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"stearns corey" Discussed on The City

"It was falling in. There was a good gloss ability. If the quarry was not filled that part of hall stood would go directly into the bottom of the you know, two hundred feet into the bottom of the of the quarry filling Stearns quarry with debris from John Christopher's dumps solved. Two problems at once. Hauling quarry was a way of dealing with the Stearns Corey problem into remove a lot of stuff from the facility. This project may have also had special meaning for mayor Daley because Bridgeport was his neighborhood. He. Grew up in a red brick bungalow just a half mile or so from the quarry. Although Bridgeport today is home to a large number of Chinese and Mexican families. The neighborhood has long been mostly white an Irish Catholic and the seat of the Daley family's political power. In other words, the waste ship to Bridgeport a white neighborhood with ties to the dailies was transformed into a beautiful park the waste shipped out guilt gardens a poor black neighborhood without access to the halls of power was not. The transformation from limestone quarry to public park was actually alluded to in boss. A short lived TV show that was basically a thinly. Veiled dramatization of mayor. Richard m Daley's time in office Kelsey grammer starred as mayor Tom Kaine midway through season, one mayor Cain becomes embroiled in a political scandal that seems loosely based on the story of the north Lonsdale. Dumps mayor Kane had given the green light to an illegal dump that then poisoned the water supply of a nearby suburb. And now the town's residents are threatening to sue the city. As the media pounces on the story. Mayor Kane ducts their questions and goes back to his old neighborhood to find solace in his favourite local watering hole. He's known the bars owners since he was a political neophyte the two of them take a walk around palmesano park. Where trio of boys are standing by the water. Refer. Mornings. They come to watch the birds. Chemical dumps Buchan garden of. Before that. Somebody coming on convinced the city to build condos next to the fishing. Linda something else. In real life after the debris was removed from north Lonsdale. The lot that had been home to the mountain became an empty twenty one acre lot one of the biggest undeveloped parcels on Chicago's west side. So in nineteen ninety eight the city moved to buy the land and redevelop it and in order to redevelop the land the city began to try and convince the residents of north Lonsdale to let them turn it into something else as mayor Kane put it and that meant forcing out some of the residents who had lived through the worst of the dumping. Where they claimed he was going to be a big movie theater was back me. He's in a big movie theater. But every time we go to Chicago. He knew he'd never seen them. But if delay. I'm be teased. My wife while he made his move up. They really bait as move with nothing. That's next time on the city. The city is a production of USA today and is distributed in partnership with wondering you can subscribe to the show on apple podcasts. Spotify over every you're listening right now, if you like the show these rate and review us, be sure to tell your friends about us our show this week was reported and produced by Wilson Sayer Jenny Kaas Sam Greenspan and me Robin EMA this episode was edited.

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