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"stanmore kendrick green" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"Wasn't available for that game. Really number of steelers players weren't available due to the kobe policies A year ago. But stefan digs he absolutely embarrasses steelers field that day a year ago. So now i want to see what the steelers able to do with the hayden back in the lineup. And of course this rebuild secondary and whether or not they add another nickel which still seems like on the on the table wise. I feel like they have to make haven't done it as of yet as the time of a recording this but this secondary needs to have a big game against stefan digs because honestly us one of the big reasons why the bills were so successful against the steelers on thursday night or i believe the game was played so hopefully ad they're able to contain him so only the very big and important game for our secondary i'm gonna i'm gonna go on the other side of the ball and yeah i agree one hundred percent the the corners in the secondary. We talked about that a lot. I'm gonna go running running game. The steelers are going to have to run the football. And they're going to have to run at just well enough that they can set up play action for once my goodness for once we are actually talking about the steelers. Potentially getting back to rothlisberger under center play action pass is driving the ball downfield. This canada wants to do every article for the website on thursday about mac canada's comments about play action. How creeds mismatches. And they can really start to utilize the tight ends the. Let's talk about the offensive line that would be opening up holes for the running game. Most likely najji harris out of the. Let's let's just assume right now. The the starting offensive line for week one is going to be dan moore left tackle kevin dots and left guard kendra. Green at center right guard is going to be trade. Turn right tackles a core for out of those five. Which player gives you the little bit of hesitation. You're thinking oh boy. This could go south in a hurry in in what sense. Sorry i missed some of that in the offensive line. Like what is the projected offensive line from left tackle. Obviously dan more to right. Tackle jews over. Which player do you think is kind of guy. this could go south in a hurry. If this guy doesn't do well. Shaw i would point directly i at the the young guy. Stanmore kendrick green. We still don't quite know enough about them. And we've seen kenneth green get bullied a little bit in his kind of welcome. The nfl moments like these guys are gonna get better but kind of lack of knowledge of the nfl. Playbook is a little bit worrisome In in that sense. I think a core for dotson and trae turner are going to be fine. It's an aggressive scheme. They can kind of get after seeing things but dan more tender green are going to have to do a lot of thinking and not as much just playing football at those upper levels. You really have to kinda understand all the intricacies what to do in team stunt against you when they blitz against you and given the size of nfl playbook there's just a ton of thinking these guys are gonna have to do So from that sense the rookies are going to be the the two spots. I am definitely honed in on to see how they perform in. If they're ready for this moment They'll get better and better goes on but there could be some growing pains especially early on in the season. Run it down their throats on the left side of the line. You don't have to think much when it's escape. Snap the ball and see the guy in front of you and just driving backwards. I remember in the preseason when we saw dodson and more together. And i'm sure you remember this michael. They were mahler's you think they can duplicate that in the regular season. It's not going to be as easy. Obviously but still. I mean that should be their forte. Right honestly i think the the best version of the steelers offense align is when you have dan moore author left tackle and you have a healthy healthy. All those dues are run block the first guy. So you're starting to push guys back. Nausea harris doesn't have to make someone missed three yards into the backfield instead trying to make miss at the whole. That's a big thing and like you said this left side of the oftens line datsuns. A people mover dan. Moore's of people mover tendering that still his thing. He's an aggressive type. This lesser offense line. I think is where the steelers are gonna find a lot of success running football an until zach. Banner gets back. I wouldn't try to run too much right at the point of attack behind core four. He's he's more that kind of pass block guy. But i think they're gonna find a lot of success with those double teams being able to climb in the second level over that left saudi off his line. Yeah i visited the steelers if they wanna go into buffalo and win in week one after run the ball they have to control the clock they have to they have to dictate what's going to happen offensively. And that's by running the football. So that's where i'm pointing to one hundred percent. We'll get into that more next week though. I wanna ask you one last question about one specific player in this player. No one really knows what's going on. And it's karl joseph. He was obviously acquired. He's on the practice squad right now. But jerry do lack or buddy gerbera from its repairs is that he's not really our buddy anyways he he said that the steelers play on activating games. If you're the coaching staff. You're mike tomlin keith. Butler tara lawson. Whoever is making these called the decisions. How are you. Utilizing karl joseph in this defense. Because it's already good. Does he make them better or is he just another body no he definitely makes them better at an honesty looking at his skill set he someone the teams like he could play a little bit of everything amino how much mike tomlin loves. This guy I remember when they played the browns last year all three occasions. Mike tomlin always brought up karl-josef when they played the raiders when he was there saying thing either Gush over this guy for years. They finally have on the roster. After years of hyping his guy. I feel used to be playing a lot of spots a little bit strong safety a little bit. Like a dime baecker heck even maybe into the nickel in that slot type role. I think he's gonna move over the all over the field a ton and he's not just to play one specific spot. Hopefully he's up to learning an entire defense of course of about ten days to that buffalo opener butts. I think the steelers got a real but numbers. Type a guy Someone gives some electoral edmonson rests. Give them certain packages get on the field. I think curl. Joseph is gonna play ton. He's complained special teams. I think this is a this is one of those editions that says is going to be kind of a sneaky. Good one is. I haven't seen the contract details yet. I don't imagine it's gonna be more than a million bucks or really kind of affect the salary cap that with the fifty three men rule now in effect so i i think this guy is going to play a ton team in considering how much the steele's coaching staff is. Hype them up. In in years past i of this will not be his final season. Pittsburgh either as interesting. Who do you think. In this last question farley go so if you if they bring joseph under the active roster they have to cut. Somebody do think that person is if they do decide to promote him from the practice squad this kind of where it gets tough. Cause i still think there's other moves that need to be made and in that sense there's kind of a number of positions where they could try to move on from someone other carrying five inside linebackers. I believe it is..

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