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"spencer gaines" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Sports Time now with B K. And How about those ABS? Let's start there. Yeah. How about those ABS They didn't want to leave anything to chance is they faced elimination down 31 in their second round. Siri's to the stars in Colorado with a resounding sixthree victory to stave off elimination and force a game six. The Avalanche scored that avalanche of goals if you will in the first period, putting five shots in the back of the net. Four of those came in two minutes and 36 seconds. Both franchise records as you'd expect that kosher Bednarz pleased with the team's effort. Just agreed human being and we're pretty confident going in that if we tried that way we could play that I could have a night for us, and he did. I couldn't be more happy for the team's third goalie Michael Hutchinson made his first career playoff start and stop 31 of Dallas is 34 shots. Under Blue Kurowski scored twice once in the first. The other four first period. Goals came from Pierre and Ward Bell marred Nathan MacKinnon, Nasim Qadri and Mikko Rantanen. The absent Stars will skate in Game six. Tomorrow night at Roger's Place in Edmonton. Puck Drop six o'clock, the Nuggets look to become just a 12 team in N BA history to win a Siri's. After trailing three games to one tonight in the NBA's bubble, they tipped off Game seven with the Jazz at 6 30 from Orlando. Iraqis were blank six Nothing by the Padres last night, of course field to drop their serious three games, the one rock skipper, but Black knows his team has work to do. You're not well. Spencer Gaines and offensively were obviously we're not alone. So Drugs will to bounce back tonight when they welcome the Giants for the first two games. Our coverage on K O in the free I. Heart radio APP starts at six first pitch from 23 Blake comes your way at 6 40. Broncos held their final training camp practice of 2020 will continue with the regular preseason practice here the rest of the week. They have tto have their final 53 man roster set by Saturday at two. That's more some grainy, crystalline Cassini's radio, The Broncos buffs and Rocky's Thanks 5.

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