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Monitor Show 16:00 08-24-2023 16:00

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Monitor Show 16:00 08-24-2023 16:00

"In the market, but you're not seeing it turn the S &P or even the socks in the way you want it. In fact, you're seeing just the opposite. Now, this could just be a one day move, right? But let's see what this one day means for investors as they think about their AI bets moving forward. Right. Or it could be a resumption of the previous three weeks in which there was a lot of weakness for the big winners, notably the big tech names. And of course, as we head into a seasonally weak period, there's a lot of questions about whether this is just kind of a precursor of what's to come. There you have the closing bells and it is read across the screen here. And we're pretty much at session lows for the major indexes. The S &P losing ground here by one point four percent. The Dow Industrial is losing one point one percent. The Nasdaq, the big loser of the day in terms of percentage of decline, one point nine percent loss. And the Russell 2000 small cap companies losing about one and a quarter percent. All right. Well, let's get a check on some of that. We're into it is doing in the after hours right now, having a little trouble pulling it up. But it is a reminder that earnings season is by no means over at this point. Guys, we're still getting plenty of companies reporting, including Splunk yesterday and into it right now. The company is saying that it sees fourth quarter adjusted earnings per share of a dollar sixty five, beating estimates of a dollar forty six. The company is seeing first quarter adjusted EPS of one dollar ninety four cents to two dollars. So that's within the range of estimates. That was one dollar ninety seven cents in the after hours. It is not moving. Fourth quarter net revenue coming in at two point seven billion dollars. That did beat estimates of two point six five billion dollars, moving a little lower unchanged in the after hours. Yeah. Stock is up on the year. It's up about twenty eight percent. So again, maybe in this environment, investors expect a little bit more. Talking about the outlook. Twenty twenty four revenue of fifteen point eight nine billion to sixteen point eleven billion. The estimate is fifteen point nine six billion. So it does look like it's giving some upside in terms of that.

One Point Two Dollars One Dollar Yesterday Seven Billion Dollars About Twenty Eight Percent First Quarter Sixteen Point One Day Nasdaq Dow Industrial One Percent Nine Percent Splunk Fourth Quarter Ninety Four Cents Four Percent Ninety Seven Cents Fifteen Point Nine Six Billion Eleven Billion