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"About your life. You divide your life between Saint Petersburg and Saint Petersburg Florida and you said you sail the the Mediterranean half the time. Tell me about that will to research this book. I committed to spending almost a year sailing around the Mediterranean and going from PORT TO PORT EATING AT LITTLE MON PA cafes and shopping in all the markets and buying food and and and researching why I do people in the Mediterranean lives along. Why do they have such better health? Wire the you know at eighty five and ninety still vibrant and out shopping every day and I it was you know I was. You can't do it from Saint Petersburg Florida as much as a and and I have to admit it was pretty darn appealing to to go to Europe and sail on sail boat from Port to port for basically almost a year. See a living on your sale living on Heftier here at home and then for for the last couple of years for this book half the year on the boat. How'd you get to be such a good sailor? I grew up sailing. I raised competitively as a kid and I had the job for a little bit in college. Summer as a sailboat captain in France. And so you have written. This book called the Mediterranean method. Your complete plan to Harness Ernest power of the healthiest diet on the planet. So we've been hearing about the Mediterranean Diet for long time now. What made you decide that you wanted to write another book about it? Well you're right. I mean since the nineteen fifties with Keys and then you know the in the nineteen nineties there was St St Leonhard study that came out and that really changed my career as a physician in the early one thousand nine hundred ninety s when the first time ever for every twelve people. Oh you had followed the American. Instead of the American Heart Association Diet the Mediterranean Diet You could prevent one heart attack and stroke for every I mean that was like the as is powerful has taken an aspirin more powerful than taking statin cholesterol meds. That kind of helped change. My career is the Mediterranean Diet and he came out saying that that was that good for your heart and then just in the last couple of years. There's been another very large Mediterranean Diet premed out of Spain once again showing if if you follow a low fat diet versus if you're randomized to a Mediterranean diet where we add more olive oil and more nuts you reduce the rate of heart attacks and strokes. They also showed that you had less diabetes less cancer on you're less likely to have memory loss and even your cognitive function improved so I mean we should make it clear. You've written a book with recipes but you are a medical doctor. I started in family medicine but I've been publishing with the American Heart Association and Doing Research Studies since the early one thousand nine hundred fellow right. How hard tell me? I've been how to promote heart health. How to prevent heart disease has been a big part of my background? And I'm you know with the Department of Family Medicine here at USF the The twist that you have in your book is that your. You've got a little bit low carb because when I think of Mediterranean also and I think if Italy I'm being a lot of pasta slot of bread dipped in oil pizza bread. You know French bread those solidify myths. That isn't how people eat every day like in Italy you know. Why talion so much slimmer than us? Yet they pasta him more often than we do. Yes Oh we're on. We're on the verge of reaching the fifty percent obesity rate within the next ten years in the. US towns are much lower than that that they have as an appetizer. A little tiny portion on salad plate and then they have the main course with with vegetables beings protein so when we pasta. It's this huge platter. So we've kind of lost our portion control is it's like the never ending. I always feel we're GONNA get a big bowl of pasta. I'm eat and eat any en eat and I haven't made a dent in so they do give us big ball so in Mediterranean method. You'd be eating three read afford to five bytes pasta if you had pasta and then you'd go on and have the rest of your dinner okay. So you're twist then as you call it is low glycemic to explain what low glycemic blow They've done analyses. Really look at when you eat food. How much does your blood sugar jump after eating of serving food food? That's glycemic load glycemic load blood sugar rise from a serving of food and they've compared all these different foods and they've been able to analyze it and they realize lies that some foods have a lot higher Jump in blood sugar level than others like bread inch table. Sugar are almost the same exact score. Does that mean they have the same effect on. Your Oregon's is on your body eating bread and eating table. Sugar is really the same thing I mean texture texture wise from our perspective. They taste different but they have the same biological impact. Your Body looks at it. And the number one cause for both heart disease and for memory loss and diabetes and aging for that matter is blood sugar control so we really don't want to so it's not cholesterol like we've been thought for years but we realized blood sugars the number one cause for all of these case. So why aren't you outing. The Kito Genyk Diet which which is no carbs and it's because it's nutrient deficient you're GonNa get old before your time it's a short you know the Keno Diet is a great way to lose weight quickly clearly but unfortunately you oftentimes usually gain it all back so you feel like this is a more moderate term or effect. I wouldn't say moderate. This is more reflective when they've looked at one year weight loss studies. A Mediterranean diet was asked. Is the Paleo low. CARB KETO diets for one year ear weight loss. Okay so we've been talking about what not to eat not to eat the bread and the sugar and big big portions of Pasta but a Mediterranean food is delicious. So what are you touting in this book what are the. What are the recipes Promoting well. Let's look at. What's the heart of the Mediterranean? Eating plan you know. We're talking about cuisine. That comes from Spain. France Italy Greece Turkey Northern Africa. And then you know even extends beyond on that to Portugal and other places where there's influence so we're talking vegetable fruit beans nuts olive oils predominant minute cooking oil that we lots of herbs and spices far more than we use especially garlic and Italian herbs and French herbs and things of that sort red wine with a meal red wine in moderation not really much other forms of alcohol a little bit of dairy some poultry. There's this probably mostly sleep free range poultry in contrast to coming from you know factory farm There's not a lot. What do they not have? They don't have preservatives. They don't have have much red meat. They do have whole grains but the when they've done analyses and they looked at the Mediterranean diet grains provided the least benefit of all the components opponents of the Mediterranean Diet. And if you follow do the combination of Mediterranean foods and low glycemic you get. That's the the Best Combo for reducing memory loss for reducing heart disease for extending longevity. So what's your favorite recipe in here. There's only now I want to say. This is not really a cookbook. You explain what the Mediterranean method is. You explain that it's good for your heart. It's good for your memory Utah. You break break down a lot of of methods of how to keep the Mediterranean Diet and then at the back there are fifty fifty recipes. My favorite recipes are in here. So you're asking. What is my favorite child? That's a tough one But no I would maybe the Pie. Because it's I've changed should I can't with the low glycemic version of it so instead of Pie in Europe is usually a- too big a portion of rice and we do it in the US. It's even of course a bigger portion Shanab rice ear so I tried cauliflower rice and it was delicious it cut the cooking time in half so it was quicker to prepare less time. I am Equally delicious and I. I love that recipe because it's so Mediterranean seafood with herbs and spices. The Way Hey it's prepared it's like is simple good quality ingredients put it together and it tastes fantastic. And it's really good for you so I know you are are talking about eating a lot more seafood Which in Florida? We shouldn't be that hard for.

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