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"sonia sonia suraya" Discussed on Little Gold Men

"Wait is this your prediction that the on's going to have a lot to do in this last season because I feel? This spoiler. That's just I think I re- watching the entire series. I think alcohol and has been the most overlooked of a great performance in who from wait Richardson's you've been doing your your watch too. I'm gonna know who is the game of thrones person you want to see Justice awarded finally the actor who plays Oli VAR the male prostitute. Rewarded in handsomeness? I have to agree with Joey on on ahead Hiti. I mean, she's been so the center of the show for so long and is giving a very nuanced performance. So yeah, that would be exciting for her. And I feel like that. She would be the only woman who's one from that show. Right. Yeah. I mean, it's just petered English who's one who? Okay. In the acting categories. She's been nominated, right? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I think she gave like a really good, you know, like one of those all time classic reaction shots to losing last year. Just 'cause she's great has amazing says of humor so the cameras honors. He's just sort of like, oh, dart or whatever. But we are going to be talking about the a lot. Because as I mentioned, we're kind of an acquired a period for movies Emmys is really heating up. So we'll have a couple of weeks talk about some of the shows that are out talked to some of the people get into some awards handicapping. So we can look forward to lots of obsessing about. I mean, he's like that. And maybe something for our personal Alfie Allen's. But in the meantime, I think that doesn't for this week's episode Sonia. Thank you for coming in. And joining us again, thanks for having me guys. So you can find all of us Vanity Fair dot com. Writing about things like the Emmys and game of thrones and killing eve and all kinds of other stuff, you can find his at little gold men where we tweeted the news this morning that we've been nominated for a webby, which is pretty exciting. We we're not above awards at all as evidenced by the existence of this podcast, so vote for us, please sue their egos. You can find us all on Twitter on our own two I met Katie rich Joanna Jim wrote this and Richard Rilo 's and Sonia, Sonia Suraya this episode was edited and produced by Brett Fuchs. This week's award for the best embodiment of TV critic during the era of peak TV goes Sonia Syariah.

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