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How to Find Inspiration in Doubt

Duct Tape Marketing

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How to Find Inspiration in Doubt

"This episode the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is brought to you by dot store ever tried to find a domain name and gotten the message sorry that domain name is already taken with you're not alone seventy percent of name checks on the DOT com fail. But with dot store you get the domain you want. Hello and welcome to another episode of the duct tape marketing podcast. This is John Jansen, my guest today is Carol. She is the founder and CEO of hint water a flavored water brand she founded in two thousand and five. He's also the author of a new book called. Daunted overcoming doubts and doubters. So thanks for joining me. Thanks for having me. So in your bio I, read that you were one of the I don't know about original. You've spent some time at AOL. My father-in-law still hasn't AOL account and he thinks he's he thinks it's the Internet that AOL's. That's I I met. So my real question though is, do you still have any of those CD's? You. Know what I do have a couple of the CD is that I kept and I have a few. AOL Jackets Memorabilia that I stuck in a plastic bin. For. can't can't throw that away I. Mean it was a great time. I mean it it's a you know it's sort of an iconic brand that really Steve Case. Bill Right. There were a lot of people there and I played a part in building out the e commerce and You know there were a lot of people that basically felt like. Was the only place to shop. I mean, we were kind of a very enclosed safe place where you could go and You know I really fortunate opportunity to help build out I always viewed it as like a virtual mall and so I would I would like actually. Study Mall's people would ask like, how do you not like bring in Lake J. crew and into. Building out the small and I'm like I go down to the Stanford Mall and actually figure out what other stores are sitting there. Do you know Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom's and some of the others and and that's essentially what we were doing and A community for people. It's funny too because and and we'll get look into the book but I think it's fascinating because it was really it was really a closed place originally got AOL and it wasn't the same as getting to a website that you could. Then just you know punt go somewhere else for a long time it was a very much a contained. As. You said, yeah, and it was also a place for brands to really reinvent themselves I. Mean I remember there was this one catalogue company that we were dealing with called celebration fantastic and pretty small catalogue and and They weren't doing great on the service I mean they were up against like some big guys they weren't getting the promotion. So I remember Valentine's Day rolled around round one day and You know they had this product that was like a chocolate sauce and and they were like we have this idea that we want to do one of your pop ups, those pop-ups screens come. and. They and they called it a better than sex chocolate entrepreneur and and you know people went crazy over it and and so I think it was like it was the first place where you know you could really reinvent yourself in this new channel by showcasing certain products that you have and I mean their sales just off of that product were millions of dollars and just it was absolutely insane but it was really the first place where I saw that you could build brands you know in a non traditional way which you know frankly I go back to our business, my my main business hint. My my day job, you know we fifty five percent of our business is direct to consumer and a world where Soda Is. You know that's just not the way that. Are Sold I mean if anything if they are sold online, it's through an Amazon but it's not through their own site and so I think it's it just little examples like that on my journey make me believe and make me think like how can we just do things? How can we try and how can we do things a little bit different and ultimately better. So today hint comes in twenty players if people aren't familiar with it sparkling and caffeinated. It's a non alcoholic beverage, one of the maybe the largest independent non alcoholic beverage in the world hundred. This is estimated I haven't looked at your books, a hundred and forty million dollars or so in yearly sales, two hundred employees and no famous investors involved in the company, right? That's ten today. Did you start hint to solve a problem or disrupted industry. a little bit of both. Actually you know it's I think back on the journey and you know I call myself an accidental entrepreneur because I wasn't a typical. I'M GONNA go and work for myself or I'm going to be an entrepreneur one day My Dad had actually kind of been frustrated entrepreneur and side a large company He had developed a brand that you may know called healthy choice and inside of Armor Food Company, and then ultimately they were acquired by Conagra but I i. so I had a little bit of learning working for him but I think also when I. Had grown up and tack and in many ways and being at AOL before I decided to start this company and while I, was. Really trying to solve a health problem for myself after I had had three children I wanted to lose the baby weight that I had put on and. Develop terrible adult acne I realized after looking at everything that I was putting all the food I was putting into my body that there's diet. Soda was had more ingredients in it than like I mean I I I talk about it now as I. Cared more about what I put in my car than what I put into my own body and I thought like why is that and a whole story around labels like Diet and you know there's low fat and vitamins and things like that that equated to health in my head but you weren't alone in that address. After switching from my Diet Soda over to Plain. Water, I two and a half weeks lost twenty four pounds got rid of my acne God my energy back and I said Gosh, there's just like a lot of people who are trying to figure out obviously how to get healthier and it's not. Right and and. Like if they could just actually enjoy water again, then they you know we might not have the brand new thing that cropped up about the time I was starting hint type, two diabetes you know things that are. Really. Dangerous chronic right and I thought they need to ultimately enjoy water maybe they need to do other things but that's a first step and so that's when I. Recognize that I didn't like water I aspired to be a water drinker and I start slicing bruton throwing in water and that's when. You know I thought I'm not even sure this is a company I think it's like A. I I don't know I think it's a product I'd worked for companies before right and so when I decided to take this product to whole foods and my local whole foods in San Francisco friends were would come over my house and I tell them. You know it started this little thing I wasn't even calling in a company and they're like that's so cool that you start a company I'm like is it a company? I don't know if it's a company like I have three skews like I'm not sure it's actually a company. But. That's when I really realized that I'm starting something that could actually help bigger range of people get healthier disrupted industry that doesn't care about health back. Then there was nobody calling companies mission driven I was mission driven from day one because I really wanted to help a lot of other people. So, tell me do you just gave a little bit of a hint of that. Oh. Gosh I knew I was going to do that August. Were you literally throwing I mean I know it's a little more complicated than that now but we literally just throwing fruit in water letting it marinate and then having having products or sort of almost in your kitchen at as as sort of I. It. Was In my kitchen and basically what was happening was if you ever? Take a pitcher and you slice up fruit or or. Through. Right? It only lasts like a couple of days and then it starts to call it SMEG. Like I don't know where I came up with that were but it was it was really kinda nasty looking, and so I thought what if you could actually get rid of the pulp and you could just use the skins because there's plenty of essences and oils in the skins and so I started, you know playing boiling them down on the stove almost lighting the House on fire a few times like you know just doing a bunch of stuff and again I I had no idea what I was doing I had a lot of doubts that I'd be able. To figure it out but I just tried and I just kept trying different things and I now like talk a lot about how you know the the interesting thing and sort of where my head was at when I started this company. I had risen pretty quickly at AOL to be the youngest vice president in the company. One of the only women not the only women. But one of the only women in you know at the at that level and what I hated about you know sort of being at that level was everybody was coming to me to actually like. Look for orders, right look for mark. What do I do now and so I think what I was really craving was actually learning and so when I jumped into the beverage industry and I saw these holes I just couldn't like I thought Oh my gosh. Every day I would get up and I'd be just energized by the fact that I didn't know things and I would be like digging in digging you know. How do I figure out how to do the stuff and I definitely heard a ton of knows had planning doubts when I was launching it but I just almost got a you know as my dad used to say I got a kick out of it right like the fact that it was like this mystery and there was no book like there was no I talk to people and they'd say Oh if you like. been at, you know the did used to work at Coca Cola and I'm like, Nope, never never did that before that's why I'm asking you lots of dumb questions and. That was really where might where I was at you know it's interesting. There's probably people that can make a case for saying in fact, I've heard people say this in other settings that it's your lack of knowledge actually kept you from acting like that. In learn ways, right? Yeah. You you were like this. You know this is all I know I'll go this route when other people might have told you will nobody does that right? Then I think that that's not and a lot of people did tell me that and said, they will, for example, we were the first company to actually use real fruit and not used preservatives and I kept asking why can't dispute done without preservatives and they said just because and I remember. My parents saying to me when I would ask him something and they'd say just because and I was allowed to say but why? I kept saying but why and then in a lot of people would probably quietly be annoyed by that and other people were like This is really interesting and you know it's funny because people quickly dissect you when you're starting a company to try and like I said, determine like this person credible to actually go and do this idea and execute on it, and I think what people would start to see was that I had done something pretty crazy at aol and build it as edible industry. So there were. A lot of people that doubted me but there are other people saying I don't know like she might actually go do it, and so that was really you know knocked on a lot of doors and a couple of people said, okay fine will we'll go in and take a look at it and when you grow up in an industry that you know like a Coca Cola, for example, you you are basically you conditioned to actually think a certain way, and so I do believe that outsiders have that competitive? Advantage. So the title of your book is Overcoming Doubts and doubters did you have a a significant? Doubt or doubters or set of doubters that you had to overcome specifically to kind of like maybe thought, Hey, this is going to work, and then that's like that's when people really show up to doubt of did you have kind of that moment where you just push through? Yeah I. Mean I had plenty of doubts in the beginning and at an all along the journey plenty of doubters One thing that I am in really the reason why I wrote this book was that I've run into a lot of people along the way who have said. Who have said you know? I've heard your story I'm really different from you because you're very confident You don't have fears you've never failed and what I realized telling my own story it gives people energy to actually know that they can do it too and that is really what I want people to gain out of this book. You know one of the best stories that I think many many people remember is my story with this executive at This Soda Company in Atlanta a threaten enacted me after an after a year of really you know loading up my car with cases of hint and delivering them and my Grand Cherokee I finally decided that they were so much that I needed to learn and the industry that you know and I. Had Four, young kids under the age of six at home like there were I mean in and basically whenever I actually shared my own doubts I mean that's a doubt Wyatt I couldn't do something people would be like, yeah. No that sounds really hard. You shouldn't do this anymore. You should just go find a job tack you know and do something different a friend connected me with somebody at that Atlanta Soda Company and I. Called him up and I said listen I love to chat with you. I've built this company were in whole foods. We're getting some traction in the bay area and somewhere along the way he interrupted me and said. This company isn't going anywhere Sweetie Americans love sweet and I was like wait he was going me sweetie. I can't even believe like you know I'm just like you know, and again I'm just SORTA listening I'm not sure that what he said for the next thirty seconds and then it dawned on me that this person that had grown up in the industry that had lots of industry experience I was really relying on to sort of tell me here's the path. He actually couldn't tell me the path because his path was different from mine. Mine was around health his was around selling people stuff right and them believe that it was it was a certain thing. So then I, quickly came back to. You don't listen to people who are on a totally different path right and and so that actually gave me the energy and really the only time it you know. The. Conversion in my mind to say that if I don't do this, no one acsh- actually will and I knew I was a little ahead of the curve but I decided that I, needed. At that point, if I wouldn't have had somebody say that somewhat. Shocking statement to me, I may not have actually come to that conclusion that I needed to go build this business. So I'm actually very thankful. That that came about and you know I, I think that that's the thing that that we all all successful people. Whether, it's business or athletes or whatever have these doubts and they have people that they run into and what I found is that you know so often you actually need to stop building up your wall in front of you to say that something can't be done. There really is the ability to do it if you believe that you can do it but if you don't believe, you can do it as i. Share when I mentor entrepreneurs I'm like if you don't believe, you can go raise money and that they're not going to actually give you know invest in your company. You will not be able to get it right? Like it's just not gonNA happen you have to be there i. are here comes Z. Difficult. Question Series Round Is there any part of your business gives you Arctic Art Burns that you wish you could solve? Wish I could saw but you know I would say. I wish we didn't have. Failures right along the way 'cause it's always like a blip right in the business. But. I also really believed that with every failure if that, it makes you stronger. FOR FOR THE NEXT TIME Now, let's take a little break in here from a sponsor. A great ecommerce brand is one that is short, memorable and relevant. So when you see the dot store domain, you instantly know that this website is an online store. A DOT store domain tells people your website is an ecommerce store in instantly associate your website with selling with dot store, you get access to a huge pool of short quality names, which means that you don't have to compromise on the brand name of your choice. Join close to half a million ECOMMERCE store owners like you that trust and US dot store domain. The domain name for e commerce visit. Get Dot store and find your e commerce store domain name today. So of Peop- people, this is actually interesting but I see the lot of people think of entrepreneurs is the ultimate risk-takers And that's just not true and in my opinion or my view a lot of times they have an idea that they just can't not do but they are not necessarily crazy risk-takers. Um what was the risk in? What was the risk and ultimately failing with hint for you? Yes. So I've thought about that a lot and I think that the key thing that I always remember an share with other stu remember as no one can ever take away what you've done and so if you if you stop for a minute and think about you know in my case building out this incredible business for AOL lower, you know having a great family. Or you know whatever I've been able to accomplish. Then you look at whatever is sitting there in front of you and truly daunting as if it actually does not go the right way I've done all the rest of that stuff more and so I think that that actually is you and I were talking about your book and how you know the daily Really confirmations I think that for me is something that I, think about often and I always get people especially when they're feeling down to think about you know things that they are really proud of and things that they have done because no one can take those things away especially when you're building a business and things are scary or you're really doubting keep reminding yourself of those things. 'cause that is you to maybe take a little bit more risk or face those fears. Yeah I think a lot of entrepreneurs kinda prey to looking like, Oh, I'm going there in that person's accomplished so much more and they don't turn around and go well, look how far I've come assets the because it never feels like you've arrived you know and I think that's a real. A real challenge for a lot of entrepreneurs well. Go ahead. So I was just GonNa. Say I think like on that topic it's interesting because one thing that I always share with entrepreneurs to is that It's dangerous to look. At. Your true competitors understand your competitors but comparing yourself and I always share with people trying look outside of your industry instead to you know people that are doing great things right that will give you the inspiration and it will. It will really expand your confidence in being able to go and get something done. So you are and I don't know how old this is but. You're embarking on a couple products outside of beverage. Sunscreen I read Deodorant is that is that kind of more of a I'm taking the same point of view to another industry. And solving. A problem or is that a natural kind of I just have to create new things? Yeah. So I, had I had some skin cancer a few years ago, and that was really what led to the development of the sunscreen. I did not want sunscreen with oxy Ben Zone in, but I also wanted a sunscreen that smelled great and. You know we have lots of essences that we used our waters, and so that was really how I decided to. Just you know try and test it out with the sunscreen and so people ask me all the time. Did you know that you were GonNa go outside of water? No like I needed. And the name of the company for the FDA because all sunscreen is MS approval by the FDA and so that how that started. But yes, we came out with sunscreen a couple of years ago and then Deodorant earlier this year, and then we actually just came out with a hand sanitizer. So during my Kobe. you know from home experience and also I've been working all the way through COVID BS wearing a central product stores. So I've been merchandising and helping my teams. I finally just decided that you know that the hand sanitizing market really needed fixing and I was either tired of smelling rancid hand sanitizer that smell horrible or too much like alcohol or. You know that was was really the the fix for that. So all around health all around disrupting and fixing these industries I actually feel like in addition to of helping the consumer we're now showing a lot of these large companies what the possibilities are and so my hope is in kind of fixing the sunscreen industry as an example, am I gonNA be able? To compete against coppertone probably not but I'd love for coppertone to actually reformulate and get some of the stuff out of their products and you know I'd love for the large Soda Companies To get rid of soda I'll altogether right. But do I really think any of that's going to happen? No. But if I you know nudge them a little bit with all of these. Categories that I see that really need fixing That's what entrepreneurs can do and I think that it's important place where you can lead just by creating change in think that whole direct to consumer approach is is one that you know by its essence you know is disruptive been you know to the companies that rely on supply chain. So I think in some ways it's It's the Natural Competitive Advantage of entrepreneur or a small business. So let's tell people where they can not only pre order a copy of undaunted but get a free case of hint as well but before you do that favorite flavor. You, know I would have to say, my Go-to is the Cherry. To Yeah, I, love. but it's also we have. I think twenty, five, twenty, six different flavors I I always say it's sort of like asking who's my favorite child like it's it's truly unfair question because I am the creator, right? So. What I do so but I love Ya like I. I. Love a lot of, but it's always my go-to to pull out when when it's there, it seems like. Right depend upon when you're listening to the show If you preorder copy of undaunted at drink hint, dot com slash duct tape, you're also going to get a case of hint water sent to you with your book. So hopefully, you listen to this show before October twentieth in that offer is still on the table then of. Character appreciate you stopping by the the duct tape marketing podcast I the water that you sent me to prepare for the show. Oh that's awesome. I'm very, very excited and you guys hopefully y'all y'all the book and order the water or get the water and please let me know what you think at Golden. On all social channels.

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Steve Austin Still Likes Beer

The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!

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Steve Austin Still Likes Beer

"The following program is brought to you by podcast one sports net. And now I fought from Geico motorcycle it took fifteen minutes to purchase the gas station egg salad. Eat the gestation egg salad. And regret the gas station eggs salad as you presented numbers to the board. To add insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen exiled minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance to gyco. Geigo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. We're at midway point NFL and college football season and stakes higher than they've ever been and on top of that the NBA NHL see of just begun as teams of striving for early dominance. There's only one place to get in on all the action bet online dot AG. Use promo code podcast one to receive a fifty percent sign up bonus when signing up met online dot AG your own land, sportsbook experts and exclusive partner of the podcast one sports net. Podcast one dot com. Production from Hollywood California, by way of the broken skull ranch. This is the Steve Austin show. Gimme a hill. Yeah. Yeah. Now, here's Steve Austin. All right. Steve Austin show. I'm coming to me streets in Los Angeles, California today, I just got finished Ravin from the brokers, go range to porno with my family, my wife, Kristen and my two dogs Callie and moolah just rolled in three sixteen gimmick street. And it was an extravaganza of drive. I'll tell you what today's podcast got a good one for you. I'm going to wrap up my two part conversation with my good friend. Doctor Tom Prichard, we're gonna be talking about pro wrestling. And we're gonna talk about his new wrestling school that him and Glenn Jacobs slash Cain. Are starting and Knoxville Tennessee, I have given you the information over and over about this school. If you interested in a career in the business of professional wrestling, look, no further because if you end. Knoxville area or you wanna fly somewhere to learn how to work. This is a damn good place to start open house at d one sports in Knoxville January third at seven pm open house. The first clash will be January seven all information for this school is on the website. JP wrestling, academy dot com. Check it out man as a few places. I would recommend you go to learn how to work this some top Malysz bottomland. Also, I wanna put to bed some rumors that got started about a week or two ago when I was talking about drinking beer and being on a diet. My lustrous wife, Kristen joins me on the podcast is we shoot shit talk about our trip. All the things we got going on. And I doubt if use dissect and digest and shit out a bunch of answers about my relationship and my habits with alcohol and food and working out and DDP, yoga and everything. So I'm answering all the questions and putting all the bullshit arrest. Stay tuned because I'm going to cover that in the second half. The podcast want to shine at first spotlight on doctor, Tom Prichard as we continue our conversation. And then we're going to bring it home. I'm gonna tell you right now told my wife, I said hit been on his damn eating program for about thirty two days, we go into sushi tonight, get a cheap meal. So dig the podcast Simion suggestion comment or question to questions Steve Austin, show dot com. If you've got any kind of comments or want to ask me a question or asked me to talk to somebody, and that's the bottom line. Let's kick it up. Let's start it up and put this motherfucker emotion. Duck top rigid. Stakes for the two thousand eighteen college football season their highest point right now is not a Bama Clemson. Notre Dame are the teams to beat. And if that's not enough tension for you, the NBA NHL seasons have just begun as teams of striving for early dominance, the nuggets. 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That's T H E R A W O R X relief dot com. Check it out. Steve show. To shift gears to talk about your wrestling school that you're about to open because one time we running down the road. I'd ask you a million questions at twin developed our relationship, and our friendship is not a lot of respect for your you. You always very fair to me and gave me a lot of information in your time. And they're forgetting is one of my trademark stores which Donovan dams, but we'd driving down the road. And I think he might have been driving this time. I might be around and shotgun primetime was in the backseat. And you look me. Maybe I was grabbing you said Steve was so studying the bus stunning stave. Yes. Right. Ronda was proud about Bradley. And that was the first time, you know, I was just trying to be a pro wrestler. I wouldn't think about a character. I wouldn't think about it being. I wouldn't thinking about my relationship with the crowd. What the crowd thought of me who was that? They could think of me or form an opinion of me. Oh, just trying to be a wrestler. I was caught up into mechanics to one on one stuff and then get into this. Psychology, a couple of different layers of that. But I wasn't a character. When you asked me that question something that was a story that I'd never forgot. And I didn't have an answer for you. Because when when Dutch mental made up stunning Steve Austin he'd given me Steve Allston, which I rejected because I didn't want to copy the demand on a man six million dollar man, but going out on didn't name. So that's what it come up with. So Steve Allison meduse. Do I go know go through my career? And I'm just I'm not thinking anything about bad character, and your first person that made me think about that your desire to start up this wrestling school, you remember that conversation. I I actually do. Yeah. Because when asked Brian he's like prime-time Dion Sanders. My sound I'm getting a recipes. Because I don't see that in in what you're saying. And I do remember that just thinking because that was it a stage in my career where I think if that was ninety one I think it was ninety early nineties out hit thirty and I've been wrestling from about ten eleven years. And I think to that time Jerry Jared opened a wrestling school around Nashville, and I had gone down and just helped out just just trying to teach in and you really don't know if you can teach until you do it, you don't know if you're a coach until you do it. You know, I have my way you have your way, but the right way and the on the way does not exist. There's one way to do it. There's another way to good. It's like ice cream different flavors. You like rocky road, Alex, strawberries, it's all good is just what works the thing with that is all of a sudden, you know, I I know what I should have done early in my career. But I didn't do what I needed to do. And one of the things I say is you do whatever it takes. I did whatever it took to get the business. But. Then once I had these opportunities in front of me, I I was in a bad place. What I was asking you guys is because now I've seen it through the years. And I heard it and watch guys changed gimmicks different times. Taurus, bull was one of the guys one Renault's changes give a couple of times just just out of the blue coat now. I started thinking stunning Steve does it resonate. No. But you've got to find out who you are the ringmaster. No, it's not it. So all of a sudden you find out in a guys us all the time now to watch movies. Listen to music read, the paper, just read books read, something you might find one thing out of twenty movies or thirty books or million song. But you hear that one thing that resonates, and that's pretty much with you. Right. I mean, you guys are sitting there watching TV and. Yep. In all of a sudden, you know falls into place. Well, then you find out who you really are. Because that's who you really are. You're a redneck from Texas who likes to? A drink beer, and you're not you're not a bad guy. Even at this stage your life again. That's what makes you you with that uniqueness of understanding how how much of an influence you are on this business to this day. And yet you can still understand what it's like when you first started. And I think again, it doesn't matter what you say to people that are does the they'll always remember how you made them feel, and that's that's not everybody has that quality or or ability to that. That's a huge thing in wrestling's communicating with people communicate communicating with your fans with your audience in it during the nineties men, you you took it by storm. Once you became stone, cold Steve Austin and wants things fell into place. My god. I gotta work Vince McMahon think about that. But I can tell the story real quick about thins because we used to train he wanted trade. Sometimes. Eleven o'clock at night just for this match with you, and he was going to get juice. I don't know if it's the first match or second match, but I had to make his blade that night. So I'm making Vincent man's. I played in his life. Hey, and he's working with the hottest superstar in the business at that time. So he gets used during the match and I come back, and I would never go into his office. Never after unless I was really needed to go. There didn't need to go. The I was so happy for him that he got used blade that night. And I went back of what a job that was great. He goes, I didn't never had to use it. What do you make? 'cause no he cracked me hardware look here on top of his head. He hit him with a chair splitting wide open. But you know, that was kinda guy. He was he was ready for the play. But once once you are way to me didn't need it. A guess you're together was trying to advance back in the day when I was working with him. I'm the guy, man. Are they ever knew that all what what you did my go to the studio? And yet it again, you know, I was I was just moved to Stanford to not not that law. Maybe you're two years. I guess whenever you work with him. I don't I don't remember the year, but we would come to the studio with that ring was the hated to serve because all the bumps but sometimes. I would want to train eleven o'clock at night because he'd been working all day. So I was I was at you know, I was on and time back then and our boss, and in fact, we even for the cage match retook the bump on the table. He measured that out at the studio, and he got up on the cage, the cage on the ring and everything we measured it, and he put the vote pads and everything else he took the bump. I think he took it like three times. And I've got it got it. And sure enough during the match he bounced on Dale didn't break, but that was that was a Memphis at the pyramid. And I remember that Saint Valentine's day massacre. And he told me about taking it bump, and I didn't it didn't have any knowledge of it until that day, and as okay, so you'll here's how it's going to go down, and I was going to balance his head off at top that cage, and he was in a spring back and landed at table now had he landed just six to nine inches further and towards the center that table in that sweet spot he'd have been just fine, but it didn't kicked his heart as they could. But he landed right on to edge at spine of that table. Which is the worst. Place that you could land, dude. I was up there on that cage. I saw his head whip down. Like, I was watching it in slow motion right node, like the sale myself on his bump was like shoot. I'm thinking Jesus Christ. Are you shitting me this just happened? My question to you is and I give all the credit a world because I don't know what your relationship with the man and mine is good. I just always respected. The fact that Vince would go he would do absolutely anything to give the fans of money's worth. He wouldn't ask anybody to do something that he wouldn't do himself. And he wasn't a national born athlete. I know his dad never want him to be inside the squared circle. He wanted you know, he Barrington. I'd get into to promote the only reason let him get into business was he was having a hard time promoting Bangor Maine. And he said if you can go make down success, I'll let you in a business. So in Dave's you're never wanted him to work inside the squared circle. So my question to you in trying to teach. The boss, you know, the greatest to me probably the greatest promoted that ever lived. What's what's the protocol? The etiquette. The how does it go down when you trying to teach the guy who owns it all how to frigging work? It was it was great. But but it was you're right. He's not a natural athlete. But you know, how Vince can be very impetus in understand you'd be on your level. A you know, he's talking to you like, he's very he's cool Vince, mini, then you've got the boss Vince hall during the studio, he was cool minutes in, you know, but but then he can be he can be Boston when he wants to be to obviously. But working men all we really did was lock up when we took some headlines over his arm and he's wanting to throw punches and mantle men on covering up. But he's knocking living shit outta me. Which is which is all right? That's what they're for. I remember even gave me a couple of stunners. I don't know if we gave you a stunner in the match or not. But he wanted to try a couple stunners to do. Remember that very well we went over that within. But, but it was it was a very cool thing man because the people who haven't had the opportunity to meet the Vanson d one on one with him entrust trust me. I haven't had that many. I've had maybe five maybe five real one. The ones where it's words personal, you know, talk, which would you does with anybody who has the time to sit with him in England to know him. I think he he'll take the time with pretty much anybody. Basically he would show up you get in the rain he'd stretch out. Then he started stressing rose than I would just start circling. He starts circling come up. Now, let's do it and just playing around with we lock up men. Get you locked up with him. And he's not he's not the easiest gotta maneuver. No, no, any he doesn't he doesn't realize that. But he has that he has that performers. Ego is performance heart in that's really wants to be. So I respect the hell out of them to for doing. I respect the whole family, man. Shane Stephanie as well. The only one hadn't gotten ring with his Linda think she's doing just fine. But yeah, it was it was very cool thing. Because like I said sometimes we'd be there late at night. And I'm wondering like one of the hell we're gonna finish up and a need just kept going going. So that's that's part of. His work ethic that you gotta respect anything about working events going back to that and say Valentine's Day massacre to pyramid. The guy goes to sling me into the cage, and you know, if you don't work in and I'm going to run you into the cage, I'm grabbed the back of your neck. Maybe maybe just a handful air, whatever in a MAC, but I'm just going to basically guide you going to be a little bit of force. But you're going to take your own bump, we got that night who was sold out that crowd was red hot. They're ready to see stone cold investment man in a cage match. And boy, I guarantee you, you know, how it is. When you walk out there, dude. I mean like that was that was your that was your happy place. When that went when that place, you know, blue for me that was my happy place we live and die for that. But I'll tell you what they're drilling was invincible much war. He re basically ragged on me and Countess light. It's like God there, dude. Let me take my own. But he would throw me so hard. I couldn't take proper bump for him. Now, he he did give me Tarbuck goals. At told him stop dragging. But I guess never got it, man. So yeah. So what are you gonna start a wrestling school up and tell me about this love to teach because I, you know, not everybody makes a good teacher. Obviously, you do your huge mentor on me in my career. So dumb about the need or the interest to start up his wrestling school. Well, what happened was Glenn Jacobs? Cain was running for mayor in this minute about two years in the making. He came to me one time and said, you know, all these guys are open up wrestling schools, and I've got this house in Dandridge in she sitting there wondering if we can put a ring in the garage, and many have people stay at the house, you know, and just come from the house, go garage train. And and start something start a school. And I said, I don't think so man, I don't know we we went down looked at the garage, and it was too small. So there's a guy by the name of Devin Driscoll here. Knox leone. A place called d one sports I trained him to wrestle about ten years ago. And he and guy named Mick Drake are tag team Booker T loves in Domin Dallas page gave him his finisher. You know? So he they're going all over the country work in the stuff, but he owns deem one sports. You're in Knoxville, anyhow, it's it's a beautiful gym. And he said man, I would love to have a program here d want. So we got together. Gwen good. And I talked to Devon we came up with the side. Dea starting January seventh in Knoxville when of a sixteen week course, go January seventh through April twenty six at d one sports complex in Knoxville, Tennessee, we have an open house January third at D one where everybody can come out of seven o'clock. We're gonna talk about the wrestling school went to expect an answer any questions, they have because it's it's you know, you pay for wrestling school in Texas. Right. Correct. And like you said you had twenty five people one ring to instructors one day a week today's week one day a week. Well, this is going to go five days a week. I'm going to be the instructor. We have a limited twenty people. We have the twenty by twenty. The ring coming which is the size of WWE WWF. I contend Demi of WWE ring. And most of the the major companies we also here's what we're gonna off. You can have let me turn this off Tom perjure noser, but Emma, podcast bear, please. Keep going. Okay. Alexa, five nights a week Monday through five or six to ten PM. We're gonna have one hour scheduled for strength and conditioning by this guy. Kyle Hayes who used to be a former inex- t trainer in Orlando. His brother Sean, still trying to Atlanta Okaz real good guy. Just to help people stretch out. You get the strikes and conditioning program. The same thing they're doing for next to eat in. I'm going to have three hours. Wrestling could have one night a week for the character development. Like you were talking about, you know, what makes you you? Why would you connect or how would you connect with anybody? Why would anybody care about what you do? And how does that happen? So I I'm going to be doing the training after sixteen weeks, you'll get a certificate saying you completed sixteen weeks of professional wrestling training, under my guidance and everything all the information that you need to know, and you can contact us at J P wrestling, academy dot com. It has the pricing has the address from the one in Knoxville we invite anybody from out of town to come down. And just see what we're about. There's plenty of hotels or visit Knoxville video on the front page are webmasters done in did a real good job with. But starting January seventh the first class will bow through April twenty six five nights a week. And that's about it, man. J P wrestling, academy dot com. Going back to my first days. Trying to learn the business and gentleman Chris Adams school, he had one of the gaff Spanish wrestler named Chico and a little bit more mature. Todd of the game. But a great instructor for tumbling and just learning. How to bump? We were there on a Saturday mornings right after that television taping. And I think the class lasted about two hours that was one ring it was about I think it's probably about eighteen footer back day could have been twenty. I think goes eighteen and twenty five thirty of us with two instructors and one ring. So wondering is fan, you know, when you're trying to just, you know, go from turnbuckle turnbuckle with your tumbling drills taking a flat back stuff like that. But two hours so what you've got going. And this is only one day a week, as you know, Tom when I went to that US, wwl territory, and you work in a minimum of five to six times a week seven if you're lucky and get a chance to work at Sunday, you really pick up things a lot faster just because of the repetition is repetition and in working out there, you can you always got to change your shit up because you know, some of the Marquesa following you from town too. Town. So the fact that you've got four hours of class one strength and conditioning three in the ring any doing character development. And you're doing it five days a week as awesome. Because if you're trying to learn the business like I did one lesson a week. Splitting time with two instructors with twenty five people dude that was drizzling chits. Now got me in and cross Adams was a great trainer. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying the good thing about what you're doing is first of all right smoke up your ass. You're an awesome teacher can also coach, you know, the ends announcer, the business icon character mechanics, everything, but you just gotta have that reputation. And I think to me not only just what the instruction, but just repetition and the frequency is everything when you're trying to learn the business it really is. And we're going to do our best. Also as soon as he's guys are done. We have connections to help them. Get booked around here up in since I think it's Cleveland in around. The George area too. So I mean, we know everybody we figure everybody incomes must listen to say, they're they're looking to to find out how to break into professional wrestling. So if anything I think this is the best opportunity into come out and check us out. So again, the open house January third in we start January seventh. So I just hope everybody who hears this and everybody gets chance to digest it out. Or we're gonna thought if you put in just to as far as curriculum guide. Like when I learned I'm gonna do it was learn not take a flat bag, Bob some tumbling. And then unloaded Atlanta. We started a limit of chain wrestling, although very little of it. So is going to be kind of like along those lines or well, here's the thing. I you're right. You have to have repetition repetition, repetition, repetition repetition. But you have to crawl before you walk, but you need to learn how to walk in the ring you need to learn how to lock up, and we're gonna go from the beginning to the end, we're gonna go from basics in infant gifts. Laments in sixteen weeks. You're not in. To learn everything that's worse. Starting wrestling in front of crowds in going to shows is going to help you because that's really where you learn. I actually wrote a curriculum and published it, but I told when I was asked before my my previous job to run a curriculum. I explained that that's really not the way this businesses learned it's really not the way to stunt because I was trying to developmental guys. In didn't wanna go cookie cutter. Here's the other thing I've found as a teacher, you know, something some days is not clicking. Sometimes, you know, if you're trying to take a hip toss you're trying to do just a simple move in a takeover. This not really that hard. But something's missing something's not happening don't dwell on it. Let's move on to something else. And in that, I think takes a feeling as well as a coach and a teacher because it's worked for me. We if we move away from it today become back to either tomorrow or the next day. Chances are you'll get it because you would've thought about. In in in watched back on on film and take an infinite out a different way to do it. But nobody takes a hip toss like Harley race accent Harley race, if you cannot mimic stuff like that. There's just certain things that that they look cool because that person makes it look cool. If you try it is not going to look the same. So isn't I have a curriculum where we're gonna start at the beginning walking locking up basic basic fundamentals, and then we're going to build where you can have a fifteen to twenty minute match. You will you're going to be able to tell a story and by the end of sixteen weeks, not going to be anything Briscoe funk or Shawn Michaels triple h won't be won't be in that category after sixteen weeks if you don't have any experience, but we'll get you to where you can tell a story in a wrestling match for fifteen or twenty minutes. But he I I have a curriculum. I've got a sixteen week program worked out in. But it's a it's a living document I like to think back in a day, and you got into business before I did. But by the time, I came around to US w nine hundred ninety we would be in Nashville at fairgrounds and Nashville isn't facility where the hills dressed on one side of the building and the baby's dressed on the other side of the building. And this is when everybody was still calling matches the ring, and you know, I was totally new to the territory and all of a sudden Frank morale or that other guy Paul would come over and say, so and so's good. Hitch with his finish tonight or you're going to catch something quick on. So and so and that was it, dude. That was all you knew going to the rings. I'm sitting there thinking I want and that was very nervous. But on the other hand, you know, when I look back, I didn't have anything to remember. There was nothing to forget. Because I had nothing to remember. So, you know, as green as I was, and I was only Steve Austin, and I would become stunning Steve Austin, but I find it had a character back. Then I can totally Ben that character because I wouldn't try to remember move after move after move the business has changed and sped up. It's so as baseball, I mean, we'll baseball slowdown, but athletes are better athletes to football football gist played at light speed. That's almost like a video game. What are your thoughts on just and this is not an indictment on the system? This is just a way pro wrestling slash sports, entertainment has evolved going back from the days and like like you were saying coming up on stuff and late sixties seventies. And I told you yesterday on the phone my favorite period was at mid eighties. Midsouth NWEA style. What were you thoughts on the way, the business has evolved into really no high spots and to a couple of high spots, and to you know, ninety three steamboat savage and attitude Eric you'll come out of that great stuff from the mid eighties. And now with short attention span theater. The guys and gals are such tremendous athletes much more athletic, and we were but the business has spent up as well. What are your thoughts on that? I think it isn't in inevitable that the world is going to change. I mean, we have to accept that yet. One thing. One thing I do not believe we'll ever go away or the fundamentals and basics. It's still blocking and tackling. When you come right down to it it eating football can change baseball. Everything's gonna change no doubt. Because he will demand faster newer, brighter. Shinier? Gimme something new. They are better athletes. No doubt. But they're missing the things that we had because. Oh, things don't exist anymore. They're missing the veteran. At the end of his leg at the end of his time working with you every night telling you when the slowdown now come up now. No too fast. And then mcdown you they're messing that because it doesn't exist anymore. So you can't fall in necessarily. I enjoy watching some aspects and elements of the business knowing what I know about the system, you know, it's a great system for for lack of any other system that to go to in other words, the system of driving in the cars every night work in the same town every night doing angles every night just does not exist because it's not the same model that we grew up watching grew up in. So I don't want to be one of those guys who said, oh, you know, back in my day kid, it was so much. Well, it was more my tastes. Because that that interested me if I watched it today, I don't know who or what would make me want to do this. Would it be the the lights glamour the glitz I don't know because there was. Not a whole lot. No, shiny stuff. Watching west Texas east Texas wrassling is just some bad acts. Crazy looking. Yeah. Is come into the ring. Now, it's more better looking athletes. No doubt veteran shake no-doubt. Is they're feeling there at times. Yes. But there's other times when I'm not so convinced, and I think you should be able to convince everybody all the time. Here's a question for you. You know, going through everything that you've been through the highs and lows how long did you last into entering Tom? How long was your career actively actively think in ninety six when it kind of six I just had a match this year, which is terrible. And it was horrible. Damn sure. Can't work basically, sixteen years against ninety six is when it really stopped. I started training guys in August and ninety six so that sixteen okay, I'm made about thirteen. I I guess I had an era period for neck fusion. So I'll know solid from. Start finish L him know Zack Allan last. But but when I got out of the business I was forced to retire. When I got out of his thirty eight ready to retire. You know, I was I was ready to keep going all I wanted to be in my life was a pro wrestler and here I was one and then add right off into the sunset. So once I got out of the business. I didn't have an exit strategy. You know, I was no different than so many of the other guys. And you know, a lotta guys get caught up in Wales with grind, and they're no no longer with us. So just took me kind of three years personally her actually mouth said as before. But I mean, oh, man. I just hunted fish and drank a whole lot just Ghana. I didn't have anything to fill that void when you got out of the business, dude. I mean because like you're talking about into beginning of the podcast. I mean, you wired three different. If you wanna do something extreme like bef. MMA fighters wire little bit different. Yeah. Laura's wrestlers wire little different truck drivers. I mean, anything to agree are a really in general, I guess wired specifically for that task. So guys like us when you come out that you know, that adrenaline rush the gypsy lifestyle the rock and roll lifestyle. Everything that goes with it sometimes living Leka frigging Trojan. And then it's gone. How did you what I what I call? It is returning into being a civilian again. Now, not wanna boys Vagan, how long did it take you to return to you know, whatever is normal for Tom Prichard? Yeah. See because under really had a normal life. That's that's the whole thing that was a hard part because I kind of tapered off in ninety six was arrested in full-time anymore. Started training going road. Wrestling guys were with the guys I was training. Sometimes. So even when I got released because I'm still training gas is still in but. Released twice in this last time. It took me a little longer because I was so used to being around it. And so used to doing what I was doing. And it took me good. I thought probably about three years to you know, because you're not calling everybody. You know, I stayed in touch with a couple of people from there. But then again, we don't see everybody all the time. You don't talk all the time. And it's just everybody gets busy doing things. And you know, it is one of those things even even to this day. You know, you're still wired different. Just for the fact of what you've done, and I think about that ad never really had a normal life. No matter growing up or it's eventually when it got the especially when Mark Lewin came into my life. I thought oh my God. Gazes? If this is the way it's going to be but Lewin, you know, because he was so far out there in a new about him and king Curtis. He would tell stories about king Curtis in. He would tell stories about the cookie, you know, those those members really haven't left me, you know, I still consider myself again like like, you said as well, it you still heart of the business because is just something that's in you as long as you're live. I think that's going to be a part of it. You know, maybe not the main part anymore. But at the same time, you something so much ingrained in me for all my life that I don't think I'll ever fully get that feeling outta me. Man. I had some some high times a low times on a road. Like a lot of guys did. And then again, van I got out of the business and the woman I ended up marrying was never professed a wrestling fan as she was a special education teacher and some of her students brought a calendar to class and she saw him in a gym. And as my buddy. Trading partner who ran a gym is at that stone gun, and he yeah, we trained together. And she said, do you think you'll come read to my students on Lou skit, anyway, fourteen years later, we're together greatest thing at one of the greatest things ever happened to me as we were trying to get set up for this podcast argue wife in a background how long have you been married? A humble be married. Eighteen years December mouth holy cow. How'd you do that? Well, I was I was a member of the he man woman haters club for longest time. You know? I really was you you saw my picture everywhere. But it's funny store. She's she's thirty white girl sister. I hadn't seen her in years in the one nine at call. The I was calling the dirty white boy from Stanford. I was in Connecticut downtown Stanford. That tells you anything at the Biltmore run across Stanford mall, you've been to the Stanford mall. I think I have I think. Yep. To anyway. So I'm right down there. If that gives you any idea where I'm at in I called Tony south. And she answered the phone because she was she was staying with Tony Kim. She she'd been in a bad marriage in the Senate western talking to her. And I thought, you know, she sounds nice and she's like twenty seven at that time. And I thought why don't we get together one night? And she's in Tennessee. And I'm a Stanford I flew in a weekend like fluid on a Friday to flout go towns on a Sunday. It was working TV's that time as a producer slice agent about that. Anyway. So we met we hooked up in y'all. We after about two years long distance relationship. I said, hey, I'll be in Charlotte December twentieth. You want to get married to next day? They're December nineteenth later was a flu because we got married because I was in proximity to the town in true wrestler fashion got married in eighteen years. This is this is the best money. Right. You know, it takes a special one that the to to be with somebody like this. So she had an understanding of the measures before she got into it. Though. Yeah, she did. And she, but, but you know, she wasn't really aware of the extracurricular activities, necessarily, you know. And so she thought when she saw me it was just a weekend thing when she didn't understand. No, this was pretty much less style. And then that kind of you know, but she didn't leave me. I was a good thing. You know? So I guess because she's she's been this long. Just she's probably the best thing to happen to me because I would have been dead a longtime ago, you really think so we're wasn't when it's down a depot, I wasn't planning to live thirty. I mean, you know, Jake says that a lot and other people say that a lot. But there's there's a time when it got pretty sticky or due to come out on that my wife, t she she. It was it was one of those nights for shoes in Tennessee in. I was in Stanford in I fell asleep on the phone, and she didn't knows going on? So here comes the ambulance and took miss Stanford hostel next day. You know, Shane com uses fifty minutes back bag, you're going to Atlanta's not gonna king of the ring in Fresno. Who's no you're going to Atlanta slow into Atlanta. They put you in a special place there into later, Eddie Guerrero, showed up myself. Thank God, you're here man, because I'm going crazy. So we spent our summer that summer in Atlanta. It was the TRC Talbot recovery campus, and I had spent another little bit of time to. But you know, that's what I'm saying. Man. He just sometimes you get caught up in things in you. You don't know. You're you're in that rat race until all of a sudden the bigger rant passes you go. Oh my God. Yeah. It's an interesting business with a a lot of interesting things that you could get yourself into mines question you and your wife of noted for obviously long time the few people that you are close with are you like me like my wife, we don't speak Carney to each other. But she knows K fehb. She knows she knows my my basic general wrestlers though, cabbie Larry. And it's like what I'm telling with someone who's never been around them the business of wrestling. I can talk without using wrestling terms. But I find that I like using them like. Longtime friend Ted Fowler data my ranch, you know. He knows if I do does that a shoot he knows that as that real right there the few people that I will, you know, they they made no five or ten words. Whereas my wife probably knows twenty are you like that. Yeah. Yeah. The nice yet is that's on new. This one's a keeper. You know because you just want us. Hey, would you give them a gimmick over there? You know? Hey, how about that farnum over there? Snipes quay. Yes, she gets man. I mean, hey, she. She would love me longtime. Go did on unconvinced. Tom is good. It was good catching up with you. I know that neither of us. Actually, he'll phone call every single week get kinda guys, but never like to stay in touch with you. And once you guys get the wrestling school up and running man if you want to come back on his show, do and talk about it. And see what's gives a progress report mental? No, Debbie back on really appreciate you have me on a but one fuck you for a while too. But I'm happy for everything man. You have the opportunity like I said to go hunt and do that had the freedom to do whatever you want to do as a great thing. Then thank you for having me on. I really appreciate it down messing luck with the restaurant school. And I'm in end, my open, Allah, cover, everything is well in my clothes cover everything as well. But anyway, good talking with you best mug with a school. Appreciate it. Thanks, steve. This. Season give the gift of music, visit guitar center for great deals, including case studio, monitor just ninety nine ninety nine. We'll get a quick Dobie ukulele just fifty nine. Get a roadrunner boulevard gig back just twenty nine ninety nine. Check that week. We're BUSTER deals, plus new and exclusive you can't get anywhere else. Check out our lessons program the perfect gift for the new musician. The gift music from guitar center. The only one with breaking news makes you hang around. At the end of the podcasts for the latest breaking headlines on the AP news minute hit podcast zan's world found a new home on podcast one gun than Linnea practicing for the children. Traveller author and alcohol this Zine Landry is well-earned in the art of embracing a good time as he reviews, the best attractions and destinations on the globe. Until we went to black market liquor bars. That's what I remember checkout zan's world every Tuesday on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. All right. Welcome back cash, wrapped up macabre, doctor Tom bridge. You're talking about all things professional wrestling. And the fact they him and Kane Len Jacobs opened up restaurants code over in Knoxville, Tennessee, she mudflat on and put on a seminar. Christian this dog about our day. Good morning. Good afternoon. How are you? I'm grant Steve we made it back to rain, Adele raise. We're both about halfway lint. I mean haggard I mean high or drunk, I we'll talk about that in a minute damn rumor has been floating around on damn internet. I want to clear some she had up and we got about forty. I'm it's morning started guzzling down coffee through all our shit in the Yukon XL and hall running radar. We took a pretty easy made good time. We well. Here's the thing. Kelly are black lab. She's a year and a half old. And she's always used to go on everywhere with me. So I put on the shotgun seat. Well, when we get ready to come home as a family unit. I like when my wife ride shotgun because she can sit there and navigate we can have a conversation and all that stuff and every national try to take it a little cat nap on me. But when Callie gets in there and moolah loves to lay back on her bed moolah sleep the entire way. So Kristen we got that Yukon XL, and you can follow seats down, and you can fold the one seat up. It's like a jump seat. So that's Kristen seat. The passenger seat. Behind the shot guys feet wide two feet one. She's back here when moolah on her left hand side at our biggest black out in her bed. An Kallis ride shot going me and Kristen puts a little blanket. And there are head can get up there on the console and she just sleeping a full head off. And it looks like I'm driving miss days. I'm carrying on a conversation. People like me who the fuck is. He talking to or wonder why I'm sitting in the back seat. Oh, we're like Uber driver. Limo driver something since they were driver. God name we made good time and may were hauling ass, and we didn't want to leave Christian just got our brand new horse up brand new. No, no. He's brand new to you. He's twenty three years old, his Missouri. Fox Trotter enlighten, the lessons up about a Missouri FOX Trotter. And my limited information about the Missouri. Fox rider is there a gated horse, and they have a special trot that is a lot smoother especially for people at back issues. So I got lucky because I do have back issues in he's a smooth ride. So and the best thing is he was free. The people. Yeah. Usually, a free horse never means free. So it's really not technically free because already paid for his physical. I have to get a farrier to come out and take a look at as of and get his feet. I mean, it's a teeth looked at so it's technically not free, but I didn't pay for his. We've got a very do due diligence. There's almost like a new. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I call them up, buddy. My Dr Dennard San Antonio, Jimmy. And I say Jimmy has had manage it is a twenty three year old horse to own all hell, no, Stephen let a longtime goes minutes. Good horse, and he has a good horse. You've got good training. Yeah. He's really mannered. He's mild. We love him. Yeah. But, you know, most time when you think okay, when they said that they were going to give us a horror some like, okay? What's the catch? Read motherfucker rated for glue factory or what and a horse lovers. All around the world are shrieking and hor-. I would hate to think that, but I mean, you know, you'd think such sums wrong with him will they had he was left behind and the people couldn't care for many longer and he needed a new home. So welcome rebel. I'm not gonna Pat myself on a MAC, Mary Horowitz style. But I just rescued a horse made my wife happy yet. I'm a husband of the year, man. I feel like leaving the Vata you come back goddamn. We was hauling asked we screeched in for his only left. It was eleven degrees was eleven. Agrees Hillis, eighty three outside. I went from freezing my ass off in shorts wearing a car heart at a underneath jacket and a base layer to come back here. And we was both riding in in a Yukon book jackets still on hotter to motherfucker. Vacantly jacket, and we walk in get here at eighty four degrees. All went from looking like idiot wear shorts in Nevada to an idiot. We're in a heavy ass camouflage jacket in Los Angeles. I'm batting one thousand soon as we came. And man, I started busing and all the damn suitcases coolers backpacks. Get my sound gear up to record back half the podcast after my conversation with doctor Tom Prichard and sure enough my wife, here's a trademark sound and I've got about halfway deaf. And she looks at me, and she goes on. Oh, I'm thinking about what the fuck cabin. She goes your dog. And it was a splash. We came home and Callie is like a psycho for water and she had jump right in this woman bul yet and normally all of our older dogs, wait for us. Again permission to go into poll. Mcaleer don't give up whenever she wants to go in she jumps in the pool. So of course, he jumps in Mexico. Couple of laps around the hot tub jumps in the. Big pool. Just start swimming around like a shark, and then she comes in and waits by the door. So I'd dried her little ass off and brought her back in Sabbath swim. She deserves a good dog. Yeah. But anyway, now that we're all settled here in the house. I want to go ahead and take a little bit more time to address in depth all of the bullshit. Rumors started on inter-web, but we to ago internet insane shit web website internet shit shit gun. Lying are Randy macho man savage saying he's call it where we call her that Interscope or the TV scope, or whatever it was. All the damn rumors came out all of a sudden said man, she stone cold Steve Austin has given up all out Kahal and started smoking medicinal marijuana and all kinds of horse shit. Here's an I had so many headlines, and I read this when this was from the fixed dot com. Don't go. Steve Austin gives them trademark beer chugging. The legendary WWE star has given up alcohol and taking up, you know, go. Goes on say don't go Steve Austin now on his podcast Steve Austin show that is given up beer. The Debbie wrestler announced fans it is doing it for his health. Then he hasn't had a drink and over two weeks, and it goes on to quote me and had at that time. I hadn't drink it in fourteen days at this point in time. I haven't drank in what thirty two days and in a sense. Also, quitting beer isn't the only way the WWE legend is boosting his health. He also told listeners he started diamond Dallas Page's DDP yoga program. Okay. Goes on to say about no alcohol hitting the wage doing my yoga doing my weight's. He also told listeners about another change though, one that's less than the interceptors health and more about trying something new medical marijuana. I went on to share a story about when I borrowed a joint from somebody. And we passed through the Sierra blanket check station, and I can smell that damn dope in that damn cabinet like a. Damn bloodhound. And I'm thinking man, we going down. We're getting busted for one fucking joint. Anyway, I'd tried the damn joint a tragedy. Smoke dope. A timer to way back in my wrestling days. It wasn't shit. What my Cup of tea but back to the alcohol. I never Tono buddy, of course, Hanover. I've been doing this podcast five years over probably almost five hundred and fifty episodes where people like to take snippets of what you say and make a story out of it. So you're equal alcohol took up pot and doing yoga start doing yoga precent. You're going to be a vegan driving a Prius. So. A lot of things I'm not going to do. One of them is driving a Dan, Prius, smart car. Oh, man. I we was coming in on a damn what was it the five to four or five earlier, and I got behind a high unday accent and a smart car, and I'm like waiting back behind both of them. One of these mother fuckers has got to get out of the way. And I figured okay. The high on they accent has got to have a little more than that smart car. So I get behind accent. Then the smart card says, yeah. Yes. I'll put my damn blinker moon changed lanes sashayed around that mother, fucker and hall as smart car to any left. Most of my trailer dust back to the rumor. Yeah. Back to rumor helmet ain't give up. No damn alcohol. Kristen how how long have we known each other since two thousand and four how many times have I quit drinking alcohol? Every time you go on a diet. Okay. Why did I quit every time? I go into that c can listen LB's. So I can lose some LB's. It's common sense. If let's let's go into the macro talked about these last Tuesday just for a split second right now. I'm taking in about twenty seven hundred calories a day our market all on my chronic meter app, which I highly suggest anybody if you ought to aiding program tracks all your macro protein, carbs fats, and I'm in within one hundred and fifty calories plus or minus twenty seven hundred calories. So I'm dropping weight so Christian if I'm taking in twenty seven hundred calories of protein, carbs and fat. And I'm trying to be a caloric deficit is there room. For model? One caloric is there room for three broken skull ranch Margaritas. Really, absolutely. Is there room for two or three broken skull? IPA's there ain't room for shit. Come on jeopardy. Jeopardy. She loves jeopardy and wheel of fortune, and those shows are so they just renewed both those shows from big money. There was like a bidding war form. And my wife always turns on things on and I'm like. When you're not in the house because I know you get irritated veggie jeopardy. That theme song. I dare let let Metallica redo that. Motherfucker are black label. Anyway, there ain't no room in my diet round. Call at this point in time. I didn't swear off alcohol. Forever wine. Fuck would I do that? I enjoy alcohol responsibly as an adult, and so therefore I will probably drink until my final day on earth. But when I'm trying to meet a deadline, if I'm trying to get in shape, and I've gotten eliminate the alcohol if I wanna burn fat because if you do drink alcohol, you're probably going to go to caloric surplus. You probably going to get the Monchy. You lose in innovations. You'll start raiding the frigerator Aben air not done that. And if you drink alcohol alcohol jumps into the front of the queue in front of fat to be burned off first because your body treats it as a poison, so ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Hello MC fly. That's why the fuck are stop drinking alcohol temporarily. Temporarily. Five syllable words, I quit drink for the rest of my life. Kristen I'm in the beer business. You know, is this podcast Rob's on November fifteenth it is official three year anniversary of the creation and release a broken skull. I pay a collaboration myself at Elsa gonna know Braun company. Three years. The beer is highly successful. It's the best damn IP United States of America. I'll never forget when I met rob crock Saul we started talking we enjoyed each other's company, and we were on the same page, and then we sat down over table. Just the two of us, and it was twelve to fifteen beers there. And as we started tasting those beers back and forth. I was telling rob how I like this too much. Abby us here this rolls onto fast. This lingers too much. I don't speak technical beer language, but I didn't need to because rob understood what I was saying. Saying he had a legal pad and a pen, and he was writing shit down. So we finish up the session. I got an Uber ride home because I wasn't in no shape to drive. Rob went back to his house was only a few blocks away and put together the formula for broken school IPA. We went down I helped mix all the ingredients we brooded and about three four weeks later. We was ready to try that she had out, and I was nervous trepidation when I went in there because I'm a little bit of a perfectionist. And I'm thinking man, if this shit ain't riot hang and put my name on it. It might take a seven or eight goes this. It might take us two years to finally come up with the formula that I love I drank at fuck and beer and had to kinda just double check because it was so damn good. I did want to jump the gun, and I looked over rob. And I said that's a good fucking beer. Now. He said that's a good damn beer us. Why didn't I said that's a good fuck and beer. This is unleash show. And I said hang on. Took one more poll as could fucking beer, and it was labeled. He had to test batches. And this was labeled when they were doing the research on it as two three one. So this was K fame batch two three one which was going to be broken up. If I approve it. And so anyway, I went home and I slept on it for a little bit. And I woke up the next day, and I call rob. And I said, you know, what I said man, we could probably try to play with things a little bit. But I think we'll fuck it up. I said man, I said let's go with that formula and rob direct quote tomato. Steve he goes, I'm glad you said that because if you hadn't said that I was gonna use it for another beer. That's how good it is. So anyway, long story short to get back to the subject at hand. I'm into beer business. I drink beer. I love beer well known for drinking beer on television in a former life as stone coast evolves. Dan, I think you should drink all alcoholic beverages are all anything that's gonna alter your personality with moderation. And be safe. I just podcast one or two ago. I dropped my broken skull ranch. Margarita formula a formula that was probably shit ten twelve years in the making probably sell because we've been Bruno's things up since we own ranch, and I can make chicken salad out of chicken shit any day of the week. You could bring some at sorry ass Margarita mix and give me some patrol silver. Or whenever the fuck. It is some low grade dog shit tequila, and I can make it tastes pretty damn good. But I hand crafted this Mitch duty. I've been getting a lot of emails talking to me and complementing complimenting me on that brokers. Go ranch Margarita mix, and I'll tell them. All amen. I'm glad you like it. And I got a lot of man hours invested in that motherfucker because in ages. I didn't come up on that formula on the first time that was getting a recipe that base recipe that I gave you guys on the podcast, and then kind of tweaking it and making it my own. So to answer the question to put all the rumors to rest, and I even go down as road. But everybody started, you know, spreading the word. My phone started ringing off the hook. Everybody was text messaging me people were emailing me people were sending me direct messages, and some people were flat out upset and heartbroken than I stopped drinking beer when I had many people who were recovering addict saying, hey, man, congratulations on your new found sobriety. And to those people. I say thank you so much for caring about me. And you know, that was a rumor, I'm fine. I'm on a diet. That's why quit when you try to drop some pounds. You get down to your desired weight. You know level often calories. Throw some alcohol back in there. Don't go hog wild. But that's what we did every year down there. In south Texas, Christian me and Ted valid three six one. We start out drinking Margaritas after the how we go to the brokers go Live Aid after two and a half months of that. We go back to LA, and I look in the mirror, and I say who the fuck is that and my wife has to hear me singing the blues about that ship for three months while I burn it off. So long story short in the story. I quit drinking temporarily to to reach a goal late. I did not quit drinking temporarily to improve my health or because I was in harms way and as far as the medicinal marijuana goes. I don't got tried smoking some dope. Didn't like it a longtime ended up in the story. So now stone cold sober Austin, four twenty says, I just smoked a joint not that was a damn bullshit story. I told about the check station which was a true story. And that was the end of that story and to go back down the yoga thing. A lot of people can't believe she hit stone cold hill raising as kicking his mother fucker that ever kicked ashen WWE star open mudholes walking dry. He's doing. And yoga. Nah, I just doing yoga I'm doing DDP yoga and the thing about the DP yoga's is like a calisthenic workout with yoga built. And it's like Dallas took yoga and made yoga work for his program his protocol. So then when he gives it to you like on a seven day free trial. You can sign up for like when Dallas came over here to three seventeen gimmick street and put me through the workout. I was using chairs and blocks to keep my ballots, you modify the program to fit you. Now, don't use the chairs in a blocks. But I'm still going strong. I'm getting more flexible got my course, meet going up. So yeah. Do I do yoga not hot yoga Bickham yoga this yoga that yoga? I do DDP yoga is kind of like a macho form of yoga. I dig it when you do all sorts of exercise, you ride your beach cruiser down the beach. You ride your little bike at the ranch, you do all sorts of different types of cardio. So yeah, I mean, it's just you integrate all forms of X. Cise into your regimen. You know? Yeah. Now, I'm not drunk all the time. I can actually get shape, man. I took my wife on his hike. The other day. We started hiking in the Vada matters. A couple of trail heads not too far down the road from our house. So we'll go out to everyone start walking up until Christmas at Manta gonna take this new place I've found and she goes what's the deal with it? I said man, I said, I I really don't know if you're gonna make it all the way up because we've just been in gym at day at the ranch as she was training leg, she's doing lunges squats all that shit. And I said, I don't think you're gonna make it up just because you have been trading Lennox. So anyway, we jumped to ninety five four Bronco grab over there to this mountain. And she goes that indicates steep I said well yacht is once you get past that legislation. Let's see how you do. So we started taking off we started walking. And this time I'd already walked up the damn mountain about three times. And I was wearing. Heart rate, monitored at Dallas gave me looking at my heart rate, and it was very refreshing form of cardio because I was getting my heart rate up to like at one forties. And I wasn't just sitting there spinning a belt on like a treadmill or something like that. And all of a sudden man, there's some rocks near some shit nursing trash, and there's some steep inclines. If you guys remember to broken skull challenge way back in the day when we had heartbreak hill this motherfucker make heartbreak he'll look like it was a damn hope in a road and my wife made it about halfway up. What happened you baled be? I started getting fearful of my, you know, like fear of heights all the way up there. And so I'm like, I think I'm just going to walk down. It was like being on the edge of a cliff was like a ninety degree angle. I'm trying to walk looking down going. Yeah. The rib was we let the water and a Bronco, and I went ahead and locked the Bronco because it takes me fifteen minutes to get up. And it takes me about fifteen to get down. You'll you'll take a few bumps as you come down. But the water was locked them to Bronco shows showed us the keys you standing there. Looking at the water through the window going? There's you have this evacuation would water when we get into the car the Jeep Grand Cherokee to go down to the grocery store. The grocery store is less than a mile away and crystal we'll be out there in the car, Scott. Oh, wait a minute. I give it some water. It's less than a mile. I carry water with me everywhere. I know there's water at the fucking store. I get thirsty, and I don't wanna be deprived of water. It's almost like a gimmick for you. It's almost like a crutch you gotta have it. Oh, yeah. Callie what the road in as not Hershey anymore, doing run ins, a mess. No, the podcast is my black lab Kelly. I just dried her little ass off. And she's what is this toys out of potato? On what it is. But it's too loud and is making too much noise. Kelly you've been grounded. No more this go do something else. Kelly. Are you going to go to walk with me anymore those hills? Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I I enjoyed that. Just I can't go too far up there because I get anyway, shifting gears. You know, I figured Kristen in my new moment of clarity with my good memory now because I've, you know, kicked off the booze and I quit drinking for life. I thought my memory is going to get better. When I went hunting a few weeks ago and unit. Oh, three or four with Chris brother, Mitch, Casey. And Royce I told you about guys out there spotting on him damn deer. And I had Mme binoculars. We're trying to look these goddamn you'll deer and because I needed to turn a podcast in because I was so far in the middle of nowhere. I had to cut my hunt short by one day. So a hall asks and after the evening hunt on the fourth day. I threw my shit and my trailer. I loaded up Macau sake. Meal pro f x t again, it up a gun a grandma cooter on groceries on a bullshit. My protein powder didn't take any alcohol because remember I had quit drinking. And so then I got my pickup truck fired up about diesel and hauled Ashish about three hundred miles. Finally, made it home, man. Next day. I get up. I'm cleaning up my truck. I'm looking for all machine got Mirifle. I didn't forget that. Thank god. Jittered leave it laying around him side of the road. And then I start thinking man when I took off I knew I had forgot something. And I'll be God, damned if I didn't lose my like a ten by forty two range finder. Benach yours that's an expensive set of Managua. When you get a good set of glass that glass is supposed to last you for the rest of your lifetime. I've had those binoculars for about twelve years. And all of a sudden, I can't find those mother fuckers and then go into my gym. It turns out I thought I was going to try to work out because I was at the deer camp. Since I wouldn't drink, and I'd be able to get a little workout in. So I took my two thirty five pound dumbbells down there. Keep us well on I didn't touch those goddamn dumbbells a whole time. But I took them out and put them in the parking lot in a had my two six gallon gas tanks for Macau Masaaki MU. And I forgot those mother fuckers down there. So I call a brother-in-law Mitch he won't answer the phone. I said Mitch is there any way I said you found my binoculars my muffler my gas cans, and my all my shit. And he goes man, I'm in California, I had to go take care of some business. So I'm on a damn edge. My name seat for five days while he's getting back in California to find out if my binoculars into pickup truck or not I knew they were. But I wasn't sure sure enough. He finally shouldn't be mecca Tech's much today that he found thirty five pound dumbbells by two gas cans, and there's still a monk. Oh, he's gonna get a friend. Come bring him back. He's got a Benach lers a mufflers, and he said all the door Reno's, Cheetos Fritos. That I was hoping up from snacks. He had those two. I don't give shit about the Fritos. I mean mobile is back. I cannot believe I forgot half my shit up there. I can it was depressure trying to turn this award winning podcast. And I saw the saw Kelly hearing your case around. So I figured well. Why would she be carrying the case for without monopolies off saw that cage. I'm like, okay. Where's binoculars? And always I never put them in a case unless I'm driving once I get them out. And then I'm done. I saw that case. Okay. Where are the Managua's? Okay. But anyway, I found them they're all accounted for and all that shit. But anyway, we're going to go home now. And I'm gonna come back. We are home while we're at our home, and and marina del Rey. I'll tell you what it was hard to leave air because Kristen we have two horses on the property and Christians horse, and as a friend of ours horse, and they're kind of starting to bond a little bit and Chris goes out there and does some groundwork with them and she's starting to ride her horse. What's your horse's, name rabble? Oh, rebel. We we were thinking about changing horses name because we didn't name it rebel. But if you change your horse's name, it's bad luck. We can no bad luck. God up, bad luck. If what bad luck. We would have none at all, man. She was heartbroken having to leave rebel today them to horses for the most spoiled as horses and the God damn country these dogs. I know so the dog begging for teachers, and they think it's actually time to e AT you gotta watch what you say run his mother fuckers because they can spell, and I can speak Spanish, and they can read sign language, even so we're gonna go home. I'm gonna come back and close the show. We're back in southern California for couple of weeks. And then dude, I thought it was going to see how kinds of smoke from the fires, but the Santa Ana winds have pushed all the damn smoke out. So it was relatively clear out there. If you didn't know anything was going on, you would know it now, just the freeways little bit more crowded today. Free way was crowded. She. I know she it. Vanished. I was planning on going out to Malibu later on this week and because some business on takeover out there. So I think I'm gonna view of it firsthand. But man, I don't think it's going to be the Malibu, and I know because we lived out there for what two years, a new mother lives in Thousand Oaks, she didn't get evacuated because a wins came in and shifted that far off course. But she was right in harm's way. She got lucky, but so many people were very unfortunate. And you're from here. I mean, it's going to be as it goes. I never two million years living here for fifteen years with you know, that Thousand Oaks Malibu that whole area would be on fire devastations crazy, man. It's like man, if you're going east coast down here in the Gulf Coast hurricanes tornadoes out there on the west coast. Fires earthquakes, but it's all devastation, but leaving on a high note Kelly Hsun, some she ended up taking my lustrous wife Kristen to sushi tonight because after being sober for thirty two days. I get a fucking cheat meal some going shit. Sushi tonight. Anyway, a lot of people would not consider that cheat meal, but it is cheap. Mill. I'm gonna eat. I'm gonna eat every bit of sushi they got and so anyway, trying to straighten out all the rumors about that alcohol shit. I just quit Greg going to get back in shape. That's it. Then I'll start back responsibly. I do DP yoga I swear by standby and medicinal marijuana. There are a lot of people in LA smoke. Initiate it. Ain't me goodbye. Most of us brushing our teeth. You might not want to believe it. But it is true. Not for long enough or just for getting a change of brush your own damn well, get your act together. Because quip is changing the game with their electric toothbrushes designed to make brushing your teeth more simple affordable and help even enjoyable. So what makes quip so different? Well, quit feature to built in time or to help you clean for the dentist. Recommended two minutes with guiding pulses remind you when to switch sides and quip automatically delivers brush heads on a dentist recommended schedule. Every three months for just five dollars. 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I'm just going to go ahead and commit stick. With this. Mitch and see what it does. And I'm feeling the difference. And that's the bottom line listened to me DDP y has already transformed lives. Not just myself. But superstars like Mick Foley, who's lost over one hundred pounds. Chris Jericho who used the DP yoga to help him keep kicking ass at forty seven years young. It's also been used by AJ styles. Gold us edge. Jacob snake Roberts, Scott hall, just to name a few, and you might have even heard grew McIntyre and Bobby fish to the latest take-up DP y to help with their injuries. Here's the thing. Dallas has given everyone seven days free to try the DP yoga now app. And see for yourself. How live changing this program can be that is a week to try the program you explore the app dig all the content the motivational stuff the technique. Make it your own and own your life, and it's completely free. Get started at DP yoga dot com slash Austin. The beauty of DDP wise, and it's not just for superstars and add Leach. It's for everyone. No matter what you wait, you fitness level, your age, you make the DP y workout your own and modified to your level. Listen, DDP's, kick ass cardio workout. It's going to dramatically increase your flexibility. It's going to strengthen your core. Like never before. All with minimal join impact the app starch you off slow based off your skill level. Dallas had me start with the beginner. And even some of those positions kick my ass. But everything could be modified hell I used a chair in a block for balance and stability. And now that I've gotten past that ain't using nothing. I'm using the program. I don't either chair the block, but you modify to work for you using the app each week. I can tell you that there's a ton Inara to keep you on track. That's the thing. Staying on track being consistent DDP himself is on the app to keep you focused on your goals and maps out the workouts. It you can do the best part is how easy it makes keeping track of everything when I do my workout just connect to bluetooth heart rate, monitor and it loves alma workout, data and calories burned, and it's really easy to get the app to cash or stream on your TV. So you can get your work. That's on a big screen. The DP yoga now app is killer, and I've been recommending it to everybody. And what's also great is that anyone can do it. It doesn't matter your age way to fitness level. You make the DP y workout your own you get access to all of that free for a week. And if you don't like it, which I can't imagine you wouldn't you can cancel it and still keep all of your information. When you're ready to try it again, and for those baby boomers out there who need a little extra modification Dallas's introduced. DDP y rebuild DVD's the DP wild workouts? For those limited mobility, all the workouts have you in the bed or using the chairs, you can still get moving and Bill strengthen improved flexibility. And yes, you can also find ADP why rebuild on a DP wa app. Just in time for black Friday DDP is offered thirty percent off their biggest discount ever on a DP wile workouts in a DP yoga now app. The huge black Friday sale is happening from November nineteenth to thirtieth. So don't miss your chance to get started with the program before the holidays, and yes, you'll still get three months free Oni app with any DVD program purchase or seven days free on any apps inscription. Get this special discount and DDP yoga dot com slash Austin. You know, what hold on a second to hill with that? As soon as you hear my voice reading you this commercial that means it's black Friday if it's five days six days early. If you've heard my voice. Tell them Austin since you, and it's black Friday right now if you're struggling to get motivated to start a DP Y program. Make sure you preorder DDP's upcoming book, positively on stoppable, the art of owning it filled with lessons from pages. Life shares own struggled to find his calling overcome in one obstacle after another positively unstoppable as a guidebook for anyone who needs to be reinspired follow their dreams and take real action towards the things that matter most of them, and it makes a great gift for any DP fans in your life, positively unstoppable, where be released January fifteen two thousand nineteen and is available for preorder anywhere books are sold. Give it a go home. Houston replicas podcast right off in the sunset. I want to thank doctor Tom Prichard for joining me on the podcast as we wrapped up our conversation. I want to thank my wife. Kristen for putting up with my aunts for fourteen years and shipping in the second half of the podcast as I put the rumors to bed about all this bullshit with me. Stop and drinking and smoking dope and all this other horse shit. Anyway, one I'm talking about that. I got the best beer in the world broke its go live from El Segundo brewing company, you could find rummage Goliath in whole foods and total wine. If you in so Cal if you ain't is so cow, you probably shit out of luck look for an online and see if you can order, but this is not PA that we're not your socks off. You're looking for a bad ass. Pocketknife? I got two of them. Cold steel, rubbish, GoldenEye and cold still workman night. Find them at my Amazon store. Amazon got the best price on both knives. Just go to Amazon dot com slash four slash Steve. Austin? I want to say one more. Thank you define sponsors of Steve often show, especially about online dot AG. Their works. Quip toothbrushes DDP yoga and gyco. That's I'm able to do this podcast for you twice a week for free please support them because they support us. If you need more info, my sponsors Shah got the show description to this episode for details. Folks. I am on social media Twitter Instagram at Steve Austin b s are till next time, folks. My name is Steve. Oh, and I won't catch you down the road. This has been a podcast one production. Download new episodes of the Steve Austin show every Tuesday in dot com, that's podcast dot com. We ride off a quick measures from our friends at geiko, go to Geico dot com. Fifteen minutes, you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance had tried save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Geico dot com extra money in your pocket. It may just be the most rewarding thing you do today. That kind of thing you see to imply. Can. This. Hey, we. We've we've. Alexa, play Arianna 'Grande. Okay. With Amazon music voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs. Download the Amazon music app today. I'm Rita Foley with an AP newsmen at a snow and ice storm that slammed parts of the south is moving through Washington and up into New England. Most areas will only get an inch of snow or sell the Patrick Burke. At the weather prediction center says Syracuse in the Adirondacks in northern New York should pick up again five to ten inches. And maybe even a couple of spots up to a foot of snow. They're trying to find one hundred thirty people still missing in the northern California wildfire. Fifty six people have been confirmed dead evacuees. Susan CAC soon in is living in a tent shelter near WalMart shelter living or a WalMart living is this is like an immediate need situation. And everybody's being great. But I can't it's going to rain tune. It's November is this isn't. Sound permanent? I don't know. I don't know what we're going to a federal judge is giving thousands of Florida voters until this weekend to fix their ballots. If they haven't been counted due to mismatch signatures. I'm Rita Foley.

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Ep. 677: Bucket Q.  Paintbucket with Jenny Jaffe

Jesse, Jordan, GO!

1:12:38 hr | 4 d ago

Ep. 677: Bucket Q. Paintbucket with Jenny Jaffe

"Give little time for the child within you. Don't be afraid to be young and free under the locks and throw away the keys and take off issues and sex and run you jordan. Jesse go. i'm jesse thorn. America's radio sweetheart jordan morris. Boy detective how you doing buddy thinking about a poster. I saw in a movie a poster. You saw four movie or you were watching a movie in in the movie in the as part of set dressing in a movie so they call a diabetic poster right up poster. That is coming from the scene in the movie. Yes just thinking about it. I saw the poster. I wanna say wednesday or thursday recording this on a sunday. So just basically been nonstop thinking about the poster jordan. You've always been nutty for meson. The elements of the scene. I love it. I love it. Nobody i know has ever appreciated the things on screen. That are not the focus of the scene. Then mr jordan morris yeah love that of course love mcmuffins and the wilhelm scream other film school things. Absolutely battleship potemkin addle. Ship potemkin for instance this one example of something from film school right Yeah so i watched. I don't know if you've seen this movie the little things no. I have not seen this mary. What is this movie. This is a this is one of those in theaters but got got put on. Hbo max movies. This is a this is a very very okay. Serial killer movie that is elevated to tons of fun because denzel washington is the lead of it. Yeah i mean. That's all movies isn't it. Yeah yeah it is. Yeah it's like you get those great denzel washington movies and then like movies. He's in that are a blast to watch. Because he's the last movie star. Yeah you get some inside. Man's where you're like. Wow this is a home. Run all around. Top to bottom soup-to-nuts. Yes some amazon fires equalizers. So yeah this is one of those. This is a very like very like by the numbers. Serial killer movie at one point that serial killer says to the cop. We're not so different. You and me fucking verbatim says that says that. Where is denzel the copper. The killer key is he's the top he's one of two cops. It has him and romney malik. Who's also quite good. On the trail of jared leto. Who is jared leto. As hard as he possibly fucking can he is like as well still be in the joker makeup from suicide squad. He is jared leto ing so hard i. He's usually such a subtle performer yellow. He's going for it this time. He said you know the whoever the director is like. Jerry have a little fun with this one as have some fun out there. J. a. r. y. Yeah that's the ad. What you call jared leto when you work with them. Yeah jerry but with a and so so. This is a very okay movie. Some great acting. Some jared leto acting but it is okay. So they are so denzel is this. Is this cop who he's he he was he was an la cop and then something happened and he moved to town bakersfield. I believe for frequent jordan. Jesse go reference bakersfield and so he connor jordan. Yeah when you say denzel plays a cop or a or a former cop is he specifically a former handsome cop. Oh you know they really like they really schlub him up in this. They really schlub him up. I mean you know the handsomeness tamp down that handsomeness at all. Why on earth do you bother to put denzel washington on celluloid and not. Let him be the prettiest motherfucker there is. I mean you know. Obviously it still comes out. It's still you know. Obviously it's it's like trying to corral hurricane it still comes out but they just put them in a lot of like giant tan blazers And he's like a little he's like a little like he's he's not he's not super you know he's a little doughy but you know so so you know denzel. I'm just. I'm just saying this is not him. He's not he's not he's not hunkin in this he's not meant to be hunkin. I mean he's naturally hunkin but it is not the goal of the movie he's supposed to be just like a work in a working man working class. you know maybe even like a little forgettable. It's kind of part of it. It's like you know he's he he comes he comes back to la people like who's this bumpkin say unforgettable. That's what denzel is right. Yes real devil in a blue dress. He wears a blue dress in the movie. So there's a there's a scene where he he has rami malik. Meet him at a bar and they sit down and you could tell like cool clientele this place like kinda cool dangerous types like there's like throbbing industrial music a lot of white people with dreadlocks and all black clothes you know what it is. That is kind of the vibe. That is absolutely like what they're going for that. Is this a warehouse. That is this movies. Version is a cool. You know balcony. It's like this movies. Version of cool stopped with matrix to cornell. West is there yeah sure. So they're in this. And you know roy mouth carols looking around and he's like pretty cool choice denzel's like well they you know. The neighborhood's changed a lot. Since i was here last. I guess you know he was there. This was kind of like a local dive. Now it's like a fucking cool cool place for for cools. And they're talking. You can see behind them. Just like they've you know they've they've made sure to like put all the like cool bar. Trappings up in this place and behind behind them while they're talking a poster that's just says rock music festival and no information rock music festival. You know. i saw them open. Once for lifter polar. No no bans. No date no time just like the idea of like there will be a rock music festival. Will it be. Will it be rock. Will it be hard core. Will it be a progressive rock. Who knows it's rock music festival and you're going to be here because you love rock music rock music festival. God i fucking can't wait for the vaccines get out and we can go to rock music festival again jesse brian. We're all guest. We're all after this is over. We're i'm paying pine the passes and we're all going to rock music festival and we're gonna rock out in a very non specific way. We'll be hair bands. Will it be Will be psycho billy. I don't know it's a rock music festival and we're all bucking go and we're gonna have a great time to reintroduce our guest on the program. Yes by the way. I'm going to read music festival. Sounds pretty irae. It's got a real vibe. I like that about it. Our guest on the program of course a friend of jordan jesse go comedy writer and performer. Look big honest. Truth is this. She's got some new credits coming down the pike but we don't know whether they'll be announced right before right after this episode comes out so we're just gonna say jenny jaffe writer for nikki and sara live on. Mtv in two thousand thirteen funny show of an under appreciated show very funny show. Nikki and sara live very sophisticated jokes for a pop culture obsessed teen and young adult audience. Thank you so much. That is my. That was my first tv credit. I was twenty two. When i wrote on nikki. And sara live so that turning thirty one in a next week so that should tell you how recent that that credit is but men. That's what what a throwback and thank you for the kind words. It was under appreciated. It's time very funny. Show sara schaefer for had another friend of jordan jesse program so that program incredibly funny awesome person jenny. Jaffe d- have you ever been to a music festival. I think yes we guess one hundred percent i have. I have but it wasn't. I've never gone in like camped out there something. That's i'm not a huge concert person which you can tell the fact that i call them concerts and shows that was a big thing for me. Growing there was a huge divide is like do you call concerts or do you call him. Shows like if somebody's this show. It's an improv. Show that i feel obligated to go to for that is your show in your world. That is what show is in my world. That's what they show is. But i've been to a couple of festivals like for you know the day i went to bumper shoot in seattle. That was super fund. is that bumper. She thinking of think. So yeah you're thinking november shoot. What's great about bumper shoot. Is it takes place in the world's fair grounds around the space needle in this space needle. Let's be frank is fantastic. Everyone loves the space needle needle in the mono rail it was a it was super fun. I was when i was there. I was with my at the time boyfriend. And he was a fan of comedy bang bang and i had never listened to it and we live recording and you can imagine how apple rely on obtuse inside jokes today now like i had just arrived at a meeting on mars and but i saw charles bradley. There was so incredible and then there was a random like festival that like a radio station. Used to put on in san francisco. And i'm trying to remember the name of it But i remember going like my last week of highschool some friends again only for the day. I want to hear that lineup. What was your. What was your senior year of high school. Music festival lineup. I remember seeing the silver sun. Pickup staring okay. Jenny are we talking about a live. One five festival or an alley ram festival. Oh i think it was. Yeah that's the rock of the nineties jordan Listen to alice. fm in the mornings. I worked on the alice. Fm for three weeks really. Yeah shut out to sarah and no name. Syra mornings was the show. I listened to in the morning was a nightmare i was well. I mean honestly the nightmare part about it was not working on the show. The producer of the show was very nice. The movie reviewer slash sort of third chair whom in yeah. It was very nice dude. Sarah and no name. I was not allowed to make eye contact with slow. It was very strange because know they're trying to focus on the show. I'm sure past interns had been bothering them. They didn't seem like bad. People there is. There is no level of fame at which is acceptable to not make eye contact with people but they are forced schwerin. Not at that bar. No no name doesn't even have a name that's how famous he is saying. It's like i like. Oh wow those guys. But it's because i live in a specific place at a really specific time like that's that's just that's to me that's unacceptable. You know that's that's how they roll the real reason that i see that i quit. The show was not because they were rude to me. And like i said they genuinely seem like nice folks. I don't mean to run them down. They were just focused on their work. But reason is getting up at three o'clock in the morning is horrible well. That's they'll probably grumpy. That's probably why they were addicts. If they were just like. We're we're really sleepy. I mean the thing about working in commercial radio and this is true to some extent of public radio too but like the crazy part about it and the reason i never really pursued a career in it is if you become successful that means you have to get up at three o'clock in the morning for the rest of your life. That is one. Success is what i'm there or you just stay up so late that you just go to bed. Really really late yeah. That's what sarah was up to really. No i don't think so. I think they both probably just went to bed at seven. Here's an interesting thing about sarah. No-name show i think that's the show where i met our past guest kevin. Avery kevin avery our friend. W kamau bell also past guest used to do movie reviews on. I think they did them both on on alice and on live one zero five there in the bay area when they were both bay area comics. Wow i don't know that. I remember those reviews. Sure i've heard them. Because i was listening to a lot about those stations. Yeah very cool stuff jordan. Very cool stuff pretty soon. We're going to start talking to you about ronel brooks moon school in the early days of k. emi l. l. the people stationed jordan once again. Fortunately i don't know what it is jamie's five years too young gordon who is who is the top radio personality in. I guess it was just kevin and bean right. Yeah kevin and bean. They were the they were the kiro q. Morning guys yeah. I definitely was like was like a big kevin kevin and beano growing up. That's what we called ourselves. Yeah no and they were like when you think of morning shock jocks. They were so mild like they definitely had like asshole. Bits you know they definitely had like prank calls. And like you know people doing like homophobic. Backstreet boys parody songs when this was and you just completely pinpointed the hacking maybe maybe zero in on a year based on that I think one of them recently got fired and then joined kahlo. S the classic rock station. Oh where the only song basically they play is magic carpet. Ride to by steve miller band only song. That is yeah. That's the only song. This is a magic carpet. Ride based radio station. That's the format. I used to get my haircut the barber shop on the way home from dropping my kid off at preschool so it would be real early in the morning like eight thirty in the morning and they would always be listening to k rock and and the kevin and bean show ended. Maybe a year ago year two years ago and that firing happened. Maybe a year before that So they would have kevin and bean on the radio and like by the end. Their format was like so smooth and tight that it was almost like an abstract collage of people laughing. And yelling stuff where i would be listening to it and would be unable to follow what they were like truly unable to fall because it would just sound like. Hey what's going. Oh here's the offspring. That's just how i feel after having seen the first harry potter movie and then the last harry potter movie harry potter movies in between. I'm just like well. This is an art film. You feel this. You don't understand it you feel it. The only thing i've ever done was watched one middle harry potter movie and had a great part where he was swimming underwater with all these magic mermen and stuff. That was great. But we're theory potter movie. Okay there you go thank you jenny. By the way generational difference like there is a really slight between myself and anybody who's like five years older than me. The only noticeable generational difference is how much i love harry potter and how much they did not give a shit about. It might my fiance's five years older than me. And that's the only like real difference in like our pop. Culture consumption. growing up is just that like i was the exact right age for it and he just never hit it to be fair. He also loves ronel brooks moon on cam yell the people station and interest out on that really too bad they hear the author of ronel burks moon is also super transphobic now same conflict. Yes judy i was. I remembering your last performance on the show performance appearance. It's not a performance. It's an appearance. Show dance number at the that would effort in became came across came across. We love you. We love that jaffe. Soft shoe the jaffe soft shoe. The second the second you strew that sand on the ground we knew we were in for. We knew it is time shoveling off to buffalo. I think there was a there was a there was a real hot energy in the room because i think we had both seen the crazy matthew mcconaughey. Hey sex island movie serenity. Am i remembering that correctly yet. We had just seen serenity and you very sweetly got me the poster for serenity which i still have. Oh nice yeah. Yeah but we've both seen serenity which to this day my favorite filmgoing experience admittedly i had fewer filmgoing experiences since pay serenity than i anticipated but man what a what a bonkers ride and i sure hope everybody has seen it now because obviously it's classic now yeah abso- anyone talks about the twists in. That movie is so crazy because most of the movie is matthew bikaner. Hey kind of like fucking his way across this island. He's like an island boat man and he is on an island and he just you know he just just just rails his way through everybody who lives on this island and they you learn late spoilers spoilers for this movie you learn that. This whole thing has been a simulation that his son is programming. His son is programming. A video game where his dad fishes fucks. And that's what you've been watching is what son who did he is mcconaughey character dead. Yeah and like his mom is in the game so he's also like programmed like his dad like i'm a bunch rights and also like random women who come to rent boats from him because he is sleeping with diane lane also which like this fifteen year. Old boy just has this. Diane lane is hair. Have you seen anything like nuts. In that way. I've heard of a couple movies that i've i've heard people talk about is the next serenity but i was. I was wondering if you've seen anything lately. That's even in that zone. It's hard to top serenity because going in a new so little and it just was able to Really excluded my wash over. You let it wash over me. I'm sure there's other stuff. I've watched since that has been as terrible as baffling insurrection in the capitol building. That was pretty wild. I'd say like. I think my threshold for things happening and being like this was crazy is just way different. Like i take everything with a grain of salt now because 'cause about this time last year the world is i knew it was turned upside down and everything came to a screeching halt. So i just have a different idea. What expect from anything going into it but seriously though have you seen cats hats in cats and serenity or the two episodes of the flop house. I insisted on doing you. Just insist your way onto the flop house. You have to sell a show with elliot. You can do it but that was the last movie theaters was i went with a with elliott in a bunch of our friends to go see cats and it was absolute blast. It's a it's an insane movie. it's so much fun. I you know what else i i watched. It was also for the flop house but the boy next door jennifer lopez was probably the last like truly bonkers insane. Movie i watched. Oh yeah remember. When jennifer lopez was the world's biggest movie star like she was getting paid like twenty five million dollars a movie or something. Yes yeah yeah it was just one of those or is this in her. Like is this in her kind of like. I don't wanna say descent. Because she's still like ultra famous but maybe not like she's not like famous for being a movie star. Although i don't know chess was her comeback trump starting it was or at least it was supposed to be the boy next door. Yeah it's really atrocious. Film like blades. It's really bad and it's not just that it's a bad movie it's that it's morally reprehensible as well we were doing the stage greeting of it and there was a scene and we got to the scene in decided in the moment that we were not gonna be reading it out loud. We were just like looked at it. We're like absolutely not and basically said listen. If you guys want to go watch the movie or read the original screenplay you can do that but like is unacceptable the detail. I have heard from that movie. That i that i will carry with me. Always i have not seen it. But i but i like this detail every time someone tells it to me is that you know. It's like sexy teacher. Movie like jennifer lopez is like sexy teacher and she seduces a student into like getting into you know to like romance her. The student brings her a copy of the iliad. And he's like yeah. It's a first edition. Yes there it's just like you could have any other book magic through so many people had to go through so many people to get to this point. It's like maybe it was enough for even a first edition of specific translation. That she loves or something like i would have bought like. That's a that's famously. Like a an epic poem that was like an oral tradition. in greek. i want i confidently might have been latin to think it's greek but yeah he gives hers hard bound book. There's no way that the first written version of the iliad was in a hard bound book. And if it should be in the fuck and smithsonian where you would put it. Maybe the american history museum or aaron space put the year in spain. The kid just ask real nicely at the smithsonian. He's like hey can i. Can i take this out on trying to fuck my teacher. Weird teacher in this kid. Who's just like really thrown under the bus as the villain of the movie. Why is he in possession of this. Like where did he get it. I mean you gotta figure like a half price books right looking at the strand or whatever you have a table outside be dalton just natural history and an errand space. I thought there was like a corcoran. That's one of the so. There's the national portrait gallery. There's the museum of african american history and culture. That's a nice wine. That's the last one i to a place. It could have been in the natural history museum. Tell us the greek library of congress. Whatever their versions. Congress i mean they invented democracy. Oh my god. We're not in the same room so you can't see how quickly googling everything actually jenny. I'm going to need you to put away your google earlier as long as we're talking movies guys. Are you ready for a movie. Quiz always ready for a movie. Quiz bryant hit that the music. Brian will drop to be as later. We're not hearing now So this is this is a quiz. And i think it's going to become a recurring segment on the show. I think it's a very popular. And i think it's going to be you. This is maybe. This is our top ten list. Okay i would love to have top ten list. What's the thing where jay leno makes people look bad just like normal people. Jay leno You guys you're finding your signature bit. After fourteen years fourteen fifteen years. Yeah around there. That's that's been the thing preventing this podcasts. Taking off no signature. Bit and now that we have it. Look out rogan jordan. We had one signature. Bit jesse talks over. People always a fan favorite. Is this the first movie quiz or is this has the spin is the pilot. But this is a specific. This is a this is a specific it is about a movie. Movie was the inspiration for this quiz. And i'll i'll tell you what it is. I have him in on. Hold on one second jenny. Yes this is the first movie quiz. It's the first time anyone's ever asked other people questions about movies they did you. They did do a senior. Dvd game but it was about saturday. Night live are you ready for the first ever installment of what's the name of the character. John lithgow plays in the twentieth. Nineteen remake of pet cemetery. Brian So i don't know again so no guesses yet. It's a multiple choice guesses yet. But i just i wanted to. Just kinda see where we are have either. Have you seen the twenty nineteen hundred remake of pet cemetery. Jesse no i missed that one. I've missed all of the remix. Pet cemetery the two thousand nine hundred one is particularly good. I also haven't seen the original pet cemetery. Well you might be at a disadvantage jenny. Have you seen the original pet cemetery or read the book. I have not okay. I've seen the air morris documentary gates of heaven. That's about a pet cemetery so the basically the same deal that might help moving. Well you go okay. So you're both on equal footing here. I like this no one has. No one has a clear advantage. It'll be guessing. I'm going to be guessing names from the movie. Vernon florida by. That's a movie. the john lithgow play. That guy keeps calling turtles gablers. I don't know. I'm sure they've tried to fictionalized that at some point having john lithgow is the thin blue line in the thin blue line. Man john lithgow. I think when when he dies his his tombstone's going to say john lithgow fast. Cheap and out of control errol morris. Movies folks great robert mcnamara and. She wanted to get in so john lithgow in the movie. Twenty nine thousand. Nine hundred movie remake. A pet cemetery plays a very classic like stephen king. Old man he plays like a crotchety. Stephen king old man and has a really terrific name. And i'm going to read you some named and you're going to have to guess. Which is the name of the character. John lithgow played between nineteen cemetery. Jenny you're the guest. You wanna go first or second. I'll do we but then risk that. Maybe jesse guesses. It gets worse. okay. Jenny you're going i. It's multiple choice. Don't guess until you've heard all the options clem. Hickory abraham fence post edison. Bob san francis chicory judson crandall herald bo crumbs. You would beard saying kim. You jesse turn barbie for short bart beardsley. The dallas maverick. Reginald gunned train track bucket q. Paint fuck it tobias. Weasley barnes worth. Gobble orville bowtie walter sparky could link timothy shallow marshall maple montague person old man's creek river mouth. Ghost penis melted cheese. Winston neo key course weather vane carson funnel cake. Senator jam lease ram the vacuous spider blue. Raspberry leaf courtland corncob. Do you want to hear the options. Again just hurts. Do you want to hear that. You want to hear the again can your slim hickory abraham fence post bob sin francis chicory judson crandall herald bo crumbs annual gatewood. Beardsley dallas. maverick. Reginald gut langston train track bucket. Q. paint bucket bias. Weasley farnsworth gobble orville bowtie walter sparky cuddling guess timothy shallet marshall maple montague but burson old man creek river mouth ghost. Penis gore melvyn. Carl's junior winston key horse. Weathervane carson funnel cake menzies. Senator jams jellies. Ross the vacuous spider blue. Raspberry courtland corncob. There's only one that sounds like a name to me in their talk it out. Talk it out. This is like this is like Who wants to be a millionaire. A bunch of them to blend into one long list to the point. Where i was like. Maybe just one first name of a million nicknames. Last night you. But so bart beardsley or francis hickory or the two that sounded like real names to me. There's a strong chance that it's none of those in. Maybe he plays a character. Named like ron lithgow or thing but it's not a. It's not a trick question. It's in there that burt. Beardsley 'cause at southbound vaguely real some against that final answer. Yeah that's my final answer jenny. Jaffe yeah you have not one. What's the name and in the two thousand nineteen. When i wanted to go i it was because i heard multiple choice in donald five. Maybe a cheeky little. None of the above. But it's this. This list is extensive. And i you know that's on me. Yeah it was a long list jesse. It's your turn your options for. What's the name of the character. John lithgow plays in the twentieth pet cemetery now the same ones clem. Hickory abraham fence. Post got edison bulbs and francis chicory judson crandall carol herald bo crumbs lee bow and they you or b o b o. Pinuel gatewood barks beardsley dallas. Maverick reginald got langston train. Track bucket q. Paint bucket it'll bias. Weasley farnsworth apple orval. Walter sparky cuddle. Lingus timothy shallow may marshall maple montague but burson old man's louis river mouth ghost penis gore. Melvyn carl's junior winston nke horse weathervane carson funnel cake mincy. Senator jams jellies ram the vacuous spider. Blue raspberry courtland corncob joining the answers again. Tap one did. I hear mountain dew code red. You did not no oversight on my part you being there. Yeah i'm not gonna guess that. What was that first one hickory clem hickory ain't gonna go with clem hickory final answer. That's my final answer jordan. Jesse you'd have not one. What's the name of the character john. Lithgow plays in two thousand nineteen remarka- pet cemetery. Thank you jenny. Jaffe and jesse thorn for play. And we'll see you next week on what's the name of the character. John lithgow plays in the two hundred nineteen remake of vet cemetery. Brian at the music again. Thanks for playing guys. That was a lot of fun. I love that this is going to be recurring bit. Yeah because hopefully no-one no-one comes into the game. Having google the information or having seen the movie yeah really fuck us but well. That was a game jordan. It was a real challenge. You guys bummed. Would what would we have one. Had we won fifty more names. Okay let's take a break. We'll be back in just a second on jordan. Jesse go alone another online. It's jordan jesse. Go jesse thorn. America's radio sweetheart jordan morris boy detective jordan every episode of jordan jesse go supported by the kind members of maximum fund dot org all those folks who've opened up their telephones in their computers and gone to maximum fund dot org slash join. We're also supported this week by our friends at kitty pu club. Yeah kenny pu club. We love him. Listen jesse we're working from home. You and me brian. We're all working from home. 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And only one hundred forty calories in each serving kito friendly gluten free grain free soy free low carb and gmo free jesse the folk magic spoon were nice enough to send over a couple of boxes. I love this stuff. I'm i'm trying to cut junk out of my life. I got the sweet tooth but magic spoon helps a lot with that is a really. I was really a stat. Look i'll tell you the right here now jordan. I don't know what a monk fruit is but if it makes this serial tasty enough that my children will eat it when they asked for a sugar. Cereal color me impressed and that is exactly what happened at my house they got. They got a fruit fruity. Flavors of fruit ios. They got a peanut butter flavored. That's that's daddy's favorite. Ooh peanut butter. Peanut butter's good. I'm a big peanut butter desert guy and this really scratches the itch. This really really prevents me from going for those peanut butter cups. 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Boy detective and jenny jaffe which was john. Lithgow as name and pet cemetery you got it hiding in plain sight so jay. We've got this new segment on her program. The honest truth is this. We've been doing this show as we mentioned for twelve thirteen fourteen years. We don't really remember. And we've never really developed to true signature segment so rather than think of ourself. We've just had our listeners call into segments that don't yet exist and we'll just see how they play. Yes so someone's called in one of these calls to one of our famous signature segments. O'brien one and you press play. Hi this is nat calling with a kid fao cheese. So here's lou and dr fauci. Mayor dr john stay have the. Wow another great kid. Every week we welcome another kid onto the show kiss out. She is a legitimately good. I know they're already doing a doogie. Howser reboot but kid foul. Cheek could be like another another take. Yeah oh like the young. Dr fauci chronicle either young. But it's young saudi which i love. I think that's a great idea. It's a combination of like the good doctor with us. A little bit of. Everybody hates chris. Or you play it like it is. This kid was the top medical school kid and then something awful happened. All the doctors couldn't be the main doctors now. He is the doctor of the world. That down in. Mail it to yourself jenny. Well she yeah. That's pretty good. Yeah sorry you gave it away on the podcast so chuck. Laurie owns it. Gets you know if doogie howser had much higher sakes yeah. That was always my problem with doogie. Howser was the low stakes. Remember that one where he tried to go to the to the subway but they were out of meat balls turkey right. Yeah not a lot of a lot of drama on that show about it jenny. How's the let me ask you this. You were saying before we started the show That you are. You're doing some airbnb in these days. And how's how's the walking where you are. What's your what are your. What are your little your little walks like. Oh i do a little walks. I have two dogs so a little walks or big big part of my life but there are so many absolute fuck owes. Who just don't wear masks so walk. It's really stressful. Like there's no good way to go outside except to if you have like a good sit in. We haven't been home in such a long time. That we've been at a place doesn't have a super great backyards with us walks that you have to go really far out of the main the main place because there's so many people who just for some reason think that if you have a mask on as necklace or bracelet like that counts So dumb people that you're talking about these are the fuck these are the i am tired. I'm i'm very tired of Everybody thinking that they are the exception to the to the rules. You're not you're not. The main character is. The main character is clam buckets or bucket. Yeah bucket paint bucket main characters. Mr denzel washington. That's true even if you put at tan blazer still pretty hunky. Yeah i think there's this thing about like you know you know parents. Well if i'm on like a walk alone and there's no one near me i don't have to have the thank might come near you and down. Yeah if someone sees you they're gonna fucking freak again. It's going to make them feel like the fucking world is is slowly crumbling which it is but it reminds them that it is so yeah. I feel like the mask outside. It's just like for everyone's mental health around you just put it fucking on and then we don't have to freak out if you really want to like you know. Put it down and say really really vigilant and like when you even just make like eye contact or far away with somebody. Put it back up. I guess that's fine but to me it's like just keeping on. Just keep it the fuck on it so much. Easier for everybody. It's not that difficult. We'd all like to feargal field of fresh air on our faces. It's just not happening right now. Sort of the fresh air feels the best is on the face. Yeah i guess no angry all the time like i'm just Angry all the time. In a way i never been before just like the lack of a basic consideration. Anyone seems to have. And i think especially because it's like i've been i've done nothing done literally. Nothing we came up to quarantine with my parents. None of us have so much has been to a store in a year. Like we're we're very very so. My patients love their overrated stores. Aren't that good. From what i recall their magical jordan. Have you seen these. Have you seen these new stores. That have like a big white walls and four succulents store. What are you talking about exit type of store. It's just like a white box and there's four succulents of you're like how is this a store truly that's my favorite. The stores are aimed. Exactly a millennial women they always work on me. Do you buy the succulents. No the actual product is on display. It's usually like they sell one jacket. Salva jacket on insta thing about the stores there's four succulents and then there's a big signed a neon sign that says in cursive like this doesn't suck but as this sokha spelled like s. u. c. c. and you take the instagram installation so oculus store and then once you've done that you're a witch. Is that correct. Exactly right then you get to declare yourself a witch because it has some crystals man gotta get crystals gallium jordan unanimity crystals. No what's balancing your energy. Nothing the energies all over the place. It's spilling out. It's falling on the floor. It's split split in splashing all over the place. You haven't been to the succulent store. You haven't been to the witch store. Have you been to the apothecary boy. You're gonna fucking freak out now. I haven't been to the impact of care. Sorry i have diarrhea. A kerry knows that helped my diarrhea. There's really only one answer for your diarrhea jordan. You're going to have to get out of the house to go to the witch store. You're going to have to shove an amethyst up your shitter. Oh now make me regular again. Yeah so high. Five press to pay small price to pay for regularity. Sorry listeners that i said shit our gross me out when i said it to you were you. Were pulling back from it. You do not so uncomfortable saying the word outcome on they listen to this show they can hear the word shitter. Can i say puzder instead. I don't think either it means like it means the place you go to do the shooting. That's true that's a good point. Okay canonical i'm switching to putin. Jesse can you meet halfway with third cutter so gross. Ooh okay when something will mantis happens to you like you find the perfect amethyst for your tarred cutter. Give us a call. Two zero six nine eight four four fun or send us a message at jj. Go at maximum fund dot. Org here is an example of one such call jordan jesse and guest. I'm calling in from toronto with a momentous occasion between twenty seventeen and a bit of twenty twenty. I unable to engage with most media and discouraged from acknowledging that. I'm trans or pursuing stone and that is because i was in a cult that time which really sucked but one of the things that kept me going was the way that i would sneak. Listen to jj go and the greatest generation a few other max. Von shows they Really helped remind me that You know there's a world out there that exists that other people live in that. I could claw my way back to And as someone used to live in. la All of you talking about my hometown so lovingly specifically was really helpful to me so as the february I am one year out of being in a fucking colt and as of now i am about ten months on testosterone. So also got dressed today so thanks. Everyone thinks that. I'm thrilled for them. I'm as happy for them. As i am when i get to the front of the line pinks hotdogs every it's the los angeles. It's the los angeles restaurant that every angelino loves. Pinks hotdogs a completely unremarkable hotdog stand. That's what i'm wondering if you were segregated from the rest of society if you were in a private world of some kind doesn't have to be a call. It could be that you live in antarctica or You you live at the top a mountain. Whatever and you're one lifeline your one connection to broader culture in the united states indeed. The world was sneak listening to jordan. Jesse go you. Just stay wherever you were right. You'd be like outside. World sucks the really glossed over the coal. And i'm sure they may be just. Don't don't wanna give identifying details jab fully make sense. It's totally fine. But that was such a twist in that story. Yeah boy it was a real. It was real thrilled to hear that story for me again. You know the the twists the narrative that you know. There's a lot of a lot of thrills in there and you know it's always nice to hear you know the the show means something in that you know the max people the max von shows means something to people. It's great. I mean so listening to that to me really the opposite of the pits. The la brea tar pits. Thanks jordan. yeah i got there right then. You really put a sign on it. You know what. I mean a hollywood sign. Yeah more twists and turns Go in that call than than going through a laurel canyon happy foot and sad foot night. Yeah you really. You really built a beautiful bridge to that. Won a golden gate bridge. Jesse if you keep this up. I'm gonna rock you right to the space needle good news jordan. Then i'll be on my favorite planet. Mars is going. Well okay. well we've got. We've gotten out of that what we need to get out of that. Brian i understand. We have a call about warrior sauce. Hey georgian jazzy. This is nick. Calling from columbus ohio Where we have my wife. And i have split a sandwich from oreos and to answer your question. Warriors sauces roasted garlic and caramelized onion. Ao league And it is delicious. We did not get roasted long hot though. So we're going to go back and jordan. I don't know if you eat a fancy restaurants. Aol is one of those words that they use to fancy up regular stuff just means a flavored semen. Okay jenny for you for your benefit. Yeah i. I was talking the show about how i was getting. This constant instagram ad for a restaurant called warriors beef and pork in columbus ohio. And i couldn't couldn't go there. I was really mad because it looks like it was confirmed. Who owns the restaurant. Whether it's the real or just pretend dario right a false which it's mario i don't know anyway and you know so. We were reading the menu on the show. Because i you know what else are you gonna do on the show fucking something out in a year. We're going to breed the menu and on the menu. Is something called warrior sauce. It didn't say what it was. But jesse being the sick puppy that he is with jerry. Just for context. I'm a bit of a sick puppy puppy. He's he's at home watching deadpool all day. And cartman look. This guy doesn't care. This is not your not your uncle superhero spider-man. I'm talking about dead. Police looking our is all down the barrel of the camera and giving you a piece of his mind all right so this this twisted edge lord to me on on the show heard cutter twist all right. I have a twisted turn cutter. I'm very sensitive about it doctor. Sale need surgery was that john lithgow interred cutter could me. You'll never know i like. I was saying this this sick. Fuck over here and pointing to jesse just first context jamie. I'm a bit of a sick. Fuck he's a sick fuck sitting around all day watching cartman and you told each t tells me that he thinks warrior sauce is poor us. Come i mean yes see you. I'll tell you why. I don't look me. I don't want him from family. I i i don't mean to get to stuey on you. Okay but let me. Just say this and sorry if it's too. Dennis miller sauce is a cup word. Not come more come on baby on like all food to very common word. It's not come and now we have confirmation from a listener that it's not come so just put this whole fucking thing to bed find some other perverted jag to go off on to get your jollies jesse. I'm thinking about a oli right now. Okay to become the joker. Just like jared leto jenny. What were you saying. We had no idea where that call was going so the guy called and he goes my wife and i split and there was enough of us saying anything he said from there. I was fine with the sick puppy. Now i guess for me is a divorce word. There's two kinds of words come words in divorce. Words matter from come. Words in women are from divorce words. What's your come language. Four distinct come languages as well. You got your roasted garlic. Your caramelized onions. Cheese lake yes. Of course you can't beat the original you know. Yeah you have to be to get theory to. Yeah sorry if i sorry listeners. If we're getting a little saucy okay. That's two zero six nine eight four four fun. Jj go at maximum fund. Or we'll be back in just a second. George jessica yu dad tell you about the time he broke. Stephen dorf knows the kids choice. Awards in dead pilot society scripts that were developed by studios and networks but were never produced are given the table reads. They deserve when i was a kid. I had to spend my christmas break film and a psa about angel. Dust so yeah. Being a kid sucks sometimes presented by andrew reich and ben blacker dead pilots society twice a month on maximum fund dot. Org yeah the show. You like that hobo with the scarf who imagine dumpster dr. Oh video gains video games video games. You like him. Maybe she add more time for them. Maybe you want to know the best ones to play. Maybe you want to know what happens to mario when he died. In that case. You should check out triple click. It's a podcast about video games. Podcast about video games. But i don't have time for that sure you do once a week. Kickback is three video. Game experts give you everything from critical takes on the hottest new releases two scoops interviews and explanations about video games work to fascinating and weird stories about the games. we'd love triple. Click is hosted by me kirk hamilton. Jason shire and me. Mattie myers you can find triple click wherever you get your podcasts and listen at maximum fund dot org. It's jordan jesse. Go jesse thorn. America's radio sweetheart jordan morris boy detective. Oh my god. Jenny jaffe for and introduce myself. You do and you did. Well i mean you probably just dazzled by the talent and wit that's been on display have irregular algonquin roundtable. Around here like the roundtable. But it's cool guys. Like i don't know jared leto jokers specifically everybody's favourite joker. It's me jerk pretty good. Not bad jesse. That's a pretty good leto. Joker ex you know. Why do you sound like bugs. Bunny trying to be a woman. That was the inspiration for jared lettuce. Joker was win. Bugs bunny would dress up like a lady and to a lesser extent. When elmer fudd would would wear a viking helmet. That was jarad. Leto does joker his. His villain was not the batman to the fund. The elmer fudd took an in kind of a different direction. I always love to watch yogurt versus fun. Whoever wins we lose more like a looney toon. More like a superhero movie war. And here's my pitch more. Like sorta kramer versus kramer thing word. Yeah yeah yeah. I don't know. Hey both warner brothers properties. It can happen happen legally i appreciate that. I think that would be a lot of fun put it on. Turner classic movies have a leash malone introduce it sure alicia malone great and everything Introducing bringing up. Baby jenny jaffe. What a joy it's been to have you back on jordan. Jesse go i hope. We've brightened your brightened. Your evening there. In palo alto california beautiful paolo alto calif home l. home of stanford university and it's famous clock tower the stanford cardinal. It's a name for a tree. It's great. I'm so happy to be back talking with you guys after all low these many years now now jenny just so happens that when we were off air. You mentioned apologies. If i'm not allowed to talk about this on the air but you mentioned that you've been using social media. i do. I do use social media occasional occasion caisley once in a sure. Oh this is for me to say where what kinds and how jaffe do whatever the fuck you want to know. Let us tell you what to do. My wife told me. I woke her up last night. Because in my sleep. I was punching mattress so i think all rules are off boy. Okay few so you can find me well. It would be great if you wanted to follow me on the stand. Love to have you there. It's just had jenny jaffe On on everything. And and i as i told these guys i i work primarily in animation in features so my ability to actually plug stuff happens like once every three or four years but i think there is some things about to be announced shortly so hopefully if you come follow me that i can tell you all about it. Let fraud fired on my god. I honestly i if we gotta we gotta make it happen the two most famous adversaries. Yeah they can. They can add at some point there. They're fighting and then they have to like team up against tasr but not like the naked task but the task. Who's like wearing the cool baggy jeans that tasr. You've seen that tasr. No one from sweat shirts sweatshirt tasks what you as much as i love tweety bird whose mean words like stupid and today isn't your day or something i think the the looney toon store at the mall where they have the spaceship thing. You could climb into the the martian with like say stuff if you press things. I don't remember that this is just a dream. You had where you woke up punching the mattress. I would love if anybody's listening in remembers the lake warner brothers stores. That was the jam when that was all and so was disney store. That was the best iteration of the stanford mall Those were the days. You know what i'm changing. Remember how we had leto lovie fudd. I got an update on that. A new pitch leto. V lids with z. So he's just fighting stores at the mall we'll just lids specifically because it got many hats right and then so they're fighting and then at the end they have to team up against or julius topic is better. That's better pitch be on their side. Hot topic can't can't do it without them i mean. Can you imagine a hot topic looking at a conflict. That involved jared leto. And not siding with jared leto income. He's printing their money. Pretty much more or less jenny jaffe. It's it's been a joy to have you on the program. Let's just say somebody wanted to follow you on twitter. How would they do that. I would love it if they wanted to do that. At jenny jaffe very go. J e n n j f. f. e. jordan jesse go of course produced by brian. Sunny d. fernandez. Our theme music love you by the free design. Courtesy of the free design and light in the attic records. You can find us on reddit. Maximum fund dot. Ready dot com. You can find us on facebook by liking jordan. Jesse go you can follow us on twitter at jordan underscore and at jesse thorn. You can find us on instagram at. Put this on. An at jordan. David morris. And you know what i think. That's everything that we've ever done. We'll talk to you next time jordan jesse go Maximum dot org comedy and culture artists owned audience. Supported walter sparky kind of links.

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Brad Meltzer Talks Heroes, Mob Rule USA & Trump vs. UN - 9/25/18

Pat Gray Unleashed

2:26:02 hr | 2 years ago

Brad Meltzer Talks Heroes, Mob Rule USA & Trump vs. UN - 9/25/18

"The blaze radio network. On demand. Pat grade is here on the blaze radio network. Thank you for being here as well. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Pat gray unleashed. Brad cabinet continues to be smeared. Mobs continue to harass Republicans, both representatives and not representatives both in the administration and otherwise. And there's actually a media battle going on right now over the Cava story with the second accuser. New Yorker writer writers Ronin feral and Jane Mayer pushed back yesterday against the New York Times coverage of the latest sexual misconduct allegations. The time said on Sunday that the reporters never confirmed with other eye witnesses that Kavanagh attended a Yale dorm party where Deborah Ramirez claims. He drunkenly exposed himself. Paper said it interviewed several dozen people in vain attempt to find someone with firsthand knowledge to corroborate the allegations. They couldn't. The times also said that Ramirez contacted former classmates to see if they remembered the alleged incident and told some of them. She wasn't even sure it was Cavanaugh who exposed himself. But pharaoh now says it wasn't accurate for a Washington Post columnist to have tweeted the times report that they declined to publish. But his only issue with this apparently is that there reporter pursued Ramirez aggressively. The New York Times supposedly pursued her to find out and she declined to participate because she was talking exclusively to the New Yorker. But what he doesn't seem to contradict is their claim that he doesn't have another heat has never single. I witness in the story. So with all that's going on your main problem is that they didn't run with it because she wouldn't talk to them or is your problem with the facts? No, he didn't seem to have any problem with the facts. She didn't have any I witnesses to back up her story. He was just pissed that the that the times reported that they wouldn't do the story. Story actually isn't and wasn't worth doing because if you can't get anybody to corroborate and this woman's. Memory is hazy and there's no evidence at all. It's not a story we've gone shouldn't even be talking about journalism one on one get to sources to unnamed sources to. We don't need any to no source. There's absolutely no other source other than the person making the allegation. It's ludicrous, it's it's really something. It's dangerous, super danger and we are falling apart and all areas at and your libeling people you're, you're defaming them. It's. Staggering, it's it really is staggering. What is happening that coupled with the fact that you can hassle, you can be rate, you can be little. You can yell and scream, gather mobs and threaten people out in public as Maxine Waters said, getting their faces getting their faces in restaurants, department stores at the gasoline stations wherever they go. She wants. She wants her followers to hassle Republicans or people who support Trump. It is getting dangerous. And if something, if it escalates to point where somebody gets hurt in one of these encounters is she's going to be the one one to blame. She's the one to blame because she's been egging people on openly egging them on. Despicable. Really, really, really despicable. This latest thing were Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi, go out to dinner in in DC, and the mob gets together and starts chanting at him and yelling insults at him. Unbelievable. Case, other chanting, we believe survivors, survivors of sexual assault. I guess. Then you have that dip would telling Ted Cruz betas way hotter than you do. Yeah. Well, you're not that great either. Good tanning salon every hour believable. She. She. Could hear the hatred in their voices to. Listen to this. We believe forgotten. The families must be proud. That's I mean, it's like first grade or something. It's so ridiculous. It's so it's just wrong. Lead people, how would you like it? If everywhere you go, there's a crowd of people that are hounding you. They would claim that they're scared to death that this is a threat and they're afraid for their lives. That's what they would do. It makes me want to gather people together, find out who these people are follow him around till we can start doing it to them. But of course, that's not the right direction to go has just as not what we need to be doing. But man is tempting. Because it's gotten so ridiculous. As we head into the to the mid terms here, it looks like Cording to an NBC poll. The Dem's Democrats have a big advantage. If there is a dark cloud, there's a silver lining to the dark cloud Republicans might like the latest polling. Although it might depend on just how much dark they can take yesterday's results show Democrats leading the generic ballot by twelve points among registered voters, a sharp increase in the gap. That's, but that's not the way you're supposed to measure likely voters not registered because you can pull all the registered voters you want. That's meaningless. It's those who are probably going to vote in this upcoming election that you want want to actually poll. So Democrats hold a twelve point lead in congressional preference among registered voters. With about six and ten saying they'd like to see significant change in the direction. President Trump has been leading country. The results suggest a political environment where Democrats have cleared vantage in their pursuit. Now, what are they saying is the good news here though. Because I'm not seeing any good news for for Republicans. I'm not seeing silver lining here. What am I missing a story that's in the stack there that that Republicans favorability as its highest point. That's true. That's probably doesn't jive with these polls. Now, doesn't rats forty, five percent of Americans now have a favourable view of the Republican party. That's nine point gain from last September. I don't know that they're pulling conservatives don't know because I don't know. That would not be the case. Have you seen what they're not doing? We just went over yesterday. All the promises made and none of them kept. Yeah, not by congress. Yeah, but still it's the party's most positive image since they registered forty, seven percent in two thousand eleven right after taking control of the house in the twenty ten midterm elections, forty, four percent give the democrat party of favorable ratings. So for. Forty, five, forty, four Republicans. Then how can they be in the lead in this NBC poll? I think you hit the nail head when you said it's voters, likely. I don't know, but right. What are no about five and a half weeks away Tuesday. So six weeks away? Exactly. Oh, yeah. From the election. Yeah. Wow. When we go. It's getting close hard to believe. It's at Tom already, we got we, it's almost it's time to bring out the Halloween stuff. Sure. Doesn't feel like that with the heat and humidity. This ninety degrees, the high temperature, Dallas. Gordon loving our misery. Plus, then we get this. You know, it's been so cute and then it rains making it even more humid. And so you just have this warm drizzly wetness that's going on. I just wish some of this rain could go north and Dow some of the fires that are happening throughout the west and California and Utah. It's it's been a really bad fire season really bad, triple eight, nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety-three do we have? Do we have the video of Ted Cruz? His wife being accosted. Update on that. We have that ready. Okay. Let's see the longer version of what happened. Mehta. Animals. My wife through. Forgotten. Listen, it gets. Every marginalized community. What was it last thing? Oh, cancel heaven off or women's rights every marginalized community. It's over man. This was fun. It was good. We had a good run mob rule USA maybe. I mean that's despicable. It's absolutely despicable. Annals is maybe the best description of what these people are animals. Can you imagine going to a restaurant where Harry Reid is having dinner and acting like this? No way, no, not in a million years. Would I do anything like this. No, right thinking human being is gonna wanna do this to people Ted Cruz. What does he done to survivors? Nothing. He hasn't done anything to these survivors that you say you believe in or you believe they believe survivors yet? Not the certainly don't believe the Keith Ellison survivor, five percent of Democrats believe the Keith Ellison survivor. She's actually got evidence. You know someone on Twitter last night was making the point and Saragan solace interacted with his individual chose not to, but he was saying how this is a lifetime appointment. This is a judgeship we have to. If if there's an allegation, this man should not be in that office space. Yes. So when ITO broaddrick claimed to have been raped and I'm sure you were a okay with Bill Clinton being elected twice even though there was about Gatien because that's all you need right analogous Shen. You cannot stop people from office from jobs from life because of an allegation. That's not America. That is, that's not what we do. That's not what we stand for. That's not who we are. Wow, triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three. 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See if you don't absolutely love this, like I do. You'll get ten percent off a month supply. When you use the offer code, Pat brickhouse Pat dot com. Gray unleashed returns after this on the blaze radio network. At great. Is here. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three. We believe survivors. Survivors, we believe survivors. Yeah, the the only thing missing from that. Awesome. Display of. Insanity. Insanity was the Mike numbing lunacy, Mike, Jen. Where was that? My check wave. Live. Well, we believe. Survivors leave saw survivors, and if she survived this, that's not the point. It's the fact that it wasn't cavenaugh. All right, so get over it. Not him the issue is, let's find out who did this to her. And I like millennial. Falcon just pointed out on Twitter cavenaugh basically admitted as FOX interview that he had no game in high school and college. Anyone with an ounce of sin can look at his credible when you confess your virginity on national TV. I don't know if that's a site of no game. There might be a sign of his moral strength xactly either way he sing that, so stop. Oh my gosh, there's absolutely they don't want a rule of law. That's the bottom line. Here's what he said about about his high school escapades allegation of sexual assault. I'd never sexually assaulted anyone. I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or anyone. There after and the girls from the schools I went to and I, we're flair. Save it all through all these years. That are in question. You were virgin. Correct? Correct. Never had sexual intercourse with anyone in highschool. Through what years in college since we're probing into your personal many years after a leave it at that many years after. Not not in high school or many years after we don't know if that includes all of his colleges but many years. I think he said, didn't he say high school college and many years after. So I think he was talking about well into adulthood. So I mean, this guy is not the kind of guy who would have done the things he's two women are accusing him of. I absolutely wholeheartedly believe him. His wife believes him. Here's what she said. This process is incredibly difficult. Parter than we imagined. And we imagined it might be hard, but. At the end of the day, our faith is strong and we. No, the Ron, the right path. It's pretty cool. So she has. She seems to have. I believed her to. I believed in both. They seem credible. The seem as though they're telling the truth that douchebag lawyer of stormy Daniels avenue. Eighty. Michael avenue was telling CNN's Chris Cuomo. He doesn't believe what Cavanaugh said. Here's what he had to say. Does he want America to believe that? The only thing that he did intil well into his college years was effectively kiss or French kiss a woman? Is that what he wants to believe? Well, if I don't believe it, but what if this dude is that clear them? Well, I I don't believe it and I think it shows fine. He thinks it shows he's lying. No, it doesn't. No doesn't. There are people who do that. There are people who wait until marriage. You think that's impossible, but there are some people who have control themselves to the point where they haven't gotten into that. That was the lawyer for stormy Daniels just speaking, right? Yes, Michael Nadi. Okay. Story Daniels is what porn star. Okay. And now I think she performs at strip clubs, right? So she very high class, so he has no problem believing the word of a stripper, but right, federal judge, yes. And he shows you who Michael Evan audience wants to be president too, by the way, just remember that fun campaign just amazing. What a world. And then if you're a US Senator who I don't know that Ted Cruz is even said, how good a vote on Cavanaugh. I don't know if you said that, but if you are even in in the same political party as cabinet, then you don't deserve to be out in public with your wife and be left alone. Just what we're coming to really. More and more we tolerate. This kind of thing is it's just gonna escalate. It's gonna get worse and worse and worse. And there's going to be some very serious things that happen to public officials and it's it's going to have consequences on this. It's going to be. It's going to impart. It's gonna be Maxine Waters fault. She's egging on she is telling them to do this. Now when you're when you're telling people to do this and then something goes wrong. I'm sorry, you bear part of the blame, even if you don't actually commit the crime. You have told people to go put themselves in a position where that can happen and your partly to blame. Lori d in Washington high, the blaze, hey, oh my gosh, I, I'm not sending food because it's national comic book day off today. Wait, it's lobster day you're out sending law a world, you. But you're not doing it for you. Oh my gosh. You guys stopping quilt Bex Dopp it. Nothing. This whole this whole Ted Cruz thing has me so ticked off who are the restaurant owners that allow this to happen? What's the name? Christian kinda feel Fiona, something in DC, I guarantee if the seal Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood was in that restaurant, having dinner and a bunch of prolife advocates came in and said, you're killing babies, your killing babies. Oh my gosh, they'd be arrested. They'd be arraigned. They would be through the Justice system already this morning. This is assault. This is with intent and you don't mess with my boy, Ted Cruz. If I have to fly down there this Tonio on election day, just vote for him again because we're registered, Texas voters I will. I don't care. You do not do that. That is disgusting. It is wrong and all I'm triggered figured right. To this. I will. Thanks for the call Laurie Laurie. Tell tell what you just tweet it out. He's been too busy to check. Why don't you tell them what image just tweeted out for all of us to see down here in ninety degree, Texas. It's only going to be a high of seventy today. Maybe my good up to seventy today. Rub it interfaces, rubbing it in your face. Put up with it because you said this food and I love you have a good day. One vote. We're blaming her for not coming down here to vote. She's right about the restaurant Boehner to the restaurant owner or manager over whoever was there at the time. It shouldn't have been Ted Cruz left. It should have been those. A holes. Those despicable morons who are screaming in there in his in the restaurant. It should have been. They who were forced to leave it that cops should have been called and they should have all been hauled out and maybe even arrested for disturbing the peace. Yep. For trespassing loitering. I don't know. You get them on something. Inciting a riot Mr. MRs crews. His meal have been called. And so if you sit here for just a few minutes for should be here any any moment. Now, unless he was just if he was done with his his meal, I don't know and they were at the table leaving. They were definitely already at the Taylor. I know. So I don't know if it was at the start of the finish or somewhere in between, but it the whole thing is despicable triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Pat gray, the beliefs, radio network. Pat gray returns on the blaze radio network. I'm told. And I'm just verifying right now today marks the anniversary, the. Is it the let's see, thirty forty forty. Eighth anniversary of the Partridge family airing. Wow. I episode aired in on September twenty fifth nineteen seventy. And history was made. History was made, I guess what we're going with his that history was made the Partridge family debuted in nineteen seven forty eight years ago. It's incredible. Wow. I was like just a glimmer in my parents. I at the time the hadn't even thought of having me by that. Yeah. So glimmer just to not even a glimmer? No mean they hadn't even. I don't know if my parents had even met by then. So. I mean that was a long nineteen seventy. Yeah. Long time ago. What a cheese if you've ever seen recently hit episode of the Partridge family. Wow. Wow. There's a, there's a sitcom that didn't doesn't hold up. Well, doesn't stand test of time all that well, and I'm sure there's a lot of them, but that one in particular doesn't quite work anymore, triple eight, nine hundred. Thirty three ninety three and. Pat unleashed on Twitter. I, you know, I, I'd like to hear your thoughts on Brett cavenaugh last night. If you saw any part of the interview on Fox News, did you find him in his wife, credible as I did. And I kept thinking back to the Clintons when they were on sixty minutes and how non believable they were and how insincere they were and how smarmy. And what a farce that was. And then I thought I didn't believe that time, but I kinda convinced can't when Clinton did this? Did have a relationship with Mr. Wenski that was not appropriate. Okay. Well, that one was easy to believe. Yeah, I actually the initial lies to listen to me. I'm going to say this again. I'm listening. Said, again, not have. MS Louis Louis key never told anybody to lie, not a single. Never. These allegations are false and I need to go back to work. Not because I can't believe lead 'cause he said it so intensely. So what I just I thought, can't he be lying sure what he's track record at that Winny's because we're gonna find out. It's going to come out and then we've got that to look back on. I don't know. It just seemed like, wow, that's a dangerous move. You're lying face for president for five years. He the press was in his back pocket. And then of course there was the indeed I did have a relationship with Mr. Wenski that I want you to listen to me, say this again. Okay. Say it again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman this Lewinsky. Indeed, I did have a relationship this the Wenski that was not appropriate. I love when you pull him back to back because it's, I mean it's everything he is just incredible. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three also have protests going on at Yale, which was Brett Cavanaugh school bread cabinet graduated from Yale. And so thousands of students fairly walked out of class today there because they're protesting. Brad Kavanagh. Good. Based on what now that's good. All the evidence against him. Because men, there's a preponderance of evidence. Is there one less day of brainwashing going on in there? Yeah, I if I'm their parents, I'm pretty pissed that they're not in class when I'm paying -rageous fees that Yale charges for these little darlings just get up and walk out. Over something they know absolutely nothing about by the way you think they know anything about this? No, they don't. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And then on the other hand, we have a Barack Obama to deal with again because he's out speaking and campaigning. Democrats. And hillary. And as the Democrats speak of fearmongering and even Obama's starts by by warning of fearmongering. Then he goes ahead and fearmongers. Here they are both fearmongering in their speeches. They're trying to scare that. Yeah. When we take our basic rights for granted, we're good. Then other voices fill the void right. Promise to fight for the little guy, even as they are helping the wealthiest like you in the most power. Are you kidding me and promised that they're going to take on Russian Washington, but and then they just plundered. What I worry about Rachel is that after this election, this president's going to wholesale fire people. And if we don't have one or both houses of congress in place, he will be even more uncontrollable and unaccountable undermine our institutions democracy, not just so it can entrench the power further and they'll unwind our campaign finance laws. So the billionaires have even more influence and they'll make it even harder for young people voted minorities to vote in the port of will fire people in the White House. He will fire people in his administration who he's sinks, are crossing him, questioning him undermining him, and they'll such as corporate polluters and they'll give. One point, five trillion dollars tax cuts to folks like me who don't need them. And they'll pretend that they're paying for them, but they're not like eventually to pay bills, they'll be able to that we should cut helper working families. The president is. Close to being uncontrollable. There are people still in there who by their own admission are trying to hold on Medicare, Medicare's skill that is conservative on what the normal. It's not. It's radical, what they're doing. They're doing. They've got a vision that says that all they want to do is protect their power. Even if it hurts the country with people with disabilities and seniors, nursing homes, essentially, add Moco news isn't healthy, democracy, kind of mongering doesn't work. Fearmongers on and on and on, and then they're going to, they're going to skin your your grandparents alive, then they're going to, they're going to feed the grandparents to your dog. Then they're gonna. They're gonna kill your dog and eat it, and then that's what they do. That's what they do. And then they're gonna feed rat poison to people who are then they're going to pollute the water and the air that you breathe. You won't be able to breathe it. No more. Then. Then they're going to set fire to Detroit, Michigan, really Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, both burn down New Orleans every place where there's minorities, they're setting them on fire, Republican, votes there. It's reasonable. Right? Makes it harder for people to vote. They're, they're the Oregon with this oppression of vote thing because you have to have an ID weight and in most places you actually don't. But in the places where you do, they're suppressing the vote of minorities because minorities couldn't possibly be expected to find an idea somewhere. Somebody pointed out on Twitter, isn't that the same rally where he was saying you stop looking at your phone, young people. And they put it out. He spends the entire speech looking at a screen. We're gonna tell prompter screen. So anyhow, there's absolutely no self-awareness. They don't care. You're. What's good for you, whatever man, this guy, the whole. He's at worst. It's so awful to have him back in the public again. And it's so obvious that he is missing the limelight. He everyday was election season because that's how he treated his presidency. It was one lung campaign triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three dully in Texas. You're on the blaze. Hi, hi, Pat. I walked the Martha maccallum Novi last night with cavenaugh and his wife, and you could visibly see how emotional of this is being or this is for him and for his life get to tell on his face and in his words. I at one point I felt like he was. He would probably cry because it's just tearing apart his integrity. His did he his honesty and he just wants to get out there and just, you know, tell the. Truth, and it's not unusual at all for a young man to wait until they're married to, you know, to have sex. I mean, if people believe that women, you know, wait until they're married. There's nothing at all to suggest that a man wouldn't wait either. I, I know several of them, so I just, you know, I feel for the Kavanagh's. I think his wife is incredible. I've got a great deal of respect for her for. It's not just a stand by your man business. She knows this man. She knows this man. She knows his integrity and this. I can't believe this, which hunt I just can't. I can't believe it. And maybe worst of all is in the midst of all of these allegations that are coming out with not a shred of evidence, nobody to corroborate what it's doing to their daughters. That's gotta be so hard for their children to be here in this stuff about their dad over and over and over and over and over again. I mean, you imagine, I, I really feel for the kids appreciate it. Thanks Dolly despicable. What's happening to this family? Absolutely despicable. Chairman, Grassley revealed today, apparently that Kavanagh's two daughters have faced serious death threats. She's and vicious assaults. And it's apparently getting worse by the day. As these people have no shame they, they don't care at all Wayne in California. You're on the blaze. Hi. Hi. Just wanted to call in watch the whole thing last night on on FOX on the and like you're saying, I feel sorry for the kids and the mother having to explain to kids what's really going on. And that would be a very hard thing to do. I think. And I think he he was very restraint last night. 'cause I don't think when he goes to that here after the hearing in everything, I don't think he really cares if he gets to be the supreme court Justice. I think he wants his name cleared and I think more important to him then being the supreme court Justice. At this point, and that's that's how I feel. And I, I really, really feel bad for the man. And you could tell by just like you said that guy was just on the verge, you know, and I really believe him, I believe him, you know, all the way I, I just hope to best for them. I really do Wayne. You know, a lot of feel that feel that way. And it's interesting that the the other side of this equation, they don't care about any of it. They don't care about his family. They don't care about his wife. They certainly don't care about him. They just wanted they're out to destroy these people. They're just out to destroy him and who wants to put themselves through this process ever. Again, I, if you're if you're a judge on a federal court and you're Republican or you're conservative, you're a constitutional leaning person. And you're watching all of this transpire. Is there any way you want any part of this if the president were to nominate you. I wouldn't. I certainly wouldn't. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three losing weight and keeping it off is tough. We all know that, but there's something that can help and it's time you give it a shot if you've been putting this off thinking, yeah, should try that today's the day. Go to rid us own dot com. Reduce own is a safe natural FDA knowledged dietary supplement that helps you. Stay focused. It keeps your mind off a food because it reduces appetite and it booster metabolism. So it's a great product. If you've been struggling with losing weight or keeping it off or an all you can do is think about food, give reduce ONA, try our idea use e o n e read us own dot com. Go there, enter the promo code Pat, and you'll get thirty percent off a three months supply rid us own dot com promo code Pat for thirty percent off ridges, own dot com. Pat gray on the blaze radio network. Pat gray unleashed. Triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And Pat unleashed on Twitter where Duckie Dr rocky MC, rocky face, tweets, wait, if Obama says he's getting tax cuts from Trump and that he doesn't need them. Then why is wife charging thirty five hundred dollars for her book signing event. It's a really good question. Techs billionaires like me, don't eat them. You know, the probably is people who are make it a little bit less than you, but more than average, those people do need them. They do need those tax cuts. They do need the brakes. And it frees up money to help other people which I know you think is government responsibility rather than individuals. But it is agonizing to listen to these people again to have to hear Barack Obama and his bullcrap speeches again. Yeah, it's painful. It is actually physically painful. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Also move on dot org. I just found this out yesterday. You don't what move on dot org was named for you do know that I didn't know the story. Yes. I didn't know at previous to yesterday found this out from Jason but'real. Move on dot org sent out a tweet to Christine Blasi Ford. Dear professor Ford, we want you to know that you are not alone. You are a survivor. Millions of us have your back. We call on senators to demand full fare and trauma informed investigation in the net fascinated from standing by the the supposed, the alleged victim here. When back in the nineties move on dot org was founded to oppose the impeachment proceedings against former President Bill Clinton. They were named move on because it was time for the country to move on past these allegations. How ironic is that. Is that the word anymore with democrat hypocrisy. Ironic, just pathetic. It is pathetic. It is. It is absolutely pathetic, and you know, co-founded move on dot org, Hillary Clinton. So this is the person who is said in the past that all these women have a right to be believed. That's interesting because you didn't say that to your husband's about your husband's accusers. In fact, you did the opposite. You went out and tried to destroy each and every one of them just, I mean, yeah, the hypocrisy is really hard to wrap your mind around. It's it's amazing. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety-three whole foods is taking some legal action against animal rights group, direct action everywhere. DA following years of protests, the activist organization is launched against their stores. This is kind of amazing too, because I remember a story years ago about whole foods where they were. So worried about animal rights that they, they didn't want lobsters to be traumatize. Do you remember the story they were they, they decided to stop selling. Fresh lobster, live lobster because the transportation was too traumatic for them. So getting them from being plucked out of the ocean to the stores, I guess they felt was traumatizing for the lobster. And so they only they would only sell the frozen kind for while I don't know if they still have this practice, but it was it was a big story about ten or fifteen years ago with whole foods. And so they were really concerned about animal rights and now to see that they're the victim of these animal rights activists is amazing, but for several several years, this direct action everywhere group has staged events like chicken funerals, sit ins with Cal crates, and they've interrupted store ribbon cuttings on their salt on. On whole foods dress for chicken funeral. I, I don't know. We'll have to call direct action and find out. But finally, whole foods has decided they've had enough last week, wholefoods Berkeley stored California was granted a restraining order against them ahead of its plan, protests of the location plan this week, whole foods issued a statement, saying direct action members have repeatedly entered our stores and our property to conduct demonstrations that disrupt customers and team members by blocking access to our aisles departments and cash registers interfering with our business and putting the safety of both customers and team members at risk. If they lay down in the aisles run over him with the shopping cart. That's what I say. Sorry, you chose that place that we can't get around you. So I'm just gonna go over the top. You did. I step on your face. Well, maybe your face shouldn't have been on the ground, right as bad place to put your face. Yeah, it does appear that you wear traditional black. When you go to a chicken funeral instead of a whole foods. Okay. And that's good. Good to know. And another thing to know is that. It's not food. It's violence, all that's right. I did see one of those signs. It's not food, not food. It's violent and and true. Animal lovers are vegan. True. Animal lovers are vegan. I'm mostly vegan. I mean. Certainly vegetarian for the most part for the most part. I mean, yes, I do eat the occasional chicken chicken and some fish, you know? But other than that, you know, maybe a little maybe a little bit of beef. Well, maybe quite a bit of beef, but also some pork. Have you looked up maybe it's been a while, but you might below I've had alligator in the past update your definition of vegetate. Well, other than, but other than that, mostly I don't. There's a lot most of animals on this planet that is yours. I'd I choose not team vegetarian lot of, yeah, partial partial ish Detari. By the way, for instance, I've never eaten bear. Or lion ever and how many of those are there on this planet a lot. There's a lot of I've never had caribou for instance, never eaten a caribou in my life. Have you had dog? Never had never had how many dogs are. I've never had dogs. Brock Obama for Obama's had a dog, right? Yes, he did. But did you know that animals are my friend and I don't eat my friends. Is that another one of the sites? Let me see those lady shirt. Almost are my friends and I don't eat my friends. I love I needed t. shirt. That. That t shirt. I will wear that proudly. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three eighty three. Pat gray unleashed on the blaze radio network. Glenn Beck is coming line to talk about the right path forward and to make fun of the people standing in the way he might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing, Glenn Beck live the addicted to outreach toured on tour this fall. At grade is here on the please radio network. Hello and welcome triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Pat unleashed on Twitter. See the Monday night football game last night. Yes, I did. For the third straight game. Even though he struggled at times first-half Ryan Fitzpatrick through for over four hundred yards. First time in history, anyone is thrown for four hundred plus yards in three straight games is amazing, and it's amazing that it's him. It is. It's incredible. Now, if he just trim that skanky beard, why do you have to look like a Hobo? You're an NFL quarterback. Why? Why do you have to grow the Hobo beard? I don't even understand that. Although here. I don't like Hobie rd. Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm not a big fan of the mobile beard, but I've never really thought about it. And quite honestly, I don't carry their way. I just want to have an excuse to say, Hobo, beard. To be honest with you. You have to admit the Hobo beard does not look good on a quarterback, but it does create a buffer if you're going to rub beards, if you're going to rub Hobie RDS. Why would you do probably bugs in there and every? Yes, probably stop it. You don't know where that thing is Ben right. Gross. I will say that nice to see that the the field there in Tampa looking like my my my front yard with army worms, crawling all over devouring the grass. Do you have any army worms and your yard? A big problem right now? Armyworm yet. I just eat your grass and thin it out, and it looks like crap and I'm angry. And so I was like some coastguard worms in there, but I don't know what army were Ron's air force worms in Christians gun merchant marine worms. That's weird. But no, I thought, hey, look at an NFL field. Looks like my yard. Awesome. Pretty pretty crappy, but is what they did with the. Did you notice they colored the ten yards around the ball? You notice that? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The graphic make it look like super green Gress. They should do that to the whole field and make it look nice on TV. I didn't until like last night. I didn't realize it could do that. It's cool. It's cool. It looks like you actually have a green field. Let's. Had pale green or Brown all around it, but in the ten yards that they had to get the first down. It was super green and they just electric or digitally did that is really cool. Computer graphics and stuff they do basically do, and it's cool to see from from one network to another one. What other innovating, you know during the off CNN. Any unveil it? Yep. Is it a good time? I mean, since we're talking football can, can we see that we now know all the different. Understandings of how you can rough a quarterback. It's thirty second video tutorial. Oh yeah, I do this. All right. So so. So there you go, you gotta you gotta lay them down on the mattress now. Okay, that but it's still penalty. Cinnamon a chair still a penalty. All right. Flag. Now we're doing flag football. That's. Heads or tails. Here we go. Shake hands. They can hand sats. Get out of here. That's actually pretty funny. This sport is pretty good about done. I love it that everybody's on that then wagon now too. Everybody's I it's not just us that have noticed it. It is everybody who is a football fan. Everybody who watches the NFL, even casually has realized. Okay. This is now you've really got to far now. This is way way too much when it becomes just idle conversation with, like you said, casual fans, or someone starts referencing a big flaw in the game like that. Remember it used to be, oh, they don't let them celebrate anymore. Well, you're right. They didn't. And they've brought that back and let them look at the ridiculous extremes. It's taken though. I love it. I do you really because if you why they so ridiculous, you watch football with your kids and you hear them laugh and joy. And I think last year. Oh, who was it last year? The head all the great, the great celebration. I think the Vikings actually, you know, they look forward to the Vikings scored a touchdown today or it was because it look forward to it. So I think if you have kids, it might be a little bit different, but I'm with you. I'm the Barry. Sanders type just hand him the ball. Yes. But yes, it's like. And it's it's gotten to a ridiculous point now because with every tackle, they've got to do some kind of weird thing. Well, yeah, like throw a flag on the penalty on the play. Is that we were till? Yes, but the celebrations over just a routine tackle are like these stand up into the cloud? Yeah, dorms horns. It's at. Come on, come on. I will say, I've already generated this Pavlov's dog response in my head to whenever you second quarterback that just a few minutes after clay Matthews got penalized in that Washington game on Sunday for tackling the quarterback, Matt Ryan was tackled, he was sacked and the falcons game. And I, I was looking around like maybe the drive will be extended. Maybe we'll get one of those cheap penalties. Clay Matthews keeps getting every week, but no, we didn't get one in our game. We had a field goal and loss. But anyway. This sport that league. It's amazing. We're talking about the giant that is the National Football League debate team that can do no wrong in marketing and billions of dollars to spend huge television contracts. We're talking about now a league and just a matter of two years that feels like it's on the brink through the kneeling protests and the fan base. They lost that way. Now the ruined the game itself. Yeah, they've got some issues. They best be careful tread very carefully here as it moves forward. I think by the end of the season, they're going to have to reexamine this, this protection of the quarterback thing. Wait that long. Maybe coming back next year. If on tire season with this kind of crap news won't get out that. Oh, now it's okay to sack the quarterback. Yeah, they'd better do it now. I don't know if they'll do that midseason though. I don't know if they'll do that, but in needs to be done when you have even. When you have NFL commentators saying that it's absolutely insane. What's going on to the point where I'm not even in a comment about it. It's that ridiculous and that commentary that commentator is a former NFL quarterback. You know you've gone too far and you were saying on the NFL's own network that is used? Yes league right talking like that. Yes. The NFL network gives you a little clue as to who owns it by the first three letters NFL it's their network. Yeah, put together. And then when you have hall of fame quarterback, Troy, Aikman so disgusted with it, he won't even comment on it. I think you've got a problem that maybe you want to address. You're right. You should maybe address like, I don't know this weekend. Now this week before the weekend games, but they, they won't. I mean, do it now before the by weeks kick in, then everybody gets to play the new set of rules and equal number of game. So let's do it now save face and you're gonna have to sit just pull the referees, aside on a conference call tonight. Hey, guys, here's the top it can. We just stop it only if whatever the the one that needs to be done away with the. I think the one rule for sure that let's go away is that putting your body weight on them thing, just let them tackle the quarterback where they don't have to do gymnastics by the time they hit the ground in order to not get a penalty. It's just it's bizarre. It's bizarre. I mean, I'm okay with you. Not hitting them. Hi. Okay. Now you're not gonna hit them low because you don't want to ruin their knees again it. It doesn't make a lot of sense because where are you going? Well, okay. Now I can hit him in the mid section by can't come down on. Come on. So if you just at least eliminated the body weight thing, I think you'd you'd be further along in the process if I were in your shoes and that was my team that is losing games because of to rule enforcement, I would be I'm upset right now. I would be livid, so yeah, but the falcons don't need help losing. They take care of that on their own and they've got so much talent on that team. They should be winning a lot. They've they've three games, they've lost three of eleven defensive starters. I'm not making excuses the Packers when they have injuries. I know it can be done. I will say fun. Little thing here they have these things called prop bets where you bet money on individuals doing specific things in a game. Calvin Ridley this inside football talk here. He's a rookie wide receiver for the falcons and last week I put a little money on him to score three touchdowns in a game. I said, I feel like he's just going to. It's going to have a great game for some reason. He didn't score three touchdowns in week two, but he didn't week three and I did not place. Happens to me Pat you or maybe the worst gambler street of GAM put money on BYU, beat Wisconsin, but I, which would have worked out for you. It works very nicely. However, I parlayed that with Nebraska beating Troy which did not happen. Factor get spanked by Troy. We'll see who got spanked by Boise state talk about. So remember that one night that the Packers were losing twenty to nothing and I put money on them to come back and beat the bears did, but then you parlayed that with the Astros wasn't? Yeah. The Astros were tied five, five at the time. I said, come on Astros do this, and then they lost six to five. But still, you bet this carry pissed. This is your investing daddy's money. Right. Okay. All right. Yes, you know, she doesn't care. Absolutely not. Well, at least he doesn't voice that opinion if she does. That's nice. But it is. It is. It's Keats play money as long as you're not losing the house. You know, I mean, look, they're a banker or to live of stairs because of an agreement we have. It's nothing crazy. It's not like Stu crazy, yes to hill, this invest hefty amounts of money. Little gambling exploiting time. But I mean, what are you? Gonna do, what are you going to do? What are you going to do? He's got an arrangement with his wife. Does he does the purse thing? She does the first thing he does what he does during during football. I thought he was the purse gay because that's why you gotta libertysafe for his persons. Right. Oh, leases leases, right? Okay. And I think they do keep the person actually do this. Their purses are more valuable than my car. So yeah, they they keep the purses in there and those persons are more valuable than my gambling receipts by far. Yes, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Pat unleashed on Twitter more. Coming up here. Listening to Pat gray on the police radio network. Pat gray returns. While it's breaking news here we're just talking a little bit of football. This is amazing after going down with a serious looking knee injury on Sunday against the chiefs, an MRI has revealed the full extent of the torn ACL that has ended the season for forty-nine quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. To take out the anger of a loss of a star quarterback in a market well needs their team to be in good order for more than a few thousand fans to show up to the games. The NFL and the competition committee have laid the hammer down on clay Matthews. The Packers linebacker was hit with a two games to spend by the league. Yesterday after news broke of garoppolos fate, wait, wait. Can't had guys like this being mean to our precious quarterbacks each at every Sunday according to NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell not only has Matthews failed to gently lay each quarterback down to the ground. He doesn't even apologize. This type of behavior won't and can't be tolerated to send a message. Mathews has been suspended in connection with Jimmy garoppolo's, tearing his ACL on the other side of the country on Sunday. We honestly aren't fully sure why, but we're just being safe. The evidence of this particular player hurting the feelings of a quarterback of quarterbacks around the NFL is beyond mounting Mathews has been hit with a personal foul penalty and each of the three weeks of the NFL season and this was obviously a little satire peace feels real. Does every passing day. It's about this stupid about that stupid. Yeah, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three let's go to Jeanne in Washington. Hey, gene, you're on the blaze. Gene. Go ahead. I just got three comments. The the kneeling that incomplete Perea don't watch NFL anymore. And Ted Cruz and his wife is going to have a peaceful meal bladder Lennon called him useful idiots. Yeah, and I love and their doors. For Shane takes gene. Yeah, I, that's a lot. That's really insensitive though. Insensitive. Because that implies that you're eating them. And of course, animals from my friends and I don't eat my friends. Well, animals are my friends and I do eat my friends. So animals like cows are not my friends. My friends were like dogs and I don't eat them. That's a good point. But a Cal, I don't have any friendship with cows. You know, they just kind of wander around and eat cut and stuff. And I, I just don't have any particular Fundus for them. So I don't mind eating them. How did the Hindus ever latch onto that sacredness of cows. I think they, they heard the expression, holy cow. And so they took that to heart and. In Hinduism cows are thought to be sacred or deeply respected. They are held in high esteem and Hindus, especially in the Paul worship cows during two Har Har. No, of course you have your har- calendar up yet and to har- little late this year. The reason has to do with cals agricultural uses in gentle nature cows are in society. Oh, Hindus, do not eat gay. Wait, wait a minute because their agricultural uses in gentle nature. That's an interesting choice there. It is sacred cow. That's where the phrase comes from. Okay, nice. So they let wander around wherever they want. Right? Yeah, I think so. I think you just have to let them do their thing. You have to let them do their thing. I think India, unless that's an old thing, they've changed that since I don't know. Dogs are gentle, right? But I don't have any agricultural. Disqualified equation. I'm sorry, you just answered your own question there. Didn't you? Sure. Did those good way to noodle that out. Thank you, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three there's a little battle going on. I think we mentioned this in the in the press in the media over. The story that came out about the second accuser of Brett cavenaugh and Ronin Farrell has been the one who's been breaking a lot of these sexual misconduct stories, and he's a little pissed off because the New York Times said they wouldn't do the story because there was no eyewitness corroboration and there's only one source and that's the supposed victims the alleged victims. So fair was interviewed by George step enough Stephanopoulos and he goes ahead and admits there were no, I witnesses. Here's what he said. There's a coalition of former Yale students working with Brett Kavanagh's office, a number of them who signed onto a statement in this article, pushing back against MS Ramirez, claim are individuals. She alleged to be participants in this attack on her which Brett cabinet office seemed surprised by. And we've been redacted the names of those individuals at their request because they were alleged to be involved. The point I wanna make this. It is not accurate to say that those who knew about the time dispute this, we talked to a roommate from the the time that was living with him. When this alleged incident took place who said he was indeed frequently drunk that he took part inactivity that made him on surprised by this claim that he found this woman credible. He's one of several people in this story who back MS Ramirez and we wouldn't have run this if we didn't have a careful basis that people who had heard at the time and found her credible. But by your own admission, no. Why witnesses the incident? Absolutely. We disclose that up front and clothes that she was in Hebron it at the time. And I think the fact that she took several days to consider and really carefully make sure that she hadn't evidence area basis for this and other people were backing account who had heard at the time told speaks well of her level of caution. The behavior of someone who is fabricating. Wow. That is amazing. He has no evidence this guy at all. Wait. She took a couple of days to really think about the allegation. Dude. She had thirty seven years to think about this ellegation supposedly thirty seven years June have just a couple of days. Thinking about this, supposedly her whole life. And then he admits, yeah, we don't have any witnesses, but you still ran with the story. Are you kidding me? And then you go on the basis of some guy who knew that that Brett Kavanagh had been drunk in his past and that your evidence. It's not out of character that he would be frequently drunk. Wow. Then I guess let's start surprised by this. Yeah, let's put him behind bars right now just for being frequently drunk. Hell, how many kids in college are frequently drunk, but haven't sexually molested somebody? I'm going to hazard a guess that it's it's quite it's a high number. Wow, that's really bad. So Stephanopoulos pressed feral on the fact that Ramirez didn't originally remember Kavanagh's involvement. Let me press you on that. 'cause that's sent. It's really jump out at me when I read the article. She says it after six it. I wasn't sure. This was cavenaugh when you first came to her last week and then you right after six days of carefully assessing her memories into consulting with her attorney. She did become confident that him. L. done is incredible. Okay. So again, I think in this particular instance, it was since eighty three. So that's thirty five years. She'd been thinking about it for thirty five years and then so she still not clear up until that time. Then she took a few days in. Okay. Now it's all back to her. What. This is pathetic. So Faeroe says Ramirez only came forward after Senate Democrats starting started investigating the claim. Why did she come forward? She came forward because Senate Democrats began looking at this claim. Okay. So that doesn't give you a clue that maybe this isn't true. None of this stuff. Rang in alarm bell in your head Ronin. This is really bad stuff. This. Your smearing a guy who is who's been nominated for the US prem- court for no good reason. He also said that he takes reporting very seriously and he's, he's going to defend the story. You pointed out the witnesses, the students at the time who back up her story back up their claims Kavanagh's behavior at the time. Several others in the article say that they never heard anything like this at all. Even someone who professed to be her best friend at the time at any moment, you're writing the story. This close to the nomination. Did you sort of wanna push the pause button? Say, are we sure this is the right thing to do. Georgia. I just want to stress very clearly. We take reporting this tape, extremely serious edit entry basis for this number of witnesses were told at the time is strong. It's in excess of what we typically see in this kind of investigative reporting the deal with sexual result assault that claims is very often that there aren't multiple people willing to say they witnessed it in the room and the individuals who were most primary to this are people she alleged egging bread calf on, and those are the ones who signed statement that you talked about pathetic. You should embarrassed. He should be ashamed. You know, he is dragging this guy through the mud for no good reason. They don't have strong evidentiary evidence. They've got no evidence zero. They've got the foggy faulty recollections of two women from thirty five plus years ago. That's what you have. And one of them is a partisan hack. At least one of the other one might be as well. They're democrat, they're Democrats who hate Trump, and so you can't figure out a motive in this. Maybe it's a political motive. Maybe it's a jealousy issue. Maybe it's maybe they want attention. Who knows? I don't know. But I do know that this is a pretty sloppy, pretty terrible journalism. It's not even journalism is just it's flat out smearing of a man and his family. It's irresponsible and it's ugly. What it is is a decision has been made to derailed this nomination and prevent Brad Kavanagh from serving on the supreme court in. They do not care. They don't care now what it takes. They're going to continue driving down this road. They don't care if it's true. They don't care about a guys reputation or name, or if he's no sincerely innocent of the charges. Just defeat Trump. That's all they want. Will be true in the fat Jeffey coming up next. Pat gray unleashed on the blaze radio network. At gray. Chew the fat. Would you seriously. It's a problem, not freaking kidding. Mascot is greeting you into the room. On with your segment, sir. That could happen anymore. I'm trying to get out of you and you alone have big right. Well, let me here. Acceptable for him to have a look hold the microphone. You like that he has big rights careful. All right. What do you got forty two days until election day fifty. Wait. It's only forty two days, six weeks man. Exactly. Six weeks fifty days until thanksgiving. Wow. Days still New Year's the year. You skip. Ninety one days to Christmas then. All right. Got Christmas stuff up. I've already there more their Comcast. Congratulations outbid FOX to win the sky network. The European sky broadcaster. They outbid come up at FOX, a healthy, three point, six billion dollars as they take over the settlement auction. So Comcast is going to take over sky and good luck little let's have a fun. They're going to be. Everything's just gonna be Comcast. It's going to be a wonderful world. I know they wanted to start. It sells why they wanted it. I mean, sky has cells TV phone, internet services, twenty three million European households. I mean, do it yourself, news, entertainment, sports programming that the Premier League contracts. Deal money and what they're talking about. What may happen is that they've got to earn now fifty percent of the shareholders have got to seal the deal, but they're gonna look at starting to buy sky shares on the market right now to have more than fifty percent by October eleventh, and they claim that what they're going to do probably is Comcast is going to trade. They have thirty percent stake. I didn't know this. They have a thirty percent stake in Hulu and they're probably going to sell that trade Disney. The thirty percent of Hulu in return for the thirty nine percent stake in sky that Disney FOX already holds so that they so Comcast gets the last guy that's range -ment isn't. He might say. What? No. We're gonna keep this guy, but you know, who knows? They might just what wash their hands of everything, and then they both have we're over here. You're over here. God bless. So it'd be interesting. We'll find out a little bit later this afternoon. What happens to a man Bill Cosby? But he's already been the judge said Nep. You're going to be excellent sexually violent predator. We're already marking that down for sure he has to register now he's, they still haven't gotten the sentence in yet. He broke for lunch and said, I'm going to non for a little bit get back to you this afternoon. I what we're going to do for the sensing, but he was already required to comply with sex offender registration for life. But the designation has an s. VP has additional requirements. Mandatory check ends reporting and counseling for the rest of his life. I mean, that's so that's the sentencing probably might not go, well, yeah. No, it doesn't. And I think the prosecutor is neat looking for five to seven years. Yeah, they want. They want quite a bit where did, but I also heard three years was likely. Well, I think that they were saying that that they put it all in one deal instead of separately that the mixed the most like ten years. And then they were saying that with time served, you know if the the house in how served and what they can get the minimum, you know, they're hoping to three years. Okay. But if the judge the judge isn't give him any break on the sexually violent predator stuff. He's probably going to jail for awhile. He's going to go have lunch and come back and say, all right, you're going down. This now what's one year ago that Anthony Weiner was says the Twenty-one months now, has he done jail for listen online contact of that fifteen year old girl. What year? Low pretty fascinating since Anthony. Yeah, I haven't talked to so less than a year. Less than a year I wanted to. Yeah, got nine months. Let he'll be. We'll see stupid mug on every television screen around America. Pig rights for him behind bars. You can have rights to that. That's all yours. It's also been year sir. North Korea's top diplomat said his country had a right to shoot down US warplanes after President Trump tweeted that Kim Jong UN. We'll be around much longer a year ago. Now Trump was at the UN today and he spoke at the UN which was a little fascinating. I mean, one of the things that he said was that we will never surrender America's sovereignty to an unelected on accountable global bureaucracy that went over. Good bet. He also one of now this this to go over well at all. I was really surprised. He was not happy the audience laughed at him. Would he brag about his accomplishments as president really Madam President. Mister secretary general. World leaders ambassadors and distinguished delegates. One year ago I stood before you for the first time in this grand hall. I addressed threats facing our world, and I presented a vision to achieve a brighter future for all of you Mandy. Today I stand before the United Nations, General assembly to share the extraordinary progress. We've made. In less than two years. My administration is accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. AmeriCares so true. Didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay. So. That's going to be the next that's going to be the next the next barometer right around the world when you're dealing with Trump, did you laugh. Did you laugh digital laugh at me. Because if you did. It's they were mad at them too. They gave him. I mean, some of I've got to watch the whole thing. Sadly, because he talked about the tariffs and they were not happy, you know, they're, they're a lot of those countries are impacted by the United States in those tariffs and he bad mouth Germany and several great things about Poland during the speech. So there's gonna be some good stuff in there that look, just y Souza said, look, we're not going to be. We're not accountable to you elected UN come to think of it. What I've done is I've called there's about hundred and fifty u. haul trucks out front. We're, we're four hours. Whatever it doesn't. He'll be together still be together. All you want. Just not here, whatever we're gonna auction, whatever doesn't fit in hundred fifty trucks. We'll fund the hundred fifty trucks. We'll drive them to whatever you want them sent to. And by the way I said that was funny as all of the translators where translated you could just hear the laughter Bill. Everybody caught up to the job and. And I would be happy with the this. The u. haul trucks out for having nice get out. Thank you the country forever. Come back, visit visa, hell no, no problem get out and stay. But when you come back, you're going to be going to be asked to follow our laws like you are now, and you're going to be asked to pay for your own crap. Okay. Oh, gosh. I, I hope that by the end of his first term, he has. Successfully moved along that road because I mean that's something Reagan talked about doing though, but think of the done already that he would have stuck that in maybe maybe that hasn't been mentioned, but I didn't today. You don't think that's going to be on his agenda for the next three hundred sixty five days. Snuck it in like you know, really? I've been like he say, you know, people been saying that I should close this place down. I'm trying to try to save it. And then you know, next week tweet, people been telling me to shut it down. Maybe I will. Mation point. Great has to get out to be a huge accomplishment than nobody else would have has ever pulled off and you know, so many of us want that to be pulled off. So any obviously has disdain for the UN just like we do shut it down. That'd be great. Do it. It'd be great. It would be take your stupid organization. Go do it in Brussels. It would look good. They're at the UN building a Trump hotel sign. Okay. Yeah. In fact, that's the place where I, I wouldn't want to have people stay Duffy building in New York. I the people who work for making stay here. I don't know if you've talked about it yesterday or not, but it was really cool to see tiger win on Sunday, tiger a victory and if you want to see, I mean it was so it was such a such a shot of watching all the people following him around. And then when he came up on the eighteenth, I mean it was a massive crowd of people cheering him on. And they were saying that I wonder how much golf like Tiger Woods. Well, the overnight ratings and the two or champion to round scored a five to one the highest rating for a non major broadcast in all the year, and it represents streaming was also also up five hundred twenty one percent eighteen point four million minutes streamed across NBA Evie sports platforms, but between five thirty and six PM when he was finishing up that final round coverage peak, they had a seven, nine, seven nineteen. When they were. Kevin share crowd. The crowd well shot up over seventy or so. You know, NBC was really happy and the PGA loves tiger. Oh. People people like I don't watch golf, but I was interested because tiger was in contention and just a heads up to the National Football League that was in the middle of your day that those were tuning into that instead of the NFL the Sunday ticket. They were giving Tiger Woods updates. Yeah, so they knew their audience was split. So yes, they're aware there. Saturday numbers were pretty good too, for tiger making the run for Saturday to and that your letter that was, you had me for a second. Your letter about clay Matthews spend. Anything not plaza. World right now. That's the thing you you can't really do satire anymore because the world is actually more crazy than anything. Yes. I think to myself dick, yeah. At the same time I'm going, oh my God, it is. It is possible. Yeah, it is. It is possible. It is. Fortunately it wasn't real, but. Yet, it sure would you have people all over America, making fun of not being able to hit the quarterbacks, just sports guys, not just radio guys, not just inside people sitting at a bar talking about this stupid rule in that stupid rule, and I couldn't believe they called that or what a bad call that was genuine. Everyday Americans making videos of how stupid you're rule is. That's a problem. Yes, that's problem. I hope Roger actually sees it, but I know he's busy. He's got a lot of banking to do with forty million dollar paycheck. Bothers me so much just does. I love the story about the Indonesian teenager that survived for forty, nine days adrift at sea. It was so I don't know why loved it, but it was cool to have him survive that long. He was a nineteen year old in an Asian boy. He worked as a lamp keeper for those of you. Wondering what a lamp keeper is. It's a, it's a happens on a floating fish trap known as a romp lung, and it's located about one hundred and twenty five kilometers out at sea. We don't really know how far that is, but it's out there somewhere. At sea. Now. Is it might be. Miles. To know. But he was he stays out this rob bog and nineties employed to light the lamps which are supposed to attract the fish, and he'd done this job for like three years that I mean that's a talk about having a job that nobody wants to do. Someone from the company would come to get the fish from the traps and deliver him fresh supplies of food, water and fuel. Here you go. Now you do that time for you to leave you. We're just dropping stuff off picking up to fish for you going to be out here on the rom Peng for a while. So the small wooden hut. The company owns about fifty of them and they're anchored, you know, all around looking for the fish now, big wins came, snap. The moorings offi goes. He goes away from the dock at one hundred twenty five kilometers from store. And he had a few days worth of supplies. He survived by catching fish, burning wood from his hut to cook them. This is what God be sipping the sea water through his close to minimize his intake of salt. I've never heard that before. I mean, we kinda strange stuck in this earlier on the radio show, but we would it'd be debt. I, I wouldn't know. Rescued me dead. Of course, the fish would have plenty to live off of for, I don't know. Good on the the, no, no, no. It'd be like an eternal buffet for the fish around there. He was. He was ten ships at passed and not picked him up some flags and apparently had some sun side of emergency radio signal that he finally went off and ship. Finally heard it and rescued him. One of the things that's fascinating that while he was out there, you know, he's obviously scared for his life and crying to know what was going on. He said that at one point he was even suicidal and consider just jumping into the ocean. But he remembered that his parents advice to him was to pray in times of distress, and he had a bible on board, so he did and nice Dino and eat the paper. I mean, you could eat the papers that's way to live off the bye. Why would eat the paper when they had phase. Yeah, that's true. I guess you get sick of the fish though. Right? After forty nine days. Yeah, straining saltwater through his clothing. I know I never would've thought. That's interesting. I never knew that that you do use your close to cut out. Really smart. To do that, right. Yeah. Yeah, congrats mercury one, our partner operation barbecue relief, which I love and a surprise served us two millionth meal. The organization for two thousand eleven in response to the needs arising after the second largest tornado in US history hit Joplin Mississippi or Joplin Missouri in the seven days since operation barbecue has been down in the Carolinas after Florence, it served over two hundred and twenty five thousand one hundred seventy five meals and they're serving hot and tasty meals to the hurricane Florence survivors in and around Wilmington, North Carolina. So your gifts to mercury one are restoring the human spirit. So if you still want to help out in find a way you can go to mercury, one dot org and look for the link. The full length is mercury. One dot org slash hurricane relief eighteen and they actually have a phone number. I don't know. I go nine seven, two. Four, nine, nine, four, seven, four, seven in call that or you go to the website one dot org. All right. We'll finish up with the chew in the fat Jeffey coming up in a second year. Pat gray unleashed. Radio network. Now back to Pat gray on the blaze radio network, Fitchet up now, chew in the fat Jeffey. So I'm not a big fan of snakes. Never have been really, but Virginia, a lady was out, you know, out in the flower bed and came across this particular snake, it's a venomous viper to headed. And if you look on blaze television, you'll see the rare to headed freak of nature in the flowerbed. They're saying that it is real it. It probably won't survive long. They've got it in, they've got a place a snake handler, that's taken care of it right now trying to let it grow. Because what happens is the two heads are separate. So the left head is usually the dominant had in the right head has the more developed throat for eating. So they end up, you know, just battling each other. The has ended up dying. So. Pretty big. Yeah. Law right now, how old is it this there? They didn't say, say it was, you know, she founded in the flower bed and she found it when it was just a couple of weeks old. It does say what she's she founded. That's not hold it isn't that picture? And so now I mean it's a Copperhead and both heads are poisonous. Well, you know, no. And see the difference between this lady in Virginia and Jefferson is that you would have not you? I would if you knew me, you would know that I found it to snake. Other humans would not have known about it because it would. It would have been killed a very rare. Two heads. Wow, that's that. Killed it, but it would have been over. Wow. Yeah, I know really. That's we talked about Toronto last week being the raccoon capital here in North America, but in ocean City, New Jersey. Amana on vacation captured this video of a raccoon, scaling the side of this building nine stories up and then decided to jump off. Actually. Stories. It didn't hurt stories. Eating like internal injuries stories. They they, if you watch the video, they played it. Watch it again. You see how he spreads out on the jump. And so he's almost like a little parachuting himself. You should try that. See if it works human climb nine ninety feet and just jump into a belly flop into sorry into the dirt. The raccoon nine stories limit on that belly, just fine. Jeffey could jump out of a plane, travelling four miles above the earth and land safely who understand why it would be. We're trying to. You're bigger than the raccoon. So the height needs to be more. Where he jumped from a he or she. I don't know the gender of the raccoon. Where. Jumped from ninety feet right? You should try nine hundred or nine thousand feet. See this isn't a thousand just spread out like that belly flop into the ground. We'll do that works. They will do that as a promotion for my new podcast starts next Monday. Idea. The building jump promotion for chewing the fat, the daily. It's noon consider done. We'll take a camera right outside. Here's a couple of buildings. You could just do this building. Of course you're gonna live through that. It's not even. That's not even we're looking for nine thousand foot building. Yeah, there's a couple of over here though, in loss cleaner. That's what I'm saying. But this is like a Russian dash Cam video, like for real didn't get hurt that. Remember that's why I know we're talking about you're talking about the show about everybody wearing cameras and video tape and everything. That's how the Russian dash Cam videos got started everybody with those cameras because of insurance fraud and everything. All the everybody said do. No. We're just going to be putting in cameras. That's how we got all that dash Cam footage, right, right. So I mean, that's coven. It is count it triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three more pet. Grin leash coming up. Gray only on the blaze radio network. Hey, it's Pat and you're listening to Pat gray unleashed if you like what you're hearing on this show, then you should also check out the Glenn Beck program. Look for it wherever you download your favorite podcasts. At grade is here on the blaze radio network, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three that gray unleashed join this afternoon by our friend, Brad Meltzer bestselling author, Brad, Meltzer, welcome to the blaze. Always going to be back my friend, how you doing doing great, always great to have you. You have a book coming out or it's already out that. Is really timely since the, you know, the big movie is is coming out. I think this weekend is well right or October October twelfth. So we're a couple of weeks away from it. But your book is I am near Neil Armstrong from your I am series. Tell us tell us about the I m Neil Armstrong book. And we've talked about these before, but I started these books because I was tired of my kids having bad heroes in society to look up to mouth athletes, reality, TV, show stores. People who are famous for being famous. Instagram was disgusting to me, and I thought there are so many better heroes through history. We can give them and we started with, I'm Amelia Earhart nine, ABRAHAM, LINCOLN. We've done Rosa Parks now, but Einstein, Dr king and Jackie Robinson. But we're now at this moment, I always believe if you look through history, you don't get the heroes that you want. You get the heroes that you need. And when I was looking at the value proposition of who wanted to do neck, that books are always about the values. It was Neil Armstrong. It was, you know, about humility and working hard. And I think those were ideas we've really gotten away from and we need to get back to and and when Neil Armstrong was a little kid, he was eight years old. You know he, he was just. Like anybody else. He wasn't some amazing superstar and we got to teach our kids if they work hard that they'll actually accomplish what they want that it's not about just kind of beating your chest and saying, I'm the best. I'm the greatest look at me, and I think the Neil Armstrong really stands for that. Then you know, even later on his life despite the fact that he had such celebrity and he was adored in this country, and I, I don't know that I've ever heard any person any American, say a bad word about Neil Armstrong. He remained a very humble man, his entire life, didn't they? Yeah. Well, that was the amazing part and that's why they picked him right? They could've picked Aldrin. They had to choose who's the guy. We want to take the first step and they picked him because Neil Armstrong never used to use the word. I used to use the word we, we did this. We accomplishment he saw the Apollo mission as you know, this is our accomplishment, and he meant the mathematicians scientists of the Taylor's who sold his SP. Together and remember when humility was a great American value. We need to bring that back for kids again. And that's why this whole kids series designed to bring it back. And I love that. You know, they knew when they picked him as you said so correctly. It wasn't gonna put his name on a t. shirt and sell the rights to a restaurant, Neil Armstrong's hotdogs and moon rocks like they knew he was going to be the humble one, and he basically went back to high. Oh, and just said, I just did my job. An amazing American. And you know, as you mentioned, it's it's a tough time right now where kids don't have a lot of really great heroes to look up to and they don't have any idea about history in and it's really sad that it's gotten to the stage. So this book is an incredible vehicle to help our our kids understand that we do have American heroes. There are people you can look to with really good values and principles, and it's hard to find now and you and you're, you know, you have to give them the stories that they care about. You know, for me the most important story in here when when Neil Armstrong's eight years old is big dream, you want to climb the silver maple train is backyard. And when you climb a maple tree or any tree, you know, it's like a puzzle. You gotta put your hand on this branch and then your foot on this one. And then you gotta kind of shimmy your way up to the top and as climbing eight years old grabs a dead branch and the. Branch snaps and he falls plummets to the earth slams flat on his back fifteen feet falls flat on his back sitting comes running to get his mom, but the most important thing in this entire kid's book is the next thing Neil Armstrong does is it gets back up again. He starts mowing his lawn in a cemetery to save money. The most depressing job a child I think has ever had history, right? But he wants to save money to buy toy planes and he wants to buy a real plane. He gets a pilot's license. He's so young that gets his pilot license before he gets his driver's license. Of course, become a test pilot becomes a military hero becomes an astronaut takes that giant leap for all mankind on the moon or what I teach my kids when I read them this book because you don't get to take the giant leap until you take the thousands upon thousands of small steps to get there. And I think right now it, whether it's Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, we as a culture favor, those who are really good at. Calling attention to themselves really good at saying, look at me and I think we have to. We have to remind them that it's the humble ones. It's the hard workers that have given America for more than the ones that say, anything else that's really hard bread because we see it. We see it in the NFL, especially we see it in baseball. We see in basketball where you know the the guys that are normally held up to our kids, the the athletes, they're all about chest thumping. They're all about me. Me me look what I just did, where to the point where these spend, I think they spend more time working on their touchdown celebrations then do on their football skills. It's pretty amazing to see. And so that's what our kids are getting a steady diet of instead of a guy like Neil Armstrong who was all about we, as you said instead of me. Yeah, and listen, your kids are gonna pick heroes, whether you like it or not, you might as well have some say in it. And I think the only way you can do that as you gotta give them something better. 'cause you're exactly right. I mean, whether you look at athletes or politicians, we're just about anyone society. That's what we focus on today. It's it's a problem and I actually think it's no surprise. You know, if you look if you weren't, let's I know you and I are both like such huge history. But if you look through history really wanna nerd out a little bit, you look at the great depression heroes that were popular at that time. They were Tarzan and they were flashing their characters designed to transport you elsewhere because it was a depression. That's what they called it, that it was the press in. Go to the twenty th century, go to the jungles tars him. And then as World War Two starts encroaching on our shores, America gets scared, and we want someone to come save us and the nineteen thirty eight, a character named superman is created. So the million copies, no one can understand why it's because we're terrified. We want someone to come and save us. And if you look after nine eleven. The when everyone said they'll be no more film on ever gonna laugh. Again, it was just such a sad time in our coaches in our country's history, the Merced big movie that broke through the public consciousness with Spiderman. Once again, we a country that was scared. One of some of the comes save us. We wanted to warrant superman anymore. We were Spiderman, we were we, we still wanted to fight, but we knew was harder to so weird kind of enemy that we're facing, and it's why to me for the past fifteen years, we've had superhero movies have taken over even the bad ones, a hundred million dollars Pap because we still want someone that come save us where we're country starving for heroes. And for me, it's no coincidence that the two big biographies this year are Neil Armstrong and mister Rogers, right? Then you'll I'm sure movies about to open huge flag controversy and everything else aside. But like an years. Mr. Rogers, what are they have in common their people that were humble will hard working and that cared about other people rather than themselves. And I think it's just a reflection once again, that again. You don't get the heroes, you want, you get the heroes you need. You mentioned the controversy around. I man, which starts Tober twelve. What? What? What do you make of the excuse that they used that they actually used Lance Neil Armstrong's humility against him for the movie that that he was so humble that he wouldn't have made a big deal out of planting the American flag. Do you buy into that? Yeah. Now, listen, let let's be very clear one when we went, I am. You'll I'm sure when our book came out, I immediately got a call from the screenwriter of that movie because you said, I say what you're doing and I really liked pretty sure what you're doing. You really have the spirit of Neil Armstrong here and I asked him about it. I was like, I know one seen the movie, huge controversy. No one scene and I said, is in there. He's absolutely in there like make no mistake it's in there is like, and, but I will also say that there is no question that Neil Armstrong planting flag being on that moon is a profoundly American. Achievement? It is why I chose to write this book about this amazing American. It was a rates, right? It wasn't right the human endeavor. It was a race against the Russians and America one. That's why we have to. You have to feature that you have to talk about that. That's what the space race was by definition. What I will say though is I do trust the alarm, strong sons, and I think what got lost as you know, all these kind of controversies. They, you know, boil up on Twitter and on social media, and then we have to kind of stop and say, okay, what's the real truth here? Or is it just people who are designed trying to make me mad because when people get mad and the only ones that winner the people in power, right, that's win. Whatever side you rooting for. That's who wins when we fight. And when you looked at this Neil Armstrong sons, we're like, we're the consultants on the movie. We like what the stands, where we love how it was done and I have to have faith in his family that they know exactly what they're doing. But make no mistake. This is an American achievement. We're talking with the author, Brad Meltzer of. Of the children's book. I am Neil Armstrong and it's such a great series for kids of the entire IM series, Brad, we, we've loved him for many years now that you've been writing these. Now I understand in January, you have a book about the murder plot against George Washington. Can you give us a little teaser about that? Crazy people know me from decoded where we used to on the history channel. And I said, this is book is like an episode of the coded, but in a book format. And what happened was I was looking for this story. I was reading this. I just love it in history about George Washington Glennon. I talk about that. You and I talk about it and I found in the footnotes, a secret plot, real one. This is true kill George, Washington, and I was like, is this true? The real? Is this internet met? What is this? I've never heard of digging into, right. No, I'd never heard of it and I've read, you know how many books on George Washington. It's always enjoyed mentioned for like a sensor to or para reference to, and then they just go past it. And I went to Joseph Ellis who at one of the great George Washington biographies, and I said, is this story true? And he said, listen, you gotta look into it. He's like, I know the story, but I've no no one's ever written a modern book on it. There's no book on it, and I looked at started looking into it. Here's the story is George Washington the of the revolutionary war. This is all. Taking place. I'll tell you when you tell me what else is happening that day. And there's a plot by George Washington's own men as inner circle of of the heroes that are taking care almost like his private secret service to turn on him and some set of kidnap from something, killing the results, the same. They're gonna kill him either way. But what George Washington finds out about it. He rounds up one of the people responsible. He builds the Gallo. He hangs the man in front of twenty thousand people, the largest public execution at that point in North American history, Pap. And while reason, nobody, he brings the hammer down. He's like, do not mess with me. I am George, Washington. I'm going to be on the money one day, right. I mean. And but the mazing part of the story is there's no one knows about the cause. The hanging happened on June twenty eighth seventeen seventy six day. The declaration of independence. The first draft comes in, it is the day when the British are truly coming, they're about to invade. And in the midst of all, this is a twenty thousand person group watching a public execution that George Washington administers and it's an incredible loss moment a history. So it's called the first conspiracy, the secret plot to kill George, Washington. It comes out in January. I can't wait to read the books. We can really dig into it. But what you see in that moment is and what the book is really about as again hero talking about heroes you need is the strength of George Washington's character that what happens when he's facing adversity, you know, there's always people who are plotting against the president. There's always people who are trying to take wherever's empower down, but his reaction is so incredible and just reveals his charac. And it also leads to the birth of the entire counterintelligence movement. It's an incredible story. I can't wait for everyone to read the first conspiracy. No, yeah, that's sounds fantastic. Does it also it also demonstrates how serious our founders were against treason and threats of this nature. They didn't mess around with that. You know, they didn't get people on the risk. Yeah, you can't do that. The one of the things we kind of we we forget is we love to tell the story about how the American revolution was this ragtag group. We're all on one side. We all together in them victory comes and we forget that it was all being here. And so places like New York places like Boston, you don't forget all these British people were living here and they're watching and saying, who's going to win. And there's moments where we look like we're gonna lose. We keep we come really close to lose. When that happens when you have a military, who's we don't have the food. We don't have the bullets. We don't have the gun powder. We don't have no one's getting paid. They're getting smallpox. They're getting a narrow diseases. They're getting everything. It's a horrible experience for so many people, and we look like we're gonna lose guess what happens. People start saying, wait, maybe other side is something better to offer me and you have these people who, sadly were switching signs back and forth depending on who is doing well that day and thank God George Washington, and we'll talk about in January, but find, you know, little. We're gonna small group that nobody knows about the ferret these people out and make sure that those were the true nature. It's are on our side and it's just one of the most amazing. You know the the things that we're looking at today or recently or years ago, they've all been happening since the start. We keep replaying it over and over and it's just a fascinating to watch George Washington deal with it because he he isn't a 'nigma, right? We, we know so much of him, but we know so little actually about him as a man looking forward to that. So that comes out in January. So you're you're series. With for the kids, the IM series. And then this George Washington book, these are all factual actual true stories are you're not getting away from the the fiction, the thrillers are, you know, no packed. My what I'm working on right now is, you know, we it'd be escape artist, which we talked about about my time at Dover air force base working with the military on and the thriller, and that actually came out and paperback this past week. So anyone who was waiting to buy, I buy a hardback book until I graduated college. I couldn't afford it. My family didn't have money for that, and I can only paperback. So paperback of the escape artist just came out last week. So anyone who was saving money like me when I was younger, go get it, but I'm working on the sequel to that now and you know, I, you know me, I love the real story. So going back over air force base and the men and women who take care of our fallen troops, it is just inspiring to me. I can't hear enough of those stories because, again, those are the best of the best of us working on the best of the best of us. Our military men and women. Awesome. Brad Meltzer. We'll be looking forward to the George Washington book as well coming up. Where can people go to, you know, place online that they can find the books and don't comfortably. You can go to Amazon born noble, you know anywhere, but you're gonna Brad, Meltzer dot com. You can read the first chapter for free, I think, yeah, you can see all the books and you can pre-order them and I love the fact that people are, you know, for me what I love about the I am books whether it's Neil Armstrong, Jane Goodall, whether it's Dr king or you know, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, George, Washington, all those books we've done. I love that people buy little stacks of them and they build libraries for their kids and their grandkids, nieces and nephews. And so we actually just to do that. We came out with a strong girls, gifts it and it's four books. It's I'm Amelia Earhart. I am Rosa Parks. I am. I'm sorry. I'm Harriet Tubman. I'm Jan Goodall and I am soccer Julia four book sixty dollars worth of books. It's on south thirty dollars right now at Amazon. So you look up the strong girls gift set, and I love that. You know, again to give real heroes to our kids today, such a vital need for the, you know this Christmas. Celebrate no doubt about it. All right. We'll talk to you again first of the year when the when the books about to come out, all right kid coming in Dallas. I'm gonna come see it personally for that one. Awesome. All right. We'll see you then. Thanks, Brad. Okay, brother. All right. We also have some breaking news here. Bill Cosby was just sentenced to three to ten years three to ten years in prison. So it looks like he's going to serve at least three. He, I think with a sentence like this, it has to be at least three. Yeah, right. So somewhere between three and ten years, I guess, depending on good behavior or the whim of the parole board, or who knows what will what determines whether he served three or ten. A guy who's what eighty two seriously. I mean I guess it depends on. Yeah, he's he gonna give you know, free stand up routines every prison to work off. I don't know. How are you go three to ten years in prison for Bill Cosby triple eight, nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety-three more Pat gray unleashed coming up. On the blaze radio network. Pat gray suit. Incredible by. If you're looking for a beautiful home, spacious home on a spacious lot for any credibly, good price. We have just for you in Palo Alto, California. Okay. Yeah, it is a jury ass- eight hundred ninety seven square foot home for just two million. Five hundred ninety thousand dollars. That's right to for for under two point, six million dollars this nearly nine hundred square foot home can be. Yours doesn't sound like a. A good deal. I mean I'm not good at math. So really how many feet almost nine hundred square feet, which rounding up from eight nine, seven eight ninety three square feet short of nine hundred square feet and how much they cost like in just two point five, nine million dollars. Now, how much are you willing to pay now? Nobody's gonna get this for list price. You're gonna have to go above that. Obviously the market is so hot and the beautiful bidding bidding war for this mind, it's in Palo Alto. You're be right near Google, right near Facebook, very close to the apple complex, much square foot. That is that's only about three thousand square foot under three just under three thousand dollars per square foot and look at the square feet that are that are available. Let's let's look at the realtor has is gonna take us three home. Here's a little ad for this beautiful, beautiful mansion. Crept with the daily team, high proud, great, new listening, one, Twenty-eight middle field road. Beautiful Palo Alto, beautiful resting on spacious lot of over four thousand square feet. Sufficiency resting on us spacious law, hold on a four thousand square feet. Wait, what. Resting on a spacious lot of four thousand square feet and look. Look. Let's say you buy eight hundred ninety seven square foot home. And let's say people still have families in California and you want to add to yours, right? Look at all that room. Qin room build on. I'm sure that the ordinances in California make it easy to do. Just by it and you can just buy it and put an extra. I don't know closet. Probably there's plenty of room for another closet Abed, but to the rest of the. Along with it. I Dillard's location prairie two story plans drafted by a well respected. Local architect provide an excellent point for expansion. Why hardwood floors living room, complete with the center, fireplace and beautiful bay window. The first bedroom awaits. Overlooking the front yard and flows nicely into the kitchen. Plenty of storage vintage appliance. Tile Pasig pedestal sink writes down the hall classic along with second bedroom, which offers great privacy. Side yard, it's not big, but it has the outdoor spaces, lush with rosebush that Redwood trees and apple tree a stone patio, putting green Kyrie covered Pergola that perfect guy. For the price that can be used as a studio or home office. Okay. Liga basement with plenty of extra crawlspace storage extra from the prime ruby mere moments away from the first avenue with the word winning restaurants and shops. Crossed the creek rest distinguishment, low park and just a few minutes further rest Stanford University, Stanford mall. Stanford mall, prestigious Palo Alto, of course, including. Hello Alto in community centers and a world class in valley girl. Just a short drive away. Sits near all of the world, famous employers of Silicon Valley and within easy reach of all San Francisco. So basically now he's talking about what we've seen enough. Okay. It's all a description of the town Alto. The house was four rooms. I think. No, it was two bedrooms, two bedrooms, hitching the living room. And that's it. Vintage eight hundred ninety seven square feet of just basic basic home with vintage or really old appliances in the kitchen probably have to replace. Two million, five hundred ninety thousand dollar. I lived in a that's unreal bedroom apartment. When we worked in Houston together it was it was bigger than that house. By the way they get a putting green in California yards in Texas. We have driving ranges in our. In Texas two point five, nine million ten thousand twelve thousand square feet. You get eight ninety. Seven Palo Alto, California. Congratulations. Pat gray, the blaze radio network. At gray is here on the blaze radio network for being here with us triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three if you missed it Bill Cosby, got three to ten years three to ten in state prison, and he's been labeled a sexual violent sexually, violent predator. So that sticks with you for life. But I mean he's eighty two. So I think he's eighty two. Is that what he is? Maybe lesson that check with attorney, Jeff Fisher. See is his attorney stanch defender for some reason. Eighty one eighty one years old. So come on you old. First of all, I of all jiffy is leading Bill Cosby. That's leading to fill. I know it's Bill. It was OJ Simpson, right? So what. Win, famous people, commit crimes. They have to pay for them just like the rest of us otherwise. Well, it's an unjustice I unless you're famous politician unless you're Hillary Clinton, you know what is what is the murder list now, hundred forty people or something. At least. How many people have Hillary Clinton. Oh, yeah, we haven't done this Google search at a while. So I mean, it could be hundreds by now not just. Oh, just just fifty. I started out like forty or fifty. I think every go haricot. All right. Click here. Just wait for the gerbil spin. The wheel. Good grief. Scroll scroll. Scroll fifty. Six. That's not bad. Perfect. Yes, been right around that area for a while. Manageable. So. Six. That's not bad. No. I mean, you know, for brutal elitist, murderers, there you can kill more than that. I mean, how many did stall in kill way more than that? Right? When you put it into right, you know, it's right. Just put it into historical perspective and, and you see what happens. It's fairly reasonable when you're talking his history. I mean, you know, big deal. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three and Pat unleashed on on the Twitter verse. There's also a Buddhist monk. Now this is said to be, I don't know that I'm familiar with this guy, but he's said to be the most famous Buddhist teacher after the Dalai Lama. And his book the book of living and dying has sold more than three million copies. And apparently it's influenced numerous celebrities saw gal Rin posh. Beacon of light and hope for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. Supposedly at some of his trusting devote ease. Saad darker side of him. Oh, no, yeah. Yet for the women who claim they were sexually abused by Rinpoche. He's anything, but a wise pious holy man, other ex devoted his accused him of brutal beatings and using donations to fund the lavish lifestyle of fine wines, Cuban cigars and chauffeur-driven Mercedes Rinpoche surrounded himself with a harem of beautiful young women that he called his Deke knees or angels. Their duties included wiping his backside after he used the toilet. If that's your duty, why would you do that? Okay, you're here for spiritual enlightenment and somehow that includes wiping his, but for no, I'm sorry. I draw the line at wiping big fat guys, but I'm not doing that. Maybe that's just me just to picky. I don't know. Is that wrong of me that I'm not willing to do that for spiritual enlightenment? About your typical day you go around to go to work, right? Maybe it's not, but they'll WalMart or the way home. You got to pump gas, you know, you go home and you see your neighbors interact with people on a daily basis. How many people have you unknowingly interacted with in your life? Who who've done something like something wipe somebody's bar for people out there that you've probably crossed paths with do insane things, Jeff. Okay. Well, that's why you don't shake hands. Example. So we're kind of the exception to the norm. But yeah, you have no idea. You're at an amusement park. You're just passing strangers here and there at the mall if those still exist. And so there are people out there that subject themselves to stuff like this and I don't. I don't know why I don't want somebody says, hey, main job is to what my but for me after I go to the bathroom. How can I. Later. I, you know, this isn't the job for me. Can we negotiate? Can I know coffee for you? Yeah, there's no negotiation if that's what you've asked me to do leaving. So think about it, and it's like. John Conyers and his office, what a naked, right? Or what was he doing undies or something or or who was the CBS guy walked around his house naked rose. Fairly early rose. Yeah. I the fact that you would my gosh, not only be the person that does that, but b the person experiences and then keeps quiet about this stuff. So I'm glad that just keeps doing it. One male student said that he was he endured abject humiliation. Rindt posh would grab his Jim blitz in front of group of attendees. Well, and he must have stayed to another extra votes. Told the sun newspaper saw y'all is part tyrant and part spoiled child any surrounded himself with a harem of beautiful young women. And this particular ex employees said he seems to be addicted addicted to sex food smoking and hitting. Doesn't sound like the most enlightened creature I ever heard of. But I mean, I don't know him personally. We don't know him, but the description so far doesn't have me much impressed. He just last year step down as the spiritual head of his global rig PA organization. After some of his inner circle of students went public with these allegations. Now there's another report commissioned by rig, rig, and undertaken by a law firm that's confirmed that he subjected some of his inner circle too serious physical, sexual, emotional abuse, really sad. In there was a two thousand eleven Canadian documentary on him called in the name of enlightenment. And one of his ex students claim that he sexually exploited her. And she said that the organization was aware of some of these issues didn't address them. Now. One of his ex students, not the guy who to wipe, but she's the one. I think that's that mentioned the fact that some people had to do that dirty job. So gal and the girls thought everything that went into him and came out of him was holy. So the girls wiped his, I'm going to save for him. He liked to have worked gatherings while he took while he went to the bathroom with the door open. He also chewed his food and then exchanged it with a kiss with the girls. Here's what he had to say about these allegations. This is amazing. In a letter to the law firm that is talking about this. He said, whatever I have said or done when interacting with my students has been with the aim of helping them to awaken their true internet. Nothing will do that more than. Wiping some big fad Buddhist monks, but for him, nothing. Nothing will enlighten, you know, work on yoga before I do this really now whatever I mean to each his own, he said, nonetheless, I see this intention has been misunderstood, and my actions have been judged. Otherwise. For some this way of training may not have had the desired outcome. I must accept my own responsibility in this apologized to anyone who feels this way. So having sex with didn't enlight you enlighten you or wiping his buttocks for him afterwards, didn't enlighten you is sorry about that about the food exchange didn't help. Everybody chewed food, not sorry for that. That was clearly an enlightening moment for everybody. So what a weird sick twisted world. Wow. Are no words, man. I mean, I guess there's a lot of stars like John Cleese for Monty python swears by this guy, and so does Tom York from Radiohead. Keanu reeves. He's another one. Apple's, so they still swear by them. After these allegations? I don't know, but they were all. I mean, York stands up for Israel does. Oh, yeah. Radio. Oh yeah. They're like, boycott us, whatever. That's great. They have. Oh yeah, yeah, I think it's Johnny. Green. One of them is married to an Israeli Jew, so they have a unique perspective in whenever that whenever there's a tour or something, you know how every artist has to go through nowhere. You're gonna play in Tel Aviv, nowhere. You're gonna play in Jerusalem. That's boy cut this band radio Shirley, the cave, right Radiohead says, let's talk about this on Twitter where they proceed to kick some verbal. But on this issue. They're great. Grinders of Israel. So maybe he wasn't lightened by by SOG gal. I don't know. SOG yell. Spell this for me as a g. y. a. l. and then Rinpoche r. a. n. p. o. c. h. e.. I'd like to buy a vowel. At one retreat Rinpoche blessed at Devoto who is wearing a Rolex, and he told the man, you have to put this in the offering bowl at the end. Oh, okay. Okay. You just want my Rolex and then I'll reach spiritual enlightenment. A British woman who was his girlfriend from nineteen eighty to nineteen eighty six head. I understood that I was one of four girlfriends and came to accept that since the other three lived in France. Then on a rig PA summer retreat in France, I discovered he was having sexual relationship relations with many other women. They included a woman who was on a cycling holiday and had popped into the retreat while passing by while I was there. I realized sug you'll was just using me for gratification. All right. But were you enlightened in the meantime, that's the big question me honest with you. I'm giving the Rolex from web in the butt. Yeah. I mean, I, I don't know. Did you did anybody shake hands with these people afterwards? That doesn't seem like a. Good looking, dude. I know right? Isn't he though. I think you're going to tweet this. I mean, he's like Buddha shaped this guy. Good. So good. You know there's anything wrong with that. You know, he's an elderly man. Probably in his seventies or so. He's been to the buffet timer to. Say he's made a few trips. I don't know if he's ever been kicked out for eating too much like Jeffy has been, but we'll look into that triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three more pet, grand leash coming up. Gray. Blaze radio network. Pat gray returns on the blaze radio network, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and it Pat unleashed on Twitter. Clicked into one of those. Click, bait things every take you down this clicking road. Have you gotten to have you gotten to the slide that you originally were looking for? No, of course not. It's like thirty eight from here. Something who knows? You have no idea, but these are pairs of celebrities. You had no idea where the same age. Actor Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter. We save these for a fence lead show and rob could but can give you this. And rob gronkowski are both twenty nine years old. Daniel Radcliffe is twenty nine. From Harry Potter. Yeah, he's on stage now naked or something, I don't know. Yeah, that was while ago. My bet. Donna, Ellen Degeneres the same age sixty. Wow. Okay. Mario Lopez. Adrian Brodie. Both forty five. Case you're interested. I am. It's kind of Sandra Bullock. How old you think centre Bullock is and Laura Linney. Same age. Okay. All right. Well, now you did that. Fifty five very close, fifty, four bullocks pretty good at fifty four. Mirrlees. Okay, too. Producer is ferrall Pharrell Williams and Eric Dane of Grey's anatomy. They're both forty five. And then we have a sponsored slight. Then we have Amy Adams and even Mendez. I don't believe it forty four that's hard to believe. And yet it's apparently true. Chamara more and Nick Offerman. I don't know either one of these guys, but they're both forty eight. If you know him. All right, triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three. We'll go through some of these kind of interesting. In the meantime, we've been talking off and on about the Ted Cruz situation with his wife, Heidi last night, being costed at a restaurant in DC and being shouted out of the place. And we were kind of wondering some things like was it at the beginning of the meal or the middle or the end of the meal? What about the restaurant manager or management? Did they was there ever a chance they were going to throw out the people who were yelling and screaming at their customers or was just up to the customers to leave the place Amanda in Indiana? You got some answers on this. Well, it just has so happened that when I heard about what had happened, I thought I'd call and give my condolences about how horrible that was way he was treated. And his staffer told me that they have means that down to order their media. They just got there. Well, they hadn't even ordered yet. So the papal came in immediately and just started screaming at them, and so they got up and left. They weren't even there that long. I guess they're preparing to sit down, get ready to order so they didn't do that. We'll thank you for that info. That's that's interesting. And it's so that leads you to wonder, okay. Why didn't the restaurant intervene with these people? Why was that? Okay for them to come in and disrupt their business like that? Why didn't they call the police and have these people removed? Unbelievable. Thanks, MandA. Well, that makes me even more angry. But did you know that actors, Tom Cruise, and Craig Ferguson are the same age. Correct for he, Craig Ferguson was talk show host on that late night show. It's actually pretty good. They're both fifty-six six. Well, Tom Cruise, fifty, six. What a shame he's just has not held up. Well. As I mean, just cruise. Yeah, he's let himself go pretty sad. It's didn't wanna say anything. Sad and it's about the same age and it's just sad that he looks so much older someone to deal with. The ghost of l. Ron Hubbard apparently. Actresses Katie Holmes and Courtney Kardashian. Well, Courtney Kerr dash in thirty nine. I maybe great slide show some point force, William Shatner. Robert divall both the same age. How old you think William Shatner is? We've talked about this recently. Jeffey wasn't a low seventies or something. Nope, he's eighty seven. Oh, my. Seven years old. That's the most surprising one. I think. Due fall and Shatner are eighty seven years old. Kelly. Clarkson Britney Spears are the same age. How old are they? How old is Britney Spears now thirty Disney darling Britney. Thirty six years old. You're close though. Pretty close. I guess they were what Disney stars in the early ninety s so that works. It's about right. That's about right. Then you've got Chris pine and Lin Manuel Miranda who are both thirty eight. Surpress Chris pine settled. Supermodel Iman Iman and singer. Any Lennox. Sixty three years old from the Eurythmics any Lennox. And then you have actress injury, Lita, Joey, and Chelsea handler. How old are you think Angelina Julius. Runs guesses. Forty six forty nine forty nine forty three. So there you go. Sorry, there Angelina. Kinda surprised everybody gets older than she actually thought that might go the other way, but no, sadly for her, it did not did not. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three ninety three and Pat unleashed on. You know the Twitter verse place. I mean the Twitter verse place. Mr. Witter what you mean the place where people twit tweet that of course naturally act like you know. No, I you know, I'm hip is it gets on social media. We've had the counter. They're telling me on Twitter really to Twitter. I mean, it's earlier. Drop. It might have been on Glenn show. Was it on Glenn's or mine? I don't know. It was. It was here. Okay. Also over the weekend. I was happy to see that the Michael Moore movie. Basically arrived dead on arrival yet Fahrenheit. Eleven nine was eighth at the at the box office with three point one million dollars. And so you know, goes down from there next next week. It's probably one point, five million, you know, maybe this thing winds up around. I guess seven or eight million look at compared to the way Fahrenheit nine eleven treated as a Bank account because the contrast is stark in fun. It opened nationwide to a record shattering almost twenty three million while from less theaters to eight hundred sixty eight theaters there. Nine eleven. Wow. And it debuted ahead of white chicks and the notebook is that fascinating notebook beat the notebook that isn't sane man. Fourteen years later Fahrenheit, eleven nine opens at three point. One million on seventeen hundred theaters more than double what it opened with on. Fahrenheit. Nine, eleven? Yeah. In other words, he's going to be able to buy a lot fewer big man. I love that. Wow, that's the whitest release seventeen hundred two screens whitest release of all time for documentary that isn't a studio concert or a nature film. Wow, good. So Fahrenheit, nine eleven eventually topped out at one hundred nineteen million domestically two hundred twenty four million globally this again. A bet you betcha this is on track for what seven million. Maybe maybe eight. It doesn't say here does it. It doesn't. I don't think they take a guess at that didn't see a project. Usually they fall off quite a bit the second week and then more than that the next week and you just keep making less and less as time goes on. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three number tomorrow. And we will talk to you then on Pat gray unleashed. Pat gray unleashed on the blaze radio network.

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Kim Kardashian Is A Relentless Chaos Merchant Desperate For Good Press

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Kim Kardashian Is A Relentless Chaos Merchant Desperate For Good Press

"What do I think of her? I don't think of her. Yeah. Jerry. Wine. Thank you. Stuck in post? Who are you ready to go on vacation this week? Tree streets calling my name. It's going to be really nice because I feel like we haven't had a vacation forever. I know. And like the last time we were in southern California was a completely different experience. So I'm excited to go. A lot a lot better. What's the weather this week, and you to find out I know, I haven't even probably awful just because we're going down. I'm just sucks because I did not get to I didn't get to the as order that was in my cart for like three weeks because I wanted to get complete slut while we were in L A when the one city you can get away with doing that fulltime, and it's just not going to happen, but leg laws, and I basically booked ourselves vacation because we have not lake been away together for an extended period of time in over a year. Now, so leg renewed the fact energy. Yeah, we charge. You just need to go out and do some things. Okay. Alone eighty degrees. Thank god. Behold timer there it looks like seven high seventies. But like cloudy. We'll be interesting Yelm. And yeah, we have some things that we will be a promoting in a Thursday's episode. We're going to keep that to our chest. But it concerns are recently launched patriots. Thank you to the first round of people like from the Facebook group that donated. I mean, you guys are pretty much the one that got I access to it. And I really really appreciate you guys like everyone. That's don't like don't guess donated pledged where everyone call it to it is fucking incredible. Yeah. And I think you're all be very satisfied with doing that. Because what we have planned. I think is going to be really really fine. Yeah. I mean, just to go over it because we didn't really get to talk about it lasts up Assode. So for those who you don't know we recently launched a patriot. Because this podcast is quickly not becoming a free thing. I mean to do not you're going to pay for. I mean, we've always been paying to upper at this thing. Anyway. Yeah. Like as. Production time creative labor skipping out on the job opportunities for this lesson. I really open about the fact that we want this to be our fulltime job, and it is becoming sending where that's could be the case in. So the patriots kind of our like first line of defense against having to monetize with ads because obviously that's like our last choice. Also, just politically not really in loan with what we want to do on this podcast anyways. I think patriot on is much. You know, more direct to you guys because you get to influence through the patriot on the kind of stuff we talk about. So like, some of our tears we have five dollar tier which is Casey most graves wig. And with that tear. You get a newsletter every month of everything we've been reading everything we've been watching our thoughts on some recent things some experts from the podcast that didn't get to make it into the episode. And then that will also be coupled with some bonus content each week like, you know, some behind the scenes photos, and some thoughts and feelings. That have been cut out of the episode for time or for spiciness, you do cut some hot takes on here. Yeah. So you'll get those and then with our ten dollars here, which is rejections sword. You are going to get all of that. Plus the bonus episode each week. So not each week excuse me each month. We're going to be doing like one mega bonus episode every month, and it is going to be something that you get to vote on. So we will have like a pool of things. Like, let's vote on this week. This months bonus episode because we also want it to be something that you guys want rightly we could give just any old bonus episode. But like why not do deep dives that might not just fit into the format of our show. More like topics that you really want us to discuss recaps of television shows we've been watching the housewives at that something that you're interested in our first episode has already been predetermined, and you guys are going to be very very excited for what it is. And then there's a fifteen dollars here, which is sponsor of the gauge Enda, and that's pretty much use urine help us out. Literally, just as punter of the gap into everything and nothing else, and I will be terminally grateful for everyone on that tier which there is a lot of surprising. Yeah. I mean, like if you girls can just spare the extra coin to spare it yet of what it's for like. But we don't ask for it. But if you feel like, you're generous. Yeah. And like, listen, we don't want to we want to be as transparent as possible in that. This is something we wanna do fulltime. It's one hundred percent everything that we love about our life getting to discuss Pucklechurch from a leftist perspective promote media literacy holds Leopardi's accountable for the fucked up shit. They get away with in every other celebrity away. Although, and we just feel like we get to fill a niche like we're so lucky to get to do this and have an audience that engages with it. And with that support we can grow this community bigger. So we can get better conversations better sources, but her contact engaged we devoted. Those fulltime to it. So there's also a couple of goals on the patriot on like one goal is the Mark for when we will start releasing merchandise as well as putting together live shows. And then the second goal which is a selfish goal. I'll admit is the ability to quitter part-time jobs own devote ourselves fully to this. Because that's truly the end goal. Like if I get to just sit here with my best friend and talk about the shit. We get to talk about all the time investigate and write about when we love like that would just be the dream and would reap from the benefit. Yeah. I mean. If people listening to this podcast at this point. It's not only shocking, but it warms my heart that like we've found an audience of people like us who care about this stuff. Well, just recently messages. I mean, we cut in this a few times. But someone just you know, they really get words. And you know, who you are dare just thinking us for like helping them kind of get this critical eye of the world in obviously, social media and television movies that they like haven't really had before. Yeah. Like, they work in an industry closely related kind of to the industries, we talk about and they were saying like they even go into their work with a different perspective on the work happening around them. They've started looking at things from like a more leftist anti-capitalist perspective, especially the celebrities that they are engaging with tangentially. And I just was like if we could just start getting more people who work in and around these industries, we talk about to begin thinking and working from the perspectives. We promote on this pot is a hold lights though, Michael his direct action. Like, I feel like our big goal is eventually Deva platform where we can really interrogate the actions lives and choices and politics of celebrities. In pop culture in meaningful ways, because I feel like with a lot of current celebrity outlets. You know, the big thing is like crazy days and nights a place where we both frequent often likes to referral trenches likes to refer to people magazine as kneepads magazine because. The cushion for like celebrity. What is anything in people is because they wanted to. Yeah. Right. Lawyer like, you know, all of the places like EON line that are pretty much there to promote listed this liberties in it, or like, I'm also thinking of places like the Ellen show where it's just like there's worse rose capitalist machine. Yeah. That is pandering to like, the heterosexuals straight white agenda every single day of its life always about centrism, and like, mommy, blogging and just capitalists in general. I mean, there's like also those reporters that just like one selfless, but other than they're like view. So let me get on my knees. Like, let me do in van Ken to make you look like the best of the best. And it's like, I don't think that's what we need to says. Yeah, it's all about access, and we don't care about access. If you shut the door on our face, it's fine. We'll just burn the house down. Well, that's the case that is left. Agenda truly lake shut the door in our face fine. I'll burn the house down while well on that. We'll continue eating for what that becomes a tagline. By the way. That's toews. I note k file it away. Yes. Hi, welcome. To the podcast that you're listening to what do we do? Again. I'm a local menace. My name is Joan summer. Yes. An international artisan. Matthew lawson? And I want to start you off with an update. Okay. So this comes from our Facebook group come. Somebody was shopping for groceries as humans are want to do and they came across a captain marvel dole pineapple cross promotion lists censorship lists and up here. Can I redo the ad copy split powering the hero within join captain marvel and dull as ridge Hm healthier. Choices was sweet alternatives. We alternative. He. I love that like captain marvel actual propaganda of the US military has partnered with dole the company known for funding shadow wars in various, no Mary. Oh, Mary Saination associated with like, the banana dole wars that like I know a lot of APL is shocking, but you just Google this shit. Honey, it's so wild to me that this was something that actually came to fruition because it's the definitive proof of everything we have ever talked about on this podcast. The US military industrial complex at work. Other updates. Yeah. If you don't mind. Let's dive right in lease. So. Okay. So did you hear? About Lori Loughlin and. So we she's getting the chair legally discussed that they were flown out to Boston on a private jet to come to their. I believe it was their arraignment hearing where she was spotted signing autographs for fans the corn. He might show Lori on Tuesday, the suicide from e online speaking of on Tuesdays or announce that the Mary couple of nearly twenty two years charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud on his services fraud were among sixteen more parents involved in the scandal that had been charged in a second superseding indictment with conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. I mean, it's what it is. All it. What is so as such they now face a maximum of forty years in prison combined twenty years each and Lori Loughlin, according to various sources in various outlets is firm in her belief that she would never see the inside of a prison cell. Well, they said that she neglected to join thirteen parents who pleaded guilty the any deal. Yeah. And now she is totally in denial of what's happening to her. According to the sources, she has basically refusing to accept Jay. Time as a conclusion she thought the district. Attorney was bluffing when they charged her in the first place. His and is basically just Adam it works never going to see the inside of a prison cell. I also wanted to say I want to quote this exact article, but as they scaled the steps of the courthouse the oversized gathering of cameras and fans made it clear that slipping under the radar wasn't so much a possibility and faced with the decision to lower her head and keep it moving as Huffman had done or acknowledge the intensity of the situation lorries shifted in celebrity mode signing autographs for those who had come out to show their support. Do what you know. I guess right. Like just go back into what you're used to. I also want to say that the entire fuller house cast is a bunch of fake assholes. Have you been watching like Bob Sagat and the other one the other one who's the who is your husband on full house? You know, never stay MO Johnston must they build you other relatives we love Lori. We support her. We have nothing else to say at the moment. It's like, I'm like, should you supporter your criminals to a lot of runs? I remember, we do you are a famous television. Actress with the kind of royalty checks that the full house cast guests. I would almost assume that money laundering is the norm. Ninety exception. How about this extensively in deep dive, it is fraud day gave money as quote, unquote, donations that were some were actually donations. But they were really for bribes summer donations. Barack she just cash payments with scam. It's sleigh. So that's two forms of fraud. Can I also say one thing and money laundering? How'd you say one thing? So I don't editor realize too much. But like, it's. Masahiro for target, right? Like target is big business as you can get in America. And so when you are as wealthy as people like this. How do I say this, do you know that thing with our Kelly where everyone says are Kelly's mindset is that he's never going to see a jail cell because his entire time of doing what he does in open has never amounted to anything close to like legal action against him right now, he's gone away with and gotten away with it. He's done it in the open, and he's been allowed to do it in the open by celebrity culture by the media by the public. And so he just in his mind is like what I am doing is. Okay. I'm not claiming that Muslim, oh and Laughlin are career criminals. I'm just saying that it's very interesting to commit money laundering. And then convince yourself after you've been charged with money laundering fraud, honest, services fraud and mail fraud. To just think to yourself. Yeah. I'm not going to go to jail. That's the mindset of someone who breaks the love frequently and never repercussion. So I'm just saying why don't we check the Cayman Islands? Why don't we check the banks of Sweden? There has to be signed. Here. We read the deposition. We read the indictment case like there's literal conversations between the man that was like the fixer for all these families calling her to say, hey, the IRS is investigating. And that's the way that they like got them. Indicted was to confirm that they knew they were committing crimes. So they said, hey, the IRS has contacting us just so, you know, you need to have your story straight. And she's like, yes. Okay. This is what the nation's for this is what the pay moves for. This is how we did this. They're going back and forth on how Newell to lie to the government like sister. Like, you have like shouldn't you have a plan b like shouldn't you think? Hey, maybe if I'd do a prisoner. How should play it so sad? There was an update in the near times this morning. Did you get the push notification? Yes, I flew. Out of bed by poor boyfriend was like what is wrong with you. I heard the dean, and I just knew it was a Muslim for target updates. So according to the New York Times. Uncovered court transcripts from the hearing have shown that Louis Laughlin has pled not guilty. Not guilty shouldn't she sure to do that? So they have the like letters from. So according to the New York Times both her and her husband, Muslim Ojha newly also entered not guilty pleas to the same charges after submitting not guilty, pleas and waving their rights to court appearances for arraignment were included among this group of not guilty, people businesses executives, investors and others including one a senior executive of resort and casino. Another who was a provider of warehousing and related services for the shipping. Industry is another one who is a chief executive of pimco the world's biggest bond fund manager. That's a real fucking money. Right. There you run warehouses. You run a casino hotel chain like that's a real fucking land. You are fully the country. You are the. The CEO of the world's largest bond fund manager. Okay. Listen to that. They're onto Twain's isn't bond. That's like when you're in jail. Right. Like well. Well, that's built. Yeah. That's like he failed on. There's also like government bonds like, whoa. Yeah. Like loans for the SIS the man who does bail bonds. So. Yeah. Well, that was super interesting. And I love that among the people who pled not guilty, not only was Muslim Ojea newly power executive for a fashion line at target among them, but literally all of these high powered business executives. It's almost like the business executives are just used to committing crime almost it's almost like being wealthy is a crime in general. I mean, the whole reason that got indicted too is because the man wanted to get partial like jail reduce -ment because he was committing other securities fraud. So that's why he like expose everyone else. Pimco Pacific investment management company is an American investment firm focusing on fixed incomes. It is quartered in Newport Beach with twenty three hundred employees working in fourteen offices and one point six trillion in assets as of. Is thirty I twenty eight again, real money like these are people who like the riches people, you know, her broke compared like this is serious. That must have been the one you pay that must have been the family that pay the six and a half million honestly, girl, girl, six and a half million because it was their whole family like all five kids. Saturday's coasts, can you imagine being that dumb that your mom and dad have to shell out six million dollars to get you? Also Sino I was at Stanford campus last week because I was on this shoot for my job. And it was also in the day that another student was expelled for donating five hundred thousand dollars to the rowing team. Even though she has never wrote a diner life, and I say that campus. It makes sense why it has been the recipient of many bribes because it is fucking journalists and that mall, the Stanford mall right next door that I know they own the land of make the cut of is also one of the nicest malls of every seen just interesting. I also have a related celebrities going to prison story, shall we? Go to that. Yes. So Allison Mack did plead guilty in her next in case as you guys probably already know a little bit of the next him sex Colt. I guess that's what people are calling it. Now, there's great podcasts on that. Obviously us look anywhere for it. So also Mack officially put guilty to federal counts last Monday involving the. AM case she said, I have come to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for my conduct. And that's why I'm pleading guilty today said Mak who admitted to one count racketeering conspiracy and one count of racketeering, and she faces up to twenty years in federal prison for each account as you probably gonna have been following a MAC last year prosecutor said that she served as a master under next seems founder Keith renew. Your who in her job was to recruit slaves and directly or implicitly require her slaves to engage in sexual acts with renew your. She said, she was a member of the secret society DO as I think it was called, and she said, she obtained collateral against the women that she implicitly explicitly harm made have sex with rainier by having images or documents seven criminal against those people Brune near again, the head of Nexium was of course, tortured, sex trafficking possessing child pornography, and listen. Allegedly gave Matt financial and other benefits and exchange for her recruitment efforts. Yes. So she is going to jail for that. That is so much again. Listen to like any of the many podcasts about the next story. I mean, just like any other col- you're like here we go again. But I also want to just say the fact that the Bronfman the brunt men family is involved in the next case so closely like of Seagram's slake. He also known as. The Vendee Universal Studios. Universal movement music group. The Coca Cola company NBC universal and come cast. He like the people that really just goes that does billionaires behind that. Are you know, involved were actually now being indicted in this case like listen, not a good year for billionaire like charade up does not cut out with the behavior? Guys, don't need to do it. We have other legal related news transition to that or something pressing. Dick, you know, what I know? Mawson? Do we really have to before we get to that? Actually, actually. No. Let's do it. Why not? Why not? Okay. I mean, you initially really went in. I went in and then I got halfway through. And then when out. So I mean, the girls engaged were demanding this Kim Kardashian wants to come a lawyer. She released in Iowa's press release today about it even though she or did like an entire vogue article about it as we heard about her vogue article. I mean eight landed with Thad. Okay. So what did she say narrows best release? She said because obviously immediate backlash amount. Like what why how when so she posted just today's recording Monday the fifteenth. She said quote last year, I registered with the California state bar to study law for the next four years. A minimum of eighteen hours. A week is required. We'll take written in multiple choice tests monthly as my first years almost coming to an end, I'm preparing for the baby bar a mini version of the bar, which is required when studying law this way, I've seen some comments from people who are saying it's my privilege or my money that got me here. But that's not the case one person actually said I should quote, stay in my lane. I want people to understand that. There is nothing that you limit your pursuit of your dreams. In the accomplishments of new goals, you can create your own lanes. Just as I am the state bar doesn't care. He wire. The option is available to anyone who's stay allows it. It's true. I did not finish college. You need sixty credits. I had seventy five to take part in reading the law, which is an office law school being apprentice by lawyers for anyone assuming that this is the easy way out. It's not my weekends are spent away from my kids while I read and study, I work all day. Put my kids to bed and spend my nights studying their times, they feel overwhelmed or d seven any and then pray your life and for trainers. And when I feel like I can't do it. I get the pep talks. I need from the people around me supporting me, I change my number last year and strict commitments to allow me to follow the dreams of mine. It's never too late to follow your dreams. I want to thank above blah for believing in me through this journey this because I have a big torts do on negligence. Wish me luck and pictured his her with other lawyers with a book about torts it's about a delicious divan in. So let's. Do that. According to the vote profile Kim wants to take the bar in twenty twenty two. She says in her vote profile had to think long and hard about this. And then I'm getting this from L. It was like a roundup of the law, young, California. So it says California's one of the only four states in the country that allows perspective lawyers to do apprenticeships in lieu of law school, but as the California bar association points out on its website. There are certain things to do during her for your stint. She and her stupor vising attorney need to be submitting semi annual progress reports to the association she needs to take impasse. The first year law students exam, and she needs to be studying law at the firm during regular business hours for at least eighteen hours each week for a minimum of forty eight weeks to receive one year of credit study, according to rule four point two nine of the state's bar admission rules when she completes her for years there and takes the she needs to pass that and get a positive moral character determination, and then pass the multi-state professional responsibility examination. Basically, she needs to pass all the tests other lawyers do when they're certified. Okay. So let's talk about this vote profile. So I did kind of like a closer reading of it. And then I quit almost halfway through manned closer reading of it. Because I was so disgusted by this evil Kenya's merchant and her disgusting manipulative families, literally worms like they're gonna infect your. So my angle on this is like, you know, like how to hold tweet store about. It's I'm going to kind of summarize there. So I was basically saying the vogue profile is proof that Kim and her family are a cabal of demons raised by the most amendment relative publicist of all time, and you can see Chris's influence on how they relate themselves to the public in every interview that they do. So I want to just go and say most of my reporting on the Kardashian family is because I believe that media literacy is at an all time low in this country, and they are allowed to get away with so much bullsh-. Shit that if people just really listened to what they said rather than just accept the image. They were given this family would not have the cultural cachet that a currency does. So first off let's discuss this, quote, where Kim basically admits that she doesn't care about things like Khan about crying over Konya promoting his maga- ideologies because he's a really sweet person my subtexts for this, by the way as you. Listen to me read, it is no matter how damaging to her career that the maga- bullshit was our brand her brand will suffer if she leaves him. That's the subtext of this quote. Listen. Kim insists that Connie doesn't have a political party. He doesn't represent either side. But he doesn't want to be told what he should be. It can be confusing. I get it. The one thing that I respect so much that he is who he is no matter what anyone tells them to do. I can be sitting there crying saying, oh my God take off the red hat, but he really is the sweetest person with the biggest heart. I stopped caring because I used to care so much. I was making it such an issue in our relationship and in my life. It gave me so much anxiety. Worms also gives her anxiety. All those rumors we've been hearing. Yes. Well, I just want to say like it's really shocking to me that she basically says he doesn't represent either political party. But as far as the rest of us, no he has only gone on the trail to promote Donald trying promote make-america-great-again more cited than wearing a maga- hat and bowing to hang out. Like, I don't to be like, you're a dummy bitch. But like, you're literally dummy bitch. If you do not recognize that Donald Trump's glee at your husband's involvement with the maga- conversation is the only reason you were allowed to step foot in the White House. And is the only reason that Alice Walker is free. That's disgusting to me. Okay. That her fucking fake ass husband put on a maga- hat, and then she got access to the White House. When there are political activists prison abolitionists who have been demanding for like wacky him has been allowed to us in. And do she goes I've worked really hard for this. I've put myself in. In fucking van Jones is gonna come out and be like, oh, Kim is like a real one. Right. But no listen to me. The only reason she was allowed in the fucking White House is because her fucking husband put on a red hat, and no one wants to tell her nobody wants to teams they profile Trump himself admitted. The only reason he brought Connie in is to get a specific type of demographic to vote for him. Yes. He said this on camera. Yes. And she just acts like. Hard work delegation. So next quote. So here's Kane system that she stands for more than shallow and inquisitive ideologies when discussing her involvement in the criminal Justice reform movement. I just find it very interesting that this family has a permanent victim mentality and blatantly misreads criticism to deflect was really being said, especially when they are inserting themselves now into a movement led by black revolutionaries in black abolitionists who now are being silenced. Because Kim's a victim being unfairly targeted by Twitter, bullies when all she's trying to do is help that is like when does she catered for real organizations there? Well, listen when has she ever promoted, listen, this is what they're trying to argue this family like Kim is obviously trying to quote unquote, do good in her eyes. But her way of doing good is inserting herself into something to make her. For the story. Like kim. Involvement in quote, unquote, criminal Justice reform has now become less about criminal Justice reform and more about Kim's journey as a hardworking mother to become a member women's about. When we talk about the fifteen she was like, how dare anyone come after what I try to do because children because I'm working. Well, yeah. Let's listen to here's the quote. I was talking about at CASA Vega. I bring up the fact that the Kardashian name has come to stand for something negative to a lot of people. Shallow acquisitive all that is wrong with our culture. I don't pay attention to that anymore. She says sipping a frozen strawberry Margarita. I love to be put in a situation where it can have a conversation with someone who might not be inclined to think much of me because I can guarantee they will have a different opinion and understand what's important to me after they've met me. So like, they're saying people say, you are shallow and acquisitive and stand for what's wrong in our culture. And then she goes. Yeah. But people just don't think I'm not smart. So like if they met me. I think I'm smart that wasn't what the quote was about Kim. That wasn't what the question was if we may into fluctuation. That's just close enough to the truth that she can get away with it. If you have to make your basis of that your morality is based on obviously that there's a stain in the culture about your impact on it. So if somebody was to me without knowing any of those things about you, and they have a different opinion about you. That's just called like ignorance like this is called complete ignoring your actual impact on everything. Yes. Like, what is the logic there? So also here let's also read this paragraph where I just love, by the way, so throughout the profile. She repeatedly insists that it is that like basically her family stands for more than just shallow commercialism. But then is visibly gleeful at the prospect of KENDALL Jenner dating a Royal from a different country nothing screams. I'm a cereals criminal Justice reform activists like joining the ruling class. Okay. So here's the quote. At one point Kim is holding court in a sitting area just outside her closet. Someone from the crude mentions that the very handsome young young John Bouvier kennedy-schlossberg son of Caroline, reportedly has a crush on her half sister KENDALL Kim's eyes twinkle at the prospect of colluding over some dynastic matchmaker. So then, you know, just to kind of further cement the fact that she stands for obviously more than just shallow acquisition wealth acquisition joining the ruling class of America. She wants to repeatedly stress that I'm normal down to earth and totally relatable and not at all gross capitalist. Here is by the way, her paragraph or she flexes multiple times for the reporter knowing that he is a reporter knowing that he is going to write everything happening down. Listen, Tracy Romulus is Kim COO pops her head into the office where we're sitting with some good news the red lipsticks sold out in minutes. I think it was just packaging and how we rolled it out. Like perfection. Oh my God. Amazing says Kim she is in a Rick Owens, a kind of rusty Brown slinky tube, skirt and matching half tank top that is entirely see-through with nothing underneath we had down to the garage and climb into one of those sleek silver range Rovers Kim behind the wheel. Do you like to drive? I do I love it. I'm a good driver at the house. Where Kim is trying new chef we are served in elaborate, three course meal, halfway through desserts. Kim's to mentor lawyers. Jessica Jackson and Aaron Henley show up. The three of them are scheduled to study for hours this afternoon said Kim does not have to travel every week for to San Francisco as she has been doing since July two log her required. Eighteen hours of weekly supervise study girl was here in San Francisco. Her and San Francisco is the worst thing that ever happened to us. But I just like I love it that they're like, we're not gross capitalists. But then it's like, here's my Range Rover. And we're trying out a new chef that day that the journalist is here. Also, it's whole side joke is just reeking of Kris Jenner PR antics, not only in that vogue, our coal. But then like this Instagram post a week later, and then there's like semi three questions things. She did with vogue, which is like I mean newsflash everybody those things are one hundred percents scripted and planned to head time to choreographed to the extreme. Did you see that so many questions video though, pm would not allow it into my life? I mean, I'll just say this. They've never there's always been like a rule that they want to the inside their house unit because adult that's it to one place to allow cameras. And then of course, there's like a whole bunch of them walking through it. There's just one part. And if you has watched this, we'll play some funny clips here for sure and Connie how did you know that Kim was the one on a paparazzi pick with Paris Hilton? Let's one thing your Protestant that you taught him. I am proud to say that I've taught him giving him like really good financial advice, and saving you give me some advice. But I'll listen to it. There is a bedroom. That is like just one room off the foyer which is like very confusing to me. What's more confusing? There's a kitchen or bathroom in there. And there's the syncs with faucets. But there's no like sink actually there. It's a fillet able one of those people sayings was that work is it like porous or something that there's like grooves around that the water comes into and then it's like a slight incline. So the water pours into the grooves. And then back through a whole you can find Gips of how they work, but it's like insane. And definitely something that rich people do just to flex like they have bullets sing I was going to. But I also wanted to say like sinks are like sunken in for a reason like that serves an actual purpose for you like this just shows you don't cook. Like this just shows you have private chefs that make your food because this is not like a functional thing whatsoever. Wants to how'd you hallway? That is like so big like, it's just like a fifteen feet wide like thirty feet tall or something that doesn't make any sense. And it's so white, and there's like this video is so shocking. I know that they like probably don't live here. Most the time. But like there's a speck of anything in there. That's not pure decor furniture. Like, it's white. It's all white and like beige nude like color. I just think it's also really dark. You know, kinda wanna talk about like is there any like social theory on the rise of all white interiors and extremely wealthy spaces. We see this so much on the on the house one six it's like this thing of like making your home, look inhospitable and austere. Like, there's this new classes ideology that like having less is more proof that you're rich. But the things that you do have are extremely expensive. Why can't stand where Melissa aesthetic? That's actually, just really. Carreira marble floor and onyx like slabs young your bathroom, everything from Italy and lake south in all of your couches are like hard benches, but they cost forty thousand dollars, and you have legs a one chandelier made out of Antlers that have been covered in crystals. And it's like it's like a it's like a statement on a steady. It's like so bizarre to me. And also, it's also so actually this person. It makes me really sad that children live there because there is not a single speck of life in that house. Like, it looks like a mausoleum like it looks like the inside of a tomb. It does not rely people live there. It does not look like there's any joy in that house. And like, listen, we get it. Rich people have always been about making their homes in hospitable even to themselves. But it's just shocking to me that you would raise anybody in that environment. Like what? What does that do to you? You know, like, I'll say this. I have a mother who is a clean freak. And I was frequently accused by my friends of living in house that looked like no one lived in it because my mother was the kind that made us vacuum three times a day clean the surfaces three times a day. We were always cleaning. It was always about like cleanliness. And like, what are people gonna think if they come in here? And it was like a very horrible thing on my psyche. Now as an adult like I have such Zaidi around mess and cleanliness, and I also have a really hard time feeling at home in any space because I feel like messaging the letter and it makes like things in hospitable. Jimmy, even though I have found that the happier. I am the more cluttered my environment is it's like this dual nature inside of me that I literally have to fight against every day. And it was because I lived in a house like that. Will you know? You know, where you weren't even rich my mom just wanted to impress everybody because she was constantly trying to move up in the world. You know, those kids don't clean though. Like, no, I mean that video you don't clean they have like seven nannies inform as its course. Video of north was judges see was that she's like stirring, the glitter. It's like flying like one hundred miles per hour. Because you're like, no, no, no. She doesn't do that. Oh, they would like literally. Yeah. No not allowed. You imagine any speck of color in that house would be like shocking. What's that movie where everything is grey? And then that one guy suddenly starts seeing color the giver, dear. Remember that book the giver? Oh my God. Vaguely you don't remember them. Oh, I don't think I it was like a world where everything is grey. I'm so mad when somebody starts seeing color. I feel like that's like set inside MS so mad. I just think if the fairly odd parents opposite those definitely from that. And that's that comes to mind Brin rock music someone now famous was in the giver, maybe it was Glenn Close within that movie. One of the old white ladies with a severe face was in it for shore. Are you looking? I'm now looking at right. We read it. We must have read that in like fifth grade sixth grade 'cause it's one of those books that's like vaguely allegorical with like a political message that can mean anything about thirty five percent run tomatoes. Leeann twenty fourteen they made the movie. Yeah. What wait wait wait who with the cast? That's what we're here for Jeff bridge. Meryl Streep Meryl Streep yet. Apologies Alexander Skarsgard. Yeah. I just remind swift let she played Rosemary. No. Yes. It's on the cat. I'm looking at it right now known to is for Taylor swift. She's like the tenth build constantly, Katie Holmes. I remember her being in it and Jeff bridges. Oh, yeah. He was the guy who's will. He was to give her a while. What else is chief elder? Yes. Yes. He has the villain. Well, anyways tomatoes. Should we take a break? We'll crowd the way I'm like losing oxygen through my thing. Vesco for Christmas last year. He gave me a box, and I opened it. And it was Mickey Mouse and Adidas socks and apple headphones, my thought, okay. And then he told me that he bought me major stock in all of those companies. One. Should I bring the show into you know, this beacon capitalism section? I mean Muslims made it up right now. Right. A what this we can capitalism. Oh short what happened. So interesting thing that I read I don't think it was posting the girls engaged group. If it was I apologize. There was a report by Bloomberg that confirmed that Amazon workers are listening and using the Amazon Alexa, data for improvement Helix's system. And we looked into it was actually kinda shocking. Oh, learn while mitt so again, goodness, some Bloomberg. And it was confirmed last week that Amazon, of course, employs thousands of people to improve the Alexa, digital assistant that power is. Of course, the echo speakers and all the other co products, and I think this is really kind of important because it relates to the things we talked about with Facebook in the contractors that are used to like check. I'll check all those algorithm Lee or self reported videos and images that are like, you know, offense. Give or like of legal content by content. So does interesting here, so apparently the recording. So the team listens to voice recordings capturing echoes owners, home and offices, the recordings are transcribed annotated and fed back into this offer as a part, of course, will make gaps and licks his understanding of the human speech and helped make it respond to the commands. The team apparently comprises a mix of contractors fulltime, Amazon, please who can outpost from Boston to Costa Rica, India Romania and accruing to the people who work there that of course, sign non disclosures. They're not allowed to talk about the program whatsoever. But people are talking because of course, they're usually being overworked. They work nine ten hour days listened to by thousand audio clips per shift, and according to to workers from Amazon's Bucharest office, which takes the top two floors of the global worth building remain as capital apparently. It's like when the only like nice buildings in the area nearby lake. It's newly developed, of course, Amazon's like funding. Heavily. They said the work is mostly mundane. They were also talking about how they here. Of course, they pick up things that echo owners would of course, rather have stay private. So the whole way it works. Of course, if you call exit starts recording apparently is not recording before then. But of course, has listen for the term Alexa, and in general that calling Alexa can come inmate informs through watching TV people are talking about other things. I know when you have somebody like named Alexis or like people name Alex that he'd been bringing stuff as well. So a lot of people are saying that they've heard abuse and crimes committed. And apparently the team uses like internal chatrooms like send this information between each other. And a case like they need to understand like what's going on like what what is going on here two of the workers. So that when they picked up it was believed was sexual assault. They contacted Amazon and sent of course, the audio clips into like, let them know what was going on Amazon, of course. Like, we cannot be involved in this be can't say anything, that's not a responsibility. So the people that listen pass it off Amazon court said they taking security and privacy, very seriously. But allowed the employees are starting to say that that the more they hear about this and the more that they're listening in there's AVI, obviously like this easy, breach of like information that could be happening. We talked about like last year. I believe that murder case where it was salt because Amazon recordings were actually tapped this is my we keep our Alex unplugged. Why do we even have I know I have no speaker should use instead on who'll even gave that to us. All I got it like a long time ago. Amazon was like back when you were a capitalist. Amazon was like if you buy now, it's like fifty bucks. And I was like good speaker. It's cool. And then like, you know, that was like four years ago and trash carpet trash garbage. So yeah. Apparently, people note that when the speaker picks up initial background conversations. Even when children speaking listeners here, obviously discussing private details. Such as names or Bank information, in such cases, they're supposed to take a dialog box to noting that it is critical data and then move onto the next file, according to eminence website, no audio is stored unless echoed text the word or active pressing the button. But of course, it constantly gets prompted by various other things in general, whether or not the activists mistaken, the reviews are still meant to transcribe it and store that data on Amazon servers, and when people said that the auditors transcribe as many as a hundred recordings a day where there was of course. No actual like call for Alexis. Just like things that come up in general girl. I just wanted to mention that. Because like. You know? It's like when Facebook was like, yeah, we had all your passwords stored on text file on her server, like whatever. And then there's like these data breaches that come out and people like lose all their information and get like their count stolen and have to do all this. And the companies are just like, well, I mean that was just like what happens like, it's whatever like we have insurance. Like von girl. I do wanna talk about doing this. We can capitalism. Yeah. I wanna talk about Jack Dorsey vis I was gonna I I because ma'am. So if you didn't read this is from people so Jack Dorsey recently opened up on Ben Greenfield's, fitness diet, fat loss in performance podcast about his daily routine, which involves you know, many different activities. He says promotes mental physical health. If you didn't know Jack Dorsey is these CEO of Twitter. And so also, right? Yeah. His daily practice involves intermittent fasting walking to work and hydrotherapy. He says it is. So he can run both tech companies at a high level of performance. He also says it is the first step in cheating extreme efficiency, which is then the ultimate goal of losing food entirely. So the businessman. Says that he eats only one meal a day at dinnertime between the hours of six thirty and nine he refutes experts that say you should eat three to six small meals recommended by almost every health expert on the planet. He says that they clearly don't know what they're talking about his dishes are usually a protein in a vegetable and he says during the day, I just feel so much more focused. You have this focus point of mind in terms of this drive, this time from breakfast and lunch allowed me to focus more on what my day is this practice of condensing all your meals into a small period and fasting is called intermittent fasting. If you haven't heard of it, it's like the new trend, it can be beneficial to lose weight and improve health if done correctly, but experts said it is no more effective than just the average diet. We've talked to so many times with like the fifty stuff just Li like some protein and some vegetables and exercise when today and you'll literally be fine. So he says on weekends. He actually cuts out food entirely. So. From Friday to Sunday evening. He only drinks water. He goes the first couple of times, I do like day three. I'll feel like I'm hallucinating. It was a weird state to be in. But as I did the next two times, it just became so apparent to me how much of our days are centered around meals the experience, I had was when I started fasting for much longer time slowed down. He also says a lot of my routine today is all due to what I felt like just had become what had to be done in order to not only survive. But make sure I can continue performing in continue to be clear some practices have been impactful some. I'm not sure if they've been impactful just yet it only benefits me if I can raise the bar on myself and him the ultimate bar is cutting food out of his life completely SIS Kazini also like to ice baths. And like, yeah. I mean anything on that. But it basically is like he does he will take every night. He does an extremely like boiling hot bath. And then he jumps in. Cryan tank and then doesn't ice bat. No, no here. It is. He okay found it. I had I had lives up because I remember I read it right now doesn't make any sense. But it's true apparently Dorsey explained that he and his evening does hydrotherapy routine that consists of sitting in a barrel sauna for fifteen minutes at two hundred twenty degree boiling bath Fahrenheit, and then hopping into a thirty seven degree ice back three minutes. Two hundred twenty degrees that is hot. So I just kind of want hook about something here and like trigger warning for eating disorders. If that's like something that's like art feta listen to someone talk about. But like I have. No, I am not ashamed nor do I have hard time talking about the fact that I have interact Zia like I was suffering from it to the point where I almost died like multiple times in my life talked about a lot on 'em in like recovery at this stage. I would say I mean, I have definitely gotten to a point in my life where it doesn't have a stranglehold on me or my health. But obviously, it is some. That I am going to battle for the rest of my life. And I am not Jack Dorsey I cannot claim anything over Jack Dorsey, but just coming from the perspective of someone who has been an indirect sick since. I mean since I was like ten or eleven right leg going on fifteen years of my life. I can just share some viewpoints I have on the kind of stuff he dismisses years. So like. At the height of my interacts, which was probably when I was like twenty I would say I was basically eating like a Cup of popcorn and a teaspoon of peanut butter. Like that was my meal this for the entire day. And then I would choose is when I would go hungry or chew gum because it was all in my mind. Like if I can just cut food out. I can like lose the weight, I can be healthy. And also like for me. A lot of my interacts stems from trauma and a need to feel in control of my life. And in control of my surroundings. Like, I've talked about it a lot. I was subjected to a lot of things in my life that were so far out of my control and completely undeserved. And so indirectly it was for me a way to feel in control. It was a way for me to find the stability that I was craving, and I put it into something like losing a lot of weight being skinny being, quote, unquote, fit and healthy in my eyes. Even though at my lowest, I mean like right now, I weigh one sixty and that's like my doctor says the healthy perfect way for me at my lowest I weighed hundred pounds so like picture that. Right. And so, you know, because I'm like big boned and tall and tallish. And so anyways when he talks about like the hallucinations. But now he feels so much clearer. Vat times says down I think people who've never suffered from interested. Really don't under-. Stand. What happens when you willingly deprive your body of nutrients for really long time. The time stretch is something that is very common. And that a lot of people who suffer with anorexia stuff for interacts, the talk about what basically happens is like when you deprive your body of nutrients, you don't realize it when you're in the thick of it unless you're paying attention. But like your brain chemistry starts to change complaining friends from that time. I mean, this was all before I knew you. But like people would say like, I was a little crazy. And I seemed manacle the time I seemed on edge. I was like very like perceptive, quote, unquote. But in a way that came off like really disconcerting constant heightened strike intense. People say, it's intense. It changes my brain chemistry. Like, I was irritable. I was angry all the time. I was nervous him realized. It was no. But also like the days would be like the like one day would feel like a week. Like, I would completely lose all sense of time constantly like I would be in my room, and it would be like nine or eight o'clock in the morning, and then I would blink. And it would be like two days later like it would just feel like time stretches and collapses at like really alarming ways. But at the same time all of this was happening when I felt like I was like, I'm so healthy. Now, like, I'm so clear, I can just focus on my art. Right. 'cause I was in college. I was making art I wanted to write I want to make movie we're also working eighty hours working a bunch. And so I just was like it's so clear like I don't need to eat like, I can do all these things like I can like play video games until four in the morning, and I'm not going to like get up to get food or I can like go to work, and I don't have to worry about what I'm going to eat. I can save money. Right. Like, oh now, I can like save all my money and go and do things that I want to do like, I can close in by video games. And all these bullshit ideas in my brain thinking that depriving myself of necessar-. Gary nutrients to like be alive was going to benefit me in the long run. And all of the things that he talks about here. It makes me so sad because this is like classic symptoms of anorexia Legos. Yeah. And how ching it in the sense of like biohacking deficiency. But like those are terms that literally predate like AOL messenger. When it was like pro Ana message boards, and like blogs, dedicated to like pro Ana ideologies like it's so dark to me. And it's so strange how this like man who claims he's like, the smartest person in the world. And he's doing it all so that he can run his company more effectively like I don't want to put him on blast. But the reason your company is shit. And everyone thinks you have worms for brains is probably because you're not thinking clearly enough by depriving your body of nutrients, and I also want to say as a young person. I don't think people realize the effects that anorexia has on your. Body long-term. It's like her. I am twenty four and I'm going to have arthritis for the rest of my life. They have people who were arrived or only only a few years up to five years, and they have to use walkers by the time, they're fifty could actually cause your bones. No have the cells to regenerate. I am turned it around. And I've done a lot of like body therapy. Physical rehabilitation have to work, but you can do it. It's part of the reason why I'm really committed to doing yoga, and like Harry myself now, and like also allowing myself to eat what the fuck I want because like my body is damaged permanently. And like, I don't think people realize that. That's what it does. Like, my body is never going to be the same or as quote unquote, healthy as it could be because for literally my entire early development from the age of ten to the age of twenty two. I was starving myself to the point of literally wasting away. Like it got so bad. I almost died. That's pretty much the end of the story. And at that point when I realized I was like going to die. I like turned my life around. But it wasn't until then. So just imagine what twelve years of that did to my body. What's your older like your Jack doors age lake? He's not getting any younger like these are the years when you can't be fucking your life up like and was so terrible about this too. And some us persons in the girls engaged group. I thank you for that. There is there's multiple articles about this. But the culture and Silicon Valley and Indies like tech companies that we know directly just across the bay over here and San Francisco well is about suffering for the company and about making yourself as efficient as you can. And as productive as you can for the company because it's like this greater good mentality. Which to me is just very cold well outside online actually had something called Jack Dorsey in the cult of bro. Yeah. Yeah. And this rat is Stolberg. I'm just gonna read his paragraph because he summarizes it really you think you it's especially wild that. So. Much of bro, science performance and longevity focused pseudoscience largely peddled by young men comes from Silicon Valley, which I fear is becoming a bit of a parody. You've got Uber wealthy people who work in tech making apps focused on very questionable means to self actualization. One of which is literally a nicotine delivery device who spend their free time kite surfing and apparently starving themselves while thousands of people are on the streets experiencing homelessness. Measles cases, are skyrocketing and public school. Teachers can't afford to live in the city. One of the ways passion can go awry is when you get so caught up in the inertia of what you're doing in the validation, it brings that you lose the ability to see outside of it. You lose perspective, and it seems is happening in at least parts of Silicon Valley. Finally, the kind of bro. Science pedaled in the valley is not real science. There's no solid evidence that eating only between six thirty p. AM and nine pm does anything other than restrict the calories? You are eating to a very small window and probably makes you hungry. There is no solid evidence. That Akito genyk diet prevents or reverses cancer as some, bro. Science spaces of alluded to putting butter in your coffee does not slow ageing anymore than putting butter on your toast, paulie, phasing sleeping or taking a few naps instead of sleeping at night is not as restful as good for your brain than sleeping seven to nine hours at night. It's just shocking that like a literal crackpot theories by people who are like just gained paid a lot of these tech companies is being taken seriously by like millions across like, it's wild this state of their apps in the way that they treat like actual human beings and human suffering through their company is really indicative, by the way, they see themselves. Like, I talk about this a lot. But like in the bay, it's all about officiency and maximizing profit, and how can you meeting? Yeah. It's like very cold, very sterile, very anti human. It's all about like anything for the advancement of technological purposes. It's all about like, that's where the washing steroids offices. That's why they have. Syria's. That's where they have like play centers, and they have like like fulltime services to key. Yeah. I think what it's doing is like when Jack Dorsey is physically starving himself constantly and his whole ideology is like maximizing his work output. It makes sense that the app that he runs is riddled with problems because all he's probably doing like it sounds like a lot of his day. You'll let so funny to me about people who obsess over exercising, and like maximizing their efficiency us so much of your day is in service of maximizing efficiency, doesn't like he gets much done. Like, he it says it takes them an hour to work to work like an hour to two hours every morning to walk to work and then because he walked extra. So let's think about this at night. All you do are eat one meal, and then you do three different hydrotherapy baths in one dollars sauna one involving this and then an hour of meditating so altogether. Just for your nightly routine. That's like about four hours and. Then you have four hours that you are walking to and from work or insurance rotation to and from work. Okay. So like, then we're up to maybe like nine hours of your day is for improving your officiency. And then you have your morning and nightly meditations, which he does. So now, we're at eleven hours. So after sleep how many hours in your day? Do you really have to work or get anything done? It sounds like most of his day is in the service of quote, unquote, maximizing vision and actually being officiant if he's not eating on the weekends. So that's only five meals a week. He's getting five a week. Well, no like, oh, yeah. Once a night five days a week. He doesn't do any on the weekends. You. What are you? What is he doing on the weekends days a week? It's really nice. Sure, he works on what really bothers me about like this people articles. Well, or like the response to it is it's like, oh an insider, look how interesting. And then you know, there's gonna be people who want to be like the next Mark Zuckerberg are like oh my God. Like a half to adopt. This the way that's how Silicon Valley works. It's like everyone wants to be like Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and so they're going to emulate what they read about them. And now you have this whole generation of techies that are starving themselves and taking two hundred and eighty five degree baths twice a day. It's insanity. And like, I just wanna say to people who read this kind of stuff and believe the pseudoscience peddled by someone who is not in health expert, literally look elsewhere, dealing scraps view Harvard. Scientists claim Jamila Jamila is selling body image issues worldwide. Well, yeah. Like. Us weekly will have you believe Jamila Djamil has started in awareness movement against detox tease by slamming stars s Brian Austin, a professor at Harvard School of public health wrote in opinion piece when which he says in just a few months of shrewdly crafted, social media posts Jamila Djamil has opened the eyes of millions around the globe to the corrupt and deceptive tea market, arguably she's done this more efficiently an expedition expeditiously than a quarter century of well intentioned, but utterly unglamorous communications from the federal food and drug administation administration. You know, how you know? This is planned to propaganda is because it was an opinion piece for NBC news, by the way, who owns NBC news NBC. Comcast universal who owns the good place and BC who is jamilla Jamila exclusive talent for and BC. You mean the shine Hartwig company? Saying. Bang. Did you see that Jesse Jaber two thousand a sandwich? She's a heterosexual woman. Why did you not? I mean, why should we talk about it love that this EJ still doing something? Isn't she onto her in China? Remember, she won that Chinese singing competition in Whitney Houston songs. Remember this? I thought she was just doing the voice or something in the way, we had a whole segment on this podcast about it. I'm like vaguely, remember, I I must have repressed this one. Are you serious? What was about this article like, well, I thought it was she came out as a bisexual. She chemo's bisexual like six years ago. It doesn't eleven or something that interview saying like, yeah. I did it boys and girls like get over it, whatever. And then. I got this from a UK independent, by the way on Khuda link. But in a recent interview, she did with the mirror. She said that bisexuality was just a quote unquote phase for her and not now that she stretched needs to quote, unquote. Find a husband. And of course, everyone Twitter lost their minds. So she wrote a whole as thousand and eighty six word essay about SA means legis constant rent that could spend like one tweet. Yeah. And I'll just have some from here such like, it's just it's interesting. She said quote warning, the sweet is deaf over one hundred twenty characters a hate that on my T L is uncalled for and ridiculous. I never let about my sexuality. I never labeled myself the media in some of the public did I said almost five years ago. Now, I did it boys and girls, quote me, which I had my denying that no was young and experimented. Who hasn't please? Tell me what I've done wrong here. I haven't spoken to being by for years. All my songs are sung about him. I don't discuss my personal autobiography which came out two years ago. What by Jessie j like one? She says she doesn't discuss her personal life in her biography. Oh my God. You're. I didn't discuss my personal pockets. The word is not the purpose of auto biography. She's. Listen, I'm just a little bit more people accusing me of dating my female friends, yet when I was out with a man, I was actually dating no one would say anything or even notice weird people were seeing in noticing that they what they wanted and not looking at the truth. So I so I am ready my female friends. So as I am writing my third album. I believe I owe it to myself and my fans to me, which I'm doing TB H. Just speaking on something to set the record straight. That wasn't supposed to be a joke and on the outer all the hoopla. I know a lot of this out to by the way link. It's a thousand words like truly isn't actual essay published on the news. Or was this a Twitter thread, I think it was like a Twitter, but it's totally been dealing. I couldn't find any owner under Twitter about this whatsoever. But like it's, but it's on independent for some reason. She said at twenty six I shouldn't be anything. But whatever backlash and hurtful things I incur. I am only seeing about loving a man six I thought she was like in her late thirties. That's my big takeaway. I am only singing about loving man and being brokenhearted by a man because I only date men as they did back in two thousand and ten on YouTube. I ask that you respect judge. Judge on every detail of your part at your pass on YouTube as I will never know of your past. And you let mind stay as mine, and let me continue to grow and change just like every other human being I will not speak on this topic anymore. It's relevant to what this dream is supposed to be about needs to go back to whatever valley village condo. She wrote this from because it's like SIS definition of. We did not ask let me just finish this out here. He relevant to white people who irrelevant to people even know who I am. If they do the first place the music it needs to be about the music. Thank you to everyone who supports music now to the studio I go to finish my third album. She had to Elba she mentioned her album so many times and this and just constantly was like go. What's wrong like I'm straight get over it? I keep thinking. Have you seen that video which is like dumb? No just to give out. Thinking about the money money money. Like everyone knew seriously never watched that video of her doing domino runs repeatedly runs. Like, you know, that's song. Domino. Like, she does this run. Yes. Can we play that right here? Police say this. This. That was a ride honestly while history is what? That is most please career. Okay. You really I don't think we can beat that. We have anything else. Let's go. And I'm sorry. If like anything I said this episode was like hurtful rude, especially to Dorsey think you're a dummy bitch. But I also want you to eat, so please eat it's not healthy and your app is suffering clearly because of your current mental state so fleas, and what's really dark. I just wanna say everyone was like posting pictures of Jack Dorsey like a year ago. And then now, and it literally looks like he's aged twenty years. So it's just a thing where I'm severely worried, but also fix your app, honestly with the power that Twitter hasn't. Fortunately, it really just needs. We need to support him like fixed like. That it's all about officiency. But like what has actually gotten better about the service, you provide is like my main besides that? Finder patriot pitcher dot com. Backside shooting for free. You can follow us on Instagram at Instagram backslash eating for free. You can find our Twitter at underscore eating for free. You can find our website eating for free dot com. I am Joni sucks everywhere. J O A N I, E sucks. That's underscore. Matthew, Lawson everywhere. You can Email us at eating for free podcast at G mill dot com. We should do a listener letter soon. So I mean, we should do a listener letter episodes soon like him. So like, please right in. Join our Facebook group, the girls Engaz links to everything you need is on our website. And also now there are links transcriptions coming soon, but linked specifically under this episode for everything we discussed you can go and look for yourself. There's also linked over social media there. So it makes just a little bit easier for you to find and sorry to do that so abruptly, but this is the last thing we have to do this week, our deep dive is already recorded. We're going on vacation. I wanna get the fuck outta here. Always going one hundred down that great mind freeway, like get me out of here. Thank god. I'm driving. Honestly. To stop at the gas station before we go. So that I can load up on red bull in clean out my car to get in like my boss tremendous. It's crack have you had this will had candies that are like just like eighteen different fruit flavors like sour sugar without is wrong. It's lit crack cocaine. It's dealerships have one never had that. But I will also never do that in my life. I think it is disgusting. I mean, a rebel acid for your stomach red bull is water flavored they go fast. About it. Like that what her flavor to make you go. With the house rug with. I wouldn't time by the way, I would do YouTube challenge where they cooked with red bull and. Turn the recording off. Let's turn to know. We're good. We're good literally became black sludge just picture that going down into my stomach and smile, I'm so ready for the forty seven ounces. I'm gonna trick of it on the way down. Wanna get out pledge again, its down. Let's do that three to one good. -cations? Vacation. What do I? I don't think of her. Yes. Jerry. New york.

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Topher Grace: Make Your Opportunity and Multiply It

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

1:10:19 hr | 2 years ago

Topher Grace: Make Your Opportunity and Multiply It

"This is episode number seven eight one with tofu grace. Welcome to the school of greatness. My name is Louis house. Former pro athlete turned Weiss style. Entrepreneur in each week. We bring you an inspiring person or message to help you. Discover how to unlock your inner greatness. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now, let the class begin. William Shakespeare said this above all to dine own self be true. Welcome to this episode. We've got Toepfer grace in the house. I just went on his show that he launched and it was an incredible adventure. We're bringing them on to share his story. And for those that don't know who Tober is he became famous for that seventies show. He played Eric Forman in the FOX sitcom that seventy show which took over the TV world for number of seasons. Then he went on to play in Spiderman three he was in many other movies movies as well. He was an interstellar and recently in spike Lee's film, black clansmen, which we haven't seen that extremely powerful and inspiring as well his other roles. He's been in traffic and Mona Lisa smile. Valentine's day. Take me home tonight, the big wedding, warmer, sheen and under the silver lake lots of other stuff. This guy's been around for a while. Now. Some incredible work in this interview talking about the biggest lessons toe for learn on that seventy show what it was like being a young kid rise in fame so quickly with his first acting job pretty crazy. And how he got that job. We talked about how his parents kept him grounded being young and successful. When everyone wanted a piece of them the power of listening on an offset when he learned to actually listen deeper and not get into his head too much. And we discuss what Tofa for is still insecure about after over a decade in TV and the film industry. Powerful interview, make sure to share with your friends, let me know what you think over on Instagram at Lewis house, and as always you can watch the full video interview over on YouTube dot com slash Lewis house as well. And today's sponsor is blinking. I it's the only app that takes thousands of the best-selling nonfiction books and distills them down to the most impactful elements. So you can. Read or listen to them and under fifteen minutes, all on your phone with blankets. You'll expand your knowledge and learn more than just fifteen minutes, then you can almost any other way. Plus, you can listen anywhere. And I like listening to blink while I'm commuting in LA traffic or when I'm at the gym. And the blink is library is massive from timeless classics like think and grow rich to current bestsellers like the power of habit. My personal recommendation is emotional agility by Susan David or you are a bad ass by gen sincere. Oh over five million. People are using blankets to expand their minds. Fifteen minutes at a time. And I want you to get started right now. For a limited time blinking has a special offer just for our audience, and you can go to blinking dot com slash greatness to start your seven day trial. That's blinking spelled B L I. S T blankets dot com slash greatness to start your free seven day. Trial. Check it out at blankets dot com slash greatness. Big. Thank you to capterra. Now. I am a big fan of business. We talk about business on the show. I run a massive business, and I'm constantly obsessed with how optimize my business to save time for myself and my team so that we can have more of a life. We don't have to work as hard, but we can work smarter. And that's why choosing the right software for your business is so important, and you can read thousands of real software reviews to help you choose the right software for your business on capterra dot com slash greatness. And with over seven hundred fifty thousand reviews of products from real software users, you can discover everything you need to make an informed decision on the best software to help you and your business to optimize systems and make sure you're not working as hard blending. The software work hard for you. Capterra makes it easy to discover the right solution fast. Join the millions of people. Who use capterra each month to find the right tools for their business? Visit capterra dot com slash greatness for free today to find the tools to make an informed software decision for your business. Capterra dot com slash grayness. That's C A P T E R A dot com slash greatness. Capterra software selection. Simplified big thank you to our sponsors. And I'm excited about today's episode with the one and only tow for grace. Welcome back to the school granted podcast. We've got the legendary topa grace in the house, man. Good to see you, man. Well, yeah. Really, well, and I'm sure you're about to say this, but we had incredible experience together. It was good to see you post that experienced. Yes. When amazing journey and adventure minor adventure. Minor not a big not a big adventure. Adventure overs. Got a new podcast out called minor adventures. And was called Ryan minor adventures and a magical experience for people. Well, I don't know if this is what you want to go in and out the bad. But it's I didn't know you then. Yeah, we just met like two minutes before we did. It was like going on some date or something. And you'd been Simpson asked me to do this. He's like ham launching this new thing. I don't know if it's gonna work or not it could be like the most incredible thing or a bust and boy did it worked Dino man Nathanson is covering that song. Wait a minute. What? So every episode happens to tell every episode we'd only done it twice before when you came on. And I was so thrilled to have knowing of you. But not knowing you, it's kind of one of the fun things about having a podcast and. Every guest who comes in like you has no idea what they're going to do. I mean, you can vouch that you would know idea what you're going to do that. I know you didn't because look on your face when we announced we're going to do is kind of like what? So we talked for about ten minutes. And then Sam announces what adventure we're gonna do. And it's been you know, we hope someone to lie detector tests. We did rake. He we did telemarketing. I'm one of them's hilarious. You may phone calls like tell them. We just did beat boxing with Christy mats. It was like as we try to pair people with things you might not think about and with you. We got the best pop songwriter in the world, she for like beyond say a lot of great artists, and she came in and we wrote a song, and it was bad at first. And then she made it good. And then she you help to me actually, you came up with what the whole song was kind of going to be about. And then there was this moment. I just heard it. So like you're disadvantage even heard of yet. But we found it. It was like this magical moment where all of a sudden it was a real song. And then they liked it so much that they had matinee th Unsa nd who I'm a huge fan of you. I can't believe in hurt. Again. We should have brought it on the show who is this guy. Manning is pop song singer and writer or hardest. Oh, you've heard stuff. I mean due to rights issues. I'm sure I can't sing right now. But but soon you'll know his number one hit single what's the name of it. We remember even if I fall even if I fall which downs like a Lewis house title for song. There you go. But you really we're still gain. Even if I fall we were talking about like, overcoming challenges and bursting your life. Well, I we you and I were talking about it. And then when she came in the room, she wanted something that was personal. And so we kind of referenced what we had been talking about. And then I just heard it like you come. There's a moment where you kind of come up with a really important part of it. And then I came up with what rhymed and she was basically doing. All right. Let's she's an amazing songwriter. We're just throwing. Ramming them and making them a real thing. And then it got good like it'd be had that moment where we all went. Oh, and I'm so glad I'm so glad I'm doing a podcast you can capture moments like that. And you'll love it. When you hear it. It's really fun. Yeah. So on the episode you play it. We view the end of the you have to go through the whole thing. So you hear this kind of find it then she plays a kind of loose version of it at the end, and then they wrote a whole thing and this guy recorded a I mean, I hope in two weeks. This is number one on the spot of billboard. Whatever. Remember, we gave up our songwriting. Then we we split it four ways. Ause instead status on air. Here we we felt so guilty that we said if you get someone new record it like, please give them all the money. But we're going to really regret that I want a million dollars soon. So the song is good. It's actually really good. I don't think well because I have these positive where I haven't heard the show for a while. And we're recording new shows. So when it yeah, when I heard it, I thought it was good when she was singing kind of acoustic. And then when I heard I wish I could just I should have brought it today and just played it for you. I would love to have watched your face like listen. Well, listen to it. So we did this whole experience. Would you like a mini interview? I was actually interviewing you a lot on the episode. And that was the annoying thing. Lewis is that I am three episodes into my own podcast jazz. And I'm starting to talk about where I love and what my difficulties were in challenges and overcoming them. And I was like got hypnotized Louis. I've heard you do this to people. Did it to the by? I think we had the editor cut most. Then I remember saying in the thing. Well, I see what you did hear cut this. Yeah. You try you're trying to turn it on me. It was fun though. Man. A lot of what you were talking about in your life was then in the song. You remember sim said at the beginning. He's listening this right? The anthem for LA. There's no anthem for LA. And then we just torn down immediately. Like, no wanna write something that's like really real anthem for LA. Yeah. Because he's like New York anthem. I mean, it's a good idea worth to make money. Yeah. Exactly. Very say. So amazing, man. Well, I'm excited view. The show is going to be amazing. And we started here. This pop this hit number one song, but you you've had an incredible journey because you kinda came into fame as a teen star. And I remember you told me I think when we met you had zero jobs before that. I mean, we did like one play or wasn't something like small never acted before. I'd worked at Suncoast video Stanford mall to Dunkin donuts. So that was kind of extent of my fifteen sixteen seventeen you'll. Yeah. And me like my mom had to drive me because my driver's license. And then I had a really weird thing happened to me, which is I haven't told the story in a long time to tell it all to America at the beginning of when I started on seven show, which is I was in high school play. I'm I was not that. I'm the athlete turned entertainer that you are. I was on the varsity tennis team the schools boarding school in New Hampshire, and I was like three hundred students or something. I mean, even like making varsity is like you just have to be one of the twelve. Most people at tennis and I sprained my ankle. And I had these little parts in the school play, you know, Pasco plays they done. So I tried out for the for the lead. And I got it. And it was a big kind of scandal because I wasn't like a drama kid and some of the drama geeks. At the school said we were going to not do the show and have a boycott it and they got over that. And then I mean, there's still probably mad about it. Because these producers who were the parents of the girl who made the sets were these big time Hollywood producers. I mean, they were just like, my friend Lindsay's parents, right, right? But they called I was going to school USC. So I got here to USC the next year they'd been developing a seventy show, and they called me and said would you like to come try out for I just been rejected from the film school? The only reason I went to USAA been rejected three times. So I kind of had no idea what I was doing in my life. And I'd never addition for anything outside of like school plays. See this one school play and. Her parents, my actor friends hate when I tell the story, but. The head of FOX at the time. You know, I did a lot of like mini kind of audition. They said, okay, we're going to the president of FOX. This is your final edition was seventy show. And so they said bring a picture and resume because it's a real audition today. I said like so like, okay. What do you mean? Like, what's a picking resume said? Oh, it's like a photo of used. So they know who it is. And on the back. You have a resume of like, you know, all your jobs. Yeah. I said, okay. Cool, and I showed up Dunkin donuts. No, no, all the back was literally Dunkin donuts son goes video in the one part. I played in the play in the front like like a picture like that me and my friends at six flags no way. I didn't know what they meant that. It's like a head shot of like, you know. So I was I think they were so shocked. I got the part like it was. So they were looking for a real nerdy kid. And that was what they got. They got you. Yeah. I wasn't acting nerdy. Wow. So you one play your friend who was at the school. Are in the play guess her parents, they saw it or something. So I knew them I knew they were they wrote Wayne's world and Tommy boy, and we're huge movies at the time and third rock from the sun, which they had just won a Golden Globe. So we all knew they were watching the show. And we thought it'd probably there's amazing. But I don't think in my wildest. I think my wildest dreams I would have been like for them during the summer. Maybe I would have asked them after freshman year. Like, hey, but then. When she called his body of Bonnie and Terry Turner, were, you know, just by the way, the ran Saturday Night Live at one point one very talented. She called me, but I didn't know it would be my friend's mom. So I was at school and just in my dorm and USC is like a little high. And she said like, hey, it's Bonnie, and I was like, oh, I did we like go out or like who are you? While she was like, no, it's Lindsay's models. Like oh shit. I got the tension. Like, I, you know. I would I do as putting out the whatever. And then she said, no, no, we want you to this before the show is to kind of explain what the show's about a couple years ago. I bumped into one of the producers on it. And they said, yeah, we had auditioned placate thousand kids. Like, it wasn't like they were thinking me they went through everyone in LA. And I guess I did know when I went to the dish in that that everyone was too cool. They were all professional nerds they had like product in their hair like a little bit of makeup on like they'd be doing like who you've hired a plan. Nerd I was actually a nerd who couldn't get laid in college. Like that at that moment. But these kids were reading the script, you know, they're all reading the script in the hallway. And they're kind of like. You know, Donna Hamm such a loser. And I was like I got this because I have real I am. Loser. So you did the what was it like your audition? Were you nervous mortar than I've ever been for anything. Because I had a feeling I just knew the life changer. If I got even if it only went for ten episodes. It was cancelled or something that would be totally life changing for me. But then after I got it. I was. I was going to say depressed. But I was really think if you haven't dreamed that big or anything near that scale. And then it just happens like that. I left the room and they sit. All right. He'd be on after the Simpsons and before the X files and outside on my job. How many auditions did you have to do? I did like like twelve mini auditions where they just wanted to see that. I could repeat what I'd done the last time or come up with something new. And then this one big audition was the real one. Cast members. It was just you know, the only thing I cast that day was Mila who was fourteen. Like crazy, but it was fun. I remember everything that happened that year. And that's it. I remember anything after it really everything my learning trajectory was so inverted that first year it was so hard. I remember in the pilot. The the director said great job on that scene. But you didn't face any of the cameras like I was that new to it. I didn't know how anything so that first year was like the most tense experience of my life. And then and then it got easier, of course, while so when those of the twelfth audition the final one where they're like. Okay. This is it and we're gonna make a decision after this. How did they tell you, and oh they came out? And they said, hey, we're taking a dinner because you've got the part, and then over dinner they were telling me, and I was in like a sleepwalking state. But I remember they said you got it. And then the funny thing is I went back to school. It was spring break. So I I hadn't gone back to back home from Connecticut, but I hadn't gone there. Because I had this edition spring break. Everyone's gone this dorm of a thousand people was empty, and I just walked through it. And I know in to tell and, wow, I told like one Korean student who was there because he couldn't go home. He knew English. But I was like I'm going to be the lead of the. Show and he was like oh. Like, I'm not even sure it's still to this day. If you understood me, or even if you did like, you'd probably thought I was insane or something. But and then and then what happened is I started to have headaches because I had like two months until we started working on it. And I started just feeling don't take any. I'm not asking for pity. It was just an interesting thing where I was I knew I was very lucky, but I started it was just a weird place to beat to have never dreamed of anything like that ever happening. And then to know you're going to do it. And it wasn't until actually went home just randomly. I went home for a week and skip school. I was so kinda messed up about it. And then when we started working on it on the pilot the first day, we started working I felt better because oh, this is gonna be really hard. Like, it just felt like you won the lottery, and it's like you're too lucky or something, you know, they always real worth a sixteen twenty hour day. It's worse for me because I've never memorized the line. You know, really like I've never done it in front of people. I never been on a set before. So once I realized how hard it was going to be I felt better that makes sense. Because why because he realized it wasn't going to be this lucky thing to work for it. Yeah. Felt unfair. It felt a little. I don't know. Like, I get why a lot of people who win the lottery have like problems because I didn't work for it. Yeah. I think that's right. Yeah. I never really thought about it. But I think. Usually feel like someone gifted you something. And then boy, we really earn it because we really did it for the next seven years. Eight years how many eight seasons was eight seasons. Two hundred. Roads. So it's really who's like I look back on now is really the most beautiful thing doing that show because we were kind of the age of the kids when it started. And then we were having these experiences at the same time that I'm sure I know Wilmer was on here is the same way. We I'd go who such good friends with Wilmer we go home and sleep over at his house, and he was in high school, and like, and then we come back or we go, you know, someone's go see a movie together, we we just came from working all day together. It was just a beautiful a great experience. And that it was our first made it so all of you were kind of like newbies. I guess maybe Ashton stuff Laura had never acted Asha never acted they'd modeled and Wilmer could barely speak English and meal Danny had acted a little bit. Yeah. What was the greatest lesson that you learned in that first season in homers guy Lewis? Oh my God. It's lessons on top less. I mean, I guess it was mostly teamwork stuff. I wasn't in sports. So I didn't have ura understanding of but true. Teamwork. Not just kind of like, hey, listen to what everyone says. But like really like we're in a crunch right now who do I pass the ball to that's going to score. And that's that's why I think that showed it. So well is because I mean, there are a lot of reasons, but that cast really gelled fast, and we all knew how to like this as Ashton strength. This is Laura's strength that I kind of. Well, what would you say is the biggest lesson from the whole eight-year experience because you look back on all the seasons. All the things you learned what was the most important thing that you took away. Just the other night. I was in a tense conversation with my wife wasn't fight because I was wrong. But I I really was wrong. And I think I learned to say, I'm wrong. Over the season. I think a lot of people don't it's a skill that we don't pay a lot of attention to. But that's another team work thing. We have a kid now. And like, I remember the first time most of my stuff was with Laura pre pond, right? I worked with everyone. But she's amazing actress and amazing person and she's on oranges you black now. She's credible success. And I remember in like the fifth or sixth episode. We had. It wasn't like a fight. It was just like I thought we should do the joke. One way. She's done. She's okay. Let's do it your way and the middle of the run through you rehearse to then run through it in front of the writers. And the and the network and stuff. I did. This is a this is the first it's funny, you're saying be real. But the truth is I've never told the story before I. Did what her idea of the scene was because in the moment. I was like, wait. She's right. I'm wrong, Jordan. I mean, like my idea of how so I did it was just kind of dancing. We were doing the she didn't do her her. But she went with it because she's such a rockstar. And then I was only nineteen then. But I I was like I've never said this before I kind of went to address your when I was like, hey. You were right. There's a lot of like when you're a student in school. There's a lot of times you have to trust better. If you say, I was wrong. But I don't think there's no classes for that. You know, and a lot of your work in high school is like very individual. And certainly the plays. I thought it was right? Maybe not admitting to myself a couple of times that I was wrong. And I said to Laura like. You're right. I'm sorry. Like that. And I really meant it. And she was she was like, there's no way she remembers this. But it was amazing for me. And then over the seven years, it's it's quick like making that process quicker like immediately before it becomes a thing. You know what? I mean, saying I actually you're right. Well, does shaving down your ego. I guess dragging. Yeah. How do you keep yourself grounded? While you guys were just blowing up individually as a show as a group of kids. How did you take our did you everyone handle that pretty differently? But I I've great great parents, and I had been to boarding school. So I'd already was in the process of going home all the time, and it was kind of the same schedule. You'll the summers off you'd like winter break off. And so I had a very real place. They were in the same house since I was born. So would always felt like I could go out to the real world and then of come back in and they're they're great. They're really great. My. That's and they really that work. I think is done before the thing happens person. Yeah. How do you think? People can it should handle when a big break happens when when they win the lottery or something happens or they get a big press hit or they get a huge client that maybe they couldn't even dream like where you were at how can someone take a step back and handle that or PROST approach that with grace willing forward? So that they don't below the opportunity. Sounds like union blow it, but my blow headaches stress would have loved to have been better too. I mean, I certainly made every mistake there was to me. But I think like. One thing. I hate I remember at the time was people would say don't change. You don't know what that means, especially when you're nineteen because you're like, I want to change like, I I hate my life. You know what I mean? Like, I. I didn't ate my life. But I wanted to do so many different things and people telling you not to change you also that's an impossible thing to to do. It's probably bad to not change. They're saying like kind of stay grounded. I didn't know what that meant. What do I think? Gosh, I think he's probably making every mistake. I sadly don't know if there's a way it's messing up and fumbling along the way. So you can learn the lessons you need. Yeah. I think that's why I said the most valuable lesson was saying you were wrong. I'll give you a great example of that that I all these lessons. I live with every day because I'm still doing the same job is. The director David trainer he directed. Every episode of that show, which very rare for a sitcom director to all two hundred percents, and he's a wonderful human. He started on Broadway. So he comes from a really working with actors place, some of these TV directors. They're coming at it from more of a visual place, but he's coming at it from an acting place. And like I said I mean, I was so green in terms of just communicating with actors. I'd say like. You know, in my mind, I thought you were going to do that differently. That's like not something you can say as an actor onset is like no, no I saw differently in my head. It's illegal. But we were all starting. And we were all he was very patient with us that first season thinking episode like seven or eight like really early on came up to me and said like can you do this scene faster needs to be quick? He didn't even nicer way of saying like, I think Eric would be more wanting to get there. But I understood the message was like faster like we gotta get to the commercial. And I was. Mad because I really liked the way I was doing it really stepped on my ego. Like, I didn't even look at like, oh, I don't need my ego. Like, I had a huge ego. I mean, more like just it personally hurt my feelings like I had opinion on the scene as you always. If you're a actor. I think of any consequence it's because you're you have a a idea for the same point of view point of view. But you know, you're not the boss you're hired to do that. So I was mad eventually did it faster. But that's really grumbling about it. And I think when I saw it I didn't even pay attention to whether it was actually better or not I just like really feeling mad about it. And then like I want to say two years later, we're still on the show now season three I was having a dream. And I woke up like early one morning, and I was like was he right about that? I mean, this years later, I was still working with them all the time. And I was like, and I noticed how brilliant the guy was and I was like. I don't know if he was right? Maybe we both had good points. Maybe then half a year after that. I was like now he was right? I was really wrong about that. And so that was now like two and a half years later. And what I realized I needed to do was when director comes up to you have that exact conversation that I had with myself, which is you can't stop yourself from being offended. That's you know, if I came in here and say like, why did you put books here kind of lame studio? You can't like help yourself for me. Like, well, I spend a lot of time on the studio, but what you have to do in a period of. It's getting from two years into three seconds is to say like, okay. Let me listen. Let me open myself. I tried to take that process. And now when like Spike Lee, your Chris Nolan or one of these directors comes up to me, I still have the same. If anyone comes up to you and says anything's wrong about you, you you kind of like wanna put up a wall. And so that is an example of something that I've taken with me where that's a powerful skill because. Most people can hold onto words or something that someone says or doesn't say an acknowledgement or non acknowledgement and hold onto it for years like you said or months or days or hours and it can consume their minds so much. They aren't incapable of taking action on their dreams. I wasn't. Every minute of every day thinking about that scene. But I mean you've dealt with this. And I think actors probably deal with this the most because they're costly getting critiqued or judged or have you say, no redo the scene, I'm assuming so how do how do you teach other people to deal with that those emotions or they don't hold onto something. But they take the feedback quickly. They say, okay, this feels whatever. But I'm going to move forward. I don't know how to tell someone else to listen like it's impossible. It's really only there's one person you can control. But I will say the people who don't listen, especially on something as collaborative as a film set or TV set the punishment is there's you know, like, even if they think they're standing up for their thing. If you don't know how to listen, it's it only hurts you who's been the most brilliant person you've worked with actor producer director or just in general and entertainment. We didn't have to my podcast with Louis house. Exactly met changed the game for me. I moved they gave away. All my belongings. No. Actor that you you're just like, Wow, I've never experienced someone so brilliant, whether it be a scene or consistently or director or your side, they're going to be a couple of people with directors for me. It was definitely David trainer who directed seventy show and early on my first film was traffic and Steven Soderbergh was someone else is a huge fan of then he just done out of sight and Erin Brockovich and stuff and then Houston traffic like to be able to work with him. I didn't even know how to appreciate that. Because he was my first film. But in retrospect, I look back, and he also holds the cameras right there with you. But. Paul Weitz is amazing director that I worked with who. You've seen his stuff like about a boy and in good company. He's amazing ninety to play with him in New York. Another amazing experience and Spike Lee on mentioned Chris Nolan. That's been like my David Mashad is really great director. I'm more and more. I'm working with just directors that I really love. So the list gets more. Hopefully, I can add more and more of that list and actors Adam driver was in black Landsman. I got some stuff with him. And I thought he was brilliant. He was he was girls was for. Yes. He's the Star Wars movies now, but he's also like him and John David Washington in that movie were like their one or two scenes I had with. It was a three of us. And I was like what was really fun day. It was very heavy subject matter. But like just balancing off actors like that is just so much fun. What is it about those actors that makes them so unique that you're like, wow. This has got like a talent, that's even beyond. I think we're gonna. I think we're gonna out him a couple of times where I was like this isn't fair like his vessel is so much better. See it's deep voice like he's got like a way of delivering lines. And if I wanted to copy, I couldn't you else was really great for me at very informative work with was Dennis Quaid actually have done four things with them. And. He's he was in traffic. But then we did this movie and company, and then we did this movie a couple years ago called truth with Kate Blanchett. And that was another set. Whereas just like Robert Redford was in. That's we'd be seen sometimes all of us. And I go like, screw it. We were dinner sometimes, and I was like, holy wrastling. I can't. But I think I always knew it was working with great people because I've been in great on sambas. But it's more and more. What I'm like obsessed with just getting around good people. And I didn't care if the movie does that. Well, yeah, I just want to experience the journey. What makes those people so great? You think few people you've talked about these actors. Oh, what's the kind of like the thread, man? I think it's the they don't care about the money. Wow. Interesting. All these directors and actors all of them there when you are doing something for money it takes on. It's a different thing. And it kind of it just keeps kind of. I don't know metastasized. You know, what I mean, it just keeps getting more about that? And if you kind of say like, I I lost money doing black Landsman you lost one because no-no the film made money. I wish I had a piece of it. But no, they said, we don't know if you're right for this. They'd never seen me do that kind of role. So I said let me go in and read for spike personally. And then when I got it they said, we'd love to have you. But it's a local higher meaning you have to be from New York. So they don't have to fly you out. And I said, oh, no, I'll fly myself. And so when you're making decisions from that point of view, but it's all kind of Vigo my God, I didn't get paid and I had to go. In addition. I've been in the business for you could not have that experience. There are a lot of different ways. You can talk yourself out of it. You know? So you've got a pay cut. You got to do things. You had to drive yourself to work whatever per se. Some hard. I don't know you gotta gotta live that life way before. You know, like everyone had a period of time was on this movie. I was looking around. Everyone had an assistant. I was like why don't we need assistance for life is so boring. You know, what I mean like like going to get the when you're out of work, you know, as an actor, which is the majority of the time like go get your own dry cleaning a lot of free time at one time. I had an assistant because it was my contract for producing a movie, and I was like can you dial sewn so interesting where I'll do it. I couldn't figure out like. Was like a waste of time to educate them their jobs where you need assistant. But this is not one of them. But I can see where people start to detach from like. Well, I got to pay for my system. So I've got to do this project goes the wrong way. Well, so what was that experience like for you being like this white supremacists? In a time of our country and world where it's very sensitive. Well, it's very different things playing the character and doing the research for the character was just like near depression like it was well because I really wanted to come correct for spike. And I did it. I read his autobiography, which is like, you know, is basically his version of mind calm. And then I was watching these interviews with him, and my wife was we just had our kid at that point. She was like you need to take it in the basement like first of all don't run those lines flank around. But also like you're just like depressed when we started shooting it. It was more fun because I said it was so many great people to work with. But the research was depressing the doing it and also the idea of working with spike on something that at that very moment was Charlottesville just happened. They added that stuff out Charlottesville the end later. So you're watching the news every day. You're so frustrated as we all are. And then you you're the one who's given the lines like the bad. Well that that's yes. That's when I wouldn't spike would kind of come up and be like, don't worry. I know we shot all just Klan rally stuff this week. But like, this isn't what the film is going to be like, I got you just to as an artist, you know. You know, you're an actor people shouldn't be listening to what you're saying. They really should. You know what I mean? Like, I I don't think there's an actor out there that I'm like, yeah. I wanna listen to his opinion on politics. But we all have opinions and to go work with someone like spike, people should listen to and to be able to say something, I remember when the trailer came out, we improvise a thing. I I went up to spike. And I said, hey, what if we worked in America first because it kind of happened recently? And he said, yeah, that's great. So during the toast, I say America first, and then that was the end trailer speech or giving a speech, and I lied to Toews from could start chanting it after me, and I was like, oh, this is going to play in the theater, and then when it was at the end of the trailer house, like Trump gonna see this like, I mean, I know he watches TV. And so it was a very cathartic experience. Very tough was very cathartic to be able to have all this frustration. Then kind of be able to spike who saying something like help him say something, I really believe in. Yeah. So it was a moment where you had your own opinion. And the director said, yeah. Like your opinion, we did a lot of rehearsals too. I think I'm gonna come out of rehearsals and something that a lot of directors do, but John David that was his first starring role in these were like great. This guy's mazing while it's incredible man. Now, what does that like for your personal life? When you play a character that is this evil character in a very sensitive touchy subject, not like the bad guy in some Star Wars movie. But well, if you're if you're playing the joker, you can do a little bit of like, well, you know, maybe I kind of see his point of view is my made up story. His father was abusive to him or whatever. And this. It's like I couldn't find that thing that the more. I read did research on him. And it was a lot. I couldn't find that thing that made me sympathize with him. So what I did was I just played kind of pure evil, but totally covered up. And and that's how he is to in my opinion. It's like it all looks very. Easy to digest. And then the deeper you go the more, and hopefully, that's what it feels like in the movie like the more, you get to know the characters this guy. How you I mean, we did you feel any attacks personally and your personal life? Like, the people come up to you and say I said that when I was cast. I said, you know, man, like, I ride the subway sometimes. And he said, no, no, don't worry like Johnson or someone said that to him on do the right thing. And he said, no, no, you're with me, like don't worry about it. And it's true. The thing I wasn't scared about was black people thinking I was racist. I was scared about was white racists thinking, I was racist. And someone you know, kind of looking at me and going you get it, really. And I haven't had any of that. But I don't really hang out with this Bill like showing. Yeah. So I don't know. But interesting, I'm I I was nervous when it came out. And I was glad that the film was I saw it. It can for the first time when it premiered. And I remember we were doing it. I would say the spike like, I I hope we get this. But it's so much humor on on top of something. That's so heavy like can this work as a movie and to his credit? I turn to him and Kano's like I have never seen anything like this, and it did work, and I just I couldn't believe it. So beautiful movie man, Greg. Thanks, very good. Now, what is lifelike what was life like pre marriage and baby as an actor thriving in Hollywood. And now you have a one and a half year old married, and what is like lifelike now as a father being an actor starting podcast. You know, doing these projects how do you handle it emotionally physically spiritually everything? Well, it's amazing. I mean, it's everything everyone tells you and you don't listen beforehand, new wait as long as you can. I did. I literally did. But. I think. Yeah. It does get worse. But it gets so much better that it's worth the ride. And and my daughter is now at this age. That's unbelievable. I would say the podcast. If I go project-by-project the podcast is the most fun because it's five minutes from my house. And I have a reason to leave once a week. And what's great is the nature of his? It's not just you know, you got to hear my life story. It's probably boring you, but like when you came on I got we got to talk about like I'd never written a song. And then similarly I've never been hooked up to a lie detector test or certainly never done beat boxing. It was like all these adventures everyone who has a new kid should definitely have a podcast where they have different expert. Come. It's like a liberal arts education for forty year old or something. But so that's really fun. And there's kind of nothing hard about that. And I'm home two hours later with my kid. I'll tell you. I I'm in this. There's an adaptation of the zone coming out a Naji, oh is one of my favorite books from the nineties. And I'm in it. And there's a scene where I had to cry and the real difference. I noticed was beforehand. I'd have a little trouble crying, sometimes George myself up and after the child. Oh, man. It was like I couldn't like there's it's a very emotional scene. Yeah. And I just like so fast. I just went there because you're just know you're just more loaded up. You didn't know that chamber existed for you? You know, do you feel like you're a better actor then because I'm certainly better better crying actor. If you want me to be less, emotional, maybe that's hard now. But. I think it's good for now. You can always scale it back. You know what I mean? But find a new kind of cylinder. Do you feel like you're creating you're going to do you feel more urgent to be a working actor or you kind of like I've had my time. And if something comes cool, but I'm going to be a father. Oh, yeah. I think like it would be hard to find the actor who's a dad, actually that's not true. You probably could find it. It just you wouldn't like that guy. Who's like get me on location? I'm like part of the reason that I'm excited to have a podcast. And hopefully, we monetize it at some point is because I would love to take one movie, you're off the dock it, really. I mean who doesn't want office job you when you're younger, you're thinking, how am I going to be an actor and me and movies? And now, my how do I just stay home? Yeah. Yeah. You're one even before we had a kid you crave. The the schedule. There's no scale I'll have like two months, right? Don't work and then a month from getting up at four thirty every morning, and it's like all over the place every project so different and love just have a company I go into and just work at be especially having the opposite life of most people do to the most people don't want to go to an office in like work every day. They wanna have like the flexibility and freedom and be creative. Jason, let's see you just. She did that for twenty years. Yeah. I grew up. My dad would come home at six PM every day. And I think that was good for me. And it was good for him. You know that routine is powerful whenever I'm travelling too much. I feel like I'm off my workout schedule lie. But you've probably got like if you have a problem, you're like, okay. Let's sit down let's fix it. Right. Like, okay. So having this new schedule, and I'm going to that's like what most you would know this. But most humans just let it kind of go. Sure. And then they kinda of my life's crap right now. Like, I gotta figure it out. But I hope in terms of I think what your original question was which was. Do I seek out projects as much? No. But a little bit. That's having a kid a little bit of that is kind of feeling confident that like I'll probably work again. So the right products will come to, you know, there was a time ten years ago where you go like tomorrow. Mind. But I know it's funny. I realized I didn't have to do that. It just was I was young. These already because there's a lot of actors who I think we want and talked about this briefly on on your show. There's there's a lot of actors who they might huge hits. And then for three or four five years get nothing because they've been cast as a specific role or whatever. And they just can't even get auditions. Yeah. Look I entered the business in a really unfair way. I I've worked hard to. Earn it in retrospect, you know, what I mean by. Yeah. I mean, hopefully, but it's still probably nothing compared to someone who has entered from the ground. And so I have great respect for people who really have to grind it out and trying to earn it. Now. Would you say is your biggest insecurity? My penis too. Big too big. And it's like doing it the surgery. Know, my biggest insecurity. Fear wouldn't have anything to do with work anymore. And that's another thing about having kid, really when I met my wife, you start feeling your in a family that it would be like how the poorest capture melting. She's adult there's not gonna be any porous caps. That's not right. And then I can do nothing except maybe being spike Lee's movie climate change. Maybe you can do a little something. But yeah, it's all kind of family stuff. And you know, and also being do dad is like you just think of every worst case scenario. Yeah. So save yourself, man. You just don't be in it. You're like why do I what did I do this? I care so much about this human. It's it's on balance. But it's too late. Now was the greatest lesson. You learn from your daughter, so far I'm going to be something involving patients. She's not that old. So like learned about yourself through her. Well, yesterday was my I take Tuesday's that's all me and. Long. I mean, it's like no one tells you how kind of boring is at the beginning when she can't even talk yet. So like, we're spending all day together. She's gonna let hitting a pillow and I'm like a good five minutes. And we gotta fill up twelve more hours. Patience. Patience is what you know. Yeah. I guess also like you don't I hate to be cliche because what everyone says, but you didn't know you could love someone that much. You know? It's like, it's. But everything I'm saying everyone's said before you know, it was true. Oh, yeah. I mean. Yeah. It looks like it's totally self centered. She looks like me is beautiful. What's bad? What's been the greatest challenge being married in the relationship while having a new new child, you know, it's funny to everyone said like, it's the sleep. And I was like man I've done all nighters on films a whole movie that was all night. You know what I mean? I'll just kind of figured, and it's not that it's like all nighters with this incredible amount of stress, and so it's just I would say it's kind of a sleep and my wife's a rockstar. I mean like. I've really married up. So she she's a great parent. I am a good co parent with her, but she is in like a born amazing parents, and and she's also a rockstar everything she does. So I've just been trying to kind of bend the knee. Thrones. You know what I mean? Like, I've been the Neo, and and she's, but that's part of any business. Right. Like, I feel that. It was Simone this podcast. Yeah. Sim has already made one of the great podcasts early podcast world cast fear. And I did have a point where we're with people that I was like friends with more. On movies and producing and stuff. And I realized like I do want to work with friends if they're the best at what they do. That's not always the case with your friends. And so I didn't know similarly I'd met him once years ago, and then I went on on us podcast. And he said I want to take you out to lunch, and I just kind of open to it. I said sure I thought it was like to hang out or something. And he said, I wanna do your podcast because I guess it had gotten like a lot of downloads or something, and I said. Why don't cast? And then I thought the idea he was so passionate about it. As sim is. And and he's so he's at the forefront of this new thing that I thought, you know. I'd like to work with him on this. And it's really him. He came up with that format of the adventures like in school. I couldn't come up with. I don't know what my bad idea for a podcast would have been with me. But someone was told me you got to feel if you partner like you both have to feel like you're fleecing each other at all times fleecing each other. Yeah. Like taking advantage of show like like like, I'm winning being married to my wife, and she just doesn't know sneakily like, and it's the same thing with Sam. I'm kinda like just show up and. Yeah, exactly. And if he feels that way about me, and my wife feels about me, then it's worse. Yeah. I'm sure my wife will be thrilled that I compared to sim sorry. In all in. All endeavors. Exactly. This is great, Jim when I made you talk about when you came on mind. I was like do other motivational speakers. Do you hate them? We didn't do it didn't make our podcast don't worry about. But it was like I you turn on Facebook. Everyone's like living their best life whenever but you actually did it. But like people are watching this thing right now, but these people's kind of thirty four likes it's probably half of its their family. And I was I was so obsessed with like what does that feel like to be put a weird time we live in no one could do what you do normally in ten years ago. But now everyone's talking their phone and telling them like stick with your dream, or I'm like, you don't even have your life together. Like, I mean, you I mean the person who's trying to be coach of something. And that's why I've tried to take a different angle and not be necessarily coach even though people come to me for coaching and mentor ship or whatever. But I try to be a facilitator a facilitator ideas, say here's I'm going on in the venture kind of like you. Here's what I've discovered from myself. Here's the lesson. I learned because you can do that. And the other thing you can't really you can't tell someone do this. You'll be better. I mean, but you can say like talk about yourself. And like, right. Exactly. Here's how I learned. Because I was chasing my dream doing this. This is what I learned. And here's something try it does eat bugs the shit out of you. Right. Come on, my watch these people and also one you're going I could do so much better. And to you're saying, you're doing wrong. It doesn't bug me. 'cause allows me to rise this up. It's okay. Everyone's looking for answers or looking for solutions allows my platform to continue to rise. I feel like that. When I want you to terrible movie like bad acting. I go like, oh, this is it so hard. I also look at like I want people to succeed like if their dream is to be a coach or to be this or that. And like I want you to figure it out one day because I want to collaborate with people who are rising shirts. Yeah. Look at you know, it's just like, I don't know if you see someone who's a bad actor when you're starting out but many worked on it for ten years. Now, it's like their career to God. I don't want those people to take especially people who are forty year old male white right nerds. Yeah. I want those people to fail miserably, and there's kind of only one spot left if forces you to get better though, that is true. If there's competition if forces you to say, you know, what good I want to learn how to be better, I'm gonna learn how to grow how to invest more resources in my time, how to have a different unique opinion. So that I stand out who's a best actor to watch talk. I mean, I don't really like watching actors talk. So I'm easily opinion out of the screen outside of the screen is hawk. I just straight up YouTube videos of him. Giving interviews he's always saying stuff. That's like really important about the craft routes. Side of the craft. And he told the story about river Phoenix because they were in the explorers. Together. Do you remember that movie in the eighties? They were like kid actors in it like no who knew they were both going to blow up so hard. Like, it was they were two kids in a movie with these three boys who've gone outer space whenever and he decided to go to boarding school, and this before dead poet's society or any of this stuff and just decided to be a real kid, Phoenix became everything. He's the coolest guy in Hollywood all of a sudden. And you gotta hear him tell the story, but repeating was in like a Rolling Stone interview or he's on the cover and he's talking about reading catcher in the rye. Even like, you didn't read it. I read in told you what it was. So he said he was an agony of jealousy of river. Wow. And he said when he died it just like exploded him like he went like, I was wrong that guy was making me better the whole time like I wouldn't have been dead poet's society. I wouldn't he wouldn't be doing. What was doing today? If he didn't have that that petition or that other was just competition. It was. Like, he also respected him on a certain level. And thought he was great. And I just went on. It's so Grady told that story because I do think you're right. Ultimately, give we respect give you I that and tennis if you play someone worse than you. You lose to them place. It went better and you get better. Now, LeBron James once competition because it's going to make him score more points and be one of the greatest of all time as opposed to only twenty points a game to win. This is the difference between these guys on Facebook is is what I'm saying. You actually came from doing ceiling where when you say that I go, oh, you know, you've been on the field you'd rather play against the best and win. And you're like man, I gave my on it works as opposed to like oh that was an easy season. We won the championship because we didn't play any one. I know you're right. I mean, in the way that movie making his like sports, it's like if there was one hundred bad movies, and you were the only good one. And you're like, oh, we're gonna win every award. Cool feels good. But it's like I won't back that actually demean the Academy Award. Yeah. I'll take that. I guess. You know what I mean? It's like you'd rather win knowing like man, there were four other great nominations even dinner is that they make you better. It's not just that. Like, you kind of conceal the competitions actually the wrong where it's got negative and not competition, but just other quality work. Yeah. Other people doing great work to make you want to great art as well. Here's a quote, more of a personal question for him hypothetical. Imagine this is your last day. And it's not going to happen bullish finding that come to your podcast gonna win for my family and my. I'm not gonna get outta here. Be measuring in a year or a couple of years. It's you know, when your last days, and your your daughter is able to speak it. So I guess it's coming up in a few months, and you can leave her with one lesson that you can record on a video or you can say over audio that this will be a lesson that she she's the age now where I'm like chair rideshare wouldn't be the right lesson. Then shoes sixteen eighteen twenty one. She can open this lesson. And listen to it watch it she can take it in. What would you say to your daughter on how to experience for life? You know? There's funny somebody I talked about on on his podcast because it was a movie I did with him. I had had enough successful things that I got to produce a movie and if failed so hard it was number eleven out of ten opening weekend. I mean, it was just like. It wasn't for lack of me trying. It was for lack of me knowing anything about how to do something like that. And I cared so much about it. And I was so. I knew that. I it got held for a little bit which very painful and in that time I felt like I had been digested the lessons. But it was kind of too late. You know what I mean? But I knew there was learning going on. But when it came out, I was just devastated, and then a couple of months later like from that time on my life has been my working life. It's been unbelievable because it taught me so much you failed. So miserably I would say that. I mean, everyone has a different version that story, but failure is the most wonderful teacher. It's nothing to be ashamed of it's like all the current successes. I'm having are because of trying to go deeper in a thing that I didn't understand. And there's no way. My watching my daughter right now, you know, she didn't start walking until she fell on the floor like a thousand times. So, you know, I'm sure it hurt. She came to talk about it. She's learning to try to talk. And it's the same thing. I was. Really? I don't even understand what the job actor wasn't till. I got out of it as a producer and saw they're all these other elements and every right move that I make now is because I made a wrong move then. And I it was it was great talking on about it. Because. By the way. I like the movies still it wasn't like it was a terrible film. It just kind of got you go back to each experience. And you say I mean who doesn't do this past a certain age, go only I could change that. If only I could choose. But that's what the future is about is the, you know. Being able to change it. Right. Yeah. So what would you say to her? Let's say failure. Yeah. Just don't be at the time. I had so many wins in around, and it you get addicted to that feeling, but it's actually tried to do this mathematically once it's like when you're feeling challenged directly going up the mountain, and when you're going down, the mountain, you feel mazing like there's no challenges slide and write down, you know. So like, it's so much fun. But then you look up your later, and you go. Do anything any consequence or whatever? But every time you're messing up. I felt it the whole time doing seventy show. I learn how to the best way to do an interview. And that's only from doing like Leno, and I couldn't speak. I was so nervous. You know? What I mean? It's like, and then they really that was a terrible interview. And then you figure it out, and you know, it's so I just the whole thing. I guarantee you this is the thing to do to look at other people who are crazy successful who you want to be like and go, oh, they messed up. You know, they've done it all wrong to maybe they were not as famous Siwa when they were messing it up. But I think like that to me is my I saw embrace failure. Now failing no him. I'm I'm my status is rising, which I think a lot of people think when they're failing. They're going down things really kind of when you're succeeding that. You're not growing. Right. I grow. I grow my bathing stride, but you're not just the act active just succeed in the work is when you're working in. It's challenging and then it has success. That's great that worked was great. But I just went to two hundred parties for black klansman that doesn't help anything. Do. Do you know what I mean legs just like maybe helps to movies chances being nominated or something? But it's truly when you're just what I've noticed for me. Just so bad at it. You know what I mean? This is how it feels to me is that when you're when you're dealing with obstacles, and you're even failing against them. But then you're learning how to do it better. That's when you're actually climbing. It just it's just painful. Yeah. I hear you. This is called the three truce this question. I think I think my Lewis house metaphor for climbing something with CLYDE rock climbing, or can you give me one see rock, climbing painful, it hurts you or whatever you have the muscles at the entrance. This is called the three truce. I asked this question at the end of everyone. She kinda shared one already, but maybe you'll have a different three here. So imagine imagine this is your second death. Okay. Follow actually, dead, go through pain. Remember? I mean, I'm in like some kind of Katori interview me until we say if I get into heaven or something, right? So imagine this is like your last day hundred something years old. Okay. You live as long as you want to live chief. Everything is good. Okay. Good you achieve all the things you want to achieve you have the life of your dreams, you go through failures ups and downs. But it's the final day. And you look back and say, I don't regret anything. I did it all great life, and you get to leave behind three truths. Three things, you know, to be true from all your experiences, all your lessons all your ups and downs that you would share with the world, not just your daughter. But with the world, what would you say are your three lessons or three truths to the world? Oh, man. Well, yeah. The failure would be one. It'd be if you are getting that penis reduction surgery research, the doctor it's all set. No would be man. I'm not, you know, I'm not anyone that someone should listen to what just what do you feel from your life experiences? That makes makes sense for you. I would say maybe one that's in tandem with that failure thing is being being up for anything. I noticed that when you came on our podcast because we were talking about sports, and they weren't talking about being orator kind of. And then someone came in and said, we're going to write a pop song. And you didn't miss a beat like I thought you were maybe going to go. I was kinda hoping to be honest that you were going to be like, I can't do this because you want, you know, a guy who's confident who's got to like not. But you jumped right in man. And I and you told me a story when we were talking. So I think I knew it was gonna be like that where you did the musical in high school. And if there's a, Dan, yeah. Yeah. That's I didn't do. But I jumped in I was scared of football. But I'm playing football. I was doing miserable. So like, I think that quality which I learned maybe later in life. I wish I'd had it has to do with failure. But I think it's a slightly different thing like just jumping. And even if I fall hit single. Now. Now, it's. That is true. It's like it's worse than not of trot to try this worse than I'll try never tried it all or something. That's one of the. And I can't wait. I can't wait to hear this. I love that. You're still know the lyrics. That's how good it is man. Can't you memorable? It is that we wrote it, and we remember, but like three months ago, he's only right. It was a while ago. I really believe in that. I had a couple of instances where some director will say like, you know, we want them to fly out here to try out for it. But you don't waste the trip. You know, who knows I can't promise you the role or whatever. And I think get on that plane go, you never you never know. But it's so when she's your said my dad used to say, it's me all the time like ask her out. You know, ask her to prom? What's the worst that can happen? Friends, but even thing that made me stronger. So I think that's and then my other one would be three truths, man. Dance. Like, no one's watching. It would be. I think there's some there's a balance of real world and fake world. It doesn't just have to be Hollywood. Although Hollywood is a much more pronounced like you really can tell like what is the red carpet. And what is you at home in sweats? But I think everyone has a version of. Kind of this curated work life thing in this home where you feel comfortable, and I think you have to be tipping the very least tipping in the direction of home. I heard this thing on Charlie rose wants years ago where he was interviewing. Andrea Agassi, and he said ham and ask you a question. What's the best day of your life? But I I'm going to play the same question. I asked Pete Sampras on my show last month. So they turn to the monitor and Pete Sampras said I'd beat Agassi or, but no she's gonna like tied match set. Whatever do you. I mean with Agassi overtime, you know, whatever, and, you know, beautiful day, maybe Wimbledon in that kind of thing. And then it came back to Agassi and said, let's really kind like, wow, he said, well, what would be your best day? And he's like I probably had like a barbecue with my family. Like, it wasn't that. I said that's great. And it just showed the difference between those two players, right? Sampras was kind of a real robot about it Agassi was more of an artist. And I do believe that your personal stuff is tied to whatever. Your professional wants dreams are kind of can't happen without that balance. That's pretty interesting. Yeah. Whether they have heard the truth before those did you say it or something? Nominally? I've heard that. Oh, you don't think you've heard it? I thought I think I've heard it before not only heard that before I house your book last night man now. Good now. Yeah. Yeah. I think I would say page eighty two. No, that's powerful. Wondering knowledge you for a moment for for constantly showing up and reinventing yourself because I think it's it's hard to be a star in one show. And then. Continue to reinvent and do other challenging projects and try to do that. In this space. I've seen a lot of actors who haven't been able to do that. And you've been doing it for twenty years. Someone me on the red carpet, a black homes and doing did you ever see yourself playing a grand wizard of the KKK when you back when you're going seventy show, and I was like, what do you think? Why would I been daydreaming about like if I could ever play the exact opposite? But it's powerful man because you're willing to take risk. You're willing to take a job you're willing to fail and knowledge it for them and knowledge it from being a powerful father or a great leader for your family and everything that you do and taking the risk for the podcast. So congrats on dude. That's on that as well. Thank you for cut, by the way. I was just so your audience knows I was to episodes in before you really nervous or something people had vouched for you. And I was aware of you. But I, you know, you don't know what someone's actually going to show up with that kind of energy. And it was we should give you a cut of that show because you were so great the adventure went. So I my great one in like, let's just thank you for coming on. It all went downhill after that new well, weirdly kind of could. But it's when you see that something just like doing a show or movies if you. See you can start working then that becomes the roadmap of like, how do we do this kind of thing? Yeah. So we're kind of led the way for that will tell you what the first episodes where if they're airing rates. Great guys. Check out the podcast. It's called minor adventures toe for grace and working. We can hear from you online. I'm not too active on social media. But I guess follow minor adventures they'll tell you when on Instagram or Twitter or was that I'm so bad at this park. Joining us to round right? Yeah. I I guess once I got married. I was like I'm gonna do to photos a week. That's promised. Okay. Cool. You're reminding me I have to post a photo at some point this week. Okay. Perfect. And is there a website for you as well? Or now, just social media. Check out the podcast, rob to it. My final question, then is what is your definition of greatness? Me other answers, real quick. I'll give you mind. It is to discover the unique talents and gifts within you news. Those gifts to pursue your dreams in the pursuit of your dreams. Make the maximum impact on people around you. Yeah. That sounds pretty thought out. I don't think I'm going to have something that quick. Here's about say. I was just in conversation with about right now. So this is at this point in my life. What I'm trying to do ten years ago? It was like trying to get a date with whoever. But get a go to like it. I was getting that's the motivator that brings you. But I would say right now, I'm trying to not focus on an idea of what I think I should be maybe that comes with being forty or something, you know, when you're younger, maybe you'd think like, I should be like, wouldn't it be great? If I was this or just not having any because I feel more confident than I did my twenties. And I wanna like the perfect sample is the podcast or something strange like that. I wouldn't have thought I was going to do just saying, hey, if I if I if I had these qualities you're talking about. Good. Might work and just being confident remaining really open because you can't. I mean, if I said to my agent, I want to do an action comedy, they go. Okay. We'll bring you up when one of those comes together, you know. But just say open and say, you know, I'm going to work with the people. I mean like like David Duke thing like three days before that. I didn't know I was gonna doing that. So yeah, I think I would just just remain open in confident when things are cool over for sure. And then you have in my friends. I hope you enjoyed this episode with Topher grace make sure to check out his podcast adventure as well that I just went on. And we recorded a song and go listen to it. It's pretty cool. It's really exciting actually to see what we created in a short amount of time. If you join this share with your friends Lewis, house dot com slash seven eight one share it out spread the message of inspiration in greatness, far and wide to make an impact on the lives around you the people you care about send them this podcast. Let them know tell them to subscribe if you haven't subscribed yourself, make sure subscribe right now over on apple podcasts on your phone. You can go to Spotify. Listen, they're soundcloud, Google play all the places leave us a review the reviews really help us. Get the message out as well to spread the message of greatness to more people big thank you to our sponsors. If you love to revokes. But you don't have time. Make sure to go to blankets dot com slash greatness to start your seven day free trial. You can get all these great nonfiction books with expanded information in just fifteen minutes a book powerful best stuff in fifteen minutes. Go to blink dot com slash greatness. And also your business doesn't need more time from you to work harder. You gotta start working smarter. And that's why capterra dot com slash greatness is the place to find over seven hundred fifty thousand reviews of products from real software users and discovered everything you need to make an informed decision on the best software for you in your businesses needs. It doesn't matter. What business you have? You can find incredible softwares to help you grow your business job, you systematize, everything in you'll grand check it out at capterra dot com slash greatness. Remember that you are a incr-. Credible. Beautiful one of a kind individual. There's no one who's ever going to be like you ever. Again, you are here for a reason. And I hope you remember that you've got an opportunity to do something special with your life. You've got different moments when you can maximize the gifts in the talents that you were born with you can discover new talents and gifts you can learn a new skill. You can master it. And then apply that by giving value to other people with your talent, you can make magic in your life. If you choose to work at it. You've just got to be willing to step up and have the confidence in yourself. I hope this podcast school of greatness has giving you different tools and inspiration and confidence to allow you to take the leap of faith into the unknown. The leap of faith into the scary messy times of life. Because once you get through those scary messy times there is incredible beauty on the other side. I love you. So very much, and you know, what time it is time to go out there and do. Something great.

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Lyn Woodward (Kelley Blue Book)

The Smoking Tire

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Lyn Woodward (Kelley Blue Book)

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And what that means is continental makes the original equipment belts, for like ninety eight percent of vehicles on the road, the majority of BMW's and Volkswagen's, all of the Chrysler Dodge, Ford and GM vehicles. They're out there, and that engineering can be can get into your car even in the aftermarket go. You're going have surprise is under the hood. Don't let a blown belt or hose. Be one of them go with the continental. Oh, e technology series multi belt the belt with the pedigree to get the full story. Visit O E technology, series dot com. All right on this episode of the show. This is one of my new favorite people, I met her. I think I her for the first time the first Redwood, but she has been on the car scene hard for the last couple of years. She's, she's freelanced for all the, the major magazines, from automobile to road and track as she's written for Jellab Nick. She is. Now the automotive video correspondent for Kelley blue book, and she is a RAD chick. I'm happy to have her in studio Lynn Woodward on the smoke entire podcast. I already I don't know about you. But I wake up with the sun now old now. So Mr. host, like fucking son, and my wife hates it. So. But like it was accentuate getting up like four AM for like a week. They got a lot done. Yeah. I fucking banged out all almost six thousand words this week dude almost ninety percent of it before nine AM AGA. That's crazy. What up, it's the smoking dire podcast on a Tuesday with our great apologies to are normally loyal live audience fucking YouTube is fucked today. So we can't do it live. And we apologize for that. But we hear with Lynn Woodward in studio. Zach plumper shot give the woman, some respect that. She is Highland. Hi, welcome. Thank you, are you. I'm great. It's nice to have you here. Thank you. It's awesome to be here. Thanks for inviting yourself. I myself I know it is it's been too long. I'm super happy. Yeah. You've been fucking around for a long time. I have been your proper automotive journalist, I guess, like, say that, watch did you wear to see me? I love this watch this. It's a time ex so it's not super fancy looks the business. But, you know, I, I saw this watch at deus ex Makia and I was like how you pronounce it. Whatever deuce day s use who takes Latin anymore. Did you? I had to for like six months, but it's an England who and they kind of made you ever but I saw this wash there, and I was like, oh, I kind of like that. And then I just couldn't get out of my head. So I bought it will watch because it was day is seven times, the price. But, but what I bought it from time MAC, I didn't go, so you went and shopped in person, and the next right to Amazon. That's was proper Timex price. Yeah. No, that's, that's a that watch is a very reasonably priced and cool. Looking watch that I actually recommend to a lot of people. It looks basically like a Rolex mariner from more than a few feet away, which is the point steak xactly the point like the definition of champagne taste, but beer budget. No, that's like. With the NATO strap and shit. Highlife. I'll take Timex all day before. I buy one of those like Steinhardt or harnessed, you know, those bands, the, there's a couple of companies called once called Steinhardt, once called parnis, man. Yeah. And my grandmother harness one they do. You have to take several drunk and see what they do is they get fucking like this close to trademark infringement on Rolex and Paneriai, and they just flagrant copy, maybe twenty percent of the quality she movement. And then they just take off the Rolex logo. And they put parnis or Steinhardt but for more than five feet away like it. It's a role like it's not real lax. No. That was like the China township back in the day, bakes are dope now. So I used to go to New York when I was the, you know, in my early late twenties early thirties, I grew up in, in LA, but I was born in New York City. So every time we would go back to New York, there are two places that I would go Keells was always the first one that original store on, on third had to go to that one had you on that one. It was the only one that was it. And then we would always go like behind, like behind Macy's or behind sacks to find all those like Chinese knockoffs of air. Maze bags go to canal street for that. That's all in the garment district. That's what you'd find the bags big bags. I would go to canal street, Chinatown. We just where you'd get dim some fireworks, which are illegal in New York, and definitely stolen stereo equipment. Bard high school is full of out to Mt. Thunder one thousand series who had that MTA X out there. Like somebody everybody had some fucking twelve's in the back, and there's no brand on the box who knows. But that should fell off a truck ended up in Chinatown. That's awesome. So you grew up in LA in LA. Yeah. We moved here in the early. Seventies, I was a young person. And it was great. I loved I, I was valley where the smog. Oh my gosh. Yeah, I never saw the small valley kid for, you know, for obviously number of years and crew up in, in mostly in the San Fernando Valley in Burbank. And yeah, the smog was horrible. I mean, there'd be days you couldn't they wouldn't let go outside. So wait. If you grew up in the valley basically, fast times at ridgemont high was your actual life. That's correct. Yeah. They because that movie is that place in that time. That's correct. Who were you in fast? Only Stacey probably that, like, kind of, like I don't I'm kind of a loser, like quiet. And I don't really know what the hell or no God now diving board. Now she had way more confidence than I even have now as a grown woman. I bet you if judge Reinhold just kept that car from Dan, until now like that show would be worth Bank. That thing why does nobody like the fast times movie cars. They're pretty cool fast times is don't movie cars because didn't didn't damone have Pinto. Was it a Pinto or gremlin? What was green gremlin where they were they wrote prick on the side of it? Yes. Yard. That's the place to me. Okay. All right now to for the earth. Brother. Command guy owns a copy shop in fill in the valley to moan own copy shop, in, like in north Hollywood did soap Makoko years ago that had him calling in to radio shows, and he called into my boy, opioids radio show. Just listening to his voice say fucking, anything he thought he was a schoolteacher or something. Also, he did something that was also kind of pedestrian. And I mean he was coffee shop. Whatever well, he owns listen to his voice say fuck. I want him to read my ways directions. Live on San Fernando weady. Unless unless a bigger cartels you too. And then go the other way it's fine. You've arrived good news. This is the place to be. Wait a second. I think you're onto something. I mean, these are good mood. They weren't. No, no. But go back to the article, what are some of the other good fast times, it'd be cars 'cause you judge Reinold had the Buick, there's the but there's also the was it a was it a fiber that, oh, jurors Jefferson. Was it a? Camaro. Firebird. Vicks. This people off this, right. You said to fix. You can't fix this. Killers. Shit shit. He's going to kill people on not dry. Oh. Oh, that's such a good quote. Oh. His movies. How you know how that all came about right Cameron Crowe? Yeah. So Cameron Crowe he when he was a kid. You saw the movie almost famous, right? Okay. So Cameron Crowe when he was a kid work for Rolling Stone work for cream. I think worked for Rolling Stone. Lick jefferson. Drove a Camaro late second gen. Okay. Sorry. So, so they wanted to do kind of high school behind the scenes peace and Cameron Crowe in, like in, like twenty one jump street. Johnny Depp style went back to high school and wrote this book, basically that was about that was about high school went back to high. He went back to high school. Yeah. Like. Drew Barrymore never been Kim ever been kissed anything. Wait, so does he just okay? So there's a movie about Cameron Crowe's life. And he goes back to learn about an Andrew berry more heard about Karen crow. She read this is like fucking cycles of all this, and then Amy heckling got got a hold of it, and she directed it, and the rest of history. I mean, such weird and then research project, then isn't the mall the mall. Glenn Glenda criminal gallery, which it's so funny because when so I left for a for I left L A for a while and lived up in San Francisco for eleven years. And when I came back, that whole place had been renovated, and it was turned into the ark light and everything. And I'm like, oh, how does also I'm gonna go to this RAD new mall? And I went there and I was like wearing fucking stores. Like there's nothing here there's like some weird like Joe her shop and then like a you know, I like an optometrist and, and then that's it. And then the movie theater, I was really sad that billion close. It's going to be Google. Yeah. Perry's pizza gone. I actually like the idea of Google buying a fucking old mall. It's a good. Some with real estate. Trim. That's fine. That used to be such a cool mall, though. Like the cool like everyone cool, went to the Westside pavilion. No. Not, not anymore man. The kids who weren't cool go Glendale gallery. And that's where I went. I used to hang out at the gallery in White Plains, which was the shitty mall when they built the Westchester which was the big nice mall that carpeting and. Ooh. Ow. Harmony and growth growth. After a week clean it up to the level, they cleaned it up a casino level of, of care. It was nice, but I stayed at the grimy mall, most of the time I ended up working at the Stanford mall in Connecticut, which is the fucking depressing shit hole of a mall. That's awful nightmare. Hope that place burns, all the movies, and I was a kid worked, like, hey, go to the mall. Let's people hang out, and I went once didn't know anybody there. Wachter frame, who like it was like what the west side versus e Cy Alec? Went there. Didn't know anybody walked around got hot dogs like I don't get it. The things in the movie haven't we never went back. The irony is he totally did get it. That's exactly he got an early. The rest of us wanted around for hundred more laughs before that. Yeah. So you grew up in LA grip in LA went to New York went to Well, I, I used to. So I worked in advertising for a long time before I got into this, wacky car business, and I had a I were Pepsi was one of my clients at one point in there and purchase which is just outside the city I grew up about a hundred yards from there. Get outta here, bump purchase street, which is right next to where because Pepsi's Anderson. No road intersects street. So we used to go up there, but with course because we were really hip and cool and young. And are, you know, in our thirties, we would stay in the city and then we would go. So it was really it was fun to be able to go back to go back with money and on an expense account, and then, like kind of doot, doo New York. Right. New York super phone on someone else's God in your twenties. You can either have a nice apartment or have fun. Yeah. New York you definitely can't do both now now. And especially I mean back when I was in advertising, it sound like they were making megabucks because they'd be like we can fire you and there's twenty people behind you. He will take less money. Michael Jackson's hair on fire. They were cautious. What in eighties the Pepsi ad, I remember Michael, there's a Pepsi commercial. They were filming and was it a firework, pyrotechnic stage. And there was like this big light installation. And it was like, and then it just like, you know, the. Today. Curl, Licio soon. Bleaching his skin. And then he said, it was like to repair the burn damage, or is that a separate said it was a skin Tillerson had. Had he allegedly. I dunno. I saw that. I saw that leaving Neverland thing. I can't like talk. Can't hear I can't listen to his music anymore. Man. Armistead that brutal. Brutal like. Stop listening. Charles Manson sucks, which is a shame because I really liked to second album. Have you ever heard any Charlene now? Yeah. He had some really bad music. He put out really. Yeah. No, I'm not making that up. Charles Manson dead have albums, and they are terrible. Wow. I'm not surprised that. Yeah. Getting he stuck with his other Therese is really good. He had all the charisma of a songwriter in a singer, just couldn't get the music, right? Yeah. His other career person in cage is going really, really well, for excelling at that maybe he's playing guitar in jail somebody fucking Mary him. I go. A lot of people have married him. He's all as Faulk right to I think he's not doing good. Thank god. I don't I don't care. Just think his last pick. Last picture. They, they published like that once a year. Yeah, that's that one right in front and center. It's not really looking good for every time he comes up for parole, or whatever Charlie. But that's not every time he, he is like the swastika on the forehead is just not a good. Look. You really commit when you see it depends on what you your accents are with it depends on how, you know, your accessories accessorize, right? That's is Jesus. Wow. That that's his thug. Life pay pose. I guess. Or his, his his, his therapist. Good lawyers real happy to be there, though. That's pretty funny. God, did you watch when they see us at the central park, five thing? Oh, okay. Yeah. All the documentaries have been there so good. But they're really like you just need to you need to go outside, and like birds chirping after you listen after you watch them because they're so depressing. San francisco. Yeah, tising. See patchy purchase. I actually traveled quite a bit when I was in that job. It was an awesome job, I worked so that was the sort of the salad days of the internet. When everything was just like look at this. There's just money everywhere. We have no idea where it's coming from, and nobody knows how to make money on the internet stuff. Definitely much money. And at the time I worked on Nike, which was awesome. Because we got to do all this cool stuff, and I remember one one project. I worked on the AC g which is sort of outdoor products over the geez. I was worked to footlocker. Yeah. So I was so tuned, air Jenn air, max ninety five's and all that jazz. It was this one Jordan split off zone brand. Yes. Peak time to be right. So it was late nineties, it was awesome. And they, they came to us, and I was in account in Anamika account executive, I wasn't a writer at that time and they came to be in there. Like, okay, so we have this new shoe, a hiking shoe, and it's called the XM, and it's named after these guys who are the climb in the Tetons and they're called the XM guides, and we want you to get to do a print ad like e c x u m I have those you did great. Do some Nike exodus. So we had to do a print ad. I mean, this is like, basically like a picture of this thing, and yeah, they were awesome. It was a issue. Shoot. It was a great show. It was super Griffey on the bottom. So they told us they said, we want you guys to really get into the mindset of these of this, what goes behind the shoe. So we're gonna send you and your creative team up to Jackson Hole. And you guys are gonna go climbing like hiking with the XM guides, and I was like cool. Okay. Yeah. That sounds register. Why not may my boss are to creative dudes. We all like trek up to Jackson hall, and two dangling off L cats. Seriously, they're putting their like put this hard even though I feared for my life. I never I never feared for my comfort of my feet seriously. I was like, wait, why swing hiking? Like, why am I putting this and harness on like this is crazy? And then all of a sudden, they're like, okay, we're going to go up this face. And this was not like oh, it's a gentle thing, we're going to teach, you know, it was like a five two or five three like this was serious. Stop by the time we got up to the I just started sobbing uncontrollably. Because. Over leave that I wasn't dead terrifying. But man, those shoes were grippier cows, you where the shoe how we all shoes. Yeah. That's the Peterman catalog right there. Right. You poop your pants, but your shoes are awesome. It was like, that's like an ad from the movie. Crazy. People remember that's one of my favorite movies of all time. And then we ended up doing like an illustration of them like we didn't even take pictures. So. There like this five days in Jackson Hole boondoggle. And then we're like, yeah, we think like an illustration would be really RAD. They were like we love it. It was a part of me that is heavily not going into advertising because I work on the production side of karston a lot. She like the money and comfort from the industry people, and I'm just like, especially in cars, a whole moly, especially in cars. I remember I was working on the international Pepsi business. And the way that Pepsi works kind of the way the Budweiser at least used to work, they wouldn't they would they would do. Have you present a bunch of concepts? And then instead of them just picking run they'd be like, okay, go out and produce it and like make this make this commercial, and then we'll pick it from the finished product. This is just how much money there was at the time just like and so we did one for seven up that was so stupid and so- lane. But they spent like three million dollars on this commercial, and then they saw it and they're like, yeah, we're not gonna hear that, but that's actually better than just like using the extra money to buy back their own shares. You know what I mean and give themselves bonuses like Evatt. Particular, instance and others like it. Yeah. The money did actually trickle down which was a rare thing. But, you know, I'm not pro supply side by, like that extra surplus went somewhere didn't just like, well maybe it also went to vote as I don't know. Well, the new version that is like the like the Doritos commercial contests of your for the super supermarket. Get people to make a bunch of specs shit. Anybody any, fright exposure? Yeah. If we pick you, you get fifty grand. Ooh. And then you're going to pay the government half of true. Yeah. It's, it's a great idea. Just talk about a Doritos. I thought we just talked about somebody who had won the Doritos thing and did manage to parlay that into actual work. I have no doubt. If you win that you can get an agent director right commercials and stuff like that. Exposure thing does work. But if you're one of the ninety percent of people who didn't win you spent money X on make year thing. Yeah. Did you have any other really fun? Product launches that you've got to work on and you're on your pants with shoes? There was just, I think a lot of the Nike stuff was super cool. There was one time when, when I first got to this agency called good be Silverstein and partners, which is one of the best agencies in the world and they do amazingly creative work even now, but I started working on Norwegian cruise line and that was at the time, like I got there, right after of course, they did this beautiful campaign in her Brits shot, all of the photography, and, you know, he's the one that did all those supermodel shots like the original supermodels in the ninety s and so it was just like, oh, the super glamorous thing. And then they're like, well, we want you to go on one of the cruises, and like, do focus groups and stuff. And I was like, okay, and that sounds fun. And oh man. Like, it's so not a herb Ritts photo. Super Janke, and like, really horrible terrible. And at one point, there were a bunch of other women who are just on the account or helping helping with stuff. And you know, we weren't Cancun, and there was one of those inflatable banana boats. And the guy who was towing this thing was a fucking maniac, and we were all like screaming at him to, to slow down. And I think he thought he that it was funny. Laughing word with bananas. Big you, definitely a safe where he turned really found like too hard and a my my head like banged into this other ladies had thank God. I was wearing a life vest. 'cause I blacked out I would be at the bottom of the sea of Cortez right now. It was, so there was a lot of really crazy stuff too. So then you go to the doctor don't ever go to ship. Doctor you guys because they can barely speak English their Norwegian. Right. And I'm pretty sure they've had their licenses revoked. But it's like gambling. Snow waters waters, you don't need a medical. Look at me, and they're like, all your poop, your pupils are kind of blown out so you, you might have a concussion, just make sure someone like wakes you up every hour to say you don't like slip into a Komar die and house like. Thanks. With the bag of fish jerky in your room, you'll fall asleep. That's right. And then you can eat it as smack later, it's terrible. So, yeah, there was just all kinds of crazy, stuff like that. And then the well, sort of dried up in nineteen ninety nine when everyone was like, oh, there, there's not a this is not bottomless. So, yeah. So then I was like, okay well kind of moved around a little bit. And then I you know, I had gone to graduate school to be a writer, and I just I, I wasn't doing that. I was outliving and make you know, finding stories that I could write about and living life. So I could write about it. And I move a mental eventually moved back down here worked on, on the apple account at Shaya day. Awful awful. I was the wo- so bad like ipod era. Yeah. The ipod silhouette era. Why was this one so have is not not cool? Like I'm not a pretty cool. Pretty cool. And all these people were like super hip, like, oh, Coachella was just starting and everyone's like, oh, saying like burning man like oh, yeah. Lasted there six. Good. And I was just, like I don't know what the fuck y'all talking about care like, I'm gonna listen to whitesnake and like, please super happy. Adam Sandler in. Billy Madison polling. REO speedwagon t shirts. Yeah. No. You sound like you sound like Hannah coming back from Facebook every weekend, it was, I was miserable. So they fired me from it was the best thing that ever happened to me. And yeah, I you know the last job in advertising, I had I was running the Carl's junior and Hardee's account. Those really disgusting. Exciting Burs boobs. And burgers, we had the Paris Hilton spot had already been done. So I didn't I wasn't I one that was the first one. And then it was just all like derivative after that really like the lowest hanging fruit on a pox the simplest psychology to sell something, it's like do you want to have sex? He gets like you can't. But you could eat this burger she ate burger. So. Komo brother property robberies. It's right did just like sets off doping Boehner. It's like or food that's fine. So weird. I think they landed on, like, Dan bulls aliens girlfriend at the bottom of that was the bottom of that barrel. Probably I don't know that we were like we were. Yeah. It was. It was sort of, like desperate times. But that guy or woman, oh, working on that. And like is that just do you have to be like, I need a paycheck. This is what I mean getting up every morning and just feeling terrible about what it was that I was doing. And it wasn't even. Oh man. Like I feel like such a sell out, because I'm because I'm basically, you know, we're objectify women like in the worst possible way. But I'm also like selling fast food to people who shouldn't be eating it like this is terrible. This is doubly horrible person is gonna fall for this ad. Oh. Yeah. Eat some fruit like here's a salad, so even worse for you than the burgers, for say. Yes, terrible. Can we get the burger to emit a little bit more under her chest out rate? Fuck disgusting. So when, when I turned a certain age, with zero on it, I actually got laid off, they fired the, the ad agency, which is sort of normal, but I got laid off and I was like, you know what? Just you have to be a writer now because if you're not going to do it now, like you're gonna you're never going to do it. And I had been taking some some classes at the UCLA extension at the screen writing the television writing program, and I was like, okay, I'm gonna now I'm going to go try and be a TV writer. There is really no harder job than that. I probably would have had better luck if I like tried to join the NBA. Oh my God. Because everyone's like, oh my uncle's dogs. You know, parents like mom's sisters brother, really wants that, you know, script that, that script coordinator job. So we're going to give it to them. And so it was it was really hard. I did manage to land a job as a script coordinator on an animated kids show, that was called NFL Russia zone. So it was basically like indoctrinating children into the NFL, but it was it was awesome. Because you could we couldn't show like the it was all robots. It was these kids like fighting robots. And then we had like actual NBA or NFL players on the show. But every once in a while, like we had Ray rice in an episode. And this is a children's ships in a while it doesn't age we had to pull like we'd have to pull so many episodes because so and so got popped for marijuana. Be. So beat up his wife. So they cancelled they I, I wrote three episodes of that. And then maybe we should two major league baseball brush some. Can we defend the PGA tour rush right? Okay. Then meanwhile drunk, robots, John Daly robot. Hey, how you doing? Versus like Phil Mickelson like gambling in the. They're all wearing like Argyle socks in, like a flat cap, a white collar crime version of this you. So this was such an ill conceived idea, and it was fantastic. But yeah, so that was a very short-lived but I had credits and I was like, dude, I'm gonna get an agent now. Like, I'm I'm I've made it. No, you haven't it. So I mean it's literally, it's so hard. And then I hooked up with a friend of mine, and she and I started writing TV movies. And these are the those awesome like hallmark movies, like Christmas movies that are that show. So it's pretty easy. So you have to go back and go listen, this needs to be this cheese ball is at a four and we need to crank this cheese up to about sixty five we tried really hard to be like we're going to empower this woman and she's not going to need the man, and then we would watch it on TV and they have changed the whole thing to like the cheese. The cheese factor. Right. They want they want the formula. I mean it's just like that's it. And that is a hot. Sediq. Yeah, that's really it check. And it's guy to save that goes home to like her hometown. And then her old boyfriend is always there, and there's the love interest, but they like they hated each other in high school. They were like, and then they have to work together on some like in some like a pop up restaurant or whatever. Mike and Mike shortfall. Telling you it's the visiting can go tell how does it end. I don't know. It's totally true. My, my girlfriend's parents were watching this on Christmas, and that was exact story, it was like it's snowing. She's driving a Mustang. It breaks down the guy pulled up in like a Range Rover and saves her. But she was working on a school play house with, like her ex or something. And it's just you see the whole thing like this is just doctrine. If you wanna have fun go to a WalMart and go to like the erotica book section and it's all. It's like woman comes from outside of town has kid and find. It's all like firefighter cowboy policemen. It's all all of them are male savior, women who needs help. There's one called like my millionaire neighbor. The divorce. It's amazing. Can we? Next time you are in that area. Can you buy one and we can do a reading? But you invite me back for shell totally reading back for that show or cast at what point yet, for sure what point does your story intersect with a car so so being so me being this. Starving writer television writer, actually was was quite literal. There was a time after I had got lost my job on the TV show. And I didn't work for two years, I was broke couldn't get unemployment anymore. I had definitely like tapped out my very generous parents, with, like, hey, can you help me? Can you help me? Can you help me? I was on food stamps, like I was on Medicaid. I was I was. I mean I was on welfare. I had no money no. But it was close. I thought, okay, well, I can always sell my car if I need, but I'm living in LA, like how the hell do you do that? Like that was just. It's a prospects were bleak and I had about one hundred bucks left in my left in my, my Bank account. And I just reached out to an old friend, and she was like, dude. She's like go just do some project management stuff like it's quick work. You can make like four or five hundred bucks a day. Like just go do it. It's he'll hate it. It's like we'll, we'll skew where your soul product project management didn't matter. So I went and got a job at Dana working at Deutsche. And I worked for five days on the Taco Bell account because they like someone was on vacation. I just kept things moving and so the second the second job that I got was this place called the enthusiasts network. And I'm like, what the fuck shoot. I had no idea what it was. I had to look it up. I looked at their website. I'm like, I still don't know what they do this, this was twenty fifteen. This is like now, we're, we're at now we're now almost. So this was the beginning of two thousand fifteen and I was like, oh, well, it looks like they have something to do with cars and surfing. So okay, whatever so I went in, and I'm like, I'm going to add. Person. Like I was I was production, like making ads and I'm like, I don't know what you guys want me to do, but I don't think I've done anything that, but, but they didn't care. They hired me and they actually hired me to work on the Infinity activation at this thing called the concord elegance, and I was like, what is the I don't know what that is? I looked it up. And I'm like, oh, that looks pretty so sure, I'll sure that sounds great pebble on someone else's Doug. One is pebble on someone else's diamond. It was, you know, I worked for even like like cars when you were a kid or anything. Yes, I loved cars when I was a kid. My dad had to Porsche speedsters when I was growing up. He had a square back. He had a vintage Mercedes for fifty s l he had a lot of really beautiful cars. I was not allowed to touch any of them. I will say though he might. So my, my older brother was tasked with driving me, and my date to my ninth grade dance the sort of in the in the Mercedes, except he just had his permit, he didn't have his dry. Evers license. He was fifteen. I was fought fourteen. He ran a red light. He ran up. He ran a stop. Sign in Burbank. Burbank. Cops you don't do that with Burbank. Cops so they pulled him over wouldn't let him drive us. And I went to my ninth grade dance in a cop car, and they asked me, they're like you want lights and sirens. And I was like, no, like, are you kidding me? I wish I had. Mistakes. But yes. Yes, irons. And can you kind of skit it in there, but. Hampering. Like, mclovin south. Yeah. In fact, I wrote me out of the door. Don't even stop me like again, but yeah. When I was fourteen I made my mom teach me how to drive like she had a seventy seven Corolla SR five, and I would sit right seat. And I would shift for her while she. That's an old. Yeah. Yeah, it was it was the hatchback that kind of that white that it was a it was the white one. Yeah, super that one the fourth one in. I mean that's not exactly but yeah, so that car was awesome. That's what I learned to drive on. And I just never had friends who were into cars, and, but I loved them, I would notice everything when I drove down the freeway, and I had my first car was a seventy seven Datsun b to ten which is biggest piece of shit. I mean I couldn't kill it. I hated it so much. It was. So couldn't kill it. That's why it's worth money, though. It went, but they're all rust-buckets. I've been trying to find one. And I just can't it was the notchback. Yeah, it was that was it the notchback notchback that is not a good looking car and mine was orange. It was really horrible. Orange helps it does not sarcasm forty two forty the orange. I mean that, that is a now that I think about it. A really ill proportioned. Yes, you don't get boyfriends in that car. You just don't like those firefighters to try to rescue you like the exact exact stories. Yeah. Exactly. You just look like you need a man in your life and strong and have unlimited income, even though it is in this small town, bossy, you are used to thirteen second zero to sixty times. This is you over fell to trophies the full power of six point six liter one hundred forty horsepower. V eight. No, I have not. What is that? Jesus is there a sadder? Right, right there. I think just pause. Okay. I'm going to kill myself. That's already rest on it. See the less put picture pull up. It looked like the rear axle been hit and moved in. So I thought it was wrong, and I was not this one same thing. Correct. It's like the rear wheels are sitting too far forward in the rear of we'll will by design. You guys guys. That's a really tough, Honey. The honeybee version of that car was like the ship, though. Like that was the one that you wanted to be. It was it was called the Honey me and it had like honeycomb hubcaps. Sure, they say they're honeybee. That was the one that was the coveted be to ten. Oh, that's proof that special editions should mean anything because there's a rare dog shit is still dog shit. Right. It's so good. You guys. Me be that doesn't have the hubcaps on it. But it had these Honey. You know, you ever see the movie, go remember that movie? Yes, it looks like the car from go. Doesn't it? Same shit box. Yellow it's really sad. We're having that Sarah Polly, chick. I liked her. She sees she is like done like serious stuff behind the camera. Directing you? Yeah. I liked her. Yeah. I had that was like that the perfect, like mid nineteen nineties affected. Yeah. Ecstasy crush. Yes. Yeah. That's she's a sort of, like, yeah. Sandy blond that movie go kind of ruled action wasn't that a rim. Great actually a good movie. Yeah. Those are really good movie. Oh, she's like written, and directed a ton of. She's like she's very legitimate. So I was at I was at ten I was helping like ordering napkins for Infinity's like three million dollar like to do that. They have there and then I actually got to go to the event, I got to go to so my first real car experience my first car event was Pebble Beach in two thousand fifteen a weren't, they showing that neat concept was that when they had. Where is that? Why? Crook concept. Yeah. And I can't for the life of me. Remember what it was two thousand fifteen Pebble Beach Infinity concept, Q, something Q, something that it's. That thing. Vision grand juries mo- concept. It was dope. Yeah. I went I was at Pebble Beach this year with the million mile Lexus. I brought I brought Hannah and she was like, I don't want to go to that any more you have to really like card. Yeah, you have to really like cars, so I was broadcast seven air, and that's very pretty car, though. Nothing. Yeah. So, yeah. So that was my first event and I met a lot of people I was there for, you know, eight months, and I met, you know all the guys at Motor Trend and all the guys at automobile and and the truck group and, and hot rod group, and I'm just I kind of sat in and amongst all of them, and I had been there for so long that I just made friends with people when you. When you some people don't know Kurds me, use the word activation. Do you want to explain what an activation never heard what I didn't know what it was either. I'm like. Fucking skin crawl when I hear it like bespoke, I haven't spoke. So, yeah, so it's basically just you build you build like a for Infinity. We just basically built a house there. And it it's I mean, I guess, for my, my understanding of it like probably totally wrong, but it's just where like all of the stuff happens. So. Used it. Use it as okay? We were doing a physical thing at an event. Yeah. That's better than the way. Like I get it used as, like, like a cycle of adver to'real content is what I is how I pitched to me, because a lot of that shit that would go through Infinity's like people. Yeah. Like, you know, by the time it got to you that stuff comes right into my inbox, so they pitched like, you know, I get pitched all the time on, like people who want to do these very corporate promotional activation, which is like a series of you may be totally right. I my, my understanding of that word is super limited to that thing. So I just thought, oh and activation that makes sense that it's like you build a physical thing and you have like an activation, it didn't reversal as well. Okay. Yeah. There you go. It's I think it's something that makes the audience do something I've never. Had to use the word sense, because I stopped act. There's a very lucky. So, yeah. So I you know, I left there and they wanted to hire me on fulltime as a project manager, and I was like, no, I'm a writer and that's really still what I wanna do very much and I was still pursuing the, the TV movie stuff and, and that was still important. But have you seen my film Sarah comes home? That's right. How about? That's right. No, there's, there's a great one. Do you guys remember? There's a line in swinger. It's swingers. And, and Vince Vaughn is like talking about this, this movie of the week that he did called Jenny eat something. I will never forget. So, yeah, so I so, you know, I like the mechanic and the housewife. Pancaro things that sounds like somebody gets murdered him a first five minutes. So, yeah. So I stayed in touch with joining gets murdered before trying to find a way to say. So I stayed in touch with all of those people and, and out, you know, out of the blue, I think, wouldn't Alana share. Got got promoted and, and started running roadkill magazine. I reached out to her, and I just said, hey, congratulations. That's super awesome. And she, she wrote me. No, it was the opposite. She wrote me. She wrote me back. And she said, hey, she said, do you, would you ever have any interest in writing about cars, and I was like, oh, yeah. So I pitched her a bunch of ideas, and I wrote one story for her, and then I pitched it and idea to automobile, I thought someone invited me to this, like performance driving school with Audi and they're like, but you need to bring your own car, and I'm like, well, all right. Dr a Buick enclave right now. Like there's no way that you're tracking that. And so that's so, so I went to I went to automobile and I just said, hey, so I'm going to this. I'm going to this, this performance school. Do you have anything in the long-term fleet that you want that you want to track, then you want an update on there like oh, yeah. Here, take the Gulf are now I was like, okay. And it was and that's kind of how it started. And then it I mean it just like blew up review car, did I do actually review cars. We do now but you started by doing like non review stories like now face, I mean, yeah, it was more, I guess it was more like features. But the, you know that the golf are was definitely. I mean, there was definitely review. It was like review light. Let's call it that, but it was definitely written from a point of view of this is my first experience tracking a car. And so it was it was still authentic. I wasn't trying to be something that I that I wasn't yet. What are we lose your Forbes page? But. You've written, well, French show, the paintings, I've written for Forbes. Right. And then it got automobile Gustavo. Newstalk really like scary shit box to drive terrible mad. They basically like bend the opposite way like at the same time when you're going around a corner there, so funny badly put together but they're gorgeous. Drive them if you ever get a chance you ever had gone pan Tara, to David let you drive is now the pen Tara is good. The best ones are the stockists ones the ones that are restored. Like the it's so tempting to to get that big Cam hot rod motor brought up about the ball. You don't want that shit, the virtue of Panthera is that they somehow manage to fate make like a three fifty one Cleveland feel like a European motor with a really interesting combination of exhaust tuning in camps, and it's kind of a lovely thing. It's not a ship oxygen. It's quite nice. That's awesome. So I read I read a lot of stuff like I read a lot. I've read a lot of Jonny Lieberman stuff. And I read a lot of like like Zack Bowman stuff and I read a lot of just a lot of writers that I enjoyed and, and that I that I liked that I that I liked sort of sort of participating with and, and I kind of learned, you know, just kind of learned a lot like how kind of okay, this is you need to you need to talk about this, and this, and this, and this, and, and I, I've always felt like a car enthusiast and I may not be like a huge gear head. I mean, have since I've bought to vintage cars and I work on them. And, and so I'm learning how to do. That I'm learning how to rent a whole lot more. But at the love it, I love it, because I'm not mechanically minded at all. But I find that it really helps me focus and learn stuff, and it's, it's fascinating. I bought a nineteen sixty six Datsun fifteen hundred roadster cool and your size. It's super cute. It's like me if I were a car, and then I fucking rat. Dad is six three and he sits in it. He sits in his like he looks over the winds. Because that's that was the old version of it in head lower windshield. So when the what all the safety regulations changed the windshield had to get a little higher on the sixty I after sixty seven. Speedster windshield. I can see it from here. I see fucking steel es and yellow fog lights and taped Xs across those round headlights than a speedster windshield. And you're good. It's super kit minds, ivory colored. But it's an amazing shape and it's beautiful because it has that old metal dash and it's just it has all the old old handles, not those like flip up handles that they made their way onto the Z. And so it's beautiful. And I love it. And I also just probably about like a month ago. I bought a an eighty seven short. Wheelbase montero. So rask. For you. I think I love it more than the dots. Oh my God. Oh my properly. Yeah, it's an awesome shape. It's one of those days door to door. I've been looking. I, I mean, I look at them sort of listen, I can't afford like the old range Rovers. I can't afford it be defender. Yes. Mechanical horrid mechanical problems ago, but this one I thought, oh, you know what that's sort of that's very within reach, and it was literally, I mean I'd walk around my neighborhood, and there was one parked in old, derelict house, driveway and I kept walking by it, and it was navy. And I was like, oh, that's perfect car for me. Like I want that so bad. And then in January, a, a for sale sign went up in it, and I was like I just bought this Dotson like I can't afford. I can't afford another car and like two months later. The thing was still there, the for sale find was sagging and I'm like, you know what? The time. Tarot is more similar to a g wagon than it is different. Anyway. -actly. Exactly. And I was like, okay, this will fulfil all of the off road fantasy is that I have, and it will be really great. And I. It's, it's really good. It has. So it has a two point six liter four cylinder in it. It's a goat. I mean it's a mountain goat. It's awesome. It has an automatic transmission. But the manuals in those were worth, so it's more it's more. It's a more reliable transmission. And man, it's just it's awesome. I love it. Montero underneath you saw one. Yeah. From Sean, dude. Yeah. For Hannah space ban the space. He's driving. She's going to. Yeah. For the summer, that's what it has twenty twenty one thousand miles on it. What? Oh my God. Ninety one. Oh my God. A diesel. That's awesome. Yeah, very exciting. So excited for her when we're done with it. If you want, you can buy it, it's, it's fucking super sweet this woman car, and you and fifty fifteen fifty two is going to send me some turmoil. Mac wheels for it, which can be RAD clarion is gonna hook up the stereo so we have the system and I need to figure out the stereo in the Montero. I need to figure out a way to keep the original and then, like do like XM radio behind the scenes. Why what do you need the regional looks like fucking buck Rogers like what we thought the future was going to be like in the seventies like or in the eighties. It's so good books. Yeah. Yeah. You can do hidden in glovebox bluetooth kind of stuff. Yeah, it's pretty easy to get like if you literally just disconnected the stock radio. Sitting there, there's a just a bluetooth, amp that just powers on. Yeah. Yeah. They have those. Yeah, that's basic cell. Mitsubishi clubs I love him. Yeah. Mitsubishi there's like there's this little sort of community in southern California. That's pretty ravenous. I mean it's. I mean it's either he's like these are and then someone else about. Yeah. Mitsubishi. He's like the deal, you know, great offroad, or reliable all that stuff cheap. It's all that shit. They are. But they're they work really well and they're very capable and the and the aftermarket communities big, and they don't cost anything because everyone's paying attention to defend else, and it's not hard to find parts, and there's a great. There's an awesome community that, you know, they'll find a guy there's like these awesome Facebook groups, and there's guys who are like, hey, I just got a ninety one gen want them. You know, I'm pulling it apart for parts Woody needs the, the delicate and the Montero share a lot of shit. Yeah. Like there's a website called delicate USA dot com. Yeah. The just shows all the US part numbers. That's awesome. So you can get it's all it's all mostly Monteiro stuff, which is which I'm very excited. So maybe we'll do some wheeling. Clearly, I would love that wheel that van. That'd be I'll throw some skids on it or something. I don't wanna look and kill it. Afford to buy it, but I can't afford to kill it. Yeah, there's probably a good idea. Richard porter was on Harrison's podcast like last week and they did a really good show. Ranting about defenders because because Richard bought a defender, and he was saying that all people on the internet complain when they update it because they're like, oh, can you still want, you know they're still a hole in the Florida like wash it out. He's like no one's doing that. And they're like, well, is it still like farm spec, and he's due to all the farmers and moving twenty years? So Monteiro is like everyone's like, oh, afro harbor. Dr ram rain, landrovers people with Kashmir coats, who drink negroni and have vintage submariners fucking driver while the farmers were like, oh, these work longer the more comfortable. I bet they don't care. They don't care at all. So I brought to be she club. I brought something for you. I brought this message brought sacks shoeprint. Here's a cutting, she's bringing out, but this is sort of a theme from for where you just were because you were just bring Tuscan things. Well, now not necessarily, but it's sort of issue. Actually. So Johnny Lieberman got me making bread. You know how that whole breadth thing so I made some bread today. This. I this was just a this was a test low so nice looking loaf. But I made I made a loaf of bread for you and Hannah dinner tonight. All right back, you get to eat. I understand. Oh my God. Loaf of bread for you. On a motorcycle. Jacket here. But I got this this, this is the other one and we could just have a taste of it. And that's enough. Now, gorgeous how, so this is it's cheese. It's cheese and pepper cheese and pepper bread. And it's made with Belva Tana cheese. That was soaked in Merlo. So it's sort of open the ground crew. Right. Jolly good. So many kilos of aged Pekka, Reno and nice anyway, here's a little taste of the bread. What's often the inside? And you really, it's one of those things that has no preservatives in obviously, you have to kind of eat it like tonight. So gosh, don't wishes nice you are. Thank you Rupe. Begging these kinds of branches easy. Yeah. And like that is really, really expertly done really good. Perfect. I don't know anything about bourbon, so I can't let coming chitchat chat about bourbon, but I thought. I try out Lieberman in the bread department. Bourbon, he joined Johnny's. Really good. Very good jobs flavors evenly distributed. Wow. So what are Cincinnati? You are a car of you're, you are gearhead with old cars now. You're in the club. It's a really cool club. There are some, some really amazing people in it. And I you know, I don't want gosh I don't wanna bring bring the whole thing down. But the whole thing that's happened with Davy. I just feel like everyone's come together in such a such a community way to kind of rally around to help figure out what the hell happened and to rally around Jacqueline and. Yeah. Six PM. About the Davy situation. It's important at time stamping is well, it's a fluid thing is just fluid. It seems to be mildly static at the moment. But as a community, I've been super impressed with how everybody is just sort of mobilized and, and said, okay, we'll go up there or you know, the Gulf that gofundme page, I think I was talking to Harley that, that organization who is helping search for him. They normally fundraise between twenty and twenty five thousand dollars a year that golden that go fund me that Mike Levin from Ford put together made over sixteen thousand dollars in like less than a day. Also, you just said from Ford, it's like. It can at times the car community can Kazeem big even like me like, oh my God. There's like thirty people doing Carvey is I've never seen before. But then in these instances, you is really small, and anyone who's been in it for like a couple years, especially if they've been writers, they move around all the like they've all met each other. They've all worked together. Everybody's pretty much friends and then same thing with the industry side of things. Everybody gets along the arc because our community like is one of the rare industries, like where you really have like every press launch, it's like people from every outlet or in the same place. It's in. So it's typically, there's a, a level of competition that would not have you in the company, the quote competition, or whatever? But no one really sees it that way. It's all kind of like fish swimming in a pond. So I feel really fortunate that I'm able to, to play in that in that pond. And I'm you know, I'm still I feel like I'm still learning a lot. But I love what I do I do video now for Kelley blue book, and listen, I'm not. A real, you know, sort of on camera, like, hey, guys with I mean, I'm it's, it's one of the most unnatural things for me to do stand up and and beyond camera, but driving, and talking that's hard, that's super hard, even if you know, like I know exactly what I feel about this car. The most intimidating thing again. You know this when you're doing it on a launch, and there's somebody in the car with you. And then you're like, oh, there's, there's just sitting there just going to say that, like the stewing sucks on this car, like why would you stay razor sharp? And, and so for me like that's the I start sweating and it's really it's sort of it's very nerve wracking, but you can say no to that. You know, I know but the more you do it the more the better you get at it in the more not having someone else in the car, look, motherfucker mad awkward. And I can't do it. So, yes, I will find a way to accommodate you know, that's good to now for a long time. I thought I couldn't. And then I went. You guys spent a lot of money to get me here. And to get this track and to get this car. You want a good video, or a bad video right now, I'm set up to make a bad video bought? I could be set up to good video real easy. Yeah. And now a you you're allowed actually playing or not. You don't think you are they may make you think you're not. Yeah. That's honestly, it's very reassuring. And so, yeah, I, I never knew a million years thought that, that would be the direction that this would that it would take. But it's been just over a year since I've been at Kelley blue book. And I still do writing I still I made it clear that I was like, hey, I still wanna right. Because that's what I really love to do, but I get to write my scripts, and I get to write my material my reviews, and honestly, it's so scripts. And then and then recites do, I don't memorize them. I mean, if I'm Reno because we do a lot of voice over so we'll do like some on camera stuff, and then we'll do for us. I think it's just it's better because it's smoother we don't repeat ourselves. It's more direct and, and there's just moist more succinct. You know, you have more of a more of a through real consumer. Right. I mean that's like the point. And that's what it is. And it's not, you know, it's not sort of it's, it's not as much enthusiast stuff as like head to head, where it's just like. Oh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And they're just sort of talking back and forth, which is an awesome four-man. Oh, look the Mazda c five Kia Rio, the Kia real life cars. But then I get to do some fun cars, too. I did the Portofino the Ferrari Portofino, which a. That was good. It's good t- was good, because it was called, California. Nobody gave a shit about it, right? But the California tea was actually really good. They rename it something, not California. They so they did. And she wearing the same shirt. You're wearing right now next Jay Leno man. I'm gonna take. I'm gonna take his outfits one hundred sixty those shows soon hundre, sir. I like her theory. I think he just has one hundred and sixty he he I very directly and I've seen the rack the rack is at the at the barrage. Yeah, this looks good. Like this brings out my eyes like come on, listen. I have five shirts. I'm I'm throwing stones and glass houses. You don't mind me. No so good color for that, Rory right? I like non reds. It's good. And they managed to get fixed the ass end bit. Right. Stay fixed the but they've also fixed the, the, the waistline of it, that it's sort of more cinched it, it has like it has a bit of a waste back pictures. I haven't really given a good look look to that asks though look at you with the mustard. Flour super bloom was like we. Yeah. This was this was up in Lancaster, Lancaster. We drove up there. The reserve up there. Useless, hustling it from space. It was so beautiful. This is a much better treatment of the rear end than the California. Yeah. They did. I think they did a really nice job Ferrari F f. Fish? Yeah. They'll crease. That's nice. And I imagine California's fast bowl, it's fastest balls. It's, you know, it's, it's an excellent car for the baby. Ferrari, like you still get a bona fide Ferrari like this. Not like, oh, well, it's sort of, you know, Ferrari light like the brakes are the brakes are really good. The steering is really good. The, you know the suspension. Feels feels great. It's sporty. Really sharp steering in these things. Dude morning long. Thank for the brakes are little. So the like if you try and like sneaking out of a driveway, and you're just sort of edging, your way out of there like, forget it. You look like you've never driven before breaks are so grabby. But once you're at speed like you're just like. The same joints to us in the alpha quad, which are real grabby like almost like undrivable. I want to hang myself the worst. It's probably now they must say, yeah. Well I I had a good time. I was never so happy, though, us to return it. Because, you know, there's they don't have like there's no blind spot warnings on these things, and there's literally, you cannot see out of the back of them. I mean it's like the top. The top the time. But the top is reality down your with the top up. You just, you know, the c pillar is like the size of Idaho. Coon Tosh lady for the same the same theory you drove my car before we did drive our dude. I imagine you've been wanting to tell that is David let you take it to your high school reunion, so cool theory. The so the, the pitch was I had my thirty year high school reunion back in two thousand seventeen. I'm not doing that math. But that mass has your fucking fine for forty nine my friend, look good as hell. Look good. So, so. Yes. So, so thirty year high school reunion, and I was not a popular kid in high school. I was just sort of like weird loser girl. And I thought, oh well we're Stacey Leah, but she was not popular. Like like, you know, whatever. So I thought, all right. Well, the first thing I tried was I wanted to get a seventy seven to be to ten like the notchback, I wanted to drive that to the reunion, because my car, and I thought, oh, that'd be funny. Actually, that would be good. And then funny couldn't find one anywhere. I mean every it's probably they're all like smashed and scrapped. So, so the next best thing was to drive the car that everybody wanted to drive, which was Coon Tosh so get. That's right. So I was like I need one that's from that year. I sort of cheated a little because there's an eighty eight but I thought, well, it would have been on sale. So why not? So I, I you know, Lieberman was like okay, I know this guy like just reach out to him as, as retired. Just drove this thing to something blah, blah. And I was like, okay great. So I reached out to David, and he was like, okay sounds good. He's like put you're probably gonna want to trailer it from my house to the wherever because it the clutch like going out. And I'm like. Oh, okay. But he ended up driving it to my high school. And actually, if you pull up if you pull up the story that's on automobile like you can see actually it's the picture that I posted of on the, on the Graham. That's right outside Pritchard's, right outside of my old high school, not, it's not the Chint was the, the auditorium. And we went out and shot in front of Tommy's where we all used to go, like eat gross chili fries back in the day and. World famous world famous original international listeners know they're like. You know, it though is if you saw grandma's boy, I've seen that, like six times they that's where they go. And grandma's boy. Really? Yes. I did not pay attention to that scene. Car within so much worse shape, though before you got it. So as you know, the clutch was out. So it was like three hundred pound clutch already this like really, really hard to operate. And it was really it was just super heavy. And it just didn't really just didn't wanna go anywhere the doors. I don't know if you've fixed this. But if you parked on even the slightest incline, the doors, wouldn't stay open, strokes, put. Yeah. So those those were falling down the of course, air conditioning, wasn't working. And it was it was the summer. And so. David showed me how to put my hand out of the window. You could get some get some air your armpit. But and that was that was that the Bill, the Bill golf course where the where the reunion was, and I parked it right out front. And I'm like this is going to be bad ass. And everyone's going to be like, whoa, look at Lynn and the thing like three people walked by not even fucking saw the car. They didn't care. They didn't know what it was the only person who had any appreciation for it was my vice old vice principal. And he was like, dude. This is awesome. And I had also. So we also got work at it. I did a gig. Honestly, this was the best part of the reunion. I was like, do I have to go in there and like hang out with these people, but I did? And it was it was it ended up being a really fun story. I it's funny because David drove David drove the car to me, and then I had I had a press car with me, and it was a db eleven. It was the V eight. No. That was the v twelve db eleven and so we're driving. You can see in some of those shots Houston's in the background in this powder, blue db eleven. Funny. And so I, I didn't just take a I took it asked, and Mark good for you. Good news is I'm happy to report that a the air conditioning works. The we had a new clutch and flywheel put in along with the main head and had an engine out. Yeah. So it had a major clue. Clutch, new flywheel new water pump air conditioning fixed Val adjustment. And whatever the fuck else that needed. The Bill was monstrous. David paid. It did. Yeah. It was a conditioning was like his wife hated that car never sat in it. True. And so I'm not surprised that loves the car happy to go anywhere. I want to go in it actually thinks it's very cool. It is very cool things the Porsche's very cool. Does this seat work now? Because I tried to, like, move the seat up the driver's seat and it wouldn't stay in the groove. So we had to put a camera bag behind me so that I could drive it makes a while a lot of compromise on this day. As far back as far down as far towards the talks to the engine, and don't give a shit. I've never even tried try it, and my fucking bulk may not work. I don't want to receive. Fine. Now, say you're saying, I'm never going to drive it again. So, yeah, it paid good money for that car to not be the fucking village bicycle anymore. Honestly, it was the worst best car, I've ever driven a, you have to know that after the major service, and I've driven it two thousand eight hundred trouble fleet. Free kilometers awesome. Drove it on Sunday with my friend Christian hand up through Malibu. And although I got a speeding ticket on the way back. We had the best time ever, I mob the fuck out of ants, and all third gear was just fact spec. That's great. And that car gets very regular exercise. And I love it very much, and it's, it's an absolutely flawless convinced that makes me super happy, part of the deal, I with David was that he would have the service to paid for it. Yeah. I kicked in the new tires, though, that seems appropriate. Yeah, he told me he's like, make sure you don't touch the windshield wipers, because there's like the rubber is so old it would have he's like, but those will cost like two thousand dollars to place. Turns out also. So I got new wipers, not cost two thousand dollars as it turns out. If you get them from Lamborghini. Yes. Two thousand dollars if what you and that's because it's, it's one big cantilevered blade. So it's like a overlaid kind of thing and as it moves it kinda does this thing, this, this sort of pleased parallelogram. And so it's a big blade and a little blade, and all you have to do is go to an autozone by a pair of big blades, and cut one of the size of a little blade, and that solves that and I drove, it home can I drove it home in a downpour, and which was actually kind of fun? And with fresh, it's the windshield is perfectly flat on a table. And with brand new rubber on appropriate. Violin jill's like fucking no problem. That's awesome. That's why Google is so good. Because I, I need a new wiper blades, and look it up in the forms, like he's got to go to the dealership, man, you gotta go to somebody. I goes no. You buy a twenty inch and a nineteen inch because they're different sizes things like and they fit. And then the reply was I only trust the dealership. This is being like those assholes from, like four six. I just wanna make sure I'm only using fucking. Yeah. David tell you about the tires. So he told me the story about how like Lamborghini, does a limited run on these tires every once in a while. It's not true. It's not true. It's it, I'm sorry. That's it was it has parolee now. Yes, that's great. Because he told me he's like when these, when the run comes out like they just, they're hoarded by people, and you have to get them really soon. Otherwise you're screwed. And you have to wait until the next issue that was true for probably twelve to fifteen years now parolee just makes them they're not particularly expensive and. Yeah, three forty five thirty five fifteen's. Furthermore, brake pads brake calipers break rotors and shocks are all the same as my nineteen eighty-seven nine eleven get out of hand both the cars in my garage, the same shit. That's awesome. So very easy. Yes, it's good car works, the super affordable, Lamborghini, Kuntar's. Right. I looked knock knock wood for me so far. Not so bad. If something goes wrong Vinnie could pull apart off the portion talion mechanic living in home right now. Right. That's outstanding. Yeah. So that's cool. What else what else have you driven on since in your in your career that really stood out is, is exceptional the db s super lisera? New one. The new one I thought was absolutely did you drive the Devi eleven v twelve before it fee, twelve then v eight, which, you know, the thing that I'm really liking about what, what Aston Martin is doing right now is every, every car that they're putting out every product that comes next is, is an improvement on what happened before the v twelve the db eleven twelve was good. The V eight was very generous. But then but then the eight was was so much better. And got a new chassis guy. Llanos and he wouldn't fix it. He's awesome. Twelve was no brainer. But Gary in high speed corners. It was not. Sta. Over eighty your break, I was doing like ninety five in a very gentle left hand sweeper. Close course Nevada and the back the front and back we're just like like waving gyrating circle what the fuck is happening. This is like a key cards. So I drove that I drove the v twelve down to I was I was doing some some, some practice some testing for the rebel rally that I did two thousand seventeen and we were doing some some navigation training down in Glamis. And so I was like I need to get down there. So I, I had the db eleven was my press car at the time. So I drove this droid. Drove this thing to Glamis, and there's this one stretch, that's just past, that's just past the Sultan. See. And it's just there's no one there. And it's just that straight road that just goes for for days. And so, I was like, all right. I'm really going to open this thing up and just see, like how fast I can go, and I think I got up to like one forty five and I was like, I'm super. Scared right now. And I. Pretty idealized way to experience a db eleven like here's six hours of debt straight road ends at a desert. You know what I mean? It's about as good as it's gonna get for that car. And it it was you could like I could definitely tell there were things that were on unsorted on it. Let's call it that very good. That's, that's right. But she works for a real company with forever. It's true. That's fair. That's right. I'm accountable. But yeah, every everything that they've done since then I think, has they've learned from their they've learned from their mistakes. They've, they've improved things and the DBS is the DBS is really nice. Completed from car. Yeah, it does. I mean, the, the rear suspension is, is better. It's like. I don't wanna be to know. I mean it's, it's, honestly, it's like clo- it's I think it's as close as that is that setup is going to become the, the new because I drove an advantage after the great advantages is great. Very good advantages. It's really good at high speed, except it's really bad. At low speed. It's got the grabby est breaks ever. And then really aggressive idle creep like a health that g you're puffing traffic. Let's because that's because it has so much power. Matthew is just trying to go. Yes. Over in Japan breath, so fucking. It's freezing bread also. Yeah. Joe is the the fried the best thing I hadn't Tuscany all the shit, we had, and it was everything was amazing. The best thing was basic pizza dough. Yeah. Caught into little strips, like about the size of this fried in a very hot sunflower oil. And then tossed in the really good olive oil and salt when they Friday puff up like kind of like pillows. Ooh. And then you just grab a nice piece of pursuit, and just shove it in the pillow in poverty, their mouth, and it was gonna sounds good. But if you come over and bake bread for me, and I'll bet you that. Yeah. But what is the rebel rally? Okay. So the rebel rally is it's a ten day event. Seven of those days are competition, one of those ten days is sort of days zero, so it's sort of like a trial day, but it's not that's not scored for points. It's an off road rally that you are not allowed to use GPS force. So it is a map, and compass, navigation rally local version of the gazelle rally that happens like it's an hour. If my understanding of I've never done the Zales, but I think the bills is a little bit different. This one is really about going and collecting checkpoints. And you, you use a map and a compass to navigate they take your cell phone away for like seven days. Beacon have. Yeah. You have a stat phone, which I definitely used because. Well, it's a big story, but I can tell you the story. So, so. Yeah, so it say it's all off road. It starts up in like Tahoe and sort of cuts down the sort of the side of, of Nevada, and then cuts in through California, and you're basically just going the backside like so passes through like to Walney, and then you go through like the gold, like old gold mine areas and through Dumont dunes and. Yes, I have a really shitty story about Dumont dunes. So I'll say this. I didn't I didn't know like my guy asked me to do this for the drive and he didn't really know what it was. And I'm like, dude, you know, it's like ten fucking days like you'd better pay me a lot of money to do this. And I started talking to Emily Miller, who is the woman who runs it, Emily. Miller's this world like world famous like offroad racing who used to who used to drive for rod hall, and like I mean, she's really I mean amazing in her own right. And she really wanted there to be a rally in the, you know, in the US, and it just happens to be that this rally is off is for women, and so she really, I met her, and she and I connected and she's like a really want you to do this, and, you know, Mike was sort of, was vacillating, and, like, well, gosh ten days, like I don't know if it's a long time, and I was like, look, I'm willing to do this, because I think it'd be a great experience. But you need a teammate. He needs someone to, to, to navigate with you. And, and so there was this other woman who lost her driving partner. And so she put us together, and I remember FaceTime, timing her, and I was like, okay, well, my first question for was like, are you super competitive? Live choose like I don't really think so. And I, I should have read into it, then but, you know, she has four young kids below the age of, like, you know, ten so, she's definitely like the type A personality. And I knew that she would be the Boston. I'm sorry. I don't know. I can't read. Yeah. Well, when you have kids when you're like you're basically, like Boston people around your whole life, and they're just like small people. I figured okay? She'll be the mom in the car. Sit down sit down sit down. No turn here, turning north more throw more throttle, basically did I say, and honestly, like the first couple of days. We're good. And then the third day like the wheels is fucking came off, like we got lost. And we went off in one direction. We lost a couple of hours and she was a skilled driver. But not as skilled a navigator. And of course, I was I was a decent driver but not as skilled as she was. And I think I both really. Yeah, so her, I think her frustration was like you're not driving fast enough to make up for. For the time that we lost because I got us lost. And I was like, oh my gosh, I'm like this is so stressful. Like this is terrible and I had driven dunes like for an hour and a half. And I was like, I was not like not basically, let's say not confident in the dunes. So we I get to drive off a cliff pretty you could, you know, who wants to Endo into, you know, which is I like that sounds horrible. So we get to do monsoon. It's like a cat litter box from fucking Hal. It's horrible. So we so we get there. And of course like within like a minute, I get stuck and her first, the first thing out of her mouth is, oh, you got stuck. And I'm like, oh, that's such a shitty team thing to say. Like you don't say that to someone I'd never said, you've got us loss. Like so that was the beginning. That was the beginning of something of, of a really terrible evening. The son was super low, like then all of a sudden, the dunes just flatten like you can't see anything and dunes are d- scare. You don't know what's over them. You don't. And if I hadn't aired down properly, like I was just so flustered from this whole day of like trying to play catch up. And so finally, we found ourselves in this kind of bowl of, like surrounded by mountains, and I'm like, we're not in the right place. It is now getting dark. We do not have light like a light bar like, we are, we are bone stock. Like I am not driving. She's like, haven't you ever driven on a country road and the dark? And I'm like, oh, your bitch, like this is so thing like you're crazy. And so we just there was yelling and screaming and I'm not a yeller like I was just like, oh my God. I can't believe this. And now we're stuck here in the dark, and she went wandered wandered off. And like her headlamp was just like all I saw was out, and I was like, okay I've got to used. The Satphone I've got like call and just let them know that we're not dead. So I called and like they came out and everybody I mean, we'd been crying for like a half an hour because there was so much yelling and like ruined the whole thing for her and I was like, oh my God, I feel terrible and I'm a horrible person. And, and she was like, I've, you just let me drive like I could get us out of this. And, and so finally, there's the head judge Chrissy Beavis, who's like X games stuff co-driver for strana done. I mean, this woman is just so like hardcore awesome. She basically asked the question. She's like, okay, which way north and she is my navigators. It was like, oh, it's that way. And Chris, he's like, no, it's not honest. It was the best thing 'cause level the playing field for me. And I was like see you don't know what you're doing. And it's okay like this should have hard and no one expects you to be perfect. And so they gave us two options. They said, well, we can pull you out of here, but you're done. Competition. You're done three of seven or you can spend the night out here by yourselves because everybody else was at levels at camp and then just start in the morning and try again in the morning and I was like the last thing I want to do is spend the night out here, although myself in the fucking dark in sand dunes with this lady, like, oh my God. Okay. So we did it. We actually buried the hatchet, and we kind of made up and, and everything, everything ended up being okay. But man like we ended up sleeping. I slept in the back seat of a Jeep, like I felt like I had passed out frat frat guy like, oh it was awful. This is. I be saying slept in the. Beck's. Naci. By looking at you. And I said, you weren't you absolutely were accurate. But. Yeah. I'm not proud of it. But yeah, I was so I will say this is a very unladylike thing to say, but you know what? I don't care that, so that morning we got up, and we were like, okay, let's ready to start this day, I had to take the biggest dump of like the whole treadle. And so I dug a hole hole in that sand Dumont dunes. And I took a very satisfying poop for you. I just covered it up. And I'm like, I hope somebody just drives right through them. So proud of both. Your story and how I felt about that whole place. I'm like, I'm just wanna take shit on you and leave. I like that. We were like how was the DB eleven in your? They worked on it. They were working on this mission. It wasn't perfect yet. And then, like, how's this rally this bit? I was gonna cut her, but I had to shit anyway. The. On on board. Listen to this. Hopefully she doesn't make the retention the photos of this article which we will put. Yeah. It's on the drive. It's really good. And I did a video on it, too. And I was just me with a gopro and I didn't know what the hell I was doing. And I was it was sort of like like guerilla style shooting with, like Blair witch project production values, but it was, but it was very until the plot of Blair, witch project, actually, honestly, like it was a really, really difficult ten days but, but finished it and I'm super proud of the fact that I finished it, and it was great because I got a an amazing story out of it. I think it has helped future contestants like competitors. They've literally come up to me at the end of other of rallies. And we're like I watched your video before I did this, and it gave me like a it helped prepare me for what I was in for, because I had no idea, and it's, it's really hard. It's not just like oh, like you know, flowery yoga retreat for ladies romping around, this is the middle of no. Yeah. And you have what map and a compass. I mean I never took orienteering like that's it. Never took that those lessons. I know that there are classes taught which means it's hard that lasts soda shot. That's up on the top left. That was our last day in Glamis that the sort of it all ends in Glamis. You're finally your full Mad Max. Yeah. Yeah. You look like a Java person aja, right? And there were fifty mile an hour gusts in Glamis. I mean it was white out and you're just like, oh my God like drive through this. That's very beautiful. Who's the paint was, it was Dumont dunes. That was it was it was a very cathartic experience. It was it, it taught you a lot about yourself and not just as a driver. But just like like how you react to things that kind of knee jerk reaction it if you, if you took the time to really pay attention, it really kind of it, really educated you on like you. So it was really. It was a really cool event event. Yeah. It's really awesome. An EMMY hall. You guys know EMMY hall, right? Bonneville during the two hundred mile an hour Jetta sell. Awesome. So EMMY and her navigator Rebecca Donigi, they won, they face sort of they tied for first last year. And so this year, they get to come back. They've, they've competed in all three years is their fourth year. They're coming back. And I think I think it's official, but they're doing it in. That's awesome. That's fucking great. Wow. I hope I'm not just modifying it now they might be putting skids on it. Maybe tires probably this gives in tires. But yeah, I think it's going to be kick ass. Like I hope I didn't just blow the thing anyway. This is the show cool don't say anyone. That happens in at the end of the news. Oh, I don't know. Well, I mean I, I knew about it. But so yeah, I don't know if that's proud of it. Cool. That's, that's just gave up the ending of game of her own, don't blow it up. If you're listening to this show. Listen there. Hopefully, I don't get in trouble before we get out of here, because we don't have any audience questions. I got one question someone on read it earlier was talking about women in automotive journalism, and or the lack thereof. And I think there's more than people think see them on press launches, but it's, it's definitely more men than women obviously. So what is your take on the derisive say the direction that it is headed if not the current state of women in automotive journalism? I definitely see I definitely see it opening up. I definitely see outlets trying to make an effort to bring women on. I know that when I was interviewing for my job at Kelley blue book. They were adamant that it was a woman. It wasn't a well we'll just see who we get. It was. No, we're bringing a woman in. And so, I think that's I think. That's really good. I think that's an improvement. This is a really tough business for a woman to be in. I've been in mostly male dominated businesses most of my career and this one's particularly tough. I mean, you really have to have a pretty thick skin. There's there's, there's a lot of there's kind of a lot of doublespeak like people will say to your face. Like, oh, yeah, let's, you know, yes, we're pro women and then like you kind of hear them saying things like you know off off the cuff that you're like, wait a second. Like that's just sort of like flies in the face of, of everything that, that, that you just said. But, you know, it's something really crazy happened to me at the where you at the Porsche experience center. No. Sorry it was it the Peterson but it was the opening of the Porsche effect. Sold the, the gold thing for like three million dollars or whatever that was the, the opening of that exhibit. And it was a great event that, that exhibit was gorgeous. It was amazing. And I was sitting there to do you know CJ Wilson? So I was talking to CJ Wilson and he's great guy. I'm huge baseball fan and had followed his career and now that he's in racing. And I just thought, oh, this is really cool. So I went up at injuries myself when we were just chatting about cars and shit. And this do this dude who I knew he's not in the business, but sort of peripheral -i in the business walked past me, while I'm talking him. And he grabbed my ass. Yeah. Fucking happen. Still, it's still up. I can't believe I really cannot. I. Two months front, but CJ saw it. And he was like dude, that guy really just grab your, but, like did that just happen? And I was like, and you're sort of stunned. I mean 'cause you don't I think when you're not in the moment, like it's easy to be like, oh if someone did that to me. I'd kick their ass, and I'd like totally go up and kick him in the balls or whatever you would do, but you don't do that when you're in that moment, and you're surrounded by people and you're supposed to be professional because you're at a work function, but that happens to you, and you're just like. What, what filling a few elected to not be professional after that most people would come to your side in two thousand nineteen, but I don't know. I'm not sure I'm not like I'm not saying should I mean, how how old was the gentleman that did this older than me? I asked because I was I remember I was at Long Beach grand prix shooting off the grid, and that happened to someone we were around and it was like it was a guy that was talking to her. He was like a volunteer, not corner worker, but like wearing a headset thing, volunteer person, and then she walked over and we're headed somewhere else, and she's like that just happened. It was like, what I know I didn't know it. And she's like each like yeah. It happens all the time of these track things, and the guy was like seventy five so I am hoping it's a shit bag. Generational thing. Like it's super creepy. And I'm hoping that, that's what it is in Salt Lake some twenty eight year old. I hope so too. It was not a young person. I think young people are more savvy at this point to realize, like, no, you're really just not allowed to do that. But it still exists. And that kind of thing is really. I think it's a it's a it is a stumbling block. I try and be really careful about how I present myself like I don't I want this to be about my opinion about things my intelligence my smarts? How fun like if I'm funny, if my videos are educational and entertaining. I don't want it to be about, like, hey, look at her in a bikini thing, so and there's a low, and there is still a lot of that. And there's nothing necessarily wrong with that if that's something that, that that woman chooses to do, but I, I believe that as, as human beings, that is not our only currency, I would hope that, that we can sort of put put more value on the things that are kind of more lasting. It's like the whole thing with like umbrella girls. Like I do we really need to have that, like, in a thing, it's like maybe some people say, well, if we have them Birla guys, like maybe that's the same. You know, we could just level the playing field. But I'm like, why do we have to do that? Like having umbrellas nice. Yeah. Yeah. Great on anti umbrella. She's a Tansu are. So I you know, I go back and forth and it's a load. It's definitely a loaded question. You know, I have I've had two brothers. I've been around dudes, most of my life like I can handle most of that stuff. And usually, I'm like, okay, like I know you're joking and it's fine because it's not personal. It's not directed at you, but one it becomes directed at you. And I'm fortunately have not had a lot of experience with that. So no pervy Deums you guys like you, you don't need to send those like I don't look at them anyway. Any time I ever look at like a, a girl like shows me her fucking like dating profile, and like the messages and shit. It's like whoa. This is another fucking world. And the thing that's still weird is like do guys actually think that that's like attractive. That's the thing I was my do people consciously during this. Like what do you really like is that? How do you think that that's going to get my attention more than like, hey, I really loved your video about the, you know, about the, the Portofino that was really that was really cool. Like gotta wonder if like at some point that strategy worked for that person it must have at m- it might never has. But they don't they aren't they haven't been doing it long enough to recognize it. Never works. Yeah. It's one or the other. You know, I, I do think that men are in a difficult situation now too, because it's like, well what's okay, what's not? Okay. Can I say you look pretty in that dress or is that is that too forward? Like what if I opened the door for you? Are you going to be offended, and things that you can open the door for yourself? Like I totally feel for men as well. I don't think it's, it's pretty. And it's a pretty obvious line where you're being shipped back. I feel like it is. No, no. I think chip bag is true, but I agree with her, like a joke with my girlfriend where, you know, she wants me to get a water every like, well it's two thousand nine hundred kids, shouldn't you get you on water joke? Like listening should know. It's a joke. I'm like, because she's smarter than me make for money to me like all of those things. But at this joke of, like, well, if I get it, am I going to get criticized for getting you the water? And she knows that it just fucking around, but I think it's a good point. Like everyone's figuring out how to navigate and that's fine on both sides. That's true. It's, it's, it's, it's a delicate dance lead so start by not grabbing asses based already clear. That game long. That's like the put on your seatbelt. How do you drive on your seatbelt? Don't do that. How do you apex? You're not there yet. Right. So I mean that's a long a long winded way to not completely answer your question, but it's definitely encouraging. And there are, you know, I heard from a major outlet, you know, two days ago, that's like, hey, we're looking to fill this position. And we really wanna fill it with the woman, and can you do you have any suggestions? And I was like, okay that's good. Like, I'm glad that you're making a conscious effort to do that. Women by cars women, like cars women are part of that process. And I think it's important that they have a voice and, yeah, there are a lot of mommy bloggers out there who are doing their thing, and that serves one purpose. But I think it's okay to if there are sort of other women who are working in more kind of enthusiasts spaces Phiri. Like I mean obviously your personality versus minor. Whatever we choose to focus on about the car might not be the same thing. Like we're not talking about like the mommy blogger where it's like women for women. It's like we're literally just talking about, like you and I do the same job and creating two different versions of the same product. That's really what I think we mean where it's not like you're not pigeonholed in that the mommy blogger thing and like sure there's a fucking. There's, there's for that. That's not what I do. That was my angle was like the mainstream, you know, either consumer cars sports cars, or whatever. It's getting better. The one thing I will say, though, is when I when I was going on press trips for, you know, for other outlets like motor one or whatever and they'd send me to, you know, to stuff like the, for the traverse, you know for like a. Right. I mean right. These are great. Well, there were the five member of the first time that I went on, on one of those sort of like mid size, SUV launches, and I was like this is great. There's so many women here. And I love it like that, there, you know, that Motor Trend is then. Well, but that's the thing it's like it sort of dawned on me. And I'm like, oh, I'm like this is the launch that nobody else wanted. And so they sit women on it. And I was like I thought it was because. Because women tend to lead women can buy more things than men and so I didn't read it now. You're still getting stereotype, both. I feel like it's both a little bit. I feel like compared to the Hurricana launch. Okay to women at that one. Kristen Lee was there. She came through this show right afterwards. But I, I don't get to go on those I will say that those are like, the, the number of people that want to go the hurricane launch is huge. So it's like a pyramid. So when I started out doing this, the first press car, I got was like a Jetta sample size like I was getting cars that no one gave a shit about as we all do. And then you have to work up pay. Well, payer do and yeah, and I think he just gets more and more competitive to get to that space. Yes, yes. It should even out as more women, you know, the percentage of women in the space, the percentage represented at the her launch like should change. I don't think I see a lot of women. And I'm and I, I hope I don't get smashed for hypothesized this. I'm just throwing. I think I don't see a lot of women writing about cars that are also like race track. Each types, I see women driving race cars. My friends. Stephanie, Stephanie, CMO CMO. I love driving that fuck and bad ass. Corvette, global time attack savannah. Little is driving that three z. And she does time attack with, with great life. And there, there's quite a few that are, that are very talented and have great cars and good setups. And, and they're fast but, but they need none of the female racing drivers end up crossing over with the journalists, I think that happens more with the men are not necessarily a core. A not causation correlation not causation. So I think the kind of people that get invited to the hurricane launch or or, or supercar, launches are typically journalists that are known for track work and shit like that. I would love to see like an abbey. Eaten from grand tour are. Or a women racing driver. That's writing reviews like our or or someone like you going out and, and fucking doing hardcore training for track for a while. And I started that stuff, if I think if that's something that someone wants to do or start at least. Getting better at Trimble, not doing this, because she doesn't have to write anything. She just said, sure she make way more money. Have to write anything. But you know what? She she'd be amazing at it will be amazing at it. And I you know, I would one hundred percent encourage her, I think, doors triple doing a story. Oh hell, yeah. Hell, yeah. I think she may have actually done one at one point. Did they did? Well, they did the by on her automobile do. Yeah. Bathroom Bassam wasa wrote it. Yeah. Good. Yeah. That was all that was all her like her, Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga moment with Richard pardon to write it really was. No, no, no. But he definitely shot it, it was after they met, they met, they were already dating when he shot it. But it was definitely like for those of you have no idea what I'm talking about our friends, Sarah, who's been on the show before, she's great stunt driver, Sarah. There was a feature that was like a bio about her basically reading an automobile by our friend Basim, and it was shot by her boyfriend. It looks like a shot. Her then boyfriend or was he just? Yeah. They were together at the time. It's not just like her boyfriend, by the way. Richard pardon is a very talented photographer. And for some reason our shit is not loading. They take amazing photos of their dog. Like do you follow their dog on Graham? I know she's dog. Yeah. Jerry, Jerry bites. It's about a dachshund. Her name is j-. Greg karema tried to get me to a pair of dachshunds today. Didn't know I was like county have two cats. I was like you don't even live at home yet. Go to their go to their Jerry bites Instagram page if you can because they take the most amazing photos of their dogs like they're just beautiful photos. It's insane. Photographers, but everyone should follow the Jerry Jerry bites. We have to end the show because it's this is because this is now the time the end the show. You brought me a loaf of bread. Thank you so much say, like I was just super happy to be invited here. And so I wanted my mom taught me well that I should always bring something. You've earned with with his bread. You've earned an invite to my house and show. You're coming over for dinner. That's her account. You enjoy her dogs. One Jerry bites kid. That's great man. Good show. Thanks for coming in you so much for having me. This has been a ton of fun. We'll get you back in. We'll get you on the cycle because your local so we'll, we'll have you on the on the on the circuit. Local pile that we circle in for people cool. You can see and read linen Kelley blue book. Well, the good were YouTube channel to find stuff there. We have the Kelley blue book YouTube channel where I do videos with Mike museum. That's the two of us, we sort of split. We split duty on that. So, yeah, I feel bad trying to find a writing earlier. And that's why I pull up like automobile and it's just the SEO you realize you can't find it on my mom asked me when I got the job, she's like where do I find your videos on Kelley blue book? I'm like, I feel better YouTube, so, yes, go to YouTube shutout wins. Mom highlands, mom. Maimi, hannah's. I bake ation was to that, that Roe of hotels next to that town. Yeah. We went to the world's second longest lazy river because loves lazy river thought when we got there, it was under renovation. Vacation over. You know, that's how we ended up in a key thoughts like this. Lazy river doesn't exist. Let's go see what else is on the side. Relaxing, so extra coming down. Thank you for the bread social, congratulations to you, and Hannah, by the way. I'm on the Graham. It's Lynn L Y N in two underscores Woodward double double underscore. See, look, I've smoking tie. Oh, I didn't even get to talk about my trip to Normandy man, I was there. It was just enormous seventy fifth anniversary of d day with Aaron Robinson from Haggerty. turn his ambulance to Normandy. Now he sold that here, but he bought another one in England just for this trip. What was it like to go to Normandy with Aaron Robbins? Honestly, it was it was it was so good. But it was like it was like a, a one of those like immersion courses in, in war history as a podcast that can carry things for you. So amazing. And I mean, all these people they like dressed up in period, costumes, which which side. It's so mostly mostly guys a fair question question, so. Yeah. Well, you'll have to invite us both back and we can talk about. We can. The kids. It's really an extraordinary. I mean, it is an extraordinary vent. And if you're at all into military vehicles like it is, like, the, the, the mother load of, of things there. That's it. Yeah, it's a forty four willies and the she goes drive it from England. Drove he drove it from England to France cool, and we drove it all around Normandy. And now it's on so it's haggard. It's haggerty's Jeep. They want one for their collection. And so now that's fun. So now it's heading back to. It's heading back to traverse city. It's awesome. And that had its own tent. That's how good we are with cars outside for fucking sixty years. It gets attached today. But it was, I mean, yeah you definitely if not made the definitely have aeronautic and have him talk about it. You both on together. I that plan. That's a good. It was very it was tremendously. Awesome. That sounds it. Yeah. I can't wait. All right. Well, that's our show. Folks, we what day is it Tuesday? Today's Tuesday, I think Friday's our next show, right? Dan, neil? Yep. Friday at five p five thirty PM Pacific. Dan Neil from the Wall Street Journal. It's been like two years since he's been on, and I frankly cannot wait great. I'm definitely going to listen to that one. Yeah. Dan's great Friday. Whatever this is this fourteenth at the fourteenth at five thirty PM. And thanks Lynn. That was great podcast shout engine. You know the drill get your own podcast shot engine dot com et cetera et cetera. But I you should probably have something to say. All right. Kids goodnight.

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