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"spain santiago de compostela" Discussed on CRUSADE Channel Previews

"News desk. Here's round stafford and good order crusaders. Welcome to monday. March the eighth twenty twenty one. I'm ron stafford reporting from the crusade channel. News desk at stafford studios in beautiful saint michaels maryland. This report is brought to you by our friends at bogo kia for the best deal in the usa on a new or used key on shop wearing white church shops for all of his cars at bow. Dog drive on over to vote dougy dot com or call them at eight five five bulldog. We'll see you at bodo kia and tell them the crusade channel said you. Here's what to listen for this hour. More are saying that cuomo should resign. Remembrance in the struggle for civil rights and restoring a mission in california. The majority leader andrea stewart. Cousins said. Yesterday the governor andrew cuomo should resign from office after more women came forward and accused him of harassment inappropriate behavior while st assembly speaker. Carl hasty appear to agree with our statement and questioned the governor's ability to lead the state. The democrat governor insisted to reporters on a call that he would not resign from office and said the attacks against him are politically motivated previously stewart. Cousins. the democrat said she would call for cuomo's resignation if a fourth woman accused him of harassment. So far five women have done so in other news. Activists who gathered virtually and in person to commemorate a pivotal day in the civil rights struggle that became known as bloody sunday called on people to continue the fight for voting rights as they also honored giants of the civil rights movement including the late. Us representative john lewis. Who died last year. The some bridge crossing jubilee marks the fifty sixth anniversary of plenty sunday the day on march seven thousand nine sixty five that civil rights marchers were brutally beaten by law. Enforcement officers on selma's edmund. Pettus bridge lewis the reverend joseph lowry. The reverend c t. vivian. And attorney. Bruce bloomington where the late civil rights leaders offered on sunday day became a turning point in the fight for voting rights and footage of the beatings helped galvanize support for passage of the voting rights. Act of nineteen sixty five. Finally a catholic group has received a large grant to restore one of the oldest california missions and provide a place for tourists to examine the state's religious and cultural history and february carbon mission foundation received a one point eight million dollar grant for the doughty museum and basilica forecourt restoration which seeks to rejuvenate the mission. Son carlos mayo descartes meadow located in kabul california about five miles of monterey. The project is scheduled to be completed by the fall in time to commemorate the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of the mission's establishment are quote. Today comes from saint other wishes gonzaga. It is better to be the child of god. Then king of the whole world coming up are saying till the day. This ain't lived through decades of sin and suffering before a profound conversion the led him to embrace poverty eighty and charity. You're listening to crusade channel new. Lots of talk from the biden machine of banning and confiscating our weapons. But there's one weapon that is truly biden and cult of death kryptonite the rosary and for the fine handcrafted rosaries made here in southeast louisiana. Visit our very own. Maggie o'connell's little by you rosary. Part of the founders trading post catholic corner store at my church dot com forward slash shop or for customers re or chaplain designed khalas at eight four four five two seven eight seven two three cd entire little bayou rosary collection at my church dot com forward slash shop are saying today is saint. John of god confessor. John was born in portugal during the year. Fourteen fifty five to middle class. Parents tragically the age of eight. He was kidnapped by a stranger was later abandoned to homelessness in a remote part of spain as shepherd until h twenty two when the opportunity came along for him to join the army of the holy roman emperor charles v this apparent stroke of fortune however would eventually lead john integrator misery. He was nearly saved on two occasions from what seemed like certain death once after instinctively uttering a prayer to the virgin mary after falling wounded enemy territory and again when he was falsely suspected of theft and nearly executed but for another soldiers intervention events such as these weighed heavily upon him and his regiment was disbanded. He decided to amend his life beginning with approach to saint. Spain's santiago de compostela cathedral along the way of saint james confessed his sins and committed himself to living a life of repentance at age forty two. John returned to spain and picked up nearly where he had left off. Twenty years before working again as a shepherd this time however he was committed to living out the faith in god. He had regained later in life however he felt compelled to give himself entirely to the service of the poor sick and vulnerable. He opened his house to them allowing it to be hospital. Homeless shelter and halfway house run entirely by john himself when he was not bandaging wounded occupants or breaking up fights between them. He would go out begging on their behalf. The bishop of grenada approved his work and gave him the name john of god. A group of volunteers came to accompany him in his work. Many of whom had i come to him while in dire need themselves john the second the poor for fifteen years before meeting his death through an act of charity he jumped into a freezing river managed to save a drowning man but came home. She weakened from the ordeal allayed down in one of his own hospital beds where his condition further declined. The bishop of grenada came to administer the last rites as the bishop prepared him for death. John express a number of anxieties. There are three things that make me uneasy. He said the first is that i have received so many graces from god and have not recognized them and every paid them with so little of my own. The second is that after i'm dead. I fear lest the poor women. I have rescued and the poor centers i have. Reclaimed may be treated badly. And the third is that those who've trusted me with muddy and whom i have not fully repaid bay suffered loss on my accounts. The bishop however assured them that he had nothing to fear john than asked to be alone and summit has last strength to rise from bed and neo before a crucifix. He died in prayer with his face pressed against the figure of christ on the night of march seven. Fifteen fifty saint. John of god was canonized in the year. Sixteen ninety and has become the patron of hospitals and the dying so orders tipster ron at crusade channel dot com stay tuned to the crusade shadow with live breaking news updates all day and the best alive. Talk radio anywhere up next. The mike church show continues. I'm ron stafford for the crusade channel seeking news and finding truth..

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Saints of Spain; David Suchet  Footsteps of St. Paul;  Michelangelo In Florence

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Saints of Spain; David Suchet Footsteps of St. Paul; Michelangelo In Florence

"Whether you're looking at Michelangelo's magnificent statue of David or you get caught up in a ruckus crowd at a street festival in Spain or even if you just listen to the wind whisper. What life was once like among the sun bleached ruins of the Mediterranean? Your travels can lift your spirit in many ways. Hi I'm Rick Steves in just a bit. We'll take a closer look at the world. Michelangelo lived in influence. Five hundred years ago and actor. David Suchet tells us how he retraced the route that Saint Paul traveled through the eastern Roman Empire. Nearly two thousand years ago. Let's start the hour with a look at how people in Spain honor the lives of important figures from their past. There are actually hundreds of national and regional saints in Spain. And you'll find that many of them get a festival that brings their communities out into the streets to celebrate to explain the role of Saint in the culture of Spain. We're joined now by tour guides or hate Roman from Madrid and Francisco Gloria from pump. Lona or Hey in Francisco. Happy Easter Thank. You thank you so. Spain is a Catholic country in in the church is a huge part of the political and spiritual past. To what extent is the Catholic Church? Still a big part of Spanish society. Today it is. I mean now. The government that we have now is very conservative and they relates a political issues with the church. Not Everybody is happy about that but still part of it and also the most of the celebrations in Spain national holidays. They advocated saints. Lady's name names. I think a lot how. How does the naming of children work compared to the Catholic faith? I mean you're or hey your Cisco do they have any with your parents. Passion for Saints a Whole Mike. As many Ms Francis Xavier because your middle name is executive because for some frantic savior was born in my town so and he was the first Jesuit Right. He was one of the founders of Jesuits Yep okay main signatures which is a very common name. Ignatius and Francisco Xavier. That's a common name where you come from pump loan and actually my name is the ACLU into English degeorge and is the only saint in the Catholic Church actually wasn't a saint also warrior that killed the Dragon Saint George killing the Dragon. Yeah it wasn't saying actually but so there are a lot of festivals when you travel in and almost all of them seem to be related to the church. Talk about a couple of the the great festivals in the Saints Days. That are important in your life in your travels Francisco I am from component the running of the Bulls on what we celebrate. The death of Seinfeld mean so. It's like huge huge celebration. That week starts July six hundred ends July fourteenth saint for me and I. You wouldn't even know who saint for me unless you went to. The running of the Bulls and pump. Lana developed comes from employees. They don't even know who he is attacked because everybody wears the red Kerchief around their neck and when people go to the running of the Bulls they wear this red neckerchiefs symbolism planet. We are under two hundred thousand people. I didn't know we. We welcome one million people and everybody's wearing white unread and nobody knows why like. Excuse me you do get excuse me. I'M A tour guide. I want to explain to you why. You're wearing this red handkerchief. That was the first person that was baptized employees and they cut his head for the recent. So what we represent the white outfit Represents Holiness and the Redmond nights the blood coming out of his neck so he was an early Christian. Pump Loner who was beheaded. Yes he was. We hit it. We say that he was beheaded any Pamplona although history tells us that he was beheaded in France. But Hey ho hey. From Madrid what festivals would impact a traveler when that we should know about quite Madrid? Not Maniacs you say but there is one very close which is Toledo the Corpus Christi is the big the there in Corpus Christi in Toledo is and that's the the corporate the body the body of Christ that's correct. Yeah and that's the Big Day in Toledo and they do bring some things to parade around. And he's part of a could be the equivalent of the beaches. Pelton SPAIN LIKELY. You have here states them. They're very conservative in there. That's interesting because in the United States We've got a region called the Bible Belt in Spain. Is there a region that would be the Bible belt get could be the political? Be One of them if you go around. Let's say like half Mouche from Madrid to the West from Madrid to the West Toledo Arbella. Salunke that part of your Browning what do you? What is your image of being? We'll have to think that we had the Muslim heritage Muslim heritage started to come down of it from the north down. Thanks Community Santos on James. Drake has just for the historic context. The Muslims came in and took over Spain and Portugal in from the eighth century until fourteen. Ninety two a good part of Spain was ruled by Muslim overlords. And then for centuries there was the RECON keystone reconquering has finally fourteen ninety two. The last Muslim was pushed out of Granada and back into Africa. What I make the difference that the Community Santiago okay. The origin was by the coast and it was the beginning of the Spanish reconquista. So this is the Camino Santiago. This is the big pilgrimage trail that cuts across from France all the way across north Spain the major city in the north west of Spain Santiago de Compostela. They'll go and How what's the historical roots for this pilgrimage? Because thousands and thousands of people make this high out there still do it people at the beginning they did it by the coast so those kingdoms those ancient kingdoms there the realize that whatever was going there were no Muslims so th would they decided to push it south and south and south and south until the Camino we know today so I am from the north in the north we barely have any Muslim heritage. We were more Christine. Must time before. But if you go down to under Lucia there you find. Churches generally built upon a mosque. Correct and mosque was built upon a church than they destroyed. If you go to civilian you see them at Nickerson Tarver. A Cathedral Tower actually was the minaret of the old mosque. So there's this layering of history. And what's very poignant to me? Is We hear about people. Being beheaded today in this struggle of fanatic Islam and Christians and so on but if you go to a church in southern Spain it's very common to see a man on a horse with a big sword cutting off the heads of Muslims and at the feet of the Horse. There's six or eight heads of beheaded Muslims as correct. Lose this man that is son James. The son teams we're representing three ways bishop as more slayer the more slayer so his. His nickname was saint. James the slater the more killer. Well enter the Moore's for the Muslims. Yeah most of our lives and today's politically incorrect. So we're beginning to cover those heads on the floor seriously. Some of those old statues and paintings are getting with put flowers well enough so you hide them so you hide you see a guy on a white horse with a sore but every time a Christian is just so disgusted by a Muslim fanatic. That cut off one of his people's heads we've got to remember. This is nothing new in history Spanish. I consider myself Catholic. We've been the worst ever I mean. We've inquisition the request. We have expelled. The Jews I mean with excuse of religion with Don's much bad. The inquisition is Sort of gift of Spain to the rest of Europe. What gave yeah. I poisoned gift. Would you describe the The inquisition you see the palace don't you out l. escorial that's right correct. What is the inquisition? Mean to to church history It's a sad episode. I mean this might personal opinion. Very site I mean also gave us practical thing. But it's a very very sad history. Every time I talk to them to my travelers about inquisition unites ties with Catholic moral and they kept going on.

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