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Container Ship That Blocked Suez Canal Finally Sets Sail

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Container Ship That Blocked Suez Canal Finally Sets Sail

"Given is finally sailing again. It blocked global trade after it got stuck for nearly a week in the Suez Canal last spring. Joanna Cock icis reports. Egyptian authorities released it today after agreeing to a compensation deal with its owners. Tugboats escorted the ever given through the canal and onto the Mediterranean Sea. The ship had been docked since being dislodged at the end of March, as the Southwest Canal Authority and ship representatives worked out a compensation deal. Authority chairman Osama Robbie told reporters that the authority will receive the compensation in the next couple of months. He did not specify how much money because the parties have signed a non disclosure agreement. Media reports have put the figure at around 200 million for NPR news. I'm Joanna Cock icis. Wall Street has turned to

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