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"Have been steadily rising, and some parts of Louisiana now have no more room available in hospitals. W W. WELLS, Chris Miller reports it's disrupting healthcare across the state in South Shore, metro New Orleans, Both overall capacity and intensive care units are about 2/3 full. It's even worse in other regions were quickly running out of space. Dr Amanda Local Lafayette general says they had to send some patients to other region That's not normal for us. And Dr Henry Kaufman of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Lafayette says they're telling patients to put off elective surgeries, and he's not just talking about nose jobs. This means that if your cardiologists has recommended that you undergo a heart bypass, that is not going to happen right now, Chris Miller, WWL first new hospitals and Greater New Orleans around 2/3 capacity they've been taken. King in patients from other parts of the state. That air overwhelmed Louisiana hit a Corona virus. Milestone as we hear from WWL TV is Katie. More states have passed 100,000 cases were the step 12 state to reach that sobering number. And just a note. It took us a little more than three months to reach 50,000 cases. Think about this. We added 50,000 Mawr in just one month. It's important to remember that we're testing a lot more now. But that's still a really big increase in cases in just a short period of time at Doyle on the WWL State Capital Bureau has reaction from Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards, Edwards says that milestone is alarming. In our current case growth is concerning, but we've been here before. If we can get universal compliance, we can actually flatten the curve, and he reiterated his frustration with the social media conspiracy theory. It accuses the state of including repeated tests from one person in that count. It is grossly irresponsible for people to be spreading misinformation about that to try to minimize how serious this situation is. I'm mad Doyle. CBS News update. President Trump has looked at the latest Corona virus numbers and canceled next month's Republican National Convention scheduled for Jacksonville. Correspondent David Beg. No. Florida set a single day record for the number of deaths yesterday, and so did California. The CDC is now saying that over the next four weeks, the states with the greatest likelihood for a large number of deaths are the following.

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