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SG 77 (9/23-9/29/2020): #StanleyCup Done; #NBAFinals Start; #MLB Playoffs; #NFL Week 3; #wrestling


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SG 77 (9/23-9/29/2020): #StanleyCup Done; #NBAFinals Start; #MLB Playoffs; #NFL Week 3; #wrestling

"The took oh yeah. Yeah now we. Nhl ninety nine old and sixty four and playstation game h. Breakaway ninety nine. Actually have that. I the second. I heard that that theme song. I guy transported back to Nineteen ninety nine nine. Yeah i got good old. Steve is our men on the cover and Hey what's up freddie. Highmore man all right. So welcome to sports goof seventy seven. I'm currently joined by andrew. I think charles will be coming in at some point later in the show. But i'm joined by andrew. Who of course is going to be extremely happy in this episode because the tampa bay lightning or the stanley cup champions. And that's why we have a pretty hockey filled episode today. I have a lot of treats for you. Andrew editor breakaway ninety. Nine steve is on the cover Sure tons of lightning fancy thanking him for starting this entire process years ago now with the red wings of course now. But it's the culmination of a dream. Right yeah he we. We are not stanley cup. Champions if it's not for steve is you know he. He passed every he passed the bill off to his protege. if he will Let me julian breeze wa. If i remember his name correctly that's terrible. Our current gm right Was kind of the assistant. G While stevie y was here Saw a lot of people talking about it and they said that ultimately end of the day even though is men got it started it was and it ended up really being brees was team if you will because he made a couple of trades That really kind of goddess over the hump will after last year jillian breeze. Why was right. So let's we're going to get into that. Let's let's do our our because we're going to jump right into hockey is not here and we'll talk about basketball. I guess in the second half of the show so last night tavern lightning get to game six. And you know this. This was not the they took care of business at the beginning of the game with regards to the goalscoring but man. This was not an easy game from start to finish whatsoever. It was more of a a war of attrition really For the most part after that that first period. I from what from my standpoint. At least and i remember messaging of course the group Counting down the minutes. Of course you don't wanna do that. Of course your your main your main message to me and charles. Every time we mentioned the lightning game or you was shush seriously. I have to the charleston. Attached to it is. If i i will. I always say shish whenever they talk about it i. I am not a superstitious person by nature but when it comes to sports i can be quite superstitious You know i. I forget if i mentioned this last night. But like for instance. I won't wear any articles of clothing. That are the i'm a little sis. Yes i'm a little suspicious You know i won't wear any articles of clothing that are the opposing team's color You know so why. It makes my wardrobe a little bit harder immediately. It's it's easier to deal with green because the screen is not exactly a major part of my wardrobe but like You get my point You know i. I'll always wear Tomato emotes you know. I always wear a tampa bay lightning hat when we're when we're playing always wear. Ucf clothing or hat or whatever when we're playing etc etc. So yes. I'm a i'm a little suspicious When it comes to sport so So part of that. Superstition is not saying anything that would potentially jinx jinx anything and. That's why i keep saying shish. I mean i don't trash talk online especially like on twitter or anything because i don't wanna be on Old takes exposed. You know cold takes and while the yankees are up to nothing as aaron judge's smacked a home run in the first inning against shane bieber. Yikes statement right there from the yanks and it's a good thing her. Wow it's one to one between the lightning in the stars and this and sixty four game all right so an air freddie both of his baseball leagues so they raced freddie so volvo. I i should have told you this the other day but yes. It was indeed death by mahomes last night. He's been my Freddy's been my mentor if you will In fancy football tattoo sherpa exactly this is my first season doing fantasy football. So i've been asking his advice things like that. And i had a huge lead on my opponent going into yesterday and then all the sudden death by mahomes. It was my phone quarterback And all the sudden the seemingly insurmountable lead that i had turned to nothing And they ended up winning by like two or three or four points. So that was. That was my first heartbreak in fantasy. Football yeah A ton of people heartbreak to said they People expected a much more close match between the ravens. And and the chiefs to star quarterbacks here but It is what it is so all right back to the lightning game though. So i guess the series so we have Victor hedman winning the conn. Smythe trophy defenseman winning the trophy. And i think well deserved it could have gone. Vast laskey laid the game of his life last night Yeah listen. I remember correctly. Those his first playoff shutout and man he picked the right time to do it You know luckily the team helped him out in first and second periods I i'm not just talking about the goals he faced. I think only eight shots. During the first two periods for periods of twenty one to eight The stars were khudobin. Kept them in there as long as possible. Yavne gave up two goals. But what else can you do. And then the stars find the woke up in the third but by then because it was starting to get too late clock started. Ticking down there was some pressure and then once you start to that five minute mark. It became very clear because the lightning were blocking like those guys were blocking for their lives. Yeah yeah i mean i. I knew that the third period was going to be really rough on me Because you don't make it to the stanley cup final on walk And guys like that. They're going to fight tooth and nail case in point. You could see I don't know which player was but as the puck was trickling down toward the empty net in the last few seconds The dallas player was still. You know trying to block and shove off Our player right to stop him from going in the shooting. It into the empty net like. That's that's determination. You know the game's over at that point right. It was like thirty thirty seconds left. And you see like no like ten seconds. Oh you'll yeah. I mean but like that last three second mark even then like the stars were trying to gear up trying to make an a miracle happen even when The keeper of the cup was a. They showed the shot of him taking out the cup before the game was even over right. And that's i i had to. I knew and of course my feeling was justified. That they were. I knew about ten minutes left. That this rest of this period is going to be pure agony and walk louis who Vast levski was able to withstand the barrage. They they put like fifteen something shots on him. I don't remember the exact number but they were just bludgeoning him with shots Well luckily like you mentioned. A lot of shots were blocked Those guys were. They did not care about their wellbeing. Those that last. Bit of time If you look at why. I guess you can't see it from from from here but that i'll obey nhl app when they have this This feature called game flow and it's essentially the action puck possession and shots being taken During the game so it started off pretty even between the two teams and then of course the lightning had their first big spurt around the the ten minute mark of the first period. And that's when they got their first call from brayden point and then for the most part the lightning controlled play for the next five periods. The kind of woke up towards the end of that first period but then it was over from there Starting off the second the stars push they. They had that The early momentum going from the last period but then Then at a point when i guess they weren't really expecting a blake coleman scold goal goes in At the at the fifteen fifteen ish minute mark here let's see. I can't see at the several one mark here in the second period so then the stars once again they try and control possession but the lightning went from there and there was back and forth and you had a paying Tyler johnson shot went off the goalpost but at that point the lightning were controlling play. They were right just absolutely says. The stars had tiny little spurts but no sustained pressure. Unlike with lightning dead were just kept going at it and and they got two goals out of it from against khudobin in almost a third goal. And yeah i mean you made a good point about these sustained pressure. That was something we did. Well for most of the series is that we we would keep up the pressure for the most part and we reduced the opportunities. I mean obviously there were a few times like going. Five was tough because They guy a few too many opportunities in a few unlucky bounces right But yeah that was a big thing was our our ability to control play and you constantly cpap up on the the score bug as they call it where they show you know the score the time remaining etc They would say if they would constantly show Time of possession. And i'm an offensive zone and whiting were consistently winning both those not. That's a big e is being able to keep the puck as far away from your net as possible right at. I mean that was absolutely the that was basically the third period at the end with this. Because i'm looking at this game flow here. And the stars they had that me was sustained pressure for pretty much that entire last fifteen or so minutes of of the Of the game there at the lightning were barely touching the puck. But like i said address. Andrei vasilevskiy Stood on his head and the rest of his teammates. Just blocking shot after shot after. Shot Because i mean by the end of it. Let's see here by the end of it. I mean the stars on had twenty two shots on goal but for the most part those were pretty much in the third period. Lightning had twenty nine at the end. They won the faceoff dot Fifty three point. Four percent against the source forty six point six. Of course one for three on the power play. A big difference there Both same amount of payments that. The lightning actually came to play physically. They add forty hits to the stars thirty seven so they were pretty much toe to toe and then an ahead of them and that regards Remember that was by concerns. Starting off the series was can the lightning Put up with what the stars are going gonna throw at them and they got plenty of practice. Thanks to the columbus blue jackets series and yet Twenty two blocks by the lightning to the star sixteen and to less giveaways nine to eleven so it starts at eleven giveaways in they both equaled on takeaways so But yeah most of the stars shots on goal. They had four in the first period. Four the second and fourteen in the third. Wow wait a way to control the pace of play throughout. So dow's another good thing was I mean the games that we the games that we lost dallas was able to control our shots I know this. I got an sounding very redundant and like no dog. You can't score. You don't have shots on that. But that one of our strength was just constantly shooting the puck on net. Right we would routinely get thirty shots on that off per game. I mean if you admittedly it was a five overtime game. So eight periods but in the the opener against columbus where it went to five overtimes. We'll put like eighty something shots on net. So you're you're you're averaging ten shots period which again over the course of the game thirty plus shots so That was our big things. Just pastoring the goalie tester in the goalie. Pasturing the goalie and how that helps is if you get someone in front of the net they'll either redirected bounce off for somebody And match where a good amount of lot of our old king for i mean. That's that's the mantra. Throw the puck at the net and see what happens exactly so that. That was a big thing for us. And if you look at the shots on on goal. If i remember correctly the games that we've lost throughout those the games they were able to keep bus- belowthe of well below thirty shots on that so it correlation this case is causation So that was yeah. Yeah okay so I don't know what the heck's going on with the yankees stream that's not on me it can't be anyways Let's Back here so so let's okay. So that was the game and we know who won three stars Were vassil ascii Much deserved the the third star brayden point the second store and of course conn smythe winner. Victor hedman as the first star. And let's go with dow the victory. How you know steven stamkos. Let's go onto him and we brought this topic and something that we want to talk about favorite players to see a winning the big one. Finally after you know so many years being in the league Stamkos now ten. Plus years in the league He had the most goal. A lot of people. Think it's of enough of which it it's it. Stamkos most goals throughout the decade of two thousand ten through twenty nineteen. It was stamkos. The had the most and then ovechkin behind him and the stigma behind stamkos. He couldn't the big one i. It's almost it's almost kinda. Like steve is norman in the sense When when that was dallas thing against him and yes he got injured this season and he he didn't play in the ballgames and he finally finally came out for a stanley cup finals game and was only in there for about like three or four minutes. But man what a blaze of glory to go out and man you score a breakaway goal in the very few minutes and of course he got injured again but he it was a he just had enough just had enough to show us. That vintage stamkos For this one season and a man that man deserves his name on the african hunk of metal as Rob manfred for of yeah. It's i am so happy for him. i've been a a lightning fan since two thousand eight All just a quick or all just a quick two seconds nationwide. I decided to consolidate. I told you this before. But for the viewing audience I decided to consolidate my phantoms. Into or lampe if you will orlando tampa because the two cities have the five major back in two thousand eight only four but The five major sports leagues you know orlando sky and the a mls Tampa has mlb nhl nfl. Although i'm a jacksonville jaguars fan but so two thousand eight was the year that i kind of made that switch so stamkos around for most of that and the dude is a trooper And sucks. Because i he's gone through so many injuries and it's their freak injury suit. It's not like you know he's an injury prone he'd been he was never like injury. Prone going into the league spin. These all of these insane Injuries by his come back just as good as ever each time. It's just missed so much time. We're covering like one time. He broke his leg sliding into a net Off of one of the post Miss good amount of time with bat And someone told me that it was because of that that they decided to make the post a little bit easier to break away than they already were right Because you know that just devastated him and then you know he got hit in the in one of the playoff he got hit in the face of the puck. He was gone for a few minutes and he came back wearing a full face. Shield as he may be your. You always think you know you're snipers and whatnot. You know there are these. I wanna say fragile. Hockey player can't be fragile fragile. But you know those big bruisers or whatnot you saying you know sidney crosby being used not a bruiser or anything he do you follow. No i get it is. I mean stamkos center. He's at he s he. He's been i. Look i mean he's he's been in the league log enough when he is healthy and that's for the most part he has been of course he wouldn't you want to be scoring that many goals in a decade Right well he had. He says he's had a sixty plus goal season of course already. So it's i mean if you have injuries yeah exactly. He's he's not a notoriously glass player like Are the the the hockey equivalent of giancarlo. Stanton if you will right. So even though he has freak injury with getting hit in the face but he also got into face well anyways. Yeah if i'm so happy for him he wants -secutive that the saul sorry One of tampa's players almost hit a home run So yeah i'm i'm i'm so happy for him and happy for all the guys that were there twenty fifteen. I think i've read there. Were nine players carryover from our six game loss in two thousand fifteen to chicago and the stanley cup. Yes of course all the guys that were on that lineup. For last season's heartbreak. Which is what. Jon cooper said like the big difference with the team. This season was that they got to experience heartbreak. Backley you know twenty. He during his postgame press offering he was wearing a two thousand nineteen virginia. Basketball's national champions hat is. Yeah and that was so cool. And he was talking about that with scott van pelt and he said that he bought that shortly after they were after tampa was swept last year by columbus And he had to explain it to some of the players who are not from the us Who don't quite understand the concept of college sports college basketball and said you know this is what happened and why not us right why. Why can't we diverge. Why can't we be the next virginia for those. Who don't know. Virginia was the number one seed in the two thousand nineteen march madness. Their first round games against sixteenth seed. Unbc maryland baltimore county and they lost in the first round which was the first time that one scene had ever lost to sixteen in the first round so so yeah next year. It's a person thirty one seat again but they win the whole damn thing right and for a lot of people you know it. It almost kind of completely erase the the memory of what happened and the same family right and it if obviously still there people are going to bring it up. It happened it. It's almost like let's say Like remember the buffalo bills of the early nineties. And how they lost four straight super bowls if they had gone to a fifth one. Ed one at least one of those people would it be talking. They'd be talking about losing the first four but they were like but they finally got it done at the end. you know. it's it's it's like the i i mentioned it to like the atlanta braves. They've they all those division championships things and they got that long title. If they didn't get that one title people would be much more hard on them than they ever happened. I agree so it's it's the ultimate redemption story. I think you'll hockey really. I don't think it's it. I don't think it's something has ever happened that way. We've had teams that because like the new york islanders The the season prior to their dynasty they lost in the stanley cup finals. Think to the montreal canadiens which of course was also a dynastic team right and then they ran off four straight stanley cups and then That last stanley cup championship was the first one for that dynastic team and they lost but then they come back the next year against that. Same islanders team in you know rattled off the next four X five of the next seven stanley cup championships in that timespan so but this one was different. This was not an up and coming team. Get ready to do it. And getting knocked out by a dynasty on on the way out. This was Rags to riches this was like like the the fallen angel or something like that in substance. I'm not. I mean. I would love more than anything for there to be a run here for the for the bolt You know it's ironic. You hate to your you hate to see dynasties or sustained success like that for other teams that you absolutely love it when it's your team right Like i always like man. The new england patriots are so annoying constantly winning all the time but at the same time. I know i would be stoked if the the tampa bay. Lightning were winning every other year. The stanley cup Although admittedly i say winning like that all the time and take some of the washer out of it. I don't know. I don't think that i think you have to experience it in order to get it because those oilers fans man they cling onto those eighties teams. You know the same thing for the islanders. This is the first time the conference finals this year. So it's looking for them but the patriots fans. Oh don't don't worry they're they're gonna there's no luster loss with them. Either it and i guess charles could even tell you the same thing with the yankees from from the ninety s. As i can well all the crap. It's like a movie or something. You know just pops ed like what i mean. Is you know what's compare and admittedly. This is a busy extreme. But let's compare the yankees wing in two thousand salaries because they just came off of ninety nine and ninety eight or looks. Let's say ninety eight. Yeah let's go ninety eight because you know ninety nine. Is you one ninety eight so now you're back to back. Compare that with how red sox fans were two thousand four. You know well that that right there though. It's so different because they had been without for so long but they had their opportunities right because they did go in the eighties against the mets. And they had some screw ups for you. Guys if you compare into lightning's you tasted the trophy. I'm gonna say it like that. Because i don't wanna taste the goal because stanley cups not gold. But it had been a long. You can drink so you shipped of the cup of champions so you slipped out of the cup of champions but and i only recall the last couple of years a little bit prior of hockey from working with you guys know you guys and my own ideas but i i would say with the red sox. It's just there was the skies now. Remind me please do. Were the lightning in a finals that they lost. That wasn't like the the comedy so twenty three and that was against the blackhawks right. Yeah okay i end up a dynasty to so yeah so i i know things. We know a lot of near misses in the past few years. And i remember distinctly twenty eleven. We were so close to reaching the stanley cup. Final we were. I was we were tied with baath right so but we've gone over that part too but right the thing is I i think this championship feels different than other ones. Because of the way you guys want it after being so humiliated last year remember they may have you guys at the nhl words. You know keenan kenan thompson made fun of yoga. I mean sheesh yeah so that embarrassment and to come back and do it in the bubble you know after months of them not being at home and and the and things like that to do it. I am in two different locations. You went from toronto all the way to edmonton which is about as far as get away from tampa in the league it is. It's something different. I think this is you guys may have them one of the most unique championships in hockey history board chemistry. And you know we'll we'll wait for the heat all right. We'll wait for the heat as they got a. Lemme remain ask you this gentleman and to freddie and be you ever here. Think freddie might be on Lot of people are putting an asterisk on this. No not ready. And i saw that online. And i'm not sure charles. Did you hear about this. Ir- now so yeah. Of course people on twitter and of course people are gonna asterisk behind the whole thing. Okay there was no home versus home. Home-ice advantage and things like that. Whatever you had the most level playing field of all time are there was no real home ice but in the in the in the same regards though there. Was this great article. Someone said darn right. There should be an asterisk This was the toughest stanley cup ever. And you know in some ways. I i agree. I'm trying to be as unbiased as possible by that is true But even if tampa didn't win you know I yeah it's i would say in some ways it's like i said it's tougher like the the first thing you hear about these guys when they come back is them like hugging their children their families tighter than than they ever have before you know tampa just got back today after sixty five days away from their families so i was looking at the homerun which apparently they were promised that their families would be there. But that didn't that didn't come right so so no i. If any sort of asterisks going to be on it like. I said that article i read. It'll be it'll be the opposite that it's not like they had it easier they had it harder exactly And you know even though they were safe in the bubble and whatnot which shout to the nhl. What an awesome job. They did with those bubbles. Yeah incredible job. Not a single person got sick. Not a single person got sick Is this game is lacking maybe That is the way to do. Above you know the nba didn't do as well. You know you you had that guy running out to what He went to get some like door dash. Or whatever Yeah yeah in the nba bottle. And then they had to quarantine him even. If you didn't get sick you know they were Being the most cautious of of if anything right yeah they have that issue. They did it right. Everyone was one hundred percent on board although like there was an article walkmans gary bettman. Like somebody did. They put a blue track. I don't think they did. I honestly wasn't paying attention on vision. Yeah don't they might have been like a half second boo. But i don't think they did. I mean normally. I'd keep an eye out for that or an ear out. But i wasn't keeping ear out whatsoever i was just you know glommed over and just like yeah enough. Cheer wine yes i did. Did you bust out the bubbly. I busted out the bubbly. And you know permi- superstitious nece. I wanted to get a bottle of sparkling grape juice. I don't drink alcohol And kind of spray like they do in the locker rooms by. I decided you know what i'm not gonna do. Anything special here just What do i have at home. And i had a can of ginger ale. That did that with okay. So wasn't nearly as fun as i thought it would be. fly i. I did that with some judy. Rail drank a little bit of it. and i had couple bottles of beer wine which for those who don't know for sure. Wine is the greatest soft on the earth. So all right so now. They've won and you have been looking at merchandise. of course. yeah and actually. I'm going to put this on the screen here as well because We model look at the championship gear. Now that they've won Yes it is cherry. It's it's i can't really describe it but probably the most similar thing would be something in the range of cherry pep the cherry coke something like that but infinitely better. So we've got all the the stanley cup championship ghia here. There's pretty much everything under the sun as we would expect I would assume you're going to get the hat. Yeah at the very least. You got the t shirt. Of course the name of the of the of all the players in the back You've got the scarf you've got the oh shit that stanley cup. They're get one of those. That's what i would do You got the flags you've got Of course the jerseys which is the big thing that you have your eye on right. Now i i. Don't well you guys know this. But i don't own any hockey jurors you can get a mask too because it twenty so i. I'm wrongly considering getting a jersey You know if anyone has any suggestions on them you know. I i on the one hand i really do not want to have to pay hundred forty something bucks for jersey right or if i can get it cheaper but at the same time i am very cautious about those knock offs from china whatever. Yeah So i don't know and then you know at the same time. Do i want to get the The replica version. Or do i want to get the authentic version. The authentic is going to cost you a pretty penny dude. I know i'm like i don't even have one. Nih off antic jersey. He had the the ad. Just have replicas. i just have replicas aside from The retro cease Retro starter florida. Panthers red jersey for the ninety three version that ray only authentic one and of course i got that on the cheap. Because it's old and it's from ebay and things like that because Has the fight strap on it. So that's the difference between the authentic because for the most part and i think authentic are are made by dita's with rival kaiser made by fanatics. You know this is a question. I was gonna ask you in in chat but i'll just ask you right here right now. You know how. How good are those jerseys. The the The replicant other fine Of course the materials not the same Because you know the the the attic ones are everything's completely stitched whereas the the replicas It's not. It's i guess semi screen printed in some ways. The last one that i have is the panthers one. But i think that's i think that's a reebok replica. Dunno fanatics has has pretty much the same thing or not. I don't have a fanatics version of it. So that's that's kind of the the only thing i would tell you but i mean the authentic are pretty penny and of course for the. I mean. they're not really as warm fuzzy real jersey. I guess if the idea is to wear it and listen. You don't wear a hockey jersey every day especially here right That's more of a game time thing or the the off chance you get to where it when it's sixty degrees here miami. That one day a year so Just think about it. I haven't bought an authentic at all lately. Of course the panthers haven't done anything near close to what you guys have done. So i might change my tune if you know in twenty four day whenever they win the stanley cup. And i'm on my deathbed. Yes sir. I'll get the authentic bury me with it but Th that's sixty dollars stanley cup rebel right there. Oh yeah you get one of those two. I'd be going ham right now with the stuff if the panthers one so you can go a tiny bit ham and get yourself at the very least a replica jersey. i think especially. If you don't have one yet you might as well get one to represent the lightning. Yeah i that's what i'm thinking of doing You know i. I have to get a steady job. Which a pleased with love of god. I need to pass that freaking bar exam A tiny bit him Well my ham is going to be left hand than some people ham Now something that is really ham is. I'm not sure if he saw in passing on there but they have a a puck. Basically that is that contains melted ice from the belted. Jane used ice. Yeah that pam yeah And believe me actually considered it for half a second. Yeah it's it's a lot. I mean you have these knickknacks. Of course look these are collectibles. A lotta these ad are inherently only valuable to those who see it as valuable fro you know if you buy. It'll be something that you could put on your mantle and be like you know ten twenty years from now you can look back. It'd be like hell. Yeah yeah we yeah. Yeah we did it. We did it back in twenty twenty so so i mean i. I don't wanna seem like. I'm wanting wealth or whatever because i surely not By i i normally try not to make rash monetary decisions. I think this is one instance where i'm going to make an exception Because i've been waiting for this for quite a while and it. It's been heartbreak after heartbreak. Twenty fifteen suck. Twenty eleven sucked twenty eighteen. Twenty nineteen really sucks But finally we. We climbed all the way to the to the top of the mountain and stanley's getting a tan once again. He really needs it. It's been a long while in scotland. Much-needed tan Yeah what was the last. One was the last sunbelt winter Let's say together. You guys get walked angeles. Does that count. Yeah yeah the kings. Yeah twenty fourteen Let's see let's see twenty fifteen chicago. Twenty six fourteen was the king. Twenty twelve was the kings again You have the ducks back in those seven the The the canes mel six you guys back in four and the stars back in ninety nine here on who celebrated off the sun belt winner so far looking up who because panthers lost their one. The the knights lost their one The predators lost the one that they went to par and see our. I don't consider san jose sunbelt. But i guess they kind of sort of are trying to see. Okay irio No that's not it as man. This is great stuff right here. I i just i just look at this and envy really. I am supremely jealous of you. Don't even play golf. I would buy those golf balls lord Look at the all you see this one in the middle of the minimalists our print with the lightning bolt in the stanley cup. Yeah are you hang that one in your office. That's a good one. Yeah i i i am going to go. I hate to say it. But i am going to go him as much as i do not want to cause i could use that money for better reasons or better uses but uh man this is this is this means a lot there yet and it's not like what's again. There's no real rush for you to get this. There's gonna be stuff you're gonna get the jersey at some point there's no rush to get haqiqi wait a little bit for floor. That worries me is the they they briefly sold out of jerseys last night within two hours. Yeah i'm i'm worry more than anything. I've worried that and and look a gets. Yeah you won't you'll miss out you'll miss out major. Follow my friends major foam at the very least and of course you have the backup plan is just to get a regular jersey It yeah and by the patch separately and yes it should on there so or see so be you says will dinner. They never won the cop. So yeah no no talking about my comment on whether considered sunbelt. Some people do consider than sunbelt. Even though i don't like if you've been to the bay area it's not really sunbelt. Would you consider saint louis sunbelt or now no no. Nobody has to be then obviously not so. Yeah twenty four. Los angeles with the would a lot on belt wear. Yeah so I wasn't fun fact. Tampa is the i team from the knife from the nineteen ninety expansion teams on that has won two stanley cups. Yeah expansion slash relocated some belts because the stars this their third stanley cup sits moving and they've they won the first one back in ninety nine than they lost in two thousand one in heartbreak for that matter. They pulled a the pull minus the whole controversy about the skate in the crease. But they pulled a a a. They pulled a buffalo new jersey. Pull the buffalo sabres on them. You know overtime winner by jason on it. According to gary form who man. I love you gary thorne. You're such a green announced. I miss you so all right. So gosh we've been on this fifty one minutes. I wanna get to some smaller segments blunt. They have tampa tysoe these. So you'll enjoy this andrew by all means go ahead all right so I guess we can update on the baseball playoffs happening. As they open today yorkshire up to nothing on the indians raise her up. Three to one are the The minnesota twins disappointed all of baseball. Bouma's four to one to the houston astros so the twins choking in the first round as always the oakland a.'s. Choke in the first round as always it lost four to one to the chicago white sox but of course Lucas giolito almost threw a perfect game. So what are you gonna do Yeah so i guess. There's some tennis soccer that's happening but who cares about that. Let's let's go to. Which one do i have here. let's go to play remembered. Forget all right. So we'll highlight of player. I can get this one out of the way as that would go to gap in the aac is going to score the third run here. Yeah yup so Three nothing yanks out in cleveland Let's see where am i. I'm here so Let me see if i can clear the screen. Please thank you so player remember. Forget is keith Keith osborne keith. Osborne Professional ice hockey player from way. Back in the day you know why picked them andrew. Why because he was on the inaugural lightning team so it. It's just to show how far the franchise has come Keith osborne he was a right. Winger Was drafted in nineteen eighty seven in the first francoist overall by think the saint louis blues and He played for the blues back in eighty nine slash ninety and the lightning ninety. Two ninety. Three inaugural season played only sixteen games in. Nhl career scored only one goal at three assists. He is currently a head coach of the waylon. Junior canadiens junior b hockey team that plays in the greater ontario junior hockey league. That's the most. I could drum up about him so there you go I've pray archer. A lot of people have forgotten him especially lightning fads. It just shows you how far the the franchise has come from the early days so so we got that then. Let's let's head on over it a better know a minor league team rape before you go yes onto that. I too have a player to remember to remember to forget. Oh okay shoop And it also happens to be related to the tampa bay lightning right arm. It is man all rail. You're gonna have to spell that but for me m. a. n. o. n. r. h. e. a. u. n. e. Actually this one belongs in you. Go girl mary or all all awful off. Well actually no talk about her. Because i had a different. You go girl but let's do a lightning. You go girl right a less than a week. Ago does a matter of fact. was the twentieth anniversary of manno. Ray home Becoming the first woman to play in a major north american pro leak it notably was an exhibition game but still history nonetheless. It was one of the exhibition games for the Whitening in their inaugural season. She played goaltender She faced off against the saint louis. Blues she was twenty at the time admittedly Just from a neutral standpoint not necessarily the best performance she played in her one period. She allowed to goals on nine shots. Exactly the best but still cabal freddie. She was tallahassee tiger. Shark well and too. You know todd. Tuck sharks are right. I do not really I mean they. They used to play at the leon. County civic center with assembles. play basketball. And that okay. The s playing for the lightning. Now i when i i've watched Not that video but video out her And it was phil. Esposito was saying that. She essentially brought her in as a healthy. She said publicity stunt. Maybe he did I don't remember fly you know. In in hindsight it was much more than just a publicity side You know that that meant a lot to women Her son now is a prospect for the us Which is interesting sense you know. She's canadian mean. How could you not be with a name. Like men on home But her son plays for the. Us was probably born in the us. By i mean via right there. She's she's there. Coaching the little caesars. Junior hockey team by the way. Little caesars Junior hockey team in detroit. One of the league's junior hockey teams in the us. A lot of nhl prospects around the michigan area Come from there are a really not the duchess michigan but like around ohio and and and west pennsylvania and stuff. Yeah they'll go play for local caesar's so and of course little caesars. Owned by the the illitch family who of course read little caesars and the detroit tigers and detroit red wings so so they know what started out is popularly publicity. Son you know turned into so much more and you know. I am so excited that that that she got the opportunity pizza pizza. I wonder if they're after game. Meals are always little caesars. Pizza i would. I would hope not. Because you don't want to end up looking like papa john after eating forty. Listen that's just how it is. But i remember law school. You know when you got that mega pizza. It was clogged arteries grant. I shouldn't even talk because you guys already know what. I'm going to attack later this week so i can't that statement. I recant that statement with those cheeto chickens. Okay so called that my franchise Was the one that kind of broke a barrier away if you will I mean. I know that was maybe not the intense of the time but it's taken on so much more meeting over the past Twenty eight years. So that's that's really awesome and already. That's an awesome way to kind of loop in segments here. I have another one with the all right. We're gonna do the lightning love fest right now. So better. No minor league team Let's papa john off of that because that's freak me out now. He is the he is the complete opposite of the color. Blue right there. So a better door. Minor league team were gonna go to syracuse because that is home to the syracuse crunch. And you know they are andrew a horse there are minor league affiliate of course yes. The syracuse crunch selected the minor league affiliate of the tampa bay lightning. They were established back. In ninety two originally played as the hamilton canucks then moved over to to syracuse from from ontario in ninety. Four there in the american hockey league. They've been the lightning affiliates and twenty twelve. They were previously the vancouver connects pittsburgh penguins columbus blue jackets and anaheim ducks affiliates. They don't have a single calder trophy. Which i was surprised by but They do have a ton of alumni. There are that were on this championship. Lightning squad so. I mean just to rattle them off. He some i mean. Sheesh audrey pass alaska point nikita kucherov andres polat Calor was on there tyler. Johnson i mean these are the core pieces of this group and they all pass through syracuse on their way up to tampa so i mean sheesh man what what a way to pump out some some some prospects at actually have them do well in the league Just a fantastic job by the lightning scouting over the last eight years. No kidding Steve is a man for tearing it down and building up again and doing it. The right way Ju ju just to lay the foundation for this run finally of course just to finish off syracuse They play out ads the upstate medical university arena which was built in nineteen fifty one As a as a war memorial arena capacity of six thousand one hundred fifty nine. That's all i got for the c. Accused crutch they have kind of a i. Guess kind of a weird Ninety two thousand s logo. But it's it's minor league hockey so of course it works so And they got the lightning bolts on this guy's helmets to to indicate the the connection to the tampa. Bay course they are also an affiliate for the orlando solo bears of the as well. So did you go man talking about how happy i was when my hometown. Minor league teen became the affiliate of of tampa. They weren't for a while And that change. I think a season or two ago. Yup yep so And marie benino a. b. u. them. So nick bonino there is from hartford connecticut. And let's see Yeah he went to boston university. Go on the side Play remember for but aside there all right. So let's see. I i i wanna get the lightning fest out of the way here mckay. Let's see did you girl that was unexpected but nice player remember. Forget all right and a half to get this out of the way. The love fest is going to get a little A little painful right now but some people were right. okay some people are into that. No king shaming gottlieb's goons. I know where this is going. Oh you know has gone. I predicted about two weeks. The tampa bay area hillsborough county pinellas county. Whatever the hell else other counties around there are about to receive a spike in our good old buddy covert and what is covert no such thing well according to tampa the it doesn't exist so i have to show this We're going to go on twitter. The i get celebrating the stanley cup. I get it. I listen i i am talking about this knowing that if the miami heat win the nba finals. I believe we're going to have about a couple of thousand idiots ourselves down here doing the same thing so just just in case in about a week and a half from now if that does happen i understand why you know i just said like. There's a lot of partying going on last night in front of the emily arena. I just i. I find it a little a little irresponsible responsible. You know the lightning are going to have a parade. It's gonna be a boat parade but you know Those guys will be safe on the water but the people on land woo boy. Yeah yeah last night was just no way no for me. We've got the got the bugs bunny graph of course am chopping florida from the rest of the united states. And i think it's warranted here. So yeah you know there. There's some images here of what looks more like a rave than the lightning championship there But yeah so the stanley covert. They won oh boy so so they go just goons just just go all right. Just just enjoy your cup. Victory listen The panthers fans we can't afford to do This insanity right here that lightning fans are doing. There's only twenty of us all right. It's going to decimate our fan base down to ten if we get covid so we just can't. We can't afford it all right. Enjoy yourselves but we'll check back two weeks Any guidance from you guys I thought i had one. But given circumstances i was ill approached I always crap on skip bayless. So that's a little bit doing easy. So i'm actually going to go play eternal. I think what i'll do it. I'm just gonna kinda as how do we do. We want to be nice to goons. Yeah i guess my it's tough. It's not redemption. Goon redemption always possibilities. Familiar could become an mvp one day. Yeah you know do do. They have a chance of doing again redemption. That's that's too much. Hope going on. You know we don't want to believe in that. But i'll for the sake of consistency for the sake of all things 'cause this Rob manfred. you're still going there. That's my own. Because i had cancer as well. All righty then. Yeah oh actually you know what. I'll diversity we'll give goon if you the. Nfl is the titans and the vikings have a whole lot of spread. And you still plan on playing the games for the respective teams for the titans of the steelers over the vikings going on. Because you've got ample time to prepare for this. You have not so best of luck. That's like that. I don't think there's a taxi squad for these teams. All right gundi has to be a segment of future ready I like that idea. Because he there's gonna be a guy who sees the light and then donates money to the humane society and saves the baby from a fire so we table that now all right. So we're at the halfway point or we're well past it really. But we had to get our lightning love fest andrew. We dedicated the first half of the show completely to the lightning. So there you go. Congratulations this is this. The first time that one of our teams a one a may one of the major north. American fro- championship. Since this show is begun so so i will check back in a weekend and a half and see will be celebrating again hopefully hopefully shocked the world in the nba and You know the marlins meet the rays of the yankees and the world series To one of you go f- yourselves ally. this is i. I wanted to be you and me. Because it's it's two thousand three redemption. Jeeter be there. It'll be perfect. I'm on where we're gonna throw stand that that slider low in a way as to double revenge so Word from our non sponsors here so we're at the halfway point. It's not just about valerie guys right. Now everything's free to play. Sometimes you get a pay for the things that you love like andrew is when he's going to buy this lightning jersey so Who wants to start for this week. I could start so normally. I go food but today death need drag me into a different mark. I came home. My poor partly no. I should probably go win. Continue to just to finish it for so story sake. But that's a different story for a different day. My property wasn't feeling well. Obviously ole boy left a little bit message the diarrhea. It's probably because. I gave him some french fries from wendy's last night. Of course that was originally. Yeah well i. I tried the new pretzel bun and that would have been my non sponsored but like i said there's greater calling sometimes so puppy wasn't feeling well. I'm checking around the house. So it's okay buddy. It's okay. i go to this certain place. Because i had to get a whole bunch of cleaning supplies. 'cause you know there's a difference between when you got a chocolate bar you got you know chocolate cake and you gotta clean up a different thing. So i live right by walmart. I know i'm giving into the big machine but my non sponsors warmer for just having what i need. I had to get bleach either. Get some pet odor smells. I had to get some Paper towels are happy. Every tells but i knew i was going to go through a big portion of the role so you know and then i got him a little doggy tree. He's sensitive. he's a sweet boy. Ten pound tipple hound mix and that ten pound ten year old people. How hundred thirty pounds. You know we do what we can't so i got my cleaning supplies. Awesome like you know fabric refreshing to because my my suits and my car kinda smelling a little funky so before the cleaner. I'll just them up a little bit and a wedding over the weekend so walmart you got what i need. It was pretty easy to go in there and get my little cash drives. that's fine. you know i personally. I know it comes the expensive some jobs. But i like the self checkouts because i worked in retail for very long time so i don't sweat bagging groceries. I'm kurt warner up in this right here. You know bag groceries and win the super bowl ring so walmart. Thanks for having my stuff. God i hate it usually. It's amazon but you know how to go over there so give that shout out They also do for anybody buying video games. They have low price. They have lower price gaming. 'cause new games that come out they won't charge sixty. It'll be fifty. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the next gen consoles come out. They'll do the same way. I doubt that they would. But hey and yet it also Yeah that's a discussion for different day for like dirt cheap disasters happening over the last couple of weeks. I've never had a odor problem. It's what i just show up and get it like. I got a switch switch but a we when it was so in high demand at a toys r. Us one day okay. Hey you got this yeah. Walmart will probably have a walmart. Is the place where you want to shop right whether or not they are actually cheaper than what you think are. Were diluted believe so but in these times of the rona. I'd rather just get myself nine. Electric people go myself. Check out and get us. I needed so walmart might not sponsor promo code Promo code great value. I'll be cheesy today so freddie ass about Wendy's by the way okay so I'm a steal all how to sponsors for today. So i tried their pretzel. burger. I liked it but the meat they have chicken and immediate form or i'm sorry scores because they have a chicken the hamburger for him. I had the hammer. Form the the toppings on it were very tasty cheese melted because i think it was curd cheese. The bacon was strong like good crispy. Thick bacon like thick like donald trump mean thick with a little bit of pickles in there The meat itself was a little bit less flavorful. Because i think they they impose on the pretzel bun more than putting some season. Because i do love me. Wendy's meal burgers or when the few restaurants and i haven't in a while. 'cause i've been good 'cause i'm trying you guys but i was so tasty but i liked it. I'm more excited to try out the chicken form of it with home style or spicy and i think that that will be definitely going so it's pretty reasonable. Price try it out. You can try out if you want. The chicken did hamburger it was. It was good like a seven on the richter scale of things. I still love me. The bacon. They're so nasty. Good into the barbecue in hot stuff. But i liked it. I think they actually would have benefited for some jalapenos. But this is what i'll pub. Burger might be whatever that means right. It's all debatable. Because i've never seen public and that it's kind of like a melted cheese curd. But i liked it. I'm honey muster was good. I love me some fried onions on there in the burger. So my it's my double for you. That's my double. And that's probably what gave my dog in issue. The fries game in it but they also have pub style fries so I promise you guys when i go and clogged arteries for the for the chicken sandwich. I'll get the fry size as well in a version of it Francisco i sent in. Freddie's not sponsor. Oh i see Let me see. Well you could talk about yours while i try and upload this sure so my non sponsor hopefully. I haven't talked about them. Or maybe i did have. I talked about. Cheer wine you. You mentioned them. Of course you mazal elaborate. We could put up on the screen here. Yeah i i feel. it's fitting considering bhai. My sponsor is cheer wine. Shear wine is a cherry soda. Which as i mentioned earlier the show is the greatest soda that i've ever had cure wine. Which is based out of seoul. salisbury north carolina has been produced since nineteen seventeen. It is damn good. Oh this is so good A friend of mine introduced it to me while back It was so good. But i hadn't seen it again until Four rivers which the barbecue place in orlando. They have on tap who all. And we've talked about forever before too. So yes we. It's two birds in the bush mentality right here guys. And oh my god charles. Oh listen tell you now. Once you if if the v. ever disappears this could be tempted. We were okay on that theory. Where's the nearest location. Orlando right now. Twenty coral springs. Oh okay do you think they would have it there or you don't know what's your one. Yeah of course they all them have is see all right but hold on charles. Tell me d. may they have crispy cream flavored sheer one. Are you kidding me. All right folks. it's not just about the non sponsors out there. Sometimes we have to give a shout out to the real sponsors. That help us here at sports us. I'm going to tell you about this one. It is anchor. If you have heard about anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain first off. It's free great for you. Great for me. Great for anchor. There's creation tools that allow you to record. And edit your podcast right from your phone or your computer. I've used it on both of my computer. And my phone easy to use. I love it. Anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts. And many more for those of you. Listen to sports goes we. You know we're on a wide variety of platforms. We cast a wide net. Anchor is one of the services that helps us do that. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Which is why. I love it. One stop shop for everything that i need. Download the free anchor app or go to inker dot f. m. to get started. I mean what. And i have to try it on the other side note remember. I went to north carolina and south carolina. And i had the The doughnut burger. That's all that popped into my mind. So for those who remember charles went to the carolinas last year and he had a burger that had the glazed donut as a bun and it was delicious beyond belief. That's all i would get and it's really just sugary sweetness. Right if you're doing sure wine with crispy cream. It's basically the equivalent amount due before they ruined it by changing scream. Andrew you can make an ice cream ruchir. Barbecue pulled pork is that you know. Is that a base or that. They have their. They have their jack. Dan grab gotcha And but see the donors the brand Another thing At your went through. I know this. I'm kind of going off on a tangent here but There's a restaurant. Ucf charles and broker you. That has a crispy cream milkshake. Why would you wanna drake a donut. Flavored soda. why wouldn't you wanna drink. I think making years off of your life but charles has already done that with his. Kfc cheetos which damn right. I think if. I didn't work out. Often i would just be like a habitual. I will look like homer simpson the memo like seriously. Because i. I'm just that guy experiment stuff and i'm not gonna lie. I just saw cheer y in texas pete wings. I love you some texas pete hot sauce. It's bad for me. But i love it and they have southern share. Okay well i'm gonna die. that's great. Oh wow we got pops pudge pops up no no but the pops though charles doesn't want any healthy green his body unless it's lettuce on a burger get your shits right but But i can get behind the pops. I can get behind that. Yeah yeah oh yeah this is of course lots of different drake's here through abs- whiskey maoz. Yeah might as well come up as well. let's go. let's have a party here. White man it's frigging and guys They sell cheer wine public's now oh which is why which is how i've been able to procure it and i highly highly recommend is seriously absolutely delicious and they sell them in those glass bottles which is awesome. Because a there's something about those glass drinking it straight out of the cold fridge out of a bottle a glass bottle. That's just so satisfying. I think also does taste better out of a glass bottle yes. It's it's undeniable. It's it's the fact it's bear by. It's verifiable facts that soda taste better out of a cold soda. Tastes better out of a bottle. I bet there's a science I bet there's some sort of science magazine. Some university study performed that. I mean crushed ice basically ends wars. If you ever got the sonics and they make with the crush is wherever soda that you want so wealth next equivalent besides the cold bottle charles. Charles you'll love this then guess. What sort of ice. They have at for rivers. Well obviously has to be the pop cured river. Sounds like a magical place every time you talk about a man in his it is it is a magical place gentleman but yeah charles. The only ice they have is crushed. Ice yeah then then. The their quality tastes qualities. They understand the you know they could be the ones that be like. Hey you got like five roaches and two dead bodies your kitchen. But you got crushed. Is you have a variety of you know sloppy food. You run a slop shop but you know it's good and then i can't believe turning into a non sponsor for four rivers but okay several. It doubled the offer a double. The lightning have won the stanley cup. Let's do the the. Pa throws song for four rivers. Charles which i know is right up your alley. Is they have a rewards program. If you eat there enough you get you get a plaque with your name that you can put on the restaurants of course guys this for a sports show tight altogether if i go to a sub shop that has a sub called the monster and i twice and they only started putting the photos of it ex post facto months. Of course this is like seven years later now am i entitled to get my photo taken. Anyway you know his his competition of mijas competition versus me of father. Time the competition. Dammit you know. I mean do you have bear by verifiable proof that you i of course believe you. But they're going to say what proof do you have. you know. Granted is like seven years ago but basically pull out my whole grandpa from the boondocks live here young fellow. I don't know if i eat that way anymore. Though that that's the thing and then there's a place called brooklyn joe's that has this big ass pie a pizza. That's right folks. I say pie pizza pie That will if you eat it. You get free. You can only bring like a one other person companion with you. And i want to because i can just have like it's a never ending trash bag. You know or trust supplies attractive. It's basically new jersey. It might tell me when it comes to pizza. I only minimize it for for health reasons So like i want to compete it brooklyn joe's but i never felt like the core because no one wants to die. They want to look up thirty. What twenty five by my good years almost closed in clogged up guys suck. Yeah so forever's has my attention and cheer y and has my curiosity especially if i can get some fuck i'll do crispy keen donut. Cheer wide someone's got to god you a great people so what has to do this out there in the world. There's kids starving in africa. We'd have to let it out there. What is the purpose of twitter posts and social media and no one can verify how good something is. I took the al on the cheetos and you know what l. was worked for love. Yes all righty so our. I guess i'll go i'm aswa. Let's let's say here man some some heavy hitters. Today is so the past couple couple of weeks. Let's just say. I've been on a bit of a kick lately when i go buy cakes. I get all my kicks right. I up get obsessed with. Thanks when whenever i like. I like if. I'd like a song. Like if i just love song i'll listen to it like a hundred times within the course of a week and only that's all i'll put it on repeat day in and day out so Guys i i'll say this man i i can. I can go. And some weep faces all right. I get into a bit of a wheel buffets every every now and again and charles you know this enemy all right so There's one particular one on netflix. That i think people should watch. Because it's it's just stupid. Of course lots of enemies stupid. I think most enemy is stupid. But it's good stupid sometimes. All right i'm not gonna talk about jobs was our adventure. I'm like i get into that at your reference. I've just not i haven't gone down that rabbit hole. Dude i'm afraid to. To be honest there are some enemies. I really have afraid to get into but it was. Just you know net flicks. You watch one anime and it keeps like. That's all anime on my suggestion so One that popped out for me. And i don't know why it resonated with me but it's called monthly girls nozaki. Koon man are i. It's on net flex. It's about These to do. It's you know high school kids. It's not one of those slice of life anime. 's it's it's a pretty. It's kind of not really out there. It's about this dude. He's like this gigantic muscular dude. That was like plenty good at playing basketball a middle school and then once he's joined high school he was really good at drawing mangga specifically show jo. Mango was just like you know. Girlie romantic comedy topanga at so just imagine if like a dude bro just started writing girls anger and that's nozaki. That's the main character of the story and this girl gio who loves the guy but he's so oblivious and doesn't know he's just focused on his mango the entire time so it's about his interactions and where he gets ideas from for his mango and it was written of course by guy who made mango and it's basically like a parody of mango creators of mango writers. Like that. so you know. There are some references to the industry and things like that. But it's funny. i. I like it. I think it's funny. I think it's pretty cool. I just kind of been on a kick lately. And i've seen this show like three or four times already and i'm finding references. I'm laughing so i just movement right as my spirit animal just got to ride a bicycle and just throw it at people trying to do good deeds all right here special. He's one of us. Would if you were a superhero you probably just throw your bycatch All right so so. Yeah that's that's one non sponsor of i can't even think of of a promo code for this one man i i'll get whatever i'll take one for the next one they got. You guys got to do a second one here. Because i've been watching a lot of anime. I've been on a kick for japanese food and other things that i've always wanted to make but i never had a chance to is robin and not like instagram. And like i mean like legit like you know. Make the frigate you know. Get the concentrate at the broth get the pork and the the noodles and and just do it myself. Don't just stick it in the microwave and do it now. Just get the stove time it. Just go at it so i. I don't even know what this is. I just looked at amazon for tonko otsu rahman and To some of the bone broth and things like that just the base just the base for the soup and then i got it from there and so a couple days ago i made rahman for the first time ever. It was touch ago at the beginning. But i think i can finally perfect it on my second run through but man. I love to coach. Robin guys. it is it is a delight. It is beautiful. It is one of the traits that that Now that i have unlocked the ability to do so it's become with regards. Cooking skills now can make our episodes. And i can make rahman I what else can i do from here. All right this is it all right. This is this is the peak of my cooking skills. I've i've achieved everything. I've hundred percent cutting so tom kotze rahman we just need to get you like dessert. You're just the ultimate chef right there. Oh i can make baking. Baking is easy. Do i love baking I got i got terrified. Making fun fatty for my One of my buddies birthday cakes. Because i was tasked with doing it at like the little birthday party like two years ago. So yeah took coats and robin guys. promo code. I dunno i. Don't just go away all right. If you guys don't know what moe is look up and then go down that rabbit hole. All right Listen just give me the beam. Saber and i'm i'm travis touchdown that's basically what i am or we could draw little whiskers on you'll be rudo. Because he loves the hell out. Romney all my guy believe it for us know you believe it bellina alright so yeah that those are not sponsors. That's that's it. let's Let's get to the second hour. Show finally thank you. Yes sorry. I was away from the computer for a sec. Yes so We're back here. Second half Yankees are up five to two now in their game The rays took care of the jays in game one. So that game is over so Let me actually move. This guys had actually see the score to that game but but yeah One zip raise just needs to win one more thing for the white sox in the astros move onto the division series all right so we're the second for show nfl happened. The atlanta falcons are curse franchise. And i. I don't think there's any more evidence needed after what happened last their last game need. I say more charles. Yeah yeah yeah you know. How do you i mean how. How does this thing getting the buffalo bills. But then of course they were able to pull it out. But i mean may i magic. This is a man who has both matt ryan tiger early in his fantasy stuff. I love it when they blow it up because that means they gotta you know you'll come back and win and the helps me gets that charles charles chances names. He went from big poppa pump and then the canal trashy trujillo or three. Oh how you say is as and motivate. Both sides of the win very happy. I just wanna warn. Because i've been retired for a couple of years. It's good but it's pretty simple. You don't mike mccarthy it and you've been mike mccarthy hang it harder than mike mccarthy ever mike mccarthy you know you are big macking mike mccarthy in it dan quinn and you really shouldn't be employed anymore. We said they should fire him last year and everybody who is supportive him like well. We had a good bat. A good second half so you want set on mediocrity. That sounds like a team who blows a twenty five point lead with settle on in the super bowl settle for mediocrity. But then this this week. It's what three blown wins now. And they're wins and it's undisputed winds to. It's like if this happened to anybody else. They would be able to lock. Pop seal it like. They're you know. A fricken professional. Unlike dan quinn and they don't get me wrong. The falcons have a bad secondary. They are not that good. We understand that. But you have an offense. That is matt. Ryan talk bottom ten bottom top ten quarterback. I'll we can talk about that at different points. You have julio jones. Even though he was out is still classic and essential calvin really just blossoming into just a toward a force and then todd gurley that if you feed him the ball he can control the clock and yes there's fumbles and yes maybe there's like one pick but you're literally throwing the game away to nick foles. We all love. Nick foles on the nick baby. Big nick we love him. We love him and he's just the guy he he will gather once you start nick foles. It is the beginning of the end of your teams other quarterbacks it is chemically known carson wentz carson wentz looks like trash i know it's two years removed but still it's a lingering effect destroyed lash. Yes what do they look like. You've lost me here. I i got. I got so deep into my thoughts quite trash. Oh yes how. Do you say trash trash. Oh you know what i'm saying. The right way was into it. I was like the trash is like. It's a jape pathogenic man try and you guys should know this now. Trash is a j. because there's some acknowledgement but no this is like proverbial trash this oscar. The grouch will get a real estate agent to help set up their home kind of trash. This is a like. This is trash at the brave. Little toaster was afraid to get thrown away into along with woody from toy story. This is legitimate trash. Lutheran nick foles. That's that's the the piece of trash right there. Trash kathy is a try. I mean granted. Everybody is trash is really trash looking to george springer Bregman how'd twins. How dare you allow them to have competitive advantage. Unfair trash trust I would too deep into what anybody out of it. But get to that nick foles just roy carson wentz after a long period of time. Nick foles kinda mentioned mania. We love him because it's kind of sexy and understanding so that mentioned many replace. Nick foles mimic was reassessed. And that's my logic coming into it. you know. I mentioned many as cute. But jagger's will still going trevor lawrence hell. I would even say the kansas city chiefs do they have. Alex smith and nick foles was their backup. Has sort one game. I think he did. Look what now buses like. Nick foles will get you nick. Foles is really just. He's the reaper. We just need a change of for big nicholas. When it's he's popped in to be your starting quarterback for a season for a game for anything. Let's being put into action. When you're coach makes is like we're gonna starve. It's over mitch trubisky. He's gonna you know. Just he's going to be out of the league an ear not gonna be able to reevaluate his life. It's game over and he didn't even play that badly. Because you got rumor. What's the difference. Between what nichols did this weekend. And what mitch. Trubisky did in the beginning. Season the comeback lines. I know the obvious answer is the fact that he didn't overthrow people that are wide open but nickelsville well. Let's not forget that. Nick foles well but you know what this is. What your trade him for. This is what you renegotiated his contract with. Bring it back to the falcons for just trash. The bears are trashed. because i don't feel that they're legitimate. I don't feel that they're you know you really remember. We had this conversation about the nfc norrkoping trash and we did. And you know they're like three zero trash and it's so prevalent. How i'm still on it right now. And a ride is hate train until the season green bay still trash and accept the garage is the trash. And i'll accept it but for land it's just incompetence insecurity room. It didn epa to is an epa food and they don't know how to close the offense. Oh good that defense has bad yes grady. Jarrett is probably early star player coming into. I can't really Go to think. Who else is there scout. And he was still trying to his body. Just break down to it but come on man. You're next best. Buy is rodr. Go bike and ship on a term of being a clutch kicker or a clutch player. From your offense it's time to reevaluate yourself and it's really just coming down to the coaching. Dirk qatar i believe is still their offense coordinator. Maybe switch that up a little bit and this is really. Just arthur blank. Who really is sally. Drake i and maybe complete guna zayd owner because the only person who gives so many chances more than arthur blank is also yeah I agree with that but it still like atlanta atlanta has been or could have been good teams they just messed up creeping back Is jerry jones just fire. Anybody and the falcons. I think irritate me. Because i don't know if we want eight. Tom brady winning division in the nfc south. And we're might be getting that now. I mean want to stop that train a little bit. I mean the saints aren't helping. They are not helping to start out so let. Let's talk about that real quickly. Is it the old man steep cliffs. That happens or is it. Because michael thomas has been that often so much that you need thomas and kareem hunt agreement. Sorry alvin kamara to make you look good in august of the defense the problem. I don't think it's michael. Thomas but not playing is the problem. Yeah i mean you give up thirty seven points. That's when they put up thirty thirty should be enough to win you. A game in the nfl. New so i. I don't think it's it's it's on. The lack of the offense has to be the defense in this in this regard. So i mean the saints They lost thirty seven thirty this game and what the hell is going on with my app. Here gosh darn nfl. Right oh and disco. Yeah we are in around gordy. Fire in the raiders so and they gave up thirty four so The defense is just giving up tons and tons of points francisco lab. We're round forty five of a shootout here as was it was a freddie freddie. The is very lacking in this game. I think they've tried the. I think every okay actually. That was probably different. Shot there i might have to. Actually this is kinda go forever. I might just have to end this myself. Roque we've ago auto. It's too late now. I need something running the background. That is an artist isn't an endless shootout. Like like the one. I witnessed the panthers gets the the capital's All right so yeah. I think the saints issue is their defense. Is this I i don't think it's on the part of the offense in this one. That's they've done. All that they can do are so there's that game. Let's go back to week three. Where are we here okay. The dolphins of course defeated the jaguars and semblance of hope for the fans are the jaguars being the jaguars. I don't know but it's a feel good win. I liked it. It might be a thursday night. Type of weirdness. That of course happens yet. Bengals the eagles having a tie so once again. Another fraudulent philadelphia franchise trash. Yeah yeah and don't you feel joe burrow who's actually playing well given the fact that he's getting he's getting shot more times by nfl. Linebackers and fifty cent was before he started rapping fully. He hit was hard man and he brings him in east competitive and he you know he's makes those rookie mistakes. Whatever that means in today's world because you'll have some ricky's electric bad as well as he can and these first three games with the bengals. I like what. I've seen they they just have to protect them. They just the end they need to get. They need to develop that team around him this year year. One i guess you could say yes. So i guess good on them for at least tying the eagles. That's an accomplishment at the very least but the eagles are fraudulent franchise well under the fence of the eagles. This is the consequence of investing. Big time money on short term contracts with people and now everybody injured. You can't really make those trades now. You can't renegotiate negotiate. Those contracts alshon jeffery. You signed him to a one year. Deal to your s- back. He's doing good. You put him big money. This guy was injury prone even in chicago and he hasn't played for almost two seasons thing coming into her close to it day. Sean jackson why. Why did you need a speech or go traffic speeds. Are you know the ravens got du vernay in the second or third round from texas. There's always a replacement for speedster. We just want sponsors run routes they. Sean jackson hasn't been doing anything now. He has a hamstring injury You drafted jordan rager. Her that happens. That's life right because for that rookie. Going to be hard to get acclimated acclimated to maybe some the routes maybe some anything. I'm just give him. The benefit doubt dallas qatar small ankle fracture and then zakar to sell around and the milestones gonna. So yes i kinda get that and this is what i think about carson wentz. Because of what his first year as a rookie he wants seven to nine and then they progress to progress and then they got. The world's another words are much in baseball happens They got a keen butler sites. There we go a cardinals. Cast off was not even in the cliff. Kingsbury pseudo air raid Offense which just running like. Don't even go verts and impre that your quarterback and catch it but with wednesday. It's it's you should know the talent that's around. You and not. Every quarterback is going to maximize that talent. And make you better but you can lease either a develop routes within the scheme and the skills the players are be try not to do the fancy plays man because it's when you get those picks that hurts granted they've also had some injuries all the offensive line but i i put it on him for a reason because he is the one that has the most money. And when you pay these quarterbacks this twenty five thirty million dollar salary a year even on their poor performance you can't really get the mouth or renegotiate. The contract them eating up a good portion of your town of your salary cap. So what are you hit a homer. I told you i o and look at it. I told you guys you can talk smack during the damn then but we needed healthy kleber torres on love you so much. We needed this. That was afraid. Shame beaver and we heard. We'll lose next games but final take when bringing it back. So if you're the guy who's eating up a a a thirty percent of the team salary cap then maybe just maybe you should Scheme it out well. But that's all. I got on the eagles all right so I'm gonna rattle these off. Because we're we're running up on time here and i wanna talk about the heat because i think we deserve to you about the. Yeah yeah so all right. So raiders. Losing to the patriots are six twenty Both new york teams are awful crash. adult Adam gase should not be working. Nfl ever again Let's see the The seahawks the cowboys. So russell wilson at gosh darn it man. Get that man and mvp. Tom brady and the bucks. Twenty eight ten over the broncos. The lines actually win a game so they beat the cardinals last minute. Field goal And of course patrick mahomes. Beating lamar jackson it love fraud jackson row quickly on that. Only madden curse. This you're on the cover of one of the worst madden's ever yeah. I watched the entire game. Because i was so anxious about finally winning a fantasy football that i watched. And i'll tell you this. It's more on gregg. Roman and john harbaugh for trying to be. Yes i know. Guys missed open catches or you know they. They miss catches that were easy to catch but still ninety seven yard. Just kinda bad. Just you got all these running backs running up. And i know your lines not that great. But i don't know what to tell you because if you take away the special team of duvenage getting that touchdown you were. It was not as close as looked offensively. So that's the thing you do. What made us fourteen to. How good are we also understand. That patrick mahomes is going on football. God level because he had to deep throws one of them was touchdown that he got belted. And he's still did it. I don't know. I don't know how he he owes me and amazes me and i would love to see him again in the playoffs for ties to get that redemption win. But it's not gonna happen. We'll get destroyed like thirty five. The two demo will get those safeties. I was cio team recovers from from all of this. Right they'll make an excuse alright so football done nba. Time charles francisco go jimmy butler bam by. I'll throw a token robin said. Just keep going down the list. How he is for trump. Yeah just mad. Audrey gelman andrea he. James and andre iguodala all the contents of the last decade in the nba finals man. What good what I mean fifth seed. Everybody counting us out. Once we faced off against milwaukee still counting us out already planning. The celtics lakers finals like the nba would've loved to have had but the heat. I ain't bout that the he are about changing the narrative from what everyone expects to be honest. I've told this I told this to you guys have told it to other people. I'm getting some nice strong. Two thousand four pistons vibes. I mean this is just a statistic just a team these are just a bunch of dudes. I getting it done. And jimmy butler the ultimate. A house will say. I'm not going to mince words here. you know philadelphian go fuck off with a ph all right. Every single. One of your franchises trash wires of trash. The sixers are trash. The trash the phillies trash every single one of your bottom feeders with a ph every single. One of your franchises. Jimmy butler wasn't the problem. In minnesota. he wasn't a problem in philadelphia. He wasn't the problem in chicago. He was the solution in miami. he was And and gust dwayne wade for recruiting jimmy butler to think you know when the the spat the infamous spat between the heat and weighed when he went off to chicago. Now's the the seeds of this happening. The beginning of this the love fest when wade finally came back here all that giving us the opportunity to get jimmy when philadelphia realized. They couldn't handle a man as you call him. Charles man. jimmy wasn't ready to play with boys. You wanna play with men. Guys who who doug hard and dug deep. I mean the bubble was built for the miami heat. I mean we all know the infamous Training regimen for the miami. I mean guys. Go in there. I got guys go in there in the worst shape of their lives and come out in the best shape of their lives guys were notoriously injured suddenly become magically healthy at a. You know you do. As soon as they leave miami they just become something. Different lays the marginal players do. They aren't the same they wished to be back. And this miami heat team man. I am so proud of these guys. I know that you have said that. Losing would be kind of painful superman faulted. But for me i i am. I think we're playing with house money. I honestly do these guys. You know what's more dangerous is a team. That really has nothing to lose the way they played these guys do not give a damn about your narratives about who's on the other side. And so that's why. I love these guys. These guys are just are just the team. They are the envy of the other teams in the bubble. The other team saw how these guys just hanging out with each other. It's just something different. The culture israel the culture israel. That's i mean that is my monologue. You can take it from here. So i'll come in across as the pessimist because i think you put in the optimism the concern. Is this cocky. Miami heat fan right. The concern is essentially that. We know we're not supposed to be here right. And we know. I guess it's the positive leading to negative. We know we're not supposed to be here because everybody fell in love with philly. Everybody fell in love with boston. Everybody fell in love with S milwaukee not doing anything but still getting all these accolades not doing anything and a year ago. I was like jimmy butler philly trash because you just kinda know certain things are systems and it doesn't work out but in miami you saw the rewards but it wasn't just jimmy itself. It was literally the team effort putting gordon in to the bench for the majority of the season and then putting him in as a starter. Poor kendrick nunn. I don't know what he maintenance program. I don't know what he did to piss him off off spo but this was the right choice. His play in the mobile game was not up to snuff it. But everybody's going to have certain things but that's smart coach. Who says i'm not gonna take the whole of the team. Just to validate a rookies feeling. Because a lot of other coaches. I feel do that. They shield they high. That's where the sixers were doing man. That's what many was doing. When they had conti townsend andrew wiggins and all these other things. They weren't going to acknowledge a team because they want to have the superstar. But as i think this would be a pat riley mantra. Why do i wanna superstar when all the sars light up the night. And that's what he's built you. I sorta got. You're allowed to steal that but just do it at acknowledged or show one time. Come on because i was so good. Even i got chills from it But we have built very good solid teams. Where they're not really. There might be some players who are great jimmy even going. I'm gonna say he's great because he's been playing lightsout but there's guys who are very good. There's no who's on that team. That's very bad very concerning. And then we look at the lakers. Inside from anthony davis and lebron james. There's a lot of very bad there kyle. Kuzma is your therapist. Or but he hasn't scored more than eleven points in the playoffs. Javale mcgee is javale mcgee. So there's gonna be a lot of coming in and he's gonna miss them a free throws and brick it out every now and then to white howard. Same thing joy. I like that. He's got a little bit of redemption going back to la and doing something. But besides that. Alex caruso man tyler. Herro begs the go get guarded by alex. Caruso w robson who has the highest three point. Shot percentage in the league going into the finals begs against alex russo. Who else you got so. That's the upside. That's the positive. Maybe maybe we could do it right. Like the little memes naming out this that that he didn't five right but then we get to negative reality. Concern is this the same answer that i would say to the lakers. The same answer. That i would give to. The heat is the bright light is a spotlight too. Big is their concerns. We don't have anybody on this team. That can kind of calm out of the storm of being a finals as a player. Now we know we got spo hell. We got pat. Who can have their to be on the floor. This is the first jimmy's gone. This is the for gorens. Gone tyler and bam bam. I know i did not mention but you mentioned enough of has ever since we were watching the game on the show and then the block. I know it's there but only one guy who can guard eighty or lebron whereas you go onto the lakers. Lebron has such a a chilling presence for being into the final and being able to make is not elevated. But stay in the moment. He did that and miami even when they knew they're gonna win. The first idaho was he telling. It's not over over non until the clock runs out and then he got a little happy and all that stuff but he has that. Angie do the same thing with cleveland when you had a lot of young guys Inexperienced who knew nothing but losing you know because he was saying we like. I don't like him but i noticed. His greatness cairo's loser. Kevin love was the epitome of loser. Right yeah like great. Because he's a tall. You know basketball. He was he was basically the project of what it last. The last of the of the cavs seem almost pulled out game. One when they shouldn't have even gotten near to winning the victory it was only just jr smith Being jr smith. I kind of ruin things for them. Towards the end they pulled off that the token one victory in a finals where they i mean they didn't win a game and they shouldn't have won a game but they almost won a game and that was the bra. And that's the whole and we talked about many many shows ago. So i can't give it to you but the importance of a veteran player on a young team is in a game of runs. You wanna tell them when to stop and wanted to keep going and lebron has laser. Focus the memes. Listen memes are basis of life because an acknowledgement. And i always one of my favorite ones are in the quarantine. Next time. i see my neighbor. He needs to have this intensity lebron in the finals with that kind of testing because it's laser focused davis has been playing fantastic. Frank vogel is a good coach. He had a short shrift in orlando because orlando's a badly run organization Now they got some consistency going on but they were kinda like limping anyways to the playoffs. Getting into the bubble anyhow. So that's my thought process on there but it's frightening because you're so close and i think why would hit me hardest. 'cause i feel this team can beat them at the match ups or well because okay bam bam we get eighty obviously i think jimmy being a man like janas who i'm whom i coach tells me. There's a big height differential. But jimmy's gonna be on lebron. And then you gonna come in granted. I don't know he. He's a little bit slower on that step. I wouldn't necessarily want him. Lebron but i think you need 'em lebron a little bit to understand the from both guys. Yeah yeah just up the end. Jae crowder has actually been playing out Very well these last couple of games. So maybe he can kinda get as long as our how you want be lebron let him shoot the threes. Don't let him try to go on the fast break and don't let them get like the easy to up in the post because each well but then. How does our bench compared to liquors. It's ten times better and you know spo. Here's the thing about smoke. Nothing in stone so he will play with those minutes to put goran leading the bench take are now and then you might have hero. Who has earned my concern about a hotshot is. He's a hotshot twenty year old. So for every time you go seven to thirteen at the at the three you might go four sixty right. I would hope that spo would learn to reel that end at some point and for the most part they have throughout this playoff. Run it all. I wanted to be as if we're gonna lose. Let it be competitive. But when you feel that in your heart of how this isn't like colorado rockies versus the red sox When you knew it was just over right no one was like iraqis it was the rockies fans that neo that felt that way but no one did i think that was what their second world series and they got after. They broke the curse. I don't remember the year. It was sweet. It was it was it. Was you know the rockies got lucky. They go from and then basketball terms if i can give you the equation. It's not something that had been recent. But i would say it was the magic versus the lakers. Because i did that was sweeper with that. Four one. I don't remember it's been so long but it was really just dwight howard and jamir nelson and by respect. You're not gonna be a player we forget but you could be. Let's all y'all but as a point guard who was like a hybrid shooter. You did what you had to do. But it was just inspired or something like all right. You could be like the metric. We're just avenue be here. This is great. Thanks guys for us. It's like if you think about the match ups. If you think about the coaching vote was also very smart. Lie history there. And even lebron says i'm not gonna take this personally. We as fans are taking it personally upon the empty. Because we're feel good. You left us. We know why you left us because we didn't want to spend more money we try to serenade shabazz napier. That was a bad move. We told you how we had a plan but then it was like. If i don't get paid i'm out you know and then i don't think they mesh well boss bosh you know. It was kinda like whistle blowing. Lobi like blondes. Very mean to me. Lebron be nice. We didn't give you the power that maybe you saw. I don't know he's i think he's one of the best generational players out there and i'll tell you right. Now you can say jordan on your want this is the ten vinyl and if you win a nother ring third different team being the catalyst and not a seat warmer man. That's us something. Because you needed phil jackson and i'm saying it for both the coby and for the jordan because you know it's always jordan kobe for a lot of people but yet nowhere do we get any them Tim duncan love makes no sense to me but the one thing we say about jordan side from the collins time he always had the same coach. Coaching him to the finals. Winning same thing with. Kobe always had the same coach files when with what was lebron. He had spo one in those aisles. He had Tyrod liu and now frank vogel. Does frank vogel speech you as one of the best if not the best. Nba coach out there now great as a defensive tactician but they hired jayson. 'cause they were planning on fire firearm midseason. So let's get somebody there for lebron tyron lou makes you feel good no because they fired dame black because they've like i don't like this guy i came from you know playing or coaching basketball in israel or whereas in europe. When i to get into it we don't do a superstars. We just average do so. We get tyrod employer. What's up and then we've spoke. Spo had a lot of black man with a early years. What go into it. Where they're like you're writing is usually go. And i enjoy his co. tails and then he's like he's just massaging egos but the reason why you want the heat. So yeah that. That's my blurb on lebron to win a third title leading it all the coaches and all the teams who's always aside from the heat days. He's always hampered and less of talent even when he wanted the cavs. I say that weren't as talented as he more. Because kyri by himself couldn't lead a team to a play-offs kevin love could not lead himself to class. Bosch do toronto wade won a title granted. We had shot but the lead the playoffs. But that was the most solitaire but for me. You want the heat. The wind and i know what. I'm stealing my time but there's an emphasis on it. It's not so much. Lebron gets to go against the team that he loved. It's the fact. Smoke can beat lebron to solidify why he is currently in the active league the second best coach and the nba. Because imagine that. And that's why. I you give a little faith to it because he knows lebron's a week. This is coach him for four years. Man all right. We'll see what goes down. It's going to be interesting. All right Landis game is manny. Ai is horrible. In this game they are just standing still now. All righty I gotta figure out a way to to end that all right so let's The to our mark here Just a quick aside real. mvp Wanted to give a shoutout to mark cuban. so if you guys don't know Delong tae west has fallen into hard times since he last played in the nba. That an understatement. Yes it's it's definitely not an understand. He's homeless now so I'm sure there's a list of how many how much money he had made over the course of his playing career and of course there was the controversy with lebron james and his time in cleveland but I think earlier this year and it's not it. This isn't a brand new thing. People have known that he's been He's fallen on hard times for a while. Now but i think social media has allowed it to go to a point where somebody finally decided to go and help them so Delight tate west. I mean he's been Is in his I guess spiral downward spiral has traveled from place to place and Consistently losing his money. He's he does have a mental health issue and i think and that that exacerbates the issues with drugs. He's having so bipolar polar. Ray he was. He was diagnosed bipolar while he was playing in the nba and He has refused to seek help for its or to maintain himself but Finally mark cuban just rolled up to a gas station somewhere in dallas fort worth area and pick them up and took them to enter him into rehab. I think the players association. I think former teammates are also going to try and chip it and help them. I know that he has a he had a Kids and i guess The mother of the children. I think they're all separated now but i hopefully. He gets the help that he That he needs and you know for anybody else out there struggling out there you know. Try and hopefully one can seek some help or have people around you that do help you out and You know good on mark cuban for doing that. A lot of people criticize him and stuff like that and and you can find the list of things to hate him for but he's a pretty damn good basketball owner arguably like top five. Yeah i mean just for the fact that he actually cares. That in and of itself is different in different for a lot of sports franchises of there's always the rumor that he buys into like a major league baseball team or something like that i think He's from pittsburgh so pittsburgh. Pirates fans are hoping he'll one day by the pirates because that could change the face of the franchise and there's a reason why i mean it's just the way he's conducted himself with the mavericks and what he's done for dallas so real. Mvp mark will look at that coming from miami fans. So all right. I we can go off to the cage right to finish this out now. We have to talk about so hit me with your best shot. Welcome everybody our weekly true plex. The cage with charles standards disclaimer as always wrestling is not fake. It is scripted. Is dances they walter his poetry emotion. It's charles's fund entertainment even times of aggravation because the evil man is vincent kennedy mcmahon. What's wrestling really about to me. It's about men and women chasing championships. Beating the holy hell of each other and some damn damn good. Can i say good soap opera storylines because degree soap opera to charles gentleman. G one climax is still going on for new japan wrestling. I really hope toriyama wins. Because he's basically a a comedy caricature in wrestling. And i love him. I love him. He wanted to king wrestling tournament with a little title that he has he faced Hiroshi tallahassee with like a blindfold on. It's basically looking at a benny hill. Skit shout out to him speeding it up because now loss of has happened yet. Wrestling's up with wbz a w. cody's back. He's got black hair. They're building up into it. We talked about being the lead. I watched a new one today. Not as funny but it's okay. The dark odor still makes me appreciative. There's going to be a mystery opponent. Tomorrow against jon moxley on dynamite. Because lance archer has the rona. So they're not gonna have his title shot on their wrestling's weird because in florida which is both were awa. Wwe or doing things were in full face three so we are on the strong possibility. That vince mcmahon and tony. Kahn's i put in some standards and procedures of how to deal with this interaction of their talent. Everybody in the mother is going to get sick as performers and charles is not going to be having a new wrestling. We're all going to be stuck watching old nine hundred ninety s w wwe raw era and then a ws just going to be thrown to the winds because that would kill them. I'll tell you that right now. If you do not have and i know i'm going a little bit offbeat and i usually go but that that hit me of the reality of the world today to be aid of you to be a year in trying to celebrate your year anniversary by making big title shots jar for john diverse lance archer as it imagine if that outbreak is mega. And you're not putting into the idea that talent works for us and that we are subservient to tnt and tbs and turn a corporation and what those consequences might be for what what happens with a typical network show even if you sign a contract If you have low consecutive ratings you get cancelled right. That's always a concern for shows like community barely survive and they had to go to the networks. That could be that too. There's no guarantees. They make their money through the advertisement routine. And now you know what now sports is over. Gentlemen now there's no. Nba basketball to advertise awa wrestling to people. So if you couldn't latch onto anybody then he's gonna not gonna help you. Then is the playoffs for mlb. Cbs has some games. Yeah but i don't. I i don't know if they would cross promoted that way but maybe you get it maybe I mean i like. I like wrestling and i like baseball. So maybe that kind of demographic does watch wrestling. All intensive disclaimers doesn't have a particular kind of person. It's not nascar. When i think nascar car i think of people with blue overalls that after a couple of jack daniels things. They're sisters attractive and that's me on nascar and granted. I know the stereotype. Nascar never appealed to me or wrestling. We're just kind of weird people. We either like sweaty men and leotards or stanley clarke women. It's okay that can be anybody right. It's twenty twenty. Let's just live with that. But you imagine what those consequences would be and also i mean ring of honor new. I mean japan handled it well enough to now. They're even doing live events. Visit muck it up because his thunderdome Contract over the mealy arena is expiring so what and then awa doing at jacksonville but you've had Positive tests and now kind of affected a little bit because you postponed a w heavyweight championship match by several weeks. And that. that's one. It's building. So i really hope. The murder hawks does not and i love his name but i really hope. The murder hawk does not lose that momentum and his storyline push but then who else could contract it right. Because what if it's your champions who contracted the big draw the wednesday night. War is an exceeded upping. Its game by having more titled offenses because they don't have a lot of paper. They got one next week. We're gonna see what the bill is in there. Maybe we'll talk about that briefly and then Awa doesn't have a lot of pay for view setup so imagine trying to watch a wrestling show. Well yes you get some good drama for non titles Matches a non title feuds. But if everybody's kind of sick and here's the thing it's not as if you got corona and then you're gone for one taping or without it can have lasting effects you have to be quarantine so it's not even really the two weeks as a talent. They might be gone for three weeks to a month. And so what right. What does that do was that. Do for your storylines. What does that do for the health of the performance because we talk about football. It's only matter of time that you know the these wrestlers they're doing excessively my hurt themselves so question of on that yes i see jimmy who so background whereas he about that a second for sure. But that's my thought process on a w. it's a slow. Burn as what happens every time. You have the per happened So they're going to build into it and we'll see what the realize there. I don't know what you're doing. Jericho i really wish. You had a little bit more of an idea. But it's kind of tough match. The highlight for dynamite. For last week eddie. Kingston versus john moxley put together last. Minute was pretty good. Moxley wins by tokyo. Eddie kingston and kingston big ups. A you man. I love your whole mentality. And i like the fact that you're with a view and getting this spotlight that you originally deserve. Nd guy was on impact was the manager for lax which also has santana ortiz over there in aew You gotta get going when the going's good right so big news. That's my other stuff wrestling. Classic champions this weekend gentlemen pay per view had a very on paper. It looks like a good car. But vince has a tendency of screwing. Plus there was some matches the had to take off because there was. Some people are sick. As vince says at least aws has the testicular fortitude. As mick foley would say to acknowledge gerona virus and say that there's corona. Vince will just have guys. Despite bobby route came back from raw last night. Is i've been sitting on my couch for seven months. It looks at bobby. Got to get back into shape. But i don't know what happened. You look good. But you don't look like bobby. Maybe it's because i haven't seen a long time but you know at least acknowledges that humanity because we understand escapism but don't insult my intelligence my intelligence so and so my sensibilities But clash of champions view. They had reshuffle some things. The women tag team titles are not defended. And then if you're the things going from there classes champions. Ideally it's a pay per view all championships are defended. We'll all championships. Titles usually are defend a pay per views except for the recent trend but regardless shinsegae's his are over salutes house party decent match pre show probably should have been a pre. Show the ladder match jeff. Hardy sammy zane. Aj siles. i absolutely loved it. The long bill de storyline was sammy's zane had relinquish his intercontinental championship that he won prior to wrestle mania that he successively defender wrestlemainia and had really because the rona siles won't in the tournament and then jeff hardy beat them so they kept going around and this reminds me of shawn michaels and razor. Ramon when they were unifying the intercontinental title because i had a very similar storyline. No cova concerns there and it ended in a ladder match a good home. Odds it's a triple threat yet. Three excellent talents. I came into it and you had some crazy. Jeff hardy team extreme still doing it basically wants to die for me by doing these stunts. Where he's doing swan bomb off of ladders onto the table and just me being a pleaser. People person. i'm willing for you to do that. Is i'm entertained because he's not always my cup of tea. But dammit man you've got me going. I was appreciative. But sammy zane won the title guys. And i loved it. What does that say. Do the great liberals event who's underrated. I'm glad that he's getting back. In the storyline he brought to handcuffs out handcuffs a many ladder to jeff hardy's ear lube or ear lobe because he had gauge and there was a hole there so he literally hancuffed it it was the gravy as they could've seen because i'm like oh man he's like coveted and then he hangs himself to. Aj styles so of asia was the climb the ladder. Sammy would weigh him down and ends with goofy ask. Jeff hardy coming in and hitting shared savvy with his ear. Lobe collected a ladder do that and then as age trying to fend off getting hit by it. Sammy brings out the keys on cops himself from aj and then gets the title bells. I loved it is. it's not even shmooze. it's just it's just wrestling's not sometimes the physical kubota. It is a intelligence space. You can have this whole idea. That you're wrestler could be smarter than the average bear especially. If he knows the surroundings i adore too. I love that match. It was almost maschler night. Let me get to the match tonight. But let me talk about other things. Their oscar for this lena vega it was. Okay ravi lashley cruz okay. Street profits which is angel garza and andrade botched because Angel garza hurt his calf In the match or my i've heard is hit. They haven't gone the emory but sri profits retain kind of ready for them to lose the title. bailey supposed to go against nikki. Cross nikki is not clear to compete. Which means probably rona so oscar came in but it and disqualification so sasha banks is back. She's been getting the hell. beat our by bailey. It's been a compelling storyline. Might actually be the main event for hell the cell in october. And they do it. I think it's the right move. Drew mcintyre vs randy or an ambulance match. I liked the match. I liked the ending To a degree. I don't think it made drew song. Why because ran his whole thing is he's been he paid for. Since basically 'cause big show came out and interfered shawn. Michaels came out sweet chin. Music christian came out and beat up randy low bit all throughout the duration and for Drew mcintyre to put randy into the ambulance match. Wave them off. Here's the thing if he needed to rick. Flair was driving. Famous is great if he needed three legends to help out drew retain the title. Does that make sure look strong know where they purposely helping to retain no. It's not like they're in. A faction was just we want to get in on randy but it hurts a little bit in the purposes of storyline. How're you supposed to be this big bad ass if you got to have the big show interfere in christian interfering shawn michaels interfering so it's a stop-start push it's gonna end soon. I think they're going to be in house. So i ran retains i don't see the purpose of drew's guy lose. It's okay nobody the whole title forever unless you're see him punk hawaiians about it but no one gets a hold the title forever but the match of the night gentlemen i love me storytelling. It's beautiful and storytelling could be in the move set and the injuries that you're hitting on our series telling because just the emotion and the rawness and that match tonight with the tribal chief roman reigns going against his cousin who so gentlemen. The promos have been fire. Swag oil. I should send promise i already sent you. One ba roman seals. Her has been chef's kiss. it's like drinking. Cheer wine when your favorite team has won the stanley cup. It is an good throughout the match. Roman trash-talking was just a delicious. He like you trying to get on this level. I've been on this level of my whole life. I felt that man. I felt that. I'm texting. My buddy you know. He's my paralegal came. Because we have. I have wrestling nicknames for everybody. You call the trump up charles. But you know he's the he's the one the only original. I'm watching it rise at the guy. That's exactly what it kind of felt like right. So part of the best storytelling wrestling the doc component and part of the great storytelling. The underdog is making the. He'll feel like that. Nothing's gonna hurt him so they kinda played into it and then jay got a little hot. Jay was getting some your fault because roman is so good now at making of kicking out at the two point nine eight when is about to hit the met. 'cause i got i got enthralled. I got captivated i got brought in guys. 'cause there was a moment that i thought had i popped a little bit and the romans just beating the holy hell album and there's a point where j hit the musso splash on him. He's going for the pin and roaming kicks out but he kicks out with his left arm. That is between jays legs and is also a low blow. So it's the idea that it's a low blow chidi and you kicked out of it so you had to go to dirty tactics on your family on your family right. Just as feared acknowledged acknowledged. Keep acknowledgeable anyone do having jimmy twin who comes out. And he's like you want to throw in the towel don't do it. He's like acknowledged me and he's like argue. That jimmy hasbro the as you don't do it man. He's a punk. Don't do south you know he can't win getting that you know custard last band kinda sensation john marston. Red dead redemption. I'll go down but roman refusing opinion but his four feet of his. His whole thing is earned. That heyday and get that adds. We're going to give you me as your teeth. Trash-talk who was just beautiful because i the tactical maj as a match the wrestling with average. But i was so enthralled and that little ray the flowers on state i loved it. 'cause now he's a trooper who who good. It's the match that you show people. Because i can give you a match of pure heading. It's the match i can give you. That is pure techno wrestling daniel bryan versus anybody really samoa. Joe and then you get the matches as just storytelling motion. And it's that match. It reminds me of bread. Heart verses owen are. I mentioned that in the lascaux if they do this right it feels that kind of way. be used as the audio is playing over. Something happen on a completely now. I i mean it's okay. I was just kind of you know wet dream about wrestling my my late night. Podcast segment gentleman But i loved it personally. I thought it was good. It was a great match the paper he was good and i'm excited. What they do with from from here. Are you gonna continue with the fiend or are you going to give jay one last. Stand against cousin. Because i'm invested for for another month only one more month and then we'll redo it but that's that's what i got for you guys this week in the cage are then. I think we covered pretty much. Everything so by. Don't have anything more to say. Thanks you and freddie for joining us andrew you still alive. Are you back there. I don't even know anymore. He might have gone he disappeared. He's so drunk on that to your wine. Yeah he's probably buying lightning jersey at the moment. Well either way. I'm signing off everybody. We'll see guys next week. Hopefully the marlins raising yankees all make it to the next round. Hopefully alright i know. Take her get adds another andrew. Maybe he's out already. Well thanks for dealing with me for being late dogs better. I'm gonna go get some.

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