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It's Been a Super Busy Week for the Switch - NVC 479

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It's Been a Super Busy Week for the Switch - NVC 479

"My name is Tom Marks temporary host again this week joining me today is Mr Brennan Graber Hey what's up and Mr Jonathan Dornbush this episode of Nintendo voice chat is brought to you by twitch hello everybody and welcome to Nintendo voice chat hard if you have let's go with the mouth is not exactly like a preorder bonus it's like if you play at the beginning of the game much going on we're getting into the busy fall season so a pair isn't here. Brian is busy with a preview Casey just got back from Japan shoes at Nintendo Live Zach is in La Janet is in Seattle it's just like everyone is when we wish him well there but yeah not a ton but there are some cool things to discuss here the first being I feel like it's become a weekly tradition on this show Tuesday hey there's new pokemon stuff were in that cycle where there so pika chew if you have data and this is the kind of interesting to me if you have data from let's go Pika Chew you can transfer that and get a p really big if you have a and this is the weird thing a specific po come on that can gigantic Max will show up with a different look to the get you bet gigantic Max's into this very fat Pika Chew reminiscent of its first Iteration Husky boy yeah like pokemon yellow box art yeah yeah exactly end long mouth hand along we also got a weird flaming charred I think somebody pointed out this is the fourth alternate news so we're GONNA be talking about recent reviews for switch or the biggest ones of this week sorry Jonathan did you have a point to make up oh thumbs up similarly if you have data from let's go easy you get this very flu fee ev that gigantic taxes lucky boy yeah there's also chart I don't think they mentioned how you get that charge it would be the saddest thing to skulls the other thing they showed was butter free that just kind of look like it had bigger prettier wings so it'll be interesting to see I like that they're doing unreleased things every week they're really getting people going hype and people up by adding just need a little bits and pieces this week we got fat peak itchy Cha hey just give us a minute all right yeah give it some time let will grow on you this episode four seventy nine it's kind of weird week this week because there's a busy busy week so I got some good good friends we're going to be we've got a good show for you still we're GONNA be talking about some recent news older there's not a ton this week we're also talking about a would there has been attend this week is review we just got a lot of great stuff talk about this laid back episode and for the first thing we want to talk about let's talk to start jumping in with with news because there's there's even a thumbs up domino is off to a great start already got a busy week for releases there's a lot coming out so be sure to stick around yeah to get something different out of it I like a lot I don't necessarily think it's going to convince any of the people who were not convinced by dynamex her show but it it at least is a nice little added touch klay early you get this meow that will turn into basically long we had like mystery gifts that they would send out a mail and so it's probably me some of them like hey tune in for the next it was my worry when they showed that something like it's just GonNa look weird doing fun stuff with it especially when you're introducing a new thing that all of the previous pokemon generation and have added bells and whistles and tried to shake things up especially recently when it comes to battles but there can always be a little bit of trepidation so I think giving this nice visual incentive to for I just really like buying Char's dragon yeah people like charter charter school so these gigantic tax forms which basically means if certain pokemon that dynamex which means getting gone up as a Thursday morning when we posted this show she got to play the first ninety minutes of Sword Shield and did a big old hands on a fourth version because there's the charred mega ex mega y and then now this guy which is gigantic Max journalists more than Lynn it's interesting to see this this thing where it's like only specific only this mouth can do this only this Pika chew that is from the let's go peek data can do this not just any Piquiachu that's an interesting little mechanic that they're adding in the other thing I wanted to call out is our very own Janika who's away right now did a hands on preview oh to play Super Nintendo games properly but you still need the game right you still need the games they're very against emulating games they WANNA make hardware that will run those games and farm heroes game your summer chart here's a winter charges charter just having like an identity crisis trying to figure out like who's the true Char's are I think people two months to get your you know crazy haunts the forearms right answers Cuban who's always not depressed finally happy happy of a gym yeah it was simple and so she she got some genuine time from what I hear is a major player in this game yeah as of news that dropped that I was really interested to see God people more excited than I was expecting manufacturable analog who are known for making these super not which is a system that hardware emulates so that you can play Super Nintendo Games on it it's not essentially it mimics a super nintendo they just announced something called the analog pocket which is looks like a fancy little gameboy pretty much and it will play Gameboy Games game boy color games and ask that they're shaking up the the Dinah maxing tickets flavor yeah nice yeah it's not just we took the model and we stretched a right homeboy advanced games and you again you need the cartridges this is actually playing these things but it'll play these systems or these games just out of the gate you just plug in the Trajan works except it has three point five inch LCD screen that's sixteen hundred by fourteen forty resolution and the whole thing is to hun this but we fight a battle every moment on this show now just not slipping away from that so yeah go check out our program on previous preview on Dot com right now another blue should be but yeah I talked to Janet a bit too not to like speak on her behalf please go check out our preview but yeah as she was telling me about what she saw she seemed pretty positive on like if these games are more easily accessible in a legal way to buy and obviously you know a lot of game stops and other stores have older libraries but man I would play the things it's maintaining but also trying to off the formula right she caught it I think she called it like their most ambitious game in the series which is cool here adding digital we'll do that so many of my old games like I spent so much time on my gameboy advance foundational to my love of games but this is a really cool tool for collectors or people my gameboy advance S. P. it's one of my great childhood tragedies that I had to throw it out at some point in a move yeah I like the design of how sleek it is but and then you plug the analog pocket into a doc and you can connect a bluetooth controller to that and then play your game boy color or Gameboy advance or gameboy games on a t an SP version or an advanced version words or horizontal vertical right I mean DSP is the undisputed best game boy so I on so go check out I G M dot com to read her thoughts on on her time with game after having spent some actually significant time with because we have played at three but it was just real brief it and I really WanNa play one of the Games but I can't so this is like ooh this could be a workaround that will be nice the one thing I'm kind of I don't know if I will buy it for two hundred dollars mostly because like my gameboy advance S. P. I don't have any of my gameboy library anymore right and that's like the big sticking point for me is like go straight to I'm telling you early in the first five minutes I will roll you out of here on that very easy on this floor it really is it's very slippy you guys don't see like if the design it's making that that original gameboy look but it's a lot more sleeker but I would have almost wanted a taking that extremely accessible to do yeah yeah I think like ten game boy games on me so the price point is an issue the thing is this is coming in two thousand twenty some time and it's going to have a separate thing that you can buy also that is a doc like the switch where you can plug your gameboy game into the analog pocket well it's very it's very cool I just like elected they're doing this I I really appreciate analog doing stuff even if the price point is our topsy turvy much like sonic in a monkey ball you saved it bananas turning to rings while You're playing sonic it's the classic sonic design from generations and above the range that I would be paying WanNa pay for it it's a it's still going to be really nice thing for the people who do go after that and can't afford it price point like I understand it especially for the people who probably do have collections and are like willing to shell out because of how useful and modern of piece of equipment this is way back yeah oh teddy release system the Gameboy back the analog pocket you can check it out for yourself we've got more details on Jan moving on there's a couple of other things sonic is coming to super monkey ball banana blitz hd this is the master of the we game is that rain thing service yeah so goofy yes so that's it I mean I don't know if I'd ever want to play a game boy game on a four K. TV but it's cool that they're just we like a switch basically it's much more elegantly than the Gamecube gameboy adapter young into the bottom of the system. So funny I still have one of those I I had racing games or now this just everything in their library I would love like obviously there it seems like they're testing the waters with banana blitz if people are interested held onto all these things to play these games easily on a piece of tack that's not you know decades old at this time and the really nice for yeah so this is another abilities you're already one of us join in live at twitch dot TV twitch river a half pepperoni half mushroom a seventy thousand people watch it's a place where you can find wrappers free styling around the clock Bob Ross boy also have pairs giant Goodie bag true game boy games steel for oil there's just get a bag of game boy games in a pile and like picking one out it's like this painting happy little clouds and trees pro football players on the field and going full royale on the battlefield even goldfish in their bowls oh snuff the world is an incredible place but some places have more than their fair share of still in the franchise as a thing and I would love a switch super monkey ball like a brand new one yeah I agree I would be it would be very nice thing to see but for now people I I was I would just take new monkey ball like it's great to have sonic in there and obviously like his love to do like stars and a lot of their games whether it's like the the let's move on to our main topic for this week which is just talking about some of the reviews that the stuff you're into and doing it all together so if you're into gaming live sports karaoke and endless talk about exactly what came out a little later on but the first thing I want to talk about if you've been noticing Jonathan's power to keep himself standing on a seats a success have happened because this has been a busy week I said this last week that this week has had some some big ones coming out we and we're going to bonus like twitch where a sixteen year old can play fortnight and walk home with three million dollars or a pizza man can playing street fighter and it's all just another day on twitch place where you and the people all over the earth just like you are on they're doing all the big boys table you've also got like a very haunting red light anyway I almost fell on camera I was I was looking up a banana oh wow castle or like oh well beauty and the beast for gameboy color copies of Sri Castle the castle real I didn't know this was a thing yeah those those muscles come from your time with Ring Adventure Jonathan you reviewed ring fit adventure for I did and I am still sweating from it playing roughly at the least half hour in a day and at most two hours in the day I've been trying to play it with the mentality of it my everydollar what excited I do have a an sp on my desk that cannot hold a charge for battery I lost the chargers is what we have taken sonic and a capsule I do like that they're adding things yes I always appreciate when we masters you know they don't have to reinvent the wheel but forces it's kind of funny thing like it's cool more cameos monkey ball will we we can we can it but how does it feel to have spent a bunch of time with it and how much time did you spend yeah for sure so I've been playing for about I'd say it's like two ish weeks I think it's been I've been meant to be played day by day over a long period of time well it's essentially similar to actual workouts building habits right it's about doing a little bit every day rather than artist's rendering of events so what did you say what what did you get this game seven point seven point eight very good yeah spent so much time with it and I think I've been playing at the way it was intended to be played right I don't think this is a game but if you're going to play this game like a new RPG great and you're going to try to power through it Adam election wheel yeah thank you we'll two point oh so that was about all of the news we had this week like I said a little bit of a lightly week but also some pretty with it so about eighteen hours in total I haven't for reference finished the main campaign we talked a little bit about dozens mentioned in my review I haven't finished the campaign other things but it lets you change that fulfils too difficult or too easy and you can always adjusted any point so if you're feeling really out of it but like you're like I just WanNa play a little bit today Oh you did spend playing you know I'd say I spent three hours one day because I was doing some capture for the review and all that stuff and after that like the next day I just couldn't play because your fitness level is but it does allow you to change that at any time it basically has a level like one to thirty of fitness and it tests you out with just a couple quick steps based on your age and legs were so sore oh I can't do my job right now because it hurts physically like a weird thing physical limitation snus over the world and I don't know if his darkness was like the goal was to entrance everyone into being like his fitness slaves or to make everyone unfit like it's not clear I believe so so sonic is GonNa be unlikeable character Oh my goodness Jonathan you almost felt so good this is a really weird place for me to be sitting right now yeah you're not going to be the probably bump it down for a day you could pump it up if you really want to struggle because the interesting thing is it isn't art the main adventure is an RPG here's another thing sure I won't smash let's start that campaign that would be I mean we've got like season two of this like literally anything like whatever hours it takes me even if you bumped the difficulty all the way down you won't have fun like this game is not meant to be played like RPG spend twelve hour session to this is a game that you're playing through your this character who essentially you find a mysterious ring and the rings I hey dude pull me or whatever I that's concession for the day I'm a little bit of elapsed Jim Rapid I used to go every day and so roughly spend forty five minutes to an hour at the gym so I've been spending about that amount of daily what he wanted at the start because he's a bodybuilder is it yeah he loves to work out so that it would be weird if his goal was make everyone sit around on the couch and eat potato accidents unleash drago the buff bodybuilding dragon from the box art on the world he was trapped in the ring who is his friend but imprisoned him because he was worried about him spreading his you punch on a brick wall let's test it out right now one right there can only in actually the fake brick wall from the other set that'll probably physically demanding workout I was surprised and very much impressed by how much it forced me to step up my game and it's pretty good about knowing where you are oh that's very cool you've been spending how many how much time did you spend with it what's the deal with it because you don't know this is the fitness game that had the ring that we were all laughing about basically a pilates ring in a game in coins to buy new clothes which unlock better stats there's a skill trees like there's a lot of things that sound very rpg but it's all done through fitness you that's not how you work out exactly not GonNa go to the gym and work out for twelve hours yeah to me whatever you do in your free time look look listen I'm it sounds like I said a weird thing the dialogue in this game we'll get to that in second but anyway in like Cliche One oh one of RPG's you it's a series of different worlds that are each spread into a series of different levels that you progress through as you go on you gain new exercises is you gain access to new recipes for new smoothies and soups which are the potions there are side quests in their their little mini games you can access or actual fitness exercise the concept kind of scares me a bit because when I play an RPG and I get to the final boss bring like ring like the horror film just ring yeah and he's basically like your trainer slash fitness companion come on we gotta go through this and much since it is at the end of the day like impartial to what's going on in the real world right it can only present you with as much information as possible and it doesn't really good job of that like for example and so it's silly thing but the game is really good about in terms of like fitness accurate accuracy it really cares about your forms I want you to do more quickly popping up and down but in terms of those twenty twenty-five you could take two minutes you could take ten to finish them like if it's really a struggle for you over like don't just try to do fifty squad as quickly as possible like Ben Correctly and make sure your body is properly positioned and make sure you're breathing well and make sure you're taking your flee would like to like I'm I plan on playing everyday and I'm definitely going to check back in after I finished it to like maybe write a piece about how the story ends like has because the game is really how much you can play it was really funny thing like the way off my review is very true it's like this game was hard not because like the difficulty of it is hard but because it is a surprisingly hi I'm like well that's super important yes because doing exercises badly or wrong can injury yes yeah and the game is like begin can only do so there are some exercises where you have to lay down on the ground or do a plank or something the games I was like stand up take as much time as you need make sure to stay hydrated take a break if you need like do he's doing those things which the game itself the combat that sort of thing it seemed like you enjoyed it but it's not gonna it's not the witcher it's not GonNa win any awards squats are an attack and I think it's like twenty to twenty five squats is one attack that you get to do and you have to do them but it doesn't matter the pace at which you do them the last five levels you either run in place or do squats if you're in an apartment don't WanNa bother your neighbor you your character is just on a fixed path and running there are sometimes branching paths that you can go back when it comes to its fitness mentality about like this is about this journey this like we're going to get drug oh but every world ends with like all we fought drago and he gets away we have to find him again in other games or like on the we annoying because the we would remind you so much to take a break right they do the game pretty much will be like after loom from wow how's it going ambush I tried yeah I was I was in the shadows of the set I'm sure looking at this point Oh god two or three levels hey you wanna stop for today and then if you say no I want to continue it's like cool just remember to keep hiding and so it's real plottings ring the ring fat controller anthropomorphized and talking to you who's basically like your fitness Tia tail the Rings Names Ring Ring Come on ring I know not even like Ringo it's the combat itself I think the most inventive part of the game because just on the last into the story and everything the world is very simplistic and intentionally designed that way because how you got through he good about making sure health aspects are seriously like giving you as much as I can as a game that's nice and then beyond that yeah there's a sense of finality but if I beat this game I'm not fit forever Chertoff donated beat the game maps Michael so I don't have to always feel that way I guess it's like the dumb everday cliche like you just accidentally unleash the evil so it's up to you and ring who is the the they look better in the stack I mean that's why I always assume you bring pies and cookies in so that you're about their body it to be that complex but it's pretty forgettable as a result but anyway in terms of battles they'll come up throughout the game and you choose collect items and whatnot but you're always going on this fixed path and it's kind of like the world is always going by you as if you're sitting in a train car and the world's going by so it doesn't mean of working out and you choose which moves you want and then you go into battle some of those moves have different cool down amount of turns some of them will be they all are different colors and they match up to the colors of your skills so you quickly gained the ability to be like oh I'm about to find a battle with cheaper exercise options eighty bucks for the game in the ring I think it's a pretty solid exercise option if you can't get to a very easily if you don't want ah stuff works really well I think some of it doesn't quite stick the landing when it comes to like the repetitive nature of a lot of it and the that I wanted to be invested in the RPG campaign but I'm only invested because it involves like I'm not invested in the world they've created really right joy cons the ring one is on your leg you could do it so you're just holding the ring and holding the leg joy Konin using your arms to cheat it and sure that event after colors yeah so like the the Dumbbell or there's like a kettle bell enemy they could be each of the four colors and so you're going through and you choose the moves you want sometimes three levels I want to focus on my arms today so I'm just going to do our moves right so it has a nice amount of flexibility to it it does allow you to do outside of the adventure custom sets of soon so I think it's a really good option for that sort of thing cooler we see this game at Games done quick event oh I hope so yeah that'd be great I don't know refund puns like the world doesn't really grab me and I wish it did because if it did I'd recommend this is over the moon I still think this is totally worth getting especially if you want go to color match so enemies are all very much like fitness equipment but monsters so it's like a dumbbell or whatnot or like a runner cutie twenty squats versus like ten yoga poses of a certain warrior pose or whatnot you choose which moves on to do now sometimes it makes sense you quickly gain the you WanNa have all of a similar type of move you could ignore that if you want you could maybe even bumped into difficulty so it's not as tedious to get through but you could program for the arm moves and runners leg moves and that sort of thing yes for the mono no actually enemy types can they can be all different of your house much if gyms are scary I know they can be very scary for people who are going for the first time intimidating yeah and this takes all of that stuff out of it for a relatively affordable three blue enemies Aisha three yellow enemies I should bring core moves which are yellow because I'll get an advantage but on the do the enemies lineup with like the barbells would you could just play on the couch right yeah a lot of their time and I it's like what's the point at that point that's not why you're getting exactly and I think this one does a good job of encouraging you to like play it's it's I thought it was gonna be right it's a good port that looks demonstrably worse and everyone knows that but it's a phenomenal games sure three complete edition which is the switch version of the witcher three the Switzer switcher a switcher he gave it an eight point original score for the base scheme exercises that you want just jump a quick to do predetermined list of exercises they have in many games and whatnot to focus on certain abilities I really like that aspect we have jobs another one I wanted to call out a Mr John Ryan who reviewed this for us is not here to talk about it but he reviewed the this is right yeah well very cool thank you for For breaking that down against his full review is on John as well I'm doing a lot like pitches today I'm sorry about that it's almost Dan you're interested in this game it's a wonderful to pick up one of the things I thought that was interesting that he did say though is that you probably just don't WanNa play it in doctors that won't be fun though if you're looking for like to get something out of this game fun fun to watch them fast it's a job let's thing like we fit or any of those those games a million years ago was nine point three and I think that to some up is review in and in so many words basically it's what we L. and if you're playing it you know it's GonNa look worse but if you and if you have another option play it somewhere else we've said this a million times on NBC if you could play it somewhere else you probably should but if you absolutely check it out if you're you're on the fence about it it would definitely hold you over if you're looking for a holiday game and else could grasp it's hard to see so it's of course got problems but I don't think that there are any problems that we weren't expecting technically you know it's got graphical issues Iran new game from Game Freak for anybody who's aware Kim Freak the pokemon developer and this game they've made other games I want to go back to my hand held mode where does badly but then the flip of that is that you're fighting a lot of enemies in like under brushing tall grass and when they're so small and they're under that game on its own if you if you were just playing that separately so that's that's the witcher in a nutshell because I haven't played it yet on switch but yeah so we time they've ever used the hated it on their scale of reviewing games which frankly I understand because I've told the yeah always on the up and up and I think I don't know about you guys but if you have not played this game and you don't have an opportunity to play elsewhere the witcher three is great and you should but it runs well enough which is magic in of itself yeah exactly and this is a game where you need it like locked sixty to make sure right you're tactically doctrine on TV interesting because it's just all of the little things that they were moved in the low resolution in low trod distance and all those things just become so nate again full review on I dot Com The last game I wanted to touch on that's coming out this week I reviewed a seven point Oh this is little town hero which is the a few people in the office I started this game and I was like this game is amazing it's a nine I'm in love with it halfway through the game I wanted to stop reviewing it I was so fresh if there's a way to like glitch ring fit they are they'll find out yeah I promise have gone people just run in and run out relate at the end of the day straighted and so mad at it that I just couldn't believe how much I like didn't like it and then once I kind of understood more what was annoying me the base campaign and you can just jump right into hearts of stone and blood and wine which are amazing expansions right the blood and wine is widely regarded basically just a great of all the weird enough yeah so the sum up of my thoughts is basically the battle system is so cool it's actually closer uh-huh yes they did that so they've made other games but this is actually the first RPG they've made in like twenty years twenty two years something like that that isn't poke Amman of Moore's I'd give it a seven and there's been missed impressions of this game online which I think is totally fair and one hundred percent understand the reviews range from energy to turn those ideas into a tax and use those attacks on your enemies attacks and they match up and they fight but sound so emotionally tiring it's a lot right and much more apparent on the on a big screen remind me of moral combat script mode where just like you could see all the imperfections right so much better on screen the game I think Jose Emperor obsessed with that got me obsessed with it when I used to be just a listener to NBC the Horse Racing Solitaire game on three s remember the about it I was able to play around that and figure out how to enjoy it more and I actually ended up coming around on it and I think it's a good game but I think it's it's good they made they made ten below the bad as they made I can't remember the name of it Oh they made Giga record right about that and didn't they also make was part of the definitive edition of the game of the year edition or whatever they call it before that included all of the expansions but if you played the game and you didn't play any of the expansions buying this game lets you jump to the end of because certain enemies have these randomized tax where they could randomly disabled one of your tax return or they could randomly there's one attack scored reviews range from six to nine rights and people were really liking other people are really not hot on it I know game explainer friends over game explained it was the first slow it it causes all of the bad coin flips all the coin flips they don't go in your favor to just feel terrible because then you're I onto slow there's no sprint button you can't skip any of those mid battle animations every fight could be half as long and the game would be twice as good to be perfect four RPG's where it's called it has an ability called faint and when you're going up against that attack attack you use is chosen completely randomly and that Saux is the big problem the battle system is really cool but everything in the game is to slow the animations are slow the UI is sluggish you move around guaranteed to get that one because it can't randomly go another one rather than activating four ideas at once and then I don't know which one I'm going to get you can play around that but because everything moves so so fourteen thank you John F. Anytime Yeah my my main fear of gained most RPG's as well I don't have the time investment for slow slugs theoretically when it wasn't annoying me I guess with slowness but and the competition was just so unique I've never used anything like that at the end of the day after the fifteen hours like that I think I think it's good right it's like coaster it's not like I'm saying oh it's good and it's good subtle thing in today's deal like it is just not fun to deal with and their strategy to play around that where you can say okay this is a think coming up so I should only activate one of my ideas so that for something like sleigh this by her than it is poke on in that it's got this system where you get ideas pulled from your head space and it's a finite pool of ideas and you spend like I don't know how long this is GonNa take me and it's driving mad like I can totally understand why that would annoy people you you saying in our into a fight regardless of what came after that tabled and I just didn't even I had to Redo the fight and when I read the fight a one in ten minutes yeah right like the the inconsistency of the randomness and the slowness causing you to be the our experience with we happy few liked it oh yeah it can twelve hour shorter control you have over a game can influence how he makes his music Toby Fox's since he made all of under tail his music is directly influenced by the events of the game in the characters this yeah outcomes and the reason that the game is so frustrating and I can completely understand why some people would be calm entirely put off by it are so charming and it's really really pretty and it doesn't I there's a weird phrase to say but it doesn't overstates welcome right like it didn't get the actual everything I was doing and I was enjoying like singing like Megalomania ray none of it's nothing like that but again the Boston was really nice the battle music was fine it got repetitive but maybe that was because the fights were lasting and it would suddenly dissipate because that's the thing about to slay the spider to slay the spire is if you if you lose to a terrible dice flip because you didn't drop any block on the turn the enemy was going to do a crazy effective this game is worth point two points or something like that if they put in a way to hold a button to speed up animations in combat or skip animations entirely in combat like ice what about my man Toby Fox's music okay so this is something that somebody talk to you about this yeah this is somebody said in moves so slowly is just it's it's not great yeah if they could fix some of those things with patches I would be able to recommend this game more heartily right now I think it's a funny the comments of the review I didn't actually talk about the music and the review and and honestly that's just because it wasn't that memorable like it was not bad music by any means add at all it was just sort of like yeah this is nice little semi generic RPG music. I mean that might just be indication of like how much to me it's just like oh I can't do that right that was uncommon yeah again get many fights that were an hour but the they could happen that said the is the main town theme is very cute in the instrumentation changes as you go around the town but it was fine right it wasn't amazing wasn't all the time but you die you respond you go again in a game where there is that fear of random death or unfair death the fact that definitely more enjoyable experience not just because it would be faster and less sluggish but because the fear of losing to randomize ation thirty minutes into a fight right like that's not necessarily the songs fault and he song you listened to for an hour as a lot exactly question though just on the nature of like the issues game but it's one that in an era where there are so many games coming out it's like hard to fully recommend it's definitely not bad ink but also you could I and this was the moment I wanted to quit as I was an hour into a fight and I lost because of some bad coincidence where literally could have one on a turn but a random attack of mine was it was I really did enjoy my time with like I was very happy with it I really liked the characters in the story and all that part of it all right so story combat in the way of fluctuates whereas if you as a piece of the puzzle making music for a game that he's not developing is the result or its not music I'm going to be tide you over I guess with all the expansions Jerry said it was like a hundred and fifty hours worth of stuff to do but he really guides for most of that too right and raising man on top of that also this is something that the had with it does any of that stuff game pre CC's criticism of these things do those elements feel like something they could address and updates or patches without do us this is if you're watching the video I'm sorry you're not gonna be able to see it very clearly a pair got his Disney's some some Japanese switch in and the Japanese probably this game would go up a full point which is one of the best things firearm never did was let you choose the speed of battle yeah if you choose the speed a battle in this game it would be a significant like destroying the setup of the game honestly this is a weird thing to say and I mean Dan talk about this a lot that we really don't like the idea that like oh so what spot for these would have been and not that like we should judge everything by price but the sweet spot would have been twenty each of for each individual game thirty for the two pack accountant find tons of pictures of it after this let's talk about the actual games though The first thing is that I wanNA talk about playscape torment and icewind Dale Hansen this is pretty exciting that these games are out on switch yeah it's weird strange not complaining right I it's around the round home button Oh sorry pair that you won't be able to get the back pocket a home button to fifty to me I'm not GonNa let's talk about some of the Games that have come out this week that we didn't review because there's a whole bunch of them actually the first thing I wanna talk about because I forgot to mention this at the top of the show pair London on divinity or pillars of eternity those are sort of the modern analogues of those cool to see these precis traditions and then also Baldur's gate colgate to enhanced additions came out on October Fifteenth Each of those those are two different sets of two games are fifty dollars yeah having to spend because he any one of these Games is GonNa take you dozens and dozens of hours to play through right so the fact that you were forced to spend fifty dollars for two massive games as I feel like the because yeah aside from the whole Hong Kong blizzard controversy that's going on blizzard actually cancelled a launch event at the New York Nintendo store aw alright those are some cool ones though we already talked about the witcher three wild hunt complete edition which came out on the fifteenth for sixty dollars as well another game that came out on the fifteenth there's a big games that came out that we reviewed this week for the switch if you want to see any of those reviews once again agenda calm because I can't stop plugging today and I apologize about that pack like that sucks but that's the whole point of the spire is you're GonNa die you're going to restart you're gonNA go again and fast right it's the same thing with super meat boy boy kills you unfairly technically twenty-five each each terrible obviously it's a very pricey for a very old game but also it's like another big one and we haven't gotten a review of this because we didn't get code early we weren't able to play early overwatch legendary edition came on the fifteenth for forty the grandfather of Sierra right I'm one of the best ones ever done yeah so these these are phenomenal games I kind of wish you would be able to buy them individually dollars and we gave the original nine point four we are working on a review for the switch I believe this is an interesting one though experience with it that leaves you going I hate this game like some people did or you get an experience with it were you like Oh this is great you know it it's really hard to tell for sure the key one it's a very very cute one so we wanted to to bring that on I'm sorry that it's small and you can't see it but it's it's adorable and I'm sure you can go to pears twitter dollars you use that Joe not fair it was it was a callback to earlier this show yeah sure callback but no one listening we'll get how dare you rundle's would have been nice is see that's the thing is thirty to me is low three I'm not sure what the what they have never going to switch they said that they saved it as dot twitch games I'm actually say that one for for last I won a smaller mega aquarium is coming on the eighteenth for twenty four fifty nine which is just a lot of issues being reported right now whereas the witcher it'd been a single player game like connection wasn't a big issue right is playing it myself there are a lot of reports on line of people being like I load into a game and I don't have a character model I load into other games and all the enemies are invisible I get disconnected here and there correct as well call me Tom Cork marks luggage some more Tom I'm GonNa leave that was your third strike was okay cool definitely Jaggi around the edges and you can especially see that in characters deliver muddy and textures but it runs but an while I haven't had experience the extensive set of skills that you want they're divided into four different muscle groups so like core arms squats and Yoga the four main pillars no well I mean only most controls I don't think you'd ever want to do that right this is this is probably more of a method of just kind of find find touches right various never it's a great name it's it's very good name this is a Nice Indie game I wanted to shout out because it's it's basically just an aquarium builder like smaller scaled symphony seems like people are having a lot of performance issues with this game I don't know if you guys have signed machine I saw like two minutes of it on the TV and it seemed fine it's it looks okay it was the same in a lot ways it looks like any other sort of big name game on switch port on the surface at least which is it's fine it's definitely reduced controls in it we got a chance to see a little bit of those action and it seems Kinda like pretty much what you'd expect to rate of if you've used the bow in for this week which is a whole deal that we could spend hours digging into I kind of prefer to just talk about the game right now we played some in the office and it's maybe the answer to why did it take over watch so long to come to switch because it's yeah definitely so one thing I did want to call out is that the motion someone's playing on Wifi are the people at all because the WIFI could be bad yeah no it's it's it's kind of weird and I guess we now know embark almost but you build an aquarium but fishing it people come visit and you get money that way very very cute game one worth checking out another very well loved game a hat in time which is this three D platformer inspired by Mario Games three D Mario Games we gave the original game when it came out on PC and other breath wild where you just kind of do fine tuned aiming you're not gonNA WANNA use motion controls to fully aim in a game like this but it's not a bad way to just does not like split tune where you lineup that headshot or something like that which is it's always useful because I've had in that really useful breath wild in a similar way moving on little town hero which we already talked there's a lot more in a twitchy faster shooter like overwatch yeah you need to be running and you have to like what are they sacrificing to make this work on a switch and if okay on the sixteenth that's twenty five dollars ring fit adventure on the eighteenth for eighty now we're getting into three games that are coming on the eighteenth that I wanted to give shoutouts all smaller taking with him it's very cute it's got little card card symbols all over it the joy con- control or colors home button very cute yeah there's a mickey mouse ears to these are four just fantastic classic CRP computer PG for those of you don't know which basically just means ice metric top down platforms eight this is thirty dollars also coming on the eighteenth visiting you guys played this now it's my backlog it's totally up my everyone's back Bhagwat team what you love about classic old three platformer while not feeling like it is just saddled into being one right it feels modern in a lot of cool ways really I and I love that game but I heard that maybe a little better than that so that's my next one patent time is a really really really cool indie game that evokes a lot coaching and remember this is the only place where you can recommend it to anybody across the board and the fact that it's out on switch is Soto phenomenally exciting because not enough people got to play it when it was only on. PC confirmed Tom's excitement on this like I really went in I loved every second like when you get three right people who died only on this show and I try to temper that right like I tried to only really go out on a limb when I mean it this is absolutely one of those games where I would your crew is either missing or dead and you go there not to solve the mystery of what happened to them necessarily you just have urine insurance evaluator like if you love like old school adventures we'd like write notes to yourself because you will probably be writing notes to yourself there's a lot of I've never played a detective is coming out on Nintendo switch on the eighteenth for twenty dollars the original review of it which I did last year give it a nine point to return the overdone was one of my and you have to find out what happened to every member of the crew go down a log just to get the insurance claim right and it's so mundane and silly but the way you do that op is probably my second game to game of the year or second or third game of the year last year so it's it's one of on screens you can change the color you can't color yes you go into a boat that has washed up on shore after being lost for three years or whatever called the Oberdan and the entire around the around them and then you hear like a bang or shot or a crack and the world comes into view frozen in the last moment where they died and you can walk around the scene uh-huh abandoned you all right point taken you go onto a boat this entire game is one bit so it's all one color and black make mistakes and just figure it out it is absolutely probably one of my favorite all time to be honest probably my top twenty people here Gush about indie games the right things like when you match up three of them will give you a notification and like that memorial like clicks like oh I was right called it yeah called it it's be the first mate maybe yeah and you figure out like okay houses all workout in relation and sometimes the beats you see are all out of order chronologically full of a ship's artist who drew like everybody on the deck yeah and so you can match their face like oh that's that person who was next to who I think is the Captain Ray that is you have a compass that you can walk up to the body of a crew member and see you hear the last minute of audio of their death with a black screen so you don't see anything you just here in real life back then ships like people were like confined scenarios like there may be all the top salesman were all like Chinese immigrants right whereas all the below decks l. so good the the one of the key things what makes this game so great in the feedback is that it only confirms when you've gotten guesses right you have to guess who they are how they died l. like Jeremiah you killed my brother and then you'll like oh you'll be like oh that guy's Jeremy but other times it's as obscure as like you have to look at Oh and slay the spire also I didn't say this earlier but slate aspire I always have to do this so as buyers published by humble bundle on switch humble bundle is owned by Ziff Davis WHO's the parent company Gamer in detecting investing game that felt more freeing of just just go wild just go look and find out for yourself and you can make your choices and you can and investigate and see if you can piece together who killed them with what and how and all that jazz and who they work because you don't know any names and you have like a your journal has a couple of these rights but you can't just like brute force every answer because it won't tell you if you're right until you've got three right but then at the same time since you tells you every three you get this feedback work to do but yeah I'm really enjoying this take on it I mean I'm like five or six hours in I love it in who killed them and it only confirms when you gotTa Guess Right when you get three people correct yeah so you can do some guessing and it tells you you probably will guess for on for far too long way way too long but overton return to the Oberdan it's out on the eighteenth for twenty dollars and could not recommend it more just flat obviously what the heritage that they have the game play it feels great like the classic platforming jumping quick attacks all that stuff Brendan can't talk about breadth of the wild too because that's embargoed but the split tune levels great I started early talked about the Games I've been playing little town here the plane and the game is so smartly layered where levels can have two different versions to them and it really does completely change the level like it doesn't certain new under open or it's a totally on rails like grinding vines sort of level instead of just a normal platforming level there's a lot of stuff there and then the overruled itself has make it a slightly different color Palette swap it is like one level is a standard platforming level then use flooded with water and then it's an underwater level and certain areas are closed off out let's talk about what we've been playing recently though I can't okay well what we can implying that aren't dart in bars start the last the first thing you see is like the last scene of the game and then you don't exactly go backwards you jump around in time and things could very strange very quickly and was this role on the ship which means that this person is also one of those roles on the ship and there's four people that could be that share that role so which one do I think it is and even the nationality because yeah just like we're all Russian immigrants group together and you go oh wait I'm seeing a pattern here and then actually pays off yeah it's really it's really an amazing game I'll shut up about it because Glele feels like it makes more sense a donkey Kong country spiritual successor right now like it works better than it did as a band spiritual successor for platonic my absolute favorite adventure games you are anybody was Andrea was on beyond also gushing about this game so if you do listen to that show no one listens to both you have to be aware of the environment of where to that person die and why yeah in Israel released to who they are versus where they died and sometimes it's really obvious like sometimes they'll just I guess that's not necessarily like it's not the end of the world it's not one that needs to be played right away I think but it's one I'm very excited to rediscover later that owns I Jan but they don't influence our coverage at all just put that disclosure on there so you know that we like this game because we like this game and not because of any really hadn't time as well Oh yeah picture we left some time for them 'cause there's some good ones this week we of course ask for questions on the FACEBOOK NBC podcast forums on Facebook so to join us there you can also email us at NBC dot Com we have I think it's NBC podcast at NBC podcast on twitter a lot of places you can find us I don't want to give too much away because if I talk about the clues not Lebron but sometimes you have to like look at what a person is wearing and be like Oh that person's outfit matches this person and that person besides the embargoed thing handprint I just started the Ukulele the game in the impossible goods Blair yeah January yeah now I or over winter break yeah there's so much going on right now that it's just unfortunately one of those games it's getting pushed to the wayside for me and I feel great they've adapted the ukulele mechanics pretty well into two z the world's are just so beautiful and colorful and vibrant and they look so great on yeah so I was not told me to try it out so I did he didn't tell me anything about that yeah glad you did so yeah just with an open mind don't read too much into it before you try but quote game would you want to see a graphically version of on switch that is still completely playable any ideas to was bad but it got bad press and the out remembered overly fondly and I think that it's hurting it yes I do too especially because there was so much anticipation going in often here so you can look at it just looks pleasing it feels a lot more living in vibrant I like it a lot I recommend it I can't wait to play it in Um just say berry cereal it just a pie crust with burberry nothing nothing else yeah show wanted to check out if you're fan of of donkey Kong country and the distance games let's take some reader questions we're going to be I'm excited to take some more of these I wanted to try to make it put cyberpunk twenty seventy seven and final fantasy seven remake on the switch put them on their core in one cartridge final a lot of great puzzles and environmental stuff to go find in it so it's got a lot to it and all that has been a really fun to play I like because they had this perfect so even bother answering started I thought of that and I was almost like maybe should make that Pi yeah give it a try I was gonNA say Pumpkin 'cause it's Spooky Halloween seven still only announced for playstation yes put it on switch so you're asking for a port a non-exclusive very intensive so they could I mean maybe they could do it I feel like there's like real trophies and on a small screen very hard to find the battles could still work will still be doable yeah yeah I'm issuing future challenge developers and publishers I would like to see more dark souls games on there ooh Tunari Kennedy especially would be wonderful yeah or if it's are constructed view of how you see things they had to pull up more nuance and detail into what you do see versus I loved Ukulele and I'm one hundred percent but clearly it does not care about switch games like they just don't obsolete really do switchboards so that would be a an unfortunate or a great one to Cebu Chameleon have your questions intern on the show potentially quick one from our good friend lillies Alvar I had to throw this one in I'm sorry I'm doing because we talked about as a little bit on the show early I think like last week or the week before you guys men enjoying it a lot I'm still in the beginning because I'm I guess once I have a little more time in a little more energy for it because it seems right at my it's it's definitely when I do wish was getting a little more like attention it does it's going a bit under the radar and granted you know we're getting into the rush of the fall to entertain to think about Yeah Jonathan Dornbush asks who's your favorite Pop Culture Jonathan

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