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PS4's 'Next Wave' of Exclusive Games Has Us Excited - Beyond 564


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PS4's 'Next Wave' of Exclusive Games Has Us Excited - Beyond 564

"This episode of beyond is brought to you by for him Stott com. F O R H I M S dot com. Not. Beyond beyond man. It's nice to hear you say that beyond an Hello everyone. My name is John dormer. Shame your host for this episode beyond episode five hundred sixty four I am joined by. Yeah. It's going almighty joined by a big fan of the show from back in the big beyond one hundred Greg Miller. Hey, how you kind of funny, and formerly of beyond of course, in Jan how how're you doing great. I'm great. How are you? I'm doing graduations getting to be the host the podcast. Thank you so much why invited myself on wait a second new full-time host. I gotta come in. Exactly see how Betty is. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. See Chris Roper when you hosts this show a day in your life. No. But I liked him so much. No. Thank you. All right Rover. What seems like a good guy. Greg first of all you so much for being on the show coming on as we've had a little bit of this changing of the guard. I've mentioned the show a lot, and I've mentioned to you. I listen to be on since day one. So it is an honor to have the good in the bed. Do when it was who when we had years and years and years and years ago Brian into Horon when he got hired as community manager. He saw that the other day. Yeah. When the Spiderman release stuff it just happened fan. Tweeden me and was like, hey league. It's crazy. I just heard the spoiler cash with you guys and Brian on kind of funny. And then I went back, and I was listening to my beyond archive for my Jeannin ran into his I don't remember ever any sent me the MP three and it's like early. It's me, it's Roper. It's Jeff it's commence already left in like that's the past. And I listen to this show. And I'm like, why did anyone listen to show the like minute and a half is all the same beyond over and over again voices, and it was just like a minute and a half and who had this much time back then of you guys could record for. Like two hours, and I would listen happily from time. Thank you, whatever reason Napoli. But no. And I still obviously listen to a lot of and watch great kind of funny stuff today. How are things going over kind of funny? Other great. No. I mean, it's just like you guys. You know, here we are leading into the holiday rush every games coming out. And we're all stressed out. Trying to play them all on top of now, it's you know, the added thing of running the business and having employees, and then we decided to throw a showcase and making it easier on yourself wine showcase. They used to be nice and quiet right after black Friday. Now, we decided that wasn't good enough earth. Yeah. I I love that. You guys are doing that. And I do definitely want to talk about it a little show. I think that is fun way to we've talked a little bit about the not having a PS X this year and have that thing especially to celebrate a lot of the indie devs who won't have that spotlight on him. Yeah. Hundred is an awesome thing to be doing the community. We do. Of course, have a ton of PlayStation stuff to talk about this week as well. Do we still talk about a little bit every now? And then the first thing I want to jump into a recent PlayStation blog post about the next wave of PS four games. They talked a little bit about I don't know how to pronounce it derosena. Trust me. You do not want to go to view. I remember the show. Okay. Why we have that coming? We have everybody's golfie. The are coming out. Wait, I'm Shannon. Wait. We also will have concrete genie coming and read cannot wait cannot ways that press release. Also that blog post also revealed the day's gone has been delayed to April twenty six out of the very busy February twenty. What a clever way to package. All these first four days. Yeah. Well, so first of all about that delay a little bit. I personally, I think the delays just a smart business sense of like that day is already packed as could be one hundred percent. And why put out a game that I think like PlayStation audience you've seen some excitement from. But I think compared to something like the last of us are strengthening a more tempered, even what it be coming out against competition wise and foam like there's more excitement for anthem than days. Go division two's a couple of weeks later. There's more excitement for division to crack down. I don't know what the excitement level is. But there's a lot of interest. Yeah. Exactly, exactly. I think it's supposed to be playable later this year. So when very curious to see. Very curious to see that. I think it's probably the best thing that could happen for percent, especially we haven't seen out of the game in for recover this year. We haven't really seen a ton from it. Did you play any three hundred? No actually didn't get to play. I played a judge leading up to three. And I know I'm Greg Miller, you know, PlayStation, Sony, pony. And all that, of course. But like I was on fan too. And almost and I know Sam I know Sony Bannon beyond fan, I should be all in on the game. But when they when they did the, you know, the showcases they had done before of just showing at e three here's the trailer. It was like, okay. It's his ambi- game. What separates? I don't really get it playing. It was like, oh, you know, what like this world seems like want to free roam in this. You know, I was riding the motorcycle insurance fighting the tweezers, whatever. But then going in I was driving, and I saw his line across the road and thought it was like a glitch. So I stopped, but it wasn't. It was a trip wire. And then these dudes ran at me, and I killed them. And then ran it was like, oh, this is a world letting that's the best thing. Never say for an open world game. Is that I just wanna walk in that direction. Yeah. What am I going to find? If I wander off in that direction. It seems like an obviously there is that three conference a couple years ago where they had the two showcases where like ended began days gone. I feel like it is a game that doesn't probably demo as well as it will be to play five hours of it. And that's gonna be the big thing is like playing and talking to people who played it. We were all like, oh, you know, what that was cool. That's the way I think that's got a spread not organically. But it needs to be spread. And it's not gonna spread if it's if it's surrounded by everything else. Trying to exactly twenty second. Yeah. We could say, oh, there's the surprisingly deep emotional story that we love in the amazing things to explore on this world. And people will be like. Yeah. But I can be ironman, right? Yeah. Exactly it fly in and go right underwater. Pretty cool. Yeah. So I understand the reasons for moving it. Shot to them for being honest about their blog post was like, hey, you know, we we would have been on time. But it's a crowded date in we're going to push to give more time to polish, but also because we don't wanna compete on that level, and we want this thing to have a shot. Yeah. I love we're seeing that more and more of just game companies being honest of the realities of working this business, and I think it's all for the better generally in the messaging all these things, and I feel like that's a PlayStation. We haven't seen the while they having maybe name changes might be the most recent example, outside of this. But before then there was concern of did we see the hubris of the PlayStation two air that led to the downturn in PS three launch coming around and PlayStation four because PlayStation, four launches and Sony's hungry, and they get it. We're machine for gamers, and we're gonna talk straight to you as a gamer. I'm Mark Cerny. This is Adam boys that shoe, that's. Lorcy? This isn't that? Everything they right to you. And then we've seen three go back to being. Hey, I'm Shawn lane. Here's much. Awesome trailers amazing things you wanna see now putting the human face fronts. It's definitely been more about the games. And don't get me wrong. Those games deserve the spotlight when you're able to have that human connection. I think it engages the audience so much more. The thing we struggle with in the game industry is reminding people that yet humans are behind all of this. Yes. So yeah, it's easy to hate the the big PlayStation brand or the corporation, whether it be Microsoft, XBox intendo. But actually have a person attached to that's helpful. And it's a great when you need to blame. Someone shared have that person right there, of course, right to Twitter. Exactly. It's a wonderful place. But also wanted to talk about some of those games that are coming up in it. I think I haven't gotten to play place. I was curious your thoughts on concrete genie, especially because it was at its first prominent showing was at that that you are a part of everything how do you feel about this game? Because I feel like it's a little bit under the radar the radar. And I think just looking at it. Right. You can see why. Yes, it's it's a funky artsy game, which PlayStation, I think in the used to be known for right? That was the bread and butter in a lotta ways in something. You don't see as much anymore in PlayStation for I'm fascinated by it. I think it looks really cool when you talk to them about it. It's. Deeper than what they've shown exciting. Look like, okay. I get it like basic problem solving the monster on the wall in the monsters gonna let me advance the next station. They say there's more of it the developers. So I'm interested in work with a guy named coup, Greg. He's very interested in he'll be giving you all sorts of takes on it. But it seems like a chill game right and expect from his team. Yeah. I'm excited for I hope they put it out at a time when it can be given a chance we don't have official release date that they ring and went in spring is not new video game industry. When in spring is not going to be crowded. Yeah. I honestly, I think pushing it a little bit even toward the summer would be a good idea of mortgage. You'd have a good time for it. I and we're also seeing we've seen a continued push more and more than I do want to get your thoughts on this. Because there is a dedicated beyond group who loves PlayStation VR. Yes, I've I've been a recent convert of sort of going full time into it. I played with it occasionally here and there and just like the recent string of games I've been playing like playing firewall attribute is incredible and dip. Dipping into these games and more coming. I love the episodes. They're giving it and have you tried out derosena or everybody's golfing VR. I haven't under seen a in. Then everybody's golf VR. Has it had a showing we've been around. I'm sure it was I wanna say it was at that show. Yeah. I would've loved him play that something else. So no, I haven't done it. But I'm a huge believer in PlayStation VR. I've been so happy with the PlayStation VR roll out so far because you know, being twelve years in the industry covering PlayStation, the whole time I'm used to seeing and be like, hey, it's PlayStation move. All right. We're fading away from it vita like they give it for a little bit. And then go away. And I think PlayStation VR is one of the best message devices slash hardware, ever put out where they did the rounds. And it was hey, everybody. We believe in this tech, except it's Jen one. And that's like right now, we're in the place they should wear that would be like us launching PS one right now. So if you're going to buy it, you need to believe in it and understood. Sand where we're at and where we wanna go with what your help could do. And when they said that off it and not do it. Yeah. They didn't. And then on top of that the audience that bought it believed the message. Yes, it's funny to be talking about beyond. Right. I remember when we started beyond we started during the PlayStation three era, and it was when XBox was running shot. All every PlayStation decision was terrible. So you had this hardcore community that was like, hey, I love PlayStation. I love that. He's mistake. And so right now in the PlayStation ecosystem, I feel like that's PlayStation VR where when you go to the PS VR sub read it, right? It's people every day coming on and be like I joined the club. I bought it. I'm super stoked and it's people being excited. And I'm not saying that doesn't exist everywhere else in video games, but it is like a pretty purely positive place. And it is also like in granted, I think some of that's, you know, the community of beyond the community of kind of funny that we've we all champion. No be a good person be best friend tell developers that you love them. Right. But on the VR. Sub Reddit you have people telling developers developers coming in and talking straight to the community like in the same way. Vida had a small, quote, unquote, install base, but very dedicated install base. It's the same thing you hear like people who buy PlayStation VR by places should be our games. And so the fact that Sony sees that, and I would say a lot of ways even compared to Oculus and HD see haven't backed off. Right. They maybe they didn't do like pedal to the metal Oculus did when they were first getting going, and we're going to be the next big. Yeah. They've been consistent steady. And I think that pays off in the while. You're still seeing great stuff come out and let alone tetris effect this year. The year of PlayStation, VR isn't even done is pretty incredible to what they have still coming up like you were saying, and I think this said around the second aniversary announcements or when they announced they hit a certain sales goal. They talked about and the attach rate is essentially six to one is so unheard of these days. Yeah. Every person who's buying is buying. I was talking to on of funny gaily, but I was bringing up the phone. Conversation about like why this one multiplayer game. Or why this oh, what is the place? Playstation should be game. They just now borderlands multiplayer. And I was like that's such a weird move. My coast was like, well, you know, it's VR game. What's the installation? I'm like I would have bought that kind of up until firewall like firewall. I've never gave you get on. And everybody's excited to play even rec room. I when I played Reverend with people or when I play record. I'd find people to play with sprint vector, another great one. Yeah. If feels like the borderlands thing may be. Yeah. I don't know if it's technical limitations are worries or what? But it was an interesting choice to see especially for a game. That is so coop. Yes. And I would imagine for borderlands. It was just what we want to put into based on what we're and get out of it like running a server worrying about online lag infrastructure, yada, yada, yada. It's probably easier to to make the game for VR and put it out that there's so much more to it than just yet. But everyone can play. Yeah. There's there's a difficult there. I do love seeing. I'm here for you. What are do you think makes great VR? Our experience one for yourself. But one that you can also show people to make into this because we're seeing things like tetris effect coming derosena. It looks like it's not going to be too heavy on the game play mechanics. I think it would be something you could probably get someone less familiar with games. And sure what do you think makes that? I mean, what makes a good place a good VR game. Right. And I can only really speak for position VR is right now taking the experience you already know in just tweaking it slightly, right? Like, what do you think of standouts recently? Right moss. When I asked her about, right? And these are games that you're still using the traditional controller. It's what you know. But your field of you, right? Leaning into a scene in looking around. You know, an astronaut or moss standing up and looking a little bit over there and finding the collectible like that's cool and easier to wrap your head around. Then, hey, I'm like in a rise of the tomb raider. Hey now, you can explore Croft manner. And I was like awesome. When I put on music Carson. Okay. This feel so weird taking a game for these baby steps were still making VR taking a game people understand. But then twisting just enough where they go. Oh my gosh. I couldn't do this without VR. That's red. Yeah. And then the experienced games of terms of what to show people. That's I think what you've seen already experienced games where it is. Like, I, you know, my friend PO was in town on my showed my mom when gen nights friends in town. It was like oh my gosh. All right. Mom, try Batman. All right. We're gonna do a diner duo VR together. Right. One person cooks and one person delivers now we're doing super hot like these are the games you jump in. People are sweating and they're like, oh my gosh. This is so crazy and amazing. But they don't wanna necessarily do for eight hours. Totally sit there for an entire afternoon. Play astronaut and be fine. Yeah. Super hot is that one run events. Like, all right. I'm gonna need a break. Yeah. I yeah. My girlfriend. She does not love VR. She gets motion sick very easily from it just has never really wanted to get into it. But when I was playing astronaut she's like fine to the headset and disappear for an hour or two. But she was immediately. No, you're missing the thing over this using their watching. She didn't wanna put on the headset. But she was invested in like, oh, this is unique wit sort of for my wife is complete opposite experience where I put it on like go ahead and do it. And then it was like, oh my God put on headphones. These astronauts, the most annoying. Oh, yes, sir. Sorry understand. Yeah. She definitely made me put on headphones eventually. But at least she was interested in I. Exactly, they talked about in this blog post about how sort of this is the next wave. This is essentially looking for in my mind, everything before three next year. You're like the biggest they can confirm. We're going to happen. We don't really know when the dreams beta will truly be at this point if well what it was supposed to be two summers ago. We've originally Andrew Goldfarb, and I keep looking every time we write about dreams of how many dreams beta announced in delayed posts have they rarely delay them. We're gonna do this summer. Kind of goes away. Yeah. It's it's a very weird thing. But I hope we eventually see more of that sometime early next year to been having a huge reveal of it from the game informer cover right now cure Seymour that microphone for you is what do you think this means for the other big PlayStation worldwide studios games that oh sure for. So last bus goes to Shema de-stressing is not a worldwide studios game. But obviously, it's sort of big temple. But at least for those first two, what do you think this means for their release wise, where we I think it I stand by Ivan saying last of us is going to be a ways out, and I know I always get back rush. Whenever talk about it. 'cause people want to believe, and I wanna believe it to I'll take possibly give it to me, Mr. Druckman. But I mean, I feel like it's got to be twenty twenty at the earliest, right? And that's where I've always kind of and saying I think it's gonna shake out but to have days gone push deeper at April. I'm not so many people like two games in the year. It's like well one of them's last of us. But I also feel like well one of them being last of steps on the tail this game would possibly have going into the holidays. So why would you do that? Maybe spring twenty twenty even then you've distanced yourself far enough away from ghosts Shimazu. Great question. I'd love to believe that one's a fall game next year. But I really do feel you see it. Right. Playstations totally in this one. It's done. It's done. We're not gonna rush. She we're not gonna do it. And I think. Gosta shema. I'm ready to play. That's the biggest thing about it. Right. Where I think we've seen cool demos. I want you probably behind closed doors at three and eight FOX paused. A and spun it in the Bryans talking about stuff, all that's RAD. But I'm ready to hold it and see what it actually controls and feels like I don't even know how many more times they want to show that you'd think a big one more time he three hopefully. Yeah, I want that to be game where we see it for four conferences. Exactly ruin sort of the mystery of what that could be hundreds. I think it's interesting seeing there's been like a lot of people being like are we going to see these as cross generational game? Yeah. Comes out of the Talon probably also on whatever the PS five is I think will likely get the case of that. I agree with you. I hadn't really thought about it. But you having the last of us in the same years days gone, which just be unfair to kind of make any and that's the struggle, especially with them making this decision right now. Right where they're like listen days gone, and they didn't in so many words can't compete with these other games were it's a new IP, we're gaining ground. We're doing this stuff that I think they understand that in the same breath of not wanting to compete with themselves. Total do feel like there's the spook tackler Salen PSN right now if you were to if we jump ahead to next year day's gone there thirty five dollars. I think most people are like, oh, yeah. I heard good things about but if it's thirty five dollars but last comes out in two weeks. No or it came out two weeks ago. No, yeah. Why do that? I think and I really liked point of them being willing to say like, we'll wait till it's ready, and that's what will come out because I feel like in the beginning of this year. We got burned a couple times where they didn't really have big fall releases that were first party. They often would say something like four was coming in the fall, and then to the spring there just doesn't seem to be a reason to have games have announced release dates and then have them keep slipping and. Remember, you know being this table talking about stuff, right? And it was like as you'd get closer and closer. And it was things would start falling. You're like man, they're screwing up. I can't believe in it. Just didn't matter. They kept succeeding they kept selling units. And it became a thing of oh, we're not in the same place. We were where the logic of we need to catch up. Let's put out great games stuff. It is like no people are buying PlayStations, regardless of Sony's putting out there excited when they do obviously Spiderman God of war. It's been a banner year this year for it. But it doesn't need to be that came this fall. Let the third parties in you know, all your partners competed the fall in worry about that. And they've seen great sales success in the spring. So it's never really been initial everything so overloaded now, right? Is remember back in the day when it was dying life lights coming on January dumb move. I would that game. Then we got there. Everybody was like I wanna new game. I've played all my Christmas releases my holiday releases. I want something new, and then it was like every woke up to the fact of like, wait if you put something out in the spring, people are starving contact, right? And they seen it with resin diva. Horizon. In monster games. That are just I think monitor particular right game that I loved and I reviewed for I she in back in the day. And I was like I'm kinda monster hundred out but to get to that point. And have everyone talking about it and to jump in one hundred thirty five hours later. I was like goes great game. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. It's I think it's a really smart thing. And we're seeing continue even into next year with January being both kingdom hearts three NRA to. It's I think turn we're going to keep seeing too. Yeah. That's another great fit right of you. You talk about. I mean, if they don't screwed up going to be a great game. Yeah. So it's already got. Hey, I'm hardcore fan who's been waiting for this forever. Britney Brom rocker good game. And then it's also people who like, oh like me. I tried to I should have loved resonable to PS one. Right. I'm zombies or my favorite horror movie. I I was down for that thing. I got into this. Ooh, take controls. I can't do it. I can't handle it. Right. So I'm excited on that level. And then you have I'm sure a bunch of young kids who don't listen to me who are coming in. And being like I've heard so many good things about resin evil to. I've never seen it or played it. I want to jump in. Yeah. I missed R E to back when it first came out and have been hit or miss with the resin evil franchise, but seven really reinvigorated me into what the what I can be excited about. Yeah. I I think I played code Veronica, and then a little bit of five maybe I played before obviously. But like I wasn't into any of them. And then seven dude in PlayStation VR. I was like this is insane. It's crazy. Yeah. 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I think they're going to delay ups episode to to a little bit later, then have just because of I think they'll get some feedback from people who like things about the first high steals people may have criticism. Of it. And they wanna make what I think fans really want. And maybe just I don't know how it is easy to turn around deal month. Seems just crazy to me. And so I would rather them say, hey, we're going to delay it week or two just to make sure it's perfect. So I would rather them do that. I don't know if they will. I was surprised with this one. I thought they would lay this you're in red dead week and granted you're before red dead. But still, especially when I guess, this isn't a great example. But how last week just put out in new game? Plus in like, the new difficulty in the new trophies. Oh, man. That's great. I thought you would spaced out more put them together to make one package, but I guess to press speeds out of it. It's just a really good time to check back into the game. Hunter percents platinum did a while back. A I checked in last night. What a heartbreak to check back into because just like, wait. How do I do anything? Yeah. Trying to fight like since. Fight like since. How do I run? I'm hitting arthritis L all my gadgets were wasted. In the first. Skinny violent. I just web blossomed everybody. Right. That's what that does not got back. So we're going to try to stay at least story wise spoiler free as possible for the deal. See because as you're listening. It's available, but you may have not jumped through the full story yet. But this is the first three chapters like I mentioned focuses on the introduction of black cat. What we've been joking about in the text before this deal came out. It's like black cats back in town as if she was ever there at first wasn't you didn't mission. She was she left. She was in round. She once at one point. But anyway, so this deal focuses on her reintroduction into specimens world, and what sort of transcends after that don't want to say too much about the story. But I did wanna get through your general impressions about what you've experienced the deal. See so far, and what you feel like does it is it what you wanted at of Spiderman deal. See is. It says fine. Yousef are what you've played was. Yeah. So far, so good. Give me what I want. We're talking about this before the show started. I haven't beaten the story section of it. We I have much more pretty close to that was the thing is I was just running mother-in-law was in town million things happening. But for me. Yes, it's what I wanted of. Hey, here's a contain story jump on an here's some new side missions, your some new crimes. Here's a like. Okay. Like great. This is all I want is more from this game. All it's that rare thing that I platinum bit. And I was and it was then I platinum to put it away. And then it was like, oh, wait. No, the if you go and finish off the secret. Otas. You get the something else to do. And then like a game. I'm never going to delete because I just wanna website. Yeah. So to web swing and have new goals to in new things to do in new internet challenges. Yes. Yes. Great. And then on top of that the storyline. They're giving us is interesting and is good. So far for me. You know what I mean? And they are playing with exactly what you know. Bill Roseman always talks about when he talks about why insomniacs pick and what they're bringing to this. Is that ever great? Spiderman story right has stakes for Spiderman stakes for Peter. So to see Peter juggling, black cat and MJ. Right. And having to talk to them about is like, that's great. And then like some of the story twist. They take you on in like the situations. They put him in a lesser video game would've brought her in. All right. This is why doing it? All right, cool. You never have a great character moment between them all. But the way they're doing it. It's like man, I'm interested for the story. I want I soon as we're done. It's back home get on four and finish it off. Because I I want to know how this episode end. Yeah. I think it's really cool in the way that they. They're leaning into what worked so well in the base game. And it was performances everything year alone. Fall. And Laura Bailey are still so good as Spidey, and I'm Jay hundred chemistry between the two of them. Those characters is just one of my faith. And then the fact that I was trying to not say the fact that always say the fact that I know beyond fans a high school teach English teacher who said never use the fact that in your writing aid, trust me talk all the time. So it's different. Yeah. Exactly. You wanna talk about two voice actors getting lost in the rule where it is. That thing I pride myself on I'll be playing a game. And no one will pop up Troyer Travis. And I'm like oh there. They are Travis in this game right kingpin. I'm like oh. And I don't mean like heck, I mean, I just know that was my friends, and like I can't I don't see your. I've I've known for years and talk to them for a time, Laura. Most of the time a here in a game. And I'm like, oh, it's Laura Bailey. Even like when Nate originally popped up. Laura bailey. But like this one I remember playing it I and then they just are who they are. They are those characters such an amazing way to play this game. And it's nice to this feels to me like my biggest issue. I guess within is just that it is to an extent slight in that. It definitely feels like the first of three parts. And so for me, I'm writing the review right now. And it's that weird thing of like, I had a great fun night with this thing. Yeah. And but I almost would say if you want to really have the full experience, he probably wanna wait for episodes two and three fully get the the grasp of this deal CPAC, but what if it so stick with me for the fashion doesn't does black cat story in here. Or no is this is two and three very much about her still. I would say, okay. I don't think this is the end of black cats involvement in this world, do I do I get a an parentheses on the story that they started here a little bit. Yeah. A few of the big questions you kind of get answers to. But. Yeah. There are things left hanging for sure. And it. Is that thing of it? Feels like the first issue in a comic arc and I really liked that. That up from Greg on them. It is that thing though of I think every new idea is great. And I wish they use them a little bit more the only thing, but it is the first of three DLC episodes. They'll use them more in the first mission of the game. This isn't really huge story. If you're watching the video version of the show, you can see that there's like a crowd control mechanic at one point we have to prevent people from scaping. Nice twist on like, oh, I don't have to just beat up these ten guys make sure that guy doesn't get to a hundred percent that was like that went too. But yeah, I like ideas like that. I just wish there was more involvement in them in the deal. I guess because I think the strongest parts of the base Spiderman for me were the story in the characters and obviously the swing but there aren't necessarily new abilities in the steel see. And so the swinging that you're familiar with his still that great swing? Yeah. But I hear you. But like for me that was the it was like returning to it. Right. Especially today playing again where I actually got back in the swing of it. Yeah. But where did all feel natural again? And I was are one in L one web zipping things springing off and going it was like whole, right? Everything works here. It's feels great. It feels so nice to be back in that group. Absolutely. I it just was one of those things where I'm like, I see them trying new things in almost every other aspect, and I was like what if he had a new gadget or some shit. But I understand like one they made this deal. See in such a crazy turnaround can't even fathom it. For what it is. But to. Yeah, I can understand how that me break the base game. So just threw a new gadget. Yeah. For me. I think it's just the fact of hey, guess what you're back in the world. And you're in New York here are the new different side missions little crimes. Do. That's what I wanted was for it instances you into a new version of New York. It's the same New York, but you only can really focus on the deal see objective save for like backpacks and landmark so as to be able to have that it's still an open world, but you're still sort of focused on what this new you can only play it when you beat the game. Right. So I haven't tried it on a new save. I'm going to do that actually later when I when I started it in some of the conversations Pete, and I'm Jay we're having. I was like, oh, this is like very safe, you know, that way they don't cross over. And then I forget what it was before. I left. It was like, oh, I think you would only if you beat the game it dips into the way that I think of the character relationships at the end of the game and the revelations at the end of that game play into a lot of the incidental dialogue. Yes, I went through this. And so I pretty much like if you have not beat the main campaign, I would not jump into this because you probably will have a few things spoiled for you it very much feels like the intention is beaten the story. We're continuing spider-man's life with something that is not earth shattering main story. I remember what it is. This is definitely after this is definitely it is. Yeah, they they definitely hinted is trying to. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Trying to be nice for the kids. I'm letting you know definite. Definite. Definite definite. So he beat yesterday. Just come on wait for the game of the year dish with everything bundled it. I get it. Yeah. But we'll probably get that. I assume it'd be hard to do because the third DLC comes out in December. So but I'm excited. The fact that we have two more Spiderman mini campaigns percents through the rest of the very fun to see that. Obviously, though, if you finish the Spiderman deal see as you mentioned before there's a sale of the dead going on the PlayStation their in store right now. And so maybe finish the deal. Need more other things to play in spooky mood mood. So I thought we'd give news go snooze. Oh god. That's bringing back a lot of memories just as a listener who actually experienced memory. So why am I saying that I thought we'd give just a couple of recommendations for people looking share stuff on the store? I'll start with one of mine, and then jumped to you one of my first ones is so Ma which took me really by surprise. I think what affected me the most about this game. And I don't want to say too much because if you jump into it a lot of it is uncovering the mystery of this world in your character and everything just the the nail this atmosphere of just this constant dread and uncertainty about what you're going to encounter in the next room. And it's a first person sort of puzzled walking simulator game where you're going through this station that you don't really understand the full breath of until you get further and further in you get to learn so much about who you're playing as but also what this world is. And it one scare the hell out of me like multiple times just some of the encounters. You have in that world and just creeping into a place in thinking something's going to probably try to kill you share. And whether or not it actually does is part of the mystery. But yeah. This game just rocked me. And I I played it over I think two or three nights when it first came out, and I did not expect it going, but it became one of my favorite games of that here. You're coming out. But yeah, that that is stuck with me as one of those games. Oh now, I need to watch out for what this developer does next. Oh, one of those guys. That's always great. When something put somebody on the map on your radar. And it wasn't like they were known as the developers of 'em nesia. So it's not like they were unheard of guys struggling company. You're never. Yeah. But one Kickstarter away. I stay away from spooky things a lot of the time up until the last year or two it was one of those like let me indoctrinate myself into scary games. And that was sort of the first thing I did. And then it was right into that too. So. October. Yeah. That one's pretty sure right now, and I absolutely recommended if it's like told hours to beat it's not that big investment, Greg. What's something that you would recommend until dawn? Yeah. Jumped off the list for me when we were looking through. And you kick us over to me like, you know, what a game until Donna's is supermassive obviously coming out of the blocks with this for the PlayStation audience. I'll never forget the PS X where they showed this and did the lifelock through and I thought that was the one that really set the tenor of what PS X was that conference was where they played it. And they got to the first choice of does. Hey, run this way or that way and everybody screamed like even then you're like, wow, they got something here they cool here. Especially for the story of until on the development of that of. I remember seeing that years and years and years it felt like before it came out. I probably two years, but it had moved on that. I, and it was this that and it was like what is this game when they rebranded and came back, and it was this horror movie you play with all your choices in the bud. Airfli- fight. We are like I don't know what to make of this through it. You're like, oh my gosh. And then to see it. Become not only something you played through that you played through together with people and if he would throw parties, and then have the decision which leads to supermassive doing the stuff later on with hidden agenda, which was all that. And we don't talk about the other games. They didn't between there didn't like. But. Yeah, I mean until dawn it was amazing. So the fact you can get a cheap right now. It's a great Halloween game. If you haven't played I remember, you guys championing, and that was it was totally off my radar. And then the way you guys are talked about with such conviction. I should probably give this a chance. And I actually I didn't love it. When I was first playing on my own, but I did have that experience where I played with a few people, and we were all playing together in that was such a fun one of those games where you're like. Oh, a clearly I'm gonna go here, and you hit the button somebody like why would you do that? Why would you? Why would I not that conversation with each? And it's funny when you realize you're making the same mistakes that Harley character. I'm just doing the same thing. Now, I understand criticize them one of my other main picks would be what remains of Edith. Yes. That was last year that came out. I it's this sort of collection of short stories, essentially, you're another first person game last year. Yeah. Like early last year. You're going through this house and essentially exploring in microcosm the lives of a bunch of different members of family and each of those looks at those family members play differently so one as you see in the trailer, or if you've played it is you're just on a swing for the entire time. And you're getting the story through what's happening dialogue going on another takes place in bath tub. Like, they're all these different scenarios. I don't want to spoil. But I love the idea. Like, I'm someone who's very obsessed with my own family history. And understanding what these people were like and getting to know about them. And so the idea that you're learning about this family through the experience of their lives directly. But it's one of those games who've you're not one hundred percents. Sure what you're doing while you're doing it. Like, a why am I doing this? And what's happening, and how do I play into the story? Yes. And it's it's fun to see that mystery uncover and not every story in the collection. I think works really well necessarily a couple of kind of duds, but they try different genres like one this sort of in the van of a slasher film and gets told with comic book, panels and stuff. Then another is just like, this heartfelt single. Look at a character. You're you can't really move outside of their location than another sort of in this weird dream state. It's beautiful. I love that game for sure giants Baracoa towns. Yes. Play unfinished one for unfinished one is. So great still. And then Greg what's another choice from you wanna put on there? We talked a little bit about Rozelle seven seven when I saw it when you're looking at what's agreed Halloween game. Or what's great spooky game you go through there. And you see you resonate. I got put that on there. Because again, it was I played half of it. And my campaign had half of it in VR and the other half out of it. And it was great both ways. And that was the big question of you know, I felt like they said it's gonna be all PlayStation, VR young. All right. I remember putting it on in that first opening segment when you look down like the screen door, really bad on the leaves. Oh god. And then, you know, hours later, I took it off in the room was pitch black because I started the day, and I was just sitting in an empty room. And it's like, wow, this is an amazingly scary reinvention of resident evil that. I think does it in such a smart way of. Cutting so much of the fat off of this game. That has just got like what's the lore who who's going on where here's a story that you can get behind. Right. You're going there. You wanna find your wife? You have this weird message from or you go back, and you try to do it in this house. It's full of creeps full scares. Yeah. It break it brings the scale down of the franchise after kept ballooning ending and makes it so much for human too. Especially like you said with this family at the beginning. And they're just gross, but they are a family of people. So it's like, oh the threat right now is very familiar in the sense of oh, these are just people right now that have yet. And then as grows obviously, it gets more and more by that point like unlocked in the it wasn't always going to be expect. You also have another suggestion. I put on here special shot Elliot's gentleman coffin dodgers, ladies and gentlemen. Would you like a platinum trophy in two hours? I would often dodgers is the game for you knocking platinums a lot fast than. Yeah. We need to talk about that. So the thing about right now. I remember listening all the time. Your love of trophies. Sure is why I bought a PS three back in the day. And I got so into trophies during that hour that that was how I decided what games I would buy was what is the platinum like what are the trophy is? And there is a just a dearth of people in this office. No, one cares about trophies monsters. Forgot what I mean. It's it's what matters really it is. What matters you don't even play the game got banned trophy. Don't care. What's read trophy is a bad? Don't do that's going to be Al Gore. Playstations really nailed recently trophyless without horns Spiderman. Yes, they are they're achieving, but they are still really fun platinum's. Why can't wait to see naughty screwed up? The last part to what monster trophy put on this time to play the online multiplayer for seven hundred dollars. I never campaigns. Oh my God. I don't have a platinum because of that. Exactly. One of my life's greatest regrets. Yeah. No. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. God of war was a great platinum. Spiderman was a great platinum. I asked her about I haven't got yet. But here's a great book. That's one. That's my next one day's gone is another one on interest in various Jetson. Don't screw up. John garvan. Don't screw it up. You know what? I mean me too. Yeah. Jensen? You listens knows what's he knows the trophy yet? Yeah. And he should still. No, I love trophies to please give trophies until we need to so. Yeah. Those are a few of our recommendations if you need something spooky for this weekend. We'll Halloween is going on. Or if you still have to have a copy of PT downloaded just play PT. Again. I bring that out. I still have an all my PS four me too. Yeah. Before I bring that out every Halloween. Into all friends who've never played games. And just like, hey, just sit down walk through this for an hour. And see what happens. I whispered controller. Maybe we'll see what happens. Shaw's weirdly in the menu. Maybe for two hours. It's a weird thing. But yeah, if you need some recommendations for that's what we suggest coming up. We've talked a little bit about red redemption to happening this week. It's coming out if you're listening, the show comes out there has been a lot of talk, and we talked about this last week on the show of the nature of crunch in relation to read dead specifically, and then the industry at large all of this sort of really snowballing because of an interview with Dan Houser in full New Yorker, and it was a discussion about sort of the creation of redemption to and everything and there was a quote about hundred hour work weeks. He later clarified that comment saying he was only referring to four members just us on the writing just the writers. So that was held that did. But obviously it reignited in has can. Relaunch what has been a continuing conversation about crunch in the industry. And then obviously we've seen a lot more happening. We saw that rockstar allowed its employees to say talk about their work conditions publicly on Twitter, which is the thing. You don't normally hear companies announced that they're doing. And then just recently the day that we're recording. This Jason trae over Kentucky say very in-depth and very long article looking into the nature of working editions at rockstar both now and in the past because it has been sort of a recurring thing in the past rockstar games of red did redemptions really kicked it up. When there was like, the spouse letter that was put out. Yes. And then I think a lot we saw a lot with Eleonora ours. Well, yeah. So that article has come out, and I think it's painted the picture that a lot of us in the office. I Jan of talked about it of this discussion is so multifaceted in a way. Like, I think we can all agree gamers need unions. They need things that protect them. They don't deserve to be forced to work these long hours. But. There are these weird things of the nature of nature of the discussion of some people feel the pressures because if it is the four guys at the top who are angry those one thousand brothers who've working the hundred our work, you're gonna feel like, oh, maybe I should be here. Yeah. More than the hours. I'm expected to right there are anecdotes, and obviously every story is told in nitty in the story from Qatar. But a lot of people saying like yet felt like there was this pressure to be there just to be seen working down. So I mean on Saturdays to have a presence coming on Saturdays. Stay through lunch often all these things, and I just want to bring up this question because I know you've talked about it a bit on kind of funny, and we've talked about it here of just what we're seeing from this article today to and what what do you think it tells us about sort of the larger culture at rockstar in relation to country, especially in red redemption too. Man. That's a big question. Yeah. Right. No small no small one. I mean, I think it's it's ongoing struggle for everyone involved right now in terms of the games industry because that was what was at least heartening about it. When it happened is that the it wasn't vulture in Newark New yorker, whoever they're technically like same company that makes more when the house or quote got broken out of the story. Right. Which is this giant story club. Did a great piece on it. Right of like, the problem with this is the fact that they say this, and there's no follow up to it wasn't another question. Was there a PR answer? What happened? Well. Yeah. The what I like the most about it that I found faith in right? Was the fact that it got broken out and just got beaten with bats on Twitter where it was just like, no, no, no, this, isn't acceptable. This is something the champion. Don't do. This. Don't do. And you saw so many different developers talking that way about it. If like, listen, we understand that crunches thing, and it's been happening forever. But maybe our culture doesn't have to be that. And that's the biggest thing about it. And I think you see. We talk about what Jason has in his article. We've kinda funny best friend writing who works at rockstar in. He did honestly as well. And one of the things he said right was like, listen, I've never been asked to work a one hundred hour work week. I have worked sixty five or eighty. But that's and it was like as if that didn't matter five to eighty wasn't a crazy amount of work either. Yeah. And then so many people wrote into the shows talking about well, I work those hours because I love my job. And I do this are we work shaming. And it's so complex that the crux of the issue is if you want to work eighty hours a week, if you one hundred dollars if you wanna make your awesome. But it's the what we're talking about of issues force to. Yeah. And how do you not give off that vibe? And what I kept going back to Daly was I feel for them in the same thing. I like to imagine Rockstars not forcing people to work this much shit. But I do understand like the recent anecdote around the office has been. Usually we take two weeks of December off we're talking about taking just the last week off and a little bit of the first week of January. So as soon as we said that Kevin was like, oh, man. I was really looking forward to it. And I was like, oh, no no take the week off. You know, we can run a skeleton crew incomes like, well, no, I'm not going. It's like, we're a company of seven and we're way closer than any people should be bosses and employees. But the fact that I can't get one of my four employees to stay home when I'm telling him to and I have the little bit of internet power. We have think of that at a rockstar. Dan Houser is in there every Saturday working and writing hundred hours works, you're gonna be the person that walks by leave or not coming in at all like, I get that vibe. And how no matter what Email rockstar the house brothers. Whoever puts out saying listen guys, you'd have to come in this much. Don't do this p we're gonna lead by they're gonna see the example set by their leader in and replicate and go with it. Yeah. I it's also this weird systemic thing of I think just our culture in general to be workhorses. Sure guardless of we talked about a bit on the show last week of we if we're working on a crazy review. I'm not gonna say, well, it's five PM. I'm done working on the Spiderman review, even though the embargoes tomorrow. I gotta go sleep like you feel these pressures to do that because of the nature of the work. And it's something that you sign up knowing that's there. But that doesn't make it. Good or. Okay. And I saw some people like you're saying, it's okay for you guys to do that. But not them. And is that we're complex thing of nil. If there are people genuinely at rockstar who don't feel pressure to work those hours and want to make red to the best game. They can I understand that. And I don't fault them. And that's been the common thread, I feel between games media coverage in games development, right of, you know, I remember working here and being like. Yup. Last night three thirty in the morning closed out the three war room. It was mean Hillary we took off afterwards. Right. And then we came back today at seven AM to do it all over again. And there was that there's that camaraderie, and you're in the trenches together, and I never. Felt closer more. Like, that's where we all bonded. Right. Was that these late e-3 meetings in writing sessions and stuff like when Anthony was put up a frogger preview? And I just put up an image of a frog that said, it's frogger you go across the road this game that was still up for quite some time. Sure. There's in the same way on the other side of it. Right. Like, Adam boys put that tweet right of his first job in the industry. There was a whiteboard where they kept their hours, and he had like a hundred something in twenty hundred twenty will say and he was third for the week. And it's like in the same like, I remember like the first time I ever went down to San Diego and talked to Christian Phillips about the show or maybe it was Ramon or so many about show they were pointing out like this is the mattress like heat behind for like. Crunch is expected thing and people. So for a long time, it's been this I- crunches great. And now as we are at a point where it is like, okay, cool. We're not just putting out toys. You're not just an open a workshop like let's talk about mental health. Let's talk about what's actually your art. And how you're gonna get the best things. I'm glad we're having this conversation. Yes. And it's that thing of I don't think we're in the audience, and the consumer are quick necessarily to say, this is how you fix it. This is how you change. This is what you do. But it is really heartening to see so many people say don't kill yourself for this. Like get the game out. We want the game. We want the great. But we don't want you to working crazy hours Nazi your family and do all these things and then like not to take rockstar out. Then have telltale situation happen where these people kill themselves for a game. And then companies like guess what it's over we have nothing. No severance by what what was what we're all these years of working on these things in having these, you know, pouring, your, heart and soul into something. And then not. Having that out the way you wanted to. Yeah. I think excuse me. It was interesting seeing those two things happen. So close together of the telltale closure, and obviously people coming out of the woodwork and talking a lot in detail about the working conditions that they face there. And then also everything going on with this ignited by single quote, but this rockstar discussion. And I think like you were saying we on the other side of it don't know in any office situation. We're not a quip to say this is how it should be going there. I do think the most important thing we can do is keep raising conversation. Keep telling people, hey, let's discuss this. Hey, how are things going like you said it is the most heartening thing in the world one on the telltale side, everyone be like all these people are out of work. Let us all rally together to try to find them work. And then all these people with rockstar side being like, no we want ready to. But we also don't want you to die to make that an it's heartening to see that. Yeah. And it's like, it's you know, as is everything it's learning curve situation in every day, you have to take something different. 'cause I remember like the crunch conversation has been going on stop on our show. Since then, and you know, somebody wrote in. Somebody mentioned dreams and something else and immediately I made a joke. Well, see it's like, oh, well, no, hey, I'm doing the exact opposite of what I'm saying. Like, I'm giving medium crap because I like media molecule, and they know that, but it's like, oh, that's a bad look too. Because it's not it can't work both ways days gone got delayed. Right. And there was I thought a more than usual amount of tweets that were like take your time. We'll be here when you're at. But they were still people would overmanned you keep pushing keep link, and it's like, it's it's this weird thing where we live in a society where you can now interact with so many people just day to day who are making the things you love are the thing you love. And it's that we're thing of Oto. They are people on the other side. Exactly you have to breaking down the wall. Oh, no. There are hundreds of people behind this game. There are and that was that was the big thing with the telltale stuff, right? Where it was the New Yorker action of God. What's gonna happen? These people if you read the whole article if you just saw the headline oh my God. What's gonna happen to rest? Are they gonna finish the game? Are they gonna finish the season? And it's like. Well, hold on. That's the back burner questions. I wanted to clementine stories ends to, but I don't want these people who don't have anything medical coverage after this week to you know, we we live in a society where every single thing that either rebooted or continued these days like clementine story will probably continue for the next ten decades. We wanna make sure these people lives, we'll continue. So it's it's a very weird discussion to have because there's no easy way to say that what that person did was wrong for working eighty hours that person was also known for working eighty hours when that person wanted to and comfortable too and was paid overtime. We we just never know the full scope of every individual case, it was the same thing the same conversation. We've had about this stuff where keeps getting talking about every and every one of the shows we do and somebody wrote in are we doing going about this the wrong way? Right. And they were like games industry is just put up this article about these UK awards where media molecule and somebody else I forgot ahead had won awards for being great workspaces, a rock steady in great places to work in this another. You're not talking about that in the Roper for your bringing that up news. That's a great point. We're not selling. The people that are doing it. Right. We're only talking about when it pops up the people who are doing it wrong. Time net games was awarded recently for like the third year in Rome or something like that of being one of the best places to work. Oh, they do remember when I remember years ago when they put a GM that we're covering everything they put out the recruitment. Come. We're getting some neck. The highpoints of games. Yeah. Yeah. It's one of those things I think we I'm very cognizant of wanting the conversation to continue on beyond as well. And it is heartening to see it and listen to it continuing kind of as well as all this goes on that's also recovering redemption to as a game. And that's a few days weird back and forth. And so it feels silly. Let's jump right into that. But I am curious as we approach red dead redemption two's final release, obviously, we've been seeing these mountains of expectation rise and GTE five I'm curious. What you think on this five continues to be one of the biggest games in the world is always in the top ten empty cell going. Anyway, it's never GT online. Is this present consistent thing with millions of players. They always gets updates in this big to me, also like very more, fast paced and fully fleshed out thing that you can experience in the way that I'm curious to hear what you think about will Getafe five in detail online fans like red dead because at least from the outside looking at what we've seen from preview vents. And trailers and everything. Yes that you can rob a train. Yeah. You can go with your gang investigate the small town, and maybe partner with people or whatever you wanna do. But the end of the day, you're still in the wild west is still a slower more spaced out world. Right. I'm curious if that will people may not be expecting it might be detracted from that. I mean, I think the big the the thing that delays or stops. You from ask the question if not just you is what is read that online. That is the question. I would venture to guess a lot of people who play GT on line the millions and millions of people that keep buying it. And you know, literally buying the game again to get the shark card and cheaper price to play. Like, I would wonder how many of them have beaten the five campaign right because it's not that's not why so many of them are playing GT line. They're playing online to play with their friends and their crew and do this and do a heist and do a robbery and like be around people. It's it's it's almost not. It's not there yet. But it's almost how call duty was for a long time. I'd be one of these weirdos. Like I like playing. The single player, and I never touch that were so many people the exact opposite of playing player for weeks. And then maybe I'll touch on a weekend. When one of my friends are away or doing something once we know really what red dead online looks like I think you'll be able to spend that question. And but it will be interesting see at launch if the five online people are going to come. All right. Well, you know, new rockstar game. It's red dead. It's eventually gonna all by a chance right away. Or if they're going to wait and see like it gets to a point with a game like GT online. Right. Where you've sung so much time into it so much money into it that oh cool. There's another thing out. I'm not jumping until I need to jump to my crew jumps. And that is you bring up the great point of like everything we've seen of red. That is a wild west spaced out, you know, very open. Whereas like GTE's thing is it's Los Santos, and it's packed in. There's something everywhere every corner has something to do or act on. And for me. It's not that. I don't think people will want the pace. In the setting in the world of red dead instead of detail veasley, we know Jared petty will always be read it online for the rest of his. Yeah, he's gonna he's going to digitize his brain like a black mirror. Hop jumped will be in there. Yeah. It'll be inside the red dead world. But I'm curious just what we're gonna see from online. We obviously know very little about it. But I'm there will be obviously they wanna cram a lot in there for people to do. But the end of the day, you're not jumping car throwing it off a bridge and then going into a Bank, heist, then you walk into in. That's the question to like GT in lines found success in Rockstars been open about this right of like, it's found guess by listening to the audience and okay, cool. You want this? And that's why heist took so long because they were taking other people's feedback. How crazy are they going to get with red like, you know, GTE even when we were like, we should make a concerted effort to play this more mean Kevin played it. It was like they got flying DeLorean him. Yes. I need to get earn the money. We gotta article like are you going to have crazy flying horses? Are you going to get? Nuts and have weird bomber jackets for your character. Like or you're going to be like, no, no, this is an anchored Westworld kind of thing. Yeah. We've talked about that idea. Speaking of Westworld. Undead nightmare was obviously beloved thing for red dead. So good online is presumably the place where you can easily. Be like, yeah. Every halloween. Everyone's is on all of a sudden you have to fight that or Christmas gathers like an evil Santa Barron. There's a lot of reindeer you have to fight evil. Like, they could do that seasonally with all these updates, and I see that as a way to extend the life of read online. But yet is that curious thing of they've talked about before launch. They see both as being at the same time. Right. They don't read did online will replace GT online. I don't either. But I also in the same breath. Don't know if red deadlines gonna find success or let me let me take that back. I don't think red dead online go to success GTO on head because that's insane. Yeah. But also will it pull enough people away to go there and do that so many people that I see excited for red dead are excited for red dead redemption to because of the story and because they loved red dead redemption originally insure those same people might have fun in red dead redemption online. But I don't think that the same people that are obsessed with GT online, right? Yes. I it'll be really curious to see I was someone who very much like you played the call of duty campaigns jumped into Getafe five and played the campaign for a bit. But I didn't really do much online after because that thing of oh, this is a world. I can live in the experience. Yeah. The alert of being able to live out your Westworld red dead fantasy of being a cowboy for hundreds of hours will attract people. I'm just very curious to see what the pace of that old me too. Yeah. It'll be very fascinating when that comes out. So that's pretty much all of the main topics we show this week, grandma. Good having. But, but before you go, I know, I sorta ended there we have a little bit of Brad fire question round for a lot of questions that we tried to them, our wonderful producer Barrett chose these questions. Don't like the questions could hurt a lot of rumors about him on the internet. He's a bad when he begged me to stop saying them on podcasts say them as much as he won. You on that? I do. Anyway, we'll move onto the first question. Steven Scawthorn says do you guys think any of the games released earlier this year even had a chance against red did too? So Tang a little bit into it. So I'm gonna take that as both sales and critically. Let's oh, okay. Yeah. I thought we're just talking about game of the year. I would say critically game of the year wise. But I think it's going right now, I think its without knowing read review scores in what bronner's we're going to be on that I think it's red dead verse gotta war right for game of the year. And I and I think there's a continued of Celeste people out there a lot of Spiderman people who want to cheer for that too. But I think really when you get down to one on one who is going to be it's going to be read Denver Scott of war. And I think I right. I guess I can't speak the red dead, right? Because I haven't the review of haven't done it. But like God of war up until Friday. When read did comes out, whatever may or may not happen. Thought of war is my game of the year has game of the year. Right. So it's like, I think that game is just so special in the way that. Even platinum Spiderman, right? Some of the crimes of the here. Can we get another sable? All right. Great. Okay. Yeah. We're as God of war was I give me at all. And I did it all on I platinum it, and I finished it. I put the control down. I was like that was so perfect. I don't want deal. See I don't want something that's not half ass. But like isn't full-fledged from the ground up. This is what they wanted. Whereas God for was just every moment every moment had a purpose. Yeah. In the vote had even the boats. The times I'd come up short knots get out of the boat and just keep talking. Yes. Please America's has much as you want. It's crazy the intention of that were exact thing. I great point. Right. Never a wasted moment. Yes. So how read did then counteracts that with a giant open world and a sprawling story will be fascinating. Yeah. I'm very curious to see. And I think that'll probably be a lot of discussion. We'll have both probably on the show. Just there'll be a lot of shouting. And rooms game of the you're here was terrible. Hanley moving onto the next question. Daniel right asks how did the Spiderman cameo? Oh of Greg come about. Did you know about it ahead of time wasn't official or just a nod? Greg. What what are they talking about? I don't know what you're talking about. I I know that I take photos of shirtless, spider and shirtless. Spiderman is in fact in Spiderman places. Yes, a great scene with him in it for the for the purposes of this conversation just did not insult him. I'll say, yes, I'm sure it let's about a minute for the purposes of this conference. Of course, I. So. Yeah. Shirtless came around in the game, incredibly organically funny. I don't think we ever told the story this weird that. Like what it was that? I put up went to a spirit Halloween store last year. And they had the Spiderman homecoming mask, and I bought it and penal looked at me like that was a waste of money. You're never going to use it. And I was like we'll see about that. So I went back to the office of kind of funny took one photo of me. It was when it was incredibly hot here. And I was wearing shorts which I never do side pasty white legs as I do kinda funny shirt doing this in the bottom mask on and insomniac immediately loved it so much that they hit me up or it's like, oh my God. This is so funny. And then I escalated it by taking my shirt off and making a sexy song for Andy. And of course, has and then making more in like from the beginning really early on. It's like, this is awesome. We would love to put it in the game. Which would be down to the game. Like. Yeah. Totally. And so there were many of we're trying to get approved are it's not in the so finally ended up that I thought it was dead. I had heard it was dead. All it was all over and a couple of months before the game came out. I got a text from a friend in on. It was like. Dude. I just ran into in the game. And it's hilarious. What are you talking about? I thought it was dead. No, they find a way to put you in a party scene in so in my head with that meant was okay. Yeah. You're gonna play party seen as Peter. You're talking to somebody in the background like through their like, you'll looking you'll see shirtless. Spiderman sure, and I eventually accommodate hosted a panel toxin people there and clear it was little bit more on the cellular and like, okay. And then. Yeah. One night. I was like all right cool. And it was like all right. I'm playing through for review. And sure enough. He's like, you gotta go as cost. Oh my gosh. I wonder if it'd be hard to find me and sure enough it's main path. Spider man, spider broS. Wow. Yeah. It was insane. Like, it was funny because at San Diego Comecon, it was this weird thing of I didn't want to say that I knew because I wasn't sure who knew I wasn't sure what rules and who I was dead quiet about it. So I was talking to somebody, and it was just into who's in charge of the art came over. And she was just like, hey, I think it was James have you ever met Greg before? And she's like not officially, but I know him very well. And I was like what do you mean? She's like I have been looking at shirtless photos of you for quite some time. That is it when they say that that's funny. And then when you play the game like it is my chest. Hairpin? And it's very much my gut, and I was like I feel so bad for. I stare at. I double check just to be like, I knew it immediately that it was intended to be let me say, oh, wow. This is a lot more accurate than I totally. That's been the really really funny thing about that joke. Is that obviously if you know it you get it. And then other people who don't just think it's funny to see a fat shirtless. Spiderman or putting stuff about that? Yeah. Well, that was thank you for that hypothetical. Maybe that's what would have happened. But I don't know. Who is I just take us? What I appreciate you taking those photos because they're often great. You're welcome living on Eric Lewis asks if spied was just the beginning for new marvel games, which games are you hoping to see next? Man, one for me is just I want a good X men game. Can you imagine? I just that. That's the thing with like, you know, them buy back the rights and doing all the stuff and like, yes, please. Like, I I will live. I will stay forever x men origins. Wolverine is a terrible movie such a fun video game. Yes. And again storyline socks in all these things. But that was raven, man. And they got it. We're gonna make this hard core. Like, you can get blasted down to just the atom skeleton. Right. And then watch it grow back. And it's like if I'm marvel games if I'm Bill Roseman over there. Right. Like, I would be like we can do this and make a cool X men team game share, but Maki hardcore wolverine game and not like gory, bloody. But like a real like we're gonna tell a great story with him. That'd be awesome. Yeah. And I just I get gun shy around teams have enough time. Even the crystal avengers game. It's like what is that? You hear rumor every so often like what is the what is the scope? Of that team going to be like how much are you actually going to be able to feel like those characters just have won power each of them? Like, you get into that x men legends or marvel lines which I love playing great played them a bunch. But it is that thing of at the end of the day every character. So it has to be distilled into these buckets, exactly. When we all watch anthem. We really we'd be we could have a full blown ironman game. Given to a triple AAA studio to focus on think about that. Yeah. The suits you'd get in the powers and all this different stuff outside of that. I I wanna see I'll get whacky. I've kicked this around a lot, and it probably won't happen. But I do say there are too many squirrels in Spiderman PlayStation four for one of the deal. Sees not to involve world that's a long they way too much technology into anime world not to have that pay off somewhere. That would be maybe Spiderman too you may have to wait. But yeah, like, I would I would do solo stuff. And I would do I like a cool captain America game. Like say anybody really from the obviously spin them in your own way. Of course. But do something with that. And even even if you wanted to do a team fantastic four, right? That'd be a cool. One of here's four people that you really get to worry about the powers of. Yeah. I think if they jump into an expert in game for me, it's very much like distill it down to a certain group of the exponential. Pick one team that the developer really wants to build up and haven't that five. People not we have thirty of the X men here. And they all kind of have the same power there. All right. Good enough. Yeah. I think seeing the success of Spiderman marvel games, I think understand what about it. Yeah. Totally. They got a great team. I'm excited to see what happens to three years out from games going forward. Zach David asks what breaking news will be announced after this episode stops recording every damn week like Wednesday night Wednesday morning. Tuesday night, PlayStation announces something, of course. No matter where you move the show. Trust me. No matter where you move the show. Something's going to happen there ever any like sweet spot day, you felt or was it always just now. I mean, we always liked the Tuesday release right because it made sense with PSN's store at the time because they were you know, that was such a big deal. I don't know if you remember this Thursdays, and then PSN's like, you know, what we're going to before Microsoft or was a common bold move. Now never worked out. Yeah. And now there's so many Friday releases. So if you go to early there you may miss bargains for later in the week. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's such a sliding scale of insanity. Yeah. That's that's that's what I look for. It'll be probably the PlayStation five. Well, that was always the thing. You know? And I'm sure you know, better than most with all the new stuff like the hardest part. I always felt of working at I g n in being the number one video game website. And especially when we when I owned the PlayStation team. And I was in charge of it was that you never got to turn it off. And even with the UK teams. I understand there's different routing hours. But it always was I can't tell you the amount of time. It was like all right time to turn in. I would check twenty like why did I check Twitter Artem up? I'm writing a new story I'm contacting Sony's PR to ask about this thing because there's this leak and just put in there. We retarded. I mean that was the thing of like the PlayStation classic a couple of weeks ago. I came out of a movie, and I saw the tweet and my first instinct was like, okay check slack. Check Email chat. Make sure someone's gotta be on. I'm getting home. And that's what I'm doing. Exactly. It's a very weird thing. So look forward to them doing that every week just to screw with us. No matter where we moved the show. It'll happen. Stephen turbo. Asks please, ask him. If he's verified on Instagram hate you. That's the whole question even. I hate you. Stephen. That's all we got moving on ethnic arcane asks how's the kind of funny sh- video showcase coming along. Can you give us a podcast beyond exclusive sneak peek of what to expect kind of funny beyond? Yeah. You want to just tell us all the announcements here. Sure. No problem. Yes. So we're doing something called the kind of funny game. Showcase what that means is I've always loved how the game awards on Thursday kicks off this amazing week and if not week of content right where it's game awards. Friday was day off and Saturday and Sunday were ex- in Saturday always opened with that really cool, Keno of Adam boys, and here's geo, Vida. Here's a whole bunch cool stuff for you the fans that was often into your smaller titles because game awards is game awards is the Super Bowl is wrestle media. Right. So it was like years AAA headliners. Here's Kajima doing something. Here's a last trailer. And then got to be the, hey, here's a cooling into, you know. Hey, here's we're free MAC Shem. You know what I mean? Like, they did cool stuff like that. And so on PlayStation ounce this year. Nope. ESX were taking the year off. I jumped on it. Just like, I totally the first off great call. I'd much rather that than get water down every hates. Absolutely. But I knew from talking to people that people are working on stuff with the idea of there was going to be PSI. So I was like, you know, what we'll do our own press conference. We're the kinda funny game showcase Saturday morning to eighth at ten AM Pacific time to it looks like it's gonna be ten AM to noon. Oh, it looks like it's going to be two hours of video games announcements new stuff. The idea what I what I keep saying. I want to his expectations again, of course, Jeff game awards grandest stage of them. All wrestlemainia your navy. We are not second run. But this is right now it ranges from. Hey, I am a one man development team making this game to hey, we're a we're AAA third party publisher that wants to show one of our games there. Right. So there's a breath there, but we are definitely way more towards hey, we're much Indies. There's a bunch Indies that are making things. So the I guess beyond exclusive, right? Would be looks like two hours long really hoping you were gonna say ten AM till ten pm on you could one of those every time we have a weekly meeting that I'm missing record for beyond. And it is talk. The number of games goes out like we're talking. I'm I'm not being facetious here hyperbolic. Nope. Nope. Hyperbolic chamber, you put somebody into. No, you're right. Yeah. Hyperbole hyperbole. Oh, no. Yeah. Trying to say. Oh, wow. No. Maybe it is hyperbolic. No. Is it not no chamber in the what goes on in hyperbolic champignon? You get the iron lung. So you don't get the Benz when you're right. Okay. I'm not over exaggerating. When I say dozens and dozens of games right now, I've spreadsheet and I think it's up to sixty. Yeah. At least a baker's dozen. There's a ton of stuff. And it's my idea is that to be in the game. Showcase. It's that games. Cool. You have something new to say like in for most people that means release dates for most people most people release dates, it's hey, you we've never talked about this game here announcing new video game and then already surprising amount of and it's available. Now's like people that are going to release their game day with our showcase. So it's like it's going to be an awesome fun day to celebrate video games and continue that on right because I don't want. I for one for one year. I want to step in and fill that gap. So next year, PlayStation, come and do it again in Jeff can continue to do everything. Awesome. With game words, or if they take off you could just do the showcase number two. I'll tell you what knowing how much work this is right now. I don't know about that. I got that burden. I talked about it in a combo on. I just want to reiterate I love that. You guys are doing this. I think it's just an awesome way to fill that gap. A tutu. Just like you said celebrate games. This really nice end of your. Cap usually with game morts, a PS X able to have that stuff. I'm sure you see it too. It's always crazy to me that when I go to a PACS, and I see all these into games mega booth or I see something small and these people in this crappy developers. And then you come back and talk show or share it with him. I talked to Jared in the people aren't even what that is. And it's like right if I hadn't gone Ben in the mega booth. I wanna know what that game is either coming out in two weeks. Right. Like, I hate that. And I'm lucky enough that you know, I made me and gave me a following a personality business in the company and gave me a platform. And I want to use that to showcase people that deserve to have their game. Showcase and the stuff. We are. Getting is awesome. Any announcements we are getting on like, wow this way. I really I was really ready for a fifteen twenty minutes of like, hey, guys. It's us. Here's a trailer. See you later about you know, what I mean is this thing now that has spiraled up like when game informer was talking about of their podcasts. I guess we'd send somebody and I'd like right to them like. You don't you send anybody just in internet thing? PS experts and intended ereck somewhere in the middle. Like you. You're gonna watch it from home. It'll be fun. You're not gonna have fifty journalists in your studio. No thank God. She's Louise I'm very much looking forward to it. I think a lot of beyond audiences and a lot of us here at Jenner like Gil we'll have to come in on Saturday. But it'll be fun. We're do reaction. Streams to do everything. I wanna see everybody doing everything with. We're very excited for two. And I can't wait to see what you got show off. Speaking of the talking about little bit further back looking Mario broS Saria. What up what's your favorite podcast beyond memory? And he left him were general. So I can talk to about like old memories, a listener. Obviously, I think for me the. Jeff, Haynes pieces pants. Obviously, the I always forget about Jeff Haynes pieces pants and then once in a blue moon, Jeff, I'll come into contact 'cause he's still the industry do stuff, and I'll tweet out a photo or something. And then the first couple responsible, right? That's why we don't talk that much. Jeff Hades probably haven't that. Right. Yep. Yeah. There's that for sure I mean, it's like, it's crazy. I off to think about I did three hundred eighty one episodes missed a bunch because I do something here there on a trip or over. But I was on episode one to three eighty one in now to look and see five sixty four. Yeah. The fact that it's gone on because you know, if feels like we left yesterday. Sure one eight feels like we left yesterday and another hand it feels like a decade ago. But it's like to see how it's continued to go. And also, I mean, yeah. Sure, of course. Yeah. Jeff Haynes Hans-Peter pay. Oh, of course, you shut up. I got it. I got all right fell. Let you. Yeah. Yeah. Calling and I came in and got drunk and the PSA was back in like, we were watching the PlayStation blog map light up that like, I think Reagan tears Jeffrey was by hand like to put up as it rolled out and calling Kelly. Oh, yeah. It's kelly. That was amazing. Yeah. The early early days are so crazy 'cause I mean like it the to walk around. Now, it's weird thing on back. And then it's like on anybody. Well, this is still the same. But that's very different like us talk about the early days of being in the old Brisbane office, and you know, going Clemente came on for the first time and everybody was like Lisa's too much. We hate him. You know what I mean? Like, there's that undertaker bus through the wall art, we would get like, you know, it's so weird thing about now. Because obviously I make a career now out of being personality and having this audience the best friends when we started doing beyond in podcasts worth thing even game skid with Damon, right? We were shooting it off into space having no idea if he were connecting with it listening to because remember I'm sold that I didn't have comments when I worked here. Share like you'd write an article review and you'd go to the board there. Yeah. Somebody would tell you you sucking. All right. See you later job's piece. You didn't understand the impact you're having a people's lives when you we'd get the fan art when people would make their own shirts, when we would say something stupid like joke about undertaker busting through the wall, and somebody would draw you Boston's wall and Clemenza the table him, choke, slamming, Colin or whatever it was crazy watching all that build was amazing. You know, for me, the live beyond always stand out. Right. Like, I remember being in this room in this corner for beyond one fifty when we debuted the shirt because that's crazy to we got episode one hundred fifty and didn't have a logo. Nobody nobody thought through making logo. So I I heard hired. I, you know, we cut hobby Rodriguez it check fan who did TV for a long to make this logo that got us forever up until recently. Yeah. And it was just like you look back at this thing. And it's crazy the legs ahead. The fact that beyond with an exclamation point. Is the thing because I I said it on the first episode. Yeah. You know what? I mean scoop was the one I was just copying game scoop because I was a fan of. Yeah. And it became a thing that I would yell at annoy people because I was too loud when I eat it. But yeah, the live ones doing here, right? Like, I'll never forget after beyond two hundred like it was very much kinda like your wedding day where there's so much planning for it. You got there, and it was gonna blink of an eye. And I remember coming off stage beyond two hundred. And we've showed the first panda musk. Danny music video mash up and the lights came back up in one of the fans came honest hug meetings. Crying, and I was like is everything. Okay. Like, what's wrong? He's like this is just so special and it all happened so fast. I didn't know and so for three hundred it was very much like I'm gonna lean into it in remember every moment of it in that led to me crying like a baby all the time, but like bringing shoe out, right and doing different things. And again, I know it's tale of two worlds. But. When we were building it. And didn't know we were building it like you didn't see the fruits of that. Sorry. I remember I think it was beyond three hundred Roper came back for in Roper had left like in the nineties. Maybe the early one hundreds like before when fifty before the logo for anything because one fifty was when I was like, all right, cool. I've been host long enough everybody understands it's me commence, Colin they understand what it is. Like a making shirt, I'm making thing out of it. And when Roper came back, I think for three hundred hundred we went to Pete's over the ballpark afterwards. Right. And I'll never forget like it was it was an hour of people walking in in like going on. And then the whole place all of us. And I remember talking to Chris and he got a phone call from his wife and he walked over. And he came back came is everything. Okay. Yeah. I just had to tell her like, I I'm not coming home. And I can't tell you. I can't express it right now what this is. But this is I have this. I can't leave this. I. Can't he couldn't believe what he was seeing? You know what? I mean, we all take it for granted. Because we get to go to packs and do they're kinda funny prom or live or whatever like it's normal. But at the time, especially for him somebody who left before we ever what was really happening on the other side of the earphones crazy to come back to. Yeah. I think having seen that journey as the I never came. I was able to come to the live shows cross country flights. It was one of those things. I remember meeting you at Paxi twenty eleven and I was walking down the hallway to go to the game scoop live that was happening, and you were just like sitting at the end of the whole Anna laptop, and I like I'm walking down, and you could tell I was very timid sheepish like kid could recognize, hey, like who are you? And you talk to me for like, ten minutes earnestly and everything then went to the panel, Wendy three later that year, and you recognize me, and I'm like, oh, that's what's special about all this is that like you guys gave a damn sure everything not just we're here to make a show and get all these cool, followers and sell these t shirts like that wasn't the goal for you guys Nile, the earnest and the sincerity of all of that always came through so much. Thank you. I hope it's still does you know what I mean? Like, I think nothing makes me happier than when I'll see Reddit thread or comment or Twitter, whatever even people talking, you know, just talking somewhere else was just like I never bought the best friend business guys just say that on beyond I game super. I I think I remember the episode of game scoop where it was when I was getting divorce. I I finally confessed that Damon alone in the podcast room with soleus talked about that. And it was like, you know, if you listen this, you're my best friend, and I think, obviously, it's funny. It's funny because this is what I'm talking about a building something, you didn't know. Sorry. I'm going on forever. No, no. I don't know if you know a long winded. When when I g and sent me my first vid con, and I went there. I went into a room. It was the they were like explaining how to become a YouTube star star. But how to make a business on YouTube, and they were very much like have a catchphrase, call your audience something. And I was like oh my God. I've been doing all this organic no wonder, so many people think it's all marketing yet, it is just this. When in reality, it was like, Nope. I the way I wrote reviews in the way, I pod cast or talk about video games is very much. How I talk to my best friend PO when I told them what I thought of spot. Never soft Spiderman on PS one in my basement, and I still see him on the couch. And I still see me much still see me with the disc talking about what's game was great. And for me. I I used to be that. I I responded every PSN message in responded every. Tweet those days are gone. Sadly because they're just how busy it is. Of course. Yeah. But like, I still I still think I'm pretty good at faces. Yeah. And so it is that fact that I can still be like. Oh, yeah. And I was looking through my phone, even you know fly. There was no fire whatever. So I was like, oh, I should photos deleting stuff tweets or something you never did. Yeah. But I go to the very beginning. And I go in I still if I took a photo of you and me at a packs, or whatever they're still on there. And I still remember those people. I mean, like, I'll never remember your name 'cause terrible. But I remember your face. And I remember this moment. I remember this thing. That's that's what it's all about. You know what I mean? And that's why I'm just so blessed every day for what we do. Yeah. I mean, using the obviously the timing of it were difficult, but being able to respond every tweet and all of that you said that I think on show at some point whenever and that stuck with me so much that even the first time I wrote something on a public website and someone responded to it ever since. Then I've been like, oh, yeah. I should be responding to them. I should be because it's the fact that you did that for me changed my life in so many ways. And so to be even. Slightly nice to someone else. Other and just to say, thank you. I mean, you have that power. And you probably don't think you do or don't think about it because I didn't longest time, and I still don't. But it's that it is that the amount of times, I'm picking up my dog poop, and I'm looking at Twitter, and I heart thing or whatever and somebody quote tweets it, or whatever like I'm freaking out. And I'm just a normal person building my dogs poop, but like people don't see it that way. And I'm I'm, you know, I love the relationship. I have with the audience, and I don't want that to change. But I also don't want to ever be that like he doesn't care. I still read every right? A threat every celebrated threat, I'm seeing right? Like, I still poor through the comments and still look at all stuff. And I'm not as active as I'd like to be on a lot of it. And sometimes I don't wanna be at all because I want you to have that conversation. I or Ganic wanna see people talk it out with our getting involved. Yeah. But like, that's what this is all about. And that's what it's always been about building a community, whether it be beyond whether it be whether it be kind of funny. Yeah. And thank you for doing that throw personally for me. Obviously, there are a lot of people. Out there who say to you everyday. But genuinely thank you so much for everything before I was, gene. And to be able to talk to you right now on the show is very keeping going. Why I it's it's awesome. This is what I always wanted. You know what I mean? I remember distinctly the question that broke me at three hundred when it was beforehand is for a capitalist. Pigs my gene blog, and he asked me is there up beyond with Craig Miller, and I broke down in tears, and I said, I hope so like, I'm not I was never you know, what I mean. Like, I when Jerry Donna walked around. He's like every channel team's going to have a podcast. We all looked at him and said that is dumped we have wine, and that was like, whatever. So we didn't realize what we were doing. And that course show, but like by the end of it and leaving it the last thing I wanted to do was leave and have it be like, all right, cool tear down rebranded do this. Like, I know how hard it was for MAC stepping in. Where it was like, oh news. Not the same with Colin. Greg done in Collin. I would both be like, no, don't listen. How you do this? Let them do their thing. Like, I never wanted. I I love I g I loved is gene before I came to Gina loved edgy. When I worked I still live and die outside of it. Right. There's been a some news this year that you know, really brought all that back up. I'm like, oh, wow. No at my core. I'm still very much in person. And you don't cross the site. You know, what I mean like that in so no family and its thing. And you know, I it took me awhile. I think to wrap my head around that. And I I'd like to think I've been better about it. And as I've seen, you know, gene, people get hired as I've left people. I've never worked there spoken with. I still try to reach out and congratulate when I say or maybe like you part of a family now, you know, what I mean in that. That means something of where it all goes. Yeah. It's I've seen you do that. You did it for me when I was hired. I've seen you do that for other people since. It's always heartwarming to see and makes me so appreciative of. Yeah. I made the right choice coming here. Chirp it. I mean, this place is great. This is great. You know what I mean? And it's it's we're all lucky to get to do what we do in. This specially to come here and be able to do whatever, you know, what I mean, try new things and do different stuff. I mean like, I it's for me. It's always the funny thing looking at Brian right from the outside. Yeah. I remember when Brian Nichols in Brian Tano got hired a game spy by will total. And it was like you bring it on these comedy guys to do. What exactly what are you doing? All right. You know what I mean? And then to do up at noon with Brian to see him, go on is doing this travel show in Austin to this is awesome. Like, yeah. Because that was always my thing about is. Is that is people talk about crunch Dame? You always get mad at me 'cause we'd go out and we'd watch movie, and then we'd go to a bar or something and he'd be like one in the morning. I'd be like all right. I'm gonna go back to the office and capture wrestling videos, and he's like sane stop. And I was like, but I loved it. And this is. This is where I the crunch thing. It's weird right? Is like I love doing. And I had nothing else. I wanted to. I wanted to go play smackdown. Whatever it was in. So I would go do that in no matter what I put into Aegean. I felt like I got out of it. And that's the thing. I still think rings shoot here is if you want to go above and beyond and you want to do all this different stuff, and you can make your own future here. Yeah. It's incredible. To see that having been put into practice here outside with kind of funny. And thank you so much again for being here before we wrap up though, one final question from our producer Barrett. Courtney he would actually like you to read this question for you yourself song to engine that one. That's one here policies invents bear. Yeah. It's all caps in angry, Greg voice, Greg. The cower Miller. I'm sick and tired of hearing aid, see others. Enjoy one of my favorite games of all time. But you dot Dak that huge persona fan have not beaten persona five. I know you get closer. But for the love of God this game is so pure and about beautiful friendship. It made me feel not empty inside for several hours persona fought also rematch me, everybody's golf you coward. I will I beat him in his golf. So that's done. Like, no, you don't get a remand right back to the bottom of the poll. Like a case ladder system for back in the day of your old work your way, back up bear Tabet gamer, so it's fun. It persona five is my shame. I'll tell you. What man is somebody who likes beat the drum on persona get what why does we have a Cam? I know what is better than your lamb rebound, nobody needs. Now that stuff it somebody who like like, I reviewed I'll ever get Jeff Haynes giving me persona three I reviewed persona three. Fez, fry. Or? Yeah. Review persona four golden for. I mean, like, I was all over in a love persona. But yeah. For persona five as fast, and his is my life isn't as busy as it is. Yeah. When it was like what I don't even remember anymore. I twenty five or thirty hours or whatever it was where I was like I'm in love with this game. I love everything about this game. I got a switch to something else. Because it is. Yeah. We're in we're taste. And it's it is like we don't play everything, but you do play this thing. And you know for what we're playing on shows and stuff like I'm already I've already right now. Tip the scales were kids are like enough assassin's creed we get it. It's great you of it. We don't hear about it every show. So that's where it was getting with persona. Yeah. I do love it. I do think it's probably the best persona but going back to do the next seventy hours I needed to get the other side. I was going to get the first palace. I think two palaces. Yeah. Do you think you'll ever go back now? No, no. I mean, it's just I feel like I'm shark. I've got Ford again. You know what? I mean, you gotta keep going are you dying? So there's only I'm sorry area. You gotta love hiking. And you gotta be shirk. Exactly. Yeah. We'll greg. Thank you so much for no Jonathan on all honesty. Congratulations. Thank you. That's the biggest thing for me. Again, why invited myself on your shows? The fact that you're part of a long lineage now you already were at I g you already work as part of the show. But I mean now, you're the host of podcast beyond in like, they'll never take that away from you. That means an awful lot to hold people. And I think the most important thing, you can know is that you're going to. I mean, it sounds corny, but you're going to change people's lives. Like people are gonna look to you in a way, they didn't look to you before. And they're gonna look to you to get them through the bad times. And be there in the good times and be part of their regiment, and their routine and all these different things in a way that you you'll never really wrap your head around. But you'll get as the stories come in. And so that's, you know, a profound thing I'm very proud of you. Barrett. Don't put the camera on me 'cause I'm starting to tear up. All I could say in responsible. Thank you for taking my life from the show. No, prompt chairman anytime. Greg, obviously, there's a lot going on kind of funny these days here, where would you like to point people who may not already go there all the time? Just go to kind of funny dot com. There's too many shows. Patriots link. It's all there. We do daily game coverage. Yes. And of course, you are at game over Greg. Correct. On twitter. I am at jammed door Bush. This has been beyond episode five hundred sixty four remember beyond his live every Wednesday at three PM Pacific at beyond that idea dot com. And then you can find on YouTube and podcast services everywhere, you'd expect to listen to it on Thursdays at three PM Pacific. That's been beyond. There was a real wrench right? There was like where we live the whole time Wednesday. Yeah. I have no idea where I am. If feels weird, but Greg thank you so much being on and beyond beyond.

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