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"south herb" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"south herb" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Find us fast and shop us last dot com. 5 23 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic dog, the threes. Oh, sure, we've had some trouble, Mike, but it hasn't been a terrible commute today. Compared to yesterday. Things were great, then Yeah, There's no snow on the highways and for the most part here, so things are good. I gotta keep an eye on the expressway here, South found was wide open coming out of this city. But now looks like it's slow going down past Mass. Avon's South Bay. That's really the worst of it coming out of the city. It's it's good on the bottom and North bound looks fine. Coming up past Columbia Road and the Mass Pike exit on your way up to the tunnel. Route three South bounds clear. It's been good all afternoon. It's still wide open down past route 53 the lower ends of 1 28 93. They're fine between say Newton and Braintree and routes 24 95 South Herb. Also doing pretty well. Let's check that upper end everyone. 28 Now. Overhead is the WBC news radio traffic copter. You're up around the Burlington mall right now. And things are good here anyway, Someone told you that North but where you are going to run into some brake lights is just ahead up around 3, 38, the cinemas and Wilbert, You'll be in that up toward the cloverleaf that everything busts loose and you're flying right along all the way up to keep them if you want to go that far Christian that in the WBC news radio traffic copter Elsewhere up to the north. Things were fine. Route One is an easy ride a pastor Lynnfield Tunnel roots 3 93 North are both much better than usual up towards 4 95 downtown. I don't see any delays. Really? Well, I take that back delivered up. Grandpa's really slow getting up to 93. But the lower deck the tube in bridge the airport tunnels were all fine. And the mass turnpike? Yeah, trouble free as well. My king WBC's traffic on the threes. Now we get a check of the four day WBC active weather forecast that has brought to us by Commonwealth Motors. Brian Thompson joins us and the big chill. It's not just a movie from the early eighties. It's coming our way..

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