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"speier bro" Discussed on PodcastDetroit.com

"Streamers for you during your entrance. None of the fans will well. What other damage. Even if this was a five star match in the tokyo dome baby l. Yeah all right. Well that's as good. A place to start is meant as any like we said you know. Derek is lifelong fan of this. Just like i am There's plenty of shit it's going on in the world pro wrestling First of all roman reigns vs goldberg. Do you really want to see it. Why not. I don't wanna see it for the same reason. Nobody wants to see it. I don't i everybody doesn't want to see. It doesn't want to see it for the same reason. I don't wanna see who's got the better. Speier bro yeah. No i don't give a shit about that. That's bullshit first of all. Edge has the better sphere if we want to talk about that but I'll say at the concept of roman needing to do more underhanded things you know just to kind of bolster his resume right you know. He is now in the ultimate he'll phase of his career and in the wwe. He's the biggest bad guy. he's the end boss. He has been well established over the last couple of months in in like in a way i never even thought was possible. We have always kicked around ideas about the he'll roman reigns and this has been better than we could have even imagined. I mean his the way. Never think they'd put paul heyman with them. No no and i mean i i guarantee you at one point when we were just bullshitting and throwing ideas out there. That was an idea we had that we never would have thought happened in a million years. You know it's it's a great concept. And i think even retiring goldberg and having him do it is a great move. So like that's where i'm conflicted. I don't wanna see the match but the story telling and the thing that it would do for romans career it..

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