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Your Career Future in an AI Digital Tech World  Somi Arian  Career Fear - burst 11

A New Direction

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Your Career Future in an AI Digital Tech World Somi Arian Career Fear - burst 11

"How do we. How do we reach those people to get them to understand whether you're the deniers or whether you're the the as yukon the career fair people what do we what do we need to do to bring them in. And maybe maybe we need to understand. Help them understand why they feel that way and what we can do to help them change their change their thought process. Okay so Step one stop watching netflix. I i was not ready for that. So i was not why. Why do we need to stop watching that flexible. That's great because they are wasting their time. You know it's like the world is going into direction where there's going to be ten percent of people doing all the work ninety ninety percent of people not having much to do the way that are going if it continues the way that is going because the age of middle classes is over. Yeah people are Madrid people in the west. I feel like they have especially you know. Our generation millennials Dave not seen difficulty if not seen adversity yet. This is like this generation After world war two the baby boomers agassi. They created the The middle class. Has you know everything was going upwards in everything was going better. You could get a job after five years. You could knew that you'd be able to have enough money for deposit of a house and then you would be able to get mortgage you know how to family. That's not going to be the case for our generation because the nature of technology is deflationary. Because i as technology moving forward more and more people are job because we're not going to need that many people who don't have unique amazing skills so what we need the cut this book although yes it tells you how to Have a better career in the future. But the truth is the steps. The things that i talk about in the book they are not for everybody. This is not the kind of thing you know. It's not a book that's like you know emmanuel for how to get the job like how to write a better seavy. It's not that kind of thing you know. You need to come a unique worker unique person. You need to develop maltese skills. You need to be multi skilled and you need to be highly highly skilled in your soft skills or you know what i call human skills just emotional intelligence contextual creativity. Mindfulness and critical thinking. And those things take time to develop. So if you are you know have twenty four hours. Eight hours of sleep. You need that right. I used to sacrifice sleep. And i realized you know from reading a lot in it and thinking a lot about where i'm going to go and i was like what i'm doing is not sustainable. I need to get enough sleep. Okay so if i'm gonna get enough sleep. Then i have sixteen hours to work right and out of those sixteen hours I definitely need to give an hour for exercise. Okay i can listen to an audio book while i'm on treadmill and i'm doing my workout. I need maybe a bad of fourteen minnesota. So for general kind of things like say a meditation and things like that twenty minutes to shower so it about fourteen hours who work fourteen hours to work right so what. I'm suggesting in the book. If you are going to be in that top ten percents. This book is written for people who want to be in the top ten. Set if you're going to be the top temps then you need to work for fourteen hours. I'm not talking about work as in. Sit down and like you know just like not. Talking argument repetitive things. When i say works. Let's say out of that. Fourteen hours four to six hours of paraguay should be dedicated to research and development. Learning new skills when i say working over. I'm sitting here practicing linear algebra. I'm working as part of work. I think about newtonian and i aside. You know like dot. Org beh- using so many. I think so. Many people. And i know that there is a group of people who would say oh. Well this is millennials. Origen zad or even some Late xers but people are going so many work. I wanna work that hard i want. That's already than i'm sorry. The way things are going. I know you want to tell you what you want to hear or do you want me to tell you the truth. The truth is that

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