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"south sang mahn" Discussed on WGN Radio

"South Sang mahn just north of 60th, and also a Niles and accident, Dempster in Harlem and in Elgin at Dundee and North Avenue. Tara Vanderbilt to be key in traffic Central, the Department of Justice says it's identified at least 160 subjects involved in illegal activity during the right at the U. S Capitol building, and they expect hundreds more. They've already arrested 70 people and are asking more people to come forward or they will come knocking on their doors. They're sifting through hundreds of thousands of tips and pieces of evidence. Meanwhile, President Trump is criticizing the supporters who stormed the capital. Trump told reporters in South Texas. His administration is about supporting law and order and the halls of government. He also called on people to respect law enforcement and to be peaceful. Earlier today, when asked about his speech given to protesters before the siege, he said it was totally appropriate. Just hours the house will vote on possibly removing President Trump from office. The resolution calls on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment. If it passes, the Cabinet would have up to 24 hours to declare trump incapable of carrying out his duties. WGN SPORTS Chicago Blackhawks coach Jeremy Colton agreed to a two year contract extension. This is his third year, the third season leading the team. The Blackhawks Open the season tomorrow in Tampa Bay. You can catch all the action here on 7 20 WG and and tonight's Bull's game against the Celtics has been postponed because of covert 19 safety protocols. The forecast from the Perma Seal Weather Center today. Partly sunny temperatures in the mid thirties tonight mostly cloudy We dropped to the upper twenties and then tomorrow mostly cloudy temps back in the upper thirties. Your money on WGN. The Dow is up 62 points and NASDAQ up 28 points. S and P 500 up a third of a point. It's 39 degrees at Midway, 36 in Rockford and 37 degrees on the lakefront. I'm Lauren Lap on Chicago's very own 7, 20, w G and Hmm. 2 32 w G, and it's an A D here and this consumer electronic.

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