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Severe Thunderstorm Warnings For Parts Of Washington, DC Area

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01:45 min | 2 years ago

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings For Parts Of Washington, DC Area

"Severe thunderstorms popping up in central Maryland. Let's go to storm Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter News era. It is an isolated thunderstorm, but it is a severe is produced some wind damage near the city of Frederick a short time ago. The latest severe thunderstorm warnings in effect has been extended southeastward from the city of Frederick, affecting northwestern Howard County, South Central Carroll County. In North Central Montgomery County and the rest of southeastern Frederick County stated until 6 15. Now there's AH, one area particular of concern very close to Newmarket and Green Valley. Parts of Maryland route 75 there where there might be inch diameter Hail falling right now on some of those locations, a cz Wella some 60 mile per hour wind gust, causing some tree damage in that area. But as for the city of Frederick itself, it looks like there's just some light showers and some lightning left over. Right now from the storm areas that are affected by the extended severe thunderstorm. Warning include Damascus in Clarksburg are Bana Woodfield. Layton's Ville Sunshine extends down to Montgomery Village basically kind of parallels Georgia Avenue route 97 up into parts of South Central Carroll County near the Sykesville area, just to the north north of a brook, Phil, and only again, this warning continues until 6 15 as the storm continues to move to the Southeast. And about 20 MPH. So if you're in those areas that I just mentioned to be ready, you'll probably be getting this severe thunderstorm in the next 15 to 20 minutes. There's some non severe thunderstorms. Heavy showers in parts of extreme northern Loudon County right now, not much else happening in the district for the time being or in the rest of Maryland. But we'll keep an eye on things as it continues to be a very warm and very humid day. Again. Not that severe thunderstorm warning continues until 6 15 will have the full storm team for 40 forecast coming up the next weather on the eight Sarah.

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