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"stanley dorfman" Discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

"Welcomes pages. i'm barney hoskyns. I'm here in person with my colleagues pringle and martin. Kolia yes folks. We're recording in london office for the first time in eighteen months. And we're delighted to be joined by the wonderful richard williams. Welcome richard hi bonnie. Hi richard you were wonderful guest when you came in. I think about two years ago. So i really recommend episode. Forty one anyone listening to this today. We're going to focus on two box sets being released this month. One that collects the first seven hours by the late. Laura near and the other a beach. Boys sets cooled feel flows which focuses on the sunflower and surf's albums from nineteen. Seventeen seventy one. Let's start with laura who you've written extensively about richard neither one of the pieces we have on the homepage as we your ninetieths. You won't pace about her rehearsing for bbc. Two's in concert program and loved. When did you first become aware of lure nearer. When he lie and the thirteenth confession came out which i think was probably early. Sixty nine are remember. Having a week off. Work from being ill and i got a bought alliance thirteen confession which came in. Its english sleep. Which wasn't nearly as nice as the americans leave. I discovered course neither did it have the perfumed insular postering so insistence so i was able to appreciate it of undistracted by these flippers. And i spent a week listening to that album and kind of internalizing it metabolising. It and i thought it was one of the most extraordinary things i'd ever heard an. I still do so. That was how i encountered him. Sounds about right. And you. I wrote about her. In what seventy seventy one of the festival show data saturday the sixth of february nine hundred seventy one evening with moore nerve for one pound fifty. I didn't pay thirty cells and of course it was an evening not just with laura niro but with her boyfriend at the time. Who is jackson browne who attacked and who is pretty well unknown to the general audience for sure but who came on did a perfectly nice did brought me on the water and things like that and then she did her set at the piano looking very dramatic and from southern canada. Bamako known earth are and it was. It was pretty fabulous and it was quite a you know it was it was full. People were waiting for it. A certain kind of person you the sort of person who went down to buy their imports at one. Stop on south molton street and there were quite a lot those then and it was. I- i it for the times and it was mom dumped it and then she came back a little while later for the in concert. Bbc waving another especially in concert tickets to the sitter online growth. Ever not a lot of who things like the detail. I love from that. Is that if you're in camera range from the bbc you got paid ten bulbs a member of the audience. Can i go back and play along those consummate site. Johnny mitchell and james taylor the front row. Don't timbo mesa. The sad thing about that concert is that it was mom it was. I think it was half an hour. Maybe forty years wasn't certainly no longer than that. But it was her solo again in front of the small audience in the tv theater really great very intimate and it was absolutely full on one hundred percent near and it was wiped doesn't doesn't exist and i went to quite a lot of trouble to try and see if anything survived from it. I got in touch with stanley dorfman. Who is the producer. Who's in retirement in los angeles and he. Frankly cabello remember. It certainly didn't have a copy of it and there appears to be no called anyway which is pretty amazing. Because there's usually a copy of everything somewhere Maybe she didn't want an for staff humid. I mean there's a portion this is back in the late seventies and it was a policy even then to a particular just to get rid of it just wipe over the tapes and reuse them uncertain engineers made it that business to nick stuff you know or or get a copy take but they do they. I remember my dad's there was little place melodies around the corner from us cover garden and if they listen to a goon show they would necessitate of it so when they came to find the things that baby why some people had estimates of these of these games. Well they were wiping earliest the sixties because when albert isla played at the s. e. in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and that was done for tv series of germs. Yeah jazz goes to college. And that was what immediately because stein. So laura laura can you explain why you think laura is so great. I mean i happen to agree with you. But we're here with two men who don't live and quite divisive. I'm saying tomorrow morning. If you really immerse yourself in work then a voice that can sound quite melodramatic and and social shrill and pauper ethic. He'll still sounds. But i love it now and i guess it to me. It makes sense in the context of what she's doing. So i mean the music is always a subjective experience. But how how would you on sell. Laura to lure skeptic. Subjecting accepted writing room. I know how would you. I think you have to understand that you. She came out of the york culture which included the brill building. Songs the great uptown. So stuff that was being written by govern king man while and barry and greenwich then she signed she. Did she loved them. And do you know she. She grew up seeing as well as studying music forming. So she had. I just i i think i heard all that straight away and also you know there's a bit of broadway show in her which i think is part of the thing that puts people off. I think that'd been put.

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