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"sri szekely" Discussed on Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast

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"sri szekely" Discussed on Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast

"The blue sky mausoleum is one of three Frank Lloyd Wright memorial sculptures in the world. Yeah. Have you seen it? I have not seen it in person. Because when I was there they had was that two thousand four. Yeah. They had the. Darwin Martin house that I was interning yet. They were like, oh, yeah. This just went up because I think I was I was entering their two thousand six so no, I didn't actually get to go and see. It force lawn is very big my dad used to run through there when we still lived in the buffalo in the city of buffalo. He would go run through there because it's Frederick olmsted designed park slash cemetery. And it's very beautiful. And there are a lot of famous people there, and I'm sure you will mention one of them. I will tell you include president Millard, Fillmore politician. Shirley, Chisholm singer, Rick James. Yes, Anson Goodyear. The first president of MoMA Darwin d Martin said Willis carrier, the inventor of air conditioning, and many many many many mayors of buffalo. I'm looking through the list, and they're just like little blow. Maybe you're buffalo. Yeah. We'll Rick James. I one day. I went out there. And I was like bitch. I'm gonna find that Rick James. Like tombstone forest lawn from what I remembered does not have the have a map like full out map. But they don't have like here is where. That kind of thing. So you have to kind of find it, and I was expecting more from Rick James state like I was expecting to be like covered in glitter be like flashy. It was just like a nice black granite tombstone say Rick James, it does say Rick James. I think it's like Richard quotes, Rick James musician, blah, blah, blah. It's it's very unobtrusive. It's not huge. And I saw Miller Fillmore, which is a little bit more. He's got like a column in all sorts of fun stuff. But it's a very beautiful cemetery, and we should go. We should go to forest lawn, and then we should go to the inauguration site. Agreed. So. One more in America wanted to tell you about is mount Mariah cemetery in deadwood, South Dakota. So deadwood was named after the dead trees found in its culture in the entire city is a national historic landmark district for its well preserved gold rush era architecture by tradition. The American flag flies over the cemetery. Twenty four hours a day rather than merely from sunrise to sunset, it's the resting place of while Bill hickok. Oh is the well-known gambler and gunslinger who participated in many shoot outs. So when wild Bill hickok died. He was holding a pair of aces and eights and that series of cards became known to poker players are all around the world as the deadman's hand, also claiming Jane, so she was born Martha Jane canary, she was tobacco spitting beer. Guzzling foul mouth woman who preferred men's clothing into dresses hell ya and also like my favorite name of anybody. I've ever heard from the old west gosh ready. Yes. Potato creek, Johnny. Yes. Be creek John all take creek, John Parrott, he's paying and potato creek. When he found a leg shaped gold nugget. And the nugget was reportedly the largest piece of gold ever found in the black heels lucky prospector became an instant did with login known as potato creek. But. Cree potato creek, Johnny. I love that. So he's buried there. He's buried their odd bless him. I don't know what happened to his nugget. But. Other cemeteries across the globe. You got lake low Recoleta cemetery and win Aries. Argentina contains the graves of notable people, including Eva Perron presidents of Argentina Nobel prize winners, the founder of the Argentine navy and a granddaughter of Napoleon and twenty eleven the BBC held it as one of the world's best cemeteries and in twenty thirteen CNN listed among the ten most beautiful cemeteries in the room. Also in South America. The memorial network poll ECU Manica, Brazil, okay, it's one of the first places to implement a vertical cemetery concept. What how it is thirty two stories high. It was built an eight in nineteen Eighty-four and it currently holds the Guinness world record for the tallest cemetery. Okay. Sri szekely. It's like a high rise building filled with dead people dead people. How is there not a horror movie about that yet? That's she work on it too. High rise working title working..

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