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"spurs rosen" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"World's best including Dustin Johnson Francesco mother ori- Bryson d Shambo George Spaeth heading to Hilton Head island for the Rb. See heritage this weekend on C B S and so far deejays playing pretty well minus seven he shot a sixty seven today. He was sixty eight round once dozens right there, I page of the Boorda shot back. She Lowry the Irishman. He's pretty good players minus-eight. Let's see where jumps out on the board. Charlie Hoffman's, the navy should know if you watch golf Billy horses been playing pretty well. He's minus five worry Sabatini. He's minus five Khuda. Pour. Me moot. Mac mooch off never get him off. That was what he did. I'll never I know. He's a good guy. But the way. Paid because we. All right Taylor is with us in studio family. No, you're on the show you call them early. Boy, twelve years with the Steelers terrific player quarterback. What's up, buddy? How you doing? Doing good. Clinton. Thank thanks. Been bad. Going on peaking a clear in the weather with Pittsburgh Steelers. I a mess. I like Mike Tomlin over longtime Ron day Tampa before he old came to coach up here. I think he's good with the guys. You know, he's great with the guy feels like drama can't leave them alone. Got to keep everything in house. Yeah. That's that's the problem social media. Yeah. Gotta have enough. We guys instead of me guys like back when play we kept everything in house like the media couldn't dictate couldn't get none of us. Like if one of our guys didn't like a certain person in the media. None of us did just how was the brother who is so thick in Pittsburgh at a time. Like I was telling somebody yesterday like we used to get caught in sleep in the locker room some days as we wanted to be around each other. That's great that it was all about week. We talked to each of the contract situation came up. We used to talk to each other like, okay? Three million from another team, Texas, leave y'all. Seven million. I gotta have five million Texas leave y'all. Hey, we understood we you win. Everybody get paid. Yeah. Everybody get paid when they get back to that. We keep everything of social media and keep a close knit brotherhood. They'll be back to potential championship. He's a champion twice. I did that. Okay. You're right. Social media baked part of it. But every team has social media and players got multiple phones in multiple social media platform with other teams saying look winning lake Tom Brady company, they keep winning. But you ain't gonna hit a drum. But we don't have drama even the bad teams. Don't like listen. You twisted here, even they don't you can't pass it off his well, social media this Steelers dysfunctional. At the team doesn't like band or at least half the team doesn't trust Ben or they jettison one of the best receivers I've ever seen. They didn't pay one the best running backs. I've never seen Mike Tomlin too. But the last two or three years a hot water, we're in hot water. Like, I think you want the rating just how messed up the Steelers are man well in this. And that's what I'm saying. You got to keep everything in house. Even if it is this folks in the media us, we should know nothing about that. When you let us know something to talk about everything. Oxygen. So that's what I'm saying. When we play when play the media knew nothing, even if they thought and they probably was right. You still have been no for show what was going on. But now in Pittsburgh still locker room like everybody talking to leaking like daddy. How we rolled in Pittsburgh. Yeah. Everything to a minimum and say nothing. Yeah. You played with Roman right foster. Yes. So he was there. He just recently said if you guys got anything to say, and it's different now because Tonio Brown's gone, and and I'm not putting Bill in the same category. Because he is absolutely not the same late late on his he gets lumped in with AB, but he's not AB. See? People don't know Livio and is the mediator foot in locker room. Really like worst like lady on keeps everything. Cool calm and collective in a locker room. He's just a natural hall worker of funny guy, very competitive, but never disrespectful. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Shop kind guy light he'll start the conversation. Get it fire out move onto another conversation that conversation fired up. So he's that kind of guy. He he's he's the the jingle piece to their locker room. That's what I want to in my locker. Could he could it was just the up front money? Yeah. He wanted. So it was like long-term look good. So from the outside looking in. It's like, okay. Five years sixty million but hang up front money, like outback low my contract. And then you get a on never say it. I never see you got. Trying to tell people. And Ramon we already going against the front office. Anyway. Yeah. As a player you have stick together. Yeah. What he said. He said if you've got issues don't put in the media. Tell me said this tell me, okay. Here's my Mon Mon so you say that now. Yeah. But when it was time for lady on to get paid. You said something about Livia point not getting paid. So here's the man low. It's a few male that we all about for if I'm in the bathroom, which in this fall stalls in the fall, salsa empty. You can't use it beside me. You gotta go. Now one a man on this one. Hey. The same. Like MO we supposed to be we supposed to be on the same page when it's time for you to get paid. Nobody will talk about your money in which you need to get paid. So Levy on felt like he was going to come back. But it's like, and I tell people this men are have a clear peace of mind is sit out and miss out on his fifteen million dollars. Go back to a locker room. Why no not one and a half the fake it everyday. If you look if you listen to the Rosen, the Spurs Rosen, he went through depression. Thought about that. He said I wish everybody can have a million dollars. So everybody understand when it don't solve the problems whatsoever. When I saw Lazio sit. I'm like, I'll tell them homeboys man when a clear peace of mind right now. Yeah. He wanted to clear peace of mind, and he don't won't fake going into the locker room, and he don't want. The guys faking with him that they love them. And they really don't. So he he sat out a ho you. We can talk about another good though, fourteen back jets. Peace of mind, then put stress on me being towed. I Taylor two time champ with the Steelers twelve years in the NFL with us in studio here. Now, do you think it'd be teachers mentioned this and just we'll get one more Steelers top around to the draft and other things that are coming up in the next week or so should be on the hot seat? That's my guess would be by his like just got a, you know, just put that stamp over prove that he's the head guy thing to use as a player. You love you love him to be coast. Like, he let you be you whatever your personality is you could be that one hundred percent. But now it's like, okay kinda got out of hand. So Kotei got put that share a foot down too late because I think is is too late just express that. I certainly give you chance to answer that because it's almost like a parent who lets kid up nothing. Let's, but if you let your kid, do whatever they want, and then all of a sudden when they're fifteen you try to drop the hammer with all these rules to say, what are you kidding me up into one of the house? But the context here is that problem child is no longer in the locker room because you remove AB. Yes. Okay. Would you agree with that? Could be a few different different. You know what? Is is hall because once you make that kinda money between like levian AB. A big bid like it's hall took control wanna grow man to egos to confidence because confidence in those guys. Because those guys are we talking about five quarterback tough running back tough I received top to receiver. But I'm just saying. Somebody's bias. So like, I got top five at three major positions. A lot of egos. Okay. So high control all these eagles and again pay. Yeah. Bills. Coast. I can go issue. I'm bring somebody else, but sixteen seventeen told me dollars a year per year top five top three positions. It's hallway. So cotija got really I think my personal opinion just put that sure of badge on them. And just let them know like amid control. Yeah. You know? So I think he will say anytime seven seven seven seems like when I say seven I say big seventeen like, you know, his got a clear talk to a few of his teammates. Now, he wanted to know what was going on of if it was true. How would just thought about? So hopefully that cleared the air get him back stable, mentally how guys feel about him. But yeah coast he can put us down over on like and unlike. Too late though. Okay. Let me ask you this. Let's put yourself back the secondary now and you looking forward and you look at it two quarterbacks Carla Maury Dwayne Haskins. I know you've studied them the film you watch him in real time during the college seasons. Totally different skill sets is really quick, but he's got a big body at all really. And kinda Murray's got a rocket small body and real quick. And we've seen it on the baseball diamond and the open field. Give me the because it's easy to talk about the the good things and I rent for them. But when you're peering in watching them, give me the one thing for Murray aside from his height that you're really worried about and the one thing from Haskins that you're really word, I'm not worrying about nothing with Murray. I think can't miss prospect campus came missing, here's why k miss as you. I'm looking at it. Does he make NFL throws? Yes. He does no one hundred. So the hardest NFL throw is throwing from one has to the. The opposite sideline out. Does he make that throat? Yes. Yes. Another throw does. He have enough confidence that throw up the scene in between a linebacker or safety. Yes. Confidence to burn. He makes throw another throw. Can he throw it in the red zone tight windows? Yes. He that throw. So as a GM as a scope, they look at the height the size, the the hands as a player, we we look at it like do hit a real. Yeah. We thought big feel was the real deal. You ask Jim look at the height. Everybody came be six four six five six four steps in the NFL. A lot. It's a it's a lie. So I'm looking at Murray. Like, okay is he'll football player. Yeah. Yes. So look at all that is he making the throws as defendant. I'm looking at limited the defense guys on the sideline standing up when he. So now. Guys standing up sitting down because they notice dude electric. Yeah. He is he a leader. Do do it at gravitate towards. Yes. You go back to Baker Mayfield Baker Mayfield. Do what is height size speed? So do make do Baker Mayfield throw to tight window throws. Yes. Can you throw it in original? Yes. Can you throw from one upset has opposite hash? Yes. Does he have confidence in his own? Yes. All right. Let me look at the sideline. Guys are standing up because they know he electric. Yes. All those stadium. Haley. About a minute here. Answer. Are you buying the Cleveland Browns? Speaking Baker Mayfield, they got everything. He's the he's the x factor. Life. Baker Mayfield is is one of the guys. So having to be the quarterback, he's pretty rare, by the way is real rare real see that very often where they want to hang out with the us..

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