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"stas milia" Discussed on Your Mom's House

"Sponsoring your mom's house. Yeah. They have a great iceberg wedge salad. Do I enjoy their? They have you know, USDA wet and dry age beef. Just good stuff. It is it's good. It's good. I don't wanna act like I'm not appreciative of more insight. And then painting the set and stuff what What you you say. say? True. What is the difference between a wet and most people, you know, they'll go for the Dryades the secret is that the wet is really better. Why is that? Well, I don't wanna get into it. Right. Okay. I'll have one of the Morton's reps kind of stop by. That's the thing. They can do next week. Sure. Like, here's a hundred bucks. Is that what McDonald's gave you know? What's not? All right. I don't wanna act like a dick. But anyways. Yeah. So Terry, let's talk about the area. Stas Milia the hardest of ever laughed in a clip. And at the same time, the costly clip, it is really nice, but we have gone back and watch. We've you know, I have back and watched it you've been watching it the way he of sets us. What makes here's what I because I thought about it. And I was like why does Terry upset me like, no other. And I think what bothers me about him is his lack of shame as Bureau euros. I need. No shame. This motherfucker is talking about putting stuff in his but talking about doing doing it. Like, he's Bobby flay like doing like, a chicken cutlet recipe. What we're gonna do is going to take a and skinless chicken breast. We're gonna pounded out. Super casual. That still wanted. Within. Yard or like a chicken, right? They wanted to have some claiming what I'm doing. It'd be about going through. I'm going to finish. Vibrating erc. But but. Casual just whatever you wanna do when you making chicken want to set up a station for yourself. It's almost like an assembly line. What are you gonna stop? Wow. But you Terry. Turn it out. Cool little. All right. Can we take a little oil? Casual we're trying to accomplish here. We just want to get the chicken, and the break rooms would be sort of nice and golden Brown. So. Don't rush it. Into fast. Say peak take a peek, you look take your time. Yeah. Brown brown. C take it out tearing around my throat. Yup..

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