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Medieval Times: A Most Noble Episode


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Medieval Times: A Most Noble Episode

"Today's episode is brought to you by Royal Caribbean for many of you listening today. Food is only part of what creates a memorable experience. And that's why Royal Caribbean loves to pair their vacations with a host of limit-pushing Adventures. Like touching while scuba diving off the shores of Nevis. Coming face to face with whale sharks easy snorkel cozumel conquering your fears at Royal Caribbeans. Own Perfect today island in a helium balloon are on the tiles water. Slide in North America wherever you go bring your appetite for adventure. Come seek the Royal Caribbean ships registered in the Bahamas. Votes deal like big boats. Do you like poor people. In the rich people they serve on big. Boats are always like look goes on below deck. Hi this is Santa hosting and Nick Turner the host of decades. And we want to take you on a fun and goofy adventure in this style. Podcast we will watch and recap every episode of Bravo's below deck and all of its spinoffs. And we're going to release an episode a day so you can watch along with us and listen to our silly daily recaps listen. Two decades on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts over every year. Get Your podcast. Hello and welcome to savor production of iheartradio and stuff media. I'm angry and I'm Laurin Vogel Von and today we're talking about medieval times not not like the actual times which were Medieval Medieval Times dinner and tournament. Yes entertainment and food concept indeed indeed and this one has been on our list or if you've been trying to go for years no joke years. Yeah you know. It's difficult to drive up to sugarloaf parkway to be super honest castle. It's really really funny to talk about My experiences there because I have been I have been. I have not So I well. I've got a lot of memories. Not So oh and there. Was THAT RECENT. Snl Sketch yes. Yes which is a mandatory watching material for this episode brought it back to the forefront of our minds but yeah Adam driver was playing this kind of intense actor who worked at a medieval times and took his role. Perhaps a little too seriously. Yes as we all do sometimes. Yeah Yeah and it resulted in as you might imagine liberty jinx. Yes hijinks yes. My favorite line is Cameron. Adam driver you says the manager St. up charges you one hundred and ten dollars for chicken and potato and does not even give you the dignity of a flock and then Keenan is in the audience as yeah. I do know. Grown Magid have to eat a baked potato. And it's you know it's true it is true we were discussing that before we start. There is sort of a novelty at first of eating things with your hands in public. Which by the way the other. No utensils at these restaurants But it wears off so yeah. I've been twice once. It was my super hard one first trip to disneyworld universal via high school marching band. But I was a band aid. Oh okay in so. I was in seventh grade. Oh Wow yeah you signed up to be in this club specifically for the Detroit reason. I did it because my parents swore they would never take me away and I did. And that was the last year they did it. So I'm glad I did sign up to be a bad day So yeah we went to the One and kiss me Florida and it was sort of a group. I mean the whole class went there and I didn't know this was a thing so I I roll up and there's this castle. I've been told there's dinner here. I'm very confused. But it was quite fun and my nights. 'cause there is divided into six six color coded section. Oh Yeah and my night. Was the trader at the time one night was always. The trader was always the trade. So you're like I bought props by the way everybody any banner with her and her little paper crown. So you like cheering for your night. Yeah go night. And then he was a traitor. And you're kind of like well. I guess I don't cheering. Like do I want him to kill the turn on a dime and be like. Oh we have been betrayed ourselves. You're right you're right I should have and then I. I went a few years back to the one in Atlanta which opened in two thousand six. It's kind of outside of Atlanta but Atlanta area For my birthday which was not a sad thing. It's a happy thing I wanted to go. They have a birthday coupon And it's pretty legit and my night was a traitor again. I I I am beginning to think that this is on you on my gosh. You think I'm pretty sure they don't do that anymore but there's one like bad guy night still in the story. Is there? Yeah I thought they got? They got seventy complaints about like my kid and then getting this one section of the trader. But Yeah I did realize the first time I went there. I think the biggest mistake I made was. I didn't realize you were either supposed to wait. Have patients or use your bread to stop up the soup so I picked up the metal bowl winning at and it was hot head. Got My hands on. Oh Yeah Oh. It's an old joke sad story. It was said not those bad though. I did wanna read the birthday email from medieval times which there was a whole chain with Lauren and Dylan and I I think where we were. We riffing on. This can't find it very funny. It was very full of his is yes. I am most noble. Any we take great pleasure in wishing you a happiest of birthdays. We would like to extend this royal invitation to return to your nearest castle and celebrate with those that you hold in the highest regard together we will feast we will rebel your recent glory and we will raise a glass to many prosperous crusades to come with grace and honor the noble families of Medieval Times. I mean that's that's high quality stuff You're gonNA tell me you wouldn't take that. They called you most noble anti. Are we all supposed to call you that all the time? Technically I don't correct you okay. True Okay Most Noble. Anne thank you thank you but okay for people who have no life question medieval times. What is it well medieval times? Dinner and tournament is Sorta Dinner Theater experience with a vaguely medieval Europe theme The theater portion is a story played by actors about a medieval ish era royalty hosting a tournament and you are their guests and these days. I guess since the beginning It's been. The story is set in eleventh century Spain. Although it's an English they're using English accents English anyway. Anyway And Yeah. There are six nights competing in choreographed sword fights and hid have combat and games of skill. And there's a on horseback apparently falconry. Yes is the thing Do you WanNa tell us a little bit more about your experience. What's up to okay so so you walk the castle yes so most of these castles are located in malls. Right right totally. So you're exactly so the one in Atlanta for instance it's a mall and then there in the parking into a castle. Oh my gosh yeah. And you walk in. And it's kind of right away You're in the gift shop like Souvenir area and then you get the in. It's just huge stadium seating all around and you go through this this dinner and as as the courses come out. starts with The king but now it's the Queen Times I've been it was a king would do. I love this. He would announce like to honorable marching band from Lumpkin County. We well. He calls out all the birthdays but like bridal bachelorette parties. Go there mazing. Yes it's really funny to hear this sort of modern stuff which they also have a campaign now about cyborg interesting here that come from King's mouth and then there's sort of a store it's a very vague storyline of like honor and there's somebody's doing something wrong is there is a falcon go. So he comes out and he just he releases the Falcon. I think there might be a message. Involved I don't recall but it just flies in circles around the stadium and it gets close like it knocked. My friends had little brown right off his head. Heck and see again. The first time I was a seventh grader. Who had no idea? This was didn't know what was happening. Falcon now the horses. Do like this kind of dancing thing. yeah little little horse horse tricks horse chicks and then they all the nights get in fights and you cheer for your section and then one's a traitor and you're like well and all the servers are dressed Yeah vague like peasant rain forms. There's heavy scare quotes involved in that right and they're called surfs and winches. Yeah we'll talk about this hybrid. Bullying they actually in a minute but It's interesting I don't know how much longer they will be called that as part of their new camp. Yeah I feel like that's a silly thing to do like you're like updating like include more women in the cast is like the reigning queen with power and stuff. And then you're like. Oh yes serving wench. Bring me another Pepsi. I'm like right that's strange. It is pretty strange Okay all right so So so the so the dinner that we're talking about here yeah it's a four course banquet And that four courses. I'm still not sure how this is four. But I'll I'll take their word for it It's a garlic bread and a tomato. Bisque half a roast chicken Half a corn on the COB half a herb basted potato and the dessert of the castle. Pastry of the castle is the case may be indeed sometimes throw a barbecue. Spare rib in there for good measure and I've seen desserts ranging from apple turnover to lemon pound cake to butter tart to chocolate chip cookies to a chocolate. Mousse cake to vanilla ice cream with a black currant swirling caramel sauce. Vegetarian meals are offered upon request of the menu. There is a Hamilton warm. Pita bread with carrot and celery sticks Pasta Salad with vegetables. End OF VINEGAR. It a three bean stew with fire wristed tomatoes and brown rice and then a fresh fruit or Talionis for dessert. Coffee Tea and Pepsi products are available at most locations. There's a full bar for adults and yes you are not giving utensils unless you get the bean stew and then apparently they grant you a spoon. Oh whoa I know right I always I always think of of all things the cable guy when I think about this because there's this moment where they'd go to medieval times and Jimmy Garoppolo is there waitress and And they're like. Hey can I get a fork? And she's like because there were no forks in medieval times. There are no forks at medieval time. Now would you like Pepsi or a Diet Pepsi? And I'm like Oh yeah. Anyway they have ingredients lists online and I looked everything up and I definitely can't eat anything there. It's all filled with Paprika garlic bread and like the three bean stew and maybe one of the desserts. Fix everything is red. Yeah well maybe we can figure out. You know another thing that the drinks are very Like applebee's a yeah. I understand that. There's a Lotta Booze slushy and just neon colors and everything very much stuck in the nineteen eighties from whence this came right And I did want to include before we move on that Okay I'm a hat. Oh yes little paper paper crown. It says it's an ad inside okay and it has all the locations and it says perfect for any occasion birthdays family reunions date nights corporate events team building holiday parties and many more and I say this because there are different levels of tickets. Because if you want you the baseline price. I feel like it's always discounted at like thirty nine forty dollars. It's supposed to be sixty. I think but you can do stuff flake a whole package where you get to meet the night of your choice. Get to get like a faster. Yeah yes and you get like Take Home Goblet okay. There's different levels of medieval times. Yeah is what I'm trying a okay. All right that's no good to know. Yes and on things like father's day mother's Day they do like the Queen's Court the king's court they do every every other week is a new thing that they are doing the advertise and market very aggressively. But anyway if you're interested plenty of events apparently yeah of anti interested in being a night and marking there. You should take note. Potential nights have a physical test after your training which is ten minutes or less mile. A set of thirty push ups and fifty sit ups and then they're allowed the chance at handling the twenty pounds of armor. Well yeah armory serious. Yeah a lot of people. Workup work their way up from the stable. Well yeah there's actually really moving story is somebody who's been working there for a long time as the night because it's not too frequently that people work at that long but he loved it. He's said like people would recognize him and tell Al special occasion. It was really sweet. Sweet Story Oh man yeah The servers are pretty heroic too because the food is cooked in these full sheet pans and the servers carry those holding pens out and serve their whole section at once. One by one out of the running down the rows and talking everything onto your plates And that's like twenty five to thirty people so you're talking about twenty five to thirty half chickens that you're carrying through a stadium with horses in the dark at this restaurant It's wild. I'm like okay sure right. Yeah something else is wild. Is that they so many Spanish horses. They have their own reading arm in Sanger Texas. They do have horses. Mall Dane Well let's talk about some nutrition. I guess Okay well okay on paper neither the VEG- or the omnivore dinner is that bad for you. The omnivore option is a little bit light on the vegetables and heavy on protein and carbs. But both are just like a lot of food and according to the thorough nutrition information on the Medieval Times website. The chicken meal. Run you one. Thousand five hundred forty two calories And the VEGGIE meal will run you. One Thousand One hundred seventy three and that is including desert and a Non Diet Soda So that's a bunch for meal that's close to. If not your daily recommended caloric intake. Chicken meal also has the recommended upper limit of saturated fat intake for the whole day. Both meals contain more than your recommended intake. Sodium as always watch your portion sizes choose less processed foods when you can for nutrition or just go to medieval times and eat your chicken with your hands and have a nice time. It's a feast we were invited to a feast Lauren. So feast we shall. I can't argue with that logic. Nope we do have some numbers. Not Ha- these restaurants attract about two and a half million visitors each year and since its creation over sixty six million attended in different places. They're different numbers. But that's from medieval times and most places have it between fifty nine and sixty six. So okay somewhere and they're all a bunch. Currently there are only nine castles in the US and one in Canada in Toronto. Yeah Yeah and together. They serve some twenty five thousand meals on the typical Saturday night. Wow I know right Per Year New York Times ran the numbers That equals out to two hundred thousand gallons of tomato soup. Seven hundred fifty thousand pounds of potatoes. Five million pounds of chicken and four hundred thousand gallons of Pepsi products. Wow Wow okay So yes Cyberbullying Evil Times as a new campaign called chivalry action that is meant to be an anti cyberbullying kind of educational campaign and because of that they have been trying to re update their their scripts so that they're nicer because a lot of medieval times. Was you know fighting one but also just I think anyone who's been to renaissance fairs. Something knows what I'm talking about. Where people kind of insult I? It's it's insults in botanists and right. Yeah which is kind of the medieval steadily but yeah they're trying to move away from it and I found this quote. I wander include in the research from Ariella Alabama when she was asked if she said I'm not sure nights would have understood cyberbullying. I'm not sure they would. Have you know good point point and she would know because she wrote her doctoral dissertation on Medieval Europe's trial by Battle Customs? It's by astor. I just thought it was funny. You never know where the research will go a true. Yes true and if you if you are looking for a place to have a good meal perhaps this is not your place. I read in many places. You are not there for the food. I would agree and dippy fair. Only four percent of their two thousand employees work in the kitchen. So that's wow. I know right for that many chickens. I know like Gosh well. Those numbers have given me some pause. We do have some history for you. 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You've ever seen taking an adrenaline pumping zip-line through the Lush Puerto Rican jungle and of course back to food exploring new cuisine and local delicacies from award winning chefs. Whatever you do it Sir to be inexperienced like no other come. Seek the Royal Caribbean ships registered in the Bahamas Our back. Thank you sponsor. Thank you to go to the beginning. We must go back to that most Medieval Times. The nineteen sixteen and a rivalry an epic arrived on a small Spanish island then involved barbecue barbecue businessman. Who's a Montana and another restaurant tour? As the story goes Monterey overheard some British tourist discussing night jousting during Medieval Fairs. An Idea. What if he lured more tourists to his orbit? Queue joint via show Yes I I will say that. Most good rivalries involve barbecue but but that is true. Not Enough of them involved jousting so got on him he combined the. Yeah Yeah So he transformed his estate. I into a medieval dinner theater in the nineteen sixties and soon after he opened a second location in Spain Monterey also had interest in Spanish history in particular he cited the Nineteen Sixty One Charlton Heston film Il. Cid It. Sure many of the key aspects of medieval times these original restaurants horses nights jousting later. He even tried to hire Heston dried. Iram but the price I can imagine. I can imagine Charlton Heston in the nineteen sixties. That's a big price tag. I can I can imagine. Would you've horses to feed? Oh Gosh yes. By the one thousand nine hundred eighty S. He had convinced a group of investors to go ahead with the title of Medieval Times the first US location opened in. Orlando Florida less than fifteen minutes away from Disneyworld. Nineteen eighty-three. The castle cost almost four million dollars. Orlando never change never change. Also I didn't include this but I'll add it now because I do think it's funny. They filed multiple lawsuits against competing restaurants in Orlando and one of them. I've been to and it's like a pirate themed. Let's that also wasn't accident. This is back before I maximized all my gosh. It was an interesting experience for sure but yes Orlando Indeed. So when this opened this was on the heels of along people looking down on dinners provided during shows originally stage productions. That provided meals did so primarily to stave off complaints of hunger during long shows but medieval times is different in that it was a live stunt. Show that didn't rely on. Starpower Know Charlton Heston no problem but over a decade from when it opened attendance at that Medieval Times rose from under two hundred thousand to above six hundred thousand. The second location opened in California in nineteen eighty six Beginning two thousand management decreed that choreography must be uniform. Pretty much the entire show across the across all the castles. Yes must be uniform and then whole tragedy in twenty ten. Do Florida locations filed for bankruptcy after the irs came at them for over ten million dollars tax claiming back taxes. Oh acid to file for bankruptcy. So they could pay that the IRS. Heck Look Y'all talking about a scary. I won't say villain but presents in a medieval so perhaps the interest tax could do. It could do it. Okay as of Tony Seventeen. They started replacing the kings with Queens. As of yet there have been female nights and the updated script include lines. Like there'll be no much making tonight and of me as you served my father and forget not that inside half the blood of kings. Yeah it was actually the guy he wrote this. He's been writing the scripts for thirty years and he can read his his interview about it and his his kind of process of having he felt like he had to explain why she was the created. Finally female writers. The king never explained why he was the green man. It was really good. It was also fun. Read yes and we want to include in here. A very brief historical fact check. Yes because as as you can imagine It's not the most accurate right of the Cable Guy Dinner Wise. I can't I can't promise anything about the courses and Falconry. Don't know anything about those things. I would've loved to have researched but we are reportedly a food show reportedly But yes so. The medieval times like the period the Medieval Period Aka the Middle Ages was a long stretch of time like it ran from the fall of the Roman Empire around four seventy sixty the beginning of the renaissance in fourteen fifty three C or thereabouts And Food changed a bit during that time and also varied across different parts of Europe. Right over talking about. How accurate is the menu? Not that all accurate. The tomatoes for this brought to Europe till the sixteenth century and largely believed to be toxic at first CR Toledo road which is one of my favorites on that similar with potato. It hadn't arrived until later in Europe. Yeah and corn is also a crop of the Americas and didn't make it to Europe until after the Middle Ages though to be fair The word corn was sometimes used in medieval English to refer to all manner of grains so sweet buttered corn might conceivably have appeared on a menu at the time to our Lord of the Rehana food printed many. Oh Gosh I was trying to think because we were talking about it. 'cause he was trying to be super accurate of this time right. I'm pretty sure we talked about. Oh Gosh that's been bugging me and I couldn't figure out why Google drive was serving me the LEMBA episode yes Oh that's why okay thank you. Oh my gosh. I'm here to help as speaking of habits Coffee Tea did not arrive in in Europe until after the Middle Ages. Either all these things were imports during the age of exploration and colonization. Really kicking off in the late fourteen. Hundreds after medieval times rates rights and of course Pepsi Products Surprise Surprise. We're not a thing than either. No I believe Oh gosh. I didn't look up the number but from our carbonated water episode There was some interest in sparkling beverages during that time but it didn't really kick off until people figured out pressurization technology in the seventeen hundreds. I think so. That sounds right and the food. At Medieval Times. The restaurant is a little on the bland side and spices were really popular during actual medieval times impart to perhaps cover up the taste of spoiled meat. Perhaps there's argument about whether that's accurate or how spoiled possibly could have been without people getting sick all the time although people did kind of get sick all the time but anyway For sure spices. Where a way for rich people to show off and they used a lot of Like garlic ginger cloves cinnamon pepper cumin cardamom and Mace were all super popular as we're Sauces with lots of sugar and vinegar and wine and Another thing feast as they alleged to be at this restaurant where much larger during actual medieval times. So much larger like okay. If you're a chef at a medieval times you might be seating Nine hundred to fifteen hundred people per seating and you are going to have more than one seating tonight right So when you serve them you serve them all at once simultaneously and that's and that's a lot. It's a lot to deal. It's a lot of people but big event feasts lasted multiple days involved so much food slate which has a whole article about Medieval Times Food and how inaccurate it is. They reported that. The marriage feast for Margaret of England. Henry thirds daughter. They served one thousand three hundred deer. Seven thousand hands. One hundred seventy bores sixty thousand herring and sixty eight thousand five hundred bread for one. I mean probably not all at one sitting that was probably imagined. That was ever like a weekend least a few days. I don't know that much about this wedding. I honestly didn't like it well but either way. Yeah there's a lot of food. Yes and Each course would have included. Many dishes served simultaneously like fifteen plus like seven on the low end like fifteen plus for big fancy ones and it would be combinations of hot and cold dishes So you get like early. Courses would be like savory pies and pastries a different soups different stews than moving onto different meats and different sauces than more other different meats and more other different sauces fritters and breads fruits and candies sweet pastries and cheeses. And just just all the things it sounds like all the things yes also as we have talked about in previous episodes feasts around this time tended to be heavily presented Like truly wild display and decoration. Going on none none of all of this all the food. The being the same color on a single individual plate stuff. No Yeah see our aspect episode for lots of examples But like yeah. Like savory jeld molds with a whole roast fish inside and then left with gold and silver to make it look like sparkling there were swimming through sparkling water Like animals roast and other animals roast and other other animals like original duck and stuff Birds served decorated with pastry to resemble their original plumage little. Marzipan figures that were molded to make some kind of weird political statement. That I don't really understand. Yeah you're not really getting that Medieval Times Fair. Yeah that's okay. What is totally a cool? Yeah again the experience and ask for those utensils. People were using them during medieval times. Yeah Yep no they might have shared them with Philo Diners. Maybe spoons were definitely in use And knives also Like even common people would have probably had like a small dagger or knife on their person basically at all times and probably would have used it at the table is kind of an all purpose right to be fair forks as we have discussed were were regarded with suspicion by most of your new the end of the Middle Ages and caused a scandal or two when brides from further south brought them to their wedding. Feasts it's true so the no folks thing is legit. Yeah that's the kind of Plausible yeah the mythbusters scheme of rating things the Roast Chicken. Pretty legit I think that's it. I think I like the no four gross chicken accurate also. We didn't say this but yeah you're eating this chicken like you're digging in with your hands chicken. Yeah so they give you moist towelettes which also not a thing known days that was not prepackaged moisture. Let's definitely we're not a thing at that time. Yeah actually I got to thinking about that much later in too late to really look into it but I've never really thought about the history of Napkins. It clearly something we have to research could be very short people figured out early on. Sometimes you WANNA wipe your hands. You know whatever's around around You can't you can't really know you never know where the research is going to take you. It's true it's true. Yeah I guess that. Sorta just brings us to general like I guess like. Sorta like moral of the story that I wanted to throw in here that we have this idea that that dining and everything in medieval times was kind of crude And I guess like compared with today in some ways it was in some ways it wasn't But a lot of our ideas of what meaningful life was like come from either Really romantic or really like sarcastic. Or an ugly retailing's of history. Both from the late Middle Ages themselves and also from more modern times especially a the victorians really loved retailing's from that era And also a lot of American films From the nineteen fifties and sixties. Yeah I think we definitely have or at least for me a lot of things I think of. And it's not accurate MONTY PYTHON LIKE. Oh sure yeah definitely. They're popular culture things where that's what we see and we think okay. Yeah loses this. Yeah and I mean it's an interesting version of history like I. Are we both love? Game of thrones reha which is historical. I know many times restaurant historical retailing's of the medieval period. They claim on their website that their story is based on a true story from a real family. I did read that and I don't know if that's marketing or not from Spain right. Yeah well but they don't say which one anywhere which makes me. I mean to be fair. There were a lot of royal people in Spain for a long time. So who knows? Maybe it's bits and pieces. Oh Gosh there should really be more of an Islamic element in Medieval Times because Spain during that time would have had lots of Islamic influence. Another inaccuracy on there. You go well if anyone can explain or illuminate the story behind the story that they use that medieval times. Please let us know. We clearly need to get need to get these people on the horn. Oh Gosh I would love to. I would love to. We'll see if we can make that I you know it seems everything that I've read about. It was like either like this is a great ridiculous thing to bring your kids to or this is a great ridiculous thing to be drunk at as an adult with your friends I think both can beat you. Also again just going in knowing the food is fine. It's not the main part of the experience. Yes and and that's not no shade on. There's a lot of people that you're serving all at once. Yeah Oh my gosh. I couldn't feed thirteen hundred people. Yeah at the same time. 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Thank you sponsor. Yes. Thank you And because we ended on just a little bit of like a weird down note before the AD break there. I just wanted to share with you to more positive tidbits about medieval times as I. There is a museum of Torture in the lobby that you can go check out before your dinner because that's good family fund for everybody. Yeah I'm I know I'm using my sarcastic voice when I say that but I kind of genuinely mean it like weird got soul that I am. I right That's A and B any would you would you relate for once more as you did during the break The phone number that you can use to dial medieval times. Well that number would be one eight we joust. We doused still funny even expecting okay. All right Also by the way this is not a sponsor zero percent we are just genuinely completely heck and delighted by the existence of this weird thing. Yeah yeah definitely not a sponsorship. Know if y'all want to reach out let us now. Yes we're right here. We are here and available. Righty clearly anyway anyway. This brings us to listen or murderer. I was unprepared. I should have waived my flag. That's all right Schalk. Lawrence pays listeners was priceless. I'm you know I didn't realize until the other day when I was. I think about these. You Know Oh man Of course you do have to. Yeah I don't think we just started doing it because at the time we couldn't decide on jingle or raining yeah and now it's just a thing. It's like at the end of epic rap battles of history do that. Oh Day he always announcer always says it in some different way. Well that's great so hey. We're not the only the only ones doing this. It has legitimacy in the field. Yes it is a tried and true just unit wrote. I'm writing it again because I have a personal tale about the savory Moshi eaten at New Year's in Japan I used to date a German Japanese guy and for New Year's we would often stay with his mother she had moved to Germany. She retreat as with these amazing traditional Japanese dishes that are eaten for good luck prosperity. And all that good stuff in the included some of the weirdest textures and flavors I have ever experienced one of which was the sticky rice cake wrapped with Nori. She put the little blocks. They reminded me of bigger racers. And the Evan where they puffed up in the weirdest shapes then she wraps them. Nori put the package and a little bowl and spoon. A little off. I believe me so over it. It was hard enough to even grab with Chopsticks. But then holding it strongly enough to bite off a manageable. Chunk was the real challenge while I was trying to chew. They told me those stories out especially old and young people have breathing issues or even die and I was making extra sure. I didn't follow any unjudicial. Jesus most stressful eating experience of my life. Oh stressful eating experiences. Oh Guinness we've all had them. We have certainly certainly. We've had them. Oh Gosh yes we have. I don't think I've ever had one where I was eating. Something I was worried would kill me at that moment later. Maybe yeah yeah like years down the line perhaps but never in the moment. I've never been trying to eat something in thought. We'll boy this is going to be in. This could be the last thing Austin wrote we recently got a new puppy and getting him to sleep through. The night has been ridiculous. I feel you there However I learned that if I play your podcast he'll sleep at first. I thought he just like to hear people talking. But after introducing him to three other podcasts. I found out. He prefers yours as soon as he hears the opening music. He makes his way into my bedroom. Thank you guys for making puppy training a breeze attached below our pictures of the dog Scout. Ps on wanted to name him garlic but it was vetoed. Oh that is so sweet scout high scout. You're such a good dog scout. I you know what we should update our slogan saver preferred by puppies. I like it. I'm not offended at all use. It goes to sleep. No that's great. Oh that's wonderful. Get get sleep however you can exactly. It did remind me of back win. You remember when we had the problem. Advocates there so loud. Oh yeah compared to the rest of pot in so many people wrote in angry at me at the situation saying use your podcast to fall asleep and you wake me up and I would say the most polite way is possible. I really I really truly do but just trying to sleep. Maybe maybe other podcasts. Until we fix this problem which we did and now we're helping puppies you know it's just one puppy at a time up yet a time making the world a better place. Yes yes well. Thanks to both of them for writing. Both we're delights. Oh Gosh And if you would like to write to us we would love to hear from you. Our E mail is hello at SAFERCAR DOT com. 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