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Boston Globe Blames Misogyny for Elizabeth Warren's Super Tuesday; Who Will Warren Endorse?; Rashida Tlaib Wonders Why People Want To Have Sex With Her; What Forces Obama to Endorse?; Michael Bloomberg Drops Out; Coronavirus Canceling Events

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Boston Globe Blames Misogyny for Elizabeth Warren's Super Tuesday; Who Will Warren Endorse?; Rashida Tlaib Wonders Why People Want To Have Sex With Her; What Forces Obama to Endorse?; Michael Bloomberg Drops Out; Coronavirus Canceling Events

"Well now we know now we know yesterday. We learned that Liz Worn was a terrible candidate and would with down in flames in her adopted home state here Massachusetts and today the Boston Globe explains why why Joe Biden cleaned her clock here in her backyard. I didn't realize this but Most people went out boat Joe Biden because of his Irish roots because according to the globe and they turned their back on Liz because what else they don't like Cherokees that's all know and also because she doesn't have a penis that was big big big for those late voters who decided to bail on our. Liz is just so tragic. You know we're GONNA do today. We're going to talk to a Joe Biden supporter a big Joe Biden supporter of French. Turtle boy who by the way has some Irish roots so that may be something to that because he went out and proudly voted for the The senile former vice president We're also going to tell you what we've reached some common ground with Rashid into Leap Rashid. To leap. Anti-us can agree on one thing All that more with Turtaboi and with Colin. Today's Callahan podcast presented by our friends. Our good friends from DC. That's Digital Federal Credit Union. Do you have a new car? Bad loan with high entrusts from the dealer. Then do I've been telling you to do for a long time refinance with DC. You these guys are the best they can help. Lower your rates and lower your payments more and more control of your money what will DC. You mean you insured by. Ncua membership required visit. D C Dot. Org that's dugas coney. This is the Gerry Callahan. Podcast so disappointed. Let me just say right up about so disappointed. This is Thursday march fifth day. Two of the of the Joe Biden era. I mean we thought he was dead a week ago. Two weeks ago we gave up on him. I thought he was a feeble old man now. He's the vibrant Presumptive candidate for the Democrat Party. And I had a plan. My plan was to start each and every day with a gaff because every day he provides. I mean that's what he does. He's going to give us something to chuckle about every day until November and probably after that too. Sometimes it's GonNa feel a little cruel because he's clearly in the throes of dementia. It is a sad thing but I'll find a way to to laugh anyway when he mistakes his wife for his sister or claims that he was arrested tried to save trying to help Nelson Mandela escape from prison or something. We got nothing today. Dave nothing we don't have any nothing we have no gaffer's late you know when he was taking a nap. Yesterday in fantasy was watching judge. Judy who's got free time? Now that Bloomberg's out he was Busy Fantas if he thought his sister was his wife. Maybe he's Ilan was reaching out. Omar Vote I. You know what? He's smart like a Fox man he W- we thought that was a gaffe. That was really a vote. Yes it was like. Look at me Alon I can do it to Leland Omar. Who married her brother as we all know as to no-one kit us in the media. No it's quite alright. You can do that by the way We forgot about that. One gaffed Michael Graham a friend. Michael Grams favourite gaffe which we had a good laugh yesterday. This could be that. We're GONNA do this one day Dave. We'll do the top ten biden gaffes on a slow day. This might be number one. We HAVE TO BE AS BARACK SAYS THREE LETTER. Word JOBS BE FUNNY. Part of that is it's not. Just a misstep heat spells it and says a three letter word. He recites the four letters. And that says it's a three hours no Your boys podcast pod. Save America on the way in here are you and you know. They're they're very savvy those guys and they're they're planning on how Biden's GonNa win literally factored into the plan is like yeah. Joe's just GonNa say stupid crazy things from time to time and we just need to find a way to just ignore it and focus on. I will say what both candidates have a certain rope mono rope to to get away with things gaffes and I heard the defense. There was a one of these Democrat. Operatives Chris Hahn on with Laura Ingraham last night San. What's the big deal? He's been saying weird stuff like this for twenty years so it's not senility is just Joe. So when he says whatever would he says I was arrested trying to save Nelson Mandela. Which happened like a couple of days before the primary before Super Tuesday? He was bragging about being arrested. A complete lie and I would just say that Joe Being Joe but his defense is. He's not senile. He's just crazy. He just make stuff up he just forgets things that's the way he is and obviously trump gets away with all kinds of saint all kinds of wacky stuff but. I don't think anyone is seriously accusing trump of deteriorating mentally. He's been that way for a while. He speaks off the cuff. He's not the most articulate guy or the most nuanced speaker He could say some dumb stuff. There's no question but does anyone think trump is literally deteriorating before our. Because and he might be when he's seventy eight when he's bides age maybe he will be. He's only seventy three and he seems much much younger VI- but he seems to be getting better at just kind of like the quickness of you know what I mean when he's when he's off the cuff as true. I watched him. He was on with Hannity last night. Live interview on and it was. There was no real bad gaffes. I mean there's always this kind of simplistic language where everything is bad. They did some bad things. It was bad. They did some bad things and he repeats himself. And there's no real depth to it that's why when he gets a subject like corona virus. He just says yeah. It's bad it's a bad thing but you know I it. We got great people working on it. There's no real substance to it but it works for him with Biden. I honestly believe in. Obviously I'm not a supporter. Unlike turtle boy here. I've waited in line for hours to vote for his. Dad is by the way that people are waiting in line for our interest on Jimmy Fallon last night. It's all they ever wind but learned. That never happens ever. I walked in and out bulk crap. I used to live in the suburbs. Now I live in the city. I've never waited in line more than two or three minutes. It's it's a myth. I'm with you They find wanted to places in America with the headline they save voter suppression. Isn't that a fault of the voting plate like isn't that the fault will a local morons running into kick the crap together? We have more boots. And maybe it's a part of the volt. Part of the fault of the voters coaches go. Vote they have to think about it don't you? You're thinking done before you walk in there or maybe don't have the ninety year old lady with Colored Pencil sitting head that St Ieuan two guys and they were in their eighties and they they were any older they would've been running for. The nominee voted more than once in several elections. Now yesterday. Here's the other elections. I saw his bottle. I was like ten twelve years ago. I go to vote and somebody had already voted in my name really. Yeah and so. I'm like it was seven thirty. The postal vote for public figure. It was a red the red line through it so I voted. That's all Louis colored pencils. They're playing with their old people in color pencils and so I'm like what am I chopped ins at seven thirty and we go make us think about this or just pick out another name the writing funny. You could see them your neighbors. I was thought of that. I know I know some neighbors. I don't know how many now but see some neighbors who are no work. Vote especially in icebergs. I knew my siblings were sale. Cam that guy is a difference? It is realized that the process is fraudulent for one reason. Only one reason only because Democrats encourage voter fraud. They want people to vote more than once. They want dead people that if they legal unregistered. Think about all the time to show your license. We've gone over this before you go to. Cvs to pick up your whatever your prescription your extra strength tylenol and you have to show an ID. Then you go to vote for the leader of the free world. And you're not allowed to ask for I D. I will pull it out. I didn't do it this time in the past. I got my. Id A no. We're good. They literally cannot ask you to identify yourself. You don't even you just need a street right. What street do you and you could see. It look That's there you go go to yet. Yeah sure I'll pick that one. I couldn't believe it. Somebody voted in my name and realized you can just do whatever you want although one thing I couldn't do is go in their vote. For Joe Biden unlike ever reason unlike unit worked when I think why would they worked and won the state and I said this yesterday in seemed to me that were so advanced with polling including exit polling. That you never get surprised. You just say yeah. I kind of knew that was going to happen. Literally I said on Tuesday said it's going to be Bernie or it's going to be Liz within one or two points and Biden was an afterthought Biden never even came to Massachusetts in nothing. Nothing didn't spend any money. Liz Versus Bernie. I was hoping for Bernie root for Bernie lots of people we know when took a Democrat ballot voting for Bernie just in hopes of defeating Liz and then it POPs up at eight o'clock that the racist too close to golf and I said makes sense. These two are neck and neck and then I think it was ten fifteen minutes later that comes over the the the wires that they've determined too close to call between Biden and Bernie that lives was out and it was going to finish third and just get humiliated in her home state and I said. How's that possible? Rarely do we defy the pollsters? Now would you agree? 'cause the system is so advanced and so Reliable for the most part you know. Maybe trump blew that up Only eight. He did that but for the most parts. The most part you the polls are right. Maybe it's changed because of cell phones. Nobody with a half a brain answers you know. It used to be called home phones and you answered. They said fifty one percent of day of voters who made the decision. That day voted for by. That's why I said this. Obviously Biden to me is a tougher test if he can keep it together. Ezio but we'll get we'll get we'll get. Oh okay get to that. You know what that means they. Concrete that means no says we'll get to your your idiotic logic to voting for Biden but I think people just got nervous and said I am a lefty. I am a liberal but I am not a frigging Marxist. And they said can't do. It can't check the box for Bernie and nobody check the bucks for Liz because she's She says you like Democrat. Party is excellent the Boston Globe as explained it all. It's because a two reasons for system is flawed with decided the says flawed today after because screw to white states that calm white states. I wouldn't have to get to vote. I and then I guess third a black state votes to South Carolina but the system's flawed. And she has no penis. That's why you didn't vote for voted for Biden because by subpoenas correct I did. Yeah and and they explained. Biden. Success Chan is based on the way Bernie debates. I doubt he has. He's that's what am I gonNa do very good point by you and I'll give Bryden this when they debate. He's he's not all there but he will beat burning the debate because he'll go at Birdie. Pretty Darn at anybody. I I think that what we can explain why I'm GonNa over by the letter. You're already vote. I voted for the globe. The Globe says it's misogyny which we know that some of these columns they're gonNA hold amy. Klobuchar endorsed him right. Because the Assad Jimmy that makes sense they're gonNA hold Amy Klobuchar. It's GonNa pick her job if she wants to leave the Senate and go. Why did they didn't get behind her? Why Joe instead of her Because Joe was his turn. You know he's so old and and ridiculous. He's a joke here. Here's One of the globe combs who were I mean? They are weeping. On the on the keyboard typing. I wonder if they had any technical difficulties as they as the author video about how they picked. Anonymous played some pretension. You look at that and I tweeted this. I said one person in that room and they were probably what fifteen people in one? Do you think any of them ever even met a trump supporter or considered. Maybe maybe maybe the cuts their lawn but then on talk damn I look at half of these people live in melrose in Somerville. It's like I can already tell. I know everything about you just by the way you present yourself. That's that's like the one of the funniest things about MSNBC last week as they go to talk to a regular voter on the street and they're just expecting somebody and then all of a sudden the Gobi they're voting for standards but their daughters voted for trump. You're voting for the Democrat because of your daughter and say no. She's and they expect. Black People Hispanic people to automatically support their guy they. They're tied to this identity politics and they can't believe people wouldn't vote for a woman just because she's a woman. I mean that's the way they think they don't care that he's shrill unlikable and she's dishonest. His one one of the explanations from Michael Cohen. Your Boston Globe this morning. Perhaps the best explanation for LIZ WARNS FAILURE TO BREAKTHROUGH IS MISOGYNY. They literally say misogyny. This is the party nominated Hillary last time correct. That's correct. Who was a terrible candidate. Who Cost in the White House who lost Donald Trump before trump had accomplished anything? She lost that guy now. They think that people want woeful is because she doesn't have a penis to that right debatable. Yes she wasn't taken seriously as a female candidate wasn't taken seriously. She was taken seriously as she got more time in the debates than there was a one point when she was a favorite over the entire field was the favourite and she was the heavy favourite Massachusetts. What two months ago? One and a half ago Biden was trailing in the polls was third in the polls like a week ago in mass choose the most recent poll it looked like a slam dunk for Liz. And then Bernie got hot and then Bernie hit the big rally with thirteen. Did she get here in? This state pointed food two. How is that possible to? When the entire democratic establishment vote voted for two years ago in the Senate and then you could get a clear order of them fewer than a court she if somebody watched those people in line at the polls in in Somerville Cambridge one in four fewer than one in four. Check the box for Liz worn and the globe. Thinks it's massaging. Do you think she could get warmer? It's primary could she get primary in the next election. I think she'll give four percent. She'll give up four more years. She'll be seventy four. She's GonNa be Dianne Feinstein. Just got reelected at eighty-five. She's she's done well he's gonNA run again. She's done well enough to make some sort of deal right who she now. Well she's going to those Bernie. She can't endorsed. Bud She just can't oh she will. She will be. The Big Fat is going to act. Go shooting with both parties both camps yesterday which I think an of said this for a while and I'll be mocked relentlessly when I'm wrong but I think she's a burns running mate. I think she has to be. How can his Bernie? You've forgotten what happened like three weeks ago. Yes I'm forgetting that you remember Bush senior with Greg. And they hated each other there and she said that women can't be president. She lied to lied about him. She conspired with the Globe and the politico and all the rest of the Uh there her colleagues are cohorts in the media and attempted to bring him down. But you tell me this his choice. His My my opinion of Bernie's choice right now and again. We'll get to your choice of Biden. Your Big Biden. I think I know why. I think it's Irish roots. Your name is aiden after all is Irish roots. That's the other reason the globe the Club. You know it's killing me that I don't subscribe the Globe. I Need Day Dave printing up because it is just. The Globe is funnier than Biden these days. They've explained Liz's loss historic lost their loss as a function of Of Sexism misogyny the process now Biden one because of his Irish roots was there one person in Massachusetts Biden. Got To get three hundred four hundred thousand votes or something. One person said I'm GonNa vote for him because of his Irish roots with. Did they re the globe really wrote that? Yes I'll find. Here is the Irish roots. Is there one person of the half a million or so people who voted for him? Who said I'm going to give him my vote? Because his ancestors came from a certain island how much you WanNa bet these same idiots endorsed Joe Kennedy and its upcoming primer. That we can't see Irish champion of the Irish Irish a bad. I mean you could hold a gun to my head for Kennedy. I'd never vote for Ted Kennedy or or any Kennedy right because who gives a shit about his Irish roots. I mean did people vote for list. Not vocalist warm because of her church. Well we know the grandfather didn't go to the wedding so strike because he always hated. Indians ran father. Hey you know. I didn't didn't go because they all man was a janitor who wants to marry gender and anyway didn't have a nice wedding with that. What's what what did you sidetrack get on? The bucknell by Bernie has to pick Liz. Because he's for a VP. Yes lex point. Ty his choice. Liz Alon Omar AOC. That's his choice or Royal Castro. Those those are the four he could pick well. I don't think roles say he did say that he will not have a VP. That is Does Not that does not correct Medicare for all which means which way home care brilliant. Be a socialist. You can't be a communist and pick a capitalist CLO- Shark. It's too late now because she endorsed Biden helped by Lizzie. Capitalist Liz is will not. She's on record as being as close to Bernie as you can get. She's not also be she's also a liar doesn't believe she's alive. We KNOW THAT DOORS BIDEN. She that would be the most transparent. The most of the shallow thinks. She's IT'LL BE THE MOST LIZ warren thing I guess but I'm not sure what Biden will promise her. I think she would like to move on from the Senate she doesn't care about Massachusetts. She doesn't live here mostly she doesn't know anything about it. It's not really your home state. I'm glad we rejected her. But she would like to be you know like head of the EPA or something in abide administration. She would she would wreak some real havoc do some real damage in that position all the regulations which were repealed under a trump. Which helped us get to this Booming economy out of the recession into this good place. She would go backwards. She would destroy the economy and which is Burns goal anyway so she a what would remerci right now. Music Week. We didn't get our lips. Say I want you to know what we talked to remind you? That sound will come along. I need to get hold on. I need to get a turtle. Bush take on why he waited in line to vote for Biden. But but I let me finish on on the list worn thing. She's as close to a socialist. It's going to get unless you say to leave or a or Alana Emma or he can't pick a Kluber Shah or Buddha judge or somebody who has a capitalist that's just too much of a he said as much on not the peak in favor of Medicare and it doesn't matter whether from when you're involved in this movement of of Leeches which is what it is really in the movement is looking for free stuff. Free everything free healthcare free barrel. Gpo education they really are. And why you tell me who else. He could pick who has name recognition. Who'S A fighter? Who's a debater? Who's a a an advocate for? His crazy causes. It has to be Liz yesterday. I'm guessing that came up and I don't see what choice of Bernie has. Maybe the somebody I don't know some crazy. Left-winger maybe picks the you've never heard of unwanted never heard of Sarah Palin in twenty twenty eight right she she and by the way you are so wrong the other day on about Palin I am not. I said that. She didn't cost him the help she is. She gave him his sane. He cost himself. Are you touching? You have some media narrative you but the media narrative up all energized all my John McCain was a terrible candidate Sean. Mccain's needed her. She gave some energy. She gave him some. Legwork Obama won because the economy crashed at the perfect time. That's why he won but Sarah Palin certainly helped out. As soon as she got on bought it was dead even before she came on. She comes on she does the Katie couric interview. And it all goes to hell. I like her. But she's a moron she. She was the best part of that ticket. She's GonNa win. Thank God we got rid of that will give you that guy. Shin of like Elevating these guys to deliver the office. Bob Dole and Tara Lewis Romney. I'm glad we just got rid of all those people and and we've done it a different way in the Republican Party. That is a good thing to fund. The Democrats are going back to the old way of rewarding. The guy was hung around the longest is the guy who was in the Senate. You believe that this is what they're going this guy who's been in the Senate for thirty six years. It's been in the White House for eight years. We've never had a real job. And now we know why because he's just not that bright but he is the choice of the moderates in the Party of the pragmatists who think he has the best chance to beat trump there right by the way there right because Bernie excuse me Bernie Has the most passionate on his side. He has a cult. He has a movement but their numbers on great enough. They didn't even show up Tuesday. Young people didn't vote. They shocking. I thought they were looking at his show up. They found out that they had to actually get out of bed. Put Down the Bong and go to the. There's supposed to registered three weeks ago. Forgot how it's too late about straight. Now he gets the passion the way you know the way fish does or the way. The grateful dead did back in the day. He doesn't get the passion to actually show up and vote and Kerry assigned but they do it on twitter. Though there you see the young Turks guy off yes. The young man know Changjiang some percent. He ran he ran. He'll finish fourth and for the seat but that fraud. The Guy who two weeks ago is employees. He's young. Turks is a digital media company of radicals Birdie rose doing well show so the but his followers. I mean is employees. Wanted to unionize and this big radical lefty caution inviting for unions said none. We can't do that you know we can't do that and stop this employee. There's a guy by the way who one of his planks of his platform was a beastie out. He's he wants to legalize at least I'm not sure why you know. Why would I want to legalize bestiality? Have you seen? Have you seen the way? Have you seen Galina ways? Dog Walks me. He's got little limp. We'll get the Rasheed Toledo but now we'll be seeing some of the people log about reality shows up. Maybe is a much better less awful candidate for in the general election than Birdie. You're wrong about this. You voted for by now. If he wins at all I I agree with what you said. There that he's a less off the country would be worse off with Bernie Sanders running no doubt about that but destroyed the would be destroyed. Our lives for Myden. Because I think he's got less of a chance of beating trump. I don't care what the polls say. Don't give me that and this is my theory. Are Some of the most self indulgent stupid narcissistic waste of space and they will not show up to vote. If Biden gets a nominee show. That show voted for Bernie. They will they will be one thousand nine hundred sixty eight all over again. In Milwaukee there will be riots in the and the and the Republican Party will look like the Party of sanity and that is what we want because if it was the other way around and Bernie Sanders gets the nomination. Guess what the Biden supporters are going to do. They're going to get in line because they're good people. And they know how the game is played but the Bernie people are children and they don't understand how politics works and they're not gonNA play the game because they're stupid the only good about stupid stupid timers or should be in here right now. I do that. I did what I did. At the polls voted for Biden was loyalty to Donald J trump. Giving him the best shot of getting elected. You wrong numbers. They don't have the numbers. Bur any candidate could capture the trump hate. That's the goal. You say. Trump must be stopped. I'm not sure what you do beyond that I mean. What do you want to stop the economy? Maybe you don't like all this piece. Round the world tweets bad oma bad tweets back. We gotta do something bad tweets. This is again the Boston Globe. Comb Michael Cohen says he attended Democrat campaign events and ask what they think. The president many struggle to find the precise words accurately capture their contempt for him and the damage he has wrought on America many refuse to even utter his name. World War three and I can ask again. You'll be right here colony. We should have reamer sitting in here. Let's call what damage should I specifically? What damage you talking about? What damage has he done to America? We'RE GONNA go into well. Why free you don't even know when we Sola Mani. That was like really bad and then they were going to kill US opposite. We're we're withdrawing. We're getting out of Afghan not as fast enough for my liking but we clearly are leaving Afghanistan. I cannot believe trump's talking to the Taliban I find that same Gavitt whatever it takes. Let's get out. We're getting out. That is a good thing. We all agree. It's the most popular thing trump can do. He's done a lot of popular things. This is the wall God. Knows is extremely popular legalize weed. Nothing is more popular withdrawing troops from these endless foreign wars beginning with Afghanistan. We'll get to a and not getting ourselves involved anymore. If bind gets elected we're going to war. I don't know where but that's you know that's one of the things you know. The globalists' do is they get involved in foreign wars. That never end if he pulls out a fizzle official and to the Afghanistan war you'll see trump's numbers jump. It will be the most popular thing he's ever done. I'm not sure what these people say are ticky late. How they put into words the damage he's done. I think you're right. This start with one word. Tweets those awful tweets discourse Lang discussion. This chlorine lay off. It got all that awful racism. We could see. We'LL GET ALICE JOHNSON. Talk about the racism What crimes are up? Hey No they actually. They're not fake. Crimes are way way up. I'm not sure that anything else matters. That whether it's Biden a Bernie Eliza whoever you just have to have the proper amount of hate for the president and you know what else helps you you. Don't you WANNA hate the country to you? WanNa hate the country as we've seen with Bernie his message that renders re resonates America's Evil Cuba's better. You know Soviet Union was better. We should take Cuba. Denmark will be two million people and everybody's white. We need to be like that. We need to take away the farms and the factories and give them to the people. That's what he wants a real revolution. It's not working. He's he's old news. He's going to be there in the debate in ten days but again he's not a good debater. He doesn't fight. He doesn't attack. As other candidates Biden will be yelling. And we'll get through Leiden honoring all fools. He's the only one that can stand on the stage with trump and look like the more ridiculous one. The Hillary she roasted him she did. There was not good for trump. Those those three debates and two thousand Sixteen Biden is the only one that you can look Hillary's she's diabolical. But I don't think she had dementia. I don't think that's what I'm saying. It's like the man. Does people think this? Is You know hyperbole or this is just we're we're mocking denigrating him. He's not all there and you can see video from five years ago ten years ago compared to now and there was a Carlson did a little Mont Noam Saria Lowering little a montage of the Times of late that his wife Jill has saved him protected him like he's interviews just jumping in. She's never loses train of thought she's literally carry holding him by the arm leading him around. Wouldn't that crazy? You know anti milk activists stage the storm. The Stage two nights ago his wife jumped out and grabbed the the crazy activist and so did his campaign manager this sanders woman and stopped him in because Biden going on. It was very confusing. He's very confused if anyone thinks. That's going to get better I mean. They do have medications for Alzheimer's and dementia. But they don't it's not like reversible. Now it's not you know the thing. Can you play the please be sure? Three seven all created by go. You know you know the thing. Oh my God. It's the greatest thing of her love. It I thought was great. And there's just so many there's there's montages of these moments and not just these moments where he loses is trying to thought but these things were just make stuff up like corn pop like Getting arrested Trying to go see Nelson Mandela Heller. Times we said he was. He went to Delaware State. I believe on a football scholarship and he didn't even go to Delaware. State went to Delaware. I mean he just makes things up out of thin air and for the last forty years. The media has protected them. They've chuckled laughs at. That's just crazy old joe. They'll likable those days. I mean the the media will protect them like never before but there's alternatives. We know now there's Fox News Talk Radio there's the Internet this turtle boy you will be looking at Gerry Callahan. Pocket Jerry Kelly podcast which now has a website damn it. Do you really touching anything. I didn't miss the he hasn't been updated face. Business Turtaboi only pays attention to the day that he is on. This show is admitted. This weekend's mute the other day towering from a fight I listen to that whole thing was pathetic. So that's not true. That's so so There's a website it's redskins. Could you can thank Bob. The builder over there. He got it done. And you're on their. I forget what sunny. What's in his bio anything anything? Good about Turtaboi the best. It say the best reporter in the world. Because that's what you are but Close and it's and it's there's a picture you you know at the Mike but Anyway. That's not why we did it. We did it so people can listen. Some people's to listen on on on their computer Some people want a website facebook life. The podcast I'll do dot com Howie. Okay good we're working on it. We'll work on. You know to look like you can handle more than one thing at once. Please I can handle fifty. You want me to okay anyway from a youtube superstar. Trust me you need a live. Yarn influenced people pay you to Tweeden. Why do I do a freestyle rapping usually raise a couple hundred bucks to do with too many rap? People love it. The biggest chunk rapper shank tank. Whatever his name is he's got five million SAGAS. I have a ninety five hundred. So they're distraught. If you wanna see or hear someone who is distraught about the demise of Bernie and Bernie Bros. checkout chunk. You wasn't Yuga you guy. He's the leader of the Young Turks and they are beside themselves because a conventional traditional moderate. Democrat appears to be on his way to the nomination. And you start to him. He should reach out to hand the question rate on that network that the Armenian genocide they get on that. You think we wouldn't do that for doing anything with my kid. Go on with you. Yes like. He's kicking ass. We miss them this week. Stan Stan Rosenberg. And I said that he got a job. Status have met Byron afternoon. Yeah not yet. Oh you will list of just because I think he will defend me on this tweet gum. Dave and I have to fight over my tweet when I made a joke. I made a joke about rush. Limbaugh's take on Buddha judge and on on on Biden's propensity sniff hair. Did you see broad? Did It on election day. The cottam on Camera Sniffen the have a two year old kid. He can't help himself. He's you know say compared to like a sexual Predator or like a serial killing a donkey. Good has at least. He's not exactly that's the thing sniffs hair and I. I think it's weird when I'd sniff Dave's here I do it. In private. We do would fund cameras. It's a little different but that's not going away. We promise you here on the Callahan podcasts. I have signed one more thing to Dave Cohen. We need a gaffe a day after day a day. And you know what it's coming it is coming because he's he's GonNa get tired. You know you'll like Florida. You just accused. Alex prevent sex with a guy to get a job so I think we might have got it already looks. We've had like sixteen jobs while you think it's my job here. No no no. He got a job here strictly on ability on talent. It's always other jobs. I wonder about his four wives Forbes. The out magazines got a new podcast. Call Kiki which I don't even know means pious call. Kiki the Sports Kiki Alpha Sports. Kiki SPRINT HIMSELF. In and we miss him today because he wanted to come and fight with three wrote. Some articles go defending transgender athletes. Being able to participate so I didn't give them the click on my can't be this stupid. That's tough to defend. I mean I think he feels an obligation to defend them. But that is another winning issue as you know. Go blogs about it all the time. That is another winning issue for Donald. J trump if that Becomes an issue with the Olympics in an issue in our world on on talk radio and podcasts trump will jump aboard that and ride that sucker because it is. You can't lose that. There's no normal rational people who think that it's fair. None for a biological male disappointment ages name and and switch from men's track women's track and just kick ass and win all the all the medals in all the first place trophies is just extremely unfair. And you know what else it is. It's sexist it's misogynist it's mean two girls and we used to care about girls but that'll be a topic for another day. I have to I have four. We want to hear your explanation voted for Joe. Because you think job easier to be easier to beat. Beat them Bernie you see. Bernie's numbers down. Sal Who gave you my reasons right. The reasons are simple. People are going club. We just said Bernie Bras. Don't show up. They're all stone lazy. They're they'll they'll show up you know they're about to get on the call of duty or something. They're not things to do. They're not gonNA vote. Trust me to Biden. People are Good Democrats that GONNA get behind. Whoever the nominee is sure of the reverse will not happen reverse when that happened and I would guess over a million voters. That would affect. You know. We're always takes it as they need six hundred million to be trump in the three states. That will all you know. Seventy five thousand. They need seventy five thousand in Pennsylvania Wisconsin and Michigan. That's all he wanted. Here's the thing which would discourage me if I were. Democrat is you lost to this guy. Trump years ago. Four years accepted that when he was a still kind of a cartoon character. He hadn't done anything you know. Everyone was saying God knows the Boston Globe. Put out a a fake. I mean most of their news is fake but they put on an actual fake edition saying trump was gonNA tank the the stock market. He was going to round up immigrants and put them in chains and whatever deport them and they had all these things the stock market was going to crash and everything else the economy was going to go and it was all fake. These were their predictions. Nothing came through nothing. I mean he didn't take this. I mean Paul Krugman said we're heading for a recession to no end right. Put All these scare tactics. The world was GONNA end. We're going to pull out of the Climate Clinton Paris climate accord and we're all GonNa burn live right. Nothing came through well so three years later. We're looking at saying well. Trump wasn't that dangerous was he. I mean he appointed as a really strong cabinet and ambassadors appointed. Are doing the job. We're leaving some of these endless wars. We hope the economy is never been better. You had a campaign against that. Now in Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin Ohio when the economy wasn't as good and he was a big question. Mark a real loose cannon. They lost how do you win? Now Corona Virus. That's literally that's thrown virus. Which big home. No he said this. He didn't say this he's accused saying I'm going to say the chronic viruses oaks. It's oaks of decided it's all and people are dying. I fold up to them old piano. Works open read up. I'm just kidding. It's not a hoax. It's real you should Coffin your elbow wash hands and avoid you know whatever I got we got. We got an email the other day there. No we're not doing tonight. Shaking hands out no. We're not sure. Yeah which is good. I never liked to shake hands up. Don't you dare touch your face and the only part of church do something there shaking hands and you turn around because people turn around standing in meal and but you can't get the church can't get wine but you can still get the host. You go to church just to shake your neighbors hands something. That's that's weird. Shake shake hands at Church. Of course Oh you don't tell anyone yeah you don't shake hands and church. Of course you shake hands. You don't want to. He saw Choi. It's something to do. Do you take the wine when you go to always. Who doesn't who doesn't wine. Why wouldn't you because you can't get a buzz of one sip weren't quench your thirst? That's really dry host the body of Christ waterway. Like I used to have to wear especially have to hold these trade. Remember this when you're younger. The Altar boy had held a tray case the priest dropped the host. You had to catch it what you are an altar boy. When they're doing Latin and I was an altar boy when they were molested. Everybody and somehow I dance between the raindrops for leaking hideous. I thought I I. I don't know comment. John No priest unless I blocked my memory touched me no seriously no I escaped. I imagine make through the minefield because my father was around all the time these monsters prayed on the guys whose fathers weren't divorced or dead or just no shows I mean when I showed up to a mass. My father dropped me off. He pick me up and went to the mass center. You know third row. He did a volunteer a lot of church things. They don't like boys whose fathers around those they're much hearted a catch and and and they they find in a program somewhere program certain kids mothers Goto the priest and say listen. My husband died. My husband moved away. My husband. Whatever joined the military he's gone needs arraignment male role model. Could you give him some direction? Those are the ones who are most vulnerable. Those are the most likely but I was that age my age in my area of Massachusetts. There was lots of that going on. And somehow plus when I was altered by the priests were really old couple of the priests that it's mostly young one one of those. You know those young ones with the glow in there is like it. Felt like they were kids walking into toys R. US Sir. Please make cruel become celebrate. What do you think is going to happen? It's not gonNA show up. They literally sexual deviants. Yes it was the only way you could be. We're not going to do this today. But we're going off pants. You could be a sexual trying to normal talk about electability we talked about buying federal great admitted terrible arguments for voted for by okay with it because it would have been a bad sign. Were really been at bets on for America if the Democrats elected a communist and all these and the virus spread not the corona virus the Commie virus if that spread at suddenly crossed the country prominent. You know whatever you know. Academics and actors and musicians all said you know. I'm in on this comedy thing. That wouldn't be good for America. It is discouraging when you see thirteen thousand young people show up in Boston. Common to cheer on the seventy eight year old commie. That's discouraging but this was the firewall on Tuesday. All these states that were up for grabs said screw that we're not going with the Cranky Commie. We'LL GO WITH BIDEN. Even he's got dementia. He's at least of viable as a as a as a capitalist as a free market guy. We'll give this a shot. Hopefully you know he continues to to stumble and bumble and and trump just just destroys him in November. But it'll be fun. I mean however you look at it as these debates are going to be. There's not a movie that's GonNa Come. Out in two thousand twenty. That's going to be as entertaining as funny as the trump budding debates. Would you agree absolutely cannot wait? And that's a big reason. I voted for. Is the debate factor. It'd be so much more interesting with Biden. Because he's such a Gaffe Machine. You never know what he's going to say next. I cannot wait every I mean right on. Homelessness share gas. Let's be honest. It's going to be a mess right. But he's the only one that can out gaffe trump dire prediction and I don't even know how to say this but something. I don't think the three candidates are still standing trump Bernie. And but I don't think I'll free. You'RE GONNA make it to November or in the case of Bernie to July healthy and I'm not GonNa make it a twenty twenty-five been around lots of people who have in issues You know what happens in the nomination then dies before November neurological issues. That's a good question. Legitimate question the ten percent chance at the person he picks as a VP gets a favourite for right now for the favorite Hold on let me guess. Have not seen GimMe hit female. It is closure now the second. I'll tell me hillary no because there's that even worse. Ethier Hillary the one that most resembles hillary in this recent primary. No say Liz. Now she doesn't Kamala Kamala will come on us a possibility for someone that's most like Hillary. She's Elsie what could that does you. She can't deliver California's even matter anymore. I guess she's a good angry debater. She she will attack diversifies the ticket. I guess. Yeah which is all that matters. I Guess Redskin. She's got she's black and she has no penis. That's all that matters the global be happy. Not so sure about that. That's a good question. But it is it. I mean if you look at the actuaries whatever actual actuary tables. What's the word actuary or actuaries? The church companies used to see. If you're GONNA live three seventy to seventy eight year olds and a seventy three year old. Who's overweight? I mean there's a good chance that S- one or both or all of them have issues before November and the whole thing we think it's chaos now. Then what will you know the second on the odds for the Republican Party to win the nomination? Who second pets pets because the only possibility that's not trump is if trump yeah chokes on a big Mac Nikki Haley. Those are the three. Yeah so so. It's going to be wild. It'll be certainly as bill well. It will be uncomfortable. If if this downward spiral the globe indoors tend to by the way did they. Did they mislead wasting time writing? That endorsing Bill Weld these quality guy he can restore is when is one of the parties particularly Democrat Party? GonNa give up on our guys are people you know they just keep nominating or elevating these Democrats Massachusetts and then when they get on the big stage they fall flat. They think about it. I mean you go from Ted Kennedy to Paul Sung Michael Michael Dukakis to now Liz Worn and they all are just set. A goal to Seth Moulton. I mean you could include Republicans like Mitt Romney and William Weld. They're all losers is this I mean. Give it up we. We're not a good feeder system. Yeah we don't produce hot. We're not sending them. Who's sending our best the worst minor league system In in pretty bad I mean we have a relevant representatives like nobody that makes a big name. Who's the representative out of Massachusetts? Who's like the First People Kennedy the big reprimand national-scale like national figure right well? Ianna Presley's in the squad. She's the only squad. Member didn't endorse Bernie though. She endorsed Liz so she is not the next hot thing I watched. Another nationalist of this Bernie is the nominee. And he's probably not gonNA be unless Biden. Does something really funky is probably going to be Biden's but these things can change sides Bernie that he does the squad so much that they will be either in the cabinet or they will be Ale C. Which it'd be good because if she stays in the house she's not going to lose the only way to get rid of her. We'll have AGO secretary of twitter. Is she going to be imagine? Eland Omar Alana or Secretary of state representing America around the world. That not be the most frightening thing. It's a nightmare. We might declare war in Israel right. Stop sending money to the to the Palestinian all sorts of imaginary countries that then existed never heard of this country before. Now I would say you know in. You know to look at the bright side. We live in Interesting Times. If that happened it would be just busy this quack. We play the tape. Yes let's get to the show at some to share and then we're going to do while I set does disappointed in Dave. Not Dave in In Biden that we didn't have a good Biden Gaffe today. We want to have one gap day. That's the goal for Xi to leave one of his surrogates by the way on the on the campaign trail beautiful thing. She came through for us at this abortion rally and if you think you find these pro shah rallies kind of offensive at uncomfortable. Yesterday's went to a new level. This was in many ways a celebration of abortion. Some of these speakers got up rejoiced in the number of bushes they retreated to. Leib is a walking poster child for abortion. Notice the same rally by the way with Chuck Schumer threatened to to the Justice on Supreme Court. Which has got all the news she to leave and I made news. We'll get to that. That's the gaff not the gaff today. The quota two of the sound of the day. It's amazing audio. It's obsolete but let me let me find my What am I doing here shake on concrete? I should be ready for this by now. But Shakoor create. You know what that means. That means I'm talking to you homeowners. And you home bill this many Bernie Bros. You can go you know. Fire up another bong talking to the achievers out there the makers. Not The takers. People are building and buying an investing and making this country great damage. That's you know what I need. I need Lee Greenwood. Give me some more Lee Greenwood boy. I'm speaking directly to you. People that make this country great. That's what Shaka creators it's Mega Company. It's a company that makes America great again. I'm told you about it before I'll tell you again. You building a new home to meet you. You're you're you're you got something going on. He bill upgrading a new house. That major investing. You're working your ass off. It's a lot of work and how to make it easier improve your home and improve your investment. Call my friend my friend call. My brother-in-law Grega concrete a full generation family owned and operated business. They get great days with this is N. Home new stairs in concrete stone or granite or brick all dramatically upgrade the front entrance of your home in most cases. The guys at Shea could come to Your House. Remove your old stairs and have you walking up. You knew front steps within hours. What a perfect spring project. You know. It's thinking that Shays trucks the hats. The Swag it's all red. Just like the Maga- hats. Yeah so sometimes you see that red hat sometimes to magazines sometimes to Shea They're both making this country. Great you can learn more about Shea at shake. Concrete DOT COM or stop in per visit or call. My brother-in-law Greg shake concrete dot com. I wanted to leave if no and maybe it don't. She's not the most prominent member of the squad George Harrison. What's I on a Presley she's Ringo Starr Rink yes she's definitely Ringo Starr Ianna Presley was an apostate choose endorsed Liz and not Bernie so she might be out of the you know the club at least temporarily. She lives drops out. She'll be of course. You can go to Barney snacking by. That's true she may have already although the black community overwhelmingly support Biden. So that's GONNA be interesting. That's that's a good point. They don't want which is not a good thing black community standards things last night right. They were saying why. Why can't you win over anyone in the black community says because he's running against Obama's BP because he's now that's going to be hit because he's from Vermont? Yes and maybe you know to their credit. Black community doesn't want to embrace communism. Maybe that that's why you maybe the satter thing at have this discussion again. Remer's how can a Jewish person endorse support Bernie when he surrounded himself with anti-semite does he pretends to be Jewish? I mean the leading Catholic. Cullen in a it's not a big part of his identity. And he doesn't like Brag about it and he has it doesn't believe in guy campaign themes with the leading Anti Semite in you know in America and retreated to Leib Ao see. I mean this would not be good for Israel if Bernie somehow made it to the White House but she utah was at this pro abortion rally yesterday. She may one of a crazy speeches. I mean she is unhinged I think he lamar is scary. Scarier and more powerful but which is to lead is the most unhinged of the squad. Absolutely this is her yesterday in. Dc At this pro abortion. Rally USA People-to-people. Yo you know what your self raking obsessed with what I decided to do with my body. Maybe you shouldn't even want to have sex with me. Rally Solved Upright Saul finally some common ground. Yeah I'm a uniter not a divider. I'm here to reach across the aisle. I I think a retreated to leave and me and you and most guys out there. There's our common ground after sex. She would be like pring like one of those bugs that eat you afterwards. That's sounds like thank God not a problem. I know this is the woman who I think on election night said of Donald Trump. We're GONNA impeach the mother Fuss. That's correct that were quote. She her kids. That's what she told her. Kids my kids. We're GONNA time every time one of these put on Ashley the face the phony and said we're not here to impeach which is true loom. You hear this woman who's very powerful Democrat represent. I just looked it up smiling on the way in one election. Obviously the general election didn't matter. She won her election with twenty thousand votes. Afc One would sixteen thousand votes in her primary again. General election doesn't why doesn't matter in Michigan that same as MICHIGAN ALMOST MINNESOTA? This woman's Michigan she in the primary where there was In the primary among Democrats she got twenty seven thousand votes thirty one percent of the votes in the general election. She got eighty four percent of the votes because she beat a a guy in the from the working class working class part a woman from the Green Party and a woman from the Independent Party. She got eighty four percent of the votes one hundred sixty five which means he essentially got elected. What is this powerful position with? Twenty seven thousand votes that you know. That's a good size neighborhood in a big city and on the that's and these are the same people that complain that Wyoming gets two senators. The wants to get rid of the Electoral College. Be careful what you wish for sister and trust US. We all agree. You know we all agree. No one wants to have sex with you. That's not even you know Alana's brother that's your your will do anything for a green card. We're GONNA come up with with with a name or a of a quote of the day gaffe of the day speaking of a pittance. Liz were still doing the autopsy on the demise the phone demise and fall of Liz Warren which was glorious. You weren't here yesterday Ali. Ns some fun yesterday. Graham shell the must be called. It comes in all of a sudden his show. Michael Grab deserved to take a bow. Because he's been on top of her explaining to people just how what a terrible candidates she is for months. Maybe that's been his hasn't said that He hasn't said that lots of an original did you. Did you know she was going to finish third? I mean that was kind of shocking. I didn't think she would win. Really know what Sh- odds were against US. You're losing in the polls not. Oh no two weeks ago. That was a recent development she won and we've gone over this. She won about one in four women. The original exit polls had losing it at twenty four percent among women. I mean we're talking Massachusetts. Liberal women had. She ended up getting somewhere around in short a thirty percent of women. One fewer than one in three went Nepal. One in the booth voted for this champion of women she one. There are three hundred fifty one towns and cities in Massachusetts Bensimon. You've been to them all every single one do not including Akina. Do you know how many that's mother's vineyard as A- and Gospel that's the really small investors. Do you know how many Liz warrant the senior senator a woman who has been as a senator for eight years. How many how many times out of Cambridge Somerville to name them just guessed the number seven close. Twelve twelve twelve out of three fifty one name. Although I'm going to do a quick undo the math quick because I'm a really I'm really smart with this three hundred thirty. Nine towns and cities voted against Liz. Warren this is the greatest miscalculation in the history of the Boston Globe. Then in this is a place that you know hired Kevin Collins. Because she's not a man. I mean we all know true. Yeah that's true. If she were mant she'd kicked ass kicked ass. Somebody twenty dollars. This is just a formality. If you're man I mean you look back a couple of months ago. And it was a given. She was going to win this state even though and other states and she was going to be competitive in California but I it's it's a good point here. We go here. We got a woman who lost her. She's a Woman Audit Hillary. Pull it off. How did she pull it off? She was running against the same cranky com. Literally the same guy I mean. And she won the nomination against the guy even though she didn't have a penis and she was corrupt. The core Liz Ward is heaters is full argon losses phony. But she doesn't have the history of criminal behavior like Hillary about a criminal fever. I just care about a voice I saw last night again on Falun. It's like thank frigging God. The people of Michigan Johnson and Pennsylvania kept this Short Hillary on on Falun. Who's on foul last night? So she won't it's GonNa be tough for because she she can't endorse Bernie write checks. Cut His legs out from under him party soldiers. She'll get in line with whoever's the nominee I guess Bernie. What is Obama waiting for by the way? Now the front runner. He's going to wait to see the same thing. Liz Warren did with Hillary and Bernie. He didn't she didn't endorse anyone in the primary last night l. but again it's it's people are cowards. This is his running mate. They would you know. I don't know if you wear this eight years. There were team everything. Obama did by tics credit for. That's kind of his theme Bernie came up with a commercial that TV's first. Tv commercial after the F. Super Tuesday which he's got these cuts out of context of Obama. Saying Nice things about him and makes it seem like he's Obama's Guy. Pretty has to answer that. He has to demand a retraction or demand among endorsing. Obama knows that if he adores them. There's a good chance that he could implode tomorrow. Make him look bad. That's true. Well what's what's the final now. Wouldn't you say if Elizabeth Warren Endorses Biden? Which I we think she will. I think ice again. I don't think Obama basically has to come out at that. That doesn't have to just not endorse anyone ever he does. He doesn't have to do it. No did George. Bush ever endorsed downtrodden. The W A ton of pressure from literally cut because Donald Trump touted destroys family. It's the exact same so it was hard for all those guys were doors trump because he gave them a nickname and mocked and ridiculed them but Bush didn't not Bush didn't back any of them. You know what they what they have going for them. Lives has go list his one thing. Liz has going for today in. That is that she can't be the biggest joke in the party. There's always many Mike. It's hard top joke. It's hard to be a bigger joke than many Mike. She finished third in her home state. She she won twelve towns out three hundred debates. That's another thing we could think of shield Roy Blumberg. She can always say the same way that Tulsi contribution was destroying Kamala Harris. She's as Kamal not listed a much. Better job I mean. Tulsi was good but I'll is murdered. Kamala Harris lose was Kaiser Associates. She destroyed Bloomberg's whole family embraced by the way who has changed the next debate. They said Oh yes she. She qualify bit so they changed the rules to keep her out. Which I'm okay with. I WANNA mono a mono knife fight between the two old cranks. I think it could be entertaining. Tulsi would push his little all the not gonNA lie. She's done but that's okay you know. She's she's young she. They'll so high a Buddhist next year eight years from now We'll see what happens but Why do you keep put distracting me on this? I was just going to ask you about What do you like her do? So who's at gender so top? Yeah I don't know I'm seen either in person at the top one. I'd have to think about that when I got you. But you sir person. I've never met any. No video on skype. Was WEARING HATS RIGHT. So that's an. It was a make Bristol. Make America Bristol free again. Yes yes I do not sell. Those XIV ARE ASPEN. Order out against me. Not doing anything. I'm not even going there so before I wanna get to your some of your daily works on the turtle boy sleuthing going away and a challenge. That Tom. Shattuck put out to you Turtaboi this week. Would you say I miss? I'll get to it but first we must mock at least one more time many Bloomberg Mike Bloomberg and I understand you a sixty billion and I heard that in compound interest. He made more than he spent in the last four months. What was it? Thirteen million Adele delegate. Some I think it was even more than more than I duNno. You only get get five delegates in American Samoa. He had I believe six or seven full-time staffers in America. You talk about a good Gig. I think American Samoan Island right in the Pacific. Maybe a couple. But it's PAGO PAGO and I don't know what we it's an island. It's warm right there. Beaches lovely weather. Yes so you're a fulltime staff for Mike Bloomberg. You spent three months in the dead of winter in American Samoa to get the votes to win this territory. Can't win states one nothing? Do you know how many votes he got American. Samoa I believe has forty thousand people or maybe more. How many votes did he get Bloomberg No five hundred. Eisenhower thousand. Good Guess. One hundred seventy five. He got one hundred seventy five woes. I go to get the vote Liz Warren got five votes. Only get confirmed that American Samoa Caucus Mike Bloomberg one finished second Chelsea. She's fun dame she's only ten thousand miles away. I call them. The same area Bernie finished third and fourth LIZ fifth. She got one point. Four percent of the votes. That's five votes for Liz Audra. So he spent on on. What three full-time staffers for a seven full-time staffers for three months? In American Samoa probably the finest hotel on the island eating drinking party and talking to locals he gets hundred seventy five votes. He gets five delegates electoral votes. They don't in the so. Why do they get to vote for the prime? I don't know I don't know you're the reporter. I don't think they get to vote in the general vote in the primary. That's the stupidest thing about my life. Truly but he gets he spent six. What's the total five hundred six hundred million and he won one place American Samoa with about as many people who are on that bus we side driving by right now. One hundred seventy five people voted for him each and every one probably got you know breakfast lunch and dinner for the last three months maybe just a wad of cash but he bought himself five delegates he will for the rest of my life. Probably Yours to be a joke cartoon character. I don't care what anyone says. This was the worst political calculation that he thought he could jump in. Spend a bunch of money have an impact be a player Survive the debates. Liz Worn forever to me. She's a joke to. She's done but she can go home to a mansion in Cambridge Walk into a trophy room at C. Mini Mike's face hanging on the wall above the fireplace. She took him out. He would have been much better off. spending the money getting on the ballot and never debating gives nephew commercials. Youtube never debating is the worst debater. I'm convinced now that I should've could've been a billionaire because there were two billionaires on stage last two debates and one's been around for feels like years. Tom Steyer and might boom Bloomberg. They're both morons. They're billionaires. I read how Mike Bloomberg made his money. It sounds like he's a brilliant man that guy on stage that on the stump the guy who was with the reporter two days ago And told her that he calls Texas Tejas. Well it's weird but he's not a politician a prominent mayor of New York that will be a policy and he the guy a pizza with his fingers and then touched every zoom by the way Bloomberg probably lost Medford to right. He probably lost his hometown. We can get the results from Bedford. Yeah I know that he's a mascot moved away to Harvard. I mean He. He was a working class. Unlike last week lies about his upbringing. Bloomberg was hit by fifty dollars to go to can link to call a guy who earns they should as way made his money invented. Something you know employed people paid. His taxes occasionally told a dirty joke around the office. It happens knows the most piss people. Today people work for Bloomberg. I've got to have been the worst response in the history of the debate too. When he said that he just made sense that south like he was a terrible terrible candidate. He's with the problem with guy like him is older people around him at Mattel Adam whatever he wants to hear and said Oh no. You'll be a great president. You'll be a great candidate. And he turns out he was the worst debater of ever seen at a terrible candidate at every level. He had no chance of winning. He he wanted to Become a player mover and make minimum attack trump trump. T- turned on him made him even a bigger joke. I mean when the thing was over the other day Biden why I said this earlier why not okay. I go to rally around. Why Not Tolsey seems like the CIA? Because she's the right age right. I mean you don't WanNa kid genucel sixty. But that's good. That's a perfect presidentially. Ideally and you know sharp enough not offensive. She doesn't offend you. He doesn't like really. You can't really dislike began hater. Why didn't they get the question? Should Not GonNa make gaffes. I'm not sure I'm not sure. But it is an the the the other thing the globe thinks hurt Liz was the process. Just not fair that these white states got elected and this caucus as dump caucus in Iowa and all that which would never complaint in the world of lives had done her job at one. St. There'd be no complaints but they're just trying to change the rules because they're girl didn't win They may do that. I mean I was screwed up bigly this year and you know the New Hampshire does have a lot of power for small state but then what go to South Carolina? What happens there? Biden wins in a landslide and Kleiber makes one endorsement and their girl. It changed everything you know. They liked the COMMIES LIZ and burning go down in flames. He wants South Carolina to be the first to they want I don't know probably South donors to black New Hampshire's two white one. I duNno Georgia Massachusetts anymore. They don't like this year they want. They want everything in California. They just like everything has to be California New York. California I and the winning a landslide. And you know they'll be. There will be no white people involved know men no white people involved. That's that's what they want. They WANNA get too. We teased. We tease turtle boy by telling them that. Shattuck through town this and We'll see for up four. Put you on the phone. Yes we'll get to funnel find out what shattuck wants wants you to do for him for us. It's a good one. I'll give him that but I decide final hair restoration. I love these guys. I know I know what you're thinking guys. You're thinking when I was thinking for years looking in the Mirror. Maybe your wife's looking at you kinda funny Saying that has going. You're getting old. You're starting to look like one of them. Bowled guys you starting to look like one of them. Cue Balls well. You don't want that to happen. I didn't want to happen. Do what I did call the transplant. Call the great people at least the final hair restoration center or log on. Check them out at transplant. Dot Com. Don't wait no longer. Don't hesitate. Don't over analyze this. This is your chance to get your confidence back. That's what this is all about. You Go see the the great folks at Destroy Vano Hair Restoration Center and get the process going. Hey I gotta I gotTA DM. Yesterday about Donald. And Somebody said remind people when you're doing the reads that there's financing available there is financing officials. Fantastic I I remember saying that for years. It's like not a Lotta money hundred. Nineteen dollars a month. Yeah bring up. You wouldn't regret it. I mean you'd go out of their month or two later. It's all growing say man. This was worth it. What price can you put on confidence? Just your look swag ups. Every that's what you can get fatter. Nsur if you go see the transplant doc. If you log onto the transplant dot dot com just do that I mean stop the process log on or give them a call at one. Eight hundred four six O'hare that's one eight hundred four six O'hare a log onto transplant dot dot com. You'll know you're in the right place when you see my face when you see my hair there for me. They can do it for you. Transplant DOT DOT COM decent final hair. Restoration Center McCall I- Shattuck. I'm he doesn't want to do this himself. Because Shafiq respected journalist editorial writer pundit you are sleuth you are a muckraker he and a troublemaker. And he said there's a lot of material out there on the dark web those places those dirty places that only Turtaboi could go With information with dirt on Joe Biden and his Shall we say off-field exploits? And if you're wear this what do you mean aerobic clear can be he? He raped somebody. I don't know about that. I wouldn't go that far. What else could it be sexually harassed somebody stuff like that will not sexually rest just fooling around Jones by with his wife? He looks very happily married she runs. She's not bad. Luck varies too. And she's leading him around literally by the arm. Yeah and she's I. He's there's an uncomfortable question any of you. She jumps right in and when when a crazy anti milk demonstrator Texas The stage and tries to get to check out this guy bucket. We've blocked about bucket boy several times. And she actually kicks ass in New Hampshire at one. Time really yeah. She's I mean she's a tough broad she's going to be big part of this campaign anyway. He says you could find some stuff on there. But you're you're busy. You're breaking news left and right. He is what we need to know. Cullen in I really need to know you work. You teased us. He was tweet a couple of days ago from turtle boy he says. I promise you guys the greatest story and Turtle Boy History. Yes quote unquote. Yes I stand by that very very soon. That's what you said. Yes in the turtle world though you won't get it put it that way. So the greatest story terribly history is only going to be understood by a handful of note. I mean we have a lot of the blog. Yeah thousands of people. This mean. It's it's taking down somebody who is one of the most respected people internally history. Oh by like weeks ago put it that way and I think all the writers out they know exactly what I'm talking about. It's going to be epic. And when is when is this story coming out? I can't say anything until after my harassment order hearing on Tuesday so we will play by your okay. Marin we got some stuff coming the judge excellent daily Turtle. Boy You need. You need like a reality show about you following you around all these different Courthouses and everything. You GotTa do think that'd be entertaining the blog. Yeah that's what I'd like video footage of all this stuff following me around issue right sensible. Sounds like you've got some good stuff cook and I mean I'm I'm just falling all these stories on On twitter and on your blog Going to be this going to court Attleboro District Court. I haven't seen the affidavit. You don't look like addressed for court missing or have you ever been to court and there's like a rockstar actually. I'm overdressed for Fitchburg over. What else what else you got going on a story last yesterday that's causing all his dramas a teacher in Boston. Oh this is a good one. And he's going on me right now to this guy ever work. I don't know he's a teacher in Boston. He was arrested ten years ago. I found out for assaulting two officers in police officers in Stoughton ended up getting charges. Dropped works courses. You plead out whatever but that should come up on a corey and he was hired to be a teacher in Boston. At one of the best goes in the Back Bay snow international and you go on his facebook page. It's completely inappropriate sexual things and he's posting them all day during school hours so I write about it and then I get contacted by a couple other people. He was recently kicked out of a game because he was drunk and harassing a female cop. And there's a teacher. He's just teaching skids. And everybody's cool with this well. He made a mistake ten years ago. It was like how can we don't hold teachers to the same standards that we hold cops progresses not sleeping. That's literally what they say like two things is probably not sleeping with these students and he hates trump. Those of the data most important. That's the the second one particular one speaking of games before we go. I'll bazaars going to be and this is coming to watch these games with no with no crowd no audience. No fans that talking about having the masters would know galleries as they call them talking about having the final four the NCAA tournament with no fans. Why do you think? Have you been in the masters I have not? I'd like to go. Tv event that doing it because of the krona buyers which is again the Krav is not a hoax. That was trump. Didn't say it but it's exaggerated. The threat is exaggerated to healthy young people and talk about the final four the NCAA tournament. These are generally healthy young people. It's a threat in nursing homes. It's a threat on cruise ships and on places casinos places where maybe unhealthy. Oh Biden Rally job. At least you know Democrat debates to this threat to you know you know these diners were all the reporters go on like Election Day. Five in the morning when the guys are in there with their hunting hats on making their final decision thinking about that it might be a threat there but even even the study of the cruise ship the Disney now Disney th th the princess. Whatever it's called the the diamond princess that had thirty seven hundred people on it and I think at six or eight deaths and three hundred cases of corona virus. But they're all over seventy with health issues. You know in Wuhan Province. Everybody smokes literally. Everybody smoke they all have. Copd they'll have lung problems in no and those old people with lung problems You know they died or they are going to die. The there's no cases I don't believe there's any cases of children dying. They get sick. They get better like it's a bad the flu everything. I know about corona virus. I learned from you. It's not it's not a threat to people it may be asthma. So it's a threat to me. Maybe maybe I'm not sure if that's a big Freddie that I think you you. You should cancel the Mahjong game at the sunshine home. No question. Absolutely cancelling the final four is insanity by the way the real The sad side story is the Jimmy Fund kids. The kids from Boston usually forty five. Forty eight kids go down there with doctors and nurses and handlers for the to. Fort Myers To see the red sox for a couple of days they wonderful event that was cancelled and that I understand these vulnerable kids who have their immunities down. It makes sense. They're going to try to go. You know another club kids though. They probably if they're great. They hate the Red Sox. Probably going to say we saw in this case probably better in this case. They're better off those children of suffered enough. Yes they don't have to go watch the red sox but maybe another day. I'm sure they're thrilled. That they're under the luxury tax. Like rat things like that. I undertake things. Like cancelling the final four or keeping. The crowd out is insane. That is a total of reaction. Speaking of which wearing a mask is an as I thought about coming into the only one. You supposed to wear mask if you have it. That's the only reason a mask works is if you actually have the virus not to spread it. If you don't it doesn't stop it so if you wearing a mask that means you have it. That's how you got it. What are you talking to breathing? Yes sucking in the the fumes of the mucus from someone who sneezes on you. That's how you get it. Make out. Thirty toilets actually search. Engine worry about that but anyway. Turner Boyd thanks for coming in. Hey we'll do it again next week. Follow him on. T beat daily on Twitter Daily News. Cb dialing news good stuff and he promises something epic very very soon. We'll see if you deliver I missed I missed Roemer this week. I call them. I know but you. He wouldn't take you know some time for me. I don't want to take all my time and I'm going to put a question. I think Jerry Turtaboi in reamer could be a very very off of that. It's time for us to do another poll because Terminable stole the last one writer. He ran away with it last minute. Voters SWEPT IN THOSE TURTLE. Reiner swept in and stole it from. Roemer it when it went from twitter to facebook turtle riders Yup kicked it up on sought anyway and checkmark. That's why yeah anyway. As we mentioned earlier we had a website. Now it's called it's At the Gerry Callahan. Podcast DOT COM. If that's how you listen to podcasts. It's really easy you can listen to today's listening yesterday's Nicholas. Not all of them on there. Just click the little Arrow and you get to see everybody's face and everybody's picture and my picture's terrible but you guys look good. Yeah has looked Alica. Yeah have you seen like a pro? There's a little misconception. By the way about listening to podcasts on the web on our site if you click the podcast on the web on your phone it's still plays in the background so you can shut off your Internet and then you can go use other foul. That's a big thing. Big thing like if you go to youtube unless you pay for you to premiums listen in the background thanks to shake concrete thanks to ally paving and thanks as always to the wonderful legacy club thanks to DC. You add diesel fan. Oh you can Support us by supporting them. These are great companies and good people and we appreciate all they do all the support they give us. This is the Gerry Callahan. Podcast we will talk to you again soon. Why am I stopping? You KNOW STOPS. I don't I can I go home to Gerry Callahan podcast.

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