Nice. We had a lunch of Cinderella's castle. And it was amazing throughout the trip. I washed my sister's health slowly slowly decline. She put everything she had into this trip was exhausted. Her health quickly declined a week later. She was again given weeks to live she entered hospice and on December fifteenth twenty seventeen having gained another angel that trip was absolutely magical. And I would have regretted every moment of my life. If I didn't go I'm still paying off my paying my credit cards off. But the memories are worth it as she says what I live by today is a beautiful day to be alive. I've included some pictures of the trip in you're more than welcome to share them on the page. So I've made a note for myself remember to go and get those photos because see that first of all it was very brave to share that story is a very magical story. And I love that. I love your sister's attitude, she's like, I'm not gonna let this control me. Right. We're gonna go and have fun and have this magical time with my family, and I love. That you still cherish now. And I'm sure that you will clearly you do and I'm sure the rest of her family cherishes those memories from that long weekend. Oh, yeah. So does he's a magical place, and you can make lots of good memories there. So even in hard times. Yeah. I'll say for both of us Riveria sorry for your loss. But I love that you keep her alive with you. Yeah. I liked it a lot. So thank you so much for sharing your story. And if anyone else would like to share their Disney story, please Email us at grownup kids podcasts. gmaiLcom anything? Disney related Senate. Our way be sure to feature it on a future episodes. So thank you. Steffan Caitlyn for joining us on the sad movie old yeller. Thanks for having us also doing because we relate, what's okay? You guys super nice about it? Feel like a sailor. What at the end, thanks for dealing with are scheduled to be. Everyone's such a trooper about it. I'm like why all the time for I can't even like. Like.

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