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"sri staples center" Discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

"I know wells yeah do you have to you i love mugabe's look i mitch broaded out mm the second annual askyb all the afraid classic is a premier college basketball showcase her run across sri staples center you're going to have a five pm on this friday you'll have st john's going up against number sixteen arizona state university that 730 oklahoma taken on number 25 you as see it at ten your nightcap will be number twenty tcu going up against number 22 nevada's so again things are available staples center box office or take take a galaxy if you de more information go check out hoop hallcom somebody will be in the building with his team st john's is mitch richmond hall of famer champion here with us and mitch that we gotta keep it lowkey or talk about these young guys lakers obviously lonzo ball was the biggest conversation over the last four or five months when he was finish in college and rewards during the draft uh you know season i don't know if you've got a chance that you've been coaching have you had a chance really see him at every once the wall are tuning in but you know you so you get so involved with the college game but i always try to keep potato be in the know of what's going on with the nba you can even add in your time if you see him last year ucla gently as well what are your thoughts on him as just kinda where he is now in then maybe the hope around have used you've been in a row within with all of what the nba college for thirty years is as someone else who compare with like the buzz in the aura surrounding him.

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