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"stanford university school medicine" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"Once again that toll-free numbers one. Triple eight eight to five fifty to fifty four and before we go back to your all of your phone calls and I'll tell you, if you miss the last hour of the show we had some. Amazing calls and looking at the board. Right now she told wanna miss this hour either so have interesting items crossed my. Screen that you You need to notice stay up to date and first of all we're going to start talking about drones drones are just this really incredible technology is to take photos their. Surveillance drones they use them for military maybe just for fun I mean you and the family can huddle around, you send the drone up and then you are smile. Because you're taking a drone any that's right selfie your take droning so we mostly associate drones with being, outside right well think again those drones are heading indoors now think Paul mall, cop beats the Terminator soon drones, security guards they're gonna apparently followed this. Preprogramed route live streaming everything they see flagging anything perceived as out of order when drones batteries run low which they do they're going to, reach they're going to return to the charging pad and then charged. Up on their own and then go. Back up in the air just imagining a roving Cici. TV. Camera with no blind spots, I'll, tell you. That really would have complicated, the heist plan and oceans eight and other high. Tech product news how, would you like a smart mirror that shows you exactly what you look like okay I know what you're thinking I. Have that already know you, don't I'm talking about. A mirror, that really really shows you what you, look like like it's going to give you a three d avatar that you can tilt. You can twist. You can walk. Around so you can see your all body, a? Company, called naked, labs is shipping is smart. Mirror that uses biometric, scanning technology and it will. Make your very, own silver avatar that's you that's right standing there the. Whole idea is that the app and you knew. That there would be one, tells you how, long it's going to. Take you to lose all the weight after completing the fifteen seconds scan naked tells you your body fat your muscle mash all. Of your measurements then Recommends turning plans nutrition advice, personal coaching like get your butt off. The couch reading someday you can buy clothes that are tailored to fit you, perfectly now natural. People are concerned about their three d. digitized news ending up. In some hackers hands. Naked says that all your, news or secure said how much is this frightening mirror you're ready one thousand four. Hundred dollars. Think of. It this, way though if you look in the mirror you see a beer belly a bald head a big red nose varicose veins and a complexion like leather and that's Trevor tar looks like just. Look on the bright side at, least, your eyesight. Is okay right at least. Works Alright serious news if you have somebody. In your family with autism pay close attention to this next new. Story, dodgy Columbine noticed that her son Alex wasn't looking at people in the face that's a. Classic trade of autism eighteen months old and in, preschool Alec struggled socially with? Other. Kids one hit him in the face. With a rubber mallet another one. With a shovel when he was, six he was diagnosed with, autism Alex is, now nine and he started working one on one with a. Therapist using Google. Glass that's right it was gonna fourteen kids taking. Part in a trial administered by, Stanford? University school medicine This Google, glass, of. Course you know I wear was discontinued for commercial use individuals back in two thousand fifteen but software was developed. By the Stanford team that works with. The outward facing camera, to read facial expressions and provide, social cues. It's called superpower glass one hundred kids worthy glasses, while interacting with family members and what they. Found is that when the kids, play the game these glasses three times a. Week for twenty minutes over six weeks is that suddenly her son, started having frequent I contact and. She said it was just crazy she's in two weeks it was like just switched inside of them at. Alexander said mommy mommy I. Can look at people and I can read their minds now crate the goal for the Google. Has progressed. He's widely available as possible for autism Sunday covered by insurance but now that's really something All. Right everything is smart our him at smart homes smart lights smart, locks and, now we have smart air conditioners because why not l. g. electron IX has a slew of new, air conditioners a cutout CO two emissions they run. Relatively quietly they respond. To owner commands of course via a smartphone app multiple voice, assistance, standard. Hand held remote and using the app owners can monitor and just room temperature turn the air conditioners on and. Off you can tell the air conditioner. What to do using, Amazon Alexa or Google assistant Turn the, air up, turn the air down, turn the air, conditioning off turn it on because getting off. The couch to turn on your air. Conditioning is just too much. Work for, you do this enough and you're ready for it Alexa will be, your biggest fan Yes all right Now this final story is one of these things are going to listen to you and you're gonna shake your head because. This. Really happened yes a teenager in California was arrested after he woke up. A. Sleeping couple Broke inside their house and said hi I'm just wondering if I can use your wifi network. Because I'm out of data that's right, you heard me right a couple in Palo Alto call police. Have they woke it up by a seventeen year, old boy, who they. Pushed down the hallway out their front door the. Couple, was asleep in their bedroom and, the kids said he needed to use their wifi network the teen is not being identified because he is of. Course, a minor he's arrested for residential burglary prowling providing false information now here's something else the next day the man living at home reported. That. His surveillance video had captured the suspect stealing his bike from his backyard Guess what, the authorities. Found the bike at the suspect's house pretty bright. Kid, there could you imagine meanwhile police. In Maine true story just pulled over a man who drove a scooter all the way from Maine to Massachusetts Using, his cell phone as a headlight that's right. Could you imagine going from Massachusetts Tim main honest scooter Llanos little scooters using your, cell phone as the headlight police had, a lot of questions, but the main one was hey buddy had to get the battery to last so we wanna know Let's talk about your life and how. You're going to protect your identity because you've heard me talk about lifelock and you know I've been a lifelock customer, for, many many years, even when they weren't an advertiser and, I still, am today because, once again sensitive personal data. Has been exposed and more data breaches for nearly two months an unauthorized party, reportedly used stolen user names and passwords to log. Onto the online accounts of certain major department stores, websites sensitive customer data. Talking about full names addresses phone numbers Email addresses birthdays payment. Card numbers. Expiration dates were compromise and then criminals used as personal information from a data breach to. Open accounts. Bio tax returns by property and, a lot more there's just so many threats in today's connected world and here's the problem it takes just one, weak link for criminals to, get, in that's it but it's a good thing. That we now have Have the new lifelock.

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