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"south bell rock creek parkway" Discussed on WTOP

"Sold separately may be required for extended coverage. Restrictions apply. It's a 38 traffic and weather on the aid. Senorita Kessler in the W. T o P Traffic Center in Maryland. We still have a major backup on southbound to 70 coming from Father Holy Boulevard all the way toward 3 72 problems before three 71st the crash. That's been there quite some time involving a vehicle on its side. It is at least one right lane getting you buy might be two right lanes getting you by the crash, but then before 3 70, But after the crash, it was a broken down vehicle reported in The right lane. So first you're getting back to the right Then you're getting back to the left to get past everything. Once you get past 3 70, it looks good to the lane Divide on either loop of the Beltway on the Beltway itself, outer loop topside slow from New Hampshire Avenue around toward Georgia Avenue, seeing a little bit of a delay on the interlude crossing the American Legion Bridge and the delay on the interlude coming into Virginia from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Alexandria, with nothing reported as well Now in the district, South Bell Rock Creek Parkway still closed in the area of Beach Drive for the crash, clean up and in Investigation. Callers are reporting you could get onto the South Bell Rock Creek Parkway from Massachusetts Avenue. So keep that in mind. Also, inbound Clara Barton Parkway had been slow headed toward Canal Road in the chain bridge. The lights were short timing at that point, back in Maryland, south down Route one near Main Street. The left side is blocked with some sort of emergency work while in Virginia eastbound 66, a little heavy headed toward 20 in Centerville, But the crashes over on the right shoulder North 95 hasn't really been much trouble this morning. Just some volume north beyond from the City in the Woodbridge and again getting into Newington. But it is southbound 95 near the Prince William Parkway. That crash reported on the right shoulder. With delays coming across the Arctic Juan southbound 29 between 50 and Main Street. The right lane is bought with the paving work. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o P. Traffic. Mike Stanford's got our forecast. There will be a slight chance for shower this morning. Most of us stay dry later today, partly something and McGee And this afternoon, some storms will develop.

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