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"From NPR News. I'm Jack Spear Helicopters were used again today to rescue people trapped by flames as wild fires continue to burn in California's Sierra National Forest. Fire's chewing through bone dry terrain there after Labor Day weekend that set new heat records. Latest rescues come after more than 200 people have to be airlifted out of fire zones over the weekend. California seen a record two million acres scorched already this year and the worst of the wildfire season is yet to come. California Governor Gavin Newsom says he believes global warming and storms or playing a major role when you add Two. The Lightning strikes the fact you have 150, plus million dead trees related to a five plus year historic drought in the state of California. Yes, I conclude climate change profoundly. Is impacted the reality that we're currently experiencing the U. S. Forest Service's 14 firefighters and bulldoze Our operators were hurt today while battling a wildfire in central California. George's secretary of state, says his office is investigating about 1000 people suspected of voting twice in that state's June primary. Those votes would not have changed the outcome of any races but is a mule Moffett of member station WSB reports record setting demand for absentee ballots this spring led to delays and confusion. According to Georgia officials. 150,000 voters who cast ballots by mail still showed up at the polls for the primary about 1000 were allegedly allowed to vote again, Secretary of State brand raffles, Berger says. Regardless of whether people intended to vote twice, they still broke the law. But Jonathan D. S with a nonprofit campaign Legal center says the announcement undermines voter confidence. You know, it's alarming that election officials, you know, make these big proclamations about the commencement of an investigation with no riel evidence and no results. No conclusion under Georgia law, people who vote twice face up to 10 years in prison. In a $100,000 fine for NPR news. I'm Emil Moffett in Atlanta Police chief of Rochester, New York, has resigned less than a week after a body camera video was released, showing the police restraining a black man who later died. James Brown of member Station W x X. I reports Police chief Laurent Singletary remains defiant. Singletary has been under fire since the video of Daniel proves arrest became public. Police found proved nude in 30 degree weather, restrain him in the middle of street and put up back known as a spit shield over his head. He lost consciousness and died a week later. In his resignation letter, Singletary wrote that he would not quote sit idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character. He also said that his actions surrounding proves death were wrongfully miss categorized. And politicized. Activists and Rochester have alleged to cover up the city's mayor. Lovely, Warren says. It'll be difficult to replace Singletary for NPR news. I'm James Brown and Rochester. You're listening to NPR and from KPCC news on Nick Roman with the stories we're covering its 704 with okays from public health officials, they Lohse Alamitos Unified School District Welcome Children back to elementary school classrooms. Today. KPCC is Carla Javier Air was there Matthew Goldschlager has 1/5 grader in the second grader at Rossmore Elementary, he says, socially distance drop off did feel safe, if not a little awkward. The thing that stood out to me was going to give them goodbye kisses with masks on For now. Half of the students attend in person in the morning and the other half goes in the afternoon. I called up Weaver elementary teacher Stacey Schmitz. During the short breaks in between, to enter her classroom, the kids had to get their temperatures checked and wash their hands and they all had masks. Usually she'd start by gathering them on the carpet as she reads Chicken chicka boom boom. But this year there at separated desks. She says. At that age, they pretty much want to follow the directions for the most part, so I felt very comfortable clothes. Alamitos is the first public school district to reopen with a waiver in Orange County. I'm Carla heavier. It's an animal's gotta blow tonight. We're under a red flag warning. Millie County Fire Captain Ron Harrelson says they've learned to be ready. That basically means having additional resource is in pre deploying those resource is meaning. Relocating them to areas where high fire danger and they're prone to get brushfires means neighborhoods in the foothills and canyons and Malibu. Santa Clarita places, bro. NDA wildfires to wildfires burning now The Bobcat above Monrovia in Arcadia, 10,300. Acres Thie El Dorado above Oakland, nearly 10,600.

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