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Tech firms should be made liable for 'fake news' on sites: UK lawmakers

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Tech firms should be made liable for 'fake news' on sites: UK lawmakers

"Change at any moment but we are. Even seeing fire. Tornadoes I'm so it was very very extreme you could potentially see any kind of fire. Behavior out here it really is dependent on the weather and Anthony says hot and, windy conditions, today could Fuel more extreme fire behavior for NPR news I'm Sonia Hudson in, Shasta county British lawmakers are planning to announce tomorrow. Recommendation that the UK government increase oversight of social media like Facebook and other tech firms as Larry Miller reports from London a parliamentary committee wants the firms to be made liable for harmful and misleading material on their sites house of Commons committee report says. The unregulated social media, landscape is like the wild west hit claims Britain faces a democratic crisis with voters manipulated and targeted with, print issues views the committee investigated disinflation, and its impact on the referendum it. Also considered possible Russian interference, the report. Recommends social media regulation and a Levy on companies to finance. Digital literacy earlier this month Facebook was fine by the, UK's information Commissioner for providing you User data to Cambridge which was then. Used to influence voters, to support Brexit for, NPR, news I'm Larry. Miller in London the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul. Manafort begins Tuesday as NPR's Amy. Held reports special counsel Robert Muller has submitted a long list of potential witnesses Manafort has pleaded, not guilty to tax and Bank fraud charges related to income from, Ukrainian clients the charges largely predate the time Manafort worked on the Trump campaign but arose during Muller's. Investigation into Russian election interference of, the thirty five people on the potential witness list Rick, gates manafort's, former business, partner and Trump campaign aide, is expected to be a key. Witness gates was, indicted at, the same time as Manafort but. His pleaded guilty to charges related. To conspiracy to hide millions of dollars and to lie to investigators about it he's cooperating with prosecutors. Amy held NPR news Washington this is NPR this is w NYC in New York I'm Lance lucky Rudy Giuliani says the late New York City politician and powerbroker who convinced him to run, for mayor was his staunchest ally and greatest defender the former mayor was. Among the mourners guy Molinari's. Funeral mass today at Our Lady Queen, of peace Roman Catholic church on, Staten Island Molinari died on. Wednesday at the age of eighty nine the lifelong Staten. Island residents served as a state assemblyman and five term congressman in the nineteen eighties he was. Also borough president a Philippine court. Has granted a US government requests to extradite a Filipino doctor suspected by US authorities of being an Islamic state group sympathizer and plotting bombings. And shootings in New York City concert venues subway stations and Times Square the court ordered Russell. Lingerie Salik to be extradited to the US to, face the charges Selleck who's denied the charges can appeal the ruling solid allegedly sent about four hundred dollars from the. Philippines to an undercover, FBI agent posing as, an, Islamic extremist to. Help fund the Planned attacks according to court documents made public in New York The arena where the NBA's Brooklyn nets and the NHL New York Islanders play is. The latest venue to make plastic, straws thing of the past Brooklyn's Barclays center said this week it will switch to starless drink lids. Or, straws made from composed able alternative materials by next. Year Nassau Coliseum on Long Island will also drop plastic straws they're the latest partners in a movement to eliminate plastic straws because of harmful environmental impacts the city of Seattle along with Starbucks Mariot Hilton Hyatt. And American Airlines have, also announced plans to abandon plastic straws Barclay center and Nassau Coliseum estimate their. Straw bands will divert more than five million straws. From landfills each year WNYC support. For NPR comes from Babbel a, European, made, language learning program babbled teaches practical conversation in Spanish French German and other languages available in the app store. Or online at b. a. b. b. e. l. dot com.

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