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St. Louis Blues defeat Bruins to win first-ever Stanley Cup

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01:07 min | 4 years ago

St. Louis Blues defeat Bruins to win first-ever Stanley Cup

"They can sing whatever they want in Saint Louis. They are not singing the blues last night game seven of the Stanley Cup finals in Boston. The Saint Louis blues defeated the Bruins four to one for their first Stanley Cup Saint Louis. Score twice late in the first period. Ryan Reilly put in the first goals going for the fourth game in a row Alex betrayal match with eight seconds left before the horn. It stood up until the third brain. When Brayden Schenn Zach Sanford at it third period scores. While Jordan Bennington booted out. Everything Boston threw at him for most of the night. Thirty two saves a Senate shutout hopes dashed by Matt grizzlies in the closing minutes. O'reilly was named the Conn Smythe trophy winner is playoff MVP eight postseason goals. He's the first player to score in four straight games in the finals since Wayne Gretzky, we've heard of him the loser in the Stanley Cup finals each of their first three seasons after the big nineteen sixty seven NHL expansion. They were coached by the legendary Scott Bowman, but they were swept each time by the Canadians and then the Canadians again. And then by the Bruins remember that Bobby ORR flying goal, that was then that was the last time the blues were in the final, and this. Here. They managed to beat the Bruins with a statue of that Bobby ORR goal right outside of the TD garden. So hockey season is over the new hockey season begins next Friday with the

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