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"south wrestling sling" Discussed on Busted Open

"XM APP hats off to the NWEA. Hey Stu Bennett. By the way on the microphone. That'll be an interesting thing with him. Doing color now yeah. I'm looking forward to that man and I'm looking forward to storm against allders for the NWEA championship the question. Mark is now my favorite wrestler in two thousand and nine thousand nine Karachay. I love you. Want how Georgia championship wrestling is a question. Mark on honestly like he comes in and I could just see a Gordon solely and a question mark has moving out now and here. He comes in right through the curtain. You GotTa love a question Mark Because that is old schools old school. Nobody knows who the question mark is. And that's you know what that's the essence of wrestling. We're not supposed to be able to go online and find out who the question. Mark is just. Enjoy the question. Artful who he is first of all Jonathan Hood let me praise you on your Gordon solely impersonation and I love the fact he just said I appreciate the question mark for who he is right. Whoever you are whoever he is appreciate the man and I'm glad you said appreciation because we need to appreciate pro? I'm I can't believe I'm actually avenue conversation like I can't believe that you and I like if if if you and I knew. Were doing a show a year ago. We thought we'd be talking about the history of world class championship wrestling or the history of mid South Wrestling Sling. Or maybe we would have booked an interview with B Brian Blair like I. That's what I thought you and I would be doing on a day like this but you know what I this is a conversation. We do need to have seriously because I kind of want to get to the bottom of it. I WANNA understand why fans are taking sides and and and you know Jonathan. I don't know if you get it but like if I'm on the air and I pray W I get I. Alex was S- created photocalls. Last yes on yesterday. Show where somebody was like. I'm S- I'm sucking. Aws Ass. Who is the line that a caller caller us because I praised the show from Wednesday night? And then if I praise and say that I'm a wwe bark. And I'm on Vince McMahon's McMahon's payroll like it's ridiculous. That's why yesterday I just said you know. What my favorite show is Nwea so now now nobody can point the finger of blame name when it comes to anything and W as my favorite show? And it's you know and that kind of puts the end to this whole silly w annex t the argument you made the big reveal yesterday. That surprised me when I was driving the car like all Dave said it there it is he put out there already knew the answer. Because of our phone conversations conversations people have to know by the way this is just a just kind of an extension of me in Dave's foams conversations about wrestling is just now spilled over here on busted open but now you made the big reveal and nobody can mess with you which is great and Jonathan. Come on man. We we wanted this. I mean and listen. This isn't taking anything away from the WWE WWE's a monster but people wanted options and annex t is a third brand for the wwe. That I love. I prefer annex t over smackdown or Monday night raw. I think most of our fans would agree with it. And maybe you're the biggest exte- fan on the face of earth. You love you sleep. Eat and breathe that day. Well what's wrong with then. DVR ING E W and watching. It ended at ten o'clock or watching the next day. I don't understand why everybody has to pick aside because if you remember when we were younger Jonathan like we had to go up against all these people that hated pro wrestling said. Why would you watch that? It's fake what's wrong with you grow up now that we don't have that because pro wrestling is part of pop culture you know. ESPN talks about pro wrestling. So you really don't have that group of people that do it so instead it's like wrestling fans have to fight so now we're gonNA fight amongst each other doesn't make any sense it doesn't. It does not because we you should be able to enjoy a pro wrestling for for what it is. He reminds you when you had all these options back in the day. You you watch everything. It may not have been your cup of tea but you didn't hate read it remember. I'm I'm from Chicago. I come from Virg- TV in the AWA. You know the AWA. The the home of ten thousand squash matches five thousand grade. promos is at one angle a year that this this is where I'm from here watching the Awa you know so you know. I'm I'm watching that on a regular basis and Bob looses wrestling that was on with bruiser and crusher back in the day. Those are the things I'm watching. I'm watching that and other wrestling and enjoying it. Because at least we have that as wrestling fans imagine if there's just one company and and for years just recently with just one company to watch now it gets one of the things to watch us really fun as a wrestling fan and like with A. W you're you're getting also Jim Ross or getting Tony Chevanton. You have Chris Jericho you have Jon. Moxley cities are faces. You're familiar with and if you're and and if if you're an eighty w loyalists and you know you've got tired of the wwe way and the way wwe does stings. And how it's gotten stale will you can't say that about annex not so like maybe you're not happy with raw or smackdown but annexed completely different animal. You know so I again. I don't understand the hey well look at it from this point from Annex T. I understand why someone would be an annex t fan because it looks and smells and breeds. He's like pro wrestling. Because triple h hands are on it I I love an xt and really enjoy watching. Because if they pro wrestling show no frills. I know silliness. No bad writing is just professional wrestling. Same Awa W has has got a lot of elements of old all school wrestling in it. In which you have longer matches which I have no problem with I have no problem with longer matches especially when you have a thin roster but what we're seeing here is we're seeing in quality rustler's like Moxley and pock and cody and Jericho and by the way. Just just between you and I the real money is is in Ray Phoenix as a singles there. There's a guy that is exciting to watch the real money of Jericho against Phoenix. So so on both sides. When you have AWA champion the only spear infant valor and Keith Lee and and Finn Baylor again? Both rosters are filled with quality. And we haven't even talked about Ron smackdown smackdown because we don't have to on Wednesday nights we've got quality and it's great. Yeah and again if you don't like raw smackdown that's fine. It's funny to people who hate on at the MOS. Those are the people who still watch it every Monday and Friday. But you know if that's not your if that's not your thing and you know you're not a wwe Wfan then enjoy what you do watch but don't hate on the people who do enjoy watching. WWE and at the end of the day. It's all pro wrestling US fans hands and you and I are fans at the end of the day. I mean I know I know we're media members but we're fans at the end of the day like we need to band together we we're we're all in this together so let's celebrate pro wrestling and like that sixty six year old man that took forever to get his point across. You know fairly and I mean many times running out on the guy for God's sakes you got other things to do get your free can point across and move on but God that you made the phone call like this is probably the best era of pro wrestling so you know what celebrate it. Enjoy it because five years ago..

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