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"stamkos price" Discussed on WGN Radio

"You only pay for what you need 3 25 to go in the first period Game two between the Canadians enlightening no score in the Stanley Cup finals. Has to be encouraging for the Canadian. So Joe they have They have looked much better in the Yeah, Yeah, no. Their penalty killing been pretty good the first one, and we're also finding out why that Celeski. It was a finalist for the best trophy as the league's best contender because he's been tested boards. He's faced more difficult shots. I think in this period that he did in game one little surprise yesterday around the league, but he didn't capture his second doesn't trophy was one of the finalists. He has led the League in victories each of the last four seasons. Pretty special with Marc Andre Fleury did. He had had a wonderful see when he had to step up and play all the games. Uh, just about every game for a period of six weeks, and he claimed his first ever business in his 17th NHL season. Fighting control the draw. But Rudy can't get a shot from the right point company, and he puts it behind and headed Weber moves it along to know gives it back to Weber in the Middle of the ice chips at the centre. Not any any unable to connect with Byron at the Tampa Bay Blue Line. Hedman stretches it redirected by Stamkos Price out to play wipes it back up the right boards. Edmondson nudges it ahead. Little miscommunication that's happening and he gets to it can't reason to the Tampa Bay Zone drops it back, firing with long shot stick to the corner by Vasilevskiy, his ninth state of this game. And it's one and done for Montreal as Tampa Bay brings it back to the Senate Games. The Red Line, got it deep and price again out to play it. Edmonson reverses it quickly. Heat removes it ahead and we got a whistle. I think we got coincidental. Minors coming up here Looks like Kelly Sutherland the only taking now he pointed to two players. The 12 minutes for slashing, self propelled the number firing goes off checking And sure knack who played a very physical Game number one for Tampa Bay also goes off. So four and four Hockey here with 2 33 to go and period number 1 10 shots for Montreal in this first period six for the Tampa Bay Lightning. 17 27 Times of the penalties Vyron second minor penalty of this opening period. It's his second slashing call. It's a cross check on Sirnak, so four on four hockey As the face off will originate in the circle of the right of Carey price in the Montreal zone. 2 33 to go in the opening period, virtually four on for the rest of the way here and now Dino is clipped by a high stick, so never mind. Now it's going to be four on three and Montreal with the power play as they checked and all for forensic evidence to see if it's a garden variety. Two minute minor and I believe it will be. McDonough goes right to the penalty.

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