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Permian Strategic Partnership on Permian Perspective PP041

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. As skinny today show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective. I'm sitting here today in Midland Texas with Tracy Bentley. The C. E. O. of Permian Strategic Partnership Tracy. Thanks so much for being here. Thank you so much for having me back. I know I'm so excited can't believe it's been a year since we visited a lot has happened. I'll your hottest happened. Oh what a difference a year makes and just so so. Everyone knows the date of today's recording. It is March nineteenth twenty twenty and as many of you know we are going through a pandemic and a lot of changes due to the cove in nineteen and as you mentioned a lot of changes in the past year. So we'll we'll get to that in a minute. I WANNA think you've of course for being here and I wanNA thank our listeners for joining us. You left such kind comments on a not only on facebook but also through itunes leaving those five star reviews so thank you so much. We really appreciate you for sharing those kind words and also for sharing our podcast with friends and family and colleagues we now have listeners all over the world and of course right here in the Permian Basin and I appreciate each and every one of you so feel free to leave review stop by and send me an email go to permian perspective dot Com however you wanNA connect. I'd love to connect with all of you so tracy thanks again for being here. The Wo- so much has happened. The cove nineteen pandemic has created a new reality for daily activities around the world. In in the United States. There are efforts that are underway to encourage social distancing and self quarantining. They're becoming more common will with the twenty. Twenty census efforts in full swing and in-person follow up visits pending. It will be imperative to encourage census participation over the phone or online which is available for the first time in this year's count. Tell us a little bit about your partnership with p. s. p. and the census education campaign which is called. The Permian counts. Thank you because I can't think of another region in the entire country that has more to gain from an accurate census. Count as we all know who live here. We know that due to our growth we have a lot of challenges that come along with that and that is by way of of housing and healthcare and Roads Education Workforce Development. All the things that the PSE works on but one of the. We feel like one of the priorities needs to be on making sure that every person in the Permian if you live here if you're here fifty percent or more of the time you need to be counted here because that is directly linked to federal resources. That should absolutely come to the Permian. If we all agree that being counted needs to be a priority otherwise the resources that are designated for right here are going to go elsewhere to the places that were counted in so all we have to do is make our individual responsibility to go online and be counted. And we'll see resources. Potentially that our region is never seen before so in the past. I if I remember this correctly we would get packet in the mail. We would fill out a little questionnaire. Send it back and then maybe someone would come to our door and follow up. Bright is that how the process was in the past but is now changing. You're exactly right. That's how it's been done for years and years this year. It's changed to technology and people like the convenience of filling it out online. You can do it directly from your cell phone your ipad your computer but then you add the corona virus on top of it and so much of that door to door and reminding and encouraging people educating them face to face is not going to happen or at least certainly suspended and so now. It's really a comment on all of us as individuals to take the time to educate ourselves into go online and do it ourselves and just make it a priority. So what is the fastest way to do this and easiest because will be honest? A lot of us are staying home now a lot more and with governor Abbot just announcing today. That going into effect tomorrow night. Bars and restaurants will be closed indoor dining and also you can't be in a group of ten or more people. We're going to be home a lot more. How can they do this with this time? Absolutely so a couple of resources for you if you go to the Permian counts dot com. We've got economic studies that will show people just the importance of getting an accurate count and honestly ramifications of if we don't what we're GONNA lose out on so those numbers are really compelling and important for us a number two. We list out all the resources in helpful tips on how to fill it out. It's actually very very easy but I know if you've never done it before. New things can be intimidating and so our website will help guide you to resources. That will help walk you through that. Of course you can always visit the. Us Census Bureau and then it will take you directly to the form that you can fill out. It takes higher on average about a minute minute half thought so it's really simple and easy to do in the past once again. I don't know what the numbers are. But what was your turnout like? Did you get a good response from people that did the male inversion versus? Now this new technology sure so nationwide. We had an average of about a two percent undercount. If you went last year which doesn't sound too bad at all right but let me just does some numbers at you. So a two percent undercount. This year would result in a regional loss on the Permian Basin of one point one billion dollars in gross product. That's about one hundred and twelve million dollars a year as well as about thirteen thousand jobs all because we didn't fill out a form that takes a minute and a half to be counted and that's a two percent undercount now we know it's even more challenging because of the state of things and what's going on here and also the Permian Basin is very. It's much more ruling nature as we know and so access to things like the Internet can't be taken for granted here in every place so I feel like we're even more challenging if you get a good count and that's why making it a priority. I'm hoping that we can reduce that. Two percent undercount one percent or let's go one hundred percent would be great but those are numbers just to give you an example of a two percent. Undercount do you feel or are you worried that the state of oil and gas right now will affect that count and affect people because of the worried. Miss that is going on in their daily life from getting them on there. I do think that that's going to provide an extra challenge again. That most of the country's not gonNA face and it right here in the heart of the Permian. We'RE GONNA face it more than anybody. Along those lines are. Rotational Workforce Causes Challenges. That don't exist anywhere else. And I think it's so important for people to understand that if you spend fifty percent of your time here you need to fill out the census here. There's some misinformation or I think some folks think that well my family may live in a different city different part of Texas. Maybe even another state and so that's where I'm GONNA fill up my senses. Well the guidelines say it's where you spent fifty percent of your time and so getting people to understand what they call home for the census. Maybe they're counting something different. So those of our friends out there. That have a lake house in San Graham Berry. Or maybe you're at Lake Travis. But you're here more. Please fill out the census here because you are here. More than fifty percent of the time does he's the right and that's where they want the resources to be dedicated towards him. What I've been telling people is if you don't know if you're on the fence when in doubt fill it out and the US Census Bureau will figure out where where you should be counted most the time but if you have any doubt go ahead and fill it out. That's a good idea and of course we will put the Permian counts website in our show notes for you. Go to after this podcast. If you say hey we need to go to that website and check it out and go fill this out now that that would be great so we will definitely put that in your show notes once again. I'm speaking to. Ceo Tracy Bentley of Permian Strategic Partnership. And we're talking about the importance of filling out the census because this really is such a timely really timely matter that we need everybody to do right now so that we can get an accurate count and as you mentioned. Get that funding. That's right I feel like now more than ever. There's it's never been more important for us to get this count. We already know that because of the Challenging Economic Times that we're going to need more more resources and we may see those via stimulus package going from the federal government but these resources that were talking about via the census are long lasting sustainable permanent. If you will resources aren't gonNA come and go. And so they're going to provide basic stability and honestly services for public safety. Our veterans our seniors healthcare education housing. All of that that we so desperately need. Thank you Tracy. I know that you are deep in the heart of what's going on right now in listening and learning and reading everything that you can. What is the state of oil and gas in what you've been reading in? How are we going to get helped by the federal government? Have you read anything today? That maybe we could give us new information on. I haven't I'm well aware like everybody else that those conversations are happening in Washington. Dc and federal governments reaching out to states to find ways. That can be helpful. What I can tell you is that even in the downturn an this interesting economic time the Permian Basin is still the preferred place for energy production. And there's no doubt we are feeling it and we're going to feel it but long-term the permian will remain productive. And we'RE NOT GONNA see folks pick up and move and leave it baron if you will. I think we're GONNA continue to see production even during this downturn. I know many of our listeners watched the oil prices up and down a Banana. I know I do too. I'm right there with you. Got a little bit of good news. Today it went back up to twenty five and we hope you see more green. Arrow's what advice would you give to those living here in the Permian beyond because we have listeners really tied to oil and gas all over the world to really keep their spirits up about what is happening here because you and I both know that? Permian Basin are resilient. We are Permian strong. We're going to keep on truckin. We're we're not. We're not GONNA give up. So what advice would you give nets in what you just described? Chris as one of the many reasons why I absolutely love living here and I feel like it's been my home for much longer than actually has but what I would tell folks is. Yeah it we're going to feel it and we're going to hurt it but it's GonNa hurt a little bit but we're going to remain for the long haul end so hang in there and know that this industry is going again to continue to produce probably not to the degree that we have in fact we know we're not going to so we're GONNA wait it out and keep producing even at twenty dollars a barrel and oil until conditions improve. And then we'll wrap up again but we're not going to. We're not going to leave right. And that's the thing I mean. We're we're all here. We're going to all stick it out together and I always say this too shall pass and we will be here together to continue to work on those issues that I know the Permian strategic partnership is so strong about and for those of you that maybe didn't listen to our our previous podcast and we talked about the road issues. The roads still need help right. I mean the roads are still we? We are still busy on the roads. We still have potholes on the roads. We still have people that are dealing with some of those same issues. It may seem like it's on a smaller need right now but it's still there. You're exactly right. The premium strategic partnership is comprised of twenty of the largest producing companies in the country. But certainly in the Permian Basin and the fact that they said now more than ever the Permian Basin needs leadership and efforts to continue to work on the things that you just described just because we're in an economic downturn or hard times doesn't mean that we can't we need to still work on things like access to healthcare that's now again probably more important than ever our roads needs to see. Improvement are education all those things and so the premium strategic partnership is not. GonNa Pause on our work. We're going to continue to fund initiatives working with the community and partnership right through this. So we're going to be here. Let's talk about some great initiatives and the great work you've done in the past year because I know there has been so much that Ha- we've really seen a lot of the oil companies just really pouring their heart and soul into this community. Yeah last year was our first full year up and running and we spent over thirty million dollars. On six initiatives and initiatives that we fund are really go to the critical needs to areas that we just spoke about and so we were one of many funders in the idea public charter schools. That are coming to Midland Odessa. Were thrilled about that. We also hear very recently announced a partnership with Texas Tech and hospitals across the base including southeastern Mexico and certainly here in West Texas where we are funding more DR residencies because we know that attracting and retaining new doctors the area is challenging and it is due to the other things. It's all cyclical affordable. Housing is an issue and road safety and all those things so really pouring resources and thought into recruiting and retaining encouraging them to stay has been something. That's been our goal for a while. And so we're thrilled about this partnership and hope that it works so well that we can expand it. Even that was another what we call a success. We also were able to fund teacher housing subsidy to find out because affordable housing is an issue for again attracting and retaining quality teachers and so even bringing rent down by twenty percent in a partnership that we were able to choose to make it more affordable to live here and so we know that teachers are using that in both midland down. Odessa and I'm excited to see the results but again maybe that's something that needs to be ongoing fantastic. Thank you so much for your hard work in pouring into our community. What is your favorite thing about living in the basin for the past year? Oh my goodness We have had the best time. I don't know the barbecue here is over the top little different than Colorado different. I tell my friends. You don't even know what barbecues until you come down here so true but honestly it's really what you hit on earlier. We feel like we've known some of our friends that we've met in the past year for all of our lives and we just the Camaraderie and the spirit down here is unlike anywhere that we've seen and we love to be part of it and we really feed off the energy of the folks down here and the pride that they have and so it's been pretty amazing Pantano. Well we're so glad you're here and I know last time I probably asked you this because I always love to know what people are reading or listening to. Do you have a favorite book or podcast that you're listening to right now? You know right now. I'm reading a book and Gosh Darn it and it's Oh I don't know it feels like it's about a foot thick but it's about the the history and the heritage of West Texas Fan. Yeah and about how the all the various industries all just hasn't been oil and gas all the time right talks a lot about agriculture in the history of the area and now they put me on the spot. I cannot spit out the name. But it's it's like well I'll just google best book that's think about West Texas. It'll come up but I love that you're learning more about West Texas because I think it is important when you move somewhere to dive into the culture and to learn the history and we do always have people that are moving in and out of the basin and as many who have been through booms and busts around here now that if we're in a downturn now we argosy things turn around and it's going to go back up so new people will be moving back into the basin and I love that you are still learning about what makes it so great here. I think that's fantastic. What's the most important lesson you have learned? Maybe in it doesn't have to necessarily be in the last year being here but in life. I think I've known this for most of my adult life but being down here for your has just really put the exclamation mark on it. And it's it's advice that I give to my kids. I don't know if they listen to it but certainly anybody who asks in. It's it's okay to be uncomfortable and in fact. I think it's important to be uncomfortable as I reflect back on my professional life certainly on my personal the Times where I experienced the most growth was when I was uncomfortable. If we constantly operate our comfort zone we will never truly reach our potential. And I've even though it is uncomfortable. I sometimes when I get uncomfortable. I have to think okay. This is growth. Time this when you're going to grow and it's something that it took me a while to realize but it's absolutely true. It is true. My husband's told that to our kids several times. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Absolutely that can apply to any aspect of your life whether it's in sports if it's in the classroom if it's in the workplace sometimes it's GonNa feel you're GonNa get the butterflies is gonNa feel a little different because you haven't done this before but once you do it you're going to be so glad you did That's it and you're GONNA learn something from it so good advice and your kids should listen. Let me tell them. Sometimes they listen to other right other moms before I I understand. I understand Let's let's just kind of close things out with a reminder of the Permian counts because I think that is so important that everyone does go. Fill out that information. Let's just give one final push? Is there anything we haven't mentioned about it? That you think is so important that you really want all of our listeners. To know two things really number one when we ask people are you going to fill out the census early on we got to interesting common themes back number one was. Oh we're going through a census right now. It's since this year so the basic awareness that this is happening right now needs to increase significantly so yes. We are going through once every ten years since his count as happening right now as we speak number two the other reason people said well. I don't matter I mean if I don't feel my now. If you know plenty of other people will so. I don't matter but there goes if everybody thinks like that then we're GonNa get a significant undercount and so every person in this basin who is here more than fifty percent of the time absolutely matter so I don't want any of your listeners. Or any of anybody here to think that they're that filling out their ballot doesn't matter because it does. That was great. Great information in so true because when you said that I just realized ten years flew by that my ass and to think we we are in another census count. Yeah I mean I feel like it was just yesterday but it wasn't letter and so as so important. Great Information please. Everyone take Tracy's advice go to the Permian counts dot com and Phil this information out. We would love to make sure that we get all the representation. We can here in West Texas. We need it now more than ever and we need each and every one of you to be counted. So Tracy thank you so much. I appreciate you being here. And if we want to let everyone know that of course. Permian strategic partnership is here to stay. You're on social media. You're on facebook. The premium counts as well so just diving. Get that information. See how you can help. And let's continue to support our wonderful community of the Permian Basin and we're all in this together. So let's help each other out and be strong together and go get your senses. Vote counted right now. I cannot say it enough. I feel like now. I'm gonNA tell everybody like everybody. I see if you feel about your son says. That's that's what we need to do. We need to spread that good here of filling out your census so tracy thank you again. I appreciate you thank you for all you do and thank you so much for having me your welcome well. Usually we always announce a community. Mvp At the end of our show. And today I have several community. Mvp's because as you know we are going through something we've never gone through before and we are seeing people step up like in true West Texas fashion as they always do. But I want to share a special. Thank you to our grocery store. Workers Nurses Doctors Educators first responders farmers city government officials who were all working overtime to make sure that our country locally and around the world continue to run a smooth as they can during these uncertain times. If you haven't chance take the time and just thank you. It's that easy. Just walk up to him. Say Thank you so much for all your doing and from all of us here at Permian perspective we appreciate each and every one of you and what you're doing to help during this pandemic special thank you again to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective as you know. Baker Hughes recently launched a new in reimagined Baker Hughes brand and the as an energy company. They are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people on the planet. Thanks again for joining us. I appreciate each and every one of you for sharing time today. This concludes the episode of Permian Perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin. Just remember dream big and believe in yourself and never ever give up. You make it a great day own. Don't forget to fill out your census form. Hey everybody Alex here. With the events on deck for the next month we have some exciting things coming up to happy hours one in Pittsburgh and one in Denver so the first one will be happening on March twenty second at Bubbas Gourmet Burgers and beer. This event won't be from four to seven and will feature a live recording of oil and gas this week with Jake Corley and Markel Corp so be sure to check that out. You can sign up via our social. Media's we have an event bright sign up and should be good to go from there. The next event will be a happy hour in Denver at Liberty Oilfield Services on April second once again. Check our social media's for the event bright sign up and sign up there as some of our social media followers may know we are headed to Aberdeen Scotland the first week of March in a couple of days actually for Doku con creating high impact sales and Energy Dokru is excited to launch. Its very first sales development conference and OGSM's mark and Patrick will be hosting a panel and recording podcast. So we're really excited to be joining map. The leaders in industry luncheon is on March eleventh at the Petroleum Club. Houston toward the future is happening on March tenth and Eleventh in Houston your registration to the port of the future conference also allows you access to exclusive events including TSA security and terrorism research showcase and many more so be sure to view the agenda and see what they are offering the Houston energy. Breakfast will be on March twentieth at the Norris Conference Center in Houston the API Energy Houston three gun. Chapter will be on March Twentieth. This amount is filling up very quickly so make sure to get a team in as soon as possible. The BP Energy Outlook Twenty twenty edition will be on April twenty. First it's happening online and this event is about transitions that will take place to a low carbon energy system. That's offered this month. Everybody hope you guys have a good month and check back in next month to see what we're having thank tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective a production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot g G. N. DOT COM.

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Election Coverage on Permian Perspective PP025

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse dot com candidates I we have E. J. Baldrige and his website is EJ Baldrige dot com then we have Catherine Chandler and she has a facebook page you can go there chandler for midland a Jack Elad and also another facebook page lad for Midland Bradley James Show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand has an energy technology company they strive to make energy India Spain Mexico in the list goes on we even have three listeners in France so hello France we really appreciate all of you topics that we cover here weekly on Permian perspective with our guests are the same issues that our community is concerned with when choosing elected officials Jenny cud her website is Jennifer Mayor Dot Com and local businessman and consultant Patrick Peyton Peyton for mayor dot com safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet Baker Hughes Hello Everyone I'm Krista as skinny thank you so much for joining us for appreciative of the reviews we've received so far and for Apple Choosing Permian perspective to be on their new and noteworthy list. Okay just in case you're not able to write these down right now don't worry you have all of these listed for you on our show notes section so please feel free to go to the show notes and I have all the website aired our podcast with friends and colleagues I really appreciate you doing that we have listeners now in the US Canada UK Australia Bolivia Time today which is Monday October twenty first first day of early voting and go over some of the hot topics and share some voting information with all of you first and foremost infrastructure education health care roads and housing with that set. Let's get started. We have three candidates who are running in for mayor local businessman and incumbent Mayor Jerry Morales you can go to his website Morales for dot com local businesswoman form on the key issues facing our community and of course they do have a facebook page as well so you can go on facebook to okay we have city council district three we have five links I have all that information there for you okay now moving onto city council district four Kimberly Crisp in her website is crisp for counseled for listening and I also want to ask you to help our show out by taking a few minutes to leave a review on I tunes I cannot thank you enough for doing this we are I I want to say I will not be sharing my opinion in any of today's broadcast I just want all of you to be informed and know how important I do think it is let's get started if you live here in the Permian you've probably heard by now that we have an election coming up with some big items on the ballot so I thought I would take some time com again I encourage you to either go to their websites or their facebook pages the midland independent school district is proposing the following bond and is website now all three are very impressive candidates who I happen to know personally so I encourage you to go to their websites read their BIOS and their plan dot com we have Lori blong Laurie blong dot com and Dan Corrales Corrales for City Council Dot Mian Perspective and I'm so grateful that you're here today because we have a special edition of Permian perspective for you before getting started I do want to thank everyone who has to exercise your right to vote okay that's the only opinion I'll be sharing for those of you living in other parts of the world this election means a lot to our community because many of the acquisition and equipment of school buildings in the district including the rehabilitation renovation expansion and improved he's and Robin Pool and Robbins website is pull for city council dot com that is for our city council district four and I took this right off of the sample ballot that of course you can find yourself online I will put a link to those as well so this is the sample ballots it says proposition a the issuance of a five hundred sixty nine million dollar bond school building bonds for the construction dot com they say the money from the bond will help the kids and students stay safe address aging overcrowded schools expand eight of college and Career Technology Programs at twelve hundred pre k seats and included twenty first century technology upgrade thereof and levying of the tax payment thereof according to the website and I've provided the Lincoln show notes for this website is yes for Midland kid missile animals bonds you can actually go to ballot pedia dot org slash Texas for more information on each and every seven pm so here are the locations for You County Annex Office Centennial Library Fellowship Community Church Kaga Learning Center for more information go to yes for Midland kids dot com there are also ten state of Texas propositions voters will be deciding topics include immune position but once again I encourage you to do that because you will be voting on ten propositions for the state of Texas now early voting is underway now until Friday night and Manor Park and provided a link therefore you for more information election day reminder it is Tuesday November fifth and on election Ogden learning center and Manor Park now curbside voting for disabled voters is available during early voting and on election days number first here are the early voting locations in midland they are open from eight am until five pm except for the county annex which is open from seven am to today you can vote from seven am to seven PM at the following locations in Midland the county Annex Office Centennial Library Fellowship Community Church RT DOT com they have put out an extensive election coverage packet on Sunday and so you can go to martine dot com and you can read four eight nine zero and I also want to add that are friends that are voting an extra county they do not have any candidates or bonds but it is so please notify an election worker by having someone assist you or by calling the elections office if you need some help ahead of time that number is four three two six eight eight L. important for them to vote on the state proposition so I've provided a link in the show notes to the elections office for our friends in Odessa who would like more information and that is days community MVP and all the volunteers who have poured their heart into this election is today's community VP. And I know that there are so many of you so you WANNA get informed you're not sure where you can go for this information and so with that said I also Wanna add that the midland reporter telegram you can out there who've done this weather it's for elections a candidate or the bond you are appreciated for your passion your love of our community and for committing your time for that and once again inform yourself more on the candidates on the bond and on the propositions okay it's time to announce to the extra county website for elections so once again go to the show notes you will get all that information they are just tried to make this easy for everyone because I know it's hard sometimes officiant for people and for the plant so thank you Baker Hughes for sponsoring so that's it that wraps up this special edition I hope you enjoyed it I hope you receive something out of it you and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand they have gone green you notice their new logo all over town you'll see it when you drive by when you'll see decisions because it is important that every voice is heard and of course I want your voice heard because you're listening to my voice right now so thank you better so thank you thank you thank you also a special thanks to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective as we mentioned at the top of the show Baker Hughes recently launched pat you'll see it in all of their branding and really they're providing an energy technology companies to the basin and they're striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient the story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin remember my motto Dream Big and believe in yourself you make it a great day and get out there and came to what you believe in that is why all the local volunteers whether it's your helping out in an election site or you've helped with an election helping hi dea to obtaining the first purchasers the panel discussion will include Saudi Aramco Ventures Shell Ventures and Lovie SEF enters attornal at your favorite candidate known in the community whoever you volunteers are you are this week's community MVP for doing your part to make our community to know them better and learn something from them so I would love to hear from each and every one of you so that's it thanks again for joining us this concludes this episode of Permian Perspective I guess that you would love to hear from because we have so many amazing oil and gas leaders here in West Texas and the Permian Basin and we would love to share their story so that you can get in San Antonio the summit will cover maximizing your molecular advantage practical solutions for today forethought for tomorrow on October twenty fourth I know that it is our right to vote and I really appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to learn more about the candidates the bond the proper Gi and well diver our next Denver happy hour will be on November six join us for food drinks alive podcast that we will announce at a later date six as always a portion of the proceeds will go toward redeem ministries to fight human sex trafficking at this happy hour we'll be discussing the process of taking start up from simply pope hey guys we have a couple of OBGYN events on deck for the next month OBGYN's next Houston happy hour will be on October twenty nine at the Canon or so be sure to check their Web site and register your team the two thousand nineteen operations and process technology summit will be on October fourteenth through Sixteen Energy Workshop the Api Golf Tournament will be held on October fourteenth two thousand nineteen at Kingwood country club and as of right now there are some spots still open I really appreciate that and if there was ever a guest that you WanNa hear here on Permian Perspective please reach out to me and leave a review Lee Zhen's very own mark lacouer will be speaking at tech to market in Shreveport Louisiana the Balkans Petroleum Conference will be held on October twenty four Nicole bilateral regional and global issues and to generate innovative recommendations for advancing the relationship link is on October third at eleven thirty in Houston this about we'll cover the topic are Europeans preventing or causing failures I tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective it production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot org g a anti P R O or hosting their leaders in industry luncheon on October nine in Houston on October fourteenth the cannon will be having a disrupted a portion of this events proceeds will go to local charities say Pals Denver and Oilfield Helping Hands Okay now to the events on deck the tomorrow less and what is their story this is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista as skinny today's through twenty fifth in Buda Montenegro the summit is the official of that for the Balkan oil and gas industries lastly the George h.w Bush conference this year in Gas Summit two thousand nineteen will be on October third through fourth in Dili to more or less than the M. R. P. Third Quarter West Houston chapter well beyond October Twenty eight th through twenty nine th in Houston honoring President George H W Bush the Bush China conference brings together Americans and Chinese to discuss.

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"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas, producing area already one of the world's leading oil, producing regions, the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty, twenty three, but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story? This is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista a skinny. Today's show is sponsored by Baker Hughes. Who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand as an energy technology company, they strive to make energy safer, cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet over one welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective. It's so nice to be spending this time with all of you I hope that you were doing well and enjoying. Back out there in this world. That's right. We've all been going through this together and I hope that you and your family situation has been okay and that you're healthy during this pandemic I'm sitting here today in my office in Midland Texas and joining me via Zen caster. That is the way with us. podcasters do things these days is then caster in I'm in Midland or visiting with William Skelton? WHO's in Midland Texas as well? He is the business development director for gyro. Data West Texas William. Thank you so much for being here. It's a pleasure to be here Chris to how you doing. I'm doing good navigating this new environment. We're in yes, the tastic. Meeting face to face, but instead it's to computer, but that's okay. We'll do what we have to do. Right to help out and flatten this curve. Right show jar with days. That's right well before we get started. I do WANNA. Thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends and family and colleagues. We have listeners all over the world, and of course right here in the basin where William I are, and I appreciate each and every one of you special thanks. Thanks to those who've been kind enough to leave the five star review, I really appreciate your kind words and I look forward to reading those and sharing them on future episodes so once again. We are joined by William Skelton the Business Development director for gyro Data West. Texas William Tell us how you got in this oil and gas business, or we're all in West Texas. I think we all ended up in it. In one way shape performer another for me. In twenty eleven, it was really about seeking a different opportunity. And it was an opportunity for me to do something that I had not done before so. You know put in an application and spoke with the district manager at the time. That's really history right? There just got on and started going new thing for me. I'd I'd been another career for ten years and really had just. Just, wanted a change so here. I am is your West Texas boy right. Yes man wellborn in Houston raised here. I've been here all my life fantastic, and so with that. Tell us what it is. You love about West. Texas, you know it's really hard to put into words. Honestly, if you're not from here, the sunsets all of the sunset love relatively mild winters. I love the fact that it's not super humid. If you've been out of West, Texas, you know what I'm talking about us. So there's you know. It's always just been owned to me. So I can imagine not liking it honestly right, so you said you were in another business for ten years decided to make that switch into oil and gas. That's kind of how I was to. Until about five years ago, I felt like everybody else was in oil and gas, except my husband and I and then made that switch. What was it that made? You make that change well out. The obvious answer to that question would be money, but it'd be honest with you i. just wanted something that was less stressful. If not can be said about the oilfield really relish learning new things and so becoming survey specialist at. Was a really good move for me. I got to learn a whole. Whole other skillset, so I embrace that and it was a great move for me. That's awesome. Say you made the switch to Gyro data? How did how was that for you going into completely new field and tell us a little bit about what your company does. Well it was to say I was nervous. would be really an understatement honestly is done other things in the oilfield like giving testing and hydro static pipeline testing, so I'd had my stint in the oil field, and when I got out to a different rear I'm not going back well. You know you say that, but I got back into it because it was really just the right move for me financially and personally and for my professional growth. I felt like it was a good move so. What we do is gyroscopic serving. That's kind of the main thing with a lot of things fall under that we also do gyro while drilling, we do orientation works such as whip star. And also realtime gyros staring. And we can also do NS, collision, modeling and monitoring. There's just a huge huge number of things that we can do with. So you've been working for the company, I believe that eleven years now. No, it'll be ten years this coming March so just over nine years awesome so over nine years. What changes have you seen in technology and just the way that you do things at data? What have you seen over the past ten years that have really been beneficial to the industry will as you will know, safeties become very not to say that it wasn't important in the beginning, so I wouldn't want to say that I would just say safety safety has come a long way from just even twenty eleven to now. Safety is huge as you not. Ben So that along with the development of you know how technologies progressed. You know we've developed a new solid state GYRO. Is Far and away GonNa? Be Really huge for us. It's already proven to reduce the ellipse of uncertainty on most surveys by fifty six percent, so it's it's huge. The development of technology and safety culture obviously has been the big are the biggest changes I've seen over the over my time. So how has your company shifted now during this pandemic wear? Obviously, you and I both know things have slowed down quite a bit in West Texas. How has it changed over the past three months? It's really been a ride to say the least you know. Obviously, we had some layoffs. Just like US companies have there's been people out there making some really hard decision It's caused us to really look inward, honestly I I know this is gonNA sound really unusual to say, but it's made us all better. It's put us all closer. We have a more interactive team than we had before. If that's possible because we were really interactive before, but now we're even more in his changed the way we contact the. Engineers out there that are like good. Gosh. I'm so tired of answering emails. Because it's the only way we can know this one of the ways we can contact people doing that and as well as contacting A. By phone, so you know, I'm not the only salesperson out here on. No, that's not. That's going through that tough patch. Because in all honesty, it's really difficult to get people to engage this planet. Right and I think that's the biggest thing were so used to. We are a very social community I would say. In the in regular times pre cove it, I should say and we're just not able to socialize like we were before you know I. Mean you and I both know I've been here twenty two years and and you know how West Texas. Are We golf together? We Barbecue together we. Now. Know, networking events, and since all that is halted, you're right. It has changed quite a bit, but I like what you said. He said. There've been some real positives to it. As well as you know, you have to be a little more intentional. I think with your connectedness. Yeah, you don't have the physical interaction where you can see someone smile, see how they enter. You know how they react to. What your talent! You really just these days. You'd really just honestly you don't know so. You've just got to put your best foot forward, but I think the positives that come out of this are gonNA. Be Great just from a business standpoint. I think it's really challenged everybody to be better position. Position. I could not agree more so I have to ask you. What's the word on the street? What is everybody or or the word on the email thread? Does everyone seem to be optimistic that you're talking to that? Things are GONNA. Turn around quickly looking at eighteen months. What are you hearing? Well I think it's really tough, were really in a area that none of us have being been in before was cove nineteen. In the way, it's actually way. It's put everybody in their house. The way it's put all of us on a different contact level to me I believe the economy will get back moving again this what we really need. We need that surplus that we have are moving. I think that will eventually start happening. I, think we're seeing a little bit of it now with oil being over thirty over thirty dollars, but it's got to stabilize before anybody feels comfortable enough to really start. You know, look into. Do things again and stuff. For everybody and there's people have made some really tough decisions in these in this day in time and I'm positive about it. I believe it's GonNa happen sooner than later just on the street from what I get you know it's. It could slowly slowly pick up as the months progress That's what I'm hoping for you. Too I'm right there. With Arlene I'm tired of this. And there's definitely a lot of activity when you drive around town more compared to say a month ago. When you are driving down, glued to fifty or business, twenty right would jr agree as? There's more movement others definitely more movement you know, but when you're out in about in the field, like say if you go through how you go through mentone or you know the really congested areas kermit normally congested with all the activity way experience previously, it's very noticeable. The traffic has dwindled out in the field. Is Really. It's really nice to see people moving around town again. Yes absolutely I. Know that quality of service is one of Giro data's greatest assets. You're committed to improving the competitive advantage. What is your competitive advantage over say some of your competition are competitive advantages, the accuracy of our equipment as well as the reliability of it, you know jared and has been in business since nineteen eighty. We did the first commercial Darus Skopje survey in nineteen, eighty three. We've been around a while. We kind of for lack of a better term. We started this in over the years. We've just continued to develop our tools in a more rugged fashion. We've taken a lot of the guesswork out of it by adding sensor packages that sort torok Whitman also diversity. We haven't been in the field before. We can run our equipment off. Line trucks as well as our own. We have several ways. We can actually benefit the customer. Probably over and above some of our competitors in fact, I know we can. We've got a very very high success rate on our equipment, so I believe all of the work that's been put in for all the years is just made us better year-by-year. How large the company is! It's a company of around a thousand employees where worldwide our main headquarters is in Houston for the Western Hemisphere in the eastern hemisphere. We have headquarters in Aberdeen Scotland. And we're worldwide we're in. Up Forty countries or your fifty, I can be wrong. I didn't write that down so. That's. Tim. We're out there. Let's just put it wherever there's a field for oil or gas, or even mining for that matter were there that is fantastic and with a long history you are like you said one of the first ones in this this oilfield technology, and just being being one of the first on the scene I'm sure you've seen a lot through the years and I think that that gives us that edge as well because you have the experience. Wow I had. No idea s thousand employees. That is outstanding. What do you think is that makes your company so strong in this arena that has made you grow to be. One of the largest is the people. The people in the fostering the development of people. When I got hired. You know. I was blown away by the fact that virtually everybody I've talked to or willing to help. If you have question, reach out to me. If you need something you know, let me know and really that goes a long way when people feel comfortable in their position. They perform better. And I felt like that was immediately something I can do it. Really. The people make any company so the people that I work with her hands down some of the best people I've ever met. That's awesome. What an incredible testament to your company for using that because I think that is. The best. Out when your own team members just love working there and know what you're doing a good job. There's nothing better than hearing that, so it has off to. Our company. It's very passionate group of people and I enjoy working with them. You know the old saying. If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. So a lawn lot of brain trust here. I love that. EVERY CHANCE I get! It's awesome. What one piece of advice would you give to someone that is maybe thinking of going into the oil and gas industry, or maybe had just gotten into it before covid obviously just us really got to just keep at. It perseverance the only way you're going to get through, you know learn all you can take classes and even free classes. There's education out there for everyone I would advise anybody that does it to just be diverse. Learn everything you can about odds and ends. Make yourself indispensable. That's one thing I've I've learned is to make yourself indispensable. It'd be willing to learn things and step out of your comfort zone in learn. Right get advice. What about our favorite Booker podcast? Do you have any that you're listening to right now? Reading that kind of helped you get through this time. Released reloaded inspirational stuff just quotes and things like that. I haven't really gotten into. The whole podcast seemed to be honest with you, so this is this is all new to me ally. One of my favorite books was Dylan. Jr. Book on racing to the finish out that. He's. A very very eye-opening. Look into figure that was. Wonderful, I'll have to look into that one. You said you've carts. You Love quotes I'm a quote. Person Myself. I mean I just read daily. Do you have a favorite one? If. You're the smartest one in the room. Here in the wrong room that's right that just goes back to learning right so if you're the smartest person in the room, you can't really glean anything from well. I say you probably can learn something from other people in the room, but the room of people that I work with on a daily basis are constantly learn so. I think competition has to go out the window there. Right so true! What is the most important lesson that you've learned in the oil and gas industry? Beyond Tom. On time. And, if you'RE GONNA, be there be there early. They'd rather. They would rather look at you. Then look for you. Oh, that's good. We're going on a year of doing the Permian. Perspective podcasts have to say that's one of my favorite answers that question. That is so true. It is so much better to be earlier than late and. Love what you said. It's better you them to look at you than the look for you love that Louis. You're in the old. You know exactly what I just. Yes! That's great. What are you looking forward to the most right now? William you know I'm really looking forward to the rebound. or at least the parcel rebound of our of the. Gas Industry as well as our economy. I think that this time has been. You know largely introspective I think it's actually made some of the people like myself. Better at communication because we've to change the way we do, so. I think coming out of this. I think you're going to see some Yunessi stronger peop-. Obviously getting back out, it's all going to happen slow, but I believe that you know as a company jarding in general. I think we're going to be stronger coming out the other side of this I think we're going to be more more of a team if that's possible. And I just really look forward to every buddy in the industry. Just being are just. How do you communicate even the new normal right that's. GonNa Change some things. Obviously, we know there will be change changes inevitable. So I, really believe it's how we deal with it and move forward from their attitude is everything. That's right. It sure is. We'll tell me. Is there anything that maybe we haven't talked about Gyro data that you really WanNa get out to our listeners that you think is important for them to know about your company. Okay, so if we have any production, people or completions, people one thing I'd like to talk about his our micro guide logs. That's probably the most in-depth look in fact I know it's the most in depth. Look, you can get at your well. It's down to one foot intervals, and it gives you the very best data driven information. Your well is by far. Far, and above the best thing to have when you WANNA. Put Rod guides in the right spot, or you want to send an ESPN area and get the very most usage out of it. You should use our micro God log technology antastic, and those guys that are listening and understand what those those acronyms were going. Yes, all right. I'm GONNA give you a call. So how did they? How can they get a hold of you? William can reach me W. my last name Skilton at Gyro data dot com. Fantastic course you're on social media often. GYRO data dot com is a great resource. I was just looking at it actually before our interview tells a lot about what your company does and very informative, so those are other ways to connect before we leave I've been. Everyone I've interviewed lately. Just tell me something good. That is happening that you're seeing and so I'd like for you to share with us some. Tell us something good. That's happening that you see. Kindness Kindness I mean. We can all get wrapped up in our daily lives. It's that's easy. To do myself or next door? Get wrapped up in what's going on, but what I'm seeing is deeper level of kindness. I really would like to see that. Continue you know. If anything this. This cove nineteen has taught us all that you know what really matters are the people obviously and just be kind. You know. A smile simple smile. Can Make Somebody's Day. We don't know what stress is other people are going through so just be caught. Yes, absolutely I love that in West Texans are pretty kind already. Bet I would say out of all the places. I've lived. You know West Texans are just so kind and generous before Kovic, but you are right the kindness that has just been coming out and people helping people in coming together. It just continues in true West Texas fashion, so thank you so much for saying that that's it. That's the conclusion of our interview. William unless there's anything else you'd like to add I just WanNa say thank you so much, and I want to let everyone know that. Of course they can reach out to you for more information on all the social media's and as we. Address that thank you I. Really Appreciate Your Time Today and learn more about your company. Appreciated? Thanks for having me. It was pleasure to talk to you. Thank you so much. William and before we leave, we do want to announce today's community MVP and the MVP is protected the basin Dot Com. You can help stop high level nuclear waste from coming to the Permian Basin. The Permian Basin coalition of land royalty owners and operators is fighting to prevent massive quantities of high level, radioactive nuclear waste from coming to the base in by rail to be stored at the surface, largely unprotected for a long time in perhaps forever so. So there is a petition going around. You can go online to protect the base dot com for more information, and that concludes this week's Permian perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin a very special. Thank you to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian perspective as many Baker Hughes recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand, and as an energy technology company, they strive to make energy safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Remember my mottos dream big. Believe in yourself and never give up. You make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here with the events on deck so Doodoo current circumstances. Of course we are not able to have any in person events so I've nothing of that nature to update you guys on, but we have been hosting some virtual events, so obgyn is wanting to offer free webinars live happy hours, et cetera during this time, since these events are not scheduled out as far in advance as in person events, we would like to keep you. You. Guys updated the facebook linked in and twitter, so be sure to keep checking up on that and we'll keep you guys posted on anything we're offering. It has been free. We want to offer you guys value during the time that we're all at home, so please continue checking in joining us for these virtual events. We are looking forward to seeing you guys whenever we're able to have in person events and hope you're staying safe and sound. Tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective, a production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot g g n dot, com.

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Kengro on Permian Perspective  PP038

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Kengro on Permian Perspective PP038

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista a skinny today show sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company. They are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective such a pleasure to spend this time with you as always. I'm sitting here today in Midland Texas in my office at redeem with Alexandra Brazier an Alexandra is the business development person for Kengo. Thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. And if any of you just recognized her voice yes she is Alex for the events on deck. That comes on right after our podcast. So it's so glad to have because you're also a member of the family I am. I am and I've been hearing your voice for a really really long time. And you know had never been able to put a face to the name so this is actually our first time meeting listeners. Face to face with great to be here and yeah great to join the PODCAST. So it is. It's so much fun. I'm so glad you stopped in. She was here in West Texas and doing some business and said Hey. Can I come over said yes. Let's podcast so that's what we're doing. I'm so excited you here before we get started. Alex I want to thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends. Family and colleagues we have listeners all over the world and of course right here in West Texas and the Permian Basin and I really appreciate each and every one of you I also WanNa thank those of you who have stopped by on chains and left a review of course a five star review. We like this so we appreciate Jim for leaving that five star review recently he said I love hearing the stories from the Permian. I also enjoy learning about the latest technology. And what is working in West Texas? Your podcast is inspiring me to work harder every day. Thank you so much Jim. I appreciate those kind words. And of course it's easy to do. Just go on there. Click five stars lever of you. And you're done so thank you head of time okay. Alexandra once again I want to welcome you to our podcast Alexander. Brazier has been with Kengo. Probably a long time. I'm assuming you'll learn when you hear her story but tell us a little bit about what can grow is and how it got started. Yeah so it can grow is actually my family's company I'm generation to can grow and it was started by my parents and they are farmers and they decided to grow a crop that was not kind of the prices weren't determined by market and they ended up growing a crop called Canal when they've been doing that since like the mid eighties and along with that kind of they were trying to discover new uses for it and you know figure out ways to kind of come up with new products and they realized that this plant has microbes in it and those microbes actually can eat oil. So that's kind of how they ventured into oil and gas and we've been selling biodegradable oil absorbent ever since are growing and processing and selling. Yep Okay so explain to me how this works. How does this work for oil and Gas Company here in West Texas? Well it's a great question so yeah anytime oil is spilled. You have to take certain precautions and one of those is where you would bring a granular oil absorbent. In and our product is one of those grayndler and it's called Kendra BIOS ORB and yet is basically an oil absorbent that any company could use to clean up oil spill. Its hydrophobic so it floats on water it degrades after it absorbs the oil. So it's a really really cool products and ECO friendly and cost efficient. Those things right there will make any business owner happy. Yes exactly it's cost efficient. Yeah and it's a very ECO friendly product. We grow it and it's something that can be used and it essentially biodegrade the oil. So you know honestly what more can yardage asked for? That's fantastic it. I want to know about the process of taking it to market. Because I'm sure being that your parents that started this you saw them go through the highs and lows of being a business owner and seeing what works. And what doesn't? How did they get it out to the marketplace and get it known here in West Texas or beyond? Yeah so we actually did a process. That's pretty common for family businesses and we went through manufacturers representatives. We actually are partnered with one locally energy sales and service all the Permian Basin with us. They do a really great job. Wonderful and yeah. We came to west Texas with them. They are responsible for any needs out here. Actually that's I'm visiting right now. So yeah fantastic. How we do so. If say a company does need your absorbent. They would contact energy sales or do they contact. Ken Grow first off. So actually supply source is worse. Yeah we go through supply stores so they would contact their supply store whoever they are trying to and enjoy using and the supply store could contact us or energy sales to set up an accountant. You know see how that they they could get the product wonderful and if someone is not in the Permian say they're somewhere else and maybe they're thinking. Wow we need this here. What is the best way for them to get in touch with you and get it in their supply source? So we have a tab on our website. It's called how to buy or at the top. It's the how to buy TAB and there's a map there where you can plug in your zip code. Also I believe my contact information is right there perfect. So if you don't see a local supplies door feel free to shoot me an email. I think my cell is on there somewhere so I tried to be really available especially for customers. You know I try to put any information out there. So yeah that's available on our website under the how to buy section wonderful also one of the things I've noticed not being on. Your website is the reduced Labor time and I think that's important because a lot of people are always looking to reduce labor time right because then you're red money. How does your product Reduce Labor time? Yes so a lot of times. They're some oil absorbent on the market. That require being cleaned up. Or you know you have to put something out and go back and monitor it. We've actually had some projects with the railroad commission where our product has been tilled into the earth and left there so because it has these microbes it's similar to other like lab created microbes so it can actually biodegrade the oil and that prevents it sometimes from having to be disposed of in the same way that other absorbs must be. Wow Yeah so. That's the Labor Time. Yes that any. Yeah preventing people from having to go back and clean things up. Yeah fantastic so I've got to ask you some personal things. I always like to know what what you're reading. I love hearing with the leaders in oil and gas are reading. So what's on your plate right now? You got books podcast. What are you listening to? And that's a really great question. It wasn't necessarily my idea but my sister being a family business she actually came in and Kinda helped us with twenty twenty planning and we read a book called. Traction is by someone called. I think Gino Wick men Yes writing in our show notes. So People Jack it up. Yeah that's called. Traction I think. Kind of the essence of this book is if you're looking to take control of your business more a lot of times as a small business owner. It's easy to let a business run you as we both probably can attest to. I understand. Yeah and speaking my language. Yeah so it's all about you know kind of taking back the reins and taking time for your leadership team to get on the same page. Have quarterly rocks different? Things like that. So highly with your sister's name. We want an yell. Daniel so both of you work for the company. She actually does not okay so she was just suggesting this helping with the planning correct. Yes she does business consulting and Chicago Danielle. She has a really very very good at her job. And Yeah I just said. Hey sister you know get. Let's get us on track. We need to do some planning. She's very structured in a way that I'm very creative. Yeah so she came in and just helped out and did a really good job so that was a great book and I highly recommend for anyone who needs to put structure back in your company. I love that great. Let's talk about podcast. You have a favorite podcast Permian perspect- A let's see. I'm in the car lot. Obviously so I've realized that true crime podcast kind of keep me the most engaged. Keep you awake. Yes yes especially like that fifth hour. You know you're slang Hong can't do this anymore. And Alec says the Fifth Hour. Because if you've ever been. West Texas. You are five hours from every major city right an extremely great point. Yeah I had to drive five hours to get here right and usually the service is the fifth hour. The service just goes. You know. It's like you don't need to talk to anyone to drive right services left's leaves the vehicle so true so true crime podcast three rhymes. I can't remember to live and die in. La is what I listened to. Okay Anyway. True crime if you're into true crime. It's a good one but you know very good again. They don't use any of oil absorbent right in ninety of those crimes unless it was maybe for makeup. I'd be on the crime scene. What about quote? You have a favorite quote you live by. That's a great question. I feel like I have several. When you change the way you look at things the things you look at will change. Oh I like that. I'm not sure who said that but misses all a matter of perspective in the way you look at things this you know kind of ninety nine percent of the battle. Most of the time so true. That's one of my favorite ones. Yeah and that's what I love about Permian Perspective to as I love anything that kind of changes the way you look at things and you get to hear things or see things from another point or learn something new so I love. I just tie that in. So they're realizing good job so you studied marketing. Yuck right where'd you go to school? Mississippi State Wonderful Texan Mississippi where our companies and Mississippi and I'm a Texan by eleven months. I think I realized today veered almost been a year. We'll welcome to me any anybody. That's living in Texas already a Texan so there you go. It's hard to leave. Why Yeah Texas is a good place to be in your in a great city as well so good. Let's talk about marketing because I think marketing is such a key component to any business. What has been a marketing strategy? That has worked. Well for your company can grow. Yeah it's really funny that you ask that because all of the things I learned about marketing and college you know. It's almost like they don't apply to the oil and gas industry at all which I love Maine. I'm from Small Town Mississippi. You know. It's all about personal relationships here. And Yeah it's a whole different ballgame whereas a lot of things I learned in in college where about you know ads and media scheduling and all of that is very important but I definitely being in half sales. Half Marketing have realized the importance of Kinda putting down the marketing. Sometimes to you know make the personal relationships and and do stuff like that but focus on the relationships. Yes yeah and even in marketing to oil and gas but has to be really personable people really want to have that personal connection and yeah here your message. That is good advice because and your your industry of the marketing degree is not that much different than a communications degree. I feel as I got into broadcasting. I learned much more doing the job and in it and learning and building those relationships and trial and error really than what you book so I think that's kind of across the board and whatever you do just gotTa jump in there and get your feet wet and learn yet though from the job and you'll not that there's anything wrong with college. Don't WANNA do this way. Anyone from going to college right but you do learn everything when you hands on and doing the job. Yeah and I think it takes more time you know. I love to learn really fast and a lot of times yet. It's not about what you can learn from reading something or yeah it's it's just experience which has been a slow learning process for me but all the experiences. I've been really great and that's how you learn is nothing better than get experience a good or bad the highs and lows of it. That's how you learn. Yeah absolutely what about someone? That's on a similar journey as you. What advice would you give to them so far as a business owner and operator and and marketing? Because you're you know you're having to do it all with your family What advice would you give to someone? That is maybe going down that same path. Yeah so I would say I'm biggest advice would be to be able to delegate and not hold onto things so much. I think you know when your family's company is what you're selling every day and telling people about it becomes really connected with you and a lot of times you know you just gotTa got a separate every now and then he got a separate business and personal life so I would say you know. It's really great to tap into that family message and family structure but at the same time you know separate yourself a little bit right. I'm still learning how to do that. You I'm like thinking about it all the twenty four seven I'm thinking of new things and strategizing so that energy to the business that your parents. I'm sure appreciate I like to think so? Yeah I've been in business a long time. Sometimes you need that little little boost of energy. Someone's thinking this this waste change it. That is fantastic. What about a lesson? Do you have a lesson that you've learned? I don't WanNA say your age unless you do but I know you're a lot younger than me. But what in those years of life is one important lesson that has really stood out that you think others could learn from? Yeah I was GONNA say I don't know if I'm in any position to be giving less but yeah I mean a great one for me as I guess. Things don't always go as you plan so growing up. I was never interested in our family. That sounds horrible. It's interesting I have four kids. Go ahead and say you're going to say I know what you're gonNA say so. I had no idea you know where the hard work was going. Where the money was coming from. I had no idea what our product did. Sorry Mom and Dad. When you listen to this later you know and I just I wasn't invested at all live in my very you know nice little life and yeah so I think that for me to become as invested in the company as I am. It happened within a year and it was so unexpected. And Yeah so I think a lot of times you know follow your passion. That would be my advice because I definitely have been doing that. And sometimes it's hard but you know passionate passion and it's a great thing to have good advice. Thank you what about life events that you're looking forward to next. What is it? You're looking forward to right now and it could be anything like a couple of weeks ago for me. It was. I am looking forward to American idol. Starting up what are you looking forward to? I am actually moving a Monday. Go into my first home on tastic. Yeah a first time homeowner homeowner. Yeah and as we kind of talked a little bit before the show about I have been a little bit of. I don't know if you know. Gypsy is the right word. But I've moved around a lot young and sometimes we vagabond when we were young. Then sure you know traveling. So it's a huge step for me but I love you know I love Austin I love live in Texas so yeah. That's Monday final Monday. Congratulations that's so exciting. Thank you before we go. I want to talk a little bit about your events on deck for the and because those of us who are in the podcasting role we also have day jobs right. I of course own rig. Id Work where. But this is what I'm passionate about. I love podcasting and so I get to podcast as well. I know you're the same way you get to help out with O. G. G. N. Let's talk a little bit about your role there right. Yeah so at O. G. G. N. I had actually reached out to mark liqueur via twitter. A Mark Shutout Mar a Mark Shot. Tamar as I've seen since I've joined Johnny's really great about responding and doing everything he can to kind of support people oil and gas. He loves his industry. And so with that. I just kind of started volunteering on the street team. Shout out to the street to India. And Yeah. It slowly evolved into doing social media. So now I've been doing social media for oil and gas will not work for. I think since last maybe may April or May Pentastar. Yeah so coming up. Thank you so happy that we got two years. If you had to give one social media tip to business owner out there right now listening that could maybe help them engage their followers more. What would that Social Media Tippy? So I'm really passionate about branding and I think something that a lot of times is underutilized. Is just having your logo on everything so anything you put on social media you know and now that. I'm thinking about this. I may be guilty of this too but you all. Are we all the all posters? And then afterwards he go. There was no branding exactly. Yeah so don't even worry about. I understand exactly but just putting your local on things you know a lot of times. People will see something that someone has shared and the logo isn't there. They're looking for it the more you can get your logo in front of someone's face the better. Yeah that would be social. Media is and also people love to see other people so human interaction daily things that aren't so corporate looking. You know what happens behind the scenes people? Love look like the inside. And what's going on? Wonderful Well Alex. Thank you so much. It was nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. And it's so that our voices have been together for a long time but now we are personally together in the same room and I just love that and this has been such a pleasure to meet you and I'm so excited for you and your future and you and I were talking before the podcast. You're Notre Douleur by heart and spirit and I love that about you. I am an entrepreneur by marriage. I told my husband. He is the true entrepreneur. I N attest to this. I met him earlier. That I'm now moving. In that direction I just loved the entrepreneurial spirit and I think it's fantastic so I know you'll do great things wherever you go from here. But you already are doing. Great things for your family's companies once again. Alexandra Brazier with Ken grow. She is the Business Development Director. And I'm so excited that you share this time with us and gave us some tips and we learn something and in a minute. You'll hear her voice again. Let's do one more time. Hey I think I'd say hey. Everybody I duNno Chris. They gave me some tips on how to be better at this. So I'm more from her after. I said I'm going to try to spruce up the though you're doing a great job. I level weary Alex. You're so cute. Well thank you again for sharing with us. We appreciate you. How can people find you on social media? Yeah so we're on social media under Kengo Corporation that's on facebook and linked then we also have twitter and instagram. We're not that hip so facebook linked in and twitter. And Yeah a great way if you my contact info. Our website is a great place to go. And that's kind of where you know. You can see rundown of everything and also get my contact great. That's came grow dot com. Alex was a pleasure. Thank you so much. Thank you appreciate you. Well WE WANNA now announce this week's community. Mvp and the community MVP is diamond back energy. Their employees recently took the time to prepare gift baskets for local elementary school and delivered them on Valentine's Day. Isn't that sweet way to go? Diamond back for showing love to our students here in West Texas. I just love that. Also a special thanks to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective Baker Hughes as you know recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand speaking of brands. We're just talking about brands and you can see that. Wonderful Green Logo brand everywhere. They are in an energy technology company in their striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet. So that's it for today. Thank you so much for joining us. This concludes our episode of Permian Perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin remember my motto dream. Big believe in yourself and never give up you make it a Great Day Alex. Hey everybody Alex here. With the events on deck for February we do not have any. Oj UNHAPPY HOURS IN FEBRUARY. But we do have an exciting event coming up in Pittsburgh. This'll be our first happy hour there in March and it will be taking place on March twenty fifth the location to be determined so be sure to follow us on Facebook Link. Dan Or twitter to keep up with Those announcements and to purchase tickets the Houston. Api luncheon will be on February eleventh. This will be a networking about with top oil and gas business leaders and they a promise that you'll learning something really cool so check it out and sign up for that event. The wildcatters ball will be on February seventh in Houston. This fall is the primary oil and natural gas industry fundraising for the IP A Educational Foundation proceeds go toward funding foundations energy education program. The Energy Houston three gun. Chapter will be on March Twentieth in Houston. This event fills up really quickly so make sure to get your team. Enter the best way to do so is to fax or email. The form with at least a captain's name as soon as possible if you need to wait for a check just noted that on the bottom of form and send it on we will be sending Mark Liqueur and Patrick pistre to Scotland to Aberdeen Scotland on March fifth. Four Doku Kahn. Which is the first event of its kind. It is a conference or creating high impact sales in energy and mark and Patrick will be hosting panel and recording alive. Podcast if you're interested in attending this event visit Dough Karoo CON DOT DOT KAROO DOT COM. And that is d o q a. You See oh that's offered this month. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to check again next month for more updates on. Obgyn events tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective a production of the oil and gas global network. Learn more at. Www DOT org G. N. DOT COM.

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Peter Walper on Permian Perspective  PP024

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Peter Walper on Permian Perspective PP024

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse using Permian perspective I'm sitting here this afternoon in Midland Texas with Peter Wallpaper and he is the president of Thermal Cam USA. Peter how are you today I'm great pipeline's looking for underground pipeline leaks methane leaks and that's kind of what started us in the oilfield and now we're going gangbusters I bet I bet it's we did that and we started mapping turbine blades for hail damage or storm damage we started doing the same thing with panels and then out of the blue safer a lot more efficient more efficient. That's exactly right so you started that way but you also have really grown the company over the past few years I was looking calls and wind turbines and the people we met down there said you need to start shooting are winterbourne's panels in west Texas it's nothing better than hearing from local leaders on what it takes to be successful in the greatest industry in the world thank you so much lil daddy g get your website and you do wind and solar oil and gas you also you capture data to explain some of these and how this can help in oil and somebody came along and said can you do right away can you map right away and can you find methane leaks in a pipeline wow and so we started flying young guy probably twenty twenty three years old who flew some drones and about that time flair had put a thermal camera on a drone and we decided that we is company well we we were fortunate enough to go to Puerto Rico to shoot roofs commercially in Puerto Rico after the hurricane while we were there we shot solar panel learn how to shoot roofs commercial roofs using drown instead of Peter going up there with the latter yes smart move it was certainly a smart move yes sir a lot star review we appreciate you taking that time to leave those reviews on itunes and I also want to say thank you to apple for choosing Permian perspective to be on you crystal fantastic thank you so much spending this time with us we appreciate them can't wait to hear your story it's GonNa be great good you bet before we get started I do want to thank everyone who has left us a five the drone side of the oil and gas industry my background is tomography I'm a demographer and I did a lot of commercial roofs by hand where we drag a ladder to the top of a commercial roof and spend all night out there shooting thermals to get water intrusion damage and three or four years ago I hired day yet from Lil Daddy J bb Lil Daddy said great podcast by Great People Krista now are great people and have really hit a home run with this podcast Abebe for that wonderful review and things for shouting out my husband who I agree is a great person and he makes us all happen so I really thank you for show is sponsored by Baker Hughes Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective at such a pleasure to spend this time with you I think you for the time for you it is a busy time yeah so when a customer calls you you know what is the usual call sound like like hey can you help me with this what does it look on your end it usually starts out here can you be here tomorrow and that's life in West Texas Anna that's that's pretty much it so we've tried to build our company where we could say you call we try and get more detailed scope of work and most of the oil people kind of know what they want gone through the safe land in the pack and things like that h two s training so we can be out in the oilfield but also the guys need to be FAA certified doing that and for thinking him as well all right Peter how did you get started in the oil and gas industry well that's kind of a long story but we started we'll be there tomorrow which means we've kind of moved out onto the leading edge of drones camera systems and in their new and noteworthy list and if you you know want to drop a line go give a good review at appreciate it and will read it on a future broadcast just like this fantastic review what are you doing for them well we don't say what we're doing for them because I think that sensitive information and I think it's proprietary information and it's on a need to know basis and all of those answers are relative to what actually work we're going to do for them what are the biggest obstacles of flying drones in the oilfield alert private airspace and so we try and monitor traffic while we're up there we have to do everything by the FAA code books and at the same time we're sensitive you know I think the biggest obstacle and it's not really an obstacle because we're really sensitive to it is security and compliance were for the client and that's tough sometimes because anybody can fly a drone well a lot of people can fly drones but to do it right to do it mandated by the FAA so when we fly were were just like a private pilot if you will were sensitive to the fact that were in an airspace that's a commercial flying and how they operate and they need to know what kind of data were providing to the client so that the data that they get on the cameras is usable data and we can do it faster and like you said we can do it safer and more economical so what's the number one question you said you know they're not quite sure what you can do with the number one who are clients security side of things we try to be nondescript of when we're flying who flying for well we don't give out our client list and so that they can fly a drone and they do a lot of flying just just flying to get our underneath their belt and on top of that they need to know the camera systems they're not sure what the drone drone camera system can do for them and so we spend a lot of time saying if you're doing this on the ground we can do the same thing in the Air Russian they usually ask you it depends on what we're flying they're asking us how far can you fly fast can you fly how high do you fly. He's may be doing facility mapping where a client could do inventory control or equipment integrity so that's a big deal of course we fly being a mapping where they want to do an augmented virtual reality program we work with a software company out of San Francisco that does that and that is some pretty slick stuff that about anything and it's kind of funny because they will start working up a list in it will end up being ten or fifteen projects long and like I say it may be so we try to keep that in perspective right so security is important to you security is real important to us and I know you mentioned safety as well so all of your pilots the software companies that are out there are light years ahead of everybody it really is amazing the technology and how far it's it's a big tech company and to see what wonderful we have listeners from all over the world and they may have not heard of your company before and that's our goal we want everyone to know what you do at Thermal Cam USA what would you want it's more than just putting a drone up in the air and taking a bunch of pictures right and that's what I find it so fascinating just like I'm sure a lot of people do they find drones fascinating because they can get anywhere and look at anything what has been the biggest benefit to your clients that they have seen and we'll focus on a whistle of course he do other things as well why with methane drones so that we can say if you're looking for quavo order needs some support on your job reporting we can help you with that if they're get to Europe could you find some wind turbines force and of course all my guys said let's go but you know we've got some stuff here but that would be a fun project to go to Europe and a start out as can you fly this pipeline and find methane leakage to can you fly this three sections of land and tell us what the elevation hello anyone that is in the oil and gas industry to know how you can help their company the number one thing well I think that's a good question because most of the the mid streams mercy you're saying that I know and gas company what is the biggest benefit I think there's a couple benefits we work closely with software companies and the Software Company for upstream downstream that we're talking to that's one of the first questions they ask is what can your drone company do for us and it will usually come back just all from the occasional wind and rain storm to some beautiful sunsets and sunrises when we start to fly about a half hour before sunrise so we get to see those we stop about a half an hour after sunrise or sunset so we get to see that so I'm for me just being out in west Texas is a great place to be great place to be I'm sure have to go through you know a lot of training to do what they do and have to have a license crack right we're of course oilfield compliance whom we can do I mean it really can benefit an oil and gas company or any company for that matter but you bet well and gas you get to see west Texas from a different perspective than most of us up there absolutely do you have a dream project I don't have a dream project one of the the knee projects I think we're going to do is we're going to fly the largest and tallest winter do you get to see it through the lens of your drone what do you think is the most beautiful part of West Texas or I think just being outside of the beautiful part of Texas because we get and how we were doing it right how you could benefit them right and then the last year or so people are starting to knock on doors and like I say can you be here in the morning we had just transitioned we used to work out a pickups and F one fifty supercrew and we thought that state of the art and now we're working out of vans because title camera and now that drone has progressed where we fly with Corona camera and now we're getting into some pretty exciting stuff even in the United States that's put out by a company and we'll fly out of Canyon it's currently in Canyon and so that would be a project that I would really like to do that is so cool yeah that would be the biggest our it's a big tower so how how big is the average one because when you drive by a wind turbine you're like that's most three years we were heavy drone have you drown so what have I in in that time you've seen some highs and lows of the oil and gas business I'm sure and so that's been the exciting part is being able to stay ahead of everybody we started flying power lines a couple years ago with just a thermal camera and did AH technology keeps changing even the software people come back to us every week and say let me show you what we can do now and that's the fun that's the fun part of my job why were legally mandated to be within four hundred feet of the the top of the structure but you can go as high as you want not without fa for Mitch Okay Yeah so I really think we'll start to see more even internationally where you know I hope we get the opportunity fly internationally and we get big enough to do that that'd be great but I oh over the last couple years three four years ago when we first started knocking on doors nobody would talk to us because they didn't really know what we were doing is and where we should put our location and how we should put the roads into those locations and then then we get the strange requests going to Puerto Rico we had one the other day that if you could have you learned the most through that through the highs and lows of say oil prices fluctuating well that's kind of funny because we were sitting in the office the guys and I were sitting in the office had a nine no you've seen so much change over the past ten plus years where do you see the next wave of technology going is the whole technology system is big screen TV's and being able to see what's in the air and what the drone is seeing in a more controlled environment so when asked the cameras change as the drones change as the industry changes and people recognize the benefits of what we do and how we can do it then eighteen eighty and black lip pipe on top of an oil rig that was so archaic to what these guys are doing thirty years later if the technology in the oilfield industry is is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger we flew a drilling rig the other day and I when I first came to Texas in nineteen rope and Belgium and Japan and China there's a whole lot of smart minds out there that are developing this oil industry absolutely so you a big and you feel really small what is the exact height of that you know that's a good question because it depends on the tower and what kind of megawatt outage they're putting out but you're probably looking of what's next out there yeah I think we'll start to see it go nationwide and I think it'll be I think it will be bigger and better and faster and I dreams are saying is there an easier way where we can comply faster and without a lot of headaches and we kind of fit that niche where we can provide we have to stay within four hundred feet of that the top of that project wonderful in how many years has your business been open we started in oh seven okay and we pushed you're doing a lot more methane detection on pipelines or or even facilities I think with Quattro and some of the regulations that are out there most of the midst I think we'll be or I hope we'll be flying right always looking for refurbish regurgitation after that pipeline gets in I know will probably doing and to be that bad it's GonNa be okay it's going to be okay and the surprising part about that the closer we got two wickets demoralized it and I just had a great time we flying a Lotta right away as looking for maybe routing of pipelines on a more environmentally sensitive route or or program achieved the success that you've achieved in your company I don't know whether it's a business tool but I I'm surrounded by some really smart people I'm lies anywhere from two hundred to four hundred feet you know maybe he's high as if you had the wing at the arms in it's going to be taller than that that's amazing and what's the highest say your drone can no we all we all have this way of getting here to west Texas when you first got here what'd you think you know the funny story about that I came with a friend of mine Danny there's just incredible we've got some smart people and we tend to attract smart people and I lean heavily on them I liked that surround yourself a smart people lot of pump jacks but the beauty is some say the beauty of oil is underground but I think it's above ground to the people here are just amazing I haven't left and so every decision has team input and I rely on the guys because if they're flying they know the headaches and the forty years later the technology is just incredible out there and and it's coming from people internationally where we're visiting with people from Denmark their input is valuable to us as a team I may have the last say but for everything even from a new hire we all get see and Arkansas Dallas or Houston Dallas and then towards midland and we were ultimately going to end up in wicked Texas and he kept telling me that it's not going got a few of those guys maybe they're just really good xbox big fat dumb kids but the talent of some of the younger generation out there and Dan Danny had been to west Texas before and worked in the oilfield as a teenager and he kept telling me as we were driving from Tennessee here in the eighties what was it that brought you here in in the first place was there a job did you hear about that oil and gas place out there in West Texas it was two guys on so it was great great that's awesome and it's so true when you when you come out here at first there's a little bit of shock of because it is pretty flat add safety factor and we can provide that an economy of scale wonderful what do you think is the most important business told that has helped you mother is ninety seven years old and still going full blast and her quote to me is Joshua one nine and so that's what you know your employees and your team members motivated you have a way to do that that you feel has worked well I think the way we motivate is you've Kinda hit the nail on the head were team together and vote on whether he would fit or she would fit into the team and and so far it's worked so that seems to get everybody involved where they say it's stuck out in your head that you've learned from well I got hurt once I didn't think I was going to get up and get going again and I think we all learn from because I think as a business owner we always we definitely learn we definitely make mistakes definitely go that didn't work let's try to different way do you have a most lesson that has really and we actually got here and we started a little construction company in wicked Texas and we hauled COLUCCI and smooth it out with the case three ten and kept going and kept going wants to fly a drone but for some reason my guys won't let me fly and you've got people out there now that are maybe ex military take a little time to figure out which way you go but failures not really failure failures just success waiting to happen and I've always nice what about a quote unquote that you live by man I'll tell you the quote that I that I'm told to live by I'm glad you came back I'm glad that you got back up again and your company's doing fantastic we wanna let everybody know a little bit more about it so is there one thing that coming the help you with your journey oh I do but it hasn't really helped me with this journey it's a reminiscence of a stock trader it's an old old book that was written in nineteen it's gotta say something maybe maybe some people are saying I wish she'd leave but at the same time I'm still here and and I think once it gets in your blood you just can't in under a thermal Cam USA or me personally were on facebook me personally or thermal CAM USA so they can find us there or they can find us on they're really great that's fantastic as it takes a great team that does take a great what what is your best way of motivating our team because I know it's it's always important to keep your Allen and I'm one of them so there you go you know it's it's becoming a a multinational environment antastic now where do you see the the next time our website Thermo Cam USA Dot Com so pretty easy there you go I think it's wonderful to share this because we haven't spoke anyone in the drone industry and how they're benefiting in twenty three and I've I've read a lot of the self help books in the motivational books and stuff like that so that's your favorite that's my favorite I like that field they know what's what's going to be a challenge for the drawn they know what's going to be a challenge for the the camera system they know what's going to be a challenge for the software and so mm failure and you can look at it two ways as failure or as just a learning curve to success and sometimes the decision of which way you go there is difficult and sometimes elon gas there's so many facets oil the oil and gas industry and it's wonderful to hear a story of a of a part of it and how you can really help your company and also and and it's changing the the industry's changing the people are changing more people are coming here from all over the world those darn Canadians keep coming million dollar Barbara and George H W Bush Convention Center which is absolutely incredible when you come to town you need to go see it it is beautiful so adulation to this week's community MVP Midland Chamber of Commerce and if your local business go join the chamber they are fantastic organization feeder. Thank you so much I appreciate you it's time now to announce our community MVP and this week's MVP is the Midland Chamber of Commerce they recently held adventure two guys on the bench exactly awesome and then you started off then like you said like working from the bottom up really how did your path go after that there's accomplishments honor all of the amazing volunteers and share goals for the future this sold out event was the very first event to be held in the new forty three they're twenty nineteen annual meeting the community enjoyed an evening of dinner drinks and dancing local businesses and community leaders had a chance to reflect on the offers in the Permian Basin remember my motto Dream Big and believe in yourself you make it a great day hey guys we have a couple of OBGYN events driving to work or you're listening on your morning walk wherever you're at thank you for being here and I'd love to hear from you if there's a guest you would love to hear from just send me not just my company it's our company and they're willing to go the extra mile for the client and that's a nice part you know absolutely we liked it oh that's that's discussion will include Saudi Aramco Ventures Shell Ventures and lovie SEF enters eternal energy and well diver our next Denver happy hour will be industries to fight human sex trafficking at this happy hour we'll be discussing the process of taking a startup from simply an idea to obtaining the first purchase orders the panel right another special thank you to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian perspective and thank you so much for sharing this time with you as always I appreciate you choosing premium perspective whether that could definitely benefit anyone that is in the pipeline industry right now so give Peter a call she would love to help you out Peter Wolper and he's with Thurman Day Pals Denver and oilfield helping hands okay now to the events on deck the tomorrow less oil and Gas Summit two thousand nineteen will be on October I know you're there then business will take care of itself well let's let him know how they can find you on social media and call you there you go so you're on Lincoln we're on linked on October fourteenth two thousand nineteen at Kingwood country club and as of right now there are some spots still open so be sure to check their Web site and register your team attention on October ninth in Houston on October fourteenth the cannon will be having a disruptive energy workshop the API Golf Tournament will be held sharing your story we wish you much success in the future and if anyone's looking for any drone work give him a call and he's a ready for you tomorrow he can be there right okay an email or contact us and we will definitely get that guest on the show for you once again this concludes this episode of Permian Perspective the story behind the oil and gasoline the two thousand nineteen operations and process technology summit will be on October fourteenth through sixteen in San Antonio the summit will cover maximizing bovine actively what's what's the word on the street but what's the buzz in the air because that's talking your language environmental stuff that's coming up. I think or I hope your molecular advantage practical solutions for today forethought for tomorrow on October twenty four th oestrogens very own mark lacouer will be speaking at tech tomorrow generate innovative recommendations for advancing the relationship tune in next week for another episode of Permian Newstalk here and how lucky you are to have her with you still fantastic great I'd love to meter someday let's talk a little bit about an important lesson you've learned in perspective a production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot org g. n. dot Com and what is their story this is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista as skinny today's I love it if they'd call me I love an honest answer that's great the more work the Merrier we'd certainly like to double the number of cruise right I think if we stick with his Joshua Fantastic and I love that I wanna I wanNA interview her now and say hey how she's nine years Gourmet Tommy Yellow Tabah Kinda guy so when you walk with a computer it's over my head but the guys that we have in the in the girls that we have helping us out and on November six join us for food drinks and alive podcast that we will announce at a later date a portion of this events proceeds will go to local charities third through fourth in Dili to more or less step the S. M. R. P. Third Quarter West Houston chapter meeting is on October third at eleven thirty in Houston mm by getting that drone work done and I love what you said about pipelines to that's that's huge industry right now big industry I think that's a great airing president George H W Bush the Bush China conference brings together Americans and Chinese to discuss critical bilateral regional and global issues and into this year like Okay Christopher Maher view me for this podcast I hope I get this across to the listeners but maybe we haven't asked you that is that is there one thing that you'd like to share with us well. Ondeck for the next month jeans next Houston Happy Hour will be on October twenty night at the Canon for four to six as always portion of the proceeds will go toward redeemer met is the official event for the Balkans oil and gas industries lastly the George h.w Bush conference this year will be on October Twenty eight th through Twenty Nineth in Houston on looked at it that way right and what is that there's that quota a setback is just you know really getting you ready for your comeback that's right I think that's true well I'm glad that work in Shreveport Louisiana the Balconies Petroleum Conference will be held on October twenty four th through twenty fifth in Buda Montenegro the in this event will cover the topic RPM's preventing or causing failures Ip A. N. T. R. O. OR HOSTING THEIR LEADERS IN industry. Wonderful Way to do it I've never thought about voting and going. Hey what do you what does everyone else thing guy one what about a book do you have a favorite book that you would suggest that is cam. USA thank you so much for sharing this time with us I appreciate it I know it goes by fast doesn't it does gone fast but we really appreciate.

Houston Permian Basin Peter Wallpaper Permian president of Thermal Cam USA. Midland Texas MVP USA West Texas Permian San Francisco Midland Chamber of Commerce George H W Bush Dili New Mexico Joshua Fantastic
Ondaka on Permian Perspective- PP037

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Ondaka on Permian Perspective- PP037

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. A skinny today show was sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this. Week's episode of Permian Perspective is such a pleasure to spend this time with you as always we thank you for choosing our podcast for your listening pleasure. Wherever you're at today we want to welcome our special guests today. Who are in West Texas with me. Ryan Loxton the director of sales and Business Development for on Daca and John Joseph the founder and CEO of on Daca. Thank you so much for being with us today. You very welcome. Can't wait to hear your story and let everyone know how you're changing the oil and gas industry so we're going to jump right into that in just a moment but first. I want to thank everyone who has left us a review. I cannot thank you enough for doing so. We've received the nicest kindest words on itunes and I didn't even have to pay him for it. They just did it. It was so nice it was so thank you and if you would like to leave a five Star Review. I would really appreciate it and also like to thank apple for choosing Permian perspective to be on their new and noteworthy list. So let's jump right into this. So welcome to our podcast. We Have Ryan and John. Sitting with us today. Toes a little bit about on Daca and what your company does sure so. What we do is really lead. Anyone operators equipment manufacturers assemblers see their sights their facilities there without actually having goat to the site or to the facilities the equipment we start by capturing high fidelity three D models of the existing women could be Brownfield. Greenfield doesn't really matter to us and creating an augmented reality version of that. And so our general visas that you have to be able to see something to understand it sees understanding once you can actually see the real equipment you know what's going on? You can understand the pipe configuration and you can understand how things are laid out and let you make better more informed decisions and also has a side effect of letting you not have to go out to site as often you can stay in Houston or Dallas. Orf You wherever you live the more often and I really wish right now everybody can see. I wish this was television. But it's all audio so we have to explain it to them. Similar to virtual reality is how I explained it. But I'm sure you have a better technical term for it so what we showed you earlier is augmented rally. So it's very similar to virtual reality and in fact if you wanted to wear see them in virtually that's also very possible. It's not that far off but imagine taking your equipment. Your separators revere you whatever. The equipment is and seeing that wherever you are shrinking down and putting it on your desktop and looking at the actual limit. Nana cad render of it not an artist's rendition of it but the actual equipment down to the rust patterns. The grime is on it. The real thing that we're talking about it really is interesting when you see it and I have to ask you. What is your oil and gas background? I Know Ryan you've been in oil and gas for years Tut fifteen. So tell us a little bit about how you see this really benefiting the oil and gas companies here in the Permian. So when I was first introduced Daca as a consultant of been in operations. Pretty much my whole life and being able to manage my people and optimize. My service could see this being a huge platform where you're actually bringing the piece of equipment into the Shop Board Room. Whatever and discussing what the task scare me for that day or is my right side the same as your right side you know. Get you for guys that are out in the service industry. They get a lot of questions. And you have your qualified guy that you want to keep at home or you know in office not running out three hours. Four hours to go the field to show somebody a small widget or peace or boulder procedure on how to do something for some. They're more untechnical people right and I think how you explained it to me off. Podcast was say you have fifty valves that need to be replaced. You can actually look and go away. We thought there's fifty thirty two so now we know we need to bring in thirty two valves that need to be replaced so your accuracy and timeliness is going to improve and you're not gonna waste the time of going out there seeing it then going been purchasing vowels and then getting them replaced so really you're cutting about a month's time off so we start with building these three models that lets you see what's out there and you can save the time of understanding what's there without traveling back and forth. That's great for things like site reconfiguration equipment installation that sort of thing then we let you do stuff with model because you know seeing is great but what can really do day over day so then we'll let you do things like you can measure things you can add other data to. It's you could say label a particular. You know that this is a Kim rival and I can add the operating manual for. That can reveal where he can add. The CAD drawing right can add the maintenance schedule behind that so other people can access that other people that you want to come back as you can. Also we call it markup you can potentially sketch arrows or boxes or circles in highlight images on his three d models reality capture of the site and send that picture to someone to communicate. What did you do the fourth thing that we have today? Is We call it procedures? You can define an operating procedure and imagine you know. It's a four step procedures. Step one is go to this. Particular component this valve when you rotate the model you zoom into that particular valvoline show people. This is the three sub steps on step. One that you have to do and check off steps and then step two is to go to the control panel and do something control pound you rotate the model. And you show them where. There isn't with a checklist that's super useful. Today takes way any confusion any communication issues any language barrier issues. We think that's actually pretty useful but all of that is what we do today. That's what we do what we're doing is we're taking that information that data that's being put into the system that labeled data when you told me that that's a Kim rebel. We're taking that data and we're training essentially artificial intelligence to recognize those things. So that's within the power of that feature that I mentioned so when you tell me that. That's a camera valve. Our system will learn what a camera valve is and then when we released that feature in the next six to twelve months you'll be able to look at a As built say showed me all the camera vows and it will just find all the rebels every time someone adds a new label of new thing. You'll be able to find that new thing everywhere which means you have to go. Have a person go tag all the individual components. So really does it Saves Time. It saves money and safety because that is a key component to your businesses. You're keeping people safe. Let's talk about the competitive edge. So how does your technology help? Customers maintain a competitive edge. I think having that understanding of their site so there's the cost silent is really about being efficient and it's efficient. None terms of reducing their workforce but in terms of putting the people in the right places. Not Wasting time anything. Anybody can do that. Well can actually just be more productive overall and we really help facilitate that we have one. Customer Service is Independent. They told us that by using our platform today. They've reduced trips to sites by facilities engineering by thirty percent. Yeah because they just don't have to go up there just figure out what's there before they do the actual work right. Ultimately we want to bring the oil filled to the office not office to the woeful right and I like how you also said. Say You have a huge meeting five hundred people and instead of bringing those five hundred people out to the field. You're actually bringing the field to the people and that is a great. I think way to visualize it because you know you think you know one or two. We're going to go visit the site right. No big deal but five hundred you can get five hundred people there like they bid walks could be done virtually right. That's amazing. Let's talk a little bit about the Permian because you're here in the Permian and how do you see the Permian? I know you're in some other shales as well different than the others. In case you can tell. I'm not historically in oiling. Gaspar's and I freely admitted software guy just general technology so for me. It's really been a great learning experience. And when I first came to oil and gas in general in particular it was really to learn. It's really understand. I mean I know I can do one or two things that are kind of cool and I didn't really know if they could be useful and it was really talking to people who are in. The industry are living this day in day out to understand how this thing that I know it can do could actually be using could be useful. And that's how every feature we built has been bills based on what customer said. This is how I do my job. This is how my life is and they show them what we can do. They say you can do that. Well then if you can do that can you do this? Oh we'll get so it's really the knowledge and expertise and experience from the guys in the field or the guys that were in the field who are now in the boardroom. That drives everything that we do. Frankly without the people in the premium we wouldn't exist. Oh we want to say welcome. And you're actually from San Francisco area. Will you all over all over? Let just recently the San Francisco Area I live technically. We're a Silicon Valley company. I am Canadian. I grew up in Hamilton Ontario. So my dad worked in steel mills. Growing up a nurse and they worked very hard to have me have a white collar job so I didn't have to. You know get dirty way worked and about three. Four years ago I left my last startup. I started thinking about what I'm doing for the last fifty twenty years. I realized I spent a lot of time working with a lot of companies that were essentially helping people click ads better and that seemed very wasteful. And I thought well why can't help people with all this tech. We have available in the world. Why can we help people like my dad? And that's where the colonel came from. I love that. So that's how undock came to me. I love that. Let's talk a little bit about what you're doing in the next twelve months because they say technology is changing like. Oh just changed right. It just changed again. It's changing all the time and we've really seen that here in the oil and gas business. Where do you think it's going in the future? And how can undock help people so I think the missing link is the data right so the way you consume the data whether it's your laptop whether its an ipad whether it's a set of glasses that whole answer some other air glasses that'll change they'll always change and the adoption curve of that will depend on the particular company and how they want to adopt men more importantly it'll depend on the people who actually have to use it and what they want us? We actually don't care about that. We will use whatever medium of consumption that people WANNA use provided a tool. That's useful for people to get their jobs done better and makes their lives easier. You know whether it safer or more efficient for that which is why we don't just go into the sea level and sell down and try mandate. This is how you do things because it's a better way do things because if you do that no one's GONNA use. It actually prefer to go in bottoms up and like show the guys in the field. This is what we can do and get their opinion on it and have them champion as a chain because they want to use this tool Ryan. What's up number one question that that customers ask you when they're considering putting your software or using your software in the well field so a funny question. Just run across this question you know. It's it's a question that we get hit with all the time and it can go in two thousand different realms I mean we can cover manufacturing we can cover asset management. Hse facilities engineering operations. The platform what I like about it is it's very diverse and it's all touching click. It's pointing go. There's no code. You have to learn a special key strokes that's very user friendly and I think that's where everything is going. So question does a customer asked. It's more what can't we do in? Sometimes we have to kind of narrow them down to. Let's start here and expand what I like to say. Let's crawl than while them. Yes because your imagination go wild and we can't do it. But where do we start right more very good? Because I think a lot of people that are I'll go ahead and say it. I'm not scared. Technologically challenged his myself when I see something like that or software. My mom is like can I handle this? Can I work this? Will I be able to utilize this but you can because you showed it you put it in my hands and then immediately stepped away and I was like okay. I'm on a rig I mean. How cool is that? You know you really can. You can really use that technology to benefit your company and to be more efficient and to save lives. Let's talk about that aspect because I know you said to me that that was really important if you save one life. Then what's the cost of it? You know I mean. Can you put a price tag on now? So you know one of the things that I see is we can reduce the amount of trips that a guy might not have to take and if we can do that and we say. We passed by one incident in one fatality. I can't put a price on that. You know a couple of our previous customers. We've had them run some statistics on how much they just go on to the field and travel expenses and things like that so so there's a lot of new companies that come out to West Texas. I'm sure you know that in being a fairly new company within three to five years and I'm right there with you. We're going on our fifth year anniversary. What would say is the biggest challenge that you've seen as a business owner John? Maybe that we could all learn from that. You've learned this past few years. Generally this isn't about West Texas which is generally as a business owner. Pay attention to casual. Isn't that run out of cash? You're going to be dead in the water point. Learn that almost the hard way. But we're doing okay. Now yes so when. I just want to backtrack a second chance. Brian touched on was the user experience. We actually pay very close. Attention to are very focused on the user experience. Making the platform work so easily is actually really hard thing to do. And we designed it so that our users can use it so easily in fact I'll put ten bucks down right now that anybody could pick up our platform and start using it in five minutes with one minute training and that's it that's pretty impressive because one minute is you know. It's pretty fast. I'm saying right. Somebody who's been in operations in the field for thirty years who I teach them how to double. Click a mouse. I teach that guy ahead of us it in a minute right. I mean as long as I can teach them how to click out right which you can of course. I know you touched a little bit on your dad in his background in the mills. How did you pick oil and gas as your main focus? So had this idea that I want to do something I had this idea. That vr and ar were cool but in order for companies to make it work the OCULUS is and the facebooks news of the world. We're all doing the same thing developers to make games and I was tired of games worked games for a number of years so there were enough games out there and frankly. I was tired of working at in that world but thought about general space and then I would say what if you could change the nature of the equation instead of building expensive games. What if you could make things cheaply like three sixty videos and I had this idea of? What three sixty video of say tour of Museum? Who's GonNa buy that night? Some people buy it. But it's going to be really expensive and you're gonNA watch it once. Data on top of that date on top of that now every schoolteacher could say let's Tiger in. Timmy's project is tiger and here's this project. Suddenly a lot more people could use it. Well that's interesting and for about thirty seconds. I got really excited because teachers could use it and artists and musicians and museums and none of these people have any money so so very pragmatic could be used for that definitely but then I thought okay this let me put a pin in the idea because it is seems there's something there and I literally sat there and five. Well who has money? I'm not very smart and I doubt I think we're very certain. Start a technology company and NOT SMART. Maybe oil and gas has some little bit of money maybe mining has some money and maybe construction has money and I realized it was always companies that living in Silicon Valley Mo- Silicon Valley companies. Don't work with most of these industries and that sort of baffling a little bit. And then just start talking to folks in in these industries and that got the most interest from people in oil and gas and then he went to my first oil and gas event in Texas chip in Colorado and that's my learned a formative lesson who's a some barbecue and a person who is about gesturing. He's about seven foot tall about twelve feet wide. Now he was he was a big fellow. He's across the patio and it's his barbecue and he walked directly over to me and he said so. Where are you from and I said I live in California? He said you know what the problem with California's and he got a little bit of Christian and I looked up at him and I said I would love to know what the problem California's Sir. He said. Prom with California. Is You've got these punks. Come out of places like Stanford and they try to come here and they think they can tell me to my job better than I know how to do it. I gotTa tell you hasn't changed that much in the last forty years as not that different than what. My granddad was doing eighty years ago and I realized in that moment. The fact is the fundamental problem between most silicon valley companies and the rest of the real world. It's that there's this arrogance that a lot of companies have that they think they know better and we fundamentally will never have that problem. Because I don't know better. I joke that that's part. It's actually I fundamentally believe that because in the space in this link of Midland. I'm the dumbest guy in the room. Everything Oil and gas and I'm actually proud VAT because I shouldn't be the smarts of as I can do a couple of things about a couple of ings but you put me on radio on a pad. I'm terrified to learning. Sorry what a friend of mine says if you're the smartest person in the room you're in the wrong room and then I have another friend. I'm putting all my friends now that this other friend that Jackson she was just on the podcast. Jamie and she says be alerted all. Don't be a know it all and I love that. I love that quote and she'd truly lifts by that and she feels that you know you can always be learning and just like you said go in there and learn in those rooms so I'm not that great advice Since we're getting more personal. What kind of books and podcasts do you listen to? I always love to learn what business leaders and people that are immersed here in the basin are reading and listening to. Do you have any favorites? That's a good question. It's actually almost embarrassing. Because they don't really. I neither read nor listen to anything. We work and working is working in a rookie. Though I get that plus your parents we have you know we were talking. We all have kids. So if you're not working you're working on kid things if you're not with your kids you're working that I mean I have read some different books. I think the last book I read that was interesting. It was more of a sales technique book it was called Pitch Anything. Well I can privatize name was orange. Something embers lessening. Just how to have conversation how to really think about how you're having a conversation. I'm wondering how you walk into a big office or a big meeting room. And how the entire structure of that office medium with powerful person is designed to intimidate you and put them in the powerful position. And how you can actually breakthrough that bite being the right mindset. Orrin cloth or cloth definitely so I read it and it was really interesting. Actually tried some of the techniques in the book and I was terrified. Try them and they worked and I was like. Oh my God. It was like discovering fire so I can do this well. Thanks for sharing the love that I love to learn every day I feel like I learned so much and I love to hear what other people are reading and then I can you know what I have the time. Listen and take a few nuggets and applied my business. So thank you anything you want to share. No Right. It's like I'm good. Let's go to the next question. How about a favorite quote Ryan? Do you have favorite quote? You live by. Cms believing really. That's a good one. That's kind of what we base are off of him very good and John. Your favorite quote. You live by just reading. It's the man in the arena. Love that quote Theodore Roosevelt in Brunei? Brown has brought it back for all of us to because it's so key if you're not in the arena. I don't want your opinion and that's why I feel every day we are in the arena and we might fail. Maybe we're too soon. Maybe were too late. Maybe it's the wrong thing and I'm okay with all of it. I think have something that's interesting. I hope we do. I hope people see that people find it useful if I'M WRONG. That's okay but at least we're given their shot to try that's right you don't know if you don't try right well. I want to let everyone know where they can find you. So let's give your website out and you're social media's so where can everyone find if they have any questions sure our website is. Www DOT DACA DOT com. It's O. N. D. A. K. A. dot com. We're also Lincoln and I think it's just search for Dhaka you can find. It is probably the best ways to get. My personal you know is John J. O. H. N. add on Daca and Ryan is Ryan R. Y. A. N. Dot L. O. G. S. T. O. N. At Dot com fantastic and the final question. I was asked this and most people a little bit more than five minutes. If they're gonNA do the podcast so thank you. I said Hey. Y'All are here. Why don't you do it so when you were coming into this podcast today? Is there anything that you were hoping to get out to our listeners? That maybe we haven't covered yet. I always like to just ask that at the end to make sure you got everything out there that you want people to know about in Dhaka. Just reach out to us and US come by and show you like I said. Cnn's blame so if we can help anybody and do a demo. I would love to do you know I forgot to mention the one thing that I'm probably most proud of because we're really just coming up on three years now and the thing that I always talk about an it's the thing that I'm most proud of. Is that last night? We were invited to OTC which for a small company out of California's Yes. That was a huge deal and then we were named one of the ten most promising companies at the show and for that to me being not oil and gas person I thought. Oh that's pretty cool. We won this award but then the next day that news. All the trade magazines and articles can't and I was getting the kids ready for school. Christopher my seven year old was used a little bit annoying that morning that might get the wrong t shirt on him and drag him out. The door and my cell phone rang and I saw a number. They didn't recognize and most of the time. I never answer those calls. For some reason I decided to enter that day but I use my angry voice and it was a person I won't say which company but it was a major of a very major well-known oiling gas or company calling to talk to someone Daca because they saw that we won this award long and I quickly pretended to be my assistant and apologize for the chaos on her office this morning and I would take a message have Mr Joseph Colvin back. That's great. That's when they realize how big a deal that award wasn't and so that's why I'm so proud of it well. Congratulations I think that is amazing. And that just shows that where the future is going in. The future is technology. And we're so glad that you chose this over video games. Thank you for sharing your story. I really appreciate it if you would like any more information as we mentioned before go. Daca DOT COM. I would definitely like to thank once again. Ryan logged in the director of sales and Business Development and John Joseph the founder and CEO of Dhaka for sharing time today and sharing your story. So thank you so much. I appreciate you time now to announce today's community. Mvp and our Community Mvp Chevron and Odessa College oc as we call it around here recently received two hundred thousand dollars donated by Chevron for its instrumentation and automation programs. And they're FAB lab. Doesn't that sound like fun? The FAB now the FAB lab is completely open to the public way to go. Chevron for pouring into the youth of our community. That's what makes you this week's community. Mvp again very special. Thanks to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective Baker Hughes as you know recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Bran as an Energy Technology Company. They strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people on the planet. That's it thank you so much for listening at home or in your car and your office wherever you are. This concludes this episode of Permian Perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin. Remember my mottos dream big and believe in yourself and never ever give up. You make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here. With the events on deck for February we do not have any O. G. G. unhappy hours in February but we do have an exciting event coming up in Pittsburgh. This'll be our first happy hour there in March and it will be taking place on March twenty fifth. The location is to be determined so be sure to follow us on facebook link or twitter to keep up with those announcements and to purchase tickets the Houston. Api luncheon will be on February eleventh this will be networking about with top oil and gas business leaders and they promise that you'll be learning something really cool so check it out and sign up for that event. The wildcatters ball will be on February seventh in Houston. This ball is the primary oil and natural gas industry fundraising event for the IP A Educational Foundation proceeds go toward funding. The foundations energy education program. The Energy Houston three gun chapter. We'll be on March twentieth in Houston. This event fills up really quickly so make sure to get your team. Enter the best way to do so is to fax or E. Mail the form with at least a captain's name as soon as possible if you need to wait for a check. Just notat that on the bottom of the form and send it on we will be sending Mark Liqueur and Patrick pistre to Scotland to Aberdeen Scotland. On march fifth. Four Doku Kahn. Which is the first event of its kind. It is a conference or creating high impact sales in energy and mark and Patrick will be hosting panel and recording alive. Podcast if you're interested in attending this event visit Doku Yukon Dot Dokru DOT COM. And that is d o q a. R U C O. And that's all for this month. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to check again next month for more updates on. Obgyn events tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective it production of the oil and gas global network. Learn more at. Www DOT org G. N. DOT COM.

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Click on HR on Permian Perspective- PP033

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Click on HR on Permian Perspective- PP033

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. A skinny today shows shows sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner opener and more efficient for people in the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode. I'm so happy to be spending this time with all of you. I'm sitting here this morning and Midland Texas with Ria stone and Ria is the owner of Click on. HR rethink so much for being with us today. Thank you for having me. We're so excited to hear your story about your company and how it can help all of us here in the oil and gas business. So we'll get started in just a minute but first I wanNA thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends and family and colleagues. We have listeners all over the world and of course right here in the basin I really appreciate each and every one of you so feel free to leave a nice positive review. We like those five star reviews on itunes and feel free to share it with your friends and family. We appreciate you okay. Ria Tell us a little bit about yourself and Click Click on. Hr how it came to be great a little bit about myself. I was born racing poor and I been in midland. I moved here about six months ago. And the last ten years I've been going back and forth he S- in Midland. I'm excited to be here. As broad resident of Midland Texas. Think you were so excited. We'd love it when people come to town and WanNa Wanna stay that's always that's always a bonus yep and people here in Midland are so warm and friendly. Since I've moved out here and just been really helpful in getting me assimilated and settled and so I'm excited grading. So what's your background. What what did you go to school for? Tell us how you got into this business because I'll let you explain more. What the businesses but you provide HR services services concierge style for oil and gas companies? Yeah absolutely so we started out a couple of years ago. It's GONNA be a couple years here in the next few weeks got it. Yeah we're going to do a little cake for it. Probably Worse. Love can always celebrate celebrate the big milestones for sure absolutely lately so I've been in. Hr for the last fourteen to fifteen years. I absolutely enjoy working with people. Just because it's the one product or type of you know where you every person so different unique that every problem solving issue or approach is different and just the fact that you never have a straightforward straightforward solution in working with people's probably. HR keeps me engaged. And I'm just really excited to be in it for the last fourteen fifteen years and I wanna see what more success a story that we have in working with companies and people out here fantastic say you saw a need then for this concierge style service explain how it works yep so we are very full service. Hr Audit and compliance farm where we pretty much do outsource services as long as human resources services. The concerts doll is where a lot of companies out here who warren different growth patterns usually may may only need seasonal. HR services such as right when it's open season or right as they're looking to launch a new 401k. One K plan or if they're looking to buy a different company and not sure what kind of liabilities they're buying whether they're buying people or companies with employees who may not be correctly directly classified as exempt non exempt. And at that point you're buying a liability so a lot of times we come in to do on demand services where when there's a need or able to offer up our services assist temporarily and the good thing about us is that we own the project so we pretty much you know do turnkey solutions and we started out. Make sure that we deliver the end of the project. And we check into the stakeholders older string the course of the project as well a lot of clients out here users just on a seasonal basis or they'll outsource entire. HR services to us where they meaning not need a fulltime HR person but they we do need some ongoing help on a weekly basis. And that's what I loved about it. I found out when I was looking on your website that you have different needs for what different companies may be looking for maybe they just need help with policies and forms or maybe they need exit termination records. Let's talk a little bit about some of those services and how they can help oil and gas companies. Yeah absolutely when an employee comes into their first day on the job that pretty much the tone and oppression for how their arrest of employment one of the company's going to go through for them are they. Do they have access to the right type of support making sure they're clocking incorrectly. Making sure their benefits are signed up correctly. How has a a welcome experience been so far? So a lot of the on boarding experience really sets the tone for their comfort level and really improve retention for a lot of employers out here so if they set it up correctly from the get go then the more likely to reduce turnover in the long run so the on boarding off boarding and the performance management or some of the key areas we focus on a lot of our clients out here. Because that's where you may have somebody in the back office running certain things like setting up the pre employment checks but when it comes to day one will be able to help with the employees hand holding and making sure they get assimilated acclimated and settle into the new role. And how does that work. Is it all done through computers through email. How does that work when you do have an HR person it's maybe not in your office? Yeah that's actually great question so we actually service nationwide and we also do some work in Mexico and Canada at the moment so depending being on the client and what their scope is a lot of times our on boarding experience can be one where we can just to you know on an Uber Conference or zoom or even just you know teams which is what we use internally to communicate with all the employees or internal meetings so we'll be able to help on board them even just with the Waltham video and then be able to engage them by saying. Hey let's update your Lincoln Post to say welcome to your first day let's update your Lincoln profiled with your new company name and we can do a lot of a work remote at this at this point in time now now that also means that in the front of things we have to set up things correctly so that includes the on boarding report for the client making sure that we're in compliance for all their policies procedures features and their checks and balances so that includes everything from your fleet policy or if you have disclosure for you know anti nepotism. They're you know making sure that they're disclosing conflicts of interest and things like that so getting your client is key and making sure we get them complaints by giving them or setting up the paperwork and then going going forward the follow through by on boarding employees correctly remote or in person. That's what we do here. The reason we have a midland office or location out. Here's because a lot of our clients are here. Do require that in-person warm fuzzy touch which is why we're able to onboard for a lot of clien person compared to remote on boarding waiting for some of the other locations that we might have fantastic. How small is too small the company? What is his -cause just hearing you talk a little bit about it? I think I'm a prime candidate here rig. Id Work where we're going into our fifth year. We'll be celebrating our fifth year. Coming up in April. Thank you and we don't have an HR person the tearful time name and so a lot of us are just kind of handling those things amongst ourselves. Why would it be important for say a company like like mine to have your services says yeah great question? I think you start out with what supplies to smaller to dig. I really think that there's no are models such where we are able to service any the company from three employees and up all up to five thousand employees. Typically the scope will change depending on the company size. It's also as an example a lot of companies who start out offices here here. They may not even know how to do. The right workers comp class coats setup or making sure that their unemployment account set up correctly or whether we should pay city taxes says or state taxes on top of federal income tax deduction should be coming up or is your quickbooks online payroll system even set up correctly the nine forties to Texas workforce solutions or wherever Robert might be at the end of the quarter. So if you're starting up then at one to two employees stage that's a perfect time to utilize us for all of the above and setting up your policies and procedures up up to five hundred employees. It's a great model to outsourcing. Hr because sometimes you may not need a full HR person in each location or that you might have. That's a great point because a lot of the companies out here especially the larger companies have so many locations throughout the Permian that I didn't even think about this would be a perfect perfect ideal fit for a company like that. Yeah some of our best clients here are not even here from the states with a mention we work with different Canadian company so when they set up shop here and Stanton Antonio Mara Hans they can set up a yard here. Our team will go in and do the on boarding for them off boarding for them making sure that we get Kirkland payroll drug test them make sure they're set up in DIESE LISA for their quarterly random drug testing program to be in compliance with their. MSA's so I think the company size it can vary but the services will vary depending on the company size. It's also regarding here. It would be a great fit if depending on what your twenty twenty goals are if you're looking to set up a new benefits plan for two thousand twenty but you're not sure where to start or should I do a profit sharing worse as a 401k. Hey Plan so you do that. Too absolutely will be able to help with the analysis as to what makes sense best for your company. So that's why our service services service offerings will change depending on the size of the company the type of management getting to know your CEO's CFO's are really important making sure that their vision for that year matches with what you're executing executing for them on the compliance side. Anything of a five to five thousand employees. I would say the project scope will change in different ways for example if you're moving from one payroll platform to another her or implementing sap Oracle and. You don't know how to implement the human capital management modules or the payroll modules. So those are some of the European limitation work that we also do click on. Hr are so the scope will change because it depends on how much horsepower the HR Department within the company itself has whether they wanting to take on a project or or outsource dot project so we can outsource services or the project or any miscellaneous halt during the course of the year. Wow that out fantastic. What about insurance do you cover insurance? Is there as well. Yeah so if you're if you're shopping for workers comp or employment practice liability insurance health insurance plans which just you know. I mentioned open enrollment earlier. That actually keeps US pretty busy. Because a lot of companies may not have the bandwidth to even execute and collect. Everybody's forms bag. Make sure that the carriers are notified defied the foul feats etc.. So we take care of what a lot of that but if you're talking about shopping for health insurance rates benefits coordination. We had a lot of that for our clients as well. So we'll be from the get. Go commodifying a health benefits broker making sure that we under defy the type of plants that makes sense for the company where there's a high deductible plan or you know you wanna critical own this piece out of two it should we do a F- essay or Hsa what makes sense for the company. So that's where we'll be able to help advice because your broker can give you all the technical details but from HR perspective that we have to figure out what makes sense financially for the company and for the employees. You know you're an awful company you're you know should you focus more short-term disability were says says long-term disability and if you're an IT company that may not be something that's on the forefront of your mind but it could be a flexible spending account at that point so getting to know the region where the company's located at the culture of the company and what direction is keen how we alter or modify services. Wow fantastic that really is. There's so many issues. I think that people don't even realize is in. Hr Y and especially when you're starting out a company and as you know here in the basin we have so many new companies that pop up daily and then of course depending on oil and the highs and lows how do you see click on HR helping oil and gas companies with that with the highs and lows and particularly what I was thinking was recruiting. Absolutely we do a lot of recruiting for existing Clientele by proxy a lot of times when they build a relationship with is on the HR and complaints piece automatically the the next question. Is I also have this issue on a you're tackling turnover for us. Would you mind helping us with recruiting so for current clientele if we get to know them well enough and they're interested in outsourcing service to us we help out on the recruiting front. There's a couple of different options. Either we can completely take over the recruiting piece all nationwide and make sure that. Are we start of the project for you or if you have a recruiter in house. But he's still need help firm scanning resume setting up interviews. You can also outsource that piece to us. So it can be in recruiting adleman piece or fully outsource recruiting piece that we can also help with in regards to companies that go through waves here. You're absolutely right. We've been with some of our the clients for a while. Now we're seeing the highs and lows and everything else so in the highs we wanna make sure that recruiting strategy set up correctly on boarding a set up correctly because the turnover here can be really high. If that is not managed from the get-go that includes employee experience of on boarding making sure that we hearing them out. If we're not not getting the feedback from employees and translating that to the supervisor so CEOS then there's not much we can do there right so we want to make sure we get all that as far as lows go a lot of companies also are not not sure how to handle the exit process so we are able to assist with recommending for low options or layoffs making sure that we run the adverse impact for them making sure they're not terminating or laying off somebody that could get them in hot water or if they've opened up a claim recently but they're not aware how to handle it so those are the highs and lows that we can help with a lot of our clients here and we've done uh-huh here quite effectively and making sure they understand that cutting payroll is not the best way to always get to your end goal of cost savings right so advising clients of that and making. I'm sure that they understand that. Getting rid of people is not the best solution. If you're going to turn them back in six weeks that furlough might be a better option about point and is you. You know person in this role the most critical person that you need to retain or let go or how can you really reorganize you. Let them go so we help with the reorganization. Swale upon after early officer during furloughs making sure about manager benefits and things like that too. That's a great point because that happens all the time here where they'll get laid off in two weeks later they're back on the same company and there's a different way you're saying that you can handle that. Hr wise absolutely. There's tons of options he can do partial for low full furlough. Ye can just do you a temporary off. And then he coordinated with Texas workforce solutions. So that way you'll have some state funding to help you during the course of the time so tons of options. But I think most importantly is learning your client client and making sure that we don't have knee jerk reactions. Because it's always easy to see Allen go okay done. We're GONNA fire. You know this many people but is it really going to get the end goal because by the time you get them off your payroll. Guess what the works really picked up next quarter really being able to look at that and advise your client is what we specialize in which is why we focus focus on human capital management. A Lot. Wonderful let's talk about the number one question that people come to you and ask what is the first thing right you know right off the bat and they think you know maybe so you can help us. What does that first question? They ask the first question they really ask is. How will you be able to add value already got? HR person in place. Oh that is a good question joke because not everyone is a small company. Maybe they had that person there yet or even if it's a small company they have somebody who's a bookkeeper or office assistant who's doing the. Hr soon their remind payroll Adleman all runs together so that person is their you know de facto. HR person and they they'll ask. How will you be able to provide value okay? So we've mentioned just to kind of recap we mentioned like you can do. Hr New hire packets. Also unemployment claims Sir Handbook. Let's talk about handbook because I think that's an important tool that a lotta people. Maybe don't that's kind of always put on the back burner because is there really just trying to first of all get a product. Get it out in the to the marketplace. Get a team to do that. It almost seems like the handbook is the last thing you do you know. Why is that an important in part of the business asked the company's change and evolve? It's really important. You policies changing off for a couple of different reasons one for federal regulations because because that's always changing so if your minimum wage is changing your drug testing laws and regulations are changing your disclosures laws and are changing than you WanNa make sure you're up to date and changing it on the operational side behind the business and effectively communicating on the employee handbook so for complaints perspective. Yes definitely update that on a ongoing business management perspective. You WanNa make sure that those policies are communicate effectively to the employees if not there's no way to performance manage them so if you wanna stay steady stagnant keep them where they are but if you really really are thinking about growing your business or looking for two bigger you're in a bigger Shinier horizons than you WanNa make sure that you keep up with the current issues that we have in the employment population figuring out how to best address them and then rolling up. Paul ceased to effectively manage the both the business and the people at the same time. So I think that's kind of the big reason why we need to be looking at them. I mean there's no way you can manage an employee effectively if you're not telling them. These are standard work of hours or A. Please don't be smoking on the premises or if you're running running late. Here's what you need to be doing. And if it's not clearly communicated then there's no way to problem solve at that point becomes muddier and you can help that small company. You say they have no hand no no rules in place you can help get them started on that. Yeah absolutely okay. Yep you're so smart we have. I'm just sitting here listening to him. Like how how did you learn. All of this about compliance and workforce and. What was it that you loved about? Hr that made you want to start this company. Because I hear you talk about I can tell you're just so passionate about it and love it so much. What was it that made you start? WanNa start it. I think it was just that I wanted to do a different business model. In which I we were able to grow grow and learn every single platform. That's out there for the sapiro platform or an HR module or European system. So I think it was just more of the desire to learn learn more But what really drives the passion is I started my career. In recruiting and write us is my passion for recruiting was taking off. We had the recession. You you know in two thousand eight two thousand seven and I just remember the the feeling of being able to recruit somebody and your client being happy with them and employees being so happy was is the most fulfilling thing especially in a downturn. And that's really where my passion comes into play being able to effectively problem solve and help someone at the same time. But but doing a good job where your C.. Suite has also happy with what you're executing for them because a happy workforce means is a productive workforce that means more money for the company more money in employs. He's pockets so it's a win win in my mind where I'm able to make an impact and I think that's what drives me to want to learn more and just keep you know staying in. HR and compliance. I'm so proud of this is just such a great concept and I just love this business. Model that you've if formed. Tell me because as you know. It's tough keeping employees here in the Permian Basin right because because depending on what aspect of the oil and gas business. You're in maybe you're not and we all say no matter what your directly everybody in the Permian is directly related somehow somehow oil and gas even if your like one of our podcasters that we had on the owner Jim Burrito even if you're selling Cumbria's to the people that fuel the world you're it directly tied to the oil and gas industry and of course there's a little bit more money to be made may be in oil and gas compared to say restaurants and hotels and so what advice vice would you give to a business owner on keeping your employees happy and retention listening to them. If you haven't had any time this year to set you know just make some time. Time to get the feedback from them and you can do it either. In whichever format you like whether it's one on one getting that feedback asking questions so if you were the business owner for the day what changes would you be making this business. And if you're not brave enough to ask your employees then there's no way you're getting the constructive feedback or whether it's a survey monkey survey you know that you're sending out all your employees to collectively gather the feedback. Whatever that information gathering or feedback gathering session is it's time to look at that and get that feedback and then come up with a strategy how to get that beat packed on so as recent example one of our clients we had a pretty much? You know. Ask the employees. Do you want a cut in your your rates for health benefits if it's payment plan next year or do you WANNA bonus structure next year or would you like more time off next year. And that was just based on some of the feedback that had been getting from their weekly manager meetings so when and he put that survey out there that employs felt engaged. Enough they answered it and actually one actually implement a bonus program so that the top of their priority now so being able to get that feedback from employees employee's where they feel badly and part of community is how we're going to best retain our our employs end of the day so I would recommend that business owners take some time to get that feedback with employees. He's and let them feel like they have a safe zone addition and that's how they're going to be committed in twenty twenty and the following year that's big for retention here. I love that because yes. We're starting a new year and this is a great time to really be thinking about some of your policies in places a business owner or as a team leader or as a manager to really make everyone because I think when start the new year everyone kind of like yes. Yeah here we now and then two weeks sent. It's like DUNTON YOU WANNA keep that energy going during the entire year and that's a great way to do it is to really involve your employees or I liked county members of team members. Because if they're feeling like they're being heard then they're going to be happy in the workplace and that's that's what I strive for is I want everyone to be happy. I mean peace love and happiness is one of my mottos so I just WanNa see Happy People and I think that's great waited do that. I love that you're just going to include people in the decision-making they're going to want to stay on and see how that evolves right so you only start looking when you don't feel like you're part of a community community or team and you just WanNa see what else is out there absolutely so I'm GonNa ask you some personal questions because I always love to hear who people are listening to and what they're feeding themselves so. Do you have a favorite book or podcasts. That you listened to. I think there's a few right now. That's their favorite book. I think there's also several that I could list but you know one of my favorites was took by Herman has said Artha that I read years ago and it's interesting because every ten years I picked up the book and reread it and I almost see it from a different perspective and I learned so so much more. So that's probably the one book that comes to mind. Even that's a fiction by great author. So I really like that. I'd love that idea to rereading every ten years because you're right you pick up the book at a different time in your lining. Oh boy does it have a whole new meaning to absolutely it being able to relate to the main characters and go. Oh Wow. I didn't think about that. So that's one of my favorite books. What about a favorite quote diva favorite quote? Don't buy nothing comes to mind but I know there's a couple of things that I think about when I wake up in the morning where I know his Gogo Day. uh-huh yeah how'd you do because we we all often feel that way. I my my thing is I lay there and say okay five things that I'm grateful for and then five four three two one go. Oh I don't know if you've heard of Mel Robbins. She says five four three two one go. So what is it that you do so I like to remind myself this quote from an old mentor that I heard. I'm not sure where it originated. Got It from but the quote is something along the lines of you know if you're not feeling always a little bit out of control you're not driving fast enough and so if I ever get to quite point which just very rarely given the first two minutes just go Maybe I'm not driving fast enough so I'm definitely one of those personalities where I love to challenge myself and I'm always going to try for a better version of Mary and better version my work every day so I think that quote pretty much is what I think about when I go okay. We're not going fast enough. Let's let's turn this up nausea right. I love that love that so we focused a lot on. What Your Business does I wanted to ask you a question now about you personally if you had a piece of advice vice to give someone because as a business owner you know? There's there's a lot of as you know a lot of highs and lows of of being a business owner. What advice would you give to someone that is maybe on a similar journey? Any as you. I don't really have any business advice. But maybe on the personal side I I would say. Just be brave. And don't don't let anything scare you off and be true to yourself and that also means being transparent with yourself and your clients. I think that what's made us our business grow or me. Take a positive leap in this journey is or afford leap in. This journey is making sure there were always always true to ourselves so I think just being brave and be true to yourself and to your clients has just how we've Pentagram great advice. Great advice let's end with. I was asked this question because I always feel like. I hope that they got out what they wanted to say. So when you knew that you're coming in for this podcast. Is there anything that maybe we haven't talked about yet that you really wanted to focus on and and let the listeners know about click on HR and make sure that they understand fully. What your stuff? I think one thing that we haven't talked about yet is our company or our business model is such that we deliver to add hawk work so that means that even if you have your your set and steady one that one question comes up or any the first complaint call or a sexual harassment case or anything. We are always able to help you with any of that. Just were just a phone call or click away and I say that because because most companies usually will go think we're not but what you always need a security blanket and were security blanket for them whereas sometimes okay this is beyond my capabilities. WHO DO I call? And that's where we are able to help out. And that's proven really effective for clients. I just want to say that it doesn't have to be true of HR project. It can be the craziest thing that comes. Does your mind going. This is something I can't handle. What can I who can call? They can call you absolutely will. Where can they find you? We are actually based here in Midland Texas at seven. Oh five westwardly. So we're pretty close to downtown and you can also visit our website at. WWW DOT click on hr dot com. We also have HR hotline. That's twenty four seven then that works that while for a lot of international clients or even employees who can call in and we're able to assist them and that Linus one eight three click. HR So it's the Lic K.. Hr One eight three three UCLA SEEK HR. And of course Ron linked in your on all those social media platforms. They can always find. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us stay. I'm just so excited and happy for you. I think this is just such a necessity in today's world to have services like we didn't even get tossed. I just thought about that. What are the price ranges real quick? Before are we let you go completely vary so were only calling us just for an hour's worth of help it's literally sixty five seventy five an hour depending on what type of service that you might need. So that's pretty much for the great. Hr generalist or HR assistance. Anything beyond that. We can just bill by the hour or we can completely do. Project cost based on the statement of work and the scope itself so we're very flexible and the pricing accessibility. There's not a minimum retainer either wonderful reassign owner of click on. Hr It is such a pleasure after to meet you. And I'm just so excited for you and your growing company. It is wonderful and wish you much success continued Gra says. I think you're having thank you so much. Well it's now time to announced today's community. MVP In today's community MVP is safe place of the Permian Basin. They'll save place began in nineteen seventy eight. When a group of concerned citizens citizens came together to provide help and shelter to victims of domestic violence living in and around Midland today safe place operates the residential shelter and fulltime time advocacy and counseling services and Midland and a fulltime advocacy and counseling office? In Odessa. Safe Place serves over fifteen counties here in the Permian now. The mission of safe places to break the cycle of family violence by empowering individuals to make healthy choices through awareness counselling advocacy advocacy and shelter while promoting hope healing and dignity for more information on this wonderful program that is helping so many people here in the Permian. You mean you can volunteer or donate by going to safe place. Now Dot Com. You can call them at this number four three two five seven zero fourteen sixty five and if you need help. There is a twenty four hour hotline number. That number is four three two five seven zero fourteen. Sixty five will. That's it a special. Thank you again to Baker Hughes Sponsoring Permian perspective. We appreciate all of you sharing your time with us and listening and sharing with your friends and family right. You did that right you. You went and clicked share. Okay just checking. Okay thank you so much for doing that. We of course appreciate each and every one of you for listening and this includes this episode of Permian perspective the story behind behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin. Remember my life Matas a dream big believe in yourself and never give up you make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here. With the events on deck for January twenty twenty first of all happy New Year we have a couple of great events coming up to kick off twenty twenty with the first one will be a Houston happy hour taking place on January sixteenth at the Canon from six to nine. PM This event will be all about artificial intelligence for oil and gas reality not hype. The event will feature a panel discussion and include drinks and snacks. Be Sure to get your tickets. Yes you can find our event rattling on Lincoln twitter or facebook or in our modal point newsletter. Every month the next happy hour having is our Denver happy be our on January thirtieth report a six. PM At Liberty Oilfield Services this amount will have a panel of Gao's and and feature a live recording of the crew. Aussie podcast. So that'll be super bowl. Be sure to join us. Also get your tickets. Once again from the links posted in our little point newsletter or on oil and gas global networks linked on facebook and twitter. We also will be having a Pittsburgh happy hour sometime in February with date coming soon and so be sure to stay tuned for that other events on deck include the Houston. Api Energy General Meeting on January fourteenth deep guest Speaker Eric Switzer VP global services. A Baker Hughes will be discussing accelerating transformation in oiling gas. The two thousand twenty industrial market Outlook and networking event will be on January twenty third in Houston and they will be discussing the latest trends that will impact project spending in North America including the Gulf off coast region over the next twelve to twenty four months. Lastly the wildcatters ball will be held on February seven twenty twenty in Houston breath. This ball is the primary oil and natural gas industry fundraising event for the IP a educational foundation the proceeds will go toward funding the foundations energy energy education programs offer this month. Thanks for tuning in guys and check in next month for the events on deck for February tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective it production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot org G. N. dot com.

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Unconventional Oil and Gas Training on Permian Perspective  PP046

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Unconventional Oil and Gas Training on Permian Perspective PP046

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. As skinny today show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people on the planet over one. Welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective as always a pleasure to spend this time with all of you. I am sitting here today. In Midland Texas visas and caster with Aaron Burton the owner of unconventional oil and gas training. Aaron thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you KRISTA. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to it to Aaron is in Houston today usually travels all over but as most of us are right now. We're dealing with some different times. And he is working from home today so thanks so much for being with us and before we get started. I want to thank everyone who is shared our podcast with friends and family and colleagues. We have listeners from all over the world and of course right here in the Permian Basin and I wanNA give special. Thank you shout out to Jerry for leaving this five star review. Jerry said quote look forward to the Permian perspective each week because I learn something new every episode I've lived and worked in West Texas for ten years now and enjoy hearing about my colleagues journey to the Permian. Keep up the good work and you make it a great day whole thank you so much jerry. Thanks for thrown my tagline back. Make it a great J. Jerry and just want to thank everyone so much for leaving a review or stopping by sending an email. And if you do so I will read it in a future broadcast like Jerry. So thank you all right. Aaron thanks again for joining us. First of all I just WanNa say how are you doing? You know. We're all dealing with something new idea. How are you doing overall doing pretty well? All things considered a traveled around the world enough and out of our truck working on rigs enough to know that being stuck at an. Your own comfortable is not necessarily a bad thing so so just adjusting to this new normal. You know exactly just Hashtag doing our best right. That's right that's right so Erin. How did you get started in the oil and gas industry? Well the it's a little bit of a long story but the yet so I. I went to school for Engineering degree as I was trying to figure out what I WANNA do that way. What career fair and saw the mechanical engineers were the most commonly hired out of Mississippi State? Where I went so I decided to go mechanical and graduated mechanical and Luckily I had a good buddy that his family was oil and gas their whole life and he did internship with Summer J. He accepted a job with CONACO and he was like many. You gotta get into oil and gas business and I was like well. I don't know and finally he convinced me and it was kind of like one of the things like well give it a shot and see so graduated mechanical when gas industry not knowing anything about oil and gas kind of had the ambition of spindle top thought the whole in the ground. Then you just have to catch the oil and it's just a little bit more complicated than that right. What did you learn that first year that you have never forgotten a lot of different things you know the first year? I started as a field engineer trainee for Baker Hughes and so I got to you know. Put the hands on the tool. Starting warehouse learn how to build tools. Learn how to run on the field so that really and truly was the fundamental for my knowledge. They're getting out because it you know it's one thing to see or to talk about the tools and talk about what they're doing in the film another them built and then ran on the field and how they work in the the challenges that you can have out in the field so that I think that's really probably what stuck with me. That first year is is how the bigger picture works when you're talking completion tools and putting them in the well bores and so you spent that first year you said it Ed Baker. Right off the bat. That's correct. Yep Awesome now. How long were you with Baker Hughes so I was with Baker almost eight years I was like seven and a half so and then from there. You made a transition. Let's talk a little bit about that transitioning into what you're doing now. I did. Yeah so quite a bit of a transition so with Baker I had a fantastic career bounce all over the world. The kind of funny how. I got involved with unconventional in what everybody does in the Permian out there because I technically started in Lafayette Louisiana doing off-shore well December seven rolls around. And you know Gulf Mexico's to healthy. This was pre Macondo. And that's just what. The Gulf of Mexico work is budgets. Were spent in two four go into the holidays but being young ambitious than didn't register with me so. I'm sleeping the shop floor five times a day pestering my boss and the coordinators come and give me something to do and so finally my boss said you know what come to Houston. Start BUILDING FRAC lease and so next thing. I knew one of five maybe ten people in Baker that knew how to build them so I started teaching people how to build them. And that was kind of my intro and unconventional so bass all over the world. At least to my knowledge I was the first one to run multi completion and these unconventional formations. Outside of North America. Erin Two completions in China in two thousand eight and bounce around the permian the Marcellus the Bachan just all over the place and then did a variety of different roles in engineering and product line and Business Development and then I unfortunately did get caught up in layoffs in two thousand fifteen. So as I'm doing the layoff thing trying to figure out my move at it hits me one day that I can do whatever I want and I always wanted to have known business so decided to Fi- you know thought about it. Do I have a business plan in place and something I can do and create a business and I was like you know what I think I can and the whole inspiration actually came from an incident or a situation Baker where I was supposed to teach an industry class and somebody at Midland wanted to take it was in Houston so they went to their balls got permission and then they told their colleagues and then all of a sudden five of them wanted to take it and so they went to the boss and they said well we can't send all of you to Houston and they reached out directly and said how about you just come to us and all of a sudden they got fifty people in the class and Midland and I was like you know what I think. There's a business there. I will go to them and teach in house by. I love that and I think that's such a great story to tell right now. It is no so many people are going through a transition with everything that is happening due to covet and the oil industry that maybe this is a time to look and see. How can I use these skills that I already know? And how can I change? You know what I've been doing and serve other people and serve war people and that's exactly what you did absolutely honestly I mean that's that's what helped me find purpose journey times and and find purpose quickly just kind of keep moving forward and staying positive because you and I talked a little bit beforehand but for two years or so. I've been talking about taking my courses and going online with them and I finally started putting in the work September. Maybe October of last year. And right as I'm getting ready to roll out of course cove it happens. So I- hustled up about a week after Houston went on lockdown. I on my course launched and released it and then in April. I was supposed to go and speak at several universities. Penn State Marietta College University of Texas Permian Basin. Where you are meany. Yeah and of course. Those trips got cancelled and one university specifically Penn State. This a really cool program they have set up through their SPA. Chapter where they get outside and shutters myself and the students actually get elective credit for it so this wasn't just a casual event for the students. I mean some of these students were looking to or my course to graduate so I was able to get the video on demand course out. They were take it. We were able to jump on Webinars for think. We did three Saturdays for about an hour and a half each and they were able to graduate and get their elective credits. It's fantastic and says that's the thing is the students are. They can't their guest speakers so I've set up University of Houston. Ut Pb Texas M. Marietta College and working on several other universities in the US and international as well to to give the students free access to my my full day course. I love that I love that. You just pivoted once again. You took you know what was happening in the world and were able to to change it and use technology and still be able to share that knowledge that you have with universities and wit and with companies that's fantastic. What have been some of the topics that you've been sharing online. Now that you have pivoted to that online role know this is really my full day. Course that I teach undermined brand and under other industry organizations as well and it's all about it's an overview of unconventional completion. So multi-stage completions for I dry. Like fracturing the kind of the general outline in my course is the the basics of hydraulic fracturing and then what the completion systems are plugging per ball drop sleeves cool tubing sleeves and then how all three of those compare so. I've really been focused on that. But like you said right. You have to pivot in these times. So I've started kind of doing new presentations and actually writing articles. I writing is definitely not my preferred medium of communicating but to a certain extent. I think I actually the first article I wrote in quite a while. Anyway was my thoughts on getting laid off and how to handle it and it really just kind of started. The project of it was almost journaling. Honestly Kinda came up and came through. I was like man I. I think this might actually help people so so I went ahead and published it in actually gotten great response and then my articles have not really been the technical. It's more like hey. Don't forget ohlinger assets here today. Us Shale is here to stay. And you don't necessarily believe everything that analysts it's a. It's a good point now. What a what about to go back to what you just said about helping people that are going through something like this. What advice since you went through this in Twenty fifteen? This might be something that is new to those that are here in the permanent twenty twenty. We've had so many layoffs here as I'm sure you've you've known or heard about and what advice would you offer to someone that is going through this difficult time yet? It's you know it stains. There's no doubt about that. It hurts you personally and you know I have been developed the mindset over the years in two thousand nine. We had to lay off when I was in West Virginia. And the strange thing about that was that was natural. Gas and natural gas was booming in two thousand nine we were. We were breaking records and we still had to lay off. Which you know didn't make any sense except from an accounting perspective. So I kind of that instance and I was like you know what I want to be mentally and financially prepared for this because we are a cyclical industry. So at that being said as much as I thought I was prepared. It certainly stings. But you know overall you know my article. I really kind of highlighted five. Different things and first and foremost is an especially in this downtime or this downturn here because I mean it's tough but the reality is is nobody's drilling and fracking. I mean it's it's just depleted overnight. So we'll take it personally. You know if they're not drilling. And fracturing there's no work out there right now right so so it is purely accounting decision. Nothing more and nothing less. Nobody's out to get you your Boston and hate you by all means do a self evaluation and if there were performance issues and be honest with yourself and and improve next time but in all likelihood this was just an accounting decision and you shouldn't take it personally right that is so true and that is very important to remember anytime when something like this happens and then the next thing is to keep going move forward right. I know that that's important to you. Is Moving forward? How do they do that? What's the next step? So as I on my path because I decided to have my own business and focus around training you know. I was taking a developing my courses. I've been teaching. Sp courses for while teaching courses under Baker's brand so I was taking it and developing my own content and my own material and it was kind of interesting and this was two or three months later I had. I had put all the personal things aside. I didn't have resentment and but what I realized what really killed out any anything else. Any other type of resentment I might have had over. It is as I was creating my course. I realized that I was in the financial position. The knowledge position the everything that I had was because of my former employer and because of my former colleagues like you know like I said I I knew nothing about oil and gas graduating. All of that came from my former colleagues employer. So you know once I kind of realized that instead of that gratitude mindset of being thankful for that opportunity just it just really really enforced everything you know to not take it personal and dropped any residual resentment. That might have been left behind right. That is so true and then how about the finding purpose because I think that's what a lot of people struggle with you and I talked earlier that we WANNA help. We are this oil and gas community wants to help everybody and we have to stay home right now. So how do you find that purpose during these times? Yeah that's probably the biggest struggle right now because this isn't Hurricane Harvey when it hits used on the I knew the oil and gas industry is just such a fantastic were industry. Where a family? I knew people that came in from Oklahoma City. Come in from Midland to help and this is just not that situation. You know we've been asked to stay at home and do nothing. And that's the best thing we can do. And that just doesn't sit well with most of right so my first suggestion. Is You know first off enjoy downtime. We're hard-working industry overworked in a lot of cases and we don't get this opportunity. Might so do whatever you can to try to enjoy the downtime with your family with your virtually with your friends or you know from a safe distance but the other thing is you know at least what helped find me a little bit of peace there. Is You know. Be Proud of what? Our industry does on day in and day out basis in the form of providing affordable and reliable energy. Because you know. Can you possibly imagine fighting the fires without oil and gas? I mean we're we're keeping our trucks supplied and keeping them on the road where providing medical frontlines the ability to get back and forth to the hospital plus P through the plastics. You know the masses for the most part are comfortable and their home because they have electricity and Internet so be proud of what we are actually contributing to this fight as well. That's so true and you know just hear you say that really did put it into perspective and I think we are as as a community. We are so proud of what we do in oil and gas and we can't forget that during this downtime absolutely let let's talk a little bit about training because I know that as a huge part of your business you'd let us know how you're now transitioning that training and you're going more online and and we'll talk more about that later people can find you but first why is it important for companies and universities because you mentioned that a lot of universities are having you come in and speak virtually now how why is that so important to. I like to call eight. You Know Abo always be learning. Why is that so important for companies? Yeah absolutely I mean. And that's you know that really goes into the purpose right finding your purpose what we can do. And that's to keep learning and to share your knowledge. I think both of those are critical in from multiple reasons. First and foremost you know what's the saying wandering minds. Forget anyway there's several sayings about wandering minds right so if you can help. People continue learning by sharing your knowledge. Keep moving forward instead of focusing on you know refreshing what the the oil and gas prices are every thirty seconds or or what. The numbers of the virus are every thirty seconds. Keep them you know. Help them get purpose by sharing your knowledge with them right and that is so true and since you brought up or prices. Let's just mentioned that where they're at today. The day of recording there at fifteen twenty seven. How do you not get bogged down by those numbers when you see or you see a Dave where we have negative thirty seven? How do you not let that affect you? At least the way I see it. It's it's a lot of speculation right and and if you look back at that particular day and even the what was it march seventh. I thank with OPEC. Plus still there's investigations going on right now into some insider knowledge and stuff like that so keep in mind that the oil prices are based on speculation rightfully so obviously with the negative prices. The concern is storage but the way I see it too important to the world. We can't survive without oil and gas. The ultimate problem right now is demand. Which will naturally come back once we beat this virus so in all of the major players to me although pet countries all of the OPEC plus countries which includes Russia and then even the United States government have really kind of at least in. My opinion signaled that there were. They're willing to work on the supply to balance out the market so we have to beat the virus. First then we get the demand back and then we do it that way but you know unless we want to go live back in caves again. All and gas isn't going away. I'm not necessarily anti renewable. I'm pro whatever. The affordable reliable energy is and currently oil and gas is the affordable reliable energy right. And where do you see activity going in the next twelve months? I know that's hard to predict right now. Due to demand and cove it you know what are what are industry insiders saying about that right now well so most of the industry insiders are mostly doom and gloom right now so it's an rightfully so. I'm just a little bit more optimistic than that. Aaron. Let's some optimism. You know it's the reality is. Is THAT LOW? Prices is not good for anyone at least at this price and so. Opec plus doesn't want that as well. You know we will just have to kind of see what happens with the man that that's the one unknown here. How quickly demand will come back. Even when we open up our people going to be scared to fly and drive and everything else so if I had to speculate I think once everything opens up then. I don't think people are going to be scared to drive. There might be a lot driving to the beach rather than flying to the beach vacations. I might be wrong about this but you know I think life has to go on and will make appropriate changes but overall. I think we'll mostly go back to normal right. Just GonNa take some time. I wish you had a magic ball and had had a number going to go back to normal but It's just going to be our new normal for a while. I'm really enjoying this conversation for those of you. Who are listening. I just want to let you know once again. We're sitting here with Erin Burton. He's the owner of unconventional oil and gas training and Aaron. We've talked a lot about oil and gas and and what you do now. I want to get a little personal and ask you some questions because I was like to know what our guests are listening and reading and what kind of helped them in their daily life. So you have a favorite book that you're reading or listening to right now or podcast. Yes a couple of those so the book that I read most recently that I just I really enjoyed it. I have two pages in it. That I have flagged that I've Read Multiple Times to book called the marketing by Seth. Godin and type up right now. This is Mark Ming. Seth Seth Godin yet. This is marketing by Seth. Godin and actually hold on just to set all right. Sorry I stepped away to actually get the book because I was looking at my desk. That's great I love that and you know some people might hear the title and think well. I'm not marketing. I'M NOT GONNA. Open my own business so therefore I should. This is not relevant to me. I disagree there. I think this task because the marketing it's referring to is more about building your brand than anything else. Perfect OUR ACCOUNT. Wait to read it. Thank you and what about podcast? You big podcast listener. Yes yes and no so I. I like to listen to podcast while driving and obviously haven't been driving. So I have two podcasts. While I'm walking so I have to be in the right mood though because I do like music but you know it really just depends on what you're looking for so if I'm kind of in the mood for oil and gas I listen to yours. I The roundtable discussion. You had recently thank you that that was. That was fun. I really enjoyed that. A lot of great perspectives. Which was wonderful. Yeah absolutely and then some of the other all the O. G. G. Network is is just fantastic. I mean you've got topics remember things from startups to you know. Just what's going on so you know I'll find a podcast like they're another one. I've found To others that are found really recently was flipping the barrel and that's been a fantastic one and then also take the day and David Ramsden would share some good perspectives and don't always agree with anybody's opinion to one hundred percent but I also like to hear all sides of the stories too great fantastic. Thanks for sharing those. I'M GONNA have to listen to them and I can't wait to read that book. This is marketing and others that you know if I'm not really in the mood for oil and gas and just Kinda need some inspirational. I'm a big fan of Tony Robbins. Podcast and the one he did. Recently with Sara Blakely which is founder of spanks. I love her. Isn't she awesome. Well and she is and I've I've heard her story so many times but with that. Podcast with Tony. They went more into her story that I didn't know about. I thought I new most of the story you know. It was fantastic so highly. Recommend that one for just like anybody. That's you know wanting to build your brand or even considering starting business at thought. The whole story was just phenomenal. And he's got other great episodes as well and then a big fan of Tim. Ferriss show. Is well crate all great one. Thank you so much for sharing this. What about a quote? Dipa favorite quote. You live by who? I have several favorite clothes that I live by. I think maybe my overall quote is the best of your. Today's be the worst of your tomorrow's NYSC. My favorite quote probably right now relative to all of this is I paraphrase it a little bit out of actually got in front of me right now. It's about statistics an arm Ronald Coast which wanted Nobel Prize for economics in Nineteen ninety-one and it's if you torture the data long enough it will confess. I like to kind of paraphrase add into if torture the numbers long enough. They'll tell you whatever you wanna hear and unfortunately our trusted new sources have figured this out and so they can manipulate data and make the numbers say whatever. Their narrative is that they want to push that day. So so I you know. I think that and I have to remember during these times where we're hearing so much information that conflicts with each other you know. Just don't forget to think objectively. Thank ed very good. You've been through many ups and downs with the oil and gas industry. What is your most important lesson? Learned at this point I think probably my most important. Yeah I guess I probably would get caught this because I've actually been sharing this with a lot of university. Students right now is to keep in mind that this is a cyclical industry and always try to be you know and I kinda references earlier but always try to mentally and financially prepared that you know to ride out the downturns and I guess counted to go along with that since I've had my own business. It's so interesting to see that you know. We're we're taught one way that oh you need to go to college and go out and work for company and make money and obviously I had that mindset as well and since I've been on my own I mean there's no shortage of ways to find a way to make money so you know. Beat BE FLEXIBLE. Be Willing to pivot and adjust to the Times. Yes so important. So self-important don't go out and buy that corvette right now right you just you do an and you have to. You have to save up for. There's going to be good days. There's going to be bad days and we will have good days again absolutely but I like what you said to be prepared because you see that a lot that you know for maybe first time boomer sooner here in West Texas that made me think it's GonNa last forever. And nobody knows that. There's always GonNa be always GONNA be down but be prepared. I love that the boy scout right looking forward to the most right now Erin Getting BACK OUT IN PUBLIC. I think he yes. No you and I were talking ahead of time. I don't have kids and I work from home anyway so it wasn't an extreme disruption to my schedule but Man I am certainly missing my lunches and happy hours and industry events and everything out so so really looking forward to getting back to doing all that so with that said this Friday. I know that the state of Texas is going to see some of those regulations. And you'll be able to go to a restaurant so does that mean you're you're GonNa go back to your favorite restaurant in Houston not at. The moment tore the reason that they're only partially opening their least as I understand it. They're they're allowed to have twenty five percent capacity. I know a lot of people are going to be like me and Ansi to get out there and I just. I refuse to wait in line to eat for two hours in London. Midland in the middle of the boom. And that's the only choice I have point could yes. I'm glad you brought it. What is your favorite thing about the Permian? Oh man it's always interesting. I always have this conversation. I love the small towns. The mid balking at Williston North Dakota in the Bach in Bakersfield California Oklahoma City is not necessarily a small town per se. But you know it's the people and and kind of the culture you know. It's I grew up in a small town Mississippi. So for the most part it. Kinda just feels like being at home so yeah I always always enjoy visiting all of the small towns just networking and getting around. You know right absolutely so I've been asking a lot of people recently to tell me something. Good tell me something good right now Erin on just anything in just in life it can be in general just love to share good news. I know I know you. You have an optimistic outlook about everything going on but it can be anything you just tell me something good. That's happening right now. You know this may be a little bit general and beg and if so while I'll try to answer it again but honestly I the way I see. It is so much good out there going on right now in the form of people helping people you know all and gas industry. A lot of high tech facilities went to making P P for the frontlines neighbors helping out. Neighbors communities are stronger than ever individuals that can so for medical frontlines as well as just the average person that's going to need to wear it for at least temporary and unfortunately in today's world. I don't know how this happens. But it gets lost in social media in the news like we don't focus on anything good seem so. I think that's really what it is if you look with your own eyes don't stay glued to the TV. I think you'll look around. See all sorts of good coming out right now and so you know when these types of crisis in tragedies hit it's terrible by all means but at the same time like that's when humanity comes out and I find that refreshing. I suppose I could not agree more. And that's why sometimes during the day. I just have to turn. I turn off the TV all day long really and listen to music. Because you've got to you really do to focus on the good and on what you know on the future and on what's and get stay focused on the now and sometimes when you're listening to too much negativity did can really weigh on you and so. I think that's really important during these times. Focus on the good. So thank you for sharing that Erin. Finally I just want to give everybody chance to find you on Social Media. And what is the best way to do that? And how can someone if a university or a company would like to hire you? Virtually how can they do? So yes so. I'm a private guy. So this kind of creeps me out a little bit but after people have to find me right. I understand I understand. Yeah Yeah it'd be you're out there on the podcast and everything but you have to do it right. That's right. Got Enough to share is linked and facebook pages right so I am relatively easy to find. Probably the easiest way to kind of get a quick summary of everything. I'm doing is my website. You Oh gee dot training confine my paid video corsair my free video course there my free video blog and there's direct link to my primary website as well so that. Kinda gives you the the elevator speech of what I do at that website. And that's Once again you oh gee dot training and how stick and I just want to. Finally this is the final final. I think I've already said final but this is the final final question. Is there anything coming into the interview? That maybe we didn't get to talk about that. You WanNa share with our listeners. I guess just to Kinda reiterate stay networking. This is very different here but it you know it's funny you said this is the final final again. Because that's what I'm finding as is not even outside of this podcast when I'm doing these virtual networking sessions and things like that. I mean they're scheduled for five and ten minutes and we're sitting on there for an hour right so it's not an audible network right now. It is more difficult. That's for sure. But get out there and network have these types of conversations with your your colleagues in the industry and even if you haven't met him you know connect on linked and connect on social media and then we'd open person afterwards. Barry trail very true. Thank you so much Erin Burton with unconventional oil and gas training. I appreciate you sharing your perspective about oil and gas and just everything that is happening right now. And we really. We are all in this together and so I'd love to hear what other people are doing to manage these times. And I think you're doing great so thank you for sharing with us today or me Krista. All right it's now time to announce this week's community. Mvp and the MVP is James Durbin or as many of you here in West Texas. Know Him as the oilfield photographer. Now James started his own company. The oilfield photographer about two years ago but recently he started a new project called Front Porch Permian. And it's designed to provide family portraits for those who've been stuck at home like most of us have been over the last few weeks due to layoffs corona virus or combination of the two. Now the photo shoots are free and the finalized portrait picture. That families will receive also free. He he even partnered with nonprofits to raise money for their programs. So fantastic job. James were so proud of you. What a great. We have seen many of the photos on facebook and it is fun to see these Front Porch Permian pictures. So if you'd like more information you can e mail James that James at the oilfield photographer. Dot Com another special. Thank you to our guests today. We really appreciate Aron Burton with unconventional oil and gas training for sharing his knowledge. And of course we always love to thank Baker Hughes Sponsoring Permian Perspective as many of you know. Baker recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand and as an energy technology company. They are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet. So that's it. This concludes our episode of Permian Perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin. Remember to dream big. Believe in yourself and never ever give up you make it a great day. I everybody Alex here with the events on deck so obviously we are in Unprecedented Times right now and have been unable to carry out our last couple of happy hours that we had scheduled for last month. We have chosen to delay them and will continue to update you. On when exactly we will be able. To have those events again obviously. We're following along the recommended guidelines of the CDC and the World Health Organization. So we're really looking forward to seeing you and we're hoping that these events are going to happen sooner rather than later but for now stay tuned and we will keep you posted on those states also just want to say thank you to everyone for continuing to listen to oil and gas global network. We are fortunate to Artie. Has Been Virtual Company before the corona virus and all issues started plaguing various countries. And we just WanNa continue bringing you guys the best information and to the best of our ability. Keep you informed especially while everyone is at home or at least most more people than ever before our at home so we just would like to thank you for continuing to tune in and continuing to listen and we hope that everyone is staying safe and we wish everyone the best and thanks again tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective it production of the oil and gas global network learn more at. Www DOT o. g G. N. DOT COM.

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Tally Energy Services on Permian Perspective  PP053

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Tally Energy Services on Permian Perspective PP053

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area. Already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty, twenty three. But who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story? This is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista s skinny. Sponsored by Baker, Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand as an energy technology company, they strive to make energy safer cleaner in more efficient for people on the planet. Allow everyone. Welcome to this week's episode per perspective. So nice to be spending time with you as always and I just WanNa thank you for listening and your car and your office during your workout. You, are I'm actually sitting in my office in Midland Texas today joining us via Zen caster is the executive sales manager John Hammond. He is the executive sales manager for drilling services at Tally Energy Services John Thanks for joining us today summer of beer. We'll thank you so much. We're going to get her interview in just a second before we do smog WanNa. Thank everyone who has been cheering our podcast with friends and family and colleagues. We've received such nice emails from listeners all over the world and of course, right? Here in the Permian Basin and I really appreciate each and every one of you and especially those who stop by give that five star review on Itunes we love seeing those but most importantly, I'm just grateful that you appreciate the information and that you're listening and learning each week just like I am. So thank you for doing that or John Hammon is joining us today. Have you been doing? Oh, it's been great. You know really join the new styles and fashions with with face masks. These days is that it's been fun. It's definitely different times different times. Yes Unusual area yes, and the thing is we're all going through this together. We're all here for each other and I and I think that's what I love about the podcast is is that we're getting to hear how how people are transitioning during this time. So I wait to hear your story with tally energy services, but I tell us how did you get into the oil and gas business autopacific question I studied engineering in college I served my career with slumber J. I guess really the primary reason why I gotta go visit it's offered the opportunity to travel. The world a little bit. So I started my career slow Jane worked in. About four years was great experienced, tremendous opportunity the exposure to Scotland. In particular within when you're in your, you realize how much times just on a personal level was recalled travel well, transitions Brazil were an offer projects offer Zil, Internet, for about three years. Came back to the US at into consulting in software development efforts in entrepreneurial neural projects that GonNa found me your new talent organization. That's just it's. A lot of fun you meet all very interesting from all of the world is probably the most international business that I can think of I was finding the also people are are always salt of the earth in. There is a great great career choice for me out for sure despite all the channels revisit this year resilience is run industry for people and I always find that our experiences really helped. You know give us that different perspective in you have really received that by going International Brooke has that been like because you're now? In Houston and of course, doing business here in the Permian. Sure things are a little bit different than maybe being in Scotland. But that experience I'm sure has helped today tell us a little bit about how that has shaped you to be where you are in your career. Well, the word used his perspective I think it's a tremendous opportunity to get to meet lots of different people travel replaces, but also see that while food navy different than the you know the terrain, the geography be different. There's really so much more similar battles that. It makes you feel understand we're all really kind of this the other goals, similar attentions whether you're in the freezing cold haughtily, rain of Scotland, the hot dusty windstorm of a There's sort of unifying things you see across everyone you meet in Economic Asia an interesting perspective keep things if you'll be Zindler outsing absolutely. So then you switched, you said into more into a consulting and entrepreneurial position and that Brady to tally talk a little bit about what tally is doing and how it's making willing gas businesses thrive for also debris question up to talk about what we do. Tally Energy is integrated oilfield. Services Company. So we have we offer technology services across the drilling space, which is where I were completion space as well as production. So it's a tally is busy was created on the acquisition of eleven companies of last few years. So really fantastic technology France. For example, drilling the drill services business where our all time we are off our flagship is premier directional drilling which. Stabbed rain drilled several thousand wells the base over the last few years, and is a great flagship business force withdrew inside the Talian how I came joint. Allen. Was Me along with the are this offer company called Dynasty? The does you three D. operations really real operations or GIO. Syrian well-placed wins during opposition and so kind of Italian idea. Would be to repair established successful brand businesses with cool technology hopefully when you combine the two together. What, what's expression? The whole is greater than the sum of the parts around of what we know what we're trying to do it in a lot of what's the hotel are tallied focuses we want to help our make that wells and so let's providing. The operators with the right speed the right size, the right priced technology purpose in the premiums. For example, the kind of market the we want to service the customers that we try to tailor our offerings round and it's a it's been a great learning strange to me. I was listening to your other podcast, the guy named comments of. The smartest guy in the room? You're in the wrong room. That's that's never problem for me. I'm never in the wrong room. So it's been reopened learn a lot about you know the drilling business in general and just how he's done in the Bermuda in it's really kind of awe-inspiring you. In with scale out things of progress in changing proved in the times in the speed was operations happens much faster efficient or visiting got is really quite staggering. I love that analogy John, I'm never in the wrong room either some. Technology because technology has changed so much sure since you when you first got into oil and gas with slumber J. Tim now, how has technology really helped? Inch aged benefited your customers now with tally and with with drilling with everything how I mean how how do you see it benefiting customers? Well, this is an interesting question. It's an interesting thing about perspective you know what was working for slumber J. was. There was a hundred thousand employees. It was enormous being of the company and it still is of it was extremely large then in. At a huge amount of RND development budgets in the way that they went after markets what I think as technology advances my personal theory is technological advances really kind of help democratize opportunities for people who are willing to put an effort putting the work and so. We can with our company if we don't necessarily have the billion dollar are but we have burst mark B we developed in improving enhance erade onto the work trying to drive that performances in in be competitive in operate it much more for a much lower cost of acquisition costs of exposure to really cruel technologies, and so we don't want to over engineer things, but we always wanted to prove things in iterating and we have to call the virtuous. Circle of continuous improvement where you're you said a plan, you communicate that plan you act on the plane, and then you've got review the your performance against it and always trying to make those small incremental improvements whether it's technology or processor training development people. Those are extremely important things to, and so I feel like it's just we made couldn't done this. You know twenty years ago but through the development of of new down hole technology within DVD motor-manufacturing polymers and the. Rubber, in the are the most of us all things Kinda come together to allow us to deliver performances really really breathtaking given the circumstance giving up. Some what have. Learned working here in West Texas and drilling that you know maybe maybe surprised you coming into this market, is there anything that is made different for some of it may hasn't been here to the Permian well, I'll tell you that I I remember it as clear as yesterday. The first time I would midland was about eight years ago and I flew in from Houston and I got off the airplane was in my car driving from the airport hotel when there was three drilling rigs lit up. On the side of the highway thought is the cruelest thing I've ever seen because normally in my in my previous field experience was universal for long journey where the GONNA helicoptering off offshore to a rib but just didn't have the the immediate exposure to to the actual drilling operations. I. Was that just the for me is a fantastic thing. was on the Great Place Right? I. Know It is kind of shocking when literally there is a regular backyard. So it is it is so cool and I think. Doing here in West Texas, it may be similar to other places in the world, but there's something special about West Texans, and then that is the people for sure and just the willingness for everyone to help each other out what kind of help would you or or advice would you give someone that may be is about to start a business here in West Texas? Maybe just moved here. What advice would you give to them? I would tell you you're absolutely writing the people were sexist fantastic folks. There's a willingness to help. There's a friendliness in a in a warmth. I can't think of time where I've had a uncomfortable conversation with a stranger in West Texas they're just really friendly people and there is a certain amount of length of heritage in there's like a cultural history of these families and businesses and entrepreneurs. Bits and I think you get the reputation. Sufficient happiness is a very entrepreneurial place. There's lots of people see a problem see an opportunity they wanna you'll start company in in address. And grow as a result of this. It's just. A lot of parallels between American, entrepreneurism frontier mentality still mathis itself in in West Texas because it can be a challenging place. It's hardy. It's the hardest place to live in candy. It's. Like now challenging market sued Near respected about XS and I think that there's also the. Field is we have not yet succumbed with the demand for credential ISM and you know you have to have a fancy degree in a fancy pedigree is if you have brains if you have. To work hard willing to. These up in the dirty go efforts. There are a ton of opportunities still exist in oil field athlete particularly in Texas absolutely what have you found to be the most challenging thing about what we've been going through as an industry in oil and gas during this? For me, it's just the level of uncertainty. That the difficulty the plan on what do we expect the future to to look like what's the demand effect of the COVID? From the fact that we're. Home, it would not fly on airplanes were not. Not, using energy in the same way that he had asked not interacting with people is doing about in the past and there's a lot of uncertainty as to how long it's GonNa go on what what what does the new normal look like? We make plans out of reach, make investments in physician ourselves to be. Strong and healthy going forward I think. Sometimes we get told that shouldn't wear masks in should wear masks, and then there's always difference with mixed messages that. Feed into an underlying level of uncertainty about the future I think is, is probably the thing that it's ours everybody. Say That you can suffer anything if you know exactly when it's going to end. The indeterminate nature things what makes it a lot art up to to work through? That is so true that really is right now we just don't know when it's going to end. We're all hoping soon we just don't know. Is there one thing like one tool that you've used during this time or whether it's a business tool or or otherwise that is really kind of helped you with your team members to keep you wall on-track because if You or anything anybody anything like me I should say, sometimes it's easy for your mind start to wander during the day, and then you have to get back on track the InFocus because there is so much uncertainty. So is any one tool that has help oriented Funny but it's shameless plug for Microsoft I. Think we we been expanding our users Microsoft teams over. And have found it to be like our. A good way because we've got on mining got people that were people in West Texas with. That south Texas Houston, so we're of spread around and so it's a great tool for us to. Keep negated share files, share information, and work collaboratively, and then we have weekly meetings as group at long meetings regular basis as well. Just you know keeping communication in, it's funny big the difference between a phone call and I originally grown to appreciate since I also all the Webcam but there is something nice about seeing some woods face when you speak to them. Is never going to be the same as in person meeting, but there is something nice about being That kind of helps approximate you know. We're used to. I think that's been a really good thing for us on reduced to kind of keep your body Luke gets Kinda chat ribs and things that can go on a new your own smashing I couldn't agree more. There is definitely something to you know to see someone in and to see their expansion, and that's why usually I do my podcast in person but today we're having to via's. Time it it still nice apple take a phone call or ABC. Cam Or facetime over a an email or text any day just because it's so nice to hear someone's voice right and. To, feel that connection. So I love that I. Think it's a great plug for Microsoft's. Based on that to save your check writing were were. Customers. Won't take a chapter from what we will. CHECK THE ENDORSE I used to say that you know a face to face meeting is worth ten phone calls in a phone. Call is worth tennis. You know in the sort of like the efficiency negation how much you can get packed into what's communicated between people. We travel we get on our planes. We travel long distances sometimes for. Know an hour or two faced facing are actually because it actually is a more efficient way to communicate general, and so I think using webcams things occur situations is the best approximation for something like that. I could not agree more. What is the one thing that you want our listeners to know about tally and what your goals are for the future during you know not just during these answer times but you know what is your goal in general for your customers at tally energy services what it's in our timeline we are we we save all time. We we sit. We think about it all the time we begged into whether one out for us make their wells I think. Today's in the uncertain future market I think that's where we're GONNA BE IN Sounds kind of trivial, but it's so much baked into that that mentality, which is you know how do we? Work more efficiently. Had We. Extract willing to ask more efficiently. OUTTA weeds you know. Given the certainly this front of us the more efficient yet the better we can make the work that we do count. The better will be insulated and protected from from the variability in the uncertain future things. So from a kind of. Technical operational standpoint you know we believe in. What we do helps our customers mega wells on. Ways of you do that as we believe in, you know cross-disciplinary team. So correcting downloads, communication styles of exists organizations whether it's between the you know a very famous and long-standing traditional and gases these competition between the drillers and geologists men how? Friendly. This vinas sometimes it's the more important than who knows what they're doing more or who complains about the other hand more strongly. And then awful. Lot of stealing the drilling guys were completion guys you know all those kind of. Friendly, but maybe not always certainly a opportunities for gravitation technologies and services that bridge those gaps so that and we will observe whenever we do that. Well, it really does unlock lot value in really helps our customers away. So those things kind of get us the most sinus able to really do those kind of crosses Larry multi technology configurations that yields Lou insight or help reduce the cost or in glimmered ways those kinds of things that are we that's what gives us jazz up. Excited really kind of central to the the tally energy. Business thesis analogous specifically where group that I work with on a day-to-day basis the guys premier directional among best ritual ruling service companies, Americans Day. I think it's I. Think. Two? Thousand cloudy or forty nine wells been operating there since twenty twelve in an advocate of experience. A lot of really good customers that we appreciate a Latin and enjoy work from that we learned from and that we. The appreciate our. Suggestions for proves authorizations and things, and and also the thing that the that I would say is that we care about our community to give them our people were big supporters of the oilfield I disagree organization been a a big become foster those guys for a long time we Ganda goes their signal and helps or your their their fundraising efforts. Visits is really really good program and effort It can suit it fits with our corporate Italian of YOU WANNA be want to be helpful and supportive of the. Community in general absolutely. Okay. It's time to get personal. This is the Barbara. Tell us John what is your favorite Boker podcast that you're listening to my favorite book? Well as funny. So my favorite book of All Times is the alchemist the by pollock William it's just. Right now it's a great book. I make my kids read it. You know give gifts a lot. You know something silly. It's. It's a great book for me in the less the I don't want to spoil it for you if you're not too far into but there's a great lesson about the boy who goes to is fan world and vice about. How to pay attention to the spoon, but also the oil in this boom also don't miss all the wonders Rogers. Is One of those you know outer. Zen Be mindful of the details, but also keeping perspective on the bigger picture and the beauty that the s offer. That kind of resonates with me a lot a reluctance story, and also just the the notion that she wants of the net enough. If you will work hard enough for it, you know the whole universities fires help you get it. I really liked unit and that's a it's a kind of A. Cool Way to think about the world into thinking about your efforts in focus your mind on your was care about was trying to try to achieve. Yes. I love that I'm so excited to finish it I'm about halfway through my my son who is an avid reader he's in in college be a a junior this year in college there in Houston actually rice and. Said I said what book one book do I need to read this summer and he told me the alchemist and so I'm Lebanon it's a great book. So thanks for suggesting that and not spoil the ending for. was. The other one that I read recently, which is great more. Business in sales marketing is. Similar name interesting enough. It's called alchemy in. The Garden of choose relook at upside. The also the the proper credits, but essentially, it's a book written by. Sort of human behavioral scientists. WHO's also advertising executive at the big firm in the UK and he tells his. Business examples of how will we think we will we say that we want customers and where we actually want very often her are completely different and they're like, well, we we actually want in our minds that we use our logic intellect try to justify it. But like the reason why we actually choose something over nothing really not based on logic very often at all, it's it's really. Cumulus something else in our in our human software which the in one of the examiners it gives if people are waiting for an airplane were train or or bus understanding, we think it will want as a train that comes on time or airplane is never late. We're actually really want is to understand how long do we have to wait the there uncertainty the how long have to wait for League for situation stabilized same thing if you're the big difference between being told that your flight is delayed or your flight is delayed, ninety minutes is an enormous difference in your sort of satisfaction is a customer and you're feeling about your your upcoming flight because you're giving. These sunken restaurant than you consider, plan your life. If you just have this sort of in indefinite glades, you just suffered all the time and so they did experiment where people who were told how the delay would be actually had half the wait time as the Hebrew words one review will be waiting ninety minutes. The other people reveal were told to wait at all urge is GONNA delay. We're giving a specific time espy for how long they weights and in the experiment they only waited forty five minutes but the people who had to wait ninety minutes or much happier much more satisfied with their child's feelings because they've been given an estimate, it was much longer delay twice. But it didn't affect their peace of mind or their sense of the quality of the journey because yesterday. was accurate in other the other group were determinedly waiting for five minutes. Like a really interesting insight through look into al-Qaeda's thing about things on your from a sales for service standpoint how can we use that information and make sure we're communicating where s worse? Helps ease that no sense Yes that is so true. We'll thank you for those suggestions to great books. I hope everyone gets chance to read them and thank you for sharing that. What about the most important lesson you've learned in life The most were less learn life is you have to tell the truth and you have to own up to it. When you make a mistake, I was a young field engineer and I made a big mistake and was very error in I had two options I could sort of tried to defuse the blame or pointing or somewhere, and just inanimate is L. Mattos. nope not through this. Is really my fault. I, should have been prevented isn't. My fault in I found out I kind of found out after the fact that that was the stunning response that people are not expected to hear from from from you'll feel is near and that it actually was the the only thing that prevented me from getting fired for my for my big mistake owned up to tonight. Hilma look this this much group I own. Rights and that was. It was a very lucky experienced related to be young up twenty, four, twenty, five years old in to learn that lesson see the impact and value of integrity in. Owning. Up to mistakes and that was a that served me. Well, concert have made lots of mistakes and also. As is the is the most important ethic also supposed to implies like what sexist were your word matters mutation matters huge amount. So Notre people with respect being honest about. When you're screwed up in your what you need to fix it is not unanimous mistakes, and so I think that kind of mentality is appreciated certainly places like army. Respects reputation kind of honor goes still still matter is still count in good wet on I think that's such a great point to make because we all make mistakes and if not, then you really are you know, are you really in there or you in the arena because you're GonNa make mistakes and I think owning up to them is so key in. and. What a great lesson the learn at such a young age of twenty four to to go. You know what? We're all GONNA make mistakes and they're gonNA really appreciate the honesty rather than the cover up in. So I think that is just a fantastic lesson to share and to know that it's okay. You'RE GONNA make mistakes minutes. Okay. That's how we learn. Elvis Michael Jordan Wayne, risky One of those guys I think it was said coach Y'all Miss Hundred Senators shots you don't take out Michael Jordan guest. I love doing right. So you. Pick. Shots for them when you miss. Handle. That situation with with integrity and honesty you'll probably be just fine. Absolutely will speaking, I, love quotes. So what is your favorite pok? Okay. So it's it's the coolest on my Lincoln headers while is it probably is my favorite time in its by Eisenhower. I think when he was still general in World War. Two and he said in his experience battle plans are useless. The battle planning is indispensable and it's one of those things i. feel like sort of wisdom jeans you can pack in a huge amount of useful information to a few words in it's what he says is so true is it not? So seldom do our plans go exactly as we thought they would. So you could have the the notion that we don't need to spend some planning but the reality is that going through the planning process allows you to think about different things and win those variations in in the plane happened you're better prepared to deal with them to adjust the pitted and come out still successful even if it doesn't go exactly how you you drew it up on the playbook. That's a big measles planning preparation whether you call you digitalising success were pining for success, but also going to those processes that are processes, Veggie for whenever things go awry, and that might my husband and I always tell our kids to write it down in Pensacola because sometimes at a racer comes in handy. Because the clan. And then you just Yet. I know your kids Golfer by golf. pensyl-. threat. Next question. This is just in general. What are you looking forward to the most right now? Oh, man to like hang out with. People that I might my friends family coworkers in a group in a way that we're not like paranoid that we can't shake hands that we have to. Stand socially. I would I would love to be plays. Were you go back to the? Comfort level of people in in person not just on the selfish Will tell me something good. What's what's happening in your life? Tell me something good. Let's see. My son is thirteen Lacrosse player and they won the championship determined last week in and at the very end of the championship game. Coast matching. Four to three and the other team was coming down the field to your threatening to score in someplace defense, and he made an interception and. Ran The ball downfield around the clock. In this dramatic, an championship game type fashioned is predicting tangled. That's awesome. Congratulations. Getting way I know if you like. Your kids play their sports and there's It's fun to see them do what they love to do and how exciting ending that is that is awesome. Congressional Elections Shot Using House. Finally is there anything that maybe we haven't touched on today that you really were hoping to our listeners would get to know either about you or about tally that you wanNA share I guess. Very simple level. Are. Drilling Services. Businesses we invested ten million dollars to our disabilities. Last year, we had a really world facility a headquarters Houston where we do all our maintenance. And Service and manufacturing for are really drink. Women are are super high quality. Mud voters are blisteringly fast systems maintain manufacturer Still Houston is really beautiful and unfortunately we can't we get invited person to do jurors like used to, but we have done a very cool three d virtual rendition of the shop and would love to be able to do A. Teams goal where we can walk it through reversal of facility and kind of show you what we're all about and so only perhaps demonstrate Arkham. Equality are to building good equipment and then obser- service deliveries has been really exceptional. Laden were just want to be as useful as we can't choose many people who are still operating in these times. ANTASTIC. Well, thank you. So much for sharing today I've really enjoyed our conversation and learning more about what you do with your company and just I appreciate all the words of wisdom you shared as well. How can people get a hold of you if they would like to talk to you further while Lincoln's spot you're always trying to in this sort of Danish, raise our digital profile. Are Digital Pretty might say so you can you can find new premier directional drilling DOT COM. We could find his tally energy dot com where you can find on the link Dan. We already put posts out there sometimes refining sometimes you're technical, but we try to be offering content as much as we can to free to reach out to me in in Anne's. Leaped in or orients meeting mail at John Dot, ammend, tally, energy, dot, com wonderful on. We will definitely post those links in our show notes Sean. Thank you so much for sharing with us today. We appreciate you wish you the best during these times and beyond, and just hope to see you here in the Permian soon so I can forgive can't wait to the mid Olympics much don ruins or the Christopher shoot. Thank you. It's now time to announce today's community MVP and our MVP this week or my good friends Natalie and cargyll. They recently made a major donation the cargo charitable foundation just donated one hundred thousand dollars to the West Texas Food Bank. The car are so kind in their donation and just an amazing couple Ed just love Natalie to pieces and their hearts are just so giving. So congratulations to the foundation for being able to help so many people this is just fantastic for those of you who know the West Texas, food? Bank. They've been feeding families in Odessa Midland and the entire West Texas area for more than thirty five years. They are the largest nonprofit nongovernmental hunger relief organization in the Permian and they are proud to distribute in donate purchase food to children, families, seniors with the help of more than eighty partner agencies, and of course, this one, hundred, thousand dollar donation from the car gals is truly amazing if you know someone who needs help feeding their family or if you're looking to donate to a wonderful organization here in West Texas please visit. W. T. X. Foodbank. Dot Org. Well, that concludes this week's Permian. Perspective the story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin a very special. Thank you to. Baker. Hughes for sponsoring. Permian. Perspective. We can do it without them. We appreciate them and all they're doing here in West Texas. So remember my mottos dream big believe in yourself and never give up you make it a great day. Hey. Everybody Alex here with the events on deck. So do do occur circumstances. Of course, we are not able to have any in person. So I've nothing of that nature to update you guys on but we have been hosting some virtual events. So obgyn is wanting to offer free webinars, live happy hours, etc. During this time, since these events are not scheduled out as far in advance as in person events, we would like to keep you guys updated the facebook Lincoln and twitter so be sure to. Keep checking on that and we'll keep you guys posted on anything we're offering it has been free. We want to offer you guys value during this time that we're all at home. So please continue checking in joining us for these virtual events. We are looking forward to seeing you guys whenever we're able to have in person event and hope you're staying safe and sound. Tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective a production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot org, g., N., DOT COM.

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Baker Hughes on Permian Perspective- PP036

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Baker Hughes on Permian Perspective- PP036

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. As skinny today show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for the people and the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode at so nice to be sharing this time with you once again. I am sitting here today in Midland Texas with my friend Jimmy Butler the VP of Permian for Baker Hughes. Thanks so much for being with US Jamie. I Chris Great to be here. I'm so excited to talk all the fun and exciting changes at Baker and everything that's going on and you just recently had an an exciting trip Italy but before we get into our interview. I WanNa thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends and colleagues. We truly have listeners. All over the world even in low France so thank you so much for listening. I really appreciate each and every one of you. I also would like to ask everyone to help our show out by taking a few minutes and leaving a review on itunes. I cannot thank you enough for doing this. We just recently had this fantastic review. They said Christopher's interview style brings out the best in her guests. Listeners brought into a conversation in which guests are allowed to be open about issues important to them professionally and personally krista interviews highlight the dichotomy between the hard scrabble oil business and the generous civically engaged attitude of the people who live in the Permian Basin. Wow thank you so much for those kind words. They didn't leave their names. O You know who you are. Whoever you are thank you so much I really appreciate you. Jamie thanks again for joining us. And congratulations on being nominated one of heart energies twenty-five influential women in energy for twenty twenty. How exciting was that when you found out. Oh just unbelievable. Almost had to pinch myself just wonderful nomination in recognition and even the class of women the other twenty four women in this twenty twenty s class so amazing talented and then even if you look at its third year so this is three years in the making. This has been going on and I looked at last year's twenty five in the year before that and it's just exciting to be in such a class in caliber of these amazing women of really truly. What an honor in that group and well-deserved. I have to say as well. I know that we visited before. But we WANNA get kind of. Everyone caught up with. Maybe they haven't listened to any of our previous podcast but tells a little bit about how you got an oil and gas and how you got here to the Permian all right so it's nineteen years. Though unbelievable. Last time we talked was eighteen years right so I've been in the Permian for about a year and a half now. Anna been with Baker used for nineteen years and nineteen years ago honestly. I just needed a job. So if you hear some of my podcast and speeches for her engagements that's really my story. I just needed a job right and I actually had not graduated from college yet and I was looking and Baker. Us hired me. I mean that is what you know going back in that time. Yeah you looked in the newspaper. It'll be. How did you find out that Baker Hughes was was hiring? Yeah I ran into. Actually my brother was coaching baseball. He was coaching tournament. Baseball and I ran into a leader Baker us and he asked me what I did and I said I was going to college and I was running a book warehouse Solo by myself while going to school and he said well have you thought about doing something different for your work and Baker. Use can help you finish out your degree so out. Yeah absolutely so actually interviewed for the first job. I didn't get it. And then that manager pass my resume onto another manager and said I think she'd be better fit for a role you have. I interviewed for that position. And yeah the rest is history so it was actually an administrative role so I started out at. I guess the bottom grade levels what we call them at Baker US and finished my degree and then I went into finance and then I went into marketing and then I went technology and then I went into supply chain and I finished my masters in supply chain management at Penn state going back and fourteen oversee park over a course of two years and then I went into manufacturing then I went to do field operations and then commercials so it was used doesn't at all crazy nineteen years and so a year and a half ago. I was in what we call our global accounts organization handling three of our largest accounts for Baker US across all product lines and an opportunity came to move to Midland Texas and leader Permian businesses. And I said yes absolutely why not. I mean this is the epicenter of oil and Gas. Right and I love your story. Because I've learned so many things just from hearing you just recap it even that first of all. If I don't succeed try try again right. Didn't get that I. I love for young women to hear that. Because sometimes you get that no one you think okay then this decision for me but you persevered and you were persistent and you kept going and then all these yeses then eventually led you to this. Vp position which is just incredible. Yeah it's amazing definitely when the bus pulls up you know. Don't turn it down so definitely get on the bus but at the same time if the bus doors shut you know. Think about what's that next bus that could pull up in. How can I overcome those challenges? And what can I learn and make myself better so I just think it's limitless possibilities and you just have to look at everything happens for a reason and you know when you fail or you make a mistake? How can you learn from it? And how can you move forward and turn that into an opportunity? Love that new definitely done that and then some let's talk a little bit about this one hundred th anniversary of the Permian which is a huge milestone an incredible to think of can you share what Baker is focusing on in the permian. Now yeah absolutely so we know that the Permian one hundred anniversary is a huge milestone for us. It's really exciting. To look back at the well that put us on the map in Nineteen twenty-three which was Santa Rita It produced for over seven decades. Which to me is like wow. That's amazing that a welcome produced that long but like the Permian Baker US also has over one hundred years of experience so I feel like that's what we bring to the table our legacy and our drive for innovation to the energy industry. You know obviously we bring all of that in a safe manner right. We protect our people the people island location in the environment. But at the same time I feel like a we can bring that expertise and knowledge to the well. Construction side in the production support side to support our customers to draw. Incomplete wells more efficiently. They can flow that I drew car- much sooner and they can also produce it longer and then the last pieces that were really focusing on energy transition and so how can we help our customers with that energy transition through either technology that we have today where they can take that flare gas and turn it into power and also is really to support our customers with our industries energy transition through the technology we have today so for instance how taking that gas and how we can turn it into power with our turbine technology and then any other technology that we can innovate and bring to the table to help. Our customers lower their carbon footprint. That's where we feel like this is going and how we can solve some of these challenges in the Permian but again. I'm going back to that foundation experience with well construction domain knowledge and expertise. We can deliver it and do it safely and efficiently for our customers here in the Permian. Fantastic let's talk a little bit about a conference. You just returned from in Italy yet. Yes how exciting was that very exciting? So acre uses. We have our annual meeting in Florence Italy and this was our twenty annual meeting in. It's always in Florence Italy. And what a fantastic being you to have an annual meeting. We had over seventeen hundred customers from around the world in attendance which is just phenomenal. Yeah it's unbelievable to bring that many customers together. This really isn't a conference where it's Baker used putting on our customers are the ones who are leading the monitoring the panels and we're talking about challenges and opportunities for our industry in this year's theme. We were really focused in on that energy transition and how we're going to come together to solve those challenges for industry which digital to. That was a a big theme as well but at the same time not only do we have those panels. We actually have a solution share so all of our technology is on display many of us that get to go internally you know it would take us probably a whole year to go and tore all the different sites around. Baker used to get that knowledge. That's in our solutions fair. So all of the technology that we have coming out is on display and we actually presented on Permian in Lawrence. Yeah you think it's wild to you. Go all the way to Florence to present Permian and share across the world but our presentation was on remote drilling and how we've been able to gain efficiencies with one of our local customers here through remote drilling and so many customers asking questions while I'm glad you said that I was GONNA ask. What was the number one question that people from around the world were asking you about the perm. Yeah well and that was it. How are you doing this? How are you working with your customer? And our customer actually presented with us so the rest of the customers got to hear our customer and how we worked together to stand up the remote center for them and how we've removed seventy five percent of our people off the field location and how we've been able to gain efficiencies and how we've been able to reduce in bt and they're all sitting together in a remote center so we're bringing their team members are team members and we're sitting off location and were drilling better wheels than we've ever drilled before and a lot of the customers wanted to know. How did we get there? What was the transition and we broke it down into phases and they really really learned from. Okay I can take this and I can implement it in my operation. I Bet I mean that is just incredible for them to hear that firsthand from you from your customer and seeing the fish. Nc because seventy five percent. You said you've taken us off location. That's a huge. When you think of the number wise you'd have some usually here. Ten percent fifteen percent bright seventy five percent. What has been the customer benefit that you've seen from that. So the standardization has been he but obviously safety right. I mean I think that's number. One is were removing people off. Location out of harm's way but the second benefit is the standardization between all of the rigs. That were that were operating. We're able to share lessons. Learned across the RIGS EASILY. Because we're all housed in that same remote center and in collaboration so when we see something going on were right there together and we can figure out. How do we mitigate? How do we overcome the challenge? And then we share that with the POD next door because they set up in pods for the different rigs and then we can have one directional driller looking over multiple rigs not just one rig and so again he can optimize across those rigs as well so one would think you're taking someone off location. How is that going to to work? But what we've seen is surprisingly better performance because we're able to collaborate and standardize across and really using technology to your benefit absolutely. Let's talk a little bit about technology because of there have been so many different cycles in this new energy cycle of course brings more technology and better ways to do things how has this been at the forefront of your transformation at Baker Hughes Aso. I mean obviously. We recently announced that. We're an energy technology company. Which is you catch yourself going when folks ask you about Baker US many of service providers say Oh were oil and gas company. What's really exciting about Baker? Using in our path forward is that were an energy technology company. We are helping our customers solve some of the greatest challenges as we move through this energy transition reduce the carbon footprint in our impact on the environment. And you know I feel like we have that technology in our portfolio. Not just again when we talked about earlier. The wall construction piece in the production piece. But we bring that expertise to utilize the natural gas and other ways and also measure methane. Yeah we have the sensors in the technology through our Avi toss our drones to measure methane emissions. Help our customers figure out where they're leaks are and how to solve those issues so again. It's just having all of that in our portfolio. Not just the wall construction and production. Is I think going to be really key for us as we move forward wonderful you mentioned challenges because I whenever group of people come together we always try to learn from each other right and you mentioned that in Italy. You talked about challenges. What are some of those challenges that you see moving forward in twenty twenty that we could all help each other out with and help overcome those challenges because I think as a business leader as a business owner? We want overcome the challenges that what do you see? Yes I think for the Permian in particular. One of the biggest challenges we're going to have to overcome is the fact of all the gas that were flaring and I. I covered that last year in podcasts. So they get the last number. I looked at was seven hundred. Mcs Per Day that we're flaring people who are not familiar with our industry when they see that or they're flying into the permanent night there's a very negative perception about our industry and to be honest with you. That's waste you know. But in some cases it's it's more efficient for our operators to flare than to use it and so we WANNA be that solution provider in collaborating with our customers to see. How can we take that and use it whether it's for a FRAC as which we talked about last year or is it for actual power and selling back to the grid and when we look at the Permian infrastructure for power there are large gaps in the grid and we can solve those gaps in the grid through utilizing natural? Gas into our turbines improvised infield power for our customers so me I really do. Think the Permian 's biggest challenges the fact that we've got to change that perception that we can show that we are reducing our carbon impact environment and that we are bringing energy to the world you know in a safe efficient manner that's environmental friendly you know and we all need energy right not to solar and wind because those will not tell the gap spoil gases a critical component of how we move forward and providing energy to the world. And I think when you're outside of the oil gas world you just don't realize how much energy use every day. I can't remember which podcast it was interviewing. Someone in they pointed out exactly everything in this room what comes off of energy and I just thought you know when you're not in oil and gas directly say you know when you're growing up you just don't think that way but the older you get the more you learn and the more that you're here's especially in the Permian if you're new to the area you realize just how much the world needs it and to be able to provide that energy to the world. It truly is remarkable. When you think about it is and that's something I feel like we're going to focus on this year for our employee base is to. How can we efficiently used energy? We feel like if it's not a habit at home then it will not be a habit at work now. We do have a lot of that technology already within our facilities of the automatic lights. You know the motion detection lives but again that's not everywhere right so we're really going to campaign and roll out. Term employee base be efficient at home be efficient at work conserve as as best as possible. Sore not impacting the environment and the second pieces. The recycling right recycling difficult to do here midlan and very difficult. It's a challenge if you don't make the effort that's right so simple things like we don't have the recycling pickup at our facilities. But what we're GONNA do in. Some of our offices is volunteer a rotation to take those recycles to the recycle center so in everybody raised their hand. When we came up with that idea. Oh count me in. I'm going to go on that rotation so nice you know. It may be a challenge for us to get some of the things done here to make those changes where were thinking about our environment. But you'd be surprised at how passionate our employee basis to step in and say you know what maybe we don't have that ability to have someone come and pick up. Are you know plastics right? But you know what we sorted out. I will volunteer to take it. So that's how we're going to solve and overcome. But maybe one day. We'll actually have a recycled pickup here. Midland we'll hope. Let's keep pushing for it. We can do it. And you'll kids are so good you know if you get kids going on something so encouraging them at a young age was going to ask you there any other tips that you can do as a family at home you mentioned of course if we go and recycle and drop off the light switch is is there anything else that we can do in our daily lives and get the kids involved because like I said they can be our biggest reminders champions because sometimes if I forget something I'll tell my youngest remind me of that. Yes they're on it. They'll remember in when they know something's important like this. They will encourage the family to do so. Yeah I'm seeing that lease with my children and the younger generation. They are very passionate about the environment they are in so they are kind of that gatekeeper as well recently. Just plastic bottles. How many water bottles do we go through in one of my son said? Why don't we have more water bottles? That are reasonable. And that's what I want to put my y water and but the second piece is also we adopted area here keep Midland beautiful and so getting my boys out there to help with cleanups I think is really important. And what's fun to watch as we go do that? But then they go out and clean up around Lee high school on their own right without being asked and they said well you know we're going to go and we're going to clean up Because this is unacceptable to me. That's just wonderful to see when the kids start caring about the environment as much as we all. Should you know when they started young age? It's just going to get better and better. And as they grow up and it's leading by example right they see me turning off the lights. They see me being conscious of our water usage. Because we know water here in the Permian you know it's not the greatest quality right and so we need to make sure we're conscious of that as well so we all do our part. Yes that's right absolutely. Let's talk a little bit about the ups and downs of the oil and gas businesses. We know we've seen some. Pretty fluctuating lately dislike today? We're below fifty dollars a barrel and so how as a company leader. How do you talk to your employees about that? And how do you? You know not get too worried. I guess I should say when you see the fluctuating price. Yeah I mean I think for us. It's been interesting over the last year to see that. A lot of activity that were seeing whether it's up or down is not based on commodity prices and it's really about our customers producing within cash flow and so really getting our workforce educated around that the ups and now that we're seeing aren't so much to do with the commodity prices. It's more about the health of our customers. The health of our business. And how do we manage through that one of the messages that we continue to you know make sure employee base knows here in the Permian is that we're greatly insulated from a lot of that because we are the epicenter of oil gas when we saw the activity this year in the other basins you know. Come down rapidly. We did see some activity. Come down here in the Permian but not nearly as much as some of the other areas so I think we we mentioned lash permeates the place to be it is and so we really stick to that message with our employee base. We make sure that were being as productive as possible as lean as possible as efficient as possible. So we're not impacted so much. Were more face with some of those up and downs in the business. Because we know we're in oil and gas but one thing I can't say as we have seen it stabilized And I think we're going to start to see more stabilized. Were not predicting some you know. Big crazy boom but it's nice to see kind of destabilization of activities and we're still we're still forecasted to meet our production targets for the Permian Basin so even though we've seen recount come down in commodities. Come DOWN. We still feel like this market is very healthy. And it's going to be a primary focus for us as we move forward and you know were committed to make sure we have all the people the products and services to stay in this market and you help it or get to those us. Production targets of five billion barrels per day fantastic. Yeah I know that mentoring women in the oil and gas businesses important to you. How do you see women progressing in this industry because it seems to me just being here in the Permian over twenty years I have seen more women in oil and gas? And I'm like yes. Go go go. It's exciting. So what would you say to any women that are thinking about going in oil and gas and where do you see them progressing? Yeah we'll one is. Don't be afraid. It's wonderful industry. I've had surrounded myself with just some amazing people have met. Some great friends even had family members work in the industry so one just don't be afraid to enter it and I think we're also making that transition to so you may enter into the oil and gas industry but ten fifteen twenty years you're going to be in the energy industry so I think you have so many different opportunities to move when you enter in. I don't regret coming into oil and gas. It has just been like I said you know. Just a phenomenal experience. One of the with the heart energy award. That was a question that I was asked in for me personally. I grew up with a learning disability. And so I was behind a lot. I couldn't read and couldn't comprehend a lot of. It was a struggle for me and I had to go to special classes all the way up through middle school and I struggled even into high school. I still struggled. I did make honorable but I felt like I had to work five times as hard as everyone else to be able to understand the content that I was being presented. What was my learning style and I really struggled with that but getting into oil and gas allowed me to touch and feel and so I think it's a great opportunity for women to get into an industry where they can get their hands dirty and they're going to be surrounded by people who will help them learn and that was my case and so. I don't think I ever realized that until looking back. And that's when my learning accelerated because now I'm able to be in the field or able to be in a manufacturing plant arm able to look at a financial statement and put it in real world terms and touch and feel it and understand it and that's when I learned that I'm a visual hands on learner. I am not. I'm not a test take. I'm not good at taking tests with you and I think that's a good point to bring up because I think it so often times in school with kids that this is you know and not all school because you know there's some fantastic schools that are teaching to the child and night to the test. But if you are not a test taker and you are a visual learner. And you've got to do it yourself. You know the traditional type schooling might work in that. I was right there with you and struggled in those areas as well. And it's like when you learn. You're learning capability. The Sky's limit. And I think that that's an important point to bring up two young men and women that you're not excelling in this might not be because Oh. I'm just not good at math or I'm just not good at science. It could be the way that you're going about learning and so try different method. I love what you did and you know showing the hard work will definitely pay off. It's just you have to find the way that you work right. Not everybody else spoils. Gas Can really give you that opportunity to like. I said 'cause you'll be surrounded by people who want to show you want to help you in nineteen years. Just some phenomenal mentors coaches people who showed me how to put tools together how to install nozzles how to. Jeddah Bit Your Company. Men who welcomed me out onto their locations who let me climb up and down the rigs asking all kinds of questions and if it weren't for that. I don't know where I would be right now but this industry is very open and they will help you to learn anything all you have to ask the questions. Don't come in and I guess that my last Parkas Spiel earn at all not a nodal. Just come in and ask a lot of questions and no matter. What male female. They will be absolutely thrilled to show you exactly how things are done. I think that is so true in the Permian. Everyone wants to help everyone out. That is one of the beautiful things about Oliver residents. It's not a me me me. It's Oh yeah how can I help you but I also love what you said. Be a learn at all not a note. All speaking of I always love to know what you're reading. So what are you reading these days? So I'm actually reading a book called A. Multipliers. Okay so it acres right now. We're really focusing on growth mindset versus fixed mindset so how can you think about things in a growing mindset versus a fixed mindset the way it's always been done and I looked at growth mindset researched it and I found a book called suppliers. And it's really about how leader helps that environment. How can I facilitate an environment where I am allowing all my people to innovate and create in? Think of big ideas. You know where they're not afraid to take risks and they're not afraid to bring new ideas to the table so creating that atmosphere where you're producing that growth mindset and they're able to almost like a fail fast environment where. I can make a mistake. I can learn from it but there could be a very very big awesome idea. Come out of everything so the book is in really really a good one for me. It kind of plays into my leadership style. So I've enjoyed reading so I recommend any leader to go out or you know anybody who's wanting to learn more about growth mindset and how can you get your organization to multiply that that growth mindset? Great I'm getting get. I love that. Let's talk about what you're looking forward to the most right now and this could be anything just in life. What are you looking forward to next? Ooh What am I looking forward to? Well my oldest one can get his permit next Monday so you get to take one less taxi route off. Yeah Hey hey watch out. Midland. I'm going to have a learner on the road next Monday. So that's exciting really. I think what I'm most excited in. Any of these. What motivates me? It goes right back to the theme throughout our discussion today. Which is where we going as industry How are we going to solve? Some of our greatest challenges in are impacting the environment reduce our carbon footprint in water recycling. I mean these are the things that really motivate me and I'm passionate that keep me going and excited to see you. Think about all the things. We've innovated over the last ten years about all the things that we're going to innovate in the next ten years through as we transition into this new world and we're really thinking about how we're impacting the environment so awesome and finally what do you want your legacy to be in this oil and gas business. I'm here serve so in my nineteen years in if I look fast forward. Ten Years and fifteen twenty years from now that it was really about servant leadership that. I've always been willing to help and serve anybody no matter who you are where you came from. And that's the way I was raised and it's the way that I live life everyday. Is You know who can I help today? I really passionate. You treat everyone as their number one than your business will be number one and the people that are surrounded by you in your life or number one so I think my legacy would be if people look back and go you know. Jamie was a servant leader. She served and help others grow. Because you know I find satisfaction in seeing other people. Succeed so whether it's personally professionally. If someone gets that job that they've been wanting for the last year you know. They set their sights on it. Or maybe it's a car. I don't know maybe something tangible than they set their mind to about a lot of guys want boats or guns whatever. Whatever it is that they've said I want to accomplish whether it's professionally or personally when they're able to you know do that like last year. It was Leeann when he scored that that time basket- basketball game last year. So when you see someone worked so hard and they accomplished their goal. That gives me like gratification. It's just amazing. I think you already living that legacy now. If you asked anybody they would say you do that already. So job well done. Congratulations and thank you for sharing. Today I really have loved learning more and I feel like we could talk another half hour forty five minutes to hours. But we're out of time already. Can you believe it went by that fast now? Is there anything that we didn't get to talk about? I was asked us at the end because I wanna make sure you got to say everything you wanted to say. Is there anything else that you want to share with our listeners? Yeah I think the last thing I'd like to close with is I mean. Obviously we talked about Baker using our new brand that were in energy technology and that we're bringing energy forward what I'd really like to share our values miss what we're going to live and breathe every day with our employee base. Banner customers are forced to core value as grow so we see challenges and opportunity and we learned from that every day the second core value is lead we make event and perform with impact and then the third is collaborate inspire be inclusive and bring out the best in each other and care is the last one do the right thing always for our customers. Our people and the environment. I think these speak to everything I've really covered today. They resonate with me. They resonate with our employees and our customers. And I'm really really excited about how we're going to grow leading collaborate and care and say it sounds like your personal core values as well as your love that. Jamie thanks again. I really appreciate sharing this time with us and of course Baker Hughes everywhere on all the social media platforms. They can go to Lincoln facebook website. If you'd like more information about Baker Hughes absolutely and follow me on Lincoln and you'll get to continue to see our wonderful permian journey here with bakeries wonderful. Thank you Jamie Shade you. It's now time to announce today's community. Mvp and the community. Mvp is night to shine this past weekend. Stonegate church also along with mid cities church. They were one of over seven hundred churches across the country to host an incredible night. It's a night where area adults with special needs. Enjoy a prom night and once they and they did this at stonegate fellowship. They partnered with the Tim. Tibo Foundation to host a night to shine prom and over. Two hundred area dolts. Were there dancing the night away? They were even crowned kings and Queens. And there were so many volunteers and partners. That helped make this amazing night happened. So it's very special. Thank you to all of the volunteers. What a beautiful thing and of course a a special. Thank you to the Tim. Tebow foundation fantastic and that concludes our edition of Permian Perspective. Special thank you to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective Baker Hughes as we mentioned earlier recently launched new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand and has an energy technology company. They are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet. And they're doing that every day right here in the Permian Basin so thanks again for joining us. Remember my mottos dream big believe in yourself and never give up you make it a great day. Hey Everybody Alex era the events on deck for February. We do not have any. Oh Gee happy hours in February but we do have an exciting event coming up in Pittsburgh. This'll be our first happy hour there in March and it will be taking place on March twenty fifth. The location is to be determined so be sure to follow us on facebook linked and or twitter to keep up with those announcements and to purchase tickets the Houston. Api luncheon will be on February eleventh. This will be a networking event with top oil and gas business leaders and they promise that you'll be learning something really cool so check it out and sign up for that event. The wildcatters ball will be on February seventh in Houston. This ball is the primary oil and natural gas industry fundraising event for the IP a Educational Foundation. I go toward funding. The Foundations Energy Education program the API Energy Houston three gun. Chapter will be on March Twentieth in Houston. This event fills up really quickly so make sure to get your team. Enter the best way to do so is to fax or E. Mail the form with at least a captain's name as soon as possible. If you need to wait for a check just noted that on the bottom of the form and send it on we will be sending Mark Liqueur and Patrick pistre to Scotland to Aberdeen. Scotland on March fifth. Four Doku Kahn. Which is the first event of. Its kind it is a conference for creating high impact sales in energy and Markham. Patrick will be hosting a panel and recording. Live podcast if you're interested in attending this event visit Doku Con Dot Dot Karoo Dot Com and that is d o q a. R. U. C. O. N. that's offered. This might. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to check again next month for more updates on. Og An abandoned tune in next week for another episode of premium perspective it production of the oil and Gas Global Network. Learn more at www dot org. G. N. DOT COM.

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Water Standard on Permian Perspective- PP035

Permian Perspective Podcast

36:14 min | 8 months ago

Water Standard on Permian Perspective- PP035

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista as skinny. Today's show oh a sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company. They're striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode. I'm sitting here today in Midland Texas with Dwayne divall the Vice President Gordon of global sales for Water Standard and Buddy Boyce in the technology and engineering director for water standard. Gentlemen thank you so much for being here today. Thank you glad to be here. You're welcome thanks for having us so excited to hear more about water standard and what you're doing here in west Texas and beyond so looking forward to our conversation but first before we begin I want i WanNa thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends and family and colleagues we have listeners all over the world and of course right here in the basin. Hi Friends I really appreciate each and every one of you and feel free to leave a review when you stop by just like Gina did. This is what Gina had to say a special thanks to Gina. Who left this five star review on? Itunes she said the the first thing that stood out to me about this podcast is Christopher voice. I could listen to it all day. Thank you Gina. That's so sweet her guests fascinating and I've learned something from each and every one of them that I can implement in my industry. She puts to bed the myth that there's nothing to do around here. You can't help but be energized and inspired after listening to this podcast. Thank you so much gina for those kind words. I am super energized and inspired after hearing that so thank you if you would like to leave review please do so on itunes all right hi. We're ready to begin here we go. Thanks again Dwayne and Buddy for joining us today. First of all. Just tell us how you got started in the oil and gas industry. Sure I'm Chemical engineer by trade but up been doing sales for twenty five years so I really kind of started out in the refining and PETROCHEM industry for nine nine years and and then just wanted to make a change and so I went into the upstream business and since really since they started in in water and the upstream business of water treatment and really love it and always always have and so you know for me kind of looking at it from the all gas production side as well as the environmental side. So for me. It's just I wanted to stick with. I've been doing for the the last twelve thirteen years. Fantastic and betty. How about you? My Dad had a business. It did produce water disposal in Wyoming and so as a kid I ended up working with him alive and working through the summers. And then you know all the way through college and just kind of happened naturally wonderful. So let's talk a little bit about water standard and what water standard does and how long they've been in business yeah. Water Standard has been a business over ten years. Honestly a couple of different business models. But really I would say in your buddy but it was kind of at the start and with water standard but really. It's a kind of a comprehensive water treatment company me water standard started out with looking at desalination the nation projects worldwide in Alpha ships basically said desalination systems on chips for seawater and then moved into enhanced oil recovery in recovery recovery in chemical enhanced oil recovery and then in two thousand sixteen water standard bought a company called monarch separators which is a forty five to fifty year old company in Houston that has as a fabrication shop that has built fabricated water treatment equipment since it started. So you know it's interesting marriage of different technologies what we call kind of one side advanced treatment versus conventional produce water treatment equipment so we look at it as a sort of a fully integrated company that that really does any type of water treatment project and of course in the oil and gas industry water is a necessity and becoming bigger and bigger picture. How has that really changed over the past few years? How have you seen water? Play a bigger role sure especially here in the basin right so this is taken on even more important. The biggest change I've seen in my career with water. Is it going from purely. What's looked at his away way? String right offshore. It's go overboard. MEET THE MINIMUM SPEC to go overboard where now you know what we're saying is because of the fact that it has to be used in production you know in the in fracking operations that it's gone from a waste stream to a value stream that people are looking at water as a you know A. Let's say say something. Something helps generate revenue versus something. That's just a cost center so that to me has been the biggest change over. Let's say the last ten to fifteen years in the water business and you know honestly there's so many places now that have scarcity of water resources freshwater resources that I think you're gonNA see more and more of that right where we're going to have to treat more more water it and put it back in. That's really our mission. Water Standard Buddy will go into this as well but you know our mission. Is We look at everything as you know comprehensively right we're taking water out of the you know the ecosystem you know we'd like to do is put that back in and make the balance right and so to me. That's it's going that direction. It slow to get their especially oil and gas because the industry itself obviously has been doing things a long time. But you see that shift happening that to me has been a big change in in my career. Let's talk about that buddy about about the mission and what you're seeing. What has been the biggest changes that you've seen over the past few years? Yes so looking at it from my perspective. I've seen a whole bunch. Chat Tech -nology providers become active in the market. And that's given us a ability to do a whole range of different things with the water where the water's no longer really really ally ability so much as an asset or project enabling Marie source that's available and as we start seeing that technology come out you know when dwelling talks about bringing special technologies into the industry for me. Personally I see taking a step place where instead of doing disposal so you know as a long term strategy and certainly not anything that's happening immediately but we're GONNA start. Seeing people really bring that water back into the environment through agricultural reuse and crop watering or through direct discharges to rivers and lakes were able to make that water into something that's really valuable the -able and on the other side as we bring these other technologies and we're also seeing the price of produced water disposal and re-use go down and so from my perspective. I think that that's how the industry's changing in the old days you you might try different kinds of disposal because there just wasn't any ability to do deep well disposal so especially in Wyoming where I'm from the disposal. Wells were relatively expensive because of how deep they had to be drilled. And I wouldn't you start looking at nowadays as you know. We basically overcome that to the point where we're able to create a really clean water resource for people who are considering even using it for just water offsets Frac Water and from my perspective. I guess that holistic picture to use a really used term is that were offset and freshwater demands with with water that used to be considered a waste stream and really happy about that right because economic. It's good environment. It's good and that's the goal role I mean as a business owner. That's what everybody is hoping for right. Is this business something that you see changing a lot in the next ten years because looking back at what has happened the past ten years or do you feel like we've got something good now this is it. No I definitely see it. Continuing that trend in the reason being is that we're using more and more water all the Tom So as long as productions pubescent especially domestically right and you know we always hear the terms energy independence and we want to be able to produce here in the united. It's date and there's obviously a lot of resources there and the technology is caught up and now we're able to do that however the downside of that is we use more and more water all the time and we're producing more and more water all the time so. It's hard for me to see that you know that that trend is going to change. I think it's only gonNA become greater and I think because of a a lack of resources in some areas. We're really going to have to as buddy said we're really going to have to look at different technologies and I do think that companies whether that be through the regulatory regime via the government but I think the companies themselves as well are going to move in that direction as to what. What can we do to make this? Sustainable right nobody wants to see something going forward. It's not sustainable right. So I think that trend's GONNA continue. How fast you know that? That's the question probably but you know for me. I definitely see it moving that direction. Let's talk a little bit about the Permian in shale water management and the hidden costs associated with it. What do you see that those here in West Texas can do to need help with that from my perspective? One of the biggest things that I've seen as there's huge variations in the water that's bringing being brought to treatment plants or just in the way that you're operating those facilities water quality changes lot. There might be a lot of oil in the water and then at times there might be none and when we look at how that affects the treatment the process you know even something as simple as ozone infiltration is subject to these upsets where he might see really high hydrogen sulfide. Oh fighter you might see really high higher levels just make the water quality. That's being produced. Be More difficult to treat. I Dunno Dwayne de of anything. You WanNa ed to woodhams. No I agree I agree what about where we are located because it seems like we are definitely in the desert for those of we haven't been in west Texas. We're out here in the middle of nowhere right. Does that bring on different challenges. That say maybe some of the other shells so for me getting back to when you start seeing that range of variability the ability you know. The desert definitely has higher ranges of temperatures in those can kind of affect the way that you're treating as the water variability changes ally. It can be difficult to achieve your treatment goals for us when we were talking about the underlying economics of treatment. We've seen in the experiences that we've had as at UB unpaid to dispose of water and the times when you not able to treat that water to a standard that's acceptable for whatever and use. It was gonNA have either. You'RE GONNA end up paying for the disposal or more likely you're going to end up shutting down your facility in order to be able to get everything back online so that you can due treatment to the levels say you know promised or guaranteed and when you do that most those shutdowns and having a bigger impact even than the selection election of the technology you know if if you look at the cost of treatment the cost of downtime or even bigger and so be able to guarantee treatment across a wider range. You know along the very ability and water quality that we're talking about you can take a plant and make it from completely economically unfeasible able to something that's GonNa be a big revenue maker and I guess that's one of the things that I'm seeing you know especially related to out here in the Permian. There's just such a large volume of water available when we start looking at funding these projects really based on large volumes of water. And when he can't achieve that when you you can't get that much water through your facility up really missing out on a lot of money they could be making. Yes I think one of the challenges here as well on supposed. Let's say offshore everywhere in the Gulf of Mexico has the same outlet specification. Here every company might be different every single locale might be different. The water quality coming in obviously obviously depending on exactly where yet might be different but different companies have different specs for what they WANNA do in the FRAC right. So it's let's say there's a lot of variables here here there may be you'll elsewhere so there's talk right now and there's a if you will kind of it's gaining momentum and to try to come up with sort of a universal specification but again it's very difficult difficult because every company has their own unique characteristics. They're looking for when they reuse water right so it's definitely one of the challenges that you have to work through here. Thank in Armenian Mian and some of the other domestic shale place. I'm glad you mentioned that. Because everybody's needs are different. If you could give me a little Frac One oh one what is it that makes your water services services different than maybe another competitors. We've looked at treating produced water to do a lot of different things with it. You know because we have this global presence since because we've been involved in projects that are offshore and onshore were not just CNN onshore solution and some of the stuff that we've looked at doing doing with produced waters on really large projects you know combining them in front of sulfate removal system and having to treat them with Nanno filtration. We see the ranges of what's possible for the produced water. Obviously there's a cost that's incurred for treating the water further and we've been very active in onshore ensure markets especially around the shale plays. And we've seen that you know market for water to offset water for hydraulic fracturing is really very a small in comparison offsetting some of those regulations and stuff on our big water flooding projects and because of that because we've had to deal with with that right wide range of treatment. I think you know it really allows us to look at a solution is right for whatever people are trying to do. What the water you know whether it's running cooling towers ours are discharging? The river discharging treated produced water to a river in Colorado. You know we've seen was possible. And I think I guess that that's the biggest differentiator were not just selling one technology that treats to certain level. Yeah I'll just add. We look in water. We look at a system sort of as a box right if we can identify. What's coming in if we can look water quality analysis? You tell us what you need on the outlet and then we will go in and kind of look at its gain holistically and say this is the most cost effective way in the best technology fit for your application so we try not to look at. Thanks as even though we have products we try not to look at AS Roma pull this product off the shelf. And give it to you. Gotcha we want a one size that no we want to take a look at the inlet. We WanNa see which you need on the AL and we want to put a do a cost benefit analysis. And do what's right for you. You can't just turn on the garden hose and just start going and again. It goes to buddies comment about the range. Water qualities in right in the different specs and the different needs of each customer. So that's the way we approach which is from kind of a holistic view. I love that that is great. Let's talk about the regular. You mentioned. Regulations are there any new regulations. That may be those of us here in the basin need to be aware of that. Have maybe changed recently. Yeah here on not an. There's a lot of talk right and go to enough enough conferences. You see a lot of different discussions and you don't know exactly what's going to happen tomorrow but I think one thing that we're we're going to say more and more you know Texas going to be it's going to be the last place is to do it and don't we'll never get away from disposal wells right. There's too many of them. You have to have that capacity as well. There's too much difference between what's actually needed for completion. Relations in fracking versus. What happened was produced? So there's always gonna be that Delta if you will but you know we've seen in other areas I think that it's just going to become more and more challenging being in difficult to to build deputies right so whether it's here in just west taxes again. That's not going to go away anytime soon. Have to have it but you you know everybody knows what you've just crossed the border in New Mexico you cross the border into Colorado and it's a completely different regulatory regime Oklahoma. So I think that as we move four. I think we're going to be saying more and more of that whether it's the fact that you can build no more debbie days in certain areas or be seismic activity. You name it. There's all these there's all this inertia sure right now kind of moving in that direction. I don't think it's going to happen immediately. But I do think it's going to move there whether it's harder to get a permit whether the fact that she can't get him rated at the capacities you need so that one has to go somewhere so as that is there you know as it squeezes down and disposed. CAPAC- what happens. It's gotta be some kind of the answer for that water whether it's being able to buddy said used for agricultural use or reuse or whatever so I think we're gonNA see more and more and more drivers pushing it that direction betty against the only thing that I would add on top of that as you know we see this trend where you have something like say induced seismicity that's affecting fracture disposal well said and other states and you end up seeing it be carried into this state although were slow to adopt we end up. Adopting similar regulations is to the stuff that's being proposed when I look at regulations that are being considered for discharges to surface waters Colorado or e you know an increased east focus on toxic testing as part of any surface despite. Also say you're GONNA do. I realized that those regulations are going to come to the state of Texas. They may be slowed arrive but it eventually the regulations are GonNa kind of be consistently applied me. You know to the extent practical in Texas and so for me. I'm seeing some of that in the work that we're doing and other places especially related to effluent toxicity testing or toxicity limits on water. And and you know stuff like Sodium Absorption Ratios. That are a big deal when you start looking at the the salinity of the waters that were treated here and I I guess I would just say that Texas's eventually GonNa follow suit especially when we start looking at using the water for other stuff like like your Gatien or surface discharge very interesting. y'All are so well informed. This is this is fun and it is so it is interesting to hear about an eerie from the guys that are out there in the field doing on this day in and day out you also I know. Go to the conference as you mentioned. And you know the oil and gas business the ups and downs. What is the word at those conferences? What is the outlook doc? Notice a great question great questions thank. You'll see contradict reviews right and I've been to. I've been to a few are honestly within this. You know presentations -tations probably within a you know two or three presentation of each other. Somebody saying that the price is going to go up just from a pure supply demand. It's it has to go up and then you hear kind kind of this sort of negative perception of drilling down in oil prices down and you know so. There's a lot of contradicting views out. There I would say I will say this in this is just. You know my opinion which doesn't mean that much sure that everyone's opinion on Permian perspective means a lot to lot just the fact that the resources are here that is domestic stay friendly. Obviously it's hard for me to thank the production and I would say this. I think this has been pretty consistent. The price of all discussion can go a lot of different ways because a lot the different variables and factors everything from geopolitics to electric cars. Right right but the fact is we have the resources here. There's no reason not to produce right here here in the United States. I don't see that changing the more production it comes in. It might not grow at the same pace however the more production comes in more water. This going to we use this as a problem is not going away. I think everybody is still pretty consistent in the view that production has to continue here. And it's going to grow now whether or not it grows at an exponential pace that's a whole nother discussion. No you hear a lot of term you know a lot of. There's a lot of stuff out regarding Wall Street and financing and you know the money that flow into the system however you know again I the resources are here. I think is pretty consistent. Everybody would like to see production. Maintain maintain engro so I think the problems and the challenges are still going to be there right it. Go ahead buddy. Hey you know I was at a conference recently. It was I pet conference in in San Antonio in November and closing speaker made a really interesting point in terms of what Duane was talking about with economics we saw the shutdown of a refinery in Saudi Arabia and in the V.. You Know Normal Times. Even ten years ago that would have been a global global. Catastrophe would have seen the president on the news talking about the white panel half of Saudi Arabia's production capacity we barely even saw any change in oil prices and I think you know we hear a lot of numbers that are thrown around like oil is going to go to sixty five dollars barrel. It's going to go the seventy s gonNA stay at fifty. But I think one of the things that I'm seeing especially in the show when I hear people talking is about this excess capacity that we have all this production volume that we have in America and the stabilizing force. That that's having on the world. Do you know where we had. Iran ten tempers flared up. And we didn't even see the price of oil rise and I think that that's historic and it says something about the industry on the strength of our industry right now especially American oil and I know you know a lot of that's being developed here in the Permian when you look at. Rick County concede that this is the epicenter of it in America. And I think it's pretty cool. I think the message that that I'm getting from the conferences is pretty cool. That we are that force. Yeah I think I pointed the one of the things we've heard too. You know I mean there is sort of this sometimes negative perception action but the fact is that some of the service companies have definitely taken hit in part of that is due to the efficiencies now in the operations woohoo right whether it be via automation automation whether it be via just overall efficiency it you know it is affected. Let's say some of the services companies that are out doing doing some of the work right so when that happens you get it kind of this. I would say negative view of things but but the fact is we are the swing producer right now in the world and that's not GonNa Change Right. We're just it's more effective now in something times have just changed times of technology. Let's talk about the Permian. I know you're a Houston based company. Shout out to Oliver Houston friends. That are listening. What is it that you love about about doing business here in the Permian? Oh yeah no I can answer that one. We just had two hours. Yeah well number one for us I mean midland is coming to Houston right to all gas base. So when you're here you know to to me is almost like a comfort zone from Louisiana originally. So that's all in gas as well but but the people are friendly. You know hard-working so so for for me. It's not a culture shock coming to Houston in a Houston obviously a lot bigger right but the industry wind the people you deal with you know when we come out here. It's kind of seamless. Right me almost feels like a mini home. How about you what do you love doing business out here on top of everything? Everything that Duane said about the people being grade out here one of the things that I really love the people in the Permian dream big and we go around. We come out here. We meet with breath. You know ten people during one trip and all of them are talking about these great ideas to make billions of dollars and this is the place where that's possible and I think it's an interesting combination of technology and the People's willingness to do these amazing projects. But you know we hear about all all arranges of stuff from little people doing well too big companies doing well here and for me seeing how that happens as always exciting to come out to midland. It's it's really really cool to get to go all over the area all the way up to the Delaware New Mexico and just see that attitude being applied. It's stuff you see my sign right there to in your dream big victory. That's right and there is. There is an energy here no pun intended but there is an energy can do attitude. It really is a can-do can do attitude. You know make it happen. So that's a that's refreshing. Let's talk about some periodic goals that you that you read or what keeps you in the industry or keeps you motivated and and going every day you have any favorites we really just about every oil and gas out there. Writer gas investor whether it's processing magazines and everything anything else so now we'd definitely like to keep up and now there's so much information and almost hits it can almost be overwhelming right. That's why that's why I often I always. I like to ask this this question because I always wonder. We'll what are y'all reading because there is so much out there that it's tough to kind of choose what you're gonNA feed yourself every day right so whether it's a podcast like premium perspective. It's a book or periodical. No for sure remain of you can go on the Internet. is He different stories. That contradict each other right. And so it's it's you have to kind of get get yourself yourself through all the different formation but for us talking about coming out here the fact is you really get the real story when you talk to customers right. So that's that's the real perspective of everybody on the ground. What their needs are what they deal with? Everyday their challenges you know and get a feel for where it's going. It's moving for me as a technical person in my company Anthony. I think that there's a range of magazines that I read. I mean I think that there's probably forty or fifty of them sitting on my desk right now. But Journal Petroleum Technology -nology oilfield technology or to the big ones. I Read Chemical Engineering magazine. I read American. Water Works Association Journal and a also ended up spending a lot of time. Online looking at stuff like salination magazine to see where they technologies are headed. I had a feeling you read a lot what it was like. You have big words that I really need to ask you off the podcast. What that meant that? The I think that's fantastic because we should always be learning and growing in our industry and and and just trying to be the best that we can be. Let's talk a little bit about water. Standard how I know that I'm on your website and it says we maximize your oil recovery. Yeah no that's important to you. Do you have any final words on. Maybe something that we haven't talked about that you think is important that our listeners know about how you do maximize that oil recovery coverage because at the end of the day. That's what that's what your customers are looking for. Go ahead. You are kind of our enhanced oil recovery expert there and I can add to on requirements out or whatever we need so to take this. Yeah so so. We've looked at a couple of things. And one of them is treating produced water in order to be able to reduce costs. During hydraulic fracturing. By looking at what biocides are costing and how that balance of treatment is for us we start talking about maximizing while recovery though it always points back to do an enhanced oil recovery projects water flooding or chemically enhanced oil recovery projects and in both of those applications nations as seems like there's a level of how much treatment you need to provide. There's there's base minimum which is ally in comparison to other things they use. He's water for an oil and gas. But but then when you get into that we have technologies that we've developed or treatment processes set or special around the desalination Asian part of the process and really leaving the right types of salt in the water. So that you can get better separation on the back end of chemical flood. I think that that's one of the places is where we really special when when we look at it you know bringing new technologies to market looking at you know multi pass Nanno filtration and reverse osmosis assist process as reindeer raters. I think those are a lot of the stuff that the rest of the industry isn't necessarily looking out and I think that that's something that we're really special at her really focused on because of the way that monarch water standard work together. We've really got people that are good at the whole oil solution. But AH beyond that we really have people that are good at membranes. And I guess if I was GonNa say anything I think that's. That's the biggest thing that we're bringing to maximizing oil recovery awesome. You know what's the most important lesson you've learned in this oil and gas business. Screw question if think about that for just to say. But I'll say I'll I'll have to kind. WanNa keep this with water treatment right and and it's GonNa go is going to support what I said earlier on it. The biggest lesson I've learned and again this is a challenge. I think we've had some issues. She's with this and all the gas industry is that we should be able to do this that we should be able to produce oil and do it. Environmentally friendly the technologies are there like Buddy said the technologies are out there to do whatever we need to do a comes down to the perception of water as a way. String this something you throw away and it's a cost center meaningless. Let's just make it as cheap as possible verses waters important right and so you have to have that mindset and we need the industry look at this as we need to do something. Sustainable going forward right. So the the biggest learned is that we can do that. It's there it's been proven you know. There's testing being done their applications locations going on right now. Where we're doing? We're doing things like this but as an industry and it's tough I get it you know and again the industry's been been been there for one hundred years right and he'd been doing doing doing things at certain way but the big learned is that we can do this and we can do it. Cost effectively to we just need the mindset of people to do that wonderful but did you have anything on adamant and just the biggest lesson you've learned since being in oil and gas. I've learned a few lessons that are really large and transitioning from being one of the younger people in the room. I'm to be an in the middle and maybe now one of the older not necessarily like Patti but as as I make that transition I remember what it was like to to be young and to have these new ideas and to fill pushback from people that were used to doing things a certain way or seeing things a certain way. Thing thing for me as I've transitioned that being willing to listen to especially the young people that we bring into our team because they have amazing stuff to contribute when you look at the education that kids are getting in college or you know young people. I guess they're no longer kids but they're able to do advanced programming. These kids come out of college able to program a computer to look Intel black hole and when you start looking at how that applies to oil and gas the world world. Those geyser as you're seeing on the one that they're trying to make very different than the one that we were used to doing and I know you know. There's been a lot of progress since I started so we. We have moved away from some of the older ways of doing stuff. But just you know trying to be open to those things people who were very smarter capable of doing and you know they're very different than the ways ways that we've approached it and I think I'm excited about that but I think that's also one of the biggest things that I've had to work on and learn is to listen so and I'm with you anybody under younger than me. I think they're still a kid. But then I think these kids are really smart and you. Don't listen to these kids. Know always be super smart. They do have. We're running out of time. But I just I always like to ask everyone's favorite quote because I think it just brings insight to the leaders in our industry. Do you have a favorite quote that you will live live by or that has helped you get through life on a day to day. That's a good question. And there are several quotes. I'm as one the other day. I'll just share it. Okay because honestly just made me you think of a lot of different things but it just puts things in perspective but the quote was piece does not come through understanding peace comes through acceptance and I think we fight a lot at a time trying to understand everything out there such as. Why doesn't the Industry WanNa be environmentally-friendly sometimes right but it's moving there right right and so in any way it it just Kinda came up the other day and I was like a really really good quote? That is a good one. I love it very good. Then he got any. I'm having a really hard time remembering the whole quote. That's okay we'll take it apart. I'll take a partial quote and I just love quotes so it's basically about taking the next step in your life and it's Tiptoe if you must he no but take the step and I know it's it's part of a bigger bigger quote but anyway that's the one that is always there with me as you've got to keep keep doing stuff you've got to keep moving and agreed. I love that love that all right. We're we're running out of time as I mentioned to you off the podcast at the end I always say hey. Is there anything coming into this that you thought. Oh I hope the listeners. Learn about me or about our company or about what we do anything you just want to add at the end to let everyone know about no not not right off hand I mean you listen to buy those guys talk too much. It's been great formative. y'All job so not right off hand. I can't think of anything I heard that means. We covered it. I think so quite a bit I was awesome. Thank you very much. Thank you for sharing your time. I appreciate you. We WanNa let everyone know how they can reach out to you either on social media. Yeah or your website so if you want go ahead and throw out all your social media feel free where yet. Yeah I mean. We're we're on linked in obviously water standard dot Com Amina any questions really. If there's any any question about water tree in general right that we entertain we. That's what we want the way we look at it is not. We want to put a product in front. WE WE WANNA conversation right and so reach out to us on the web site linked in or facebook or anything right collison have a conversation. We'd be happy to have that fantastic. Well Gentlemen thank you so much for sharing your time. You're very knowledgeable. Very good at what you do. Tell that just by spending this time with you today sharing that with our listeners. Today thank you so much. Thank thank you well. This concludes this episode of Permian Perspective. Thank you so much for joining us. Of course a very special. Thank you to Baker Hughes Sponsoring Permian Perspective as you know. Baker Hughes News recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brands are doing amazing things here in the basin and we just want to thank them for believing in our podcast and sponsoring answering and of course remember my life Matas dream big and believe in yourself and never give up. Thanks for joining us. You make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here. With the events on deck for January twenty twenty first of all happy New Year we have a couple of great events coming up to kick off twenty twenty with all the first one and will be a Houston happy hour taking place on January sixteenth at the Canon from six to nine. PM This event will be all about artificial intelligence eligible for oil and gas reality not hype. The event will feature a panel discussion and include drinks and snacks. Be Sure to get your tickets you can find. RV breitling on Lincoln twitter or facebook or in our modal point newsletter. Every month the next happy hour having is our Denver happy hour on on January thirtieth reported six PM at Liberty Oilfield Services. This amount will have a panel of Geos and feature a live recording of the crude autospy. PODCAST so that'll be super bowl. Be sure to join us. Also get your tickets. Once again from the links posted in our little point newsletter or on foiling gas global networks linked in facebook and twitter. We also will be having a Pittsburgh happy hour sometime in February with the date coming soon so be sure to stay a tune for that other events on deck include the Houston. Api Energy General Meeting on January Fourteenth Guest Speaker Seeker. Eric Switzer DP Global Services Baker Hughes. We'll be discussing. Accelerating transformation in oil and gas. The two thousand Twenty Industrial Market Outlook and networking about will be on January twenty third in Houston and they will be discussing the latest trends that will impact project spending in North America including the Gulf Coast Region over the next twelve to twenty four months. Lastly the wildcatters ball will be held on February seven twenty twenty in Houston. This ball is is the primary oil and natural gas industry fundraising event for the IP a educational foundation the proceeds will go toward funding the foundations energy education programs. That's all for this month. Thanks for tuning in guys and check in next month for the events on deck four February tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective a production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot org G. N. dot com.

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James Durbin on Permian Perspective  PP026

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James Durbin on Permian Perspective PP026

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. A skinny today show show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner her and more efficient for people in the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode so nice to be sharing this time with all of you. I'm sitting here today. In Midland Texas with James Durbin the owner co owner will get into more of that in just a minute but co owner of the oilfields photographer. James thanks so much for being here today. Pleasure thank thank you. I'm so excited to hear your story and how you got started but first before we begin I want to thank everyone who has shared our podcast with their friends with their colleagues with her family. We now have listeners in all over the US Canada UK Australia Bolivia India Spain Mexico. The list goes on. I'm so oh thankful for each and every one of you that has shared it and helped grow our podcast. I also want to thank everyone who has taken a few minutes to leave a review on I tunes. We are so appreciative of these reviews and we will read them in a future. Broadcast like Dave's Dave sent us this e mail. Dave said thank you for sharing the stories of the Permian. I really enjoyed Dr Perriman recent podcast. I also enjoy getting to know all of your guests a little better. I've seen and met many of them around town and to hear how they got to West. Texas makes me appreciate each person's story even more keep up the good work Christa. Thank you so much Dave. I appreciate those kind words and we're GONNA keep up the good work right now and start our podcast today with James Durbin James. Thanks again for being with us. Super excited tell me how you got into this crazy oil and gas industry. Well I moved to midland about seven or eight years ago. Twenty twelve when the when the boom was just out of control and you couldn't find anywhere to live love or drive anywhere. Moved out here to work for the newspaper. The Midland reporter telegram and didn't know anything about oil and gas didn't know anything about really midland at all. So it's kind of been a fast learning curve for me as I as I worked there and eventually winning business for myself right and we'll talk more about that in in just a moment but you came from Illinois was your last stop. Is that where you went to school with the school choice and buy from St Louis Missouri. Originally okay very good and did you study daddy photography. 'cause you're you're photography is just incredible. It really is and I'll tell you all where you can go see his photography a little bit later in the broadcast. But how did you get started in photography. Something I've always done but I went to school for photojournalism. An always worked in the news business for different newspapers just over the years and my background is in is in news and storytelling from journalistic aspect which may lend to why my pictures look the way they do because they really do they tell a story and I have been a fan in your pictures when they were in the MRT and when you got that call to come to Midland Texas did you say where like most of us right. You have to get a map out and look at it unless you were born and raised here of course then you made the transition. What have you loved most about being here since two thousand twelve well? I think it's a common theme. You probably hear people say but the people out here and opportunities that exist in west Texas are just astonishing. A person can work as hard as they wanna work and pretty much guaranteed to make something of yourself if you just if you just apply yourself and and give it a chance and network with people. The opportunity is just come your way people want want to see you succeed out here absolutely. I think that is definitely a common thread. So what made you decide to switch from the newspaper industry into being your around boss and starting oilfield photographer well. The newspaper treated well and allowed me to start my business while I was still working for them. Because a lot of connections that I've made through the newspaper business being in all these philanthropic events a lot of the sports events things that people are are participating in connect connected me with with a great amount of people who'd become future customers so they were very understanding and supportive as I as I struck out in my own time of course to to seek to produce some of these photos for those people and eventually it just got to a point though where I was working fulltime for myself and fulltime afterwards afterwards for the paper or vice versa and I really what we call the side-hustle yes it was the side. Hustle became the full time. I had to make a choice and it was. It was a crossroads moment and I. I don't think I could've done any sooner than I did it. But it's been a great choice in. I have a a lot more time to pursue my business a lot more time with my family which is important and I don't feel quite a spread thin as I as I did when when I was doing both at the same time Nice now you mentioned your family I know that you and your wife Co own. The oilfield photographer. I love meeting another husband and wife team because it really is fun because you can balance each other and help each other. Where needed most? What do you love about working with your wife? We work well together with our company because she added SMO- pictures and that gives me more time to be out shooting or to be running the business side of things books and making calls and answering emails for me. I've always enjoyed shooting pictures using being creative in the field more than I've enjoyed sitting at the computer going through them and and turning back the final product so when she expressed I interested in learning to to run the back end of our photo management software. And all that I was I was very excited. And she's done an amazing job. She came about it with a fresh point of view. And really she makes she puts the finishing touches kind of on my shoots in a way that I think makes them even even better than what I would have done nice so we do strive we shoot everything right the first time round in camera of course but she she's able to to just give it up make them pop a little bit. Lovat that the perfect partnership so tell me what do you look for. When you're shooting subject what do you? What does it catches your eye? Because I I have seen so many different shots of Jack over the years but yours do really stand out. So what is it. You're looking for well. We do a lot of different photography for a Lotta different oil and gas companies. Sometimes we're photographing people sometimes. We're photographing equipment or people an equipment but We're helping companies promote their business. And what they do that makes them special. So Oh the number one thing when we go out in the field is we make sure that everybody. That's appears on camera is is following safety role than his is has proper. PVC On is is promoting their company in a good way because we have to produce a product is very usable nationwide and everybody has to kind of play along and of of course we all know everybody safety's important everybody but sometimes things slip up out in the field or you don't have someone might not have ear plugs in or something like that so we uh we kind of have to look after everyone else and ourselves when we're in the field so that's probably the first thing we look after. Just make sure that everything that happens on. Cameras is able to be photographed and documented or or video recorded a lot of that and then I yep safety I and and to that note we do have a rig pass them. H Two certified certified and all that so we we do follow the same rules. Then after that I mean we get to be creative and look for first of all. What is it that sets your company apart? Why why am I here to help you? Show your story. What do you do different? What piece of equipment that you have is worth sharing? That's better than your your competitor and so we really try and highlight that at a creative way we try and shoot when the light is nice sunrises and sunsets are ideal the golden hours. Tell me that is. They'll they'll be taking a selfie and they'll say it's the golden hour it'd be better better be shooting something during that time it. It doesn't last long but for that reason we we do schedule a Lotta shoots at sunrise and that might mean we're leaving middle at four. Am to get the carpet. You know or or somewhere when it is time or before its time so we can due safety briefings and all that then get out in the field and start shooting. So that's just the name of the game and and people out here are kind of used to that. Nobody really bats an eye when I say let's get it out there. It's unwise people people work hard out here and it's that's fine. That is so true. That really is well. You definitely have a great I and you know the finished product is just amazing. Explain how you can help. Companies like these oil and gas companies that I know that you're you're doing photography for. I know that you're showcasing them. Tell them how else you can help them. Well we help companies put together comprehensive catalogues of the the equipment that they offer or the services they provide and that's invaluable because because you need to have sales people who know what your products are and how they appear in the field in again why they are better or different than the competition so it really takes. Photos is or video to show that and a lot of companies out here operating with with sort of iphone type photos of of what their what their services are and you know we help them make that better and then on another note you know. Companies often times out here in Midland. Odessa will will give back to the community sponsor answer events or do cookouts or Klay Shoots Golf tournaments so we work with those companies to cover those events as well and then with my news contacts from working in the business us for for several years. We help those companies. Get those events featured in magazines and newspapers are not just around the region but around the state in and around the whole country. Audrey to fantastic that really is a benefit to many companies here in West Texas. I see that you have traveled overseas as as well to African Haiti. When you're shooting over there what were some of the differences between maybe shooting there and then shooting back here in West Texas oil? It's about as different different. You can get. I would say working overseas definitely gave me a certain skill set to be able to operate in the field. The old translates well to operating in the field here because in some ways I'm not a stranger to being in a remote situation needing to have maybe things like water water and just basic supplies in order to to maintain my time in the field or time on scene for the for the customer. And just you know being able to operate in stressful environments or being able to sort of roll with the punches. I guess you could say when things inevitably don't don't turn out the way they're supposed to I think that's news teaches chizzy high to be able to go with the flow. I mean we the show must go on and when you work overseas nothing really ever happens. It seems like as it's supposed to you and so when you then when you translate that oilfield where we do have schedules on things. You not surprised. Window piece of equipment isn't where it's supposed to be or or happened to move since since the time that it was thought to be there right. All that stuff happens right it does. What is the most interesting thing that or person that you've ever photographed you know? It's so hard to say because I photographed so many different things and you know John just commercial oilfield build photography. I mean I've had so many great opportunities working in the news business in the last year I got to go shoot the Final Four basketball tournaments. NCAA tournament in which has nothing to due at the oilfield. But it's through my three contacts and so that was a once in a lifetime opportunity I've been in the pits. Texas Motor speedway photographing NASCAR. My photograph some of the most amazing emotional things have photographed. Is Officers. Funerals had the chance to do that in the oilfield. You know getting to be the one when it gets to see. A new piece of equipment unveiled for the first time in producing that that marketing material. That accompanies GONNA use before anybody's gotten to see. It is is a neat thing to be trusted that way just to have the level of access that I get to have with companies and their equipment level of trust. It's really that's that's thrilling. Because even though so they may not be a certain piece of equipment or a certain technique may not be important to to everybody. It's it's it's critical to this company. And they're trusting me to be the. I wanted to to show that often so I really take pride in the lead. Do a great job. I know because I told my husband this because he's a photographer as well. And I can literally be standing right next to him and take take a picture the same picture that you know. He's taking and then I look at the finished product and mine. Looks horrible looks great. I'm sure you've heard. Are Those stories where people say you captured something so beautifully that maybe none of us. Because we've been at the same events through the years together you know through through our news connections but that I'll be at the same event but I'll see one of your pictures and I go what I didn't. I didn't even think to focus in on that. How do you not focus on what you focus on? Well we're GONNA in a news definitely makes you get good. It's trial by fire. You know you have to. You have to produce every day in what you produce the day before no longer matters the next day because it's got to do it again and you got to do it better so I'm always looking for those for those moments that are just sort of intimate sneak peeks into maybe somebody's life that they will let me into and it translates well on the oil field because you know people people make the oilfield go round. It's that none China. This would happen without them. We're trying to automate more stuff all the time. But it's still there's still a tremendous workforce out here and and people really l. e.. Just tell the story and drive my images. You're you're you're not often defined too many mile and gas pictures that don't have people sometimes sometimes when we're shooting equipment and stuff. Of course you know you you will but I really want to be mindful of those interpersonal moments that I think take a photograph to the next level because it adds authenticity and realism to awesome so say Joe's trucking company needs some pictures and they're going going to reach out to you and give you a call. What's The a number one question they usually ask you right off the bat you know most people ask me right off the bat? Are you really in Midland. Really because a lot of companies will will besides that. Somebody's here doing this. You know a lot of times before I was doing this. They'd have to fly in a photographer from maybe Dallas or Houston and Austin and so when someone finds out that I'm here or or it appears that I'm here. They will double check or they WANNA make sure they want to make sure that I'm truly hearing and can do this job. Because it is kind of a niche market market but then let me think after that what do I wear. Do they arrest that. You know what I mean. Sometimes they will ask you know. They'll they'll want to make sure do you. Do you have our clothes you know and you tell them yes. Get them at work. We're super happy to be devoting so new rigour well thank you we appreciate you wearing it out there but I think that's I think that's important to know questions because a lot of times people aren't sure like do I need this service and are you here because I think that is a great question and I love that people here in Midland want to buy local and they want to support local people and I think that that is. What's so wonderful? Is that yes you are and you you and your family are here and yet you produce this world class last photography and I think that's that's probably why you get that question for like wait. Are you sure you're young. People are companies are very used to to have to bring bring in photographers. Yes and so. I do work for a lot of companies that are based out of Houston or Austin or not even not even in Texas. But you know they've had a huge hole in their material when it comes to their services in the basin and the Permian Basin just because they they really haven't been able to show it off maybe the way they can do their assets that are closer to Houston or or or even Oklahoma or or other Louisiana places that are just. Maybe there's more people doing photography but even in those areas. I think you're hard pressed to find someone who's WHO's niche. Whose specialty is commercial oil and gas photography so we do travel for that reason? We will have companies even if they're based in Houston. They'll bring us down. They're actually or go to Pennsylvania different places to you know to photograph whatever needs done equipment or sometimes accompany will say. Hey we're glad you're in midland. We're GONNA have you do some stuff but we really liked the way. Our Yard looks down in South Texas. So you know. Let's get you down there to shoot that wonderful. CD Travel for sure when when you think of Your Business and where it is now and where you want it to go. Where do you see the at going in the next say ten years well we are expanding into some other markets outside of oil and gas as far as taking care of photography if he needs for the youth sports teams and high school booster clubs and things like that? I've started another company that just to handle that and I have a few people working for me to help. Let me shoot some of these different community events but as far as growing the oilfield photographer we're doing a few more permanent type art installs and company offices like corporate offices where we will be putting art in where we're also doing some corporate headshots some of the stuff off that that some of the other stuff that's needed to help produce like a website. You know such as your employees photographs and things like that. I read that you're doing drown work as well. We also are expanding into that sector as well and all of the challenges that that that that brings up but basically we're we're open to to whatever the industry needs and right now. The common theme seems to be that that nobody really has their website or their marketing material. Were they like it to be in. Maybe that's due to the pace that the industry grows yes and maybe it's also due to the fact that the Permian Basin has kind of always been able to do you business with a handshake and sort of you know an agreement and and and in some ways people are starting to gravitate towards wanting to see what something might look like you're right. They want a handshake agreement and a website. Because I think that's probably the future and maybe we're ten or fifteen years on some other people but well as you said it's such a fast paced business and it's kind of a common theme here on the PODCAST. Everyone says they want something yesterday. And I think that's you know sometimes the last when you think of is your online presence that is so important in today's world set that you're on line is as good as what. You're pretty pretty sing for your customer. Yeah I mean the key is is always that you can sit down with someone and they won't be able to tell you in words why what they do is the best but sometimes sometimes you want to see it so I have to ask you because you are out in the field. You're you're out on the rigs and you're talking to people every day you came here during during the boom time right twenty twelve. What are the differences? Maybe in today's twenty nineteen era compared to maybe the twenty twelve here. During that time I was just getting my feet wet with oil and gas learning lingo learning what even a rig was probably I put on a rig for a newspaper. Shoot You you know in twelve twenty thirteen and didn't know anything so you know it's it's hard to I can tell you. I've seen the technology evolved to due to become safer. I see a lot more power tools being used instead of hands being on objects that that maybe slightly dangerous which believe it or not actually lens to harder. It's harder to get photos. Now of people getting dirty covered covered in oil. You know those kind of iconic will fill photos we think of ours. You know faces all dripping in oil and because in some always there people are being better isolated from stuff like that so you know. That's that's interesting and and you're right. I have noticed that your exam. We have splashed shields around around the all the connections. There's a power tools making the spin in the pipes. You know when I'm right there on the scene and I see the guys go hands on I really. We only have a few seconds to make picture of of contact before the connection is made. And and it's you know onto drilling so I think that the I've seen the industry get way more automated in the sense of computer controls and and and adding a little layer of insulation between the people. I've definitely noticed that over the years and then just from the standpoint of living in Midland it's way easier to get around and find a place to live and just think travel around in general that it wasn't twenty tall. It was just out of control as as I do. Remember what about the buzz on the street. Anyone talk I know I know it seems like things may be slowed down a little bit in the in the last few weeks here and maybe not as busy. Are you seeing that out out. When you're out shooting and out and about in town I see activity at as strong a pace as I've ever seen it and you know the rig count can do it does and people can say what they say and the news articles can read what they read? You know they have to put something in them. I know because they worked in the business. But what you see when you drive down the highway and you see a constant pace of activity and you see new areas that are so you know just been discovered now. There's eight rigs clustered on it. You know I think. I think that there's so much that goes on behind the scenes here. People who are spending their days researching where the resources are I. Just I feel very optimistic. I think I see stuff just clogging along. I love that. I couldn't agree more. I feel the same. That what we're seeing you. Just you know you hear little little buzz here in little buzz there and you think it's GonNa be alright. Everything's it's everything's buzzing along long great and you just gotTa keep on keeping on. That's it tell me this is now going to get a little personal. Is there a business tool that you've used so that has helped you be successful over the years when you say business tool. Do you mean like a computer program or anything you know for some people. It's it's it's the ability to pick up the phone and call somebody for others. It's it is yes a piece of technology. Just whatever you think is helped make you successful. I think the the business tool that has helped make me the most successful that I continue to rely on even when things might be a little slow is a community. Calendar of events are scouring the different news companies are chamber of Commerce Events Calendar and putting yourself out there with whatever is going going on. You know even if it's something maybe that you're not totally interested in but you know people will be at because keeping your face fresh and active and out in in this community. which is what working for the newspaper did for me for so many years is crucial? Yeah it's networking but I think sometimes is networking gets a bad spin. Like you could think that you're you have to go to some young professionals meeting to network where you have to be messaging on on linked into network right but I think that working at least in Midland. Odessa can be very genuine and in the sense of your at extracurricular activities concerts festivals. Even restaurants are open houses or chamber mixers just staying fresh in in having your face out is probably one of the best tools that I've had because that's when you have a conversation with someone and say you know what we could use some. You know some photos or oh I really like what you did hear this or something like that and and that is to me. What working for the news did for me? And since I've left a newspaper in now now on my own I just. I'm the one that puts myself out in find things to do there. There really are a lot of things to do Midland Odessa. People may not not always think so but there are some ways to get plugged in and there's some great calendars that she can follow chamber for like you mentioned share the yeah the chamber. There's there's a automated text broadcast that you can sign up for through a believe mode communications. I Love I always look forward to my Thursday. I ain't taxes to see what's going on so the buzz on that as they you know I heard from them that they scour over a hundred or hundred and fifty earlier so events a week happening within driving distance of Midland. Just a little that list down to about seven or eight. They include clued surrounding areas. But if you're not finding something to do during a week in Midland Odessa. I don't think you're looking at all all right. What's the biggest lesson you've learned in your career so far? I told you I was getting personal. Well the biggest lesson. I think I've learned is to is to treat each opportunity as an opportunity to make something great and again working in the news. Business taught me that because I can't tell you how many things I've had to photograph or go to that on the surface were extremely boring to me. Maybe but they are important to the people who were there and it could be everything to somebody. That's there that you you are there that I was there and make the most of every so don't just breeze through it and get a few photos that are very pedestrian and move on. Take the time to to to try and find the importance. And and you and I've been surprised. Many Times how I've managed is to make great connections either with people or through the Lens at some something that I thought was not going to be very interesting. That's a good lesson. That is very good in any in any business whether it's photography oil and gas real estate. They're exactly right. Do you have a favorite book or a podcast. You listen to. Oh Permian perspective. That is your favorite podcast. I'm just kidding. No favorite books. Anything that's kind of stood out in through the years you know I wish I. I wish I had some advice to bestow on books their authors or things to keep up with but I think I've always just tried the sort of very my sources and I do value like reading different news news organizations stuff headlines favorite of that. Well I like the Wall Street Journal I like that Google News Google App sort of Taylor's things to what you might like but it doesn't do it too too much and I and I think that's incredibly important because I think nowadays news sources have become a bit of an Echo Chamber for people they can in the sense that they can only listen or follow something that reassure what they already think and sometimes you need to get hit with some things that you might not WanNa hear or you thought you knew about and it turned out you don't and so I think that a news source that can and show you things you're interested in but also throw a few oddball things in about something that might be happening around the world or or maybe even something from from a certain subject object that you thought you didn't agree with can only help you be more well rounded spoken like a true journalist. I love that we could probably talk journalism for a whole another tower. But I'm so sad that we're already running out of time because I had a lot more questions for you but I have to ask you this when you were coming into this this podcast. was there anything that you thought. Oh Oh I hope I hope I get that out to listeners and I hope they get to learn that about me or my company. Well I I think I hit it. I don't think I miss anything I will think of something later. Parenti you go. Hey can we have that in. I know I wanted to talk about the commitment community and I wanted to talk about being safety conscious from photographic perspective and and you know I I think I think I cannot speak highly enough of what this community Millo Desa this area west Texas in general can do you for you if you have an idea of something you wanna pursue and sometimes. I didn't even have this idea to be the oilfield photographer when I got out here and it took a long time to develop. People pushed me in a sense to be more than the newspaper photographer which was a great job but but to be my own boss you really never would have never would have thought that when I moved out here. But that's how great West Texans are. They encourage each other to be yes. Don't guess well thank you so much for sharing your story. It has been such a pleasure. Let everybody know how they can find you on social media. Because I know there's somebody out there that needs your pictures. Thank you yes. We are on instagram at the oilfield photographer. And we're on Lincoln under the same name. We are I m the oilfield photographer so if you type can you will find me. Fantastic of course have a website as well and I will put that all in the show notes. James Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure to sit and visit and get to know you more than just as a colleague League in the news business and so I really appreciate you sharing your story and we wish you and your wife much success for the oilfield photographer Dot Com business. So thank you so much for for being here today. Thank you well. It's now time to announce today's community. MVP Apache employs in midland assembled recently for personal care packages for troops is at home and overseas as part of the US owes force behind the forces campaign. So thank you of course patchy for doing this in a huge thank you to our servicemen and women who sacrificed so much to protect our freedom. We really appreciate you another special. Thanks to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian perspective. We really appreciate get your sponsorship and love the new look of Baker Hughes. Maybe you've noticed. Baker Hughes recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet so Baker Hughes. Thank you so much for supporting this podcast and of course thank all of you. Listeners listeners. For taking the time whether you're driving to work you're out on your run or maybe you're in your office just taking a break eating lunch. We appreciate you spending this time with us here at Permian perspective and remember. I'd love to hear from you either by email or on I tunes and let us know what you love about the podcast. Or if there's someone you'd like to hear from this concludes this episode of premium perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin. So just remember my motto dream big and believe in yourself you you make it a great day. Hey guys we have a couple of OBGYN events on deck for the next month OBGYN's next Houston. Happy hour will be on October. Twenty nine the cannon for four to six as always a portion of the proceeds will go toward redeem ministries to fight human sex trafficking. At this happy hour. We'll be discussing the process of taking a startup startup from simply an idea to obtaining the first purchase orders the panel discussion will include Saudi Aramco ventures shell ventures and lovie. SEF enters turn eternal energy and well diver our next Denver. Happy hour will be on November. Six Tim join us for food. Drinks and alive podcast that we will announce it's at a later date. A portion of this events proceeds will go to local charities say Pals Denver and oilfield helping hands. Okay now to the events on deck the the Tamara less oil and gas summit two thousand nineteen will be on October third through fourth in Dili. Tomorrow lift up the S. M. R. P. Third Quarter West Houston Chapter Meeting on October. Third at eleven thirty in Houston. This event will cover the topic. RPM's preventing or causing failures doc ip a and TI PR or hosting their leaders in industry luncheon on October ninth in Houston on October fourteenth. The cannon will be having having a disruptive energy workshop the API Golf Tournament will be held on October fourteenth. Two Thousand Nineteen at Kingwood Country Club and as of right now there are some some spots still open so be sure to check their Web site and register your team. The two thousand nineteen operations and process technology summit will be on October. Fourteenth Eighteen thirty sixteen in San Antonio the summit will cover maximizing your molecular advantage practical solutions today forethought for tomorrow on October October twenty fourth. OBGYN's very own mark. LACOUER will be speaking at tech to market in Shreveport Louisiana. The Falcons Petroleum Conference will be held on October. Twenty four through twenty fifth in Buda Montenegro the summit is the official for the Balkans oil and gas industries. Lastly the George H.W. Bush conference this year will be on October. Twenty eight twenty nine in Houston honoring President George H W Bush. The Bush China conference brings together Americans and Chinese

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Jeff Sparks on Permian Perspective  PP027

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Jeff Sparks on Permian Perspective PP027

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. A skinny today show. It was sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more officiant for people and the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episodes such a pleasure to spend this time with olive you. I hope you are staying warm. If you're in the Permian and I hope you're doing well for all of you around the rest of the world we're sitting here in Midland Texas with Jeff sparks the Chief Operating Officer of Discovery Operating Inc.. Jeff thanks so much for being with us today here so excited to share your story. I've known you a long time but it's now going to be fun to hear it straight from you and from the beginning so we'll do that just a minute. Okay first of all though I do want to thank everyone who has shared our podcast with their friends and their family and their colleagues we really do have listeners. All over the world and of course right here in the Permian Basin and we get to share the stories that are making an impact in the energy world. I really appreciate each and every one of you and I would also like to ask you you to help our show out by taking a few minutes to leave a review on itunes. I cannot thank you enough for those of you have already done so. We are so appreciative. And I and we will read your reviews future broadcast. Also I WANNA thank apple for choosing Permian perspective to be on their new and noteworthy list. We really appreciate that honor. Alright all right Jeff. Thanks again for joining us. Let's get started from the beginning. How did you get in this oil and gas business? Well my dad was in the oil and gas business and so I grew up with it and so I don't know I guess I've always been rounded born and raised midland. No I was born in Austin Texas. Okay very good bone. In Austin Texas Obama Dad were in college and then graduated shortly after and was in the navy. Abi Got called to the Navy so I four years were booming from one coast to the other coast and back not that I remember for a whole lot of it. I do remember a little bit when we were in Virginia Beach. Was I guess. Three and my brother Kevin was born. Order the Naval Hospital in Norfolk. Wow and then eventually somehow your dad and your mom dad on sparks a lot of people from the Permian. Of Course Know Your Dad Eh. Great great man had the honor of interviewing him several times over the years. And how did he get that was working for shell heading obn- offer from Shell Navy called him. He did the navy then he came back and was working in the permian for shallow awesome and so through the years. I'm sure then the he decided one day. Let's start our own company. Well actually that was mom and dad had made some rude share midland show was looking king in transferring him out of Midland. Mom Basically said you know we moved up teen times where you were in the navy. I'm tired of moving. Move move down. She put her foot down and so he went to work for a consulting well. Actually no I went. He went to work for a company. Linkov freeport at that point in time and was head of their assets west of the Mississippi. So so out here okay and then of course then you have two brothers two younger brothers. I'm better looking than they are. But that's okay. They might argue. Since is your here. We'll go with that. Yeah yes great family. I just WanNa say I just love your whole family. They are just good people like when you think a good west Texas people really you think the sparks family thank you and so loving and caring never have a bad word to say about anybody. I mean just really uplifting people and you get the honor to work with your brothers Android Ado. How's that it's cool? We all have different things to do at Discovery Operating Kevin and Scott a degree in business. He's the CEO. Todd has degree in entrepreneurship and business management or business awesome ministration and todd handles investing family assets outside of of the oil and gas other than oil and gas investments. So and I have to say just because I know y'all you're pretty split on versus aggies that say oh yeah. Thereabouts just got to make football season interesting in your house and then and then I ended up with my children I had the two oldest ones went to. Ut A. and then my third child went am ship John Gotti Mall Lineup. Dana am and then. My youngest went to Blan- There in college station while her brother was at a and M so they kind of split away They still got the LONGHORNS. Yeah it was really disappointing for me when am left the big twelve right because we had fun during Thanksgiving would watch the game and and we didn't quite get into food fights but you gotta keep it civil right right but with Nagy show. There were a little bit during the Games. So how is it working with your family. I know that you know what is it that you love about it if you do just get Well because you know the people you're working around have your best interest at heart You never have to worry about somebody backbiting or anything. And they're helpful when things get really rough there. They do their part to keep me from getting depressed to boost your spirit when there's a little downturn in the oil and we'll talk about that and the minute I just want to talk about the highs and lows but I I wanNA talk about discovery. How did discovery come to beef or dad started discovery in one thousand nine hundred seventy three and so he had worked for Freeport than we did some consulting and he started in one thousand nine hundred seventy three? We are still in high school. Actually seventy-three was before high school. I graduated in seventy nine. So you're GONNA diapers in Highschool High School here in Midland. Yes yeah all. My schooling was in midland so we came back to midland and it was just before I was turning five. Okay Pacha and so. I have to ask the question lear. Hi Well I went to Lee okay. All my children went to midland so once again. Yeah well that that was a pretty easy job because it's nothing that I none of my lease stuff that I had in high school actually still fit fit by the time my kids. We're going to midland high so I was going to have to buy new clothes anyway. We definitely share that. I can't fit in anything from high school. So let's talk so then discovery came about in the seventies and did he get into to the drilling side. What was the main focus of discovery? Dad It always was on the drilling side drilling completions and then we operate the well from the time we drill it till the time. It gets unplugged. Generally okay very good. Let's talk a little bit about the processes that are in place. Now say compared to back in the seventies which I know you're in high school but what are the differences between now and say the back then when the business started. Well we're larger thing you grew. We did we grew. We have about thirty employees three hundred and fifty miles round West Texas. And I've got a few in Oklahoma but obviously now which is a big change from from the seventies. Is You have to think about drilling wells sideways. Horizontal as opposed to verticals. That's a huge huge change. In how how you approach your will and so therefore then it changes everything in the business changes everything absolutely changes everything. When I came amount of college in one thousand nine hundred eighty three were drilling wells? You would be out on location to look at logs and decide whether you're going to run casing. Can you know. Do you have a well and in when we decided where we're going to have a well we'd have a battery set up with a couple of two ten oil tanks. Thanks in a water tank and you were really happy if you made a forty barrel a day well today. There's a lot more planning involved before you ever get started drilling a horizontal well. Where's your water coming from? How to dispose water once you complete it? You don't worry about two tins anymore. You get thousand barrel tanks and it's just really different right. What have you learned about dealing with? You said your brothers are always there for you in the ups. Sundown's you've seen many booms and bus and through the years. How have you dealt with it? As a family and as a company will never believed believed in going too far into debt and so- discovery operating is an operating company but we get outside investors private placement and and so we have investors. We personally invest in all the wells but then we have outside investors that keeps us from going into debt on on any one project and so as long as you don't have debt when the downturn comes you just whether the storm but but you gotta keep your debt down because the all businesses got its ups and downs. It has it's less ups and downs. There's at at least talk that there's less ups and downs today than there was then Nice. I guess there is but they're still ups and downs. And if you don't control you're spending you'll still have problems and that's any industry really. It's pretty much downs as I know you. Listen to Dr Pyramids recent recent podcast here on Permian perspective. He said the oil is coming out of the ground. That's not the question you know. It's just how are we going to get it. How are we going to get it out where we're going to get it to where it needs to go and so with that? What has been the biggest lesson you've learned about the oil coming out of the ground? Well ahead a gentleman years ago. Just said that if you're in the oil business you've got a screw loose somewhere because you you go out you you raise all this money to drill a hole in the ground hoping that something's GonNa come out and that will get you money and you run casing and shoot holes in the put oil all in a tank for someone to come out in the middle of the night and take it away and you don't know what you're going to get paid till after they've taken it away so it's a little risky little risky. So he's got to have a screw loose to being this business but it's a lot of fun and now my oldest son worked for discovery operating. So yes it is a family legacy continues it continues and I have a nephew. That's working at discovery and the we're we're still really family oriented and when I think of your family I also think of philanthropic efforts that it y'all have given back to our community and I know you served as a city councilman. Let's talk a little bit about that. Why is philanthropy so important and why do you love West Texas so much wjr well obviously West Texas is home? Midland's home to me. But I learned that from John Nudges Mom and dad but the people of Midland are very very philanthropic. We're Bible based and the Bible tells us that we should be helping others and and so. That's just what I was taught it's fun. I mean actually helping others helping by. I being philanthropic is fun right. You do get a lot you get a lot in return. It feels good to give it does. And how much stuff stuff do you need. The more stuff I have the more it breaks. Then you just have to pay to fix it. That's right a great point. Let's talk about your if you don't mind a little time in your in your city council seat okay. What made you want to run? I was well I was asked. Okay there you yeah they actually. I started by talking to one of my brothers who've decided he didn't have enough time and decided why my my kids were older and decided that I did so. That's how I got into. It was just asked. And how long did you Servino nine years. Three three year terms and then we're term limited out. NCA You wrap things up just a couple of years ago right. Actually wrap things things up at the end of two thousand eighteen. Okay so yeah pretty recent. What are you most proud of that you accomplished? During that time as a city councilman are most proud of not screwing anything anything. That's a good answer in life and on City Council right now I would say that my philosophy of government comment is really just keep things orderly and stay out of the way. So do I have a great big accomplishment accomplishment. No I'd say the accomplishment is just trying to stay out of the way of Midland and doing the best we can to help during the boom on growth but really growth is still going to be done by the private sector and government needs to do the best. They can to help foster that by staying out of the way. And there's your political push right. That's my political push. That's it for today. Of course we have a big election going on right now and by the time this is released we'll have answers to said political election but anything you WANNA add on that. No I know too too many people that are running and we'll just we'll leave it at that I've got I've got my preferences. You can probably find those out by finding which candidates donated donated to. But we'll just keep it at that out right go vote absolutely. I think our country has a problem. Not that majority isn't isn't reasonable folks. But that they don't go out and vote and so you do have some friends that creeps in because because they're so motivated to vote and we're not good at at keeping ourselves motivated. Then we end up with with issues right. Well thank you for serving on our city council here. I know you did a great job and I had a chance to interview you for TV several times through that time. Yeah that was on stage. Yeah so that was fine. I'm still involved with live on stage. Let's give a little live. onstage plug tell everyone would live on stages live onstage is nonprofit brings live entertainment to the Permian Basin and we now have our shows it wagner ignorant Noel but we do it at dirt cheap prices. It's not because they're not professionals. It's because we have a lot of sponsors and grants from foundations that pay for these groups to come and so we're able to keep prices down but it's to foster you're live entertainment. which if you haven't been to live entertainment it is different than watching it on TV TV or listening to it on a CD? You get to understand a little bit of the entertainer and their personality comes through while they're on stage and you just can't get that through the media that's true it really there is something it does for you emotionally in. It just makes you walk out feeling feeling on top of the world. It's just fun and and ninety percent of our entertainers detainers will meet and greet everybody as they leave they come go by and visit with the entertainers. They'll hang around and do that now. It's not all singing Actually a next year we are bringing a dog at a fun. That sounds great. And did you bring in World Class Entertainers and now you get to be on this world class stage that we have for the Wagner. Noel it is really. It's incredible that you do this and at the prices because I remember always being shocked at the price I would ask you for ticket information. You would tell me out. That's it. It really is wonderful. So that his live on stage go ahead and Google it. If you Permian Basin there you go. Let's talk about a little bit about you. Okay let's dive into Jeff Sparks. What what is your favorite booker? PODCAST that you listen to my favorite book podcast. Well don't listen to a lot of podcasts. Excel except for Permian perspective. I did listen to. I did. Listen to that podcast to me are kind of new right and so I'm just not real familiar. Oh you with those so most of the time when I'm around the computer I'm working on something. I'm not entertaining myself and as far as books I like to. I read political books. I'm sorry that's what that's what you you have a favorite no one book that I liked was called power up and I can't remember the name of the author head to do with the oil and gas and basically how fossil fuels have improved life of humanity. And that if you were to take away fossil oh fuels. We would not have a standard of living that we have matter of fact you would not have the population on this earth that we have and you can go back. There's another book and I can't remember the title of it but talks about going all the way back to before Cole and how Cole people lived longer after coal was started to be utilized and then increased a lot during the nineteen hundreds the twentieth century when oil and gas got its birth and we started to utilizing that the amount of fossil fuels that is in our our lives. That isn't fuel is really unbelievable. The plastic that's in your headphones in in this Mike. The electricity like Trista out here is primarily natural gas in coal fired power plants. The wind doesn't blow all the time and because it doesn't blow all the time everything everything that generated by wind is backed up with fossil fuel. Fired ponant wow. You don't even think about it like you said when you're looking around My Office right here. You don't realize how your makeup has petroleum products and near Yes your base. All let stuff has petroleum products in it the tubing that goes into IV bags at the medicine and things have petroleum products in it. There's there's a lot of things that people don't don't think about that. Have Petroleum Products. So what kind of books do I read. Obviously read books that promote oil and gas awesome. Because that's what you do. That's what we're talking about this before the podcast. You have to be passionate about what you do and you were asking me how did yeah. I get into podcasting after broadcasting. And it's great. I still get to do what I love to do. Which is talk and hear stories and share stories with people and I think that's it's important that you find something you're passionate about? Yeah one of the things I like is that we make a difference in people's lives by what we produce produce. It's not just money maker for us. It makes people's lives better absolutely love that. What about a favorite quote? You have a favorite favorite quote. You live by yeah. I've got a couple of them are married and been married nearly thirty five years now and I had a pastor early in our marriage that took me to the side. He says now that you married. There's something you need to know about about married life. You have two choices you can be right or you can be happy because my wife Phen. Ira both Taipei personalities so we are utilizing and so we argued a lot while we were dating and and so the pastor wanted to let me know. Yeah you know there were times that you can be right or you can be happy so I decided to be happy most the time. Yeah it's just not worth it so decides to be happy and I think my wife does some of the same so good choice. Congratulations thirty five years. That's wonderful fall. Yeah Yeah I've been been blessed yes and of course you have a beautiful family as well thank you yeah. I've got four children three boys and my youngest daughter order and now I have four grandchildren and a fifth one on the way. That's due in January. Grandchildren are just a blast. Aw I've I've heard it's the best because and I can't even imagine it getting better after kids but I've heard it does and your little one that you just showed me adorable. Yes she is. She's she is absolutely absolutely adorable and I've been told again. Grandchildren is God's gift for not killing your kids when you could ah favorite Bible verse. There's several of them. I would say the way my week has gone is probably Romans. Five Live versus three and four and that I'm not gonNA quoted exactly but it has to do with. You can be happy even in the trials in your life. Trials bring along perseverance. Perseverance brings along character and then character. Dr Gives you faith in your salvation. I love it. Thank you for sharing that. And that's so important here because I think people think everybody. It doesn't go through those trials because not everybody talks about him and shares them and so it's good to know you're not alone during those trials and loved that your faith helps you through your trials you. Did you have a story that you could share with us where you really learned from one of those those trials in your life. That really helps you to become who you are today. Gosh Gosh it's not something I talk about very much I can tell you in the oilfield a lot of times. I don't know if you know what a fishing shing job is in the oilfield. But that's when you've lost tools in the whole or something. There have been a lot of times where I realized that I'm not auden control of what's going on. And Yeah they'll see me go on the edge location and pace in most of the time. I'm I'm praying going for God. gave me out of the situation that I mean. I know that sounds silly to sound. But that's that that way waited and and God has always provided. I don't know why I get upset and irritated and scared. I still do new even though I do believe that God's going to bring me through it But I I still have those anxious feelings just like everybody else right. And I think that's just part of like you said before this industry are just being in business for yourself. There is so much uncertainty and it's just kind of like that's normal to be fearful of. He's like what's going to happen next. I'm glad I'm not the only one one you definitely are. Not The only one. What is the best piece of advice that your dad has given you? Dad taught work ethic. I think the best thing that he taught me is family is forever and that no matter what happens happens if we would stick together as a family through our Lord. Jesus Christ we would always come out one of the reasons I love of Your Dad. That's a great man. Mr Don sparks. If you don't know him Google look him up. He is just fantastic. But that doesn't even touch on. If you do Google. It doesn't even touch on how wonderful he is and then the other advice she said is if you have a big fight with your wife taking her side uh-huh smart man. He's a smart man. What are you looking forward to the most right now? One might just in life whether you looking forward to next. What am I looking forward to? I actually am looking forward to playing with grandchildren. That is what I I look forward to. I have told my children. I want sixteen grandchildren. They said good luck. But I'm still holding out. Hope nope that I'm going to have sixteen grandchildren out of my four kids four kids. You've got a pretty good chance. I have one that said had nowhere through with three. I said well somebody else can have to pick up the slack right and five and no one has volunteered. That's funny we'll get like. I hope you ensure goal. What do you want your legacy to be? My legacy will be who my children are and so I want them to be good folks that help others that they can be respected. I want people to to think that I was a good solid God fearing person. I I don't have any real. I don't have any grander when I'm gone. You No no matter what you've done memories are GonNa Fade and so there's no real. The legacy is is my family really. That's going to be my legacy is what have I taught my children. What have I taught my grandchildren? If I'm a long bomb around long enough to see them grow up I hope I hope we get to see them grow up. I'd love to see some great grandchildren. Dad had now has great grandchildren so that'd be cool good genes so yeah well. I think you already living that legacy year family is just incredible and I really appreciate you sharing this time with us. I have one other question for us anything that when you were coming into this interview you thought Oh. I hope that the listeners get to know this about me or are no told you when I came in I was first of all. I'm not not a great storyteller. It's a great job. You did wonder I'm a little scared of getting in front of a microphone so no I just hope hope that I pronounce my words appropriately and didn't sound too much like a country Hick which I think is sound like a hick when I hear myself. How do you get used to hearing yourself after a recording? Well it is different. You definitely sound different than you think you sound when you listen back I I sound on so different you did not. You did wonderful. So what was the original question if you had anything else to say right. which and that made me think I did not ask? I do WanNa ask you this because you are a business owner and we have so many people coming to the Permian right now and opening businesses do have one piece of advice to for someone that is coming to the Permian Basin. Open their business or to you. Know get fit in corporation. What advice would you give them? Open up when you come to midland open up to the people that are around you. The people in Midland are wonderful people people and they will help you wherever they can but don't isolate yourself by just going to office. Go into the house. Go into the office gun house Get out meet people in the community do it through your church or whatever organization that you want to go through but get involved often the community because the people here are wonderful people and they will help you through those trials. I have you know we talked about family doing it. But People Midland have been part of my family to I still visit with a guy that grew up living next to. He's he's older within days just turned ninety as a matter of fact and I still seem `bout every Sunday whenever I'm at Church he's there but a widow man that he's he's helped me out of some some binds when I was a kid and and so but the people midlan business wise. I've had people will help when things were running slow and so that would be my advice is when you come to midland. Open up to the people around you get to meet some of your neighbors. The good people great advice. Thank you so much jeff sparks. I really enjoyed our time together. Thank you so much if you would like to connect with Jeff. They are on Lincoln Discovery. You can find them there or just google. That's what I did to fight to find your contact. I could've gone through your sister in law but I thought I'll just this google you because I know some of your family. Well they're just such such a precious family and so thank you so much for sharing with us. It was wonderful to get to know you better and I know our listeners enjoyed it too so thank you. Well it's now time to announce today's community. MVP and the MVP is midland fair havens now midland fair. Havens is a faith based ACE nonprofit organization that provides supportive services including education case management secure housing and life skills to determine single mothers and their children strengthening them emotionally and spiritually and there is a wonderful fundraising event coming up December. Third is the eighth annual gingerbread house. Decorating and and luncheon at the Horseshoe. Rena so much fun I look forward to it every year. Actually get to go with your sister in law. She invited me my wife Goes I love it. We have so much fun. I'm I'm not a decorator but just laughing and spending that time together in knowing that we're supporting such a good cause is definitely worth it. If you would like to more information please go and find more information online. You can go to M. F. H.. Dot Org and I know that they have still some tables left so please. It will fill up pretty quick but we would love to see you there and that's it for today's episode of special thanks to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective Baker Hughes recently as I mentioned at the top of the show launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand as an energy technology company they are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for the people in the planet and that concludes this episode of premium perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin just remember my motto dream big and believe in yourself you make it a great day. Everyone Alex here with the events on deck for November. First of all we had our best ever for our latest happy hour. You're in Houston with our panel discussion. So thanks to everyone who attended and we hope to keep offering you guys value in the future. Be Sure to listen here for any future. Happy hours the events on deck for November include. OBGYN's second Denver happy hour on November six from four to six PM. The cost of attendance is twenty dollars a portion of which goes to local CHARITIES SAFEHOUSE DENVER and oilfield helping hands on November twelfth at minute maid stadium. IBM's oil field of dreams data digitization and disruption corruption. This event is free for all subscribers. OBGYN's mark the core will be doing a live podcast with Exxon Mobil and his twenty twenty oil and gas predictions predictions on November twelfth through fourteenth is procurement week in Sydney Australia. Our travel partner. VCD travel will be sponsoring day two of procurement week in Sydney the day to has content focused on the construction mining and energy sectors as well as an indirect procurement leaders forum which encompasses travel industry leaders leaders will be discussing value driven procurement approaches evolving technologies and the changing landscape and drinks on at the end of the day the Houston chapter after. Api Energy Petroleum Club will be meeting on November twelfth in Houston Speaker Shane mcelroy. We'll be talking. About the sustainability of electric fracturing. We have another free event on deck for our subscribers the top coder innovation summit will be taking place on November fourteenth in Houston Texas. This event is the Premier Mir Innovation Event for industry leaders. You'll have the opportunity to attend panels on innovation and emerging technologies and meet with Wpro and top coder executive teams last Blade Algieria. Gas Summit is happening on November. Nineteen th through twenty first. This year asked we'll be sharing onshore offshore updates for Africa's leading gas producer and opportunities for independent oil and gas companies. And don't forget if you guys would like to receive these events each month via email. Click get marks monthly events email link in the show notes of any. Obgyn podcast up. You guys have a great mind tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective if it production of the oil and gas global network learn more at W._W._W. Dot O._B._G._y._N. dot com.

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Tucker Construction on Permian Perspective- PP034

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Tucker Construction on Permian Perspective- PP034

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. As skinny today show show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient officiant for people in the planet over one. Welcome to this week's episode so nice to be spending this time with all of you. I hope your New Year is off to a great start. I know mine is. I'm sitting here today with my friend. Sarah Woodruff who is with Tucker. Now she is the business development coordinator with Tucker. Thanks so much for being with us. Sarah thank you for having having me. I can't wait to hear your story. We were just talking all off podcasts camera and we were just saying Oh this is all new to do the podcast. This is your first one one very first. Yes you're GONNA do great and we can't wait to hear your story but I I wanted to ask everyone to share our podcast with friends family and colleagues and thank those of you. who have we really appreciate each and every one of our listeners who are not just here in the Permian Basin but all over the world and we appreciate you leaving those five star reviews? We have received some really nice ones and we cannot thank you enough for doing so. We also WANNA THINK APPLE FOR CHOOSING PERMIAN PERSPECTIVE to be on their new and noteworthy list. That was pretty cool when we found out. So I know this exciting. I think are literally screaming like what so thank you so much and we hope that you are enjoying permian perspective as much as we are sharing the stories just like the story. We're about to share so once again. Sarah Drif is with us. Thank you Sarah for being here today. First let's start off with. How did you get started in? This is oil in this crazy oil and gas industry. Well my story starts off a little different I at the time it was about thirty two thirty three when I first got into willing on gas and I just I really just I fell into it. My employer at the time was fidelity investments. I worked at one of their main campuses in Westlake and and after two years of it really was not my cup of tea found out that was not for you yes Sitting in front of a screen and dealing with people's investments was just not what I wanted to do. I needed to be able to get up and walk around and stuff in so I took two weeks off at the time. I was also going to school for the for Red Tech Program Program and so I took two weeks off and I you know I wanted to try to figure out what I wanted to do how I was going to. You know supple my income. If I did in fact you know leave fidelity. My friend's father had his own little dirt company. He built roads. He did pad sites and so am I two weeks. He asked me if I would help him out. Go pull a trailer behind a truck and help them clean up one of the sites that he was building and I assured him yes. Oh when whenever they are to the job site when warning and he was man that was known. I'm for having a temper and not really being able to keep employees because he would just run them off all the time and anyways he did he walked up to the truck knocked on the window and told me how he just he fired his back operator and so I just kinda looked at Civil Jim. I don't really know what you want me to do. And then he asked me Dino how to run one of those and I don't know why you think I would and he said well there's only one way to learn get your button there and let me show you and so it was a very quick couple of minutes of this makes the bucket. Go Up and down. This is how you roll it now haul ass and so I did. I had so much fun that day. Playing in the dirt digging in the dirt and so I quit and I went and I ran back Geico for love quarter year. You're hooked from that first button. Push this that instant gratification of seeing seeing what year you know what you're doing. I mean that was really it and just you know working outside and working with the very gruff man and I mean we have lasted a really enjoyed it so that kind of segue the an to yell. At the time I lived in decatur north of decatur rather or nutshell already come to a slow really not much going on there and so a lot of my friends ends or welders in the industry and they were all fixed in a take off and go to West Texas and job amount montanes so I would always kind of tool around in the shop with him and it was as well. It's going to be now or never if you actually want to jump in so I did I. I followed him out to Monaghan. I actually ended up being welder's helper for them. That was very interesting. First job another form in one or two run me off immediately because he just we were doing a pipeline. Reroute the middle of nowhere. There weren't Porta Johns. There's no bathrooms and this is Monte. Hence is he is and he's like I mean we were we were staying Monte hands. We ended up going West Paco's and and so yeah it was a you know. Will you do realize what are you going to do as well. Well I guess I'M GONNA drink enough water stay hydrated but not enough to where I have to use the bathroom. I mean I was just you know kind of smart thinking. Yeah and he said and he put us in the front of the line and that way he could burn Out Basically. He's no week though. We we basically ended up moving so far ahead of the pack that we ended up having a comeback unit additional pass. And that's not what he was expecting expecting so he thought you were going to be gone too but I had a lot of respect for I understood. He was out there and he needed to do a job and at the time. They're just you know there really weren't many women Out there you know doing hard labor or anything like that or is certainly in the elements too so I stayed I was a helper for about two and a half years and yeah. That's that's how I got into it and it just it just kind of went i. I was so fortunate I got to work with the same true for over a year. We all ended up back in North Texas Texas and built to the finishing phases on trial. Plan out there and so I have the same crew day in and day out fervor year. They took care of me they they had my back and and a lot of respect for those guys and it just kind of went from there labor hand to. I always wanted to learn. I started doing the job packages. Basically I would be in charge charge of the X ray careers as it came in. Take shots at the end of the day after we were done just literally. Just got your hands dirty and learned it was ground up. Yes what was it that really hooked you in that made you go. This is what I WANNA do for my career during those times when you were out there you know just on the pipeline and you were just try learning everything. What was it that you loved about it? I love the camaraderie with my guys. I mean I really did I. I love the guys that I work with. They were fun. I mean we worked hard hard and you know I. I'm sure you know and I could probably ask any of them now today. Just what were your thoughts when he saw me show up. I'm sure it was just like you. GotTa be kidding me really those. Oh you can't see she's beautiful beautiful woman you would if you walked in here. I wouldn't think that you were working out on the pipeline right. I mean that's probably what you got definitely really what I got but I. I made sure that you know I knew I needed to prove myself. and to be honest I mean I'm I'm I am not a feminist in any way shape or form I I like my work to speak for itself and I think that if you really want something. You're going to work hard for it and I don't need a movement or anything like that to do it. I just need my own my own grit basically and and that was is it I I just I enjoyed them and I knew that I had to prove myself to him. And so when everybody else would send the trucks and take their breaks I would. I'd be out there working on the grinding down. And getting you know setting up the pipe the stands and and get everything set up for our for the next part of the job and I know that he appreciated that and once they knew that I was there to stay and I was going to be. You know I was Gonna working just as hard as they were and I was. You know definitely going to help out where I could you know it just it was was great. It really was hard. Work speaks louder than any. Oh Yeah it was funny. uh-huh so let's Segue then. Yeah I know you spent some time here in Montana and then you said that you also were here in Midland for three years. Let's fast forward a little bit it and get to what your time here in West Texas. What did you love about West Texas well? I can't say that three years living here. What I really did enjoy was getting to? I know the the actual foundation of of Midland Odessa. It's a very transient town. Obviously because of all the opportunity here with an oil and gas and so it doesn't really give a true representation of the people and the values and so fortunately for me. I was able to befriend a lovely really lady by the name of the Info or new last name now. Married last name is titled Seidel Yes so by defining her I really got to know the the people and it is kind of appreciate. She's born and raised in this area. I asked her. You know I said to find a church and shave. She was the one that pointed me towards her and another friend actually pointed to the church the family went to and it was just really. You know the people right and there's my alarm I just said hey our our our phones off in mind goes off right. That's my note to pick up my little one but I got to cover so we keep on going but I just want to say Memphis. Married name is causa just got married so I wanted to make sure we got that. Is that because NIP is. She is so awesome. She is just one of those incredible go-getters here in West Texas and so thankful that she actually really brought us to yes. And that's I think the true heart of West Texas is the people and then it just the connecting the networking. The I wanNA to help you sincerity of it all. Yes a beautiful thing and you also met your husband here yes yet. How did Y'all meet well my company? He is a is a client of his company. He works for Midstream Company. Here or at the time he worked he worked here in Milan and he had just kind of moved into a new group. The group was a group that I had already been working with for several years. I was kind of tasked with your breaking into that group and making sure that you know Tucker had opportunities there and and so I I didn't know him and so he got you know he was. The new guy came in and so the guys that I was working with the introduced me to him and enemy honest I won't get into. We did not get along. Oh so wasn't love at first sight. Okay no I love the kind of makes the story even better taste so there was a little little bit all day. We had special four and the reason being an an honestly when I figured out why he was just being so Marut and argumentative. It was valid reason so he had never been in a position or a role where he was having to deal with sales people all the time and now he was in a position to where he actually managed work and had the you know how the responsibility of selecting contractors and in choosing he was going to execute and and so he was very much overwhelmed with the amount of sales people. Coming all the time. Because I'm trying I'm trying to think back. This is pretty busy time here yet. This boom we're talking talking about here and so when I came in you know it was I was already very familiar with guys in his in his group and you know neither wives and you know we were good friends and we were doing work for them but I guess for him. He wasn't and I get it being a female in the industry again. There's a lot of women. Sales people and his immediate assumption was that I didn't know what I was talking about. I was capable of basically reading off a brochure and giving a very superficial rundown of what I had to offer. That was before he knew you correct so after US butting heads quite a bit at the guy's really you know they're in his group. They kind of pulled him aside and they're like what is your problem. And he told me his like why can refer to you know. And she didn't know what she's talking about and they're like no actually she does. She's putting some work again end so he reached out and he said I apologize. This is why US Walton. I admire that you know I. I appreciate that you know the individuals that you want want to actually do business with you. Expect them to actually be able to talk the talk and warmer walk and so after that if he invited me bid on a job the rest is history. Yeah we we became. We were good friends for several months before we started dating went on her first name. So we'll congratulations. Thank thank you and your with Tucker. So let's talk a little bit about what Tucker does and how we're how you got into this position that you are in now with Tucker you're the business development element yes yes so Tucker J swift. We've grown exponentially in the last two years so starting off we are roots are from mm-hmm Oklahoma and Lindsey Oklahoma. And when I came on board we had four offices we had just done an acquisition here in West Texas that put us in our midland office now. We acquired an existing contractor by the name of the BJP services and so yeah. Mechanical Construction Station Pipeline Gathering Systems meaner inter stations and then we also have a very thoughtful design clan was put into place of. How are we going to grow? Did we want to do it. You know where we saw. So many of our competitors editors kind of following the same path of. We're going to go after. Go after the biggest star we possibly can. We're going to ramp up to their employees. And when the job's done you don't have anything lined up the they get laid off. Our CEO is probably one of the most humble in just impressive. Men Than I've I've had the pleasure of working with and he always told me we know. Now we're incremental growth. We're going to grow. We're going to do it smart and you know our blend is always going to be. Of course there's always going to be new construction but you know everybody knows long gas industry. There's boom in the bus bus. Always GonNa come so you never know what is coming either so we wanted to make sure that our blend was kind of a constant fifty fifty new construction but then really have our roots in operations maintenance integrity you know things. I never go away even if there is not new construction going on you have to maintain your asset. So we've I've always been very strong in our in our integrity crews and maintenance crews and working with the local operations groups here for all of our clients so I'm sure if through the past and how long have you been there with God. Spend almost seven years seven years. You've seen a lot of highs and lows in. What have you learned most from those highs and lows really? It's it's just you know the one thing that I can say that I was really impressed with about two thousand fourteen when it seemed like so many other businesses a lot of our competitors orders were shutting their doors or having to move out of the area because they just couldn't get the light. Keep the lights on a really had to you. Know take a look at the financials of course we had a really take a look at what we're GONNA do. Do you know how how we needed to manipulate time. In our efforts to ensure that you know of course nobody ever wants to let anybody go and we've got some really great folks that have been with the company for longer than I have and so you know we definitely what I appreciate. It was the you know we could work and our relationships are of course horse. Were were contractor but you know I can say honestly that our relationships are. They're very they're very true very sincere. So because of the hard work of my guys did I. And because of our you know our impeccable safety record and doing good work and honoring you know everything that we did with integrity. You know out saying there's ever going to be a perfect contractor tractor but if we messed up we fixed it you know and I can say that that. That definitely helped quite a bit. I think that we have we have to revalue and what we do. How's your company preparing for the next twelve months? We've got a lot of things in the works right now. We have acquired heard a escape a company in the last couple of years. We also have new compliance company that we purchased and so right now. What we're trying to do is really really just I? I have a sales team now which is great. When I first started with Tucker I was I was there first salesperson through the last two years we have a sales group of Gosh? I think there's maybe maybe eight now. Total out of all the different service lines and so our our target for twenty twenty is really trying to integrate all all the different service lines that we have and educating eating all of the sales team and of course even are supportive personnel operations everything to be able to identify opportunity within these other groups. You know just in passing housing. We're with a client so it's been it's been great I was you know it's I don't WanNa say I was scared to you know to learn about these need service lines that we offer but it was kind of intimidating. It's it's a lot we definitely have our. You know we have our guys that are well versed in their experts in it but for me to be able to have a concise nice conversation with somebody that was like how. How am I going to do that? Read just learning a whole new the whole category and a whole new talk trying to put the puzzle pieces together of you know when you when you get to the point of construction. Where where where does everything else fit in you know? In how can I offer that successfully to the clients make things easier for them. So that's definitely our the focus here is making sure that we can translate that to the customer effectively and let them know. You know we've got a lot of great things that we can offer them. Make make life a lot easier form arm so but how exciting to go from sales team of one. You're just having your cup of coffee in the morning. Here's my sales meeting to now. I've got this ting. Luckily an end to build the lead that team in especially as a woman. I just WANNA say first of all congratulations on so i. I do not leave that team part of the team we got. I've got so being a part of that team. How has that been you know to be able to see it? Grow and to expand and like added Second Inada third. It's really cool. It is. I can tell you one thing that I've always told my. CEO is if. I'm not. I'm not working for you. I'm not going to work in the industry. I've the hat offers the unfortunate enough you know occasionally to have offers from other competitors but you know it really is a work family for me and just yeah I just I don't know the integrity and the values and the morals I mean you can't pay us and everything and it's just can you. Can you work with these guys do you. Do you have a great relationship. Do you know they have your back. You know like you have their back and and tiger definitely offers that always has and it's you know it's been great. I mean I love that. Just yeah you I mean you look around. It's kind of funny our corporate office in Houston when we first started it was. It's definitely smaller than what you have. He really there was an. I'm not in some really big little conference room and three offices and that was it but we've always you know we've never been flashier writing kind of like a sleeping giant but so now in that same building we have. Gosh I think at the end of the year we might be on three floors. But wow yeah it's and that's fun to watch something something like that grow apart. I walk in there and I'm here. Are you know so. It's kind of neat but I always have to make sure that I run through all the different new offices. Does that have been at an end since my last trip to Houston and introduce myself and okay. So what are you. Are you part of a cool. You know so yeah. It's pretty neat. And how many locations do you have. Oh Jeez four offices we have to in the East Coast one in Ohio. When in Virginia we have four in Oklahoma we just kind of added a spot there in Denver and we have eight in Texas? So yeah you speak very highly of of your company of course which I just love that I love that loyalty and what is said about your boss and that you you said you would never leave because what is it that you have learned there that has given you this extreme loyalty. I firmly believe that. No matter where you're at it absolutely trickles down from the top so he is a testament to that he is. He's very humble individual. I can tell you I I had to have business cards made with his name on it because when I started off. I'm like my Gosh. We go to these meetings. And here he is. I mean he's you L. leading the The introduction I mean he's he's just a very smart man and and so here he's allowing these folks in there like I'm sorry his name's Paul. Tom Paulin giving you a new door for shoutout tall. Yes and would ask them. You know I'm sorry Paul what do you what do you do for the company. Because he would never never. He's not in a titles wouldn't say he wouldn't call himself the CEO if he didn't have to he doesn't like calling himself this year when he never does I love so they would ask them. You know like I'm sorry. What are you who are you you and what do you do in his response would be? I'm just the head cheerleader. These are the guys. Do all the work you know these are. This is the foundation on the company. And then he'd sit down. I'm like you gotta kidding me. So I'd have to bring his cards because even bring his cars passed out he's like why do I love that kind of humbled. Though there there is nothing better than than learning from someone like that because it really does teach you a lot about life right. He's not a man of errors and he'll tell you I may not have all the answers but you know let's figure it out together and we did. I mean it's very his idea and is believed behind a strong team. I mean it's it's not. He's not just saying he believes you. Breathe it and he's the other great thing about it too. I in a stolen amazes me today as many employees as we have we have well over a thousand at this point that man can go into any office and he can go out onto onto the field and he knows the names and it's genuine conversation. How's your wife doing doing how you know your son? Listen that I mean and he knows my you know my two boys and his interactions with them are very genuine sincere and I mean they're popping math equations off to each other in the last time we were at a golf tournament. And it's just it's it's really neat. I mean he's he's very genuine individual allow that though. What's the most important lesson you've learned through through your years as a woman in the oil and gas field that you would like to pass on? That could maybe help someone. That's up and coming. That is just now getting their feet feet wet. I absolutely believe that you know the the industry is male dominated and again I like I said I. I'm the last person that's ever going to sign up on the feminist March. It is dominant though. It's been nice to see that there's been there's been a lot. More women in the industry engineers engineering managers and so on and so forth. But but what I'd like to say. Is You know if if you WANNA get into it. Don't ever sell yourself short. Don't ever think that you you're not worth it. You don't have what it takes. Don't let anybody convince you. Otherwise I mean you if you again if you're if you're willing to put in the time in the work and the effort you you can do anything anybody can do anything but that's gotta be the biggest thing you know you. Can I run into some. You know there are. There's old school individuals out there smell and I've heard it all and if there's you know don't believe him Just yeah stand your ground and keep working proven wrong right. I'm GonNa ask you some personal questions. Now what's your favorite book or podcasts. That you listened to well okay so now my new podcast okay. Besides Permian Perspective I. Oh I'm such a Dork very very old school I i. Honestly I don't Eve- I was Gonna ask you after this. How do I even listen to this? I don't know how to. I've never listened to go so I love this. I literally asked Sarah Five minutes before we did this podcast. Hey will you be on my podcast because we just hit it off so well that I just loved her story and I was like I just WanNa share share this everyone so yeah you did not have any prep time to this at all. But how about books do you have any books. That may have been influential in your life. I can tell you there's A. There's a fund fund series of books. I think she's got about twenty or twenty seven twenty eight books in this in this series but it's Janet Ivanovic and that's one Arthur. That will I mean when they laugh out allowed. I would sit there and giggle and sometimes tears coming onto my eyes because it's such a silly and fun story about a woman who falls into being a bounty hunter and just all her She's just an idiot and she is horrible at life. And there's this you know so it's something light light hearted that time so I can read it in the author's name is Janet Avakian it. Okay and I book in each book is you know. There's like twenty seven twenty eight so book one is one for the money and then to was a play on words of what book it is in the in the series. Gotcha so but outside of that. I'm just I really love history now. I love politics. We won't get into that. Aw that's in the one of the top three. You don't discuss at the dinner table right. What about your favorite quote? You have a favorite quote that you've kind of live by through through the years that no not really in a yeah I guess one of the biggest things that I you know. I remind myself every morning or any you you know. Multiple Times throughout the day is that all things are possible through him and only him and so and there's a lot of days I have like this week has been amazing. I've had some really fruitful opportunities. Yeah so it's been awesome. But I mean Gosh I mean the highs and lows with sales I mean. There's a lot of disappointments involved Eh. But I will tell you. There's many times throughout the day that you know as I'm driving I just got to pull over and be like okay. You've been L.. Notice that you know my mood. I'm just I'm a little will upset over. You know losing losing an opportunity and you know anything that happens and it's you know it's definitely just you know pullover I'll I have no qualms uh-huh praying while I'm at you know out in public. You know sitting by myself at dinner Taylor or whatever but I do know that he listens answers and so definitely I mean yes that is a anything and everything that I want as long as it is it is righteous in it as good off things are always possible through him. Absolutely thank you for sharing that if you had one piece of advice to and someone that is listening about getting into this business. I know we mentioned focusing on women earlier but just anyone in general that's going down a similar path as you journey. What would you say to them? I would say that you know. Gosh we have so many amazing networking events dance and even just the conventions. Permian pipe liners chapters here and they're very active and and I mean even if you just even if you just volunteer they do a local oughta local charity work here in the Permian and just coming to a meeting. You'll be amazed at here. You're sitting next to you again very humbling. That's one thing I learned about the industry as you know there are. I can't say everybody but I mean there's a few that you know maybe a little full of themselves but honestly you get when you sit down at any of these meanings any of these any of these. Everybody loves play Golf. There's tons of clay shoots. I mean rush. Just go show up. Nobody's GONNA turn their back to you. Ask Him questions telling what she wanted to tell them. What you you know you so you just want to get involved? You not quite sure exactly how you want to be apart but you WANNA be a part of it and I promise you you're gonNA walk away with a pocket full of business cards in in tons of new contacts. It's just a very welcoming organization and industry. So we'll Sarah. I have to say thank you so much for sharing your time with us your honesty I just I feel like we could talk for hours and hours more but we're running out of time. I'm like no great and I always asked us at the end of my podcast. Ask You wouldn't know because you've been listening but you're gonNA show you how to down acid a minute I always ask. Is there anything coming into this interview that you know when you when you were preparing on the way in that whole five minute walk over. My Office are less than five minutes right here. Is there anything that you wanted to get out. That maybe didn't get out and that you we want our listeners to know about either Tucker or your journey or being in this oil and gas industry now I feel like we've kind of went from the beginning to the end end but just the this is just the middle. The best is yet. I think it covered. Okay good well. Thank you so much for sharing time. How can we find? Do you on social media. I mean you can go on Lincoln and because I am somewhat newly married and I do have a hyphen. If you were to look me up Sarah. Graham Woodruff in certainly certainly go onto our company's websites so we have Tucker Services Dot Com and then our parent company we have many different segments in units again. Different Service Lines so our parent company for all of those businesses line star. So you can go on that website as well and with as many office locations we have if you ever see Tucker signed as pull in the welcome you like family so love that. We'll thank you so much. I feel like I've learned so much about you Dave Tucker today and I'm just so so proud to know you because you are a Rockstar in this industry so glad to finally meet you too. I'm so glad this worked out. It was all all all supposed to happen today. And I'm just thankful that you shared your stories so thank you so much appreciate she ate you. It's time now to announce today's community. Mvp we would like to recognize endeavors dedicated energy services. Division which provides trucking roused about out. Well Service wireline and vehicle maintenance services through a special partnership with Midland College. Six members of endeavors energy services team serve on technical advisory Serie Committees to help students successfully prepare for vibrant career in the Permian Basin energy industry so way to go endeavor for pouring into the youth in our wonderful community aid also a special thanks to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian perspective. We are so appreciative. Love the Baker Hughes team. They're awesome and doing wonderful things here in West Texas Texas so big thank you to them and of course all of you listening at home or in your car or at work maybe taking a little break from work. I really appreciate that. Of course we have once again appreciate all those reviews you been leaving four also on I tunes and that concludes this episode of Permian Perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin Jason. So just remember my favorite Matas dream big and believe in yourself and never give up you make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here. With the events on deck for January twenty twenty first of all happy New Year we have a couple of great events coming up to twenty twenty with all the first one will be a Houston happy hour taking place on January sixteenth at the Canon from six to nine. PM This event will be all about artificial intelligence for oil and gas reality not hype. The event will feature a panel discussion and include drinks and snacks. Be Sure to get your tickets. You can find our vet rightly blink on Lincoln twitter or facebook or in our moto point newsletter every month the next happy hour. WE'RE HAVING OUR DENVER. Happy hour on January thirtieth from four to six PM at Liberty Oilfield Services. This amount will have a panel of Geos and feature a live recording of recruit audacity podcasts. So that'll be super bowl. Be sure to join us. Also get your tickets. Once again from the links posted in our little newsletter or on oil and gas global double networks linked in facebook and twitter. We also will be having a Pittsburgh happy hour sometime in February with date coming soon so be sure to stay tuned for word that other events on deck include the Houston. Api Energy General Meeting on January fourteenth guest speaker. Eric Switzer Sir. BP Global Services Baker Hughes will be discussing accelerating transformation in oiling gas the twenty twenty industrial market outlook networking about. We'll be on January anywhere twenty third in Houston and they will be discussing the latest trends that will impact projects spending in North America including the Gulf Coast Region over the next twelve to twenty four months. Lastly the wildcatters ball will be held on February seventh twenty twenty in Houston. This ball is the primary oil and natural gas industry fundraising bit for the IP. A Educational Foundation proceeds will go toward funding the foundations energy education programs. That's all for this month. Thanks for tuning in guys and check in next month for the events on deck for February tune in next next week for another episode of Permian Perspective a production of the oil and gas global network. Learn more at. WWW DOT G G N DOT COM.

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Proflo on Permian Perspective PP039

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. A skinny today show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for the people in the planet. Hello everyone one. Welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective. I'm Krista Eskimo at such a pleasure to spend this time with you as always and I am sitting here in Midland Texas with Chelsea Ray crossland. Who is the account manager for Pro Flow Measurement Chelsea right? Thanks so much for being yes. I'm excited I'm so excited to jump into your story for us to just chat like two girlfriends having coffee. It's GonNa be fun but I wanNA thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends family and colleagues we have listeners all over the world and of course right here in the Permian Basin and I really appreciate each and every one of you feel free to leave a review when you stop by or you can also send me an email. We appreciate you. Thanks again Chelsea for being here today. So let's start at the beginning. How did you get in the oil and gas industry? Oa I never wanted to or I would never do it so owning a furniture store I was like I'm never going to be in the oil. I'm not GONNA do that. My Dad has done it his whole life. My brother was in it. You know and I was just like I'm not GonNa do that. I'm not going to be oil so I sold Chelsea race and went on to own rental company and I just didn't love it. I wasn't in love with it and you shouldn't do anything you're not in love with right and and so. I had an opportunity to sell and I did and I was like what is next. What am I gonNa do like twenty seven? I need to get it together. You know so. My Dad's like we'll have a sales position open like cool. Let's do this L. Yeah and then I got there and I was like what am I doing? I don't know anything that's going on. I don't we're talking about so I just kind of said in meetings and Kinda saw how my superiors were talking to people and what they were asking what people are asking them. And it's all about how you treat your customer and customer service in the end. I mean you can call and ask questions anytime you want. But that's what I needed to learn. That just took all that fear away. So I ended up working for crossfire for about two years and then came onto pro flow. And we're rocking and rolling. Just doing the same thing. So I'm just Kinda taken over what my dad did and it's nice it's cool that's awesome and I and I know those of you are not hearing the base in. Her furniture store was incredible and she's very talented designer. You you really are. But you're a people person like oh I just I love your energy you give off such great energy and that really translates into anything you do and then you say that you didn't want to go into oil and gas but you also grew up in it really. Yeah Your Dad. I did so explain what that was like and how that experience is now helping you and in your role today. Yeah I just think that my dad you know. He's never burned bridges. He's always do not burn a bridge and you work hard for your customers and I took that into furniture so everything. He's taught me with by in showing me what he did with his company. I've taken it with all my companies you know and I just took it with me in the oil and I just knew that you have to make customer happy no matter what. And they're always right. Committee is always always right. No matter if you don't want them to be you know so I just took that with me and it's a long way and a lot of my customers are more friends. Now you know and so. I've just taken his life lessons and moved onto my career and I do miss my furniture store but I feel like this is God's plan and this was to be because I'm probably the happiest I've ever been career wise. You know and so that's just when you know where you're supposed to be and I end. It opens a lot of doors up for me and gives me some time to do my charities and nonprofit stuff and that's what I really enjoy and so I have both of them. I can do both of them. And that's what I want. 'cause you know you want both of them but sometimes you can't do both right to constructing timing wise right in doesn't allow you to do your philanthropy and then sometimes we'll the flannery doesn't pay you so you also have to have jobs so you have to find that balance and that's what it sounds like this has been able to do for. Yeah and I think that's why I'm so fulfilled right now because I mean I've I've always said if I moved out of town I would love to get an events. Corporate events not so much weddings or parties but corporate events like nonprofits and conventions and trade shows stuff like that and my job now gives me that opportunity to be involved in events bigger events in so I just get a little. It's like a happy medium. You know that that's so important. You have to have balanced told us what pro flow does okay. So we sell pop galveston fittings. So we sell the facility's production. We do midstream all that. Good stuff and then we do actuators automative vows so we manufacture those in house but division on is pipe bells and fittings bent hell. Yeah we're like the grocery store to do. You need a pipe valve. You just walk in. You'd go down the I say that's the one and we deliver lung twenty four hours and so we kinda will work. I mean my boys have been working till nine o'clock at night and every day. This week has were slammed and we just do our customers need to do. I mean that's how you keep your business out here in a boom and bust and so when you treat your customers with respect when I think what you just said is probably Magic to a lot of people's ears right now to say that you are slammed because I think there has been a feeling of uncertainty right watching if you watch the oil and gas prices that you know. They're fluctuating but it is still busy. I think that oil is always going to go up and down. It's election year corona virus. Every we have all this stuff but I think the media makes it a little bit worse than it needs to be. I'm not so sure about drilling side and all of that but on the production side. We're pretty busy so I mean I know that. A lot of people are laying down some rigs this year because of the oil prices but as of now we're busy and I'm very grateful and appreciative of that. But absolutely we are I mean it is what it is kind of thing but I mean that's how I pushed really hard for him at probably the best group out here to work with and they just know that it's important to keep your customers happy and treat them with respect and you know always have them. I. I hope that helps us when. Or if this goes into a bust so well and I love that you are a team leader and your company and as a woman. You'd I love seeing women. Just take on those roles and I know that you know. Say Maybe Twenty. Thirty years ago when you're dead. You know turned. His company's there wasn't as many women in the roles. So how do you lead the teams? What is your key to success in that leadership role? I honestly think it's good chemistry with your people because you could have the best leadership skills and someone just doesn't want to learn you know and I just was so blessed my guys came from Chelsea raise and then they continued with my dad at crossfire us and then they came over to pro flow. So we've all been together for so long that we kind of know how to job together. You know how we work in certain situations so Brad has been with my dad for twenty five years. He's like an uncle to me and so he's the president of the company. And you know we all fall under him but it's his leadership and then you know. I help with the boys in the shop. And it's just set in that presidents that you need to work hard and keep the customer happy and they all understand that and they. You know bus there but for us and I mean I couldn't ask for anyone else and when you have that kind of longevity with your team you know each other strengths and weaknesses. You can help what we call around here that we learned from an amazing business coach. Debbie FRAPP he. Sometimes you have to hold the ladder. Yes I'm one and you know when you've worked with someone that long you know who needs her ladder hill. Yeah and then you know they'll know when you need your help. Yeah it and I take the new one new people coming in. They see that can watery and they want to join that. WanNa be a part of that and you. Kinda just don't allow anything else. You keep what's going on. You know you keep that attitude and don't let anyone else change it you know right in. So that's import whenever you just Kinda set that tone and this is what it's going to be. I mean they have no choice. Probably not going to be working there. I mean you have to set the tone of how he wanted to be in. Don't ever you know exterior from that. You know. Just stay on that exactly. So let's talk a little bit about your Philanthropy Day without is so important to you and you have a big event coming up and we're GONNA talk about that a little bit more but I wanNa talk about how you got into philanthropy and white so important to you. It's important because I've been so blessed in my life and I feel like it is very important to give back to community. I think that you should give back nationally too but I think that it should mostly be in your community. What can you do in your community? And that's always I mean through church and my parents and stuff like that of always just wanted to give back in. I've fallen I think else has their own opinion. On what organizations they love and whatnot but mine have fallen in Lake. The children with the Youth and American Cancer Society and I got brought into American society with decorating and because Chelsea raise than than I had a rental company and so they asked me if I would donate my time will then I just fell in love and now it's my fifth year and I'm charing this year and so I'm co chairing with Adrian Noble. But I mean I was driving down the road one day and I was like. How can we feed these kids? You know 'cause we'll right now probably about five hundred kids. Go home on the weekends with only food. And that's the garden through senior it's heartbreaking. Yeah it's so sad. I mean I couldn't imagine going home and not having anything to eat and so there's a ton of other organizations doing it but I got locked in to rope youth in on their board now and we started a program where we pack bags on Wednesdays and we feed them every Friday so we give them a bag to take home every Friday and you know we met a little boy and he said he has to make that work for the whole week and it's just so sad and you know junior highs are getting beat up for having the bag so we're trying to really hone in on how we can get these back to these kids without being embarrassed bullied. Beat up whatever you know. And that's our main goal and also paying off the school debt because if those kids have school debt the lunch debt then they get arts cut field trips cut and they'll just just things that you need you know in your school other than just math reading. You know you need other things you need. Art and kids need to be kids. It'd be worried about whether lunch account is caught up and we've had a teacher reach out and say you know that helps us a lot. Because that's less supplies. I have to buy. And so that cuts into their own money their personal money and so we're just trying to do better for our youth in where we now started a youth coalition to kind of figure out like kids getting in trouble how we can help them. Kids not eating. I mean it's just like all aspects of youth coming together and figuring out how we can really fix it because it's important and they're our future and I just don't think that any kids should go without eating and you know rope youth we do a young gentlemen's club and they get a suit and tie and they learn how to iron. And how did you resumes and how to just do things to become a gentleman a tie tie and so you and we just mentor them. And it's just sad that things that you see mean. Some kids won't even go into cafeteria because the lunch ladies like you. Oh this you know and I think yeah and you shouldn't be shamed it's not your fault not I mean whether it's if parents fault or not. It's still not their fault. Absolutely then they go on to have being bullied or just have that fear that anxiety and that's not fair no you know and so that means a lot to me because I mean I have four nephews and I love him to death in there my world and I couldn't imagine if they were in that situation you know well thank you for doing what you do in our community. I knew you personally so I know you're not just one of those that talks about you. Walk Yeah I know you were you. Were working hard. And usually I announced in our podcast at the very end after our interviews always announce a community MVP. But I'm going to announce today's because you're part of it and so I thought you. I thought you could talk about it better than anybody but we decided that this week's community. Mvp would be the American Cancer Society and the volunteers who are working on roundup. Twenty twenty under the big top so we are. You could go ahead and explain what the big event will entail so we just had our children's party which is awesome becky young chaired dot and so we had at the planetarium and we had family show up. The kid either has cancer or survived from it and we invite their whole family Kane sponsored it so we got some good canes and then we had musicians. We had a Selfie play as we had tied. I we had painting and they just enjoyed a full day. And then they're making a bowl or a base out of their hands so we auctioned off at our live auction in those usually. Go for a high number. 'cause they're just awesome in that goes to children research but are roundup is on April eighteenth. And it's under the big top. So it's circuses and we usually do a western theme in this year. We were like. Let's get some exciting. You know. Change it up. So we're excited in Matt News performing which we're so happy about because we're keeping it in the community and we think that's really important as well as in so Odessa Midland. Come together to put this whole thing on. We have a huge committee this year. I'm very grateful and appreciative them. They're awesome so we're going to have pig racing. It's so fun and just a lot of carnival games to like wine toss. We're GONNA have a liquor. Toss for the guys shotguns and shells and then we have a chanel to be raffled off as well and then we do yellow roses. So if you want to buy a yellow rose for someone that has cancer survived cancer or in memory of so we are very excited and Kathy. Broten and Jason. He's a little eighteen month old. Little boy they're going to be in honor of and they've survived cancer and then. David farmer is going to be our in memory of so. We're excited. That is so excited. I'm excited for the Chug. Wagging is going to be our hater. So their foods amazing and this will take place April. Eighteenth at the Melon County Horseshoe. Yes and how can people get tickets or tables or be a sponsor go online to American Cancer Society? Or we have round up the cattle baron's ball on facebook contact me. I mean there's endless opportunities there but yeah you can contact me on facebook or give me a call for three to six six four two zero two four and I get your sponsorship form and we're still looking for underwriter so I mean there's plenty opportunity get involved until we'll sharing that. I know that that's important to him so I thought what better community for this week. Show the nine. You know a lot of our stuff stays local and it goes to research and so we really like to push out and let everybody know that. Your money's not going national you know I mean there are research opportunities that we will put some of the money into but a lot of it's as local in the hope lodge in Lubbock and you know car rides to appointments and stuff like that and that's needed here and the whigs and all of that good stuff so we are local as well fantastic. Chelsea. I know you've lived here your whole life. What do you think makes the Permian Basin so great? I think it's gotten huge. You know better than when you were young. The small town feel like the football. You know everybody knowing each other. Everybody being involved in events in nonprofit stuff I think that in I mean with the shooting instead of every how everybody came together. That right there just shows you how good of a community we live in. I think that sometimes we forget it because all the traffic and all the craziness that the oilfield has brought but when it really comes down to serious events we come together and we say strong you know so. I think that's what's great about Melinda absolutely. What about favorite Booker podcast? You have a book that I love. Melissa Radke okay. She's just like my type of person like the sarcasm in the way you know how love her so probably her okay. I'm have to listen to her. Yes I listen. Every morning her and her husband on facebook they do alive. And they're just hilarious. Okay fantastic. What about a quote favorite quote that you live by? I don't know I kinda like innocence. Fake it till you make it but not so much fake it you know you just have to push through hard times and no matter. What just see your goal sier dream and push through and dilemma. Nobody bring you down. You know that's one of my favorites I say don't let anyone steal your joy. Yeah anyone I don't get mad because it's so easy to do and you could. I mean going on facebook and just looking at people's pictures can bring you down and it's just like that's not real rhino. You know what you're doing. You know what dream you hob. And what goals and just keep moving forward. It's right and if it's God's plan it'll happen and everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that you were talking. My where does how I believe? One Hundred L. I you know I hated things that didn't happen for me and I'm just like this God's plan and this is what's supposed to be in. I live by that so of great opportunities. Don't open them like there's a great one coming that's right. What about the most important lesson you've learned in life? Kinda just to be true to yourself. Don't let other people make decisions for you in a sense. Don't let them innocence. Bull you or make you change your decision because you don't think it's right you know. Stay true to yourself. What about your parents? I know there are strong influence on. Yeah you learned anything from them that you think. That was the best advice they ever gave me. Yeah it's like I said earlier. Like don't burn bridges and just really like stay true to yourself in be who you are because you know. I've never seen my dad. He's not like he has great friends but he's never an like click and he's never done things that you know people want him to do. He does what he thinks is right and for my mom as well and so. I think that's what they've religious truly taught me if whatever you feel you need to do pray about it. Whatever comes to you. That's what you need to stick with Indu. Don't let anybody influence you right so I think that is probably one of the greatest lessons and be close to your family. I think family is number one and he no one loves you more than your family and I mean I'm very close to mine and so I think that it's very important to be close to your family though true so for those of you who are not here from the base and may be explained who your parents are just. So they'll know who your your dad's company was okay so my dad's running crossland and my mom's norm across Lynn and he owned production specialty for about twenty twenty five years and grew up in Andrews. Oh well they grew McCain their high school sweetheart. Oh Yeah we just celebrated thirty six January. Yeah so and then I was born in Andrews and that's where my dad started his first store. He grew to twenty two stores after that and sold once bought it back sold again. And Yeah. It's been a ride. But and then I have a brother and he has four boys which is crazy town over there and then my sister-in-law Marcy she owns AMC aesthetics. So yeah we're all Kinda here actually. My parents just moved to Bernie but they're back and forth there. They're still here. Your Whole Family. The rocks that is us. Thanks for sure that we are those who maybe don't know that because we have listeners now all over the world which is just fantastic and that love to hear what's happening here in the Permian Basin. Sometimes us that live here. We forget that we are such a big energy provider for the world and so it's exciting to hear the stories of the people that really built businesses. Yeah it's crazy. I mean I mean like I said my dad sold out and then they started edge manufacturing and then crossfire and then we sold out there too. So it's just we've kind of tried to build up companies and then you know sell them. Yeah what have you learned the most from the ups and downs of the oil and gas industry. I think in that comes back to how you treat your customers. It's treat them like you're gonNA treat them in a bust because they realize that and they see that and if you don't treat them good in a boom because other people are more important r giving you more money than they're going to remember that in a bust and I mean you won't get their business and that goes for contractors or you know anybody you always should treat your customers with respect and I think that that will get you business in the long run. Buster boom 'cause I mean you really remember how you were treated and who had a little power trip you know? 'cause that's big out here get some power you think you can talk to people a certain way and so. I think that people remember that right absolutely good advice. If you had a piece of advice to give to someone who is maybe you know on a similar journey as you are and is maybe trying to get into the oil and gas industry. What advice would you give to them? I think you should study the company that you're going in with really. Just sit on on meetings. You don't need to be in you know stuff. That doesn't really pertain to you. But you can find out the INS and out of your company you need to know every little aspect you know because like mine. There's so many parts so I'm literally telling Barks Hearts. Yes there's so many parts to it and I'm constantly learning and I I mean even Brad. He's constantly learning and he's been in it for twenty five years you know and so just learn and study study study and then get to know your customers and if there's daughters has a birthday wish them a happy birthday or birthday or you know they're having family stuff. Hey just thinking about unions like you have a personal relationship with them to an extent you know but take some bundt cakes or something sweet. Nothing Bundt cakes about them on the holidays. You know and just really get to know them and make them feel like they're important to you and that's what's important right good advice. Yeah what are you looking forward to the most right now? I'm looking forward to acs for that round up. But I'm looking forward for. We're growing right now with pro flow and I'm so excited and I'm trying to slowly do it but I'm really excited to see where we're going to go and what we can do out here and also what we can do with the fruit program with rope youth. I think that youth coalitions GONNA do wonders and I'm excited to be involved in that in see where we can go with the youth so fantastic. How can people get a hold of you or your company on Social Media Online okay? So pro flow is on facebook and Lincoln. And then y'all like I said you can call me four three two six six four two zero two four and just I mean I'll pick it up anytime of the day. My email address is C. Crossland so C. C. R. O. S. S. LAND AT PRO flow P. R. O. F. L. MEASUREMENT DOT COM and tastic. And One more question when you're coming into today. Was there anything that maybe we haven't talked about yet? That you're like Oh. I hope that heard listeners. Get to know about me or my companies now. I think that it was really. I wanted to talk about pro flow and and then like American Cancer Society and stuff so now we got it all. We got an awesome fudge. I'm excited we. We were just visiting if you're just joining us and hopefully you've been listening the whole time but if you are just joining us just wanted to remind you. We were visiting the Chelsea Ray crossland account manager for pro flow measurement but she is also so philanthropic in our community and born as West Texas. It's just been such a joy and pleasure to hear your story so thank you. Thanks for having really appreciate you. Yeah well that's GonNa do it for today's episode. That's right. We already announced our community. Mvp So once again the American Cancer Society was today's community MVP. And of course a very special. Thank you to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian perspective. We really appreciate Baker Hughes in their support and of course we thank all of you for listening and sharing this time with us. So that concludes this episode of Permian Perspective. The story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin. Remember my modest dream. Big believe in yourself and never give up. You make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here. With the events on deck for the next month we have some exciting things coming up to happy hours one in Pittsburgh and one in Denver so the first one will be happening on March twenty second at Bubbas Gourmet burgers and beer. This event won't be from four to seven and will feature live recording of oil and gas this week with Jake Corley and Markel Corp so be sure to check that out. You can sign up the our social media's we have an event bright sign up and should be good to go from there. The next event will be a happy hour in Denver at Liberty Oilfield Services on April second once again. Check our social media's for the event bright sign up and sign up there as some of our social media followers may know we are headed to Aberdeen Scotland the first week of March in a couple of days actually for Doku con creating high impact sales and Energy Dokru is excited to launch. Its very first sales development conference and Obgyn's mark and Patrick will be hosting a panel and recording live podcast. So we're really excited to be joining map. The leaders in industry luncheon is on March eleventh at the Petroleum Club of Houston. Port of the future is happening on March tenth and Eleventh in Houston your registration to the port of the future conference also allows you access to exclusive events including TSA security and terrorism research showcase and many more so be sure to view the agenda and see what they are offering the Houston energy. Breakfast will be on March twentieth at the Norris Conference Center in Houston the API Energy Houston Gun. Chapter will be on March Twentieth. This event is filling up very quickly so make sure to get a team in as soon as possible. The BP Energy Outlook Twenty twenty edition will be on April twenty. First it's happening online. And this event is about transitions that will take place to a low. Carbon energy system offer this month. Everybody hope you guys have a good and check back in next month to see what we're having thank tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective a production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot obgyn dot com.

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Katy Cervantes on Permian Perspective  PP054

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Katy Cervantes on Permian Perspective PP054

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area. Already, one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern. New. Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty, twenty three. But who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story? This is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista a skinny. Today show is sponsored by Baker Hughes, who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes. Brand as an energy technology company, they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Hello everyone. Welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective. It is so nice to be spending time with all of you and as always I appreciate you taking the time to listen whether you're in. Your car, your office during your workout where else could you be listening Maybe the breakfast table wherever you're at I really appreciate you spending this time together. I'm here today in my office in Midland Texas and joining us is Katie Cervantes and she is the president of four K. Land Services. Thank you so much for being with us. Thank you for having me today I appreciate it, Katie I'm. So, excited to hear your story and we're going to jump into that just a minute but before we do. So I wanNA thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends and family and colleagues. We now have listeners all over the world and of course, my friends right here in the Permian Basin and I appreciate each and every one of you and I really appreciate you taking the time to. Leave those five star reviews. We've had some very kind ones over the past year and I cannot thank you enough. So please feel free if you have an extra two minutes at actually find only take one minute just one minute head on over there hit five stars leave leave a few words on why you like premium perspective and we will definitely mention you in a future broadcast. So thank you. Well now it's time to hear Katie Story Katie Cervantes I'm so excited and we have mutual friends and it's just it was just meant to be for us to visit today. So let's get started on how you got started in the oil and gas business while it's a perfect segue when you say meant to be an perfect timing that is the story. Of My life, and that's the story of how this company came to be. This is actually twenty years in the making. So I was a student at Abilene Christian, university and my sophomore year I got a phone call from my youth minister who asked me if I would be youth intern with him at Hillcrest Church Christ in Abilene I've no interest in youth. Ministry whatsoever but he said, I got to go camping with the kids on wilderness trekking take him to Mount Elbert in Colorado said great man right that sounds like a good day spent absolutely absolutely and a summer and I thought okay fantastic. So I was asking him about you know where I was gonna live and all that kind. So he said No. No problem we're GONNA introduce you to your host family and I said Okay Great. So I then met the Moors and the Moore's consisted of Kathy and Kelly Moore and their sons, Kyle Casey in Kelly, and so I made Katie Katie and it was love at first sight I lived with him over the summer and we instantly became more than host family and. It was just an extension of my family. We've stayed in touch over the years often on. Kelly has had an incredible career, Fort Worth Christian schools, and then Cathy, actually has been a coach as she was nominated at and Christian University Sports Hall of fame recently as her coach volleyball and then coach alongside West Ketley who is now the Texas tech head track coach. But fast forward twenty years to just a month or so ago and Kelly more calls in he says, Hey, what should doing? Don't you love those calls fantastic and it at first being me if you've ever listened to Bernard Brown forboding joy, I'm a little bit of that I'm like, oh my gosh, what's happened who in the family is hurt or or what's going on, but he he said, no, he said Kyle and I just WanNa come pick your brain a thought. Okay. You'RE GONNA use Short Dole objects is not going to take much and he assured me no that was not the case or kyle was doing land work in is currently doing land where in the Permian Basin I. have. Also been doing land work since two thousand fourteen but they had talked about what's going on. They did not know that I was no longer employed with the current company that had been with and so since March, I have just been a fulltime ranchers wife and out in between New Mexico and Midland with our kids and all the cattle and horses and just kind of reevaluating and seeing what I really wanted to do and I've been doing contract land work but nothing substantial or under company and dress trying to see what that look like taking my time. We sat down we hadn't they drove in from. Abilene we had lunch and he said we can't believe that we are paying consultants out of town out of state to come in and advise clients advise operators to charges for right away as an easement. That are sitting at a computer screen hundreds and thousands of miles away and have no idea what's going on here and Katie. Your name keeps coming up and I thought good about. So. Long Story Short. They know that I have been involved in landmark right-of-ways easement land-management specifically with ranches in southeastern. New Mexico I thrive on working with the bill am in new. Mexico. State Land Office things that when you talk to most companies over here at that is the bane of their existence but you love it I, love it. It's a niche and mainly because I win in ignorance is bliss. I went in not knowing, and so I, asked I walked into the office I didn't know better than to not call the New Mexico State Lang Michener and ask him for a meeting. Why not? Why? Not? What's the worst late? They can say ex exactly and that's one of the things that I've learned over the years is the worst thing that someone can tell you is no, and it really is not that bad when that happens all it means. Is that another door is going to be opening. That's better for you. Absolutely. So that's kind of in a nutshell how that got started I love that what a great story and I know I can tell because united just met we've been saint circles, but we just met but I can tell you and I both share that same sentiment that everything happens for a reason and that was a god thing when you call watch sally so that's incredible. So Let's talk a little bit about being lamb it. What does that been like since two thousand fourteen he says cracked because you've seen you've seen a couple of highs and lows in the oil and gas industry since that timing is everything. Yeah. So I worked for well again, I kind of have to back up a little bit hiving i. didn't know a FRAC from a tissue. I'm not from the oil and gas industry. I'm a West Texas girl in the Panhandle Freon born and then graduated high school from Friendship High School in Lubbock Texas Little Lubbock shot out right? Absolutely. Governed raiders I don't mind. And so I'm used to the area but oil and gas is just not been a part of my pass ranching animal science horses that types up it's been my past. But I through a situation, I needed a job to help support my kids and I was working as a single mom and two of some of the finest men that I know Mark Bales and Tobin Scott. We met through Golf Course Road Church of Christ through our life group and I asked one night for prayers for a job and they didn't even bow their. Heads they said, you can start and work as our administrator and they were starting Agritech Energy Services I started as an administrator, and then I knew I needed more I wanted more because if I'm not growing and I'm not expanding, it's not enough for me. It's just how I'm built and I said I, I'm looking for something new and they said actually have you considered being land man was like number one I'm a girl number two I don't know anything about it, and thankfully landman stands for land manager and all it means is. said that I was wondering where that came from, it's not as sexist statement at all. No. In fact, there is some really incredible women that continue to be ladies and and his Feminine Get out that are incredible amount. So it is Leeann manager and it's a liaison basically between an oil and gas operator and owner of a piece of property, and then any government regulatory agencies that have any involvement. So it could be something as simple as putting in pipeline across somebody's property it could be building an oil and gas facility and new rig any lease, a business lease anything like that where New Mexico gets a little bit more complicated. Is You can have an owner of the surface and federal government be LM owns a lot of land in south eastern Mexico. So does the New Mexico state land office and then you can have a private owner as well. Now in addition to the Bielema owning the surface, you can have a grazing lessee someone that has cattle and is also grazing that property. So that's actually where my husband and I can. So we lease a over one hundred and fifty sections in southeastern Mexico and raise cattle out there and it covers. So someone else owns the surface This covers beal emily lands, New Mexico state lands, and then some private lands. So. What I get to do is be liaison if I am working on behalf of the rancher I'm on behalf of their interest and protecting their cattle, their fences, their boundaries, their homes, their water. If I'm operating on behalf of the oil and gas operator, I'm going to help them negotiate damages to what they're gonNA pay the rancher how many fence crossings they're going to have to do how many road crossings if I need to get permission from New Mexico. State, land, office or federal. Bureau all of those entities. So it's complex and yet at the same time, it's just communication right I love that and I love that you did not go to college for this. No. I did not view. You had a completely different path, but yet look how you took all that knowledge look right through through college and through what you love and turned it into this amazing career. What advice would you give to someone that is? Maybe thinking about getting to oil and gas A. Because obviously you I'm assuming self todd that you know you your yours was on the job training and learning from asking those questions. What advice would you give to someone? That's maybe thinking of stepping into something sure like this I would talk to someone or look at someone that you think that's interesting. I wonder what they do or find an aspect. I did not know much about landmark work at all and. Tobin Amar were just the kind of people they wanted their employees to succeed still do and they afforded me the opportunity to go to. Midland College here to lay man school and so I got my landman certificate and then I also was able to train under a title attorney. This is not the norm writing about my my way up is the norm I did not know that my ranching background my land background was going to be the thing that actually. Brought me to success in this industry and in southeastern New Mexico being able to understand now the aspect oil and gas perspective and understanding what they need specifically in saltwater disposals water transfer. That's been basically the focus of what happened in the last five years, and then also understanding the ranchers perspective being able to communicate on both sides and understanding both parties needs before you even walk in the door has been unbelievable and that is just God has prepared. By Way to be here at this at this time, I'm glad you mentioned that because so many people think there's you know there's just one way to get somewhere. There's one way to do it, and I've got to go to this school I've gotta go do that. But really no to recipes are the same and I think that's for any any job any business anything that you're passionate about but the beautiful part. Is is the people that you meet along the way help you get there and that's what I'm getting from. You is that you have just met some incredible people along the way and I, think that's important for people to really think about you know when they're thinking about their journey, they may not be where they want to be right now. But this is just a step to get where you're supposed to be and. Honestly, that is the reason that I'm here and it's the people that got us put in my life over the years perfect example, golf course road church been a member there for a while and you know you have to reach out of your comfort zone. You may not be a people person, but if you want to succeed in any business relationships and networking and that doesn't mean that you have to go to to. Social and all of that kind of stuff it's networking within who you know and if you're supposed to be down a path, I promise you, those people will be put in your path. If that's where you're going, it just happens. But I was it golf course road and I signed up for a mentorship program that they had and it was a woman to woman mentorship and I got put with Gail Burleson now. Bright. She told me that she knew I called her. So she was my mentor I did not know her from atom had no idea who she was. She didn't know who I was. I had just started with an attack and she is for those of you that don't know she is the vice president of business development for contrary sources. She's also head of the Land Department. Wow. I'm just like to be put together with her having what an amazing mentor ship. Exactly. So over the years I have been able to sit across from the woman that has been in the trenches. Now, she is a chemical engineering background absolutely one of the most intelligent women I've ever met. She proved to me that you can be an executive position. You can be a leader in the oil and gas industry in West Texas town and you can remain classy. You can remain yourself. You can may remain true to yourself, and you can be a family person all of those things that I admired and respected and I didn't WanNa change so you don't have to be an aggressive. Female row for lack of better words, you can remain true and Kinda. Good. If you know your stuff, people will respect you out here in the basin will I can tell you know your stuff so I'm so proud of you and I'm so excited to your story because I think you're an inspiration to a lot of women in this business and just hearing hearing how you got here and now i WanNa hear where you're going because I'm so excited about your new business that is opening up called four K land services because not only because you're doing but it's all women how amazing is that? Tell us a little bit more about it well, not it's not oh well, I'm one guy right. Sir. So, Kelly is married to Cathy so and then so Kellyanne Kathy, and then myself kyle more and then his wife Beth and so the forecast, of course, Kathy Kelly Katie and Kyle that's how we came up with four ks not a huge leap but something just clean and crispin and we couldn't believe that it wasn't used. So simple is always the best route of fall. Yes. Sure. So again, you know what Kyle was seeing, what I've known I think my biggest surprise when I came out here and I started working oilfield is I assumed everyone knew more than I? Did I assume that everyone and I'm just going to have to be catching up and I'm going to be riding coat tails. What we're going to be doing just an expansion of what I've been doing for salt water disposal companies is I'm going to be using the personal relationships that I have our current neighbors, my husband, and is ranch neighbors and using those relationships using the relationships that I've made with the operators with the Landman I know it Yoji Chevron Cacho x t oh all of these relationships that I've developed and worked with. Over the years, there's been so many layoffs so many people during this unprecedented time. I know that's overused word it's but it's the truth it is unprecedented. We're on this huge learning curve everyone's on this learning curve but so many people have been out of work and landman tend to be the first to be let go. It's a paying job for people that are expanding. You'd need right away if you're not laying. New Pipelines and even though the traffic is still high out there in South Eastern Mexico, you can tell things of slowed way way down. So there's been a lot of people that have laid off. However, there is still a need for these people and the people that have the relationships that truly understand the business that are literally in the field. I can go out I know where to meet people I know. Where the roads are I know where the ranch's are another ranch boundaries I understand fencing I understand cattle I understand blm somebody does not have to call a person in Oklahoma City or somewhere else they know that they can call me and I can physically be out on location within an hour and a half two hours I can deal with their problem we can work on pipelines I, call him turn and Burns. When things heat up and it's fast and it's hot you always needed something yesterday, and so I pride myself on knowing people to call. It's the contacts. They know that I respect whether I'm talking to someone at the helm I respect their rules and regulations i. also respect the landowner the landowners trust me they know that I absolutely have their best interest in mind and I'll follow up. So what we're doing is just expanding on the groundwork that has been laid over the last four or five years, and now I have a whole team to work with me on the accounting side on the business development side of that and just excited to see where God takes it honestly. I'm so excited for you all and I know you will be a huge success I know it's going to do wonderful things. What does the word on the street right now for oil and gas I think we have a lot of listeners from all over the world, but they wanNA know really is happening in West Texas in the Permian Basin. So where are we in in? The state of this post Kovic or during Cova because we're not even post yet we are still in it. So you know I have only my perspective and one of my favorite sayings is don't close your mouth and let people think you're a fool but you know if you open it, then it'll be confirmed. So I try not to speak about too many things that I'm not. But from my own to I literally driving down one, twenty, eight yesterday in that's the highway between Carlsbad New Mexico and JAL. New Mexico, it's one of the busiest highways and all of New Mexico if not the united. States right now there are some rigs. There are not enough there are some pipelines going in not enough drilling is definitely slowed i. know that the layoffs are continuing I know that there are people still moving out of the community just from the first signs going up I could not speak to any particular how that's going I know that some people were set up better than others to handle the storm. I do believe that it's just a storm and Permian Basin has always come back intends to come back stronger each time. So I have no doubt that it's it's on its way back up and those people that have the faith and they know. Who they are. They've already defined themselves and they're not trying to recreate who they are. They're the ones that are gonNA that are GONNA hold on. So there are some out there. The traffic is picking back up I. See a Silver Lining love that thank you for sharing your perspective I. Love Everything you had to say those awesome. Let's talk a little bit about you. I'M GONNA. Ask You some questions because I always love to know what the leaders of the oil and gas industry listening to and reading, and so do you have a favorite book or podcast I do have a bunch but I'll narrow you're likely. Throw a mammy. So Brandt Hanson's undefendable. Okay I. Think I've Read It four times I'm on my fifth time and I just keep it. I'm an audible huge fan because I have so much windshield time and so man I just plug it in and whatever chapters on I just think that that's the one I'm supposed to hear for they and I'm going to type it in our show note absolutely it's called unaffordable unaffordable brant Hansen. Them and basically if your faith we as Christians, should be the most undefendable people in the world because we have been saved by grace and if we would focus on that, then it helps us focus all of our energy and our love on other people and we don't have to spend time being offended because of Christ wasn't offended by the people that he encountered. Then who are we? So it is just a reminder and a day to day realism. So that is one of my absolute favorite books as far as podcast Rene. Brand. Yes. Oh man the power of realty. It's life changing. It's absolutely incredible getting out of your own way. Yes. It's great daily reminder number, and then of course, Andy Stanley so true leadership, and then of course, from recruiter perspective too. But absolutely fantastic leader. So those are things that I have on hand all the time. Great. What about a quote? You have a favorite quote that you live by you know I don't know that it's by anyone in particular but treat everyone the same and with respect and that's The person that takes out your trash to the person that you're going to see in the suit everyone has value and what we see on the outside is never the whole truth about anyone and I think that has served me so well over the years and my parents taught us that from a very early age and so always respect and treat everyone equally, and with love and kindness you do not know the battles that people are fighting. Yes. Amen. Amen. What about the most important lesson you've learned? ooh. Most important lesson that you can be right but you don't have to tell people that you're right and you don't have to die on that cross all the time you can be as right as you want to but it doesn't necessarily win you any bonus points when you pointed out that is so true. Oh let that sink in everyone without thinking because I know I need to. That's a good one. We think we are all very right now right now. That is so good and I think you know just kind of thinking back through the years when I've made that mistake Usually. It's the EGO that comes into play percent. That ego is something else there's a saying that anyone who dries faster than we are idiots and anyone who drives slower than we do our morons. We just have this sense that we are in the right that we are and yeah, we we probably should the summer that you go just a bit just a little bit. All right. So tell me if you're one thing to say bright now to someone that is maybe thinking of going down the same path as you they're like, Oh, I, think I wanna be a land man and I want to do this but they're just getting started someone heading into college. What advice would you give them? Absolutely so there's actually different avenues landman within a lamb chops you can have surface landman, you could have mineral title work, you. Could just title work some people like to deal with people and have those conversations. That's my deal I love to meet people in and find out what their needs are. So look into it if that something that you're interested in and there's just a specific niche in that maybe it's the mapping part of it may be art gs work any of that I, would see if you're interested in some of it or all of it, and then start finding out who the experts are in that area WHO's working in that area reach out make contact one of the things that I I would tell people don't be afraid to ask. Make that phone call. Hey. I know you're in this business I think more people especially out here in West Texas, want to help other people. But if you don't ask you, you'll never know how to and what what is your favorite thing about West Texas oh people yeah. Hundred and ten percent. There is nothing like it. I had a chance to live on Oahu Hawaii my brother stationed there in the military and train Polo Polo ponies ponies on the island and thought it was just you know the best thing ever. And I missed I was so homesick and I was so homesick for the people and there's just something about the generosity and the gentleman nature old school the handshakes smiles and just the kindness. Yes. What's the one thing you've learned the most through covid nineteen dead it's a chapter. There is absolutely nothing permanent about this. This is nothing greater or less than anything else that we've ever experienced before it's just a moment and it's just something new and it's different and it can changes fearful and changes uncomfortable and it absolutely does not rock the boat of anybody that knows who they are. So true. Tell me something good. We're almost done I. Don't want this I don't WanNa our podcast to end this has been so much fun but tell me something good. Let's see. You know my son is about to be sixteen and starting school soon well, whatever that looks like right we talked about that. Yeah foot little four week delay for those of you who maybe aren't in the area at my st just announced this week that they will be doing remote learning for four weeks but there still starting school, right? It's just GONNA be remote. It is a remote exactly and we're all just learning and and going with a change in some of his better than others. But we are going with the flow but one of the things that Cova did for us and my family this summer is that the kids had a chance to spend more time on Iran's than they ever have before and my son was able to flank cavs with us and it's old school. We'd we dragged the cavs to the fire to do the branding and the whole it's it's take you back two hundred years and they did exactly the same and being able to share that experience with my kids and watching them be a part of that and something that their grandfather was a part of and their father those things are just. It is it such incredible and that's been the most fun thing and I think we can all find positives out of the craziest situations. Amazing. I love it. Thank you so much Katie. This has been such a pleasure. If you'd like to learn more about four K. land services, you can find them online and I just cannot tell you how thankful I am that you spent this time with us today and we got to hear your story and I'm just so proud of you and excited to see where for K. Lancer assist goes. No, you're GONNA do amazing things here. And continue to do amazing things here in the basin. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Well, it's now time to announce this week's community MVP and this week's community. MVP, is Michigan Bay they are committed to fighting food insecurity and I actually asked Katie when she walked in I was like who is your favorite nonprofit? That is doing good in our community and you picked this week's community MVP. So what is it that you love about? Michigan Ave you know it's hard enough right now for kids and everything that they're facing in school but to. have to worry about food or where your next meal comes from is something that no kids should have to face and this organization taking that burden off of apparent taking that burden off of a child is huge that let's kid be a kid and it leads a mom worry just a little bit less and I can't speak enough to anybody that helps the life of a child will be blessed, and so I I really hope that this organization just thrives. Wonderful. Thank you for selecting that today, and if you'd like more information, you can go to mission agajabey wt exit. Dot Org will that concludes this week's Permian perspective the story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin of course, a very special. Thank you to Baker. Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective, as many of you know they recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand Love, the Green, the green just pop in on their new logo and as an energy technology company are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people on the planet. So just remember dream big believe in yourself and never give up. Thanks for joining us. You make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here with the events on deck. So doodoo current circumstances. Of course, we are not able to have any in person events. So I've nothing of that nature to update you guys on, but we have been hosting some virtual events. So obgyn is wanting to offer free webinars, live happy hours, etc. During this time, since these events are not scheduled out as. Far, in advance as in person events, we would like to keep you guys updated the facebook linked in and twitter. So be sure to keep checking on that and we'll keep you guys posted on anything we're offering it has been free. We WanNA offer you guys value during this time that we're all at home. So please continue checking in and joining us for these virtual. We are looking forward to seeing you guys whenever we're able to have in person events and hope you're staying safe and sound. Tune in next week for another episode of Permian. Perspective it production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot org G. N. dot com.

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Dr. Richard Bartlett on Permian Perspective  PP051

Permian Perspective Podcast

41:37 min | 3 months ago

Dr. Richard Bartlett on Permian Perspective PP051

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas, producing area, already one of the world's leading oil, producing regions, the area in West Texas and southeastern new. Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty twenty three, but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story? This is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista a skinny? Today show was sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company, they strive to make energy safer, cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet. Hello, everyone, welcome to this week's episode. It's so nice to be spending this time with all of you. I hope you're doing well I. Hope you're safe. I hope that you are happy and I hope that you are healthy. We have an exciting guest to Dan. So excited I'm in my office in Midland, Texas, today with Dr Richard Bartlett Dr Bartlett works as a doctor for a major oil company, but recently has been treating patients with much success for covid nineteen. Nineteen Dr Bartlett thank you so much for being with us today. Thank you before we get started i. do want to thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends and family and colleagues over the last year. It has really been a blessing to share this time with you each week, and we have listeners now all over the world, and of course right here in the Permian Basin I really appreciate each and every one of you and a special. Thank you to those of you who have stopped by and left a five star review on I tunes. I love those those are fun to see now. You are way too kind for your nice words and I. I am so happy to be sharing this information with all of you here at Permian perspective, so feel free to lever of you when you stop by sending an email, reach out on social media I love connecting with each and every one of you all right Dr Bartlett is here with us today and I have to say. He has a bio a mile long. I'm just GONNA. Hit some high points, really quick before we get into this amazing topic, but first of all. Dr Bartlett received the Meritorious Award for the Texas Commissioner of Health and Human Services for numerous contributions for health care for Texans and Texas. Governor appointed him to the Texas health. Disparities Task Force. Force to advise him on how to make access to quality healthcare for Texans. It was a two year appointment, but at the end of every year they kept asking him back because he was giving such great information, and they did this for seven more years. How wonderful is that? Now? He was also been the medical director for hospitals, nursing homes, emergency rooms, private and public ambulance services. He was and is the medical expert for the local CBS affiliate over twenty years. That's how we met and many other local TV and radio shows. He also has served on the Texas Medical Association Board of Counselors. And their blood and tissue usage, committee and Council first scientific bears. Dr Bartlett is also father of seven and husband of one I love that last that last title. You have so many accolades. Thank you so much for being with us to honor to be here today, so Dr Bartlett. Let's just jump right into this I know everyone first of all. How are you doing you and your family? It's a good day to day. Day Love that the good day for a good day. Yeah, and there's good news and what we're. GonNa talk about. Today is good news. We've been hearing bad news. Bad News Bad News. We have an answer to this problem, and that's what we're gonNA talk. You have found what we're calling the silver bullet. You have found an effective treatment for your patients it. It is not FDA approved yet for Covid nineteen, but it is for asthma patients and I want you to tell us a little bit about this inhaled steroids and I'm GonNa. Let you say the name of what this inhaled steroids inhaled udeze unidentified. You does not as an inhaled steroid, and it can be used as a nebulizer machine, and so it's a baseline. Baseline first line preventive treatment for preventing asthma attacks very commonly prescribed very safe. It's so safe is given to two pound premature babies in the ICU and to elderly people in nursing homes as safe for everyone. We give it without batting. An eye is very effective at preventing asthma, which is an inflammatory disease in the lungs. covid nineteen is an inflammatory disease in. In the lungs, but it's more inflammatory than asthma, and so it's intuitive for a doctor to use a respiratory anti inflammatory solution for a respiratory inflammatory problem, and that's what I'm doing. How did you know to try this on your covid? Nineteen patients well, you know I was distraught also were forty eight hour shifts, said an emergency room from time to time and. And during a forty eight hour shift at the beginning of this pandemic I was hearing on TV commercials everywhere you go that there's no answer for this problem. It's like the black plague steriods. Be Afraid. Be Very afraid. There's no answers only problems. And I was concerned. What if a patient comes in with cove? Nineteen and I need to help them. They're trusting. Trusting me and so in between patients you can take a nap in the room for forty eight hour shifts and I remember I was praying all the time, and I laid down to take a quick nap. Patience and I woke up convinced that God had given me an understanding strategy, and it wasn't a week later that I had my first patient and it. It was the understanding that I had. Is that covid? Nineteen is a respiratory viral infection where the virus attached to the ace receptors in the lungs triggers an inflammatory response, the goes total body and causes multi organ failure. That's cove. Nineteen was killing people as the inflammatory process that starts in the lungs, but goes total body. That's why their kidneys fail they have. Have a heart attack? They have stroke have clots in their lungs. They have all these complications from the inflammation, although it starts in the lungs, and also using an inhaled steroids, which is an anti inflammatory medicine is like using a fire extinguisher pointed straight at the base of the fire, putting out the fire flames of inflammation ended. Go total body, and it works. Works I was shocked. How well it worked I heard something that I never hear what this medicine I've been prescribing it for twenty something years for asthma prevention, but I started having patients. Tell me something that I've never heard before when they're using it. They say I feel better while I'm using it. My chest pain goes away. My shortness of breath away I. I feel better is stopped all their other peripheral symptoms of Covid, nineteen including diarrhea subsided their symptoms of Covid nineteen better, not respiratory stop and I've had one hundred percent of my patients. Recover is zero. percent of my patients died of covid nineteen patients. The you know I'm just telling what I've observed. I kept hearing this over and over and and I'll tell. Tell you treating asthma for twenty five years. I've never had anyone tell me they feel any relief with Udeze night. They usually say I don't feel anything DACA, and usually I see him in. Follow up, and they stop taking because they couldn't feel it and they weren't sure it was working, but this medicine is like this medicine was made for this pandemic and. And you know I started to feel vindicated validated in this when I found out. That France is doing a study right now. With inhaled udeze tonight against Covid, nineteen and Spain is scheduled to do a study with inhaled. Does night against covid nineteen? They just haven't announced their start. Nate and the NIH is doing a study of Inhale Udeze night against covid nineteen. Nineteen right now in that study will be done in October, but for my patients right now. Some of whom are very very sick before they even get covid, they can't wait till NIH talks about the results. They need help now, so I'm thankful that we're having one hundred percent success recovery truly is amazing and the fact that they're getting instant relief from the. The pain, because having not gone through covid nineteen, but listening to the stories of people that do they say, the chest pain is unbelievable in that they just cannot catch their breath, and for them to get that instant relief has got to be like you said I mean it just. It has to be a good feeling to know that you can help your. Your patients immediately. Yes, and as I did a literature review of what the Scientific Journal say about you decide. I was shocked that it is like an exact overlay. All the thirty inflammatory chemicals that are released by covid nineteen starting in the lungs are absolutely suppressed by Udeze Night Byu. I'd blocks interleukin, two three four five six eleven. Thirteen fifteen s cf GMC. Those the cytokines that are released with covid nineteen. We talk about a cytokine storm. That's the fancy word for inflammatory chemicals released total body that is causing these deaths and disaster, and so you denied blocks every one of those, also, if you've ever taken Ibuprofen or leave that it blocks a enzyme called cycle oxygenates. That's an enzyme this released with covid nineteen and Udeze decimated blocks that also, if you have asthma or allergies, you may have taken monologue cast. A generic medicine blocks leukotrienes. That's another inflammatory chemical. This released with covid nineteen. This blocked with Udeze night. Udeze night is an exact. Answer to this problem and as evidence, I'm having patients live in that die returned to their normal life quickly and tastic, and you mentioned advil I know early on when we were still starting to get new information about this. If you're like me, you googled. What can we do to prevent covid nineteen, or what kind of treatments and I've heard everything from? Yes, you can take advil. No, you can't go advil. Yes, she should take. Zinc knows INC doesn't work. Can you debunk some of those myths that we've heard good old? well as this was an evolving, this is. Is a new killer is a new kind of killer that we've never had before. It is killing some people just to put things in perspective, though half the people that get covid nineteen are going to have no symptoms. They don't even know they had it. And so that's good news. What we're finding is as far as a mortality rate that it's much lower than the projections, these magical mysterious fantasy models that were repeated and all these other theories that were repeated over and over from the top of the leaders of how to handle this covid have been wrong and. Scientifically were factually finding now that it's not what they said. It would be so as far as advil. Initially, we know that the inflammatory process can bother many organs including causing kidney failure. advil is filtered through the kidneys. Therefore, advil can be kind of a hit to the kidneys. If you add that on top of kidneys that are already kind of limping along, that's a potential issue, but the. The reality is viewed aside. Block them all at the source and advil does help with symptom relief, but it's not. It's not going to stop the disease. Beauty s night suppresses all of the bad things that are killing people covid nineteen, and here's the other key. You need to use it early in the disease. It's better always to treat a disease early. We've always talked about early detection early. Early Prevention early treatment. We talk about that with cancer. We talk about that with the heart disease. We talk about that with stroke. Those are the top three killer still in the United States heart, attack, stroke and Cancer Kovic Nineteen is not one of the top three killers in the United States still gets a lot of attention, and for a while they are actually it was causing more trouble. Trouble, the reaction to covid nineteen was causing more trouble to the health of Americans than the disease itself. An example is a lot of hospital. Stop to doing mammograms for several months, a lot of cancer screening and normal stress tests for heart, disease, detection and prevention were put on hold for a while. It was only emergency stints that were place. We weren't doing proactive treatment of heart disease. Who knows what the damages that was done by two month hiatus from tried and true systems that were set in place to save American lives from the top three killers, but as far as zinc zinc does impair multiplication of viruses. That's one thing that I recommend my patients to take, but the silver bullet the thing that makes the difference. The problem is an inflammatory disease. Total body imbued aside is an anti. Anti inflammatory agent that you're using right at the source of the infection in the lungs, it also does another thing besides suppressing the release of the inflammatory chemicals had actually down. Ray regulates those ace receptors. Amazing is is like pulling the welcome Mat away for the virus is about is decreasing the that it can even attach in the lungs. That's amazing. This one medicine that super-safe that you could use on A. A preemie baby is down. Regulating the receptors is blocking. The release of the inflammatory chemicals is causing many of my patients. Who Have I'll tell you an example of a patient? Recently a patient who has two kinds of lymphoma that's canceled the blood, the white blood cells that actually fight infection. She has cancer a two kinds of lymphoma that she's being treated for right now with chemotherapy right now and she had. Had radiation a month before I was contacted by her. And for five days she had nonstop fever, lying flat on her back in bed, and then on that Friday. Her granddaughter tells her that she tested positive for covid nineteen. She knew she had it because the symptoms she was having and so on that Friday. She reaches out to me I call in her treatments. She takes him on that Friday night. Saturday morning or fever broke over the weekend. She continues to recover on Monday. She's able to teach her music students for a full eight hour day of teaching via Skype, and so I have story after story of real people. When she got her test results three days later, it was positive. I would have lost three to five days of treating her. If I would've waited for a test result which. Which is another problem? The delay in treatment is a big problem and doctors need to treat the patients. Not Treat the test. We know there's a twenty to forty percent rate of false negative results on covid nineteen for the fifty percent of the people that get cova that have no symptoms. It's not a problem for twenty percent. It could be life threatening and for them. They need early detection. Detection and treatment. That's the key. That's also the flaw in the NIH study. The NIH study is applying Udeze side the same medicine to people that already have pneumonia that already on a ventilator in the ICU who wants to be in the ICU on a ventilator with pneumonia before somebody is going to help you, it's late. Point is still will probably help, but I want one hundred percent of the. The people to live and zero percent of my patients to die from it and so early treatment with the right effective medicine is the key and so another study that just came out since you're asking about the things we're seeing on the Internet is a corticosteroid. This given IV decks Methadone. That's my brand name. Assalyah drawl will use that often in the emergency room and it has its place. And when you have an infection, going on steroids given total body, the medical term systemically whether it's IV or as shot in the muscle that absorbs and goes through the bloodstream, total body, or is a pill that goes total body that suppresses the immune system. It makes it harder to fight infection for every person that gets it. It makes it harder to heal suppresses it impairs healing in impairs the ability to fight infection. Still with those negatives is still caused a third of the people that were going to die to recover. That were on ventilators in the ICU. That's when they're. The study was only for people that were at that degree of sickness at the end of the disease. You know in China. They have a different healthcare system than we have in the United States and unfortunately we've been parenting with this cova crisis. What Communist China says to do. Communist. China is the country that is the system that when there was a whistleblower thirty four year old ophthalmologist in China. WHO said Hey. We've got a problem SARS. Like illness is causing people to get very sick. Communist China had him sign a confession saying he was causing great harm to the public, and that he was anti government anti people and they did you sue? They gave him great grief, and then he died and Alvin. He died of covert supposedly and so we're talking about Communist China. Supposedly he died of that, but he left a little baby, a young wife, and that's his legacy that he was the whistle blower, but that's the communist government of China. They handle things differently. They think they have a problem with too many people and not enough resources, so their mindset is. Don't seek help unless you're. You're deathly sick because we don't have enough resources. That's the mindset that would say if you have mild to moderate symptoms to stay home. Just tough it out. Hope you make it good luck, and if you got severe symptoms. If you're a breath away from death, then okay, we might help you seek help then as a bad plan. That's un-american in America. Our healthcare system has been very systematically methodically put together in a way that successful were the leaders in the world in healthcare. That's why when Boris Yeltsin need heart surgery needed. Bypass Surgery didn't go to China right next door. He went to America. Let's talk about Hydroxy Hydrog, dot, org or Quin. That drug got a of press early on. Tell me a little bit about your thoughts on that, and is it effective so I'd chloroquine? We all heard about that from president trump when he mentioned that in an antibiotic called Zithromax, and so immediately there was pushback and Dr Fao. She got on the White House Press Corona virus conferences that like the next one, and spoke against it and kind of shot it down, and it was almost an embarrassment to the president. And I started doing a literature search and I found in scientific journals, including NIH journals that there were fourteen different articles confirming antiviral activity against thirteen dangerous viruses, including SARS with those two medicine, so it was well-founded, it was well documented in this pushback was inappropriate, but you know it's not intuitive to use a medicine that's used for rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. And Malaria against a respiratory viral infection, so that was a hurdle for many doctors, and for the public to go over, and then we've been giving this anti-malaria medicine since the fifties to people who go to Africa and other places where malaria is endemic, and we've given it safely without batting an eye. We don't worry about cardiac risk because it's very low risk and is much better to take that into get malaria. And so I have never seen a complication with that medicine, the reaction to it was inappropriate, but when the FDA temporarily blocked the use of that to all Americans, it was based on a study out of filtered information of Communist China on seventy seven patients, and so the source consider the source. It's Communist China. Consider that the study was not thousands of patients who are seventy seven. It was really not conclusive when they looked at it. They thought well. You know it isn't saying what they said it was saying. They used it as a tool to block it and just two weeks ago that the United States government sent two million doses of hydroxy. Clark went to Brazil for. For the COVID epidemic this happening there is contradictory is so you gotta say? What are the facts because we're getting conflicting information, some people call themselves authorities and experts, but what they're basing it on when you really drill down is flawed, and so what I see is filtered information from communist China being quoted by the world. Health Organization as their source of expert information. It's interesting that the. Goodwill Ambassador to the UAE World Health Organization is the wife of the president of China. Think about that. And, so when president trump was calling them out on how they were handling the covid pandemic, when you were watching the beginning of the pandemic in January and February. Were you thinking what China's doing a great job? No, we were watching them. Drop like flies I. Mean it was a disaster everything you see on Youtube or in the news was chaos disaster and they were shutting down seventy million people and we'd never seen that before. What is that? That was a communist government system of handling pandemic, a place that actually this was made in China by the way, and so consider that and so. World Health Organization was praising the handling of covid. Communist China and then you have the CDC quoting the world. Health Organization China's a source. You got to consider the source of the information, so you have the silver bullet. Dr Bartlett, that is working patients are working. Have you met Dr Cheat no I haven't and you know I don't think him and I are on the same page. Do you think you'll have conversations with him? At some point, you know maybe so and I want to help as many people as I can i. don't want anyone to die anyone I. Take Care of I. Want them to do well, but you know what the reason we're talking. Today is I. Don't want anyone else to die, either whether I'm meet. Meet them or not. There's this is life. Saving information that needs to be broadcast is not public knowledge. Most doctors are not aware that the NIH is doing a study right now with inhaled Udeze snide against covid nineteen. That is what I've been doing for three months on Texas is three months of head of Europe of China and we're ahead of the NIH. What we're doing here in West Texas, and so if I, you know Dr Foul. She has many things that he needs to explain, but I WANNA help people and that's my focus is on the positive. We have an answer to this problem and so if people have a problem with w desk night I say. But that in your. And smoke it. Yeah, let let's talk a little bit more about that. Because I think a lot of people in the his this information, they're going to say okay. My sister's cousin aunts uncles brothers just got diagnosed with Cova. How can I help them? How can we get this inhaled steroid to everybody I mean. How can they get it if they do discover that they are covid, nineteen positive inhaled. Udeze night is readily available. It's in every city in every pharmacy. They probably have it as generic so it's cost. Effective is about two hundred dollars for the whole treatment. If you have to pay cash. And compare that to the antiviral. It's experimental and you can't even get it unless you're a guinea pig for their experiments right now in the ICU. They will not give it to you unless you're in the hospital. That cost thousand dollars a treatment. This is two hundred dollars for the whole course and so readily available is super safe like I said for premature babies to senior citizens in the nursing home and it is. Is a prescription medicine, so you have to talk to your doctor about it, but the fact that is being studied as the treatment by the NIH by France by Spain right now and inhaled steroids part of the protocol in South, Korea. Where they've only had two hundred sixty people die so far the whole pandemic where they have over fifty million people unbelievable. Yeah, or let's look at. Taiwan only seven people have died. died during the whole pandemic in Taiwan to date, and that's where they're using an inhaled steroid, so we're on the right track, and so if they talk to their doctors, it's a standard safe treatment for prevention of Asthma, which is an inflammatory respiratory problem. This is more inflammatory than asthma cove. It is more inflammatory than asthma, and it is a respiratory problem, and so we have an anti inflammatory respiratory solution that's been studied. Studied for twenty plus years. There's lots of information we have about it. We know it backwards and forwards coming and going. There's nothing hidden as a danger that were worried about. There's no nothing hiding behind a bush. That could hurt you with Covid, nineteen right and I think that's so important to get out because I. think everyone is so scared of covid nineteen right now, and you're saying it's OK. Sad it, we. We can treat this I'm not afraid of covid nineteen and I don't want anyone else to be afraid of it because we have an answer, we have an effective treatment. Now we have a testing. This readily available. The numbers going up of positives means that we're doing more testing. That's all that means. We're not seeing the numbers go up proportionately of deaths, actually early testing in early detection and early treatment is a good. Good thing just joining us? We're sitting here today in Midland Texas with Dr Richard, Bartlett, he is a renowned doctor in our area now. Hopefully, the whole world will get to hear about him as he has found a silver bullet treatment for covid nineteen something. That's been around that now. We're starting to learn more about and how it can treat this virus. I just WANNA ask Bartlett because you mentioned the numbers are. Are Rising here in. West Texas, do we need to be concerned? And then I also want to know what about your thoughts are on masks? No Mass I mean I know that we're not going to really get into a big debate over it, but I just want to know your thoughts on it because it's it's on everybody's mind. And what can we do to stop the spread of this disease? Just so you know. Know early church in and we're seeing that the numbers go up on the positives that means the testing is going out. A study in Iceland showed that fifty percent of the people that test positive are without symptoms are a symptom matic studies in California and other countries have confirmed that that fifty percent of the people that get it that might test positive. have no symptoms never going to be a problem for them? But we're concerned about the twenty percent that might have problems. The good news is we have an effective treatment that is being studied by the NIH by France by Spain. That's parallel treatment to what's being effective in Taiwan and south, Korea Singapore has had twelve people die so far during the whole pandemic, because they're using an inhaled steroid, but I'm using the best one udeze tonight, and there's a reason why I'm saying that because it has less risk of causing a secondary bacterial pneumonia. There's another inhaled steroids that has increased three times. Times increased risk of secondary battery money and hailed Udeze decide by nebulizer is a treatment, so we have early detection with the testing I'm not worried about the numbers going up. I'm pleased that the numbers are going up. That means we're doing more testing. I can confirm that compared to a month ago. We have more testing centers in West Texas and we had a month ago. And we and they're more efficient now, and they're doing multitudes more testing at each center than they were a month ago. That's why the numbers are. are going up. That's all it means, and so that is a good thing that means the testing is on track now next we need early treatment and we have an effective treatment inhaled Badescu night I've been using it for months before. The NIH started studying I was using it most before Europe and Spain and China. I have patients that are alive. Patient called a press conference in all to new station showed up, showed up to because she put it together because she's thankful that she's alive and not dead. You can't argue. Argue with a living restored person who is symptom free and has two consecutive negatives that's called a cure, but let's talk about that press conference because something interesting happened on social media after that press conference went out. What is it that you think facebook or youtube doesn't want the public to hear about it? Because after that conference went out, it was pulled off the facebook. Yeah, you're starting to go viral. And so after seventy two hours of being out on facebook and Youtube, they both pulled it, and so the question is. What effective treatment to Covid nineteen does facebook and Youtube not want the American public to know about because we're talking about information where a patient is telling her story right, who is a confirmed cure with a known treatment that is safe cost effective and readily available, and why would they pull that information from the American people, and from the world right now that's a good question and I think a lot of people probably have some wheel spinning right now. What they think that means we've seen a similar pattern with Hydroxy Clark. Haven't we were? They blocked up potentially effective treatment for the American people. My phone's been blowing up and. And one interesting phone calls I got was from a guy named Kent. Hance I'm Texas Tech Red Raider I went there for undergraduate found my beautiful bride there. When we were students, I went to medical school there surgery residency, the Texas Tech Red Raider through and through, and so when I got a call from this guy named Kent Hand. Who was the chancellor of the Medical School of the health? Science Center of the University I was really excited, and he called me because he had heard. About are effective treatment for Covid nineteen. He wanted to know. He said Richard and he starts. I'm getting called Richard by Kent Hance. Unsolicited phone call I was so honored, and so there are people paying attention. There's a representative Baben. A U S representative. They call my phone. He's called me several times because he understands science. He was a dentist his first career before he became a US. Congressman is so he understands size with other representatives, said you call him, so you'll understand, and so we talk, so there are people that are paying attention. They care about Americans. Don't want Americans to die. I have heard also people I know people in the white. House of heard about this is that I think the white. House is calling you to so there. The phone's about to rain. Funny. You should say that I know today. Ted Cruz offices scheduled to call me well. We appreciate you sharing this information with us because this is such wonderful information because I as a mom, and as a parent is a business owner as a wife. I'm concerned for my loved ones right and I. You know I've been doing everything. I can to help prevent. We've got of course. The sanitizer and the mass and we've got everything because we want to be proactive in an not spread it with our loved ones. Giving, this information out gives us a little bit of ease that if we do get it just that we're gonNA, be okay, and there's an answer and so I appreciate you sharing that with all of us today because I think the fear of it almost gets in our in our minds and can affect the aspects of our life. Yes, you know it was fear of the unknown. That causes to shutdown our country to shut down the world. We weren't the only country that was involved in that. We didn't know what to do with this, but now we know a lot. And when you have more information, you can make better decisions and we have a lot more. More information six months into this than we did at the beginning, and it was wonderful news. Good news today that we have an effective treatment for covid nineteen is great news that we have early detection in the testing onboard, but it's even better news that we have an answer for the problem and you mentioned face so I'm just GONNA. Mention this for second. There's a lot of things that you've seen on the news for the last twenty years. If you watch China when they have the flu outbreak there twenty years ago, you'd see people walking around with facemasks. The Be Roll would always be a bunch of people in China walking around face masks and the public. What are we doing now? What are we look like in America? We look like twenty years ago in China. That does it work. Let's talk about that for a second. There's a medical term scientific term called Foam. F. Oh mit a foam by definition is an inanimate object like a doorknob that someone might sneeze into their hand and touch that doorknob, and then is potentially a risk of infection is else touches it. They might get sick. That's a foe. Might what is a mask is a foam is an inanimate object. Recent research shows that you can bring up. Two thousand intact virus particles a minute out of your mouth with normal breathing. Oh, so we put a film I so and space, and we really thousand viruses a minute into it if they're a symptomatic carrier for thirty minutes wearing that mask, potentially thirty thousand virus particles, and been collected on that and is right over their face where they're going to be breathing it back into their system. Here's another medical and science term is inoculation dose inoculation dose is on steps on a nail, and there's one bacteria on it. That's the problem is so steps on a nail and there's ten thousand bacteria on it. That's a bigger problem. So and higher inoculation does is more likely to cause a problem. Final thought in North Italy. Forty percent of the healthcare workers, the doctors and nurses and other healthcare providers that were wearing masks gowns face shields gloves. They were basically wearing universal precautions. They said that forty percent of them tested positive eventually for covid nineteen in other words, having that degree of barrier between two people was not effective. If that's not effective, according to what they found in north, Italy at the beginning of this pandemic when everybody was scared of this. How good is a face mask? GonNa be is not nearly going to be as good as universal precautions, so a face mask is not the answer inhaled. Is. The treatment for Covid nineteen is a silver bullet for it. A silver bullet is not a medical term by the way treatment cure. Those are medical terms. This is an effective treatment, but you know silver bullet for covid nineteen should not be no more offensive than unless you're on a team Edward of the twilight series. You know it shouldn't offend them, but you shouldn't offend any medical or public person. America and you're actually using silver bowl in a website to get the information out. Let's go ahead and give that information right now. If someone is interested in learning more about this. This inhaled steroid Goto, covid silver bullet dot com, so that's of course, www dot, covid, silver, bullet, DOT com. There will be more information there. We are running out of time, but I have so many more questions than so. I'm just going to keep the conversation going because I think this is so such good information that we get out. I always like to ask my guess what they're reading. What they're doing because you're obviously leader in your field and we want to know like. What do you feed yourself every day? Do you have a favorite book? You have a favorite podcast that Oh. Boy I am living and breathing. Cova treatment and covert patient's Day and night, but my favorite book is the Bible and I've found that that's a very useful tool for success in life, and is life changing. It only improves your life, and it's tried and true I haven't found anything in there that I. Disagree with yet. And, so I highly recommend that bestseller all time bestseller, the Holy Bible, it is what about quote? You have a favorite quote or maybe even Bible verse that you live by Oh man. There's so many good ones, but you know I love the God, says be strong and courageous, only be strong and courageous Joshua. There's so many positive things that her life changing and edifying, but you got to consider the source. I consider the Holy Bible source. There's many things out there. That would put you in fear. Make you afraid right now. That are being repeated over, and but consider the source, and I think there are many worthwhile things. You gotta be careful who you're listening to if you listen to. To good things that's going to build you up. There's a lot of negative things that you just gotTa shut down the noise for Sharon that's. That's why I was asked my my last question. Tell me something good. Tell me, what do you see good happening right now in cutting edge I think it's amazing that the solution to this problem has been available for decades before this problem presented itself I personally credit God with giving us the provision for a worldwide pandemic decades before we needed it and has been uncovered now it was always there, but now it's being uncovered I uncovered and have been using it for months before. Anyone else that I'm aware of before any country started studying it. But the good news is I. Make It, but it's saving lives, and so I think as a take home message that may be God gives the provision to the problem before the problem presents itself. You just have to look for it. It's a great. and Dr Bartlett. Is there anything coming into this interview today that you thought Oh i? Really hope that the listeners get to you know here that. Maybe we haven't touched on yet. Because I know there's so much to topic, and like I said I I know we could go on for hours. bizzare anything that is really important that you feel. Our listeners need to take away from today. My desire is to spread the news that this is a respiratory solution for respiratory problem. This is an effective treatment that has. Has Been One hundred percent effective for my patients and hailed you decimated by nebulizer and best to give it as early as possible in the infection I've had people who had many co morbidity were very very sick people before they got covid nineteen, and they have all recovered. Want this word out because I care about all people, and so I want everybody to hear this, and so please spread the spread the good news. We have an answer, and if any of my family members get it, we're calling you first. Your first phone call Dr Partly I will say also I found that because this is a more severe inflammation in the lungs than asthma is that it takes a higher dose asthma, and even more frequently for doctors that are listening. Okay, thank you so much I. really appreciate you sharing this information with us today and more importantly I. I appreciate saving lives. That's what this is about. This is going to save even more live. I believe information can save lives and thank you Christopher sharing this. Thank you, Dr Bartlett if you'd. You'd like more information. We WanNA. Give you the website one more time. It is www dot, covid silver, bullet, DOT COM, and we may have to do apart to on this because there's so much great information. Maybe we can revisit another time. Thank you again. Dr Bartlett for being with us today. It is time now to announce today's community MVP and the MVP is the city of Midland Parks and division, the city of Midland Parks and REC division. It is launching its annual movies in the park series on Friday as As. You know they do this every year, but due to covert it has it been had been postponed? Will now they have decided to go ahead? Social distancing will be encouraged during the movies which begin at dusk, people may bring their lawn chairs, according to a press release from the city. Now here, the upcoming dates July tenth at Cj Kelly, Park. You can see the movie abominable on July Twenty. Fourth Hogan Park Toy Story Four Oh one of my favorites. I love that one August seventh at Beale Park is Aladdin and. And August twenty first at win Lund's park frozen to yes, you can see elsa. There live on the big screen I to August twenty fours. Thank you again to our community. MVP, the city of Midland Parks and REC division well, that concludes this week's permanent perspective, the story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin a special. Thank you to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian perspective. We really appreciate the partnership and of course to our guest today Dr Richard Bartlett for shedding light on a treatment for covid nineteen. My modest dream big believe in yourself and never give up. You make it a great day. Hey everybody Alex here with the events on deck, so do current circumstances. Of course we are not able to have any in person events, so I've nothing of that nature update you guys on, but we have been hosting some events, so obgyn is wanting to offer free webinars live happy hours, etc. During this time since these events are not scheduled out as far in advance as in person events, we would like to keep you guys updated. Updated the facebook linked in and twitter, so be sure to keep checking off on that and we'll keep you guys posted on anything we're offering. It has been free. We WanNA offer. You guys value during the time that we're all at home, so please continue checking in and joining us for these virtual events. We are looking forward to seeing you guys whenever we're able to have in person event and hope you're staying safe and sound. Tune in next week for another episode of premium perspective, a production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot obgyn dot com.

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Jerry Morales on Permian Perspective- PP030

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Jerry Morales on Permian Perspective- PP030

"The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista a skinny. Today's show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner honor and more efficient for people and the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode so nice to be spending this time with you and it's so nice to welcome our guest today. I'm sitting here in Midland Texas Texas with the mayor of Midland Texas and business owner. Jerry Morales Jerry. Thanks so much for being here. Thank you Chris. Hello how're you doing. Hello out there. I'm doing great so nice to have view here and so fun. We've interviewed on TV for several years. Now this is our first podcast so excited technology. I know isn't it great twenty-first-century so it was great and I can't wait to hear your story. You have such an amazing story and so we're going to get into that in just a second. But first I want to thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends family colleagues we have listeners listeners now all over the world and of course right here in the Permian Basin and I really appreciate each and every one of you. I also would like to ask everyone to help our show out by taking a few minutes to leave a review on I tunes. I cannot thank you enough for doing this. We're appreciative of the reviews that we've received so far like this five star review from Srinivas US in Austin Texas Service said each Monday. It's refreshing to await the permian perspective learning all about. Who's WHO and the details? I want to visit Midland one day. Krista is a pleasure to hear keep it going especially with new startups so thank you so much for Nevis for that kind kind review. We appreciate Shit you and it's so easy you just go to. itunes go to permit perspective and click the five star review to thank. You headed time okay. It's time to learn more about Jerry. Morales Jerry thanks again for joining us today. Usually always ask people how did they get to the Permian Basin but I think you were born and raised here so tell us a little bit about your your story. That's right Millan is my hometown and always say. It's been an honor to serve as mayor of my hometown but born and raised here. Mom and dad came. I mean I'm still trying to get the right answer for them. I have not been able to get a good story about how they ended up here. But Mom and dad or mom dad's from San Antonio Imams from the Valley Smith Bill in that area and then mom ended up in Chicago. Dad Kinda followed Chicago and then one of the sisters moved to Midland Texas and then mom came to visit her ended ended up staying. So that's how they made their roots here. I would say that was probably in the fifties and since then millon has been home to almost all of them as family and mom is of course Cillian Philippe. Ah Such beautiful. You have such a wonderful family everyone including your your siblings as well. Just great business people. How did they get started in business here? Here in the oil and gas epicenter of the world. So let's go back to mom and Dad Celje real quickly though the true entrepreneurs and that was kind of rags to through kind of riches story where he I mean self made entrepreneur. He was very good at marketing. And very good at selling he had visions and ideas and then mom was the penny pincher enger and she was very good about financials and always like tell the story. When we opened our restaurant cassette the head of the was the original name my first paycheck? She took took me down to the bank and got me a MISSA checking account and so I think I was fourteen years old and so but anyway Marchmont. I'm telling you smart. So good and tomatoes is read books you know and it was so big about education but financial was really important to her but mom and dad were just entrepreneurs and so I said data could have a vision. He could the market it. Mom You had to put the peels reports together. And they had several several businesses going on at one time dad got into the insurance business and became a health and life insurance salesman top agent for over forty years and together. He's been in that business for fifty years. He retired now and mom always was right there on his side. Just helping with that. MOM had a dream. She's like I want to own a Mexican restaurant. This was back in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy six thousand nine hundred seventy seven. They opened up the Cacique. The head Ardo. Which is our family Mexican restaurant? And I'm happy to say three generations later we're still operating Cossiga head though except I reverse the name and call it had articles casino. I see I did not know that. All these twenty one years. I've been going. They're getting the Best Chili Relleno. I'd never knew that it was originally was foot flopped because now everyone calls it. ANYTHING ANYTHING FROM HARARE'S TO GERARDUS TO JERRY. I've heard that one to Jerry's juries little house and that's what it means because seat that juries little house so and I was asking like what did you name it after me. And not after my brother overt or after Cindy and they're like I don't know God just gave was that name and we went with it and so our logo was the Saint Gerard and he's protected us all these years years so it's been nice he sure. Hasn't I bet your siblings of roused you to over the years to like. Yeah he's got. He's got the restaurant named after him. Favorite child there has been discussing is as you. Well you have you. Do you have a fantastic family and fantastic business here in town. But it's not just one business you have now grown through the years. Let's talk a little bit about how you took. That family owned restaurant and then expanded. So what happened is after I went to Texas Tech and I was studying restaurant management while I was there there was a concept that opened up call heretics and actually they had been in position already but they had a harrison midland came to work one summer and fell in love with their concept and so immediately I went to work for hurricanes and the head about eight concepts at that time. Good Steak House. You know but the training was phenomenal. Their culture as far as yes you know teamwork recipes were homegrown and so everything had to be meticulous. Owners were just very meticulous. Then they decided to get into the tex-mex craze and the open when Lubbock on Fiftieth Street. It was at that time called La Plaza. They're Julio's in a year later because it did so well. tex-mex craze was really exploding. We switched it to Don Pablo's so I stayed with Don Pablo's ten years my family we moved up to Dallas then we moved to Columbus Ohio. In that ten years I grew up the corporate ladder. We took it from one concept of two hundred concepts when I left so I got to learn how to grow a franchise. I learned how to go on the stock market. We got to go to the corona fields. Tomato Goldfield's all of that so at one point they got sold out and said you know it's time to come back home. I got in the Insurance Business With my dad. Said this is not me. I cannot do this dads so. The restaurant was actually empty for a few years. I cashed in my stock and we bought Cacique the head of those from my mom and dad in one thousand nine hundred seventy one thousand nine hundred seven and good for you for knowing what you did not want to do. Because I think that's just as important knowing what you do want to do it because a lot of time you might be in a job and you you think something just doesn't fit here beget we. Don't listen to that voice. So what was it that made you go. Yeah so as I was sitting in that insurance desk and the window was facing the restaurant and as I was looking at the restaurants in Midland I my heart. You're my heart just kept saying you. Will you belong in the restaurant as you liked it. Inter mingle with people every every day you like the challenges you like the ownership and so I think my heart just said we're GONNA do this. We're going to get back into now. I had just got back into Millan and and didn't realize the cyclical environment of the oil and gas in. Everybody remembers eighty eight dollars. A barrel oil in the nineties wasn't much better right. What year was that that you decided added to open ninety seven ninety six ninety seven elsa the late night it was a little rough? It was a little rough KAZAA. Now I see I got here. Ninety eight oil was eight dollars. A Barrel Yup. Yeah so I I think given my heart and my passion was just so strong that it wasn't paying attention to the economic environment but regardless we we established it and I have to admit it with far family was a tough five years. I mean getting back up even though we have been established since one thousand nine hundred. That doesn't mean anything. You're starting fresh fresh and it was a little well you know. They were a few different recipes now. I was able to hire the original cook. My Mom and dad had which was nice and we changed. You know of course a new generation so I took away the four or white walls that they had and I brought in you know back then it was murals and a lot of color festive atmosphere loud music. No carpets you remember they started everything carpets out and he started going to tile floor so we kind of brought this new change in the midland in. It was good but it was not busy busy. So I'm telling you five years we really. We went through that challenge. What was the biggest challenge in? And what did you learn the most during that time. Yes so trying to afford the Labor in a good thing that was a labor market but China Ford it it taxes taxes and then because we had an alcohol permit right from the get go back then it was about two thousand to get started than another two thousand inventory Tori for alcohol. Ten thousand food and supplies so you know after you already spent one hundred thousand trying to get the restaurant ready. Then you had another forty thousand inventory Roy then you had to set another side for payroll taxes and alcohol taxes and you're just going home my goodness what did I get myself into as an entrepreneur but the the smart thing is being able to work in the corporate world we knew how to Penny Pinch. We knew how to do things on our own when you had to go get out there and go hustle for the business and that's what we had to do is just hustle. We catered catered. I remember taking my first catering a year after we opened for five hundred and we were like. Oh my gosh we can do this. We can do this and sure enough. We pulled it off and it was great money and after that we really really just started catering a lot to bring extra income. And you're always there. I I mean I can remember working at the the whole family was always in there working. It's not like you. You just opened the doors and then said all right employees. Good luck. Yes oh I'll tell you so. My wife Meredith she was doing the payroll in. If I wouldn't work shift she was. WE'RE GONNA shift in the oldest son Chris. was there helping bus and we always had them there. But yeah you went on a skeleton crew and we worked seven days a week two shifts a week or all day a so it was tough and I think that's that's living the American dream though it's right and we know that wasn't my first time my first role as far as being in business but cause working for the corporal starting from scratch with that company. It was very interesting when you watch those guys work and so you know it's teamwork but I had a lot of fun by one restaurant that's awesome and you mentioned Chen Chris you now of course work hand in hand with Chris you've expanded. Your restaurant is a little bit about what that was like going from one to three. Yep So one time we actually had Gazeta had articles. We had another head-on Odessa. We had at the call center. The eighteen t colston were feeding seven hundred people a day. We were doing breakfast for some lunch and snacks. We were operating seventeen bendy machines we had the catering company. We opened another concept downtown so we had about five or six concepts going at one time and do this again one of the employees of the building. They took it away from me. Tuesday WanNa Know Desa. They sold the building on me so I lost that one but every time I lost when we would move into something else and I just could never stop and I always had this energy of doing more exciting and then Chris my oldest in chase my middle both fell in love with the industry and they love going on catering's they would be right there helping making tease or or minute tortillas and of course everybody loves the money so they bind and making a few dollars here on the side it was it was always been a family operation and now you have the Mulberry Cafe so today as we have so three years ago there was a concept called the harvest cafe and it was a priscilla and had been in there for a restaurant event and it's a great location for anyone who's not from midland. I mean just a perfect locations there next to Joe James Salon and also Carter's furniture exactly and so the lady that owned it. She did a phenomenal. Job is on when you walked in there. You'd like if like you're in tech an in midland you feel like you're in Dallas or Austin. It's true and I told her I said I don't know what it's telling me this but if you ever decide that you want to get out please call me I because I'm very interested in this this concept and so sure enough about a year later got a call from. I'm I think I'm ready to get out. And so my son Chris my oldest son he has joined the business and and we looked at it. And we said we're investing in this. We bought it and we kind of made some changes. We made it more full skill breakfast. And then we're kind of an American bistro with the salads the burgers the flat breads and so we're so good and the tomato. Basil Soup is amazing and it was scary. Was it scary making a switch though because you had been in the Mexican food restaurant space for so long. Yes how is that switch for great great question so never doing breakfast and breakfast is hard and and we were very scared and I let my son go to research how to do breakfast. And he's such a smart and technologies is passion so he he went to one of our provide food providers Cisco in Lubbock and he sat with a chef for a couple of days and they work on them some recipes and he brought back home in. He's the one that created the menu in kind of got all all of that going. So I'm more of the enhance on. I'm like my dad. I love to welcome people. Shake their hands. Make him feel at home. I can pour that coffee. But I'm also the kitchen operated. I love the kitchen so we make a good team and we went through trial and they were just like everybody else. After the first month we had it down and we were ready to go so that mulberry is a great concert when what we loves everything is made from scratch everything. Fresh is always cacique. The head articles. Everything's made from scratch but the more You can really tell you. It doesn't taste like anything you've you taste at what you would consider a chain i. It definitely does have that frontal with them over. It's kind of like a Mexican restaurant. People sit now go like I wanNA taste the chips and salsa to see. This is going to be any good right so ours was coffee. We had to make sure we brought in a very good coffee in hit home so when they took that tastes like all right. We're we're hooked and so it's been fun so today we own to Mowbray's we opened a second mobile location downtown which serves the oil and gas industry there. I mean you're right. That's a great location. That's right we wanted to get all that walking traffic. So you mentioned the only gas so I bought the mulberry in Two Thousand Sixteen when oil had dropped down from hundred dollar oil l.. To thirty the economy got flat and nobody was doing anything I mean it was US opening rig. Id work where they're like. Are you nuts. And so I remember report UH reporters are coming from all over going. Did you just buy this concept when the oil was down. Are you telling US something. Unlike as mayor in when I'm telling you is just like the oil industry. I'm I'm taking a lesson from the bay by they do mergers acquisitions and they buy buy when oil is down because you can get a better price. And that's what happened with us and so we just just kind of wait it out a year and sure enough it came back and here we are Goodbye Goodbye lets you mentioned that. First of all congratulations on on Your Business and being successful and congratulations on being the mayor and City Council for twelve years you've served our communities and you've done an excellent job. Let's let's talk a little bit about some of the highlights that you're the most proud of through those years so again it's how did you. How did you fall into it? That's all we always love to hear up. I think business into politics will had no inclination to be in policy. I didn't know I had a passion for it. So in the drama get so head. artless gets opened up breath. And we're only open a few years and then I had served on at least a dozen nonprofits in the next two or three years. I mean I could never say no and I just I love giving back. I love serving so get call one Christmas party from a good friend of mine. And gra furniture you just had Jose Crevice yes gem Burrito in he calls me goes the jury you are going to run for city council. I go on on that. He goes your way for city. Council building has has just announced. He's not gonNA run. He's GONNA run against Tom Craddock speaker and I said I have. No clue have no clue. I don't know what you're taught me he goes. I'm GONNA help you want to coach you and mentor you. I'm GonNa send you a speech and you're going to announce tomorrow and this is how you're going to do it. So we announced we ran for at large. This was back in two thousand two and we went up against eight major heavyweight city leaders. At that time. We didn't win that election but we were the top money receiver which was something big back then and then we came in third out of two seat feet so we were very proud of our so. We went back to work but what happened was. There's this New Young Hispanic entrepreneur in midland whose aggressive and we need to tap into him so I started to get into some of the bigger things So there was a what they call a type attacks which is our Melinda Vilma Corporation economic tax. Today AAC the city leaders then said we need you to go out there and get us a thousand signatures to put on the ballot on that way we can put it on the ballot so I put a team together and we click that thousand signatures and that's how we type tax today. That was probably my first step into politics so after that I served on that. MDC Board that First Board learned a a lot about the economy of midland ups and downs of the oil and gas industry. What do we need Midlan the small business everything and then my job on? MDC was to do international work. So I got to work with Mexico a lot and his. Oh back then. There was a lot of trade or ports to plains but from there I started to get recruited to more nonprofits but little more heavier foundations bank boards and really got vested into the community very quickly then. I chose to run for city council on my own under again again. My Mentor Jose. So we won that election at large and that was in two thousand eight and that okay and so that's what then began see. I didn't realize there was that big of a year difference between the first time. You're right but obviously that helped you to get you to where you were supposed to go. which was to be here? So so. Then you served on City Council and so two thousand eight to for the next six years served. As an at large the second term went unopposed and it was just a great great. Oh my God just a great feeling to be able to help so during that term the my problem a biggest compliment was helping million Christian expand their campus into the neighborhood it was very controversial because homeowners protect their neighborhoods. I remember that the school needed and they wanna move anywhere else and they were vested in there and put a lot of money so we were able to after after about a long year. Get that program established until that was a big one for the next one was the oil and Gas Ordinance. And that's when we were going to start drilling in the city limits. Let's let's talk a little bit about that. Yeah so mayor boys. Perry was the mayor that time and again I was at large and then Scott Deford believes the at large at that time so we you were very involved in helping to put that ordinance together. We had several large town hall meetings. Who they were so big that we had to move him to at that time? The Milliken Bitch and center hurt and we had public meetings of course with surface owners homebuilders realtors and then of course the hall of the oil industry then came in the State Railroad Commission and so there was just a lot of discussion about setbacks in radiuses in for those that maybe are not familiar with the battle it was because there were oil and gas companies that wanted to drill real within a certain amount of feet correct. Let's grab at the homes. Yeah try and those homeowners were not happy with it. That's right and so so. How did you bring the community together and pass this will again? It was you had to really be passionate to both sides the understand what you were getting ready to create there was an ordinance but he was very old and outdated and not up to the new technology which is not even knew the technology today but we just environmental was probably the issue. You protected no water protecting the air protecting my my neighborhood and wanted to make sure children weren't gonNA get hurt. Then the next part of that was the fencing and landscaping in. But all I can tell you we had to have meetings after meetings and there was a lot of yelling a lot of crying I mean man crying because they will they have been business partners for so long and they were getting mad at each other. Realtors said I've got to build my homes. I gotta make a living but how do we protect the density in you know pipeline. Glad you're going this way and pipelines are going that way. How are you going to allow me to build on the and so you know it was a lot of the emotions involved in but we ended up working it out we we created the first ordinance template? We put it to to test at that time. We city hired an oil and gas coordinator Ron Jenkins. He did a phenomenal job of being able to communicate in making sure you know bring the both groups together and listen to everybody and several years after that as we started to use the ordinance me tell you it was very oh my gosh I was always felt like my watch my back. They're gonNA come after me. Because there were some passionate residents when you started stacking rigs and two neighborhoods leads That became scary. So Oh and then fracking the pits. I'll never get some of those look like big warzone some of those so we started learning how to clean those up. But I'm GonNa tell you one thing. Throughout the years is the oil companies did a phenomenal job of trying to protect. Take care of Midland so if we mentioned something they would correct it lighting the fracking. The drilling I mean it was amazing their technology and how well they improved it and when one thing that I see visually as a community member is the big. I'm I'm all set to sound walls. That are now there that really do make different than those weren't there years ago and so I'm sure you had a role in that too. You mean like compressors were allowed in their diesel. Today they're getting electric. There's soundless generators in fracking. So the Water Aro systems that are portable portable. Now everything has just changed tremendously and again. I applaud the oil and gas industry because everything that we mentioned to him or through Adam Bay worked to improve to protect the citizens and protect our our community in so now so over the last six years tons of cities have asked for our template. And we're very proud of it that they've been able to utilize utilize it. And then the other part is you got to work with the Railroad Commission on the state level. There's a lot of interaction with the railroad. So there's there's a set of policies that the railroad the state level and then at the local level. Let's talk about as mayor so we we talked about some of your highlights a on city council. What are you most proud of as serving for mayor of Midland so in addition to those two things but so last six years I can tell you one thing is getting all of our masterplans updated? Every match plan is updated so we knew that we were going to be a fast fast. Growing city. Never knew that we'd be one of the fastest growing cities in the nation for the last six years so we we created a true comprehensive plan that the city and developer Chris could use used to to really grow midland properly. We always said as a city council. We wanted to make sure that city councils thirty years down the road said that group did a phenomenal job of planning midland. Roads are planned the right way neighborhood. Your plan the right way. The densities plan the right way so I think in the last six years we've done a great job of building out midland roads. There was no reason to invest in roads prior to two thousand eight because there was no activity right so between two thousand eight and two thousand fourteen we did just very little roadwork. We just did the general straight maintenance. There was less than a million dollars invested in our roads per year out of our city budget. I'm leaving office this year. We're now going to put twelve point. Three million gist in our street maintenance budgets as a record history so we have shown that rose who are passionate or air important and the citizens of milk past one hundred million dollar road Bonn under my leadership. I am very proud of that. So we've been addressing almost two hundred million dollars the roads in the last six years and then which I think that people that don't have here don't understand understand right. It's hard to because we've talked about the four key issues that that midlanders are really an ended. Ns all of us the Permian Basin and have been focusing on which of course the roads education healthcare and housing. But if you don't live here I don't know if you quite get Wyatt such a problem that's right it's like like you mentioned in two thousand and eight. We didn't need roads as you know to be. Worked on as much as we do today. We'll to number two. In two thousand fourteen. We added thirteen thousand cars arch to our roadways and then last year we had thirty three thousand more cars to our roadway. That's a lot of cars a lot of cars and then the last five years on our highways around us we've had the highest is talent so that kind of gives you an idea of how busy it is on the roads. The next one is water. You Know Mayor Berry Scott suffered and myself we were the group that worked on the agreement to bring the t bar ranch in and that t bar was bought back in the nineteen. Sixty s under mcgruder. So we put in a four eight mile L. pipeline waterline and are able to bring thirty million gallons of water because we were in drought three restrictions. If you remember so it was coming out of a seven year drought so under my leadership. We bought another ranch called clearwater ranch which gave us another twenty five percent more water about sixty five years of water. So we're leaving midland in good shape with with water and what we need to do next under. The new leadership is go after long long term water supply which is out there and so by that. So what is if you live in the desert waters press and that's probably the one thing you probably get thanked the least four water. I mean just thinking about it I was like wow. I never really thought about that. So thank you for bringing us water. Where do you see in the next ten to fifteen years because I? I know that that Midland is so important to you and I know that you're you're not gonNA stop volunteering. It'll be in a different capacity. Where where do you hope that our community goes well because we know that the per Michelle is one of the most productive sales in the top one or two in the world and keep mentioning technology? Analogy is so advanced with our old companies in just even here locally now a million will continue to be a top producer. I think that the Shell is strong. There's one hundred billion gallons of oil under here. They say there's still much more to be tapped. There's no reason to go all after at one time. So I think you're GONNA see millenial. Desa become the West Texas Metro. Strong Metro like you see in the in the METROPLEX or in Austin or Houston. We're going to be that big. We've seen data tell you that our population in the neck by twenty thirty could hit eight. Eight hundred thousand people between the two cities and then we know we have about twenty counties around us that could get us to that million easily so millan will will be a metropolis. It'll be exciting to watch it grow. The industry is on gas. Industry will always be there. But I think you'll see several different industries coming in so I was so important mixture roads. Water how zing. We've built more houses the medical and education as you alluded to worship that new bond coming play battle playoff yeah. What do you think's going to happen there? I know they're still well there. There there are still some some numbers that are still out there but it has for those of you have been following it. It had passed. It had not passed out his past again. Yeah so why do you think that is so important. And why. Why do you think it's important for the community to come together for? I can just tell you as the leader for the last six years as I talked to these. CEO's the all companies in any new industry moving in or or major business is we talk about education and they bring it up they they know about our education and you know it's not where the level it should be and so it's good to see this bond moving forward but I think what this bomb more than anything is more community unity in communication than ever ever so. Everybody knows the situation with our education. We know about Robin Hood that we're in. We know about the facilities the shape. They're in teacher shortage and everything. That's involved with academics. So I think you're going to start seeing more parents. More people get involved with education because it's such a high ticket item and and you've got so many different parties that are invested in. They care that they're going to start working together. Now that leads me to priority midland. So party millin was an initiative initiative. I started last year and that became because once every few months all of the five tax leaders would meet. We'd have lunch and we would talk about our issue. She so I've come to table and I'd say guys got roads. We got a labor shortage got housing water and I would just talk about it and the school system saying we need teachers but we don't have housing affordable housing the healthcare the hospital say are merging busting at the seams. We need more nurses. We can't do it because we can't get housing. So that host stage would go on and finally the Superintendent said. I wish you guys would have done something two years ago. And that was the final bottom line for me. And I said we're going to do something. And I called my chairman of the Millen Development. Twelve Inc Been Brent Hilliard Brent. We have got to go find fifteen hundred acres two thousand acres and put in housing. We got to put it in a small fire department apartments and it's got to be affordable housing so for example in in the in the city doesn't get into housing or none of the tax. Do but I said we've got to put the five tax. We've got to build houses and apartments for this group only where we can put nurses and teachers and first responders so that was kind of how that whole story started okay and then from there British. I've got a group that we need to talk to was McChrystal group. The macos group is the one that helped win the Iraqi war under General McChrystal. And that's where we are today so today priority Millan addresses. This is the five tax entities in their priorities And how are we going to find solutions to those issues and strategically plan. So that Millon doesn't suffer right and that's the goal. We we know that oil and gas companies are moving here and bringing their their their team members here. We want to give them the best community possible. Because I know no you love Midlands I love Midland. What is it that you love most about it? All the people people are amazing. Even the new people are moving in but growing up here. You know when we're eighty thousand people people you just played in your streets. Everybody did everything together with your neighbor. The churches were strong strong. And I'm a comeback on the churches and strong during this campaign season. There's more churches there's more denomination which is great because out care what it is. Long as you're going and working on your faith with another person and that makes our community stronger so we see so many different nationalities now and they're bringing different cultures but they're amazing people. We we have a Nigerian. We have the Burmese we have Puerto Ricans and I mean they all are amazing cultures until we're all starting to come together and fit in here but we need that workforce force man. We need experience but people making Midland the giving back our nonprofit are foundations mazing again. They'd never seen it like this in any other community community and and of course I might be a little biased but I really have never seen such a philanthropic community that if there is a need and we just saw that not that long ago will the unfortunate tragedy happened with the shooting the giving and just the outpouring of support when when a tragedy hits they come together when we had a teacher shortage problem. This was about three years ago. You saw the nonprofits. The I'm sorry. The foundations come together and put six million dollars to give teachers raises breath breath. I mean that was amazing story. I can tell you being the mayor the fire and police all these oil companies are buying them a best. Buy them the tools they need to protect our community in just to make sure that they're protected and they're safe so it's just examples like that the county has bought firetrucks and ambulances for the city and it goes on and on so this is a very very giving community. People were very giving we take care of each other the entrepreneur spirit. Here's amazing so mill is a land of opportunities. What advice would you give to an entrepreneur coming into our community and with your experience with the number one thing today? I will tell you that there are so many resources out there that you don't have to do it on your your own and because we've seen the oil and gas industry what I love about the oil and gas industry is you'll see these service workers and they've worked for that company companies that Service Company for five years and they've they've grasp it and they read on their own and they can go to the banks and the banks believe in them and support them then they can go to a Millan college cocktail and guilty small business training or the SBC and but there's just a resource everywhere to help you get on your feet and then before you know within two years. They're doing amazing with their company. So Millan is just again i. I've never seen so many opportunities come alive through midland in it's Resources what is the number one business told that has helped you as a business owner and also as mayor through the year so for me in my industry. The restaurants were very sorry. Whether whether it's a large corporation franchise or mom and pop like me. We work together and so like our Permutation Restaurant Association. It's amazing to to help each other. Pick up the phone. Saint you understand this new babies Texas alcohol Beverage Commission Law. You understand this new employment law and so I think for me within your own own industry making sure that you have that culture established and that you rely on help each other in lift each other up so get called all time. I'm out of this shortening or Org can I borrow one of your catering. 'cause we want each other to succeed and we want to protect our industry and be known as friendly restaurant industry. So you know helping each other out one and then in two again. I can't tell you. Within the city of Midland we have formed a collaboration of all the departments. So if Chris asked me a wants to take hate this podcast on another level and get your own standalone building downtown. We want you to come downtown and meet with all of our different departments to figure out the best way that you makes your business fit into that downtown business and how we can save you money. So why would you spend money on this when you could go. This way is what we would offer you. So maybe you suggest if someone is coming into town on an entrepreneur they come in and actually meet with the city. That's right and I that's your eye for any reach out to a city council member or the Planning Department and let us help you get on your on your feet. And then after that after they talked to me and we've gone through their blueprint. I'll say go to college. Go Talk to them about financing or planning business planning or maybe. Odessa has something and so we just have the resources and you know what we have to do it. We have to be sustainable on here. Because we're on our own right and and that is another good point point that a lot of people don't realize how far far away we are from big cities five and a half hours to every major city in Texas. So I'm looking forward as you keep mentioning these things as I go forward into my new chapter just being from behind the scenes and be able to like Jose Cuevas did for me get me in politics. I can't wait to take that new twenty five thirty year old. Who wants take steps into city government or a nonprofit or their own business? It's going to be exciting to help people that really is. That is going to be exciting. What do you want your legacy to be? You know that one is that gave back to my community and really took care. The people that people saw that I did this for our hometown for the people I did. I'm passionate about people succeeding and get. I know the trial and errors that I went through and I don't want people to have to suffer that much. I can help him succeed a little faster. That's what I WANNA WANNA do and and not to be fearful you know like no that there's through prayer and integrity communication and unity that you can succeed seed and that millions a great place to raise a family to do business. I always don't ever stop saying we'RE LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM OUT HERE and a lot of people whenever I get to the interview worldwide reporters. I tell you wouldn't believe the American dreams out here. They're coming alive so true. You mentioned trials and errors and I think it's important. I think we all learn from from our mistakes or failures. I hate to call them that because I really feel like they really just push us forward to be better. Is there one instance that you could. Maybe maybe talk about that. Really kind of helped you may be shaped where you are today so I may get a little personal here but I'm going Barry. Let's get personal. Aw I'm not running for office more so in the last twelve years this politics and I never thought I was in politics but it is politics and it does it. It's it's hard on your family family. And so as I was talking to you now you know like my father going through dementia. Who would ever thought he would have gone through dementia and the impact? That your leader in your family can can no longer walk and talk in his losing his memory and has to go to assisted living. So That's tough on your family and you then you start to worry about your mother and and let me say well. I'm saying all these things you this is while you're trying to be mayor and run your restaurants or Your Business and then NBA Dad and GRANDPA. That's it and so then. Then there comes your son then getting married or goes grandkids. And then there's a son that gets in trouble and you have to go through that trial and error. And then as I mentioned I went through a divorce in in your like. Is God really really. You mean you hear that all the time God is really challenging me. Because you're the face of Midland you're the leader of Midland and one thing that I've never wanted to do was let me Lindau Mike. The citizens of Millen did not ask for this and so it was always important to me that I maintain a very professional image with integrity. That Karima restaurants that had to be run professionally. Because that was a vase midland reporters. Everybody came through our restaurants and then the city council is looking up to you and needed your guidance and so is important. Even though they knew that my trials that I was going through tribulations that they knew that you know what he's still being a leader and he's leading us and so in the hundred and fifty thousand people in Mellon did not it. Just I didn't want to get a black eye ever so in the back of mind I'd just praying and Frayne and even though it was hard sometimes in you're like buckling at the knees. You got to keep moving forward. You can't you can't break now. And so my bill was to be strong to be a leader and represent million because America Erica. The world was watching this because of the permian shell so it was tough. It's been tough like you've done a beautiful job and I think a lot of people would not know that you went through all that if they didn't know you personally personally that you have persevered and all those things just make you stronger and to that to that next phase of life they just you become more mature. You definitely definitely are more understanding of people situations. You're able to give better advice. And so as I go into this nick chapter everything that I've learned in the last twenty years especially in the last twelve. I know I'm going to be able to touch people's lives even more so and that's through the grace of God so what is next. What is the next chapter? Yeah I thought about that. You know I said I'm going to get through the rest of this year and enjoy family enjoy myself and then twenty twenty. I don't I think the first six months focus on the restaurants and no my son so excited to have me back in my daughter-in-law failed a mansion. Ashley is my Donald. She's also in the business. And so I'm I'm excited to work with those two and see how we grow our concept's US make him better. I have employees. have been with me. Twenty Five Twenty fifteen years and I mean a dozen of them fans so it's important that I give back to them so I would say I'm going to focus on that. I do WANNA serve on a state commission. That's one of my big goals. I WANNA get on state commission and then after that probably just take care of my industry and take jerry fantastic antastic. And we haven't even mentioned her and she's so amazing your sister so the I know that she was instrumental and always has been in supporting you. And when you've run for office and and she is just an amazing woman and so I just did not want to go this whole podcast. and not mentioned Cindy because I know she is so important in your life because you are your your your family owned business you also are if anyone has been to your business. They know that Cindy's is right next to yours. All right there together in real quick. So Cindy's a firebaugh. Aw cynicism fireball and you talk about the glue the glue our family and so for her for this mayorship. She knew really. She didn't know where I was going to but she didn't care. She stepped in. Dan took a leadership role and assist or to make sure everything was okay and then my brother-in-law Greg was my treasurer. He works with Sydney. So sending Greg work together and they took Over MOM and dad's insurance company and then no raise my brother. WHO's an attorney in Austin and those are the siblings and then but as a family we we also all support each other? We don't we had this meeting the other day. Our family family means all time and Cindy mom in our talking about my dad and his dementia situation but but what we what what we mentioned is we never fight. We never argue. We never put each other down. We never curse and for each other. It's an amazing relationship. And so when when whenever we do get to a point we just make sure that we picked each other up and Cindy is definitely our glue. And I'm glad you brought her. Okay she deserves all the credit she. I just wanted to give her a shot. I think I think thinks she's just such a lovely lady so I also want to ask you before because we're running out of time. I know it's gone quick. Is there anything coming into this interview that you were like. ooh I hope that the listeners get to know this about me or anything important that you feel you wanNA share. Yeah you know I I think this is probably the most personal I've ever been in six years on a conversation I had reshaped what say reporter and the only reason is is now I know that I don't have a leadership role in even though I I think from behind the scenes all have a strong leadership ship role but I think it's now it's time to get personal until people what I went through and how hard we had to work for six years because we were one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and I mean fast and with that going on there was family challenges. There was restaurant challenge business challenges. And it's not an easy role but you know what we can and do it. We can help each other so for me to be able to share. That feels good and exciting. Because I know there's people out there that are struggling. I know people out there that on top of the world and doing great but sometimes they just need to know that there's somebody else out there going through the same issues in challenges in so we just got to have support each other even help each other out again. That's the community that we live in. Do you have a favorite quote or Bible verse that maybe got you through this time. I probably do but I don't know what it is. No going to answer that. That's okay that's all right. I know I was your personal. I thought okay. Let's just keep going. Well I really appreciate you sharing this time with us. It has been so wonderful hurtful to hear more about how you got to where you are. And just and I think it's always important to know that you're not alone and with struggles in the up and down in the gas business and and just life and family in general because it's not easy but if you just you know just hold on and keep keep going keep on keeping on just believe I believe and believe that it's all it's all going to work out. It's right and on behalf of the community. I want to thank you for your service because I know the last twelve years you've put your heart and soul into midland and I think a lot of people don't realize what really goes into that and so thank you on behalf of sand you and all of Y'all there's so many servants out here in your one example. Your husband is a great example but to the leadership council and all the tech. There's you're right when you put your face on that leadership it's tough and Kudos goes to them absolutely if anyone wants to reach out to you or find you. I know you're on social media. Let's let everybody know where the restaurants are and also that way we can support you as you go for the commit. The commission you said we'll see I'm going to try to look for a state commission. I talked to Tom Credits Bureaucratic and I said I'm like didn't he sent me a list. So I'm going to go through it and see what I do. They're very good. Yeah so head of this Cossiga where twenty four o seven North Bickering Street and again. We're on facebook so definitely go to facebook facebook find us and then there's the Mulberry Cafe on one Lee Street twenty-one westwardly street and then we have the downtown location in the best way to found the Mulberry Downtown Location is inside the Frost Bank building on Wall Street. So please check out one of our locations as I mentioned earlier in the discussion. And everything's fresh we're family owned and we really work on that you know service it's GonNa get better now that I'm back Jerry. Thank you so much. We appreciate you spending this time with us. And of course all you've done for the permanent base and so they do honor thank you. It's now time to announce today's community. MVP and our community MVP is three eleven ministries industries under the direction of the Amazing Stephanie. Will banks and hundreds of volunteers. Three eleven helps children and families by making their Christmas brighter last year. Three eleven eleven provided a full Christmas package to one thousand eight hundred twenty seven children. But it's more than that. Three eleven a nonprofit with a total of six programs that help children children in our community. They couldn't do without volunteers. So few would like to volunteer. Or more information on how you can donate go to three eleven ministries dot org a special thanks to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective Baker Hughes as you know recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand as an energy technology company company. They are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet. And that's it another special. Thank you to mayor. Jerry Morales for sharing with us today. Today we really appreciate his time and his knowledge and just his honesty and openness with us today and this concludes our episode of Permian Perspective. The story behind behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin so just remember my motto dream. Big believe in yourself and never give up you make it a great day. Hey guys here with the events on December we'll be having to OBGYN happy hours to kick off. Twenty twenty one will be in January in Houston we have not announce a date yet. But we'll get back with you guys soon on that and we will be having our first happy hour in Pittsburgh in February twenty twenty also with the date coming soon so stay tuned on those upcoming events include the bells of Houston a masquerade unmasking the stigma of PTSD this will take place on December fifth in Houston the Latin America oil and gas summit is December fifth and six in Uruguay the API energy. Houston Houston chapter. General Meeting will be held on December eleventh. Two Thousand Nineteen in Huston. The wildcatters ball is taking place on February seventh twenty twenty twenty in Houston and lastly the IP A leaders industry luncheon will be held on December eleventh in Houston. That's all the events events for this month. Guys be sure to tune in at the beginning of January to see what's happening Ben tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective breath production of the oil and gas global network learn more at W._W._W.. Dot O._B._G._Y._N. DOT COM.

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