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"state street, 28 south" Discussed on X96

"Jazz coach Quin Snyder, has been asked to coach Western Conference for the All Star Game, and that's a big deal to so how about them Jazz? Um, let's eat only 20% chance of isolated snow showers today and then partly sunny this afternoon high of 36. Another chance of snow will be Friday night into Saturday. That will be about 70% chance. Traffic. Just so you know, little Cottonwood Canyon is still closed. That means folks are still inter lodge sheltering and they've been doing it for, like 56 hours or something. It's just crazy. I'm sorry. If Europe they're stuck in that and canyon still not open, they're still doing. Avalanche mitigation there We have a crash. That's our 1 34. This is up in far west at 27th north and we were county. Vehicle on fire. 90th South 41st west in West Jordan. That's in the median crash. Redwood Road seventh north in North Salt Lake Crash. State Street, 28 South. This is Provo's State Street where that is Crashed more than I 15 late and parkway in Davis County That's on the on ramp and be aware that the on and off ramps could be slick this morning because of AH little ice that people are experiencing. You may experience it, too, And if you've experienced something you want to share with friends of the program, and it's safe for you to text us. You could do that at 33986. Now is the time that Larry Miller used car super markets to buy. Cut your payments in half and no payments for 120.

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