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"south marty" Discussed on The Big Story

"June bentiu. The big story the podcast. Maybe the headline making news for you. And i'm your host and let's round of talks between. The two countries comes on the heels of repeated intrusions by chinese troops in the basement starting from thirty first august more than one hundred billion soldiers entered attractions bara hoodie region according to hindustan times report. The bela troops damaged a footbridge before retreating to the side and then on twenty september over one hundred fifty soldiers entered a not petitions young. Say near the devan region and according to an inexpensive even had a minor altercation with the indian troops now coming back to the talks both sides blame the other for the failure. The indian delegation the proteins under the talks was led by left in general begic men and major general. Lewellen that the chinese side. This of talks was focused on hot springs area. Also known as patrolling point. Fifteen or fifteen because last fiction point the manami wants to dissolve as disengagement has been completed in the other areas according to the statement. It made gordon good. Constructive suggestions and emphasize that resolution of the remaining areas would facilitate progress in bilateral relations. However china's defense ministry in a statement released just a few hours after the meeting slammed india for persisting in its gordon court unreasonable and unrealistic demands which added difficulties to the negotiations and in global times which is china's communist party mouthpiece. A statement read that india. Putin could not get the bottle debate. Once and that. If gordon good india starts award it will definitely lose. She concord policies that china statements reflect a breakdown in communications between the two sides given that notes regarding statements are exchange well before they're published reminding these not right extreme positions be barely statement the unreasonable unrealistic expectations of india and bill more caustic comments from the google. Times would stay tune about Thirteen will not a border. There wants to and also the current state of affairs on the motor in the past one and a half years so be it reflects to breakdown in communication between the tool in gender the north on exchange well before and soybean surprising they have used these wars which means there is a problem in communication between the two sides so that it was a very significant common rover times has made which means days no going back on wing back on china's strength so the statement from lower times was new delhi needs to be clear about one thing to get the border the way it wants If it starts award it. We definitely loads any political. Maneuvering and pressure will be more by china. So that comment Indicates that Betty's no further discussion on that issue. They want to start from his strenght. Points and previous escort commander level talks. Both sides agreed to back down and four out of the sixth section points which be fourteen in golden valley seventeen eighteen gocha post and the de escalation of patrolling troops on the north and southbound sipping also. Now be fifteen. Which is the hot springs. Area of been a point of contention previous talks well. According to an inexpensive both from april china had agreed to pull back troops but then later refused to vacate data however boots is in april agreed to reduce the troops sense from a company level which is about one hundred one twenty soldiers to platoon level. Which is around thirty soldiers along with military vehicles according to an inexpensive put. Bp fifteen was an important post even during the nineteen sixty two conflict where it served as a company headquarters for the minami and that report for the states that people fifteen is an area in which both sides agreed on the alignment of the so. Why is john refusing to budge on the hot springs area. What strategic significance doesn't hold mr kondapalli basin and you remember the b. Since march april last year the tension points on the lawn engine points at hot springs. Attention points for because there were frequent Rhinestones and then on june fifteenth. You had these bob. Wide fencing bats and the state of the the nails started You know acts and of course there were also these reportable starring role insane. You know smashing hits the springs here. The ordinances geopolitical location. Because that would have given passages to be salt boned and did not gone northbound tour debut. Donut bay gordy and solve bone ports. The uncle so so it is strategically located in two directions. Not insult Is important because from debut the foothills of the karakoram ranges darkies petrol. Point one to ten of those points have to be affected by the by the military moments so the road that was built between a double shock and the debu not that rolls up to the karakoram ranges the southern foothills of the karakoram ranges so hard spring is midday and so it would have equal kind of equidistant between the not and the south marty's strategic significance of our things Because the chinese oxford in advocating this so it would have consequences for applying towards if there is a situation in debut on our will incomes of the karakoram ranges. china's reluctance to disengage hot springs is concerning given that it has now started building infrastructure on their side of the bottle on the eve of the meeting army chief-of-staff general nominee at an the conclave. Said that the belda by china in the eastern deduct region is a matter of concern and signals that they are gordon. Code here to stay. Boots is currently have fifty thousand to sixty thousand troops each along with auto guns air defense assets and tanks at the border responding to a question. Gentlemen ravening added that the build up of forces along the border suggests that the chinese are hugh to stay for a second continues window and that couldn't could be be a kind of a line of control situation similar to the india-pakistan bottle. Mr kondapally agrees militarized. In in winter. Months is a possibility but believes that. India and china and not be able to afford the heavy troop deployment and military resources revived for long-term their teams to be short view. I believe me be headed in their direction. Bartended medium to long-term. I do not think china can afford this. India can afford this to amply militarize the water areas. It's not practical..

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