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NPR News: 02-05-2020 6AM ET

NPR News Now

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NPR News: 02-05-2020 6AM ET

"Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman. President trump delivered his State of the Union address. Tuesday night he bestowed the medal of Honor on conservative talk. Show host rush rush limbaugh and honored a Tuskegee airman before starting trump ignored house speaker. Nancy Pelosi's offered handshake at the end of trump's address Pelosi tore. We're up a copy of his speech. The president used much of his address to highlight. US economic gains NPR's Scott reports trump boasted of strong growth in both jobs and wages. President trump. Touted what he called the great American comeback though he managed to exaggerate both the strength of the economy today and its weakness when he took office. We're moving forward. At a pace. That was unimaginable just a short time ago and we are never ever going back in fact economic growth slowed last year to two point. Three percent exactly matching the average pace over the last decade employment growth was strong. During trump's I thirty five months in office but it was even stronger in the previous thirty five months the path the economy since trump took office looks less like a comeback continuation of an earlier trend. Scott horsely asleep. NPR News Washington presidential candidate Bernie Sanders immediately criticized trump over his economic claims. No president trump. This this is not the strongest economy we've ever had. When eighty seven million Americans are uninsured or underinsured and millions of Americans have lost their health insurance? Sanders was in New Hampshire ahead of that state's primary next Tuesday. Meanwhile the Iowa the Democratic Party has released partial results. From its caucuses Monday night sanders is neck and neck with former South Bend. Indiana Mayor Pete Buddha Judge Senator Senator Elizabeth. Warren is in third place followed by former vice president. Joe Biden China says the number of confirmed corona virus cases continues to to climb. There are more than twenty four thousand cases and nearly five hundred deaths. NPR's Chang reports that many Chinese cities have now adopted too strict policies in order to contain the disease. The coastal city of Win Joe is known for its bustling markets. Many witter run by small business owners from Hun now with over three hundred sixty people diagnosed with the corona virus the window government announce a slate of policies aimed at preventing the further spread of the disease. For instance. Each household could only send one person every two days to purchase groceries and any activity unrelated to seeking medical treatment or providing. Public Services is strongly discouraged strict for policies like the ones and wind chill are now widely endorsed by a dozen local governments across China but looking ahead to early next week when work is set to resume for most people officials may have to come up with new measures to accommodate their citizens Amy Chang. NPR News. Beijing you're listening to NPR. News from Washington some Merlin voters in the Baltimore area held a primary Tuesday to choose candidates to run for the seat of late Democratic Congressman. Elijah Cummings in the states. Seventh district tricked democratic. Voters picked former congressman. Kwesi may who held the seat before Cummings. Republicans shows Kimberly classic the general election and his in April Democrats in the Virginia State legislature are moving forward with gun control measures despite a big show of opposition last month at a rally in Richmond. NPR's Giles Snyder has more Virginia governor. Ralph northerns proposals or seeing more success than they did last year when he called a special session following the mass shooting in Virginia Beach back then. Republicans blocked his proposals but now Democrats control both of Virginia House of delegates and the State Senate and both chambers have passed ask some of his proposals include once a month limit on handgun purchases universal background checks and a Red Flag Law Aban on the popular. Ar Fifteen style L. rifle faces a more uncertain future and this week. The State Senate Judiciary Committee blocked a bill intended to keep loaded unsecured firearms out of the hands of children to Democrats joined with Republicans may concerns. It would unfairly punish gun owners Royal Snyder. NPR News today is the Victory Parade for the Super Bowl winning in Kansas City chiefs the team came from behind to win the NFL championship game against San Francisco last Sunday. But there's a winter weather advisory posted for the region today. Still hundreds of thousands of Kansas City fans are expected to turn out. I'm Korva Coleman N._P._R. News.

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2-18-20 What's News

The Nicole Sandler Show

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2-18-20 What's News

"It's time for Nicole. Sandler's what's news from Nicole Sandler Dot Com and the progressive voices network. Money can't buy you love but it can buy your way into a Democratic presidential debate. Michael Bloomberg has spent more than one hundred and twenty four million dollars on advertising in the fourteen Super Tuesday states. The only other candidate to advertise across most of them so far is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Who has spent just under ten million dollars on ads for the March third primaries? So No shocker here. That Michael Bloomberg has qualified for the next debate the NBC MSNBC. Nevada independent debate happening Wednesday night in Las Vegas a brand new poll from NPR. Pbs suggests that Bloomberg's advertising and publicity blitz has vaulted him into second place nationally the results Bernie Sanders with thirty one percent Bloomberg nineteen followed by Joe Biden at Fifteen Elizabeth Warren at twelve amy Klobuchar at nine and p Buddha judge at eight an open letter now signed by more than two thousand former department of Justice Officials. Calling for bill bars resignation. As Attorney General was released Sunday now a National Association of Federal Judges has called an emergency meeting for Tuesday to address growing concerns about the intervention of Justice Department officials and Donald Trump in politically sensitive cases Philadelphia. Us District Judge. Cynthia roof who heads the independent Federal Judges Association said the group could not wait until it's spring conference to weigh in on a deepening crisis that has developed the Justice Department and Attorney General William Bar roof telling USA. Today there are plenty of issues that we're concerned about. We'll talk all of this through John. Bolton you remember him the former National Security Advisor Donald Trump made his first public appearance since the impeachment. Trial ended at a forum on foreign policy at Duke University. Monday night Bolton teased that his unpublished book contained far more revelations than just the campaign pressuring Ukraine for help with domestic politics but he said he was fighting quote censorship by the White House saying that the White House was trying to keep him from publishing important parts of his new memoir. By terming them classified. He said he was pushing back but feared that a pre publication review could stop the book from being published as scheduled next month quote for all the focus on Ukraine in the impeachment trial. And all that to me. There are portions of the manuscript the deal with Ukraine. I view that like the sprinkles on the ice cream Sundae in terms of what's in the book he continued quote. This is an effort to write history and I did it the best I can and we'll have to see what comes out of the Censorship. And then he added. I'm hoping ultimately I can get the book published. I hope it's not suppressed and regarding trump's twitter attacks on him Bolton said he tweets but I can't talk about it how fair that actually could have talked about it. He could have appeared before the Senate during the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. And he didn't he also could have appeared before the house impeachment inquiry but he didn't John Bolton just want a paycheck from his book. Good luck to us all in the most sickening story of the day not involving Donald Trump. The boy scouts of America barraged by hundreds of SEX ABUSE LAWSUITS FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION. Tuesday in hopes of working out a victim compensation plan that would allow the hundred and ten year old organization to carry on the chapter eleven. Filing in federal bankruptcy court sets in motion. What could be one of the biggest? Most complex bankruptcies ever seen as scores of lawyers are seeking settlements on behalf of several thousand men who say they were molested as scouts by Scout Masters or other leaders decades ago but are only now Jubal to sue because of recent changes in their state statute of limitations. Laws Sickening I Virginia State Senators on Monday. Rejected Governor Ralph. Northbound's push to ban the sale of assault weapons four so called moderate Democrats on the State Senate. Judiciary Committee joined the Republicans to shelve the bill. North try to use his. Party's new majorities in both houses of the state legislature to pass a broad package of gun. Control laws his spokeswoman. Lena your mosque's said we'll be back next year. Democrats campaign promising tough gun restrictions last year and won control of the General Assembly for the first time in more than two decades their attempt to follow through though has met push-back with tens of thousands of gun rights advocates protesting at the capital last month and more than one hundred local governments declaring themselves. Second Amendment Sanctuaries. Yeah well let's end on a positive note. Showy if you are the richest person in the world what would you do? Well Amazon's Chief Executive in Washington Post owner. Jeff Bezos is that person Yup the richest person in the world. He announced on instagram Monday. That he'd launched the basis Earth Fund and pledged ten billion dollars to help fight. Climate change saying climate change is the biggest threat to our planet. I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change. That's a lot better than running for president and that's just a bit of what's news for now. I'm Nicole Sandler. If you appreciate these reports Nicole familar show. I hope you'll consider making a contribution. My work is one hundred percent listener supported and I cannot do it without your help. Find out more at Nicole. Sandler DOT COM. Please click on that donate button.

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Boy Scouts Chapter 11 Filing; Apple's Coronavirus Warning

WSJ What's News

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Boy Scouts Chapter 11 Filing; Apple's Coronavirus Warning

"For those fortunate enough to help the person who has always been there hero. Find The care guides you need to help at AARP dot org slash caregiving brought to you by AARP and the Ad Council with lawsuits piling up. The Boy Scouts of America filed for Chapter Eleven. This bankruptcy is in many ways the culmination of a movement that has been taking place all across the country to compensate victims of decades old sexual abuse really dating back to the Catholic church scandals in the early two thousands apple warns. It won't meet revenue projections because of the corona virus outbreak of apple sees a slowdown in its production than there may be a slow down further down the chain as well. It's Tuesday February eighteenth. I'm Charlie Turner for the Wall Street Journal. Here's what's news. Hundreds of Americans who had been passengers on a corona virus stricken cruise ship in Japan landed in the US on Monday among them were fourteen people who tested positive for the virus but were allowed to join the operation at the last minute State Department officials said none of them showed symptoms of the virus such as sore throats or coughing. The evacuation came after the virus cases aboard the Diamond Princess rose to four hundred fifty four prompting questions about the efficacy of the ship. Quarantine on Monday. The World Health Organization reported there were more than seventy one corona virus cases worldwide and over one thousand seven hundred seventy deaths only three of those deaths and seven hundred ninety four cases have been outside of China and the majority of those cases. Were aboard the Diamond Princess. Democratic presidential candidates are blitzing. Nevada ahead of the state's caucuses this Saturday. The Wall Street Journal's executive Washington editor Jerry. Cy Moderated a forum over the weekend where several candidates pledged to rebuild the nation's infrastructure. Every one of these candidates in this race has talked about a very big infrastructure program using the trillions in the case of Elizabeth Warren and the two trillion dollar range. It's one of the few issues where there's actual bipartisan desire. In Washington something done but things just don't quite happened in Washington and so it's A. It's a very rich topic for conversation and we had a forum in in Nevada. Where for the candidates showed up. Joe Biden Any club. Hr People to Judge and Thomas Dyer and this was important because this subject is of great. Interest to labor unions e infrastructure is not just the infrastructure roads railways bridges highways ports. They also see this as jobs and so. I think one of the reasons the candidates wanted to come join us and talk about this. Is that the Labor vote in in Nevada is very important and they wanted to be there and talk about a subject that was important organized labor. The candidates are preparing for a Wednesday night debate in Las Vegas that could include the debut of billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has poured more than four hundred million dollars into his campaign with an eye toward the Super Tuesday states. Next month a ban on assault style weapons in Virginia was blocked by a state. Senate committee Monday. Dealing a blow to the state's new democratic legislative majority. The proposal was the most contentious gun. Control Measure Democrats. Were trying to pass this year. It cleared the House of delegates last week but on Monday. The State Senate Judiciary Committee voted ten to five to push the bill off to next year for Democrats sided with all six Republicans on the committee to back the delay flood waters in central Mississippi approached record heights Monday swollen by weeks of rain. The Pearl River appeared to peak Monday afternoon at around thirty six point eight feet. The highest level since nineteen eighty-three hundreds of homes and businesses. Were inundated roads were closed around. The capital state officials also warned of continued danger as the waters recede in the coming days. Officials said no deaths or injuries were reported and pier. One imports filed for bankruptcy Monday. The home furnishings giant. With more than one thousand stores is looking to sell the company less than two months after announcing it would close four hundred fifty stores and cut costs to slow cash burn. Pure one isn't weighed down by debt but has been facing increasing pressure from online buyers. Mass merchants and off price retailers like wayfair bed bath and beyond an Amazon. That wasn't the only bankruptcy filing. We'll have more on the boy scouts of America. Coming up your blood pressure. Numbers could change your life. Talk to your doctor about creating a plan that works better for you. Start taking the right steps and manager. Bp Dot Org brought to you by the American Heart Association American Medical Association and the Ad Council. The Boy Scouts of America filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy Tuesday. The organization is facing three hundred pending lawsuits. Alleging sexual misconduct by employees and volunteers. It's the largest single bankruptcy driven by claims of sexual abuse joining us with Moore's Andrew Scurry A- a- deputy editor of WSJ PRO Bankruptcy Andrew. Win Had the boy scouts of America originally considered This bankruptcy filing believe they started considering it a couple years ago as some states notably New York. I believe I'm started thinking about Opening UP THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS. Windows the boy scouts saw around a couple of corners. And could sort of see where this was going. This bankruptcy is in many ways the culmination of a movement that has been taking place all across the country To compensate victims of decades old sexual abuse dating back to the Catholic church scandals in the early. I two thousand. How does the process of bankruptcy filing work in this particular case? Well a bankruptcy would've bankruptcy filing does for the scouts is it puts a halt on These hundreds of lawsuits pending all around the country and forces claimants to negotiate with the Scouts in one centralized forum so it eliminates the possibility of jury verdicts or further. Discovery cuts down on legal expense and creates one forum that we're scouts. They can negotiate a solution with victims. Andrew tell us about the strategy the boy scouts or pursuing in bankruptcy. I assume it would involve protecting as many assets as possible right will. The Scouts are organized. Sort of on two levels. There's the national organization and then hundreds of local councils that actually operate the troops there's assets at both levels and They've all been named as defendants in many of these lawsuits. Both national and local. The scouts are aiming to protect as much of the assets at the local level as possible by placing only the national organization into into bankruptcy and the Plan is for the local councils to most likely contribute some of their assets into some kind of compensation fund for victims that will be administered to handle claims and make payments But the hope is that those councils can avoid You know having to file for bankruptcy themselves and You know come out of this relatively unscathed. Let's talk about the victims and their representation of attorneys representing former say. This strategy is inadequate. Why well they've long taken the position that the scouts that there is no corporate separateness between the national and local divisions of the scouts and that it is in fact a vertically integrated organization you expect that to be put to the test somewhat in bankruptcy or for that dispute to end ultimately you're a settlement or court ruling Wall Street Journal's Andrew Scurry. Thanks a lot thank you. Onto markets will be watching shares of apple after the iphone maker said Monday. It wouldn't meet revenue projections for the current quarter due to the corona virus outbreak. Last month apple had projected record revenue for the first quarter as high as sixty seven billion dollars. Here's The Wall Street Journal's trip Michael. It's really two things that are really encumbering apple. It's both the sales in China. Where Apple's had to shut down stores many of its partners of add this shutdown stores as the government looks to contain the corona virus and it's also manufacturing apple said that an anticipate some shortages in iphone supply that are going to affect worldwide sales as a result. Apple isn't the only tech company that will be impacted. I wouldn't look at this and think like this is going to affect Microsoft facebook Amazon the other behemoths intech but it could ripple across the semi conductor industry for example Which has a lot of manufacturing operations in China could be affected both from a manufacturing standpoint and then also many of them are suppliers to apple so if apple sees a slowdown in its production than there may be a slowdown further down the chain as well and the tech industry isn't alone and I mean we've already seen others warn of a production impacts as a consequence of corona virus. I mean we had Volkswagen say Monday. That it's GONNA postpone production restarts at some Chinese plants. We had Fiat. Chrysler say last week that it had to halt production in Serbia. Because it can't get some parts from China. Oil prices have fallen eleven percent just because of awareness of China's economy slowing down and then on top of that we we've also seen Chinese consumers travel less. And that's hitting sales. Yeah oddly enough in the US where Chinese tourists usually are big big buyers of luxury goods? That's trip mickle of the Wall Street Journal. And here's what else we're watching today. The nation's biggest dairy farming cooperative has struck a four hundred twenty five million dollar deal to buy dozens of plants. From bankrupt milk processor dean foods executives. Say the deal would preserve jobs and markets for farmers milk but it still requires approval of the bankruptcy court and the US Department of Justice and the National Association of Home Builders releases its latest housing market index. Today that's a survey assessing. How optimistic homebuilders are about the single family housing market? And that's what's news for Tuesday morning if you like our show please rate and review US wherever you get your podcasts. I'm Charlie Turner for the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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Ep. 643 - The People Kept Shouting: Crucify Him

The Andrew Klavan Show

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Ep. 643 - The People Kept Shouting: Crucify Him

"The chairman of the California state Senate Judiciary committee hannah-beth Jackson says gendered pronouns will no longer be used during committee hearings. I am not making this up Jackson said, and I swear this as a real, quote, the world is a different place, my grammar teachers long gone, and we won't be hearing from her from them from they unquote Jackson said the new rule was intended to bring the judiciary committee into line with the rest of California state government. The having it run under the stupidest rules ever devised by man or woman or undifferentiated sexless it creature to accomplish that Jackson said committee members would not only be forbidden mention the existence of gender, but would be forced to deny other immutable facts of life as well. For instance, committee members will no longer be allowed to refer to the fact that government actions cost money, but instead will be required to call them free as in free, healthcare or free college or free to live on the street and crap on. The sidewalk while screaming at the voices from Saturn being piped into your head through your dental fillings in the event that a committee member should break the rules and mentioned that all of these things actually come at a considerable cost said member will be forced to pay a fine which will be funded by the public tax dollars, and will therefore be free other facts of life that will become unmentionable. We'll be the difference between legal and illegal immigrants, especially in instances, where new illegal immigrant murders and innocent American which will now be referred to as quote, an act of compassion for suffering refugees, resulting in the violent death of a citizen, unquote. Senator Jackson hopes these rules will become so widespread that no branch California government will be able to acknowledge reality at all including the reality that everyone is moving to Texas trigger. Warning. I'm Andrew klavan. This is the Andrew klavan show. So really also say. Thompson zip. He's so wonderful. Want to see? You know history is full of intolerant. Religious leaders, the Catholic priests burn Protestant dissenters Protestant dissenters who murdered Catholic priests which hunters book burners and tolerance scolds it was even we should remember the Pharisees and the chief priests of Israel who moved among the crowd at the trial of Jesus urging the people to call for his crucifixion, and guess what? They're added again today, the Pharisees and scribes and chief priests work for the news media and their religion is leftism, one of the central tenets of the leftist faith is that there's no objective moral truth only narrative, so if you can silence those who disagree with you. If you can force a bully them into saying that right is wrong that male is female that abortionist health and freedom is slavery. Those things will magically become true disagree. And we hear the age old shout again crucify him. And now they can broadcast broadcast crucify him on Twitter and CNN they should have read their gospel. They would have learned you can kill the truth. But it never dies. We'll talk about. The the what that ends up resulting in in just a second. But first, let us talk about Honey, one of my absolute favorites sponsors, I use it all the time. It takes about thirty seconds to download this thing. And then what it does is it hunts for deals while your shopping with Honey the free browser extension. You can get the best prices on Amazon. That's where I do an awful lot of my shopping and get it without lifting a finger. I was on Amazon the other day, I saw Honey giving deals on my books and other kingdom and the great good thing. That's good to see because if you have on a you will save money when you're buying my books, which you should be doing. It compares the prices of every seller that carries the item I want, and then it factors in shipping. Sales tax Amazon prime status to make sure you're getting the lowest total prices, just a smart automated automated deal finder that gets me and millions of other shoppers the best price on Amazon and lots of other sites. Next time, you are shopping on Amazon don't wonder whether you found the best. He'll just add Honey and get the best price automatically Honey Honey for free at join Honey dot com slash Andrew. That's join Honey dot com slash Andrew. Honey, smart shopping assistant that helps save you time and money. I don't know why everybody doesn't use. This is so easy. And it does save you money like while you're just sitting there. It's amazing. Speaking of another kingdom, by the way, dean koontz one of the masters of supernatural suspense sent me a beautiful blurb for the book yesterday, which I really appreciate it. He said, I turned the pages faster and faster with growing delight scary suspenseful funny, wonderfully imaginative, another kingdom is pure unadulterated fun. You can pre-order it now. And I wish you would it would help me a lot. If he would do that. This is the novel coming out in March. It's almost album, let me begin what I want to talk about which is this assault on Christianity by the mainstream media in the person of the Covington, kids and. Mrs Pence in her teaching I want to start with a quote from CS Lewis mere Christianity, you will be amazed at this quoted how opted is obviously mere Christianity CS Lewis one of the great Christian apologist. Mere Christianity one of his central books book that was very important to me as I was deciding to become a Christian. Here's what he says, he says suppose one reads, a story of filthy atrocities in the paper, then suppose that something turns upset suggesting that the story might not be quite true or not quite so bad as it was made out is ones. I feeling thank God. Even they aren't quite so bad as that. Or is it a feeling of disappointment? And even a determination to cling to the first story for the sheer pleasure of thinking, your enemies are as bad as possible. If it is the second than it is I am afraid the first step in a process, which followed to the end will make us into devils. You see one is. Beginning to wish that black was a little blacker. If we give that wish it's head later on we shall wish to see gray as black and then to see white itself as black. Finally, we shall insist on seeing everything God, and our friends and ourselves included as bad and not be able to stop doing it. We shall be fixed forever in a universe of pure hatred. Who can deny that that is what is happening right as I'm speaking in the case of these Covington Catholic kids who were jeered by these black activists create I hardly just this is a nutcase movement. The black activists were screaming at them. And then confronted a very very aggressive way. By this native American Nathan Phillips, who apparently has been doing this a lot to people, but who can deny that the press. Now feels not only feeling of disappointment that it turned out that their first story that these kids these white Catholic. Pro life kids were not the villains, but they not only feel Ashir feeling of sheer disappointment. But a determination to cling to the first story for the sheer pleasure of thinking, they're enemies are bad as possible. That is exactly what see us lose described exactly what they were doing. I've talked about this story before as a media event. And the fact that it was organic an organic outgrowth of their bias their hatred of Donald Trump, not just Trump of the people that he represents and the conservatism and republicanism they remember it didn't start with Trump that is nonsense. It was going on with Bush went on with Regan way back in the eighty. So it's not about Donald Trump. It is about their particular religion. And it is a religion new information's coming out that this guy Nathan Phillips. He indicated he said, I was Viet nam times veteran that he was in the marine reserves during the last couple of years of Vietnam. He never left America. He was a refrigerator repairman he referred to himself as a recon. Ranger, but he was a refrigerator payment and not dissing the guy service, by the way, he did serve. And I think we have to give them credits at although he was busted to private. He was had three wall charges and the other thing about him is he has done this a lot. He is this guy. He burst into a church service and disrupted the church service years ago in two thousand fifteen he went went to the he was Michigan university eastern Michigan university. And it's a lengthy. I think it is. And he he did this again, he told the news media that he had confronted some students who had been dressed up in Indian garb. Here's a little clip of this. Because it sounds just like the clip he had of the Covington kids on. On on on this Powell Powell party. Federal individuals there. From over zone. They paid read news. Kind of try to laugh off. It's just funny. So. I on on this. Quote, Amande Susan. To fear bottle do cannon because they throw beer caught a bottle. Remember, he says the Covington kids wanted to tear them apart the police showed up, and apparently there's even been a party there. So we don't even know if he's telling the truth. This is what this guy doesn't as I said before I kick at this out of my mind this line he had about this indigenous lands recant Bill the wall here while he's standing in Washington DC, the capital of the greatest industrialized nation on earth as if we were still riding around on Palomino in the prairie hunting buffalo. I mean, it's just absurd and only left. This media would have bought into this. I just wanna play what the Covington chaperone a lady named. Jill Hamlin told FOX and friends actually happened in the reason is is she all the people who've been describing this had has what sounded to me like the truth is just had the ring of truth to it. Here's that interview. So you say that your boys the boys there were targeted was it because they were wearing mega caps. I think that was one of the reasons they were targeted, and I think they were also targeted for what they stood for which is. Which is Christianity the right for life, and they were singled out, and I believe partially because of the color of their skin they were targeted. Joe why why was Nick Sandman? Why was why didn't Nathan Phillips the native American? Why did he choose him? Why did he get in his face? What happened before that? We were all just gathered on the steps, you know, we had obviously heard the horrifying insults. That were thrown at our children by the black. Hebrew, israelites. And the boys were gathered on the steps. And they I don't know why Nathan Phillips chose Nick Sandman. I think he would have targeted anyone. But maybe it was because Nick Sanmen had the courage to look this man in the face. You know? I want to this is really true what she's saying that they that they were targeted, but they're not just targeted by these people for their hats, and for their beliefs the media to which is still saying still saying these maga- hats, they shouldn't have been wearing those moment to what were they doing wearing those maga- hats, the answer to which is not something I can say on the air. It's just two words. But it's very simple. You know, they can wear any damn hat. They please. But for a mainstream media, the high the chief priests of the leftist religion just standing there with a maga- hat is an act of heresy deserving punishment. It's an enticement to riot because of their religion, it it's just like somebody, you know, did something absurd. Like put out a a so-called work of art by putting a crucifix in a VAT of urine that would be essentially what they do by wearing a maga- hat. He by the way, you know. They call helixsleep helixsleep is called helixsleep, but for me, of course, helix awake because I'm awake all night. And that's what makes. Being comfortable all the more important you weaklings who have to sleep. You don't know comfort because you're so fast asleep on your helix mattress where you're helix pillow. You have no idea what's going on. But I am awake. Enjoying the comfort of a helix pillow. Have a great helix Bill has really been helpful to me, and it really stays cool and nice. It's just so comfortable. And if you want a bed a full bed from helixsleep, they will build a sleep. They have a sleep quiz takes two minutes to complete and they use the answers to match your body type and sleep preferences to the perfect mattress. Just go to helix sleep dot com slash Cleveland. Take two minutes sleep quiz, and they'll match you to a mattress that will give you the best sleep of your life. They can even give you kind of mattress that has two sides for your partner. Right now, helix is offering up to one hundred twenty five dollars off all mattress orders. Get up to one hundred twenty five bucks off at helix. Sleep dot com slash cliven. That's helixsleep dot com slash Clayton for a hundred and twenty five dollars off your mattress. Order helix sleep dot com. Tom slash cliven. You can lie awake in perfect comfort saying how do you spell Cleveland? It's K L A V A N, no es. No es. I just make it look this incredibly easy. I do want to say that our friends at newsbusters compiled the list of how each media outlet covered this story the Covington story, and there were good people CBS and ABC did. Well, they held off. He did not come out and attack these kids until the new information was coming in mmediately spotted the fact that the story was going haywire. That it was not what it was supposed to be. But NBC CNN the New York Times, the Washington Post, they all trash they'll cover themselves in shame which is hard because it's the other layers of shame or already there. So they just recoding themselves with more. Shame. I have to mention national review and other right wing outlets that jumped on the story to and you know, I love national review. I like a lot of the people there. I know a lot of them are bright. But they jumped on this thing, they said, they ran a story that said these Covington kids might just as well have spit on the cross they took it down, the apologize. But I want to tell you that I feel that these right wingers who jump on these stories are like battered children. They are in such a race to prove to the media that they they're not racist. They're the good Republicans. They are the good conservatives, and they ought to just stop the media is abusive. It is abusing you, and they're acting like people who have been abused. They're acting like children who have been abused when you're abused by your parents, you keep your head down. You don't want to say anything you walk on eggshells because anything might set them off because they're unreliable they're undependable, and they might go off at any time. That's the way the right wing. Actually, did it to Steve king to and again, I'm not defending Steve king because he. Said things in the past that I find suspect. But I did tell you, and I say it right now, I have no idea what Steve kinks to the New York Times because the New York Times lies they lie. And so I'm not going to just prove my bona fide by coming out and saying Steve king should resign. The minute. The New York Times runs a story that makes them look like a racist. They make all of us look like racist. It is what they do. And the national review should really do a full sole. Check on this and ask themselves how their hatred of Donald Trump their fear of the media has made them jump on this bandwagon too soon. It is time for them to take stock because that was a big big mistake. And it's not just any mistake. It's a mistake that grows out of the state of their mind, which was created by the abuse of the media. So this is what's happening now at Covington. Okay. Here are some of the kids are coming and telling you what's going on. They've had to close the school, and they'll they will tell you what what's happening several media platforms. Blatantly lied about the events regarding the controversy in DC in. It is. Us as a community and individuals Greeley. There have been many threats against their lives against our parents. Some of these threats include that we should all be locked in the school and should be burned to the ground on the school being bombed a school shooting threats. It's really scary. I know that a lot of people are scared to get a school tomorrow. We'll be attending because of what could happen. There've been cops there ever since the incident. And I think they'll be a lot more tomorrow. A lot of negativity in the hate surrounding this event comes from people on social media, doc saying people that were at the event, I myself wasn't even present. But I'm very vocal about defending my school in my peers, I've been docs on three separate occasions. This led to a soon NAMI of hateful messages and threats and everything above. So these are kids being dachshunds of fifteen sixteen year old kids being docks their their information put out online and death threats. I mean, this is this is what the media has wrought. And I just want to show you the media's attitude not all of them again again ABC and CBS handled this well, but I want to show you this NBC was one of the chief offenders, savannah Guthrie on NBC has Nick Sam who was the boy who was kind of targeted by this guy. And who was called people were saying, you know, he should be punched in the face. One woman tweeted that she would give oral sex anybody who would pu-. Him, you know, and this is savannah Guthrie on NBC one of the chief offenders, this is how she interviews them feel that you owe anybody an apology. Do you see your own faults in any way as far as standing there? I had every right to do. So I don't I my physician and said I was not disrespectful to Mr. Phillips. I respect him. I'd like to talk to him. I mean in hindsight, I wish we could have walked away avoided the whole thing as far as I'm concerned, savannah Guthrie should be groveling on the floor begging this kid for forgiveness not asking if he wants to apologize. She should be sorry. She works for network that slander children. She should be sorry that they haven't stood down from that slander. She should be sorry for everything they did. And she is a Representative of that network. Not personally. But as a Representative that never got to be groveling and asking for forgiveness instead of asking him the kid whether he wants to apologize. You know, there was just a wonderfully revelatory moment, not completely revelatory on the view with Whoopi and joy as always say without Whoopi. There's no joy without joy. There's no Welby and your swoopy and joy talking about how this could have happened. Many people admitted they made snack. App judgments before these other facts came in. But isn't that? We just instantly say that what it is based on what we see in that moment. And then have to walk stuff back when it turns out, we're wrong. Why is that why do we keep making the same mistake because we're desperate to get Trump out of office? So if she was honest about that. But again this happened with Reagan in the eighties. It happened to George W Bush. It happens to every Republican at happened to Mitt Romney during the raises when they accused him of murderer essentially or allowed him to be accused of murder. This is what they do they end, and it's more than this. In fact, Donald Trump junior got I think came closer to the truth in his accusation on on FOX. Here's what he said to Laura you had some Catholic school boys that were at a right to life March. Okay. They were wearing a Maga had they had two pounds because the media wants that to be true. They want a bunch of nice Catholic kids happen to be white. They want them to be the enemy. This is what they've created. The media has done this to themselves. They have shot themselves in the foot time and time again because they so desperately want this to be the truth. He's absolutely right about this. It is. In fact, what these kids represent chief among it. The Christian religion, the key Catholicism, which was being on full display in their defending the right to life that right for babies to live and grow in the womb without being destroyed without having themselves wiped off the face of the earth. We know this because of the way they treated Karen pants when it came out that she was teaching part time at a small private Christian school that among other things upheld the classic traditional Christian teaching against homosexuality. This was I mean, the things that people were saying about this way mcgurn wrote a great column about it yesterday in the Wall Street Journal quoting politico saying how can this happen in America that Christians would continue to be Christians and have this traditional belief on on CNN? I mean, this is I got to play this amazing piece of sound John king suggested that that Karen Pence should not be allowed to have secret service protection. Because it's paid for. By all people, and she's halting gays. Here's this clip. When you use your core beliefs in this kind of public way, obviously it does open yourself up to criticism. And I think the pences at might be a little naive to think that that wouldn't happen if she is going to make this decision. It's interesting to me that they made no attempt to get ahead of it. They made the announcement that she was going to be working at the school an inside the backlash com. A couple of those all tax payers. Paper housing all tax payers, pay for a secret service protection? It's not her fault that she needs protection. This the world we live, but all taxpayers pay for subsidize for life as a matter. Gene does her first amendment door first minute of freedoms get somehow curtailed because tax payers pay for her accommodations and our security. I don't know that a lot of people would sign on to that Livy knocks bringing the king back to reality. But I loved the woman to saying, you know, how could they not get out in front of this realize what a problem this was to be supporting traditional Christian teaching how can CNN be so locked in its own world that they don't understand that. This is not a problem for a lot of people. I'm going to get back to that in a minute. Because this is really the important point. This is the central point. I however Valentine's Day it's coming up with forgot the that's how bad guys are forgot about holiday Valentine's Day. You know, it's it's not that hard to find something that your girlfriend or wife will like for Valentine's Day. But try something that your boyfriend or husband will like it's impossible. If do we do it. My wife does say, you know, what are you? What would you like what would you like is a gift, and and he? Will do what I do is. With man crates you solve the problem because Ben crates knows what guys like and they have hundreds of gift options. So, you know, you'll find the perfect surprise gift for him that gives her totally unique most gift ship in a sealed wooden crate with a crowbar and opening them is half the fun. I got one recently this beautiful little wine picnic kit that you can carry out a really nice carrying case. So you can go on a picnic and bring your wine with you. And if that happens to me out of probably never come back. But if you get them a man create plus one of their meeting Valentine gifts, you can save just for Valentine's Day. Get fourteen percent off when you spend one hundred dollars or more at man, crates dot com slash klavan. That's fourteen percent off when you spend one hundred dollars or more at man, crates dot com slash klavan, man. Crates dot com slash Clayton. It really is a great gift and lots of fun, and you'll your man will feel so powerful when he opens that crazy will just roar at the sky how he cliven and you can say Kay. L A V A N. Let's talk about for a minute what? Christians believe about homosexuality. The traditional belief that traditional belief is that things are made for reason. God made gave us a purpose. We have a purpose in our lives. We have a purpose in what we do that our actions have moral ramifications that we can tell this is true because we understand when we hear parables about reality. We know that there are actual moral stories because reality has a moral level to it. Sex was made for the procreation of children children require care and feeding they require a mom and dad and therefore only a mom and dad in a state of marriage should have sex. That's why that is what Christians believe the Catholics believed that you shouldn't even use birth control because that's getting in the way of the purpose of sex. But all most Christians believe that it should be sexually had in the context of marriage. So the children can be taken care of. And that's why they don't accept homosexual. -ality homosexuality is not having sex for that purpose. It is anytime you not having sex with that purpose in mind. Many Christians believe you are simply using your partner for your personal pleasure. As you know, I have a different point of view on this put it accepts many of the premises. It accepts the premises. The things have a purpose that there is a moral level to life. I accept all those premises. That's the premise that. They have a problem with, you know, William mcgurn in that column mentioned he quotes Samuel Alito. The supreme court Justice his descent on Oberkfell one of these terrible decisions that said basically states cannot pass laws against gay marriage me not forbid gay marriage Alito in his dissent said I assume that those who cling to old beliefs will be able to whisper their thoughts in the recesses of their homes. But if they repeat those views in public they will risk being labeled as big and treated as such by governments employers and schools, and we can say that Alito was wrong. He was obviously, exactly right. The. Left thinks they can change moral truth by forcing you to say what they want you to say and silencing you. If you will not say it, but the truth dozen die crucify the truth. They tried at once he came right on back. And that that makes you crazy. It makes these people who want the truth to be what they say, it is it makes them crazy. It makes them full of hate. And remember what CS Lewis said when you when when you find that you are beginning to wish that black was a little lacquer. You will ultimately wish to see gray as black, and then you will see white itself as black. And if you think that is not true just take a look at what happened on Tuesday. That's yesterday in New York state governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the New York state legislature had passed the reproductive health act, which allows mothers to abort their babies up until birth. He had many buildings including one World Trade Center lit pink to celebrate this decision which. In by any stretch of the imagination is infanticide. They have just legalized infanticide. I mean, what the moment before birth? How can that child might be a child? How can that be by what logic by what moral logic only, the moral logic that silences people that hates them for going to the right to life March that ignores the issue of the right to life and in favor of nonsense controversies does everything it can including the Covington story, including the Ben Shapiro, baby. Hitler story everything it can to distract you from the issue at hand, which is that these people are ultimately moving toward infanticide because they have taught themselves that black is white. And they think they can make you say it and silence. People who deny it. They think ultimately black will become white ink gonna happen. That truth remains true. We have the mailbag coming up and next Tuesday, January twenty ninth. We have the next episode of daily wire back stage. This is the state of the union coverage. If there is a state of the union of not just all sort of stare at each other. Daily wire. God king, Jeremy boring. Ben shapiro. Michael Knowles and myself will we talking about the speech what it means going forward, and how the left will respond in some insane way is always the lovely Alicia Krause will be classing up the joint and taking your questions as they roll in have to be a subscriber. So you get your questions in so go to daily wire dot com. Subscribe for a lousy ten bucks a month or one hundred bucks and get the whole year and the leftist. Here's tumbler we had a great conversation yesterday with Alicia hope you tune into that. Or can you can still watch it find it wherever you find such things. All right. We got the mailbag coming up come to daily wire dot com. Subscribe and watch the whole show there. Mellberg. Go from Jacob hydro. God bless you for all you do. And you helped me the other day reexamined my relationship with God for the better. So thank you for that. I was wondering what previous jobs you've held in Hollywood. And also is there any chance of you? Bring your book another kingdom to television audience. Thanks. You know, I'm still pitching another kingdom to television right now. I really believe on so toxic that I can't get any traction on it. But we'll see when the book comes out in March. You can pre-order when the book comes out in March. I'll have another bite of that apple other jobs. I held in Hollywood. Well, you know, when I started out when my wife incited me to actually get a job by speaking. Those two magical words I'm pregnant I got a job at Columbia Pictures as a reader and as a reader that's Austin, lively does in another kingdom as a reader. You just read books after book after book after book script after script and say, well this make a good movie what's in the book. So that the bosses at the studio can pretend they've read it by reading what they. All your coverage. So that's how I started out. And after that, I was just dragged into the movie business. I didn't want to be in it somebody basically maneuvered into a position where I had to write us something, and they made it into a movie a shock to the system, which is still quite a good movie. And and so I've done it from time to time. I I've done it really always pay most attention to writing novels and other work, but I've done it when I've been called on to do it. And I've had a lot of fun doing it. I've been very fortunate with it. I know a lot of screenwriters would cut off their arms a lot of wannabe screenwriters would cut off their arms to have had the career in in screed ready. I have but I never looked for it. It just kind of fell into my lap. And that's the stop those. That's the only stuff I've done in Hollywood from N. He says I became a Christian at age thirteen after edit this because very long he said, I lived the next ten years with great confidence in God. However, my faith apart when I was twenty three because I became suddenly afraid that myself -ation was lost. I was all but convinced of this by pastor who might trusted when he made a case from the bible that my son. Relapse into porn us had offended God to greatly to fly. The grace of Christ to me. My life was ruined. I've read the bible obsessively for your sense of read theology and commentaries I could easily. Explain why that stupid lesson from the pastor was wrong. I could've done so within a few months. No problem with the trauma broke something in me. I can't feel trust in God. I once felt in many ways, my life has gotten better free from poor news for a longtime happily married, we're going to be parents soon got a job that I like in my heart. I fear that she's hates my guts. And I'll never be able to feel joy or love for him. Again. An no matter how much I try. I don't mean to lay too great a burden on you to answer such a large outpouring of doubt. But I respect your wisdom. I've read your memoir, and I'm spied by your experience. Enjoy in Christ. Okay. Here's the thing. We got we got to work this through that what's obvious about. This is nothing to do with. God has nothing to do with this state in your state of grace with God Christ died for your sins your singer forgiven, and he loves you. And he he understands you know, your life. You know? As as close to use your own breath. He knows and you know, he knows this you say so in your letter, this is the important thing. It's not just that. This is not about God, you know, you're forgiven. You know, God forgives you. So what is going on here? Why are you so bothered by a stupid thing that a stupid pastor stupidly said? And you know, it's stupid. So why is it bothering you? That's the question you have to answer the question. You have to answer is not what God's doing and not whether you're forgiven. That's you know, that you know, the answer to that already. Right. The answer you have to come up with his wide. Did it gets you that much, and I don't I try not to indulge in any kind of amateur psychoanalysis here. But it seems to me this was a trusted guy who essentially abandoned, you he betrayed you and told you that God was doing the same thing. And I think there must be something in here about your dad. I really do I think somewhere along the line. This must reflect something that you feel about your father. And that is why it is pounding atchoo. And you're not facing it. You don't mention that in here. But that is this is the thing that's bothering you that not not what God is doing. God is not doing. Anything like this as you know, what bothers you is what the pastor did. And what he said God, did which we both father figures rejecting you. I would find out what that is. I mean, probably it's the reason that you got involved in the porn in the first place was to salve that wound. And to you know, masturbating two point is a comfort thing that people do a very primitive comfort thing that people do to heal some pain inside them. There's some pain, psychological. It's not spiritual. There's some psychological pain in inside your that has to do with your upbringing that his bothering you you should deal with it. Get a counselor to deal with it. Whatever you have to do face in yourself and deal with it because your life is good. You want to be there for your wife? You want to be there for your kids? And God is with you all the way on this. He wants you to fix this. He does not want you to live in. Shame force. You know, obviously, it's a dumb thing to do to get hooked on porn. And you're you're good on you from getting away from it. But this is not something he wants to yourself about for the rest of your life. So find out what's bothering you. Because it's not. This. It's not God. It's something I think probably about your dad or the way you were raised or something that wounded due to begin with from. Veronica deers, Andrew I have a decision to make pretty soon. I need help first option. I can get the heck out of California. Always a good thing to do move to Texas for PHD and become a professor, I don't like the school system public or university. But it'd be a while before it dies out my age, I need some job security and financial stability. Also, I can be a positive conservative Christian influence in academia, a good teacher. But I don't love the job. Sometimes the job is just a job second option. I can stay here and pursue being an opera singer. It's been a dream for years that I always thought was unattainable. But I have an excellent teacher now with connections, and she is opening doors for me. I'm the perfect age to start opera Twenty-nine on also single with no kids. I don't want to chase a pipedream. And I usually don't take chances in favor of being realistic and practical, but I also don't want to miss an opportunity if it presents itself. Maybe I could stumble into something unique and wonderful. Is it silly to even think that that at my age? Thank you so much. You're my. Favorite will? Thank you for that. I love opera, and I have heard from other singers that you start opera late. I mean twenty nine it's probably too late, for instance to start being an actor not necessarily. But probably so so perhaps you're not too old to twenty nine. I can only tell I don't know whether you can sing I don't know you, I don't know. Whether you have that great a gift, I know it's a tough life, you know, in a competitive market. So I don't know what you should do. I can only tell you what I would do in your situation, if it were I I would find people that I trusted to tell who who know about this, not just friends, but people like your teacher who you trust to tell you whether you have this talent, whether you have that ability. I would not let the chance go by to at least take the shot to take your shot. You know, part of taking your shot is knowing when to quit that is part of taking your shot in as one of the things I hear from artists all the time. Do I give up when do I give up? This always one is always some little trail that keeps you going. You don't wanna go to long? But I would take the shot if if people around you who are expert, and no you think you've got that skill think you've got the requisite talent to do it. And you really want to do it. I would take the shot y you only live once if it's what you were meant to do. I tell people all the time. Don't do what you want. Do. God wants dude. God made you to do if you think he made you to do this take your shot and find out you could be wrong. But it's worth it. And you know, you don't do it forever. You don't do for ten years. You can go back and do teaching later. But that's what I would do. I so I can't advise you personally because I don't know your level of talent. But that is what I would do from William. Dear wise, one my night wife, and I go to church together and actively participate in a community group associated with a church where in bed by eight. Every night we rarely drink recently. My wife is decided the certain activities we did. And shows that we watch were evil and or immoral chiefly among the show's game of thrones. Although there are some others that I thought were just light-hearted sitcoms that she has put under scrutiny. I understand why she may object to game of thrones for the sex and murder. But what really bothers me is that she says that my faith is not genuine. If I continue to watch these shows she conflicts game of thrones with pornography while I feel that it mirrors human experience. I think the key is not being absorbed into lust. What is your opinion on the situation and how some non-christian works of art fit into a Christian life? I'm worried that my wife will keep damning everything we have in common until there's very little between us soon. The only thing that will be acceptable will be bland Christian rock, please. Give me your advice. I don't know what to do. Well, I have two responses to this one is I've said this repeatedly that Christian art conservative. Art does not look like Christian life or conservative life. The greatest Christian art is filled with sex violence might the work that really changed my life that put me on a path toward Christianity Dostoevsky's crime and punishment, which is about an axe murder who falls in love with a prostitute. Okay. So that's what it's about. You couldn't sell that at cross ways or any of the other. Christian bookstores, and yet it is the greatest Christian novel ever. I think game of thrones. I've theological problems with game of thrones. But I think it is a brilliant works part parts of his especially early on in the middle. We're we're just brilliant. Although there wasn't exploitative sex in it. So that just depends on who you are. And how you react to that. You know? But so that's the that's the first thing. So I don't agree with your wife. The second thing is you gotta get control your house here. You were the leader in this house in your wife is nagging you and she has been since Sorious and she is behaving extremely badly. You are supposed to be the leader in this house. And if I were in the situation, I would sit down with my wife, and in the kindest possible terms, I would say to her my darling. I am the head of this household a not asking you. What shows I should watch. You don't have to watch game of thrones, you were free to watch whatever you want. But I don't wanna be nagged. I will not accept nag. I will not accept being told what to watch. And I don't care whether you think I'm a Christian or not because I know what my faith is. I don't want. I would not want to see any frowny faces. I don't wanna see any cold shoulders. I don't wanna see any rolled is get your act together and be a wife if you wanna show me or Christian faith. Learn what it says about being a wife in the bible because she is really writing you pal, and you should not accept that in your own home. All right. I have been question I've been at this from Pete I've been working for my parents for the past few years manager, and I've gained responsibilities and ownership over time. I recently have received a job offer for a higher paying career option in the same industry. How can I start a conversation with my parents about my future? And what I believe is better for my life in the long run. Appreciate all the. I mean, this is kind of an easy question. You sit down by yourself or with your wife if you have one, and you decide what you wanna do. What is the best thing for you in your life? You're not your parents life. You're living your life. What is the best thing for you and your life? It sounds like in this case it would be taking the higher paying job. And then you sit down with your parents and in the kindest most loving. Possible way. You explain to them that you were taking another job. It's not their decision. It's your decision. You may come back at some point the training that you get at this job may bring you back to the family business. But right now what you have deemed is best for your life is to move on. So tell them you love them is is not a personal rejection. You know, you you've had a great time. They've been great to you. But now you want to take this job. And if they give you you know, if they unleash hell on you. You just have to stand firm. That's what becoming a man is about. And that's what becoming grown up is about. And you have to go and do it. But hopefully, they'll be understanding of this. One more. There was one in here abound. There is I recently found out that my dad is my biological father this from anonymous he and my mom weren't able to conceive. And so they decided to have an anonymous sperm donor. I have no issue with this whatsoever. Dad is my dad period end of story. He raised me along with mom would never think of many differently simply because they have this new information. The issue is that my dad is taking this very hard. I'm in my thirties. And he was terrified to let me know any of this. He's I found that I have a half sister. When my obviously didn't know, and they were forced to my parents were forced to discuss this topic. I also feel awful that is centrally forced this information out into the open on fine with never discussing this and going on everything is normal. Is that the right thing to do? But I'm concerned. My dad won't be able to. He also does not want to talk about this at all any advice as to what I can do for my parents have anything. Thank you so much, drew. Yeah. This this is not your problem. This is your father's problem. It's not normal. And it's not particularly wise for him to be unable to discuss this this truth with you is maybe a difficult truth. Maybe difficult for him. But it's not a bad truth. It's not an evil thing. It's a perfectly reasonable good thing. But he has a problem with it. You can't solve his problem. You can only solve your problems and can't solve his problem. So it is not wrong to not discuss it with him. But only understand that you're not discussing with him because he has a problem. It's not your problem. You can discuss it with anyone else you want. You don't want to torment him at some point. It might be nice to tell him that you you love him. It has made no difference to you. But if you want to discuss it with other people, go ahead, just leave him alone. Because he's got a problem with it. And you can't solve that problem. You again, this is not your problem. You sound like you have a perfectly sane and rational reaction to it. You know, you didn't do a bad thing by bringing the information to light. You're not doing a bad thing now, but don't do torment him. If he can't deal with it. It's him. It's he who can't deal with it. And so if you have to leave him alone, leave him alone, but feel free to explore it in any other way that you want to you know, because it's it's your life. It's it's, you know, something you might want to know about all right? Stop there. I love doing the mail bag. And there was some great more great questions, but we'll hold them over until next week. And maybe select a few out of there. So or you can always right back. I gotta close by talking about Bret Baier, Bret Baier, obviously, the host of special report on Fox News. He was in a car accident on skiing vacation with his wife and two kids his car overturned, thankfully, people came and helped him and while his family suffered some minor injuries. They came out he made a very impassioned. Comment about how we should count our blessings and all this. But I just have to say, I don't know Bret Baier, I've never met the guy. I just admire him. He's one of the very very few people in the journalism business, whom I admire especially in TV journalism that show special report. I know it's on Fox News. I know Fox News is right wing station with right wing commentary. But that show is the fairest best journalism on television. And he as its leader bears. A lot of responsibility for that. He is Chris Wallace. Good on FOX. I hate the vaccine interrupts everybody. But he interrupts everybody he's fair. But Bret Baier does a show that is really difficult to do. And my I I I know it's awful. I mean, my second reaction was to pray for him and his family and to wish them well and to be grateful for their like, my first reaction when I or the news was utterly selfish was Ono now, there'll be no journalism on television. The guy just deserves every Kudo every ward other journalists even left-wingers have praised him have said that. Is the best show on TV in all the effort to demonize, FOX. There is nothing else on television. Nothing else that compares to Bret Baier special report. It is a great great work of journalism. And you know, I'm thrilled that the guy is well, not just for himself, obviously. But for the rest of us because we lost that show. We would lose ninety percent of the truth in television journalism. It is it is great stuff, and I pay tribute to him because I just I think he's terrific. That's it tomorrow. The last day you want to be there to suck in all the cliven Lee Clave any goodness. You can before the Cleveland this weekend descends upon you. I'll be there. I hope you'll be there to on Andrew klavan. This is the Andrew klavan show. The Andrew klavan show is produced by Robert Stirling, executive producer, Jeremy boring, senior producer Jonathan. Hey. Our supervising producer is Mathis Glover, and our technical producer is Austin Stevens. Edited by Adams sigh of its audio is mixed by Mike Corinna hair and makeup is by just what Olvera and our enemies are by Cynthia and Google production. Assistant Nik Sheehan. The Andrew klavan show is a daily wire production copyright, daily wire. Twenty nine nineteen. Today on the Ben Shapiro show. The media settle on a backup narrative after their Covington hit goes awry and the millennial fresh faces make waves today on venture bureau show.

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20200218 Nicole Sandler Show - Pardon me, it's Tuesday with GottaLaff

The Nicole Sandler Show

1:00:00 hr | 1 year ago

20200218 Nicole Sandler Show - Pardon me, it's Tuesday with GottaLaff

"The following program contains graphic material including offensive language of your discretion is advised Nicole Sandler Joe Questioning Authority daily. That could be the very reason why you do is upset. Pay You do the music menu here beneath my boys from broadcast sound library that I pay for seats so I bet your toppy right violation right here and now. Here's Nicole all right. Hey Pardon me. It just thought I'd throw my hat in the case. You have tuned out for the last hour or so. Donald Trump has issued eleven. Count them eleven pardons. Can anyone say preparing to normalize things for you? Know his next round of Of Pardons. Yeah Yeah just saying we'll get into it. Today's Tuesday out a laugh as here. She's got a ton of tweets to deal with. So let's just get to the fun and Games. Shall we actually had a few possibilities of a funny to play for you today to start things off which is a good thing that means? I have some for the rest of the week. Because they all got pushed to the back-burner why because Randy Rainbow has a new video out. I love it who begins with a new Randy Rainbow Song so with no further. Ado We begin with the one and only Randy Rainbow. Are we ready? We ready great. I'm joined now by a very special guest and controversial figure attorney. General Barr. Thank you so much for being with us. Thank you for having me Roseanne. I want to jump right in and start with. Perhaps the most obvious topic Justin Bieber recently. Put out a new album and you have gone on record to state. You don't find it as strong as his old stuff. Do you stand by that. This could be at the very least gross incompetence speaking of gross and Incontinence Donald Trump has been tweeting like a mother. And you have come under intense scrutiny. By those who believe you have allowed him to influence your decision to have federal prosecutors revise their sentencing recommendation for his friend. Roger Stone Martin or wouldn't say that but as I say I think it's in everyone's interest to allow the Department of Justice. Do its work. Some people think he needs a big boy timeout and perhaps to have his twitter account suspended until he can behave himself. Do you agree with that? No I don't think we need to do anything that radical I do I you know. I think we can deal with without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Speaking of throwing out babies the impeachment trial of Donald Trump has ended with an acquittal and it seems only to have emboldened Donald. I mean he's now doing whatever he wants. Interfering and criminal cases firing key witnesses farting constantly in the Oval Office and blaming it on Malania to say anything that would suggest that I agree or concluded that word. This bitch done lost his mind. Think it's worse than residents are supposed to be impartial. And also I know adult. He only plays by rules. He wrote himself tells us one. Ignore the LA pretend mcadoo jainism bare anymore to stick up for thugs no matter what they're guilty of three up the phone and pressure for governments to win your elections. Republicans and there are no warm in how along party. This impeachment line believe that the president has learned out. Luckily Clinton learned his lesson and it wiped out Richard Wrong. He's got no moral. Zoe tells him south that decorator start world war three and blame it all on Hillary to make you want to add when it's on your skin girl don't even blended in Manhattan thousand. Former justice department officials are calling on attorney. General William Barr this morning to resign. The accused him of doing president. Trump's personal bidding was. Do as you please both knees mobis Jesse the key in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I asked put on a condom when you're on your that's your cronies free private attorney they don't give a shit you can get away with. Dead are notable for. Don Trump interfered in the case of Roger Stone. President trump has begun his revenge. I believe that the president has learned audience. Targeting did nothing hold on. Hold on hold on. I gotTa do this all right. We're back Randy Rainbow But he deserves an extra ram applause for that and I hate to say. I don't know the source song that that came from for all I know it's a popular tune in the top forty world today. I'm so removed from that world but it doesn't matter randy. Rainbow is just just brilliant. So I appreciate that. So we have actually. I guest hosted the broadcast on Friday and I played another song parody on that show the day. Democracy died in case. You haven't heard it. I will tried. Maybe we'll do it tomorrow Post it on facebook and twitter and it's just awesome and of course there's a new Lauren Mayer Song because she does win every Friday so we got stuff for this week so at least one step ahead of the game all right we also have news and we got a lot to talk with. GotTa laugh about so. Let's wait no longer and I take care of what's news. Take it away Nicole. It's time for Nicole. Sandler's looks news from Nicole Sandler Dot and the progressive voices network. Money can't buy you love but it can buy your way into a Democratic presidential debate. Michael Bloomberg has spent more than one hundred twenty four million dollars on advertising in the fourteenth Super Tuesday states. The only other candidate to advertise across most of them so far is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Who has spent just under ten million dollars on ads for the March third primaries? So No shocker here. That Michael Bloomberg has qualified for the next debate the NBC MSNBC. Nevada independent debate happening Wednesday night in Las Vegas a brand new poll from NPR PBS. Marist suggest that Bloomberg's advertising and publicity blitz has vaulted him into second place nationally their results Bernie Sanders with thirty one percent Bloomberg nineteen followed by Joe Biden Fifteen Elizabeth Warren twelve. Amy Klobuchar at nine and P Buddha judge at eight. An open letter now signed by more than two thousand. Former Department of Justice officials calling for bill bars resignation. As Attorney General was really Sunday now. A National Association of Federal Judges has called an emergency meeting for Tuesday to address growing concerns about the intervention of Justice Department officials and Donald Trump in politically sensitive cases Philadelphia. Us District Judge. Cynthia roof who heads the Independent Federal Judges Association said? The group could not wait until it's spring conference to weigh in on a deepening crisis. That has enveloped the Justice Department. And Attorney General William Bar roof telling USA. Today there are plenty of issues that we're concerned about. We'll talk all of this through John. Bolton you remember him the former National Security Advisor. Donald Trump made his first public appearance since the impeachment. Trial ended at a forum on foreign policy at Duke University. Monday night Bolton teased that is unpublished book contained far more revelations than just the campaign pressuring Ukraine for help with domestic politics but he said he was fighting quote censorship by the White House saying that the White House was trying to keep him from publishing important parts of his new memoir. By terming them classified. He's pushing back but fear that a pre publication review could stop the book from being published as scheduled next month quote for all the focus on Ukraine and the impeachment trial. And all that to me. There are portions of the manuscript that deal with Ukraine. I view that like the sprinkles on an ice cream Sundae in terms of what's in the book he continued quote. This is an effort to write history and I did the best I can. We'll have to see what comes out of the censorship and then he added. I'm hoping ultimately I can get the book published. I hope it's not suppressed. And regarding trump's twitter attacks on him Bolton said he tweets but I can't talk about it. How Fair is that? Actually he could've talked about it. He could have appeared before the Senate during the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. And he didn't he also could have appeared before the house impeachment inquiry but he didn't John Bolton just wants a paycheck from his book. Good luck us. All in the most sickening story of the day not involving Donald Trump. The boy scouts of America barraged by hundreds of SEX ABUSE LAWSUITS FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION. Tuesday in hopes of working out a victim compensation plan that would allow the hundred and ten year old organization to carry on the chapter eleven. Filing in federal bankruptcy court sets in motion. What could be one of the biggest? Most complex bankruptcies ever seen as scores of lawyers are seeking settlements on behalf of several thousand men who say they were molested as scouts by Scout Masters or other leaders decades ago but are only now eligible to sue because of recent changes in their state statute of Limitations Laws Sickening Virginia State Senators on Monday. Rejected governor. Ralph North Adams. Push to ban the sale of assault weapons four so-called`moderate Democrats on the State Senate Judiciary Committee joined the Republicans shelved the bill north. Try to use his party's new majorities in both houses of the state legislature to pass a broad package of gun. Control laws his spokeswoman Alina. Your mosque's said we'll be back next year. Democrats campaign promising tough gun restrictions last year and won control of the General Assembly for the first time in more than two decades their attempt to follow through though has pushed back with tens of thousands of gun rights advocates protesting at the capital last month and more than one hundred local governments declaring themselves. Second Amendment Sanctuaries. Well let's end on a positive note. Shall we if you are the richest person in the world? What would you do well? Amazon's Chief Executive in Washington Post owner. Jeff Bezos is that person Yup the richest person in the world. He announced on instagram Monday. That he'd launched the basis Earth Fund and pledge ten billion dollars to help fight climate change saying climate change is the biggest threat to our planet. I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change. That's a lot better than running for president and that's just a bit of what's news for now. I'm Nicole Sandler if you appreciate these reports and the Nicole familar show. I hope you'll consider making a contribution. My work is one hundred percent listener supported and I cannot do it without your help. Find out more at Nicole. Sandler DOT COM. Please click on that. Donate Button would help if I turned on my microphone and Before we bring laffy on we're GonNa get our just a moment one more new story to share with you all right. You have to be really old musical reference but I beg your pardon it fucking. Donald Trump today as I mentioned earlier has pardoned or commutation. Eleven people former owner of the San Francisco Forty niners Edward Depar- Tolo debartolo junior. I'm saying it wrong. Depart Alot. Who knows he was involved in the case against former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards testifying in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight that gave Edwards four hundred thousand dollars to guarantee that there will be no problems with his application application for a riverboat casino. Licence DEB debare. Tolo pleaded guilty to failing to report a felony in the case agreed to pay up to a million dollar million dollars in fines and was placed on two years probation. He turned over control of the forty niners to his sister. Trump hardened him and he commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich. You remember him former Illinois governor who was impeached and removed from office in two thousand nine for corruption and was later indicted on multiple corruption charges. He was convicted of soliciting personal favors and selling the US Senate seat left vacant. When Barack Obama became president in two thousand and eight trump's kind of guy but wait. There's more trump also pardoned former Bush. Administration official David Safavi in. Who was convicted in connection with the Abramov Corruption Scandal? Remember that one because you know trump is going to drain the swamp. I think he misunderstood the terminology when you drain the swamp. It's you get rid of the swamp creatures you don't gather them all in your inner circle just hang. Oh there's more Let's see trump is also Pardoned former New York police. Commissioner Bernard Kerik who trump's had many many recommendations from a lot of good people. Yeah you know who one of them was Oh God that the the navy seal murderer the Horrible Guy who he may chore was cleared and Pardoned Griffin. Forget his name. 'cause I try not to think about these people but there's more pardons were also given to former CEO aerial freed ler. Who in two thousand fourteen admitted conspiring to hack into his competitors computer systems. Paul pogue who pleaded guilty to underpaying on his taxes. I mentioned David. Sylvian Angeles Stanton a trump's supporting television personality and he commuted sentences for three others. Tiny niece Nicole Hall and Crystal Minnows who we're serving bullshit drug convictions. And Judith. Negra N- Yeah so yeah so all that happened all right and if you think. He's not just sort of preparing the table for his next round of pardons for Michael Flynn and Roger Stone and and Paul Manafort And what's the other Guy Oh you know the the the The other guy you know his whole his whole corral of miscreants and criminals. Yeah that's what this is all about. Exactly what this is all about? And now now it's time for the Nicole Sandler show segment the shooting. The Shit we do this every Tuesday and hopefully phone lines will work today. Every Tuesday we get together with our PAL. GotTa laugh to shoot the Shit about what's going on in the news and there's so much of it and you know we. Lafayette got a prodigious twitter. Feed so we take our cues from that for all right. Let's get her on the line. Hello yes he reached the Bloomberg hotline. Okay if you can stand it press one if you think. Bloomberg's campaign attack. Ads are really effective. If only he do want against himself. Okay press two if you WANNA see a presidential debate. So that Bloomberg could stop and Frisk trump to see if he's carrying a brain but he's not a young black man so he you know he would press three if you think trump's a fake billionaire. Bloomberg's a fake Democrat And we're all real screwed without a doubt. Oh my God I have a Nice Day God I wanted to just die. Today's awful. Oh God I got out with with tweets about Bloomberg because I'm so pissed at twitter right now and MSNBC. And from what? I can tell other news outlets you. WanNa just jump in. Yes but before you start let me without my plea again I began. We started auditing. Msnbc yesterday keeping track of the guests and the pundits and the topics that they cover on every show from six am to midnight. So I have a couple of dedicated listeners. Who are helping me with this. But a couple of people seem to have flaked so. If you're interested believe me it's killing me. I'm I'm dvr in the whole thing and going through the hours that nobody reported on yesterday and it's tedious horrible work. But I'm already seeing some interesting patterns that I knew existed before but this time we're going to have proof we're going to. We're going to audit them for a week and see why I call them. The never trumpers station because the overall majority of guests are pundits or opinionated irs. Seemed is that. That's not a word. But you know they are. They're not they're certainly not progressives. We'll we'll start with that and as the week goes on. I hope for next week to be able to crunch all these numbers and bring you a realistic accounting of who? Msnbc PUTS on the air throughout the course of a week. So if you WANNA help me please shoot me an email Nicole. Nicole Sandler DOT COM. I promise I'll get back to you and all the sign or tell me what hours you're usually watch and we'll we'll work it all out. Okay thank you I would love for you to Introduce that list of whatever you end up compiling during a Tuesday show with me because I really WanNa talk about that well. Hopefully I'm planning on doing it through this week. And hopefully I'll have the results for next Tuesday so really WanNa hear Richard. Come up with because I've stopped watching most of the day. Now I used to you know. Turn it on in the morning. Have it in the background catch up on everything? I've now skipped the first hour that I do that. I skipped tally. Jackson can no longer tolerate her guests. Our conversation I think she's a good reporter. I think if she would just stick to reporting she's a really good job when she questions people But I'd on her show when she starts interviewing people I can't deal with that and then Then I turn it on during Craig. Melvin Hogar our which you know once in a while he has guest host so I can kind of deal and that's just again to catch up on the headlines. I ended up turning that off halfway through. Because I can't deal with that right and then Andrea Mitchell is on I will. I turned her show on because despite some of the things she says deal says and stuff she actually comes up with some good reporting and some some good guests and she gives them a shot So I'm more willing to sit through that our or part of that. Our I turned her off halfway through two. But I find your more professional about it. Should I say I think in a lot of times? I think she does a really good job when as a reporter to So I'm GONNA give her. I semi pass. Because sometimes she drives me nuts and sometimes she doesn't so but then I leave it off all day and I ended up turning it on probably close to half hour in or more and to Chris Matthews just so. I don't ask Christie's right now Chris Hayes I think is is know. Probably the only one my my favorite host of everyone on MSNBC which isn't saying much but look for instance. Last night he had joy reid guest hosting. That's an instant. Click for me. I'm sorry she has gotten worse and worse and worse she is so anti Bernie. I saw a tweet from how we climb this morning about or it was last night. Say you know Chris. Hayes had the Anti Bernie woman on so I had to turn it on this. That's a good way to describe her because she is. She's horrible obviously To her credit though I do give her some props for she's also a good interviewer when she is when she's on with a Republican. She's tough but her. Her bias is so apparent. It's ugly she doesn't with an ugliness in it with a meanness that's why my interview with her. I think got so adversarial. Let's put it plus the fact that I've known her for years and we've never been friends we've been acquaintances and she's always been a bit too conservative for my taste but but that that didn't cause me to disagree with her problem denying reality and what happened on. July third interview as she denied that the DNC did anything to hold Bernie Sanders back in two thousand sixteen. And I'm sorry. This is the same problem I have with. Republicans who who ignore facts and just say. I don't believe you that didn't happen. You can't argue with someone who won't admit to what's actually going on so I've got no use for her well on Bloomberg yes okay so there was a really good article in USA. Today it was an opinion piece I'd have to flip over to see who wrote it and I will in a second but I just want to read you the the the Pull quote for me. A Bloomberg money sprees dangerous for elections and democracy quote while it might feel comforting to have your self made real. Billionaire beat the Spray Tan off fakeness manager of his daddy's wealth. Here's the spoiler. You don't have any billionaires they have you. This was written by that exit. A Jason Sadler. Oh I'm on ad you know who you know who Jason Sadler is Yellow L. GOP. Yep and wait. Let me just open this up on a separate browser because my fat browsers had block and I can't read it to you okay. Yeah he He wrote this for USA. Today and And that was his ending but what he did do He he because he's good and he's he's a a realistic type of of Commentator he links to things that make his point in other words he proves his case and so I was starting to get tweets. Let Me Know X. That out by people who were defending Bloomberg unreal. I get this all day long. I've had to rewrite my my pin thread. You know how you ever. Her Pin tweets because now Bloomberg people are starting to jump all over Bernie and others include an a lizard with Warren and anybody and they're coming up with the stupidest things but It's always the same thing they treat the primary as the general and I wrote a tweet. What's up with people confusing primary multiple democratic choices and the general choice between trump? And a damn yeah. Hello hello he keeps saying. What are you going to be a purist? No I'm voting for the person I saw this same people who all throughout the two thousand sixteen race set of Bernie Sanders. But he's not really a Democrat. Look if fucking Michael Bloomberg exactly. Here's a guy who was. Who was the Democrat? Obstensibly was that he was a Democrat although he palled around with a lot of Republicans then when he wanted to run for mayor of New York there were already a bunch of Democrats in the race so he switched his party affiliation to Republican because he goes anyway. The wind blows so he ran. He ran and governed New York as mayor for two terms as a Republican when he wanted to run for an unprecedented and illegal third term and the Republican Party said to him. No you can't do that. He became an independent and paid off. Whoever he had to pay off to change the rules ran and won his third term as an independent then pay to have. The rules changed back so nobody else could serve three terms and was an independent until a couple of months ago or last year when he decided to run for the presidency as a Democrat. Why couldn't you stay? Republican primary? Donald Trump is what I wanted in of course so they come at me with. We'll look what he is doing and they named some of the good things that he he did do so. That's good. That's good that he did some good things. But here's what he also did. He also supported with millions of dollars some real conservatives including Governor Rick Snyder who poisoned children by poisoning the flint water and also and and supporting people who the same people who were coming into my twitter stream yelling at me about Bernie Bernie never supported a Republican he. They would never do that. He's a progressive. It doesn't matter what his his political affiliation. She's a progressive. Yup exactly and and Bloomberg is not Bloomberg is is In certain policy positions that he's not many not many blonde three. He's really good on guns. Dan On as I recall the environment right now. He's yeah believe me. I said that last week and boy did. I get an earful for total number of your listeners. He talks a good game but he's full of Shit he's a corporatist and at prophets over everything else. Yes that okay. You're right about that and there was. I think there was one other thing other than guns that I that I read that he was going. Okay Young No. I can't think of any I can't either but he he. He backed as I said Rick Snyder and a what does it say? I'm reading from Sadler's thing here. Maybe Bloomberg keeps investing more money and effort to win over black voters than any other candidate. Oh sorry that was a continuation of a sentence that got broken up with an ad Maybe if you okay. The lead into that was democratic. Voters forgive bat or policies talking about the Michigan or policies like stop and Frisk the unconstitutional practice of targeting mostly black Americans a Bloomberg pursuits while ignoring real threats. Like bankers were in the process of crashing the economy and Jeffrey Epstein and trump who Bloomberg as the reality Star worth was birth ring President Obama. And then he goes maybe if Bloomberg keeps investing more money and effort to win over black voters than any other candidate maybe if he pursues his proven passion for fighting climate change in gun violence while emphasizing promises to end the Muslim travel ban other assaults on immigrants. Maybe if you raise taxes though by far less than morning sanders would read them anyway. Raise them He. This article is so good as an USA. Today the title of the article. If you WANNA look it up is stopped Bloomberg. He's showing billionaires how to buy the presidency and it's dangerous so dangerous it is dangerous and I don't know how people who again we're like Bernie's real Democrat are okay with this guy coming in putting a d next to his name even though he has no ideology that I can ascertain its anyway. The wind blows whatever is best for his political aspirations is what he is from day to day to day. It doesn't matter it's all about his power and I'm sorry when we start saying. Oh if you've got enough money you can buy your way into the presidency. That's not democracy. That's not an and this will be the end of the Democratic Party. Not that the Democratic Party today is any great shakes but in comparison to the Republican Party. It's the best thing we've got and if you WANNA destroy it by letting this guy. He's the flip side of the same coin as Donald Trump. He's a misogynist. He's a bigot. He's a homophobe. I what I take that back. I don't know that he's a homophobe. I know that he's a misogynist in a bigot. I know he's got. He's got dozens hundreds of a dozens. Let me put out of. I don't want to overstate it of sexual harassment. Suits against him and his company He's not a good guy. I just read a thing this morning. I wish I had pulled the article and brought it in here with me about an employee who was pregnant and he said to her. Kill it and about a nanny about so. It's just that an infant. It doesn't know the difference between you or anyone else get. I think he said if I remember correctly he said something like just find some black who needs the money and pay him or something to that. Now I mean he's just horrible. I know he's awful. Excuse me just because he can put out good ads and he's not the one that he hires people who I mean. His ads are really good. Amazing thing about him yes and unfortunately this and all the ads have been anti anti trump but I wonder if this is the one I had a really good one. I wonder if this is it. the one he put out yesterday as all anti Bernie so as much as I. Oh yeah he's got a big anti Bernie ad and it's Jus it's sickening because he's he's so full of Shit he's like I'll support. Whoever the Democratic nominee is no he won't accept Bernie Except Bernie Worrell Lisbeth Warren. He told people I am in it to Stop Sanders in Warren from getting the nomination. Well here's what Elliott. Stall said in one of his tweets. He said if you'RE GONNA ask people to support a candidate who has an in caps threatened their lives in the past You best believe I'm going to ask rich. White folks to risk being taxed an extra two cents on their dollars. Low I if you'RE A never-trumper who can't understand that bite me. Yeah here I'm GonNa play for you though you wouldn't know. This was a Michael Bloomberg. Add if not for the Mike Twenty Twenty logo in the upper right hand corner. So if I could photoshop at out I would but this is an example. He's got the money. He's hiring the best people to do the advertising. Check this out this is. This is a great ad here. We go the gun. President Trump arrives for a briefing by top military leaders trump explodes attacks the war heroes in the room as losers and a bunch of dopes and babies. Many in the room had risked their lives for our country. Soldiers Heroes attacked by a radic and out of control president arrogance ignorance chaos. America needs a steady leader. Who Will Honor those answers? I'M GONNA play one more because that wasn't the whoops not this. Is the one what your country can do for. You resolve what you can do for your country. Not The crap out of of would use their cau- must be are closed to. I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters and we shall overcome as soon as we left they knock the bat of everybody. Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall build that wall build that wall. Americans are generous in strong indecent. Not because we believe in ourselves like the punch him in the face because we hold beliefs beyond ourselves grabbing by the future doesn't belong to the fainthearted. This is that crap we have to put up with belongs to the brave. I never WANNA be called. I'm asking you to believe not in my building to bring about change but anyways how about if I take his money but in the end I screw them and don't do anything for let's bring presidential back is what it says and then it has a Mike Bloomberg thing we're really well produced. Yeah really effective. And he let he should. He should give them to other candidate absolutely. Just run them everywhere because again take off the stupid Mike Twenty Twenty logo and their evergreen except yesterday he decided to go after Bernie boy well best because Bernie's the threat gentlemen so he's trying to get rid of okay so back to Blew me on a an an how people think of him. Somebody was trolling me. It was a supposedly a Democrat. Who's you know Bloomberg? Ask I guess I? Can't I blocked her? I can't see what led into this but the tweet that responded to her said do you honestly think a poor man appoint Saria poor white man with the same history and attitudes toward women and people of Color would be getting a pass no never in a million years. No so if his name wasn't Bloomberg and he didn't have the money you know that that's the answer like so. Would you vote for him? If you weren't Michael Bloomberg. Of course they wouldn't because they wouldn't the only reason these people I think are voting for him or say they're gonNa vote for him is because he can be trump. You know what they bring. They think nobody knows anything he knows. But I'll tell you exactly. You need excitement. You need somebody who's GonNa pull in. Oh I don't know. Seventeen thousand people in Tacoma Washington for a rally as Bernie Sanders did last night. But of course you wouldn't know that if you watch the corporate media because they don't remember it on that stuff no they don't although I did. I did see one report that did note that today where on MSNBC. I did a double take getting in the shower. And I went. Oh yeah anyway. Empty WHEEL SAYS. I can't shake the fact that we have a billionaire who thinks he can just put stopping respond. Find Him challenging a quasi billionaire. Who never apologized to the central park? Five and that's where we are today. Yup that's exactly and and let me go to your point because it's one of my favorite points on the world and then we'll get onto the pardon stuff I keep getting exactly that will he can be trump. He can be the only one that can be I can save. You said the same thing about Hillary right the only one who could be trusted that she's a sure win. Everybody Wanted Hillary because it's time too. And meanwhile we know that Bernie we know because we know that Bernie Sanders would've beaten trump because the places where trump won in those swing states that gave him the electoral college victory by something. Like seventy thousand votes Bernie Sanders. One beat Hillary in those primaries right. But but my point going back to your other point was and I strongly agrees nobody can predict anything. Nobody knows you know everybody's counting by now by first Biden was going to be the no. I'm the east electable. Of course most electable and then he sang in the polls a little bit and now he's coming back a little bit. He's everyone's going. Oh maybe we should look at Biden and now it's telling you maybe you should look at Biden again. The media is saying this stuff. No one else is saying that. Oh No I look and say on twitter and I ignored them but I disagree but But the point is that nobody. H- unless you're a clairvoyant. And your magic exact. You don't know what's going to happen because things can happen to events can have them forget. The candidates themselves events can happened. Can play into how you think about a candidate in the world can happen. That will affect the way you think about your candidate and how that person handle a specific situation that could change and so given nothing else given you know that you any preconceptions about a candidate that you might have. If there's something that happened in event that happens in the world and your candidate responsible way that you don't like that will affect the way you change and toward another candidate. Nobody knows how anybody can do where anybody can win. And nobody knows what trump's gonNA everybody thought trump would would lose his primary and he won the primary right. Nobody thought you know. This is my only bright spot is everyone thought myself included. There's no way the Republican Party will allow Donald Trump to be the nominee. I mean that's that's insane. That's ludicrous and what happened. And then it happened. They could nowadays of time and then they vote against a conviction so it just goes to show you anything happens in politics. Nobody can predict. Stop speculating just vote. You're whoever you like in the primary and then vote against trump in the general exact all you can do the primary. This is one primary election to see who the the bulk of the tea party. Who in the primary supports? Vote for the candidate who most closely aligns with your beliefs. Vote for the candidate who you would most want to see as president. This is when you shoot for the stars. It's not when you compromise the general election. If you have to. That's when you hold your nose you don't do that. In the primary starring Ryan to play prognosticator. You have no idea who's electable. Donald Trump was. I mean Barack Obama was not electable. Hillary Clinton was John. Kerry was just stop it already right. John Carey is the perfect example of how somebody electable lost the perfect this one. I always use anyway. All right and Hillary Rowers okay so this is Well you you've done the pardon list but Ayman Jabar's of of Cnbc did the list and one of US quotes though was interestingly it was Rudy Giuliani who investigated milk and in the first place right and it was one that was one of his cases he convicted the guy and he was one of the ones who signed on. He's one of the advisers who said. Oh yes I'm in favor of this partner commutation or whatever it was and then Rachel Maddow. She also presented a big listen she. She said she had forgotten about David Sylvian Safavi of Avian. Whatever his name is she said pardon lists today is like a public corruption. Greatest hits compilation and then Laura Rozen who I really like. She's a reporter in Washington mostly on foreign policy in the Middle East and she She also brought up that trump also pardoned the X. government contractor. Reo friedlander. Who pledged to conspiring to hack to creditors? Yes I was in my last so you were saying yeah unbelievable just to drive the point home because a lot of people here the list. They don't really get who these people were. I'm glad you were really the only one I've seen. Who's WHO's presented the entire list but And I had to. That was such a number of sources to find the entire list. Yeah piecemeal all over the place yeah And then again empty wheel. Marcy Wheeler said the nice thing about trump freeing every corrupt person ever mentioned on Fox. News is now the. Gop will have to stop pretending. Trump gives a flying fuck about corruption. And I'm thinking no. They won't know they won't have to stop doing that but they keep doing that. But it's funny that she said that and I like that she said so. I read it out loud to you. let's see Oh yes here's a quote from trump during the pardon interview when he was telling people that he was pardoning or commuting the Blagojevich. He said this. Ready for this Quote I'm actually the chief law enforcement officer of the country. Yeah no you're not number. Why Bill Bar is supposed to be but we know what you did. With the Attorney General you turned into your lap dog. Here's what else he said is sorry. I'm GonNa play you an audio clip. I'll I'll cut it off. Once he gets to the point that I need to point out but let me get a trough of beverage alcohol beverage so I can deal with it. You take victory. This is this. Is Donald on pardoning Blagojevich who is name he mispronounces. We have commuted. The sentence of Rod Blagojevich served eight years in jail a long time and I watched his wife on television. I don't know him very well. I bet him a couple of times. He was on for a short while of apprentice years ago. I didn't like a very nice person. He served eight years in jail. There's a long time to go. Many people disagree with the Democratic or Republican cruise. The prosecution by the same people call me. Fitzpatrick say okay. No Komi wasn't even in government yet. Nope number one and the guy's name wasn't fitzpatrick it's Fitzgerald. He's a fucking moron. Sorry oh no that's okay. I'm hearing myself that no I did not know that I don't feel sorry. I wanted to read you exactly what you said now. I can't find that there was a tweet that that went into the Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick Sing about who who was in office. And who wasn't at the time she who I've lost it so that's okay. This just goes to show you that. He doesn't have a clue. No it wasn't Komi. Komi was not even in government at the time and and it wasn't fitzpatrick was fitzgerald and it's on indeed. Yes that's true so I said it was Dr drew and then to drive another point home that you made and we go into this a little more As he was pardoning Bernie Kerik solely at our scrutiny. Said a message to you rudy. Yes he is setting up he is. He is not only setting up. All his buddies is Flynn and stone and Manafort of board wherever else's leftover he's also justifying his own corruption by pardoning them. Oh wait did I lose. Did lose that tweet. No no way ominous I might be able to find it A friend of mine on twitter explained that very thing and I'm just scrolling to I can find it here it is I found it Oops Oh you know what she deleted one and gave me a Redo and now I can't find because I went to the deleted one. Of course now I find two hundred talking to you. About how the net he's sorry. Twitter needs a netted button so we can fix typos. I'm just saying yeah that she actually did. Just fix a TYPO. That's why should do that. But but basically what she was saying was by by pardoning these people she used one example. But he's he's justifying his own crime spree was Linski. See He's out. He didn't do anything. I everything he saying. These guys are are innocent. They were fine. They didn't do anything wrong. They look at it. It's it's not fair that they put stone are about to put stone and it's not fair. They put Manafort in prison because when he goes ahead and tries to pardon himself that's how he's going to justify. Of course all about him. Yes he's he's doing that to Greece. You know the whatever. It is degrees the something. The wheel for pardoning his the big pardons for first big buddies. But it's also to pardon himself as also just say everything they did to me was unjustified because everything they did to these people was unjustified. That's what it all boils down to. Okay Hey quick. Quick aside a couple of someone in the chat room and now someone on twitter told me that Music Randy Rainbow used in. His new video is from duo. Leepa and again. I have no idea me neither. This is from the woman who did music radio for most of her adult life. But I never did the top forty stuff I never. I never knew that I was always the music. You didn't know although this is the music I don't know anyway. Sorry I'm back. I was interesting. I wouldn't have known I. I thought he was doing so stupid. I am because he mentioned what's his name in the beginning Oh my God me with names. I'm just awful with names never mind. It's not even worth it. Okay so today okay. Angry White House staff said today's lesson being on celebrity apprentice and running fundraisers for trump will get you pardoned or your sentence commuted and I added and appear on Fox to suck up Because Karaoke was just on. Fox's I recall somebody representing him wishes on Fox and wasn't it the same for Blagojevich wasn't there was all the time. I don't know I don't watch Fox. I have no idea I never watch. I don't know well from what I can tell from my collective tweets all these people were Fox people so you know he takes his cues from of course. That's what informs his whole world's view it. That's where he gets everything from he doesn't read. He doesn't have any opinions of his own. Fox tells them what to think and what to tweet or as I call it cluster Fox. Of course I got from Keith. Olbermann before you give me credit. Because I'm not as smart as Keith. Oh that was really good. And I've stolen for years Okay but I do credit him. All the time Dante Atkins you him. I do. I wound up having a plug. Oh no anyway he said in case you're just tuning in now Trump wants to make normal to use the power of government to prosecute your political enemies and sell political favors to the highest bidder. We better know how really bad this is. Folks what he's doing between the bar stuff and pardons Having bar interfere with sentencing or or you know any ongoing case the way he's doing and bar of course going right along because he believes that the executive power is like being king This is destroying us. And if we don't vote these people out can't vote bar up by you know because we're voting hopefully trump out on. Espn go and hopefully this Senate. We're we're we're flipping Zenit so that we have a new president so we can get a new attorney general actually a real law abiding attorney general. What a concept we have to get the Senate I mean otherwise. We'RE GONNA end up with more judges. And by by everything back to pardoning though I'm going to quote Laura Bassett but my own joke was and you get a pardon and you get a pardon because that's what it reminded me. Look into your seat. Everybody you get a pardon Laura Bassett who I really like. She's a political calmness for G. Q. and For a while she was unemployed because she got laid off when everybody was laying people off. She said trump twenty twenty. Pardon the swamp. Yeah Yeah that that. That is exactly what it is a jump in the swamp. Hey Yeah let's all be swamp creature exactly and you get to be a swamp creature And Noah Shaq Moon who is with the daily beast he or is it Chakma. Because I know I don't know he had to tweet. He said nothing says. Corruption fighter quite like pardoning a slew of politicians and public officials convicted of corruption. And then he says also built barges forced out one of the Justice Department's most important corruption fighters and he forced out Jonathan Kravis was one of the most ECO adblocker. Darna it yes. He's he's one of the four prosecutors on the on the Roger Stone case of the four. They all step down from the case. He's the one who quit entirely. He left the Justice Department There okay thanks because then I got. I got blocked so I could see anywhere. I should use my other browser anyway. Yeah I mean we're in the middle of a big stew pot of corruption. That and I don't think I really don't think people realize it. I really do. I think of a lot of people do. But if you're asking the average person on the street I wonder if they realize how really bad. This is probably not so. Let me use this moment to promote that. Our friend Lisa Graves will be my guest tomorrow morning smart tomorrow afternoon. We're actually GONNA take tomorrow because she has to go to a wake for a family friend and the afternoon so we're going to work tomorrow morning. Lisa graves was a deputy assistant attorney. General under Bill Clinton. She's held all kinds of legal counsel positions in the Senate Judiciary Committee again. She was Deputy Assistant Attorney General. She's she's a lawyer. She is one of the signatories of that letter that came out on Sunday a former DOJ officials calling for bars resignation. Lisa graves is the most high ranking former DOJ official. I know probably the only one but Lisa's great and people remember her. She came on with me during the last days of the impeachment to weigh in on what was going on. Lisa is GonNa come on tomorrow's talk about exactly what's going on here and I recommend you guys. Listen because and she's also just a cool person. She's incredible she's one of the nicest people I know she really is. I just love her. Okay now we're going to be into mocking. Let's do some mortgage okay okay. Daniel tweeted this. Trump's campaign trump's campaign manager tweeted a dramatic photo of Air Force One Daytona saying trump won the daytona five hundred before the race even started and then he goes on to say well. The shot was George W Bush's plan leaving in two thousand four scale deleted three hours later by the way. I'm sorry trump riding around the data rack in the beast. We pay for that. Shit that I'm not okay. How much of his campaign bullshit are we paying for as taxpayers? Exactly No. That's completely wrong and it's completely wouldn't authoritarian does. Yuck did you happen to notice the photo of the beast of the of the Big Limo Did you notice it kind of listing to one side and one picture I? It was worse. Trump must have been sitting here. Here's Times this was Garrett Hake of MSNBC he was reporting from Vada and he said this is the overflow line to get into vote early one polling place in Henderson Nevada severe. Several voters have told me. They're nervous about Cox process after Iowa would rather vote an advance and be done and then he went on to say quote in. This is from a retired educator. If we didn't hate trump so much we wouldn't wait in this line okay. Well hey whatever's going to get you to wait in the damn lines. And why are there lines? I'm sorry I don't know they were prepared. I bet go figure the Dell imaginary measuring election working. Wouldn't that be some okay? So then our buddy Twin Mom Su. She has two in a row. Flores She actually had three and I. It was from the other day so I don't have that tweet anymore but it was. This is just a continuation. So you'll understand for she quotes Lamar. Senator Lamar Alexander in his tweet was good news from Secretary. Sonny Perdue in the trump administration. Usda will invite. I'm sorry invest nine million dollars in Tennessee to provide improve high speed broadband infrastructure projects for three thousand seven hundred forty four rural households thirty one businesses and forty one farms and. She says I want you to do with a favor. Though part two right right right and she goes on Collins Susan Collins she tweeted great news nineteen housing authorities may have been awarded more than nine point. Five million to preserve and modernize affordable housing units that serve individuals with disabilities and low income individuals and families and twin. Mom Su said I want you to do is part three there. You go the I do believe the first one was Lisa Murkowski who also got some money probably makes sense. Because that's all my tweets. I don't have any more seriously. You told me had so many all right. Well I really fast race some because you covered some of this. I see I do that. I delete when you go over so I. I don't WanNa be redundant right all right. So here's here's all right. So I mentioned earlier. Let me let me share this with you. I don't have the video to to play but I can play the audio. So somebody who's twitter handle is Mike? Bloomberg is an authoritarian rothe. Mike Bloomberg came after supporters of Bernie Sanders calling them Bernie Bros. in a new AD. Okay that automatically gets me mad when I hear that. Yup Okay not not unusual for the former Republican mayor of New York City to just completely dismiss people of Color and women. We can make adds to you know and our friend will earnhardt said. We have so many response. Ads coming out after Bloomberg's hit piece. These aren't coming from campaigns. They're coming from regular people who are rightly angry and it's this energy that will in fact win if the Democrats don't ruin it. Here's the audio of one of these. It show stop and I going on all right now. I this the first time. I'm watching it but it's a lot of photos from New York of people have come. Black people being stopped and frisked by New York City police officers and these images are graphic and they're ugly and they're going by it record pace. They're boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom and then it says judge New York City stop and Frisk Policy Illegal Michael Bloomberg per stop and Frisk Policy Mike Bloomberg claims he stopped for stop and Frisk. Shut your mouth now. What am I gonNA fool wipers? While you were in that case Bloomberg I think we disportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little really really. It says on the screen really. It had a question mark and then it had a period text. Everyone you know. Warn them about Michael Bloomberg authoritarian billionaire trying to buy the Democratic nomination so that is a just a supporters homemade video in response to Michael Bloomberg's Anti Bernie add really really Michael Bloomberg you WanNa take on Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Bring it on and the thing about Bernie Bros. You know it's not. It's I see this from people who I like using it. In as casually like they'll say yep so and so's reporting on the Bernie Rosen like. It's just part of the vernacular now. No you know. It's a slur divisive and it's unnecessary and also is not always true. Most of those people who are Bernie Bros. Are thoughts or accounts that were put out by people who are not Bernie supporters or anything like that and Bernie his come out and Wasn't a few days ago doing it. He coolest not no. That's not enough because he can never do enough for them. I don't know what he what they and by they I'm talking about the idiots mostly on MSNBC. Because I see them more often dissing right right what they expect him to do. He said over and over again. Forcefully this is not how we act. He said in his closing statement at the last debate. I think it was the closing statement. Whoever is the nominee we will get behind and to feel that right away? That was his first thing he says yes. As all the debate it was his victory speech in new hairs. Sure and that was the first thing he said. And I'm so sick. And tired of these pundits say oh well Bernie and the Bernie rose and he he. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in his Bros. Or this bad you. It's I mean what? What about when people were saying he'll box? I never use that. I I didn't I pardon you didn't either because it's again it's just. It just antagonize people which is why have my pinned thread on my twitter account because I my intention is never to antagonize somebody unless they me. I go back at them but You know he'll bought they like it. If I said you know Michael Mooks or something I mean it's it's just not GonNa call him mini Mike because I'm sorry. That's an ad hominem attack. You can't help. How tall or short he is. I will trump fat tub lard because he is one and he eats like one and he's a piece of shit so it all comes ending with that on that note we're done for the day. He's well done. Thank you for. That was wonderful. See later. Don't forget Lisa Grades Tomorrow. We'll talk to you. Then thanks bye bye.

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TRPR 129  News Review 6 May 2019.

The Red Pill Report

1:06:56 hr | 2 years ago

TRPR 129 News Review 6 May 2019.

"Hi. My name is Andrew Zappa and welcome to the red pill report. This is absurd. One hundred and Twenty-nine recorded on Monday, the sixth of may two thousand nineteen hopefully ready for your morning commute. If this is your first time this thing, then welcome to report if. Ever hundred twenty nine episodes. Whether you're probably me. Anybody else has. But you'll be welcome to this week among other things, we'll be looking at well is the Welsh government playing with fire over smacking by this is just a big social experiment could. Well, seriously. Go wrong ministers, consider all options to boost Faxon's including compulsory vaccinations. Here in the United Kingdom came mission is to examine its links to the slave trade. Why who knows of years after it finished on the Daily Mail? Smith. Benjamin benjamin. Cal benjamin. Putting four different clips together afford of things of his together and come up with one Frankenstein saying, Franken signs munch of same and men to be allowed to use female spacing. Joe? Ause Joe leisure centres. The read report is normally recorded every weekend as a news review and sometimes this mid week into a news review at the weekend ready if you listen to at the beginning of the week, looking back over last week's news asking questions like his the mainstream media misleading us are we being played? We've been kept in the dark raw things being spun somewhat show notes and background articles can be founded our website, the red pill dot report. So if you go to the websites, and find the main menu click on podcast and find podcast one hundred twenty nine and they'll find the show notes, so you can fit during the first week, it should be on the front page and the building continue reading which will take you to the show notes. So anyway, here we all fresh back from my anniversary holidays. My wife and my thirty fourth wedding anniversary few days ago, just back from. Some time away we visited what, what did we do visited Don cost cathedra castle? And the village of Doncaster where we went to a church, dedicated to Saint George and the dragon Maribel to take one or two pictures to add to my dinosaurs living at the same time as men collection. Because I suspect that the George and the dragon. Missus become is that she related to. George Anna living dinosaur that was of something of a. Frightening. Demeanor and was seen off to free the villages all the people of England from it's troublesome appearance. We spend a hawala. We, we stayed for couple of nights on a hotel in X more. I won't give you its name because it's come down somewhat in qualities, you will ask there. And so, I wouldn't want to Birch, but have a listen to this. This is part of my wife and I walk from the restaurant to our bedroom. And you'll find out why we call the place the squeaky boo boos boards. Anybody recognize what restaurant will what hotel this is if you do content we Andrew at the red filled reports, and let's see if anybody's. Yes, that is a genuine recording. The squeaky floorboards just a positive it on the way from the restaurant, two bedroom. The next day be spent among other things. We spent a little while at Lynton af-. We went up the cliff railway and had a past in the church church graveyard of a CV church enjoying an amazing view. While listening to the organised practice inside the church was beautiful. He later played for us. Take my life and let it be as that was one of the songs that we had at our wedding thirty four years ago. He is playing it to us or for us. Thank thanks him for doing that. Sadly, the church. There is a church of England shish felt very Roman Catholic is dedicated to marry with statues of her and chapels dedicated to her. Why is it that churches, feel the need to do things like that? The, you know, the church that was dedicated George. The dragon didn't feel in any way that it was done in worship or praise of George, but merely in remembrance of, you know, good things that happened worse this church, very much felt that it was. In worship of Mary very, very disappointing. We today or yesterday if you're listening to Monday, I guess, Sunday, I'm still sort of up from Sunday. We wash. With this comes with me on Jellico congregational church in silver street, which was a beautiful little fellowship says where the imperfect perfectly welcome, and there was a wonderful service. Rather? Unpolished. He was just a few people just a small gathering. There were about fifteen people there part from our selves, just a small gathering, but of dedicated blue love the Lord, and there was an amazing seven there about Simon the sorcerer, and I hope to be alluding to Simon the source social later on in the podcast, but they go, we've had a fantastic few days, and some of which it wasn't all spent listening to screechy floorboards Zora in churches, serve it, which was spent praising Lord in his wonderful outdoors. We all. She's just a little recording of sometime. We spent beside the beautiful little river. Listen to the birds sing, and it was a fantastic time. We one of the things I really felt during this holiday. Was how sad it would be to not be a Christian. How sad to ABI to listen to these birds to sit by this babbling stream to see the fantastic views over. Just for example, over Linton unlim- math and not able to give thanks to God for the beauty of it. How sad that would be? Anyway, we're back and ready to get into the news now. So let's jump in. Well, let's start with our disclaimer. He said we were the sole ender nuts sugar. And that's that's coach Dave dubber my keeping it short and simple that about sums it up. Really? We're supposed to be the salt of the earth. Not a sugar. We don't so sugar coat things that there's no truth. No accuracy. No, no hell no support left in what we say. Heavy shines four fifteen says we should be speaking. The truth in love not. We should stop speaking the truth because it might offend people. So if you're the sort of person who's easily offended, by the truth, this property is not the right podcast view. If however you were a strong disposition. And you want to know what's going on? What's happening, and how should we as Christians be addressing the news? Well, we might have one or two things that would interest you in this podcast. So coming up this week. Well, not much that I can find this of any real interest in my access to sort of what's coming up in the news. But of course, we, the European elections coming from the twenty third of may and much going on with us. Know let me just plug again you creation mega conference in October. And if you don't know about that, now, you should you can go glitz shouldn't use as verb should be. You could duck duck go it. That's what I use UK creation, mega conference two thousand nineteen I hope to be there look forward to seeing you, if you're available and of course, there's a meeting coming up. It's not long now is the eleventh may at the Davis, who'll Howell hill west camel, and that's be a twenty two seven q excess four PM for worship five PM for Buffy t. Six PM for a fantastic. Talk on the I why eve, Lucien couldn't produce an eye. This is creation research resources trust. Who are fun tested? Little Somerset group, who support many people with scientific support for biblical creationism. So anyway, there you go. There's a few things let's jump into a few bits of the news. Let's start with some UK news. Be reasonable says Christiane Hugh dodo in fact is not be reasonable at saying that it's an organization could be reasonable. Why Welsh government or Wales government whilst give mention it playing with fire over smacking banned? The Welsh government is playing with fire over plans to ban parental smacking a spokesman for the group leading the opposition to the movement has said that's the group be reasonable. Relieve the be reasonable campaign. Yes, it is. The be reasonable campaign was giving evidence before the Welsh assembly children's young people's and educational committee, the Welsh government plans to remove parental defence of reasonable chastisement from the law and Christianity. Don't go in this Christian institute, going massive ramifications, the ramifications of this Bill are massive for the Welsh public and the. Playing with fire thinks it can change in the law, and not chain make this change in the law, and not affect the lives of parents by extension. And by extension children James Giles says, and it goes on. To say the children already have protection under article nineteen of the convention on human rights. The connect protect children from all forms of violence. But the say that reasonable chastisement is not violence towards the child. And my come to this is a massive social expect the idea that we can remove any form of physics correction. Whether that be smacking or using a slip, or whatever in gentle correction, and have no effect on society, no detrimental effect on society. It's a massive social experiment, leaving parents with no core pro correction as a method to fall back home. We'll leave families. Well, many families at the tyranny of that children who knowing the parents have no actual comeback will well run a muck and possibly. Early leaving parents using verbal mental punishments, which will be much more damaging than a loving smack might be. And I think we're looking at a massive social experiment, that could be very harmful, we've seen society's not improving Thames of the children's behavior as far as I can see over the last twenty or thirty years smacking his full in away. And I think we could be into big trouble. Ministers consider all options to boost faxing take-up says the BBC how secretary Matt time. Cook has said he is willing to look at all options to boost England's vaccination levels, including compulsory immunization? He told the BBC he did not want to reach the point of imposing jabs, but wouldn't rule anything out more than half a million children? The United Kingdom unvaccinated against measles between two thousand and ten two thousand seventeen UNICEF says. We could look on go and look at some more Dita's could read this yourself if you want, but. My suggestion is well, surely the seven percent of the population new vaccinations should be safe. But apparently heard immunity doesn't work that way. Many people who are immunized a still not. In any way protected from the onus and our risk. If say an unnamed United person does get it. Well, that'd be at risk of immunized person court to Boston, you, Kate was declared free from the highly contagious measles disease for the first time by the World Health Organization in two thousand seventeen but low behold a year later it was back with small outbreaks. And this has grown a little bit across Greater Manchester area but there are considerations. Vaccines. Not without that difficulties. Don't Molson's analysis of parental. Data comparing believe this was homeschool Crips, because different get vaccinates unvaccinated groups that have similar living conditions, but this was homeschool group, so living in smoke communities without massive interaction that you would get if you had. Unimmunized child at school. Mitchell preps thousand children. Well, a day affectively through the building. And some of the results were the odds of ear infections were almost fourfold higher among vaccinated children. The odds of new Monja was significantly higher. Among backs netted children, yards of chicken, pox and hooping cough. Well higher. Among vaccinated children as compared with. Chicken coop. You go for higher in unvaccinated children can help with vaccinations children. The odds of issue placement eight times higher in the. Vice native children higher than in the unvaccinated children. Actually children more so significantly more likely than unvaccinated children to have been diagnosed with. And then it goes on to talk about offs writers and other allergies. Extra dermatitis learning disabilities ADHD, and so it goes on. And if you want to see details of that it'll be in the show notes to Dr. Mawson's analysis, parental data. M. A. W. S O N Mawson's analysis, and you can read that yourself now in the UK, we have the vaccine damage payment scheme. The vaccine damage payment is a provision of the welfare state in the United Kingdom, which provides substantial payments of people who can show they have suffered vaccination injury. This is a statutory scheme at is not necessary to demonstrate negligence in order to qualify. Three point five million pounds has being given out in thirty five payments as one hundred thousand pounds each paid out to patients left to disabled by vaccinations between nineteen Ninety-seven and two thousand and five eight year period. Thirty five people left disabled now, listen to this. The person must be severely disabled as a result of the vaccination with the disability being assessed as at least sixty percents, not quite sure how you assess disability to be sixty percent. The vaccination may not be the claimants, but it could be the, the mothers who is vaccinations against the disease whilst she was pregnant will the claim it may have been in close physical contact with someone who had the oral vaccination against poliomyelitis. So this thirty five people in eight years, you have been. Disabled to at least sixty percent of disability. How many were fifty percent and forty percent and thirty percent and twenty percent. How many have not been disabled in any sense, a tool, but it'd be left severely ill? Nevertheless. Why do we have a vaccine damage payment scheme vaccine is safe? Is the sort of question that I would like to ask before I went forward with vaccinations. Still continuing unto you can use cane, Mitch to examine its links to the slave trade, the university of Cambridge. This is from the times university of Cambridge has announced a two year inquiry into historic links to the slave trade that will explore whether it should pay reparations, the investigation, which is the first of its kind in England Wales will look for ways to acknowledge publicly how the university gained from slavery. Cambridge in cry. The Cambridge inquiry which will have to full time members of stuff is too. And by the way to white fulltime members of stuff. Hey, how is to examine financial requests and other gifts to the university departments department, libraries and museums and links to the Atlantic slave trade into other forms of? Coerced labor during the canot colonial era. The study will also look at where the Cambridge academics may through their work have reinforced and validated race based thinking between the eighteenth and the early twentieth century. Well, how about Darwinism and the less favored, racists, possibly Aleutian is, as something to do in that university stuff, so that it was impossible to answer at this stage where the inquiry would Li twenty from financial reparations will my question is, who is beating around two hundred years since slavery in the United Kingdom. We're gonna pay these reparations to. What else should we consider should we look like look back at the enclosures, see who should pay what to what about the fact that I've got blonde hair, surely, my family's do something from some pillaging Vikings somewhere reparations, please has the world gun Attlee matters. It just me. I suspect has in many ways on L gone. PC mad. Don't mean computer Matt. West monster is reporting that votes. Spoilt ballot papers with pro Brexit messages, June the local elections last week. Skynews politics is tweeting that, that are reports of angry voters writing Brexit party in areas where the party is not running or was not running for those elections BBC Essex reports. They hundred spoilt ballot papers in Basilan alone. A huge number compared with what would be expected under normal election circumstances, stances, it's unusual to see a consistent message from those spoiling their ballot papers reflecting, the growth of anger at the government's failure to deliver an exit from the European Union. So say says west Munster and reporting from the BBC from Sky News and the BBC. Britain control, her own laws and remain brought of EU. Con control her own borders and remain part of the EU. Britain sheds up her own trade deals, and remain part of the EU. And Britain choose to be by her own democratically elected government and stay part of the. Hugh. Well, those four news are why people voted full Brexit referendum. And the Trump noise ING poops. You say that we didn't know what we were looking for. Actually revealed Nick neurons because by voting to remain. They voted for Britain to stay helpless. That's the inimitable and we're dekum God bless her. And then she is addressing the Brexit Brexit party rally, isn't she magnificent? For a lady, or some I she's still firing bones and those nincompoops scope. They will no links to the full video in the show notes or other it'd be embedded God willing in the shirts. Let's listen to just a squeak more. Mission in these European elections is a very, very simple. We have to reaffirm the vote of the British people, we have to send shockwaves through Esmond stuff, which tells them that if they don't listen on, if they don't deliver. Then comma general-election they may find themselves out. The old sound drops in that recording them not quite show where that comes from with, that was my playback was a bit dodgy with the, the internet, speed or what it was whether they've got pull recording. I'm not sure so but they got you heard most of it, didn't you? So let's move on the Daily Mail Smit's called Benjamin. Here are the facts while it start with the Daily Mail article, they say now you candidate who said he wouldn't even write a labor party m p well seems reasonable says it's okay to sexually abuse, Beuys boys. Please are examining sickening statements about child abuse made by highly controversial, you Kip candidate called Benjamin. He was formula by the policies. A candidate for the European elections last week despite fury. Over his remarks that he wouldn't even riper labor and pay. Well, God bless note, raping up. And remember this was a long time ago. He was nowhere near being thinking about himself as being a, an MP haven't used parliamentary type language. He was a social commentator trying to raise some interesting what he was saying, because this labor MP was making light of, I'm blocking discussion of a male suicide. He was trying to raise interest to that. So he used this phrase, I wouldn't even rape. Because he knew it was, it was ineffective in the not raping someone's normally considered. Okay. But regained interest because of its it's, it's sort of controversial sound. But now, the, the, the tiny manage saying the code Benjamin says I can be quoted as saying you can. If you see a young boys, it's actually not as controversial. You think depends on the child? Doesn't it the ancient Greeks repet- arrests and it was considered to be normal? It was mentoring that sounds pretty bad doesn't it, but it was taken from two different interviews. And from four different occasions to each of these interviews clips, taken out of context, we go a little bit of detail on this. I'm gonna put actually a couple of things in the show notes. I to put a link to the liberalist. Dot net article on this gives you the, the sort of written facts on links to the exact. Youtube quotes YouTube, sections, where you can see these quotes in more context must going to link to a YouTube video that talks about this subject, and we'll show you those props bit more spoon fed, because you can go and see it yourself as well. But let's have a quick look through this myself this as take this, this is really this is a Franken stinian monster quote, because you take four different body parts as he were and stitched them together to make a Munster when in, in independent standing on their own. Don't say what they made to say to stop it can be quoted as saying, I sorry, I can be cooked to say, you can young boys. Well, that was in reference to comment that he'd he'd spoken about. And yes, he used those words, but not saying it was okay. But the person he was now reading from a tweet that my saying, well, watch out, because, now you could be quoted as saying, that's okay. And he's saying, yes. Well, I could be quoted as that, but his no one, I said. It's not as controversial as it is. It sounds was in reference to the age of consent laws across Europe. Now, he's he was discussing with someone who had been involved in sexism, very young age voluntarily as you were saying, what is not as controversial as some people think, because in other European countries, the law says that sex can be consensual sex is okay at twelve or fourteen in a couple of different European countries. In fact, I think in FRANZ is no age limits on when consensual sex can happen depends on the child doesn't. It was it was announced to a challenging question by someone who had been involved in sex from young age saying, well, convince me, I was rolling this. And saga and says. I think it, yeah, it depends on the child really doesn't because some kids miss show, fostered, another's having difficulty answering the question do we. Who boasts that? He enjoyed sex the young age, but not saying he agreed with it. And then in the court, the ancient Greeks were pederasts. It was considered. No mullet was mentoring he was talking about a historical situation. And the coach actually ends with him saying it was very strange. And again, I don't agree with any of this, but they take out the bit where he says, I don't agree with this on just quoted as if he supports the idea. So here we are, we have the Daily Mail and following them doing this many other newspapers to taking a Frankenstein, mixture full quotes out of context, a making sound as if called Benjamin is a horror show. Well, this is by definition really. This is Frank news. Isn't it every bit of it is true, but as he's put together, it becomes oughta fabrication lies. This is mainstream media for you. If you don't hit people like myself and the liberal, so and onscreen this, you'll be left thinking, well, who would ever vote for Benjamin, he's into sex with children, but it's just a lie. And I believe the consideration is being made about whether there is operatives unity to sue over this. And the Daily Mail say these obstacles have been sent to the police think actually, some other obstacles resented, the police to consider, whether this with the Daily Mail should be prosecuted for defamation. The like so there you go. Move on from Brexit news. Two little church news. So let's move onto some church news little while we start, we'll, we'll have a glance at the fact that the most persecuted group of religious people in anywhere in the world by a long way is the church a Christians, but will start with a challenging story mass shooting by a Christian. The telly Daily Telegraph. Still got this coat the daily towed of Sunday, synagogue shooter suspect, I won't give his name praised the question shoot before deadly attack. A nineteen year old man armed with an assault style rifle opened fire inside the synagogue near San Diego on Saturday, killing one woman inside the inside wounding three of us in a hate crime, on the last day of poss- ova, the suspect fled in his car and called nine one one shortly afterwards saying he was involved in the shooting on an officer came and disarmed him. And so it goes on. Now, the, the accused in the San Diego, synagogue shooting was a member of a reformed Presbyterian church. His father was an elder of the congregation according to reports. The question Christiane diocese, who is too blind, by the way, the father, tortured the school, and he attended the, the, the accused attended the school at is being reported by some people that he was a home schooled child. But he wasn't anyway, Christiani. She's a day. Awesome question. Who's blamed for the synagogue shooting who's to blame when the shooter is one of our own when the shooter is a Christian, and he comes from church. Let's read a few bits of what they sign that will come to some of my thoughts. Which will also what was sparked in many ways, by the generations, put cost, which is an excellent podcast listening. So who's to blame when the shooter is one of our own the lettuce, synagogue attack has shaken fellow author docs, Presbyterians by implications, but implica- by, but it implicates all of us in having a foam world and divisive culture, last weekend's news of another synagogue attack was shocking, but sadly not. A shock mass shootings. While thankfully, not routine weekly occurrences have become a matter of when rather than if in Baden America, this attack was reportedly this attacker was reportedly I belonged to a Presbyterian church. In fact, he was apparently, a member of a nearby congregation to my own denomination. The orthodox Presbyterian church. When we reflect on, I figure like this man, we often think by default, I thank you. I am not like other men who influenced this person. Be it racist, leftist righteous knots all a folks or Jihadist so of groups patron be better to think is it Lord, I has anything I have said, oh, done fueled, the Tokes culture in which such a thing happens. Well. I have a challenge with the writer here in the, the associates homophobes with Nazir's and jihadists. Now, homophobia term is often used for traditional Christians who have a view of marriage. That was no material, full well, six thousand years, at least certainly the last two thousand years of Christian history. It's been considered that norm. How is one man and woman together for life? Sometimes tragically things go wrong in that and maybe divorced. But basically one one and one woman with the children for life is a normal family today. The church is moving away from that. And so those who hold that view or after code even here, as, as this churchmen, this member of the Presbyterian, Presbyterian, shish, people who those views homophobes, and then, like, not sizzle jihadists. Well, I think that's a disgraceful position for churchmen too old. But this man possibly isn't really. A churchman anyway. I learned long ago to my shot grit, and he continues that provocative comments. I'm aide in the classroom could be picked up and used by students in harmful ways. I never imagined. That we all are I never mentioned that we all responsible for the way we speak about others element of truth. In the fact that yes, whatever you say can be taken up and used by people. But you can't live your life. In a way that, that, that every single words, you speak has to be considered whether could summon possibly take this and turn it into a hateful crime. A former pasta as Houma, pasta off the docks Presbyterian, minister, I want to see the church ask, what can we do to try and stop such things happening in the future. Well, preachy, malko die is what I put down preach that everybody is made in the image of God. I suspect also Presbyterian judges moved over to teaching evolution rather than creation, and a man is merely another animal and not the supreme image of Christ that the image of God, that man is in the hell dependent scriptures. Because if you see the foul, your fellow man is made in the image of God, and therefore killing a human being is murder. Mercy killing chicken is getting dinner ready, then you are not going to be involved in mass shootings. He continues pastas in particular needs to take care, take care how they speak and write less words be seized upon by those, you might twist them into a violent purpose for which they were never intend to what they not possible. You cannot leave your life. Preparing your servants. Preparing your podcast speaking to someone across. Well, when I'm working at the hotel across the ball. Oh, well, why ping a table. Just weighing every word. Is there any possible way you could twist this into a hate crime? You cannot live that way, you can consider is what I'm saying. True, you can cause it is speaking in a loving way. I'm preaching an undefined gospel. Because those things are quite easy to speak. Think about if I might speaking the truth. Well, yeah, the lying. I'm speaking love. Yes. That's how I always speak people. Well, hopefully, am I speaking under filed gospel? Yes. Because I, I would never dad to change 'cause word and speaking under defiled cost. But you can't think is there any possible way. My words could be taken and twist it. That would be an impossible task of reviewing every word before. It comes out of your mouth, you wouldn't say it hardly be able to say anything. If you couldn't read the bible, you couldn't read sermons from Wesleyan Whitfield. Anybody else from from Vode gospel preachers, you couldn't play any. Billy Graham messages, because anything can be twisted. This article considers. What should I response be when they're mass shooter is one of our own? Well, of course, we have to ask, is this a genuine question was he one of our own once he from among us, but not one of us and this leads us back to Simon the sorcerer I eight and the sermon I heard yesterday now. About this man who, who had a life, deeply steeped in off cult ISM but appeared to come and receive the gospel so much so that finit baptized him into the church. But he ended up being rejected by another disciple with slightly better discernment because his mom was just greedy for power wanted to buy the gifts of the Holy Spirit with money. For his game not for the blessing benefit of the church. He was in the church, but he was not of the church. John, sorry, one John two nineteen SIS. They went out from us, but they were not office for, if they had been of us, they would have they sorry, they would no doubt have continued with us. But they went out that they might be made man. That might be made manifest that they were not of us old. So they were not all of us. This man if. The speculation or the or the allegations that true that he was from the author docs, Presbyterian church. It doesn't mean that he was a Christian. The weeds in the tests are an obvious example, we do not know who was a believer, an who is not a believer within the church, which ho clearly, there will be many. Full shepherds within the church. Clouds without rain. We need to be to. That's in the way to that. But my consider consideration as we consider this, if he was a church go if he had been under the preaching of the gospel for years. And then had gone out and massacred and killed people. He has to know that his actions are against the gospel against the bible. If you go out and commit jihad, you are doing it in consistency with Muhammed teachings his later teachings, which Muslims, call us say outweigh his earlier, teach ma'am earlier teachings. Violent jihad, the compulsory confession of people at the end of the sort is Muhammed teaching. Slaughtering people is not Jesus Christ's. Moving on Christians excluded by Sunday marathon, switch. This is Christianity dog. The Christian is the Christian institutes Northern Ireland officer said many Christians had taken pots in the rice in previous years. A controversial change to the bell faucet is Maryland. Has extended some runners as Christians have said, usually the run takes place on the Bank holiday Monday. But the last year, the bell city council back to the marathons plan to change it to a Sunday, one Christian teacher who was twice twice finished third in the mouth and says she feels excluded from this year's events and children. She teaches feel similarly. Well, my come just the fos marathon, but so many things are moving to exclusively Sunday events for family. It's a local cop out salad used to be on every Saturday. But now. Is only on Sundays. We should expect as Christians, that life is going to get harder and harder for us to live on enjoy living in this world as we move towards times when more and more. So the church is well, being marginalized and Christian things up being marginalized, speak, you which, as being a major report that Chris, the persecution of Christians is coming close to genocide in the Middle East. This is from the guardian, but also lots of other places we go to the BBC in the moment. Pervasive, persecution of Christians, sometimes amounting to genocide is ongoing in the Middle East and has prompted an exodus in the past two decades. According to a report commissioned by the British Foreign Secretary Jeremy hunt Bishop of chew rose independent review of the four four, the foreign secretary. Of FC support for prosecute Christians. Interim report says, and there's a link to the report itself, put that in the show notes, I was gonna copy it in, but it's long and it has hyper links to of the resources in this. Oh, it's best to go to the pages. South all linked to that in the BBC's ought to go. They managed to report on the subject with no mention as in fact, do many of the people, I believe that the what are we reading from her reading from the guardian the gods into are able to talk about this, this massive persecution of Christians would no comment of where this persecutions coming from firstly from his Lama countries than from communist countries like China, while from who else we ought to put in there as well. But certainly those two should be considered that. Linked to the BBC's odds could you can read yourself if you can find in the any idea of where it's coming from millions of Christians in the region have been up rooted from their homes. Many have been killed kidnapped imprisoned and discriminated against the report finds it also highlights discrimination across southeast Asia and sub Saharan Africa there again. It'd be mostly Muslims who doing this. And in East Asia often driven by state of thorough terrorism the inconvenient truth. The report finds is that the overwhelming majority eighty percent of persecuted religious believers are Christians, some of the reports findings will make difficult reading for leaders across the Middle East who are accused of either tolerating or instigating persecution. And so it goes on, but no mention office Lomb in this. Hunt describes the interim report published on Thursday, based on a review led by the Bishop of Truro the right, Reverend Philip Mon, Mon Stevens as truly sobering, especially since it comes comes the world is seeing religious hatreds light baron. The polling Easter attack on at east of Chechen Sri Lanka and the devastating attack on two mosques in Christchurch. Hunt Anglican has made the issue of Christian persecution, one of the major themes of his foreign secretaryship. I think we have shied away from talking about Christian persecution because we are a Christian country and we have our colonial past. So sometimes there's a nervousness there. He said, but we have to recognize that his what the Bishop report, points out, very stuck. He that Christians are the most persecuted religious group. Also recognize that the mainstream media do not on the whole find any need to report the persecution of Christians or of Christianity. Christianity is the white man's religion and Christians cannot really be persecuted in the same way, that white men cannot have any discrimination against them that I believe is the view of the mainstream media. We could go on this much more reading here, we could do, but I'll leave it there. The president of the board of British Jews says Jews had often been the target of persecution of felt for Christians who were discriminated against on the basis of their faith while right notch words. However, if you've been listening for the last few weeks to true news if you listen to the reports this week on the first of may last week brother on the first of may, you will see that Israel, including those training, the idea, the Israeli for believe that as. As a non Jew, you're going. The Jews is superior to other races. And you on the bone to rule the goyim, or the other races Goya goyim isn't offensive personal slur against people who are not Jews much akin to the end word being used by white people against black people. It literally means cattle unusually implies contempt for non Jews. The goyim sometimes cubs don't actually people, you need view to kill. But if you see them for an exam for one example, given if you see them drowning, you not under the obligation save. If some say you should not say them, because well then not worth saving. Oh, by the way, if you have to be Jewish soldier new fancy raping a gleam girl. Go ahead is not wrong. And if you think that we're making this up. Well, I'll give you some links to wrap by Curran was made the chief rabbi of the Israeli army after he said it was okay to satisfy the evil urge by which he meant to ripe, goyim girls. Jewish tradition tells juice to burn the New Testament. If you don't believe me, see for yourself up a couple of links to clips in the show notes, none. She's not old juice. But many of the more zealous Jewish. Zionist Jews also docs, Jews. Now, again, not lost docs, juice probably not even Zionist but many and certainly including some who are very high up, including the chief rabbi to the Israeli army think like this now. I'm not saying this in any. Way of hatred of the Jews. I loved Jews as much as I love anybody else, I won't come to Jesus cautious Lord and savior, having said that. The torah. Is it the Torah I get confused not the first five books of the bible. But that, that Jewish tradition book says that Jesus Christ is boiling in excrement in hell for having spoken against the tradition of the Jews. A nice way to describe. Mondo Ordonez savior that load and safe. You. Put a few links to some bits of true news in the notable linked to one ought to the main obstacle. And also put a UT from YouTube now. This is a note beginning to appear now on true news YouTube. The funding content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. Let me play a little bit of one clip on, which that notice appears now this is the beginning of that clip that is apparently offensive to many audiences. It is the view of traduced that racism in any form, is wrong, and deplorable racism should not be tolerated. God made one race the human race. We have different skin colors on the outside, but we're all the same on the inside. Nobody is superior or inferior. To others the political left in America, Europe and Great Britain are obsessed with the issue of race. They automatically label conservatives as racist and bigots if they disagree with their political views, you can see why people would find while so offensive count. You he's not a racist. He doesn't believe that. Oh, of racist, but he believes there are some things that some nations do that a wrong. But that's unacceptable, what nasty piece of work. Let's move on to some science news. Just one piece. Dr Robinson didn't just sit on the sidelines. He made a critical decision. He said, let's organize petition that we can ask scientists to sign that says that we don't believe global warming is a crisis, and he had the petition project. It's a very short statement. And I'm going to read it to you in full, it says, we urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto Japan in December nineteen Ninety-seven and any other similar proposals the proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology and damage the health and welfare of mankind. There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases is causing or will in the foreseeable future cause catastrophic heating of the earth's atmosphere and disruption of. Earth's climate. Moreover, there's substantial scientific evidence. That increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, produce, many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the earth period, signed by thirty one thousand scientists over nine thousand whom PHD's. So this news, you won't hear in the mainstream media baby alongside David Asmara's program, thirty one and thirty one and a half fouls. And scientists sign a petition saying the global warming petition project saying that the panic. Ova CO two is a full Salaam. Now I'm not saying climate change almost saying to has no effect. But I think these are saying that he's not something we should re raising this great alarm ova. Yes. Climate changes. Yes. This co two. We're probably bit low. Mc to not high on it, but they you, you can see the full video. I'll post that in our show notes, and you can look at that yourself if that is something interests you. Lastly, Bill move onto a couple of bits Nassir, the slippery slope section. Men allowed to use female spacing gloss. Go leisure centres Christian. He's don't. Reporting. Men who claim to be women are being allowed to use single-sex changing rooms and attend. Female only sport sessions leisure facilities across Glasgow clause. Go life's transgender policy applies not only to be people who have undergone reassignment surgery, but to old who say they identify as the opposite sex stuff to-, too sensitively. Explain the rules to anyone who objects on registers incidents as unregister incidences hate crimes. So if you checked to seeing a naked man in your changing room, that's a hate crime. A hate crime. Stuff at the council run sports centers have been told that anyone who identifies as the opposite sex must be allowed to use the changing rooms of that choice. Now apparently is much need choice. Is it it's what they are. But no, it is of that choice. The guidance also states the person is entitled to participate in single sex sessions and cannot be excluded from that chose Genda critics say the policy will render single-sex Spacey's meaningless could deter women from taking part in sports. Concerned women say the council has failed consider their rights have felt consider the rights of other businesses that may have. May have misused equality law. My notes because of a very few men who are seeking to live as women all genuine women who may be highly offended by singing, naked man in the showers or even a man in a women swimming costume. But with full mile tackle. Showering, next them in the showers agenda. What happens in, in women's shows most men shower in the swimming costumes, but expect women due to but, but if even if they're in a swimming costume that could be very upsetting to a woman. I think also there's a risk on this has happened numbers of times that, there are men who will know really have any conviction that they are actually a woman, but we'll just see thrilling pretending they're woman a may find themselves with full access to naked or almost naked women in changing rooms, another civilities like that and will be an absolute abuse of the situation. And if you as a woman do not want this, you guilty of hate Klima will be reported for hate crime. It seems to me that the world's going mad. Lastly. Actually, it's not quite loss. Leads to other items, still go. I've just found another one. An investigation has been lost in to Yale Law School. As it case into LGBT activists, Yale. Your this is from Christianity dog again Yale Law School, not, he's lost Lilo yell law. School has been accused of discrimination against groups who hold traditional views on gender and same sex relations. Foam, Republican presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz announced that the state Senate Judiciary committee is opening an investigation into that decision us into yells decision. Criticize critics say the university has caved into pressure from the from LGBT activists following a plane from complaint from yells LGBT group outlaws, the university now but no longer offer financial support for placements with organizations that hold to traditional view on gender and same sex relationships. We'll be affectively have here's the LGBT community at Yale saying, they do not want equal rights. They want no rights, anybody who holds any view other than pro LGBT snow. Not that they want Oganization the, the right to have finance supported placements in pro LGBT activists situations. They want no financial support for Oakland that one to an internal internet wants to work for no collaboration out traditional views, there's not quality them. Must be no rights for those who hope pro anything, but a pro LGBTQ and lastly, here, we got how about this trans athlete. Demolishes four powerlifting world records for women's powerlifting. World records were shattered on Sunday. This is not yesterday but a week ago I think by Mary, Gregory. A biological male who identifies as female, the transgender athlete, set musters, powerlifting world. Records in women's squat bench press and dead lift and scored a masters will total record was the day of nine for nine Mazdas world record squats. Ofrom. Well, bench records masters world. Whatever. D L records and Moss's roles total records Gregory posted to Instagram, a huge thank you to role, powerlifting federation for from the bottom of my heart as a transgender lift, I was unin show, what to expect going into this meet, and everyone all the sputters loaders referee stuff, meet direct to own made me welcome and treat me as just another female lifter. Thank you. The athletes continue the athlete continued, thanks to all the fans in the audience who changed me on and congratulated me. Well, what does the prize a man compete a woman in power lifting? Who would have thought? Here we are. We'd be short today because I've been away for the weekend, but we have another hour, three minutes podcast for you will be our mall by the time we finish what do we say to, to, to close this up? Well, if you're still here, I'll go, plus you. We have a situation where someone who's being to church has gone on killed a lot of people spot news. Bad news for those who go to church, but not truly. Regenerate. Because you may be with us but you're not office as it were. Hugh need to be born. Again, the bible says, you must be born again, you can't just go to church. You must be born again, he must be born a new. The gospel is simple. We've all sinned, we've all fallen short of the glory of God, but all controlled by our father the devil. We all sin. We all cannot stop. Sinning. But Jesus Christ came to deal with that to give us new life in Christ to take away the guilt of our sin. And eventually take away our bodies of sin, so that we can live new and sin list lives on the newer, new heavens and the new f until we struggle resisting the temptation, sometimes giving in sometimes not, of course, never giving in to the point where we go out of murder people, but sometimes not being as generous as we should not worshiping. God as we should we struggle. But we must be pulling again, you can't just go to church, you need to have an encounter with Jesus way. He takes away your sin. If you want to know more about this. Well, drop me line Andrew at the red pill dot report and say, Andrew, I want copy of finding God's way that's booklets. I've written the talks go crazy the world perfect what we did to mess that up and what Jesus dying on a cross stitch to enable us not to have to suffer the punishment frost since and lastly, what you need to do to appropriate this to get this for yourself. No in symptoms you just need to get down on your knees and say, cheeses, I've sinned against you father syndicates you. I want Jesus to pay for my sins. I want to be made new. I want to be born again. Come be my loden you and helped me to live for you through this life. If you want to know more, if you want to read the bible, verses that teach on this drop me line say, I wanted to copy of finding guts, way and gladly post or Email, you a copy of that out. I was still listening. Can do you know what hotel that was? What has what, what hotel would you call the squeaky flow pulse? Let me know if you can. That. Covered go out. Testing copious you joy. But we serving Lord and safety.

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Ice Cream Storm  (feat. Marley Clements & Bayan Joonam)

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Ice Cream Storm (feat. Marley Clements & Bayan Joonam)

"This means hello and welcome to the daily beans for tuesday january. Twenty six twenty twenty one today. The inspector general of the department of justice has opened an investigation into any efforts to overturn the election. The house has delivered the articles of impeachment against forty five. For inciting the insurrection. Supreme court drops the emoluments cases biden continues to undo many of the last administration's policies dominion voting machines is suing rudy giuliani for defamation and sarah huckabee sanders announced her. Run for governor of arkansas. I may g. And i'm dana goldberg into. Hey how're you doing very windy. Blustery cold wintery rainy day. There's people in like four feet of snow in the midwest in chicago. And we're like it sixty degrees out and there's fireplaces and things like that i'm okay. I was little low energy today but Even hearing your voice since starting to record has shifted me into a different space. So we're going to. We're going to do it. We're going to do it. I think you. I wanted to talk. Really quick about the supreme court dropping the emoluments cases. A lot of people are upset about this Asked me to the list. Yeah and apparently it's a process thing it's just technically. He's not the president anymore and the the way that the lawsuit was written. It's for a while. He was being president. and since. that's not a thing anymore. There's no that the case is moot. So it's a procedural thing not merits thing So that's kind of where they are with that. I don't know if it can be refiled. I think we're going to talk about a little bit. Cleanup on forty five. This week that comes out on wednesday. But i'm not really sure about the mechanics of that because you know. They didn't drop it because they didn't think the president didn't do anything wrong they just said. Hey your specific lawsuit isn't seeking any damages outside of the fact that he's the president of the united states which is not anymore so it's moot and that's kind of procedurally and legally make sense it just fucking stocks because he needs to be held accountable for this show right. Something's something's gotta happen. We may see additional civil lawsuits filed. Or you know that that do have jurisdiction or standing or whatever Know is needed a lawsuit. That's not moot anymore. That doesn't require him being president too soon for this. I don't know we'll see so that's going on and then a little bit later in the show we're going to talk to the creators of the new vice tv series about q. And on that's marley clements and beyond unum and marley clements on active measures. Which i know a lot of listeners. Have seen and we've had the creator of that Co creator of that. On the show before jack. Brian and so it's really. It's a three part series on vice news and it starts tonight and it's gonna be really intense and amazing and there's a lot of really good reasons to watch that series so stick around for that but in the meantime we got slow news. So why don't we do that. Let's hit the high notes pot notes. All right lead story. Today is the inspector general of the department of justice. Michael horowitz as you know has launched an investigation into any effort to overturn. The twenty twenty election announcement followed a new york times article. That detailed efforts by a random face named jeffrey clark. The acting head of the justice department civil division to push top leaders to falsely in assert that ongoing election fraud investigations cast doubt on the electoral college results that standoff prompted a trump to consider replacing the acting. Attorney general rosen. At the time with jeffrey clark at the top of the department to carry out that plan right but everybody threatened to resign. Being this massive saturday night massacre thing that would have happened. And i guess that that got trump to back off of that plan but just because you failed at an attempt doesn't mean you didn't commit the crime it's like you know you don't have to actually kill someone to be in trouble for trying to write and so andrew tours and are gonna go over that in the weeds kind of more in detail On that investigation. That's tomorrow's episode cleanup on al forty five so tune into that. But that's a very interesting. I'm very glad because you know those seven seven senators wrote a letter being like. Hey you got to look into the inspector. General horowitz is and we'll cover who horowitz's in case you're new to the show. We've talked about him ad nauseam on here because of all of his inspector general investigations into the trump russia. Stuff and the carter page fiso a warrant and everything that happening. He's he's the inspector general that was there throughout the tenure of the trump administration. Hopefully they will find some of love to see some criminal referrals if you will coming out of that investigation. There's a lot more cleanup going on the white house at this point. Lots of news from biden biden is announced that he wants to replace the entire federal fleet with electric cars. Good thing he s. he's resuming the process of putting harriet. Tubman on the twenty dollar bill just to piss off a bunch of racists out there. I wonder if they're just gonna burn their money to own the libs. You think i'm just gonna burn off. Start not ruled budget. Reconciliation or the elimination of the filibuster to get the american rescue plan. Pass saying how they proceed will depend on how negotiations develop in the coming days. I want to interject here says this because this is kind of breaking new not breaking but it's sort of a little bit ongoing about this fucking filibuster thing right mcconnell said I'm not gonna do power sharing agreement until you promise me you won't get rid of the filibuster schumer says i'm not going to promise you that. And now there's a standoff. There's no power agreement in the senate And so the problem is that in order to. There's all sorts of little tricks people coming out with like. Oh just change the rules or do you know nuked the filibuster or do a mini nuke on the filibuster like how back in the day. They didn't nuke the entire filibuster. They just nuked it for federal judge appointments or not for skoda's appointments. We'll just nuke it for this particular power sharing agreement thing. The problem is is that we don't have fifty one votes to change the rules to do the mini nuke to do the maxi nuke. Whatever it is you wanna do. You have to have fifty one votes. And we don't Kirsten cinema and joe manchin particularly joe. Manchin are refusing to nuked the filibuster and mansion took it a step further saying he will not vote for anything that would even touch the or allow anyone to touch any portion of the filibuster. So we're kind of stalemate And so i'm you know. I'm sitting here racking my brain thinking of ways to do this. Everyone's telling me we'll claire. Mccaskill just had an idea on ari melber. But i haven't watched that clip yet. But i mean if it has anything to do with the rule change like a cloture rule change. You still need fifty one people to vote on that and mansion has said i will not like like you think you're going to trick him rhino right if you're eating because it's playing right into mcconnell's hands. This is what he wants. Yeah and so. I think what we at least can do now is to flood mansions office with phone calls and letters And so that's sort of where we're at right now so i just wanted to sorta interject that we're going to be going over that again As soon as i have more information and then again later today. I'll talk to andrew about that when we record for wednesday's cleanup on forty five but i mean other than i'm sort of like i put the question to everybody like. What do we do serious question. I'm not you know and a lot of people are like well. we won. take it back. But there's you can't just that way unfortunately force just drag about his ankles. Goodness i love see it so i'm trying to figure out i'm trying to get an answer on a way that that can be done without mansion having to vote on it because like i said he is absolutely refusing to do anything that eventually lead to or get rid of the filibuster so well if you hear anything you get updates share with them with us asap and i know that you will get more good news a actually see canoes. Because at least there's movement happening biden is increasing. The goal of one million vaccinations per day to one point five million doses and announced that people who want a vaccination will be able to get one by spring now. This is interesting because i heard conflicting things on cnn where he actually did not commit to a date when they said. When can they have this by. And i think that was probably a positive thing. Ag 'cause we saw with the trump administration. They were wrong. You know they said we'd have twenty million vaccines by the end of twenty twenty and that didn't happen in the you know. There's there's there's there's there's a public consequences for that when it comes to morale and and voting and all of those things. So i think joe me the right decision there i would love to see it By the spring. But we'll see what happens. There will whichever the case is. I hope that he's under promising. And we'll overdeliver. You know what i mean. Absolutely i mean. That's how i feel like that when you have that really bad like boyfriend or girlfriend. That's like does nothing and then the new one comes in and they're like how's your day. You're like oh my god. I'm going to take my clothes off my days. Wonderful thank you for asking like. No one's ever been this nice to me. Yeah i drove you to the airport. You don't understand seriously and my favorite my favorite story and we talked about this yesterday. Biden has signed the executive order lifting donald trump's ban on transgender troops serving openly in our military. Yes and just for those people that are listening if you are a transgender troop either erin. Were happening right now. Or you're going to enlist you for for serving for a country and fighting for a country that has embarrassingly not always fought for you. So you stand next to you and fight with you and even kind of took it a step further and said anyone who is able to certain who is able to serve macer which is how it should be whatever it is what you know. What would whatever it is. There might be new considerations that we haven't thought that we could come up in the future and and and the and the idea. Is that that any person you know. We'll be able to serve if they choose to and then we've got a transgender biggest transphobic john. Cornyn is that how we see. Yeah coming out and being like oh. I thought we were gonna unify. Here's another executive order. That's an embarrassing way to just come out publicly and say you don't like transgender. People think somehow unity and equality is dividing. it's divisive. He's such a schmuck. Finally the senate is set to confirm that has happened since we wrote. The senate has confirmed janet yellen as the first woman treasury secretary in american history. So congratulations to her. Pretty pretty wide vote to i. Don't have the numbers in front of me as it was just happening as i as i got up from got up from my home and then traveled and commuted into my workplace across the hall into my second bedroom To to to record this. But yeah it was apparently a slam dunk so way to go. Janet testing and it is time for a little shot and freud so dominion voting systems has done it as we thought they would. They have filed the defamation lawsuit on monday against rudy. Giuliani the lawyer for trump and former mayor of new york city who played a key role in trump's long effort to subvert the two thousand twenty election one hundred seven pages long. It was filed in the district court in washington. It accuses giuliani of carrying out. Quote a viral disinformation campaign about dominion made up of quote demonstrably false allegations in part to enrich himself through legal fees at his pockets. Big month to this number. The suit seeks damages of more than one point. Three billion with the and it's based on more than fifty statements giuliani made at legislative hearings on twitter on his podcast in the conservative news media where he spun fictitious narrative of a plot by one of the biggest voting machine manufacturers in the country to flip votes for president biden. Giuliani has faced continuing all out for his highly visible efforts to reverse the election outcome. Yes month the chairman of the new york state senate. Judiciary committee formally requested that. The state court strip giuliani of his law licence. So that's fun and you know we're going to see a lot of consequences for rudy giuliani. That ongoing investigation is still happening in the southern district of new york However we don't know if giuliani received a pocket pardon or secret pardon right From trump or not and we won't know until charges are filed and We'll see if emotion has filed by his spy him to dismiss based on a pardon. Then we'll know. I just wish we get these before. Like someone bring charges before. The senate has to vote. Because i'd really love to see what kind of shady shit he did after he went out of office and speaking of the house delivered. The article of impeachment has been marched over kick starting the process of the senate trial for the incitement of the insurrection. In some big news here senator. Patrick layhee will preside as senate pro tem because this impeachment is not involving a sitting president per the constitution. I have some thoughts about this. Ag we'll talk about this after finished but There is precedent for this The president was when williams alk nap. so impeaching after the president has left office and not having chief justice. John roberts preside are both within the bounds of the constitution though. The gop is trying to use that as an excuse to quit trump on process grounds instead of the merits. Yeah because Yeah william belt. Nap was impeached after he left his office and because he was out already president pro. Tem presided over that too now. He wasn't the president right but they they had the president pro. Tem preside over that. Because he's no longer in his job and to me. I wanna know what you think as we finish up here i just. I don't understand why you would pick someone so partisan just to rile up the gop and what feels like giving them you know just any sort of lake to stand on. It's not they don't have one but they'll try just don't understand. What was the point of switching amount. Can you tell me and the listeners. Here's what i think my thoughts they don't have the votes to to convict right and they're not gonna get the votes to convict no matter. What sort of evidence comes out between now. and then. So it's better to have a friendly presiding who will allow for witnesses. Say okay. maybe we'll get more information out to the public about this. And then even then you know when if if if the public has more information in their armed with more information and then the senate votes to acquit then. It is likely that the public will want to hold those senators more accountable for acquitting. And that's just a guess but you're right like otherwise. Why would you wanna make it partisan by putting a democrat over you know presiding. But i think that's why it's to get more information out to the public and quick question Just for my clarification. Can they still vote on disqualification. If they don't convict him. Nope you have to convict first. And then there's a vote on disqualification. Okay yeah and now we've never. I don't think there's any precedent for that So it's it hasn't been like litigated if you will. But the republicans. If i doubt that if they if they they would vote to prevent him from disqualify him from running for office. If they wouldn't vote to convict him i agree with him. Host starting this patriot party. I don't understand how they're not seeing this as like a massive fracture in the party that they will not win another presidency. If you stills half of the elect. I just don't underst- anyway Yeah although if they do start the patriot party. I think it would be funny. That trump would be the peeped when you find him in there. I love that you try not to laugh anyway. Back to the store and february eighth is going to begin the opening arguments. Briefs will be filed by both sides in the next two weeks. Will there be witnesses. What evidence will be presented new video showing real time incitement. They believe the trial will take fewer than twenty one days in life. You just said. It appears unlikely. The senate will convict so call your senators seriously. Blow up their phones. It's unsure right now. Witnesses or potential co conspirators like holly in crews can be jurors and joys vance's echoed that sentiment. I mean they're clearly bias and they're they're clearly compromised so it'll be interesting to see what happens. That's it yeah. Joyce tweeted like how can you be a witness to a crime and be on the jury. That seems weird but it's a political process not a criminal one so we'll see how it goes and some other quick headlines to the huckabee's for governor in arkansas and i want to clarify when i call her the huckabee. It has nothing to do with how she looks. Sh- it's more of a satan thing and dr. deborah burkes is on a rehab to just now telling us that someone was feeding trump falsified data. She didn't speak back then. Nobody did and national guard. Troops have been asked to remain in the capital as the impeachment trial approaches and because march hold significant dates cunanan including march fourth and march sixth. And we'll be right back with the creators of the new vice tv three part series on cunanan for more information on that so stay with us. We'll be bad big. Hey everybody it's ag from the daily beans. And i would like to tell you about the stereo app stereos. A free live broadcast. Social platform enables people to have real conversations in real time and the app allows us Dana and i to build a more intimate relationship with you all by engaging you and direct conversations because you can record questions and send them directly to us. So i want to tell you that this thursday in every thursday dana and i will be live on the stereo at five. Pm pacific time. It's like a little happy hour. We're gonna talk about social justice issues. We'll we'll laugh and joke around a lot. Might use more swears than normal. And it's absolutely free so download the stereo app look for myself or which is alison gill or digi comedy and follow us. And then you can also listen to our live show again. That's thursday and it's going to be every thursday at five pm and if you stick around after this podcast is over. You can hear a little clip from our last live show that dan and i did on the stereo ops. You get a feel for it so we appreciate it. Ruined download stereo out and we'll see thursdays at five. Pm pacific time. Hey everybody welcome back today. I am joined by some experts on cunanan. And what's going on with that group. I'm joined by marlee. Clements and bayanju genome. And they both have worked for think tanks like the brookings institution and we know marley clements Was a partner working on the active measures documentary. And we've had you know. We've had a jack brian on the show previously and by on you or partner and head of soul pancake and worked on multiple productions there and now you guys are joining forces to work on a three part mini series documentary about q. On that starts tonight on vice tv at ten p. m. happy to have you thank you yes pleasure to be here actual pleasure to be here very excited. Thanks for having us so with the success and deep dive of active measures I'm really looking forward to this. And i'm assuming you're kind of taking sort of the same angles or wanting to really dig in and understand what's going on with the cunanan community. Yes it's actually interesting. Buying tonight decided to do this together immediately. Post active measures that the night. If the active measures premier. We talked about it that day and We did come at this from a bit of a different angle. We certainly do the deep dive into the background. And who's behind is origin story and its impact on society. But we do take a different format or we're hosting and we are involved in getting to spend a lot of time with the annan's and meeting people within the community as well so this is a bit different format with measures but certainly the same rigorous research and principles apply. And i'd like to ask you with this particular documentary. Besides just awareness. What are some of the missions. Like what is your vision about what this particular series can can do. Yeah i think that you know you. You hit on the head and our conversation earlier. Which was this was different because we really wanted to contribute to the conversation by starting to understand what the beliefs were so that we can better engage with friends family members or anyone. You might know who believes in this because the problem was much more widespread than i think. Anybody was willing to discuss When we first started researching this is our mission. Was i think to try to provide with a you know. Sincere sense of curiosity In understanding what is it about cunanan that drew so many americans to leave even their friends and family in favor of loyalty to this kind of anonymous internet and in trying to understand that we were able to dig into kind of who in the why behind cunanan the later episodes. And you know i mean. Obviously the first step in exposing disinformation is to shine light on it right and i think that that is our. That's part of our job here as well as kind of you know one of the one of the things that that you're trying to achieve with this with this documentary and i especially am interested in this too because myself included and i know a lot of listeners of this show have a lot of family and friends that may be involved in cunanan and don't quite have the verbal chops to discuss to have the discussions with them and how to approach even having discussions and and i'm i'm wondering if there's sort of that sort of aspect with his documentaries wells yes so i mean. I think that's one of the things we're really proud of. Is that you know if your listeners are familiar with. Soul pancake at all. Our mission was to try to have conversations on the internet that go deeper than what you can typically find and cunanan. I think both of us were interested in bringing that same perspective. And i think one of the things that we find is that often times We try to use a lot of evidence and facts and as you had mentioned like try to find ways to one up one another conversation. But i think with groups like cunanan the followers of non. It's more about trying to utilize patients compassionate critical thinking the same things that cunanan expects from followers asking follow up questions engaging in a socratic dialogue Honestly patience and compassion are to me what listeners of your show should be implementing with friends and family because it's not likely that you're going to agree or like finally you know Disprove everything that is. What is deeply held belief. Most of the stems from a deeply out. Believe so i think you know a different approach to how you engage. You disagree with Is what's called for in this case. And i think you know our show does does a good job in demonstrating how that could work. Because i think we must temporary expectations mega. Just add to that. That i think that one of the things that was hard for me personally and maybe some of your listeners. The idea of not coming at at people who believe in it with facts and saying this thing but really sticking to the sort of core beliefs that i think you know one of the things i learned spending this whole year going around the country meeting people who are into cunanan is that we have a lot in common rate i to government corruption is a real issue. I think money in politics is really terrible thing that's plaguing our system And we are losing our control. Government is people into so really being able to dig in on the things that we can all agree on and focusing their so that we are bringing the middle together a little bit more And not not go straight into the satanic pedophile ring but really just focused on the core beliefs simply getting rid of corruption in politics. Yeah that's i think that's a really important point to bring into it. And i'm i'm also wondering If you go into it all what sort of What sort of person is more vulnerable to these kinds of beliefs at one thing that we don't talk about on the show but i think is something that is worth considering is that we have a number of epidemics happening in the country once. And so the thinking about it as van diagram of like. Where did the vulnerabilities lie whether it be. You know the economic crisis we're going through other be opioid crisis. You know that's happening in all of these things compiling upon one another. I think what we see with cunanan is an ability to prey on those vulnerabilities that affect a lot. You know a vast majority of the country and find a way for people to confirm those beliefs in suspicions through on but starting from a place of you know starting from somewhere that you know a disenfranchised place that many americans find themselves today Yeah because i'm always drawn back to the incredible performance by edward norton in american history x. Where he's recruiting. Nazism white supremacists for for the movement. And i always am watching that. Being very thoughtful of who these kids were where they were in life and how they mostly felt left out. We saw that a lot. I think there is that certainly within within cunanan and also a lot of People who have survived childhood trauma rate. Certainly certainly preying on that. And so i think that that was a big part of it. But as i mentioned the pandemic that we're dealing with this country coming together. This was interesting because it was able to reach such a wide audience right. It was not just started as a far right thing. But it really has shifted into the far left in a very serious way until you see that sort of the beginning of the pandemic with bringing together the anthrax communities bringing them into this plan democ another content that was promoted by q really mean we spent we went to all of these rallies every weekend and it was really interesting to see this. Turn from maga- crowd to people. Smutty earning sage in the streets and and really sort of beautiful life moments that up but it was all very interesting to see that and marley after working on active measures did you see any parallels between how russia kind of takes advantage of of groups. Disenfranchised groups to feed disinformation. And this is well. Because i feel like a lot of what we saw in two thousand twenty coming from within our own country A lot of that was modeled after. What russia did in two thousand sixteen to our country like the robocalls from jacob wall or giuliani and his dominion voting machines and trying to get dirt on joe biden and ukraine. And now this q. And i was wondering if you saw parallels there absolutely it was a is a wild research experience for me and Hurt jack who's also a writer on this on the show to see so much research cross with the work that we did on active measures. I mean i think that one of the things that the russians did really effectively in their usage. Evac metrics was praying on the divisions within Within society in hitting the hitting different groups right to amplifying the black lives matter things russian sites as well as the pro-trump thing You know raging online. And so here you see that. Very much. The same way they really were able to target very specific groups and find ways to bring them in so they are centered around a certain very specific narrative. Right it might not agree on everything but they can all agree that the only way we're going to get away from this corruption is through donald trump And actually with cunanan. Allstate's deep cut here is i think. A lot of this The origins of it we see especially their the original conspiracy theories that were pushed by this network. All sort of centered around I sat ranch was a big one But other things where the answer at the end of the day and was because this happened this way it means that prefer. It was not the russians. Donald trump working together. This was actually hillary clinton the entire time. I really do see that as sort of the origin all. Yeah that's really interesting. Because that's sort of one of the active measures right as the they'll find a wedge issue like black lives matter as you mentioned or bernie sanders. Even we aren't no one sat. Here and said russia created bernie sanders and black lives matter but they certainly tried to co opt and and take advantage of those divisions and we we have evidence of that and i figured that that sort of reflexive control came into play. When we talk about cunanan. So i have some more questions for you About some more specific things without giving away too much. Because i think everyone needs to watch this. This documentary series on vice tv again. That starts tonight ten pm on vice tv. But i do want to take a quick break. We stick around with me things which no problem everybody Stay with us. We'll be right back. Hey everybody it's in helping daily beans. Podcast is brought to you by magic spoon. This is for all the serial lovers out. There used to love cereal. When i was a kid. I would eat like a whole box sitting in front of the tv for saudi morning cartoons. But as i grew up i had to give it up because of all of the sugar and carbs but not anymore now. There is magic spoon. 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And i wanted to talk about kind of the lynch pin here or at least one of them which michael flynn and his you know. It was was publicized that he had taken the q. On oath and i was wondering if you could talk a little bit about that and did that really push the movement forward with e eight with the not. Just addition of michael flynn but kind of the leader. Yeah and we like talking about this because we you know kind of shift between these two extremes when discussing the origins of cuna right and there's one story that looks like you know this loser in a basement somewhere started this thing and it went viral. And then there's another story that exists where there were people with the actual operational and tactical skills demonstrated through their career to pull off something like this and so what are series does is it takes a deep dive into investigating the validity behind each of those states. And seeing how maybe it's not a mutually exclusive thing. How maybe over time cunanan has changed hands how it's evolved and how members of the intelligence community and military community have been involved for very long time before it was posted public. Yeah and we're you know. We just learned. I think over this weekend. That one in five of the insurrectionists are former veterans or well veterans former military and. And so you know when i was early on watching some of the videos of the insurrectionist going up to capitol steps. They were in that formation with hands on the shoulders. And that's not the guy in the basement that we're talking about these are tacked. Zip tie guy. for example. He was just denied bail And the three percents the oath keepers and all that. I assume you discuss how all of that is wound into their. But also i'm very interested in the money that back to this do you do you guys go into that. We do go into it a little bit there certainly element of a very serious grant within cunanan ray and and there's so many So much cunanan You can buy online and that is an element that we go into but you also see the way that people were able to support people like general plan for example in his defense funds through cuban on sites rate so We take a look at some of that and and certainly there is money throughout all of it and the use of storytelling in content creation in order to leverage that you know i think that when you prior to the purge on all social media. They're extremely well documented You know history of how bakers in this community in baker's are the researchers are the people who make videos that kind of decode qs drops How they have created this kind of economy on social media that works through these microtransactions and some of them. Many of them do benefit. You know things like general flynn's defence fund and more organized institutions like that. But i don't think it's i think it's worth not ignoring how. Those structures actually supported the researchers and the bakers and the people who are posting as well. So we like to think about this top down structure right at all funnels to one place but we actually look at this more as a network that built an economy that allowed you know thousands hundreds of thousands of people to spread this message in this idea and that it actually was one of the things that surprised me was how economically they were able to do that rate. I think with a lot of these content creators following the money. There you see this might just be a fifty dollars donation once a week or something right in this very small amount but it's not to allow people to live off of and to keep the ex patriot economy continuing also to buy loyalty. I sense in order to get goodwill when you think about a lot of these folks who have research and technical skills on the internet whether that be in hacking or otherwise. You know these are folks who i think in some of the cases that we look at in our in our documentary these are folks who are easy to reach out to have a favor and that was just off of a thirty five dollar donation every time they do alive street. So it's it's not what you think right with these kind of spy thrillers. When you watch them of like here's this. Big lump sum amount. We found was a much more sophisticated network. Decentralized kind of model of microtransactions that went across thousands of chat. And then you're fiscally engaged right then Which is just another claw into the into the brain and these narratives are excruciatingly creative and engaging When i was thirteen. I you know i was convinced that my friends and i had summoned a demon through a ouija board and we spent months trying to defeat this demon through astral plane dreaming and we were one hundred percent convinced that this was right now. Thirteen but you know. I mean when when the stories engaging it can be it can be very powerful and and so. That's kind of why. I wanted to talk a little. Bit about the gamer aspect of this and then also the idea of intermittent positive reinforcement it is the strongest fra a pavlovian response that we have as humans. That's why gambling can be so addictive right. You don't know when something's gonna hit and when it does it's it's it's got much more force in in pulling you in and and they are so good at continuing to move the posts to the next thing and so i was wondering if you could talk a little bit about that kind of psychological engagement. Certainly i think that's one of the smartest things that he was able to do. In the way to really really engage so many people was keeping this game applied. Model of a one of our interviewees calls it going to college for the deep state right. It's this constant flow of information where you feel like you are rewarded in the way that you would be at a class Because you were the questions that are posed to oryx your then forced to either watch baker do it To explain it or to do your own research on it. Which is that what they should do. Your own research in doing so you become so engaged in the same way that you did with that. D- minutes thirteen right. Like you saw that demon in the weedy board yourself and so you really. You can't really back off quickly. We all saw were there together and we need to go in more. That on really does that very in a very sophisticated way. Yeah and then it feeds itself right because if something goes wrong it's the demon and then you know and it's because we haven't vanquished yet and. I think that. I mean that's like a kind of very direct example but you know you're exactly right. I have to agree with you. A hundred percent on this journey within the the internet. You know you're you're you're doing your research. And the data voids that are provided that. There's a gap in information. If you're looking into you know comet ping pong or adrenal chrome or whatever it is. That q is pushing. Well there's not gonna be a new york times article on these things. There's not going to be some sort of curious journal where you can find actual research on this. They're going to be a bunch of websites five people and you're gonna read these websites in. You're going to think that you came to this independently but really it was part of this network. Yeah something that we talked about. It's kind of a game affiliation of confirmation bias where you could kind of to set a fax and really just pull out the things that confirm your like prejudices and so when you think about q. You know there's all it's like this information highway right. Everybody's putting up in down what they think you might be talking about. And are these on ramps on these on ramps whether it be kind of the drina chrome child trafficking theory Say more children or that you know. Hillary clinton is a demon or that nine eleven was fade. These are all on ramps. That cunanan was able to use so that everybody you know whether you're democrat or liberal or rich or poor you know you can kind of find your lane. Confirm your own bias through this This set of information. That's asking you to tell me what is this me. Explain it to me and so people would come up with the most outrageous interpretations and the way that engaged with platforms like youtube or twitter or facebook. was that kind of the most outrageous interpretations. What those are the ones that were spread for in why those are the ones that got fifty comments in the first hour and therefore you know created a baker baker celebrity within the community. And you know stories like you know. Isaac capi we see how dark that can become When it starts from like playing this game to then really feeling like you know The world is closing in on. You and your physical safety is constantly in threatened. I think that's the part of cunanan. The dark side of it right is like after you get a few hits of like you know. I got a shout from q. On the board. Because i did a good decode after that you start to live in a world where you know. The most horrific things are right outside your window. You know like things like pizza and hot dogs become confirmation that you know satanic rituals are happening around the corner and so once you're in that world you're in that mindset We see what can happen. You know. I drink like stories. Like anthony camello isaac capi or kind of one off incidents but then as a group. The insurrection shows what happens when you know the hundreds of thousands of mill. Millions of people are believing and so they no longer are engaging with the real world so to speak. They're engaging with a filter that his place over the world that they're not acting. Yeah and getting them to figure it out on their own. Such a powerful concept to. I remember in my big fat greek wedding when they had to convince the dad that it was his idea to get the neo. Velos to work over at the travel agency at you know The man is the head but the woman is the neck. I i learned this in multiple leadership development program classes where you go into meeting. You have an end goal in mind and you set up the meeting and and the steps so that everyone else in the meeting believes that they came up with the end goal that you had in mind and that gives everybody a buy in and makes it a much more powerful concept. Well this is just so fascinating. I can't wait for everybody to watch this. Can you tell her one again where they can find This this docu series so it begins tonight ten pm on vice tv on the second will be tomorrow night and the third episode will be thursday night by tv ten pm. It's all three nights in a row ten pm scree. You'll love it. Yeah yeah and. I think it's you know it's it's it's so relevant because we are keeping national guard troops in the capital now because of future cunanan drops march fourth is supposed to be a very significant day and I think it's very important that we all Go in learn all this stuff. We can collectively shed light on. What's going on with this. It's really the first step in combating it. That's a really important. Point is something that we as a society we need to make. Sure we're not sleeping on. Is that just because we have a new president doesn't mean this going away in fact quite the opposite and so this is something that we are going to have to deal with society and it's going to be a part of our healing process To understand it so we hope we can write a little bit of that awesome. Well everybody tune in marley. Thank you so much for your time today. I appreciate it. Everybody stick around. We'll be right back with a good news. Hey everybody this portion daily being brought to you by helix sleep for the past four years. We've all had trouble sleeping. I was tossing and turning. I thought it was just because the trust because of the you know who was in the white house and all the politics and the fire hose of crazy news but as it turns out i was sleeping on a trash mattress. But my problems have been solved by helix. Helixsleep understands that you're unique and they customize the mattress that you have to fit you in the way you sleep. 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And you try it for one hundred nights without risk because they'll pick it up for you if you don't love it it's super easy but you will love it. I swear and helix is offering up to two hundred dollars off all master's orders for our listeners. Helixsleep dot com slash daily beans. That's helix h. E. l. i. x. sleep dot com slash daily beans for up to two hundred dollars off all right. Everybody welcome back. It is time for the good news and a well earned. Good news sess- today. I must say indeed say well earned everyone well earned if you have any good news or confessions or corrections or anything. Just wanna say hi. You can do that. By going. To daily beans pod dot com and clicking on contact and that's how you reach us and then we will give you a shout out unless you want to remain anonymous et cetera. So i up from michael pronouncing him. Greetings beans divas. I only discovered your pod this summer while i regret. I didn't get to rely on. You is a mental health sustaining resource until then. I'm grateful to you for helping me. Through this autumn and winter of madness correction correction on friday. You referred to amanda. Gorman is the inaugural poet the inaugural as poet laureate. She is not poet. Laureate is an official federal appointment with the library of congress and his held by joy harjo the esteemed native american muskogee creek nation. Poet currently serving her third term. The cynic in me assumes their title was renewed twice only because the gilded pustule and the white house couldn't be bothered to sign off on a successor but no matter harpo harpo harpo deserves the accolade. Ms gorman was in two thousand seventeen the inaugural national youth poet laureate an honor given by urban word an independent arts program in new york city. Not quite the same level of prestige but on the basis of her performance at the inauguration. It's probably safe to predict that it will only be a matter of time. Thank you again. Ag and crew for keeping me on all your listeners informed engaged inspired outraged hopeful. And what a nice gamut of feelings pod pet tax attached or the album cover photos of our own fab. Four left to right. In the first photo leica the white shepherd box chow chow. Mix and her backup. Berkers cyrus chihuahua. Mix bianco white terrier corgi chinese crested etc mix and duncan Pity cattle dog chow. Chow et cetera. Mix these were they all night hanging out. Goodness please enjoy your cover. Art from their first release. Not just any mutt their breakout. Who's your doggy. And their special holiday released. Jingle bell bark all four are rescues and of course they are spoiled rotten. Thank you for that correction. Michael that's an important distinction national youth poet laureate versus poet laureate. I appreciate that very much but yeah you're right. I think it's just a matter of look that cover it totally. Is i like the second picture. Lookout proud In the one in the back row just looking off. Like just like he's questing. Yup the onus cute okay we got. Y'all can't wait to see these on the newsletter. I'm excited for you. So so good all right thank you so much for that moving on. We got j pronounce him. My wife and i have foster dogs off and on since we were married back in two thousand and fourteen last foster charlotte. A jack russell. Border collie mix was a difficult case. A different case. No a difficult case. I had that right for she. She didn't like men. Hated hoodies in beards. Same just kidding. I love i. Love men hoodies and beards. I promise especially mine. It's the pandemic people. There's nothing i can do about it. Her social skills were non-existent. The first time we met wasn't good but we took the scared girl home anyway the day after she arrived she was left home alone with me at the time. 'cause i work from home. We quickly became. Bff's over the next few weeks. Jump ahead six months we still had this sacred gr- the scared girl now. I was getting a haircut during the small talk. I discovered the girl that cuts my hair. Her boyfriend is who rescued charlotte from her situation. I was so smaller. I know i was second. The chair hearing the horror story. That was this dogs background. Three days later i went on an officially added charlotte tour family. I did this without telling or asking my wife. Needless to say when she came home that evening. I asked her. What kind of mood she was in. She was super thrilled. But we are now the owners of three dogs so we've had an obedient masses have worked really hard on helping her trust. Humans jump ahead almost three years to this past sunday. My wife and i were able to take charlotte in her first professional grooming ever. She was a trooper. Did very well. We previously brought Excuse me brought her into meet our groomers and explain the situation. One girl at the dog jumped at the chance to help us and went above and beyond duty. We were very grateful and tipped very well. Charlotte came out of a little came out a little horrified but no worse for the wear. My wife and i were so happy at charlotte being able to do something so normal. We were almost in tears. She was rewarded with a special treat her bravery and lots of snuggles when we got home. I'll end by saying this if we have room if you have room in your heart and home for shelter pet please take one in. Also don't overlook the shy and scared ones. They have less of an opportunity for new home. I've included pictures of charlotte from her spa day and one of her with her big brothers for the pod pet tax levy. Ladies for all your hard work keeping us informed. Look at this baby. The baby looked so soft right. Oh she definitely is ready to come home. Though that sleeping one is great all three hundred asleep and oh yeah so cute. Thank you for that. What a great story. I appreciate anyone who can foster dogs especially the shy ones or the ones that needle a lot of extra attention. That's awesome new from anonymous pronouns. She and her you. People are so cool. Great funny and informative happy birthday a few days late couple of things first. You had someone on that. Had a phobia about wet hair. I totally get it. This is one of the most disgusting things to me. Actual condition called Troika phobia not sure my. Where am i discussed rises to two phobia level. But the person who thought it was funny to write. Something with wet hair was actually being cruel. It is not funny. I read a book called. Why my third husband will be a dog. By lisa scott line very funny so attaching a couple of picks of my third husband. The best one ever. His name is buddha. And we're totally in love. One more thing Bought four chicks. September ninth on inauguration day kamla is the hens name she later i ever egg. What a fantastic day chicken. Ooh i don't normally say that about chickens. But i feel like i'm kidding. I feel like. I'm getting him attest to love john's dog. Oh the baby the baby. Excuse face cute. All right this next one comes to mary beth pronouns. She and her. I was thrilled that you had charlotte climber on today. I'm assist White suburban and the referral coordinator at a university health center. I work with a number of lgbtq plus students so learned about our different communities of students in working with them. Knowledgeably and compassionately is a big part of my job. I have a couple of acquaintances. Who are trans women. We've never talked much about their journeys or day to day lives because frankly it's none of my business unless they bring it up. Which they haven't i. I learned about charlotte when i stumbled on twitter thread. She wrote about an experience trying to use the women's restroom in dc at nightclub. She writes so poignantly that one would have to be a little rock not to be moved. She's been instrumental in my education about the experiences of trans people and i'm so grateful for honesty or advocacy and especially her graciousness. I hope you'll continue to have her on the pod from ipod pet tax including a picture of my nieces dog ronnie wearing her t shirt We took this for an instagram post for our taproom so this is also a shameless plug. That if and when you go back to doing live shows if you're in portland oregon we'd love to host an after party would-be thrilled. I will keep that in mind as well as perform in portland usually once a year when there's not a pandemic pets storable show is incredible. I mean charlotte very funny. She also has the fastest minds. I've ever had the experience of interacting with which is why she was the rapid response coordinator for the human rights campaign but She's incredible so. I'm glad that she's been able to touch so many people with twitter feed in her story and everything else. She's amazing yeah. She's witty she's fantastic. She's funny she's incredibly brave and and just so awesomely outspoken. I love her so much. I really do and it was a. It was an honor to speak to her. We powder on once before if you want to search back through the daily beans archives and listen to another interview we did. And i'm sure we'll have our on again. She's just absolutely super gracious about stuff like that. And i realized. I haven't done any new episodes but if anyone wants to go on anywhere podcasts. Probably where you find your beans and look out in left field It's the podcast. I normally host outside of The beans and charlotte was my first guest. So you have to go back a little bit for the episode. But it's worth listening to. She's amazing yes one hundred percent. Yeah out of left field. It's such a great show. Thank you dear. Next up from stephen parker captain. Cpt infantry army retired. thank you for your service. Stephen parker high longtime wwe msw supporter and fan. A correction with love. Us army rangers the seventy fifth. Regiment are not as mentioned on the latest. Daily beans are not special forces as twice said they are special operations forces which includes special forces green berets rangers civil affairs and psychological operations the sore or special ops air regiment and sh- the delta force and some other elite units so. Us army rangers are special operations troops but not special forces troops. Okay cool oodles and oodles of newly minted army lieutenants. Go through the three week ranger training. And where the ranger tab before they go into their infantry artillery military police transportation supply finance unit etc to actually be arranger one must be assigned to the ranger. Regiment yeah i think that's what charlotte was saying as your guess. Points out saying he served as arranger when you only went through the three week. Ranger courses and unpardonable faux pas in the army. I was special operations. Us army infantry officer now retired now. Here's the compliment portion. I love your work and follow closely since the beginning of the molar investigation. I love the pet tax. Most of the time. You're preaching to the choir with me. I love amy's court and the chosen cases hair in the shower etc. That's what the other person was running for. Patak's wonderful rescue kitty. I lost last spring on during the covid lockdown. I adore my tuxedo. Cat nikki tuxedos or the best. Some college student threw him out as a five year. Old and i took them home before a huge ice cream. Why did i say huge ice cream storm. Before a huge icestorm hit. He had a greatly enlarged heart. But i hoped he'd whether that and he was with me for twelve years quite the hunter he cleared three successive yards of thousand moles. Wow so the arch went from furrowed messes to nomo's at all. He's always the strongest and quickest cat And he was the most loving to the other cats. I had tried to wash and cuddle them but they mostly snubbed him. He would look a little sad but then he try again. Next time he patrolled the neighborhood Ranging on the streets and into the woods. My neighbors all said yes. we love. Nicki he comes by every day. One incident reveals his soul are timid. Silver tabby boy. Willie was on the back porch. I saw movement through the window and the forty pound. Half pit bull. Who is always kept in his yard had escaped and was charging willie Who shrank back against the wall helpless. I love dogs. I love them. I know the signs. That dog is playing or just trying to scare someone actually attacking. This dog didn't bark. He was going for the kill and he charged and his mouth was opening from across the yard nikki. The fastest of the fat cats. Joan zoomed in between the charging pity and willie and that one incident turn and charged the dog. All this was in an instant. The pit bull tried to grasp nikki jaws but nikki struck his muzzle with both front paws dog recoiled and then enraged dovan with his jaws. Open lips curl back to kill. Nikki stood his ground and hit the dog with his claws again causing him to recoil. I came boiling out of the back. Door and the bulls out of the fire on my eyes and wanted no part of me or nikki and ran away. He was all for killing the helpless cat but A cat who fights and a retired infantry officer were not what he had planned on. That one story is nikki. The cat with greatly. Oversized heart literally and metaphorically. Instead of zipping to safety patry he protected his home ground but specifically protected willie no greater love hath any sold and to give their life for another. Look at the baby swedes. we'd sewri. Aw my goodness sweet baby kitty who. That's gotta be scary. I know i took my. I took my i had a pekinese for awhile. I took him for a walk at the dog park. And some little jack. Russell mix kind of dog like grabbed him by the ear. Bit him trump down wouldn't wouldn't let go. And there's like a whole kerfuffle in yelps and trying to get the dog off. It's hard when a dog wants to bite hard. Yeah they can do some damage and it's scary. Everyone was okay in that particular situation but it can be pretty scary. you know. Dogs dogs will be dogs. He didn't can't blame dog right But it's just it's it's frightening. Yeah but what a good boy. Is that your place or mine. That's at my place was like. There's a fire pilot joining the show. The they've come from me. Finally dana figured all right everyone taking over tomorrow at a j j. care and say goodbye. Ag thanks for the rundown good run and everybody if you wanna send in your stories and your pod putts and everything to do it. Daily beans pod dot com and click on contact and this thursday at five pm. Dan and it'll be live on the stereo apps. A check that out cannot wait. I love those so much fun and the money that we win the money that we get from that we put right back into the show. I just have given a bunch of raises to everybody. We pay for healthcare. Everybody makes twice the minimum wage. Like we really put it back into the show. I just want everyone to know that it goes. It all goes to to people who need it and deserve it. So absolutely sh- wanna make sure that that's clear although my ex husband seems to think i'm hiding a zillion dollars in the divorce from him which there is not that i hiding money from your let him know. Can i do at one time tax. Free gift to you to hide my million please. Jim i mean you may never see me again but please. You're more than welcome to everybody. Thinks i'm a zillionaire. Nope of nope. All the money goes back into the show. Y'all and and that's why we thank you so much for us and so much for being here and listening because the biggest most amazing pay out. I can imagine is that we have this community and that we have each other and that i get to do this every day and you get to listen. That's a it's the. I can't ask for anything more than that. You know what i mean. Absolutely you do what you love. You won't have to win day in your life. Yep and so. Although it was kind of work to have to watch the donald news was like why are you doing this. I'm like it's my job. It's my job. But i have a feeling it's gonna start getting way. More fun ended already has so everybody until until tomorrow please take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Take care of the planet and take care of your mental health. I've been ag. And i've been digi and them sabin's the daily beans is directed written and hosted by executive producer alison gill and engineered and edited by. Mackenzie mozelle and starve audio. Staff writers include dana goldberg emit caro- and ellison guilt or copy is written by jesse egan and our marketing manager. 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