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"south australian alien police" Discussed on Crime Junkie

"S. Plus sales sales. When did you see the sign? Hello Hello Harry on the wrong Zone can we ask them. What and so's all sales are get along and from Dole's did you hear a noise? It really shy and Yukon. Sure Offense Austin she was conscious plus now I know that audio is a little rough to here so just to summarize Hayden said that basically. He saw three kids. It's at his family's House on the day that the Beaumont kids disappear and one was drastically shorter than the other two and that would match because Jane and Arno I know we're kind of close in height ish and grant was much shorter being the youngest. Then he says they were gone the front doors wide open. And here's later that day or at some point that day for gunshots. Okay but that doesn't mean anything because he said he heard gunshots all the time right right. No that's that's totally accurate but later that same interview Hayden says that he saw hairy putting some big like pvc bags in the trunk of his car. which again again at? The time didn't seem weird to him. Because it's how Harry would transport his satin dresses to other properties he owned and he said you know to be very clear like I never the children leave the house which by the way I haven't mentioned this get. His house just happens to be within a very easy walking distance of Kali Reserve and Leonel Beach now Hayden believes that the kids were buried at Harry's factory in what he calls a sandpit now here he's factory again very close to everything we're talking about. It was just a short drive from the beach. Does Harry have any resemblance to the sketch. Brett be resemblance. This is an canny. I WanNa send you this gift so we took a video that Australia's seven news made and we made it into a gift and and it is the sketch image. And then it kind of morphs into Harry's picture hang on hang on just a second year GONNA you're GONNA flip. Oh my God that is right eerie. Like obviously he's older than the sketch but he would be will exit. Here's a big Harry was forty eight in one thousand nine sixty six so it's a little bit older but he kept himself in really good shape and so he actually always looked much younger than he was. Honestly the easiest thing for me is the hairline is yeah. He's got that like dental forehead. The hairline spot on he does have kind of a long taste. Yeah and like big shapes the nose shape. This is creepy. We talked about it a lot. Where sketches look really really really similar to suspects but honestly I think this is the most accurate one I've ever seen especially for to me? You Know Ah. The sketch has like some prominent forehead in the long face but it also it can be kind of vague but my goodness is a close. So we're GONNA. I'll put put this gift on our instagram. If you guys need to see it you need to see it. A criminal podcast that on instagram. But despite all of the coincidences so far the South Australia police declined to get too involved. When Allan Stewart I get in touch and this is back in two thousand and seven? I mean Harry's been dead for years at this point points. It's not like they can really arrest him and they kind of like you know. We've got a ton of active cases to work on so according to the Satin Man Book. Police say that they've already ready. Reviewed their evidence and talk to Harry's widow which was his second wife and found that she's a dead end. But Allan Stewart decide to talk to her anyways waist now. She was Harry's housekeeper before they got married and also took care of him after his health started to really decline so she had a front row seat into his weird fetishes. Now I wasn't able to verify her real name like with the other people so I'll just call her normal like they do in the book so Stewart Arranges a meeting with Norma Arma who still lives in the same house in Glen L. and he goes to talk to her now right away. Norma does two things that he finds first first. She denies ever talking to the South Australia. Police and she brings up the Adelaide. Oval disappearances completely Lee unprovoked in relation to the Beaumont's. Now she's really friendly and welcoming though like happy to talk about Harry. Happy to show Stewart all over the house and and she takes him in the basement as part of their tour and he catches sight of something really strange down there a little wight children's purse. A purse would very much like the one Jane. Beaumont had the David. She banished so stewart. Asked her about the purse without necessarily mentioning. Why he's interested or or that it's connected? Jane and Norma gets kind of upset and says back just bought it at a thrift store which is kind of weird for a woman her age like they kind of point out that she's got a lot of means she's pretty wealthy like like. Why is she buying a child's purse at a thrift store? So they tell police about this but by the time police are alerted and they get to the house not they they are exactly norma claims to have thrown the purse away and it is never seen again. Okay that's so shady though like if you just bought it or bought it in general and it was just hanging around your house like why all of a sudden would you just pitch it. I mean that's exactly what I thought too. But without the pursed I though police are forced to return to seeing norma as a dead and yet again years pass Allan Stewart continue new their research and once the satin man is published in two thousand thirteen. Even more people come forward and once again this kind of stirs like all of the public interest. It's completely renewed and this time all the renewed interest like they actually have a person of interest in their sights and they can maybe now use. WHO's new technology to try and locate the children and this new technology reveal something that may finally thaw this cold case? The South Australian Alien Police used ground penetrating radar technology to search around Harry's old factory in Adelaide. The one that Hayden thought that he had buried the kids. Ah The search according to Nigel Hunt. The advertiser newspaper turns up an anomaly in the soil which can indicate that it's moved or that's something or someone is buried there so armed with that precise location police now get involved. And they excavate a one one square meter space in search of anything definitively tie Harry to the Beaumont children but like so many times before this dig turns up nothing. I like the families of these kids have just seen so much like hope. That's dashed and then hope that's dash like Do they have any family members around like their parents like this is fifty years out. Oh yes so. They're actually at the time that this happened. They're still alive and still in Adelaide and in fact. That's actually one of the reasons that police really start looking into Harry as a suspect because they wanNA give Jim Nancy some closure after all all of these years of waiting for the Truth and truth is kind of an odd thing though because even when it's hidden in the darkest family secrets like those of a man like Harry very it begins succumb out eventually so the allegations of his horrific sexual deviancy take on a new life in January two thousand eighteen when when Australian TV premieres a new feature called Seven News Investigates Beaumont Children. What really happened? And a woman who chooses to remain anonymous identifies Harry as the man who brutally raped her in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine. When she was fourteen years old at the time she was living living with her family right near Harry's factory and she kept quiet for the same reason as Hayden and so many other sexual assault victims? She was shameful about what happened happened. She had a fear of him. Maybe fear that no one would believe her but again since Harry's dead all the physical evidence of sexual assault is long long gone. There's nothing for police to investigate. Really Her story just kind of corroborates that he wasn't a good guy but this the same seven news documentary does bring forward something that they can look into because a man named David who was a teenager back in sixty sixty six when the Beaumont's disappeared comes forward and tells the investigators or producers of this show that once he did a unique. The job for Harry David Says Harry hired him and his older brother. Robin to dig a hole at the castaway grounds behind.

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