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"spice girls group" Discussed on The Mortified Podcast

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"spice girls group" Discussed on The Mortified Podcast

"To zero can attest nobody loves the school paper. More than Andrea Zuckerman. We are talking long hours. Major deadlines and Total Commitment. Still interested. I know but that's what it takes to do what we do around here. So if you're not willing to make the sacrifices to understand which begs the question are student. Newspaper editors actually serious in real life. Finding come through. There was not a newspaper. It mattered as a sophomore in the early nineteen nineties. Melissa became one of the youngest editors ever of her high school newspaper an opportunity. She did not embrace casually. I made business cards stationery. I don't want to sound like I was taking power but definitely made me feel important back then. Seeing your name published somewhere was huge. I mean this was pre internet right. Holy Crap bears my. That's my writing are Gonna read this and fell magical and like all those student journalists. You've seen in books and TV and movies. Melissa lived and breathed a student newspaper no matter the risk and distinctly remember when somebody had been on an athletic team that was like. Hey you know. Our team won the State Championship. And you guys put it on. Like the last page of the newspaper. It should be on the front page. This is crap and literally proceeds to crumple it up and toss it in the trash bin. This would probably be a good time to tell you that. The athlete Played Water Polo and intense contact sport known for towering figures. Meanwhile Melissa was an academic type. Who might confrontation at all? But I also I mean this is my baby. I was outraged and sent to the initially horror and later the author of my Spanish teacher. I said excuse me I'm going to need to do this. I got it back. Up Out of the trash is moved it out and gave him a tongue lashing and I said listen. That's a great accomplishment. But you know what s sports and that's where you're being covered great article if you take the time to read it But that's not the AIDS is important but it's not everything and what we do. Is We cover everything? And how dare you showdown in Sixth Hour Spanish? Now if you're thinking Melissa was a total bad ass when it came to defending journalism you're right and like any teenage bad ass. Sometimes bullets skipped class but unlike most teenage bad asses. She didn't go to the arcade. I stayed in school and worked on the newspaper. Yes Melissa skipped school to attend more school. Top that Zuckerman. He had that line out. Would you like an thing? Halacha privilege like I something important from PX and radio. Toby this is the mortified podcast. I'm Dave in today on the show because everyone is so glued to watching and reading the news right now. We couldn't help but think what goes into actually making the news tales of kids. Who were convinced they could be offer. Steve Boss? Jerry Girard Roberto. Toronto Action Newsday the next great local news anchor. Hi I'm bligh growing up in Washington. Dc area the world has always revolved around the news for me and so did my life in a way my dad was a cameraman for ABC CNN and he has actually met and interviewed every president since Reagan. Some kids know. They want to be in the news from a very young age years before the Highschool newspaper and years before they even know really what is newsworthy. For girl named Bligh her love the news came from emulating her dad. I thought his job was so cool so we watched a lot of news sir watching the news probably when I was four or five because we always used to wait to watch the credits to see my dad's name at the end. She's a presentation with W ABC TV. New It was enough for him to sit behind a camera and watch these people than it was something that I wanted to be a part of two so by age six I started honing. My journalism craft in my journals. I pretended to be who I considered to be. The most powerful journalist I knew Katie couric Katie couric was a legitimate journalist with wispy bangs and Perky wit the picture of Real News Hi. I'm Katie. Couric on NBC. A very heartbreaking story today this giant carrot just won't stop. The police have been trying to catch it for weeks. They have been looking everywhere in people's cars houses and even people's Mouths. They even dissected rabbit. If you'd like to help here's some things you need to know. One twenty feet tall and size eight shoe to is often found at carrot parties three lakes orange. I'm Katie couric until next time. Keep Your eyes on NBC. October second? I mean this just in. I got abducted by aliens and they sucked me up. I believe then they are going to boil my head and acid superman will come and rescue me and everybody will be happy but will he stay tuned. I covered a lot of news stories as Katie couric from giant carrots to celebrities. Spice break-up no one can believe it but ginger spice has left the Spice Girls Group. Ginger told people she left because she had had enough fame for one person. But that's not the real reason ginger left because she had a fight with baby spice but why there is no reason because she never had a fight with baby. She had a fight with scary space because ginger wanted to be the leader of the spice. Girls Ginger is what books call white trash from England? Hi this is Katie couric here. Digging up old things and Mexico. So far I have found three baskets for pots and five tools. I have even done research on them. Do you want me to tell you about it. Okay I we found the baskets and lots of the baskets were woven and dipped into paint to look good. We also found tools to dig up gems gems though. I also like to put myself in other people's shoes like a good journalist should sometimes not people's shoes though. Sometimes animals shoes here is a story based on the observations of Turkey. Turkey confessional by both. I should have known they have been feeding me too much. Thanksgiving is coming up as you can see. I am a Turkey and I and I know I am going to be eaten here. The Robinson's got me when I was a baby so they could not eat me but this year they have been giving me a lot to eat and I am scared. I'm going to end up on their table. I tried everything I have gone on a diet. I have gotten those slimfast things with which tastes like something died. I even got a Nordic Track Ono. Here they come. They did not eat me. They made me into a pilgrim decoration. Instead the end the moral is never say something until you know it's going to happen. I wrote fake news stories for about five years because it felt like something you could write in a journal that deviated from the regular woe is me actually right before. I started writing my journalist. Katie couric where? My Dad stayed at home with us because he had gotten laid off from one of his jobs and he had a camera because he had a few of them and he used to let me make videos at home videos where I am absolutely giving a fake news report. I felt really proud of him for what he did. And being able to pretend to be Katie couric was like somehow kind of paying homage to like my dad and his world. My last Katy Kirk report that I have is very. Meta moment where she was actually reporting about me. Hi I'm Katie couric today. We went to Saint Peter's score. I met a great student who is going to change the world. Her name is vote. She wants to be her school president. She will win. But for now all I have to say is I'm Katie couric. Thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you tomorrow night..

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