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July 14  Hour 1  Ford Employee Boycott | Economist Michael Busler on Stimulus

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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July 14 Hour 1 Ford Employee Boycott | Economist Michael Busler on Stimulus

"Wake Up. It's time for mornings with Gail on thirteen ten KFI. Well Ford continuing to grab headlines As. Ford CEO Jack Package or Jim Hackett I should say rejected employees calls just recently to get out of the police car business. Employers were saying hey, we can't support black lives matters if we're making police cars. Okay now. That's a stretch six. Oh, eight, now thirteen ten KFI, thirteen ten K. F. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios, but Yeah Jim Hackett saying no. We're going to continue to make police cars. Incidentally Ford sells the majority of police cars across the country and CNN for whatever their motivation may have been very graciously, pointing out that the police car that George Floyd was lying next to when he killed. Was Ford. Would you tell me what that has to do with anything whatsoever? But I said they continued to grab headlines this as that twenty twenty one Ford Bronco Suv was revealed with Retro Styling and off Road Tech Yeah, the Ford Bronco is back again. They were actually taking reservations on their website. You can put down a deposit I. Believe it was like one hundred bucks or something, and it would link you to a dealer so that you could reserve your. Your twenty, twenty, one four Bronco while the response was so great, the website actually crashed for a while, but three years after Ford announced that it was on the way. The Reborn Bronco has well arrived. The mid size suv unveiled just night was developed as a direct competitor for the Jeep Wrangler with styling inspired by the original nineteen sixty six bronco body on frame construction standard four. Four wheel drive and a removable roof and doors smaller broncos sport crossover will join it in showrooms as part of a new Bronco sub brand of Ford is according to a piece of by Gary Gas Lou Fox News Twenty twenty one bronco will be built alongside the Ford Ranger pickup in Michigan and share. It's two hundred and seventy horsepower. Two point three liter turbocharged four cylinder Ford. Ford F one fifty s two point seven liter turbocharged V six is optional rated at three hundred ten horsepower and four hundred a pound of Torque both engines are offered with a ten speed automatic transition, but the four cylinder can also be matched to a seven speed manual with an ultra low crawler. This is for gear heads this morning. A crawler gear for extreme off roading now. Two. Door and four door models will be available with tons of accessories across six trim and equipment levels, starting at two, thousand, nine, nine, nine, hundred, five plus a limited production top of the line I can now unlike the wrangler. The Bronco has an independent front suspension that Ford maintains his better for high speed desert, running on road refinement than the wrangler solid axle, but can still boulder with the best of two four. Four by four systems with two speed transfer cases are offered across the lineup, the upgrade version, adding a full four by four setting several suspension configurations indeed are available including a Saas Watch package that delivers the most off road capability. Thanks in part to its thirty five inch tires on a stabiliser bar that can be disconnected when the Bronco is already at an angle and automatically reconnects speeds increase with this setup, the Bronco. Bronco has eleven point six inches of ground clearance can Ford thirty three point five inches of water that's amazing and has best in class approach, departure and break over angles offer attack includes a selection of Seven so-called goat, driving modes greatest of all time which calibrate the drive train for different surfaces and play off. The original broncos claim to be able to go over all to rain. There's also a low speed cruise control. Control for rock crawling. Four by four turn assists, that uses the inside rear brakes to help it make sharper turns on loose surfaces and rather unique one pedal, driving system that applies the brakes, says you ease up on the throttle so well. You don't have to use both feet to negotiate tricky terrain. It pretty much thought of everything for four. It actually designed the first Bronco in twenty five years to be configure. customizable with parts like bumpers, fender flares engineer to be easily removable and frameworks, less doors that are compact enough to pack into the trunk in storage bags to hoops on top defenders serve, both as corner sites and tie-down points for roof, mounted cargo or limb risers. A swing out tailgate is complemented by slide out tray. Oh, that can also conveniently be used as a table or if you prefer as a seat. When the hard or soft top is removed, the cabinet is entirely open to the sky, and of course, the elements Bronco doesn't have a crossbar connecting the roof rails behind the driver's seat, but it does have waterproof sit, switchgear, available, water, resistant, marine grade, upholstery, and rubber flooring with drain plugs. They thought of everything. High End models feature a twelve in central display while the top of the Dashboard has reports and attachment points for Iraq that can be used to mount mobile electronic devices, and of course you need to go pro. The action cameras a three sixty degree camera system with bird's eye and front views, vailable and Ford's co-pilot, three sixty driver suite of driver AIDS offers blind spot, monitoring and automatic emergency breaking well, no not adaptive cruise control, all Broncos have over the air software update capability that can be used to add features and troubleshoot issues with all vehicle systems, and let's say all systems weren't so much go last night as was accepting reservations for the Bronco with a one hundred dollar deposit and the reaction. The response was robust as so many people jumped online to put down that one hundred dollar deposit on the re imagined Ford Bronco that it actually. Crashed the website six fifteen, now thirteen ten. KFI, k. a thirteen ten KFI A dot com mornings with Gail. Live and local from the Auto Collision Specialists Studios this time tech sponsored by caring hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand, one where patient care always comes first nine, seventy, three, seventy, eight, four, zero, nine or carrying hearts, H H, dot com. Thirteen ten KFI preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. This is mornings with gail thirteen ten KFI. The Dan Patrick Show is on the way at nine. Good News rockies fans this as Rockies outfielder. Charlie blackmon returns to the team actually returned yesterday after a bout with Corona. Virus Six, twenty, one now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten, KFI K. A. DOT COM northern. Colorado's voice mornings week AOL. The auto collision specialist studios working for peace out of nine news by Will Peterson Colorado Rockies outfielder. Charlie blackmon returned the chorus field on Monday again three weeks after testing positive for Covid nineteen, the team had been working out without him as they prepare for that sixty. Sixty game season got a big boost to with a healthy Blackman back in the building back out on the field the all. Star outfielder said he's had ultrasounds and x rays done on his lungs and heart, and yes, he has indeed been cleared to play. I feel Great Blackman said on a conference call just yesterday afternoon. I felt that way for at least a couple of weeks now I had a day and a half of symptoms and after that I started feeling much better I wanna be ready for day. That's a pretty short period of time to get ready for Major League Baseball, but I'll do my best. That's the spirit Charlie. Blackmon said he never considered opting out of the season, but of course he needed to be cleared by doctors before he could return when asked about his experience with the virus Blackman. Plenty of details has symptoms. He said where what he would consider. Mild flu symptoms. He said he had a headache. I had a bit of a cough and then had some Bach Body. Eight says well I just felt Kinda sick, but it only lasted for about thirty six hours and I would consider it pretty mild. Compared to the flu, I had a couple of years ago Blackman went on to say I'm lucky. Lucky that my cove experience was not nearly as severe as many others are I know that it does affect everybody a little differently, but I would consider the symptoms that I've felt to be mild while the rockies have been back at chorus field now for more than a week Blackman was thrilled to join them on Monday. The isolation was starting to take its toll as it has on so many of us. I'm very happy to be back. He said it's just nice to walk through the Locker Room. See your buddies see your teammates. These are people you spend so much time with normally this time of year and people that I really enjoy being around. It's just nice to get back I was getting kind of bored. They're sitting in the basement in quarantine by myself. So with health and safety protocols in place including no high fives among players know spitting by the way Blackman said he's happy with the measures being taken, he also feels like he's quote. Out of the woods. Close quote when it comes to the virus. Honestly he said I feel like I'm the least at risk person in the. The building right now I've gotten over the virus with my antibodies that I've created now. I'm healthy and I. Don't expect to be at risk and I. Don't expect to be risking other people's health for the rest of the season. Blackman noted he'd be open to being the team's designated hitter to start the season and not play in the field if his body still needs more time to get into game shape of course Colorado opens in Texas against the Rangers on July twenty fourth but Yup Charlie Blackmon back in the game six, twenty, five, now thirteen, ten, Kfi a thirteen ten KFI, a dot com northern Colorado's voice well, still waiting to hear, we had quite the robust conversation yesterday morning. Talking about the fact that the offended me, says Oh, and there are many of them well. Finally, wearing down the Washington redskins. It was widely anticipated that the Washington redskins were going to announce that they were dropping the redskins and be the Washington. Whatever's are the Washington? Who Do you calls? The Washington widgets knows yet, but it was crickets from the Washington. redskins organization loved a couple of your posts on my facebook page because. Many of you took the same tack that I did finding jest a little bit preposterous, a little bit presumptuous that well. Let's just say. There is a guilty component of liberals out there that. Know Better. They know everything now, don't they? Yes, and they will make their voices heard this as I went through. Numerous surveys that were done with native Americans that found that nine out of ten native Americans have absolutely no issue whatsoever, no problem at all. They don't find it offensive. They don't find it as a racial slur, an ethnic slur, but the word Redskins, but the amazing thing is no that doesn't. Doesn't slow. The role of the nanny state is out there who know better than they do no better than native Americans and are just highly highly offended by the Redskins name, and of course you had redskins merchandise being pulled across the board and I can't help. Think what it really came down because you remember the redskins owners. When he was asked this, I believe it was back in May. He basically said We'll change Washington redskins name like never adding you can put that in all caps. Never well I guess never has arrived because well. It looks as though it's going to cost them a lot of money if they don't fold to the outrage, the Pearl clutching mob, but your thoughts this morning as we still await the name change, and of course was asking you yesterday. While what should the name be got? Some funding responses on that I kind of like the Washington widgets myself. Mica Kilpatrick came up with the Washington Congress. We had the Washington. Senators, the. Washington red tails. That was kind of interesting, because that is paying homage to the. Airman again interested in your thoughts as we await that announcement, because once again we got nothing but crickets yesterday from the Washington Redskins, any thoughts, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. You can also drop me a text on art. Thirteen ten KFI text line I. I'm using it is in to do just text KPFK two, three, one, nine, nine six, and then you can just text away to your heart's content all right so begging. The question would a second round of stimulus. Help the economy, or is it actually time to start the big government funny money printing press doctor Michael. Butler is a public policy analyst economics, expert and Answer at Stockton University in New Jersey. He's got a little something something to say about that and then speaking of the Os so. Energetic, cancel culture, and well they're rather feisty movement to shut down all conversation that doesn't fit their politically correct narrative have heard of Goya. The goya a boycott because you had the CEO of Goya, actually having Oh the Jassim. To say something good about President, trump guess what he did the same thing when he was invited to the White House when President Obama was in office. Funny, how that didn't ruffle any feathers well, the cancel cancel. Culture movement is striking back this as the. By Kat as opposed to the GOYA boycott begins in support of local food. Banks will have all the information all the details. If you WANNA get engaged involved in that effort, so take that offended. Niece does six thirty now thirteen ten KFI KFI. Holes sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI, k.. Tune into the hall show at noon, and no co now at four pack to mornings with Kale Northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten k. f. k.. Well president trump pushing a second round of covid nineteen stimulus paste a payments. And You've got any number of a top economists I believe. the numbers around one hundred and fifty six, saying that the second stimulus. Checks should be recurring and direct this as the Treasury sent one point four billion dollars in stimulus payments. To Dead People Yeah I kid you not, and they knew they were doing it six thirty, seven, now, thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen ten KFI K. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings, so gail via the auto collision specialist studios all right, but is it time to stop the Big Government Funny Money Printing Press Professor Michael Butler is a public policy analyst economics expert and a professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey. Dr Bessler welcome back to the show. Good Morning Gayle my pleasure to be here. Thanks for having me man. It's my pleasure to talk with you once again. All right, so let's talk stimulus. The second wave of stimulus still boggles my mind that we send so much money to dead people. Yeah. Yeah so Here's here's what happened, so the economy was doing well early this year. The virus it we had to shut everything down plunged into deep but short recession. To get to make sure the recession was short and to try to stimulate the recovery as much as possible. The federal government passed a series of stimulus bill. Which essentially spent about three trillion dollars. Where did the money go? every adult virtually every adult who pay taxes last year or the year before got a twelve hundred dollar check family of four was thirty four hundred dollars. Webby were negatively impacted by the virus or not. You got the money from. Anybody would unemployed whatever their unemployment compensation check was from their state six hundred dollars. A week was added to that that resulted in more than two thirds of the unemployed people actually. Actually making more money being unemployed when they were working, but nonetheless they had plenty of money that spanned the loan program the small business What's could turn into a grant in most cases does ends up keeping as many businesses going as as possible, so there's a whole lot of stimulus already passed How has that worked well? The recession probably ended in the at the end of April in, May. the economy added two point eight million jobs. That's a record for any month. In addition, retail sales increased eighteen percent in May in addition, total consumer spending, which is retail sales, and some other things increased eight percent in May. Those are all records, so it looks like the economy started coming back strongly. We don't have a lot of data. Yet, but what we do have is the economy added four point eight million jobs in the month of June again, indicating the recovery has started. And we'll see what happens a lot of variables here. especially with the spike in cases right, I wanted to ask you about that. Because California imposing just yesterday new restrictions immediate hall to indoor activities, restaurants, bars, museums, zoos and movie theaters Democratic Governor Gavin. newsom said that The Los Angeles Unified School district. This is the nation's second largest after New York. York it would start the school year. Online organ, banning most indoor social gatherings of a more than a ten people governor Kate Brown Democrat said Monday. The state would require people to wear mass outside when they can't properly social distance I mean it seems as though many states. Florida Michigan Arizona Texas are basically drawing back on their efforts to reopen the economy. Yeah and that's certainly going to slow down what? Could be what looks like. It's going to be v-shaped recovery at least that put the data from May and June on a show. Now it looks like there's a second wave of the. Virus and all those states are pulling back on their opening plans, and that's going to slow things down a little bit I don't think another round of stimulus is needed at this point. It may be in the future, but I would hold off a little bit and here's the reason why. Cryer to the virus sitting the federal budget would have been one trillion dollars in deficit spending. What going dollars more and more taking in? We just spent another three trillion dollars so now the deficit is up. Four trillion plus tax revenue will go down to the economy. Shut out so long, so we're looking at probably worn half trillion dollar deficit this year. That's three times the record that was set back in twenty eleven of one point four trillion, so, is that a a big problem well? There is no mechanism in place the ever. Money back in other words, we borrow the money we sell bar. To do that. We pay interest on the bonds and the bonds come there. We can't pay them back, so we roll over the debt. We sell more new bonds to pay back bills kick the CAN chickens. The can down the proverbial road, saddling our kids and their kids and their kids with the debt. Exactly, so how much of a problem isn't so before this year? Total public debt was twenty three trillion dollars. We're going to add at least four trillion to that. This year gets it up to twenty seven. Is that a problem? Most economists will say if the public debt is less than one years GDP. You're okay if it gets more than one year EDP at starts to become a heavy burden, GDP is. Is only going to be in the twenty twenty one trillion dollar range this year. We're already up to twenty three and the deficit plus this year, so the deficit is going to be a problem. We're going to have to deal with and the public debt adding more to the deficit right now when it may not be needed I don't think is a very good idea. No, it's I mean it it. Once again and you referenced this when it came to those unemployment checks, be careful what you wish for. It's the law of unanticipated consequences because it affected a small business, particularly bars and restaurants many states. Bars and restaurants getting kit again with the second wave of shutdowns of closures and affecting a those employees particularly of restaurants and bars that said No. I'm just going to sit on the couch and collect the money, but the question is. Is You very cogently? Point out I mean. How can we keep just printing funny money? Answer is. We can't keep doing that at some point, this is really gonNA turn into a problem. A most economists will tell you if we continue to print money, you don't have and continue. Spend money rather that you don't have in your finance. Just by printing, you will end up with a very severe inflationary problem had some at some, and that's what the fear is the other thing the government keeps borrowing all this money that they pull out of money and capital markets less available for business, so business could get crowded out. That could create a capital shortage for them, and that too will slow down economic activity. So, where do you see all this going professor bustling? So, what I see right now from a fiscal standpoint, I wouldn't spend any more money. Let's see how things play out the month of May Look Great. Retail sales were up. Jobs merch the month of June the data. We have some looks good that we. We understand that July things are starting to slow down a little bit, but let's see what the impact of that is. We're talking primarily hospitality industry that WHO's been clobbered by the by the way. Getting hit again, but other sectors of the economy. Particularly the manufacturing sector is recovering now, so let's see whether this other stimulus is needed before we go ahead and pass another one to three trillion dollars that we don't have. Very well said. How does this affect of that v-shape recovery? I still think it's a V. shape. The V it's just not quite as steep so it'll be a little less of A. As time time goes forward, but I still very positive about the recovery out. Things are going and again I wouldn't create any more deficit spending until we see how this first round played out. covid nineteen. The response to it throughout many states as I made the point earlier. particularly those that are led by Democrats well. I don't want to necessarily go political here, but it seems to me that many democratic governors have gone that route. It is an election year. It certainly is in I you. would. That politics would dot come into play? With something as serious as the recession is, and the number of people have been affected. However, politics does come into clay and the politicians on both sides have to be concerned are concerned with what's going to happen and November and I think that's driving a lot of their thinking people that are pushing the stimulus it in the short term. It will have very positive effects. We'll get the economy going again. People are GonNa have more money to spend they're. They're going to feel better so short term. It makes sense and if you're looking at it, November election. That's the reason why they're pushing this. But if you're looking a little bit longer term or never going to get out of the deficit and debt problem. If you continue to spend money, we don't have and especially the money you're spending may not be needed. It is amazing. That's the one thing that Democrats. And Republicans can agree on, and that is out of control spending. Amazing Dr, Michael Bus Ler public policy analysts, economics, experts, and a professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey. Can we learn more about you and your work? Surely So. If you follow me on twitter. At 'EM, Bachelor! That's at M. B., US L. E. R. as you have a facebook page search for funding democracy, funding democracy, and all my columns are there. It'd be happy if you've followed me. Professor Bessler pleasure as always. Thanks so much for your time. Particularly your insights really appreciate it. Thank you. Gail afford to doing it again. You Bet six forty eight now thirteen ten KFI. The Best UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten Kfi K.. The day's headlines podcast mornings with Gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcasts find them at thirteen ten KFI. Dot Com. Cancel culture continues to try and drown out what they consider non politically correct voices of counter movement has popped up college. The cancel cancel culture initiative, and you can take part six, fifty, four, now thirteen ten K F K a thirteen ten KFI K. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, live and local via the auto collision specialist studios all right, so many took to social media to express who they're just pleasure disdain when Goya foods, CEO Robert Unanue. Praised president trump at a white. House event this past Thursday, but your chance to flip the narrative and instead of. Boycotting Goya foods well, a new initiative has sprung up. It is the Goya foods by Kat the by Kat. Radio host Mike Appel Co road on twitter. My brother came up with a terrific idea I'm encouraging all to join me in purchasing ten dollars worth of Goya foods, products and donating them to your local food bank. What a great idea! Let's push a by Kat. Not a boy cots lead show the HASHTAG GOI away people. What compassion can actually do now? You had Fox News host Mark Levin jumping on board as well. Well, as it Senator Marco Rubio most of these people senator, Rubio tweeted fronting a Goi a boycott either don't use soy foods anyway, and most of those who do will cave by Hashtag Nacho Buena, controversy is inspired some Goya food fans to give Back Virginia Resident Casey Harper starting to go fund me on Saturday to buy your products to donate food to donate to food pantries pages already more than half way to. Ten Thousand Dollar goal now Mr You now new head of the new jersey-based Company said Friday. The boycott is a reflection of a division that exists today in our country that is killing our nation with the president were with this country right left center up and down, unanimous said Goya foods claims to be the largest Hispanic, owned food label in the entire nation now united said that Americans were quote truly blessed to have. Trump is a leader while speaking at a Hispanic Prosperity Initiative at the White House on a Thursday so jump in on the Goya by caught to support local food pantries I. Think it's a great idea. Six fifty six now thirteen ten k. f. k.. Six eight on your Tuesday morning, Thirteen Ten K. F K A thirteen ten KFI DOT com. Northern Colorado's voice mornings tail, live and local via the collision that Specialists Studio support that Goya by Kat. What a great idea! As the cancel canceled Culture Movement gets underway now is information overload making us all a little scatter brained. That is my facebook post. Are, you finding that well multitasking for all that it's touted to be along with technology is making you well somewhat forgetful well. I've got the details if I remember them coming up, but interested. If that's been your experience, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text on thirteen ten KFI text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, thirteen ten K of K, a Greeley loveland closing in on seven o'clock ABC News.

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July 13, Hr 3  Greeley-Evans School District 6 Superintendent Deirdre Pilch

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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July 13, Hr 3 Greeley-Evans School District 6 Superintendent Deirdre Pilch

"This is mornings with Kale and northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI Kfi. Just to pick up on our discussion that really kind of characterize most of the show on Friday asking you the question as businesses, indeed, uh, schools across the state, indeed across the country are grappling with reopening protocols during time of covid nineteen. Well one thing remains abundantly clear, and that is. It's complicated. Eight oh eight now thirteen ten KFI K, a thirteen ten KFI. K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto. Collisions Specialists Studios how you feel about your kids returning to the classroom for in person learning this fall. Teeny Ricciardi sums it up rather well. When in a piece in the Denver, post on just yesterday when growing concerns about the spread of corona virus triggered the abrupt, shutting of Colorado, schools in March families, kids faculty were forced to finish the academic year from the confines of their homes and that transition now it wasn't easy for many as parents had to double his caretakers and teachers while students tried to adapt. Adapt to well I'll revolving door. In some cases of online classrooms solutions, educators needed to find new ways to engage students practically overnight as districts doled out laptops and Internet hotspots to ensure families had the technology to connect virtually and compounding it all well, it was a massive adjustment due to the stress of governor, jared policies statewide stay at home order which moved living working and schooling under the same roof. So? What does the future hold joined this morning by really Evans School District Superintendent Dr. Pelts. Pelts welcome back to the show. Morning Gail. Thanks for having me. And the seems to be a very weighty question, because and while I know that Greeley, Evans and weld are for among other schools have announced plans to reopen kind of a moving target, isn't it? Oh, absolutely it is, and you did a great job summarizing kind of what we've been through in the last several months. it's it's definitely a moving target and you know the information changes almost weekly and is information changes. You know we've been able to to pivot and adjust and and get ready. I mean we're looking forward to opening. Schools were looking forward to having our students and our staff back and school will look you know differently than it has in the past, but we are going to have school. How effective was on Line Education? Because it it was an experiment that was imposed upon schools across the nation as a result of the spread of covid nineteen. so I go under the circumstances. I mean with faith in the time line that we had to implement. I, think I think we did a very good job. Actually had been gearing up for the possibility of of virtual learning virtual school. You know we've watched last year with our norovirus outbreak We realized that we need the ability to be able to go online. You know really it kind of a moment's notice. You know we know tonight that we may need to be online tomorrow with our students and so. So we weren't fully built up, but we were certainly better prepared than we would have been had. We not started that work back in February and then you know we. We had spring. Break right there, so we had a week of time additional time to get ready because students were on spring break, so that was really helpful to us now having said all of that online learning is not for every student. Just is not a you know kids want to be in school. They Wanna be with their peers. They want they WANNA be with teachers, and so although it is a tool for some families and some children, and we will continue to offer a full online mode. Of Learning this fall it. It's not the right tool for every child, and and I think in some cases. You know folks at the state level but. Oh! Remote it'll you know. Like. It was something you. Yeah Yeah, and like it was easy for schools and easy for families to do, and and you described it. Parents were at home, maybe maybe sick certainly oftentimes working at home, and also supervising their own child learning, because although you have an online teacher online learning, it is not the same as having your child in the classroom. It just is not well. Let me play devil's advocate here because it could be argued, the flip side of that equation could be argued that for some students online learning was just the ticket for them because some. Well in the classroom. I I totally agree with you. Gail and and we found that some of our students especially children, who and you know adolescence who struggle with anxiety who struggle with with being in large groups. We what we learned from those families is that some of those children did really well online. They thrived in that environment, and so that's the good thing about this is giving us a tool and an opportunity for children and families that that we might not have had otherwise. Dr Deirdre Pilch is superintendent. Greeley Evans School district six wanted to see if you could stay with us for another segment because I want to talk a little bit about what those plans actually look like and perhaps how they've changed because we know things change every day relative. To covid nineteen, but some of the plans that you have in place to get kids. into the classroom this fall at Greeley Evans School district six. So can you stay with us? Absolutely, that'd be great more with Dr. Pilch in just a few closing on eight, fifteen, now, thirteen ten k. k. thirteen ten K., F., K. A. dot com, this time checks sponsored by caring hearts own healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine, seven, zero, three, seven, eight, fourteen, nine or carrying hearts, H H, dot, com, thirteen ten K. K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the Best High School Coverage Dan Patrick is coming up in northern Colorado's home for News Sports Talk Thirteen Ten KFI K now back to mornings with Kale. A one size fits all solution when it comes to reopening schools not only across the state, but indeed across the country, because as we've referenced earlier well when it comes to covid nineteen a we discover that well in many cases. There's more that we don't even know. We don't know particularly when it comes to how covid nineteen. Children a twenty three now thirteen ten KFI, thirteen ten K., A. Dot com mornings with Gail, live and local from the auto collision specialist studios as our conversation continues with Dr Deirdre. PILCH. Greeley Evans, school district six superintendent, and that is part of the frustration, isn't it? Because just with all the all the restrictions and all the competing guidelines, and the narrative seems to change every day and the fact that I've been doing a little bit of research on this. We really don't know how covert nine thousand nine hundred affects kids. That makes it very very difficult as we draw closer to the fall semester to get kids back into the classroom for in person learning, doesn't it? Does Gail you know, we continue to take guidance from our our county and state health departments were you know looking at that? That recently published a study and report by the American Association of Pediatrics that's become a very important reference document for us as we make our decisions to reopen, and and you know working with health department heads. Throughout the Metro area in the front range, and that's been really helpful. The superintendents so and you know where we've got a strong network superintendents. We're all working together and we meet weekly. to you know to discuss plans and to rainstorm, and you know I think I, think districts are figuring this out together along with the health professionals in our communities. Yeah, you've got a president trump and his own CDC duping it out white. House saying today that well Dr Anthony found she. Epidemiologist of choice has been wrong far too many times when it comes to Kobe nineteen, but once again you know you're faced with so many obstacles. How many times have you and I talked about overcrowding in the classroom? And now you've got to implement social distancing. Exacerbates the problem? The Social Disney pieces is really complex for the guidance that we are getting. Is Masks and succeed if you can but certainly masks, or what's going to be most important when we have large groups of students and staff together in schools, so you know coming in and into the building leaving the building during passing times. Well large groups just didn't moving in the hallway. We athlete will need to be wearing masks during those times. It sounds like in terms of guidance. We're getting right now. Mind you were still you know four or five weeks away from school starting so? Things can change very quickly in four to five weeks. I think one of the things that have made this so hard as health officials have said here in Colorado. We school out so soon. Really before the spike of Covid, and so that's part of what makes it difficult to understand. Really you know what the impact is in terms of children. Early on the the thinking was that children were super transmitters that they were super carriers and you know our understanding from the American Association of Pediatrics. Is that that that data is not holding out to be true of the children, but I think it sound what are told by health professionals. Is that Assumed that this acted like influenza, and so they made some assumption about in ruins with children. And really it isn't a similar to influence as they had thought. You know four months ago five months ago. Colorado Education Association, the State's largest teacher's Union can on Friday saint. They want input in re opening, and the concern is for teachers. Particularly, those who might have underlying health conditions co more. As. They're called. Some of them might not want to return to the classroom. How do you deal with that? Great Question. That's question. We're going to be grappling without again today at nine am or actually a ten him. We're GONNA be grappled with that again. WE'RE GONNA work to identify. Folks. Who are the most vulnerable? Let folks self identify for that and then We'll evaluate whether or not they are someone who can work remotely and and then perhaps allow. That will evaluate if they're you know they're teacher if they can and are willing to be. One of our online teachers is added a possibility, but this. You know that's really want. That's the difficulty and when you look at some of our. Departments you know, we have a lot of staff members for example who are sixty five years of age, Ryan some of those department, and so you know we're looking at that closely and and looking to our medical professionals. Give us guidance on that as well You know I did see that article. We have been working with our teachers association leadership here. They've given input to the different Task Force teams that we've had at work. Developing as plans as we go into default, so you know I'm proud of of partnership. We have there and I think that will absolutely help us. As we get ready to implement in the fall, but there's no question. There's some fear I mean. We get it I. Mean as people are coming back to our district office last week and this week. There's still some fear. People are asking a lot of questions and you know we're. We're working on. What does it mean to have the right amount of social distance and physical distance? And when must we wear a mask and? Can I take my mask off. Yes exactly, but it's also I think the push here it's. One of the reasons why it is so important, it's not only about learning, but it's about our kids emotional and psychological wellbeing too so important for them to be back in school if it is at all feasible impossible. Absolutely, there's no question about it for most children and most of the time being in brick and mortar school is you know is the best option for their learning and for their social development and again we'll have that option for full time learning for families, but you know it's choosing online school. It's not a be online next week in in school this week. It's it's. It's choosing that option to go fully online, and if if families choose that, we'll have that option for them. So the plan as it stands I, don't know if it's changed, but. The first day of school for students in first through twelfth grades will be Monday August seventeenth. Is that still the goal? That is the goal we did. Postpone the start for students by two days to do additional preparation in our schools and additional training with staff and allow staff time this put guidelines routines in place and practice some of that, so we did postpone those two days, but Welcome back on the seventeenth dot to Deirdre pilch greatly. Evan School district six superintendent. Thank you so much always certainly do appreciate it man. You got a lot on your plate. Thank you thank you, gail? It's good to topic you. Thank you so much, you back, you bet eight thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. All sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K for more cab. Kaye programs podcast sports scheduling news to thirteen ten KFI. Dot Com now back to mornings with Kale. Bank our conversation morning with. Greeley Evans School District Superintendent Dr, geared repelled spent some time doing a little bit of research about what we actually know about Covid, thousand, nine hundred, and how it affects children, this as schools are making preliminary plans, establishing guidelines and sanitation protocols in an effort to reopen schools, not only in Colorado would get and indeed across the country. This fall, but it's not a one size fits all solution. So what? What do we know about? How cove nineteen affects children eight, forty, now thirteen ten KFI, thirteen ten KFI, K., A. dot com northern Colorado's voice more with Gail, live and local the article is an specialists studios all right. Where are you from a couple of pieces here? One out of the Washington, post and other out of the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday writes the Journal. The State of Texas reported one. One thousand six hundred ninety five corona virus infections among children staff at childcare centers up from eight hundred and seventeen at the beginning of last week, rising infections among children have parents and educators alike across the country concerned about schools potential reopening for in person learning in the fall. So what do we know what's the extent of the information that is available on how covid nineteen affects kids well until April, second fewer than two percent of US infections for which age was known. Where in children under the age of eighteen fear than two percent this according for the Centers for disease, control and prevention recent data shows, kids continue to constitute only a fraction of infections for example data through July tenth in Florida which. Of course, the state is experiencing an increase that data shows that fewer. Fewer than five percent of infections are in children under the age of fifteen complications. Death are rare among children. Must Most Children Suffer Mile, mild or a symptomatic forms of the disease, though some develop and inflammatory condition that can lead to organ failure. Only one percent of New Yorkers hospitalized through July eighth were under the age of twenty, but as lockdown restrictions ease. When do we reopen schools again all the recent reports? Reports of serious complications among young people they are statistically rare, and if detected early most afflicted, US, recover within weeks now. This is a piece by Daniel. How who's that you might ask? He has an epidemiologist, an adjunct professor at the University of North Carolina's Gillan School of Global Public Health. He co-authored tinderbox how the west spark the AIDS epidemic, and how the world can finally overcome it well, he did A. A deep dive into this issue going on to say that while most countries have shuttered schools, others such as Taiwan have achieved effective responses without closures in Denmark Norway for example where schools began reopening in mid April cove, one thousand nine hundred cases and deaths have decreased normally. Gregarious youngsters are efficient spreaders of respiratory pathogens, but this appears according to epidemiologist at Daniel Halpern. This appears not to be the case with. With covid nineteen emerging evidence suggests that much like with SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome, the epidemic in two thousand three kids are less likely to become infected with this corona virus from February twelfth to April second just one point seven percent of US cases for which age is known. That's part of the problem is there hasn't been scientific study breaking it down by age group and kids, the age of eighteen but From February twelfth to April second just one point seven percent of US cases for which age is known occurred among people younger than eighteen. Some researchers, the that some resistance has been conferred by previous exposure to other corona viruses, such as those that produce the common colds that kids frequently acquire additionally. A study published in the Journal of American. Medicine found that youths are less prone to infection because they produce smaller quantities of a protein, this is known as a c e to which both SARS and the novel coronavirus us to enter cells. A German study that warns against reopening schools found viral loads infected kids at levels comparable to adults. There is evidence however that as with the earlier SARS outbreak, kids who have covid nineteen are actually less contagious than adults. Many kids once again with covid nineteen are a symptomatic in the absence of coughing and sneezing, they omit fewer infectious droplets, remarkably contracts, tracing studies in China Iceland, Britain and the Netherlands failed to locate a single. Case of child to adult infection out of thousands of transmission events that were analyzed a review of studies from several Asian countries identify a few cases of kids bringing the virus home, and a recent analysis of Covid nineteen interventions found no evidence that school closures had helped to contain the epidemic. Now some of this data likely underestimates children's potential to infect others because information was collected after lockdowns and other mitigation memory measures were it'd still the findings from contact tracing and these significant? Differences between COVID, nineteen and more common respiratory ailments suggest that kids are not major sources of infection. Then you have, doctor, felt she doctor FAUCI director of the national. Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases warning once again against reopening schools too early, he noted complications in some kids that resemble how sake disease the emerging condition known as Multi Symptom Inflammatory Syndrome in kids. It is troubling, and yes, it needs to be monitored, but it also appears exceedingly rare so far only several hundred US cases have been reported now. The low numbers of kids affected by covid nineteen, and the new syndrome should be considered. In the Lens of additional context, more than two hundred US children were killed last year by the flu. Some ten thousand others died from various child hood diseases. A rare condition rights Daniel Halpern that is not commonly fatal does not justify keeping fifty five million American school kids out of school. Schools he concludes. Had begun reopening in France Germany, Switzerland Japan Australia and elsewhere adequate testing an evidence base safety precautions are certainly essential for protecting students, teachers and other staffs and other staff members. Although some COVID, nineteen cases regrettably may result from reopening schools. The existing evidence does not warrant. Inflicting potentially long-term, academic, social and vocational disadvantages on millions of children all that said. How do you feel about sending your kids back into the classroom? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text summer, thirteen ten K. text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, eight, forty, eight, now thirteen ten KF K.. To, UNC bears game. Coverage lives on thirteen ten Kfi K.. Join US Monday on the whole show as we have our last week before lives. Weekdays noon to thirteen ten KFI. Well I don't know about the dreadlocks. The Colorado Buffaloes have selected their new mascot. This would be the return of Ralphie Ralphie. Six eight, fifty, two, now thirteen ten Kfi, K, a thirteen ten K of K., A. Dot, com, northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, live and local via the auto. Collision Specialists Studios Yeah University of Northern Colorado this according to a piece out of the Denver Post found its next Ralphie, even if it's unclear summit things are these days when she will actually make her debut athletic director Rick George, wrote in a newsletter sent out to buffs, fans Friday, that the university selected new buffalo to serve as Ralphie six university previously revealed back in the spring, that female buffalo had been picked to replace Ralphie five Ralphie five. Five retired at the end of the twenty, nine, thousand nine hundred season this according to the Sports Information Department George Road this week that she's been training at a pace the fourteen month old buffalo is comfortable with. How do they determine that I guess when she starts to push back? That's when you need to ease up right. In addition to a new animal Taylor Stratton has been selected as the ralphie program manager this after John Graves step down at the start of April, Stratton had been the assistant manager for the previous four years, grave was asked back in November. What the school looks for when it selects a Ralphie that's very good question when you agree, it's a whole lot of things. TOLD TO POST WE LOOK at their temperament y'all think you don't WanNa. Rampaging Ralphie right how comfortable they are around humans, we also look at the characteristics of their legs and joints, and what they look like. They're real time in the stadium, and of course we make sure that they're happy and healthy. How do you determine the buffalo is happy? I don't know. They have a smile on their face, or are they just docile? Maybe that's it I'm sure they're happy. If they're not being hunted yet, we'll just oh, yeah, now there's a plus right there, right? Anyway Graves told the Post. There's a whole lot that we look. At. Of course, it's up in the air when Ralphie six. Run at. FOLSOM field for the first time the big ten announced on Thursday. It was eliminating Non Conference Games and well the PAC twelve followed suit on Friday so much for the rocky mountain showdown so once again Colorado. Select, their new, live, healthy, healthy, happy Mascot Ralphie six, but we have no idea when Ralphie's six will make her debut closing in on eight, fifty, six, now thirteen ten k. up k thirteen ten, k. k. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Some employee as saying they don't WanNa. Make place cars anymore. Really and I'll tell you what Ford CEO Jack Tackett rejected that summarily eight, fifty-seven, thirteen, ten KFI K a thirteen ten K.. F.! A. Dot Com northern Colorado's voice morning, so gail, live and local from the Auto Collision Specialists Studios Yeah Ford Ceo Jim according to a piece out of CNN. Business rejected. Employees calls to get out of the police car business. Oh, let's all jump on the bandwagon Xiaowei on this totally false. Absolutely inaccurate narrative that police must be funded. Police are bad know. How many times do we have to repeat that nothing? Is that simple I? Suppose it is for the simple minded who just want to. Categorize everyone into one neat little box, but once again. Are there some bad cops? Yeah, well, there are bad folks in every single profession Hackett in a recent memo to staff acknowledge that some Ford employees urging the company to stop making police cars because of a series of high profile killings up black-americans by police public petition on Change Dot Org has also gathered about twelve thousand signatures this over the last month, or urging forward to refuse sales and service of cars, a to police departments Hackett for his part, says yes, of course we oppose police misconduct by hack. It also said that it's better for both police and members of the public performed to sell tops the most advanced vehicles. Kudos to you Mr Hackett for not giving in to the angry mob all right the whole show coming your way with your host. The Brady home of from noon to two Tannin. swint brings. You know co now at four. Right here while the whole sports story, northern Colorado, the state in the country tune into the hall show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI, K.

Colorado Gail KFI Ralphie Ralphie superintendent Greeley Evans School district US covid KFI Dr Deirdre Pilch KFI Greeley Evans KFI K American Association of Pediat Evans School District Daniel Halpern Denver WanNa Collisions Specialists Studios Colorado Education Association
June 18, Hr 2  What are those airlines up to?

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19:40 min | 5 months ago

June 18, Hr 2 What are those airlines up to?

"This is mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI. Enjoy lovely adulthood coverage of. An airplane as you make your way to points unknown well, that option has been summarily suspended as a result of covid nineteen. The hits just keep on coming right seven eight, now, thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings. Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum live and local. The Auto Collision Specialists Studios who doesn't enjoy a nice cocktail aboard an airplane unless you're not a drinker and then good for you, but you know once again all things in moderation moderation no longer part of the equation many times A. We had this conversation about the unanticipated consequences of covid nineteen, as it affects seemingly all areas of our lives, well CNN writing alcohol sales may have boomed during the lockdown, but our return to air travel will be an altogether more. Sobering Experience Airlines, including Easyjet and Kale am in Europe. Delta Airlines and American Airlines in the US and Asia's Virgin Australia. They're all suspending all or part of their lovely beverage services. No snacks either in response to covid nineteen part of a widespread revision of the industry's food and drink service to minimize interaction between crews and passengers, and to ensure a safer journey for all this morning. Just something flashed up on the Chiron. That Delta's reporting that five hundred of their employees have been infected with covid nineteen so facemasks already mandatory on pretty much well. Many flights around the world new legislation introduced in January twenty twenty to curb antisocial behavior on flights. Good luck with that. It's another in a line of barriers legal and literally to well, says CNN getting high in the sky. I wonder if there's going to be an explosion in sales of edibles, I don't know just asking the question so many airlines limiting drink options to water only now wait a minute. I thought. I thought the entire point. Here was to minimize interaction between crew and passengers on a plane, but once again it seems as though the hypocrisy reigns supreme as we see while some protests in a time of covid nineteen are not only tolerated, but encouraged, but others well are not and what what is the dividing line there, but once again waters okay, but not. A nice beverage. I was thinking what they could do is you could just have the flight attendants standing at the front of the plane and you know there's a little mini bottles that could just have a basket, and they could be tossing them to you, but then somebody would get hurt and well. All sorts of unpleasant unpleasantness would ensue, but again I suppose they can not not offer you water. Doesn't strike you as just based on. Voodoo thinking. Science, if they want to minimize the interaction, the minimize the interaction across the board. Let's not have exceptions to minimizing the interaction. It just doesn't make any sense to me. How about you? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. You can drop me a text at three, one, nine, nine, six, all right, so many airlines limiting those drink options to water, only as facemask must be kept on other than when passengers are eating and drinking. It's a way of ensuring passengers, or at least this is the overarching narrative passengers are. Lingering over there refreshments for no longer than necessary. Okay Just controlling every aspect of our behavior. Is there any? Why we're seeing leak out the sides I was just talking to some friends and. Some business owners and asking them, how are people as we're getting back to some semblance of normal in a time of code covid nineteen? What are your interactions like? With a strangers that you run into you encounter perhaps in line at the grocery store perhaps a customers in your store, and what they're finding sadly is that people are angry. and. It's kind of like road rage because there's been numerous studies on road rage that indicate that. When somebody is! Acting. Not In the most polite manner as they're driving down the road. It's typically not because of an interaction. Friendly Interaction, it's not because of the other driver, necessarily, in fact, most times nine times out of ten. It has nothing to do it simply an outlet. Let because they're really ticked off at somebody else. It might be their spouse. It might be their boss. It might be their partner whatever the case may be and I just have to wonder if that's what we are seeing now with all of the frustration and the uncertainty and the mixed messages and the anxiety that. We're all. We haven't seen the full extent of it halfway. As a result of those lockdowns relative to Covid nineteen, and you have to wonder what is the long-term psychological effect going to be on nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten KFI text line same. People are just a little bit short a little bit irritable these days. Meanwhile. Delta Airlines isn't serving alcohol on domestic flights, or within the Americas about beer, wine and spirits can be found on all other international flights. Scratching my head again. Over on American Airlines. The airline is limiting food and drink service in the main cabin. According to flight length and destination. Access to alcohol however is the preserve of long haul, international flights and the folks in First Class once again. We are picking winners and losers. There's an exception to every single rule which just boggles the mind. In Asia Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific will still have drinks available throughout the play, but the premium bar and prepared drinks are temporarily suspended. I guess they have to do what they have to do, so here's the advice from CNN. If you're traveling this summer, pack plenty of water, don't they? Take those water bottles away from you. And Snacks? He per face mask on when night eating or drinking and be glad that you're being spared alcohol related dehydration Oh this a major contributor to jet lag. You know what I was wondering and I don't know if these TSA guidelines are up to speed, but I was saying okay. International flights right you can go to the duty free, and you can purchase if you're so inclined and you're really desperate for gear, lovely bloody. Bloody Mary in the morning, or perhaps the most, of course, then you have to get the orange juice as well. That could be problematic, but whatever the case may be, you know you can just go to duty-free right well. Then I was thinking about those little mini bottles, little mini airline bottles so I checked. TSA and again I'm not sure because I'm working for a peace in two thousand seventeen, but this was. Some guidelines, the top three things to know about TSA alcohol rules in carry on and checked baggage now. Apparently, you are allowed. To take hard liquor whiskey on your plate in your carry on luggage, but the amount you can take, it depends on where you the TSA restricts the amount of liquid. You can take through security to those travel size containers. You know the drill. It's three one one three ounces or less, which must be carried and a single one court plastic bag with a ZIP top. That's main clued miniature liquor bottles where which you can find it at. Stores that sell beer and liquor again not that I'm condoning the practice, but just. Trying to find some viable alternatives, seven, seventeen, thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen ten, Kfi K. A. dot com, Gail live local fueled by Great Western petroleum from the Auto Collision Specialists Studios this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one patient care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight fourteen O, nine or caring hearts, H, H, dot, com, all sports story in northern Colorado. State in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. KFI, Hey, this morning's with Gail on thirteen ten KFI. Am the Dan Patrick. Show is on the way nine. You guys absolutely correct up seven twenty thirteen ten K of k thirteen JFK a dot com morning scale live local the article. Goes fueled by Great Western. Out Oh the humanity that Delta American Airlines among other airlines that well for our own safety and security of course and for the safety of the crew. Something that needs to be taken into consideration, but again it shouldn't a rule be a rule. No matter whether you're sitting in the cattle class section. Sorry coach or you're sitting in first class well I guess. Privilege, but the bottom line is American Delta among other airlines. Saying yeah, they're no longer going to be serving lovely adult beverages. What to do what to do because you know what I mean. It's nice isn't every once in a while? Particularly, if you're on a long flight and you're just kind of kicking back and relaxing, maybe you want to enjoy a cocktail within reason, I mean you don't want to just get all animals crazy with it right so talking about well alternatives, because if one if there's one single thing that we have learned from the days of Covid nineteen, which continued by the way it's how to think outside of the box so bill. Via text this morning on thirteen ten kfi tech slide. You can drop me a text annual time at three one nine nine six bill has hey. I have an idea if they're not serving liquor on planes these days, and again it's American and Delta and some international carriers, but if they're not doing that, here's all you have to. You can go to the airport. You can get yourself like. Extra, `Grande Cup of coffee, and then go to the airport lounge yourself the cocktail of your choice, either drink the coffee, or throw it away and then just put the cocktail in your coffee bought a boom bottom being you could walk onto the plane. Brilliant Brilliant, as we all get a little bit creative in a time of covid nineteen and all of the myriad restrictions that we. We have to deal with seven twenty seven now thirteen ten K of k thirteen ten, K. F.! K. A. DOT COM AS DIA welcomes back its first international flight in seventy five days. Yep, that First International flight landed at Dia on Tuesdays since overseas flights were suspended on April. First this in the wake of Covid, nineteen piece by John, Agwu are in the Denver Post Dia said. Mexico based Villares is now operating service between Denver and Guadalajara for those with essential or repatriation needs. Nonessential travel to Mexico is still suspended through July, twenty first last nonstop International Service to operate dia was an air. Canada flight to Vancouver on April first seventy five days ago, Villares last operated at Dia on March thirty first with a flight to Mexico City. Airport CEO Kim. Kim Days said we're excited to welcome back. Our first foreign flag carrier Boleros as air travel begins to increase following impacts from the COVID nineteen pandemic. We have implemented a number of measures to keep passengers and employees safe and look forward to welcoming national passengers once again flights. In case you're interested between Denver and Guadalajara will operate two days per week. VILLARES expects to continue. To operate service between the two cities this through the rest of the year, and anticipates resuming nonstop flights from Denver to Mexico City and Chihuahua as conditions improve around the time that international nonstop flights ceased service to dia passenger. Traffic is a stunning. Passenger traffic had plunged by ninety percent at DIA. Compared to a year earlier, but as once again, the national local state economy begins to slowly cautiously reopened DIA weapon back its first international flight in seventy five days seven, twenty, nine, now, thirteen ten Kfi K. Thirteen ten KFI, K. A. dot com, looking forward to our conversation this morning at Keith wineman presidential wealth management. this as those weekly jobless claims numbers came out dropping for I believe the eleventh week in a row. If I'm not mistaken or perhaps a ray of hope, so we'll. Do a deep dive into those weekly jobless claims, number numbers, and he also has well. Rather strange story? Involving Yeah Rudy agrees involving Hertz rent a car Keith Whiteman. Presidential Wealth Management Join us in just a few closing in on seven thirty, now thirteen ten. K. Burst UNC. Bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. K. Catch me Dan Patrick in the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten F. K.. Seven forty, eight, now, thirteen ten KFI K. Fifteen. K. K. A. DOT COM with Gail Field Becker Western petroleum. Live and local via the auto collision specialist studios. Right got a lot to get to this morning. Reference this this morning. As well just early on as we kick the show off talking about the number of brands that are well rebranding in a time of social unrest among them, Virginia based on Mars says it's planning to evolve Ben's Rice brand this hours after Angie. Mina and Jemima made the same announcement retiring their logo working piece by Jordan Verlinsky out of CNN business uncle Ben's owner. Mars is planning to change the rice makers so called brand identity in a statement on its website Wednesday. The McLean Virginia based Mars wrote that now is the right time to evolve the uncle Ben's brand including its visual. Visual brand identity which we will do, we do not know, said Mars yet what the exact changes in timing will be, but a valuating all the possibilities and again earlier we discussed earlier on Wednesday quaker oats announced that it is retiring the one hundred and thirty year old aunt, Jemima brand and logo. The Pepsi Owned Company said in a statement is we work to make progress toward racial equality through several initiatives we must also take a hard look at our portfolio brands and ensure they reflect our values and meet our consumers. Expectations moves are an acknowledgement of course of the brand's origins in. What the company considers what many do as well to be racist stereotypes consideration obviously clearly brought to the forefront during the. Nationwide protests. The death of George Floyd. According to the Uncle Ben's website, the name was first used in nineteen, forty, six in reference to a black farmer, known as Ben. Who Excelled in rice-growing. The man depicted in the logo is a quote beloved, Chicago, Chef and waiter named Frank Brown according to CNN, however, the imagery of Vokes, a servant, and uses a title that reflects how white southerners once used. And aunt as honorifics for older black blacks because they refused to say Mr and Mrs this, according to a two thousand seven, New, York Times Article 751, now thirteen ten k. k. thirteen ten K. preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for best high school coverage thirteen ten, Kfi a thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot, com, seven, fifty, seven, well, the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. Hey Northern Colorado. You're listening to mornings with gail stick around for me. The Dan Patrick show nine am on thirteen ten. KFI K.. Seventy nine on your Thursday morning. Hey, some good news the Weld County Commissioners, Governor Jerry Paulus find some consensus as something they can agree on in a relationship that has been well just a Little Bit Rocky Weld County Commissioner. Scott James Weighs in at eight Oh, five thirteen ten KFI a Greeley. Loveland Longmont. It's eight. o'clock BURSTS TO UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten K F K.

KFI KFI Covid Kfi K. Thirteen KFI CNN Gail Delta Airlines Dan Patrick Colorado American Airlines TSA Great Western Kfi K. Auto Collision Specialists Stu K. A. Dot Easyjet K. K. A.
June 1, Hr 3  Deirdre Pilch, Superintendent of School District 6

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

28:19 min | 6 months ago

June 1, Hr 3 Deirdre Pilch, Superintendent of School District 6

"This mornings with Kale fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI. Eight now thirteen ten KFI, K., thirteen ten, Kfi K. a. a com mornings with gail fueled by great. Western, petroleum, live and local. The Auto Collision Specialists Studios joined this morning by Greeley, Evans. School district six a superintendent Dr Deirdre. Dr Pilch. Wow where do we start? This morning Good Morning Gail Tom. Good morning still working at home. Are You I am me to. Definitely well. Let's talk a little bit about well. All of the ramifications of covid nineteen when it came to school closures and of course. You guys getting right on it with the remote learning modality, and basically adjusting adapting and advancing to the best of ability while now. You've got Denver public schools unveiling three three plans to rotate students between in class and online learning so What plans Do you have at Greeley Evans? School district six in mind to achieve that same goal. Good morning nuts. That's a great question Gail, so we have a survey out to to parents and stuff right now. It just was released on Friday getting some feedback on preferences for the fall. Of course, all of us prefer to have students back in school fulltime all the time. we do know we're GonNa have some parents who want to remain online fulltime, or we have a plan to that, and we will be able to offer that if there's families who aren't comfortable sending their children back to school. We're ready to go on that, and then we're looking at for alternating if we have to alternate and the thing behind that is how many students are we going to be? What's recommendation going to be around? How many students can be in a classroom at a time? And so that recommendation comes out around thing only ten or fifteen students then we can't have everybody there, but if it comes out around twenty five students, we think we can. We can have most of our students in school most every single day, and so you know it's it's a constantly moving target, but we're ready. We've got several plans in place, and we've got a full online curriculum ready to go and. My team has been amazing. They're just their remarkable what they've been able to do and what? Our teachers have done in our principals over these last months and It's been really remarkable. It truly is and again you know it is so easy to go after the low hanging fruit, and take a look at all the unrest that we are seeing across the nation today, but I think we need to remember that. Many of us actually look for our higher selves in a situation like this, and certainly that's something that you have done at Greeley. Evans School districts six with your resilient response, particularly to all the restrictions. Code. But he begs the question. You were talking about class size and can't help but connect the dots this we see restaurants very slowly of course cautiously judiciously across the state reopening and many restaurants. You're saying you know with the restrictions in place, basically saying that you can only have what percentage of. Occupancy is posted by the health department for many of them. It's really not economically feasible or viable for them to reopen at this point time at back to your point about the number of students in the classroom. What is your typical class size? If there is such a thing, act really. Well. Classmates can can be are at the high school. Level can be as large as thirty five to thirty eight I mean we hate to get forty kids I. The ideal class size for little kids, the little you know, the little ones will be around twenty two to twenty four, and then we start to grow as we get older, but it is not unusual to have most of our classes at middle school and high school with thirty or more kids, and you know of course. Choir classes physical education classes those kind of. You know we might have fifty sixty seventy kids in those classes at one time so it. You know this really changes the way we work. We also know though that children are are not as impacted by this viruses. What adults are and you know? We, we have plans in place to cohort students, which is what the recommendation is so to try to limit students from mixing as much as possible from day to day, and throughout the school day, but you know this, but some significant restrictions on school buses just think about school buses. They normally carries about sixty to seventy students well if they tell us. Recommendations fifteen students on the school bus. Transportation isn't going to be much good for us at that point. Well and all the uncertainty and you know. We've kind of got this Cornucopia of plans that we're seeing for example Denver public schools and understand that you as a school. You need to come up with viable alternatives because we still have so many unknowns when it comes covert nineteen, but my goes out to parents because well. They're not sure if it's going to be like one week on one week. I mean what is going to look like and again it's the ongoing disruption that we're seeing as a result of covid nineteen. How do you address that with pants? Yeah that's you know that's a great question. That's why we put this parent survey Otas to CD parents prefer a week on and then a week at home. You know we get a brick and mortar, and then a week remote, or do you prefer to days, brick and mortar, and then two days remote, and what you know, what what are their preferences? And what works best for them? I think the other thing is? We've got to work really closely with our community partners with with ABC Preschool and Childcare Centre with dark center with boys and Girls Club which united way. We have to work more closely. Closely than we ever have with those community partners to to have viable childcare options for families Because that's you know we're not we are. We're not in the child-care business, but we know a lot of families look to us to provide that childcare during the typical school year, and so it's something we're going to have to do, and then on top of that. You know we're trying to do this. And in a world wind of of significant budget cuts. You feel we're trying to do more than we've ever done before for families probably with fewer resources than we. We've had here in a couple of decades. Well let's talk a little bit about the state of budget, and it's particularly onus onerous impact on educational funding throughout the state as school. District's are looking. Trimming millions of dollars. I mean you're not alone in that effort that means. possibly. Cools. Right viewers school day. So I'd like to get into that in greater depth with you, and how once again you're calling on your creativity to address those short balls this as the legislature has to cut what three point three billion dollars from the budget. It's tough, so stick with us for another segment. That would be great. Thanks. All right eight. Fifteen now thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten K of K. A.. DOT, com this time check sponsor by caring hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado, since two thousand, one, where patient care always comes first nine, seven, zero, three, seven, eight, forty, nine or carrying hearts, H H dot, com, thirteen ten kfi am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best. High School Coverage Hi this is Dan. Patrick reminding you to catch me in the dance next on thirteen ten KFI Koa, now back to mornings with Gail. Eight twenty, five down thirteen ten, Kfi, a thirteen ten K, up K DOT COM Mornings Kale fueled by great western petroleum live and local. The auto collision specialists to studios as our conversation continues this morning with Dr Deirdre Pilch Superintendent at Greeley Evans a school district six all right? Let's talk budget because well. Boy I'll tell you what it's tough times for schools across the state. Insurance and it's tough times for for everybody really and you know we're taking a significant hit economically throughout the state, but pay. Twelve education is GONNA. Take a big hit probably a billion dollars upwards to two billion dollars to k twelve, and so You know we've been told to prepare for cats anywhere from five percent to twenty percents we. We don't believe it'll get as high as twenty for us just because of how. Funding Formula Works, but it could get as ties fifteen percent, so we've already made about cuts to about six to seven percent of our budget was kind of already been announced. People have been let go. Salaries have been frozen for people who were freezing. Programs have been cut, and then we have another. Couple of rounds of cuts if it gets worse than that will need to make the, we're really waiting to hear from the legislators. You know they shut down. the session again on Friday, so we were hoping to have. Yeah, yeah, so we were hoping to have something on Friday from them. We have nothing to know that definitive in terms of really what we're looking at in terms of numbers. What do you expect is not good? Good well. No it's not good. I I expect at minimum will be cutting fourteen to fifteen million from our budget, which is six seven percent of our budget at minimum I You know it's. At we know they've cut grant so some of our grant programs, some things that were grant funded new grants. Those those were cut earlier this spring. Even though they haven't officially announced it, so we cut those positions that were part of those grants. You know and then we're just working really hard. To identify the places where we can make cost savings, so we've moved, you know we've moved as many people as we can into the grants that we have like our title dollars and we've eliminated any. Professional Development any materials consulting those things that we're entitled dollars so that we can keep people and keep the cuts as far away from the classroom directly as we can. So I can I mean we. We've cut people. It's not good right, and at some point it does have an impact on the classroom. There's just no way around it and it seems to me. I mean you know you've probably seen over the weekend, I mean it's like covid. Nineteen is almost in the rear view mirror as a result of the. Protests that we have seen across the country and. It has an impact on our kids. I can't tell you how many people watched over the weekend. talking about their experiences as we've seen the violent protests across the country, it thirty or forty large urban areas, and got the kids looking at their parents going, are they? Are we safe are? I mean. How will you actually in the classroom? You're you know you're exactly right? Gail and you know as we cut. We've cut twelve district level administrative positions, and you know those are people that support buildings to do. Things like implement social emotional learning curriculum. They are people who make the decision around what social emotional learning curriculum do we implement? And so there's no way as we kept people that it's not going to impact education, and and you know we were already one of the. Worst. FUNDED STAKES IN TERMS OF K. twelve education, and now and now we're looking at deeper cuts and. Kids come back. They're going to need more. You know some of the positions we've had to cut it then counseling positions and you know. Deans of student positioned the cordinator from the district level who coordinates those programs had to be cut, and there's no question that it's children. Come back, and then there's more needs not only because a cold bud, but also you know be because of. A these budget cuts, or they're just GONNA need more. You know not minimizing the situation whatsoever to based on what we've seen from Greeley Evans School district six so many other school districts across the state, certainly a teachable moment for our children. Because you're well versed in doing more with less than unfortunately, that seems to be the name of the game these days Dr. Drew Pilch Superintendent Greeley Evans School District Sex. Thanks as always. Thank you, Gail have a great day. Thank you as well eight thirty now thirteen ten K., F. K.. The whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the hall show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K. by the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. The worst civil unrest in decades in this nation erupted in cities across the nation as anger sparked by the death of George Lloyd in Minneapolis Police. Custody touched off demonstrations nationwide as protesters torched vehicles smashed, windows, defaced buildings, looted and set fires the National Guard said that about five thousand of its personnel were activated in fifteen states, and Washington, DC to eight law enforcement with protecting lives and property is clashes that began last week spread beyond Minnesota at least one city New York investigators said that outside anarchist groups fueled the on Rasta curfews initiated the over the weekend were being extended in several cities. We saw curfews of course on the fourth day of protests. Relative to the heinous death of George Lloyd something once again that we can all agree upon, but we saw those curfews both Saturday and Sunday nights in Denver Eight, forty, now thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. Dot. COM MORNINGS WITH GAIL fueled by great. Western, patrolling, live and local via the auto collisions, specialists studios, but again I ask the question that I asked this morning does hate lead to anything other than hate. How do you write a wrong by doubling down on wrong? Do you correct injustice with more injustice as innocence are being targeted with all of the looting, small businesses while small and large businesses of being destroyed in large urban areas across the country and do indeed these riots in sight, just more crime. Do they invite more crime and not a justice? And as a result. Lacks end up suffering more when hostility to police makes it impossible to maintain any sort of order. So these protests when they turn, violent are devastating to the very people including George Lloyd in whose name they demand justice. The brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of that Minneapolis police officer again fan, the flames of racial discord violence, and unlike other incidents, in which officers believably believably credibly might have felt a need to use force the sickening video. Video of that officer pressing his knee on George Floyd's neck for more than almost nine minutes has been roundly condemned. This is something that we can all agree upon this could have been a pivotal moment in writing wrongs across the country. Unfortunately, it's been hijacked hijacked by those who have a different agenda entirely those who want to destroy America and its institutions. Violent protests been decried by black twin cities residents who are witnessing the devastation of their communities. Floyd's girlfriend as I mentioned this morning. Her name is Courtney Ross. She urged the protesters the violent protesters to stop the looting and burning in George Floyd's name, saying that Floyd loved the city and would be devastated by the destruction. And again the violence! Particularly in Minneapolis, well it elicits elicits flashbacks of the riders in Ferguson Missouri this after the August two thousand fourteen police shooting of Michael, Brown, after shops were set aflame, stores were looted then governor Jay Nixon said that many of those arrested have come from outside the state including as far Chicago Ferguson. Residents suffered deeply in the wake of the violence. Public bus service was suspended were seen that in Denver. Be People couldn't get to work volunteers from churches in the area. Brian donated food. Because so many local stores and restaurants were nothing more in the aftermath of all the riots and the looting and the arson nothing more than burned out shells. In Minneapolis says in other sites, violent protests throughout the nation well. Kudos again. Yeah I'm being snarky. To the mainstream media that throughout. These very troubling sights and scenes these troubling times well, they've they've helped to stoke racial animosity. A CBS reporter condemned the disparity between police responses to the rights had been the apples and a recent demonstration by mostly white crowd at the Michigan capital, omitting that the latter protests was indeed nonviolent. And perhaps because of the heightened media. Scrutiny Minneapolis police showed significant restraint, and that well could have emboldened rioters ABC's and burn down that police precinct. Devastation will likely continue. After the ashes cool, and the remains of shops and other businesses are swept away. A pattern known as the Ferguson effect has emerged across American towns and cities racked by anti police protests in recent years to avoid charges of racism officers have stepped back from fully enforcing the law. It's a state of police nullification. In which entire neighborhoods have descended into free fire zones where street violence and homicides have skyrocketed. Now after the two thousand fifteen police shooting of a black man in Cincinnati, civil rights activist descended on the city to decry the institutional racism of law enforcement, and when officers subsequently declined to enforce the law. There was a significant increase in murders in one crime ridden black district, the civil rights advocates who led the protests didn't have to live with the consequences of LAMESA's when they return to the safety of their own neighborhoods. And then you have to remember this. Is the piece by Robert L. Woodson can find it in the Wall Street Journal. He is a president and founder of the Woodson Center, but he also worked with the National Black Police Association. Animosity says toward police also makes some blacks reluctant to cooperate with law enforcement think about this in Saint Louis last spring, eighteen children children under the age of fourteen were killed by gunfire, but many residents withheld information from police, and only one arrest was made by the end of the summer. Last year eighty six percent of police chiefs nationwide said recruitment had declined since two thousand fourteen, and in many cities law enforcement hasn't been able to respond even the most desperate of nine one one calls. And communities. Just like George Floyd's. will feel the greatest impact of this dearth of law enforcement. And protests says Mister Woodson. It won't reverse very frightening trend. Those who are truly concerned about addressing the tragic loss of black lives should look for proactive measures that could reduce the incidence of violence between police and civilians. He writes I witnessed Mister Woodson did one example several decades ago when he worked with the National Black, police, association, which called for policy that would require a police officer to restrain or arrest of fellow officer if he witnesses him using undue force. One of the police officers. There were four involved in this arrest. And sadly. The ultimate heinous murder of George Lloyd one of the officers. They're told the officer with his knee. George Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes. Hey, perhaps you to ease up. What at that policy had been instituted that time? What if he could have arrested an officer? For exerting undue force because I've talked to many in law enforcement and the bottom line is this once a suspect is apprehended and restrained and handcuffed. The well, being of that suspect rest squarely in the police officers hands. Obviously nort. In this particular situation. Loyalty and commitment to the rule of law should prevail over loyalty to fellow officers. If the officers who were involved in killing floyd had come across three civilians engaged in such an assault. They would've made wres-. The same should've applied to the man who ultimately killed George Floyd regardless of whether he was wearing a uniform or not. Yes law enforcement officers should be held to a higher standard because they carry the authority of the state. And when they abuse that standard and engage in actions that result in the needless loss of life, such was the case with George Floyd. They should be prosecuted. To the fullest extent of the law. Martin Luther King Junior cautioned that the only protection that a minority person has is to demand that social principles be applied equally if racial profiling is wrong, it's. Wrong to stereotype, all police based on the actions of a few. Yes the killing of George Floyd was heinous and justice must be served. But the bottom line here, violent protests against police. Are Not the answer hate. Breeds hate injustice breeds injustice. Eight fifty now thirteen ten K. F. K.. BURSTS TO UNC bears targeting game coverage a lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten, Kfi K. eight thirteen ten Kfi K.. Dot Com closing in on eight, fifty, five, thirteen, ten, Kfi am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. If seven on your Monday. Morning Thirteen ten K of k thirteen ten K. UP, pay a guy, calm more. Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum via live and local via the auto collision as specialists studios this morning all right touched on this a little bit earlier, but just wanted to pass along. In case you were wondering from piece by JC. Marmaduke Outta the Fort Collins Colorado and Fort Collins. Indeed has extended its requirement for pace coverings inside businesses indefinitely and also added sections to address the reopening of restaurants, indoor gyms and other businesses now the mass requirement has been in place since May fourth was set to expire UNMADE. UNMADE thirtieth the, but now it has no specified and date. So what does it entail? It requires people ten and older to where face covering while inside businesses and city buildings, riding public transportation or on outdoor Patios, unless they're seated for eating or drinking, Massar also required inside of any other public indoor space where people can't maintain six feet of distance between themselves and others who aren't members of the same household now violating the mass requirement is a civil infraction punishable by a fine, but city leaders want enforcement to be education. I two businesses aren't required to enforce the mask mandate, but are we required to post the city provided? Provided. Signs about it this would They would only approach the possibility of a citation after an intentional and prolonged violations this according to Fort Collins Policy and project manager honored to Pew now some restaurants reopening of course since governor jared poll has lifted certain corona virus restrictions restaurants to limit their capacity to fifty percent. Again as you're well, aware, tables must be space six feet apart. Employees are required to wear masks, but the state was only encouraging patrons to wear masks. the city policy update means restaurant customers will need to wear masks whenever they leave their seat at a table now larimer county recently changed its mass. Mass requirements so that businesses could opt out if they adhere to a checklist of precautions that includes a plexiglass shielding at point of sale areas, one way I'll additional clearing of high touch cleaning I should say of high touch services, and of course clear markings to keep customers six feet apart in areas where lines form all right coming up hall, show of course with your host, a Brady Hall coming your way from noon to two canal from four to five with your host tanner swint while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

Gail Tom KFI George Floyd officer Kfi K. Colorado School district Superintendent Denver public schools Minneapolis KFI George Lloyd KFI Greeley Evans Great Western DOT Robert L. Woodson Auto Collision Specialists Stu covid
B.I.G. Interview | Niko Medved, CSU Head Mens Basketball Coach

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B.I.G. Interview | Niko Medved, CSU Head Mens Basketball Coach

"Five minutes. Twelve o'clock hour good afternoon. Northern. Colorado. The whole show powered by PVC energy. We're live from the auto collision Specialists Studios. And you know I love when we can start a show off this way, it's also top text. Tuesday as well. So make sure you get involved today and last week was pretty strong. So we're going to see. If you guys can follow up that. Joining me on our I advantage hotline. We have CSU head coach Niko, medved coach always great to catch up with you love when we can get these interviews set up here. Great to connect Brady. Hope you're doing well, hey, we're hanging in there. It's certainly strange times for everybody but With you coach I always think about college coaches obviously there's a sports show but. So. Much of what you do you have you have a system you have a set up your schedule in obviously among other things that has just been rocked these last several months. Well it is and so is everybody's right. So we're we're no different you know and feel sorry for us but it is It's been a constant just one right after the other haymaker after haymaker and constant adjustment and a great analogy I heard it sometimes it feels like it's groundhog day you know you get up and you kind of look at the circumstances and you try to figure out what you can do to to move ahead and you know get accurate information and you go to sleep hopefully feeling good about what you did that day and then you get up the next day and it's like Starting over again sometimes, it feels completely different. All right. What can happen now but it's been it's it's been good and you know we we feel like we're we're plugging away. So yeah, you're exactly right. I, mean I. It does feel like that. We were talking about earlier for us here on the program we didn't have any sports to talk about for the longest time, and then suddenly we're just we're just nailed with it. What was there sixty some games over the weekend? So it's certainly a strange time just trying to adapt how are your players adapting? That's another thing too. You're talking about a lot of young is. They're focused on to focus on school, but obviously, all that has changed that process changed. I. Think I, think overall I. Think they're doing pretty well, you know everybody handles things different I'll say this I think young people are resilient They find a way in La Times that there are more resilient than we are as older folks and a one thing that's been great for us at least our team in particular you know we've been back doing workouts here on campus. We're into our third week now and I think that that's really added even though it's not a normal per se I think it's added some structure and the guys have been in the weight room we're doing workouts and just having that structure and being back together in some capacity is. Really felt like the most normal thing you know we've done in the last four or five months and I think that's been really therapeutic. You know for all of us and so I really felt good about that and being back connecting with the guys and again, the parameters are all different around it with what we can't do but just being back together again and working towards something I think has been really really good coach was that was kind of an emotional experience. You'll get everybody back together getting the coaching staff the players they're seeing everybody was kind of an emotional thing or was it a we? Just we're going to just pick up where we left off. There was some emotions around that I think obviously, you know we have been really connected in the in the virtual world per se and I. Think it was there was the excitement there is emotion. There's a little bit of anxiousness are what's GonNa be like? You know because it's it's different right with all the parameters that are put in place and what's is GonNa look like but I did feel like you know that that first time once we. Got Back on the court and we just started to work it. Kinda it felt normal quickly you know I think it felt really really good for everybody I. Know It was great for me as a coach. Thank. Our staff felt the same way and he just Kinda got back into your into your element and you realize so much. You missed it So I've really enjoyed being back out and moby that way like I said I, I think therapeutics. Is a great word but there was resolved there's a lot of emotion around that but I know our players have really enjoyed being back here and being together. We're talking to head coach Niko medved on our I advantage hotline here and and coach you know is it is it difficult at times as you're getting together you're planning you're doing all this but we we still bottom line is we still don't have a lot of answers yet. I know football were still trying to sort through this and. Joe Parker spoke to media today and we're going to go over that today. But. At the same time, we don't know what that future holding on immediate future holds who don't know six months down the road hold. Is there a part of the back of your head where you're kind of like man? We may work all of this up to it but we we're not sure what the season might look like. A one, hundred percent I mean if I had a nickel for every time, I am you know see somebody in Fort Collins or get on the phone or I'm out on the golf? Course? Ben Gordon says that culture we're going to have a season this year. What do you know you know and you don't have any? Guesses as good as mine and I, think that's an on everybody's mind and and I'll say this. I think that you know again, I can only speak to our players I. think their greatest fear is not playing. You know having to have everything shut down they know it's Going to different I, think that they've all come to grips with that but there is some uncertainty about the future but I think what we've tried to do, and at least in the short term, what they're doing as we got to control what we can control right put put one foot in front of the other and right now we have the ability to to work out in the weight room get on the court a little bit, and that's what we have to focus on and we hold out hope that we will be playing basketball in some capacity and our job is whenever that is we're going to be ready. House the recruiting process been for you guys. Talk about talk about that. That's difficult task. Anyway, I always I always admire what you're able to do year in year out while still focusing on your current team. But what's that process been like the last few months? That's you know that's been been in really strange obviously everything's moved into into a virtual realm and I think it's as difficult on prospects as it is. You know for these schools and then both both of them are in a really difficult position because I think the reality hit everybody. Okay. Then CWA kept kicking the can down the road and you know now it's dad through June and now. It's dad through July and I think people are realizing. We're not going on the road anytime soon to to recruit and they're not gonNA open up the periods I. Don't you know there there's maybe a chance at some point in the fall they would allow kids that come and take visits but I think once that reality set in for everybody Kinda had to shift gears and had. To shift gears with you know the evaluation which we always do a Lotta film but it became all film I. Think One of the things for us that's been good is you know we didn't have a ton of imminent recruiting you're recruiting but we've Kinda short and our list and we've really tried to hone guys that we had at least seen in person you know before But it's different. You know you can't go and get in their element as much and you have to do everything virtually but you make it work I, think adaptability huge. Thank. You gotta adapt to the circumstances that you that you're in and I think we've done that and made the most of it and You know if you follow the news I think you can see where we're actively recruiting. I was GONNA ask that next coach you know you talked about a meeting in person and obviously zoom meetings and all these phone calls you can have your. You said you kind doing that stuff anyway. But there is a lot of stock to put into meeting in person getting to know them and being up. So obviously, you've had to adapt that way of thinking, but you've maybe double or maybe tripled up the videos and the conversations via phone. I for sure. There's virtual information as you can. Thank God. You know we've got access to great technology and we have a lot of creative people here who who work at cs you help us with that but you know I I I think both things have become clear to me in the sense. Oh. Hey, there's really some things even in the future we're going to be able to use. His virtual platform to our advantage in a lot of ways even when we get back to some sense of normalcy but even bigger than that, it just reaffirms the the whole idea that there is nothing will never be anything like face to face communication with somebody you know sitting across from them, talking to them, seeing him them and their environment derek them to see us in our. Environment and and I think that's when you really get the best feeling. You're able to really establish a connection with people but you know right now we're not able to do that. So we've got to make the most of the other, but I think having to make the most of the virtual thing. I think maybe taught us some things that will be able to take with us. Moving forward. Yeah. That's what I thought about that process to tools that you're using. Now maybe that you haven't considered in the past or maybe he didn't use as much you might be using for your benefit going forward. We're talking to see as you head coach Niko medved on the program and coach go back to all the way till about this time last year a few months. Even remember that. I remember talking to you. The Picture Day right and it was such a different time. It feels like twenty years ago. I'm asking you about this team and I mean, I, love chatting with you like this I mean you're saying, Hey, you know what to be honest we'll. We'll know a lot more about this group once we get him out on the floor and I mean I know fans were just pleasantly surprised I mean you guys put together a lot of ws over getting twenty wins throughout the course of the season. I know that Duke experience was absolutely nuts were seeing guys like David Roddy just just take off. Did you expect all of that I? Mean I know I've asked you that before but I got to ask again, did you expect all these young guys to take hold like that so quickly? I'd be lying if I told you I, you know new new what your expect I. Think we all had high hopes for these guys and we knew that or felt like they were going to be good players and we could be a good team but it'd be impossible to say you know one that's going to happen or how it's going to happen the you know the adjustment is very, very difficult. I think you know as we got them you know this. Time last year, and we went through the summer and I'll be and it was a different real to do a lot more practicing in live stuff. We had two months with these with these guys. You could see very quickly that you know the chemistry was good for having as many new players. As we did you can see chemistry was good. You could see these guys had talent and look like they could contribute but the light that's practice right the. Lights hasn't come on yet and so but I I would say a lot of ways and guys exceeded expectations for what we at least early on but I thought you know season when on they blossomed they got better and better they continue to work at a great attitude Great Great Teammates and I was I was really pleased with how last year when I thought we took some steps forward and other real challenges is taking that next. Step, and that's what are our expectations will be different is and that's what we want, and that's what they should be But we've got gotta find a way to take the next step and that's what we're starting to work on. Now, that'll be the challenge right now. Now, there's not a lot of these unknowns. The conference they look at you is and say, wow, this is a this was a group of young guys that maybe took the conference by storm. Everybody on this roster coach everyone is taking seriously now. Down there all and they should you know and I think at the same point in time you know you feel really good about what we have. So we also have a healthy level of respect for opponents. You know I think there's a Lotta programs or continuing to get better and better, and there's a lot of teams that have good players and good coaches, and so we feel good about what we have. But by no means, he take anything for granted. I, mean there's a lot of people. On the other side you know competition who are working hard and have talent and said are well coach and so gotta find ways to continue to separate ourselves and You know really focused on the process and I. That's what we're doing. But I I'm really excited about these guys. I, really like our group I love our staff the really get about what's going on I. Think a lot of fans share that with you coach. Very excited. How hard are you working to find another NICO? Nico Curve obviously great. But to have another guy with the same name, you're missing that now. That's the hardest part. But I'M GONNA, make sure we with an. Right like somebody over there but. You Know I. One thing. About College at that's that's great. You know it's it's a transformative time and these young people's lives, but you get great players and eventually graduated right or they move on to the next level in. A bitter sweet. But it's also part of the process. It's it's a new opportunity for somebody else and it's never about you know just replacing that play. You don't find somebody who's exactly like me go. But you find guys who you know people have different attributes. They do different things. There's guys who could step into different roles and you know your team is is always a collection of the talent that you have, and so we'll. We'll miss me go and Chris and hiring, and all those guys were a huge part in our success but you know now it's time for. The next guy you know to come on and take the next step and showcase what he can do, what we can do and I think if you had nico, you know on the air right now he would tell you hey, you know look out for these guys. They got some guys who are going to continue to get better and That's what it's all about. It seems like you have a lot of those guys on the roster to talk about Nico and and such a talented player. But my goodness you talk to him and he he'd rather spend fifteen twenty minutes talking about everybody else and and you see it on the floor or to and how he would lift guys up and how he make a better but it does seem like you have a lot of those guys on this roster. I hope so. That's the whole team together thing and you know the whole is is bigger than the sum of its parts, a big deal to us, and you have to have talent and you have to have character You gotTa have all those things and I think we do. But it's all about how it fits together. You know how can you play together and you know how our team compete against the other team and? I think we got guys who are bought into that but we'll see right when when the lights come on I think everybody everybody was chomping at the bit to get back on the court and I think if you probably the most teams around the country that have had the opportunity to get back together working in some capacity there. I'll probably have high energy. They're all excited. They're just excited to be back. Doing doing anything and now you know the challenge for everybody is you know whatever the future holds with our seasons Once we start really you know. Getting back to the nitty gritty and we start approaching our season. You know by the grace of God we're back on the court you know playing an actual game. That's one will really find out you know as roles change and all that stuff you know are are we about what? What what we say we are I can say this based on what I know so far about these guys that have a lot of confidence that that's going to be the case no, no question about joining us on our hotline assist you head coach Niko medved medved one more for your coach. We asked this guy about you. So I think it's only fair to ask you about this guy. We saw Colorado coach go up north to the bad guys right to Wyoming Jeff Lender have you have you talked to him since he took that job? Did you guys have much of a relationship even before he? Yeah. No Jeff suggested terrific coach and he's a great dude and yeah, you know we we were friends before and we we've talked a few times You know even now we're not. We're definitely not as good a friends anymore now. There's no. Possible. No he he he does a great job and he'll do a great job up there. You know I think Wyoming's a dark horse I of course, I. Think the chance to be really really good. I think they'll be coach law I think they has some really good young players and their program and There's no question that you know they're gonNA continue to trend in in in the right direction but I'll say this I mean I I think it's great for the Mountain West and our league when everyone's strong cry and the stronger the the league is from top to bottom I think that that's good for everybody. Every game. but I think the competition level and the coaching and You want all these programs at trend in the right direction because I think it makes everybody better. I agree with you. One hundred percent coach always love chatting with. You had to ask you about that other guy now in Wyoming and we're giving him a hard time to so don't. Forget it. I'll probably forget his name here in a couple of weeks or that the could we call them that guy we? Coach appreciate you man and again, I'm very excited about this basketball team. You guys all provided so much fun for US last year get into those twenty wins. I am pumped whenever we start on pumped to see what you guys do. This upcoming season. Brady I appreciate it. Appreciate you having me on and the work that you're doing and Hey, everybody just stay positive stay with it. It's tough times but but this too shall pass now I. Love it well said my friend coach we'll talk to you soon. Okay. Thank you. All right. That's the issue head coach Niko medved great guy had to get him on the program see what they were doing. They're working out they didn't shut down. The basketball side of things they shut down the football side. So they're working out there. He said it. You know it's it's nice to see some of that normal and just get back at it but you know he's not denying in the back of his head. There's got to be that side of you. That's wondering is this season going to happen got to be a difficult task for sure as we're all experiencing Colefax, its top text Tuesday today. Triple. All right. So here's the deal. We got the Philip. Lindsey signed Jersey, thanks to fresco painter South Platte for hooking us up and pillow fight. Dan took it last week. So he's up one nothing he could take a commanding lead of this thing. I mean, dare I say this X. Today he could win the next week. We could give this thing away in three weeks. How about that? So I'm curious to see what the top text Tuesday texters have to say new starting us off Chris. Paul is a punk I kept hearing what a good leader is. Well, I hadn't laughed so hard and longtime you missed that free throw to get skit the W. and overtime and Michael Porter Jr. is now Michael Jordan and that's where we are. He was he was pretty terrible last week but this week he's Michael Jordan Colefax right? Let's get. Let's get these in Dixon Oh. You asked about the Lakers. By the way, the Lakers didn't cover. Did you count that I didn't count it as a win I don't cheat Dixon Dan. I didn't think you guys would catch the spread thing twenty, four minutes after the hour we'll take a short break I. Want to get your texts I got assigned Philip Lindsey Jersey in the frame. It's beautiful. It'll be perfect for the man cave especially when he's not a Bronco next season no, I think you'll be I don't know we'll see but either way it's going to be great memorabilia for twenty four minutes after the hour. Right back. No Code. Now Weekdays at four northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI? K..

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September 25, Hr 2  Weld County Clerk and Recorder Carly Koppes

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21:25 min | 2 months ago

September 25, Hr 2 Weld County Clerk and Recorder Carly Koppes

"This is mornings with Kayla northern. Colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi Aka. ME. Thirty nine days out from the election. If I'm not mistaken, no shortage of those clamoring cries vote for me vote for me 707 now thirteen ten Kfi k a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail from the Auto Collision Specialists Studios joined this morning by weld. County clerk and Recorder Carly Compass Hey Carli. Good morning, how are you today I? Am Great this morning happy Friday to you. Know Friday? So. Tell us a little bit about this invite that you put out there for. Well County residents to participate in the county's logic and accuracy testing voting voting equipment. What is that? Exactly? So every election, we do a public testing of our voting equipment, and essentially what we're doing is we and by any public member and media member to come and watch a what we do because that you know Gail, we do a lot before an election day and a lot of testing, and this is just a portion of it. So every single piece. Of Equipment that we deploy out to our voters service opponents inner has been tested and next week at our public party logic inaccuracy testing. Our party representatives will randomly pick a couple of machines out of all the ones we're two point to test on their own and that they approve that everything is good. Then we're good to go for the next step. How machines do you have? we have over a hundred machines that we're going to me a deploying out, and the party representatives can take as many as they would like, we give them a ballot that they mark on their own and their own little Schema, and they run them through the machines and they also Martha on the machines that they play out the in person voting and it's actually really good true test of the machines. Until if you are interested, I definitely reach out to our elections office and get on the list Otherwise, you can watch all my little uploads on my facebook page as well. I'll be doing. I. Truly enjoy those carly they're always well done. Now I'm this testing is required on only under Colorado Statute revised statute, but by the Colorado Secretary of state right that is correct and so that's why we do it every single election it is actually a really key and important part. To make sure that our machines are again working accurately and even if. I wasn't required underneath state law to do it. I probably would still do it just because that's how important. Myself in my office belief that this is, and again, this is open to the public, and so you know there's been a increase in the national rhetoric around breathing and really. Me that there's people talking about the election. and. Sanctity of. A. Find my understanding is they did find nine ballots in the trash in Pennsylvania that's causing a little bit of Kerfuffle. Yeah. Well, you know you never really know how true those Eire's until you're actually there but true that. In. It's always interesting. You know like I said this is my fifth presidential election and I haven't yet her something that's new and shocking as far as you know. Oh. My Gosh this is what's happening We we've Kinda hear it every four years honestly so It's only louder this year. Walk always louder every four years, and that's why we have these public testing for people that really truly want to see what we do in the elections and like I said, that's why kind of increased as some of my own social media presence a little bit and giving kind of like weekly election updates. So you guys really can understand that we put a lot of hours and a lot of effort to make sure that you can be. Confident as you want to be in your elections department and the election judges and we are very very dedicated to our job. All right. So the testing again will be held September thirtieth and October first at the Weld County election office ballot processing building that's eight twenty, seven streets in Greeley, and we do need to preregister if we're interested in taking part that is correct and so you can just call it my elections office, which is nine seven zero. Four, six, five, two, five, and ask for Kashmir. She's the one taking all the names down and we would like I said encourage anybody that would like to actually come and see the test team and interact with. We can go down any type of rabbit hole that you want. As you know, I'm not John when it comes to talking about election. An transparency in this context of very, very good thing I wanted to ask you what was the deal the Kerr poppel over those inaccurate postcards from the US Postal Service which led to the Colorado Secretary of State's office accepting a settlement from the US Postal. Service I actually have that postcard in front of me. So with me I don't find the postcard to be that disturbing just because of the fact that. That does claim around there that says vary by state and it is a national postcard the USPS sense. In Romy I think the message was that they were trying to convey is you know check your voter registration check when you're going to be getting your ballot, get your ballot and sooner than later and you know that that was the discretion of the Secretary of state to you know do what she did with the My point of view is you know, hey, at least people were getting some information and if it took a US post office postcards to get their attention and that's fine with me, and again, you can always just reach out to my in my elections team and we're we're here to. Give you more accurate information if you'd like yeah. Disclaimer is definitely there as I said I've got it in front of me in anticipation of talking with you because I wanted to ask you that question and right there I mean number one, start today give yourself in your election officials ample time to complete the process number two rules and dates vary by state. So contact your election board to confirm findings at USPS DOT com forward slash voting info goes on request your mailing ballot often called absentee vowed at least fifteen days before election days follow instructions, add postage we recommend you mail your ballot at least seven days before Election Day. What was the troublespot there what led to that legal action? from I understand, let me because I haven't had a personal conversation, the secretary state or the Colorado Attorney, General that for my understanding is you know they had a little bit of an issue about the whole fifteen day requests and they had a bit of an issue about the seven days. But you know I'm always telling everybody you know don't do it eight days after election day it was just one day difference and then the fifteen days I mean we we also say you request replacement about or a new ballot up until eight days before Election Day as well. Again for me that bullet point that says, you know it varies by state check with your local election people really kind of Clare's us. Can kind covers any discrepancies between. The Postcard said what we traditionally do but that's that is from my understanding like I said, I have not had a personal conversation with the secretary or the really about their issue with it and you know my my thing is is I've worked in election for sixteen years as you know. We have worked really hard over the last sixteen years and even before I even started working in elections to have a really good relationships with us ps and I I know that there's never any Mallon tent with the USPS I know many of the people that work there are just due to my meetings that we have with them every other week especially during election time and they they are. One hundred percent and they know what they need to do on their end and their role in election, and I feel very confident that there was no malcontent with this postcard and they were just trying to you know help all the states. Reach their voters and I'm proud of my partnership with the USPS and the relationship that we have with them here in will county. Now, as you said earlier, you know your your this is not your first Rodeo. We'll just put it that way when it comes to presidential elections and things get overheated in overblown and Just louder. So of course, we're hearing about the questions about mail in balloting but the thing is Colorado was a trailblazer in mail in balloting and the sanctity of saying. That is correct I. Mean we have been doing some sort of Malin about voting since the early nineties and then we we transitioned into permanent mail in voting. You know in the early two thousands and then ultimately led to us out becoming an all male bounce state in two thousand and thirteen because the voters told us this is how they wanted to vote here in Colorado. Just some. Information About Weld. County. Is before two thousand and thirteen. We had anywhere between seventy and seventy five percent of our voter registration on that permanent mail and voting. So we were automatically bouts at that point, and then after two thousand thirteen, you know we went to you one hundred percents really wasn't a huge jump for us here in will county and we we've always done a really strong job with the mail in ballots and. It's it's quite interesting. How many people who are listening to the national rhetoric and one thing you're always trying to remind them as you know, the national rhetoric doesn't really apply to Colorado because we have been doing it for so long and we have been doing it very very well, I mean two thousand and sixteen. In two thousand eighteen. We were recognized as one of the safest states in the nation to cast your ballot. And that's just due to all the things that we do prior to election day liked testing that will be doing for the public next week and it's it's always interesting. You know that you are right. This is not my first Rodeo. And it it's also not the first time that I'm I'm explaining things. But like I said, I would much rather you have that conversation with me is facebook's leading you down a weird ravin whole or Google or twitter or instagram or whatever social media platform you're using. I've you have concerns and questions. Asked me ask my ass, my team. We will like I said more than happy to have a conversation 'cause I'm not shy about talking about election. So how do we get in touch with you I? Know there's a multitude of ways. There is there's no short of way to get in touch with me. You can use facebook. If you'd like, you can message me on their You can also reach me directly at nine, seven, zero, four, zero, zero, three, one, five, five dollars is my office number You can email me at sea compass at wealthed dot com you can email my elections department, which is elections at wealthed dot com visit well votes dot com to find out all that information to just in case you're driving and don't don't try and write that down. Visit wealthed DOT com. That's where you can find all of our contact information You can also give me on twitter, which is at compass. Carly There's a multitude of ways to try and get in touch with me. Guys have no excuse not to call me. Or Messenger you or. Whatever the case may be. Right. All right. So before I let you go I know you're very busy but Once again, if we'd like to participate in the county's logic and accuracy testing voting equipment on September thirtieth. Give details on that one more time. Yes. So please call the. At nine zero, three or four, six, five, two, five on asks for Kashmir and we'll get you on the list and then we will start at nine am on the last working day of September, which is September thirtieth, and we will get you all signed in and you know walk you through what we're doing and we'd be more than happy to have you guys come witness it. Well County clerk and Recorder Carly Cop is always a pleasure. Thanks so much. Thank you as always appreciate you you bet seven twenty, one, thirteen, ten, Kfi K. Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin. cowherd northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten K. F. K. if you miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten. KFI K. A. dot com to download the podcast today back to jail. Song. Comes on another one. Hey don't. When you think what else can go wrong in two thousand and twenty? Well, how about this an asteroid the size of a school bus is passing earth today because well, it's twenty twenty and weird is the new normal seven, twenty, eight now thirteen ten K of k a thirteen, ten, Kfi a dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail via the Auto Collisions Specialists Studios Yep School. Bus sized asteroid will passer today on its journey through space because, well, twenty twenty s obviously throwing us some closer calls these days named twenty twenty s w the asteroid will zoom by about thirteen thousand miles above the earth's surface. Now, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists discovered twenty twenty s w on September eighteenth, but ruled out any chance of it deciding to make a dent. Or leave a mark on our planet. Paul Toda's is director of the Center for near Earth, objects studies at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in southern California. He says there's a large number of teeny tiny asteroids like this one. I don't know that I would categorize a school bus site at us. Asteroid is a small what okay. Several of them approach our planet as close as this several times and every year in fact, asteroids of this is impact our atmosphere at an average rate of about once every year or two, and even if it did take a detour to earth twenty, twenty s w would probably just Kind of disintegrate burn up in the atmosphere. So let's aw take a deep cleansing breath nama stay everything's GonNa be just fine closing in on seven thirty now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen, ten KFI K. A. Dot com well, the market's pretty much all over the place morning and why is it that prices for existing homes are soaring Heath wineman presidential wealth management joins us in just a few. Patrick the whole show in. Collin cowherd or on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi K. catch me Dan Patrick and the Dan Weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI Kfi. This caught my eye this morning of course anything food related you sleep does seven forty, eight now thirteen ten, kfi thirteen ten. KFI. Dot Com northern Colorado's Voice Mornings Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios this as a food truck Friday while kick off the opening of a new Greeley food truck court. Piece that popped up in Greeley Trib just yesterday by Jaden Watson Fisher from the Open Air Plaza downtown. Now to a food truck court greely is teaming with new options for how we can all enjoy food. The. Apartments at Mattie will introduce this week food truck Friday. At its brand new food truck court open to the public food truck, Fridays will occur each week obviously. You got it yoke and around GonNa love the name of that business and ideas. Meal Burritos will be the first food trucks featured at the outdoor food truck venue. You can choose from a variety of menu options from the two trucks yoke and around specializes in egg based treats including deviled eggs, Bacon cheeseburger Omelette, or the farmers. I get breakfast anytime of day. How about you? IDEAS MEAL burritos provides variety of breakfast stand traditional lunch or dinner burritos. You can choose your protein any add on such as avocado nothing like little Africa toast right sour cream or double protein both trucks offer additional is for purchase if you're not craving a burrito or eggs so the trucks will be located at the Boone apartment. This is sixteen forty eighth avenue from four PM to eight PM, and again, menus are available on each trucks facebook page. So some dining options additional dining options for your enjoyment seven fifty now thirteen ten k. f. k.. Party northern. Colorado's four. Thirteen ten KFI. K. The block party Wednesdays from four to ten PM. Thirteen ten KFI K a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. Dot com seven five Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd are northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI. Tune into the House show at noon and no Co. now at four back to mornings with gala northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI K. Scana Coal Downtown Development Authority a special district of the city dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Greeley launched a social media campaign. This week dubbed Downtown Greeley. The place to be will we already know that during the coming months visitors of the downtown area are encouraged to share their stories of why downtown Greeley is indeed the place to be by using the Hashtag Hashtag D. T. G. place to be when posting to social media April. The DA. Board of directors this according to a piece I pull out of the Greeley trip by Bobby commandos. The board of directors formed a task force to explore ways to support the downtown business community. In light of the recent challenges caused by the covid nineteen pandemic now, according to a news release DVD staffed Tim with teamed with brindle digital marketing for several months of strategizing collaborating campaign seeks to continue telling the story of downtown Greeley's vibrancy, resiliency and growth. So for more information on the place to be all you have to do is fire up that Google Earth and go to Greeley downtown dot com forward a forward slash place to be some fifty nine now thirteen ten k. f. k., thirteen? Ten KFI K. A. DOT COM, northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail via the Auto Collision Specialists Studios. All right. got a lot to get to. Get you all up to speed on everything you need to know with local and national news cameron peak firefighters are facing their biggest challenge to date today as high temperatures and wind gusts will test that red feather lakes line, and well interestingly enough they've had some unexpected visitors. We'll give you a little hint one. They've actually named little smokey. We'll have all the details coming your way in just a few. ABC. News. Than local news had thirteen ten KFI Greeley Loveland Longmont closing in on eight o'clock. Patrick the whole show in Colin cowherd or on northern Colorado's voice thirteen. Ten KFI K.

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July 15, Hr 3  Michael Fields with Colorado Rising Action

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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July 15, Hr 3 Michael Fields with Colorado Rising Action

"This is mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten Kfi K.. In. The tax man wants you know more procrastination, no more delays. Yes, today July fifteenth is indeed tax day so all right, everybody just take a deep breath. If you haven't gotten around to doing your taxes yet, there's still time. But pretty soon there will be no time eight Oh eight now thirteen ten KFI. K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot, com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right. We had the opportunity earlier I believe. It was last week to talk with a tie, Allen H. and R. Block of Greeley with two locations to serve you in Greeley, a great sponsor mornings with Gail, but I thought it might be instructive for those of you who are getting the sweaty palms in your heart is pounding, and your pulse is racing as you realize. I have to do my taxes today just to reiterate as some of those points so. As the corona vent pandemic took hold this spring as you're well aware. The federal government postponed the traditional. April Fifteenth Filing deadline until today now this according to a piece out of the Associated Press the move provided some economic well, logistical relief for taxpayers, dealing with the disruptions and uncertainty brought on by lockdowns, school closures and shuttered businesses, but Unfortunately you've got to turn your attention to it today. Online is you must file today or seek an extension, or you will face a penalty. The IRS is expecting about one hundred fifty million returns from individuals and a last count. It had received almost one hundred and forty two million, so if you're still kind of procrastinating and. Getting around to meeting that filing deadline. Make, a payment, or if you have other questions, here's a few answers, first and foremost. Do I have to file? Yup, in most cases you must file and pay your taxes by today. Taxpayers who need more time can request as Talon H. and R. Block of Greeley reminded us you can request an extension on the irs website that'll give you until October fifteenth to file. How ever an extension to file does not mean an added time to pay so. You need to estimate what you think you. And make that payment by the end of today, but you can file for an extension now. What happens if you can't pay now? What do you do? Go ahead and file your taxes even if you can't pay the IRS is willing to up payment plans or make other arrangements with tax payers who can't pay in full. Many of those options can actually be set up online and the penalty for failure to file will be much more expensive than the failure to pay. What about refunds well? The, irs is still processing an issuing refunds most within twenty one days, so those getting refunds will be paid interest dating back to April fifteen. If you file on time, the interest rate is five percent per year through June thirtieth starting to live I it drops to three percent per year. The interest is compounded daily for refunds. Any refund issued after July. First will get a blended rate all right. Let's just say you're not jazz just about. Going out anywhere. Anytime soon. Can you do it online You can file or pay your taxes online. In fact, it could be the way to to go to avoid a delayed refund for twenty. Nineteen IRS urges us all to use electric options to support social distancing speed the processing of returns, refunds or payments now the agency, still working its way through an estimated backlog of twelve million pieces of mail that build up during its closure in response to the pandemic accountants and tax. Tax Prep services say as did tie. Allen H R block of Greeley. They have a variety of ways to help you prepare your taxes. without meeting face to pace if you're so inclined, what about estimated taxes tax payers who make estimated quarterly tax payments haven't till the end of today to make the payments for the first and second quarters. Those were originally due on April fifteenth and June fifteenth respectively. What else do you need to know? Well, there are. A broad variety of other tax deadlines linked to today. What you might want to do. Is Jump Online check out the IRS website or reach out to tax professional tie Allen H., and R. Block of Greeley for answers to your specific question now one worth noting. Is that July. Fifteenth is also the deadline to claim a refund for twenty sixteen tax returns an estimated one point five billion dollar in refunds, billion dollars I should say in refunds for two thousand sixteen are actually sitting unclaimed because folks failed to file tax returns, the law provides a three year window of opportunity claim, refund buy if you don't file a return within that time, the money becomes property of the Treasury and there is no penalty to file a later return. If a refund is due, it's also a very good time to check in with a tax professional. If you've had a major shift in income, employment or other tax situations in two thousand, twenty with all. All the changes stemming from covid nineteen? There may be need for added help when it comes to getting those taxes, but sorry time's up. No excuses you do need to take action today as today is the deadline to file those taxes closing on eight, fifteen, now thirteen ten KFI, a thirteen ten K.. F. K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand, one, where patient care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight fourteen O, nine or caring hearts, H, h, dot, com, the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. For more on KFI programs podcast sports scheduled news goto thirteen ten KFI K., A. Dot com now vertu mornings with Kale. No and you don't get that tax return filed. You're not going to be feeling the love of from the irs this as today, July fifteenth is the tax deadline. Yes, you can file for an extension, but go to the irs website and just bring it down a few notches because you still have some time left twenty six now thirteen ten Kfi. Thirteen ten K. F. A., DOT COM northern Colorado's voice morning so Kale, live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. You know we talked about this story for quite some time and I actually had stopped I duNno, as out in about yesterday, stopped at a convenience store and wore masks and asked them if they were experiencing a coin shortage, and they said No. We heard about it, but no, it really hasn't affected us. US whatsoever while this as a king supers is going to temporarily stop giving coins for change because of the nationwide shortage, adopting temporary ban on coins the Fed says that the shortages due to less money circulating during the pandemic now working for piece by Judith Koehler in the Denver Post so much for getting back quarters for laundry or the parking meter when you pay cash for groceries at King, supers or city market kroger. The two chains parent company won't give coin change to customers paying cashiers with cash for awhile because of a nationwide coin shortage King Super Spokesperson Jessica Trial Bay Bridge said in the email Monday that folks can load the change on their king supers loyalty card to use on their next purchase or round up their bill to support Kroger's zero. Zero Hunger Zero Waste Program Drawbridge said as we've mentioned the Federal Reserve is experiencing a significant coin shortage across the nation as a result, it's impacting our ability to provide change to our customers. Fed Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently, told Congress that the coin. Stop flowing when folks curtailed their spending as businesses closed. To slow the role of the Corona Virus Powell said in a hearing June on Capitol Hill that. The government is working to increase the supply. The US meant including the Denver Branch reduced shifts because of the coronavirus outbreak, according to Mark Weller Executive Director of Americans for common sense spelled the seat. The organization supports continuing to print media, pennies, and maintaining the right to pay with cash, so it's watching as various retail outlets and chains decide not to give back coins again. Kroger says the policy on coins is only temporary. Marc Weller Executive Director of Americans for Common Sense says that his organization believes that handling money, paper or coins is indeed safe during the pandemic centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that grocery retail workers minimize handling cash, credit, cards and mobile. Devices Oh another day another conflicting guideline when it comes to Covid nineteen all right looking forward to our conversation with Michael Fields Executive Director of Colorado rising action. They're doing a couple of signature drives for a to a voter petitions over the next few Saturdays, and we'll get all the details from Michael. Fields Executive Director Colorado rising action when he weighs in at eight, thirty, five, eight, thirty, now thirteen ten KF k a thirteen ten KFI. Carry preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the. School coverage after mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan Patrick show the whole show and the herd with Colin cowherd. Olien thirteen ten KFI. Colorado rising action, conducting a couple of signature drives for to voter petitions won the vote on fees. This is initiative to ninety five and tax cut initiative at three zero. Six joined this morning for all the details by Michael. Fields, excutive, director, Colorado, rising, Action Hey Michael. Gale are you I'm doing great. How about you? Can't complain okay, so you guys are staying very very very very busy. Yeah, there's no off time during the year. Especially you know and even year when there's a presidential election and a Senate race and I just wanted to tell everybody that ballot issues a very important to their the things that that lasts a long time and impact your wallet a lot and so yeah, we're making a push here to get on the ballot for for two ballot issues. We're leading the one the vote on fees, which basically is any big new fees that state government wants to implement an order to. To try to go around Taber all the time. Our taxpayers bill of Rights a hundred million dollars or more over the first five years. So you know you think about the hospital provider? The or faster fees are car registration fees. We WanNA. Stop things like those and just put up to a vote of the people, and so we're trying to get a hundred and twenty five thousand signatures what you need by August third, and so the next couple Saturdays We have a drive in order to try to get. More signatures in and so basically. If you go to vote on fees, dot com, you can see the locations. We're adding locations all the time. I know up north. We have Longmont Fort. Collins we're adding some others, and so if people go to vote on fees, dot, com they can sign that and the tax. Cut that Independence Institute. Is Pushing which really is a counter to that bill. We you and I talked about last time. I was on where they're going after businesses trying to close what they called loopholes. And this tax cut would offset that and and really give breaks all Colorado's. Is a Greeley. Excuse me is just took a Swig of coffee. There is a Greeley slated to be on that list. So that people can sign here. Have to look at the exact location, but I know. We're adding them every day. And so you know, we'll get one in Greeley if we don't already by the time, this thing ends at the end of the month, so we're trying to turn those ballots in or the petitions in by the end of the month hundred, twenty, five thousand is a lot. We're a good ways there, but you kind of always make that. Push in the last two or three weeks in order to get over the top, and again is the number of signatures required determined. Yet, so it's a percentage of voters in the last election. So that's how it, so it's gone up every time. Obviously, it's more Colorado. Votes you know when it first years ago, I remember it was under one hundred thousand ninety eight thousand every year that more people vote, it goes up and those have to be valid signatures obviously, and so you might turn in a certain amount, and some of them will get thrown out because they don't. They didn't live here or they don't have the right address, etc, and so you really have to go way over the the number and if you remember a couple of weeks ago. A couple of months ago now the due date to late people trying to ban late term abortion had a cure period because they didn't hit the number. They went out and got forty eight thousand. Petition signatures they only need ten thousand and so yeah. You really try to make a push at the end to make sure you don't all short. Yeah. Do you get ten twenty percent over the required number? Usually more than that you have to assume probably seventy something. Percent of yours will be valid, so we'll try to turn in one, hundred, eighty, one, hundred, ninety, thousand, just to make sure the other thing that you have is some our amendment changes and other changing our constitution, and when that happens, you have to get signatures from thirty five Senate districts, and you have to get around two thousand from each one of those, and so that's really hard to do because you know, you can get flooded. The say you're pushing for the tax increase like they are right now. You can get a lot of people in Boulder Denver that want to increase taxes. It's harder to go out to the Alamos area, or the Eastern Plains and find in these big districts two thousand plus people that want to sign your petition. That's the struggle that the other side running into right now is, they might have to turn in over two hundred thousand signatures to hit the number and I'm I'm curious during you know the the covert. Corentin that we'd had and everything else. If you know, it's possible to do, so we'll see that tax increase could be on the ballot. The teachers unions pushing it two billion dollar tax increase but we're hoping that doesn't even make ballot. Right now, and you bring up a very good point because you know as a as pond of saying, we've all been so whipsawed by these are competing guidelines and restrictions I mean just kind of makes your head spin, but you have to wonder you started this signature gathering effort. What Weekend. Yeah these this specific when we started last weekend where we have these Saturdays these different locations, but we started gathering signatures all over the state much earlier than that right. When the governor lifted that original stay at home, order and counties started picking how they were going to respond to it. We started gathering, and so we have a good amount of signatures to start. What we know is if we get people to show up if one of your listeners shows up. In Fort Collins and signs that we know that it'll be a valid signature. The percentages of those are very high going get paid signature gatherers that percentage goes down and so That's why we want to get so many volunteer ones here. To push us up into that one hundred ninety range to make sure we can get on the ballot, we know the secretary of state isn't going to be too favourable to to certain valid issues and so We WanNa make sure that we have it locked in, and it has been difficult I mean the governor's gone back and forth. If he you know, he wanted to allow them online signatures. Hang wanted to court. Yeah. I wanted to ask you about that because that tussle was interesting to watch. Yeah we kind of assumed that that might happen that it was possible, and it was a kind of burdensome process. have to send something to somebody. They sign it. They have to send it back to get notarized. It was sometimes it's just easier to just stand in front of somebody and get their signature, and so we didn't do any online things. When that opened up where the other side the people getting the tax increase, they started the process of doing that. All those had to get thrown out, so they had to throw a lot of their hundreds. Hundreds of thousands of their signatures we took the normal approach and said look you know in certain areas of the state. We're getting a lot of yours. and Al Paso Dug Co, and and even in Denver and so knowing that we were getting those signatures that way and there was a chance that the courts could throw this out We didn't do that at all. Fortunately and so we're still on track right I. Think it really put the other side there who are getting family, leave and the tax hike it through them back a bit. So have. Have you seen blessing? Suzy Azam when it comes to signature gathering. Of covid nineteen. You people excited to sign. especially they were hey. We WanNA tax cut during a recession You know anything will help. I think they're also a lot of people are reluctant to sign you know. Tax increases are things that are growing government right now, and so you have individuals who are excited to do with the problem that you have. Is You have math gatherings places I mean they gather would go to. The fair or would go outside of concerts different stuff where people are gathering throughout the summer. This is normally you know prime time to reach thousands of people or the western Conservative summit, or all these different things that got canceled were areas that in the past it would be easy to get signatures so I think that's the hardest thing is just it becomes more you know. How can you stand outside You know of of a grocery store far enough that they'll let you get signatures Can you do show up to these smaller gatherings and get him? Can you have volunteers pass from around and that's why we have. have these different locations set up where people can go and sign, but yeah, that has been the most difficult. It's just not having mass people I. Remember signing the National Popular Vote One You know in Parker at a you know a fair and so which is another one that's going to be on the ballot. They did early, so they didn't have to deal with this. But you know it's a lot? It's a hard process compared to the legislature referring stuff I, if you this year, You know the Gallagher repeal and nicotine tax, but that's a much easier process than what we have to go through citizens. Because I've I actually signed one to protect oil and gas industry jobs, so yeah, there's a lot of activity out there. Eight forty six thirteen ten KFI, thirteen ten K. F. K., A. dot com northern Colorado's voice Michael. Fields is executive director of Colorado. Action Right so let's recap this. Let's talk about. The signature drives for these two petitions run us through the vote on fees initiative to ninety five and the real fair tax initiative three Oh six. Yes, so the vote on fees initiative. This is big new fees that the state would try to implement that. We vote on it that we just like Taber we. Vote on taxes. The taxes and fees are basically the same thing that we should vote on these big increases, and so what we want you to do is go to vote on fees. Dot Com and look for a location that is close to you or reach out. If you want to circulate these petitions on your own we can connect you with that and have your friends and family. Sign this, but it's important to get that on to. To protect Taber The second one is a tax cut it. Is You know our current tax rate is four point six three percent. This would go down to four point five five percents, which is great during a recession to have a tax break, and so if you go on, vote on fees, dot com, we can connect you and make sure by the end of the month is when we need to turn one hundred, twenty, five, thousand and. It's a heavy left about if anybody can do it, Michael fields and your team. Colorado. Rising action can get her done. Michael. Thanks as always so appreciate your time. You Bet a forty-seven now thirteen ten Kfi K.. To UNC burs target game. Coverage Lives on thirteen ten KFI K which Colorado. College basketball team has the brightest future. We'll talk about it on the next hole show thirteen ten KFI K.. If two on your Wednesday morning, thirteen ten Kfi K., thirteen ten K. of K. A., dot. COM Northern Colorado's Voice Morton's Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right. Just some news local news wanted to pass along working for on piece by collar mead out of the Greeley trip this evening, the city of Greeley's. Human Relations Commission will put on an online community forum aimed at discussing race and communities of Color in Greeley the event is called. Tell me more or Quintet Myemma. In Spanish, it'll be held on zoom from six to seven thirty m you can gain access to the forum You just need to go to Greeley gove dot zoom dot. U. S. and I just kind of new around there and you will find out how to access this forum this evening. Six panelists will address topics brought to the fore after. The black lives matter movement resurgence, following George Floyd's killing by police in Minneapolis and Minneapolis it's also in response. Impart one human relations commission senior commissioner said to controversy over comments made by a Greeley City Councilwoman Kristen's Zeta now deb soon. Guy Is the senior commissioner on the human race. Relations Commission she said the reason this came about is because of Kristen's Zeta and the black lives matter movement we need to depth continued as a human. Relations Commission we need to talk to the community we need to hear. What the community has to say, what happened with George Floyd and the comments from a city council leader? This is about what has happened in our community and our state and our country. Mrs Mrs? Sooner says we have a divided community here in Greeley and as a human relations commission. Where here to help our city, he'll. Synagogue feels there's far to go as a city. Evenson just three years ago when the commission was called upon to draft resolution with Greeley's Hispanic community soon ago, said we have not come very far. There's still more work to be done. The commission's event hopes to create conversation whether you're Latino African American Jewish Somalian working in concert together. We want to bring our community together said SUNA the panic. The panel includes assistant city manager Bettys, Afric and Greeley's municipal judge Mark Gonzalez. Features University of Northern Colorado's cheap diversity officer and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Tobias. Guzman UNC, Grad, student and interim coordinator up the Marcus Garvey Cultural Center. Mariah Davis and at UNC football player grant Stevens. UNC's Trio Student Support Services Program Director Shauna Kimbro Hayward who was also the director of the Center for human enrichment at you and see this. Has this evening the city of Greeley's human relations? Commission will host this online forum aimed at discussing race and communities of Color in Greeley on zoom from six to seven thirty p. m you can learn more simply by visiting Greeley Gov dot zoom dot US eight, fifty, six, now thirteen ten KF K., while they're all sports story in northern Colorado, the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to. Ten KFI K.. Get into this in greater detail tomorrow because time didn't permit, but part of the theme of this morning show was talking about the fact that when it comes to all things, covid nineteen and the ever changing scientific, she says using air quotes a scientific narrative well, if you look at Florida, it's really disturbing with how they are reporting some of their testing results relative covid nineteen, because well some. Some of the labs are not reporting negative Cova nine hundred nineteen results in order to what else could it be? Is this an oversight is is is it accidental or is it by design? There was a report that showed that Orlando Health had a ninety eight percent positivity rate, but there were errors in the report and Orlando Health's positivity rate is only nine point four percent, not ninety eight percent. How did that happen? Can you tell me all right stay with us? We got the thirteen ten KFI K A block party coming your way. Getting underway at foreign cars the hall show with your host Brady Hall Coming Your Way at noon lock here. Thirteen ten K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

Greeley Colorado KFI IRS Colorado Michael fields KFI Allen H. Specialists Studios R. Block K. Thirteen Gail Kfi Executive Director Human Relations Commission Senate George Floyd director Relations Commission
June 23, Hr 1  Dr Keith Smith

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June 23, Hr 1 Dr Keith Smith

"This is mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum, only thirteen ten KFI. Pappy van. About. Well tongue in cheek survey to kick off our Tuesday morning. Alright pick up truck owners. How deep is your love? When it comes to your truck? And what would you give up for an entire year eight now thirteen ten K of K, thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right now, threatening to take away screen time from your kids might get them to change their ways. Done expected to work with pickup drivers. A newly commissioned to survey this by Ford ahead of the launch up there twenty twenty, one F one, fifty on June twenty-fifth well, ask truck owners what they would give up for a year to keep their trucks. No surprise streaming services like net net flix and Hulu led the list with eighty two percent of respondents willing to put down the remote. Seventy nine percent said they would preferred I. Keep on truckin than drink alcohol. Seventy? One percent said Yeah I'll give up. Caffeine all stripes. Phones were next to go. When we be much better society if we were able to put our phones down for just five minutes, think about it phones next to go at forty seven percent with meet meet right behind them at forty four percent. Nothing about beef jerky there and then. There was. The inevitable question. Yes of intimacy versus the truck. Thirty percent could survive twelve months. They said of celibacy more easily than parking. They're pickup for that same amount of time. So what would you be willing to give up for one year to keep the keys to your pick them up truck? Trump any attacks that three, one, nine, nine six. Give me a call. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. What indeed would you be willing to give up for one year? To hang onto your pickup truck. All right got a lot more serious things to get to this morning. Though the Greeley stampede is canceled this year due to covert at one thousand nine concerns, local restaurants will offer are much beloved festival food during the time in which the Greeley stampede would have run Turkey legs and funnel cakes. Anyone. We've got all the details coming up then looking forward to our conversation this morning with a job or Naski this as loveline pulse. This is the. The city of Lyons. High Speed Internet and voice provider just announced residential service plans this past Thursday, so we're gonNA take a deep dive into municipal broadband everything. You need to know what to expect particularly if you are a loveland resident. What what are the basics of loveline? Paul's well Jober Naski is director of Loveland, water and power. He weighs in at eight. Oh five then breaking this morning the plan. This is the plan and you're not ever supposed to change the plan, right? Well we'll see. The plan is for Major League Baseball to have a sixty game season that well. Anonymous reports say is expected expected to begin around July twenty, four, th this, after three months of fruitless belly, bumping between the players and the owners this as the owners yesterday, just well exacted their power and control of voting in a sixty game season after the players Association rejected again that proposal. But players once again I have to sign off on a health and safety protocol and agree to well show up. At their home stadiums by July first. Begging the question. Will they play ball at Henderson is a major league baseball scout and fifty KOA's baseball insider anthill weigh in at seven forty. Because what I'm hearing word on the street is is that this is all point to wind up in court and let the Legal Eagles Kinda sort it all out, but we'll we have a major league baseball season this year it's. Increasingly looking at it, but unfortunately there are no guarantees Colorado state fair and blow is indeed on, but it's GonNa look and feel a little bit different. And then you heard the story of course and our news this morning, the fate of school resource officers and the putter school district. Well, it's now in the districts hands begging the question. Will they go the way of Denver Public Schools One can only hope that perhaps calmer heads prevail. Then where have all? All the ponies gone. This is the iconic. Any horses are put on pause at King Super, so we've got a lot to dive into today closing in on six fourteen, now thirteen ten k. f. k. while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K., the day's headlines, podcast mornings with Gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcasts. Find them at thirteen ten KFI. Dot Com. Chance yesterday to talk with Larimer county clerk and recorder Angela Myers who reminded us that your ballot is still well I a perhaps a buried in your incoming mail basket. You Might WanNa, dig it out, but yesterday was the last day to mail those balancing to be sure that they are received of course by the seven PM deadline for Colorado's primary election, June thirtieth six twenty, one now thirteen ten K of K, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western. Petroleum live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios, but just a reminder that yesterday once again was your last opportunity. To Mail your ballot in the concern as they may not arrive by the June thirtieth election day deadline again, they must be received by seven pm on election day in order to be counted. So, what do you do well? Early in person, voting has actually started. As. We've talked with Weld County clerk. Recorder Carly KOPPA's along with Larimer county clerk recorder Angela Myers the advice there is to find yourself one of those murderous drop-off boxes, but yesterday marked the start of early in person, voting voters, service and polling centres still encouraged to submit the ballot by Dropbox, if at all possible this again in an effort to limit the spread of covid nineteen, but impose some voting is still available for anyone who still much must register vote or to cast their vote in person so. The Secretary of State's office has funded and help counties secure PP. The Secretary of State's office also worked with a governor, jared police's office, and the Colorado Department of Public Health and environment, in issuing emergency election rules and guidance for county elections officials for conducting elections during the pandemic griswald said in a news release we WANNA make sure Colorado and have the information. They need to cast a ballot in June thirtieth statewide primary and feel safe doing so again griswald says. This Colorado Secretary of State Jenner, Griswald to avoid the possibility that a ballot is not received in time to be counted. I encourage all voters to drop their ballots. At a ballot dropbox! To find the nearest twenty four hour ballot dropbox, all you have to do is visit. Go Vote Colorado Dot, Gov six, twenty, three, now, thirteen, ten, Kfi a thirteen ten K., F. A.. Dot Com this is. Governor Jared Polis assigns that budget that was slashed by three point three billion dollars because of covid Nineteen Yup. He signed the state budget bill yesterday alongside lawmakers on the legislature's joint budget committee, working from piece by Derek, draper in the Center Square lawmakers and we talked about this to a great extent, they were tasked with the rather well onerous responsibility, cutting three point three billion dollars from the budget because of projected shortfalls from the economic impact of the pandemic. Governor said during a news conference. Just yesterday we went from a projected surplus to a projected shortfall practically overnight, he went on to say the JBC team art team really move mountains to reorganize to rewrite a budget that made sure the state could continue with our necessary covid, nineteen response, and of course make the cuts they're required to make, but to do so in a way that was evidence based, and that made sure they were investing and supporting the programs that Colorado would need the most. During these difficult times poll readily acknowledged that the bill wasn't the budget they expected when the session started, but that indeed they were able to prioritize spending. He said I know this isn't the budget that any members of JBC expected to deliver that I expected sign just a few short months ago, but the JBC's hard work and difficult work has minimized the damage that this budget does I suppose. That's a matter of just kind of putting it into perspective. Right because. Cutting out three point three billion well. That's GONNA. Have some pretty dire ramifications pretty much across the board. But once again. Police saying. That the JBC's hard and difficult work has minimize the damage that this budget does. JBC chaired Diana, Esker Pueblo saying that throughout the budget process, lawmakers wanted to make sure that Colorado in state safe. We wanted to make sure they stay paid. We wanted to make sure that small businesses would be able to recover. We worked very hard throughout this entire budget to make sure that Colorado wins came first, and the cuts came second. Sadly, reflecting on a survey done by the Colorado Restaurant Association over four hundred restaurants across the state and indications are there will probably be many many more added to tally over four hundred restaurants. Small businesses will probably never reopen. Six Twenty six now thirteen, ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI K., A. Dot com wanted to pass this along as well because I found this interesting. We've been talking a lot about what the recovery is going to look like two separate tax, their market recovery, and of course economic recovery. What does it look like for the state well economic activity in Colorado seeing improvements, but so far the improvements are slight. This is according to the latest Colorado Economic and Fiscal Outlook released this past. Friday governor's Office of State Planning and budgeting reports summarize the state of the economy. Well kind of like this while this recession is likely to be the. The shortest on record it's also likely to cut the deep deepest returned pre cova levels may be slow and contingent upon health concerns. The report said that personal income and personal savings increase in April largely due to the federal government stimulus and increased unemployment benefits earned income, needless to say declined and the savings rate increase suggests that people weren't spending increased savings likely means that consumers have delayed spending, and when and if they spend later, it will accelerate recovery stands to reason Colorado lost more than three hundred thousand jobs, in March, and April, due to the pandemic, and the unemployment rate in St rose to eleven point three percent yet. The professional services sector scientific technical professional jobs buffered does impact somewhat and perform better than the same sector in other states forty six percent. Small businesses reported revenue declines in June, but that was down from sixty eight percent in late, April. The report forecasted that the States General Fund Review Indeed. We'll take a hit this fiscal year next, but will likely see an increase in fiscal year twenty twenty one. Twenty two. All right coming up speaking of the myriad impacts of covid nineteen. What lessons need to be learned from how state and federal elected officials and public health officials handled the pandemic dodger. Cheats Smith is a board, certified anesthesiologist and founder of the Surgery Center of Oklaho- Oklahoma, who says come to healthcare? And the ability to manage our health government needs to get out of the way DOT Keet Smith joins us at six thirty five closing in on six thirty, now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. This is Kevin. Kara back is at the movies, and you're listening to mornings with Gail on thirteen ten KFI. Keith. Smith has a board certified anesthesiologist co founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Who wrote a great piece? You can find it online at inside sources dot com forward slash. Doctors must lead post covert nineteen reforms. He starts a piece by saying the COVID. Nineteen pandemics devastating repercussions will be felt across America for years Dr Smith Welcome back to the show. Thanks for having me. I certainly appreciate it. Okay, first things first the mainstream lame stream media of course celebrating, and they truly are because as the country slowly reopens, it stands to reason as testing increases. We're going to see more covert nineteen cases, but they love to conflate the issue because it's a two track conversation. You need to look at the fact. Okay? We're seeing spikes. In twenty states We're seeing younger. People contracting this novel. Corona virus with more intensity, but the bottom line is you have to differentiate between a spike in cases, in which eighty to eighty five percent of us don't even realize we have it, or we have the sniffles or a headache or flu like symptoms and the number of hospitalizations. What am I missing here? Well, you're not missing anything I would suggest. Though that the other contrast that people need to remain acutely aware of is if you're going to engage in these draconian lockdown type of measures, what sort of disaster? Is Unseen at least temporarily on the other side of that. I'm what my favorite economists and philosophers was Frederick boss. Who wrote the law. That's what he's most known for, but he also described the broken window fallacy where. Where people do not acknowledge what is on the other side of a short term. Decision it so when you, when you lock people down, and you stay focused on on the disease itself and you ignore. Now that the number of suicides in mental illness that United States has spiked to unheard of levels as a result of those slot. They arms then. I think you're not doing. Doing really the the big picture and individuals service. And you know I've got to ask you given the fact that you're in Oklahoma. Of course there was a lot of consternation concern over president. Trump's a rally over the weekend in Tulsa and the outcry. There was oh my gosh. It's going to be an apocalypse in terms of spiking. Number of cases, but here here is where I have so much trouble wrapping my head around why it protests protests in the name of social justice are except acceptable, but protests and rallies in the name of Oh I don't know protecting our constitutional rights. Well, we're. GonNa Kill Grandma. Well that's that's a great point you know. Newsweek I think was forced to retract a headline when they. Reported a spike in Kovic cases in Oklahoma within twenty four hours of the trump rally, and they blamed it on the trump rally, but somehow somehow we didn't have a spike in covy cases with the riots. As you mentioned so there's a lot there's a lot of stuff to sift through. I one one nice part of all of this. Mess that we've been in if I think that. American skepticism. Is Is. It's it's. It's experiencing a reawakening real rebirth. And to. The idea. That people in power, people who are. Called scientists people who are experts to entertain the idea that those people could also be liars. And even diabolical liars I think whether that's true or not. That's a healthy thing. That's this sort of stuff. This country was founded on eight distrust. People in power so I think in some ways. That's a good thing. Well, we have the world. Health Organization speaking with Londoners carrying water for China. We were told to own. Let's see don't wear a mask. No, you need to wear masks and speaking of lying and again. This is not meant to be pejorative. It's not an attack on Dr Anthony, but he just came out and said Yeah. I lied about not having the need for us to where mass because he was worried about the availability of PP, you can catch it from surfaces. You can't catch it from surfaces Oh world, Health Organization once again, raising its well Hydra head and essentially saying. That well person to person transmission. We still haven't seen. The enormity wait. You still haven't seen, but you're telling us that it's rife. No wonder I mean we've all been so whipsawed and it seems to me that Dr. Scott Atlas famously said a third year. Medical student would have known what to do with this novel Coruna Virus, and simply you quarantine. Those who are most vulnerable to. It's not the healthy. Yeah! One of what are the people I become acquainted with is an economist at the Hoover Institution Russ, Roberts and he's tried to give faculty the benefit of the doubt all along. But when it surfaced that foul, Chee deliberately lied. Rest really started. He really struggled with that and brushed. Roberts is a very kind jerry. Magnanimous guy really struggling with this because he lied I just cannot get past that that he live and so I, think well win. Can we call him a liar? When is it okay to label this? Aligarh, and he just like Robert Redfield. For many years and decades there in addition, has been rewarded to the extent that they still panic. This is not. This is not their first Rodeo. these these people are not held accountable. When they are hysteria mongers. They're they're not held accountable. They're promoted. And they and they know that, so I think it's time that you know someone who who is lie. 'cause admitted that they've wide. I think it's okay to just call them a liar. Six, forty, four, now, thirteen I can't I can't disagree with you. Dr Smith I really. thirteen, ten KFI, thirteen ten K. K. A. dot com. Mornings with Gail fueled by Western Petroleum Dr. Smith is a board, certified anesthesiologist and Co founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma I wave second wave. Who makes that determination? I don't know again I think it's very hard to know what to believe. the people who. We supposedly can rely on for unbiased expert advice. Have lied to us. there are multiple conflicts of interest in agendas that are operational I. Just don't think we know still what to believe in, so my default is always to sin. That anyone in government or anyone who's a declared government expert? And, they have a gross conflict of interest in anything they say should be suspect on the front end in the burden of proof. Of any claims whether it's new cases new hospitalizations deaths. The burden of proof is on them. there are many coded supposed- deaths that were not a cause not caused by Kobe right, so we're. We're related to the funds that were associated with paying for debts that were declared. Kobe so I I don't know I'm. I'm very skeptical. and I think we have to be very careful. that. We don't just parrot what we're hearing. These so experts say because they have. Gross conflicts of interests. A you remember President President Ronald Reagan the nine most terrifying words in the English language. We're from the government and we're here to help and I think that's what we're seeing to some degree, not minimizing the numbers of deaths to the pandemic but I. think that's what we're seeing as you point out in your piece, the inevitable apocalypse prediction was wrong. You have to love the modeling right, but as politicians ruined lives and futures. They accidentally did something right. What did they do right? Well again they. They've sort of awakened the people's ideas that innovation. And Entrepreneurship or a good idea? Because when when the chips were down, people wanted regulations gone. They wanted to innovators to save them. You know they wanted to shove the FDA and the CDC aside. who were trying to corner the market on testing in the first test? Of course, the CDC issued. Many of them were contaminated coated nineteen. So ultimately. There's also an awakening of the need for Entrepreneurship and innovation, which is what has made you know the United States different for many countries in the world if they'd entrepreneurs had not been as discouraged. By government is as many other places in the world, so joey the chips day down. Let's turn to the free market. You know, let's turn to the capitalist. Let's turn to the innovators and let's shove government and all of their regulations that hamstring. These folks shove all that aside. And let's have emergency use authorizations, and let's allow telemedicine to flourish, and let's give some thought. To reversing the ban on hospitals and clinics owned by physicians in just a whole number of things were entertained in order to get us out of this mess. Interesting you mentioned telemedicine because we have a great partnership with. Local healthcare provider, mental health care provider North Range, behavioral health, and throughout all of this had the opportunity to talk to them stayed made the transition. To telehealth and you, you've already referenced the psychological impact and I don't think we're going to see the extent of that fall out of for quite some time, but we're already seeing increased suicide says people have lost not only their jobs their careers, but they've lost hope. What ugly efficacy of Telehealth when it comes to mental health. Well I mean only only the market cancer that there may be regions or areas of the country where telehealth. Makes a lot of sense, not just for behavioral health, but for many others for me other problems there may be areas of the country where that were. That doesn't work. There may be models have telehealth that are better than others, but that's why we have choice. That's why we have market. So that the best can rise to the top. And serve locally you whoever you know, whoever is their customer by choice and I think that that innovation having been stifled by the federal government. The state governments have share of blame on their hands to the innovation. That's been stifled. I, think lead has led the country to this place where. As well as covert, nineteen was handled, it was not handled as well as it could have been. had. Had the innovators been set free long ago. Absolutely right! It's going to be with us for a while, isn't it? I don't know I, mean again. You believe. When. Even the case numbers are suspect I'll read the other day that. When someone test positive in some states, they keep testing them until they test negative, but every one of those tests is counted as a new case, so it's impossible to know what to believe and attested are coming out. Are Fraught with their share of false negatives and false positives, so it's really very difficult to know. What to believe? Of physician I know. Had Conversation with them a couple of days ago and apparently. When you test for antibodies. After while you can't even find the antibodies and people that have been exposed so. I just I, just say cool. Do we know more about this than we did in January? I'm not I'm not one hundred percent sure that we do. I know that I know that. The people who traditionally have been liars. it over. Decades are not the people that I'm going to turn to trust. There you go, yeah, because they are not quick to change their stripes to Dr, G Keith Smith is a board, certified anesthesiologist co founder of the Surgery Center of. Thank you so much for your honesty and your time and your perspective this morning where we learn more about you and your work. our website is surgery center. Okay, dot, com, where we have prices for all the surgeries we perform listed online. The other website to investigate is f. m. m. a free market medical association where. Others like minded or are listed. Thanks again, Dr Smith, and be well. Thanks a lot. Thanks for having me you bet sixty, one thirteen ten KFI Koa. Bass, to UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten K, a thirteen ten K., thirteen ten KFI K., A. dot com, six, fifty six, while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten, Kfi Hey. Gesturing minder accessories with a flair and here in downtown, religious for that signature red on giving back and with gratitude to all of our frontline. Medical care providers who have done so much for so many throughout the pandemic so don't forget. Just go to our website. Thirteen ten KFI A dot com. You'll come to that home page. Lynn winner owner of accessories with flair and hair in downtown. Greeley is giving away a two hundred and fifty dollar gift card to a front line. Medical care provider in recognition of all that you do, you can register yourself you. You can register a friend a relative that is on the front lines when it comes to covid nineteen, but be sure to register to win that two hundred and fifty dollar gift card to accessories with a player and hair in downtown. Really you have until June thirtieth a to register time is growing short, so take advantage of this wonderful opportunity as Linda winter owner accessories with a flair and hair says. Show Pamper you when your ready six fifty nine, now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten K. F., A. Dot com morning, so Kale fueled by Great Western Petroleum, coming up Colorado state. Fair in blow is on, but yeah. It's going to look and feel a whole lot different this year. Thirteen ten Kfi a Greeley, loveland. For Collins closing in on seven, o'clock thirteen kfi am preps. Radio is northern, Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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July 27, Hr 2  A pro-police rally in Eaton and coping with COVID

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July 27, Hr 2 A pro-police rally in Eaton and coping with COVID

"This is mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI, Kfi. I can kill Patrick the behind the glass as he is each and every morning, so appreciate His doing Yeoman's work to try to keep me on track, and between the lines to the best of his ability comes onto. During the news, why says hey is it okay to play a song by the police? And I said Oh hell. Yeah, you bet. Not Necessarily me, supporting the author or Just next in line in the playlist and I was like. Oh this is. This is a heck of a morning. Maybe I should ask Gail I. S Oh yeah, you're just you're remaining neutral in this entire conversation oh if only I could. Know opinions here no opinions here. Does the tablet rzeszow a blank slate? It's probably swear. No come on, now I'm Josh and Yeah I'm just teasing you Mike I. Seven Oh nine now thirteen ten K of K, a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. Dot, com, my very deep. You might not realize that, and he does his best to hide it, but he's thinker, and some of the things you come up with just right I. Think you mean to say stinker? Well you can be just depends on your mood. Your so there you go. More detail, live and local. The Collision Specialists Studios. This has eaten police as you've heard in our news this morning. Working for peace out of the trip by Angelini in police on Sunday identified that driver of an SUV that drove through a crowd of people at a rally in support of police. It's unthinkable. It's unforgivable and you know it'd been doing so well. With the number of a peaceful protests and protests and demonstrations in support of law enforcement throughout the community, and this just broke my heart. Isaiah Ray, Cordova twenty-one. was arrested by police. Saturday afternoon booked into weld. County jail on charges of felony menacing with a weapon, criminal attempt and reckless, driving interesting criminal attempt. Interesting charge, he paid his bail. He was released from custody. Only hope they took his car keys away from this. According to information on the Weld County, Sheriff's Office website. Just last night now a defend the police rally hosted by the northern. Colorado Young Republicans while it was attended by more than one hundred people Saturday afternoon, and there were support law enforcement rallies throughout northern Colorado. Many of them peaceful question. Did you go to the rally. Whether be in eaten in loveland wherever the case may be Greeley. What was your experience? There I would love to hear from you this morning. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, dropped me a tax stone, thirteen ten KFI, a text line, but yeah, you know radio very interactive medium would rather hear from you this morning. At nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Say this defend. The police rally was hosted by the Northern Colorado Young Republicans attended by more than one hundred people Saturday. Afternoon, this Ad Benjamin Eaton Memorial Park and Eaten Town Square Park. Now rally attendees. I've got rather lengthy piece that we can get into this morning. It's up on complete Colorado page to. Sherry Pipe Award winning investigative journalists actually had the opportunity to interview some of the attendees at that rally, and what they experienced was absolutely terrifying. We can get into that in just a few rally. Attendees said the SUV drove through the crowd, traveling West in the two hundred block of Collins Street this about three thirty PM. And then it barreled over the curb, cutting across the park grass on south side. The SUV then drove down into a lower grassy area, almost hitting. Some rally participants. Before returning to the road police stopped and arrested Cordova in the eleven hundred block of a second street road in eating this after pursuit, according to a facebook post by the eaten police as Isaiah Ray Cordova was arrested Saturday afternoon booked into the Weld County Jail on charges of felony menacing with the weapon criminal attempt and. Sees Me Criminal Attempt and reckless driving? He paid his bail and was released from custody. Certainly a sad statement on where we are as violence, increasingly seems to be calm or attempted violence I should say. Has Increasingly become seemingly. More acceptable. And what world! Is that. Even remotely acceptable, and what does that accomplish? Curious to! Why is it that by omission? And again I don't WanNa. Kitchen sink here and I don't want to paint with a broad brush I. don't want to get into generalizations. But. Why is it that through their silence? So many. Of, our Democrat politicians seem to defend. Lawlessness. Disorder? Violence. And Destruction. What's their end game? They're nine, seven, hundred, three, five, three thirteen. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six closing in on some fifteen out thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice this time check sponsored by caring hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand were patient care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight fourteen O, nine or caring hearts, H, H, dot com, while the whole sports story in northern Colorado, the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. K. after mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan Patrick. Show the whole show. The herd with Colin Cowherd only thirteen ten KFI. Seven Twenty one now thirteen ten K of K eight thirteen ten KFI GAY dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision. Specialists Studios See. I told you Michael, Kilpatrick Thinker and he's thinking this morning. Banking off that story. We talked about the fact that eaten police on Sunday, according to this piece by Angelini in the Greeley trip did indeed identified the driver of that SUV that drove through a crowd of people at a rally in support of police, Isaiah Ray Cordova twenty-one. Arrested by Eaten Police Saturday afternoon booked into Weld County Jail on charges of felony, menacing with a weapon, criminal attempt and reckless driving now did post bail. He was released from custody and as I, said earlier I only hope they held onto his car keys, but Mike Kilpatrick and I were just chatting about this. The. Bottom Line of the conversation was this what the heck was he thinking well, he wasn't thinking. And this gets back to the danger of that knee. Jerk reaction, just ask Marty Leo as he posted a tweet that led to him losing his job, apparently at channel nine this after being meteorologist in Denver media for what sixteen years or something like that, basically referring to president trump sending in federal troops. Via tweet Where have we seen this before? And then he posts photo of Nazis surrounding a swastika. I reflect back on a conversation that we had probably a few months ago. Although we're all on the COVID calendar, so who knows when that was, but it was with Christopher Harris Christopher. Harris is executive director of UNH- hyphenated America. He was talking about the need particularly at a time when. Our emotions are running hot. And our sensibilities are inflamed. And were angry on so many different levels. A result of social unrest are result of all of this competing narratives that we've heard about covid nineteen, the fact that we are locked down in March and the impact that that had on every single aspect every component. Of our entire lives. We're all a little bit off-balance right. And it's interesting just in talking with folks over the weekend. And I wonder if you've had the same experience. How are people reacting to all of this? Some. And I suppose I would fall into that category. Some of US just get a little goofy. We're not laughing at. Is going on. But perhaps were laughing at ourselves in our ability or are in ability to cope with it all. And I cope with it was self deprecating humor. About you, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, one, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, dropped me attacks at three, one, nine, nine six. Deprecate I deprecate other people? I deprecate. No seriously, my haven't you see that people are either a little bit goofy I mean, and it's I think it's a defense mechanism I truly do I think it's a psychological defense mechanism. Other people are just plain, ticked off. They're angry and we see it manifested in road, rage, and in screaming at employees at retail stores, because the poor employees or restaurants asking folks to wear a mask because they're just simply trying to keep their businesses open and people just go Nebraska on them. Have you had that experience. And other people that I know it places that I shop at who? Are actually kind of afraid. I know these people kind of well. I I've never been to their houses or anything, but I've talked to them for years and they're. Kind of afraid of of things like. You live in Greeley. You shouldn't be afraid. Nothing's going on. Yeah, exactly, but they're still afraid. Isn't that interesting? Because I think that is yet another consequence of all that we have been through in two thousand and twenty. Is that yeah, we're all little bit fearful. These days I think that's what some people want. I think some people. On the power of making others afraid they've they've been in Mommy and daddy's basement for so long now after being powerless for so long now now I have the power me and my horde of Weirdos the. Votes as my followers, but if you had that experience, and how are you feeling at this point time? But once again this all goes back a to self regulation, and unfortunately it seems as though particularly when you look at the protesters across the country well. We know it's by design. We know there's an agenda at play that has nothing to do with honoring the memory of George. Floyd. It's all about anarchy and chaos and sixteen nineteen, and forgetting our past much to our own peril when it comes to the future. But Here's where it gets kind of interesting. I come across something I'm not GonNa time to get into it now, but I think most of us by and large. We support the peaceful demonstrations. We support the peaceful protests. What we don't support is the wanton destruction. Of America. What what's interesting is that those who are engaged in that destruction for whatever reason whatever their endgame is because the goalposts seems to keep moving, and maybe that too is by design. But according to research that I'm actually buying into because you know, we take studies here with a non a green, but a pillar of salt. Be careful what you wish for. Because the tide of public opinion can turn very very quickly and again. By their silence and by their lack of. Transparency? And again, not kitchen sinking here. But many Democrats are being very very quiet. About. All of the anarchy and chaos and destruction that we are seeing across the country election year. It is an election year of course it is. But. The better be aware of unintended consequences, because public support changes on a dime. Get into that in just a Pew. Seven, twenty, nine, now thirteen ten K F K A thirteen ten, k., K., A. dot com gold gold gold. It's trading at record highs, but the markets continue to push higher. We'll check in with Keith wineman presidential wealth management when he joins us in just a few closing in on seven thirty, now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen K. K. A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. The DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten Kfi am. Seventy one now thirteen ten. KFI Thirteen ten. A. Dot COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, live and local via the Auto Collision Specialists Studios Interesting Conversation Seriously. Let's look for the bright side Let's look for the positive. Let's look for the glass half full as oppose to have empty. How covert nineteen changed you has it? I mean I. Know I'm asking you to be a little introspective this morning, but has it made you happy as a major one? Not Happy you know what I'm saying, but has it made you more interactive more wanting to reach out and connect with votes nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, buzzing in on some fifty two now thirteen ten k. f. k.. UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. Tune into the hall show at noon, and no co now at four back to mornings with Kayla northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen, ten KFI, thirteen ten. K. F. K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice. Six while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Kevin Tar affect is at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show every Saturday on KFTA now back to mornings with Gail. So. What would you take away from a time of uncertainty of just feeling like you're walking outside of your own body of had that feeling as a result of covid nineteen everything has been so disrupted, so turned upside down. Are there any good things that you have taken from this experience? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, dropped me attacks on our thirteen ten f. k. a text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, again, looking for the glass half full during well, what many perceive as a glass half empty time as a result of covid nineteen, and all the changes that it has entailed all right coming up. Greeley Evans, school districts six sets grade level school schedules for reopening. We'll have all the details in just a few thirteen ten cake, really eight o'clock thirteen ten K.. A preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

Colorado KFI Colorado KFI KFI Kfi Gail I. S Dan Patrick Isaiah Ray Cordova K. Thirteen K. K. A. Greeley Weld County Jail Northern Colorado Kfi Collision Specialists Studios America Weld County K. F. K. A. Dot Greeley loveland
June 17, Hr 1  Is cereal racist?

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

31:15 min | 5 months ago

June 17, Hr 1 Is cereal racist?

"This is mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum, only thirteen ten KFI. Now for something in totally different. Did you hear the story about Diego Diego the tortoise with the species saving Libido well. He's officially retiring six Oh nine now thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com morning, Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum live and local via the auto collision specialists studios yes, Diego, the tortoise, whose rampant sex life might have single handedly saved his once threatened species from extinction. Well, he's. Well retired this according to Ecuador's environmental minister in an announcement on Monday, working from peace out of the New York Post by Elizabeth Rosner. The playboy shell dweller was shipped out from the. Galapagos National Parks Breeding Program on Santa Cruz Island to the remote and uninhabited. He's GonNa be so lonely. Espanola Management of the park. Environmental Minister Paulo Toronto Andrade, tweeted. We are closing and important chapter. Wonder how the feels about that. He also added that twenty-five tortoises along with the prolific Diego return home. Oh good, so he's not going to be all alone. Return home after decades breeding in captivity and saving their species from Extinction Espanola, and welcome them with open arms andrade, said before the heartthrob ventured by boat to Espinel Espanola. He and other tortoises had to undergo a quarantine period. Even tortoises aren't safe from quarantine periods well, this was to avoid them carrying seeds from plants that. That were not native to as Bonilla Diego was transported from the San. Diego Zoo to Santa Cruz island around fifty years ago to join a breeding program with fifteen other tortoises at the time, only two males and twelve females where live in their natural habitat Santa Cruz Park Rangers Credit Diego for being the patriarch of at least forty percent of the two thousand tortoise population at one hundred years old and one hundred and seventy five pounds. He leaves the island with an estimated eight hundred descendants along with his unstoppable libido as Dago the tortoise. With, the incredible sex drive retires six eleven now thirteen ten KFI K a thirteen ten KFI A. dot com mornings with Kale fueled by Great Western petroleum all right. We got a lot to cover this morning Colorado will vote this November on a ballot initiative for the proposed reintroduction of gray wolves to the western part of the state, begging the question well, if you introduce them to the western part of the state, what do they? Do they stay there. Fence them in I. Don't think so. How do you ensure that they stay? In the western part of the state I mean wolves are going to Rome right controversial subject for any number of reasons, so we're going to delve into that. What are the pros and the cons of this highly contentious issue? Can Crooks is a professor in the Department of fish, wildlife and conservation biology. He's also the director of the New Center for Human Carnivore Coexistence at Colorado State University, and he weighs in at eight thirty, five really city council mets. Last night holding its first IM- person appropriately socially distance of meeting. Since the Cova de one, thousand, nine, hundred pandemic broke out many in attendance to speak out. On councilwoman at large Christian Zeta 's facebook post, regarding protests that turned violent in the aftermath of a George Floyd's death at the hands of those Minneapolis Minnesota police officers, also her comments this on her private facebook page her comments about race and black on black crime. Really Mayor John Gates joins us at seven. Oh five to talk a little bit about that also get into the fact that Denver public schools have well. jumped on the bandwagon. All police are bad. What's happened to our normal thought processes, and why is it the ones that so decry generalizations, nobody nobody wants be stereotyped regardless of skin color, regardless of sexual orientation regardless of political affiliation, where not all the same, though we might look the same in some groups, and we might think the same in some groups, but we're all individuals, but it begs the question. Why is it those who are so vehemently opposed to generalizations across the board? Why then? Are they practicing what they preach against as we generalize about law enforcement across the country. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thousand, nine, hundred, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten K. text line at three, one, nine nine six, so yes, we're gonNA talk to Greeley Mayor John Gates about last night's. City Council meeting, which was very very well attended. What the outcome of that is as well as really mayor. He finds himself front and center. Of that entire conversation, but we're also GONNA. Talk about the fact that well. DENVER. Public schools in their ultimate wisdom have decided to ban. School, resource officers. The Staffing From the Denver Police Department and this will get underway soon. What message does that send our kids? As you know mayor dates is also a chief of safety and security at Greeley Evans School district sex now. Are we going to see this movement? Take hold across the country six fifteen now thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado, since two thousand one. We're patient. Care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight, four, nine or carrying hearts, H, h, dot com, while all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Dan. Patrick is coming up in northern Colorado's home for news sports and Talk Thirteen Ten K. F K now back to mornings with Gail. During a time of often incendiary social unrest cancel culture all the. Members of the virtues signaling crowned well. They've now set their sights on breakfast. Is Your Cereal Racist I kid you not six, twenty, three, now. Thirteen ten KFI may thirteen ten. KFI K. A. DOT COM mornings. vk fueled by great. Western petroleum live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. Now you know them when you see them right you know looking down and going down through the cereal. Cereal aisle as you make. Your masks covered way through the supermarket searching for Sustenance Yup. They've been there since the nineteen thirties. In fact, there used to be four of them, but well they've now been reduced to a trio. These are the three Amigos of audio, the Sep, the snap crackle and pop of Rice Krispies, and in case you're an woke. Self never noticed all three of them are. White? Yes, so according to the experts at Wikipedia, the first character appeared on the product's packaging back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty three. Added two more and named the trio snap, crackle and pop. It's an Onomatopoeia, and they were derived from rice krispies radio. Ad Listen to the fairy song of health. The many chorus sung by Kellogg's Rice Krispies as they merrily snap, crackle and pop in a bowl of milk. If you've never heard food talking. Oh, this according to a radio AD. Now is your chance now. Corporate Promotional Material describes their relationship as resembling that of brothers. Snap, they have a story. Snap is the oldest and is known as a problem solver. Crackle is the unsure Middle Child, and known as Jokester and pop well is the mischievous young of the bunch, and of course, the center of a direction which begs the question. How do you differentiate? Between the three of them. So! They're brothers, but Why is one family? Why not a more race elite diverse a trio? Okay now it's not me and it's not a colleague of mine asking this. His name is Dave Eh. No. It's an article on Breitbart I'm GONNA pop that up on my facebook page in the ever expanding cultural revolutions spurred on by the black lives matters movement. Kellogg's cereal boxes have now been added to the list of supposedly racist racist symbols, which begs the question. If common, sense! Is so common. then. Why is it so uncommon these days? As we watch monuments cross the country being two faced being defiled, being toppled being destroyed. All Ostensibly. To honor the memory of George Floyd. If we are erasing our history a movement afoot to a race and admittedly very very dark time of our history. Are we only setting up. Ourselves, up! To repeat history in the future. And what a serial have to do with anything. All. Right the politician behind this gem. IS ONE FIONA ONA Sonya. This is a former Labor Party representative in the UK now I guess when she's not stalking the food aisles looking for triggers. She's busy being only the second person in history to be kicked out of palm parliament. By her own voters using a recall petition. But. On social media. On a Sonya is asking the serial giant kellogs to justify why rice krispies is represented with three white boys while cocoa POPs, their mascot is a monkey. All right. Let's. Let's all just take a breath here. Let's just take a moment showy to let it all sinking. Snap, crackle and pop. Three White Boys. There cereal. which are in fact, ninety year, old cartoon characters called out for discrimination by a black former member of parliament. was back in. Two thousand eighteen. On a Sonya was bounced from parliament for lying about a speeding traffic offense, and even that was not with some over the top self-important drama, Breitbart says. She compared her fall from grace to biblical figures. Such as Joseph Most of Daniel. And even referred to the persecution of Jesus Christ. She wrote Christ was accused and convicted by the courts have his day and yet this was not his end, but rather. The, beginning. Of the next chapter in his story, she wrote in a leaked. WHAT'S UP MESSAGE? How come on. Even black lives matters members. Eat right rice krispies. Shouldn't we focus on what is truly important? Jemima coming under fire as well. and. Gemina brand to change their name. Removing image that quaker says is based on a racial stereotype. When are we going to quit trafficking in things that don't matter and instead focus on real issues that this country now faces I. Mean You have Lego Legos? STOPPING MARKETING OF THEIR LAW? Enforcement figures their law enforcement related kits. You've got cots being canceled after thirty four years and no pop patrol for you and Boston wants to replace statues that they find offensive with a statue of. How Brittany Spears. Have we totally lost our minds? Nine, seven, three, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten Yup Angie brand of Syrup and pancake mix well, it's going to get a new name and image. quaker oats announced just this morning. Saying the company recognizes that and Jemima's origins are based on a racial stereotype, hundred and thirty year old brand, as you're well aware features a black. Black woman named and Gemina who was originally dressed as a minstrel character The picture has changed over time in recent years. A quaker remove the kerchief from the character to blunt growing criticism that the brand perpetuated a racist stereotype that data to the days of slavery, but quaker subsidiary PepsiCo said, removing the image and name is part of an effort by the company to quote. Make progress toward racial equality. Helped me with that. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, six, thirty, one, now, thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen ten K. preps radio is northern. Colorado's home for the past highschool coverage for more on K. K. programs podcast sports scheduling news to thirteen ten KFI DOT com now back to mornings with Kale. Used to it in a time of Cova nineteen once again, welcome to your surveillance society, six, thirty, eight, now thirteen ten K of K, thirteen ten KFI DOT COM Mornings Maceio fueled by Great Western, petroleum live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right, so we've had the conversation in time permitting this morning. We're going to talk about the hypocrisy surrounding protests because well if you are protesting. Injustice well. That's fine during a pandemic, but if you are protesting because you can't worship the at. Church or Or a synagogue, if you are protesting the loss of your freedom of assembly, your constitutional rights well. No, you can't do that because while you're putting far too many people at risk. There's a head scratcher for you right all right, so tech firms as we known for quite some time I mean this is no news to you, tech firms or spying on us, and in a pandemic governments increasingly saying well, that's just fine and Dandy. That's okay. Because officials Are Now using tech firms to monitor us as the economy slowly reopens fascinating piece in The Wall, Street Journal by. Sam, Schechner Kristen grinned. Patients Haagen. Joshua Anton while an undergraduate at the University of Virginia He created this APP to prevent users from drunk dialing which he called drunk mode. He later began harvesting. Amounts of user data from smartphones to resell to advertisers. Now Mr Cantons Company called Explode Social Inc is one of a number of little known location tracking companies that are being deployed in the effort to reopen the country state and local officials, wielding the power to decide when and how to reopen are leaning on these vendors for the data to underpin these judgment calls for example in California. Governor Gavin NEWSOM 's office use data from four square labs to figure out if beaches getting too crowded. And when the State discovered indeed, they were well. A crackdown tighten. The rules emptied the beaches in Denver. The Tri County Health Department is monitoring counties where the population on average tends to stray than three hundred and thirty feet from home, sadism, and so using data from cubic. Researchers at the University of Texas in San Antonia are using movement data from upper rioted companies, including the location firm, safe graph safe graph to guide city officials there on the best strategies for getting residents back the work or not. Many of the location tracking firms, data, brokers, and other middleman are part of the Ad Tech Industry which understandably has come under increasing fire in recent years for building. What many call a surveillance economy? Data for targeting ads, individuals, including location information can also end up in the hands of law, enforcement, agencies or political groups often with limited disclosure to users all of us. Privacy laws are cropping up in states and cluding California along with calls for Federal Privacy legislation like that in the European Union, but some public health authorities are setting aside those concerns. To fight the pandemic. Officials are desperate for all types of data to identify people. Potentially infected with the virus, and to understand how they are behaving to predict potential hotspots whether we realize it or not. And That is giving data. Collection companies chance to revive their rather battered public image. Stanton of ex mode says when you're sharing your location data, you're sharing it to potentially be part of an overall bigger solution. That could potentially save someone's life. Sony your privacy. I believe he says there will be a wide swath of the population that will consent to that. Yeah, there's a lot of sheep among us. Wall Street Journal identified dozens of local governments and agencies that are employing or considering using data from companies that market tracking information particularly as business businesses reopen some of the tech companies, including ex mode and skyhook wireless have supplied detailed location data to federal government contractors or to agencies such as the Centers for disease, control and Prevention. Now these efforts are distinct. From a rather unusual partnership between Apple and Alphabet Inc Google unit to build an infrastructure to help notify people who have been close to others known to be infected with the virus. That project is one of several including some spearheaded by universities that rely on APPs that users must find download and activate before they start collecting data. For privacy reasons, apple and Google have said they won't allow the exposure notification APPs using their system to access location services on users phones. Some local officials say well. It makes them less useful. Of course it does for attracting population movements are. Hot Spots. But that's also. Paving the way for other data providers to Russian researchers at the University of California San Francisco are using data collected from smart thermometers made by the private company. Kinza to track flare ups a fever around the San Francisco area this according to George Rutherford. He's a professor of epidemiology who is advising the Colorado? The California Excuse Me Department of Public Health Mr. said he and his colleagues in advising the state's health department are also considering other data. That companies have been posting free online when the virus. I began to spread in the nation. Rufford turns data from open table. That's the restaurant reservation company to track where residents of San Francisco were gathering by the end of February. There were far more vacant seats at restaurants in San Francisco then Los Angeles in new. York. This as a people stayed home meanwhile. Let's get back to x mode. During. The pandemic ex mode has emerged as the more prolific data location provider. Company's Data Fed, a partnership with tektronix, a Maryland a Maryland based data visualization company to produce graphic, showing the impact of social distancing or the lack of it. One of the visualizations which tektronix posted on twitter shows its dashboards zooming down into a cloud of orange dots crowding beach in Fort. Lauderdale Florida during spring break. The posting then shows the results of what it calls. A spider query to show how the device is on. That beach later traveled across the country with their owners, potentially potentially spreading the new Parana virus. Yeah, we gotta keep that fear live gently. Then there's fun wear. Spelled. H. Fund where? Fund wear is an Austin based enterprise software company that typically builds location aware tools for companies organizations. Well, it's been bullish on the potential for APPS and location data to help the country reopen. The company incidentally built a new APP for president trump's reelection campaign. It says it can help. Governments identify are merging hot zones by Cross referencing the location histories of devices belonging to people that governments know to be infected with the histories of devices belonging to other people. Song it Kinda creepy right. Companies, prices for the system range from forty, two, thousand, five, hundred a month to one hundred twenty thousand dollars a month, depending on how many mobile devices it actually covers. Allen Toasty Sqi is fun where CEO Interestingly named isn't it fun? Where said in interviews that the company is one a deal to build a smart city APP for Pasadena Texas? Gino Pasadena Texas a suburb of Houston aimed at helping the city. Come out of coronavirus lockdown. The APP will conveniently collect residents locations initially to allow the city to send localized alerts and recommendations about new outbreaks city said it plans to keep using the APP for other emergencies to. But what Mr Hausky of fun where CEO fun where I had to say. Is. Kind of telling. When you have a global at pandemic, he said. Privacy Will. Destroy your attempts to resolve. The problem. Inside old, sating saying that Those who are willing to give up privacy in the interest of safety security. Deserve neither. Your thoughts is warning, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text at three, one, nine, nine, six, six, forty, nine, now, thirteen ten. K. BURST UNC starting game coverage loves on thirteen ten. KFI K. after mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan Patrick. Show the whole show and the herd with Colin Cowherd only in thirteen ten K. K.. For now closing in on six fifty four on Wednesday morning, thirteen ten Kfi, thirteen ten K of K dot com mornings with Gail fueled grip by Great Western petroleum live and local via the auto collision specialists. Studios Yeah. It was Benjamin Franklin referencing that piece. Talking about the APPS the technology that is being used to contact tracing in a time of covid nineteen and don't kid yourself for one New York minute because it is happening Benjamin. Franklin once said those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, but that is not the narrative that we are hearing across the country as we slowly reopen in a time of covid nineteen. It's kind of like the camel's nose under the tent, although I think the we've got the camel, and all of the Campbell's hopes in the tent at this point in time, when it comes to the amount of surveillance that is going on right beneath our noses, and all of the hypocrisy, surrounding the narrative when it comes to gatherings, winners and losers, businesses are deemed essential and nonessential protests protests in the name of social justice and again. Let's not get all this. Twisted are right. What happened to George? Floyd was heinous. It was awful. But does that represent? The body of law enforcement across this country while unfortunately that seems to be the narrative that well the politically correct have picked up on, but what does their true agenda here? That's my question for you and you've got any number of public health officials and I've got this piece of been sitting on it for a couple of days. that say don't know Ashleigh it's. It's in our own best interests that we do. Protests deport social justice and the mantra of systemic a systemic. Racial bias in law enforcement agencies across the country, which studies across the country have also found not to be the case, but once again. If you're protesting for that 'cause well public health officials say yes, you need to do that. It's it's actually healthy. Well then, why is it that if you are protesting for example this emergent burgeoning surveillance society? If you are protesting the loss of your First Amendment, your constitutional rights will then you're just going to kill grandma. You're just GONNA. Make all kinds of people sick. Because well, you a super spreader and again. COVID nineteen doesn't care about political affiliation. It's not as though there's some magic line of demarcation there. Nine seven, three, five, three three. Eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, six, fifty, seven, now, thirteen ten Kfi K., all sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI AA. Council meeting. Interesting last night, the first in person meeting with the appropriate social distancing during time of covid nineteen. Taking, feedback community feedback, regarding at large councilwoman KRISTA aid as facebook comments on race in early, June. We're going to check in with a really mayor John Gates on this and variety of topics when he joins us at seven Oh five thirteen ten KFI K Greeley thirteen ten career carry preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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July 14  Hour 2  Fun Time w/ Steve Harvey | Technology Causing Forgetfulness

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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July 14 Hour 2 Fun Time w/ Steve Harvey | Technology Causing Forgetfulness

"This is mornings with Kale Northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten KFI. Steve Harvey added again seven Oh eight, now thirteen, ten, gay gay, thirteen, ten Kfi K., dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings, Gail live and local from the auto. Collision Specialists Studios Okay. Do you remember when Steve? Harvey announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe as he was hosting the competition back in Twenty fifteen. Word well his response to Bruce Smith on Sunday celebrity family. Feud was absolutely epic. It was a little crass, so I'm just giving you that idea. Warning here, nobody. It was hysterical. Okay, so let's set this up while competing with fellow Nfl Hall of Famers the former defensive end. Bruce Smith was asked by host Steve Harvey during fast money the fast money. Component of celebrity family feud. What tool Captain Hook would use in place of the hook if we were eye handyman well Smith, came back with Hammer, but that was already taken, so you had harvey suggesting he had to come up with a different answer and Smith suggested a different type of utility here it is if captain. Hook was moonlighting as a handyman. He might replace his hook with what to. A Hammer try give. A PENIS! Tell me the age a key. It is too old to sleep with what you said. viewed. Not. I'm sorry. LEGALZOOM's August upside. Swear swelled saw. Doug just came out. Where it came I was reading the question, and then I said took what? I'm sorry. Okay. Can we start over sorry? This. GOING ON YOUTUBE Into Juneau veal YouTube. GOING TO BE GREATEST CLIP plane. was just noodling around last night couldn't get to sleep probably because of all the multitasking, but came across that and it just broke me up. You talk about epic Steve. Harvey and everybody just fell out. This went viral on twitter all right seven eleven now thirteen ten K of K, a thirteen ten KFI, A. Dot com northern Colorado's voice still have a lot to get to this morning a lot. To cover. Some times and this is just giving you a little indication of what's coming up. We've been talking a little bit about how we're all kind of. In fact, that is my facebook question of the day this morning. do you find that all of this multitasking and technology, and not to sound like a Luddite? That's not the intent here, but do you find it's causing. You become well a little bit. Scatter brained, perhaps a little bit more forgetful well. CAUTIONARY TALE! Sometimes, the best way to say something is to say nothing at all. You might want to think about taking a deep breath before you post a scorched earth need jerk hair on fire post to social media will get to that in just a few. Back to this question. Be Interested in your thoughts this morning as well. Talking, about how well multitasking is basically just to kind of make us a little bit. Forgetful, it's happened to everybody right. You're busy with so many things and we're all off balance where all off kilter. Stab, but you forget I don't know your friend's birthday might sound like simple. Slip up, but more and more of us are saying that our jam packed. Schedules are making them. Yeah, a little bit muzzy. A recent survey finds that many are blaming technology and the constant need to multitask for their rather scatter brained as state of mind all right. The this study finds Opole of. Of Two thousand Americans over the age of thirty five finds at sixty one percent. Have trouble remembering things when they multitask. Did you ever walk around and I have to admit guilty as charged. I'm not nothing if not transparent here and I'm sure you've had this experience. You don't have to own up to it. I'll do it for you or someone close to you has for. For example they're walking around looking for their phone. Where's my phone? I can't find my phone I. Where's have you seen my phone? Through which you respond why? Yes, it's in your hand. Come on, you probably done that as well. Researchers commissioned by neutral say technology may help people organize their daily lives, but it often just adds to that information overload sixty five percent of the. The survey believes all the information in their devices is overwhelming I. don't even know all the information on my device to you. I mean things pop up with wild abandon. You're like what is that. I didn't download that. While technology has made people's lives more convenient and assessable, it's also overloaded them with never ending to do less to manage and keep track of this cording to. Neutrals Herrell Schapira in a statement technology in continuous multitasking and pack, our brains clogs them, and it affects our short term memory. Some things are just well more memorable than others rights, and it seems like our passwords are the hardest things to keep track of the one poll survey finds computer passwords and items on the grocery list are the most common things people forget yes. Yes, we all need to make a note tying for second place. In the biggest forgetful moments, forty nine percent of US say they commonly misplace their keys and their phones and forget why they entered a room, forgetting someone's name came in at forty seven percent. Forgetting what day it is guilty once again as charge because we're all on the covid calendar and things are. Are Well Duster. Little Bit Haywire these days, but forgetting what day it is comes in at thirty five percent, forgetting your own pin number, I've done that. Twenty nine percent are also on the list of biggest memory lapses losing track of important information well, yeah, that can be inconvenient, but it can also be very embarrassing as well. A third of the survey believes forgetting somebody's. Somebody's name is the most embarrassing blunder that they can make failing to remember who have significant impact on the future of your relationship. As you forget your significant others, birthday see that would be an epic fail. That is second with twenty two percent. Saying it was embarrassing that gaff finished just above forgetting an anniversary at twenty. One percent on average is kind of interesting. We as adults draw a complete blank six times a week, Joe Biden, does it six times a day adding up to over three hundred forgetful moments each and every year, our daily lives has have become much more unfocused, busy and chaotic than ever before was so much on our minds. We need solutions to keep us on track and manage all the moving parts according to Dr Mike Dowse. So how are we supposed to keep track of all the? The stuff when we're constantly on the go well, despite adding to the clutter of information, the poll found that technology is still the best answer for most of us. Two thirds of respondents say they use their cellphones to help. Remember things out of that group. Nearly eighty percent admit they'd be totally lost without their phone keeping track of their day. That is if they can find the phone for some. The answer is retraining the brain to stay sharp. Step away from the Previn over forty percent of Americans say they're using products. Including nutritional supplements which focus on improving memory took prevalent for a long time that it turns out well. It might not be as effective as build to be. So are overloaded by technology and multitasking. Give me a call. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. If you can remember those numbers or drop me a tax, thirteen ten KFI text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, placing on seven, eighteen, now thirteen ten F K A. Thirteen ten K. K. preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past highschool, coverage. The whole sports story in northern Colorado, the state in the country tune into the hall show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. KFI K. Seven twenty four on your Tuesday morning, and of course we have plenty of time left for you mornings with Gail live and local via the auto. Collision Specialists Studios Thirteen Ten KFI, thirteen ten KFI, A. DOT COM northern. Colorado's voice, and the winner is s Weld County in in their primary election. Well, we finally got the final results in district three and indeed. Lori. Saine is the district three Republican nominee. Piece, out of the really trip by Jaden Watson Fisher because boy, it was a tight race. One net votes from the June thirtieth primary election have been finalized. That means Lori. Saine has indeed won the Republican Nomination for the Weld County Commissioner District Three Race Weld County clerk and recorder. told the Greeley tripped yesterday afternoon that the results, indeed our official now, saying defeated former Fort Lupton Mayor Tommy Holton and Lynette Kilpatrick with three, thousand, eight, hundred, Ninety eight votes or thirty six point, eight five percent of the total Holton, earned three, thousand, eight, hundred, seventy one votes, and Kilpatrick garnered two, thousand, eight, hundred and ten now the county did not issue a recount I mean it was close, but no cigar cop said on election night that the difference between the top two candidates must be less than point five percent. It doesn't include The total number of ballots cast an only takes the difference between the top two candidates and divides it by the second highest total I know. It's kind of a head scratcher, and saying one by twenty seven votes or zero point, six nine seven percent of the vote, and saying will face Democratic nominee. Mike Welsh and libertarian nominee. Matthew has in November both candidates. Candidates ran unopposed in their primaries. The winner of the Weld County Commission district. Three seat will replace Republican Barbara Kirk Meyer who won the party's nomination for a district twenty-three three state Senator Republican Care Perry Bach, also defeated appointed incumbent Kevin Ross during the primary election for party's nomination for the county commission at Large Position Buck will face. Democratic nominee Paul actor knocked in the general. Lastly. Weld County Commission Chairman Mike Freeman won the Republican primary for district one. He would be a three term commissioner if reelected voters will choose between Freeman and Democrat John Shell. Who ran unopposed by the way in November, but as the results are definitely in. This, as Lori, sane, has been declared the winner of the Republican nomination for that Weld County, Commissioner district, three race closing in on seven, twenty, eight, now thirteen, ten Kfi, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com, northern Colorado's voice coming up stay with us at eight Oh five this morning. July is minority mental health month, and this is where north range. Behavioral Health Works to raise awareness. Awareness on the mental health disparities that affect individuals of color experience, raising awareness about the negative effects that prejudice and oppression have mental health Dr Bradley Christon is. Program Director of North Range Behavioral Health. Adult Recovery Program and Monica Coleman is a therapist in north ranges, youth and family outpatient services, and they weigh in when they join us this morning at right around eight. Oh five all right. Stocks Let's talk stocks. Why wouldn't we stocks turned positive for the year yesterday? Well for about a New, York minute, and then then the markets took a u-turn, which is more typical than it is atypical these days as we watch the so-called spot market, yes, Keith Wineman, presidential wealth management will have a refresher course on the spock market and talk a little bit about where the market seemed to be headed. In such uncertain times Heath Wineman, presidential wealth management ways in right around seven thirty five closing in on seven thirty, now thirteen ten KF. K. While the whole sports story in northern, Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. At seven thirty, four Keith Whiteman, Presidential Wealth Management in now and Keith. Give us a refresher course. If you remember on the spot market this market I. Didn't mean to catch off guard there. This was an analyst that pointed out that. Many if not most investors make decisions based on emotion. and. He suggested that those investors should remember. Should rename the stock market the spot market going after the Star Trek character Mr Spock Lou head, who had a human mother and a vulcan father, and therefore two parts of his personality one human. Franck to emotion an irrational decisions, the other vulcan governed by logic, and his vulcan side could control his human irrational side when it came to making decisions, and perhaps the most important point was that when confronted with something he did not know his reaction was always fascinating. The word fascinating, which meant he was open to things he didn't know and could therefore alter decisions accordingly. Yeah, I think that's a valuable approach for so many things. To be open to things you don't know. It things you don't even know you don't know exactly on the surface you go, what and then you realize you know the point he's. This analyst is trying to get across and you say yeah. There's something to that. That's good stuff. Thanks for that refresher course anytime all right so stocks turning positive for the year yesterday as I said earlier for about a New York minute, and then well the markets do what they tend to do. It's the wall. Street casino made a U-TURN. That was the S. and P.. Five hundred was up for the year for about a minute. Is Gail said, and then the whole mar? All the markets took a giant U-TURN. One California California announced it was closing indoor businesses again for movie theaters, two restaurants two bars. The SNP, then closed down one percent. The Nasdaq closed down two percent. The Dow closed up one tenth of one percent after it had rallied more than two percent, so all of the major indexes turn around closed lower after that California announcement. The down the S&P had been up for two weeks in a row. analysts comments after this show yesterday quote a melt-up really driven by momentum. That, that's the description of the last two weeks. Another one growth right now is a game of musical chairs with one hundred players and three chairs. Tesla stock is the poster boy and the analyst who said that? Realize yesterday after a sixteen percent gain, Tesla's started to roll about two hours into the day and the California announcement just exaggerated. The drop in Tesla's stock closed down over three percent. don't worry. Elon Musk is still now worth more than Warren Buffett. And this morning have been both positive and negative just a moment ago. The Dow Industrial Average was up. The S&P was down a few points. Now the Dow down forty. The SNP down ten and the Nasdaq is down less than one percent actually less than one point. That's one tenth of one. Oh, now. The Nasdaq just turned positive three so it it's it's a mix. It's a it's a mixed yield on the ten year treasury. Zero Point six one west, Texas intermediate crude oil down sixty nine cents, thirty nine dollars forty one cents, a barrel consumer prices up six tenths of one percent in June. Gas Prices drove that up twelve percent they had been down dramatically in the months before and Coca Cola launching a touch free beverage dispenser. Go into the fast food place in this this cool machine, you can make all the choices you push one oh yeah. With have fans. So coca-cola says it will. People don't want to touch it anymore, so they're out with a machine where you can just hold your phone up to the machine. Your camera gets the Qr Code this. Quick Response Code and you can then operate the machine from your phone. You don't have to touch machine. That is if you can find your phone if you can find. In my left hand. Resemble that remark. Love that earlier this morning I know right. I got me in the whole Steve. Harvey thing. He's just brilliant. So radio. Just so real! Yeah, I just I burst out laughing when I heard that I missed it. I'm not a day of celebrity family feud, but gosh. That was hysterical. Really was good it. Good belly laugh do thank you. Steve Harvey Yeah exactly exactly because we could all use a good belly laugh these days all right so back to musk mennea now worth more than Warren Buffett, and what's fascinating is is the fact that. The stock came. Stock is higher than Google Bigger Than Bank of America in JP Morgan, but something it's one hundred percent overvalued. Yeah! Keeps going. I talked to a client yesterday who had bailed out of one stock that hadn't done well for her, and she said I'm thinking about buying a couple of shares of Tesla. Conversation how much higher can go well this morning? After that thing yesterday? I checked a little while ago. I don't know what to do. At this moment. A few minutes ago was up forty seven points at one, thousand, five, hundred, fifty six. Here's the deal on Tesla. If you go long term with it in a couple of years it is. A number of analysts have cited research at have gotten information that they've made public, and that information says the Tesla maybe announcing a one million mile battery. Within a couple of years you know there's a hang up with electric vehicles. Is that the batteries go after what had cup two three four years I? Yeah, something like that and they're. They're pretty expensive to replace. What would a million mile battery due to the electric, the market for electric vehicles. Well. It seems as though it would make that market explode. No kidding I mean in a good way, yeah, the exploding. I mean the battery is going to last what? Five Times as long as as vehicle, or maybe the vehicle will even. Go a million mile. I don't know boggles the mind, but one thing for sure. It's good to be Elon Musk these days. Not A fan. Just what he did early on with regard to stock and get in trouble with securities and exchange, commission, and all that that was just so so bogus. Yeah! He knew he had no better than that of course he did. Down on that all right well, here's the bottom line. You know that you need to have a plan in place when it comes to your retirement years right and you're thinking my retirement. Years are so far off I can't even envision them, but you might Wanna spend some time doing just that because bottom line is the earlier you start in that planning process the better off. You'll be I mean I'm not saying. Go ahead and make vision board or something like that unless you know that's what you're into fine, but the bottom. Bottom line once again. You need to have that plan in place a workable plan, because particularly now well things are topsy turvy, and inside out nowhere better to do just that then with Keith wineman at a presidential wealth management in your loveland office. Yeah, love to help you just get an appreciation for the power of what Gail just said of starting that planning process early and I. Think it's very valuable. wakeup call so if you just start with questions and we'll start with answers to your questions. The loveland office I'll be there. And the call us at nine, seven, zero, seven, seven, six, seventy, five, hundred got you found? Know that wasn't a shot Keith Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management. Thanks so much as all. Closing in on seven, forty, four, thirteen ten KFI K.. Ask UNC bears targeting game, coverage lives on thirteen ten Kfi am. Catch me Dan Patrick and the Danettes weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI Koa. Do a little bit of catch-up here. This was a piece that I didn't have the opportunity to get to yesterday. Some forty seven now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI K. dot com northern, Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, live and local via the collision Specialists Studios. This has a governor Jared Polis extends covid nineteen relief orders granting Colorado residents some flexibility in pain grant This was A. Piece by a Bruce. Finley extending governor jared police did those pandemic relief orders for another month he did this on Sunday to ease pressure on residents, struggling to pay rent and utilities, bills and receive unemployment insurance payments poll also Granted County Commissioners Greater Authority to impose restrictions on the fires now. The executive order on unemployment insurance claims for Colorado. Residents was aimed at speeding up claim processing. Processing for another month public utility customers are allowed are to be allowed flexibility and making payments amid economic disruption, due to the spread of Covid nineteen in the state and Paulus extended and amended his order that state agencies must help prevent evictions of tenants economically hurt during the pandemic. The eviction order requires Colorado landlords to give tenants a notice thirty days before fiction instead of the usual. This before they go to judges to ask for removal of tenants, landlords must provide this thirty day notice of any default for non payment before they initiate evictions, it is intended to delay new vixen filings for month now the order itself does not does not ban evictions state local. Affairs officials are tasked with working with landlords to reach rent. Repayment agreements devised by state officials when renters are unable to pay rent because of virus related financial hardship eviction defense advocates have estimated that up to four hundred thousand people in Colorado. Colorado. Are At risk of eviction police in his latest flurry of order. Sunday added that he strongly encourages local governments to suspend or eliminate restrictions on the number of unrelated persons who can live in a single household or prohibit group or boarding houses to suspend or eliminate those restrictions. The idea he said is to enable homeowners to rent or give a room or room. Our rooms to those in need of housing similarly pull a set limits on the number of days. Hotel rooms may be occupied should be suspended or Seven fifty now thirteen ten K.. F. K.. If you miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten K. K. A. dot com to download the podcast today bacteria gail. Some good news for homeowners, and as a result, the economic downturn that we have seen well so far it sparing home prices in northern Colorado. Some fifty five thirteen ten KFI K, a thirteen ten KFI. K. A. DOT COM northern. Colorado's voice piece out of the reporter Herald and check in. We'll talk a little. Kick this around with Tracy Accident FM Bank. She joins US this morning. she is, but if not, we'll just hold onto this piece, but despite the ongoing threat that covid nineteen represents for the global economy, the vow a virus and subsequent business restrictions have yet to wreak havoc on home values in northern Colorado and the. The Boulder Valley. In fact, those values tips ticked up across most cities in the area in June compared with may according to new data from information and real estate. A services loveland Berthoud market was the only region that saw the prices drop in June interestingly, enough the Greeley Evans market saw modest price increases from May to June with median prices, ticking from three, hundred, sixteen, thousand, three hundred ninety dollars to three, hundred, twenty, one, thousand, eight hundred fifty bucks June's price was also up from the same month a year ago, when median prices were three hundred and twenty thousand dollars buzzing in on seven, fifty, seven, now thirteen ten KFI. It's always your turn to comment text. Cave K. Two three, one, nine, nine, six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now and thirteen ten KFI A. Seven fifty, nine, now, thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen ten. KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice. Stay with US busy busy eight o'clock hour ahead, looking forward to our conversation. With, a jared file cdot region four communications manager at eight, thirty five, but coming up. We'll talk with Dr Bradley Crooks Tin Program Director of North Range. Behavioral Health Adult Recovery Program and de Monica Coleman Therapist in north, ranges youth and family out. Services as they join us at eight. Oh five thirteen ten K. Greeley loveland closing in on eight o'clock. ABC.

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July 17, Hr 3  CSU Professor Jen Currin-McCulloch and Kevin Carr

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

33:31 min | 4 months ago

July 17, Hr 3 CSU Professor Jen Currin-McCulloch and Kevin Carr

"This is mornings with Kale. Northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi K.. Well we've all been suffering a bit from the pandemic blues and Rights Tricia Halley for Colorado. State University turns out that our pets have been waiting for this moment. Okay, cats, perhaps a bit more reluctantly, but dogs more enthusiastically. Saying stay stay, please stay eight now. Thirteen ten KFI a thirteen ten KFI, a dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. YEP turns out. Our pets are for babies are ever friends really have had a positive impact on our on our mental health throughout the uncertainty and the stress of living through pandemic professor Jen Currin McCullough from. School of social work says that based on the results of a couple of new studies, both of which Colorado State University participated in our pets provide a positively amazing boost to our out like our outlook Professor Jen Currin. McCormick welcome to the show. Thank you for having me I. Certainly appreciate your taking the time so this this is near and dear to your heart. Because again I'm working on that piece by TRICIA. From Colorado, State University and well, let's just say that human animal bond was something that was instilled in you and you were just a a little girl, right? Yes I like to say that. I actually grew up in a veterinary hospital, but I did my. My Dad was veterinarian, so I got to spend a lot of my childhood, watching what he was doing and seeing the role that animals played in humans, lives, and just bringing such Joe Away, comfort affection, and then I had the same kind of experience when I worked as A. Social worker in hospitals for people that had cancer in life, limiting illnesses and I saw. You know days when folks weren't able to smile or laugh or really feel connected that we would bring a therapy dog into work and. They would just lied up and start telling stories and tears of joy so yeah I saw. Kinda throughout my life I've seen a pattern of how. Animals just really bring light to people's lives. And especially, now as we've been dealing with all as I said, the stress and the uncertainty, in the fact that our lives have been turned upside down inside out as a result of covid nineteen, our pets are bringing us even more comfort. Absolutely as as we all know, there's been so much uncertainty and worry about what each new day we'll bring animals like you said I've really taken the charge and become sort of our essential emotional support team. We found that things help to decrease anxiety and depression by fifty seven percent. also showed that they're providing a sense of Connection Right so folks are saying that they're like dogs. Seventy percent are reducing a sense of isolation and loneliness, so people are feeling a sense of meaning and purpose. That, maybe they weren't before 'cause they're the walking their dogs. They have routine and structure in their life where a lot of things around this haven't felt routine or normal. Absolutely so those surveys, Colorado State University actually participated in the surveys right. I partnered with Larry. Cogan who is over at the school? A veteran veterinary medicine We also worked with professors from. San Francisco University Washington State and Palo Alto University. You know! It's funny very early on, and this is when. You know the advent of covert nineteen and all the lockdown orders safer at home. The stay at home orders were in effect. I came across this hysterical, rather tongue in Cheek tongue-in-cheek it was it was a satirical interview. And I use that in air quotes with dog, and with a cat, and how they felt about us being home all the time now it cats were like wait A. That space that you're standing on at nine am. That is the perfect. Angle for me to just kind of stretch out and just enjoy the rays, of Sun, what are you doing here on? Dogs are like. Oh, no, stay, stay. Stay stay with us. It was just so cute. It really was it was. It was great, but it begs the question. How are pets coping with us being home? We know what they're doing for us. Right right right so interestingly a lot of us like think about what our animals are thinking and feeling right I. Know I want this is I think my dog is so much happier But you know we're going through I guess we have you know almost five thousand responses right that we're looking at reading little, Synopsis That folks have written about their what their pets are feeling and they are. They say they seem happier. They say they. See more well connected to us as Humans. They started more tune and intuitive as to what we might need. They're getting. More exercise! they're also getting more than cuddle. From human right, so it works both ways for sure. So yeah, and we're also seeing a lot of folks They're saying that their mental health and their physical health improved, so it's kind of been an extra added bonus with all the activity that we're providing is humans. For companion animals we do a lot of did say though that their dogs are missing a lot of their training activities. missing their opportunities to go and socialize and be be petted. Guesses how you'd say you know by humans and they don't quite understand what's going on so. You know they they do notice. Things are a little bit different I have a feeling. Yeah! I might be getting a little bit out of your wheelhouse here and if I am I, apologize so, but talking about you know not only. Do Dogs and cats need to interact with their humans, but they also need to. Interact with their counterparts there feline and Canine counterparts. What are you hearing about? Dog Parks these days anything. I haven't heard anything You know I. Know places like and some, and this is a study that we United States outside, so some folks don't have any access to dog parks. Some folks slowly getting to have access, so it really depends on where you live. locally. I haven't heard big moves to make big changes so. You're right. It is I know my dog is like. Why can't I talk to that dog over there doesn't. She doesn't quite understand that. Exactly exactly A. He just turned one in April so by any measure, still a puppy, but Rudy My. One I don't know month year. Old Sits just the love of my life, and has certainly given me so much companionship and joy and torn up so many shoes throughout percents. But it's okay because he's just positivity. We we did hear a couple people say about you know the mischief that their animals can kill. So, yes there. A couple of people couldn't help it. Include Stories, but we did. Yeah, a lot of folks have been trying to learn different types of training at home to see what they can do and use this time and that kind of way as well so that's been fun to out. Professor and researcher at Colorado State University School of Social Work Jen Currin. McCormick. Thank you so much for just a little ray of sunshine this morning. Certainly do appreciate it. Thank YOU SCALE GAIL I? Hope you have a wonderful day and was well. It's sixteen now. Thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten K of K, dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight, fourteen, nine or carrying hearts h H. dot com. After mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan Patrick show the whole show and the herd with. Colin, Cowherd Olien, thirteen ten K. K.. Coming up our conversation this morning with. Colorado State University professor and researcher. Jen Currin mccully on how pets are helping US cope through a time of covid nineteen. Well, it begs the question can fluffy or Fido. Catch covid relax. It's rare a twenty three now. Thirteen ten K F K a thirteen ten KFI K.. A. Dot COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. So that nary experts across the Board Echo. Advice for well all of us. It's rare for pets to get the corona virus, so you really have nothing to worry about now. You're going to hear of isolated cases here and they're also. They cannot transmit the disease to humans their so called dead carriers if they do come down with Covid nineteen Dr Susan Rollo is a veterinarian and epidemiologist at the Texas animal health, Commission, She says at this time the CDC reports. Reports that a household pet is at risk for contracting SARS koby to. If it has come in close contact with a person infected with covid nineteen, it's important to note that only a very small number of pets worldwide including cats and dogs have been reported to be infected with the SARS covy to this is the virus that that novel Corona Virus that Causes Covid nineteen in humans now that nary experts and health officials. Say that they're doing animal testing as needed Dr Rolo, said the guidance for testing is case by case mainly? If there's a reasonable worry after ruling out other respiratory illnesses, and if the animal lives was someone who tested positive now this is kind of interesting if you own an exotic pet such as a ferret. Some kinds of hamsters or even a cat? You might have read about research showing that these breeds could be more vulnerable, but Dr Rollo's said the advice the same just watch them closely and take precautions recent research. She went on to say shows that ferrets cats and Golden Syrian. Hamsters can be experimentally infected with the virus, and can spread the infection to other animals of the same species in a laboratory setting as for pet to pet transmission or your pet, giving the virus back to you. That's also not a huge concern. Dr John House President of the American Veterinary Medical Association. He told today. That dog cat hair is porous, making it very difficult for viral particles to spread through for unlike unlike on smooth surfaces like countertops where the virus can just sit for an undetermined period of time, because at some point in time, let's just say. Loses its transmitted qualities. So, The question that I asked Colorado state researcher this morning. Jen currin metallic. What about dog pox? Because she noted that you know a lot of our animals are pets while they're taking very good care of us, and we're doing what we can to take care of them. Well, they still need that feline or canine interaction so I asked her the question about. The Dog Park and that's why I found this piece to share with you. Experts are recommending. Go ahead. Enjoy the dog park, but again you need to keep your distance dot Jarallah. The social distancing the CDC is primarily recommending is between pets and people. If you are sick with Covid, nineteen or suspect, you are infected, restrict contact with your pets and other animals. Just like you would with other people see a healthy family member or friend can help care for your pet if you are indeed. Infected with cove nineteen, or if you must care for your pet or be around animals while you are sick, of course, the standard principles standard guidelines apply. To Wash your hands before and after you interact with pets, and where a cloth covering just as you would with people but pat owners are indeed encouraged to keep their pets healthy during this time. By letting them get plenty of exercise and fresh air. My puppy thinks that walks her for taking. I thought puppies loved walks. To a certain extent, but yeah, there's a very definite point where Rudy my my year plus Shitsu says I'm done. It's NAPTIME, but I digress letting your pets get plenty of exercise and fresh air as well as socialization, because isolation for any reason, regardless of species could take a toll indeed on. Fluffy scruffy so mental and Behavioral Health, Walking Your dogs still encourage for both animal and human health and wellbeing, doc parks provides socialization and exercise for dogs, which is important part of their wellbeing, because there is a small risk. People with covid nineteen could spread it to animals. The CDC recommends that you do not let pets interact with. Outside of your household, especially in places with community spread of Covid, nineteen, all right, eight, hundred, eighty, nine, now thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen ten KFI K.. A. Dot com, looking forward to our conversation when we have each and every Friday with Kevin car fat guys at the movies. Fat Guy is at the movies dot, com, course, shameless plug you can hear his weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here. Thirteen ten KFI a thirteen ten K. K. A. dot com from noon to one, and he's also the. The newest member of our thirteen ten Kfi, K A block party heard Wednesday nights from four to ten, but Kevin car back at the movies back. GUYS AT THE MOVIES DOT COM joins us this morning to talk about well, some entertainment options from the comfort of your couch again Kevin Car Dot. Guys at the movies joins us at eight, thirty, five, eight, thirty, now, thirteen ten. K.. Tune into the House show at noon, and no now at four back to mornings with Kayla. Northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten Kfi K.. Well? It's the book end to our week Kevin car. Probably never having been called a book and it is entire life. Kevin Carfax at the movies that guys at the movies Dot Com. Course you can hear US weekly, syndicated program each and every Saturday right here in thirteen ten Kfi a from noon to one good Morning Kevin. Now I don't think I have ever been called a book end again, certainly been big enough to hold up a couple books. Will know that it is a term of respect, but we can't break tradition here. You know that how? You doing doing good, I'm doing. All right so not a whole lot on streaming, right? It's kind of a slow week I mean. Last week we had a couple of big stuff coming out like you had the Greyhound movie on Apple TV plus and that was an apparently did very well last week. So you have a little bit of a lull this week. There's some smaller stuff we'll. Let's start with Hulu and talk about the the part of the series into the dark, but it's which is by Bloom House, and it's a horror movie a month. On Hulu and this one is called the current occupants. It's about a guy who wakes up in an insane asylum and doesn't really remember history, or what's going on or how he got there, and that's he search trying to learn more about what's. What's going on with him? And where he is, he comes to the realization. He just might be the president of the United States who's been forced down there by the vice president and COO attempt. Now there's a premise. I. It's really kind of interesting. I love the movies that take place in in in the silence I. Always find those to be creepy and monning always have an interesting, little thin, and then this one of course, the guys trying to figure out. What really happened? WHO's friend? Who can help them any escape, or is he just some insane? Dying thinks he might be the president of the United. States and we'll see I. go all the way back, boy. This is Dayton meet. Do you remember the film snake pit? Naked. Snake pit. If you like. Movies about asylum. Is An absolute classic. One of my favorite asylum movies is asylum. In fact, it's an older home amicus movie, which which had. It. All took place in the In in the in the. Sanitarium will say. But but yeah, so that's not bad. It's it's it does have a little bit of I marks. Time a little bit 'cause. It's trying to fit in in in long enough but overall. It's easy. It's fun. It's an interesting little lark of a movie. A movie. You know it's about an asylum. Interest little trifle. Yeah you know it's funny because I think snake pit, and again I wasn't born yet, but I think it was. Released right around nineteen, forty eight. It was a Livia to have. Yeah, so it's it's classic seriously. I'd be interested in your take on that. So continuing this theme. NETFLIX's cursed cursed. Yes, this is a series. It's a ten episode series, and it tells the story an alternate version of the Arthurian legend. It's told from the point of view of this one young adult woman who is she has special powers and abilities that involve nature and she has been along the way she's tasked with keeping charge of Excalibur I of course runs into the various. Can't people you see in the? Characters from Arthurian legend, you know like more Ghana and and Merlin and even King Arthur himself. Suspects Yeah Yeah. All the people are back You know this is it's kind of like a These medieval action series on Netflix. It's kind of like one of those. It might've been made for the CW as well. It does tend to skew into the demographic of younger women and teenagers which which I'm not one of those no matter how much trying the weekend. It is. Not a bad little little show I mean I I. enjoyed it for what it was, but I think it's aiming for a different demographic. Concept all right then, there's peacocks site to lassie. Come home. Why am I picking up on thread here I? This is not about the dog lassie. It is actually about a character from the TV series psych. If you ever watched that one about the the fake psychics in Santa Barbara. Then series ran Wait Fake. Yeah last. but it's. This Rian for seven or eight seasons, and they had a reunion movie a couple years ago, and this is their second reunion movie and it was help us to launch the peacock service. The streaming service from NBC Universal, which is a which is their own proprietary streaming. You can download and get the APP There is a free version of it, but then there's a paid version of it as well that gives you more content, and no ads it's It's it's. It's mostly NBC universal stuff so either movies or television from from there. There can't and all the stuff coming on and off of it as it's sort of settling in as a new service. But lassie come home is about the two characters from psych as Shawn and Gus. Trying to help out one of the detectives these to work with in Santa Barbara Carlton Lassiter Hence the name lassie. He's stuck in a hospital after being shot in line of duty and having a stroke on the offering table. What's what's Kinda sweet about the movie? And then I I thought it was a little heart. Warming is the the actor who plays. Carlton Lassiter. He actually had a stroke several years ago and they've written it into the series. They they said okay well. We're GONNA. Do this reunion movie and we'll work this into it, so you know there's a reason why he's not as ambulatory as he was in the series and why he looks different. Maybe has you know certain elements of him and performance are affected by stroke, but they kind of made it as part of the part of the show, which I thought was really sweet that they said. Hey, you know instead of abandoning. Let's let's get them back on the series. One episode, Yeah! I thought that was. Just a really sweet thing site for the fact of just being able to watch the characters. You like from psych again. you know it's just kind a nice little heart warming element to it. Now, here's what I wanted to ask you about, and I might be getting a little bit ahead of my skis, which is wouldn't be the first time. But speaking of Peacock. I'm fascinated by this. It just premiered an adaptation of Aldous Huxley's Nine Thousand Nine hundred thirty two science fiction novel. Working for piece out of the New York Times, brave new world arrives in the future. It predicted and I. Guess the similarities are pretty stunning. Really Yeah I have not I i. seen that on the service I haven't watched any of it, so I may have to I. Want to check that out because I know that is exclusive to the peacock service. Oh, right now I haven't these I'm curious about it. I never read brave new world in high school. So I I don't have the you know I. Sound like Lord of the flies or something like that that I had looked at had seen but or read. This is a I think that's kind of cool that they're that. The that the everybody's getting their own streaming service. Although at some point, it's going to be just too expensive to have all of them. which is going to be a pain exactly well. Be Interested in your take on it because I understand that out as Huxley. Had An obsession with zippers and they make cooled use of that. I Know My. Streaming Service Gale does that well? Yeah, fifty shades of yeah, all right, but anyway. I think your reaction to it based on what I've read about it might be. Sure. Moody or is it a series I thought it was. I'm pretty sure it's A. It's a series, yeah! Yeah nine episodes. Let's see. It started this past Wednesday, so? But. Yeah, let's just say it. Gets a little salacious. Yes there. You got an. Exactly, Hence the Zippers I'd never okay Kevin. Carfax is if the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com. Thanks so much as always certainly do appreciate it. Go have yourself a great weekend. My friend all right you, too. Eight, forty, five, now, thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen ten KFI, gay dot com northern Colorado's voice. House rockies pitcher John Gray feel about the upcoming season. We'll talk about that and so much more on Friday's edition of the whole show thirteen ten KFI. came. Well out of the frying Pan with the mid nineties today into the fire expected to see one hundred plus degrees over the weekend. What's up with that channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists atmospheric scientists Matt. Megan's. I think that means we gotta find some water. Play on it exactly exactly I'll tell you. There's any number of folks taking advantage of that horse tooth reservoir I can attest to that because that's where I spend most of my weekends. Grand Mesa Way. West last. Weekend. It was quite. It was quiet really. Where people around, but hardly you know I wouldn't call it crowded by any stretch himself. There's a good way to cool off that way to. Oh, absolutely I will keep that in mind all right, so We're in the dog days of summer. I suppose it could be described. Yeah Yeah, we're. We're in it. and we still quite a bit more to go obviously I mean we've had. We've had nineties and one hundreds and route Greeley. We've done about thirty to thirty five times depending on exactly where you are in weld. County and we'll do that again probably another. Thirty to forty times. So so we're. We're kind of halfway through. It with the extreme heat, but at least the outlook is a little bit wetter I guess I went to hard wet, but more frequent with a cold fronts Going through the end of July and early August, so that's hopeful. Yeah, because we have had a number of red flag worrying because of how dry it's been making it. Tinderbox conditions fire. Oh for sure and I think I I can't I have no data to support this but I would think that the covert outbreak has actually helped our fire seasons considering how dry early June was The fires that have popped up have been managed very quickly and human start more fires than anything else. And yet we've been so dry this summer and dry this year and we haven't had an outbreak of you know. Huge fires, which I think is pretty incredible, despite the how the conditions have been so bad. Yes, we're constantly searching for some sort of silver lining when it comes to covid nineteen. That's for sure, but you make a very good point there, because so many of us you. You know I believe we're in the protect our neighbors phase now throughout the state. This of course has that mandatory mast warning statewide went into effect today, but so many of us are so confused about what's open. What's not where we can go where we can't go what we can do what we can't so that's for sure and a lot of well when I went west last weekend. I mean there were some out of state travelers, but very very few compared to summer that I can recall. So? We're just not seeing that kind of traffic coming into Colorado Yeah, because that's a concern too i. mean read the a Ms Herlihy the state epidemiologist, talking about the recent spike of Covid, nineteen cases throughout the state, attributable to some part as a result of out of staters, coming to Colorado which they tend to do during the summer months to the community cooled off. Don't they have yeah, absolutely all right, but we're not cooling off this weekend. Now are way which shoot us the forecast. It'll be close to a hundred today having mostly upper nineties, but close to it and then tomorrow we'll be into the one hundred and tomorrow made actually have some wind issues to could get rather windy for Sunday. We'll cool it down a little bit about ten degrees or so, and that's going to be due to a little bit more. Watch thunderstorm activity, not today or tomorrow. We're going to be absent from storms. I mean we'll have some floating around. Just rain chances very very poor then early little parts of next week. I think we're GONNA Hover more like ninety to ninety five and potentially even stay in the upper eighties occasionally. We'll have. Basically what Kinda patted, we're starting for the next month or so as a lot of cold fronts are gonNA come out of Canada and the northern Rockies, and they're gonNA try to graze northern Colorado. I also would come into near. Just sit for few days like we had this week. They're gonNa Grace Northern Colorado so I think that's going to start to happen next week. And that means a few more frequent thunderstorms and temperatures, a little closer to seasonal average, which made lower nineties for us well, we could certainly use the moisture right. Absolutely Oh, absolutely Greeley sixty three percent I did the numbers last night, sixty percent or something, no fifty nine percent of average on a year so far for most of Weld County so We gotTA get some water. Thank you for doing your homework channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists, not making certainly do appreciate that you betcha. NERD out to the. Right back to you. My friend have a great weekend, right? Channel to pinpoint meteorologists, matt making eight Megan's excuse me eight, fifty, five, now thirteen ten KFI. Our conversation this morning with channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists have map makers, and by the way fifty seven now thirteen ten KFI. Hey, thirteen, ten KFI K. dot com mornings with Gail, live and local via the Auto Collision Specialists Studio Slamma. County is weighing fire restrictions amid hot and dry July weather Kevin Dugan writing in the fort, Collins Colorado and persistently hot and dry conditions or prompting larimer county officials to consider consider implementing fire restrictions that gathered from across the county indicates that the fire danger is reached a point that fire restrictions are appropriate. Justin white soul emergency operations director with the county. Sheriff's Office told a county commissioners this past. Past, Tuesday county might see a little moisture in the coming days, but as a channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists, and that make making says that's GonNa. Be Few, and far between not enough to significantly improve conditions. The weather forecast for the next two weeks calls for continued high temperatures and wind mustard state is considered to be in some state of drought now. The Commissioners Larimer County commissioners are expected to consider a resolution next. That would actually set stage. One fire restrictions action could be taken sooner if conditions warranted stage one. In case you're wondering means, campfires are allowed only in permanent fire pits such as those found in developed count. Campgrounds Smoking outdoors is allowed only in areas where the ground is clear, vegetation gas grills would still be allowed. Stage to restrictions would essentially amount to a fire band larimer county by the way as seen several fires in recent weeks, including two or three that indeed where human caused all right thirteen ten Kfi k a thirteen ten KFI. K. A. Dot Com it right here, also coming your way from noon to Tannen swint with no now at four o'clock, and we've got a K. F. K. classic at six, so lock it right here.

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July 3, Hr 3  Thomas Kranawitter and Kevin Carr

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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July 3, Hr 3 Thomas Kranawitter and Kevin Carr

"It's time for mornings with Gail on thirteen ten KFI K.. On July Fourth, the continental, Congress, two hundred and forty four years ago, formerly adopted the Declaration of Independence which had been written largely by Jefferson though the vote for. Independence, took place on July second from then on the fourth became the day that was celebrated as the birth of American independence eight now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI K. A.. Dot Com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail. Live and local via the auto collision specialists studios well, it was a time of change back then, yes, of unrest of a rather robust discussion and debate of struggle of a burgeoning nations fight independence, freedom, unity, and liberty, in fact at its very core back in seventeen seventy six columnist turn toward down. This equestrian statue of King George the third and hacked it to pieces. Funny how two hundred and forty four years later the more things change, the more they remain, the same yet with different intent joined this morning by Dr Thomas Cranmer the good doctor. speakeasy ideas speakeasy ideas dot com pleasure to talk with you again. Good Morning Gail it's it's been a while since we've talked and I've missed you. How are you? Oh, I've missed you as well, I am doing fine, though my I gotTa Tell You my heart sinks, says I watch all the destruction of the mob rule across the country. Because again it goes to intent. The founders were creating something. It seems as though the angry mob is intent on destroying the very underpinnings of this nation. Yeah, it's really. Really a great question to ask. What exactly is their purpose? Their goal mean I. I've read. Several statements that the various groups have put out, but it's very unclear, and you know I wanNA. Remind the audience, too, so you? You were introducing tomorrow. Of course is independence, day and the incredible history behind and today right now July. Third is the anniversary this. This was the last day the third day of the terrible battle at Gettysburg In eighteen, sixty three feet that battle in that battle, fifty thousand Americans were slaughtered in three days more more men died in an hour at Gettysburg than in the entire month long siege of Iwo Jima during World War Two just to give some perspective of how bloody civil war was and what was it civil war? All about this great effort to live up to the idea contained in the declaration of independence by abolishing slavery Lincoln said So. So, when he returns, when he came to Gettysburg later in eighteen, sixty three, and gave that famous Gettysburg address, which is now etched on the wall of the Lincoln, Memorial in Washington DC He starts by that famous remember nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition. All men are created equal. There's the reference to the Declaration of Independence and the very next line. He says this war is a test to see whether this nation were. Were any nation so conceived, and so dedicated can long endure, and we did endure, and we did abolish Li ry it at a tremendous expense living up to our own ideas, our own principles of justice, and so when I look at that story from from the you know these very imperfect people in Seventeen, seventy, six, highly imperfect every one of them they put down on paper a perfect idea. The idea is perfect and we made tremendous strides. Strides living up to it. We abolish slavery faster than any nation ever had for four score and seven years. We get rid of it and I look at that, and I think one thing to be proud of how wonderful they made, though sacrifices and they they made those strides to live up to those ideas, and instead we have. We have fellow citizens today. Who are who think the whole thing is shameful and embarrassing. That's the tragedy. That is the tragedy speaking of which tell us a little bit about. Triumph and tragedy as it relates to the sixteen nineteen project. So we are. we're doing an online awfully. It's become online since. Since, lots of things have been closed down now due to covert but we're doing a ten month program right now. Close tragedy and triumph people can find out by going to our website. SPEAKEASY IDEAS DOT COM once a month. We're doing a two hour conversation and I am leading the way through the story of how the United States abolished slavery We still have four more calling each installation a chapter. We have four more chapters. Chapters the everyone can find out the dates and all that information at our website, and it you when you really get into when you really get into the details there, it is a standing with the Americans do i. mean they have all kinds of hurdles? All kinds of challenges, not least of which is the fact that you have this. This class of plantation owners and slave owners would deep vested interest that they're not real quick to. Vote to abolish this this institution that they have deeply deeply vested financial interests, and at the same time in the. In the eighteen twenties, eighteen thirties, eighteen forties of decades leading up to the civil war. Most of the leading lights in this country. Tell me if this sounds familiar. Most of the leading lies meaning the influence the. Knicks the political class, the great public speakers, the people of tremendous influence. They turn against. They reject the ideas of the founding. They start. They start challenging everything. The founding we get, we get new philosophy imported into the country from Europe New Biblical theology is being preached on Sundays All of which is is making the argument that human beings are divided into racism summer superior in summer lower, and therefore, the ideas of the declaration must be false, and around that new rejection of the declaration, a political party was formed in the eighteen twenties for the very purpose of pushing back and rejecting the ideas of the declaration of. Of Independence, and that would become the oldest and most influential political party in this country that still exists today. It's called the Democratic Party and that party. From the time it was supporting slavery later it supported Jim. Crow, later at supported things like affirmative action and special protected classes of people who get special privilege It has never once never in its entire history from the days of Andrew Jackson to today. The Democratic Party is never stood up in defence of the idea of equal protection of the laws for the equal rights of each and every individual citizen. But, they are really effective in camouflaging that in their messaging. Beautifully said my friend Yes indeed because they will do at the very moment that they are dividing citizens into groups and saying we're GonNa win offer, special perks and subsidies to this group over here and we're GONNA. We're take some things from this group and put a special burden on them at the very moment. They're doing that at the moment they are. They are institutionalizing tribalism. They say it's all about equality. They they present it as advancements for rights. You know this is for gay rights and Trans Rights and minority rights, and the rights of the poor with the really doing is building into our laws, tribalism and they call it quality. It's a shameful thing. Let's talk about How indefensible very premise of the sixteen nineteen project actually is! Yes so the sixteen nineteen project is, it was a big effort that was launched last fall. by the New York Times lots of funding, lots of talent and resources being thrown into this they started with big big flashy essays and videos, and all this material online, and and of course they quickly turned to the realm of education there now, packaging this material in the form of. And sending it to schools. Across the country, and and their whole purposes right there in their title the Sixteen Nineteen Project. The sixteen nineteen was important because it was the first year that. Africans. Black Africans arrived on the shores of North America in Sixteen Nineteen We have one little fragment, a tiny little piece of paper that. That recalls the arrival of twenty and odd. That's how that's how they're counted. Twenty and odd Negroes African. Negros arrived in in North America and so. the writers of the New York time say that the dating of the founding should be changed I. Mean How audacious is this? The date of the American founding should be changed from seventeen seventy six to sixteen nineteen, because they say, slavery is the real founding of this country. Slavery is the foundation. It's the core everything that America has become has has sprung from flowed from the institution of slavery, so the the the initial arrival of black slaves should be the date of the American founding. Well consider the source it does come from. At times. And here I mean there's there are such glaring problems with his, not not the least of which is the fact that. When we look at the whole Atlantic slave trade that lasted for about four centuries, and I WANNA make this point very clear. A lot of people don't know this every African who was sold into slavery through the Atlantic slave trade, put on a slave ship sent across the ocean, every one of them was enslaved, while they stood on African soil, and they were enslaved by fellow Africans. Africans various tribes like the Kongo the Dahomey the Shanti these are all African tribes that specialized in raiding, other tribes and kidnapped men, women and children. They would bind their hands. They would forcibly marched them to slave markets right there on the coast, and then the chefs Spanish Portuguese, British French. Those slave ships would be anchor just a few hundred yards offshore, and that's where. International slave traders, purchase slaves. They sent them across the ocean about twelve and a half million Africans were shipped and sold into slavery over the course of four centuries, twelve and a half million of those about four hundred thousand. Arrive in North America. That's about three percent of the total vast majority ended up in south. Brazil, being the number one destination. Of those four hundred thousand Africans who were sent to North America the vast majority of them arrived in British. Colonies British colonies, not the United States because the United States wasn't founded until seventeen seventy six, so in in the sixteen, Twenty and sixteen thirty all those decades in the sixteen hundreds and early seventeen hundreds. Those Africans were being. Being sold to to Brits in British colonies in North, America, when the American stage their revolution, and they say this, is it we're we're done being part of the British Empire we're. We're a new sovereign nation. They announced that on July fourth, seventeen, seventy, six with the declaration of Independence and a mere thirty one years later. The Americans prohibit the criminalize the importation of slaves of African slaves from the Atlantic slave trade. In fact, they make it a capital crime punishable by death to to get caught importing slaves, human beings from the Atlantic slave trade, and the president at that time is a slave owner Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson signs a bill into law that takes effect on January one the first day allowed under the constitution to prohibit the importation of slaves, so so so human beings are. Are being imported into the United States with thirty one years and then the Americans bring an end to it again. When you, when you look at all the things going on creating a new nation, replacing monarchy was some kind of constitutional republic which had never been done before establishing a regime of religious liberty, making sure that property rights are secured in law. Right all all these complications, and they stopped the importation slaves from the Atlantic slave trade in three decades. I say to my show. Pretty good job I mean not perfect, but but anyone else did. Yes, and I think that's what's key here. is we see all of the mob rule? The social unrest, the toppling of statues, this movement to a race, the past I believe at the peril of our future I can't help believe though the American spirit will reign supreme, and this too shall pass Dr, Thomas Cranny Witter speakeasy ideas a speakeasy ideas. Dot Com. So good catching up with you, my friend and I for one going to celebrate the fourth of July with joy. I WanNa, join you in that. Gail thank you so much. You Bet thanks so much for your time. Eight, twenty, two now thirteen ten KFI K A. Sports Story Northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. K. Hey hi. This is Dan Patrick. Reminding you to catch me in the Danettes next on thirteen, ten KFI k. a now back to mornings with Gail. The man who? Is Interesting these surveys? On coming across these days and of course I, don't put a whole lot of stock in polls as my guess is, you probably don't either, but talking about Oh. We're seeing a lack of pride in America were seeing a dearth of patriotism I don't buy into it for one New York minute as I believe. Many of us still believe in the promise of America sure there are parts of our history that are ugly that are flawed. Our founders indeed were flawed individuals, and if we're honest and take an introspective look at ourselves, we have to admit that yes to. We are flied, but to forget art history is at the peril of celebrating a robust healthy future. We need to talk about that history. We need to learn about that history. We need to embrace that history all of that history. And not a race it, so it is with that attitude of gratitude that I celebrate the fourth of July and our declaration of independence as I hope you do as well a twenty nine now thirteen ten Kfi K., a thirteen ten. A DOT com all right coming up the staple of Friday. Morning shows as Kevin car that guys at the movies fat guys at the movies Dot Com of course you can hear his weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here and thirteen ten K., up K, a thirteen ten. K., A. Dot, com from noon to one Nevada new releases this week timely to be sure Hamilton on Disney, plus and the outpost on video on demand Kevin Car fat guys at the movies joins us about five minutes from now eight thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten, k. k. preps radio is northern Colorado's home. For the past high school coverage, the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten Kfi K.. Eight thirty seven now thirteen time Kfi k a thirteen ten K. K. A.. Dot Com northern. Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. Wait for it. Wait for. It joined this morning by Kevin Kara fat guys at the movies. Fat Guys at the movies dot com deep breath. How you doing are. Doing. I am doing great looking forward to celebrating our independence. The great dream, the great idea that was this. Tomorrow how that's you? I am too. yeah yeah. I'm always for the weekend always ready for the weekend when there's olive day more ready for the weekend. See there you go there. You go well I. Love the timing on this and I'm sure it was just a coup winky dink so to speak, but then they release this week Hamilton on Disney, plus I would've loved to have seen the original Broadway version of Hamilton, but I would have had to take out a second mortgage. What were they like for the terror, the worst for like six hundred bucks. And then you had to get there and you had to pay the airfare and the hotel room and you know all of the snacks. Yeah? Sugar Daddy out there to do that, but. Well, yeah because you know what he will team. Two Thousand Fifteen was when the with Broadway show premiered I believe. Absolutely, right, this is the two thousand sixteen cats, so it's almost the same. There's a couple of differences from the original Broadway cast, but it's basically the the full cast that you'd expect to see in the films. I believe four different productions for different nights and edited them together. So you've got a very seamless show and we know we've come a long way from you know somebody's dad just putting a camcorder in the back of the theater. Looks really good I mean the the Broadway stage. And you and you get the full production, and you get close ups and angles and everything, so they cut it together, and while it's still on stage, obviously it. It's dynamic and it works. And bakes it something. That's cool to watch now. Disney, like paid a good chunk of change to get this. They're going to put it in theaters next year, but he decided to pull it on to put it onto. Disney plus this weekend makes it relatable fourth of July birth at the country Alexander Hamilton I. You've got all the founding fathers in this one. To you know so. It certainly fits it. It certainly is a good time to release this. And I mean I don't know. What can I say about Hamilton? That hasn't already been set I mean. Is it going to be a big revelation when I say good good. Realize that Oh my gosh. All the standards superlatives apply. Yeah, it's the thing. Is I I am very late today? Hamilton Bandwagon simply because I never lose some of the soundtrack. My kids weren't doing their into theater. But I never I I heard some of the songs but I, never sat down and listened to the whole thing. I was like I'll wait for the movie. 'cause I can't even afford to go to Broadway and while they're not GonNa make a movie. Adaptation of at this is the closest. You'RE GONNA get anytime soon. And this is the closest you're going to get to the Broadway show also anytime soon because Broadway shut down until the end of the year at. So I mean this is a kind of a very well timed unique experience, but I'll tell you. The one thing I wasn't expecting was. How much energy is in the show? It goes from song to song the song the song. It's two hours and forty minutes of nonstop show. No downtime, no boring scenes where people are just talking now that garbage it just goes and goes and goes. There's a fifty min assuming a fifty second intermission fifty. So. You may need to use the pause button. If you've got to use the bathroom, make a sandwich or something. Come back exactly. My guys. It's kind of like a Fussy Fussy. Posse Martha. Graham Martha Graham. Keeps going right. Because what it does well, the interesting because I realized, I had use the bathroom when I was watching. It I'm like! Oh, my gosh starts counting down the clock and I'm like they didn't give me much time and I'm running. Presser. Or the kids had no idea what it's like. Nowadays you pause anything you remember watching I gotta get back and watch the last half of the Dukes of Hazzard so I can go to the bathroom I gotta go. Get something upstairs I gotTa. Make a phone call gotta get some sandwiches, or whatever and you're. My sisters are screaming. It's on, it's on running. There's to get to the. Coming I'm coming. Oh the humanity, yes. All right well and I'm sure this isn't by Baku winky. Dinky either Disney plus used to offer free seven-day trial for news subscribers, but yeah no. Oh yeah they'll. They don't have the free trial right now. No. Service recently ended that promote. People would just sign on for Hamilton I. Mean It's a big deal I mean there's a lot of people that have wanted to see, but you don't even look it. It's GONNA cost. What six seven bucks. A month and You can't Park in New York in the Broadway district for that so. You're still coming out ahead on this well, and apparently you can cancel your subscription at any time, so you could. You know, subscribe for one month and Watch Hamilton and say thank you very much see. This goes to one of the things. One of the reason I think is the put this on there. Is You know when they set up this D plus? I don't think they expected the at home usage to spike the way. It hasn't twenty twenty because of a lot of people staying home, and one of the things that Disney plus how that's different than like Netflix Hulu or Amazon is they don't have the library of content. Yeah, they've got all the Disney channel stuff, so you've got kids. That's cool and they've got the marvel and star wars stuff, but they're not putting out new series constantly like Netflix and Hulu and Amazon are and so I. Think they're trying to beef up their service to kind of hold onto any subscribers who who might try to go away at this point. So! Let me ask you this Your Dad is Hamilton appropriate for kids. There was famous. It's famously been edited out. There's a couple of bombs that they had to edit out. For the, but even then I mean. You know having been. They're not like they're not graphic. They're just kinda thrown in there as expletives. And even then they added out. You wouldn't even notice if you didn't know where they were Are there other Peccadillos that people are doing in in the past? Well, let's just put it this way. The founding fathers were no more or less prone to Pecadillos than politicians today. Great constant in the world. There you go there. You Go yes, not to skirt the issue or anything. Yeah, I hear you very bad. I mean I. It's you know I wouldn't show four year old. They might get bored with it. How long is it? By the way it's two hours and forty minutes. I mean it's a Broadway show so when when they eventually get around to making the movie. Adaptation I'm sure they're going to streamline it. Maybe Trim some songs here and there but but yeah, it's it's the Broadway show all right fair enough. switch gears the outpost on video on demand. What's what's that all about? This is based on Jake Tapper Book about an outpost in Afghanistan true story that happened in two thousand nine. It was and I still don't understand why they built this outpost here. It's literally the most strategically bad place to build anything in a combat zone in Afghanistan at the base of three mountains I. Mean it's in this valley. There is no highground whatsoever, and it was. It was an outpost used to. Do certain levels of outreach to the locals to try and you know. Who's Alabama and WHO's not and it's the story of the soldiers there when you know of course, the Talibans are taking pat latch on Adam constantly, but then when they finally attack, it's It's a pretty hard place to defend. And it's about the soldiers defending that area, and then the heroism that goes on and helping each other and keeping trying to save lives and survive down there. It's a it's a very intense movie. It's a it's a good military thriller like you know I'd say. A third of the movie is the siege that is really makes you feel like you're standing or ground zero with the with the guys trying to survive. The attack sounds like time westbound actually. I'm what it sounds like time. Well spent I mean I'm always fascinated by that, because so many of us have not had that experience and. Depending on how well? The story is put together whether it holds together or not. I find that I learned so much particularly about the psychological aspects of war Oh. Yeah, well and the other thing I think that's Kinda neat about it that I think is is is not mentioned as much by some of the reviews is it shows that when when you're just you know when you're a soldier. They don't explain to you why the outpost there on why the generals have thinking strategic position. Basis and most times you don't need to know. Yeah, and it shows sort of the chaos and confusion from their level as to why they're there, but did they have to follow? Their orders to to defend it and they're stationed there even if they don't understand the full reason or whether it is when they never address it, what is this is a good idea or not and I think that that's important because you gotta realize that's how the military works. They don't have to explain to every single. person carrying a gun wider going into battle. They just know they're going about right Kevin car that guys at the movies that guys at the movies Dot Com? Of course you can hear his weekly syndicated program each and every Saturday right here on thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com from noon to one. Hey, any fireworks displays in your neck of the woods, or they all been canceled. Canceled which I mean, that's probably the right thing to do but that doesn't stop all the neighbors from having their own. Private firework display. which could be a terrifying experience particularly one lands on your particular roof. I haven't had any. I haven't had anything infiltrate the perimeter yet. Oh I see what you did there. Kevin car fat guys at the movies. Thanks so much. Have yourself a great of fourth of July weekend you to. A, forty eight, now thirteen ten F K A best to UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten K of K. The regular crew offer a week, but when we come back, we'll hopefully talk actual baseball on the next live whole show thirteen ten KFI act. Eight, fifty, two, now, thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen, ten KFI K., A. DOT COM northern. Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local auto collision specialists studios. Well. It's going to be a hot one today, but the question is is Mother Nature going to rain on our well virtual fourth of July parade joined by meteorologist atmospheric scientist channel to pinpoint weather's Matt Megan's Hey Matt. Happy Fourth in advance. Before you too I'm looking forward to it. Because you know, there are some fireworks displays still that have not been canceled that we can still enjoy from a safe social distance. Well, that's true. There were a couple that were canceled my way just as of yesterday. Mike County was just added to a burn ban stage to is that Douglas? Yep Yep in my kids. Well I should say me I'm not happy about it. I wanted my fireworks show I. Know I know it's just part of the pomp and circumstance in the celebration of. This, still great country! Yeah, we've got problems that we've got our flaws, but I think we got a lot to be proud about a lot to be thankful for. I do like those shows. The big ones we don't do the little fireworks on the street or anything like that, but oh well, we'll find a better way. We'll just have the water balloon, fight or something. Oh you mean you don't like my father did hand for your old sparkler? Good. Right EXA-. That always boggled my mind. You know you've got these little kids running around the sparklers and it's like those burned really really hot a made. We all survived. Early training pyrotechnics. There you go there. You go all right, so it's going to be a hot one today. We got a pretty good chance of some scattered afternoon, showers and storms into the evening. We do, and that'll be the trend for the weekend, although not quite as hot for the weekend. look for Middle Nineties today. At least the clouds will decrease a little faster than what they did yesterday, and that'll Reagan. A storm or two storms will pop up for us today on the mountains, and just watch down to the West or southwest of you, and that's where you're. Storm will come from today if you should have one. Tomorrow and Sunday there will be enough humidity. We'll have widely scattered thunderstorms. The chance to still better over the eastern plains but but yeah, we'll have some storms storms to come through on Saturday so anybody that's outdoors, and if had a Laker, pools are open, whatever you doing do keep a weather out of the sky tomorrow, 'cause a lightning and gusty wind and hail, maybe rolling through. And Sunday same story. Same story for Sunday Yep well have scattered storms around and temperatures well. Mostly operators, you may briefly kiss the low nineties, but mostly upper eighties for the weekend. Okay now, what about the week ahead? If you can just gaze into that meteorological crystal-ball, not not good in terms of grout or danger, mostly nineties across the Board We bay touch on one hundred and a couple of areas couple of times next week. in really. Outside of these little scattered storms, chances that are about on a frequency. You've seven to ten days happening this week. beyond that. There's really dry outlook for July so hikes fire. Now all right channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists, Matt Mickens thanks so much and well enjoy the fourth of July. Before eight, fifty, six, now, thirteen ten. K.! All sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen, ten KFI K. Spacious. Some great. Promise of our founding fathers lives on today, and while the founding generations did not make a perfect country in many ways they failed to live up to their powerful vision of liberty. They gave us those founding aspirations and institutional inheritance that we can still rely upon to solve our problems as long as we don't erase our past, so as we celebrate the fourth of July, raise a flag and salute that promise of America and all of those who have fought and died and live for it. Be Proud to recognize that we as a people controlled our future. If only we remember our past happy fourth thirteen ten K. K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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July 27, Hr 3  Back to school plans are troubling to some teachers

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July 27, Hr 3 Back to school plans are troubling to some teachers

"This is mornings with Kale and northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi K.. Eight on your Monday morning thirteen ten Kfi, eight, thirteen, ten, Kfi, K, a dot com, northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right. How do you feel about your kids going back to school I don't know this is the time of cognitive dissonance for you. Because maybe you're thinking about. You've been working at home and you're thinking about hitting the road. Maybe, going back for in person cubicle time getting back to work getting back to some semblance of normalcy shirts been great having the kids at home for the most part right, but. I'm not going to go to the three days and fish and visitors thing but It's been quite a challenge on so many levels again. As a result of all the changes relative, the guidelines restrictions relative to covid nineteen. Are you comfortable with your kids getting back into school? Well some teachers aren't. Comfortable with that equation. As, they're now demanding fourteen days of no new covid cases before going back to work. There are actually planning a day of action today. We're GONNA. Get into that just a few, but school districts across the state indeed around the country making those plans subject to change of course as things change along the lines of Covid nineteen. School districts six has set grade level school schedules for opening, but seriously are. Are you in favor of schools reopening? Are you comfortable with your kids getting back? into the classroom. And Delaney right in Greeley trip in the rapidly changing landscape for educators planning for the reopening of schools then again. It's not a one-size-fits-all model. Greeley Evans School districts six has. Modified its plan which had expected to do to bring staff and students back into classrooms for the start of the academic year. It was late Thursday afternoon on their district website district six announced school schedules according to grade levels that will be in place at least through the first semester, high schools will actually use a hybrid schedule at least through the first semester possibly again, covid nineteen dependent through the entire school year, the district added additional information such as details on the structure of the school day. Day How meals will be served, and the availability of elective classes and extracurricular activities this information that will be available for students and families from individual schools closer to the first day of school. Just a reminder district six is scheduled to begin classes on Monday August seventeenth for students and I through twelfth grades. Kindergarten students are scheduled to begin school. Wednesday August nineteenth. For students participating in a fool online learning schedule began August twentieth. Weld R. E four. Chief, operating, officer Jason Seibert I. Saying His name correctly could be Siebert. We'll go with cyber wrote an email earlier this week. That district officials fully expect to receive additional guidance and information from state officials on how to manage the pandemic. It's it's a moving target, isn't it? For School districts across the state deed around the country. Seibert Roach Review we are considering how to apply new guidance. The current plans we have in place are lined with previously released CDC. Guidelines and have been informed by staff input gathered through roundtable discussions weld are four is expected to begin classes. Wednesday August twelfth for half of its students and Thursday. August thirteenth for the other half, but had a for ups. Trying to figure out what the schedule is going to look like as you juggle. Alternating schedules. As far as your your kids getting back into school. And how do you pull all this together? When once again the goal post just keep moving as a result of the uncertainty with covid nineteen. Ninety, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, how it dealing with this eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten KFI text line at three, one, nine, nine six. All students will be in school. On Friday August fourteenth after which the normal daily schedule will resume earlier this week. You had district six Superintendent Dr. Deirdre pilch superintendents throughout the state having conversations. With, representatives from the Department of Education and the Department of Public Health latest plan created by the district, was developed based on communication with Commissioner of Education Katie Anthony, and Dr Brian early thought too early as the lead epidemiologist for the state health department. So? Let's get down to brass tacks. What do you say? Let's get into the specifics of all this and then well. What could throw a wrench into the works as? You've got the leader of the Colorado. Education Association this according to a piece by. Sherry pipe a page to complete Colorado. You can find it there. A COMPLETE COLORADO DOT COM, the leader of the Colorado Education Association and said it's possible teachers across the state will strike. As Colorado School districts continue to announce their reopening plans. You've got at least facebook group. Planning. A large large demonstration for today reinforcing that threat to not show up on the first day of work we'll get into all that in just a few closing in on eight fifteen now thirteen ten Kfi K., A. This time check sponsored by carrying, Hartson Healthcare, serving northern Colorado, since two thousand one or patient care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight, zero, nine or caring hearts, H H dot, com holes bored story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. The day's headlines PODCASTS mornings with Gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcas find them at thirteen ten. KFI K. A. DOT COM. As our conversation continues at eight twenty five on the fact that Greeley Evans School. District six has revised their schedules for reopening and I can't help but think we're probably gonNA work through several iterations of this, but just to keep you apprised the most recent developments. Just wanted to work through that thirteen ten. KFI K A thirteen ten KFI. Dot Com northern. Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right, so we know what the reopening date, well, at least the scheduled to reopen date for district six is and again they are setting grade level school schedules for reopening kind of like a hybrid schedule of for high schools, and the district plans to have that in place. At least through the first semester, the says classes are scheduled to begin in district, six Monday, August seventeenth and students in first through twelfth grades, kindergarten students scheduled to begin school Wednesday. August nineteenth classes for kids participating in a full online learning schedule actually begin the twentieth, but what does that all? All look like well mass will be required to be worn at all district, six schools, sites and events by all students, staff and visitors, medical documentation will be required for an exception mass are not recommended for pre school age children now dodger pilch. Superintendent Corsa Greeley Evans School districts six board of Education President. Michael Matthews well hosts an online town hall of from five thirty to seven M this on July thirtieth to provide more information for parents and families. The town hall can be viewed live on the district six youtube page, and if you have specific questions, you would like to submit to be discussed during this town hall. You can simply send an email to k crane. Christina's wonderful. I work with her frequently. A K crane CR. A. N. AT SCHOOLS DOT ORG by five PM. that would be five pm tomorrow. Now. You've got schools hosting a phased return to school with one third of the students attending each of the first three days of school. Students who are learning person will have their first day of school and here's where it gets a little. Complicated August seventeenth, eighteenth or nineteenth. Now you'll be notified by your school or schools as to which day. It's turning into a real scheduling nightmares and parents. And how are you going to handle this? My heart goes out to you. You'll be notified by your school or schools has to which day your students should report. students will only report for one of those three days. Students from the same household household will return on the same day. On the other two students will remain home or stay with a caregiver. On August twentieth and twenty first. All students will attend school. This is interesting. Kindergarten students will start as planned on August nineteenth, according to the district, the face reopening will allow administrators, teachers and staff to model for students and families, the new safety and health protocols that'll be followed daily and to help get students comfortable. With this multitude of new restrictions and guidelines and routines. Families will be asked to complete a covert nineteenth symptom. Check at home with each child every day. Children who have one of the symptoms must be kept home keeping sick children home courses central to stop spread of Covid, nineteen other illnesses and to help keep the schools of safe so once again as it is a moving target, this is the most recent plan. That has been issued by the Greeley Evans School district six as they set those grade level school schedules for reopening. I would suggest that you just visit the district website because there's lots of deadlines for registrations and. Things like that everything that you need to know so I would just visit. The Greeley Evans School district six a website because again. I can't help but think that this plan to could well be subject to change, but what might throw. A stick into the spokes. As, Colorado School districts continue to announce plans for opening in the fall this according to piece by Sherry Python Complete Colorado. The leader of the Colorado Education Association said it's possible teachers across the state. Will Strike. Demanding fourteen days of no new COVID cases. And, you've got at least one facebook group that is grown legs and plans a large demonstration to today reinforcing that threat, so we'll get into that in just a few eight thirty now thirteen ten KF K., thirteen ten k. k. preps radio is northern. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage by this is Dan. Patrick reminding you to catch me and the Danettes next on thirteen ten K. FDA now back to mornings with Gail. Just asking the question, does this make a case for charter schools? Eight. Thirty nine thirteen KFI, thirteen ten K.. F. A.. Dot Com Northern, Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios this as a Cherry Pie frights on a page to complete Colorado. You can find this piece on complete Colorado's simply by a fire up the Google's and jumping on complete Colorado dot, com. Teachers demand fourteen days of no new covid. covid cases before going back to work and plan a day of action today. Now I understand we need to balance, and sadly as we're seeing a spike in cases, but once again you need to put that into context as more testing becomes available, and what we really need to be aware of is the number of hospitalizations and a rising death toll when it comes to Cova. But like with anything else reopening businesses reopening schools, you have to balance. Public Health. With getting on with our lives and this demand for fourteen days of no new covert cases. I, understand your concern, teachers I certainly do. But unknown unfortunately. Is that realistic? And are. We focusing once again on the wrong thing. You tell me nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, so many considerations here because is I've been asking all morning. How do you feel about sending your kids back to an in person learning environment I get it. You know the plans keep morphing and changing as demanded. By the novel Corona Virus. But are you ready for your kids to get back to school I? Saw An interesting stat just this morning, saying that forty four percent of parents across the nation. Are Not satisfied with virtual learning. And again it was the best that we could do. But is it time? To figure out a way. To get our lives back to get our kids back in school, many of them it's such a pivotal time particularly when you're talking about early childhood learning. Not only from. The respect of what they're learning in school, but the need, the very real human need for socialization from a safe social distance I get it. Meanwhile back to this. Cherry Pie Writing Incomplete Colorado. As Colorado School district's continue to announce their plans for opening in the fall, the leader of the Colorado Education Association said it's possible teachers across the state will strike. And? You've got at least one facebook group flexing its muscle planning large demonstration today, reinforcing not threat not to show up on the first day of work. According to the Colorado Sun Ce President Amy Baca Olert said in a news conference that union members want more involvement in school openings and decisions around mask, requirements, class sizes, and other changes to how students are tot. Designed to keep them safe safety, of course a major concern for us all. But it seems as though we're putting the cart ahead of the Horse because you've got district administrators across the state working with public health officials in order to. Develop those plans that will not only keep our kids safe, but sheep are teachers. Save as well. The Union is also calling for individual school districts to establish their own protocols which happening. Publicly released the data used in reopening decisions provide all students with access to remote learning tools. Such as computers and Wi fi while it seems to me as we work through that lengthy piece this morning by and Laney actually appeared July twenty fourth updated just yesterday. It seems as though that's exactly what Greeley. Evans School district six is doing. Several facebook groups have launched for teachers to air their concerns and they're. They're certainly entitled to their concerns, but it doesn't appear at least based on the information that we have from Greeley Evans School district sex that teachers are being left out of the equation. Teachers Am I wrong? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten, so you've got these facebook groups launching for teachers to air their concerns about returning to work in as soon as three weeks and some areas of the state. Concerns. Range from how to enforce mass. And how much cleaning they will be required to do. To substitutes in life insurance. One of the facebook groups Colorado schools for safe opening fourteen days, no new cases. Started, in support of growing National Movement to not open schools until there are fourteen consecutive days of no new covid nineteen cases. In the country in the county affiliated with the school district, planning to open. Is that. Even, possibly remotely feasible. And a time cove nineteen. and Are we focusing on the right issue? Outcomes not likely to occur anytime in the near future. As! Colorado is not gone one day without a single case since the state began reporting on March first. covid nineteen is going to be with us. and. Yes, we all hope for vaccine can ask tongue in cheek this morning. Will that be the October surprise? Weather be a vaccine in October. Because once again like so many other things. covid nineteen been weaponized and politicized. Some areas of the state may be free, but they're very few. Thought there was only one county in the state that was covered free off the double check that they're few usually very small rural communities such as Briggs Dale where that district announced earlier this week, it would resume classes in a near normal situation. You've got highland Arlene School district and all. About a third thousand students K. through twelve. That'll also reopen on schedule in odds August with mass optional. None of the States fifteen largest school districts are in counties where no new cases have been reported for even one day once again since March, first. So according to this piece in complete Colorado by Sherry Pipe. This grew. Colorado schools for safe openings fourteen days no new cases. Has More than seventy five hundred members has a list of demands. They want met before they'll return to work. That list is outlined in nine different letter templates that organ organizers say could be personalized, but asked that the basic to ban of fourteen days with no new cases not be removed. One of the leaders of the National Fourteen Day demand explained his reasoning, adding his goal is to eliminate the virus altogether will. Isn't that our collective goal? To advocate Kobe, nineteen. And what are the chances of that happening? Don't we need to be inventive and creative and figure out a way to deal with reality, and that is cove. Nineteen ain't going nowhere anytime soon. Harlison! High School History Teacher. Union organizer in Oakland wrote in a blog. There is no magic number of Nassar tests or plexiglass barriers that our district's and state's could acquire. That would make our return safe. When the nation is still reporting tens of thousands of new cases every day we must end the pandemic itself and unions and community organizations need to prioritize demands that will accomplish that goal. Well in a perfect world. I would concede that point. Unfortunately. It's a fools errand. To think that we are going to radically eight covid nineteen. So what? Are we going to continue the lockdowns. Are we going to continue to talk about older? The second wave of covid nineteen coming. Are we going to continue? To strangle. The Nation's economy and it could be argued our children's future. Why not use this as a teachable moment? Why not use this for what education is intended to do so that we can learn? We can learn our kids can learn. HOW TO COPE? With something that once again. is going to be with us. Your thoughts morning, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text center, thirteen ten KFI, a text line at three, one, nine, nine, six. Oh this kind of interesting, too, and I'm hoping I'm actually just a scanning to find. An expert on this, but you know as you as parents have coped with the many demands placed on you as a result of covid nineteen. There's this interesting a new. learning modality, let's put it that way. A learning modality that is popping up and I hope to have someone on to talk about that tomorrow. It's called micro schooling. Are you familiar with that concept? Well not we'll talk about it tomorrow eight fifty now thirteen ten KFI. BURST TO UNC bears targeting game coverage lives thirteen ten KFI K will break down the first series for Colorado rockies in the shortened season coming up on the next hole show thirteen ten, Kfi. And of course thirteen ten, Kfi K. A. Your Northern Colorado home for the Colorado Rockies, eight, fifty, three, now, thirteen, ten Kfi am thirteen ten KFI K., A. DOT COM, northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail and local via the Auto Collision Specialists Studios. Okay, now I want everybody to be safe. Don't get me wrong here, but unfortunately it looks as though we're lurching toward are there? Is there a political agenda at play here I'm just asking the question I know I. Have My own opinion on this, but interested in yours I. mean you know as I read the CNN headline this morning that all we are lurching toward another shutdown the nation. I don't think the nation's going to respond too well to that. How about you? But Now? I wanted to get back to this piece of from complete Colorado and again. By Sherry Pie teachers, demanding fourteen days of no new Cova cases before going back to work planning that day of Action Today. I want everyone to be safe. But unfortunately we have to learn to deal with the reality of covid nineteen. We can't just be locked down for the rest of our lives. How is that healthy for anybody? And what did we learn from that entire scenario? Absolutely nothing. But here's what's interesting. This is all based on a template that came out of a blog now. The local the local organization is facebook group Colorado Schools for safe openings fourteen days, no new cases well, the you know. That'd be great if we lived in a utopia, but we don't. And it's not going to happen, but I I'm just wondering what the real intent is here because schools are doing everything, they can to ensure that they have the plans in place so that they can reopen safely. So Harley Sleman. Is a High School History Teacher Union organizer in Oakland California Okay and he just basically went on about. There's no magic number of Massar tax or plexiglass barriers. That will make our return safe over the demands. Don't end here. And I think this is key information to just factor into the equation. Other, demands include. Mass testing contact tracing strict suspension of non-essential business and travel activity. Is the agenda becoming more clear? Basic income stimulus payments, rent and mortgage cancelation addiction prevention single payer healthcare personal computers at high speed Internet access for all students to learn remotely. Everybody gets a pony. No I'm being facetious there. But. Do you understand where my thought process goes with all of this? Basic income stimulus payments I mean I thought it was all about what they wanted was fourteen days of no new Cova. Cases I thought. This was all about health and safety. Go No. No. Silly me. Eight fifty-seven thirteen ten KFI. Whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. Loop. Monday morning. Warnings, Gail, live and local via the article listened Specialists Studios Thirteen ten K of K, thirteen, ten KFI, dot com northern Colorado's voice. Okay, and what do you WanNa, do you WANNA lock? It arrived here rockies getting off to a good start in their truncated season Brady. Hall will break it all down during the hall show from noon to do tennis went Noko now at four. Thirteen ten, Kfi am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

Colorado KFI KFI Gail Kfi facebook Colorado Education Association Greeley Evans School district Colorado School Greeley Evans School Kfi Covid Kfi K. Colorado School district Auto Collision Specialists Stu KFI K. A. Greeley Evans School district KFI K COVID
June 23, Hr 2  MLB Scout Ed Henderson

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June 23, Hr 2 MLB Scout Ed Henderson

"This is mornings with Kale fueled by Great Western Petroleum, only thirteen ten KFI. He. Take a welcome. The wild sign said hunting took a welcome the wild side. Seven eight now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten K.. A. Dot com mornings. Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum live and local via the auto. Collision Specialists, studios, yeah, your chance to take a walk on the wild side in Pueblo. This has the Colorado. State Fair Board is exploring, according to Krld, Oh, what preparations are needed in order to take place? To pour the fair to take place, but ultimately yeah, it is still on the books scheduled to take over the steel city at the end of August all right, so here's. Here's exactly what we know. The Board of authority voted just this past. Tuesday to modify activities to be safe amid guidelines so for the covid nineteen pandemic, not everything will be returning to the fair this year, but several livestock and agricultural events are being considered of course with modifications including the junior livestock showing sale the F. A. Heifer Rangel Katcha calf for H., Horse Show, and the four H. Dot show as well. There were also be a limited carnival now. With fewer food and vendor booths, competitive exhibits will still be virtual. The board said in their news release that was issued last week this point, though the exact modifications well a week ago, still weren't known the State Fair. Board says more information about the activities taking place. Will be announced that some later date. It's almost assured that capacity will indeed be limited and state guidelines say. That with proper precautions approved by the state, counties may allow outdoor venues to operate at a maximum capacity of five hundred people last year, just to compare and contrast what a difference a year makes more than four hundred and forty six thousand people attended across the eleven days of the Colorado State Fair the Colorado, state, fair in we blow, is scheduled for August twenty eighth running through September seventh Scott Stoler, the fares general manager said officials announced the decision last week to inform entertainers who were scheduled to perform and to allow officials to prepare as needed. He went to say in the next two months remaining before the fair. Fair there's still a chance that things might change and will be allowed to do more than we know we can do now. It's kind of the nature of the covid nineteen. Be Straight. It's ever changing will probably scale back more than ninety percent fair, but we do that. Because of the pandemic, we'd be limited that share. Our goal is to come back bigger and better next year. Stoler said the fair has a one million dollars in a reserve fund to offset losses expected this year and next year as well this by the way will mark the Colorado State Fairs One, hundred and forty eighth year with the theme being. A Walk on the wild side seven eleven now thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen, ten KFI, K., A. Dot, com, or gale, fueled by Great Western petroleum via. The auto pollution specialists, studios and speaking of affairs, and of course what is among our chief guilty pleasure at any fair. Festival food on the Turkey legs, and the funnel cakes well the Greeley stampede once again. being extremely. Though the Greeley stampede, summer festivities have been canceled this year, but it's not going to stop them or us from enjoying some of our favorites, foodstuffs of the stampede I mean think about it festival food. It's are guilty pleasure. We allow ourselves at least once a year. Well, the Greeley stampede has partnered with local restaurants to bring some of our favorites for us to enjoy in a festival food tour, and for a limited time, participating restaurants will serve the festival food during the originally scheduled time of Greeley, stampede this according to a release from a Kevin McFarland marketing cordray co coordinator with the Greeley stampede by. Participating restaurants will serve as civil food during the originally scheduled time of the stampede of course, June twenty fourth through. July fifth while supplies last now. How does this work well? It's Kinda cool when you purchase. One of the listed items from are participating location. All you need to do is take a picture of the food, little food porn and post it to social media. Yeah, that's the thing using Hashtag. G. S. Festival food, or you can also email it to info at. At Greeley stampede dot org for a chance to win an honor box, venture, forty five cooler, or a two hundred and fifty dollar gift card to American furniture warehouse, so what restaurants are participating and more importantly into the point well, what festival food are they offering? Aunt? Helen's copy house strawberry lemonade dickey's barbecue pit. This is one stop shopping for me, funnel cakes and smoked. Turkey legs there it is in a nutshell, the best of festival food well in my humble opinion. Del Cafe loaded hand cut fries. The dugout Barbecue ray-ban stick. Gourmet Grub Red Velvet Fried Oreos Hall. Jerry, Jay's a chocolate covered. A chice kicked cheesecake. Can stay cows barbecue pulled pork Lewis. Takas Tequila fritters and Tequila lemonade McCarthy's at the Eaten Country Club. The ever so popular Cowboy Burger this has once again. The Greeley stampede, getting creative, getting innovative and providing us well one of our favorite things about the Greeley stampede, and that is that festival food as they announced their festival food tour. Ganz really stampede as you're well aware has been canceled, but these participating restaurants will serve festival food. During the scheduled time of the stampede again June. Twenty twenty-fourth through July fifth while supplies lasts okay. What's your favorite festival food? That's out now. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. You can also drop me a text on our thirteen ten KFI text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, seven, fifteen, now thirteen ten Kfi this time check sponsored by carrying heart so healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand. Thousand One. We're patient. Care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight fourteen O, nine or caring hearts, H, H, dot, com, whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten, Kfi K.. Hey, it's always your turn to comment text cave, k., eight, two, three, one, nine, nine, six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now on thirteen ten. KFI K. Calls to de-fund and this band police departments across the country intensify well when we did this story about Denver Public Schools Banning School Resource. From their schools I asked the question. Is this just the beginning? We can only hope it's not the case. Seven twenty, two, now thirteen ten K. up, K, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings, but gail fueled by Great Western, petroleum, live and local via the auto collision specialists studios, but now. The Putin's School District Board is going to vote on school resource officer contracts today. What is your take on that? As this increasingly negative narrative has taken hold despite all of the vetted studies that we have seen when you look at the tens of millions of police interactions across the country that debunks of this systemic racism narrative. What are we teaching? Our kids by taking school resource officers from law enforcement out of the school. We've talked to so many experts that say. This is a great learning opportunity. It's a great teachable moment to perhaps well debunk some of the falsehoods that children have heard about lawn first forcement because. They actually get the chance to interact up close and personal with these school resource officers see them as people and form relationships with them, which only I think, generation generational only strengthens that entire concept of community policing, because you can't have community policing if you don't have the community participating, so why not start when they're young? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text at a three, one, nine, nine six. Do you support this move? Removing Police officers a school resource officers from our schools, so yeah the Porter School? District Board of Education will decide today whether or not to keep to keep school resource officers in district schools for twenty, twenty, one, according to a piece by Sarah Kyle out of Fort Collins Colorado and now apparently, the decision was originally set for June ninth. This was a day after hundreds of students rallied outside district headquarters, and ask the district not to renew its contract with Fort Collins Police, claiming that students of color are quote disproportionately referred to law enforcement. Of course, the students protest echoed that national call to fund police following unrest over police violence. Including the heinous killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota now following the students protests the Porter School District Board delayed its votes citing a need for more information in a motion to delay the votes. Board member Rob Patterson asked PSG administration to come back with a recommendation for a plan for Discipline, procedures and interactions of all students with those school resource officers course SRO's. Particularly, students of color for the twenty twenty one year. The recommendation must include robust engagement with our communities of color. Most students in parents on their experiences with discipline and with SRO's pederson said. Fort Collins Police Services and Larimer County Sheriff's office have provided resource offices. Officers at select put her school district schools since one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five, this, according to. Documents for Collins Police. S are located at each comprehensive high school and middle. School within Fort Collins Larimer County deputies are located at cashless booter and Wellington metal schools. Timoth police began providing SRO's at timoth and Beth key elementary schools in two thousand, nineteen, now accord according to the board's meeting agenda Superintendent Sandra's misers recommendation. We'll good for her is to renew the. Contracts, with Fort Collins, Police Services Larimer County sheriff's Office and the town of Tin Mouth Timoth, which in total will cost the district just over one million. Smicer said in a statement to the Colorado, and this is only the start of what I expect to be a long ending gauging community discussion, certainly a conversation we're having, but my concern is the emotional knee jerk response in a time of social unrest. I'm grateful to our students, staff families and community stakeholders for speaking up. She said and I asked that they remain engaged partners as we move toward actions that ensure educational equity in our schools now the district covers half the pay for officers placed in district schools. The agency or municipality covers the other half. If the board approves next year's contracts, the district will pay about eight hundred forty four thousand dollars. Excuse me to Fort Collins Police Services for half the cost of eleven, officers, two corporals and one sergeant, working two hundred and twenty days about one hundred seventy two thousand two larimer county sheriff's office, for half the cost of to ski school, Resource, officers a school resource office supervisor to patrol vehicles, a supervisor vehicle and capital replacement and administrative costs for one hundred ninety two working days about twelve thousand nine hundred dollars to the town of Timoth for half the cost of one school resource officer, one patrol, vehicle and capital replacement and administrative costs for two hours per day for one hundred and eighty two days Tuesday the. This afternoon's board meeting willing pood- a presentation with the opportunity for discussion on how the SRO program operates this according to the Board Agenda Staff will also present a plan for community agenda again. The Poorer School District Board of Education. Meeting will begin at three PM today. The meeting will be held virtually. It can be viewed live on the district's a youtube page P. S., D.. On demand but your thoughts this morning. Should police officers school resource officers be banned from our school. Be careful the message you send nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. Drop me a text down thirteen ten K. UP CIA text line at a three, one, nine, nine, six, well, some good news at least as far as the markets go. Could covid nineteen and the bull market actually. we'll get the answer. Heath wind bending presidential wealth management ways in in just a few best UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten Kfi, k., catch me Dan, Patrick and the Danettes weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten K. Koa. And we're ready to watch you play a major league baseball. Some forty, two now thirteen ten K., thirteen, ten KFI A dot, com, or gale fueled by Great Western. Petroleum live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. Okay. Kinda interesting Major League Baseball plans to hold a sixty game season that will begin around July twenty fourth. Who but there are some conditions I needs players to sign off on a health and safety protocol and to pledge to arrive at home stadiums by July first to prepare for the season this as the owners. Exerted Their Authority. By announcing implementing a sixty game season on Monday, this is hours after the players. Association rejected a sixty game proposal that would have included and expanded post-season other well salary bumps joined this morning by Ed Henderson Major League Baseball Scout. Friend of all idol of many and eight fifty Koa's baseball insider a add. Good Morning Gail, how are you I? Am Great Hope Springs Eternal I am actually wearing my Pittsburgh pirates shirt. Talk I had tickets to see them play the Rockies, and was looking forward to seeing you there, but ain't. NOPE didn't happen. That that that damn virus. Damn virus gotTA. You know exactly exactly all right. So, what does this look like because I'm hearing that this is going to go nowhere fast and just end up in court. Well, I think there's a very good chance of that, Gail. The reality of of the exchanges and the interaction between Major League Major. League, baseball, ownership and the players association historically is not going well, and you know these situations have led to some huge disputes and work stoppages and things of the sort over the years. obviously what what lies in the background here is that there's a collective bargaining agreement that comes into effect I think the current one expires I think it's on or about December first of next year, but I think some of the posturing and some of the noise that we're hearing right now about this proposed agreement. Really kind of focuses on what's coming down the road and I think the players are very leery of painting themselves into a corner here and I think that leads into. Whether or not we go anywhere with this because as you mentioned, and you gave a very good analysis on very good synopsis on a gale that you know. Did the players have to or they don't have to, but Major League Baseball ownership has requested that by five PM. Eastern time today. the association. Advise them as to whether or not they will accept those conditions, and you know the first one is challenging enough, can you? Can you have all your staff here? Can you be ready to go July first now? You could argue well, guys. You've had three or four months to get prepared for this, but as we know with with the virus being what it's been. we've been in an unprecedented more waters here for a long time and I think there's so much unknown about it. Gail that I think. There's going to be questions as to whether or not taking get that done in seven days, but I think the bigger part of it and I think what may be the stumbling block to this whole situation. Is that protocol that you referred to? And and I don't blame the players one bit for wanting to protect themselves, but I also realized that. If somebody doesn't you know. Bite the bullet here and move forward with this. The entire season's going to be lost and I think fans are GonNa certainly react negatively to that. Both owners and players in twenty twenty one, and beyond so I don't think Major League and I've talked to a number major league people over the last few weeks scale I don't think you know either. The commissioners owners side of the table where the players side of the table wants to be the one labeled as being the group that stuttle baseball in twenty twenty, so let's hope they can get something done today. Well and from a public relations standpoint, and you reference says head. This would be an absolute nightmare because I mean it's costly when you take me out to the ballgame, a and the bottom line is yes, we are in uncharted unprecedented waters, so many people are struggling on so many levels financially and psychologically as a result of all the lockdowns and the closures and everything else that has accompanied the pandemic and here they're squabbling about. Money money. I can't help but think that does not bode well in terms of how they are perceived when so many people have lost their jobs and might not ever recover them. Yeah I totally agree with you Gail I. Think you know when you when you've got folks out there and I? Know some of your listeners. Unfortunately, that were that are listening to this. Show right now are probably gone through this and. The reality is that this has been a really rough time you look at. It was a great economy. You know one hundred and twenty days ago and then all of this takes place. yeah, I think if I was somebody that was out of work right now. struggling to make ends meet and keep food on the table and take care of my family, and I've got millionaires and multimillionaires fighting amongst themselves over this exactly I'm GonNa have a hard time. Hard time dealing with that and so careful, be careful the messages you sent absolutely, and you know, and I think people understand and have understood over the last few weeks. This is a complicated process. This is not easy. This is not your your standard. If you will contract between players and owners. That's not what this is. This is coming at a time when you're seeing other sports struggling, you're seeing other sports that are that are trying to get off the ground going through some of these same issues. You've got players at the professional and college level testing positive for this covert virus almost every day. And spikes around the country right now. I I I there is legitimate reason for for players and their families, their representatives to be concerned about this, and and that's why I think that this is you know and I have been you and I talked about it the other day I have said all along that I really question whether or not we're going to have baseball and twenty twenty. Because historically these negotiations have been so difficult. They're the only thing you're guaranteed is they're going to be nasty and they're going to be lengthy and both have taken place year. I mean these these talks have been going on now since legitimately back in April and May so. It's tough well. Let's let's look at the glass half full all right. Let's just kind of project that perhaps they'll. They'll find something. They can agree on that. All the acrimony in the belly bumping will be put aside. Yeah, I can dream right. Fans. That's another big question I I know. I talked to somebody with Iraqis probably six weeks ago. and they were saying that they would be that that day. The rockies would be playing in front of fans in twenty twenty. Now that for me is really a hard for me to understand, and it's hard for me to understand it now you add a whole other dynamic to the whole equation. When you introduced fancy into the picture and obviously fans, some fans would would wanNA come out. Probably some fans would not. They would be fearful of you know potentially being exposed to the virus and so forth but. I haven't seen anything yet. That specifically defines whether or not fans are going to be part of this, but I think initially at the very least hands would be excluded and I think these games would be played in front of a television audience, and not necessarily not necessarily at a home ballpark. For example, the rockies might be planned, but it may not be course fielder in a ballpark that we've seen previously during the radio focused, and some of the earlier discussions right right exactly, and and you've seen unfortunately to the states right now. Gale that are reporting spikes in coronavirus are where. Arizona and Florida so I. Mean you know it makes it hard for for folks to You know to navigate through this and I know this has been confusing because I. Mean I've been studying this thing for for months now, and it's confusing to me and I've been around the game a long time so absolutely. I think for for a lot of folks. I think. It was hard to and and I'm I'm going to take a shot at the commissioner here for a minute if I may. You know about ten days ago. He came out with a statement guaranteeing that they would be playing baseball in two thousand and twenty. Can you guarantee that? You can't force players and owners to to force them into an agreement that that just is not reasonable to expect. That was an ago sheeting tactic I think it was to. Buy think that's exactly right. Terrance but. He as you said, he crashed and burned less than a week later. He's saying well. You know not sure we're going to have baseball this year. Well, which is it? You know you guaranteed a week ago? I mean you know and so without and again there's confusion around this because there are so many variables that are that are known not known about this this virus and and the contamination go that goes along with it so from my standpoint. I think the best thing for both sides due to do, and I would have suggested it to them all along as shut the hell up until you have something meaningful to say. Right. Something meaningful to say and then come out and make an announcement about that or if you've reached a point where they legitimately cannot come to an agreement in twenty twenty. Be Honest with people. Tell him that. And that same principle applies to all the conflicting messages. We've gotten about covid nineteen, but that's a whole week's worth. The talk shows Ed Henderson Major. LEAGUE BASEBALL SCOUTS STILL MINNESOTA TWINS yes. Still working for the twins at least At least it's point when we started this call Gail. About the commissioner that may be true, but Date, we'll get an update from equal take. Absolutely I'll be your PR. And a pleasure as always stay well, and we'll catch up again soon. Yeah, I, think again just real quick to to put a cap on this five o'clock eastern time today. Three Denver Time reality is that you know we should know something by then and Let's hope for some good news. I think we're all due for some. Absolutely we could certainly use some Ed Henderson friend of all I'd love many. Koa Baseball Insider Major League Baseball Scout. It's great to catch up with you. Gail been a pleasure, take care seven, fifty, four, now, thirteen ten KFI. K, thirteen ten am carry a preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage after mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan. Patrick show the whole show. The herd with Colin Cowherd Oland Thirteen Ten K., K. Seven, fifty nine, thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI, Tae Dot com mornings with fueled by Great Western Petroleum loveline Paul's. This is the city of London's high speed, Internet and voice provider announced residential service plans last Thursday love Linders. You need to know what to expect. When we chat with Joe Bernas Ski Loveland Water and Power Director at eight. Oh, five thirteen ten KFI K., A. Greeley Loveland, Longmont, poor collins, closing in on eight o'clock Wpro sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

Gail I. Colorado KFI KFI baseball Great Western Petroleum KFI Fort Collins Police Services Larimer County Major League baseball Scott Stoler Rockies SRO KFI K. State Fair Board Minnesota State Fair Fort Collins Specialists Studios
July 20, Hr 2  Greeley Mayor John Gates

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

25:23 min | 4 months ago

July 20, Hr 2 Greeley Mayor John Gates

"This is morning. In northern Colorado's voice, Thirteen ten KFI K. Well those riots away. They're not riots. They're just protests. You're right, but as the unrest and the breakdown of Civility anti-aids, society and Law and order continues to break down in Portland. You gotTa love this okay. You've got speaker Nancy Pelosi coming out and saying Oh, no, it's! It's not a riot. It's not a breakdown of society. It's nothing more than a graffiti problem. Yes, Speaker Pelosi actually said what they have in Portland is not a failure to communicate, though they have a graffiti problem, I think she has a perception problem myself because it is nothing more than mob rule. Rule and those calls across the nation continue to fund and this band police departments once again across the nation, and begs the question without law enforcement. We would look like chop or chess, or whatever the heck it's called, but those calls are not coming from the Greeley city. Council joined this morning a by Greeley Mayor John Gates. Happy Monday mayor gates. Happy Monday to you Kale you know to your point. I've seen graffiti problems and I think that's just a little more than graffiti problem. They've got on their hands and Portland. Absolutely unbelievable, it is unbelievable and it's. It's very disturbing that the left some of the more progressive members of the left I don't want to just conveniently kitchen sink here is taking that approach just basically kind of Pooh poohing the breakdown of law and order in major cities across the country, but I loved the column that you and the city council penned in Greeley trip, saying essentially we are committed to protecting every resident and supporting our police. That's important. Absolutely, there's we. We worked on that for several days and. felt pretty strongly about it in and ended up. Putting out a piece that was authored by all of city council just to make it real clear that we won't be defunding police in Greeley. Colorado and we support them. And we If there's any doubt folks should read that statement. As a former member of law enforcement yourself. What is your take on what I refer to as all the insanity here when it comes to how police are being literally and figuratively attacked and the resulting impact that's having on retention on recruitment on morale. I it's huge and I. Frankly don't think we've seen anything yet. With regard to probably good folks waiting enforcement analogy that I've used of course to to the to the folks that are organizing these protests myself in that car completely. Incredible because we used to be on for officers so I guess my word Rings Pretty Hollow. In that regard, but the point I tried to make a couple of times is that? Yeah. There are bad police officers. There are bad radio announcer there. There are bad there's there's bad in every profession. It's human nature in my experience with really police. only in the twenty five plus years I worked there, but since I've retired is They are really good about getting rid of bad apples The the option in Minneapolis that started this Whole thing you had eighteen or nineteen write ups and and while I. Don't know what those right I don't really care. You know that wouldn't happen around here so I think that law enforcement is much maligned. They're being painted by. the actions of others and. It's it's a nationwide trend and. I just think it's too bad because they shouldn't be mind. You know the the talks of defunding polices. it used to make me mad now. It's comical like seriously folks. were, where would we be without law enforcement, not only that, but where would we be without fully funded law enforcement you know New York City's cut a billion, and nobody could convince me. There's not a quarter between that cut and the massive increase, the crime specifically shooting. They're having right now, so you know. Stop the nonsense on. That would be my my comment. Go ahead peacefully protest, but Stopped nonsense. Well. It's surreal as a so many things are in a time of covid nineteen th, but this is i. mean this takes the cake that we're even having this conversation. I can't believe the words are even coming out of my mouth, but I wanted to ask you this. Agree Evans held back the blue rallies last week. You were present at Wednesday's Greeley rally. What are you hearing throughout the community? Well I think that. Our Community of communities in Greeley Evans of by and large still strongly support the police of you know there are some that don't as I was out has kind of triple book, so I was only out there thirty forty five minutes the other day, but it got a lot of cars coming by honking their support. For. Law Enforcement in. And you get you know others that. Way perhaps didn't use all their fingers. So there's you know there's a there's a vaccine people with. Whether it be local or or elsewhere that don't support the voice but I think we're still in a community and experience that when I was in wash forcement, and experienced it now that they were still largely supportive. Can for community no doubt about that? I see what you did there. Mary Gates waving, not using all their finger essentially saying you're still number one. One Way to look at. Eight I, always try to look at the glass half full. All right. Let's talk a little bit about a governor Jerry Boyle is of course issuing that mandate that unenforceable by his own admission mandate flip-flopping on his stance. That mask mandate statewide went into effect on Friday. How is the community how our businesses dealing with this? You know I think most businesses have their businesses appropriately signed. I've heard some stories that most most businesses are enforcing telling people they can't come in. Summer, not enforcing it at all some Mari. Requiring that somebody will enter a store with a mask, and then they're allowed to take it off, so the correspondences I've received have been. kind of all over the map both extremes a lot of. you know that really needs to support the executive order to the extent that you send enforcement out when what is being violated, and then there's a whole faction of others that. You know government can't make all decisions for us in violating our civil liberties so Has. kind of gone over like I thought it would I I made some statements that. And I I I will support the governor's executive order GONNA mask, but at City Council tomorrow night, but it. It is going to be hard to enforce and A few folks took me to task for that, but I think I'm just calling like it is and We don't we don't have nor do I. Think any community says the ability to go on for Sonata rubbing mask patrol, so are the biggest concern that we have with regard to noncompliance with mass that ends right there and these things don't Develop into full-fledged fights or disturbances that would accomplish nothing, and then some other communities law enforcement are having to get involved though so. You know I personally probably don't like it, but we'll respect governors, order and. You know it helps to get the virus. Outta, here I understand the fact is really well. County have been flat for a very long time lots of. Too many but Most of us, look at the numbers every day, sometimes a couple of times a day. And we haven't had a death in in Greeley well county in about forty five days and. The numbers of the positivity race gone up a little bit, but there's been a lot more testing, but we are still below four percent in Greeley. And so we're. We're doing quite well. I mean I've said in some interviews that. None of us are not even after think that we couldn't have a surge. In other parts of the community, but what I can't say factually is Our community has done a really good job in in keeping that number down in that up until now was without a mask mandate, so if the mass bring number down even further, that's great. I don't know if they will. Well Weld County Sheriff Steve. Reams categorically told us no your not enforcing this and well county commissioners, course issued a releasing. The order has no legal effect and will not be enforced. It presents a conundrum, doesn't it? Yes most definitely it does it, we're we're not I spoken to them. Know where they're coming from where we're, not GONNA go to that extreme. But but I understand their posture most definitely. Seven eighteen now thirteen ten KFI, thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com joined by Greeley, mayor, John Gates gave us a rundown on the upcoming city council meeting. What's on the agenda? Tomorrow night is really like. In fact, it was time when city staff was going to recommend. We cancel it for lack of items. We ended up. With a couple of PD planned units elements for some property acreage is out West in the area, thirty Fifth Avenue of C. Street. And then there's. Another public An amendment to allow for some acreage. To build onto a parcel down at eleventh, avenue and M Street, and then the covert update, and that's really all we have so tomorrow. Night's meeting could be a relatively short certain sweets greeted. There you go! Greeley Mayor John Gates thanks as always for taking the time preceded. It might place. You'll have a great day. Seven nineteen now thirteen ten Kfi K., all sports story in northern, Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K for more on Kfi, programs, podcasts, sports scheduling news go to thirteen ten. KFI, DOT COM now back to mornings with hail. Riddle me. This is time to boycott. The Virtue Signaling boycotters seven, twenty-seven, now, thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen ten in K.. A. K. A.. Dot Com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right. We just had the opportunity to talk with the. Mayor John Gates covered a lot of ground with him this morning, but focused in on the fact that the Greeley City Council. Put, together a great column in the Greeley, you can still find it online basically saying we are committed to protecting every resonant and supporting our police. These are not by definition, mutually exclusive goals, but oh enter the virtues signallers. Greenwood village okay? You've got to and I'm not even sure how to say this guy's name. And I mean no disrespect, but I'll give it my best shot Nathaniel. RATLIFF and the LUMINAIRES are boycotting. FIDDLER's green. This asked after. Greenwood village issues resolution to defend law enforcement in Greenwood village. Go ahead boycott. All you want how about this? How about we boycott you? And what will all of our lives look like without law enforcement, particularly the most vulnerable communities communities across the nation, and then I asked this question all right now. Maybe those bands and I understand I, understand they're good bands, and this is not a you know, basically an evaluation of their musical talent I think it goes more to their intellectual abilities, but they're virtuous signaling. That's all this is. This has other Colorado musicians promising to boycott fiddler's green amphitheatre in response to the city of Greenwood villages resolution to who dare I say. Police. Officers who are sued under Colorado's new police reform lob. Hey, so you got Mr Rate Lift saying we stand in solidarity with the black community against police brutality. Okay, who doesn't we can all agree on that point? We call for the immediate repair repeal of the city of Greenwood village, Colorado. Resolution forty twenty. We stand with musicians who will not play fiddler's green amphitheatre until that resolution is struck down fine. Then don't play. fiddler's Green I. Mean God bless America Right? You can make that decision and we as consumers can make decision well perhaps. Not to put money in your pocket as a result of your foolishness. because. What does this accomplish? What does this have to do with George Floyd absolutely nothing. Have we all lost our minds. You, tell me nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten dropped me a tax on our thirteen ten KFI. K. Text Line at three, one nine nine six. Okay now. Maybe these musicians aren't. They haven't reached the stratosphere where they have security guards away. They have security, don't they? At fiddler screen all right fine well, then how about this? How about you? Ditch your arm security and know we still won't consider defunding or disbanding law enforcement. Sorry, seven, thirty, now thirteen, ten Kfi a thirteen ten K. K. dot com preview of the big news that might move the markets this week. This as we'll be joined by Keith wineman presidential wealth management in just a few thirteen ten KFI. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me, Dan Patrick and the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI K. So, I. Just wanted to pass this along in. You missed it this as a CHASA finds itself once again in a holding pattern as far as the twenty twenty twenty one sports seasons goes. Well as many of us do, it's had so many impacts on so many areas of our lives, some forty four now thirteen ten KFI, thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice morning, so gail, live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. We're for peace out of the chieftain that appeared in the Colorado. Go Colorado Owen as we're fond of calling it, no offense, the Colorado and This is a piece by Austin White. High School student, athletes, parents, and coaches or well, still playing the waiting game when it comes to safety guidelines from the Colorado High School Activities Association. The Organizations Commissioner Rhonda Blandford Green provided another update this past week Thursday afternoon about the potential changes being made for the two thousand, twenty, twenty, twenty, one athletic season now currently CHASTA's plans are being looked over at the state level and blame for. Green said the. The organization will be ready to return to play wants approved now in a release blamed for Green said our office supports and respects the time taken at the state level to evaluate our proposed options for resuming athletics and activities for the twenty twenty twenty one school year, their timelines she went on to say is our timeline. It's actually cove nineteen time line now, isn't it and we will be ready to play with plan. Modifications once approved a for green, also expressed her gratitude to the Chasa Board of Directors and Sports Medicine visory committee. Both of which have aided in the decision making process now on, Wednesday and we glanced on this. You had pruder's school district. The putter school district and UNC as well halting summer sports workouts this after reports of positive covert nineteen tests among some local athletes had the opportunity over the weekend. Talk to a a CS you. Football coach asked him what they were doing. As far as the workouts went, and he said No. Our workouts are indeed continuing. This, because there have been no reported cases as a result of these workouts. At Colorado State University now. The New Mexico Activities Association also made the decision Wednesday. To push back false start dates for sports moving football and boy's soccer to their spring season schedule to the West the Utah High School. Athletics Association's Boards of Trustees voted on July ninth to continue what they regularly scheduled fall season now currently Chasa still plans to hold sports during their regularly scheduled seasons, but is ready to adapt to any changes. The governor's office reports back with on the organization's plan Blam for green went on to say the staff will continue to advocate within our submitted proposals to conduct all programs within the governor's safety guidelines, phases and requirements. We will keep our school communities informed and we will. Provide a definitive definitive answers and timelines once they are approved by the governor's office, but once again as with so many other things that have been impacted. By this. Pandemic. CHASA finds itself in a holding pattern waiting for state approval on proposed a safety options for the twenty twenty one sports seasons, so begs the question and we've had this conversation and I know it's. It's really really tough. Arriving at informed decision given the fact that once again. Aghanistan Fond of saying we've been just so whip side by all of the conflicting information and the Well partisanship, masking science because they are, they are playing fast and loose. Some people are not everybody, but some folks are playing fast and loose with the science. We're getting Voodoo science instead of. empirically based a scientific fact when it comes to how cove nineteen spreads and how it's transmitted, and well the list goes on and on. We've had the ongoing mass discussion, and of course governor jared. Police has implemented that statewide mask mandate, but begs the question. How do you feel about your kids getting back into the classroom for Im- person learning this fall. Are you comfortable with that? Equation taught to so many or sand. Let's do it. Let's get on with life, because yes, there still so much that we need to learn about how Cova. Nineteen affects our kids, but by and large. What's affecting our kids to a great degree. Now is the lack. Of Socialization the lack of all the benefits they get from being in the classroom. Can we balance getting back to some semblance of what ever the new normal will be and getting our kids back in school? Can we balance that with public safety, your thoughts, nine, seventy, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, particularly, the of our kids, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text at three, one, nine, nine, six, seven, fifty, now, thirteen ten K. F. K.. To UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten Kfi K., thirteen ten K F K A thirteen ten KFI. Dot Com northern Colorado's voice fifty five. Holes sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. K. Tune into the house show at noon, and no co now at four back to mornings with Kale and northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten Kfi am. Closing on seventy now on your Monday mornings at ten Kfi K. Thirteen ten. F. K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice morning, so at Gail live and local from the auto collision specialists studios all right stay with us a busy busy eight o'clock hour I had Well Food Bank just to doing such compassionate important work, as so many are struggling with food insecurity as a result of the impacts of a covid nineteen, but they're making such great progress, and they couldn't do it without you. It is a team endeavor, and again without your generous support and donations to the wealth food bank while. While they wouldn't be able to do the work that they do each and every day throughout our community about particularly now during the pandemic Western Edmonds is communications manager with the wealth foodbank. He's going to join us. Talk about some of their successes and talk about some of their needs as well as well, they're cadre of volunteers has actually dropped since July, so the wealth food is seeking to rebuild a that volunteer staff, so we'll have all the details everything that you need to know when Western. Wealth foodbank joins us this morning at around. Eight thirty five or so but. Some things that I wanted to pass along to you that well Friday. We were kind of consumed. With the announcement Thursday of that statewide unenforceable mask, mandates and everything that that would lead to interested in your thoughts on that as well nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen ten, but. Governor Jared police on meet the press. Saying that national testing is a complete disgrace. Will on all the details pertaining to that as well? Causing on at eight o'clock now thirteen ten kfi Greeley, thirteen ten KFI preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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August 18, Hr 3  Jayme Clapp with North Range and Jared Fiel with CDOT

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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August 18, Hr 3 Jayme Clapp with North Range and Jared Fiel with CDOT

"This is mornings with Kale and northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI Kfi. What happens when first responders received nine one one calls that well, simply aren't emergencies well, enter squad one, eight, Oh, nine, thirteen, ten, Kfi k a thirteen, ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. So pleased to be joined this morning by North Range Behavioral Health Jamie Clap Jamie is a mental health therapist a community action responder and corresponder for squad one and the Greeley police Jamie. Welcome back to the show. Thank you I'm glad I can be here this morning certainly appreciate it but more to the point appreciate all the work that you and your colleagues do. So tell us a little bit about the genesis of squad one. Who Squad one was developed really as a collaborative response from the emergency emergency departments Fire in Greeley police and northern Colorado health alliance to try to help divert people in our community who are in need of help to the appropriate resources. And when did squad one actually get underway? It started out three years ago it started out as kind of a test to just to see how much we could do, and then it's been really going quite steadily for the past two years. So. Tell us a little bit about how it works how the system is actually activated because I can't help but think that you and your colleagues really ease the burden on fire police I. mean the list goes on and on first responders across the board. Yeah we try to the way that it's initiated is, of course, the nine one, one call comes either. Well it'll come through dispatch, and then from that point, it's determined whether squad one is the more appropriate response or coerced bonder is an appropriate response based on what's happening through dispatch, and then were dispatched to the scene according to you know whatever protocol were working on so For instance like if nine one one call is initiated there'd be police and fire there. As well as a corresponder most times the mental health or substance use related call and if it's really police. If it's the same sort of mental health or substance he's called in a covert. Dispatched to seen. Now. Jamie, do you find yourself going to the same place as are their frequent collars to nine one one and typically What what are their primary issues Why are they calling nine one one? So I think the the key thing about substance abuse and mental health situations Yes. We do see a lot of the same people a lot of the time, but I think the key thing to remember is that changes the process and helping somebody to be able to figure out where they're at the process is a respondent responsibility. That's that's what we. That's that's what we do. Best is helping people figure out where they're at in the process and helping them further according to it. They were what they're ready for basically. Twelve thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI? K. Dot Com Jamie clap is a mental health a therapist with north. Range Behavioral Health and Community Action Responder Co responder with a squad one tell us about some of your success stories because you know we've had the great pleasure of talking to so many of your colleagues at North Range Behavioral Health and one of the topics of conversation that always comes up is the fact that there is a stigma associated with mental health and it seems to me and connecting the dots here perhaps inappropriately and I hope that I'm not going down that road. Seems to be that by being part of squat one, you're helping with that stigma, not only helping out law enforcement and fire and first responders but indeed those who are in need of extending a hand in reaching out for help. Absolutely. You know I think the most difficult thing with. Mental. Health and substance use people are that their behaviors are bizarre and It. It's kind of scary to see those behaviors for a lot of people who aren't familiar with how how that surfaces in an individual. And I think that's the key thing is just Yeah. They they or scary and bizarre to what we see but also very frightening for the person who's experiencing than, and that's the piece that we try to help with with stigma is that you know if they could control what was happening or if they could do something about it, they would have already done it So they're kind of space. It's like I like to explain it's like being in and out of control vehicle if you knew you kind of know what you're supposed to do in order to try and make the vehicle goal where you want but if you can't. You know you. You can't. You don't know how to fix it, and that's that's the thing is that that's where they're stuck in. They have this out of control vehicle that they feel should be working appropriately, but it's not and it's terrifying when it's your bring. And you can't. You don't know how to help it. You don't know what to do to make it right and that is really A. Kind of the the visit that that's how we help with stigma is that's what it's like. It's like it's just as frightening for them as it is for everyone else who's observing. Great Metaphor great analogy easy to understand. But back to your point that behavior some behaviors are bizarre I can't help. But think since the outbreak of covid nineteen, we're seeing an uptick in rather bizarre behaviors, and sadly we're also seeing an uptick in alcohol and substance abuse. So. Are you seeing a greater need for your services. Absolutely I mean I think. responses when we're afraid We may not know how we're going to respond unless we're. Dealt with a huge scary thing, and that's basically what has happened in the. So we're seeing a lot more behaviors than a lot more. Substance use because people don't know how to cope with the situation. We don't have an answer yet and I think that's what people want I want to know. How to go from this point well, none of us know what that is. So that makes it really unsteady for people. Nobody likes being in limbo everybody likes to be able to put their feet down somewhere solid and we're just not there. We don't have that place yet. So we're seeing a lot more people trying to cope with the situation by using more substances or they're acting out more The behaviors are much more uncivil they're becoming more aggressive and more. Agitated because they don't know how to handle it. They don't know what to do with it and and that's that's very much are that's what we do. That's what we try to help with. What is your best advice for all of us that are? A little off balance these days feeling a little out of step as our our routines, our jobs I mean, almost every aspect of our life has been affected by all of the well the initial shutdowns lockdowns, the quarantines, the restrictions, and the guidelines that continue with covid nineteen. What is your best advice? So, there are a lot of different ways that we deal with situations that are beyond our control and. I always try to help people. We need to find some sort of boxes to put things in so that we know how to cope with them and I like to explain it as we have areas where we have direct control areas where we have. Indirect control areas where we have no control and areas where we have influence. And one of these problems that we're dealing with right now because we all have a lot of different problems is. Now they're all falling into the category of having no control. And I'm just for for what I would suggest to people is the one thing that you do have control over is how you respond to situations and you choose to do to help yourself and there's a lot of different things That are helpful. You can always seek advice through north. Range I know that probably our listeners and including you are earn where that we have a program called North range cares. It's called Yes the North Range cares program it's nine, seven, zero, three, four, seven, two, one, two zero, and it's option three and just say north range cares talking helps. And they offer free Tila health. Therapy appointments for any weld county resident not currently enrolled in services, and that could be a huge help for people who just can't afford it right now and need to talk about what's going on. That's a great place I would recommend seeking help there. They can also call the crisis line and talk to somebody open twenty, four, seven. There's always a therapist or somebody did talk to. or they can walk into crisis at nine, twenty, eight twelfth street anytime. It doesn't matter I would always you know encouraged to reach out to somebody it's really hard sometimes to share things with family members because. They love and care about us and So we kind of feel an obligation to make people feel better to make our family members. Feel better and sometimes it's just nice to have somebody who's objective who you don't have to try to. A certain way that you can just talk to and and have their perspective and help you work through it, and that's why I encourage always to call. crisis there to call somebody that you that you feel like you can just. Talk to you and be open about and not have to worry about other people's responses. Yeah and I think again, it goes back to that control piece. We we do have control over how we How we think in respond to situations, it's a practice but not we're counseling health is how do I practice that? How do I work that out? What do I? How do I narrow it down to very small things that I can control and that and that's where we get our hope. That's where we start to establish. Hope is at least I have this or I, can do this or can work on that and that that helps us build. Hope when and a place to stand on going back to that footing piece. It gives us the point to San on when there are things that we can't control and when we realized that we can control some things. And and those steps are very small and we have to get used to working in very small steps when we're dealing with something like this sure as well seeking some semblance of balance and. We'll see in such an uncertain time Jamie clap mental health therapists with North Range Behavioral Health and Community Action Responder Co responder with a squad one Greeley fire, and Greeley police. Thank you so much for all you're doing. As well as your colleagues especially now know how much appreciated. Thank you and I just WanNa say man I work with. The nominal men and women of honor and. I just amazing people who go out there every day and risk their lives to protect us and keep us safe. And to help our community and I just want to encourage people like we're we're doing everything we can to help our community as a team and that's the way we're seeing moving forward. and believe. That that is very hopeful in this time where everybody feels like we don't have a whole lot of hope we do here in Weld County we're doing we have a lot of great people who are helping us do our job better and I am not the only corresponder who will say can do this. Without Greeley police I couldn't do this without Greeley fire. I couldn't do this without ems and dispatched. I couldn't do this without them because we have to work as a team in order to help our community move forward. So I, just I really WanNa say that like we have great men and women who are servicing do right now and really appreciate the work that they do. Jamie well, said, thank you. Thank you for your time. Here working. Eight, twenty, two, now thirteen ten K. F. K. Dan Patrick. The whole show in Colin cowherd are northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi k a thirteen ten K. K. is your home for preps are Paul Training Camp Coverage Weekdays five to six PM presented by PDC energy. Eight thirty nine now, thirteen ten, KFA thirteen ten, KFI K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail via the honor collision specialists studios join as we typically are on Tuesday mornings by jared piles cdot region for communications manager Hey Charon. Good Morning Bill today undone pretty good a little bit raspy I was out recreating over the weekend and then doing a little bit of yard and pond work yesterday. So yeah, that smoke I mean even if you don't have underlying respiratory conditions at smoke has taken its toll. It is brutal right now and and you know we have a lot of crews up there manning closure points on highway fourteen. And yeah. It's. It's been a bad situation and the now that the fire jumped south of. Fourteen that gets a little scarier to because they could be heading towards Rocky Mountain. National. Park too. So that's it is definitely a scary situation. Yeah absolutely. Hey in our traffic report was talking about that off ramp to two, thousand, five, northbound on thirty, four, eastern twenty-five. The fact that it's closed until November just wanted to get an update on all the work going on there. Oh okay. Sorry gotTa Bring twenty-five. We'll talk amongst ourselves. Yeah. Okay. Well, we will have a lot of nighttime, I? Mean basically we're going to have nighttime work. most of this week and But now I'm trying to which offramp were you talking about? This is the one that's popped up I use. Google maps in ways. So I, hope this is accurate information, but it's that off ramp to I, twenty five northbound on thirty, four east of twenty five. Right there at the junction of their four and I. Know. That's not closed to. So. Having we've been having quite a few. Issues with. the mapping companies especially actually with fire the fire is caused quite a few issues And what it's helped with is we actually had some contact so I will actually reach out to those folks and. Make sure. They are not putting that information out there incorrectly. Okay. Well see once again, a great reason to chat with jared file because I've been saying all morning not bad. I mean, you know garbage in garbage out. All right. What can you do? But usually Google maps is pretty much on it. Pretty accurate. more, not. I love the pregnant pause there. I. Tell You that when I was driving from Greeley to fork. From Greeley to Longmont every single day when four zero two was closed Google. Maps was telling me I twenty five was closed so. That now. Say. There are a few. Kinks in the system sometimes, we are working with them trying to to calm some of those things because they are a huge help for us and So we definitely want to be working with them and you know the very difficult part is trying to google someone at Google. I and that's kind of like internal communications at a radio station, which is a communication. So. That wasn't a shot Brady. Well and this is not a shot at they have they have their You know a lot of their stuff is automated and and that kind of thing. So they may you know somebody puts in something wrong in the system is. Can we get for quite a while so We will reach out to and get that fixed but not because this actually caught my attention this morning because it's still popping up road closure on on ramp to I twenty, five northbound closed until November twenty twenty and it's the only reason I haven't mentioned. It is because it hasn't been there before. So it shouldn't be there okay on. Robbie there I'm going to have I will follow up on that, but that's a that's a weird one, and can we get a full report and triplicate? That'd be great. To. Know. This is a valuable conversation to have because now I have no faith and trust in. Google Google Great. Yeah. Well, I the one thing you will notice is as you're driving up on on on these things we always have portable or permanent message boards that will be up when we have those kinds of things and you would have seen signs for that two weeks ago. Important traffic tip whenever I see something I'm not going to say something until I can verify that something on coach Dot. Org, right? Exactly. Exactly what I was GonNa tell you to do. Yeah. Got It. Okay. All right. All right. So what else do we need to know about? well, we do have our big promotion that we're working with scooters, coffee learn Greeley and that's coming up next week that will actually be the week of the twenty, four th through the twenty seven. and then on the on twenty on the twenty eighth will be doing a full event so that anybody who comes through wearing their seatbelts, we'll get a dollar off their their coffee for the day. and owners of the company which I think is really really cool they are Let's see. The owners are todd and Michelle. I think I'm hopefully I'm pronouncing that right but they both serve their community for as first responders for more than forty years. He doesn't get a real firsthand perspective on on what happens when people don't wear their seatbelts. Michelle was a paramedic for over Twenty Years Todd firefighter for twenty two. So what they will be doing for all of next week is they will be donating a portion of their proceeds from that week to a program called I got explained my notes here. it's called REC- responders, strong dot Org and it is a an organization reaches out with mental. Health. Assistance for first responders and I know our crews cdot are also. Part of this because you know a lot of times, our guys are the first ones to roll up on a scene when something is happening and and I will tell you it takes a toll on folks and You know we've had a lot of. Issues with a lot of different folks. We actually had a really horrific one where we had. one of our crewmembers rolled up on a scene and it was a family member in the accident. So you know and that's going to happen that's going to happen you know nightmare. It's horrible. It's a horrible situation, and so you know obviously through cdot, we have plenty of mental health and through the police and fire they do. But this is a special organization make sure they reach out and offer that. So part of the proceeds from next week's event will be going to that organization on top of getting a dollar off your coffee if you're wearing a seatbelt on Friday so and so and that's on the twenty eight. Twenty th. Okay. So once again, I mean what a tremendous organization particularly in that circumstance I just I it boggles the mind I can't even imagine pulling up on that as a first responder whatever the case may be in and seeing a loved one. And you know suddenly especially because you know with our organization, you know we're spread all over the state. You know out especially out east. You know they are oftentimes our guys are not only working for seat out, but they're also volunteer firemen and that kind of do. So you know they're out on scenes all the time, and so that's you know when you're in those smaller areas even if it's not somebody who's related to you, it's probably somebody you know and so you know it definitely takes a mental toll folks until I'm I'm really proud that these guys are going to be donating money for that as well, and that is so cool. So give all the details once again. So that will be next week all week the proceeds will be going to that, and then on the twenty eighth that Friday if you go through their drive through and with your seatbelt on, you'll get a dollar off your coffee for the day. So you get a little caffeinated. Taffy there you. Nicely done and also nicely done. See this is what I love about radio. It's such an interactive medium, the text this morning John says, well, I'm not totally wrong because the ramp from westbound thirty, four to northbound I twenty five is rerouted or rerouted. Potato and. The rerouting definitely is happening, but that's all part of the twenty five thing. But when it when they talk about it being closed that scares the heck out of me. So yeah. Especially since I've been saying all morning. And so from a computer's perspective, now I have you noticed that when you drive on I twenty five, especially northbound over there by four zero two, it's still tells you that you're getting off the freeway. Where the old road was. So. So yeah it's a it takes a little bit to get a process but you know feel a little bit better. I mean Skynet is live after also. The watching you every. True Words Never Spoken, right? All right piles out region for communications manager. Thank you so much. I mean every week always appreciate the input, the Intel, the information, but especially today, very timely conversation. Well good to hear and just to give a little sneak preview for next week, we will be talking about thirty four at forty, seven and thirty Fifth Avenue in Greeley because that's everybody's two favorite entertainers. Yes, we just love love love love can't get enough of those and it's So. I think we'll have some fun stuff to talk about next week making progress, right. All right. You Bet. Jared files not region for communications managers. Thanks so much as always have yourself a great day. Eight fifty now. Thirteen ten KFI. K.. Rogue. Code now. Weekdays at four on northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI. Nuggets Avalanche playoff recap coming up on the next show thirteen, ten KFI. If. You're on US smokey Tuesday morning, inspect those that smoke to stay with us. This has those wildfires continued to burn across the state mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios gone from the sal how you doing? Doing okay. So, are you calling about the fires this morning? Something that you had said earlier, you referenced You reference. Mother Earth. About two fires were to non naked. Again today and I think it would be better off if we prayed to God to help out with those fires. I don't remember the words mother Earth coming out of my mouth but okay, I'll I'll concede the point but absolutely I mean it's absolutely terrifying and I think we also need to pray for all the first responders those firefighters. I, mean we've got firefighters from Greeley that are you know fighting that blaze and I'll tell you what it is. It's it's terrifying in Oh. Yeah it definitely. Well, thank you so much for your call. Don, I certainly do appreciate it because you're right we do need to. Keep. Them in our prayers. You thank you so much eight, six, now thirteen ten, Kfi K, a thirteen ten Kfi a dot com northern Colorado's voice. All right. In the time we have left I'm not gonNA have. Okay. Here's a question and I'M GONNA post this up on facebook and is not rhetorical I asked you earlier this morning. Okay. Right out of the gate and we were talking about night one of the Democratic. National Convention and. Of course, one of the keynote speakers was Michelle, Obama former first lady talking about Oh. You know it's imperative that we vote for Joe Biden. Now because of all the chaos that the. President has rod and I'm like, wait a minute wait. I, I have a question before I get to the question for you. My question is. If you look at the chaos that is an unfolding across country to a great degree. I mean, the wildfires aren't president trump's filed are they or? The climate change people let's yes. They are because he hasn't been a strong enough and adamant whatever the case may be but I'm looking at all the unrest right across the country, all of the violence and the looting and the rioting and the destruction, and unlike now wait a minute your blaming this chaos on president trump well but aren't the mayors and governors of those places being so hard hit by all this unrest this violence. Partake Democrats. Fifty thirteen ten KFI apart northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K. The block party with days from Florida Ten PM? If nine on your Tuesday morning thirteen ten Kfi k. what are you? GonNa? Do you're gonNA lock it right here We've got the whole show truncated version starting at noon, and then of course, rockies baseball coming your way on your noon northern Colorado home for Rockies baseball thirteen ten KFI K A pre came at twelve thirty. Have brings you know co now at four PM to be followed up by thirteen days at thirteen teams at five PM. So once again, what are you going to do you going to keep it right here? Thirteen ten KFI. Dan Patrick. The whole show in Collin cowherd are on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI K.

Colorado Greeley KFI KFI Kfi KFI Jamie Kfi North Range Behavioral Health Gail Google jared Greeley Weld County Colin cowherd Michelle K. A. K. F. K. Dan Patrick Specialists Studios communications manager
July 8, Hr 1  Author Dylan Howard

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

32:04 min | 5 months ago

July 8, Hr 1 Author Dylan Howard

"Wake Up. It's time for mornings with Gail on thirteen ten KFI am A.. Good Morning! I'll bet you thought it was just pulling your leg and yesterday as things get more and more surreal, Kanye West Fourth of July Declaration of course via tweet. Isn't that how everybody announces anything these days? He said he was running for President Yes Connie Twenty twenty. Let's the Internet's on fire. Even as everybody myself including included, everybody was trying to discern how serious he was Kanye West in a rather wide ranging rambling interview with Forbes. Basically broke it down saying that he's taking off the red hat. I kid you not six Oh eight now thirteen ten KFI, thirteen ten F. K. A., dot com northern Colorado's voice morning with mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right, so here's what we know at this point in time. I. Mean Imagine this. Okay? Just just riddle me this. Imagine a billionaire. Okay with no political experience whatsoever whose most recent role. was on a reality television series. Running for president. Oh wait. A Second Verse Saves the First Right, but here's what we know. He's running for president. Kanye West is your. This is official, but you still have to wonder what his actual motivation is dropping a new album. My understanding is yes, indeedy do he is, and even if he runs as an independent, he's already missed the deadline in several key states, Steven get his name on the ballot, but undeterred Kanye West launching his twenty twenty presidential run under a new banner. He's calling it the birthday party. Just gets more and more surreal, doesn't it? With guidance from Elon Musk? And of course his wife and an obscure vice presidential candidate, he's already chosen. Of course we don't know who that is like anything I've ever done in my life. He said I'm doing it to win. During this rather rambling interview, he said he no longer supports president. Trump I am taking the red hat off with this interview, Oh, and that he is okay day. Okay with siphoning off black votes. From Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Thus actually helping trump saying I'm not denying it just told you. To say that the black vote is. Is a form of racism and white supremacy. Oh incidentally, he also said that he has never ever voted in his entire life. that. He was sick. Yes, he did contract covid nineteen in February. Oh, he's also suspicious jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon. He is suspicious of a corona virus vaccine terming vaccines. Quote the mark of the beast. That, he believes planned. Parenthood's have been placed inside cities by White Supremacists to do the devil's work. These areas the words. And Michael, you're gonNA like this one. Mike Kilpatrick of course, Karn. That he envisions a White House organizational model based on the secret country of Laconda. In Black Panther. and. That's just for starters, okay? Now for for much of the interview, his core message strategically was that he has thirty days to make a final decision about running for president. Wait a minute. I thought he's already made that decision, but I guess it's. Anything goes these days at this point. He says he'd missed the filing deadline. For most states though he does believe an argument could be made to get onto any balance that he's missed citing corona virus issues, I'd have a point there. West Sad I'm speaking with experts. I'm going to speak with jared. Kushner, the White House and with Biden. He's. He has no campaign machinery. No apparatus at any time again his advisors right now he says are the two people who notably endorsed him. When he announced his twenty twenty presidential run on the fourth of July, his wife Kim Kardashian West and Alon Alana's of whom he says we've been talking about this. For years. West says I. Propose to him to be the head of our space program. Now an hour into the interview. The hedging was done. Okay, so he flip-flop again. He said he definitely plans to run in twenty twenty. Versus his original plan in twenty, twenty four the campaign slogan. Short and sweet easy to remember yes. And you have to say yes, because there's an exclamation point after it, it's also in all caps. Oh, and here's his running mate. He did announce his running mate. Michelle tidball. This is apparently. A rather obscure preacher hailing from my Meiomi. And why the birthday party? Well reasons. Because when we win, it's everybody's birthday now, if this all sounds like a parody or particularly surreal episode of keeping up with the Kardashians West. Doesn't seem to be in on it. Calling from his ranch near Cody Wyoming where he says he registered to vote for the first time on Monday. West denies that. This is a publicity stunt firs upcoming album. I get my albums away for free says few weeks after he ended two separate texts change. With the message trump twenty twenty and fisheries tie. He insists that he has now lost. Confidence in the president looks like one big mess to me says I. I don't like. That I, caught wind that he hid in the bunker. That's right. West also said he contracted the corona virus in late February though he maintains that had nothing to do with his thoughts on running this year as opposed to twenty twenty four. That said he didn't say much more against trump, but he is much less shy about criticizing Biden. He saying I'm not saying trump's in my way. He may be part of my way. And Joe Biden. He said you gotTa love this like come on, man, 'cause you know. That's one of Joe's pucks. Tiny Joe's favorite sayings come on man. Please you know Obama special. Trump's special according to Kanye West and we say Kanye West is special America needs special people that actually lead Bill Clinton special. Joe Biden says Tanya West not special. So. On his political party. Kanye West said I would run as a Republican if trump wasn't there. I will run as an independent is trump is there. What does trump? Oh, yeah, that's another conspiracy theory that trump's going to drop out of the race because he just edited anymore. I. Don't see that happening to you. On, his previous support for trump, trump is the closest president we've had in years to allowing God, said Kanye West to still be part of the conversation. On his Maga- hat moment one of the main reasons, said Kanye West. I wore the red hat as a protest to the segregation of votes in the black community. That's a direct road also other than the fact that I like trump hotels and the saxophone and. On Democrats of Oh. This is where Hajime really up. Says Mr West. This is a form of racism and white supremacy and white control to say that all black people need to be Democrat and to assume that me running is me splitting the vote. All of that information is being charged up on social media platforms by Democrats and Democrats used to tell me the same Democrats have threatened me the reason why this is. The first day I registered to vote is because I was scared. Said Kanye West. I was told that if I voted. Voted on trump, my music career would be over. I was threatened into being in one party I was threatened as a celebrity into being in one party I was threatened as a black man into the Democrat Party, and that's what the Democrats are doing emotionally to my people threatening them to the point where this white man can tell a black man. Of course, he is referencing one of Punxsutawney. Joe's more infamous quotes that if you don't vote for me your not black. I'll tell you what this just goes on and on and on this interview. That he did, but interestingly enough. His campaign slogan. His second album is called late registration I. Kid you not. How prophetic is that not pathetic prophetic? Agata rap said Kanye West. The other thing is my campaign is Connie West. Yes, not yet, not yeah, but yes. And when I'm president said Kanye West. Let's also have some fun. Let's get past all the racism conversation. Let's empower people with forty acres and a mule. Let's give some bland and that's the plan. That's west apparently is serious about his twenty twenty presidential run. But what do you think's at the heart of it? Is this a political stunt or is it a Blissett stunt? Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three thirteen ten attacks, thirteen ten KFI text line at three one nine. Nine nine, six, six, eighteen, now, thirteen ten, Kfi am this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand, one, where patient care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight fourteen O, nine or caring hearts, H, H, dot, com, well the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K. Dan, Patrick is coming up in northern Colorado's home for news sports and talk thirteen ten Kfi am. Now back to mornings with jail. Anything things can't get any more surreal. It's a bit bizarre when you're reading the headlines, drudge and you feel like you're reading the national enquirer bill via text this morning about Connie West Fourth of July announcement that indeed he is. Tossing off the Red Maga hat and running for president in twenty twenty. Bill says Conde's run. A cheap entertainment. How `bout you nine, seven, three, five, three, thousand, nine, hundred, ten, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten dropped me. Attacks, Stat, three, one, nine, nine, six I. Don't know kind of appreciate his campaign platform getting back to our roots, getting back to hard work pulling ourselves up by our proverbial bootstraps, because he wants to give up everyone forty acres and a mule. Strange times we live in all right six, twenty, six, now, thirteen ten KFI, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com. Northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right. You WanNa stay with us because this is going to be a great interview this as those headlines Swirl in the wake of the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, longtime competent? Lane or just lane. We'll find out how to say her name. questions of Ghislaine Maxwell questions again are surging over what comes next for Britain's Prince Andrew who was well caught up in all of this disgusting mess. His high profile affair so. Maxwell British socialites is now behind bars at attention center in Brooklyn, and is expected to appear in court in New York sometime next week. Having been arrested in New Hampshire just last week, she will face charges on four counts in connection with the trafficking of a minor for criminal sexual activity and two counts of perjury now maxwell fifty eight has not entered a plea, but has long denied any wrongdoing whatsoever well. Well, of course she does. Her attorney declined to comment after her arrest. Now Word is that she has just hired the former prosecutor in the El Chapo case. She reportedly has a secret videotape of Prince. Andrew. You can't help but wonder how many high profile individuals perhaps who frequented were frequent flyers on the so-called Lolita, express visiting Jeffrey Epstein's a pedophile island as it was called. You've got to wonder. How many are just shaking in their boots right now? Because if she has that one videotape well, she's got many many more, but the question is. will she suffer the same fate as Jeffrey? Epstein's did was it murder, or was it suicide coming up? Dylan Howard who is author of Epstein Dead Men tell no tales, one of the most feared journalists in Hollywood with unprecedented access reporter. Dylan. Howard weighs in on. CA- leans arrest or gasoline, or however, you say. Her Name Lane Maxwell's arrests the alleged procurer for Jumping Epstein when he joins US this morning at six thirty five closing in on six thirty, now, thirteen ten KFI, K., thirteen ten K. preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school. For more, on KFI Programs podcasts sports scheduled news to thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com now back to mornings with Kale. Well, they finally got him Jeffrey Epstein's. Procurer Madam and confidant is now behind bars, six, thirty, seven, now thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen, ten KFI DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialist studios you named Maxwell is once again cooling our heels out of detention center in Brooklyn expected to appear in court in New York sometime next week this after being arrested from her palatial digs in new. Hampshire she'll face charges on four counts in connection with the traffic trafficking of a minor for criminal sexual activity. Activity in two counts of perjury, but the question is. will she spill the beans and make a deal more to the point will? She suffered the same fate as did Jeffrey. Epstein was it murder or was it? Suicide joined this morning by reporter. Dylan Howard one of the most feared journalists in Hollywood author of Epstein Dead. Men, tell no tales. His newest book is royals at war, the untold story of Harry and Megan's shocking split with the House of Windsor Dylan thanks for taking the time this morning. Good morning to you. I certainly appreciate it now. First things first. How do you say Ms Max smells name. I have heard it mangled ten ways from Sunday. You know it's a very good question. I've always pronounced it. His gives like Maxwell. other people say July I. Guess on Friday, when she appears before the court, the judge is GonNa. Ask it I nine. And maybe that is the least consequential question that she'll be asked. But nevertheless it'll ask your curiosity. Yes, exactly and boy. There's a lot of curiosity here. Particularly when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein, and what's your take on that? Did he commit suicide or was it murder? I. Subscribe to the conspiracy theory that he was murdered. However I, do believe that he was given the mains and opportunity to commit suicide. was that something nefarious on that? Certainly there is the suggestion that there was multi. To want to have him. commit suicide. The reality of the situation is you. Don't allow someone who has moved into Suicide Watch and released back in the prison population after two weeks. You simply don't allow that, nor do you allow them? pills. An electrical code with an apply right. It was just sloppy. behavior from the Correctional Center in Manhattan that allowed this to take plies, so whilst I dont believe someone got inside sal and and sides. Just suicide I believe that he was provided the main opportunity to do it himself. Now Ms Maxwell a so well extensively, so she doesn't suffer the same fate whatever that fate might have been. Under Suicide Watch the cameras apparently are working and The at guards are actually paying attention as I, understand it, but the real question here is she going to plea out a deal and actually spill the beans? My understanding is she probably now I? Know Prince. Andrew is probably shaking in his boots this morning, but she probably has quite the treasure trove of videotapes. What's going on at the moment? She seats in the Brooklyn. Correctional facility a federal facility just outside of. Manhattan prosecutors will be attempting to speak to her. She will have defense counsel. What we don't know at this point. Easy defense counsel is allowing her to cooperate with investigators. There are three distinct routes that gives line maxwell concise. After this six count endorsements, the I would be to take a clay deal. Admit wrongdoing and hub that. On recommendation to the court prosecutors and the judge will agree that they will be a reduced sentence. Now that sentence he's thirty five years varies option to. She could choose to fight that, but the ESPN y the sovereign district of New York City, which is notoriously Notorious full it's indictments and rarely ever going to trial so confident I. in cases of I choose to prosecute. That, it would be unwise for her to try and defend that because she's likely to call the full Rasa coal. And five thirty five years, and then, of course, the third option is whether or not she turns, whistle, blow and things like the Canary now. I'm told that she. Is. Not inclined to want to tell on Bill. Clinton and Prince Sander not suggesting that I do anything nefarious by they certainly have been allegations have Andrew. They certainly racked up the frequent flyer miles on the lowly express he'd be. She, she said to be unwilling to want to talk about them now. Unfortunately, when you are charged with a six count indictment, so serious is the one that she has. You don't get to pick and choose. Tell on and who you don't so. I think that she's GonNa find. It's very perplexing seventy two hours leading up to Friday's. Hearing that there's going to be. But critical mind the WE'RE GONNA here for the very first time whether she has turned cooperating witness. Whether or not she's choosing to five this. Or whether she's accepted a plea deal all whether she pleads not guilty in. Custody and continues to apply this out. Going to ask you to gaze into your Crystal Ball Dylan. If you were were a betting man, where would you place your bet on what routes he takes? I think she has to become a cooperating witness. She's ever to see dialed again. Even play deal. He's unlikely to see a get freedom anytime soon. She's I. Think Fifty eight years of age. interestingly enough had defense count, so he's someone who previously worked at the ESPN, wise prosecutor, but also is a specialist in financial crimes. which suggests to me that the government is not done with it investigation. Yesterday! We saw Deutsche Bank find one hundred fifty million dollars right, but not flagging suspicious transactions to with Jeffrey Epstein. And the whole money laundering situation the question about where its fortunes with misfortune for both is line and for Jeffrey. Same was a mass remains the big on none so. Interesting choice of defence counsel. My understanding and you can calibrate me on this Dylan. Is that Jeffrey Epstein had once again quite the stash of videotapes of those who frequented pedophile island, as it was called as an insurance policy i. mean right down to their choice of. lovely adult beverages and drugs of choice as well. And those videotapes disappear. Do you believe that plane has? Not. Miss, that those video types were recorded, nor is it. Accurate to say that it was an insurance policy because that was actually used as compromise. The reality of the situation. Was that Jeffrey Epstein was an international spy. Who was selling this information? This blackmail information. To. Foreign intelligence must notably in Israel. Saudi Arabia and Russia and gives maxwell was a critical part of that. Don't forget gives line. Max's father was Robert Maxwell the British media tycoon who wants on the Neil dialing right? He was known to be an Israeli. Massad spy Jeffrey Epstein and gives Ryan inherited that business and for three decades continues. Does operations seemingly without consequence on American soil? So this information is already in the hands of top government officials. Will it ever see the light of day? I suppose when it's convenient and. When it serves a purpose, we'll learn more. Well thirdly the whole voluminous. Amount of material has nothing relations yet. The government clearly knows. who was involved in this? The. Compromise. is in the hands of at least one individual that we know of a retied palm. Beach police department detective. WHO sought asylum in Russia, believe it or not, and claims to have copies of the types in his possession after what he says was a corrupt investigation in Palm, Beach County. Now one would anticipate. The gives line also. Has Her security policy. and the government likely sees a lot of material during its rides on Jeffrey. Epstein's various properties in the British Virgin Islands or the sorry. The US virgin, islands. Palm Beach County New York, and Paris so I think the government has a fair idea about how the jigsaw puzzle is piece together. whether or not they're going to be able to charge individuals that might have been black mild remains to be saying. I'm partly of the School of thought that they have already achieved. What they? screwed up if you like. In the first instance, and that was to allow for the death of Jeffrey Epstein in these line Maxwell's indictment and arrest I have achieved the second highest ranking member of the six and human trafficking ring, and that in itself says justice to the many innocent victims of heave and her crimes. The, Texas Morning Kevin says this is a movie that will never be made Willett. Why think there'll be some form of adaptation about it who would play Jeffrey say? Encounters an actor, but he certainly that Super Hawks look. Absolutely. Who would want to play Jeffrey Epstein I mean what a vital role to play well, that's. Hype Blanchet forgives. Statuettes there you go there. You go well done Dylan Howard is the author of Epstein Dead Men. Tell no tales and. I would love to invite you back on the show because we didn't even scratch the surface about your newest book. Royals at war, the untold story of Harry and Megan's shocking split with the House of Windsor. I think Poor Harry was looking for his mom with Megan. I don't necessarily disagree with that. And and and devoting himself from the monarchy who he blamed along with the media for the death of his mother that make quite into that that decision. There's no doubt about that guy, absolutely heartbreaking. Where can we find your books? You can go to royals at war DOT com. And ethnic dead men tell no tiles. He's available on Amazon Bond, the novel and good bookstores dealing certainly appreciate your time your insights and your spot on perspectives thinking so much thanks go. Six fifty now thirteen ten Kfi K. bursts to UNC. burs targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen, ten Kfi a thirteen ten KFI, dot com, six, fifty six, while the whole bored story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. How borders, kayakers and surf boats Oh my. If you recreate it for tooth reservoir well, you might have thought it seems busier than usual these days, and you're not mistaken. Six Fifty, eight now thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten KFI, K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Kale live and local. The Auto Collision Specialists Studios. Now here's the bottom line. I I love to play at horse two threads on their every single spare moment, but with the influx of all the visitors this year. It's been a boom for recreation at horse. Tooth well comes a whole lot of safety concerns. But why is horse tooth so darned crowded these days Mark Kopplin. The district manager joins us with all the details. Everything that you need to know when he weighs in this morning at eight Oh, five, all right got a lot more coming your way this morning as well. Sorry I missed this, but really fun plex of Family Fun plex has reopened actually reopened on July six with limited hours and access. This is the sixty Fifth Avenue facility will fill you in on all the details on that this as a really police. Police. Issue Sixty to count them. Citations for illegal fireworks and firefighters actually put out seventeen fires started by fireworks. Oh, too many of you making that trek to Wyoming and in Fort. Collins Swell after a year of deliberations stadium site is back at square one. So what comes next, we'll have all the details come near way. Thirteen ten KFI, K. A. Greeley Loveland, Longmont. It's seven o'clock thirteen ten KFI preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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July 17, Hr 2  Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

23:20 min | 4 months ago

July 17, Hr 2 Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams

"This is mornings with Kale Northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI. I don't feel like you're missing your civil liberties. To some extent. Seven hundred thirteen ten KFI K a thirteen ten K. F., k.. A. Dot Com. Northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. This as a governor jared Polish. Just yesterday did reverse himself and issue that statewide mask order goes into effect. Today lasts at least through August. Fifteenth applies to anyone ten years of age or older now violators may be quote, and this is according to the. The order which by the way is into law, let's not get that. Twisted violators may be subject to civil or criminal penalties, including, but not limited to prosecution for trespass, according to the order once again now wait if it's not enforceable as governor. Jared polas reiterated just this past Tuesday. He readily admits that this mandate is not enforceable well, then how can penalties be imposed? Joined this morning by well county. Sheriff Steve Ream so Do you expect to beginning Plethora of calls from folks that are? Just really upset when they see the Mass Klis scofflaws out in about. Well in. Weld County I wouldn't assume to see that, but. You never know I mean We when the stay at home orders I came out earlier in the year. We had a few calls came into the dispatch center for people saying Hey, so and so's having A. Barbecue and their backyard or you know whatever, and so they'll be some of those and we'll. We'll deal with those as they come in, but You know I think most people in Weld. County are pretty self sufficient pretty They're pretty good about making good decisions for themselves, and if they they feel like the need to wear masks, they're probably already wearing a mask. Yeah, exactly exactly you know I was in It was a a local small liquor store in Loveland. That ever since you know, all this began supported throughout the. Everyone needs a lovely adult beverage from time to time. Love Glass of Chardonnay, but it was. It was fascinating because it is. Owned by a veteran. Another reason why frequent that store, but here's what's kind of fascinating, because one of the the gentleman that works there and they haven't been wearing masks well. They just got busted this before. Governor pair polices statewide mask order went into effect, but somebody called somebody called the health department health department called them and said Oh. You need to be wearing a mask in your place of business, but I'm talking to this kid behind the counter. Okay? He has pink hair. I would say maybe he's in his twenties. He's wearing like heavy metal jewelry. I'm not judging but you know. Let's just say that you wouldn't think that his sensibilities. His political leanings and mine would be accurate, but he just went off yesterday talking about how he feels like this is all social manipulation and. The politics of fear and that the Republicans and the Democrats are both the guilty of it, because it's all at the end of the day about a presidential election and power and control, and I'm standing there supreme going Oh my goodness I would have never expected to hear that from him, but unfortunately because we've been so whipsawed with all the misinformation and disinformation about cove nineteen, I think a lot of people are seeing it that way. You. Know I I think that's a very accurate way of looking at it and you know people keep saying that we can't politicize virus and you know we can't politicize wearing a mask, and and that's absolutely the truth. We shouldn't politicize that we shouldn't. We shouldn't be in a place for that. Is that the issue but? The problem is from the start of this guy. This pandemic. We weren't giving accurate information we. We were told Hey. We're GONNA lock down for two weeks here. We are five months later. So you know going into this if there's been some transparency. In talking about okay, here's here's what we're expecting to do. And actually sticking to that game plan that have been great. I mean. The idea was to slow the spread and flat the curve. Well, we did that. And now we're talking about completely eliminating the transmission of Covid, nineteen and I just don't believe that's possible at this point. That the idea was to allow the hospitals and medical workers to catch up to be prepared. We did that and there's just a certain point of this that I think. You know it's it's people are going to have to to ride the wave. They're going to have to go through the the the prospect of catching the virus and getting through it and you know that's unfortunate, but that's reality. That's what we do every year with every other viruses hits our country and you know this may be a little more severe to some people but Where we're going politically and where we're going as a country, we're wrecking our economy over. The the concept of trying to fight coronavirus. Absolutely all right so just to be clear and executive order contrary to what governor pulled US said yesterday. During that announcement of this statewide mass mandate. Executive orders are not loss. That's correct I. mean he can put out an executive order into policies on credit. He said you know several times over that He doesn't have a way of enforcing this. This mask order and I don't have a way of enforcing this mass quarter, either as a law enforcement official You know what we would do is encourage people to again. You know, be smart. Do the things you need to do to protect your own safety, and if that includes wearing a mask, please do if a business says. Hey, we don't want you in here if you're not going to wear masks. That's their choice. You can choose. Put a mask on, or you can choose to go somewhere else, and all that happens through. You know through civil. Civil discourse we all have this talk in and work things out. We make decisions for ourselves. Can I think we're at police was going where Mayor Hancock were going. If if a person goes into a store and refuses to wear a mask star, Star Says No, you have to wear a mask. There could be a trespass issue there that the store owner could say I. Want you out. You need to get out or I'm going to report you for trespassing You know I don't WanNa. See Anybody get into that situation, but that's basically what they were suggesting yesterday. During the press conference, and through through some of their communications Hopefully we can all be far more civil about life, and make decisions and protect each other, and just move on. I think county is a much better place when we all just figure out how to work together. Yeah, exactly imagine that some civil polite discourse in an era of covid nineteen is this classic government overreach? Shouldn't this be the businesses decision? Instead of the trickle down effect as a governor Paula's issues, the statewide masks mandate, and basically the businesses become the strong arm. Right so. In Weld County that has been. That has been the way we were doing business. Each individual entity could decide if they wanted to put a mask mandate on their business or not, and you know could decide how strongly they wanted to enforce. It seems to have been working fine through weld county you know. The governor's basically giving people a little bit of false bravado in my my opinion but you know we'll. We'll work through this and we'll figure out how it goes. and. We'll see what it looks like on the other side. You know it's interesting because state representative Patrick Neville Republican out of Douglas, county tweeted. After this announcement that he had consulted legal counsel about the mask order, saying the governor is on a power trip, and in my opinion, his mask mandate is a clear violation of our civil liberties have retained counsel with the intent to sue stays suit. I mean you've got. the Georgia governor suing the Atlanta Mayor for just the same reason. Yeah I mean I think you're gonNA. See more and more of that across the country the to. Lockdown orders you know people are. People have had it and on certain sides of the equation. You know they're. They're more more willing to risk getting covet then losing their financial stability so those balances have to be considered, and I think I think Patrick novel. May Have. You may actually have a case. So law enforcement in Weld County taking more of an educational approach correct. We're continuing to do what we've done. From the start of this encouraging people to be smart, take care of themselves and know we'll. We'll remind people that there is a mask man they but by no means do we want to go out and and be the mass patrol? Absolutely seven sixteen, Thirteen, ten, Kfi, a thirteen ten K. ABC a dot Com. How you doing on time this morning? Share frames. All right. Could you stay with us for another segment because? I wanted to talk a little bit about bill to seventeen that sweeping police accountability bill gets your take on. That uproar sounds like a plan more with well. County Sheriff Steve Rims in just a few seven, seventeen, now thirteen ten k. k. thirteen ten KFI, K. A. Dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one, where patient care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, eight, fourteen, nine or caring hearts, H. Dot, com. It's always your turn to comment text Kfi. Two, three, one, nine, nine, six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now and thirteen ten KFI. Seven twenty three on your Friday morning ask. Our conversation continues with Webb County. Sheriff Steve Reams this governor Jerry police in June signed Colorado's sweeping police accountability bill into law some calling this ground, blake breaking historic legislation. Governor police called it a necessary and positive step toward healing, the state's pain and hearing the public's concerns. Now here's what's interesting. Share frame Senate bill to seventeen. Was introduced and passed in a matter of two weeks after being introduced in the days after George, Floyd's May twenty fifth, the death at the hands of police officers in Minnesota this as Denver and other cities across the nation. We're being rocked by protests. Do you believe that this bill was rushed? Yeah this was rush. There's no doubt about that, but I. Don't think the listeners should be fooled that this this bill was written after George Floyd incident this this bill was actually drafted and ready to go in some form, probably the original form that we saw a sometime after the allies McLean incident which happened a year prior down in Aurora and that becomes pretty pretty evident when you start reading the bill and seeing seeing what happened in the in the incident, involving alleged McLean, and some of the reactions through this bill and make no mistake. There are some parts of this bill that they make absolute sense, but there are a lot of parts of this bill that. Is Not good for the community or for law enforcement all right, so let's start with the latter. What is not good for the community and law enforcement? Honestly this this this bill creates a situation where it causes officers to hesitate to to engage because you're taking away a factor called qualified immunity and and asking officers to make exactly perfect decisions when they're going into situations that are very unpredictable and and the way that that occurs is is. Legislate this legislation opens officers up to be personally sued for for. A violation of someone's State Constitutional Rights Know that sounds valid, that sounds like something that that the should be on the books, but again when you walk in the shoes of a police officer, who's making decisions and split seconds, and then understanding that hey, what what he perceived at that given time may not be what actually occurred and now he or she may be liable in a state civil civil. Civil Rights, trial and taste, personal damages against them personal financial damages. It's just it's tough. It's hard. It's hard legislation to read. It's even harder for the for the average person understand, and I don't think a lot of people understand what that trickle down. Effect is going to look like as as they as they see law enforcement change in their community. Now State Senator John. Cook Former Weld County. Sheriff Ads I can't in this bill, but he told me. That when he first saw a Senate bill to seventeen, he was pro quote pretty disgusted. Saying the way it was introduced, I was one hundred percent against it. I referred to it as the anti law enforcement bill was punishment and revenge. That's what the bill was all about, but he along with. Republican Bob Gardner. were able to get their hands into it and that led to them being able to actually support it. So how did it change from its initial draft? Well. Initially the bill was very anti law enforcement and to a degree. It still is essentially the the first draft of the bill put an officer on the hook for one hundred thousand dollars worth of damages, and they could seek. No, they could seek no coverage from insurance. They could not be indemnified by their by their parent agency by the Police Department by the sheriff's Office they. They were on the hook for any financial damages, personally out of their pocket for up to one hundred thousand dollars Cook in our senator, cooking and Senator Gardner were able to amend that part of the bill or get an amendment to the bill that reduce that penalty down to twenty, five thousand, and then allowed an agency to indemnify their officers for that twenty five thousand. So, it's more palatable. It's still not great We opened up a whole new realm for litigation to occur in the state of Colorado It's something that responsible law enforcement will figure out how to work through, but it will cause us do police or differently well with all the calls across the country for defunding disbanding law enforcement with my very humble opinion would result in well. Community's looking like Chaz or chop or whatever they wanted to call it. Are you seeing the impact locally on recruitment retention and increase retirements not to mention morale. Well some morale. Right off the bat. There were a lot of officers that were kind of walking around in a daze trying to figure out how this bill was going to impact them. Here in Weld County. The commissioners have agreed to indemnify officers who act in good faith and charged criminally for one of these civil judgments, so that that created a lot of stability in my agency as far as that factor goes, but you know locally regionally. Yeah, there's a lot of talk about folks looking for folks, law enforcement, looking for a different career paths, or you know trying to figure out how they can navigate. These new waters like I said. We're in a pretty unique place here at the sheriff's office, but that's that's not. Not Necessarily, the case and law enforcement agencies around the state It's going to be tough times I. Don't know what the next year or two we're going to look like, but I think people who are on the front edge of their career. GonNa say you know what I'd rather just go. Do else and people who are on the tail in are GonNa. Go you know I I'm just going to retire now or I'm Gonna I'm gonNA preserve that retirement while I can and and pull the plug It's GonNa. Be It's GonNa be a tough road. It's a sad set statement, because just like any other profession. You're going to have a few bad apples in the bunch, but you don't throw out the entire orchard and to that point. That you and the work of your colleagues is very very much appreciated. Thank you and you know I I can tell you as a law enforcement officer. There's no one that hates a bad cop more than. but some agencies are just as responsible for how. Assure this legislation in by not taking care of those bad apples if law enforcement doesn't get rid of the bad ones than you expect for legislation like this to come along to force us to do that and I. Unfortunately, that's where we're at home. Well County. Sheriff Steve Brings. Thanks so much for all your time this morning. Certainly appreciate it. Look Radio Seven, thirty now thirteen ten KF KFI. Catch me, Dan, Patrick in the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten K. F. K. A.. Seven forty eight now thirteen Shannon Kfi K, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com. Northern Colorado's voice, more scale, live and local via the auto collision specialists studios all right. We're not going to spend the entire morning on that mask mandate that was issued by Governor Jerry Police yesterday, but interested in your thoughts on it. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. You can also dropped attacks on our thirteen ten KFI text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, all right wanting to pass this along this as a university of Northern Colorado interestingly enough had chance yesterday as well. To spend some time with the doctor Andy Feinstein President of UNC we're talking about athletics the future of in person at UNC of course which is all dependent on a Kobe nineteen this as UNC suspends athletic workouts. Positive covid nineteen cases. This as school district has stopped summer sports workouts after reports of a positive covid, nineteen tests among athletes. Tell you what we're going to get into that in the eight o'clock hour, but take a little bit of a departure from well all the hard hitting news of the day turns out that our pets are pets are for babies and are forever. Friends really have had a positive impact on our mental health through all the uncertainty and the stress of living through a pandemic. Professor Jen Currin McCullough, Ick from CS School of social work. Says that based on the result of two new studies at least one of which. Was a part of our pets provide a positively amazing boost to our outlook and professor Curran. McCullough joins US this morning to discuss at eight Oh five, seven, fifty, one, now, thirteen ten Kfi K.. Thirteen ten K.. F, K A thirteen ten K of K DOT COM northern. Colorado's voice seventy five. For more on KFI programs podcast sports scheduling news goto thirteen ten KFI A. dot com now Bhakta Mornings with Kale. Busy busy eight o'clock hour coming your way. Course says we do each and every Friday we'll check in with Kevin car. That guy is at the movies, fat guys at the movies a Diet Com. For some entertainment options coming up nothing huge on streaming, but We'll talk about who lose the current occupant. netflix's cursed and peacocks sight to lassie come home. This has Kevin car fat guys at the movies. Guys at the movies. Dot Com joins US this morning at eight thirty five. Oh, by the way you can listen to his weekly syndicated program, each and every Saturday right here on thirteen, ten kfi thirteen gay. A DOT COM from noon to one, and he's also the newest addition to our ever so popular thirteen ten KFI K A block party heard on Wednesday nights, alright, metroplex dine in theaters, offering a movie, a summer movie series for youngsters piece by Tamra market out of the Greeley trip. The Metro walks dine in. The. Kids movies series that set for to fifteen every Tuesday through August eleventh again the Metroplex Dine in theaters located at two eighty, five east third street in Loveland. Featured movies are two bucks per person and all ages. Children of all ages are welcome to attend. Here's the schedule Tuesday July twenty first, two small foot Tuesday July twenty eighth, the Lego Batman, Tuesday August, fourth storks, and Tuesday August eleventh, happy feet for more information on the summer series or other movies and showtimes. All you have to do is jump online fire. Fire up that Google and go to metro at theaters dot com. This as a metro walks, dine in theaters is offering a summer movie series for youngsters are right. If you're suffering from the pandemic blues, who isn't well turns out. Our pets have been waiting for just this moment will be joined by professor and researcher in Colorado, State's University School of social work. Jen Currin McCullough. Who will explain why at eight Oh five thirteen ten? KFI K. A. Greeley Loveland. It's eight o'clock, ABC.

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July 20, Hr 3  Weston Edmunds with the Weld Food Bank

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July 20, Hr 3 Weston Edmunds with the Weld Food Bank

"This is mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI K. GotTa love it I mean a president. Trump is absolutely masterful at. Well controlling the mainstream media narrative with just a tweet, or by simply saying nothing nothing at all eight Oh eight, now thirteen, ten Kfi a thirteen ten K of K., A. dot com, northern Colorado's voice and Warnings Maceio via the Auto Collision Specialists Studios. Yeah this. Just you heard it I. Mean you've been hearing it? Ever since he did not. Publicly comment. The president didn't. On accepting the results of the upcoming presidential election this basically recalling a a similar threat, it's interesting how by saying nothing that's considered a threat in the eyes of some, but you talk about low hanging fruit and the mainstream media is just all over it. He's going to barricade himself in the White House. He's not going to leave. Should he lose the election? Heaven? Help us, but yeah I just I. It just cracks me up because. Do you really really think that president trump would say no I'm not going anywhere? In fact I think I'll just be president for the rest of all time. It's ludicrous. It's absolutely ridiculous S., but again it just goes to that dunning. That the mainstream media, so loves to tout that. President trump is threat. Threat to the very basis of our democracy, and we're going to be headed for a constitutional crisis so yet president trump. Telling Moderator Chris Wallace during a pretty wide ranging interview on Fox. This after. Chris Wallace asked him a question alluding to that. Alluding to whether he would accept. The results of the election. If well, it didn't quite go his way. President Trump said I have to see look I have to see no I'm not just going to say yes I'm not going to say no and I didn't last time either all q the Biden campaign. The American people will decide this election and the United States. Government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House. Can you believe how obsessed they are with this entire phony fake narrative? I mean had Hillary Clinton coming out and saying. I'm pretty concerned I'm paraphrasing here. Pretty concerned about on what president trump would do, and he would actually leave the White House now. That interview with Chris, Wallace trump also hammered the Pentagon brass for favoring renaming basis that honour confederate military leaders a drive for change. Spurred by the national debate about race after George Floyd's doubt. Meanwhile president trump this. According to a piece I pulled out of the Dayton Daily News president. Trump says I. don't care what the military says. The Republican president described the nation's top infectious diseases expert. Dr Anthony Fauci as quote. A little bit of an alarmist. Comes to all things. Corona virus pandemic, and the president's stuck to what he said back in February that the virus is quote going to disappear close quote on Fox, he says. I'll be right eventually. A. Because everybody sale, it's GONNA disappear overnight and I. Don't WanNa go all conspiracy theory here, but got into some very very interesting conversations over the weekend, and and you have to wonder if the election does go Joe Biden's way. You have to wonder how long it would be after Joe Biden would be elected. That all a sudden. Well. The Corona virus would not consume the mainstream media. The way it does now I'm not going tinfoil hat or here I. am just asking the question because I think one thing that we can all agree on regardless of political stripe is the covid nineteen has been weaponized, and it has been politicized. Is there any question about that again? Talking to so many folks young, old, conservative liberal, and don't you find yourself in that same mental space where you're asking yourself? Okay? We have gotten so much conflicting information. We have been told so many things for so long that have turned. Turned out to be well, not entirely accurate course I mean I agree with Dr Charles page. Who is Texas based surgeon. We had the opportunity to talk with him this morning and asked him the question about Dr. Falcone at the very get go. When covid nineteen first came the United States, and you had Faouzi telling us? Oh, no, no, there's no reason for the great unwashed to wear a mask well conveniently leaving out of the equation that the concern was is that there wouldn't be enough p. e. for those on the front lines is dodger fallacy. A bad guy. Was this done by design. I liked Dr page. AM willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I do ask the question. As to why? If you are going to address the nation. A nation that increasingly is in the grips of panic over Provo nineteen. Why do you traffic in specs you speculation and conjecture, and what turned out to be something that was less than truthful. Utah Me. Nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten kfi k. a text line adds three one nine nine six. Now you remember. It was back in October twenty sixteen in that debate. When pressed about whether he'd abide by the voters. Will you've had trump responding well? I'll keep you in suspense. And his remarks of course. As they were designed to do. Are Certain to fuel heated discussions in newsrooms across the country and particularly on Capitol Hill. Because you do have some lawmakers already airing concerns in private. Oh, funny, how they become public about scenario in which trump disputes, the election results. Fatih really think that is going to happen or is trump. Doing what trump does so well. Pulling the reactionary strings of the mainstream media and politicians alike you tell me eight sixteen now thirteen ten K of K, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com this time tech sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand one. We're patient. Care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven, three, seven, eight, four, nine or caring hearts, H, H, dot com, while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten KFI K. Kevin Tara. Fact is at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show. Every Saturday on Kfi K. Yay now back to mornings with Gail. Governor, jared is making the rounds on the Sunday morning. Talk shows well one in particular on NBC's Meet the Press With Chuck Todd Eight twenty seven Thirteen Kfi, a thirteen ten K. A. K.. A. Dot COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collision specialist studios so governor Jared poll less talked with the moderator Chuck Todd About. Colorado's newly instituted Dow at. Enforceable statewide mass mandate and the reopening of schools, but he became very very passionate during his conversation with NBC's Chuck Todd when Todd asked him whether Colorado is doing well with its testing saturation, the speed of result and contract contact excuse me tracing this, according to a piece out of nine news by Jennifer Campbell kicks. Here's what police had to say. The national testing scene is a complete disgrace. Every test we send out to private lab partners nationally quest or lab core seven days eight days nine days maybe six days if we're lucky, almost useless from an epidemological or even diagnos diagnostic perspective. Police. Praise the state lab for doing Yeoman's work. He said between the State Lab lab partners like you see Health Colorado was working to process two to three thousand tests per day and turn around results in a day or two. However, some says still being sent out of state. Unfortunately, he added. That takes a long time, and we can't count on it. Our country needs to get testing right. He said the statewide mask mandate gives Colorado's CL- Colorado clarity of message, but that the state and country needs to. To do better adding that, people are lack lapsing in their caution there lapsing in their need to engage in social distancing social distancing, which by the way actually work adding that folks need to avoid like gatherings and stay six feet away from others. Todd ask governor. Police about reopening schools for in person learning this fall. If the testing situation is not under control, police said the state was sending medical grade masks to school districts for every teacher and faculty member who interacts with students, and of course, that's schools. Where indeed taking precautions, we have some districts. He said that have delayed the start of school by a couple of weeks. Others are beginning with a hybrid model, but many of our districts are going back as planned as normal taking the kinds of precautions, he content, he continued that health experts and a scientists recommend eight thirty, now, thirteen ten Kfi k a thirteen ten F.. K. A. DOT, com Check in with Western Edmonds Communications Manager of Weld of Food Bank to talk about the progress that the well food bank has made during the private nineteen pandemic in helping so many who are facing food insecurity, and of course they couldn't do it without you and your generous support of the Weld Food Bank while Food Bank, also looking for volunteers by the way we'll check in with western Edmonds Communications Manager Wealth, Food Bank when he joins us at eight thirty five Barbados to UNC bears. Arjun Game Coverage Lives Thirteen Ten kfi k, the day's headlines podcasts mornings with Gail and more and schedule about coming sports broadcaster is find them at thirteen ten. K. K. A. DOT COM. When it comes to food insecurity, the need is always so great, but particularly now in a time of Covid, nineteen s as so many have struggled as a result of all the shutdowns and the lockdowns and the restrictions associated with the pandemic and the weld. Food Bank continues to serve eight thirty, eight, now thirteen, ten KFI, a thirteen ten KFI DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the Auto Collision Specialists Studios joins morning by communications manager Western Edmonds of the Food Foodbank Hey. Was It's good to catch up with you I hope you're doing well. Good Morning Gail I am doing well. It's a beautiful day outside right now, and that's certainly goes to lifting our spirits, certainly something that. We got to look for the positive especially these days wherever we can find it right. Absolutely just looking for those little things to Kinda, return the the joy in these very difficult times for not only hurt community, but for country. Oh, absolutely, and when we look at those difficult times, we have to remember all the hard work, not only of our front line. Personnel to include our healthcare workers, but indeed a food banks across the country I. Mean you're doing Yeoman's work right now to help those who have been so impact. Tell us a little bit about the work that you've done throughout all of this. At the Food Bank. Absolutely so I mean March. You know what happened in in the middle of March and we actually narrow it down to the date March. Sixteen was when we really started to have to make adjustments to programs because we knew and we started seeing in other communities. Stuff, starting to shutdown schools going online learning, I felt like it was just a matter of time, so we were bracing for, but when it hit, it hit like a gale force wind. We, we all of a sudden, found ourselves with kids longer having access to school meals, and so we partnered with the school district in and started distributing or mobile food pantry at one of their feeding sites and expanded our backpack program to. Continue through the end of the quote, Unquote School Year but even into the summer, because even from the very beginning, we saw more people coming in and. It wasn't really until we sat down about three months in, and just kinda did a comparison. We said okay. Let's see. Let's see what March June looks like this year compared to last year, and it and it kind of Florida's. I mean we had reserved about fifty percent more people. Than we did this time last year we had a huge increase in our child feeding programs about one hundred and fifty six percent increase in just three months, we served over fifty thousand meals, just kids. we, we gave out almost thirty thousand backpack bags but it was. It wasn't just the kids that were impacted. It was entire families. We had a steady increase. Number is food boxes are mobile food pantry. We were serving twice as many people as we normally do. and we had more seniors just were afraid to go out rightfully, so and so we had more home deliveries than I think we've ever had before. Just so that these seniors still needed help, but they just couldn't get around, so we utilized volunteers for that, so it's just been It's hard to your wind, incredible or amazing unprecedented those unprecedentedly. Say that you know all those words seem to have positively, too, but it's. It's heartbreaking to see so many of our neighbors in need. And you took the word right out of my mouth there because it is some listening you to you, describe the increase in demand, the need, the very real human in need particularly when it comes to kids because you know you remember as you know you've zeroed in. You've narrowed it down March sixteenth when the as well they. Extensively we're looking forward to spring break, but after spring break, they didn't return. And when you think about the fact, is you know that for many kits? The only nutritious meal they get is at school. It does break your heart. Yeah it's You know as a father of three children. I only have one kid at the time. When I joined the Food Bank, but it was. The, thought of any child going hungry, those out of my own child going hungry is is what really motivates me, and and every every one of our neighbors who have to skip a meal. Don't have enough to eat is heartbreaking, but when you especially look at kids, they have no control. They can't go out and get a job. They you know they. They're really under the influence of their parents, and just the situation of their families, so we WANNA make sure that they're cared for. That's why we ever seven service programs. Four of them are just for kids. Eight, forty, three, now thirteen ten KFI, k., thirteen ten KFI. Dot Com joined by Western Edmonds Communications. Manager Weld Food Bank. I've been holding onto this piece for quite some time and I was actually able to find it this morning. Imagine that. Talking about the factors we're looking you know for that ray of hope that ray of sunshine during such a difficult time. This as it was. What early July late June that you got a visit from Colorado eat at Eagles, and were added to the target partnership. Yeah. It was it was It was a couple of weeks. Worth of working out the details We were approached by them. they were just? It was. It was more of they were. kind of feeling like there was something more that they could do. No, they they were on a break. Actually I think their entire season was canceled. and they realize people in their community needed help we've we've partnered with the eagles before on their cowbell night. They raise money by selling the I love cowbell night i. Think existed than what we need is yes, we need more Talbot. Guess that I that I. I went two years ago and my wife and I were like. We need to bring earplugs next time. It's fun and I I mean. I miss that. Before all this shutdown, we went to an eagles game as a family I was at an avalanche game before that, but then everything shut down. So you know the Eagles Organization? They were at home and they thought you know. We want to give back to community, so they reached out and. They wanted to expand their already good partnership that they've had with US dairy Max and and give a little bit of time, and and that's that's really one of our biggest needs. We are so grateful for them to reach out. was that volunteer piece rights which brings us to the next point to talking about the fact that well, it's a partnership between the Wild Food Bank, and of course the community and I just it just floors me I. Mean that the response from all of you to so many great causes including the Wealth Food Bank because well. Web foodbank couldn't do it without donations, but also without volunteers so You're finding a need for more volunteers correct. Yes, so there's a great. Program here in in low county for the students that are part of bright futures. They need to get ten hours of volunteer work to qualify for the scholarship, so they had a bunch of students trying to apply for the scholarship and they came into. Do their ten hour piece. It was wonderful pretty much actually from March through June. We're like okay, we students are. Are Coming in right at the right time to give these hours and then July one hit, and it was just like a steep cliff. Drop off, and it's nothing against these kids. They got all their hours done, but you know now. They're going to enjoy their summer, but we still have a credible amount of work that we need to do with with a One hundred percent increase in our mobile food pantry and our increases in emergency food boxes. We're needing that HAVE A. Increased. Food so everything that goes outta. Here has to be bagged. Just because no one's allowed in our building right now for distribution, so we're trying to make everything is easy as possible for distribution, so we're needing volunteers to help us with everyday tasks, and sometimes even just helping with the distribution, the actual distribution of food on site we have. We still allow people to come in through a drive through model, so we're needing help with that. We have as I mentioned. Senior deliveries are at a all time high. We need individuals that can help the fat in that one really is One that that? is good for people who work in the day. You know they work eight to five. They can't come in a volunteer, but you know they take a little bit longer lunch to a couple of deliveries or on the way home, that one's really good for the the. Those who who just have difficulties working around our operating hours, which the same as most people's. Sure and when it comes to a volunteers, you, of course as so many other organizations businesses entities. Do you've got all of those safety guidelines? Precautions in place, right? Yeah so right now, anyone who comes into the building we have people wear masks to bring their own. If they candle, we always have some money and people wear gloves. We keep social distancing with the volunteer so that people aren't working super close together. and always asking people if if they're not feeling well not to come in and that's that's kind of should have always been the rule of thumb. If you're not feeling well, don't come to the Food Bank where you're handling food. That's going to go to somebody who who needs help, and and most likely has already has a compromise to be insistent to black in nutrition, so we we just have always had that rule that if you're not feeling well, take care of yourself. Stay home, but yeah, if people are. It's still summer if you if. If if any listeners out, they you set your family You've got some kids that are elementary age. You know third or fourth grade up You're looking for something fun to do as a family It really is a great time to come to bank and experience what we do if you haven't done it before but it also has just a great valuable lesson, but I'm really excited. I've been able to start teaching my son, who just turned ten, just the importance of giving back of even the smallest task of sorting some onions or bagging apples. You're doing it to help those in our community who are less fortunate who are in a a low point in life right now. Something's come up. I mean most of it is. What's been going with this pandemic and this is opportunity just to to teach his little lessons that make a long lifetime impact. Paying it forward and making us all better humans. West and how can we help I know there's a variety. I know the need is great for volunteers. But how can we best help the West Wealth foodbank because there are a variety of options? Absolutely right now. The biggest help besides volunteering is financial donation, even making a contribution of ten dollars twenty five dollars, hundred dollars that translates into meals served gift twenty five dollars. We can turn that into a hundred meals, and that's a full me where we're able to utilize that money to bring in produce from outside of Colorado. When local donations are not coming in as as strongly it's it allows us to bring in things like meat and dairy and other produce items. So that when we're serving those who come to us for help, we're not just giving them shelf stable, canned beans and cereal and things that would still be good for him. We're giving them a whole complete nutritious array of food, and that's what a financial donation does, too, but we also I know folks have kind of been eager with their home gardens, and then grown stuff we do accept produce from from home We haven't been encouraging food drives. Drives as much just because so many hands touching food in passing it around and Sir and we just nobody's really figured out how to safely utilize a large food drive, but If you do have some stuff at home ready due to small food drive donation at work will gladly accept that as well, but all that information. I, it's always so much of figuring out how you can help. If you go to our website. Well, thank God or Has All the information on how you can help. If you want specifically do volunteer just do well through. Thank God or Slash Volunteer Matt takes you to our page talk about what the experiences, but also to sign up. Everything's done online right now, so you just go to a a sign of Genius Link Find Finding, shift. That works for you. and sign up. We actually are including some night shifts this week on Tuesday, and Thursday from five to seven. So any folks out there that you're listening right now. You're on your way to work your at-work. I'd love to help but I work till five. We do have those opportunities this week for you to sign up. come into a couple of hours. Just help us. Take care of the needs of the day and get ready for. The week ahead. West. Communications manager well foodbank. Thank you for all you and your colleagues and your volunteers, indeed I all that you do and I just love the strong connection that you have built over the years that will continue to grow with all of you the community, because well, it's a it's a two way street, and it wouldn't succeed without your support of the Weld Food Bank Western thanks again. Thank you for letting me come on and being such a good advocate. Advocate for us to allow us to get our voice out to all your listeners, it's my pleasure. West been sweltered bank eight fifty, two thirteen ten KF K. Thirteen ten K. K. A. preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten KFI K. A., dot com, eight fifty-six while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. Music to our ears rights on a semblance of normalcy rockies opener week remember thirteen ten k. k.. your northern Colorado home for Rockies Baseball Brady. Brady Hall well have all the details. I'm sure he'll be talking about that throughout the week as we approach that rockies opener, of course, the whole show with your host of Brady Hall heard Weekdays from noon to two and WanNa lock it right here for more live and local programming as tennis. swint of brings you know code now at four p thirteen ten Kfi K.. UNC, bears, target, game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K.

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