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"sri coke" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

"Well let's get back to the Great Gildersleeve. His neighbor Rumson bullard started. Being pleasant to him. Are Crafty water. Commissioner suspected that something was amiss he was right. The midst turned out to be his girlfriend. Catherine Milford Grinning at me while he steals my girl turncoat. Your I knew was up to something. I Think Gossiping. Pv's and cool off the coke PBC goodfellow to talk to. You always makes you feel better guys. I won't let him know I'm worried. I just let him snapped me out of it. Without knowing what he's doing you know can do for you today. I stopped in for a coke and chat. Pd ran you on. I coke is five cents in chapters Sri Coke very speedy man relaxed chat about nothing in particular. A friend of mine was a little concerned about losing his girlfriend. Cain SEEMS UNSCRUPULOUS. Neighbour has been dating my friends girl behind his back. You been taking boat rides in the moonlight in fact. They're going voting late this afternoon. What's wrong with that? You wouldn't advise this friend of mine to worry about it. Would you together this baby? You want an honest answer or do you want me to tell you know. I don't want you to tell me anything. I'm just asking very friend of mine. Yeah and I know what you're thinking you think I'm the person involved. Do you believe for one minute that Catherine Milford would throw me over for a boat ride on grass lake. Here she comes. You might ask her you. Pd dropped the subject. Mr Baby you know friends throckmorton Morton Catherine I can I do for you? Miss Malvern. I'd like some Suntan Lotion ongoing bullying on grass. Lay coincidence. Mr Jealously was just telling me about a girlfriend of a friend of his WHO's going boating on grass mate. He I think he's a particular brand of Suntan Lotion. Milford Well Catherine if you decided to go boating in the daylight instead of the moonlight. We're doing vo late afternoon and evening. This one is a great favourite with ladies very soothing. And tell me. Is it a line. Spidey caffeine just a small group. Say to think there'll be several couples rack more good. What about this Lotion MR PD? A lot of people use it at the beaches. I've seen people putting it on themselves and even putting it on each other..

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