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"sony bannon" Discussed on Beyond!

"But I think compared to something like the last of us are strengthening a more tempered, even what it be coming out against competition wise and foam like there's more excitement for anthem than days. Go division two's a couple of weeks later. There's more excitement for division to crack down. I don't know what the excitement level is. But there's a lot of interest. Yeah. Exactly, exactly. I think it's supposed to be playable later this year. So when very Very curious curious to see. to see that. I think it's probably the best thing that could happen for percent, especially we haven't seen out of the game in for recover this year. We haven't really seen a ton from it. Did you play any three hundred? No actually didn't get to play. I played a judge leading up to three. And I know I'm Greg Miller, you know, PlayStation, Sony, pony. And all that, of course. But like I was on fan too. And almost and I know Sam I know Sony Bannon beyond fan, I should be all in on the game. But when they when they did the, you know, the showcases they had done before of just showing at e three here's the trailer. It was like, okay. It's his ambi- game. What separates? I don't really get it playing. It was like, oh, you know, what like this world seems like want to free roam in this. You know, I was riding the motorcycle insurance fighting the tweezers, whatever. But then going in I was driving, and I saw his line across the road and thought it was like a glitch. So I stopped, but it wasn't. It was a trip wire. And then these dudes ran at me, and I killed them. And then ran it was like, oh, this is a world letting that's the best thing. Never say for an open world game. Is that I just wanna walk in that direction. Yeah. What am I going to find? If I wander off in that direction. It seems like an obviously there is that three conference a couple years ago where they had the two showcases where like ended began days gone. I feel like it is a game that doesn't probably demo as well as it will be to play five hours of it. And that's gonna be the big thing is like playing and talking to people who played it. We were all like, oh, you know, what that was cool. That's the way I think that's got a spread not organically. But it needs to be spread. And it's not gonna spread if it's if it's surrounded by everything else. Trying to exactly twenty second. Yeah. We could say, oh, there's the surprisingly deep emotional story that we love in the amazing things to explore on this world. And people will be like. Yeah. But I can be ironman, right? Yeah. Exactly it fly in and go right underwater. Pretty cool. Yeah. So I understand the reasons for moving it. Shot to them for being honest about their blog post was like, hey, you know, we we would have been on time. But it's a crowded date in we're going to push to give more time to polish, but also because we don't wanna compete on that level, and we want this thing to have a shot. Yeah. I love we're seeing that more and more of just game companies being honest of the realities of working this business, and I think it's all for the better generally in the messaging all these things, and I feel like that's a PlayStation. We haven't seen the while they having maybe name changes might be the most recent example, outside of this. But before then there was concern of did we see the hubris of the PlayStation two air that led to the downturn in PS three launch coming around and PlayStation four because PlayStation, four launches and Sony's hungry, and they get it. We're machine for gamers, and we're gonna talk straight to you as a gamer. I'm Mark Cerny. This is Adam boys that shoe, that's. Lorcy? This isn't that? Everything they right to you. And then we've seen three go back to being. Hey, I'm Shawn lane. Here's much. Awesome trailers amazing things you wanna see now putting the human face fronts. It's definitely been more about the games. And don't get me wrong. Those games deserve the spotlight when you're able to have that human connection. I think it engages the audience so much more. The thing we struggle with in the game industry is reminding people that yet humans are behind all of this..

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