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CardsChat with Fedor Holz

"Welcome to cards. Friendliest poker podcast in town from the world's number one poker community. Everyone i'm your host drop easter's inskeep and thanks so much for joining us on episode number forty of cards jet the friendliest poker podcast in town. Today's guest. I made his name as an online tournament crusher and he now has almost eleven million dollars in career online earnings then he moved more and more into the live realm in the high rollers scene and has since destroyed us to the tune of almost thirty three million dollars in live poker earnings currently good for seventh place on the all time money list then he entered another area of the boca world dominated that to the tournament playing retired businessman and together with colleagues. You created the poker poker code training community all of that. And he's still only twenty seven years old fatal roles. Welcome to the cards. Jack podcasts nice introduction bank well earned ceremony young but my god. You have accomplished a lot in your twenty seven years. It's incredibly inspiring and we're going to learn all about that how you got to be fatal that everyone knows not whose fate or else we're going to learn that over the next hour anyone who follows poker these days they know who you are they know what accomplish but we kinda like hearing like origin stories of players who have made it all the way to the top haida. I got introduced to the game so before it was crown guy where you like a home game hero. Had his starting poker. I would say a home game. Wizar- playing since two cents at switching locations. I was sixteen probably and We actually took a very serious so we have actually. A friend of mine coated little website where he was being trial. Each session had a graph after a couple of months. Showing everyone's doing by graph was going going down to guys in the group who or were studying a bit of poker and they were playing atlanta so they took our lunch money. That's kind of spikes or started laying started my journey. Oh my goodness so when you say one cent two cent. That's obviously online. Did you ever play with your buddies housing place. I've set live. Yeah never heard of that before. Two two dollars to euro buying and man you bought in moberly for five euros and then in the evening you may be one. M fifty bucks was related. Students without lobbying heart going still going to school and just paying for that's unbelievable. You still have a friends for back in those days. Who started out with you in the games and no i moved moved countries so after that we didn't really have much contact anymore and they stop playing poker. Saw both of that but to be a fly on the wall net early home game. Fate or halted sixteen seventeen. that'd be amazing then westbound then you play like sort of all of the games like you know like a deuces wild that that kind of stuff was really pure holdem pure them and i was a dunk for. I was definitely one of the one of the fishes of medicare so interesting. Well you know you did make it from fish level to let's say those eat the fish Who who were your early influences. What players did he kinda like. Oh my god. If i could be as good as they are someday i mean in terms of rian influence of my game. It was my friends around me. Oh always the people around new played a bit higher than where it mark instant beside learn from them. My earliest poker friends basically and then it was. I think it was poker after dark. There was probably the clumps that night watch the most victims trump landfill issue. Like i i. i don't remember exactly. But i think that was the content. I watch the most was also really cool. Tournaments always had a different type of draw. Attention are drew. My attention wind song. That's yeah i think that's at was these heroes right and you're not. You're not watching entertainment. You're watching to try and learn from them and pick up a few things as well. It was both. I think epic and it wasn't so structured about it. Watching this to learn was more like on the cool to watch. And i didn't really know what was going on. It was just fun when someone put in a lot of money into the middle. Basically shirt i remember the brad booth takes high stakes back. That's a lot of money. Three hundred it good stuff. So was it wasn't that was the possibility of just winning. Lots of money. That attracted you to poker was something else. No actually. it was definitely played a role. I don i. It's hard to call. How much of rule. But i i remember not much was lost. The i always left strategy games. We also played a ton of other games where there was no money. Playing the settlers of catiline a law to our we play like lots of strategy games age of empires like playing video games and played point gift card games so it was always about just competing and thinking and developing strategies so no money was interesting part. That made it a bit more competitive with as it could see. We played for a couple of euro cycle. Isn't the driving tractor. Nevertheless we love we love share even so you never became a professional settlers of catan player. He became a professional poker player. So i guess that's where the money started like. Hey i could make a living doing this. I think the bigger part was the community. So i was actually interesting. I think that was the reason why other people pursuing more and that made it more interesting for me because there were more people were more into the game so because they went in so many people who do it fulltime really putting a lot of time into poke. It was much easier to also be like. Oh i can. I want to do that fulltime time to. I also think games. I really liked to play very intensity so i think that was actually more driven by it just being a better environment to play with others with others and to exchange adaptable me. At the the other part of it came in later it actually was more. Maybe two years after stein wealth. Wear that hey can make a living with this. Came and that. Ben obviously also was a factor in my decision making. That's really cool. 'cause we talk about decision making as a professional. You're never supposed to focus on the money unless it's like a massive pay job in a tournament or something but you're a decision they can supposed to be pure so you had that early on already with the but looks pretty cool. Yeah not so not so active. Because i think it was just hey i like playing this game. And that was the that was the only essence. There is a kind of his s. Something i think. I think that china's energy is actually oftentimes really created era. Just purely excited by something. And that's the reason your appearance and you wanna do something. That's why you do it. And i think these factors come in when you get alerted when you think about money and success in that actually condoms. Damn that excitement. Some excellent very cool you know. We said you're one of the greatest online players of all time. Of course who. Who would you say are some of your toughest competitors that you've faced online Very different type of personas or there are some who i admire or that are inspirations. For different reasons. I had some when their creative thinking are like european examples. Definitely one of the people who so sam vows mrs name. I think he's finished one of the people who earned the wing. He thinks the way. You approach the game. How he naturally comes up with ideas. Like that's super fascinating. I plan with them as well. So you can see the guys just is just so smart you know you could tell the way. He comes up with these plans and ideas. It's just supercooled. See that as different levels of thinking is one crazy this two but fernie natural approach to the game and then for example a player. I learned a lot from stephens on time whereas a much more mathematical approach much more structured but also very conceptual very logical. It's for him. It always needs to make sense. That always needs to be some type of idea. Does need to be the the answer you yourself have some. Is that because of this idea because of this concept and that really helps And also very structured Random mathematically rather numerical so logical course of thinking that also have me a lot right because it brings it. Ask questions at the right time. It's like okay. I did something. Narrow wasn't Their foundation in san diego. I just it just pumped it away. So i learned a lot from him. and then there's competition where maybe didn't even have that much exchange with from the way they play like i. I really always admired address Mighty like also very young. Very smart guy like can also Has a really good understanding of of situations adapt to situations so you could name. I could name ten to fifty more players okay. Well you're working to name not that many of the name of him and you'll get the reason why the second so the online handles the spring games of poker players they kind of have like mystique to their names like johnny backs. That sutcliffe joseph e. oh my god play can fill outcome fill. Galvan is older one is victim blonder topped on. Just the name of you and of course yours is is crown guy right so there's a mystique to these names so i'm wondering. What are your thoughts now. Now that the online site some of them are requiring that you change your online handle for security reasons. Some of them have anonymous tables. Some of them require that you use real name. So what are your views on that. I mean there's different reason. Every situation is different. I think you know when in certain games that the different than others for example. I think it's good idea that for high stakes. It's real named. were at some cable. Animals like these ideas. Is you when it coming from an seo development that i personally really like our tires and that really like like that. Because i feel it's It's another facet to character to persona. So i i hope that it's not getting. I think it will always exist it somewhere. I think people like that. I think people like having our time. There's going to be something in the future. That's more individual in all bit more representative of someone's personality. I think that could be really cool. Sure well the game is constantly evolving. So i guess time we'll tell so in that vein then. Can you explain to us. How did you choose the screen name crown up guy and you also had another one from the full tilt days Break and cry and those at those screams about at noon so chronic guy. It's i mean. I was eighteen at the time so it was basically in my mind but It was basically this idea of a kind of a translation from german. That's say my samy failed and the idea was Putting a crown on my head basically song like winning a turn. That's the idea about the only thing that makes sense knowledge the crown so okay men and the brecon cry from full tilt he had. That was that was actually. I mean obviously the way it's it's you can hear this like when there's a break at you cry doesn't break breakdown like when you have been open in his straight slash crowded breaks Affects pixel river. Exactly the new and then it's written cr a which means check raise all in okay the also that When as a brake check raise all rivers saw a hassle to get the double meaning. They're very nice very cool. Well you said you started playing when you were eighteen in two thousand eleven. You had no major scores at least according to our research until june two thousand thirteen. And that's when it gets this breakthrough second place in one case super tuesday for sixty five k. You're also playing live poker. That and you had about one hundred k. In live earnings already. So what was that time like for you during those those first couple of years in vulgar till the money started getting big. Yeah it was pretty difficult so it was. I would say my first three years like two or three years depending on where you congress started. I did not make any money i was. I was broke. Basically i had four ends and poker than a by a. I was really struggling with life situation. I i started studying debris like studying. It just found like nothing really like this plan that i had before studying that. Maybe a job like that. That's not going to be it and that was for me at the time. It was difficult because the thing that most people expected me to do which was finishing studies. I didn't like and the thing that i wanted to which was playing poker. Nobody really liked so. This was a hard spot in my life where i was nineteen united eighteen nineteen. I didn't read it on How to like how to do that is like hey i want to. But i don't make money with the jets. How how ever gonna make this happen. And i try to give it a shot. At playing roles playing like slav by goes like really for her couple goners. Grinding like doing industry reviews and posted lots of info rose and read a forms. And i could tell. More more veteran is like improved night. Low stakes started being mid staying. But i never really broke through so i didn't really win anything being attuned as you said in two thousand thirteen but at that time i think it was already a mediocre player so i was good that but i was. I was okay. I actually had little with before. Nats thousand dollars bankroll okay. Mostly from life as well. And that's what. I moved to vienna and when things for me so i really needed to get out of the environment. I was in night. I just felt like i said travel trip. I moved to just without anything. Basic just moved into apartment where two players the added free rooms. I'm working with them and from then on it was spaceship. Lift that's interesting. You say it's not like you were also i noticed. You're wording nate and say you were losing. You said you just weren't winning so you kinda like hovering around you know you barely breaking with I would say. The lowest point was maybe minus three k. Were aboard money from my to poker friends. The highest point at that time may be twelve. Thirteen k bankroll right lung. I went broke three or four times like up to five to five hundred right just playing terminal. There shouldn't be playing beating. So i always wanted to challenge also disciplined enough to just grinded up so i was i. I think it was immediately thing where i was still playing stakes. I wasn't beating. Until i beat them and Everything once could larry thing thinks turned out or once. I was beating everything. I was playing turned out to be working pretty well. Okay interesting yes. I'm wondering kind of a bad like that. Turning point was it. Ben breakthrough get sixty five k. All of a sudden in your bankroll haven't you react. Does the money mean to you at that point. After all of the struggling you went through for a couple of years The wind was pretty massive. It wasn't so much the the money. Because i had some action solter. I think maybe four forty thirty forty fifty percent of my style which is great. But i at that time. Then i went to sixty k. Bankroll or something. That was really nice and it was. That part web broke through off that idea. I don't need to do anything anymore. i can like. I can say i can travel wherever i back and leg. Eight hundred euros expenses a month with food and by apartments on sign. It's like. I can live like this for years without. Yeah i can travel on so it was like a really big weight of my shoulders and that actually never really changed like that in the future so when i went that to three hundred k. To five hundred k. Two million like it never changed something but it never one-step moment of mine laying needs are taking care of after that. It never really shifted out like that anymore and as far as just people close to you relatives family looking in what it is that you're doing with your time for a couple years. They don't see any results all suddenly see this. We sort of like how gratifying cop. Okay like what was. What was that dynamic line. Could that change at all. It was still weird. I felt like even after made some money with aged stood. Didn't feel great through wasn't like oh now everything's great again. Because i feel like there was a certain dowd or not with the topic inside was black. He's playing poker. Whatever that means out on my side. I also i didn't get much gratitude out of saying. Oh like now here. Look at that so i think it was still stuck in a better spot. Because it wasn't about like they didn't have much concerned the sorrow something Not super smooth. Not all of the wait a good way off of your show. It's open relationship. I think at some point it took some time for it to become more normal again. Just because they've in the beginning it's like people are not playing poker not familiar with the environment. It's there even if someone's winning it's like you stood done really know what's going on shirt or did you have a like a big splurge or something like that or he just immediately. You know reinvest everything and just go up a level or two. I think i that time. I was basically playing the highest stuff so they might be like i. I think in barcelo. I've played everything unto up to ten k. Allowed to that was basically. I felt like a cam. Playing high stakes. The blame super high stakes Everything pretty online. Also the highest kurmanbek then was basically a one k. a. How at that was skill skill wise. You felt ready to jump in already to those highest stakes. I felt pretty felt pretty good and it was kind of an accelerating thing because the losses kind of limited so even a session the max could lose whereas maybe five k or four k s something so it was like nowadays when you can buy or fifty k on a sunday or whenever. I'm in the fumes much. Softer americans was much lower so interested in. I was slightly losing one tournament. It's do was such a big deal so some bankroll management's to degree kind of took care of itself you're sank after certain level. Yeah because before i was i was Gambling the twitter fifteen supersonic provides within hundred event will right. It wasn't really gambling anymore. It was like okay. It's fine anyway right. So that's okay censored interesting in the way you put in you know clearly when the weight is lifted. There's a lot of things you don't be worried about. You can be that much more focused. And then lo and behold. It's almost like well then. Obviously all of a sudden you start putting together a string of notable hide five figure. Low six figure wins caches. You know this is not variance. From what i'm getting is just to be expected you sort of broke through that particularly i think easily gets misunderstood that you know once had money than things were easier like. I started winning more. I would say the thing that is important to note here. I made significant progress. Scared wise too so win. Maybe in two thousand twelve five was. Let's say five thousand. Ten thousand and twenty thirteen probably was two hundred in twenty fourteen. That was probably need top. Twenty five shirt so so it's like at makes a huge difference because if you play in tournament with you know one thousand players two thousand players in terms of our and variants. It's very different. If you're the top five in the tournament with your top fifty five hundred like rights. And then so i would say that. This is the reason why was ovarian warr because by two thousand fourteen. I was probably one of the best online players and then the variance with like delimited by in bed. The structures feels like the way you could play. It just wasn't all took care by itself. Basically it was no very fascinating. And you say like the difference. Obviously you progress. You became a tremendously better player than you had been before. Was there's something about your the way you studied. That changed or the types of things that you studied. What is it that made that sort of mental leap from fater pre to fatal at that point one of the best game. I would say that beginning was i started just having a skype group that i put together of some very talented players. So seventy percent them today. You like stephens on time across ben. Cb there's a bunch of them. Germans we all basically started at the same and that was a big factor. Because we were. I would say on average. We were communicating to three hours a day so mostly a couple of hours a day. Some types of bet's off like it was really every time all the time so discussing hands posting off having calls and so on so that was a big star then the next thing i would say his statistics no working on my hides building adds a victim huts were allowed on all sides so i spend a lot of time on on building my hud's to identify leagues opponents. So that it's visually easily detectable review opponents like specifically looking at one player. Play against all the time. What is leaks. What what can. I do to explain a painting notes on all the different players so i put in a much much more time back than than i do i was i was prepping. Hundreds of hours before. being admit accumulates. Nobody else is doing anything like the ipad. Hours big difference but like you play against the same players against all the preparatory therein. It costs tens of thousands of fans that you're playing for sure and of those who don't know hot as a heads. Up display us statistical interface that you see in front of you. I helping you process the numbers and it's just so fascinating someone who's witnessed in. Watch your career you rise now like you said that that rocket ship to hear from you. The you know the work that you put in almost the same thing you see. These tennis players of the basketball players are gonna come into the gym at three or four o'clock in the morning in doing the sprints and taking the free throws you know it's hard work. It doesn't just happen that you wake up one morning in your in your beast everything but it was one very very special morning on september. Twenty eight two thousand fourteen. He won the w five k. Main event for one point eight million dollars so that's kind of what does that mean to you that i was big and sexually thick actually was mara defamed that the money famous arrived with more success itself because the it was the craziness of the story itself. Just the feeling the rash of winning this I mean it's the most prestigious on that terms of the year and it was just offensive. Rewarding i actually. I did that mistake in that tournament. the mistake Selling action and so at that time. I had I think over a million bank already. And i'm pretty sure i sold much more action determined that i wanted to so i sold like i wanted to sound like twenty five percent than end up settling. I think seventy. Wow that is a double salt so so yeah okay problem. Now i said the money. I see what you're saying. It was actually crazy because the year before. I had a big piece in my friend. David won the who won the w main the year before in two thousand thirteen so i made more money when added piece of what i was figuring. Just say okay. Okay so one of the things. That's very typical of professional online players. You do a lot of multi tabling right so someone who's true professional the highest levels. You're playing for some pretty big money at the same time. You can have some tournaments running where the prize money is far less. So i'm kinda wondering. Haven't you still focus. Play your best at the smaller money tables. When so much more is online is on the line at the big money. I think i would. I i would suggest a detached from the epa the same time because why does it matter if he played at the same time or with an hour. Delay with three days. Delay because it's best It's two separate attorney after no connection if nothing to do with each other so if i play them simultaneously or a play them one today in one year the other one. It's still. I want to do my best. I wanna get the best irwin. So i will try to detach this. Am big these at the same time. The second thing is what i would add ons ed is. It's just about like. I tried to not think about the buying for me. It's not so much about winning money there. It's about what's the best choice. I'm always trying to ask okay. What i think is the best decision here and it doesn't matter like why would want to do a worse decision. The event in a five dollar tournament. Like i would you know doesn't doesn't make sense an incoming the decision. So let's say. I don't wanna go out with my friends. Then i wanna make the conscious decision of like. Hey i don't care about thirty five dollars. I sit out and i go with my friends how i think oftentimes these things are being mixed up with each other when you it when you lose that big tournament at doesn't make the other tournament less value. Who i i feel that too sometimes When i bust like three times the twenty five and i play a two hundred dollar tournament. That's it's difficult sometimes. I understand that. I'm just saying i tried to attach okay. I turn it all the time here now own playing that. If i'm like wanna continue playing that night. Okay and if i played i i will do my best. Because it doesn't make sense for me to to actively say up playing update like but it happened about Even hit that. I would say maybe the best view of just be like. I just sometimes did continue playing a tournament. Where i just did it because i consider myself a professional at like no. I'm just gonna play another eight hour. Because i'm just be like yeah shorter dogs equity. I don't feel like it. I don't feel like i'm not sleeping tonight. And i don't feel like so. It's it's difficult to make these choices and to set these prices. But i think if you if you set your mind to. I i would like to take it serious or not at all. I like that. That's like asked that question not just to hear how you do it. But i think there's a lot of folks who are listening were watching can gain some insight in there and the sort of like sort of follow up a little bit when you when you say you mentioned a. Why would i make any less of a good decision in a five dollar tournament versus a twenty five or something like that. The one i mitigating factor is people who are playing a five dollar tournament typically aren't as good. Let's just say a generalization there so is that something that you do factor in all in on and not the the extremes of the five versus the twenty five thousand but do you factor that ended alter your decision making or is purely more like numbers based in hud. Based i mean nowadays. I haven't been using ahead sore years now. button it obviously. How opponents plan with the plays a big role in my decision making. But i think it's a difference. Whether i take information into account or whether consciously played bad i think oftentimes stood by you. Want to feel a certain way or you want to try to force a certain outcome renewed like tried to force having lot of being of the tournaments. That's i do that sometimes but again like i wanted to be conscious and sometimes i say that I know i consciously it's a war strategy to play more aggressive now but it's my last tournament left and a much higher variants. Ub but either go deep or go Right exactly because it's it's like a more factors into it right. It's my my sleep edson. It's a big role. If i go to bed at two or four like as a big impact on my life as well some regarding the making decisions in game high i think it depends on what your auster so it should be. You should be very conscious about why you're registering for right like if you don't care about it why would you even start playing a five dollar terms. That's more investment into incompetent and blasting in also after four meets. That's that's okay too register and you realize you know that's not for me. I did want to raw or whatever. Also i think it's just about if you if you're perceived as repetitive patterns. You doing it all over again. And then being disappointed or lasting us did want to nothing. That's something to wear love that. That's good highlight clip guys go ahead and replay those last thirty forty seconds over against some knowledge bombs dropped over there. All right well you know. You're still obviously a killer. Online is still playing the high stakes tournaments where we'll get to the lives of soon big one though another big win was your second ever w s p bracelet which you on line on g g poker last year for a little over a million dollars Besides the money. So what does that mean to you to to get a bracelet specifically in online play. That roy is probably one of my most joyful moments poker definitely top five is also nice video clip but the click also again. I had quite some action sold in. That one may wasn't twenty five heads up so i had a lot of fun playing. I was super super in. Its playing and that's really I love this level of focus energy. And i had so much fun playing and it was so happy when the ends so that one definitely one of my favorite moments in waco very very good. It's cool to hear that That reflection as well besides just playing online you're showing everybody that you're playing online streaming on on your twitch channel again what do you enjoy most about streaming and you find that it know. That's it actually in impact at all the way you play when you're also focusing line engaging with your audience was watching this two sides. Iran loved engagement. I really do. It's that feeling of seeing names. Return some kind of relationship with the people in chad limits. It's fun it's actually really nice to feel while love five energy From from georgie of people nets grade to see the other parts of In that kind of mouth is the sad part is it's can. I don't really want to continue. Mostly because it's limiting by capability so much i really i would say about twenty to forty percent of my focus and i realized i'm dave much worse when i have the stream and i played fifty two hundred lines. I think it makes the difference especially in these high-rollers where everyone is sharp or like mostly good players. It makes a difference between being winning being winning or be music so that part just makes it difficult for me to continue in wear decided not to for some time and the other part is actually interactivities. So i am. Because i can't stream with hole cards and then read what be writing so basically always this four minute delay in communication in just kind of takes away seventy percent of the of the fun part of it where someone writes something. You engage a respond to that and so on. So right yeah. That's that's the reason why. I would probably not continue that doing too much awful. Maybe maybe more specific forced remain. When do like you know one day stream and have fun rather than streaming. My sunday plays interesting to blast off. Like you said in those five dollars tournaments. That's where you can not care. Maybe a bit higher. But it's almost like sometimes you know when when they're watching you play these high level stuff and you know latin just like you when you're watching high stakes poker hogue after dark and you know not just entertainment but also to learn a little bit. It's almost like you kind of have to have a disclaimer you know. Don't try this at home unless you're playing also at this fall in love again on your twenty two dollars sitting dough grinder. That sort of thing is not necessarily the same types of places should be making all right. Well we all know in poker. You've got to switch gears so we're gonna switch from online to live our talk about your incredible success in the live realm. You got a trophy case as car. Kind of hard for me to one is the. Is there like a favorite win that you have in your mind like okay. That was a special moment for me and my poker career. Wb bracelet back hundred k. That was crazy. Is that the one on one right. The high roller any reason why. Why do to that one. It was just absurd black every year in that way it went down the hitmen the thrill lost in all. Just it would probably have been one. That was your biggest cash though. It was my biggest cash. Difference between secondhand win was british free. Big emotional infamy. There was probably my most anticipated. Situational agreement was the highest in terms of emotions. But intel's of joy wins. Probably the brain stick win advocate winning. That's very cool very very nice. Well there everyone knows anyone hadn't heard of you up until two thousand sixteen seventeen. That was certainly the year that they did. Because it's almost like okay. Fayard hall twins poker tournament fate or holtzman pug gets it just one after the other. After the other it was it was surreal. You know millions and millions of dollars just like your vacuum just taking all. The money was absolutely unbelievable. It was incredible to witness. There was a debate at the time about the idea. Variants playing in smaller fields versus much of it was you know fade or purely just dominating so we're like four five years past that now right. Can you reflect a little bit. Which one did you play. More of a role. Yeah so i would say looking at it an insect now. I think i was much better than i thought. I was Because there's some things back then. I was debating. I was because as i see as of different players. I compare them seeing all of as a difference obeyed him something else and i. I know they're very good players. I'm so who. I was always debating k. Like is no way to prove it right. There's no way for me to find out on there. Went better on my way better. Like i couldn't so trying to understand how they think as much as i can and try to go about. What makes the most sense to me. And i believe that some of the things was debating the most I think that i was choosing who mostly better strategies than than the majority affairs athlete against Especially around icm or generally like final tapes with payouts but also post flop Open raising ranges defending ranges and so on so dancing locked into game theory aspect. Or obviously i did get a lot of things quite wrong to but it felt there were some very substantial things that i think i was just Had a better grasp of it than most players have played against gay just to tides and that level of aggression. I was probably one of the most aggressive players back. Then statistics wise. I couldn't think of someone who was more aggressive than And that that was one of the main reasons why crushing these fakes. Because i think oftentimes it's It's the one place also has it's not only let's both placed us our imperfect right so let's say more more tied approach or more project aggressive approach and there's some type of middle in middle ground and i believe that's where now is that the optimal on game play is much more on the Let's call aggressive side. I mean it's not aggressive. It's the baseline is moving more towards that cyber. And that's where. I think most people who have been playing aggressive sound type of games Have been probably more has been doing better in terms of win rates back then than Than the other way around So that's i would say was enhance. That i would say i back then i was like i don't know how high win rate is and so on. I think now. I'm pretty certain that if not hiring ribs also be superheroes. I'm because i think people have been doing some some brady on optimus things. And i think intuitively some of the things. I've been doing good expired against what everyone else was. And i mean the other thing. Obviously i was running good right now. The artist still a way of saying. I don't think i was a break even player in running extremely hot i or beyond a reasonable. I think it was very very good player. Who ran very hot. i think that's that's how i would look at it now. It's cool in the benefit of hindsight reviewing a hand in a way like you're not in the moment it's very cool that you can genuinely truly analyze it and it's a much more. Honest is not as nothing braggadocious about it. It's really just yeah. It made sense and again. Now reflecting almost like you have For lack of a better algae have like the michael jordan among all stars at the all star game. You were that far ahead in your in your thinking plus run good in you see what the results are the competition in sight yet although the difference is that michael jordan people said it back then to hide. And that's that's i think the difference in focus i. I think it's much harder to identify like. I don't wanna say i'm the michael jordan. Okay i don't want this to be mixed up right. Like i'm just saying i think went back then. Maybe i was thinking we. We did a lot of this. We tried to quantify how much to be winning. You know what you think by win rate is i think big fan when it was thinking i had you know six percent ally determined now i would say i think i have a much higher than that. I probably had fifteen twenty twenty-five so the only thing i'm saying is i think i underestimated because i wasn't like i could obviously didn't have the information now or around. What's what i learned. And i think it's just things i randomly out of just out of a feeling or intuition did Kind of well. I think what has been taught at most people believed at the time just is quite far away from what i think is optimal current and so that kind of i think led to me having a win rate. I saw that house. But nevertheless i was running very good so okay. Thank you for clarifying that. Important the competition in the high roller scene is very first the fierce site. We want you guys all play on. Tv there's not typically too much talking we rely on the nick showman's the jazz said to go ahead and fill in the void there away from the table though. That high rollers steam. There seems to be a lot of camaraderie. Could you point to sort of you know maybe a couple people who in your mind when you think about what's going on with the tables there are some real jokesters our party guys even though they're at the tables just like sit like mean when you said joel. Stern is the first person to think was sam graft but he's not sitting quite at the table. I i did a couple of people who are like. They have different on table than off table saying that. I would say that. The germans there quite a lot of them are quiet. Calm and not talkative at the table in Different personas off the table. Maybe resemblance of blank. You know maybe a bit more. Let's say reserved in some ways but still funny and outgoing. So i'm trying to think of someone now. I know when he comes immediately to mind. The i just to think of sam graph wound up at a. He's is a he's funny is the definitely entertaining to watch fisher. One of the questions we we love to ask all the interviewees here at cards. Genuine has the friendliest poker podcast in town. Is there any khokar player that you could say as the friendliest that you've ever sat at the tables with him getting a low paid for his plane play but i think christopher was one of the nicest guys on poker is really generally it. Very honest very transparent. Very nice i really say nicer as a great I Who's very nice. You've named one that's good. It's important that incites from one of his colleagues and peers. Yeah i mean there's actually a couple of people who are very like also timothy adams also has been always really nice chris big now like there's a couple i don't have much contact with like i would really say you know almost entirely there. Were nice at the table to other people to myself so also danielle reactive has been nice. I mean there's some footage is maybe not so nice but like to me. He's always been very nice table. So there's a couple of people actually the majority i would say we're just. I'm just nice mice people at the here. That's that's very. It's a nice thing to hear as fans of the game. It's a cool for shed light on that. You know someone who has that front row seat to them in that you'll have to apologize. I have to apologize. I hope i get the pronunciation right. You emerged as dust underpins. That i get that okay. It's pretty good okay. I drive thus vindicated very good though it coincided and it's something that you said. It was a lot of german guys you together with a lot of the german guys. Austrian guys you kind of emerged enforce on the poker scene. How about now. Is there like another sort of wave of up. Incoming german speaking players that we don't know about actually is i would have said like if you ask me a year one and a half years ago. I wouldn't have known but actually with coca cola. We kicked off that quite a bit. So we started Our grandparents series which is basically would put together Eight poker players in advance for two months and retrieve the content out of we help them. We taught them poker. We'd a played online poker. We helped them review. We have them study. it was basically just. How can we make them as good poker player possible time. It's pretty crazy to watch in these two months. I think they were basically break even so it won't they lost but since then which is now like seven months eight months a one over one avenue million dollars combined nice. That's pretty. it's really really awesome to see on them on german austrian and especially in our coca community like i fear will bring some people together who have a lot of potential to become i. Stakes is expressions better than me which is very exciting to see. Because i didn't think it's possible but apparently like in i'm just now you don't like one year to year really rising up so it's really awesome to see that's very cool so as funny so is there. Is there another wave. guess. And i'm partially responsible for that. That's very cool. The godfather very nice. So we will talk about polka cut momentarily. I did have one more question though before we get into that. There's a lot of these high stakes heads up matches that are taking place both online and live without the heads up duel on poker. Go and you've got gal femme versus vending beating you all this kind of stuff. What are your thoughts on that kind of stuff. And you thinking maybe throw your hat into the ring at some point. Or it's just you know entertaining. It is entertaining. That's for sure. It's great also rekindles competitive high stakes scene. Somehow and people fighter challenge left the raid. I mean i have my own challenge against victory. Limitless that was a lot of fun. I personally really like the type of format. Because it's i think i am really It's a new format for me. So i'm reading mentally challenged. It's also it's nicer schedule. But you know you can start earlier. You only played three four or five hours not this tedious nights schedule. Which is kind of nice. I mean against all day long eyler like it's just for the fun of it because i always loved playing against him and it's just a in terms of playing live four and some i would love to. I would fly biggest short subdue that nice lady. I hope you guys are paying attention to the studio poker. Go i mean i would really. This would really be properly the orange challenge. I would take up right now. I cited assigned behead besides that nothing. Okay i do remember in. We don't want to like you know. Poke poke the bear the white magic. But i do remember that moment. Where he overtook phil on the all-time money less than you kinda like. Put a little picture. I feel the live dynamic would be very all right. It's poker khotan. Mr retired businessman. It is a training site is a community that you started with austria's time tournament earnings leader. Matatus i've been How did i come to fruition yet. So the core idea was basically out of one question. I could ask a lot. Which is you teach me and you coach me. Can you stay me. What book did you read it. How can the. It was basically Messages round people asking how they can learn from over the last four or five years and was not coaching. I did a lot of coaching. I did last. i'm collaborations with people. I hop them in nyc bought action in their in their terminal. So i've done that and it never really felt super warning was always a bit like repetitive tedious Expensive saying its omen was a kind of. I felt like i say the same things nitrogen like show show be was the base always thought. Hey i could. I could create something that's That's shares my views on poker. How i think about my my ideas and put that out there and it took me. I had the dan two thousand sixteen. I talked to a couple. Bekker's i bended wants to record. Something just fell felt. I was just tired of the game. So i put that idea back on hold and then two years later. I met my. We started talking and he was the perfect since nine term content because he's much more Work much more solvers much. Theoretical reading the backup also amazing Polka player and you can explain things very well so that was just as immediate synergy between us two and so. Let's let's do that together in terms of the history. I think what's important to know about puck. Otas speed started as a course so we created this chorus. It was very extensive in different areas than we realize. That's not what we want to do. So we put out the course we sold it and we realize it's not really helping people waiting. Wanted to tour so it's not interactive math. It's not solving their problem enough. And that's the moment realize kay people by it. But i don't really know to start what you know. What depending on their Their individual situation how to like different levels of players and so on and so. I think that was the point. Where saying infamy where it needs to be more interactive with needs to be more personal needs to be exactly what helped me progressing grogan which was community. That's when we shifted our business model. Aided subscription based on the content is included and we focus much much more than that interactive arts that we bring two people together it create groups with each other. We have basically is ongoing post every day. Every post is being commented multiple people to share their perspective. You can post ends airs. Weekly coaching right. Now is going to be two a week upcoming rallies. Threes just warned more confidence being created. And it's much about his library thing and look after video when you watch an old radio it's more about asked the company you on your journey and that's really cool because of the names of our community and they come back in like i know where they are where they wear right so he started playing ten nowadays fifty and they post their progress. They help others lenders. New people coming in this better players help them. So it's just really quick to see the professionalize this. I've been doing on my path to becoming one of the best and that bringing that to hundreds of players to do that much better much more professionalized ways. So that's for me. That's the poco. That's very cool because usually the the follow up question to that would be what makes it unique from all the other poker training sites at their. You've already encapsulated that. So instead i'm going to ask you you get you clearly are incredibly passionate about it. Live at you live and breathe. You can telling your voice the way talk about in your eyes light up even a little bit more. Can you explain that satisfaction. I mean it's no longer just about you you know you've you've hit the top of the mountain already now. All of a sudden you're you're helping people become better poker players. Does that make you feel but it's actually gave a presentation to our team today. The key thing that i realized also in there preparing for it was it's not about education. We are not going to focus on educating people. We are focusing on inspiring people. And that's the that's the part that i i That makes it sustainable from he has that makes it. Rewarding me is because the difference between inspiring something and just giving someone might knowledge after totally different experience for me because on the one side. Feel how it's changing something in the earth as being kicked off like he starts thinking in new ways starts questioning the way he's been doing things. That's a personal thing as well right. It's at the example of poker. But i can see that person. Prosecutors is shifting and changing enrolling That it's just really nice. It's like you was help. Someone grow an that part. I think is one of the coolest things we can do while love it and on the other hand when i was coaching in the past and i was taking three thousand dollars an hour for one session. I just like prepared. That just night didn't have a relationship with a person it wasn't it wasn't as rewarding. Actually it was like okay i. It's it's the money part is the main than i. Try to do my job. Well and i tried to make happy as as coachee but it wasn't the same feeling in terms of personal ward and that really sank in Realize no one focus on a personal growth. it's all at the example in all around in the realm of poker. But it's really about that feeling of. Hey we're progressive as a community as people and that to me is. It's really awesome. Awesome that that was an awesome answer. Really that that's just beautiful. It's great to hear something like that and again. It's just so early january. And i wish you continued success and best of luck with code before we get into the community questions. Because there's a lot of the memorial. I know where our time is running short by do. I can't help but mention. Also your other big project from the fell into partnership with elliot row and primed mind. We spoke with elliott. Now shout out to him in episode number twenty so let's also remind all of our folks You know we. This is episode number forty. Got thirty nine. Other great episodes of the cards jack on gas to listen to as soon as you finish this one but we've valley now let's hear from you haven't had the two of you guys develop this mind primed mind i mean if basically very simple i huge fan off him and his work. So it's not out of it's just out of sheer value. is related value-driven practice element process side. I started doing coaching within two thousand fifteen. So that's six years ago now. It was one of the most valuable things that could have done at the time. Still one of the things that helps me because of the way he works. It's just a personal relationship. Has skills in helping. Reflect and helping me through a serb Therapy to dive deep into connections into strong emotions discovering myself and so on so just really. I mean i worked with lots of coaches lots of areas and based on stuck with for that long. That's kind of tells on much. I appreciate the work with them than so mind was literally like he created a lotta. Mp threes for me before terms. I was putting my headphones. Fifty minutes meditating and just totally getting into zone of playing poker. And after we've done a couple of these Like this we need to bring that to more. People is like i listened to that. Cannot someone else listen to that right. Wow best that was the idea. So it was basically okay. That's great an app where he records added fifty two hundred different situations different situations different. Or it's business so just situations to get crime for fc problems if you wanna get rid of addiction if you own these topics that he works with his clients and let's let's create a collapse. That nets out by tests has started developed. So where can people find more information about that. So it's the prime comore just immediately and the app store you could download it and just try it out. So it's a freemium model. You can try it. Lots of mp. Three's if you like you can subscribe and get access to the whole database and you can also for me. It's religious development. We designed it away at the free model covers. Basically a lot of the things you need so that people get accelerated for free. There was also a big thing for us. It's like if someone needs that. They can use it if they want to support the project then they can subscribe. So that's that's down. You know you've been exceptionally generous with your time and i sincerely appreciate that fatal. You talk a lot about community. We've gotta get him at least a few community questions from our our yards gen forum members. We ll still go. We can have a little bit of time. Yeah wonderful so this is the segment of the show guys where we turn to you. People were watching people who are listening from the crowds jack community. See what questions you wanted to ask our guests. We have a dedicated thread on the cards jet forms for this. So as we announced who are future guests will be. Please be sure to send in your questions. And i have to say and forty episodes in up until we've never gotten this many people this many questions for any of our interviewees. So dr they love you already We'll try to fit in as many as we can so the first is from crystals are crystals actually reached out to me. It's a he i say. Crystals is a she. Acid crystals is a piece of crystals The first question Crystals asked is what you typically do fe nor to prepare for a huge buy in tournament. So it's a bit a bit different now than it was back. Then i prepared back then so when it was playing professionally fulltime. I basically woke up depending on whether it was live online. Mostly live tournaments. I woke up around nine to nine to ten because they started the afternoon workouts. I had some healthy breakfast on. I did meditation or prior. Mind did a session with elliott or combination of them and Eight very lightly. So i generally played better when i was a bit hungry hungry for chips. So yeah that's a that was actually my routine and then when the tournament was finished like ten to twelve hours later i most. The almost immediately went to bed and repeat fashionable this agile. What is the next question from crystals. What is the lowest buying tournament that you will play today. It depends on the tournament. But i think the lowest played in the last couple of weeks was like a one of the bigger hundred dollar like blow main event for example. Like just a bigger lower tournaments. Like let's say from one hundred dollar definitely and then sometimes hundred dollar fifty dollar tournaments okay and final question from crystals What is your favorite life tournament to play. And why. I think my favorite was actually did Tournaments here is really nicely. Organized and very nice venues. The one million triton in london was really really awesome and then my second favorite spot was probably aria. I just loved the art. Like everything from the dealers to the seeds just people like you play a home game in. It's just nice. I really like it very cool. That triton one that's where they sort of paired professional with the with a businessman is that the one when charity. I was cool and selleck. Next t pack. Thank you very much tea. Pat for sending in this question What vice you have for recreational players who are entering a w. s. o. p. or w. s. o. p. circuit event for the first time. And they're going up against a lot of pros art. One answer depends on how much time you have to prepare. Savage generally say epsilon to just check out One off the courses depending innocuous one to prepare. It's different than if he has ten more or fifty because if you're one hour like there's not much you can do but if you have a couple of hours i think the most important is to just check out browse through things in check. Is there something that you would totally different like. That's normally a good sensor for finding biggest mistakes. You know when you look at opening ranges. Know what you should open raise. What handed should open with you. Know what you should see that. Can you find something we're like. Oh like this makes us totally new for me. i would say generally. It's probably a bit better too tight and aggressive. Like i would say it's very important to not be too passive because that's mostly where if you play titan passive that's mostly a not a great great style you'll get taken advantage of. Sometimes i guess our next questions come from freddie. Dr eighty seven. Thank you freddy from all your big caches as i like this very insightful question from of your big caches which them came at the moment that you needed the money the most alum i would say the first ship after mcdonagh was probably the most substantial because it's oftentimes like that ship and meets a play on your stakes not the label bigger pieces of your time so i would say people when they're in the beginning of your career. I always tried to think in in. Future me money when i when i was eighteen. I had no money. But i think it's much more future money so if i invest the thousand euros. That's not like at that time. That was one hundred of bankrolled. But's it's relatively small compared to what i think i'm going happen in the next ten years. It's only fine to invest. You know south five thousand euros when when it's most your money like invest in yourself. Msw growth In learning something. So i think the beginning my my first fifty k. Caches were probably the most important cash from me nice when he used that word. Invest that the ties. It very nicely to freddie's second question in what do you invest your poker winnings i bought some real estate So i bought myself an apartment but my family house and some crypto as some Some companies actually in projects that i believe in So it's a mix of authorioty of different things back in poker Yeah so next. This is someone who's never submitted a question of. Why don't recognize the name. So thank you very much shovel. cooley. I hope i got that one right. Thank you very much two questions for you in the early stages of your poker developments. What is the one thing you struggled with the most specifically during in game play. And how did you resolve this. I would say a form of That feeling of things are unfair. I deserve something else like that's hard. I definitely struggled with that. And i spend a lot of time working on that so every time it happens like let's say it was often for me players who are regular who i think. Play terrible winning against me with bad plays like that. Something that always milats. That's just my perception right. Someone i perceive as bad. I received do something that i think is bad like there's so much subjectively they're already. I'm sorry to try to work on that. And i'm like if i think something that's great like it's good for me if they continue to iraq and it's the environment that continues to happen and i'm glad that that's the environment because that makes it what it is so i tried to inject logic to turn it into something. That's positive that i that i appreciate it so i tried to turn something that tells me into something that i'm happy for fantastic answer like lot. I'm sure some. Cooley does as well the second question from some cooley. What is your favorite online at tournaments series. And why i would say the recent wpn but also this this spring festival like that was really awesome. I mean it was unsafe training because it's just too much for too long but it's also super exciting Like i love the ears competition for big by for like basically every day like that's just that's just amazing so these wsb online was probably my favorite's areas that men spring festival all my second okay. We've got three more community members who put forth questions for you. One is the ever present and consisted acid. burn f x. Thank you very much. Love the screaming scan stuff always comes up with the most creative questions What mystery would you like to see solved in your lifetime. That's a great question. Yeah i would say. I wouldn't call it a mystery but actually anything around the body in and that's i'm really curious so for example the placebo effect i would really left more like i think right. Now it's just not really getting the attention. Should i'm really excited to you more about that. Also a Or an english. I think a by genetics. And so i think there's much more to like right now. I think we think of the body is much symbol of a thing So i'm really excited to learn more about anything. We learned in biology and physiology and psychology and anything related to that also Creators while second question and the second and final question from acid burn ethics again. Very creative if you had a personal flag what would be on it. And why i guess crown okay i i don't know i like the color orange lots and it's probably one of my favorite color. I would probably go with a crowning and color orange. Okay i like that. Maybe it's really like i really like the son. Of course orange is also poker code colors a little bit of consistency that very nice little ankle spill kuenz asks the following question. You kind of touched upon maybe go a little bit more in depth How did you first start to build your own benadryl. Basically want to tablings At first and then auditable entities so. I was playing somewhere between teen twenty five tables off sipping goals and then Mt ts between five dollars. Hundred dollars basically. Would you recommend this as me. Now would you recommend that tabloids focused on growth. It doesn't matter if you if you make less than let's say a thousand dollars on average with it focused much more on getting better than focusing on making i would say that till five digits a month nice okay and our last community member has three questions for you. daniel makhado. Thank you very much. Daniel fay officially announce your retirement in two thousand sixteen after you won your first. Wfp bracelet and a five million dollar payday. What if that hit only happens day five years later when you have done anything differently i can. I'm not sure. I understand the question. I think i'm basically like you said that. An incredible moment in your career was unbelievable. Five million added to your bankroll but what if that never happened in an only happened now when five years last five years be different than anyway. Now i don't think so. It wasn't a big reason why entire it was part. The part the big reason was grinding. Twelve harm state for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks So i was just i was just over. I won a lot of money in. I didn't want to play a single handed. Marceau every a at the best outcome. I mean much better than i thought it would go and i hated a saw. That was so clear for me too. I to stop as a be good for you for following the knowing what you wanted to do. Not just Continuing to rent like a hamster wheel second to last question Have the companies you invested in giving you the results you have hoped for. I don't think. I clearly what i hope for no bike. It's unpredictable unexpectable i would say What i realize now is. I focused way too much on things. That aren't things i want to focus on. I spent too much time on things. I don't really care much about deeply. And that's results like outcomes. That aren't exciting. So that's how. I would describe it so it's like prime mind. It doesn't matter what the outcome is like. I'm not looking at okay. What much money i loved. It was granted experience. I'm happy to we work with. Elliot's it's not the thing that i'm going to make a bunch of money with but for me. It was very rewarding. It was very very cool. Experience happy we didn't other investments. I made projects we build. Is like if i wasn't if i wasn't excited about it and i did it to make money with it because i think it will be. It always turn out to be. Because i left behind it. And then it's not gonna work so right and your hart's gotta be in a here and the final question again from daniel makuto. Thank you daniel saito. Were coming out of a crazy one and a half years of the pandemic. What is your wish for the rest of twenty twenty one. I would really love me focused more on the long term That would be my wish. I think there's lots of topics we have on the table. That require us to prioritize long term short term weather. That's i think in a decision making a specifically very important in my opinion right. Now i feel. It's it's very much around managing the short term whether net status power or like accessorised. Something and i feel it's much important. I would really wish that we focus more on. Okay what does that mean for us collaboratively or as like not just as one country but globally connected. I would really love to see that Brain answer and to say also just in terms of the sheer amount of questions between myself and and the community or put together. There was so much. I had to cut it down and still you. Were very kind to to give us more than the original allotted hour of time fate or thank you. It's just again. I understand why there's so many questions is. It's such a brilliant mind. You know you've accomplished so much of the age is not just about the success. Not just about the money one. And just you know just as small inkling of it from your final answer. It's not what you didn't even think. What do i want for myself is what you want for others. You want for the world. That says something very beautiful about you. I mean it's also. I think it's a i think we all we all care about ourselves but i think it's about what is that idea of self and for me. It's like i think if everyone is doing what. I'm doing well too so it's not that i think. Oh i want everyone to do well and doesn't matter how i do but i really think if if people on the around the world are doing well and on are happy like icing. That will have a great impact on me. It's because there's so there's so many not describe it will relationships between them and me were like the products that use that they developed where the attraction like. There's so many people even in my area have no relationship Contact with where. I'm dependent on them. They their decision. Making the politicians or the entrepreneurs are the people the people running systems here. And so i think the better system is doing better also might experience in my life is going to be. So that's why. I may some chrome careless about about that. It's fantastic and again. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions four fatal alz again a friendly reminder to our cards chat community. We'd love to see you submit your questions for our future. Podcast guests in the dedicated thread in the forums. Please be sure to give us a good review on tunes and spread the word vying your social media channels if you'd like the show fade on before we let you go anything else. You'd like to tell our listeners and people want you confronted. Thanks for the kindness and the nice questions was exciting. Very sweet thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the cards chat podcast. You can follow me on twitter at card player life. I wish you all wonderful day. Cards chad the friendliest poker podcast in town from the world's number one poker community.

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EP7 Leveraging Tech: How IT Can Help You Scale

Buy Build Sell

39:06 min | Last month

EP7 Leveraging Tech: How IT Can Help You Scale

"Welcome to buy build. Sell the podcast for entrepreneurs looking to acquire grow or exit a business hosted by simon. But hey there it's salmon. Benard he if you'll burn you to the bodybuild sale podcast than welcome. It's great to have you on this journey. Since its launch interviewed many entrepreneurs that have bought build or sold the business and in some cases. They've completed all three steps and start over again. Our goal is to share the stories of business owners that have traveled at least pot of the cycle so that we can all learn from their experience. Whether it's the dizzying hot success or the hard lessons learned through adversity. We can get to the heart of what drives success and how to apply these lessons on your journey. So join us for the best insights interviews and inside information on how to buy build and sell a business stripe from the business owners who've lived and breathed it. My next guest has had an interesting and varied business life. A software engineer by profession. Raj has founded three stops rice capital and taken one venture from zero to acquisition with a successful exit under his belt and a growing business on the horizon. Rash takes the time to chatto about the lessons learned while building and selling his company and the one thing he would do differently to improve the value he achieved from his business how we will all say he raja's formula on how to scale a business quickly. This is roger goodman annand. I'll arosh welcome to the show. Simon thanks for having me on it. My absolute pleasure. I'm very very excited to hear your story today. And and the the folks would have heard from the intro You've got an interesting background and been been around. Been in business of it saw. Maybe you can give us a little bit of background and tell us you know waded your story all sort of begin absurdities simon so the study began professionally speaking about fifteen sixteen years back when i was studying at university of sussex in brighton the uk and someone told me about the single my space which is like this time the coolest thing to be on the facebook of of us old folks so simply in a been engineer built my own clone of my space in a couple of months there have into the market sell it consulate icon market ed so did a mini mba and to really get into the idea be to be selling so north my first business Social media bite labeled software business which was a good learning. Let's put it that way. It was you know we we have been letting so about that. Business didn't didn't go to plan but it was a great learning raise. money got somebody could customers in travel and government sectors then wrote a book for financial times. Ambition education on social media marketing. Then saad working for a company in in in in spain held them grew from seven million to forty five million in revenue. A the back of storytelling. Seo and content writing some like hang on. This is something that within this space. Let me stop making the money and make myself cash. This new company decorated uncle goodman latin. Maybe help customers. Our own continent native english and held himself better grow faster. The funny part is much all the stuff. Different stuff is also doing a startup in the in the evenings looking to the spanish company so i was literally working fifteen hours per day. weekends include at and it was crazy. About what a lovely ride. I must say just and you've just tick somebody boxes for seven media entrepreneurs who listeners. Right i made. I had a few people. Like i was just n. p. we couldn't say no screening was having a little chocolate oversell guy. Yeah we busy people. We've got a lot of their plights. What do we do stop an extra at night. Because you know we can't contain those audio say you might as well. Just let them free. Absolutely absolutely i think is never a quiet day for running a business entrepreneur or not is dependent hobby branded. But i mean we just like to be busy. I think this dna. Yeah totally and so. That's really. I mean you've oversee taking this route of studying tech and i and i must admit all always kind of and maybe i'm jay but when you said studying i fifteen. Sixteen years ago that exists them like it must have been very different to it. It's like tonight absolutely well. My mother top longest time that study ufo so instead of mean even my near and dear d- had no clue obvious doing so. All of us back then was all on paper. We didn't do a lot of implementation because they've is to intensive computers for example so all his building game so i was my. Ai was to make computer. Opponents smarter mcdermot human likes savas not doing machine learning at all in new networks basic completely. Different fields of aarp is a really best spiciness of in a complete different area but Apply stuff to machine. Learning plus the stuff working on bizarre is at a i engineer while inside the company sold eventually which is in the event space thing and parties or bachelorette parties which in the uk go ahead parties and actually selling bachelorette parties. And you know. There's a shock people who know me they know. I mean. it's really bizarre to go from engineering. I two events but it is. It's all part of entrepreneurship really. Yeah i think you're on. Yeah i mean. I i find it fascinating because when you're out and about and you'll trying to drive things and make something work from a business perspective you invariably do say lots of other little opportunities ron an actual fact. I think probably the issue is never a lack of ide or opportunities out there. It's actually entrepreneurs saying which one will i pick and focus on can be the challenge on search. I think fundamentally all businesses have the same opportunities challenges. I'm bob this. Like network of enterpreneurs which global network and have a london chapter and we all up from different areas you know people from From course unquote says right through to in a setting vegetables and fruits r- example and is bizarre. How like challenges. We all see are similar. We all talking about expanding sales how we can market bat A community use cost of operations. For example the same fundamental applies to across the board through all industries as a really good point is is different as wheel may seem there is always commonality so so take us through you you you started down this path and then you've all my guess out of necessity you started getting into kind of to be selling. Yeah yeah it's i think for most engineers especially at university. I mean i'm not mug soccer burgan on a regular job blog. I'm not a biscuit but for most normal people they they believe you build and they will come and then you start to build a business and you start to really get out there to get customers utilize. Actually there's an In need marketing sales you need a sales pipeline in need experienced people you need referrals from customers and all that takes time you know. It's really interesting. Part which most engineers they feel like you know what my job is to build the best product possible. and then i'll put out there. I will be valued at a billion and i'm gonna go in the bahamas. I'm gonna sit there pinnacle laura reality. Here's my friend is way different absolutely absolutely and isn't that it's kind of the frustrating probably from iran life. I guess a lot of engineers would feel is but you could build the world's greatest product but if nobody knows you exists it's meaningless and isn't that you know i think the lesson learned for all business owners out. There is understanding there is a journey. People need to go on if they going to kind of. Buy your service or product or invest and it's understanding what that journey looks like. I guess and need is appealing is possible. Absolutely bring a book by arun. Gross and jason lumpkin as called impulsively inevitable. it's it's about selling it's about sale. It's about the growing your business. And i mean brilliant book you know. It's just like it just breaks down. Process company should be really focusing on your sales process and number people need to have in sales to you. Know ten million air are under the millionaire or billionaire so for those that miss it what. What was the name of that book again. Impossible to inevitable by arun. Ross and jason lumpkin or think jason them can but if you just impossible to inevitable yes yeah cool. Yeah it took great redbook on sales. Basically it's all about sales our outbound sales basically. Yeah yeah well. It's interesting because i know we. We see a lot of concept and clearly software sales sas and these businesses a not only growing bigger becoming more prevalent rot. And i guess one of the things that we talk a lot about is is people who are building these businesses and eventually exiting and of course. The big question comes up. How do you value businesses. Lock the and it's at such an issue because you it's a completely different paradigms to traditional businesses where you might have historical trading and multiples vape or you're not perhaps a bit of discounted cachefly modal and things like that right and yoga friends in this and i asked him. What are you seeing out there. And the foundations. That just just blew me away. It doesn't appear to be a logic to it. Other than just people with a crapload of money going on wealthiest. I'm just gonna pay for it. I'll say it incredible. The grade book which i read recently was built to sell. Yes tomorrow journal which. I believe australia's role and now he's actually. He's actually from canada. I know john. He's a lovely lovely guy and he has a fantastic podcast. Co built to so radios. Tip my hat to john. He's he's fabulous indeed. That book is just being like. You just opened my mind to you know i mean we have to bill to sal is what i'm going to say but it's it's really good to do that. Because y- be building processes we built in a scalable company and the founder needs to also be focused on certain business areas and if they are just building to get the job it just eighty city idea in my opinion so i like the book sold focused about out to build a skill. Companies can sell at the end. If you like to. Yeah yeah i think. Isn't that the point rod. It's not saying you have to build it because you're going to sell it simply implies that the ultimate freedom for any business owner is to build a company that is silo in other words. It doesn't rely on you. It doesn't bear all those critical risk factors. That could basically end you business overnight. It's robust right. Sits where something and it has a life of its own and this is part of the reason we have this. Podcast i think is big business on is getting to business for freedom freedom to make the kinda money they feel they deserve freedom to manage day time freedom in my mind to kind of really do what they want when they want and yet they then fall into this trap of being a business and the business sort of orange them and it's united ended up sometimes being a nightmare for them. So you know hopefully hopefully hearing these stories is is what helps people. I guess get up grab a hold of that and turn it around absolutely i. I think why build a business that you working in it. I mean that's country and you can just go get a job working on it and actually helping. Employ people scale company of disney exciting. That that's the way i think about it. Yeah so so. Tell us a bit about this. This business with the hens. Not this sounds fascinating. You grew this thing. To a reasonable size. Yes so it became. Uk's largest dawn space hen party company and the bizarre pot. As i mean before the business. I had no idea bodies i've been on one guy would go to but is fascinating because i met a friend open. This is a great friend. He told he teaches seltzer. Dance lessons. he teaches our dance salsa and he said listen like hen parties. A big thing in brighton. back then and london. If you start this business I can teach salsa and you can build a website and build. Make a good living and single. So why not. Yeah so we started in two cities. Read like one or two dos lessons so we had street dancing and dancing and you know literally the first the first year doing no marketing whatever. The proper function website go about ten to twenty grips about average about twenty to thirty people And like this is great So let's let's put some money behind that let's just get out it out there and instill a building our teams and like you know putting it within the payroll build a baby was scaling up partnerships so literally launching new city will find partners that within actually service the customer the comment so we will selling for example. Accommodation does doesn't big spot of the party as we realized afterwards la. Banchory breakfast does everything to do that. And you know typically size we twenty people. So it's you know it's it's it's big money and at a p doing about about one hundred hundred and fifty grips per weekend. I mean it was just absolutely nuts and you're doing everywhere from north of to to italy spain. Uk and and then we just thought okay. This is great. But i've got a day job which focused attention on us like more in line with what i do as a as a as age software engineer marketing professional and this is a bit of fun but it's grown so quickly i have to give it proper management space and growth opportunities so what my business partners backed edge her her family more to invest in it so they were investing in As an opportunity to come into the uk containment industry and so they purchased. Then it was again you'll larger company in the in the in the event space so yeah fascinating but it just happened. It wasn't planned yay. And i mean it sounds like you know you struck a call because obviously you've had some success. So how big was the company in terms of sort of tone. Ivers stuff like that by the time you got it to. Its peak norm exactly but it was. It was doing on the millions. It was it was. It was a healthy number. By time i exit company be were mark to be industrial seven digit space so it was not a nine digit company. Wasn't doing one hundred million as such but it was still a reasonable sailor was for me. I could have stuck to the business and done that. Full-time and dotted properly. Bisson technology around and then sold properly Higher multiple. But i was still focused on my on my day stuff which was kind of focus on dot. I basically said know what. I'd just let it. Let it be in the right hands and an exit company basically. No yeah well. I think that makes sense for a lot of people. Maybe you're on a journey it's off i think it's it's a sign of emotional intelligence that people can say you know i've i've lived this run. Its course and there's probably other people who can do more with this now and in some ways i think sometimes i even feel like how you know what i'm actually holding it back because i'm not willing to invest time and money to keep growing it and so is that really the right thing to do. Did you ever have that kind of experience or was that all the time. I think a lot of some people. Some entrepreneurs can kentucky to companies. Because he's the same time. Like jack dorsey to two awesome companies twitter and square at the same time. I mean hats off to him. I can't do it. I can't do it. I'm must on. I'd like to focus on one thing at one time. And i'll a rather give dot com full attention to really grow it and learn from it and and get it up a dan to have multiple things pies. And that's the way i work. And i think everybody's different other talent panache who loved to run people can be in different niches and really a lot of at and kudos to them. Well done then but my work is. I guy can only do one thing in one time so that you go all right here are you. I think multitasking is actually a misnomer. Given to think very you're most people do more than one thing. Well it's on but anyway maybe just projecting my limitations so. I'm curious when you you come to exit that business. Obviously you solter to people. You're already kind of in business with right. Yes and and how did you. How did you come up with a number. Did you use some sort of methodology. Was it just you know. What was the general approach. Yeah i mean. If i if i would have had a chance to go back in time and change it up. Probably use a broker to work for them and to help me. Guide me to the process. Bookies i mean it was not first proper exit and i didn't do a great job either to be honest with you boston. Quite majorly equity got much more money for it. But it was obviously focused on my day. Gig that i kind of didn't border. What did was. I kind of built like a number which i thought would be. You know it was. It was a based on the taglish. That could find into that. So i i didn't even go out to the county do it for me myself. And then multiplied by two point five or three times. I mean why. I don't know i just found on the internet and that's at a price red and you can pay for this. Not you know you can be a chunk of fed up front and others. You can start it up a little bit. It's too easy for you to see the opportunity as well. That's all i sold that. Obviously if i had a chance to go back in time a probably do it properly. Get somebody to help me achieve this look at. That's a that's a really grading saudi. I mean i think what you've just described is probably at experienced many business owners winter. You know it's the opportunity comes along you've already kind of being a business owner and work things out you pretty good at making decisions. No doubt so you know you sort of work it out and and you know used to maybe go to process. You wouldn't get a better price but you know clearly. You did a bit of research and and i think this is kind of leads into that whole many people using the rule of thumb. It's i think it's kind of two and a half three And clearly that was good enough way talk. You could move on which that self makes it a good decision but i. It's something that i i'm really fascinated about is to you know i've seen companies in one industry that a so far one times and i've seen them go all the way up to a sikh so right tons you know and that's one of the questions i always get is what what makes a different We'll just three in the middle. You know the rule of thumb and well normal companies the same. They know equal going back. Your time is they. I guess they things that you noted that business that you would do differently if you were trying to build for value and trying to maximize any. Yeah well at the moment. What i'm doing is learning. From what i did in the past and from people like yourself simon and john lewis everybody else and just under learned from what works so i think one thing which i would do but more is to focus it more. I think by the end of that because the end company you were doing corporate events as well as hen party we began stack body just like bachelor bodies as well and i think that was a bit too much diversification for us inaba ready focusing one thing and do it really wral. The other thing is in a built some tech around it. So i'm a tech person alike to your skill things up so already in the company was scaled because it was all done through launch a new city within a week or so for example. It was that's capable. But what i would do probably is the ability to launch a city and build a new city offering and the supplier management. A bit more pleasing technology for example sort of really skilled that up. It's basically you know. I'm in the soaps industry. I'm really really agency a continent and there's upward onsite which is like super scalable. And then there are these other agencies which is doing multiple things and to be something in the middle. We just do one thing really. Well you out but be to be industry for sas market and be. Don't try to be everything for everybody. And that's what i'm going to focusing on it's really build value and then technology to kind of really power growth for and save time for our team members but do differently. Go back in time young. That's fascinating and i guess. We started to hear hero. These could've terms like mata they must be fintech and it's been interesting for me in the last couple. He's hearing terms like pro tech for the property sector. And then of course motic has been no one. That's popped up for me over the last year or two. Maybe it's not been fairly new. Maybe a backwater part of the world. But so is is that kind of the spice you play in so i would say we are in the space of marketing and technology so most customers are in tech. They are software. Companies ask companies iot internet things technology automation. So we are in that space. Also i think if i was just building a service company which will just basically hire people and get things done. That's just boring. I enjoy that. And i would. Just you know kid myself. I mean that. Kinda stop so i built some innovation into it so technologies may be in a way to our we. You know we have built. Api to launch new Tool set for example or do we hire people instance. Everything is built on a process to be a built internally and that's building building value in the company is to really build a strong procedural oriented company. Not just you know. Hire ten people delivered one hundred. And that's the equation. We run basically data's boring. We wanna service thousand customers through pretend people instead of ten ten ten to one hundred for example. That's the ambition the company. That's what we're working towards Brunette and jackass and just just reach. This company. Now is is goodman lanta. That's correct yes is could cry and we as i said before we are a team of meeting invited. We help customers sell better and grow faster and that's awesome awesome. What sort of customers do you. Kind of. Currently service at the my another culprits. They start up so they everything is there. Is there an area that you sort of deal. Yeah so all. Business is focusing only on one area which is subscription economy so we only folks in companies who have that as spot of that dna and the business so if for example a bare their customers pay them on a daily weekly monthly and will basis than they are our customers. If they're not dennis not ready for us so and just to clarify that. Because i think it's something that i certainly come up is that it can be a little bit of confusion about recurring revenue and repeat customers. Think it's something that people get a little bit mixed up about especially when you're looking at traditional businesses that hey we've been around thirty years and we've always dealt with these clients and give me an order every month. It's just got a great relationship. And i'll shave my kind of understanding of this as an jump place jumping and tell me if you have a different view here because i think it's an important night that those clients who just united they give you another order every month in its bain repainting for a long time is wonderful. They have fabulous parents. They with enormous amount business. And there's relationships in i solid but that does differ from from what we're calling recurring revenue. Here where you have as you said before. I guess a subscription base. Where perhaps and i guess. The most common one is a monthly recurring fee. That is usually withdrawn directly from your county your credit card in other words. You usually some sort of bisi controversy. Your client would need to say you need to stop billing me. I am terminating. These no longer do this before for those payments to stop. Is that how you interpret that. Yes and just going back to the to the actual book by john lewis. Go back in. In that book he gave example of building logos like and that was in my head. That is more of a repeat. Customer talking about is recurring customer. As you mentioned like you know this is a monthly payments. You sort of a payment scheme as a word For the client and with most customers. Which ought we work with. There is a lock in israel. Today there is like eight six months one year three years. Five years. Lock end and i think that's exciting. Then as a as a company owner you know what remaking off the in the next three years for example the by no that israeli. Cd the future as were and you know because our clients in that way but it recharges the same as well because there is only one real opportunity. Today i feel which is which is rarely lucrative which is to sas market self service market and components talking to us and says market as well so. I think that makes more sense to use that recurring. Be opportunity yeah. I agree completely. It's and for those that they who you have a more traditional business. I mean you can understand why this model drives value rodman if somebody's going to buy your business they're fundamentally buying your future stream of revenue and profit and then when they put a number on what that's worth i generally start discounting that valuation by journal the risk i say now in other words the the risk that profit or revenue one eventually so if you have a model that fundamentally locks in that future revenue in a nice regular incremental amounts by would look at that and you understand churn rights and things like that and understand just how much more reliable a business like that. He is and therefore intern. Why we're seeing such crazy valuations on businesses that work on an annual or monthly recurring revenue. Model that the average the a couple of businesses out there that trading on not even a multiple of the prophet but a multiple of revenue. Which what a what a lovely valuable business interesting isn't it. I don't know. I mean there's always discussion at the moment in the in the agency market about you know. How should you sell company. And she should be like a big up front in a an earn out. Does ralph example. And i think it comes down to two things. One is different a company as and what. What is the predictable. Revenue job in the company and number two is negotiations. I mean That is the big pot. I think people should you know. Put down in negotiate properly and really value. What the bill the last few years. Yeah and i guess last last little Point on that. Is that if you're thinking to yourself. You're listening to this and thinking that recurring revenue models. Don't work feel business. I highly recommend. John wireless second book. Which was the automatic customer. And in there he actually talks about nine models of recurring revenue and in all honesty. I'm yet to find a business out there. That kant apply at least one of those models to at least a portion of their revenue. So you could get to twenty percent or thirty percent of annual recurring revenue as opposed to traditional model. You still ahead. Ron certainly and i think all about this sort of these numbers is the are the. Tv's in I believe that we should be looking at numbers. I mean i. I love numbers. That's what i mean. Study over stage. But i mean as an as a business owner you should know a number back of your palm. We really should. If you don't as a problem in my opinion so i'm gonna i'm gonna wind back for a second roz because i record is a bunch of paint with the way to home. What did he decided. What would those acronyms. So i are being annual recurring revenue monthly recurring revenue. But talk me through the other two that you you mentioned that short so ltv is lifetime value. Basically that is safe example. It costs me. Bring in you know makes you a hundred thousand dollars and they stay with you for three years. Lifetime value is two hundred thousand dollars. Basically and you know it's known to numbers here one is what do they make you but yet and how long will this david you on average great numbers to actually know the other one is attack. Csc customer acquisition cost which is basically the cost or the amount of money you spend to acquire a customer. And what's interesting for me. And most i guess other invest money a- as an investor as well so when i look at companies are looking at the person the team will also look at the ltv to see a c. l. to caqueta show and i like to at least have pleased to one so i if i bring a been somebody in nice spend say a half a million bring them in that i wanna see million made from that example so for every dollar you spend one of three times return. That's yeah that's an interesting. Because i do find a lot of traditional businesses struggle to to capture some of these numbers and i think part of that too is is a you take sort of garbage in garbage. Our unless you've got good information coming in it's hard to kinda measure get quality dada coming out the other end make decisions with route so so actually knowing what you're spending on marketing and the sales process and all of these sort of elements. These imports is Is going to be pretty important. If you want to put an accurate figure on all this stuff. I think it's a little bit unfair to apply. Somebody's numbers to traditional businesses. I mean if a business is fm cg for example they don't have subscription models as part of it. The dollar shave club had had a subscription model built into their offering. Then it's really hard to apply his numbers seven because you don't really have a recurring business there. And then you know. It's really hard to figure out repeat customer. Recurring customer customer basically as not recurring cost metal. Absolutely it's an interesting on your clients coming back to it you you. You deal with clients who have subscription by models and he's they were particular sisal sector or anything like that that you kind of leaning to or is it just really. It's more than just a model while we liked folks during one hundred million in revenue. A are dasa typical The sweet spot for us the other customers who are not there yet but they will get there they have the right to get there and the others were ray pasta for example so we but that's a sweet spot that's where we'd like to focus attention because that's where we can actually show value of service If it's too small we can't really showcase what we bring to the table because the budgetary small and we congress help them continents long-term opportunity. It's not like you know it's a gift that keeps giving but it needs proper investment to really showcase debilitate and so. Yeah that's a sweet spot where we'd like to focus on. Yeah cool and other Can you can you give us a without mentioning client names. of course. can you give us a couple of examples of sectors. That clients tend to sort of play so we hooked in sas in sassari focus on like fintech company so people who are building stuff for payment gateways for example to be those companies who actually marketing so they actually did martic themselves actually help companies to scale their marketing efforts are usually in inbound marketing. Then we have in telco so the telecom software providers software softwares of you know who have covering payment model for example we have customers in industrial automation. So they they used either. They kind of supply a product charge on a monthly. It's in that way or the service is recovering. Esol so across the board all customers are recurring revenues and they have internally mission amores air and so what's the what's the i mean. You know i guess as entrepreneurs we also have well maybe not sitting on this show. We love to talk about. Where are you going with this right. Is there a particular goal that you're aiming for that you happy to share with us. Yeah i mean. I'm passionate about scale ability. I love skill ability as as a concept in our thing. It's great to do something you know could do a mom and pop shop. That's awesome. That's great no problems with our toll but my alexi. How can you build stuff which can scale nicely so at the moment awed dry really is going through a very fast pace of the moment and return of focused on the growth but equally the mandate is to focus on scaling and make tributary for the skill in the future as route. So it's not just admiral people because we need them. It's about how do you hire people bring them in but also have procedures and technology to help us really be able to deliver companies who are require a hundred times more input example or output winston. So that's the real dying at the moment in the company and then we'll see what we do next. I mean you know then then we have more options to play with example. It's these these often about keeping options open as you shooting along your path run. That's great and and so how. How do people like you have people getting touch with you. I mean if you happy for people to reach out and connect and where do they get more information about you. Your business show things can reach out to me on lincoln. You'd look for raj goodman. And and you'll you'll find your lincoln and our business is called goodman lantern. Google that you should find us mellon dot com and yet this final lincoln and dropped me messed up to hear from people so absolutely get in touch. You know that's fantastic. Raja's been great shutting off really enjoyed hearing your story and i'm very excited to see where you take good milan-san now i doubt will allow. We'll be hearing wonderful things about you into the future. Cy thank you for sharing. Good luck and thank you for coming on the show like you said the charity. I've really enjoyed the show as well. Thank you the ultimate freedom is to earn a company that is valuable scalable and silo find out how you school on the factors that drive company value by completing the valuable question questionnaire upon completion we will send through. You'll business skull cod so you can see how maximize the value of your company. Just go to exit. Advisory dot com dot eu slash skull cod. The by build sell podcast is brought to you by exit. Advisory group boo take. 'em an iphone that helps business owners maximize company value and exit at the top of their game to learn more about exit advisory group. You can go to exit. Advisory dot com donahue. And if you like what you've just heard you can subscribe at by build sell dot com dot. I you to get a new episode delivered to your inbox h week. Thank you for listening to the by the old cell. Podcast with simon bod. Complete show notes with links to additional resources visit by build sell dot com forward slash episodes. So i'm in is the founder and the ceo of exit advisory group and you can follow him on linked in.

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150: New Jacey: Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

The Morning Toast

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150: New Jacey: Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

"Good morning welcome back to the morning. Toast happy choose jackson on this tuesday. Not as good as i was dern yesterday because brute who is in here and it was just so special all day. Yesterday i was just writing this high of you know brew in the studio relishing in all the positive energy. Yeah and just really feeling proud of my boy you know so today we have no no do. That's surprising mums busy. Moms busy okay. Oh yeah you're going places so we miss our boys relay weeden boys and we make in noise yet so other. Now i'm doing really well. Yesterday was very busy but productive. Day for ma and can't complain me either. I mean i could. But i won't. I mean i couldn't because it's still like a again wearing shorts but it's freezing in the studios and wearing a blanket so schlub like you just can't win in august you can't. There's no winning in august except the song august. That's the only saving grace. Have you even listen to it. In august worse. I just feel like it's not even the vibe. By the way. I totally listened to the first go around of reverie yesterday because margot texts in may. I don't know if she listened to the toes because she definitely didn't but she was like. I'm begging you like you need to sit with this album and i'm like okay reading a book and he put it on the background and i honestly miss the whole thing. Because i was like in the book you know that reading and listening to music sounds like a good idea but it's really not unless it's an album you've already lived. Honestly i think evermore is the perfect reading album to listen to. Yeah but it just gets in the cross you know so. I finished people. We mean vacation yesterday and like you really didn't like it. So i was like i know i'm not gonna like it because we have very similar taste and you're always recommending books to me and actually like enjoyed it. It was fine. It was like nothing crazy. It wasn't great. I don't think continue taking book recommendations from tick tock because people were hyping this book up like it was the last book on earth and even though it was really sweet moments. I laughed and i was involved. I couldn't tell you what the point of the book was like literally was just like a love like i would want to spoil it like literally. Nothing happened yeah and so it was really long. And i was like okay waiting for the twist or waiting for something to happen. And there's this whole thing like we don't talk about what happened on our trip in croatia. We don't talk about what happened. And then at the end you find out what happened on their trip in croatia and you really feel like you wasted six hours of your life like you're like this is what it's about still unclear. Why the book is called people. We mean on vacation irrelevant to the subject matter. Somebody told me that the column she writes in her magazine is called people we meet on vacation and if that's true i missed that whole fact. They miss that yet. So i don't really look of the book. The book wasn't that bad. I kind of enjoyed it. I left here and there. And i'm like i really didn't like the book i wouldn't recommend but we created no we both gave it the same rating which is thirty two to three rated three so like we just are guess are rating scales mean different things. Because something's really bad you're going to give it a three well. Yeah this is my scale. One means. i didn't finish it. And i wouldn't even read a book a one. I wouldn't read a book that i didn't finish to means i finish this book and it pained me every step of the way i really didn't wanna finish it. I just really got through it just to see what happened and didn't even make up for the time i spent on. It rarely happens three not great. Not bad i read. The book had moments of enjoyment. But not great for really really good. Enjoyed my time with this book five. We'll be telling all of my friends and family. Everyone has to read this book. I never wanted it to end. Good times always more. I don't have one either because like there are plenty of books. We were liars. I started that. Probably would have been one but i didn't finish it so i don't grade it so i really start with three and i don't have many threes. Threes is like books but it was finish -able yenish abo- so everything about the one very bad too bad three met four good five very good okay. So for me. Three is like not great but finish. -able four is like so. Oh good but like not listening thing. Because then when i compare it to my five starbucks i remember my. I feel like. I've read a lot of four starbucks and i don't even remember them. They were just like fun times. But then there are books that stick with you forever. Like evelyn hugo. Lucky girl luckiest girl alive if we were the one. What's it called if we before we were strangers. No colleen it ends with us. So there's a few that like stick with you forever and those are the five stars. But for the most part the books i read and i like our force yes saying oh they the pretty much the same same scale so i just feel like nobody really needs to read people we meet people would mean katia because first of all she didn't meet anyone on vacation like setting up the opposite they met in college and to It was just really long and pointless. I liked to writing style like be betrayed by the same author. No but i've heard that. I need to but now i'm feeling discouraged. It's good and it's so much better. I read it last summer. I really liked it. Which is why even read people we mutation. Okay which which is why people loved betrayed. People vacation was very highly anticipated. Yeah i feel like. It's the same thing for malibu rising. No 'cause taylor jenkins read is like has his whole world going against felt sorry. She is jones. Yeah he got buck out. I liked it. But i understand why you didn't So that's the boop new menu news. I'm still reading my book of civility. Which i'm really enjoying and i wanted to recommend another book to you but also we have to talk about the more in the library. The morgan my gotta dm from them to. They reached out to me. And i guess cloudy to like saying if we wanted to come come through like they'd love to set up like a tour. We've gotta go. You didn't say anything about it toward me. They remind message was a little longer than yours. Interesting what were they offering it. I don't know if we had to touch the margie ladders now. Sylvia didn't allow no no no. i think that's forbidden. No but i would love a private tour but we should definitely go totally okay cool. We'll send him the photo until like every time i get a. I'm from someone like or something exciting. No no no. That's like just like oh my god. I'm so excited. I screen into my family and then i forget to respond totally every single time. I haven't responded to morgan library even though like. Why wouldn't i about the morgan library. Not only ladders. Oh that sucks yeah. We need to respond. But the other thing. I wanted to say the morgan library. Oh did you paradise. Did i. Didn't and i just feel so even reading that. Not great book was better than watching that show. So i watch it. I didn't mind last night's episode but at the end of the episode became clear to me that it's perhaps going to be my. That was my last episode that i watch. I'll give a little review and actually the drama of the episode like it was actually pretty dramatic dramatic. There was some tea and shit but then like that was buttoned. Up my favorite person home. And next week's i mean sorry tonight's episode again. Yes monday and tuesday. Tonight's episode like the. It looks like drama. The boys fighting these running through the sand. I there was not one element of like tomorrow night. That looked interesting to me at all. So a and also also i always the recapitalised rose ceremony. There was only one person who it was unclear. Who was rose was gonna go to everyone else. Like look like they're about to get engaged. So i just feel like it's all kinda done. Totally new guys are coming in. Be drama because like if someone hundred eight. Even if you're having with someone else you go on that date and if it's a sunset horseback riding moment like you kiss on that date and it's not a big deal then you go home and if you like the other person better than you go through person so i just feel like everybody's gonna wind up with the same people. I swear all these people are gonna get engaged fabulous. Yes so i just felt like the show's over. Well you'll have to explain to me like what happened. Because i just couldn't do it. I will explain to you what happens. I think you'll actually be interested in this particular drama and that'll be in the tv recap segment. Yes but without further do where are you not here as we discussed Very tragically actually that neither do nor brew could attend today moment of silence for just move on with the show. I can't because once i start thinking about these precious men aren't them. I'll do it okay. Here are the stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast. Why the fuck good pretty good. I didn't know if you had it in your today's episode is brought to you by hydro drug. Hydration made easy. So there's so many benefits of drinking water famously known for having a really hard time drinking water but whenever i do i feel like i have improved energy. Curb your appetite. It gives mental clarity gives you clear skin and just overall wellness but over seventy five percent of americans are dehydrated and water is crucial to your health. 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First story exciting music news. Casey must graves announces her new album and film star crossed. She shared her new song as well as a lethal trailer for the album visual albums. Stop a movie. It's like new. It seemed like different music videos for different songs. It said album and film. I don't know. I don't know what it is. I don't know what it is. But average fashion bloggers in it and that just made my day. The girl we were literally talking about yesterday from hacks. The assistant meg filter solter. I think her name is oh. This isn't yeah not the not the no not the girl. I know the assistant who we were just told you. She's like an internet thing got it. I didn't even see her. 'cause i was just like so happy for corny me to also we need to talk about the song. Yeah the visuals that we're seeing and then of course like the corneal. Let's start positive. Okay the visuals are stunning. She has a very unique aesthetic. It's very dime store. Cowgirl rhinestone cowboy like it's it's so unique and it's so her and i really trust her vision when it comes to like aesthetics outfits and it's the church the rodeo like it's great but i did listen to the song me to star-crossed and it's not my okay. I like the song obviously. It's not a bop. i do think it's like the perfect insulate not very long. It feels like sort of a prelude to album. So i think it's very specific like yesterday. I signed the papers. I gave you remain back. You moved out of the house. There's no having to read between the lines here hotel felix. She's setting us up. Ford this era. I feel like it's more so like Maybe like an educational briefer than on listening to this on the radio. Even though i found it to be like a very beautiful song but Up again like not about talking to be blasting through your speakers. But i just felt it was it was it felt like a prelude to album. Yeah i guess the thing for me is that i take a lot of pride in being a day. One casey mass graves. Stan and i know in the family we have you know we. We disagree about who invented. But like i know for one hundred percent like casey mice graves in this family. And i feel very protective over her and i think the reason why i initially connected with her was obviously i love country music own spin on country and it was so like every lyric was so poignant and it was just so great and so different and so like never been done and then with her most recent album. It really wasn't even that country but it was. I was so on board with an. I loved it. And i just feel like she's just getting further and further away from that initial thing that i loved about her and of course she doesn't have to stay that because of me and people evolving her styles evolve but i just was really drawn to the and this just as so different. I'm struggling yes. She's definitely leaning more into the alternative space yet. Because i think that's really who she is she's also a dime store cowgirl until the that will always be a part of her and her music but she's con every with every album she's like modernizing more and more. I think she has a great sound. No matter what she's doing and i just i think she's so talented that it's interesting to see what she wants to do. Next in is like it's not same trailer. Different park like new. It's not as our over. No and her first three albums were literally like just extensions of one another like same trailer. Different park which was so beautiful then pageant material and then. She made a christmas album right to me. It was just first two albums that were very much a continuation of one. Another like any of the songs were really interchangeable And i just loved that sound. And i feel like i evolved with her through golden hour and golden hour is a miracle. It's it's so stunning. So i do trust your vision. I'm sure i'll end up like it but it just feels like a lot of changing. Know me i'm a creature of habit like i. It's hard i understand. It doesn't feel like that might change. Feels like a natural next step. But if you're waiting for our girl. Yeah i could imagine how it's like no jerry star. I think for like none of my take. This is you but like for bandwagon. People who learn about casey from golden hour. I'm not saying i'm not saying this. Is you okay. Like for people. Who learned about casey through golden hour. Because it was so successful and then it went album of the year and she just like became so famous in that time. This probably feels like you know of course but they don't know how many you explain my. Pov i've been there since you're an open minded person thank you. I'm admittedly not like if something changed. Like i've actually only recently discovered that i am the definition of a creature of habit like i ordered the same thing in for dinner every night. I have the same. Like four meals in rotation. I really never cut my hair. Do anything crazy. I use the same makeup every day. Where the same. Like i really am very change averse and i think that applies to my music as well. I'm learning so much about myself understood. Well if you think about it from casey's point you she put out her cowgirl pageant material. I'm sure she put her heart unsold until us albums like hernandez voicemails on in every day and like it was just pretty much holy ignored and then she puts out golden hour. Has this new sound this new vibe and it's the toast of the towns like why wouldn't you do that again because it's just whether it's this culture of people pretending like country music isn't good and i'm so sick of it and you know what if you are a casey stan and you don't know songs some same trailer different park pageant material you. My friend are fraudulent fraudulent. And i implore you to go do some research okay. Educate yourself do better okay. Well this is what we have. I'm excited negative. I'm in bracing it. I'm just. I'm having a hard time with change. I know but like what in what world you expect what was coming next to sound like the first album though i knew it was going to be more golden then golden hour one hundred percent. I knew that. I knew that i knew it. But you're still disappointed. And i'm not disappointed at all. I didn't like that song but not gonna like every song someone releases like it's just i'm nervous okay. I'm conflict averse trip habit. Let's talk about even more positives which is like obviously the aesthetics of the video. Like look so sickening. Can't wait for all of that. Average fashion blogger makes a cameo as like some sort of bridezilla which was just such a treat for the viewers is literally screech. And they send it to you because she's like in this like insane like like hairstyle garb and i'm like is it courting you as i think so mike no no. I think it's corny and it honestly okay so you said that and i was like what's that from and you said new jasey and i assume how zoomed that it was like jc was like a tic talk like star or something. I just totally missed or whatever and then an hour later our leader. I like mine to listen to the new casey and watch the video and i saw her on like this vigilant new case i really have some. I cannot type. It's so bad and only recently learned it because we've been doing so much like text messaging about important things like ever since we launched spritz which by the way co toast is twenty percent off and to because then tomorrow goes to ten percent for the rest of our lives so twenty percent off the variety. Pack koto spread society dot com slash chose. I meant to tell you i said yesterday. I'm sorry. Today's the last day that the code is twenty percent so get your variety packs like enjoy them this weekend. Second weekend of summer you'll ship really fast. Yeah okay what i was saying like. We've been texting so much in all these chats with our agencies and like i've been realizing the way you type is not okay with you guys i'm always just like asterik. Asteroid client sends a tax. And then we're like now for english. I cannot type. And i've been doing diction a lot but also like sheep bucks with me too so i actually didn't even realize i said jasey yet and i didn't even question it i was like. Oh i'm old psych. This new popping on trash mar. And then i was ready to watch a video for myself and i was like a new. Yes sorry about that. that's totally. That's why i didn't have a reaction in the chat because i was like i said you certainly cheesy happy. For corny to by the. She's so funny like love when people who are nice and talented like get what. They deserve a hundred percent. She so the reality is if you don't if you're the one person out there who doesn't follow her treat yourself yourself she's just hysterical and i'm so happy and excited to see her her work michio and paramount plus which is interesting. Because i thought casey was amazon. Prime video girl. You know with the whole christmas plus yeah. Is it out yet. september ten. Oh my god. So she's like really making a movie. Guess i'm so confused okay. Sure i'll watch it. Yeah she really does have an amazing. I her christmas special was so gorgeous. And that was totally like her. Pov like it was like a kaleidoscope of casey mass graves. So i trust her. Yeah no. I totally agree okay. Are you ready to switch gears. A little bit to some new couple. News channing. Tatum zoe. Kravitz have been spotted around nyc on another one of his bicycles. How weird is this like so random but like even popping up a lot this week just like i guess it's like when you're with someone once you just can't stop seeing them and want see memory day and right bicycle And they're like having coffee and laughing and just being pretty fabulous. And so i i was like okay and now i'm like okay. Yeah oh that's laura talks out. Oh my god oh my god you've gotta get on tech's jackie like it's killing me like we are associate and this is the one thing we like. You know what. I'm saying any of the time. Okay also. I don't know if any of you who don't have of experiences but now when people send me take talks over tax i can't even watch him. Insofar anymore. they changed any. It's like a little bar and it can only open it by downloading the app. So they've totally fucked fucked you literally. Yesterday i made the best reference. And he's just like slit in on the show and you didn't even know you know it was good. I like the beat. You don't even know what i'm saying and it's so frustrating. Here's the thing of like the thing is the thing is i deleted. Take talk awhile ago. And now it's like i really feel like i spend too much time on my phone if i downloaded talk. That's adding at least two hours of screen time to my average screen time so worth it though it's not it's it's just like i think it's healthiest for me to not be on tick-tock we'll reevaluate. Okay i just. It would be so much screen time so sometimes. I'm on my phone and i feel like i'm using my phone too much and i have nothing to even do something. Put it down bitch. They've had something you do. I wouldn't put it down. Yeah but like. You're the queen. Like sending around reels. And i just want you know like for our brand. You can't be doing that. Who do i send real. Shimmy literacy three yesterday. what are you referring to. I only send reels when it's like cute cavaliers. You send plenty of reels. I just want to let you know. It doesn't feel like that to me. What was the story heading. So i have to say zoe. I know that you were like a really big fan of him. And jeff and i agree and so like while i am morning this couple and i do think that this couple's super cute. I kind of like a little too good for him. Yeah no she like turning into a loser all he's not to make this about h he's forty one like which i didn't know and she's thirty two i don't know but like he's like and he's just like so like corny like the magic mike and like he's like tacky like cheesy cheesy. Yes but i love him. She has race metal gala. She is like the coolest girl in the world. Yeah but you know that's also kind of cute. I acted like i don't know what he usually dresses like in his personal life. But he's clearly like trying to be cool to be cool. It's like extremely sweet. That's why at first. I was like who knew. But now i'm like. Oh no i don't know i'm just feeling like my perception of channing. Tatum is constantly evolving. And like i really like to live in a space where channing. Tatum is still like nineteen. She's the man and like that's my nothing. But respect for my channing. Tatum yeah but then he moved into this step up like jenin on phase and he was totally irrelevant to me. Like i never watched those movies. And like i find found his dancing to be crunchy. Look i did. i'm sorry. And then they were like the dancing couple and it was just like i didn't really associate with them at all and then when they broke up. I'm like ooh hot man's on the market and like the jessie j. But i'll really was like a wonderful pairing and now it just feel like he's kind of social climbing his way back to the top because he is like a relevant here but he's also really successful like like think of like twenty one jump street twenty two you know. He's also really funny. And so i could just see him like at thanksgiving with zoe. And jason momoa. And mama. Mama and lenny him like. I really liked that for him like he deserves. Happiness to jenner. Doin has moved on every way. And so like i'm i'm happy to see. I don't think he's social climbing. Because i don't think. I don't think that would work for him if this were not genuine but it quick. I think there's a genuine connection. He's making her laugh. No meat you just feel like we can do better known like the heart wants what it wants. The heart wants magic and also like i just don't be like channing. Tatum and should be have to be such a hard sell for us. Like he's at one point of his life like a heart frog. Yeah that's true. That's true does have a lot of success so it's not like so. Maybe he's not where he was. But like you know. He's he's got assets. Just crazy for me like zoe. Kravitz is one. Like one of if not the most eligible women in hollywood like. She's so cool. Her family so cool she stunning. She's like on every magazine. Like and like i don't know it just it's an interesting pairing. That's what is and i officially. You ship doesn't take a lot for you. Know what does it. I just i love to see love and i love i. I just like to see new couples. I just want to say. I'm just being negative like i do like them. I just think it's interesting. Yeah no. I'm building a ship not yet okay. I'm going to build like a little ship you know. I don't know if this is a story because it's like i feel like no one cares. But irena shake and connie like workup. Officially i didn't look. I thought that already happened already. Happened to but our next door. He's about connie so really address. No it's about him rebuilding his childhood home for the don listening party the rappers rebuilding his childhood home in the of chicago's soldier field. We're playing his forthcoming album on thursday. According to online photo snap from inside stadium he wiped his entire account over the weekend on instagram and began uploading photos having only do with donde and kicked off with a photo of the home. He shared with his beloved late mother. Who the album is named after this really cute really cute. So we're moving toward a donde. Release say well. I guess we're doing another donde listening party at a different stadium. Windows sleep there as well. Yeah and then who knows who knows full. The other thing i wanted to say was like so. There's been this like weird. Drake connie fight for a while but connie posted on instagram. Like a map of a. It's a you know how you can look at your phone and see where you took a photo. Yeah and he had a photo of him playing basketball at drake's house and it's like the map litter showing people were drake's houses and everyone's like you leaked address but celebrity addresses are public information. So i don't know if it's not drake has to move but everyone's now wondering if like now this is a reignited feud because they've been pretty quiet for awhile got it but then i saw something that was like drake laughing drake laughing. It wasn't even his address or something. Will he just put up an instagram story. In response to it like he was in the back of a rolls royce just like laughing into his camera he did look like a freak I hate when people do that. so i don't know what that means to get like a translation so either he's like okay with it or like he's all crazy konya again. I don't know yeah. I i don't know either but all it just makes me think about is the fact that yeah. Do you love me. How you manning you never ever leave. I'm assigning. Because i love jessica daffy what was so crazy. The whole world was singing. That song deci kiki anything and then like the rumors started circulating. That like is kim. No and then that video like drake. How would you feel if i made a song. Re re love me. And i was like. Oh my god please about keith. About an antiques. Make which is crazy is it. I don't. I don't know. I don't know and there was like a song larry drought-like making take from drake's house to house to kim's house in hollywood hills. Yeah so like that was just sort of lives in my mind rent for me to live there so much ambiguity like about this viewed their certain foods like i could tell you you know the origin and this is just i feel like a deep-rooted know to do with the fact that like drake had a baby and like nobody knew about it and conway told everyone some shit like that yes. There's a lot of. I don't know so we can serie so without all the facts. I just can't and you know how much pains us to talk about things. We don't have full context here at the morning does really really does so. It's actually a policy of ours. We won't do it. Are you ready for next door. Which is a little health news. A little health news perfectly brought to you by chirp. Yes a brand dedicated to helping the world feel good. They can do more of the stuff that they love their all about. Feel good you. More is creating simple innovative and effective pain relief and prevention solutions and they started with a revolutionary wheel for back pain. But they're just getting started. If you have back pain. You guys know like in kobe. I became a grandmother. And i developed back problems. Like i throw my back out or head back spasms and it's just it's the worst thing. It's so painfully like debilitating. You really can't do anything in. There's really never been a brand. That's like fully dedicated to helping people out with back pain until chirp they prevent millions of americans from they back. 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Ben can do the deep one Which i really likes spinal canal comforts your spine as the wheel gives your back. A unique four way stretch and each of the wheels can hold up to five hundred pounds and they can be nestled together for easy travel to take with you wherever you go. It's really game changing product. And if you wanna check it out get ten percent off the site. Use code toast go. Chirp dot com is. The website and code is toast for ten percent off sitewide go chirp dot com promo code toast. Thank you claudia. Our next story is a little health news. Apparently eating one hot dog takes thirty minutes off of your life. A study suggests you're kidding. Researchers released nutritional index this week aiming to inform guidelines and help americans achieve healthier and more environment environmentally stable diets the index ranked foods by minutes gained or lost off healthy life per serving with processed meats and sugary drinks among the biggest offenders sugary. Drink not like a diet coke soda. I'm sure so sugar in dot com right. But there's fake sugar which i'm sure poses different issue aspartame. Yeah findings included over five thousand in the us diet classified by health burden and environmental impacts. We use the results to inform marginal dietary substitution. Which are realistic and feasible. We find that small targeted food level substitution can achieve compelling nutritional benefits and environmental impact reductions. As wanna say sugary drinks hotdogs burgers and breakfast sandwiches were linked with the most minutes of healthy life lost. Okay i just want to say like whereas fruit non starchy mixed vegetables ready to eat cereals and cooked grains were associated with the largest games scenario for every hotdog you eat. You have a piece of fruit you balance out your life span. I just wanna say like finally being a picky eater works to my benefit. I've never eaten hot dog in my life. Never even take a bite of one. He's misao they're disgusting looking burger. Maybe once a year really. Like i don't really have a lot of burgers never had a breakfast sandwich in my life yet. Never and what was the other one. The other one was sugary drinks. Okay there they got me there but look. What's sugary drinks like gatorade. is that sugary. Yeah for sure but you don't like it's not like that's part of your daily routine. No not part of my daily routine but like drinking diet coke and diet pepsi is excessive. I on diet i. I don't think that has to do with sugary drinks. 'cause it's technically zero sugar so basically what you're saying is that i live a healthy lifestyle. According to this study you that you do also foods like salted peanuts. Baked salmon and rice with beans were also aside associated with gains between ten and fifteen minutes of life literally. I have salmon and rice for every meal. Wait this is crazy like army. Healthiest person alive. I'm forever stop. Knock on wood. No wait i'm shook. Yeah salmon and rice chili last night. I'm sorry i forgot to. I forgot then made a fucking heavenly asked chilly but you know what. That's what i'm having for lunch. how dairy anyway chile. I heated up. And then i add little cheese sour cream. But i'm saying you just put chile on the spoon like you. Don't have rice chili on the spoon. Little sour cream cheese i eat it with tuxedos dip. I'm sure it's literally like thirty times for you eating a chili or even like taco meat on a on a to studio run she actually. I prefer the bite size. But you know what i'm saying is so heavenly navy said healthy personal. No i just wanna say like for all the people who look down on me for my eating habits jokes on you bitch because these organization was this. This was the michigan the michigan. I'ts approve of my life university of michigan school of public health. Thank you u. of m. s. p. h. Yeah but you know what this really doesn't account for like getting hit by a car and of course lake. So i'm sure that's these. Things are so irrelevant so irrelevant and you know what i have to say. Does it accounts terminal illnesses. No no h just like an ideal world if a never left the house and was in an incubator like yes yes. I think they're just trying to get people to understand the varying effects. I will say a hotdog is worth the thirty five minutes. I was gonna say now that you know this information like will you think twice before picking up a hot dog. I know you'd love hotdogs. No for every hot dog i have. I'll have a piece of fruit and you hate fruit. And i've been getting more into fruit recently. Haven't because again like they are so fruit task ferdie so it made me have a new appreciation for fruit and especially in the summer. I've been having some oranges. And they're quite delectable. I just have to say like fruit in the summer. When i was in the hamptons. I'm sitting outside eating cherries and i really felt like i could go on a diet like it's so what the right word is like refreshing so refreshing. It's like it's like eating water almost like it's so hydrating. Just these bursts of flavor. And when i was in florida would order fruit. Plate named the best freshest produce. And i'm like it was heaven. I know i honestly think that. Like fruit should exclusively be eaten on vacation or in the summer. Yeah so. I am definitely changing my ways and my my thoughts and feelings about fruit. I i've been enjoying an apple here and there an apple. A day keeps the doctor away. So you wanna keep dr for nice and close. He had so. I don't eat any apples. No but so. If i want hot dog i'm going to pair it with rice and beans fruit and cereal a. I've actually really been getting into serial. Great loophole i know what you considers. Surreal a snack or a meal. I think most people consider it a meal. I think that's insane like it's a snack if it's part of a balanced breakfast then you also have like a banana of oj. Yeah so if you're just eliminating those items and you're just having maybe it's a snack. I think how much cereal you put it in the bowl. And if you drink the milk like i just wanna say like if you drink your milk out of the cereal bowl please never in your life address me or look me in the eyes because you and i have beef. You have processed beef. It takes thirty five minutes out of your life. And if i literally was sitting at the dining room table with ben and he was we were eating cereal and he started slurp his bowl. You would get a pack your bag and go. Yeah so just wanted to put that out there not to meet your matic or anything. Are you ready for a fit than vinyl story. No but but you're about to the now. I am fine story And packing study. And you'd never feel like i curse fucking stunning cleveland. I which i was on the verge of having here today honestly. I can't even differentiate cleveland as from cleveland days because every day for the last year and a half has been the cleveland. Cleveland like elements. No that would make it a positive day. Member in new york in. Cleveland were having beef on the internet. We're yet like yes. New york Official new york account for like the mayor or like the government or something posted like a bad date of new york is better than a great dane. Cleveland shut. that's actually not true at all. that's actually not been deeply and then like a lightbulb. Cleveland came back strong good and it was just a really crazy time. Did you see that monstrous at mwale. Cuomo left his dog behind officially resigned. Yeah i was gonna say today. We have a new governor today. Oh yeah. I know nothing about her. Got her right. Yeah got got research. Yeah i don't know anything about her either. I just know she's not cuomo. And so that's really exciting. Cuomo no mo mo now so justice for the dog like happened for the dog justice for the dogs as if cuomo's public approval rating couldn't go down more like the dogs really like sick disgusting. Twisted your saw that story. I sent you about the dogs australia. I'd really don't wanna talk about it. Okay but if you guys don't know what i'm talking about just google dogs chamber alert. It's not been a good week for the dogs trigger. Warning seriously really factions had horrible horrific story so that i won't talk about it already battle story. Oh it's the final story. did it do yemeni. I love that fucker. Finally for the motherfucking finals story. Jesus christ instagram is retiring. The swipe up. Instead we will have link stickers starting august thirtieth swipe up will be no more. Instagram is planning to retire. The feature which allows people to visit external websites by swiping up instead. You will get swipe up at sorry. A link click sticker just like you or white box yet. When you're shopping you can tap the product. They'll be tangible stickers in stories that take people to external websites. They think it'll streamline the creative process and more so which i read at the bottom of the article. It's like when you have swipe up on your story. People can respond to it. Okay so so the stickers would solve them. I think but like i mean i have my responses off regardless and i just. I don't think every story requires a response. So that's the thing so a lot of people here like this literally of an update. Nobody fucking ass for like. There's so many other things. We want an instagram. If it's not broke like why are we fixing it. It seems so random. And i guess the only the only issue people have with the swipe ups. Is that usually. If you want to respond to someone's messages you literally swipe up in the message thing comes up but if there's a link there's no way to do that and i just feel like we could have solved this very very small irrelevant problem. That doesn't really affect a lot of people in a different way. Like i think that the swipe ups are great. I don't know if this button. I've been reading. Like what people think about. It like their reactions on social media and people either think. It's going to skyrocket engagement or completely deplete. It and a lot of people's businesses like rely on those planes. Yeah i honestly don't make that much of a difference. And i'm sure eventually it'll be like oh i can't believe we ever said swipe up but it's just crazy i like swipe up has become such a part of the jargon so if you're making a video now and you still have you have you don't have swipe up but you have the sticker. What are you gonna say like tap through or neighbor probably still gonna people are probably still going to talk for a while like. Yeah but it's going to be tackling tapa lincoln. My story hate that. Yes wipe just like fun and funny and cute. Yeah so end of an era for swipe ups and it just seems like so random like i just feel like every day we come on here and we talk about like features on instagram. That we wish we were better. Like we're always talking about that. Then they just come out with this. Like what yeah. Nobody was complaining about this whatsoever. No i'm sure it's like for their internal purposes of engagement in keeping people addicted to their app like yeah. There's something beneficial here. But in scrimmage really is slowly driving away like creators. Because i know a lot of creators who are like younger are just like getting growing so much faster on like tic tac and making so much more money from the creator fund and instagram announced. Like a couple of weeks ago that they were dedicating a billion dollars to creator funds like paying creators. but it's not the same way that take talking. Youtube does it. It's not through ads. It's like go live and get a badge. It's like a game. It's like silly like they're really not investing in creators. And i just feel like a lot of the young people who wanna become like famous on instagram. They're gonna start going other platforms. We shall see. We'll see what the desire to. Also before i get into the bathroom heartaches recap i wanted to talk about because i watch nine perfect strangers but i haven't seen it yet and actually will watch it okay. Only the first three episodes out of them. I just want to say i am so glad. I didn't read the book. Because i'm enjoying the show and i usually don't enjoy both and i people were like. You should read it for your wellness retreat. I'm so glad that i did. Because obviously like this wellness retreat in nine per straight through kitties buki and like extremely nefarious questionable. And it made me so nervous to already go like to treat by myself. I didn't know what to expect in like in the in the show. Take the the people's blood when they get there but they did that at my retreat to and like i it was normal because they needed to measure your health levels instead. We like we got all the time we like to see your cholesterol and your the it was like if i had read the book and then i started. They were taking my bought. I would like. I would have laughed totally. I'm really enjoying it. You should watch him going. Really got into a good cast and it's good okay. So tell me what happened. I'm bachelor in power. And i just want to say like. I think that we should do to your toasters tomorrow. Because we're doing like so well with what's going on. There was crazy. Construction noises like right before we started. We were nervous. And i just want to push our luck. I feel you tell me about paradise and then we'll solve tomorrow's problem tomorrow. Okay patron paradise. So like i said like. There's some really strong couples demi came down the stairs yesterday and She took brendan on dating. Brendan had been by being with natasha. Like alive so. Natasha was kind of freaking out while he was on the date. Like just because like came in really hot. And like you know energetic. And i'm gonna steal your man to everyone and so she was nervous but then also while brendan was gone. There started like this rumor going around about him like he had been dating piper before. She's not on the show yet. You know i actually heard that so. Natasha knows brennan's on the oh and he's dating piper like kind of waiting for her to come i guess. And everyone's like brennan's the player redden's a player but we haven't heard anything from brennan. Brennan goes on his day was demi i think they have a really good time and then like she wants to talk about like where things are going to go and he sort of like. I wanna keep my options open like you know this. Isn't it for me pretty much. And she was like so angry and embarrassed inch felt rejected and she was like throwing a temper tantrum. The whole rest of the episode. It was a really bad look i. I don't know anyone who liked came off the episode like feeling favorably more favorably data than they did the last time they saw her on the show. It's a little like. I think that she's in get as to what's really weird about. This season is like because it's matt's girls are like the new girls and they're like but peter's girls are also this also their parents skip dear but like when you're watching the girls are just completely overlooked and it's like oughta so so colton girl it's just like oh no and so now i'm like even extra worry for becca to come like. There's nobody for her. there's no room for. there's no one. there's no room for anyone before peterson. i swear in. That's how much like this like this. Turnover nation like they just want like what's hot The the contestants within themselves they don't get old you know stale eight hundred thousand followers who are no longer engage. Totally fresh five hundred k. So it's just really interesting. And i don't think i think demi really came off quite terribly last night. Oh yeah she was just like throwing a fit the whole rest of the day and like so upset with brendan that like. He even went on the date with her like but he went explore a really frustrating part of watching. These shows like the suspense of nothing. Like there's no common sense like everyone's acting like we're not on an island and we haven't known each other for four days. She knows she's just like mad because she played the whole thing wrong. She came in. She wanted to go out with brandon. I guess he's one of the hot hot if is there and not only is he into someone else like he's able to you and he might be into paper and she made the wrong choice in like that was your one day and the boys have the roses this week. Like you played yourself. Yeah so she was just sort of like being crazy about that but then not brennan eventually comes back and everybody's talking about brand new and it's like what is brendan have to say like we know brendan from tasteless season. Brunton is a pretty good guy. What is brennan have to say. And he said like he had dated pipers before the show but out of everyone even with his eight with dummy like. he's feeling natasha. The most i really love it in lie and like that was true. And i also feel like every single person there was like talking before the show or even dating before the show because the way that they're also connected already. It's like we missed the falling. In love part. I completely agree and back in the day when we used to watch bathroom. How did is for samantha. Yes it was like the worst thing you can do and now just like with social media and like how bachelor like the producers are always bringing people together like people are always doing events and then they're going on like there's just so many opportunities that you would meet someone who would be paradise so now it doesn't seem like a big deal at all. Guess jones samantha. They want to a big deal that like he was talking to piper. But it's like i. I feel as though some of these couples. You're you were talking before too and it. You got lucky that you're all first week people yes. Everybody had the person that they were already like going for. So brennan and tasha art. And you're saying it feels like predetermined almost get like all these conversations already happened. Didn't like there's no room like i don't know it's just yeah it feels like everyone's been talking for now two years like they know exactly what they want like there is no like i'm going to talk to him and then him and i don't know why like more like i like him. Yeah we're thinking case. What happened with grocery store. Joe and serena of they were totally quiet. The season episode. nothing happened. He gave her his rose like they're going strong but next week someone comes down and take serene on a date. Oh so into. The show are good. And i'm so happy for them. And it's all good there then ivan and gives demi arose. Just wait ivan. Just send ya when on a one on one they got like the first official cu- of a couple one on one. Not like someone down with descartes card and like they're they're getting age there everything the sort like they were so cute like they are going all the way. I really believe that. Muscle based on the previews. i don't know why. I feel like i remember them being together. So good so cute. So there's a lot of love happening so far already couples that you could really feel like are getting engage. The house abigail and strong. Anything from them hurt like that. He gave her the rose. Kenyon murray are going so strong. He gave her the rose Everyone who you saw got. That rose and then victoria p okay. She was in trauma drama on her season to. She got away with actually being like sneaky leg like sushi when she came on her season. Like i think. I had her pick for my top four. Like i thought this girl was going places like and it's just been such a fall victorian and last night. She fell even no different. So basically there's this guy. his name is james. he's from katy season. I think so. We don't know but he seems really cute. Nice whatever and he's really into victoria p. and he's made that clear and she is like you know just giving him like enough to want to get his rose but in her confessionals. She can't remember his name. What's his name. The jason over and over an angle when she's talking to other girls she's like oh what's his name can't remember his name. She's literally saying in her officials that she just wants a rose and that shows stick with james in order to get it. Meanwhile he's really into her and then tammy comes through love tammy tammy comes through. Lets us know that victoria. P. has a boyfriend in nashville an aspiring country singer. Who she is here just to like you know. Be on the show and the marine cameras back home to help her boyfriend get theme. That's what how you know that tammy like people know it and batory lives in asheville and kelsey lives in nashville and tammy goes who kelsey our girl. Oh girl she's woman iowa anymore no she moved to so the night of the rose ceremony really feels like everything's buttoned up. Because everybody knows who they are going to get their roses to accept. James is probably going to be. But there sean couple. Because she literally doesn't know his name in can't fucking stand him so that leaves kelsey demi opened to go home. Kelsey demi victoria queen. Oh right serena see serena seema. She's format james. This season. you a lingo. Yes she was. She made a last ditch effort to go after. Tammy's man but like tammy has herships check like lock cat note. Tammy is on mohawk. Tammy i think seems aaron. And she just like from the day she got to be. I like erin now. They're like serena semen after him and like made out with him. And i was like oh mris giving tammy run money. Tammy comes back around literally. Stratus starts out with him like while. Also going to james like this whole evening. She's she's j brooks and busy. She has her man on lock and she's also leading james like she's she's been truth spitting truths she tells. James the about victoria p. And he's like shocked he spent like the last few days like totally invested in. This was going to give her a rose. And like what's the truth. Tammy says kelsey lives in national to and like she knows this to be true as well. So then kelsey shocking and james. She's feel so bad to have to tell him that this is what's true but like she's also she's also like are you okay and i'm like what rose unlike rose on top of that road how calcium so then james finally goes and talks victoria paeans like they told me this is true when she's literally gas fighting the fuck out of him she's like you're being so aggressive like he's literally just sitting there saying is this true like she really thought she was doing something i think. She realized quickly doing nothing so she liked tries to talk her way around for awhile. Talks to the other girls. Like i i love you is like you. Don't fucking love them so we already know you're saying that. And then she leaves. She's just like she can't she leaves and in the car she's like talking about. How like like you know just sangley platitudes of words. About how like. She's you know they this drama blah blah blah and at the and she goes. I don't need to be here to look for something that i already have at home. Oh she was lying so she admitted it. Yeah oh my god. What a loser beyond beyond like. That's so embarrassing. You got caught. I'm crying beyond loser. So then james's roses. The only rosen contention to deming and calc- is being herself and she was just like you know i would like you rose chooses really talking to james and demi is like watching her being like kelsey so desperate pablo and then demi goes and has a conversation with james and it's like you know i want your rose and he's like i'm what tonight's going to be a friendship rose like whoever i give it to and she's like you only want to be friends and it's like literally didn't even know this guy before two minutes ago and then she's like are we gonna have sex and so in the row ceremony he gave his rose to demi believe it was producers. Who made him do so because like she will cause drama and everything kelsey went home. Serena see went home. Queen victoria when it was time for queen victoria and it was time for three and a c. But like get again like kelsey. I feel like she's a great girl gets overlooked on these shows. Just because she's not like annoying and thirsty in the for chat. Yeah but the thing is is that i really can't watch his show and honestly i think it has a lot to do with demi like first of all. She had the storybook ending on her time on bachelor in paradise it was this national story. It was like finally great moment for bachelor nation. And i do think that like she was. I don't know where i heard this wants. But it's so funny. And it's the best way to describe it like someone told demi brunette she was america's sweetheart and she believed it and now she's just like on this. I think she thinks she's too good for all these people like walking in like. Oh you don't wanna date me. I'm america's sweetheart literally. She made us all said and she has that attitude on social media. Chill and then i do think a couple months ago it was like she was knocked. The fuck down with her tweets which i do think like was humbling moment for her but i just. I don't like vibe with her. At all i was very much on board for like the demi of it all when she opened up on her season and then on bachelor in paradise about her mom being in prison and then struggled to their salary and all those were all great conversations to have and now she's just striking me as annoying beyond and the way she came in was reminding me of that time. The fergie twins came on in their second season. They did their bathroom paradise season where they skated by lake for a whole year because if you gave one twin rose you got to vote and they were just like friends with everyone and then they came back the next year towards the end and we're so disgusting towards everyone better every queen like and that was the energy that demi was giving me an. It's like she. She goes to this group of people. She's pretty irrelevant and like she. Old news And i don't even know the ages comparatively yet. She's only like she's right. She's colton season of had her time as she had her time. Like asking brennan. Like what's your story. You're from teasha season. I didn't watch like sure. So have you noticed rotation susan but like maybe he's like i know but she's just too she's to coo- coors and know you and so now. She lives another two weeks because next week the girls have the rose and like i don't i don't know if i'll be watching honestly i don't know you really sold it like i'm hooked because last night's episode was good of course like the one i don't watch but then all these couples like look locked and loaded and i mean it does look like tonight and it's interesting because like there was ten years so nine couples like fast fast with whoever comes down next week whichever girls turn their heads. We're like the ones who are maybe like not so steadfast but we're showing steadfastness right right right like that is interesting but i also feel like yeah. People will go and make out with other people and try and pin connections. But i think they're going to come back to the people but they initially that they initially vibe with. I don't know if we learned anything for marcus and lacey. It's at nothing is for certain. No but like marcus in late. But that's still the craziest thing that ever happened on. That show like they were in love got married and then we never heard from them again and they were never even really married. Yeah no that's what's so crazy to me but if you remember the way that they got together roberto robert grant. Oh it was robert graham. I think so no. I don't think so. I think it was the guy who dated tilly. Yeah but that was before a backup. But i'm pretty sure so like lacy it was week. One lacy was like lacy and robert. And marcus really liked lacey. And the producers led him give his rose before robert and he gave it to lacey which was like so fucking random. Yeah and the rest is history. They were so cute though they didn't work out and he's married to someone else until she. I consider what i saw on tv. That was a love story goodbye. Then they got married at the next season and then it turned out they were like. I don't care about what happened to after the tv. show i care about. i'm the concert. No that was a great turn of events. yeah well. I don't know. I'm kind of feeling like now i want to watch. I don't know if i watch china. Se but it just sort of felt like i've seen this show yeah Thing cavs seen this film before and onto ninety and okay. I'm feeling really good. It's so quiet. Should we do to your toasters cher. You never know what tomorrow will bring totally but like the construction outside is really quite a doubt. Toasters our advice segment which is brought to you by pure evita and powell brand. That's all about comfort fund and living life to the fullest. You could shop now and give back with pure vida one of the coolest apparel and accessory brands out there. They're always giving back and it's always been at the core of what they do. Appear via was started by to california surf who went to costa rica and fell in love with the art and laid back lifestyle. 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I've always loved tuning into the toast. But something about these episodes in two thousand one hundred twenty one lately have me in stitches laughing. Thank you my right in. Isn't asking for advice but absolutely feels like something you would love to unpack and maybe even help solve the mystery. I was inspired by the tel aviv. Poop coverage to tell you this if you guys remember. We reported that in cities like tel aviv. They're testing dna samples. Like if you leave your poop on the street from your dog from your now for me. Oh they'll send you a ticket. I went to school in new jersey and animal print themed homecoming dance in two thousand eleven. Someone pooped on the dance floor. My school didn't have a proper auditorium. We had a convertible cafeteria slash auditorium. The cafeteria as we called it without disclosing the name of the school or any other alumni watching or listening to this episode. They will know the history from of the story from these details. We were all on the may makeshift dancefloor. Having a grand old time and the set the and all of a sudden we had to actually evacuate the dancefloor evacuate the dance. She had to evacuate the dancefloor and have a janitor. Come clean up the poop on the floor. It wasn't diarrhea or anything. That would have made you think someone was sicker loss control but it's a mystery that plague our hometown and people still discuss it. I wish we could have a dna test that that poop. Do you think it was a girl and address or a guy who got it out of his. Can you offer a reward to anyone who can tell the truth about this sincerely who pooped on the floor ten years ago. We'll see. I didn't really understand why you were writing in until this moment new jersey. We have a very big tristate area audience and the biggest podcast in new jersey. But they haven't run that report since two thousand eighteen. We're still technically the biggest podcast in new raining. Raining queens of new jersey. So i appreciate you putting this out there because there's nothing obviously we can do to solve it. It's our platform for good and not evil. So if you went to this high school and you obviously know this ill-fated story of the duty on the floor. And you know who did it. I have to imagine it was a girl at address neither. I don't think it was address. And i don't think it was through a boy's pant legs. I think a boy pulled his pants down and chat on the floor. You know what. Actually i'm thinking now. Some of them have seen that. I realize we're getting hot and heavy. I feel like it was a prank or someone pooped. Elsewhere brought it in dog poop. Put in a bag and drop them floor. Yeah i agree. It's a prank. I her yeah yeah yeah. Let's move on. hello. I'm gonna pickle and i'm hoping you ladies can help. I got engaged a few weeks ago. Finally and my boyfriend did a great job with securing photographer to take photos of the proposal. Here's the issue. We got the photos back and they are incredibly disappointing. They look like sixty year. Old mother took them on an iphone fide. They're incredibly zoomed in. Even the background was very beautiful beach. And there's a railing slash fence blocking the big down on the knee moment. There also aren't any photos of the setup and the decor the flowers the photos of us. I'm not sure if this person had ever photographed proposal before. But i can't believe we have no possible photos from this. I'm still rapid. I also feel like i can't let my fiance no. I'm disappointed because i know he did his best. Finding a photographer and planning all attack is the photo. It's not good any thoughts chevy photographer and ask if she has any more photos. I'm worried might be able to sumner posting the photos or displaying them in our house help. I have a few things i want to say. Okay i see this photo. We can't because i don't want it's not great. I feel like you could find an editor to remove that railing percival really second of all it is worth noting that like a lot of the pictures you see of other people's proposals on social media are reenacted so if you wanted to go back down there with another photographer even just like your iphone and your friend. Who's tech savvy where the same outfits and get a bottle of champagne you could redo it in of course is worth reaching out to the woman or man and asking if they have more photos just like can you. Send all of the the drafts. Yeah this is really really frustrating. I i i was like okay. The photos earned grape. But like you know what. I don't like i thought i had good photos now. I look back on them. I'm like that's a big leg. So but now ever like the way that you're describing it like i would be so. Incredibly frustrated definitely asked the photographer for every single picture that she took in there. You should be to find one. I don't think you need to go and reenact the pictures if you wanna have an engagement so that you have more pictures. You should go and do that. Because like y- they do capture the moment of surprise. And what's the point in paying for a high class is getting blurry maili so fucking pissed me too. Oh my god. Oh my god i think i would just call and be a little rude and honest because water. Where's the beach. Where's the sun. No that's so horrible. Like don't go no way -gratulations. That's really all that matters. You gotta gauge. I know but like that. Be really bothers. It's very about some asks for more photos. Do the most with find the best one. Edit some stuff out at a filter. Jackie o flow dot com. Yeah and do kitchen shoot. You can get where you can reenact. Engagement tweets are great. Who's you wear white and you have nice pictures for your wedding website. And whatever other assets but then you go trump. Put this dress back on the beach and fake. Take your engagement pictures. There and be totally dolled up way. My engagement photos are at the same place. I got engaged and we did a fake proposal. Yes this is good to have more picks it is good to have more picks this rating but not the end of the world. So like you know. Find something that you like. Get it up and then move onto the next phase of the engagement process. Don't yet from this show gets all for clubbed. yeah all right third and final one. Hey jackie and claudia you ge- van over here kimba. Finally something to write in about after listening to y'all out amazing advice for months. I'm meeting new guy. He's he's the sweetest. We hit it off as soon as we met and have been hanging out. Casualties dating for two months flashback to our first date. He chose the restaurant. It was great belong story short. When the bill came he didn't even offer to pay after it's out there for a minute. I suggest we split it. And he didn't object. I didn't really mind it all at the time but after thinking about it. I'm a little peeved that he picked the restaurant. Something more upscale than i would've chosen for the first date and then didn't even offer cover the bill now fast forward to us going out more regularly go to bars with friends and ordering take out if he covers anything always receive event request to split. Or if we're at a bar he'll say get this around and you can grab the next. I really liked the sky. They don't see stan. This standing in the way of pursuing something more serious. But i'm wrong for thinking it's weird. Where is completely normal. My friends are kind of split. Is it old fashioned to me to think that when you're dating someone knew that they would want to cover the little things like drinks or even the first date amending in here that i know we can never know another person's financial situation but i'm one hundred percent. Sure he makes more money than me. And i also know that i can pay for things but it also feels good to have someone offered by drinks or little things here and there. I would love an honest opinion from you about how to handle this. Or if i should just leave obey. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. I want to say when you're not here. I did your toasters with tyler. Cameron and we had a similar prompt. And i just want you to know how offended he was he was like i will pay for everything until we're ninety seven. That's not even the dating face so it's a guy thing and a girl because i'm not okay with this okay. I'm not okay with this. I just wanna say like the the there are people who would be fine with this like it's really personal preference so you're asking our personal preference. Yes and we are strong independent business women who want other men to pay for our things like to be taken care of and treated sometimes especially at the beginning of a relationship and it's not about how much money he does or doesn't make if he's taking on a first date tiggy mcdonald's if he can't swing the upscale restaurant sales with tyler see not not about rich or poor. It's about being cheap. Yeah you could be. You could be hella poor an incredibly generous and could be very rich and cheapest shit. It's not about money. no it's not about money. Whatever half the bill was at the upscale restaurant. He could've spent that at a different restaurant so like for him. Choose an upscale restaurant and then not like that is just a behavior that i find offensive personally and then also like then your partner for things that are like not you know. We're splitting the groceries today. We're we've got the ramat household items drinks at the bar like fucking treat you like you deserve it. I'm sorry. I know it's like old fashioned. I guess but like some things you know it wouldn't it would be winning. Gila wouldn't kill us to uphold. I just want. I completely agree with you. I'm a progressive woman. But i believe in chivalry. And i'm sorry. I don't think women should pay sorry. Specially at the beginning of the relationship eventually led to a point where it's like equal partners. I know what you make. You know what i make so like. I'm not you know it is what it is. But in the beginning like you're being courted. Yeah and i'm sorry. I'm sure people are not concrete. But that's fine that's fine You should date that guy get right exactly there. There's a pot for every company but it's like it's apple comes in like he doesn't pick it up and now like gives you a paid a little bit then then that's a problem and it's okay if you're not with you but like then maybe you guys are financially incompatible new and maybe you're like that you want a guy who courts you in the beginning like maybe you didn't know that because it always happens and it's like a you. Oh hypothetically yes. But i don't know i just feel like you shouldn't be ashamed of the fact that you want to be quarter. I think it's very natural. And i think like in our culture because we're we are striving for equality. This is like a loophole. Like i'm striving for equality to but like not on the first date know and also i just think as women like we need to hold men to a higher standard read. The bar is so far so anything if we all band together and we don't pee on the toilet seat and we do insist that men pay especially at the beginning of a relationship like dots. The bare minimum like then. We're helping all women because then the next girl doesn't have to sit there with the check in between the table being the fuck do i do in a totally. When you're on your first date with zach did you make the move like. Oh you know what. I don't think i did that i did. I don't remember long ago. I know well. I score and seven years ago i remember. It's like a thing and it's like you don't want to be like a girl who's like expecting it so you wanna be nice and be like oh. Do you want to split. But ideally the person says no. And then yeah i think that sometimes you want to be the person that's expecting it. I'd like you said like you. You lean lean for wallet just to like not pretend like you're not expecting but like that if that's your expectation that the man pays for the first state then don't mean for your wallet i guess but like you just want to be like i don't know no. Us totally even do you joseph's restaurant. Yeah yeah. I think i chose it. No i like your yeah. I guess. I is conflicting. 'cause i'm of the mind you should like pretend to reach for your wallet. But of course the guy say no. I talk like such big sure. Sure i did for me. I ain't nobody. I'm sure that i did like pretend now in thinking back i just need to like stand firm in the things that are important to you and it were today and i was going on a first ate. I would not reach for my wallet. Yeah i also just like so curious how this goes in homosexual relationships like i think that actually a really interesting conversation we shall come to. The card comes to the table and show all of our cards. Like what are the rules. Yeah but but there are no rules because everybody's different. Everybody expects different things. That's true head were relationships or homosexual relationships so like you said homosexual sounds like a nine year old gay homo spectral hitters subjects book. You have to just like you you comfortable. What's comfortable for you. I but i do feel like i don't like this like then mo and because it's making you feel weird if you didn't care that's what you care about but like you feel weird about to like run with that leeann tear feelings. You're entitled to feel you feel yeah. I agree but it's a thing like it is a thing is the thing but also sometimes you maybe like share your expectations. And maybe you'll be like. Oh i didn't mean my last girlfriend insisted we go dutch right. Maybe i don't want to offend your female intelligence or whatever like at least give him the chance of being like you know it would be nice to be taken care of sometimes during the requests yet. Block him if he starts like following up notifications. Yeah then. it's time to think. I it's bothering you. But you really like this guy tries saying something. No i feel like you should try just like not responding to mos anymore not offering. Hey can you go get us. Drake i know but you know the thing about relationships is communication only two months in. They don't have to communicate. Yeah okay but if you get way. I and if still like you're getting reno defy you will know what this guy's deal is if you don't respond to one more request and see if he'll send you a follow up. Yeah you will know then. He's not doing it for his duchess and he's doing it because he's cheap. Yeah and he. Yeah there's nothing worse than prisoners cheap. No and that's different than not. How much money you have. yes agreed. So that's on that that was near toaster. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in deer. Toasters email dot com if you want to write in and also your toasters such email dot com if we have given you some sage advice and you use it or you didn't use it. We want to hear what happened. We'd like a follow up email. So do that follow up with us. Yes please do. We shall see you tomorrow for hump day. Hopefully we'll get some do. Brewer grew and the rest which was into the morning. Toast a long. Thank you so much into the morning testimony morning show where we deliver the past stories. That unique to every monday through friday. I knew everybody and precipitate subscribe because video thumbs up. Also elba's podcast and we're podcast and we found so. It's about about stitcher public radio riddick aspects of other places if i starve you about how beautiful standing and smari are. And if you're still here please the hotdog emoji or most recent instagram account. Because like hotdogs good for you. Don't let the cdc live your life in just. He will be thirty five minutes shorter.

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GOD doesn't talk to women ???


58:58 min | 10 months ago

GOD doesn't talk to women ???

"I got two telephone. I never cut in telephone calls I got the cold from from a woman that she is from kenya but she live here. In sweden. she have a show ch- she is in the church and the and the she talking to me and she don't really listen to me and that's what they are doing and the she told me that the god a snow talking to a new woman and she said the they had they believe in a to in status in kenya. The i have met him. I met him in two thousand thirteen. I was on my way to to fly to and i i. She asked me a walk. New diarrhea should should that the prophet showed come to the church in that time. And i say the it's many times icon. Tell where get the information from because volume by myself. Unknown territory me anything of people and I don't have a newspaper either. Unknown and the a night didn't have so many people from kinnaird. Or i have never heard her about this profit and is called dr david that african name omar like that. And he's trevor. Around the world. That i was going to that church to to train to the church and the i have to walk around them. Ask people of the about the street because in that time we didn't have keep s within the have so. I have to ask people about the shortage. And i was. I took with me my meaning laptop analysis thinking i should recording him Because a read on the internet. I look up his name and i so that he was very famous in kenya so i was thinking i should recording came on. Take it with mitt to kenya for them to see that i have met this big profit that they have heard about have not been close to sue. Is i come to church. And i was still only it was one white woman more but then it was only black people in that church so i sets a way back. I didn't sit in the front. I tried to hold up the laptop high up so it could recording him at least Hearing the sound of him. And then the one i sit the recording of the this prophet he. He came to me and he he took my arms and the forced me to come with him because i was frightened and that i should drop my laptop here. He took my arms anaya walk with him in front of the altar and into the lie. The cameras that was on him and he's he placed me in front of him and then he was speaking to me in his service. Also an ivory recording it. I have it somewhere in the youtube. So this woman. She wanted to know how come to know that. Shouldn't this man and the associates will some cigna connection with kenya and that he was in sweden him. I think he had not being in sweden since two thousand thirteen. So that's araya that issue come there and on them Should should fly to the to kanye between the swimmer was to the church flying into kenya. I four in the bus and the hooked my my knee very much so i have to go to the hospital to the emergency room and i got the some crutches to walk home. So that's how now on talking about this about how bad things can be good. Because when i didn't know how to take me to the airport them walk around the airport so i wrote to airport the nasc give what to do when i'm on the crutches than a flight to to travel with the to coming time and they told me that the research service for those that that quantock around that this disabled lower have been hurt. Like i was so that that. Make me to to to have these surveys. Every time i take flight i had to might take it. That i need to have the service helped him. So that's a good thing in bad things and then also not come to kenya. I gave away my coaches to women that have vavuniya. Old bad the conscious to walk around with as she got New modem and so that was both bad and good. And i couldn't walk around so i had to go with a motorbike. The whole timing kenya the this woman that was calling me. She is this. That believed that. He soc- scott and that she's thought it talk about this with genesis that god's spirit was flying over over the earth and the and the she say that that was the word because Joan lon the it's says that in the new testament that that uses was the word but that was not the word because in john one that that what jesus that is the messenger from god. That's the word it means. And when it's come to the genesis one god created the we have or the planet but he make make things on our planet created. Thanks on our planet and because the the plamen plan it was dark and a than on touched of a of a postitive things over the light. God plays the light into this world and it. That's the light between. That's the light these the good and the and then the darkness is Evil things and he. He plays a light to scatter to take away the darkness on this planet and the he was creating everything with his word. God was the word. Not jesus was not the word. Useless was the word in that way in the new testament that that is not the same as the old testament they are together but is different between the old testament the new testament and john jones say that word that but that It's a man that have translated the the vipul and interpret the bible and put together those fragment the find in in the case and that the the bible and some of the books in the bali beliefs not there because the catholic church took it away and they have it in there are cave and some of the Been in the fire also burned up. That's many things that is a man that have have put together in their own thinking so that that will risk some aurora and of course they put together that that jesus was the word but The throat interpret and translate it like that. It was used the word. But this was the word from god. The messenger between god and us. He was that that we have and so she. She was talking talking very much like she wanted to make may believe in what she believes in and i say to her that the stop stop stop you come to like that. You took it like they have talking in many generations and over and over again. I have heard the same same thing that you hart telling me. And what have have what good health Been on earth. It's a killing. It's war is many higginbotham doing things sinful things and if it was the true word that you are speaking generation before these young If they have talking the right thing than we should live in paradise here on earth say to her that that's not true that you have learn from men to think like you saying to me and you. You want to believe that a nice told her. The i don't believe in. Jesus as god i i said to her that uses was the first man mess censure. He told us about god his father he was not talking about himself and he that sue was in in the in the beginning in the old testament god was down and talk to people but they be frightened like like in the in the fire of the bushes though be scaring and they couldn't bring in the words from god in that way because the fear they had and they died. Sometimes they were. It didn't work on on people in the all time. It doesn't work diet they either. It's only a few people that god can talk to a. I don't know anyone more than me. But i i don't put myself i. So the said the main batteries. Some someone out there that god is talking to locate do with me and the And that god created jesus to be someone they could see and he was like us. He was because he could hide for one day. The solter wanted to take diesels. I think he was in jerusalem and an. He ran away from them. Hide in the in the crowd the mass of people so he looked like a like an ordinary person. And that's sir Houston for two that he was speaking to people and he looked like them. He was no like an odd. He couldn't go. couldn't use john. Baptized look very wild. He was better warring and joan had people. But they're when jesus came day they goal. Would jesus instead than joined the baptized. So that was not the success he had to create. It uses look like an older now person would may be a more hair. Cast also not like this that we see in pictures and she The whole time. She said that the goal is not talking to women. And i said to her but a she that God what's made Assay man he was in the womb Born of a woman. I say to her that landa marry jesus mother must have been very holy. She must have been special. Full is so if the catholic a worship maria the in these law is just also that they are marry because she had a one of the prophet on earth. Jesus saw that. They called jason sauce in arabic and the believed that the womb over woman is wholly because of of jesus in his mother's womb. So that means that that woman was where else have got placed teases walking around here on us and people don't know why he come from that he uses have coming supernatural uelmen walking around them. People should ask if where did he come from what village she squeezed coming from and the and they don't know where he come from he will sell them either. One day that go could have created like that but he placed jesus to be in the wooo woman to become taken care of fire woman and got some over her her dna and her way to do things in life inside him. So she must have been larry holy for god and On that have been the ones before that the night say that when jesus come back as the merrythought it was garden and the used side to her that go to the village and tell the people the goulden news he say so do told a woman to be the first preacher of the show which but then manley's taking over everything and it's stint today that the nannies are doing things that going against what god is is talking had talking about when he plays these woman's warm and told married to go and preach to the village and then they say that women can't be a preacher and god is not talking to women and i go. No what can i say. That would not have god coming to men talk. Should i deny myself. Should i did nyc. God that he is he wants to speak through me luck. I have said before is take theories have been in many honoration after jesus Been in every generation love it being a messenger About people haven't pay attention to that person will were man one they have talking about god by the gold have given us everyone of chance to know him and people from with their own sinking and the on their own believe their own will and their own source to get manmohan be famous for his false fake churches of the and make people deceive people working for the devil in the church talking and and you can only be a preacher. A woman if you are married to the pastor in that church or as you can't be that they manley's telling because they want to have the control over the woman they the pastor in the show she married someone petites beauty sexy that gives him sex much sex in this things to be a past or in his church but he still have the control because he tell her what to say and what preach and in the cases those women in the shirts they can only read from the bible and the Unknowns what is going. Only in the short larry fewer are preacher and the this is the davits work that manage stopping women like this. A he'll that. Listen or my episodes. You know what is going on because theories. Of course. I understood that someone should come forward and talk because it's a They swoon work to say the. Make the Upset a b. Make the mango. Because it's not their way help they doing those things but the they want to talk to us at correct what's wrong and they someone sites. He liked what i'm saying. I hear you say that menu soul forcefully. Say this man many so forceful. They are so proud. They think they are the head of everything even me. So that's that's god that company through an talk. He said that They run their own race. They own not have a new relationship with me the only on their own race and it can only be one word a church under the it can not be all those mediums church wrist on on the planet. It can only be one church that we'll have this from us. It doesn't need to be church building where coming to where we we see. It's a clean place like that. The god that. Because i don't want you to talk to above me in that way i won't go hide jordan. You're talking like this that you are coming to discharge people take talking talking a on my own now when you say that. So a will he go angry very angry now and he said that those polish people they say how can we ever change healthcare ever correct those people that everything that that is not what they are thinking what they have learned from men if fleets not the same as they have in salvador remind. They don't believe in anything with them. The here there had is four. The head is full of nonsense. Say it's his this fool of correct from generation of arrow in the church. They repeat aurore that they have heard from churches. Far back he said the shows just that took the wrong now on the way to understand me and they didn't understood me. They put up a story. They it's false he said it's false because lowery's only one god and that's me and no one else uses on the right side and the likey is the same as me. They don't place it like like it should be that he's on the right side. The right side is the writers people. There will be many on my right side that this right and the left is the goats that he's doing wrong things and that on the left. Sally is those those that i consider to to be corrected to to have a chance to repent those. Those goats is not those in hell. Those goals is what. I consider to to judge later on that they had to wait. The right side is immediately coming from from a to the right side. The left side is later to come concede or if they should me As i would send them to hell for them to see what's hairless about and then i take them back. He said his swear the they have the sweat hair. The cold is sweat of hell. I don't know if it's literally or is it. A symbolic is talking about. Take a symbolic because god is not talking litter. Every he's talking in the spirit and the and then see how many i continue to be on the right side. He's telling this so. That's really truly that this god at this talk in that. Come forward her. I asked him novel in my mind that he s kidman. What to tell these people that see jesus And he's a tell me that. I should not say anything. I should not to take my knock my head into the wall. So it's my head is going to bleed. Because i tried so much to convince people that and turn the people that he is not the god The so how show so show. It's a token token. Go the me on them any A would uses coming forward and crying in talking like he do. But the god is saying to me a this that larry's many that coming forward and the concern about what's going on on this planet is not only jesus is it's many of the whole heaven. Although those that is in the in the inner area of this the holy the holy city that is sitting around me. And lisa not me. We all see what's going on on the planet. That's what we are doing the library that we have inside the city library in showing the earth. What's going on on earth so there is many crying voices in heaven for what's going on on earth so that's not only one allows the describing the the those that coming close to us that the stoking to you is does that the asked me for permission to come down and talk and if i approve that they can go down to to earth. That's when i know that they have something to say they have thing now. I got the swedish award. I got swedish word from him to to add. It's the english word to add to your knowledge if they have something for you to add for your novelists to come to know me and know what's going on in in my kingdom in heaven you Sept i approve it. The they are allowed to go and talk here on earth to they spy newell the he'll call me so to goddess telling about that too. It's so might like it devil's work this. The dow people trick the show to believe in something that isn't the illusion is so is era over four to make people not come to to have to have a increase his kingdom in hella to be why ben in the an increase of souls that this coming there and the the gates will still be narrow and hard to to come into in note that we we have not done open gates for you. It's only that the narrow is not literally the narrow gay days because of the devon trying to get you the whole time so he he tied atop the gate. He tied up the gate. This is something new for me. The god is telling me that is not built. Like that is a announ ally on the stem noah golden. Make me on this. The this. When i was i was the that the once the It was in april. Two thomasson eight. Who was i will stat for some seconds and and i uh sunday i find myself in dry you well. It was very very down in the world. Because i couldn't see on this in the opening. No sky out in that world any the will was very very very dry. It has not been water for many many many years. And i was standing there and the only thing i know it was that i could see with my eyes and i don't think i had a body with me. I only have my eyes with me. And when i standing there i say stand invalidates not literary static when i was there with my eyes. I saw a tunnel and the it was a dark tunnel and if people have not shaking me up to life again. I have walking into that tunnel and i saw this tunnel was very black. It was very inside the tunnel. And the and the own the walls of the tunnel it was legs and arms reaching out in town so i knew that the only way to go through and go to the light in the end of the tunnel was to focus to walk in the center of the tunnel and to not look the side only focus to walk to the light that i knew from that experience than i was shaken up. But no when when god is speaking to me. I say a that. Tom that that i saw two thousand eight. That that's the gate and the stander is things seen inside the walls so the that gate is very very very narrow. It's very tight. The that's what. I learned that. I have to focus the goal into the center of that and go into the light because the city's full of light and i can still stay le be taken if i if i look out on the side of of that tight tunnel i go wrong. I don't go to heaven. I don't go into that city. I go to hell. They take me. And i understand it now because uh the showing me the picture of the tunnel and the the gate in the wall that i have seen. So that's and that's what they are doing gaudy saying now to me that they tighten up now that the release tightening up the the gates in this time and the more the more. You talking about me coming down and talk to you when you recording here that in the old cast the more you will say that they are coming to try to get you into those the darkness in that in that gate to make you never reach the light in the tunnel they try to put you to focus into the wall and and you have worked do still end the. You can't call the goal away into the darkness you'll have to focus on on the light and that this the relationship with me and the in the tightening up ceo. That's so many people is going to die. No of this pondimin. He's not talk about that. He talking about to die in the spirit to to stop believing. In god the true god the real god the god of abraham isaac and jacob end that the the the when they have site that so many times not here but the might be use. The the uc's like anti christ. It's not himself onto christ but the anti christ is what when people are talking about. Jesus god that anti christ is not his attenuates. Notice that the anti christ the anti christ these what people are telling own deals churches in the world the going more and more many have left the believing that there is one god and jesus is not the one god that he's in this trinity that to all our three are gods but the its eighth Because there is one god that hold all the control that have the overview of everything. And i i believe in some of these the buddhist is talking about the date. Believe the That doesn't involve in. What what we are doing on earth in some way. I believe it but i don't think that go all these like death. God the he can also see things that he's coming here now to me talk so of course he's involved. What's going on earth. He was the creator of this world. But i understand in some way the buddhist when they say that that god doesn't he is like a way back there but it isn't. It's depend on us. If we call up on him and make a relationship with god thank god his coming close to us on earth to to us in relationship is the buddhist that they they put away god. So that's what god is gonna be. God is what we we make him to be. God is always there. Don't think wrong here. But the god is you can pull him closer to you and we don't need. We don't need a person to be god. We don't need a body to be got. God is energy a spirit. God you can't see god and no one has seen god here on earth if we have not been in the spirit like i can walk into have whenever i feel i. I need to go there. But that's because. I have so so tight relationship with god so i could see god but i don't see god in my body i have here on. This planet is when i go into the spirit. I could see him. I him in my my body that can be killed. That's not what we have the spirit's going out from the body. The spirit have no body. There is no body in the spirit. The spirit can go through wars. The spirit can't go to other planets if it want the spirits can do whatever it won't have known limit it have no no boards. Have no no nothing that can stop them. Stop it and it's very very hard to to kill spirit in person but aris the race a soul people can die in the spirit but that have to be very much myra much force from the double to do without people can kill an angel also and it's very very sad the world the people in the world is the worse enemy is nothing that is in or outside us is our self and i say that greed is the biggest enemy to to us. Breathe this it can be the same as they want to be. Famous be on television preaching and seawall. The money's coming in because they have deceived people to make them send the money to them and that's greed greed greed greed wanting so much and they make their own golden cough in that way and they they don't need god. They need the money from people and that said but the everything can be killed. This planet can be killed if there is no one that doing the work for god in the and no one is preparing and asking god for help. If the recently one crying out to god to help to help the planet the planet will be killed. That's it it's a free when also to won't do what you want to do but everyone if not be sick mentally sick or something wrong with with a head brain. Everyone knows they come know that. Different between good and evil eye room is so what what they decide to to follow. The that's up to each person to do. We have a responsible by our south. Where were you on to go if we want to go to the darkness or if we want to go to light god gives us the free will and that's why they are crying so much in for what they say. The mark of the beast by doing those tattoos tattoos and those today so much about black. We know that we we have. We are on on the internet on computers and we see that of the they say that if we want to have the screen be in and night moved then get the background. The black and there is Many furniture. That is black clothes. That is black and many things that That make us Going to the darkness if we Shoes that. I try to not have anything that this black in my own Sometimes the i can't shoes other things than black. But i try to not not By anything that this black so the Our own with what we want to do. And i of course i don't buy in. It's in black friday even if the price is very good on the things. I don't do that. I don't celebrate. Halloween that's evil things the we can. We can choose what we want to be if we want to be in darkness or if we want to be in the light and i i thank you god for combing through them. Talk to us. I got some nov lecture from you as always you give me a knowledge. I am a student under. You got like everyone else that lists is. We don't know anything here. On earth we are very dump were but we learn and you want to teach us so we thank you thank you. We love you god. Thank you for telling us the truth. Thank you thank you. thank you for. Listen to accept Band so much in the spirits had one when this the spirit spirits coming through Talk from what they are telling me. I am in the spirit. I have hard to remember what they are. Have been saying so But i know that What i heard is coming to me later on i. I remember what they have told us. Or if i remember that was something important than i go back. Listen this episodes what god was saying. A may be have to do with here because it was very important things. And it's always important with goddess company Talking so thank you. God love sue Not showing up like he do so take care. And god bless you and stay home and don't go into the shopping mall. The devil won't use to go shopping now in christmas. Time is his way to take you to make you go into the mall and and get the virus from it so stay at all man who can order many things to your home and why do you need those things. What do we need to make so much food in solo. Only one year next year you can do whatever you want to count you for once. Hold you back from on the desire that greed you had in you. That's the devil that is whisper in your ear to go out and not wearing any mask or touch the mask Take it under your chic the mask so you can get the virus from your fingers and it's the devils time just now so do be wise and focus on god and ask god if he's okay to do those things and what to do. I have a relationship with god. Stay focus with god and not. What's commercial that on television newspaper and on the internet. The don't pay attention to it today. Fasting do fasting. Fasting is not only about food fastest to note by everything you want to buy and you turn the turn the family. I left his the this year in christmas time. It will not be like the ordinary christmas. And you need to understand that if you don't need to understand if you don't want to understand it that's than you are not one of my family that's solely to say so. Take care now in christmas time.

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Interview with Enrico Schettino & Stefano Franceschini of Hideous Divinity

The Discographers

19:20 min | 5 months ago

Interview with Enrico Schettino & Stefano Franceschini of Hideous Divinity

"Tyler here. I was able to sit down with qatar songwriter. Enrico and bassist. I fono of the italian death metal band hideous divinity. They have a new ep out. On april twenty third titled four to six. I'm not usually death guy. But i was able to listen to an advance. Copy of the ep. And i was really drawn in by the aliens concept and their cohesion cambria cover at the end. They really have a passion for music and were inspired by the war of the film. Hope you enjoy our chat. And i'll play some of their single akron stream of whoa after the interview. Thank you you guys. Have a new ep coming out and I've listened to it. Sounds great I'm a huge fan of any kind of music. tells like a story your last album head concept that was inspired by the movie lost highway With the new ep You guys in the band are telling the story of newt from james jim. James cameron's aliens. What inspired the you guys to tell the story. It's not too big a movie from the alien out six relieving. it's what really add separate ups. One of the franchise the franchise small that is so so beloved of cherished by mental audience search. And of course. I make no exception the thing with aliens which is the second movie of the of the of the old ones i mean. I have nothing against Is just is just different. That will lead them outside of what all Yeah i would say. They're enjoyable but for different reasons. The old movies are just i mean. They're they're presented the six just they created something in one way. I remember when watch that movie was like was like ten at it was key. That will get scared so easily so i was not allowed. Was that movie. Theon wanted knowing that would regretted at some points but movie was just so cool that the the fact that i was scared by everything it was actually over well but help who movie the study. Special effects that the weapons. Everything wasn't that union leaders. And i i remember so well that the the history character of mute impressed me so much because there was this little girl that is strengthen this whole set brad. She saw her entire family solter by the by alien some the and she manages to survive and This is actually a very cool. I think he was. It was very when i thought about daily in as a concept for new releases we must choose the story amongst menu. We cannot simply make an album about will be just do much students. Starts you show. It was reagan tires. Carthy and just deal with that a profoundly the we i thought about new talk about honey things represented in symbolize diane years. Which is the general travel in the worst possible way discovering that actually surreal embiid. You have to face them if you think about it in the last thirteen fourteen months or so a lot of awesome notice. You must their Lennox wait we had to face so this because we we had to face a something extremely challenging in our in our lives Daily routine and so even make sense if you think about that because et tire album Everything was reading Two months i started working on that. I think it was early. October and Just makes so much sense on so many levels. Yeah so how i mean. How does the does the concept affect the how you're writing recording stuff at. I mean you kind of win a little bit but is there. Is there any more to that. All about the Practical let's face it this Ap's are Not known to you. Know for a -tracting Same kind of attention. Usually flint's new so We're all into Of a cinematic the last few outlet you mention Specifically in a lack of try to try to blend legislation highway with the a philosophical concept of similac grim As dealt with by joe loose and that was very articulate. Sal wait and like a novel a loss for the kind of Like brass like sexual breath to Talk about it in detail but With neef you just wanted to go with suffered a little more straightforward but lacking we go sad at the same time very like the law for a lot of creative serb personally thing That really impactful as alien. Just not the movie. The whole thing franchise deadly gives enough space to do that with with a free ep in I think also a mastery well with the sort of trimbe Slightly different direction. We hope we manage to go. No and so. I think it's it's more of a. It's both actually structural and conceptual thing the Ghost bring welby Mutual chose we once you make. Yeah and like what you said. Ep we when you only have the three songs it kind of forces you to be a little tighter and leaner and get right right to it. Were you able to do. What is your process like. Is it do you guys all get together and record or a break off and right stuff individually and then come together or how is your process usually take care of the city. Es well they tried to do is to explain things. I'm terrible at explaining things with words. Music requires to say a certain level of technicality. Meaning it's not simply about a to say okay. Let's make room. Let's play this in this in that this is not. I never believed that That started in the mid nineties that surge. That's a long time ago. Newsy guess change love thank goodness from that time so i usually bring the guys then nose and i try to work in december the best of again because i want to see i want their gut feeling one to see what's the impact them because Bandmates are really say strict judges of what the music of the Is going to be. So i know that they they are. They have very positive vibes from the beginning on the right track. Is there something to have to change. Most of the times the responses in analysts and sucking from that we will work on the the on boca patterns. Rica's singer is really is becoming more and more jealous of this grosses which is which is great. Because he does he really train creates. Lay yourself the It's this thing. Plus he has a certain commercial commercial six sense when it comes to hoops and car resistant staff. But what what we usually do is we entered a studio renew at. We're gonna we're gonna have the studio for a limited time when we truly sucked because it was so cool to be in a studio again was like the middle second wave of the pandemic. Of course we all tests everything but for like a five six days. Life looked so no might look like the that super cool routine record. Music anyone tour. Unfortunately the second part still missing but it was it was just. It was cool to be in studio school to do this because because we want the was at the same time something something that came out so well something that we're happy to Process of remiss in the middle. Love the say so. Many huge obvious change changes that everybody to face at some extent on the face of the planet so it was just schooled to do this subtle break for for a couple of days them else have to say to be completely honest right and he doesn't The same kind of pressure on you felt a lot lot russia with similac room. Because he was the first album with for century media. We knew that expectations for different we that or between june songwriting us rivals not to mention was one of the hottest summertime sever over another another into still your summertime gaining my life. It's a abroad. That i made myself so nothing. Nothing save entirely different compact weather times. We there are situations that may cause a lot of stress so the bar places. Next time you're going to the studio trying to that mistake again So you guys In the pep with a for of choline cambria delirium trigger Why did you choose that song. Did it just kind of fit into the narrative or you guys just big cohiba cambria fans. Well known it's really gundy going to be honest again. I was looking for save a big enough band or some metal bands any band that roads in the a early times of math or modern dance actually just looking for famous than that to do that made song that had anything to do with alien another not saying aliens talking about a magnet for example just dealing considering might surprise i can find any sisters At the very end i it was a Which i'm gonna be honest at annetta. Listen to and I slowed This is that there is into the michigan apple. Boy this this is gonna take some work to make something meaningful for music. But then i thought he was said the goods time for challenge. So i thought we can work on something like this thinking about desalle graphs another band. I'm just gonna use example independently made the cover of some from sinister death mental bank. And did this song is Is and i. I worked on you rearrangement on that some thinking about another band actually. The band at the time was aborted. That can you that. That was before joining the ball so there was no conflict of but i thought what. How would that letter voted with their sound in. They're super fast than polo. And and everything how they render song like that. I think i did the same cooking candy. Of course it was looking for. This band will serve a one of my old time favorite. Bang sanatha how would raise make a cover this song what they use. What aspects will they concentrate on. What what would they change your. What would they leave. Like exactly levy region said as their guideline and the rest is pretty natural. I mean we still the know how people are gonna react to that because that song is not out yet but to people our own state never be extremely interested in our cover songs they would rather go for the original sherpa. The all will pay attention to that nation as we have a very special guest that some way we included a fantastic you way of the piano and blast beats which is again. I think he was such a cool idea. When a so tony the piano player doing that with another driver and they made Piano and drums of a mostly. I thought he was such a such a great yet to create something something different. So we use the korean as canvas trying to respect the original meaning. You've got to change a song that career by course or reading changed lead to you choosing cover. You're supposed to a some sort of nominates. The image that we tried to debated was about korean. Everything those courts those even those ten bucks. There was no to take a korean camera sandwiches. Leka robrouck back. Em goo stagnated blasted. Tim talked today will. Just be stupid though away. i see it. The song had light year of her potential. I the the right musical texture to to kind of like banning the right way so our music fit be a musical structure of the song an offer like so open up to so many possibilities of in terms of light and at reinterpretation The state they just described of thinking of another band. How how they actually covered song in this meta adaptive kind of Adage that will definitely help and especially this kind of song. That's a feel so open like there's so many courts at it definitely riff oriented but not as rented as regular dismantle song and to open up our music will be parasites That's right that's right like a tool to test by saying before to kind of easily direction. tyrian tearing into the also had kind of inbetween combination between melody atmosphere. But also have this kind of evil off feeling Like extreme metal. Go yeah i. I think that's the right way to do it if you're into cover you don't wanna just do a note for note exact cover of it because people just listen to the original You know you you've kind of filter it through the lens of his divinity or any band who does it cover kind of filtered through the lens of whatever their styles are. So i thought and i thought you guys did a really good job with it. What what is next for you guys. You have any plans to do. I've shows yet or is that still on hold. We're actually working on something. I mean we. We had a store With awarded a seem less ten shows or something. Nba helder your four at supposed to happen in September october and openly. That still hang. A timeline doesn't change but I mean hopefully the maximization plan succeeds. We might be able to all off and now we'll also talked with You offer agencies is wealth To i guess we'll probably soon start thinking about the next length as well maybe To release it toward the end of next year. But yeah so. It's mainly about promoting music and same time trying to keep it real and in order to remind ourselves oversold musicians and a also to really briefly go back to a cruise question. Miss the perfect situation to kind of like the vbb. Most artists response to get these This kobe platitude and this kind of cohen use for them where you can next belly practice and we're lucky enough that we kinda live in same town but a had an ad we i mean. We can't just you know Or boost merge Everyone just Suffering a little bit of financially since kovin. So you also want to give somebody like at someone Material like musically speaking to fans and what. The appeal was the right way to get out of their house. Degeneration well Thank you guys for coming on as great to talk to you and hopefully the ep. Great thank you all right. Well see guys later but my all.

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Cueca News #06  Leopardos Fujes e Sorvete Infinito

Cueca Apertada

09:23 min | 5 months ago

Cueca News #06 Leopardos Fujes e Sorvete Infinito

"Guei vinas oh quick. I knew social entrepreneur author project cases. You thought that he thought this bit. Of course when she says the is important security. Also simone keep a movie to be model plus tomorrow or daughter who little part of permanent. What does has mice book. Polarities sheena boise. Three billion barrels could do into marriage. Meyer motor parts of quality. Who zoo four inch similar. They push lugo abby ghardaia so why not in went up three jakob luke kuhn auto where new quilliam gives you boost got avia endorsers any mice hickory odds signal to the does look onboard alma alma. Mobile is doing boost. Qatar's theta though part here we go really wanna do this our yakuza. The paper in keep you defy me walk to anyone of us copepod. Winning kadewe image saba. Who would you see. Start seeing hipping. Joo poonam allier spitzer wasn't i could've seen finicky style. Prequel she calls us it. Burn cool mines zuma by the river to do huge unaided or the pisces school to save his own beauty. Buick killer perez was go view. Seeing mas group musical to credit card virus history cheever's pastas in his real program on the moon to just click onto which my sister after images hissy biancone reach acre. Jimmy's out vinyl did you by here. Gender is critical soviet moscow to piracy for mookie hit europa braving theme poop scope coppola so procedures to awkward still bear eastern long as you up the mir territory digestible. Zia gubina duty by chief of meaning into jamaica. Steam moscow advised to do is realme nor his parents up out judy. His co. pull data autopilot new saints. Yes day comes in chiggers. Graduate duties threes metals. Squatter are should. I stood at twelve tunis. Any mice decarlo inching cladding oprah jeter inches joy to point in comedian who'd yvonne seemed to harris discreet appeal. Could italian komu east throwed money pissed. Swipe elitest not pulled along the opponent. His tar cheapen dookie ms the preschool. These impor- gorgeous here three will face guys live or congress. Upper roaming thorough newer. You contribute newport gene that you imposed crossing major by thing to do is put into the guy who his julius pinkston camilo. Hbo's giving ninety dodgy. Eileen who's as your own meat. I don't bite according to luis To meisner happiness historic core norinko Must meet view. Lisa police sale was properly yadav. Shapur manifesto can usually each man or the pudding put his bench. Those the league the police did we do. Do you serve. Covault taku scatter gather. Who bet zhou talk to through miller. Jr is barak. Do his do you do you wrote. I don't need you boys. You're process not to pay later. Ow awfully era municipal court. Awfully easter to do does the others musician this day. If you're more no sumitomo spot. It just gives you my sister. Also swallowed izzy. League is was by gumede to introduce rica tours aid with music. Sony carbon gardening fevered etheridge. These incheon west. A little farther jolted privilege our the city sitar the state mississippi boys this kiva may to did the northern league until two now dila sooner kabul sufi saint is paris cars swings each copied achieves you didn't notice it as cargo obligated offic. Don't you order that. This is on your thoughtfully ease side quantities some through at some fucking up up gomez solter valenza nova through losing. Richard lewis conclude. You don't do a lot to grading defending may earn plus crowd down bussan x. the in michigan april. Vesey him to sue to kabo oprah's censurable so now will bore defended kazillion to introduce me. Richard lewis thin were to embrace komo perma archer. No georgia tara to other appropriate brazilian accords. After after new not that they can't hit healy so to me to to wear swaggie mr assange where they should sell died is gonna share opie over. His name kim. You'll minister same. My lisa mice foster posit cuisine to check with us set. These pacifica accuracy we started taio is losing dina jetpack using gaza feeder. Who's militants issues hatred guessing. Tel-aviv in beersheba knew sui meals socially dance ing things. His you only knew those elements of episodes for the mortars in gaza. These kyle singler feeder jerk communist in gaza brady his show dividison that is double the puskas higher arbizu points going to sit by lavar quality. You'll pay for the whole city cheese spills attack. Say is i o jessica sales of your engine. My vibes leaders ain't that gene salukis learn koha muslim rohingya and the second of all attacks geo whose military's say little guys you something forget stars hamas he causes julie that is hamas official mice bizarre ohio mazda gauge these mucus towards yameen tennessee. A political person. Either nothing out. Just some lady. Aside control moonstone passer syndrome sitting industries or as ammonia in tel aviv am seeing the virus on the jet forgets new croissants higher quick. I knew this woman does know. Jesus gitten jim with all differs. It should be chief. You need to oprah luminous quasi dave you choose to our new cartoon g crash to noses fetal not threes meal doorways coupon shelia. Is it because i share. Has the formula used. Juicer don't minds in novi scientists because they much because there's daily bogus born energy quadrants pigou car crash. See also be as a compensation you calmer. I'm used to needlepoint. Is you die minutes. But a widow hit hitter commun- survey who cheap coons amazement mayes. Quick unusual england in miso program at duke. Wake up here tommy. Supper dish came as one the program. Judaism without the company says that you post-season means months of genes merges obedience school clara swings as divorce. Eckes april we'll see spicy this program campbell's lose my yard is who says was go quick pathogens. You mentioned as long stop orasure yet this mice quicker travel.

Guei vinas sheena boise abby ghardaia luke kuhn Joo poonam allier spitzer Zia gubina oprah jeter julius pinkston camilo moscow Shapur manifesto Richard lewis gumede cheever kabul sufi saint simone decarlo zuma gomez solter valenza
SNN: Invincible Superheroes

Scene N Nerd

41:40 min | 4 months ago

SNN: Invincible Superheroes

"Marriage ac- nerd. I'm your host serves elmont and with the as always mr producer. Will paul carried in tonight will doing very well so thirsty. Thursday t you to visit note for our listeners we are unfortunately do the scheduling and family obligations We are scheduling a jewish. Yeah So we're going to have this show and then another show next thursday evening as well But then we're going to go on for a bit you to nina will. Having scheduled things on separate weeks will be just in time for exactly we plan. Yeah whenever we said these things. I'll be no idea when love you starts the kept changing bouncing around. But yeah we're we're going to have various. Various things will We'll be back alaska gene. So we'll we'll have a full slate of of loki tall to go over. Seasonings offset the cia. Start with a random things that will just added last minute. thorns Even in robin raviol- mel are filling a code eight sequel because so many people checked it out not really mission impossible seven production shutdown due to a covert case. That would've been funny if it actually had been tom cruise given given the rat and the only reason why include the the rant that he had A few months ago what with a with a person not the volumes protocols and stuff horse it happened so innocent reminder votes indra vaccine if you have a because we want to get out of this dam pandemic and that's the only way we do so we'll get vaccinated. Danica is joining the cast of john wick four. So he's a pair. Yeah that was a news item drive late this afternoon and he wants to be joining the cast playing a friend of sceneries reza's character john which and Plus amid was the result. That would be cool things to add to this. You know to kino's continuing fashion of his various franchises now And then in other custody news. Jonathan majors is in talks to join creed three feeling. This free much confirms yeah. It is it is i guess. Is there following the knee Gans of like the original rocky series. I guess i guess john major's character via a clever lang son you now. I was listening to as earlier today and her. I don't i think it might have been from earlier in the week that i think it was. I forget who was on the hannele but they said you know what they might do as they actually might make another and other offspring of apollo versus brother that story be that with life. Yeah that would be interesting and and jonathan majors. I mean he he's have a villainous. Turn in the mcu by Right now i just know him as a hero. So i'm looking forward do 'em and In that said speaking Mcu the latest. Mc rumor is marvel's what if series is coming in august. Two thousand twenty one means this august Reach they'll probably have five different On premiere dates that will change but it probably will be august. They sense yes. I saw this and then another site said no assist or trying to raise them through from entertainment weekly article from several months ago with singer. Lana for shows on sol thunder on this implies and other platforms so you know but if confirmed i mean that'll that'll give us another ten weeks over eight more contests and obviously he'll i think. One of the one of the rumors was There's apparently a party four episode of what if's That'll that'll be interesting to see. If that is that rumored comes to fruition. What is what happens Other in other marvelous news as sony movie president has confirmed this week that there is a plan slam holidays. Random earth. You can see. Mcu as sony pictures universe. They're talking about the like millen universe thing sony issues. Universal marvel characters gross It doesn't roll off. Tongue is so last will get connected to the mcu because you know we like to share and it will all be unveiled. The endless december's spiderman knowing way. No way who. Yeah i you know. I have to say well. I saw the poster this week winner per no way home I was pleasantly surprised to see that the portables are made are Are from doctor strange. Yeah yeah that's true that's right. Yeah i only got this multi. everybody's Ovarian my show up. So yeah i just i like that small detail and as someone who probably shouldn't say that she's seen doctor strange I seen enough to pick up for my account. There you go. I mean this fall i. I'm glad the weather's nice but you. Now i'm looking for some of this fall contents. We haven't store so to me to be somebody marvelous fall and We are actually looking forward to ones who theater and watching black widow on a big screen and in other in this chain she and other things so yeah. I'm i'm there with you. Unfortunately what is not on our horizon in will be a second season of the netflix. Show jupiter's latest latency. Yeah so i guess. Yesterday evening they There was a story where the net flicks basically cancelled all the contracts for the the chaz your go horsemen zero thing. But it didn't call it a cancellation but they might as well holiday cancellation. because that's what he did and But but. I wish that they are going to create another show in as you. His legacy universe of focusing on the villains and then a youth even better they the hollywood reporter like showed the the latest like nielsen. Numbers or the mainstream ears and as legacy actually premiered on hop for their premier league even doing better than half handmaid's tale and some other shows s. Yeah know necklaces. This weird with how they treat their their their properties like nate create multiple superhero shows. And then because everyone makes fun of when they're big crossover just ended up canceling that disney. Plus that i mean no sorry. Just random noted that handmaid's tale because right before getting on i was actually watching the latest episode in. I was pleasantly surprised to see that elisabeth. Moss had directed that episode. I did not know. I mean these days. I shouldn't be surprised because long the longer running the show is the more likely some of the lead cast members will get behind the camera. See all the time with see us shows so. But i still didn't didn't think she was even interested in that and actually was making notice some of the interesting camera angles that they were using. You ask you like how did you. What were your overall impressions of her of her work as a director. I didn't even like. I thought it was a really well executed. well-executed So and it will. It was up. I wanna say oddly enough. It was kind of a quiet episode but there was a lot of emotional stuff was now testimony and the Should i am a weird dynamic with us show. I feel like. I didn't even off season to a fully season three. I've watched half a season. Four in the later half so a ham tells a weird show. Where i feel like i can go in and out because sometimes there are a lot of things i just faster because i. I don't like torture. I'm sorry will they have you know. There's no requirement for you to like. See yourself you any kind of scenes that make you feel uncomfortable right which is weird because that show goes from late horribly graphic torture scenes to scenes where i will just sit here and i will start to cry because of the emotional drama and season finale. Third season finale. Like just thinking about some of the stuff that happens. I is still makes me like. You're like damn anyways. We're not here to listen to me. Cry we i think we've covered all headlines area. Yeah i think we covered them all but yeah so so we do have to talk about tonight. Because i did my homework We have superman and lois in invincible. Let's list some invincible. I watched it was so did. I think i'll finish before finishing though he has week two weeks ago so it so now the tables have turned because we are talking about a show that you haven't watched in a while and i just watched although i watched like i finished it or days ago so Here I think because it was narrow my radar or something to watch But i know we need to come i. It's like my experience. Viewing it is a mass under this hour after to washes But the first half of the season. I just could not get into it at all So i mainly had in on in the background. While i was doing other things. I'm gonna do perfectly honest about my viewing experience and then right around the time when the introduced What was his name. Titan the titan. Absurd i think is like the fourth or fifth That one starting to pick things up. However i still don't really feel like i really sat down and washed full episode without being distracted insulin. The finale Finale is when it dawned on me why they could never do this in my back. Those actually yeah yes. Oh is interesting that you say about your viewing experience. Because i think what is show premiered it was. It was an amazon denied. Due to thing with the show either They actually did release it over a span of eight weeks and overlaps With all winter soldier. So i i started and like you couldn't get into when i wash it because i felt that there are a lot of shows that were very similar to other shows in the jonah. You had the guardians of guardians of the globe. Which obviously a revolver justice league in horse we ask you know with all that to you with a group in uber's legacy and yeah the obviously it robert kirkman who had a sense marvel before offing. You start in and doing walking dead and invisible with image comics is is a fake for these types of properties to build a universe. Whenever you've had these two titans see bill build on that and so what. I did like evolve. This series at the outset was on me man showing all aryans globe as the that was the hopes and that was able to get me in it but not to the point where i was like oh i got to like you know whereas i caught him in his older and other things. I'll say i can't wait. You know became equipment. Tv for me This was one where i was like. Okay kinda put into the back burner and then it up again. Actually say yeah. After volcan aware solter ended and And they lobby or listen other watch shows. I guess the an-another wars in the hood and other shows Really talking about the finale. Oh with this finale. I see your point I with the finale talk really got me pulled back in like oh shit like missing out on something. So that's going back into this. And then once i did start it up again You're right is still embiid until about the or third or fourth episode overall site. Okay now i'm getting invested right. I agree with you that the struggle is with this. Oh this over sasser saturation of the hurdler vulnera- and especially right now as things are needing draw than An air we we go into a show like this and instantly i think about miles morales in In spider man. Just because it's it's a very similar origin story of the has the main character and miles are so Similar in their approach and perspective on power and the in a superhero in what they have a learn on an even arguably some of the interactions that they have with their family. I'm thinking about the prowler. In kreider verse. So i found like there has to be very similar in. Like i heard you seen this and arguably are seen a gun better And then on top of that this show does attempt to build that that world in that reality got their superheroes everywhere and there are these leagues in this code in. Oh my god we just talked about you. Just watch out so it's always very hard to leave the struggle for awhile. I mean you can compare them because everything is so relevant in talking about the. Cw verse we do nothing. Compare those shows because it is it is just. They're all part of this universe. And and this jonrowe which holes inspiration by what ultimately does either retain an audience is to do those tropes But just provide enough spin where. You're intrigued about okay. We'll what are they gonna do next year. And and i don't know for certain if i'm intrigued. I just felt like this. Nellie was very satisfying. I agree that the finale. The one thing about the finale that i thought was really phenomenal. Beyond the obvious violence and cohort was the insured jamaican point the the the you cannot pull this off in live action right try. You're probably gonna rated x ten. So because the s the thing i think where were you see all the carnage of a movie like madisonville when superman were or fight it out in metropolis. And and all the things we saw in the avengers with With the of new york the thing that this show does that one makes it stand out is one. It definitely like it doesn't you know shows the carnage in how sanders killed and they bring it out full force and and and this and this and and you know the thing that really stood out to me also was more and omni man were having their ban is ended up with you know. Market added to him and army man. Almost join is all son you know was the moment of humanity humanity is had got assad mommy man and when he was thinking abou- march he has that little moment where he like. You'll goes back. They saw marsh As jal under the playing baseball and and try and to achieve an f. assaults infirm from show on them and you know that that was really what does finally the standout moment the whole series for me With what was. Even though the ultra mice had this ultimate goal of conquering things and in the universe his time on time on earth head had changed him guests as far as his biltrite lineage and code to the point where he he stops marketing any any the bar and goes often to who knows where right. I still think that. Because i i had a different opinion. Robots seen. I saw what they were doing and it made sense but i also felt like a team at very bizarre time Late i would have thought he would have had that epiphany maybe a little bit earlier on in the fight but i also understand that they they really wanted to show non. He was one punch away. So so i get that to an extent but overall with omni mine the her sabbath. What house at the end of the first episode and the finale. His character overall is very inconsistent. Be has he. We know he's hiding the secret and his ask there are so there is some truth to what what he tries to explain to march during the finale what he even tries to explain those fat points but he just it's weird to me. How are you still really haven't explained though. Why exactly children yet you also you killed everyone. Unani hit for weeks only to suddenly too because people found out that you kill them now. You're going to kill your son way. La i'm i'm trying to figure out what the overall plan was Which may it may have been something that they could have liked. Draw like a hintze. Yeah he there was a purpose for killing everyone in that moment and i. I don't think we got that resolution for exactly why. Yeah yeah again. This first season was only only star. Introduction to judas series shows renewed for second third season so i was watching kirkman on Pam and beyond with marc bernardin and jam smith and he was her mammals another or maybe another show but basically it was only like this first season only got like a quarter of a way into into the answer the comic so i think there's a lot of those things is that as the story. Unfolds will get answers to some of the questions that you had as far as the motivations in those things. yeah we which is a smart move. I mean you don't wanna play play all of your cards in the first season new definitely. The first season is mainly about mark in his realization. About what being a hero is an also knew the truth of who is father really is so Yeah it's We'll see what happens when the second season and what other shows are being air. Yeah i think it'll be. We'll be in twenty twenty two versa whenever we had the second season. So we'll see what we'll see what's on speaking about aliens and being our heroes and also weapons the Latest episode of superman and lois draw. will what are your thoughts about this episode. So the show. I really really really really really like. It is basically a family show at the end to family. Innocence of like you know everybody can sit down and you're on the table and you know watch together. I guess you can. But i think a lot of mature of these and and wrapped around a superhero universe and one of the things that i think really sands out for me with this series is it really shows. Kardashian is the you know the whole point. Not superman i mean it really is always a question of which personalities personality is a car. Kent the elliott. Superman is is not or permanancy personality carpets. The mass and i hate the way the show really puts it out. There is car can't is drew personality as roma's the mess and i think all the things that were. Cnn first season really have him especially being a father and dealing with issues. The fatherhood also. Having a possibility superman you know they. They've done it really arkell job of sharing that this join us first season. Yeah hi i agree. I mean you email some very valid points especially after this particular episode which surprisingly i think maybe he had tyler had. Maybe like ten minutes injuring. Lois and which. I was very surprised by. I liked the choice of the structure of the episode. You've been getting a lot of episodes that are very structured similarity and this week scurrying giving us a scene for something that happens a good three quarters of the way through episode and then re clean how it came to that i thought was brilliant choice. I like this episode. Crews my parade that i have last after plays. Jonathan is just better overall. Because him and lois house and i've seen twitter and i will quote it but people say one of the best acted scenes that the cw has ever aired. I agree there fights and And both of their perspectives. I like how this show had enough awareness to we. We we seen seen jordan. And and clark fight about powers atma responsibilities. And we've seen in other things but for the first time we have this real authentic vulnerable fight about what it means to be a human in a family of superheroes and vulnerability of that. End the feeling that you can't help or tax. And then they they they want it. Will they wanna talk about a miscarriage z. Yeah this flash. In the same thing the other shows do not carry this off. And that's what i meant. By more mature and family you know really tackling serious issues and amateur not usually way right kate. Uc sawn in as and as flashes tone is is supposed to be more lightness south. By but yeah. I mean again this this move this show over to the hbo max already because because it is out of place on the cw this point as regards. Definitely you very very much. Sure i i was. I really liked this episode overall. I- lights john. Henry irons everyone coming to terms with him and his story. And how the end of the day It's not they didn't so everything up. They they they were forced to kind of work together in a way and lowest really saves a day But i also like the maturity of the end between him and lois where he acknowledges that he. She's not his lowest because that would have been such the typical thing to do to carry the saw him being a crazy person and still thinking. No you are. You are but no. It's he's intelligent enough to say. No i get in but i still can't let what happened in meyers. Go completely so i. I thought that there was just a lot of overall. Well this logical choices which i don't know apiece Which every time they go back to. Lana lang's story lines. I like your sarah notches. Because she shares name. But because i think that they have some potential there especially with her her own depression issues. They showed that in earlier episodes with lana herself right now. I don't know it just it soon. Cheesy at points. Yeah i think it was a of with whatever this week. That was one of. I liked sarah. And and and the whole story in evasively how they are using lana to recruit extra sonian soldiers. Four for morgan. As like that angle. How yeah how they did. The the the head fake with you. Know whether it's all being a captain lugo the big bad but also and and and edge just sort of a going to be a there but But whatever he was doing was going to be the secondary point but obviously the big thing is the the soldiers being created and john. Henry's worries that carcass going to become the leader of those Tony ian charters On owner crime as so you know so. Asphalt is a mike and how they're using them. I know there is the whole family dynamics going on there but especially with the same. The cow alana were were had really mend things and then of course lana was Kept pushing them all when you wanna delete a var department and go were for edge and then Kind of blown of this week with the when he was told that by a blanket on the character's name right now lars or a camera yet but anyway so you know so those those ellas work and and it does help build a community or for the show. As far as being propolis this encounter people once never seen him again. You know it shows. Everything is intertwined in this community. So i i liked that aspect of it. You know the thing that Got me this week. Was i felt that the john henry story a handed the resolution. I guess we know we're getting more info about on the. We saw his life as you know whenever she and jonathan looking at the computer and and then when he is superman finally have their have their computation moment. pass up and and goes off to parts unknown for brunell he's gonna be back but You know and guess. I go away. You can go both ways on it. I mean on the one hand. I was disappointed because i really liked that character. Only the hand narrative see why he had to go at this point in the story Because they had addressed the the underlying issues and and so they have personal now. Yeah it's kind of like but you spend all this time developing an hour here and an it's were saying of irony and you're right. I mean it's pretty hell graph now. He's enemy later on because they haven't won and but at the same time i'd rather them developed now off to the side and bring him back in when needed so that it doesn't feel like later honors season. We have suddenly get to know this character all over again so so it's interesting. I mean i think some of this year is also a wait now. We only have maxwell you're seeing they'll bring bring on n. Really the drama and the sneeze are not coming from these villains so much as the the family and the dynamics in how how john and how john henry iras affected this this dynamic between jonathan and lois and ultimately lows in car to The n which is it's interesting. We didn't really hear a lot from our about his whole perspective. Governments cherish. No the but. I think but i think that was very wise of than do that. They didn't he was there. Especially when especially when you think about how they learn that and the other this john john. Henry's daughters natalie. They were planning on named her daughter. Natalie i mean he. He said enough in that moment. A thanks When after lois laws him about the house yet. Jonathan bell things he he was he was understanding husband. Her and at a you know and and realize that even though yes. It was a loss for both of them. There's the next level walls that he will never ever hungrian and understand that what. Lois went through and losing and losing with the miscarriage and hats. Also telecom. I'm yet though. Ammiano donor personal history or story or anything like that but But see the honesty in the portrayal of a type of walls and the scene with those scenes. What she had was with therapists It was just the honesty and an humanity That that came across in her in her trill of lois and and this is sincerity that you know that was that was so convincing so that went like to your earlier point about this. The jonathan and and. Lois had you know it added to that seen as far as just really being. Believable that You you have to. Individuals who in the heated moments deeper context her reacting the way to do with john van and jonathan responding to way today. Why whenever she did offer the apology and it also goes into the largest they talked about earlier shows about von open family about everything everything and And i'm i'm looking forward to seeing jonathan's moving forwards because i can't imagine feeling vulnerable and And ceiling honestly like a little. Just been trade genetically. Because it's like wait. I'm his son to widen the powers. And i don't understand how h- my dad's home importantly i don't. There's a part of my twin that i will never understand or and i just hope they don't jump the shark in suddenly at the end of the season jonathan has powers o o or yeah or maybe or visit maybe change but i really hope not because i like i like the perry's have and in really years opens up a lot of Storytelling having a blended family of superheroes thus zero superpower for people. Nasional our people right. Well i know. I think i said for a were the we cover a lot of good brown. And yes of course. Next week we have look. You will be here so we will have lots to talk about with the first episode. His lou. He will not actually be talking to run. I sorry other the ts all. I think it'll say we'll wait. Do though you will know it hockey talking rookie. And all his mischievous nece and probably will superman. And lois is dropping airing again next week right. Yes we will go to jets. Yeah all Will why don't you tell our listeners can find you. Here's you can find me at will impulse of your i l. m. l. k. Ending in by me at us on s j. d. l. Chiefly our crew on twitter. Seen a nerd finesse on facebook pulse instrument most importantly rate follow in comment on apple. Podcasts spotify youtube doodo. I'd casts or wherever you get your podcast nike out you're welcome.

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Episode 13: VQC Day 3: Social Media Magic to attract clients to you

The Impostor Syndrome Terminator

1:11:17 hr | 4 months ago

Episode 13: VQC Day 3: Social Media Magic to attract clients to you

"Hi everyone this is a quick message to let you know that you are listening to the audio version of a full video training and you can still catch the replay of the full video training by going to the link in the description or in espa dora dot c. h. slash the qc replay so we are currently hosting the visibility. Queen challenge amazing challenge that combines both subconscious work to overcome visibility fused imposter syndrome and strategies. And an a to z. Plan to cheat. Teach you how to nelly profitable nation. How'd you post on social media to attract high ticket claims to you and how to come up with an amazing offer and sell it without ever feeling sleazy. So if you want to catch the replace to all of the trainings. You can do that. Super easy just go to the link in the description. And i hope that you enjoy this podcast episode so welcome everyone to day three of the visibility quyen challenge. So you know the drill. This is what we're going to cover throughout the week. I'm not going to go Like it again because we already did that on day. One to buy destined case you tuning in today for some reason maybe this popping up in your fade. You can win giveaways price. There is a giveaway where you can win prizes. The visibility coin challenge. And this is what you need to do super simple. This is what can win. This is what you need to do participate even if you're catching the replay. You're watching this on in in replay drop. Some comments participate in the training. You can also ask you a question. Then i'll do my best to come back and answer your question later and show these slides it on facebook or instagram. And tag me okay. So today we are going to talk about the juicy stuff. So the magic four to five types of content for client attraction in conversion. Because it's one thing to attract wonderful people show media platform it's another thing to tune beautiful members into clients right when they're right for the program howitzer accelerate your growth with videos and instagram. On facebook stories are stories in general how to show up in post on different platforms without the overwhelming. The even needs to show up on different platforms and focusing on money making activities in gua building activities. Only if you have a facebook group but the principles for group building activities can be used for any social media platforms so Do have question. What do you mean we've shady size. You just take a screenshot so like right now. You might be watching so you take a screen shot or just take a picture of the presentation then uploaded to either instagram facebook with your facebook account and tag me. So this is like a visual visual like graph or thing presentation slide on how to start a guo hell to get clients in your online business stepped one in a work to negotiate gauzes syndrome invisibility fears so you subconscious mind dozen repel clients and sometimes you know. This doesn't really hit home. Because sometimes i don't know if it's your can't expect me no but like strategy is what i need. Go like give me all of the juicy secrets on how i attract clients and we aren't quite aware of how much energy in subconscious mind believes actually impact our ability to attract clients. And if you don't believe in that completely fine it will come up around the corner one day when other any contents can come back through this training but we cannot attract something if partner. Boy mind doesn't want it and it sounds so simple right if i ask you. Do you want clients going staff. They want clients. that's obvious. But if a subconscious mind is terrified that we don't know oxen that were not legit enough to have clients. It's actually going to repel them because it's going to be afraid of actually getting them and that's what we worked with a log in my mastermind and in the abundance magnet program in in the first edition of boot camp is how to med go of these fears a feeling overly responsible with or being afraid of judgment when we come up on social media because usually when we are very afraid of something we manifested even more in our life so i was a professional a professional at manifesting men who are not available for relationship and each time. I had those fears. Because i didn't know anything about subconscious riots with things stuff like oh my god. I hope that the next guy needs to go on a date with. I hope that he serious. And deep down even before. Even ma'am i was like running these core movies in my mind is going on a date and then it's go super well and then after the third day to date or whatnot would like text me. Hey like i really like you. But i don't have time for a relationship. I would imagine that vividly in my mind and worry about that. Even before i met him and then that is exactly what happened each time. If i realized that i was part of the problem and i needed to change something right. And this is going to happen with clients to during that phase where i wasn't attracting clients. I was attracting clients but only clients who had pay for a single session subconsciously. I didn't feel like i could have a package because part of my mind was like oh my god like one of they pay for a package like at one three month package they pay amount x and then they don't get results and i was afraid of that that's subconsciously i didn't realize it was repelling. Higher ticket clients. And i was just getting people could got one section. In of course people who get one sessions longer to get results as good as as programs than it just win forced to believe if they don't get results it a vicious circle once i shifted death and once i did in a work on visibility. Boom magic magic high-ticket clients started to pop out of nowhere and it is no coincidence. So step one in a to tonight golden pasta syndrome in visibility that we have already done in one step to nelly a profitable niche and know your ideal client because when you can come up with one clear solution and talk about that sedation again and again and know exactly what's your ideal client is going through in what they need to hear. It's so much easier to come up with content that is going to resonate with them in tune someone in cold to salt so that is what we cover yesterday and knowing the forty six pain points desires. They really have so we can talk to those pain. Points talk to those desires again create connection and its with them so they emit immediately know that you have the solution for them. That's step three pretty simple until then and we don't need to make this complicated like going solving going online businesses simple. It doesn't mean it's easy because there's a lot of commitment in inner work but it is simple. It's not rocket science said four. that's when it becomes easier. That is actually the heavy lifting of starting an online business and knowing who used to once you've done set one two three. You have done some of the heavy lifting so step. Four is now that we know the four to six main topics so paint points in desires. That kind of creates the four. Or you come up with a forty six main topics that your clients needs support with which we kind of did yesterday. We can come up with four to five or six content pillars. That are very often similar to topics. I'll get more into this. If you're confused please let me know. But i'll explain more Content fillers which are the foundation of how to show up online. That is going to be what we do today. In once we know or four or five six main content fillers kind of the main topics that clients need to hear more about a future. Plans need to hear more about to go from coal to sold. We can just use one constant pillar a week and within each week circle between before to five magic types of content for recline attraction that we will cover today. Simple very simple again on his son. Easy but very simple. And that is what brought the process to maneuver Business to what it is today. Nothing else all organic. We just started running ads but that is a new thing. The business generated over three hundred thousand in organic cells in fourteen or fifteen or sixteen months. Then step seven which is to molo come off with a bomb dot com offer and selling it with ease without ever feeling sleazy so having a very common vibe around to offer and knowing that are offer so cool that anyone would be crazy not to wanted and then step eight among others. Use video to make everything happen faster and focus on monday mike. Money-making activities lasted. Motley's sit back and chill while you see the magic unfolding in front of your eyes. So posting on social media made easy is basically choosing one constant pillar per week and within that week. Use the forty. Five magic types of content does going to go through the questions to make sure week. I didn't miss anything that no one is completely confused. The subconscious mind is running. The show says joselin absolutely that have to let go of fear. Danielle says while it's great that you have that awareness because many people are not aware than the kind of stri and try and nominee happening. I have the feeling well. What if they don't get results and say they can say they can. That's something we also cover within the messaging and deeper levels within the visibility program on how to basically as Alabama talk about results while still having the right balance between being very honest with people so they have realistic expectations but still them communicating and showing up in your way that they trust and feel inspired to actually manifest that solution for themselves and it's action number difficult okay. The fee of clients getting results is so common. It was one of the biggest hurdles in my mastermind clients and defensive domestic mine and once we release that energy some of the ladies manifested so many clients out of freaking nowhere. One of the mastermind clients made five times investment. Back in four months without even showing up on social media. That's like the power of the work. We did like just the energetic work okay. That's what i'm afraid of that. They don't get results. That's something that we go much deeper into the boot camp program because yeah it can be a complete block. It was friendly. I was terrified that they wouldn't get results. If we still think we have the fee of charging high to get would you suggest more yes you. Rt yes yes probably. It's all a balance between doing in a word. But not tuning into an inner workaholic and starbucks from taking action so the ripe makes of taking aligned action following like an agency action found that really resonates with us and doing the inner work in parallel. Is this personal page. New facebook group facebook. Google can be for both personal can be for both actually so we just want to confirm the definition of a constant pillar so when we post on social media we need a content plan and for all of those of all of you have vip upgrade in your workbook. You actually have one of the pages and the pdf would book. You have like a fool like content plan for one week of content. So you just have to fill in the blanks. And you'll basically have one month of a content plan where you don't even have to feel overwhelmed and over thinking about anything but basically when we shop on social media we use a contemplative to make art lions super easy and part of the plan is having four pillars and you can trade with pillars with topics four pillars or four topics that we always come back to when it comes to social media. That is a content to give you an example. My content pillars are one visibility to imposter syndrome three manifestation for money and receiving blocks and five. I don't know launching more strategy and six kind of like miscellaneous. These are the main topics that i cover like a broken record. I feel like a broken record anyways in my content okay is the contract for a group of personal page. I'ts to both contin accounting plan. You can use it on. Any social media platform in it will do brilliantly. Can we still upgrade to be. It yes you can The link is not in this description But i can send me a message anna. So i don't forget and i will send you. Link to upgrade to the ip so posting on social media made easy is choosing one constant pillar per week and within that week used forty five types of magic content so for example. If i need to plan my content for one month week one will be about visibility. Week two will be about abundance and money weeks. We can be about imposter syndrome in week. Four is how to launch and scale your business to multiple six figures. And then when the next month i just start over i go back to visibility abundance a syndrome how to scale your business and within that week to know exactly what to post in visibility week we are going to circle between forty five types of content. That will talk about right now. So first of all find your four to five content pillars contin pillars are typically the main areas of your services. Or what your audience needs. So when i originally came up with the impostor syndrome to native program fantastic fabulous. Oh program the three kind of main themes or area as were subconscious blocks self worth and self confidence and within each of these kind of main themes our main topics. There are subsection so success locks and procrastination or self worth is how to be a self charging what you're worth charging what services are worth or following you intuition or trusting yourself putting yourself i having healthy boundaries. There are so many different ideas and under south confidence. It was knowing that we're competent enough not having visibility fears emanating confidence etcetera etcetera. So let's just say that. On week. One i would talk about subconscious stuff so i tech talk about requested nation. I can talk about success logged. I can talk about sabotage week. Two will be about cell phone. I can talk about how to be a self how to increase your prices. How do you feel comfortable with your pricing etc etc. And in week three. Let's say weeks squeeze about self confidence. It's all about smashing imposter syndrome knowing you're competent enough how to become constable visibility. How to stop caring what other people think etcetera etcetera etcetera so all of these could be a content pillar the one of these main topics a pillar that will talk about during a week. There is no strict right or wrong when it comes to content fillers there is no like. Oh my god if he do this. It's going to be right and my god. If you do this. It's going to be wrong. Basically it all comes back to what we talked about right here. Yesterday is knowing clients knowing wind deal clients doing some research asking them questions or asking people who could be our ideal client a bunch of questions and mowing the five to six in paint points and desires unusually. They always say the same things and then those same things they keep repeating again and again and again become content pillar so if i take the example of a marketing coach may be one content pillar could be mindsets mindset you have a successful business content pilla number two could be held to nation. Find your ideal plans. Content number can be held to stay to social media. Game encounter number four can be how to come up with an amazing offer and sell it right. So you have a lot of flexibility within that and it all starts with nelly unique and knowing you ideal client so this is just an example. Do whatever floats your boat. and now. so let's say that this is a weak wand this week to three week four. Let's say you have another category that Like for now. It doesn't matter so in january. First week you talk about this second week you talk about this third week you talk about this and fourth week you talk fourth content pillar than february arrives so just go back to the first one first week of february. We talk about subconscious fox. Second week of february we talk about southwest third week of february we talk about self confidence and fourth week of february whatever for is and then watch arrived and we do the exact same thing all over again you audience needs repetition riots. Obsessed about this and the beautiful thing about that as a Blah is that once you have completed a cycle. That's about three months long. It can just recycle immature late all of the content that you have already published. That is the beauty and the magic. You don't have to like come up with content for the rest of your life of the content is going to be some variation of what you've already done and then too much can recycle everything because people need repetition and for all of you know dr joe dispenser like i'm just such a fan of dr georgia spencer. Anyone tony robbins or these. Hey is no longer in this world. There's some videos. On abraham heck's or your favorite fitness personal your favorites. How'd you go. Tomatoes new glided person. They talk about the same thing. They always talk about the same thing. They're not like coming up with new content again and again and again. It's all kind of has a common route and then that is all you need. So i'm getting lost here okay. The magic four to five types of content or these. This my friends is what is going to change your life for the best is what is going to change your social media game for the best once you're use these forty five types of contents. This is what's tunes people from cold to sold. I type of content educational content educational content is any type of content that gives value to your audience. Maybe because you're teaching them something. Maybe because you're oopsy. I'm jumping sites because you're giving them actionable steps because learning something from you because you're presenting information in a way that they hadn't thought of so educational content is all about value magic type of content. Number two is inspirational. People invest in programs or new services or in your products because they are inspired. Because they feel that. Whatever you're selling is going to give them more of what you want and one of the easiest ways of doing that is to inspire your beautiful against members and you can inspire through your personal stories through testimonials few through your clients stories may be you are someone who helps people find mrs mr ryan and talking about how you in a toxic relationship for ten years and it was horrible and then you manage to get out of it and he'll find mrs mr riots. That is an inspirational piece of content. Then personal we need to connect with our audience. We are not selling of sneakers. We're basically selling our cells or our service end the day and age when many people out there do similar things to us. What does the difference is up. Say i just hit the table with my Elbow makes the difference is to create connection and create a personal relationship with our audience. Numbers doesn't need. That doesn't mean we need to go on coffee chats with them by that means that they can relate to us. It means that they can connect with us at an emotional level and it means that they can kind of recognize either themselves into us or they see that we have common values in common interests. Content number typists contact number for cells. So many people don't talk about their offer. And if you don't talk about your offer people will probably not badeah investigating because if the path of least resistance suggest something based on psychology that there was a lot of noise. There is a lot of content. Those a lot of information online and if people have to struggle in hustle to find the link would you find the website and then they can't find the website. They're just not gonna do it why they're going to do it whether it's easier so we need to talk about our offer. We need to put our program out that when we need to do with confidently and we need to have a super amazing appealing offer. That people actually want to buy which will cover tomorrow. Sales is super super important and last but not least other kind of like miscellaneous engagement content. So how many times how we scrolling through facebook or instagram whatever platform and there was a bunch of like mini smart many like interesting content. But we don't really like comments and then the cat video the video or the. If if you had to summarize near week with with with one gifts what would it be. Or what's the last picture you took as a southie on your phone posted below. Or what are you planning on doing this weekend. Pizza ice cream. Those are the posts that performed the best in you like. Oh my god. I just spent thirty minutes. Writing this amazing post and a kid imposes just trending and doing way better is because people need to have fun and that is something so important is that we need to be very clear on the energy. We want people to feel experience when they come to a social media platforms again something. We'll go much e- printed visibility queen boot camp but people feel energy. It's something that's very not tangible that they can't see with senses or perceive with their senses by your social media platforms have certain type of energy. That can either hold back. People are making them convert way way faster for the business dax in a federal llc so the company has generated. I have very small fat for some people can say like how the hell do you have like six figure laundry six month with only two thousand people on instagram. That's because of the energy and that's because of the quality of the content so having that kind of miscellaneous when you gauge posts where people can have fun where people can kind of think about something else than the super important stuff. They're working on is as important as the best. So let me take the comments. Make sure they miss anything. I'm sure what content filler would be for addiction. That really depends lynch on the intake forms. Wise people say in these intake forms and again if he wanted away deeper. You'll get that support visibility queen program which i'll talk about a bit later but They finding content fillers in your framework in. Your offer is awesome. You'll get personalised attention on and how to get that information and program so that's cancer that questions because it really depends on What the people who have the problems that you solve are saying about the problems in what they want. I'm glad i got the vip. I'm so happy. got it. Because you have a no-brainer contemplation. Where you don't have to struggle in hassle well done gonna make a huge step in your business. Absolutely do they have to be in the same order. No they don't have to any specific order. A these comments can a rt mini-session recording be considered value potent. Yes of course who would that be. More of an event workshops would think it can be both it can be both the business strict right or wrong when it comes to posting content. But if you are giving as much time as doing like a mini entity session recording. I would make sure that you create an opt in page so people have to give that email in exchange of all of that super amazing content with several hundreds. They're getting it for free. So i would have like some sort of optin where they have to leave their email. Talk about our offer if we just one on clients with a thirty day court super easy. We'll talk about that tomorrow on how to create and sell on offer in pit- pitching it and selling it without feeling sleazy also curious about this. I don't have any time dependent programs. Just one on one while i started with one on one only actually my first. How many months. March april may june july and august. I only did one on one from last year. And i used all of the content. I'm sharing with you today. To attract one on one clients interesting do not engage in the miscellaneous post. Well it really depends on personnel type. Some people do some people don't but in any case when people engage in miscellaneous point posts it boosts the algorithm and then the The content gets shown to more people in kind of plays in your favor thoughts to define engagement posts that weren't related to my business. That's definitely something. We'll have to try foot short for short okay. We're done with the questions. So let's move on. This was such a relief. When i finally kind of cracks the code of what content to post because like many people like yeah in share valuable content and talk about offer but it was very below early in my mind. And i don't know about you but if something is very abstract in my mind energetically. I'll have all struggle way more to believe. I can get where i wanted to go. If part of the logical steps to get there are missing meaning that that there is a point that the universe always surprised at so when i when i launched a mastermind for example i had no idea where the people with come from. I mean they come from the universe. But i knew the steps needed to take in order to maximize the chances of domestic. Might selling out which was coming up showing up showing exactly this type of content doing instagram stories. Sending emails podcasts episodes. It was clear there was some actions i needed to take. In order to increase the odds of the mass might selling out and the rest was the universe. That's what's going to have my back. But i remember that before i came across this magic this slide. I could sell this workshop with five hundred bucks. Just based on this slide. Basically once i came across this slide This content and i came across this. I think in watch april of last year. It's finally became crystal clear how i needed to show up on social media following a very simple structure and knowing that there is nothing else i need to accept this to attract the right people to me and it worked. I mean obviously it worked. Now let's give you some example Educational posts could be for example. Three reasons why we procrastinate or how to overcome a fear of snakes or three ways you can communicate better with your kids or any type of content that gives either a small win or some sort of knowledge or information to Like oh my god like this is so useful. Why hadn't thought about it. Educational content also helps. You make you audience problem aware because if your audience is not aware that they have a problem and they're not aware that there is a solution to solve that problem than not going to convert riot so super simple example when we work with co dependency many people do not know what co-dependency as they don't recognize the would so if we do in educational pose that says sweet typical signs of coup dependency we are educating audience and making them aware that some of the patterns with dynamics that they have with family members or friends might be codependent pattern and that those a solution for that maybe they even to wear inspectional contents could be talking about your own transformation or any stories of testimonies from people. You've waked wakes content ten things. You didn't know about me or showing some stories on instagram and facebook of what you did on the weekend right or picture of your cath like. I have a full highlight on instagram. With pictures of my cats and some people connect over that are like oh my god. Cat is so cute. I have a cat too then. We talk about cats and three months later. They buy a program choice. It's not just because of the cats by the helps bridge the gap in create create a more personal relationship with them. Sales post is well the cells posts video about your offer and it can also be a call to action so for example. If you've just delivered an amazing video with superior amazing contents and then you have a call to action. Hey by the way if you like this mini training. I have an amazing program that can help you with exactly that. That is also a sales kind of cells post and other miscellaneous engagement. Willie anything's watches object. Science show me pats or talking about something funny. That happened to you on that day. There is really no limits what you can or can't do in engagement content up. See that's me move on. My canada station has a mind of its own now. Bdo's love them hate them. Videos are very very powerful accelerators and there was a reason why when people launched they very often host livestreams with videos. It's because video Helps you build the know. Like and trust factor berry berry berry fast and know like and trust is the fundamental of attraction marketing. So marketing where you attract people to you rather than having to go fishing for people. We don't do fishing. We do attraction and in one video. How many times have you found someone online. And they had a bunch of videos you binge watch videos and you like oh my god. I love her him. That is why it's so important to be showing up on video because it just makes everything happen and and creates that connection that you need to create it. It gives a patina on opportunites to. It gives an opportunity for people to get to know you better to know if the virus vibe with vibrant if they do they're much likely to become your client way faster. Check the comments here. How do you ensure you don't over share in your free content and wouldn't wanna give away so much good stuff for free that my pay clients give this pointed. It's really where that really where that this happens happens. Usually there is no such thing as giving away too much content for free. Unless i mean if i don't know you do contract templates like legal contract templates and then the contract the template that you're selling for five hundred dollars you're just posting it for free. That's just stupid white. Let's be on so you wouldn't do that. But if you're a template has i don't know fifteen bullet points and you share one or two. that's a good way of showing content but not giving it all away and for all of the people who do one on one work. You know no amount of content. That doesn't require your presence is never going to be as good as what you can do. One on one with someone so there is no such thing as showing too much free content k. my puppy is going to be a star. Yeah my cats. They have a full highlights on instagram. I should create a highlight for them on facebook. To the personal stories should be shed on fee The personal should be in stories of feed west. Best books both okay. So when it comes to videos as i said powerful accelerators because they build the note like entrust. And if you look at basically all success will fast-growing enterpreneurs they all video so when you have a common denominator between very successful people you kind of know that that common denominator is one of the variable that really need an moves. The needle forward do cruelty quoted video live stream facebook and instagram. Soy's in that the beauty of video is that when we feel a bit awkward in the beginning or very worried or anxious about doing video which i definitely was. I was always very quincy when i had to do like presentations in front of the class. I did not like it at all. So i started with pre recorded video super short videos and when i look back at them on like oh my god this but that's why didn't remove any of the videos livestreams i've ever done on my business page when my group because i want people to see. Hey this was the quality of the video one year ago it wasn't nearly as good or like slowly or easy comfortable as they are today but guess what they still got the job done right. It doesn't need to be perfect. To approve recorded video we can best prerecord something in the comfort. Our our own home without having anyone watching and then uploaded social platform we're using and once we're used to doing that we can then move onto livestreams. And as i said some people will just binge-watch everything and become your client super fast. I have done that quite a few times. Where i just. Binge watched binge lessons to podcast episode. Bench washed your bunch of livestreams of cast light livestream. That coach had made an hosted. And i went from coal to solter. I walked in the audience. Love watch washed all videos and was like. Oh my god. I love him or her. I'm going to buy his or her program and literally wanted to three weeks later i became a client. The point of video is to provide value and value comes from inspiration and providing edged educational. Content rights are inspiring. Or when you're giving information that people really need and that they can use get small winds with they are getting value in. That's the whole point of a video. Now here's a structure of a good video. First of all we announced what will talk about in the first few seconds people's attention span is really low and there's nothing worse than sometimes. I go on youtube to find toil like how to create an email automation for example and click on the video. And they're like finds. How are you so nice to see you again. So last week at this. And i was on the weekend and they just brab with two minutes they will lose my attention in about five seconds if i click on another video and they say today. I'm going to teach you how to make an email automation and convince kids get started boom. They hooked me right so short and sweet announced what you'll talk about in the few seconds fifty seconds of the video and talk about pain points or desires one of the most relevant for topic to create interest in attention. So we're going to talk about one specific thing not going to go in all directions and some away i could do that is today. We're going to talk about three ways. You can overcome the fear of visibility so you can find in the us facebook life to gwalia audience and get more clients now. I talked about the desire rather than a pain point. But i also mentioned how to get over visibility fused which is a pain point. Solve the problem or provide some sort of interesting information in the video that will give either small win or will inspire them or will lift up their moods and kind of held them see that they can go from a to b. That's all of that inspiration part showing people that they can move from a wire. They don't want to be to be where they do. Want to be and then effortlessly picciotto service at the end offer. Oh your product or whatever you're selling we'll talk more about that tomorrow. Once you have delivered value in a video you have every right to talk about an officer for the people who are interested in going way further and once we kind of approach a video or any pitch in general. And i don't i i don't like the would pitch because it has a pretty negative connotation but when we approach selling as serving and when we come from the mindset that people have already said yes and they just need that extra lunch when we talk about our offer in how life changing is going to be for them to reach out it becomes so much easier to talk about your services or your office because we come from the mindset of people are there and they have already said he s and what you can do it. You're not quite confidence yet. Developing longer videos in is instagram or facebook stories. I also think lincoln has toys now so doing many trainings like a two minute. Mini training and having a solid story. Game in general can really move the needle forward. I know people and actually have done this. I launched the mastermind basically only on stories and using a few emails. While i wasn't costa rica. The mastermind sold out. That's how powerful stories are. I didn't launch a whole ally events. Because the find horrendous. And i didn't want to like go through an entire launching process. That's quite a bit logistics. So i talked about the mastermind for several weeks. Use a lot of instagram stories. The content as usual a bunch of emails but not that many domestic mind out. While i wasn't holiday be authentic. People are so so tired of fake bs. And you've probably noticed. Maybe not but you've probably noticed that. The accounts on instagram now. That doing really well. And that are trending is accounts where men and women show normal bodies to normalize normal bodies. So it's not like the perfect photo shop picture where you see a bunch of ads. That is doing the best. It's not more people like not posing sitting on a chair where we can see stretch marks and satellites and basically saying. I am so done of hiding behind an instagram filter. That is the content that is performing best because while it's always a bit inspirational to see a bunch of ads on the fitness account. Most people just feel that they're not good enough and most people feel that. It's a standards that they can never reach. So why even try and when you are sensitive and when you put yourself out there just away way you are in people. Don't like it but we don't care about people who don't like it they would be your ideal clients anyway and people will connect with you one million times faster and will want to work with you rights. They want to know more about you. You're not selling a pair of sneakers selling services that come from you and have your unique energy and experience and personal touch so they want a need to get to know you better as i said if they don't like you they are not your dream clients so why even bother making people like us. They don't like us right. Who wants to be on zoom call with someone who doesn't like analogy with things that cats suck like not saying all of my clients like but i don't want to be on zoom coal if someone in a goo- program who doesn't like me like he doesn't like the way that is so uncomfortable so when i am myself instead of hiding all of the people don't resonate with me and many don't they kind of accept the boat or give me an on follow but then this i'm not. I'm not wasting my time talking to people who don't want to connect with listen to my content. Okay also it's okay to talk about your struggles once you've dealt with them. They are different schools of thought with this. But what i've seen that doesn't really benefit. People who create content is being like talking about struggles while they're going through them from a place of pity party and own. my god. my life is horrible rather than from a place of this is what i've learnt so if i had a very bad experience with which i had i had a very tough first quarter like january february with tough but while i'm going through that if for sixty days in a row charbonnet instagram stars. Like today was such a shady day and my energy so low. And i don't know what to do about it like people are gonna get tired of that and it doesn't mean that i don't. I can't legitimately feel bad but people who follow me on. Instagram wants to expand to new levels. That's what they want to see. So if i wait. Until i have gone through my difficult phase and i have learned the lessons that i needed to learn. I have grown out of it. Then i can show up. Say hey guys like january socked. This happened this is how i felt. And that's how i dealt with it. And even though i didn't feel like showing awkward even though i i thought it would never end. I didn't see the night at the end of the tunnel. Now it's okay. And this what i've learned and this is what inspires people. Because not only do they see that. You're a human being just like them who has tough days but they also see that even though you have tough days you had the resources to kind of come out the other side in if you can do it they can do it too in you if you have gone through that experience and you've successfully come out of it you can also help them move along with deal with a similar situation and last but not least so simple yet so powerful the more. You are yourself. Malaysia feel like a fraud so kind of showing up as a person. We don't truly are just because we have imposter syndrome. So this is what happens. We haven't post syndrome. we feel. We're not good enough for not competent enough with that. If we ourselves people will judge so we kind of like look around at what other people are doing. Like oh here. She is successful like nets kind of show up in a similar way to he or she. But internally we kind of know that we're not being authentic towards yourself because we're kind of emulating someone else's energy and behavior meaning that we will feel like a fraud and imposs- in will get even worse than it initially was. There was a lot of power in showing up youselves knowing that what you show out there like what you give is what they get in that. You don't have to pretend to be something you're not and it can be your process. I definitely wasn't as open when you go on my platforms as i am now and it doesn't have to be like that if all comes with what you comfortable doing but the sooner you do it and the better it's going to be for yourself and for your business in for the beautiful people in your audience. Let me check if we have any questions. You don't miss out on a single one of them. Thank you will not. That's so so nice. The more yourself the national feel like a fraud so simple we feel like a fog. So we'll like okay. I can't be myself. Because i'm frog by then the less we are self The more we feel like thought gets we're being a fraud toys herself. It's just a vicious circle. The more benthic invulnerable the coaches do greater chances of me investing in him or her and so done with fake gulu's completely and that's one of the reasons i didn't like win. New with one of the coaches. I worked with a year ago. I bought one of her programs programs. Really good but it was like you only saw the glitzy glamorous side of like oh i have a million dollar business and everything is so easy and even in the group when would say oh i have dow syke. I don't know if this is going to work. Like never once even within the context context of the group. That she say oh. That's completely normal. I also went through that He was how he can overcome it. It was always kind of this image of all while i became a millionaire in eight months and it was so easy and everything is rainbows and butterflies. Even though it wasn't actually backfired I don't have any numbers. Of course. But i know that the programs were like not being as successful in not many. Not as many people enrolling as they. She used to enroll and then there was a switch. Actually one year later. I saw that she was showing much more kind of offensive content so great for her Profound unfollowed than half people in my in my audience. You don't like meeting exactly. How do you advise authentically. Now if you are currently going through that tough knowning curve still So there was an expression. Talk about your scars. What's the expression. Wait i'm trying to remember. You can talk about your scars but don't lick your wounds publicly or something along those lines basically meaning that as long as whatever. You're going through right now. You feel if you're showing it showing. It is going to be valuable for someone because they can learn from your experience. You've completely fine but having a pity party on a social media platform in my humble opinion is counterproductive. And then it really depends on what you do. If you're selling tomatoes and you say that you had should he week. I mean it won't really matter if your mindset coach and then you for two weeks you ran about how awful. Your life isn't how you don't want to do this anymore. Like it's not going to be very productive. So i would not do it but if you can show something that is going to help you audience. Get more of what they want. The kind of inspire them in some way in is going to bring something positive for them. That is all that matters his. It's okay to be funny even on the topic if the topic addiction is serious. It's okay to be funny with everything as long as we're not making fun of was as long as we're not offending people in a lot of people do very funny wheels on. Cbs topics ryan. But you kind of have to to bring some emotional intelligence to it. Which i have no doubt lynn hewson essential element when talking about addiction in my experience. I up that k. I sold weight loss of noses. Even though i'm still wait by not hiding my struggle. I was surprised. Yeah and that is something like there is a though people who like i would. I wouldn't buy a dating program from someone who's single. And while in some cases that might be valades. It's it's not always the case just because we're going through something doesn't mean we can't help people with the same something right so just because i still have body. This moorefield doesn't mean. I can't help someone else. Cure though body this martha body this month. Yeah with the power of the subconscious mind rights and then it's going to be my thoughts around there that is really going to be deal breaker or a deal maker. So if i'm actually convinced that oh my god. I'm helping people with body. This morpheus but i still have a bit of body this month. Yeah so. I'm afraid. I can't do it. This is what i'm going to attract. But i can also see it s. I've got bogged this morning. But it's one million times better now and it was two years ago so i can help people with their body this march to because i know how to get better and i'm still a work in progress but that's fine right and that is applicable to anything. I can help. People grow their business. And i know many coaches who have clients who make more money than them and it doesn't matter because that coach knows how to coach someone else to make more money and that's all the client cares about. And i know quite a few coaches have claimed to make more money than them. And the clients. Don't mind because what they want is a solution and as long as they're getting the solution it's all bat matters k. Going to move on. And i'm going to answer the question at the end because i don't want to go way over our again. I want to be respectful of your time so show up showing up in posting on different platforms so first of all. I say to favored platforms. Only assuming that you want to show on more. You can have one platform. And i actually recommend having one platform only because the more platforms we have the more we scatter or in the more time consuming it becomes so if you want to focus on one platform fantastic if you want to have more than one platforms. I would not have more than two unless you have a the a team member that can support you so choose one or two platforms where your clients are likely to hang out fun fact. Your clients are very likely to be on facebook or instagram. Unless maybe you do like super high level corporate coaching and then you should probably hang out on lengthened rights and then within one wake us a forty five types of content that you we've just mentioned and at least one sales post a week bare minimum. You need to talk about your offer right. And most of the content people don't see it. Because hey i'll go with him if they follow two thousand people. They not going to see two thousand posts day because instagram or facebook is going to choose. What content stupid in front of their eyes. So that's the bare minimum. At least one sells post a week. Showing up daily is important however and this is also kind of a caution thing. I write down here. Three to four weekly post on instagram. With no stories is not enough. Yes and no it also depends on your energy so if it feels good to you to post three to four times a week and more becomes overwhelming. It is completely counterproductive to show up more than screechy four times a week because if we feel kind of the and of having to pose in having to show up and having to produce contents that energy is actually going to backfire however especially in the very earliest state the early stages of a social media platform when the album is kind of favouring us. Because it's a new account posting sweet to four times a week and make saying like including instagram stories is really going to help you gain more traction but i really want to bring a word of caution here that first of all if you already have a social media platform that is going strong you can probably afford to post less rights because you're cruising the people there you can consistently having growth second of all if you feel like it's an absolute drag to show up. It's that energy is going to the most counterproductive thing ever so less is more but as a general rule if we only posting three to four times a week never showing on face. Nothing videos non doing instagram stories. In my humble opinion it's not going to be the most productive way of going social media platforms. I would recommend at least involving a bit of story game or some lives or some videos which is going to be healthier content reach more people and turn people to sold and if you choose to platforms you can very easily be post the same content on different platforms or repurpose a video and turn it into post or take post into an innocent to video. So you don't have to. You have different types of different content or different posts for all of your different platforms. That's not necessary just adding some extra work. I truly believe bath. The algorithm couldn't care less of the the universe couldn't care less how many times a week you post and this is something. I really focus in on all my programs because when we are convinced that we have to do something for business to work we kind of get trapped we become a slave to your own rules and to our own beliefs when we truly believe that the universe could not care less if we posed two times or six times and we have the strong belief that people always find us. That is all we need to be successful in. This is something. I focused on more and more and more in all of my programs because what i do is that i test something and if it works for me i teach it to my clients and i have tested this concept thoroughly throughout the last two months business has never done so well and i have never never worked so little and if i can do it you can do the same. So money making activities. There are some activities in your business that moving no forward and we call them money making activities and there are some activities. That don't move the needle forward at all and sometimes are used a subtle procrastination mechanism so money-making activities or these posting on social media and selling down daily. So when i say the daily. And i'm sorry if i'm being redundant and if i already said this before but selling daily doesn't mean you like hey by myself by myself by myself okay. That's just sleazy that sleazy daily selling daily selling. I can't savings with selling daily can be posting. A post could be doing a live training or a video and at the end of the video. Saying hey if this was interesting or if you want more support just sent me a message or book with me it can be sending an email that has a ps with building to your calendar to book. Your call is well. All of that are selling activities even when you post content that is inspirational and with that is very valuable and the last line is this is exactly what we will do in my program. This is considered as selling and many many. Many people will tell you one of the biggest mistakes that people do. That is not moving. The business forward is that they are not talking about their offer. Other money making activity is doing facebook or instagram stories doing livestream videos hosting events e mailing list promoting a freebie in various places working on your offer etc etc. No no money or non money. Making activities are working on our website for weeks and weeks waiting until it's perfect before we put it out there sorting out documents or ordering ordering or google drive folders reading books or doing a bunch of extra certifications because of imposter syndrome. But we actually don't really need them buying a bunch of expensive software setting up the back end for ages and ages with a bunch of stuff. We don't even need spending a bunch of money on branding. Even though we haven't build authority he parred all those are activities. That actually. don't move the needle forward. I know one coach. Who build a million dollar business with no no nice pictures and no branding photos. She did have a one pager websites and not all of the flock like sophisticated software. Funnels that some people think you actually need. These are the activities. We want to be focusing on daily and weekly basis that actually Move the needle so group building activities. And when i say good building. Those principle are applicable to any social media platform. That you you're hanging out on so if you have an instagram account or exceeds Business account or whatever. All of these tips are ecobill so posting in other groups and making yourself visible. There was a super funny anecdote of the pinch. Pinterest woman so the pinch woman. I don't know her name because it's dependent rests. Woman is a lovely lady who posts about pinterest in a bunch of goop. So what she does that. She always has super valuable in actionable tips on how to use contrast to grow your business so i personally don't use pinterest but i see pinterest hosts everywhere so if one day i decided to use pinterest. She is going to be the first person i contact. Because i've seen her everywhere and posts are very valuable and she's just nice putting valuable content out there and i already kind of like her and know her. Because i've seen her postal often and trust her that is the power of making yourself visible on other platforms. Should you want to of the things we can do in the beginning to go audience so posting valuable content groups and again. I don't know if you heard it before because there was the glitch but embiid camp and in the mastermind. Actually it was a mastermind. We source only when we we're moving into we'd camp to now we have. This amazing exile filed might seem created with a list of like forty or fifty facebook groups. In all of the promo will so one day you allowed to promote watts and where and when so it makes it super easy to know what you can post squire about your group or any. social media. platform doesn't matter can youtube channel or like tiktok account on instrument on instagram facebook or business pages or having that group on your website to when people arrive on your website. They have to link talking about it. And you sweetie and the emails you said in a post on having linked to your instagram or whatever platform having linked to group or whatever platform you once you send people you on instagram and instagram's kind of making sure that people can easily move from one place to another where you want them to hang out and also use your personal profile on facebook. But i think it must be public to do that. And there's also like a bonus mini training in boot camp on how to optimize your personal profile for optimal conversions. And for people to see you as an expert in what you do so before. I talk about campaign where to go through your questions in s. Who do you recommend for energy work. Eft you can go on the official website. Which is emma. Three dot com super simple and anything that uses the power of to subconscious mind. I use a lot of video tutorials of a youtube. Like videos online guided meditations quite a few l. p. books as well. That really helped me in a work can help the next forget. This in a work is a money making activity because when we have all of the strategies rights. And it's not working. It's because it's energetic Someone asks how'd you decide whether to make group. Not it's really up to you. So some people hate facebook and they can't be bothered with having a glueck and they like instagram better. So they don't have a face the glueck and that's completely fine. So groups are very good funnels. Groups can be very very very powerful funnels and can be a very good way of putting content in front of people in converting audience members into clients. So if you like. And if you like the idea of having a facebook group in people hanging out in there in one place that's when you would decide to have one of his really like personal preference can you recommend a good. Nlp book yes. It's called heart of the mind. I can't remember the author but there's only one book called baths. What was that a website again. Ammo sweet dot com. It's gary clegg's official efg websites. Let's take lots. Let's talk about visibility queen. We'd camp so it still blows my mind that i got my client one. You and twenty days ago exactly it was the nineteenth of may twenty twenty and i basically want to teach you everything i've learned at a much deeper level than what we can cover within this five-day challenge and that includes the how much how much have i invested in the business. A pretty astronomical amount. I think over forty or forty five thousand invested in coaches in programs in energetic work. All of that that you will get of course once you if you decide to join the visibly declined boot camp. It's amazing twelve week. Program foot female entrepreneurs or anyone who identifies as a female who either want to start the online business and get their clients or guel their business and increase their monthly income so breath camp is what i use in the mastermind so everyone who is in. The mastermind gets boot camp and in the first edition of the mastermind that who from january to april it was absolute madness absolute madness because the structure actually very very similar to boot camp condoms of what is included in weekly calls and some of them got the first high ticket clients within six to eight weeks and then another high ticket clients within another few weeks and then they basically made the investment back on entire mastermind. So it's eight modules to set you up for five to sixty seven figure incomes because the foundations of a successful business are the same regardless of to what extent you want scarlet call so even outside of all of the contents that you get through camp you can also drop off your questions on the weekly calls. We have extra calls and more energetic work in manifestation worked for those of you who want to adp the ip bonuses worth over a thousand dollars and we recently upgraded the entire program meaning that you have advanced mastermind content to end the super. Cool thing about boot camp is that it's just not another marketing program. That tells you what to do. A super awful rigid structure if it doesn't feel Instead you combined manifestation and strategy so you can work less and attract more clients from the quantum field because we don't go fishing will do attraction we don't do fishing and it is absolutely outstanding. What we can manifest out of the universe once we are aligned and our energies high one of the mastermind ladies. It's hilarious actually. Made five times investment back on the mastermind before even starting on social media just energetic shifts. So that was pretty outstanding. So it's all about letting go of limiting beliefs and staying in alignment so you business is always expanding and attracting even when you're having a bad day even when you're taking two weeks off to spend more time with your family or your children your business doesn't depend on your presence. Twenty four seven to be successful and that was one of the keys to be able to grow in scale without burning out creating a business at feels good to you instead of having to follow a rigid framework. That doesn't necessarily float your boat and creating the same foundations that the mastermind queens are getting right. Now you can already sneak in. If you're someone like me who sneaks an early the link with all the details on everything you'll get isn't the description of this life but the doors will officially open on sunday so now want we will cover. Tomorrow is how to come up with an amazing offer that people are dying to invest in and how to effortlessly sell it without ever feeling sleazy or without ever having descending cold the ems as well as kind of all of the back ends and tag foy business that that's one's itself while you chill out all of the the back end and tank with people to book with you effortlessly nestle how to set up payment plans. How to kind of create automations all of the technical stuff that can sometimes be stupid overwhelming. When we don't know how to do it is actually pretty pretty simple. So you a challenge for today is to go to depend post that will be at pinned in a few moments at the top of the group. Come up with these two. But ideally for five content pillars for your audience oh content pillars that you can share content and giving us an example of an educational Plant the seeds of what i am. They could be for example. Be wasted on become procrastination ways. A va can help you in your business. The title is enough. You don't have to write the entire post by just an idea of an educational post so this is it that me say that any more questions. beth ti slaying. The game hard of the mind and emma feed dot com. Exactly that's it okay. So if we have any questions. It's now never alligator. I'm going to stop the screen and if you don't have any questions thank you so much for hanging out with me today. I'm so so happy to have all of you here. And if i don't know if it's night or day where you live but i wish you either wonderful day zinc evening and we will see each other tomorrow on how to create a super amazing compelling offer from scratch even if you haven't worked badly people in how to sell it without the sleaze factor so thank you so much for tuning in and i will see all of you tomorrow on friday. Have a beautiful day or evening and yeah. that's it bye. Thank you so much for listening. If you are a visual learner if you want to sit down and take some notes you can still catch full video presentation of this challenge by going to the link in the description or going to ns pedantic dot c. h. slash v. Qc replays in one word. And you will find all of the video trainings. That thank you so much listening. And i'll see you in the next episode.

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059 Annabelle  Haunted Doll with Bob After Dark


1:48:02 hr | 10 months ago

059 Annabelle Haunted Doll with Bob After Dark

"Welcome to ghostly. Is the annabelle doll possessed. Ghostly as a podcast that comes out every other week in each episode we take a ghost story or paranormal event. And look into its complete history. Rebecca then gives us evidence proving that the story is real and my job is to debate those pieces of evidence in key you the listener prepared to vote on if it's real or not if you haven't yet please hit that subscribe button and as always were your host. I'm pat and rebecca and with us today. We have mr bob anderson of bob after dark. Bob how you doing. Oh heather rebecca happy new year. Happy new year and congratulations on winning people. Sexiest man of the year. Twenty twenty one. Oh thank you so much. I am glad that garlanded the episode out yet. Get all but i was very excited. I got the. I got the notice the email and i was like. Wow only all that. That's great it's gonna do wonders for my show. These start early on their votes in every do they. Do they plan that episode. Pretty really. yeah yeah. He's a really really. It makes the mixture excited to know that. And i'm very thrilled to hear that people magazine was very much. Shot the hash tag team believer side. Absolutely that's why it's why didn't wanna mention it. But i wanted to make sure rebecca. What have you been up to. I have been planning for a book club. Yeah i'm very excited. The twenty eighth twenty eighth of january. Which i guess is that we are now in january so yes in a few weeks I'm excited about the book. Called the deep. Yeah and be super creepy. We'll do a zoom call yet and we can all discuss it example. Last time i had not read the book and as of now. I still have not read this book i will. I purchased it. I'm excited for this book. Have it ready yet myself. But i think it's going to be super interesting The last one. I know was kind of deep. This was called the deep But i think it's gonna be a little bit more fun And go sti and it's a lot of. There's a lot of history in a fictional story. Oh good and very much linked to our next episode. So i think if you are reading this and then you listen to our next episode. It's gonna be a really good combination. I can't wait. Yeah how for you pat. What's going on. Oh same old stuff. It is A new year and Doing the same old things. I was doing twenty. twenty playing a little skyrocketing. I moved on from the sims and now playing sky room elder scrolls bob you ever play sky rem. I played the first one mar went very long time ago. I have not played skyora. Mirsky other one bolivian never play oblivion was the third one. Now we're onto the fifth one bob. It's yeah oh okay yeah so well but that's what i've been doing Trying to heal up. Get better and We'll plan episodes new year. It's going to be exciting and actually do them. Yes bob what's going on with you bath after dark man. I clogged my way through twenty twenty kicking and screaming was not a very exciting End of the year. So bob after dark spin on again off again hiatus for like the past bonds to live shows of going on but we are doing some restructuring with podcast. So that's been It's been under construction for about a month. Were very excited to getting that back up and running and get stuff role in for twenty twenty one. Hopefully the years better get back to doing my concert. Gosh i miss conventions. I miss talking to my fans at them and i'm just trying to get things going and get the ball back role you know. It's really hard to get remotivate it after being under construction for hot minute so now i'm back to you know somewhat excited to be back. We're excited that you're gonna be come back. Yeah for sure. And i it has been a weird you know like hit pause a year it has you know and now it feels like we're trying to get back but we're not quite there yet so What did If you haven't listened to it yet. Everybody goes into our predictions episode for twenty twenty one. That came out on new year's day But jacob has a prediction for all of us for the new year. And we're we're going to be a journey bob. Did you happen to listen to that episode. I have not It's really good. Jacob jacob mayfield is just amazing he is and he teaches us how to do home divination. So it's all stuff that you guys can do from home even gives you some tools for that so even you could do it. Bob solter It's called a backhanded compliment on backhanded compliment. That's the best way to start a ghostly. Podcast you're going to be telling your fads that i'm the mothman again and i'm going to be starting twenty twenty one like that. You are not be mop man. You are moth bob. Alright thank you. I appreciate that. I real quick before we start. I just want to know that that rumor has like completely gone off the rails. Sada other podcasts. And these other podcasts Like all. Bob is earned. Validity the river that. You're the mothman tat. Well i stand by what i said. Thanks that was a listener. Rachel told us that. And you know what ever since she told me that. That's all. I see. When i see you i i see man thanks Do we have any listener mail. We do we do all right. So this one is from a laserna michelle and it's about the patch to go fire so if you haven't listened to to go fire episode definitely go back and listen to that one Because it's a pretty crazy story all right so michelle says hi. I just wanted to let you guys know that. I learned about your podcast today. Assembled upon your podcast. When i was wondering about the go fire since i live in a condo just fifteen minutes from pesto in your podcast you talked about orbs at a motivated me to send this message to you. When my boyfriend was in high school he and a bunch of his buddies would go visit the cemetery. In green lake wisconsin to search for the unknown at the cemetery they have seen orbs of light that were different colors that moved in all sorts of ways. Hey listener mail listener mail aright. He said some zigzagged between the tombstones somewhat just hover and others would make circles around tombstone. Well one night. Something followed him home way home. He kept seeing a blue light out of the corner of his eye and when he turned it would be gone. His buddy who's driving notice this too. His buddy dropped him off at the end of the driveway and when he was walking toward the house he noticed the blue light again when he turned around this time. There were two hovering in mid air then. They started to approach him. He freaked obviously so he wound up the long driveway and into the house when he looked at his front window the orbs were moving toward the house and then they dissipated he told me he has told me many stories and his buddies who around the world now can vouch for him he after he started going to the cemetery with his buddies. People from a haunting. I love that show actually when Went to that cemetery and interviewed one of his classmates. Wow so orbs pat. I want a blue light too. I was in a kmart. Remember those yeah disappear when you went to look at. It did follow. You gave me a great value on a pair of long johns. I didn't even need long. Johns but i saw the blue light one over there. Who's a blue light special and Yeah got a good discount. Very nice thank you so much. Michelle for sending in your story I thought that was really great. We haven't had too many orb stories so at a p Bob have you ever seen any orbs. I have I don't know the validity of how much i buy into it but it's They're very very fascinating. If you could see with the naked eye but when it comes to photos. I play a little bit more skeptical. Yeah that one's a little harder because there's a lot of reasons for that Well thank you. And if you've got a story to share with us we always want to hear them Please send them. You can send them to infiltrate. Podcasts dot com. You can actually leave us a voicemail at six three zero four eight two and three eight or we love mail. Real real snail mail You can send a po box number two six four geneva illinois six zero one three four. And if you forgot any of that just go to our website ghostly podcasts dot com to get that information at the bottom and bob. You guys are doing listener. Mail as well and bob after dark right. Yes we are. We're doing two things so we have the normal listener mail where i wanna hear your paranormal encounters your ghost stories scripted sightings lights in the sky in bizarre dreams. I'm also doing something new for the year. Twenty twenty one and that is going to be listening to your e- bp's so if you have an electric voice phenomena senate in and i do have a professional on site steve who is going to be analyzing those in giving you his thoughts on what that might be what might be saying. And he also is an expert on the grading scale so he'll be able to grade your edp as well and let you know what it could or could not be. I just love that idea. That's fantastic. And i love that. You also ask for the freaky dreams yes dreams. Are you know whether you're a believer or not. Dreams are very you know very real thing and everyone has something a little different to. Its meaning whether be paranormal or not. I want to hear those stuff. I want to hear that stuff. Damn very cool. Well i definitely have weird dreams. So i'll be sending thank you l. I don't wanna know about like waking up. You know having a dream about mashed potatoes. Like that's that's not what i'm looking for. But like get a dream. You had like correlate with your real life. Did you predict something in a dream. Perhaps answer a question that you've had through the day with it or days somehow did you wake up with sleep paralysis. Those are the things. I'm looking for share. Maybe saw somebody that passed or you know. There's a lot of those those. That's what i'm looking for very interesting. It's really cool. You know what rebecca. I've had it with these polls okay. I refuse to do poll results this episode. Well you're in luck because there are no poll results as episode his murphy. We've played nice with each other christmas. Oh that's right yeah okay. Good well. I can't i can't lose then no you can't so i'm gonna take this one as a win. No go ahead bob. I may actually have some listener mail. Oh it's for me mu. Wow so a few weeks ago. I had i was sleeping next to me in bed. Was my christmas tree right and the same thing happened last year. I have paid way liberal we. I'm sorry i don't mean to stop you but you were sleeping with your christmas tree. Lola's across it's like okay if it's on my dresser the beds one way. It's like to. Oh gotcha confusing. I do not sleep. I mean as always happens next meantime cats. We have your cat and you're just taking this to a whole 'nother level here. Some people sleep with protection. This is linked with the christmas tree. Never know when you're going to need to throw a no soul actually funny enough so this happened to me last year and i it was completely bazaar it so i have electronic ornaments on my tree that do different things like at the staples marshmallow man. That plays ghostbuster. The ghostbusters theme the actor one. That does the siren last year at three o'clock in the morning on the dot. I woke up to hearing. The steakhouse marshmallow man. playing the ghostbusters theme. I woke up an island is like it struck me away and doing what i do is stop it. I'm trying to sleep. So i automatically though straight to the paranormal versus the pat answer of your batteries are probably guide. Funny off a couple of weeks ago. Re o'clock in the morning dot only the distateful marshmallow man. Start seeing ghostbusters to me. But the act one went off which those boundaries were brand new. And then i had one. Weird flicker of light happened on one of the whites on the tree. And i woke up. I heard the ornaments. Go off in sequence one two. and then. Just one light flickered and it stopped. I was completely upset by fascinated. Yes but i was upset. Because i got woke up at o'clock in the morning. Did you grab your proton pack. That's prop oh okay. Well i always do. You know i mean. It looks so real. Also thank you. I appreciate. I kind of yelled at and i'm like listen. I don't know what you're trying to tell me. But i'm trying to sleep so could you. Can you stop so sapped. Yeah the the the. The ordinance went through the sequence. But that light. Just flickered right off. After i i know i wasn't dreaming wide awake because the noise shot me awake and i was like wait a second this avenue last year. So ceesay yes so on christmas day. We as you do. Perform a seance. On christmas day with the family less true story. My parents were all excited. Because laos you know we. I was doing the social distancing local. Will you you know you got some ghost hunting equipment. Will you must around a little bit mike. Yeah you guys asking do a christmas day. Say on so we try to conjure up. Whatever was there and didn't have a whole lot of interesting results called my dad bald which was kind of funny. Wow is he. y'all yes yes fault okay. so it was. It was accurate. I guess it was that that caused me a lap pads. Bobby like past probably coming up with a thousand different skeptical reasons for this but it was kind of cool because i got to you know experienced a christmas ghosting experience which is true. She's very very old so i. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Well i say we get david mullen over to your house to perform exorcism. You can perform one too. But i would love to have vox over well i was gonna knock. It was funny. 'cause i when you started to say so then you know on christmas day. I was expecting you to say like so. We did a blessing. You know we did a cleansing. But you're like no. We tried to contact one thousand. That's are out in twenty twenty one. Try to communicate with the communications all but accepted again. Well actually. Today's episode involves communicating with a spirit and an exorcist to does. Yeah there is an exorcism today about by the way today this one today we're gonna be talking about the dow known as annabel all right guys. That was great to be here. Thank you so much for hanging normal. Podcasts about legends supernatural. Good night. you're gonna love this episode. So in about was. I brought up in the conjuring movie right But as since had several movies of its own yes like a whole franchise of annabel move. There's an three nfl movies. i've watched one. We watched annabelle right. The original lifters. So that i could be prepared for the episode but the idea of this episode came about on august fourteenth twenty twenty when i saw facebook post of annabel escaping from its home in the warren's museum It turned out to be a hoax. But it really sparked my interest in the dials backstory. I remember that was a big story in two thousand twenty. Because of course at you know we're all like What more can twenty twenty bring. Oh great annabel's escape but it was not it was a false new story but But yeah but she's still like the amount of news stories on that one item just really made us interested in okay. Well what is the real story or yeah okay. Real put pat is putting in quotes but You know the story behind the doll will in lorraine claim that it is the most dangerous Thing in their museum yeah yes by far. I don't know if you'd call it the thing because it's possessed by person. I don't know so i don't know what it is. They they claim. And we can get into this as we go. that it's definitely a more demonic. Yes session as opposed to a person now before we dive in to bob. Do you wanna talk about wide. Is that we invited you on the nfl episode. And why you want to leave so badly because patent rebecca's secretly hate me you know they can't invite me to fun out the like the christmas episode. No the the haunted dollar episode. Bob joking aside. I'll boy i have You know if there's two things in the world that frightened me wanna spiders to as dolls in. It does yeah. I i've i've gone on investigations many years right. I dive into paranormal stuff spooky stuff. Demonic possession crypt zoology. And you would think. Only of those things would terrify me. I'd helps put me to sleep. You know christmas tree. I you know those those things. Don't bother me for whatever reason. It's the dolls that it's become kind of I'll neem in the bob after dark. Fandom with my children the night anytime. Anytime i ma you know i get fan or anything like that or whatever. People like to bring leave or haunted dolls. And i'd i've vast a collection of them. Unfortunately but my god. I hate them. They terrify me. And it's even more than spiders. I would say it's definitely dolls aimed. I remember once. I was on an investigation and we were trying to track down something and i walked into a room and there was literally dolls. I just closed the door and said i don't care if it's in there i just i can't do it. I did something happen that in particular or just. That's just little things you're born with. I mean no. Actually i have an explanation for this awesome. I'm going to be dating myself even more than paths blue light special today. Do you guys remember in the early nineties late eighties. We had a thing called the video. Rental store yes. I do remember those. You know you would go on like a friday night and you would go rent a movie for the weekend or video game or whatever. I wish draymond hours in the horror movie section looking at every single one over and over again. And that's that's the thing so one. I missed the experience of writing movie about streaming. Great fine and dandy. But that's know me on a soapbox for another day. But i remember being a little kid and my mother always exposed us to like things that go bump in the night in horror movies and stuff. She didn't want us to be afraid of anything. She wanted us to confront that stuff and not live in fear of what could be right. That's so interesting. I would imagine it would be like it would make you scared but i only so you know it was one of those things. I love horror movies as a kid. Still do to this day know. I was really young and watching this stuff. They're looking back my mother you know. It probably was the stranger of the parenting stuff. But i appreciate it how i grew up because it helped me be the person i am today and not be afraid of things. That kind of helped develop as professional podcasts. Through now but the for whatever reason. I kid you not the cover of child's play too scared me so bad. I had repeating nightmares about the cover of child's play. Two it's the one where chuck. He's the scissors with jack in the box. All my died that that image. I can watch any other horror movie in the entire world and nothing bothered me and keep in mind to other lor movie horror movies about dolls that were out. That never bothered me. You know things like demonic toys puppet master etcetera etcetera. Those things never bothered me before. Would ever reason child's play to the cover of it scared me and scarred me beyond belief to wear like i remember having nightmares. Every other night about chucky. Coming to get me. And i had that repeating nightmare toss about seventeen years old when i finally confronted my fear and watch jobs play one to three bride seed and it these days. It's i celebrate. The films is really good. I thoroughly enjoyed franchise. But i remember being so young at the time. That just messed me up. So that translated into my real life like lice was the baby of the family. And i told her sister and i remember she would collect. These are not like porcelain. She would have like the celebrity dolls. Seen alleged jessica rabbit or whatever does collections etc. And i remember being so frightened. I wouldn't even enter her room. So hey so then i started doing you know in your twenties. I started doing more under the paranormal and researching stuff and get down to the day. Goody about what. I like and you get a lot of these paranormal stories about these haunted dolls. And i remember the first time i ever saw a video of the moving on its own due to a possession it like re-triggered that fear that i've buried inside of me for so long and these days it's you know i still have a gun. Rational fear of dolls. I don't like them. I don't like the white flight. Stare atoll just happens to be a doll is it. Is it an uncanny valley kind of thing like look to real or something. I don't know i. I've done some research into what could be. Maybe it's the fact that it's supposed to be like an innocent thing that you keep a kid that comes after you it's like maybe the fact that you You're giving a false sense of security around it man. But i remember like i set up traps in my room as a kid thinking my sister styles come out and get your sister so brilliant. The older sister to be. Like how do i keep him out of my room. All kid setting up like army men in that like if it came in it would stuff on an army man in full whatever reason that would stop it. Maybe i'll watch too much home alone. But i totally kevin mcallister. My room from dolls road from what i was like seven miles ten. Now you no. It's all dow's to it's not just you know creepy looking downs. No that's the thing. The croupier the looking of the dollar. It's just kinda like nope. It's the more normal looking ones and especially porcelain. Those are the ones that really get to me. So what about raggedy. Ann doesn't bother me as much but knowing that it's the story of anabol- gets to me. Yeah so you're well aware of the story of annabel then absolutely. Have you guys ever done an episode on it. I have not. Because i knew you were going to put that one off. I wanted to do on the entire series on investigations and adventures out. I put off annabelle. Because i knew you guys were going to do it. Figured because it's a dull thing. I would get invited on birds one stone area. How do we have a ghost story. You have a ghost story. you've gotta be kidding me. Oh man. I'm gonna have nightmares now. Pass gonna small calls at three o'clock in the morning. Well we'll see we'll see a few months ago. I went to a night with annabel special event. You know annabel right. The scary from the movies did you know she's real. I saw this ad for a special event where you could buy tickets to a dinner. And the current owner. The warn son-in-law gave a talk about the warren's and showed some of the items from their museum well in the museum is a wooden case. holds the real doll. Raggedy ann doll. He warned us before he showed us do. Not mock her. Do not challenge her. I swear i kept repeating over and over again to myself. Do not her do not mock her. We were able to get our picture taken with her. I don't know when it was my turn to get my picture taken. i just. I just couldn't help thinking this was a joke that she wasn't anything scary that there was no way she was possessed. While i would give anything to take those thoughts back since that night my life has become a nightmare. I had an infestation of bugs in my home while. Explain that away. Because i had horror neighbor in the apartment next door and the landlord did nothing so i moved to my sister's next. My stomach started hurting for no reason. I or any doctor could find them. My dog got sick. And no matter how much i would clean up after him more would appear even when he wasn't there but now i know this is paranormal. And it's because of that doll. I have bugs everywhere again this time. There's no reason. I've just deleted all my pictures from that. Event deleted any social media posts related to it. I burned a close. I were that night. I did a cleansing ritual apologizing to annabel. Now all i can do is pray that all stops. Wow and this was based on a blog. That i read called my life turned into a nightmare after meeting the real annabelle by mercedes martinez and wicked horrid dot com so definitely put a link to it if anyone wants to go read her full story which is very detailed but it was scary enough that i was like all right. That's our story. I don't know I just you know apologizing to a doll. I don't know hey whatever you need to do to stop the haunting craziness from happening in your life. Is you need to do well. You know might. Tv recently started talking to me. Yeah just out of nowhere. It just starts talking to me. I mean it. Has that google assistant. And it tells me things like it's going to turn down the volume or do something but it's super loud. The comes out of nowhere all the time time and it always scares me so that your tv's possessed what you're saying. I think it may be. I think it is. Maybe it's possessed with annabel. Well okay annabel okay. So we're going to take a small break and we're gonna come back with my history sh- kinda thing. Yeah so we'll talk to you guys in a second. Oh either cal panic. I've got a question for you. What's that bob. Would he know about mothman. The loch ness monster ghosts demons things that go bump in the night not much. Bob will lucky for you. We host a podcast called bob after dark re talk about legends war and supernatural. Wow where can i find this podcast. Wherever you find your great podcasts. At all right were back and Most of the time When we want to do an episode on the topic. I can look back and trace. Its history the story of anna. Balbo makes this really hard to do. I am unsure if any of this fact or if it just started with lorraine warren and they never give us names of the people involved and nobody really knows who these people are. Or if they ever existed well and you gave us the story of adan lorraine before today. Yeah when we did the conjuring oh yeah so definitely take a listen to that if you haven't yet because pat goes through their personal history of who they are how they became paranormal investigators all of that and we also did another in the Which was amion evo-. Oh yes. that's maybe i'm thinking of amityville too so we've done a couple of at at lorraine Episode so i put those have more things that you could research in abell really doesn't have that much Just some stories so really creepy story so as far as Hashtag pat fax. Thank you bob. Fax point fats. He presented facts in this. I don't know how factual businesses so i'm just gonna. I'm just going to say this story and Then we will debate it. Yeah okay. So here's the supposed origin story of the spooky revelation. Dan dow that lives or has lived in the warren and museum. The warm ziam. Eum is currently shutdown. I believe perko shutout after lorraine died and the son-in-law took everything over there was some zoning issues with the The white saying this private residents was like a museum. And then i think just got a lot to do with Her passing in what was going to happen with the estate. So that was there was a lot of things that was even pre covid. It's been done a couple of years. Oh gotcha well that makes sense though because it's one thing if it's your own home and you're just like i'm inviting people in my home but then now it's like this little charge admission to so i mean i think that has something to do with it. Hopefully it opens up in a different location or something. I mean no one was gonna bother lorraine about it but the son-in-law yeah yeah definitely So the story starts with a nurse named donna or jury that depends on which Source that you look at okay Donna could be a nickname for. Dj to the de dreux deirdre deirdra deirdra okay. So she received a raggedy and dow Which actually i priced it out and nineteen seventies raggedy and dow would be worth three thousand dollars right now. I might have one of those from nine hundred seventy. Oh no oh okay. Yeah that's the one. that's you know. Some of them are worth more than others. It what. I what i read about this. I can't believe i was studying dolls. is that it depends upon the clothing that they're wearing. That's how you could date. When raggedy ann doll is sometimes the is or the nose or something has something to do with it as well. I don't know but it's worth three thousand dollars today. If it's in perfect. Condition the wrinkle for me i might have one thank. It's probably older but doubt it's imperfect condition anymore. There you go well it was. It was from her mother that she received this She lived in a tiny apartment with another nurse named angie. So this was yeah. This was not like giving a little kid. The doll it was no. It was an adult adult. They were both nurses and Yeah but she really wanted this. Dow reason Every day donna would put down on the living room couch with their arms and legs pointed out and when she returned she noted that the doll had moved its position. This kept happening over a series of time. This whole annabel story takes place over a year. okay So sometimes the dow would even be found in other rooms of the tiny apartment. Sometimes even making its way back to donna's bedroom that headed store shot. Yeah i'm pretty sure. Yeah exactly like the first. The first time it was significantly moved or move to a different room. That would no longer be in my apartment. Yeah well creepy though thrilling. Because donna in angie started finding notes around the apartment saying help me or help lou lou was angie's fiance or boyfriend And he hated the dow. Let me just say that. He hated this doll. These notes were found on parchment and in pencil and they didn't keep any parchment paper in the apartment. Wow so the dow brings its own panel. Has its own supplies and a lot of the little story surrounding the dow happened to lou. one account said. He awoke one day to find the dow trying to choke him except with the christmas tree. That probably wouldn't have had in another story says that he heard something in the closet and open the closet door. He waited for the noise to stop and then he went into the closet to find that the doll was in there. What was the delta wing. Another loose story Which is the most significant Was that he was in the apartment one afternoon. While donna and angie were out any heard noises like summited broken into the apartment coming from donna's room so he went into the room. He found no signs of break in but found the dow lying face down on the ground. Suddenly he felt a searing pain in his chest. And look down to find bloody claw marks running across it two days later. They had vanished without a trace now. Is that something you've heard of people getting claw marks. I have to getting scratches like that. I've gotten them before for investigations. And such i wake up with random bruises and scratches so. We'll we'll talk more about it later but we'll definitely bring that one up in the debate. But i just was curious if you had an experience with bub right so angie. Donna invited a medium over to help them figure out what was going on the medium. Performed a seance in discovered that the dow was being possessed by a five to seven year. Old child named annabelle higgins whose body had been found years earlier on the site where the apartment building had been built. The medium claimed that the spirit was benevolent and simply wanted to be loved and cared for the two. Young nurses reportedly felt bad for the spirit and consented to allow her to take up permanent residence in the dow but one day nj noticed some drops of blood on the back of annabel's had and on her mitten like hands. This is when they decided that enough head truly been enough. Yes to be honest. Why reach enough a long time ago but okay. So they called a priest that they knew named father Hagan and he reported it to his supervisor. Which was father cook. Who in turn called. Ed and lorraine warren the warren's believe that there was actually a demonic force in search of a human host within annabel and not a benevolent sole at all. Here's what they said. In their case files spirits do not possess inanimate objects like is or toys they possess people in human spirit can attach itself to a place or object. And this is what occurred. In the annabelle case the spirit manipulated the dow in created the illusion of being alive in order to get recognition. Truly the spirit was not looking to stay attached to the dow it was looking to possess a human host so the warrants ordered an exorcism to be done of the apartment by father cook. I didn't know that they had the power to order. A priest do an exorcism relationship. Yeah and the warren's the warrants had the dial by cook and set about taking it to their museum and they put the doll sitting upright in their car and buckled it up safety belt on everything and to drive home they drove back roads to to avoid highways. You know in case annabel had powers to make them get into an accident or something and the rain said in an interview that the car had problems getting back home the break stalled or failed several times causing them to almost get into an accident and after a couple of times of this happening ed Decided to pull over and he doused it with holy water and has seen to stop it. Yeah as you do with donald's that are in your back seat that are buckled in. Why didn't they put it in. The trunk have ever had to do that. Bob yes actually like dousing the holy water. I've threatened plenty of times for a while. I was driving with several thousand trump. Because i refuse left on my house and i've had strange experiences with them in the car. And you know. I've never really had. Douse my car and holy. But you have told them to knock cut that out. Please live in the backyard. Or i'm gonna turn this thing around. So when they finally got to their home ad in the rain place the dial in a chair next to ed's desk but the dow would often be found in other locations around their home so they put the doll in a display case. They they had this display case made and they actually put the Put the our father prayer. And i think a prayer to saint michael's They have a blast. Yeah right and They played the sign under it reading. Positively do not open so the names of the young priest and the motorcyclist which i think rebecca. You're gonna talk about those those are desert to to to people that Had something happened to them. While they're names. Were never divulged. Neither donna nor angie. The two nurses who were annabel's first victims ever came forward with their stories. Neither father cook nor father hagan appeared to have Mentioned there exorcism of her ever again and there is. It's really hard to track this down. We also do not know the name of the medium that was used that said it was annabel. I did read one thing. I think i don't know if it gave the full name but it was. It was a fellow student. I believe that was a medium. Okay well. I have no idea who this person is or what it is i. I tried to track down all these people. They're man if no idea. I just have first names usually or people that just say that. They had no relation with the story. So the only sources for your story and firing lorraine okay. Yeah in lorraine and a raggedy ann doll boy. Well very creepy. And i think most of that just to give a little talk about the movie versus The story I think most of that part. The nurses part is in the conjuring. Right bob if i remember at the beginning of that movie yes and you know then you start getting you know. People really fascinated by the stall. And then you know you've realized that the thousand more important than the conjuring so then they start making you know a series of films based on it. Yeah a a little a little critical about the nfl story. But we'll get to that when it comes to debate. I do have a question for you bob sure. So you've done a lot of investigations In those investigations are your stories. You know those are your stories to own you get to tell them But if like some big movie studio offered you a lot of money would you would you alter those stories for that. Listen pat if the check clears with enough zeros. There's gonna be some fantastical entertainment right. I mean if we need to elaborate things. I allowed to speak on this prior to the debate. Because i do have a little bit of an opinion on it. You you have to understand that like thurs. there has to be a level of entertainment when you're getting involved with like tv movies When it comes to an investigation. Because i i don't wanna be that guy but a lot of investigation work is standing around you know. Five filmed an exact one. The one investigation and tried to uploaded to youtube or something people will be bored out of their minds. Because you're just kind of standing there waiting for something to happen if you know if that's the other thing if it happens i'm not turning team skeptic by any means but you have to understand that these stories are being gifted for hollywood. And that's fine and dandy you know they're they're they're putting money into make a budget and the story is inspired by sure events. It's not based on a one. The one story. I assure you i'm you know there are exciting things that happen and terrifying things that happened in investigations in work like that. But if you're if your life is exciting for two hours straight that that would be something amazing. You know what. I mean that you have to have a level of entertainment to what you're doing. So the story of annabel opinion ends with the beginning of the conjuring. You know there are. There are some really cool stories. And i know you guys are gonna talk about the motorcycle assault. I'll keep that occupy off now but minus that. Annabelle is literally a fascinating object. In that you know it is what it is the fact that there's three movies about it and your history section pat. Is you know. A few paragraphs long speaks for itself. You know it's just a thing that people found that people resonate with or people like neither frightened of. It's still going to try to melt for all that it's worth because that's just the way money works but to change the story completely. I mean it's like. I don't agree with that at all. Um that's what they did at the beginning of the conjuring for that first half hour bit. That's perfect you're good you're done get what what you got. After that i feel like is kind of tarnishing. The story and i feel like that does take away from the laura of it when you're doing things now there's nothing wrong with taking story and adapting kind of giving your own spin on it. That's fine but then at that point you can't say it's based on a true story you could say like it's inspired by true events. There you come along the that so bright so the real story is that whatever the story. But the nurses in the conjuring all of the movies none of them are on any story told by lorraine and it doesn't say that it is either I mean it does say at the end that the real doll lives and they you know they don't really make it clear that it's not based on any stories you know. They don't go out of their way to that But but any all three of the specifically titled annabel movies are not based on any real story about annabel that has been told by people. You know they're all those are all. Just you know i i love them especially. I watched it for nothing. The first data bellflower has some resignation to the story aid. Asked the first one. You're you're on your. There's a little bit of the nurses at the very beginning just as like to remind you and then also there's maybe some things that happened with like the priest and driving in the car you know some of that could be kind of sort of related but not really to them driving But i would say to the to the second movie the The creation movie. Seriously one of the scariest movies but love it. I love wraps round. it's fantastic. i'd totally recommend it. But it's not based on anything that anyone has ever claimed. s tickle fiction. There you go but the the the last movie though the coming home is based on the museum and so some of things in that movie are things that are in the museum. So i don't want it to be like it's totally based on anything that one has and that was such a good in one home. Paranormal movie fantastic. The great movies love them. But they're not edible story while she's watching. These stories will often talk to the tv. To of course don't go in there. Why would you go in there. Don't don't do this but you do. I know the What is the biggest thing you can show you know when you're talking about like adapting at the hollywood and trying to make it more fascinating is the fact that they changed. Annabel's appearance tenfold. Scary creepy porcelain doll looking thing. It's raggedy end-all you know what i mean. They're adapting debut obviously put their own. That's fine. I'm i'm okay with that but you can't pass it off as an experience or anything like that. You could say that this was inspired by that. You can't say this happened one to one right. Does that make sense at any tv movie about any court case or or does any life. I mean it's never any zombie movie that you've ever seen or whatever i mean. Those are not. Yeah like any anything like does any real life story that gets adapted for tv or movies. It's not going to be exactly. Oh sure the story. They're going to have to recreate conversations that nobody recorded. So but the annabelle movies go way beyond that. They are not the end of story so just putting that out there all right well we should probably take a break and then come back with the debate. Ask into this. I can't wait to hear the evidence. You have rebecca So we'll be back in a minute. He guys i've learned over the last couple of years. Is the key to a really good. Podcast is two things getting plenty of apple. podcast reviews and lots of caffeine. You can help us with both those head over to apple. Podcast writing a review. And if you feel up to it you can even buy a cup of coffee. You can go to buy me a coffee. Dot com slash grossly podcast or just go to ghostly podcasts dot com and click on the bias coffee you can sign up for a membership or a one time donation does it would really be appreciated Are were back in. We're ready for the debate. Let's do this so you have a lot of evidence. I'm just looking over some of that. There is a lot. And i couldn't even include it all. Wow all right so a lot of these are things that you talked about in your history. So that's good. We don't have to kind of go over the details. But i do want to go through them and give us a chance to talk about them. Okay so. I wanted to talk about the marks of demonic possession. That larry noted with annabel right. So you read that paragraph about. How are their quote right that they believe this was more demonic than a person that was possessing the doll. Because you know people don't possess objects right so they also mentioned three things that kind of mark something as a demonic possession. And i'm excited about this with bob. Because i think you'll be able to help us out with us. So the first they mentioned is teleportation so not only did. The nurses claim that in above would move on her own But the warren's also did right so when they first brought her home You know they didn't put her in the case They like you mentioned pat. They kind of had are sitting in an office But then notice that she would move around just like she did with the nurses So that's what prompted them to like. Okay this is not stopping the blessing or whatever the priest. It wasn't enough. We have to put her away So i would say that to me is the first sign that this all is possessed and you know is probably the most prominent sign that that any dahl is possessed Would be finding them in different positions or literally in different a different place within your home. So bob what do you think about that when you look at it possession. There's different things you have to look at her. Any kind of supernatural forces at hand right you have your you know your residual like dockings on the wall or things happening in a time loop at. It's very it's very energy stuck in where it's at Intelligent haunting which is. I'm going to knock on your wall to what you're no on there and then you have monica which is full blown like what you see in. The movies by walls are bleeding My table shaking You know i'm waking up with gouges in the my neck that aren't just normal scratches. I'm being choked. Those are those are things that are demonic. If there's other supernatural things that we as people would be able to accomplish in life Angry spirit can make things happen around the house that was once human but us as humans. We don't have the ability to teleport around or whatever. So yes i would buy into the concept that debt say a demonic thing There are cases where poltergeist activity very vengeful angry. Spirit isn't a spirit at all. It's actually us just projecting our negative energy on the environment around us and it things just happened that we ate maybe not realized that we do or be h just how we affect the world around us. That's another thing but that doesn't strike me as that's the case going on with the dollar that that that strikes me as demonic off the bat It makes it for a more interesting story when you say oh there is a demon versus know normal. Grandma baking cookies at two o'clock in the morning you know that demonic story sells better. But i would buy into that yes. So what do you think about with annabel. Then do you think this particular all demon dow game and the other thing you have to the other thing you have to look into is demonic forces for the most part are very deceptive. They want you to feel as if you're depressed because then they can can manipulate the energy around you because you're leading it happened Come forth to you as grandma when in reality it's not the wolf and sheep's clothing and this was a supposedly a little girl can. Yes all the doll you know. It's pretty low bowel a. We should just let it stay here. No get rid of all dolls. Is bob burnham. No but the thing is the fact that it comes across as a a thing where it saying. I am annabel higgins. I am a seven-year-old girl or six year old. That the past that she was that those stories are very normal to demonic possession. That makes sense well and demonic possession would follow you from place to place whereas you know a ghost or something would stay in that house. Typically yes A demon can attract to you specifically you know or in this case to an object. Exactly a normal spirit in my understanding can do the same thing. But not to the fantastical. I'm making my you know. I'm walking up the walls that's-that's demonic possession. So same same concept. I would definitely argue that. There's what's in annabel if anything is probably demonic curses normal vengeful spirit. So i'm going to pose an alternate theory to this to the trans trans teleportation. Yeah yeah so We don't know the names of donna and angie. We don't even know if those were their real names So we also Only have eddin lorraine telling us these stories so my theory is that they made it up and lorraine and my my proof to this is the display case that they created because without the display case. If there's just a raggedy ann doll sitting in the museum. It's not as believable. That this is the most dangerous thing that they have in their museum. in a lot of the other stuff in their museum has been debunked as well Like they have a neck renamo con. That they said was the first book of shadows That was translated into english and that this is the most powerful book and actually it wasn't a book of shadows at all. it was a fictional story impact. They have So there's a lot of things in the museum that just don't add up and It's all just a horrific for the idea of being being horrific. It's just it's just there to sell people on the idea and on eddin lorraine stories that We've looked at like the conjuring and amityville There is a lot of fantasy involved in these stories that either were created for the movies or were created by ad in the reign themselves. I you know the more. I look into ed. The rain the less. I believe of them so So my theory is that they made this up and the display case is just there to to promote it. Can i interject. yeah. I have a counterpoint. Okay this this only has one tangent. I promise let me start off with the ed and lorraine things about who they are as people eg Ed is a very knowledgeable person. When it comes to the occult. And i believe loraine was touched with some sort of gift by the way folks. I am utmost respect for other marine. I do at the end of the day. But i do understand too that ed was a showman. He had a a a way of presenting paranormal investigations to the greater world And to make it seem a little bit. More fantastical you know brings the to the limelight. I believe that ed did notice that lorraine hadson gifts. And i don't wanna say the word exploit but you know was able to kinda use that ability to kind of get what they needed I do believe that they Big investigators that they they they did have find things and i do think that ed was definitely trying to help sell some books. And you know they had their tv show at one point and you know these movies documentaries interviews you know they they have that and that's fine. There's nothing wrong with that. I understand the need of wanting to be an entertainer because not everything we do in. The paranormal academic isn't going to sell a book So i understand and you know. I'm not i'm not dogging them for what they do Flip side of that with the whole. You know people think that we couldn't find the actual names of these people. I can tell you for a fact that people that experienced traumatic events especially when it comes to the paranormal tend to want to be remaining anonymous wat- of reasons and want to not be found Typically when you go public about a paranormal experience especially back then it was kinda frowned upon and look at it as if you were a crazy person and if you work in the public light or you work in a senate sensitive situation. Allah police officer teacher medical professional. You're deemed even worse than if you were. You know standard of whatever you did because those jobs had like a certain respect title to it and if you came forward and said oh my god my dallas trying to kill me not only. Are you going to look like a crazy person and now you're calling your professionalism up fraud because you you should know better than to say those types of things. I've experienced firsthand with interviews in investigations. I've been involved with is people don't want to be named because they don't wanna come off as a crazy person. Because there's a certain stigma coming out and saying i've seen a ghost. I've seen a scripted. You know there. It's a fear of not wanting to eighty reminded of it in be. Don't wanna look like a a symbol of public humiliation. So i would say that it's not completely out of the ordinary for our story of the two nurses not to come forward with the medium. I don't know. I don't have an answer for you for that one for the two nurses all bite. I'm going to stand up and say that's probably the reason why we don't know them as they don't want to be found in the and that does make a lot of sense but there is a lot more people in the story than just the nurses there's lou lou never came forward There is the medium as you said. And then there's the there's the priest to one of those people should have came forward and vouch the story at least or or whatnot. But you know well. I will say this. I don't believe that it kind of going off a little bit. What bob said in kind of what you said is the idea that i don't think that ed lorraine made up stories completely based on nothing like do i think that they got called in because there was these two nurses that had this doll. That thought did freaky things. Yes how freaky how real you know what. I mean how much they embellished. All say that. I think could be a question. Didn't need to go in the glass case. I think we could. We could ask that question. You know what i mean. But i don't think i do think that there probably were people that had all that they thought was was was acting weird and doing weird things and they didn't know how to explain. It called their priest. The priest had a relationship with an warren called them. And i think bob your point of you know even today people don't like to to be named by your right especially in the medical profession. You're starting out in your career can totally understand why you wouldn't want your your name out there for that and the catholic church. They tend not to talk about things at all and they probably didn't really have authorization to do at the priest polisher not golden lorraine stuff but Anyways i don't know what to me the for a doll moving on its own would certainly freak me out But we don't have any recordings or photos other so okay there's how would you rate this on a scale from zero to ten back so i'm gonna give this one a seven seven. Yes because it's it's two different groups of people again. I'm believing that the nurses that the did happen. I guess i'm also be seeing it on the fact that we have evidence of other dolls doing some of this behavior. So i'm going to go with the fact that this is one of those dolls. So i i rank this little higher all right bob. How do you ring this based on my here of dolls along i would go with a ten joking aside logically. I would probably go with like a seven point five new okay. I am going to rate this a zero and but also one thing. I'd i'd like to bring up that i don't know if i would have time to bring up in any of the other pieces of evidence Lorraine only discovered her powers after she was with that again. I think i've You say that i swear. I've read that. She felt like she had some experience as when she was younger. She just didn't realize what they were. We'll she only realized what they were after meeting at. I can attest though you know you. I've talked to plenty of people who didn't realize what they had. I mean i. I don't wanna die in my own personal stuff but i mean you could really come off as a crazy person yourself if you start thinking things are happening around year and then you meet somebody. That's a little bit more accepting and you can you know i'd almost say coming out of the broom closet there but you can kind of come to terms with what's going on around you versus you feeling like a crazy person. Oh sure sure. I don't wanna fight you tooth and nail on this one might my thought though with this is that ed somehow manipulated her into or or he He took what she would say and explain that as being a paranormal gift and Therefore i and i really do not believe add lorraine i could believe a little bit more but ed i really don't believe i'm looking at him Like in interviews and stuff there are patterns when people lie and he hits a lotta those patterns over and over again. So i just i have no faith in so we're not gonna get a real high scores from you. Today is telling onto saying what i do. Come with alternate theories for all of your stuff. Okay all right. Well let's go onto the next one. Okay wait what was your zero. Okay so the next Thing they mentioned as a mark of demonization or a deep demonic possession is materialization which was noted by the parchment paper notes. Left by the dull saying. Help me or help lou Which they certainly do in the movies. They certainly do a lot of Cran writing on the wall. So bob what do you think about the notes. Do you think that is something that happened. Now there's only so much. I could buy into something king manifest in do I mean as the paper. That's the thing you're you're not. You're you're not only manifesting paper you're writing your manifesting writing utensil. And then you're manufa like manifesting the will to communicate by written ways. I've never been involved with a case. Myself where i have woken up to finding random notes around my house. I'd heard stories in in kind of involved with like writing on the mirrors. When you take a shower and you come out. And there's like steen malaika. Physical here is a piece of parchment paper. Here's some writing on the. Scroll and i don't know if i buy into that one so much. Okay okay well. My alternate therion. This one okay is going to be my alternate theory on your next one as well. So what i find very interesting is how so if this happened. First of all okay. So there is. There are nurses. There were assuming that there aren't hearses that they had the raggedy and all these notes did lou hated this doll I believe lou planted these things. Because why would it say help lou. Yeah that does seem that doesn't really fit into the narrative so that is my theory. Is that lou. Planted these Interesting yeah to beef up the possession story get rid of the dow. That's a real big hatred of a doll. He hated it. Might be those story. I mean just think think about it. They're probably sitting on the couch watching They probably weren't watching a movie unless it was like a made for tv movie. Nineteen seventy But they're sitting there watching something on tv you know. He puts his arm around is gail and she has her arm around a doll and did this. Doll with a passion. He wanted he wanted to gone. Wow that's a real extreme extreme measure there could have spent like. Oh i guess she's lost and then like that no he couldn't. He didn't want to hurt her his fiancee. He's just wanted to make her believe this visit. And that's what i'm sticking with. Well i have to say also with bob. This seems very only happened. One time with the notes and it's supposedly happened several several times. Yeah i don't know it's just. I don't know it seems a bit extreme all right. So what is your rating. My reading and that one is a is a four four. That's really low. Free it is. It is like yeah okay. Maybe but probably not all right. Bob what do you rate it. I'm gonna dude. I've never done this before. I'm going like if you're talking straight parchment. Paper and pen was stressed. This paper and pen. I'm going with zero. It was a pencil though. bob okay. Well that's the same thing. Same thing if you're manifesting jesus paper a manifesting pennsyl- going with zero. Now if you find writing on the walls and you can't find the writing utensil. I'll buy into it if you're having dreams about communicating with you directly. I'll get the ten day but you're telling me that this thing could not communicate with you any better than with cannon paper as if you're doing snail mail a metaphysical snail mail. I'm going with zero and that's probably my first year ever going to get out how well raggedy and did not actually have a mouth. It was just a drawn in peace. Ho it couldn't talk all great. I'll patch changing his them. What's here now. I'm going to ten not opposite day. Not i'm gonna go with zero again. And say that i i suspect lou in all right so then you said this this relates to our third piece of evidence. Which is the mark of the beast given to fiance don. Oh look what did i say. Don weird. I don't know where i was manifesting in writing my notes for myself here No like what okay. So there was a lot of things that happened to lou. Sometimes they're they're told as it was a dream that he had that he thought was real. Sometimes it's that he woke up and then it happened the she was at the foot of his bed choking him like whatever lot of different things but every story has him getting scratched And that is something that i absolutely have personally seen and heard Stories of so I find this one a really interesting piece of evidence. So what do you think. Bob by Angry vengeful spirit demonic possession. And i'm telling you the says like personal experience like it's happened to me like awake. Not sleeping and i have gotten gouges doesn't always necessarily mean straight demonic It could be just extremely vengeful. Where angry so you know. You're arguing towards data could argue against it but the fact that it could cause it absolutely i'll by a mandate all right so What i noticed in all the stories of of lou is that nobody else was there. He was by himself. Nobody else was witness to him. Being choked or the dollar in the closet or walking into the room that he thought somebody had broken into. Nobody else was there. I believe that i believe that. Lucidity himself and then he healed himself in two days. I believe that they were superficial That they weren't you know big. I have no pictures. I have nothing to base anything on in nor do you guys. So i mean i'm just saying that it might theory. It could be a very superficial scratch. That goes away in two days and who says it actually went away in two days. The story said that that was it. I mean there's no proof of that. So i think he scratched himself. Well how he really hated the stalin. Your in your story. He did all right Well i'm gonna give this one. I'm going to give us when also a seven Because again i have had too many people tell me stories. Show me pictures You know this just seems like a really squarely. Common thing that can happen. was spirits. What do you think bob. What's your rating eight and a half. Wow yeah i've experienced it like. I've i've had it happen to me and i mean there's not much else i could say that i've been involved possession and i've been involved with extra systems i've seen the scratches and it's not something you're just doing in your sleep. I got seen it manifest on skin. So i'll bite. Wow when i'm going to give it a one thousand maybe give it a one because Again i i can't see pictures and i can't i. There's there's there's a lack of supporting evidence to this particular piece of evidence that you have or lack of physical evidence. I i have no idea of what happened but you know i believe things can happen to you while you sleep. Things can happen to you while investigating a room that was broken into and You know. I'm thinking that a scar is possible so so i like other words. You're one is like he did get scratched. Potentially just maybe not by a. Oh yeah definitely not by anything. But elizabeth onto Evidence were four. So we're moving away from the marks of demonic possession and moving to Once annabelle got in her case. So we're gonna talk about once. They actually got back to the house and ended up putting her in the case So ed claimed that a priest who was visiting So ed showed him the doll actually taking it out of the case because this was a priest so he was just talking to him about what had happened and the Exorcism and the you know how he brings a priest every month and he was telling him how she was really dangerous and how she attacked people. The priest who he they. He's always described as a young priest so a little little. Hotshot priest Grabs the dow and tells the dow. Ed and ed that she could not have demonic powers. Mocking the doll like come on. You don't have anything at his leg. Don't do this. This is not a good idea but the priests just laughs him off right so then he leaves and on his way home. The preseason in a car accident he was okay but he did end up in the hospital. he later called lorraine and told her that the last thing he remembered before the accident was looking in the rear view mirror and seeing annabelle. Okay all right. Bob this why are we start with knee. Well we always start with you. Yeah i give the evidence and then we go to you. That's fair on. Yes it's a good question. So this isn't it on craziest. the sounds. This isn't the first time i've ever heard of this story very similar to this. I don't know how familiar is worth the story of robert. The doll i i have. I do not have the bravery to do an episode on robert. The dalai i do. I have i know i was. I haven't even listened to your yet terrified. I am of that. Dow second most terrifying in the world i would say is probably robert needs very similar story. People taught dolon bad things happen. And there is loiterers in robert fouls case of people apologizing to robert for taunting. You're taking a photo without permission etc. So i mean that's it's not as crazy as it sounds. Do i believe that something can mess with somebody. Outside of the home of the entity is powerful nelson. Malevolent nothing. I guess that board enough to want to take on. Somebody like that The fact that. You're seeing annabelle in your rear view. Mirror n-need be a little bit more skeptical on that. Because of bad things are happening to you at that moment. You're kinda you know you're trying to manifest something. I guess a panic. That's what you see out of sheer just frightened. I'll biden it on all. I'll say i could. I could get into it. I don't necessarily think i'm seeing. Annabelle might review ramirez. Bad things are happening. So that's what i was laughing at. Just the idea that you know. He's driving down the road view mirror and sees raggedy ann in there and crashes. That's it's like it's like the muppets attack. You know um so. That's at with okay. So my my alternate theory on. This one is complete. Bs because we don't know who the priest was got any name it again. It's ed it's ed just telling us these stories. Is it possible that ed is lying. Is it more possible that ed is lying than it is that there. Is this haunted doll. That appears in people's rear view mirror as they're driving down the street you know. It is more probable to believe that ad is a liar Well for me. I'm torn on this one. Because so you know. Bobby bring up a good point about other dolls. That are you know That can Take vengeance. i guess we'll say percent bad luck with people you know When if a they don't treat them right But i also could just see that this guy you know almost Was was really actually scared in this situation and that him grabbing the doll and saying you have no power. And i don't believe you know whatever was actually just a manifestation of his fear you know what i mean like wiles. Would you like if you really didn't believe it like you. Grab the dow like. I don't believe you our life. You had just like be like all right dude. Whatever like you know you wouldn't you wouldn't bother with that so he obviously has us in his heart and so now is the doll. What's what caused him to be like paranoid while driving and like think that he sees this in the mir or is it his own brain. You know what. I mean like causes him to see the and i mean if you if you were driving if you had just met you know one of the scariest in the world and we're told like oh you shouldn't have mocked it. You know like all of this stuff. Is it possible that you if you thought that you saw her face in your mere that you would crash like that's not an impossible thing Again whether or not. It's really the doll. That did it or just your own brain. I think that's where a little like don't know. So what do you rank it. I'm going to give it a five. Because i'm in the middle of it right in the middle right in the middle. Okay bob. are you in the middle stuck in the middle was you. Yeah it could go either way. What do you think. Oh i'm gonna go zero okay. Tickets complete. es it's just i. I don't even think that there was a priest that that is all right. Well i've got one more story for you. We kinda reference this one. A both of you have already today. so this is potentially the worst one A visitor to the word. A colt museum died after mocking annabel. Here's the story from history versus hollywood website The young men had apparently come to the museum on his motorcycle with his girlfriend for a tour as edward was giving the tour the young men started to mock the doll and while doing so he ran up and begin tapping on glass of the case. That the doll is enclosed in. He challenged the doll to put scratches on him. Like it had supposedly done in the past to the man named lou Who had been friends with the dolls former owner donna Ed kicked them. Young man the museum so he was so disrespectful. I kicked him out Approximately three hours later. The young man died when he lost control of his motorcycle and hit a tree. His girlfriend survived but remain hospitalized for over a year. I also read somewhere that she the girlfriend said that when the crash happened they had been laughing about the talking and laughing about the dollar again. All right what is your thoughts on this story. All i'm going back to my robert. The doll thing. It's you you taught something as something may come in happen to you. Yeah a holler percent. Man you don't mess with things then be surprised when it happens. You know Okay rebecca do you have anything further. I mean other than i kind of this one. I believe a little bit more than the priest. One this because It does seem like this like the priests seem like he was just truly terrified of the dull whereas this just seems like a like a classic horror movie jerk that doesn't believe in is like tap tap tap and you give me scratches but you know Very much like getting the doll to Kind of getting his head and and and do stuff So my thought to this is you know i. I've done a lot of comedy and stage and stuff like that and the hecklers are always the people that are drinking true. It's never a stone. Sober person that tackling me. It's always somebody that's you know. Pretty pretty drunk. My theory is that may be the motorcyclist which by the way. Don't know a name of the motorcyclist Don't own name of his girlfriend. Just add telling us these stories But my theory is he was drunk and you know got into a drunk driving accident. I mean it was three hours later but even more drunk hours. Yes that's true. So that is my theory on the motorcyclist. If there was a motorcyclist if it wasn't just add telling stories again He he does like to do that. So so how would you rank this rebecca. So my thought is again. I imagine thinking about add a little bit. Sorry just you made me think about this. Just what you're saying is like again. I wouldn't surprise me if there really was a motorcyclist that died after visiting the museum. Whether or not he had mocked annabel that day or not that could be up for question does But i could see. Add kind of being like. Oh well you know had. He was drunk ed to kick him out he got an accident. It was because of the dow. Like we're that's the story. We're gold with like i could see that somebody has six like sir. I like you know. Bob really you push me a little bit with the robert. The doll thing and that it is a thing. But i'm not quite as much there as i am with like the doll could have been moving around like that to me is a little more believable. Okay and Bob what is your ranking on this one now if you. I was half expecting separate story. Dozens of times athlete expecting for you to end the motorcyclist in reported that they saw anabol- on the side of the road knows just simply supposedly. They had been talking about her at that moment. I i'll buy into the concept of somebody taunting something like that. And something bad happening get. It happened at the museum is telling the truth going back to being stuck in the middle with you. I got you got me out of five. Okay all right. I'm gonna go zero. Hey all right i. I do have a skeptic. Skeptical piece of evidence to add to our evidence. Oh okay this is new. So interesting annabel Was the name of a doll. That was in a twilight zone episode. That came out five years prior to Annabel being bought so nineteen sixty something I believe that they took the concept from the twilight zone episode. What episode are you talking about. I don't know there is a twilight zone episode in the sixties that referred to a haunted doll as annabel all i. You're talking about talking. Tina no annabel by paul. It was actually the name. So i mean. I'm just saying that the name was already out there beforehand. And that's an unusual. Name for a doll annabelle right. I don't know. I mean it just like any. I mean it's an older name. Now i don't know back then. I mean the woman who played the mom in the. Nfl movie was named named annabelle. So i mean it's a name name but it's an unusual name to give a doll But yeah it was oh There is a woman named annabelle in talking. Tina showed okay. Or maybe it's another dow or something like that and whatever so yes there is but it is that episode that you're just in case people wanna watch it okay. It doesn't jam by the way of a big twilight zone. Twilight zones awesome. But i'm just saying though it's like that concept was already there so whether or not the nurses got the name or the medium. Got the name annabel from that. I don't know it just seems kind of an unusual name for a dow and for it to be five years prior to the annabelle raggedy doll. Don't know but i mean i'm going to rate that piece of evidence attacked. You just wanted to give a dan. I'm getting into zero. Yeah i have a piece of factoid for ya. Oh a pet feigned pass promised. He presents facts. Won't i guess this is just a quick. Google search bob fact in the past fifteen years since nineteen or this was written back then but since nineteen ninety is. Annabelle is in the top. Eight hundred fifty spots of most popular female names. Wow baylor name interesting. I'm wondering if that is because of the dow though oh annabel buys her daughter christie. A wind up doll named talking tina talkie. Oh okay i don't know there may be. There's another episode two. I have no idea right. Well it's time for overall rating okay zero to ten rebecca. What do you. Rate the annabelle story. Based upon your question that you posed in the beginning which was is the annabelle doll possessed all right. I am going to give it a. I'm gonna end up at a at a seven with this one seven over over even though you only gave like two things seven three two or three things i don't and then and yeah but no overall isn't that the my highest score nemo lowest so seven. All right bob where you at based on my fear of dolls alone this. This one gets the ten thousand joking aside. I presented with all the facts that facts have to houston quotation pat presented with all the information i have. It makes sense a lot of the times with with what you got going on there. I'm going to have to give it a solid eight even higher. I l l inspires. Exactly and i. It might debate part. I actually have a reasoning behind. Why i think it's as powerful as we're gonna get your closing argument. Were to become ask something to it. Okay awesome well. I'm going to give it a zero point. Five with that one in there i never i never will divide a point so okay as far as this rounding down yes. I'm rounding down from like a point. Zero zero zero zero zero zero one. Yeah and I hope to be able to express that in my closing arguments. Okay okay so that brings us to the closing arguments. This is our last chance to convince you to vote our way. We are each given one minute of uninterrupted time Rebecca will be the timekeeper in this episode. Because we're using the phone to talk to. Bob and i can't time it then so you have to trust me that i will time myself. It is so hard to directly so hard to do. But i'm gonna. I'm gonna have to okay so Let's go with rebecca first ladies first. Okay sounds good so you have one minute on your clock. Yep all right ankle. Go all right so i do think that annabelle is a haunted doll. I do think that This was a doll that There may be with something going on in that apartment already And then the doll just Turned out to be a vehicle For what was going on in that apartment. Maybe there were some interesting dynamics. Going on With that that lou guy But i you know to me it. Just there's no way this is just like completely made up. I mean there's just Too many people in the story even though we don't necessarily have names I do think it's is completely possible for there to be at all That moved on. its own. because we've seen that before. I do think it could have caused marks on people that it could have scared these ladies And that it could have continued that even as it went to ed and lorraine warrens is it may be scary as they say maybe not. Oh i heard your. I went over a little over. Yeah all right. Bob are you ready. Yes okay and go. So you have to understand if annabelle is haunted which i totally believe is yes understand that over the years people gave it energy people talked about it. People feared it The story itself kind of heightened. Dick it's kind of a pulpit at this point so if there was a low level spirited all we gave it a lot of over the years by talking about making movies about it and that would be why i would say it's as powerful as today is because we give it attention we give fear and we give it the energy that it would need to thrive. There's just too much things going on with it. That i would say there's probably nothing going on with my remainder of the time of this. I would like to say we did not mention micro-climates one time in this episode closing alleged even at eight seconds left. No you know what. Thank you for saying that. Because i actually read an article that had you know with the whole annabel escaping. There was an article where they interviewed a haunted. How expert They need listen. Need to go. Please go find a hobby. We were gone dark right but that is what that person was saying. Is there like you know if the they're like what would happen if she escaped her. You know was taken out shed and and they said we it would be something to worry about. Because we've been giving this all this energy you know for all this time and so it definitely would have increased potentially down. Don't work like yeah try. Let me try to destroy a vessel. The things still hangs around man. You should know this and then it could enter. You could do something funky you. Don't you dare. I'm to be possessed by dow. Really gonna be mad. Are you ready for your ready ready. Paul scott boxing gloves offer this all right ready and go so if this was a court case would we have enough evidence to be able to convict this annabel and the answer is no because No witnesses have really come forward. We have no names. No names except for ed and lorraine warren both of 'em have passed. Both of them gave several interviews on the topic but Ed story changes sometimes very small little details but it changes and for somebody like ed to have this prize possession of the most dangerous item in his museum for his story to change even slightly. Just seems odd to me. You would think that this would be concrete in his in his mind that he would know the story backwards and forwards but He oftentimes switched around wide. The gift was given and the age of the dollar and a few other things. Look time is up. And i'm done. I used all my time this time you did. You're very passionate about this. I felt like it was needed. Okay so Bob thank you so much for coming back on. Ghostly we really appreciate. Didn't we really appreciate your insight into the world of spooky doll's. I'll thank you. Can i plug the show. A little bit here absolutely folks. This is your first time ever listening to go sleep and you enjoyed my voice in the nonsense. I spew a checkout bob after dark We talk about legends. Lawrence supernatural things. Go bump in the night lights in the sky in my favorite curtis zoology. i We our weekly show. Which is great. Because i never stopped doing what i do. You can hear the pain in my voice. As i say you guys can five you wherever you listen to great podcasts. At and do a live show. If you're into life stuff you could catch me every week on facebook wife. 'cause i doubt you're in the area to listen on the radio Facebook dot com slash. After dark he can like me. Erin if you have ghost stories or stories yourself. You'd like share with me. Bob after dark show at g mail dot com in every once in a while. I'm on bob after dark. We need to get rebecca minute solution for twenty twenty one is. I'm getting rebecca. I need some back in my life. I get enough of pat. I'm reading the interesting thing. We are at rebecca's house recording Bob is not with us. Bob is via phone but There are a bunch of spooky. I put of flu pandemic by first time visiting my rebecca sauce. I walked in. I said oh. Oh i totally forgot about. I don't even think about them. They're in exterior there in a case They were given to be given to me by my grandmother growing up. I gotta alexander. Every year you know other people got american girl. I got my mugs handrails. And i think as i've never thought of them as scary just because i grew up with getting them and they were beautiful and i would play with dolls and everything so i never thought of them as spooky But that doesn't mean. I don't get creeped out by creepy dolls because they do I've just never thought of these particular dollars a spooky But i felt bad because they expose by cabinet porcelain dolls. Not ready for than twenty twenty. One folks i'm begging you. I'm back at conventions new. Don't bring the odile. Don't bring me don't bring in the doll. Show me the sunny them. Please thing to bring it to show you. I mean that's that's scary but like it is not actually fair. i think to burden you with like. Hey bought the south for you. Wanted to buy a doll. But like a dow. You're like no there's like proven evidence of it being haunted here. You go like that's not fair. Fun story real. Quick before regaining. So last year is see to to twenty twenty Pat rebecca were at. Oh god artist scott larson. Larsson's her normal panel on co-starring ursula. The paranormal writer. In chicago and scott was very cool modest. Go lot by the three of us when we got to talk a little bit of auto shows that the panel and afterwards someone comes up to me and they say hey. You're bob from bob after dark. I'm like yes. I just tossed them below a rebecca right there. They witnesses and they're like somebody told us that we had to bring this to you and show you the husband's shows me this dow and i was like why Like will bring christmas trees. We know you like to sleep with your christmas. This doll apparently is extremely famous. Oh has been investigated on. Tv shows and stuff as being extremely haunted and they have been in contact with me unfortunately cove it happened and i couldn't make the trip down t dine all man. That's unfortunate but they bring this world famous haunted dollar. And i was like oh man. Can't y'all give me other cursed artifacts statues annual routes. You know whatever know what race. What about a baby. Yoda down are you afraid of baby. Yoda dolls. I have one sitting right next to me right now. That's a bad this thing so baby. Yoda okay but raggedy and not so that a person. It's a yoda all right. I wanna i wanna thank you all so much for listening. Please share with your friends and family. As word of mouth is our best form of advertisement in our next episode. We are going to be going back to a former listener. Choice episode This one scored second place in that It's titanic and that will be coming out and january twentieth. Yeah very excited about this one. Yeah and the deep has something to do with ties. The asset does the titanic and more. Wow so i definitely need to get listening to that. Or 'cause i got it on audible. Yeah yes this. One is available on audio A book so if you're if that's what you're you're into reading and if you're not sending for book club visit podcast dot com. Click on club. Felt the farm. We'll get you out information. Somebody also said that. There is the audio book i believe is available through their public libraries. Oh yeah absolutely there. You're the. I always recommend looking for any any books at your local library. You can often find them as e books or audiobooks. Just the physical book if you like that Or we do have to the amazon. You know get a little bit on that since just to let you guys know in our last book club. We made a dollar fifty. You know you buy a coke. Diko khorshid say Yes i actually bought too. Because i am only drinking. Twelve ounce ones now so yeah so Until next time stay ghostly.

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TSC Global Awareness Month in the Age of COVID-19


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TSC Global Awareness Month in the Age of COVID-19

"This is tse a podcast by the Tubers Sclerosis Alliance. Hello and welcome to the May episode of TSE. Now as always I'm your host Daddy. Client this is sponsored by Greenwich biosciences Novartis Pharmaceuticals Ucb Inc Smith Laboratories and melon crop. Thank you for your support. This'll be the second episode focused on the ongoing Cova nineteen pandemic but this time with a slightly more positive spin as many of you know may is. Tse Awareness Month culminating in TSE Global Awareness Day on May fifteenth and in fact this podcast actually debuted one year ago on. Tse Glow Awareness Day. Last year we reached out to some of our international partners to learn about how they were going about celebrating. Tse Global Awareness Day and what specific challenges individuals and families with TSE faced in their countries. This year we're going to do something very similar. And checking with some of our other international partners and ask them how they are recognizing TSE global awareness day despite the ongoing pandemic. We're also going to ask them how. Tse individuals and families in their country have been impacted by COVID nineteen. I'm joined during this conversation by. Katie Smith Director of government and global affairs at the tubers. Laura slides I'd like to express my gratitude to Katie for helping me organize these conversations with our global partners and finally I talked to a couple from Delaware but found a very fun and unique way to raise awareness of TSE and funds for the Tuber Sclerosis Alliance during our may key se awareness month of carrying I speak to Helen Willis e president and one of the founding members of TSE Enzi in New Zealand. Who is also a mom of an individual? A Tuber scores is complex. She shares what the situation is like in New Zealand. They're unique challenge with access to medications in their country and what their plans are for. Tse Global Awareness Day. Here's my conversation with Helen. We're now joined by. Helen Willis President of T. S. C. N. Z. in New Zealand Allen. Thank you for joining me and happy. Global Awareness Day. You're a day ahead of you. Guys are already celebrating a happy global awareness. So how how are you all celebrating New Zealand? Obviously things with cove nineteen of sort of changed how we've traditionally been able to gather and celebrate. So what are you all doing here? We have an online campaign this year. So we've encouraged everybody to wear blue for saint something blue. Take a photo of themselves in stood up Joel Page price book praises Social Media and we came up with the Hashtag not to say because L. Government has had a really successful campaign really against Covid Nineteen Code Unite Against that. We trusted that stood up and I think it kind of speaks to how the whole country needs to you not to give it to Betas. Yeah and we're encouraging. Not just people with to as a photos of themselves said they friends family. You know all the supporters that make with. Tsa Must Be base lives. They can so you. That's what we do. We're both Serb Lissa Had A page that. Can you say International? Put out so little flag on the bottom. They're inviting people chain Paladin. Plus if I was as well we will go to footy so dozen so a few people manage to get the TC so he might have been few. He will Us The ways of tasty and safe but we couldn't even poster lockdown so we couldn't get too many off team out there will be a few people they manage to I really enjoyed the fighting in the international banks that have been organized in Slough and I. I didn't know anybody got off at three. Am to watch the. We've now but I'm show that wash the recording and yeah. It was really interesting to so cooperation between organizations around the world. Really with you not potatoes as well. Locked casino. Marabout this whole world is actually got you nice to be sticking covid. Nineteen I really love that Hashtag unite for tse at such a strong message especially this year with everything else that's going on and and it's really cool to see. All of the global organization sort of partner together to raise awareness of tubers. Scores is complex. How has covid nineteen impacted your organization and TSE families in New Zealand? Concession like like other people have had that face to face incidentally canceled and we were planning to support people to go to the conference in Australia that they planned for my but they hit cancel mansion the constant healthy west so we could go. May I think the families these little some people have had some issues and I made in this things utilize with eating medications now? We might any medication. We have to import everything so these few delays in the supply chain. It's actually painful but it seems kind of getting on top of those issues. Now I think without quite away because government went into to him. We had just per hundred cases when we went into a very strict lockdown. There was tango is the Meskel was really only a seat. Chill services markets in pharmacies will pretty much. Anything started his really. Stop the SPREADBURY. While way haven't had any cases over the last three days and the last week with cases we've got cases in the country now and we have had twenty on people. I wish cent compared to their white aggression boss tricking the beginning. It really amazing you wait and she coming just dotted liberal turnout. Which is we? Thank our says skulls back home Monday in. I mean they still distancing into public but we feel privileged that we have got the chance to eliminate Henchi they might be clustered. Papa had lied. Albie got on top of quickly central bank with chase which displayed by reassure. We may have a chance to get back to being able to go out and because they still decisions to make kissed to individuals. How there with Casey? And whether they should be going up there now my son to come home from his university the beginning of lockdown which is very late when it came home. But now that question. Is it okay for him to go? Turn away up the July. Not being isolated to ruin slightly different situations that base. That's kind of where we're at and I think yeah. I think how community does feel really great folks fish the whole country his to keep us to protect in engineering vulnerable people ankles everybody because everybody seemed to really know how to play out. We're going to have a lot of financial impacts from this of course and I haven't hit on people living with tasty at me live sperm shore. You will be financial problems tourism when about biggest into basic for a very long time the recipients GonNa Affect Tussle Downside of government. Is they allow that. Because they're sort of feature government agency and then you have enough budget one of now. Jaycee Hispania try get funded more widely and we're making progress bed but now happened. I think the budget full cynical darn to be straight and we might have to wait a bit longer for bitch. They widely Viterbo but we will keep our embassy often before we'll still get a strikes income things. I've really come out of this. Moore's the goal is an organisation instinct. Improves in Theresa may be having a or something about because had she so spread out and small population. It's not really be feasible to as a coach connects but now the paper be forced to more telling me that you know maybe that will be towards s potatoes Demetriou Zealand. Jor something can have harnessed leading the way excuses why they couldn't do that but now. I manage though I think it will be good. Woods was tested there. If you might have it was right at the be name. It's are actually really quite man off match and I've been content was able to overseas and wanted to get but I wasn't allowed to because had traveled overseas. And I yeah and I didn't have a did solter but I didn't have enough hint to but now I have lots of cheese. Sorry we live in a small town tasting stations weights now. Innovate anyone. Who's got any sniffle down Are Finally got my yeah a couple of weeks ago and how to if you have any sense. It's great to hear that they were able to ramp up. Testing in now are going through the proper steps to reopen in a way. That's safe and responsible for everybody. Well or so grateful for everything you're doing for TSE families in New Zealand and like you said advocating for access to medications for them in. I'm thinking well for you talking to me. It was so interesting. Hearing about what? You're doing for Global Awareness Day and for just hearing kind of what the situation is like in New Zealand versus here in the United. Thanks again to Helen for sharing what the situation is like New Zealand and for helping to come up with the brilliant Hashtag unite for tse link to the recording of the Webinar Covid Nineteen Management NTSC CO hosted by the Lions the European Tubers Sclerosis Complex Association also is e- Tse and Tuber Scores Complex international otherwise known as T. Sei can be found in the show description for this episode next. Katie and I talked to Rough and Karel Hoffmann of the tourists leroux slides of Israel our first global alliance affiliate. We talk about how families with. Tse in Israel are staying connected to physicians through zoom and to each other through. What's at we also talk about? The decisions families are facing as the country begins to reopen. Here's my conversation with China and Carol. So we're now joined by INA at the TSA of Israel one of our global affiliates. Thank you for talking has today on. Tse Global Awareness Day. Thank you for inviting me. So it Israel you all are a couple hours ahead of us so you're well into your global awareness day. You're actually in the evening there. What have you guys been doing today to help? Raise awareness because of granting relation. The couldn't make any personal mutant so organized zoom meeting about to Covington nineteen hundred and it's if Net is expected to people. Because now it's the most relevant sinks that meeting was hosted by Dr. go correct right. This meeting was hosted by inductive Gill Bushes in logistics and director of his it clean Hospital in Jersey. And how did the meeting go? Was it well received two very good? I think she made a nice presentation joked about general about nine hundred and nine hundred search on this patients until so I think our our people Descended at that time killed Boa token Hebrew and at a powerpoint in April. It made it much easier or is released who native fungus Hebrew understand and to be able to follow it as she explained things. Nfl At questions. So I'll just add. This is the first time T S alliance Israel at Zoom Session and we think that was very successful. All Things considered recognize same that we don't a resume so we were limited forty minutes and there were very careful about that enormous. The person who made the arrangements. She's the person just gone it. Volvo is she really made it happen and we are forever grateful offer and it's great and do you think zoom meetings or something you're going to do in the future to provide resources yes. I think it's a very good at least for now. And for maybe a half or maybe even year because people can stay home. They don need to travel anywhere. They don't need to take care of their kids to to to seeing how they can leave them. So sensing consorted with the option. Generally how has covid nineteen impacted? Tse families in Israel exit a don't know any family any entity as family did was effected by to nine foot tinted. That's great and you've mentioned before the call. The you're starting to reopen. Your kids are going back to school. How long were they home? And you know what does that reopening look like? He were a tom for two months to really tough time for Kosuke For Their Ernst today care of them. No schools no guidance but defected spacious. Take care of them. In every day I think had them dispirit to for the social distance to to take care more They need to take care of themselves to do see families connecting online and supporting each other. Actually yes he have A. What's up group where people can initial? So were many talks about their fierce releasing kids to to our to school gardens or stay home Share fierce snake didn't easier that's great had place to connect stay in touch even though they were all at home so now the the country is starting to reopen the upcoming plans and priorities for PS lands of Israel before a disclosure replanning. She'll make meet-and-greet cardiologist because of the coronavirus postponed. So maybe now we can start thinking about this but it's GonNa Happen in Excu. Months gives people are still warring result. One other thing that we did in preparation and or awareness day is said Michel on our website a number on the applications that did translated into Hebrew and so that was very useful and it just and it. People are very cautious. We're not sure how it's going to go. Although loser resuming on Sunday it is not compulsory preparing suspenders over the school. Some parents just don't feel a goal bottle and the other thing that I want to add was is once right. We have which is crazy costed social media and its finance. You can add junior the answer in the middle of the night or wherever you are and so one of the things that we did was shared with each other possibilities being able to go out as family leases were they could stay together as family or be forget a such as the safari which opened up or special needs families are safari in. Israel will say ours in the right. I think it's good. People are being cautious and seeing how things work out before immediately resuming normalization for TSE families. Especially it's even more important to make sure that they're protecting themselves. It's good to hear that they are but is also really cool to hear all the ways that you're still staying connected I mean just once ab agreeable. Sounds really amazing to our masks. When you Saturday making any kind of recommendations like that are and do you. Guys have the same social distancing rules about staying far apart. I don't know about you right. I was totally isolated. Full eight weeks and then one day. A granddaughter just gone driver's license or two and a half hours to see me and she said watch. I can't come into your part I have to stand six feet away from you outside with amassed like that tangent. I JUST. It's quite a long time yourself. We really appreciate the two of you taking time to talk to us today and sharing a little bit about what Israel is doing and how you all are coping with virus is there. Is there anything else that you'd like to share with us? I would just edit to get. Abortion is as her presentation than it on. Facebook can dying our science. Well thank you again for talking to us and spending time with us today on Global Awareness Day and we hope you have a great rest of your day wonderful into you and thank you for all. You're doing Chris. Thanks again to end Carol for taking time to talk to me. We'll share linked to the webinar featuring Dr Gilboa in the show description. All right our final stop on our worldwide. Tse Global Awareness Day is the United Kingdom. We talked to Luke Langlands head of communications and engagement at the UK Tuber Sclerosis Association. Also known as You K. Tsa Luke's role is actually very similar. To mine so talking to him was talking to my British counterpart. Here's our conversation with Luke. We're now joined by Luke Langlands of UK TSA the United Kingdom. Luke thank you for talking to us today. Well thank you for having me. How did you first get involved with you? Dan what's your role with the organization. So I got involved just over a year and a half ago something towards the end of twenty eighteen at into you to join the TSA. I was working in health Michael Charity Communications and relations focus mostly around pharmaceutical companies. On the I'm working in that area for quite a few years prior tonight I did. Little Jones allowed wants to Explo- to the became working the keen Asian steam cited. Joan dies tonight. I've loved the evidence. Yes so mine Mike. Tyson is headed Indications are engagement so anything to do with the events and everything Greenie our magazine Scan. The goes out three or four times year as well. It's it's a broad church. Where quite small team? So it's it's seconds different things we had. Yeah you and I were very similar. Hat's for our respective organizations all things communication so I know that world pretty well you all are a couple of hours ahead of us so you're well into tse global awareness day today what is UK. Tsa Doing today to raise awareness of Tuber Sclerosis. So what we've done is being coincided. Our annual events called teen scones teen scones on your accent in the UK way skull to a Wednesday. Someone is is it's we we encourage people to I in themselves by duty. They begged something. Take pictures of it on social media and then osimo lying anchorage people shatter primarily to raise Ftse also guest as well in previous years generally what we would have done is s people so to meet up in their own homes are in restaurants cafes and things like apple. Obviously it's not possible this year We've changed their rounds of that and yet it's the reaction of our community as every when we do teen sconces appreciate chain to see connect with people all virtually yet on. Boston's novel a acids main focus for the Ben. You sort of alluded to this year is different than many years. You know the COVID. Nineteen pandemic has changed. How all of us have had to do business. How has the priorities of your community have their lives changed as a result of everything going on? Yeah I mean you could say that everything has changed the most most outcome unfortunately that that's also associated with the law of Vietnam and there's a lot of doing. This should be doing this. And it's not necessarily being being helped with wide recommendations outside the TSE community that Web reacting to some of government recommendations and things like that most specifically so when non democ sought to retake hold. We changed wholesale. Are we who've been working day by day? That's been a number of ways so we've acted proactively quickly to choose tasks can survive in this time and also in directly how held to community so we know that the Log People House anxious dissertation support and things like that so we focused our time and resources in some information digesting browsing vacation out to the to Jesse focusing Seen around the UK as well and making a getting to correct health social and cultural recommendations to the commands eight. Today's stay also office. Essential series eventually event the web hosting TSE community. We know how important it is our community to connect and feel like the something bigger is incredible way they get together and work hard and we feel like a family amazes me every single day and that's gotten stronger. German culprit nineteen so our responsibility really is to make sure the by maturing that does places flats a happens. Don't even know coming person. It's now obviously online to guess it's Day festival virtual sessions. This one's focused on that later sessions. We focused on all anxiety stress. Healthy few others in the pipelines. Well assign with tenants today in were. We're really delighted as well to be working alongside lodger charities organizations in the UK as well as those discussions for example K. relations in the UK society which you Is a few more as well to yet very much engagements and getting together? In this time you talked a little bit about how you have to really maximize the limited resources you have in. What ways are you guys doing that? And and what resources have you made available for the Tse Community in the UK? Our small team is temporarily a little bit smaller as we five co from Nineteen Mall Spread around. Say so I'm giving. This is the mall. Tens of say Austin mation Israel. I is doing a little bit more communication things. Projects Wall previous. Say as she was being doing. And we've just heightened operating time be folks transport information actual. Jeez people to connect me being looking at crazy different facebook groups as well. People sippy focused on. Uk is people to connect and talk to be thanked in the that now go into be eligible for example the by people who are affected by TSE. We also have a very very passionate interest our outlook then so out located in event specifically fall as all to a mile mildly effects by TSE spiritual outlook. So could be going on for well. I think it's twenty years now and this year was various until the file. Jackie's surprise you all because the such a great a great urban just just so passionate Than we want to encourage seismic as possible worse smaller organizations of resources number people said the lines we just makes sure my on our these falk areas of covid nineteen. We've not included savings like citizens of virus because people can find that elsewhere with very much focused on if he wants to know about. Tsa in the Website if it's small growth. I think it's great that you're really focusing on virtual opportunities. I think a lot of organizations are moving that way and I'm just wondering what kind of response you've gotten from your community and whether you this might be something that continues even after covid. Nineteen the response being absolutely pretty with salsa. Please as we kind of jumping into the log. We've never done it before but it's it's always been verge face to face meetings and challenged different events on a it's not just England. Of course you've got sales. The violence learns while it's not the country talking to thousand people were affected by TSE. And you've got the actual masters does log on I think we'll have a place that will always have face to face to face meetings all the time of the at least Connections by Zun have been walking Sosa. Well we've been really really pleased with the reaction from the team so hopefully we'll be able to the mall same as we get through. This time is racing. Hopefully at the end of the tunnel in not so not so many weeks and months It's I personally would love to do more with them. Is the result fight for? Have you guys heard of a timeline to start reopening in your country and and what will that look like for families in what role will U K? Tsa play in helping people adjust back to the new normal so tens of even. How do you will get back to normality in in quotation box and still very much of an answer? I don't know if you've seen but this week do you think of gotten some very very slowly? Relax some rules in England only in Wales all NYLAND's so for example. It's still it's still more tighter in terms of things. Accounting Contiue in in Scotland site I in England right not so the TSE community essentially continues to give us interesting challenge in the way we look yet transition. Casey communities hope which is making itself as you guys know in some of the broads broad spectrum without some up we love that but also potentially never you kate nation. They could be a different time. So that's something Council in terms of specifics. It's it's still very opinion on ceasefire as far as we know. Um with Keith Nicole silent and we have sought planning behind scenes how we will will help people because people are leads. A lot help insistence. I think every single person in the world we've tried to it around stars we do with everything weather the TSE Not Not only having listening but then trying to stop thinking about the Tangible things so is eighteen changes benefits Harissa. Paul arrests fights residential cab and things like that. But it's it's something we've stopped looking to make sure the by helping people not only during this time when Kerr viruses disavowing trading with us and and the Aston June that transitions while which has gotten to be a really interesting time for everyone. I think it's definitely a lot of unknown still however move forward but you know it's great how your organization has been able to adapt to the situation and how you can continue to support the families and we're so grateful for everything you're doing in the UK and thank you for taking time today to talk to us on global day out. Not Adult will always showing all the things that you guys doing in the US. It's it's just amazing. The eventual session. You guys do with all live in normal times. They've invasion things the while. It's absolutely amazing. So yeah we we keep not only do see what we can. I think again Luke Langlands for taking time to talk to me about how you K- TSA has adapted for the ongoing covid nineteen pandemic and for sharing some of the resources. They're providing help support families in raise awareness around TSE global awareness day since we talked the UK to Sclerosis Association has decided to postpone their International Tubers Sclerosis Complex Research Conference which was supposed to be held in November in London they will still be holding virtual event on Friday November thirteenth. But the in person conference will now take place June seventeenth through nineteen twenty twenty one. I'll share a link to more information about this research conference in the show description. My thanks also to our other international partners who took time to talk to me on. Tse Global Awareness Day. One theme that came out of all of those discussions is just how every organization has had to adjust how we provide support to tse families with the ongoing covid nineteen pandemic. The other thing that was a common theme is how. Tse families have supported each other through social media and by participating in online events. This has been truly inspiring to watch when we talk about the TSE community. It truly is a global community so seeing organizations partner together to provide support really embodies this year's Hashtag unite for TSE. I'd like to end this month's episode by highlighting a fundraising and awareness. Success story right here in the United States as many of you know in order to keep our community staffs safe. The Tears Alliance has postponed all of our spring events. This met that the organization would have a shortfall in expected revenue of more than seven hundred thousand dollars that is critical to keeping. Tse Research going that lost revenue is critical to keeping the s alliance organization moving forward and continuing to propel TSE research to address the shortfall. This year the Alliance debuted. Tse Awareness Month of caring in. May with the hope that our community will help fill some of that gap and the response has been absolutely incredible. I talked to Ryan Andrea bb Ryan. Coughman himself this year to hold a fundraiser for the T S alliance but when the COVID nineteen pandemic started. He had to adjust his plans so he and his wife came up with a new and creative way to raise money on line and what they've achieved has far surpassed what they expected. Here's my conversation with Ryan and Andrea. So I'm now joined by O'Brien and Andrea bb the masterminds behind the getting. Sassy with Parker be fundraiser. Ryan Andrea. Thank you so much for talking to me today. Thank you for having a sinking for excited to chat with the ends. Where the dollar story? Well why don't you start off by just telling me a little bit about your story and your connection to tse. So while. When I was at about thirty five weeks herds Niaz in euro and List the Johnson's hard and from that we was very with the doctor. Saying really is this. Is this already has? Because they had mentioned it like we had not anything about neither one of us in very quickly started the research and Kinda just went from there. You're so he has. What is that look like? What do I need to do when he's sworn to advocate warming so all of his chest done so he is had all of those normal beginning tasks when he was born found out pretty early that e had Tsa and from there he had heart surgery at five days votes to remove one of those smart mudflow but since he's recovering from Having seizures at islands all at I very very on top of us were about what to look for with the etc as amid caught at really early before they even try it on his So He's been on medicine since. That man has been seizure free. So he's doing really well as far as all of his organs that we have to monitor so it's great. It's great that he is doing so well in it. It's great that you were able to find resources especially to stop the infantile spasms. I know that one of the more serious manifestations for infants in getting those under control is is huge. He's also part of a clinical study trying to cash the Intel Ashland's before a star printed that prevent trial Great Information from other parents on Easter How TO GET HIM IN OURSELVES? Gamay into that child. So that's awesome. That's so cool that he's part of that trial at trial might completely change. How infants with cared for it. Means stopping those seizures before they start would be such a game changer. How did you first find the TUBER SCLEROSIS ALLIANCE? I think just from Google searches. I mean what when the doctor is. One of the doctors had just entertainment. You ever heard this immediately as what is that. How do you spell it? What are you talking about? What is it Paul Ryan just really went out in a black hole. Learning Google trying to figure out what this was a no. It's always tough getting that diagnosis. Especially if you've never heard about it before finding good resources and finding resources that give you hope is so important because there are lots of there are lots of scary stories out there too. But that's not the case for everyone affected Signing I think at first light what is work. We get more information than Information that we could go to help better understand what we revealing with in a format and way that made sense as opposed to when you go onto web anti diagnose yourself with a litany of side effects whatever it might be so it was like all right. This is a legitimate source that it looks like. We're getting information. Prominent Continued to that better educate ourselves. Well what is life like for your family since the beginning of the pandemic? How are you guys holding up so? I I think I lost behind your house with me. We're doing luckily right when this happened. I immediately transferred all his services to home so before he asks his ot PT and speech threes seals and they were Daycare Bridie versus there but once happened. Just I'm very pessimistic. Articles in Yoga We're not going back in two weeks. Which is the original. Shut down for us at least delware and that was really great immediately. I started working with his fee. Service does not wish their physical therapists China to happen. Teach me exactly what to do. Unluckily I in early childhood acknowledged so. I have a lot of veteran creation on what to do that. They were able to guy me so as far as working with him and keeping him going. That's really helped and we're both home so that's a nice. Were working on speaking team every now. And then. That's great that you guys can be a resource for each other by both working at home. How's your experience so far with telehealth in with those remote interventions as been going smoothly so far it should be. I actually have till I'm bulletins. Since as a teacher I'm trying to provide nurses to through zoom calls in it is is tricky but really. It's it's on the provider whoever's with the child. So when I have therapies for Parker I feel like nearly regarded doing all. The work wins putting everything in them during the handover. Gandhi assisted So glad they act out. understand it 'cause? I trying to help my students families China to assist certainly harder than being in person so I have to ask you about this. This fundraiser. What was what was the original inspiration for it. And then how did you bring the idea together? So it involved. Over time the beginning the starting line or was each yard create a bucket list of ten items that. I want complete and I've done. This is my third year trading Ten items I looked to ten different things each year that otherwise. If I didn't write them down I'd say oh I'll get to it next year. I'll I'll do it down the road new as you get to some of you doll but I found I write them down out there on spokesman of people know what I'm doing in in outs. And all it got myself accountable. So one of the items I had for twenty twenty was to host Andreessen so embiid early March. Maybe late February time rain injuring myself. Started thinking about how we go about this. Some of our friends had done a guest. Bartender Andrei Zor ads at local restaurant. Maybe that's what we do started reaching out to some. We have some local reason restaurants that I thought would be good news for that actually had in life that that we were hoping aloft in event sometime this summer and and two or three weeks later maybe not even that is really when they host direction started coming around in locking. Everything's now well. This isn't going to be the greatest time to try and have an inverse fundraiser at a local restaurant or whatever so so there was the option of either. Just waiting it out. And hopefully when suffering Go down at wral. Didn't know how long that lasts of to do it. In twenty twenty then I figured while let's figure out what we do now so I knew Andrea actually. She's the one day house on top of a lot of Jesse related items. She made match Mating Jesse awareness and this is probably the best time to do this as opposed to just waiting for the unknown. So we have sort of definitely modeled the concept of the the youtube show hot ones a something that we got into. Ali. Ano- six months back so I think I would to sleep when I in our came down and my brother. His mother in law came up. This whole idea win. In the next morning the fundraiser had been yes have had a few different thoughts iterations. The first idea was all right. Let me just do a sort of sauce challenge? And I'd want a sort of generic twelve kit off Amazon. Got To me within two or three days and then I did a facebook live and I said. Hey I'm doing this. I'm looking to probably have an in person. Event where people awesome the September timeframe. So is really only intention was to get. Were now that we were GonNa do something later on when I after that I ate the sauce is around. Knows IF YOU'RE SO PEOPLE WATCH ON. Facebook live and we raised twenty five hundred dollars one night. Yeah he will just sending US money. We couldn't even created a Yet yes so I I mean I was hesitant to address the time. Ask people for money just because I know a lot of people are tough situation so it was really sort of just to get awareness out there and I did see that people also were willing able to donate so like all right. Maybe maybe we should wait until September. So let's see if we can get our group a larger group of friends to do this as we all right. I have my group of friends. They've donated by. I have friends who have a ton of other friends and family that I don't know and would probably be willing to donate an and just to make them aware of it so it started out with. I reached out saying who would be interested in doing this ten buddies said Yep. We'll do it so I got them sort of the details of what I did and said let's do this route the month of May TSE wearing a smock. People are at home. They've already been watched on the bid flocks. Why not tune in to see your family? Member or friend suffered through some hot sauces. We actually found that people have been so much more generous than I never imagined during this time and I wondered has to do with this warranty me back in the be humble about your health in what you do have that there's known Ending that we've seen generosity just obviously and you also have a captive audience because now it's going anywhere they do. I watch these so yeah. Once those ten people I went to a local hot sauce store in Lewis Delaware eggers and they. I walked out of there with a hundred ten miles of loss and Win and either mailed them there's walkers in DC offers in Colorado's and mental those and then hand-delivered the other sets of hop sauces. Said those guys up with times that they wanted to do it and created a facebook page to start getting where this out there and from there. It's it's grown. We rally from the initial eleven that we're going to do it right now of people that have gone to go be roughly for five people that end up doing this. We see that as just a way to get to only five forty four other networks bugle. We personally may not to you. Know you really thrown a curveball. Trying to cross off have a fundraiser. On your list but it's been incredible to see the response. You guys have gotten tonight. I do think there is something to inviting other people to be part of it in tapping into their networks. When you started this whole thing to do have any idea that it would take off. It'd be the successful now. I think our goal was all right. It'd be nice to get a few hundred dollars. Maybe a few thousand dollars after that first time around it was like I said twenty. Five hundred dollars came in so there's a little softer mortis and entertainment value. To is people are using this as like get to watch Thursday night. I can't wait the exciting. It's like turning in tuning into words broadcast for like go into alive showered event and I think people also are making watch owners to donate because they're paying for a show. It's not just to donate to a cause to learn about it but you're getting it shall indicate to be it's attractive in the into the argument through the comments on visa. Yeah Yeah I think after the first time while the first time I didn't have a goal in mind particular number and then then we went like maybe ten thousand dollars the goal and I think I may third. We had had ten thousand dollars come in three days in. And then we set the goal of twenty thousand Thirty thousand hit bat already were. These increments are ten. Were HITTING PRETTY QUICK? So let's just go thirty to fifty round arena where we're at thirty seven three fifty five right now and not still with maybe another twenty or so you will to go so. I think fifty is definitely within sight. I've tried to keep it in in line with. Dsp awareness month so everybody event standard is up through may thirty first. We have somebody tonight as well as through the rest of the. There's at least one person every night. Some nights at bolt evil the Wednesday after stare for at are groups of people to we've had groups of two three four neighborhood. Kids are going to do it with chicken nuggets here tomorrow. There's a group of seven of them if people that by themselves said bigger groups yet. Evil keep reaching regionality. A how do I get this? How do I get these hot sauces can borrow them so I could do? It were more than happy to provide that information so that they can it involved. So you've done this now a bunch of times. What have been some of the hottest hot sauces that people have tried in? What have been some of the best reactions that you've seen right now. Everybody's doing use eleven hotson since the glass and then some people are adding in extras along. The yeah when I originally went and bought the hundred ten bottles I had it set up so that everyone would get the same set so we could see the same action. So everyone's don primarily the same psalm have sort of brought in around which trump is with me more entertainment but the two that we originally got are the two that we have last one is widow knows survivors warning extremely hot sauce. Use One drop at a time. That gets a great reaction and then the bomb beyond insanity also gets a great reaction as well people have sort of said. It's like a cliff. The first eight I. I haven't done this yet so I can't speak to it and as the I me and my brother did I start having off on the first. The first six are mild not so bad gradually increase in the next two is like taking arms victory steps up and then the last ones. You are falling off the cliff. Nothing there's no progression to get from Seth. Meaning all the way to this like nine ten of. There's nothing like it. Unbeknownst to me I did actually try the no survivors. My brother-in-law was over and we reading chilly and he a new putting hot sauce in there but as I stepped out to go to the bathroom but one that I thought he was usually didn't use any but some of this widow in their night. Comeback MY FOREHEAD START SWEATING. I start it cupping at any video me without me. Nine by reaction as I am. I thought it was probably what we considered. The third were out of sauce and I said shoot. This is hot. I'M GONNA be in for it if this is how hot the our annual wasn't eventually let me know but yeah these two at the end from having within my chilly. I know that a Williams going to be hot and then from the reactions. We've seen from the bomb that one. Yeah Yeah I think some of the worst weird actions we've seen a few people have unfortunately not they can hang but it's a lot because you're trying to drink milk to calm near valley in your on your health and everything so there's other factors on people just getting really fall in you know what somebody to get sick from it up the entertainment value when people are struggling because they are high end reactions in trying to say is funny shaking lab births. Well what are some of the relief vast or heads sweating buys are very watery? Yama crying everybody has to be very careful to not touch. Hands is one of the worst has been a heat underneath your fingernails. Earning sting that can last for days till everybody's trying to be very careful to not touch anywhere near their face more anything that's kind of trying to contain your hands big. You is on the table and was wife after everyone pretty brutal. A lot of people get to the hottest hot sauce or do most people tap out before that everyone has made it. Yeah I think it's because there's at sort of steep ledge that people are falling off. They're fine getting through the beginning. Weren't some of them. They say they're a little hotter but not enough that you can't get through but everyone has made it through whether it's came back in different story for people that they have done and I think through the facebook live. You get the pressure of everybody watching wanting to do it. Yeah everyone's donating money to do the next one because once every once the reaction of the way L. Nobody wants to the next one because now so bad. We've had hundreds of dollars raised just to get Brazil Next swing and so. I think that they're getting those comments doing for the children for Parker. You sort of guilt them into but wants pressures on you have to do it and so they know you're you mean well but we will make even more hilarious. When they're struggling so Batman so you've talked about how you've raised over thirty seven thousand dollars and you have a couple more of these left Really Finish up. May How can people watch and support so we have a fundraising page if you go to be I? T. L. Y. Slash. Donate to Parker. It takes you directly to the facebook fundraising age sort of the live talented. How much money has come in? We've provided sort of an overview of all the sauces that were using try each day through the month of May we've provided some sort of eight to try and keep it fresh or the nets spotlight on the sauces. The hot one show booze coming up next on so we make sure to share as a watch party now have had you understand how to make it lie so I think he would probably be able to find Ryan watched them. Yes if you consider that getting saucy Unreserved need you. Should be able to watch through that or find out watched through that by finding Ryan Healy shares. Yeah so so. Yeah if you're not friends with the people that are doing the actual eating the point of contact would be myself so it will Freida from me and then I gained risk that I will do a baseball watch already. Anyone that that's friends with me can watch everyone else. That's doing it. It's really cool. What you guys are doing then you know. Hopefully anyone listening to this can support some of these last couple of challenges. So they can you guys can hit your fifty thousand dollars goal. I'm planning on doing sort of a wrap up last go round on June so I figured that all let let everyone goes through. May Oregon some some. The last alien money from that led hopefully back riding. I'll go and sort of give a recap what we've been able to do through this and repay my debts to everyone as I have these sauces and and I have actually made sure to buy a few that are actually hotter than the bomb so that will really feel like they got their money's worth and Ivan because through this. I definitely put the pressure of saying Moore sauce to everyone even even if it was like bathing in sauce. I would say hey. There's a little bit of chicken noticeable there so it's more sauce onto. It'll come around to me but until then amounted on rushers and everybody else. Yeah sounds like you're due for some come up And also that you are a glutton for punishment for sure you know it's been so incredibly successful you know. How do you follow this up? And what comes next? Question is just having somebody. The other day about can be hard to kind of replicate this every year. Maybe every five years trying to come up with a new type of event to try to do a big fundraiser again. So I know that there's little things we've done in the past last year. That was the first year that we hit truly not about native team has tse awareness day in the month. Of May. I had done at my school. Just a gene say hat. Stand kind of promote. Tse on what it was without a very local level in just two are in immediate. Facebook friends will community. So we'll definitely joins me every year. I think it'll be more going forward than we have in past since we're still near the spot definitely look for something every five years. Something big is common at. I think there's a potential to do. Nearly I mean there's thousands the hot sauces out air. We can definitely switched to lineups. So we'll see. We're sort of just enjoying this sort of getting facebook notifications each time. Another donation comes in and makes you feel good so or sort of enjoying this. Not Looking too far ahead in the top in the future. Were very pleasantly happy and surprised all the same time with with how far this is gone so enjoying well hopefully sometime in the future when all of this is passed maybe we can have like a live in person hot wings eating contest at one of our locks or something. That would be great. We didn't joy that hopefully we'll have some insight on what to eat not to eat and what can really raise money if you pressure people in the taking a horrible or hot sauce. We at the lines are so appreciative of your creativity and all of the funds and more importantly the awareness you've raised of Tuber Sclerosis. So thank you for everything you're doing. It's it's really really cool. Yeah thank you Dan we are. It's been great View and we look forward to continuing to to get involved with the GS alliance and helping where we can joining where we can. It's been a great community that we've been able to govern my thanks again to Ryan and Andrew for taking time to talk to me as of right now. They've raised over forty six thousand dollars through their getting saucy with Parker be fund raiser with one day left in. May help them crush their fifty thousand dollar goal off. Share the link to the fundraiser in the episode description because of fundraisers like bears and the incredible generosity of the THC community s alliance has raised over one hundred thirty thousand dollars during our TSE awareness. Month of carrying. This has been truly incredible in. There aren't words to express how grateful we are for all of your support. During these tough time you truly have kept us. Tse strong stay tuned for a final social media as lions president and CEO. Cari Lutheran prospect makes good on her promise and shows her gratitude in a way. You don't WanNa Miss and don't forget you can continue to access all of our covid. Nineteen information on our website at www dot Lions Dot Org backslash covid Dash Nineteen. That'll do it for this episode of TSE now my thanks again to our sponsors Greenwich biosciences Novartis Pharmaceuticals UCB INC up here Spitz laboratories and Mallon crop wherever you're listening. I hope you're staying safe staying well and staying. Tse's Straw thank you for listening to TSE now. Our theme song is take charge by young presidents. You can find all our episodes add. Tsa Lions Dot Org Slash Tse. Now thanks for listening.

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Zwischen Notbremse und ffnungsexperimenten

Was jetzt?

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Zwischen Notbremse und ffnungsexperimenten

"The hollow has common zero gets dinar. Podcast onside online. A moon talked in spanish maps. Here's all pflueger ishbel lies. Yuba d to sign and orlands militia dab lender under whiter want you to install a title of it s my deny. It matures peer wooden. Martin does it here in moore. Math mitt megabyte sending matt to fasting hard to get them. We get the on. The house minister linen on minister. Who rotten uber sank soon. Plant is the f- few minutes here on pre type potato conflict in the eat rice from even twelve a movement in the anger foreign sites dim put. I'm asking people gets us military invites. I'm getting fluent protested. Foreign beslan wound up by loud activist and is not mentioned Tooted puna stocks up your on city. Who is of Fluke from kuban dodged columbia one none in ireland storm. He politically car insurance voter crown. See tas noise mickley to spoon. Bonus tax and fantomas and sunseeker gobs into some hung gate. Listen austin here as chun doo swollen by that city who politico and by the bonus tax volume september to see nightmare candadian tuneless recent. Podcast is were. These are podcast. Workers antion dell technologies delays. Galas fajitas business within effort knowhow onto viseu buckeye. Fna stanton fawn pizzas server on bacteriology bisson so cloud on financiers land soviet competent latin inforce onto del ponte de slash. Kyw am who've but i baritone is people on a enrichment and is in custody in demo. Fun kona locked. Newton controller alan gobs into two expertly minta invading some bash atta for to show on the muscatel uncontested volume on stock volumes. Even not fans audience. Ooh lesson we can undefined. Shuttle gabriel as a few hidden. Alba street off shawn under him in on uninspired mutter allow lender wounded. That's being used as my did site for moody. Disorder competes yet in fact signs into. Let's shorten light. Cited four hundred moon on hundreds for bender. Mayor rahm experiments deedee cut Haba once besson's beside you buddy insects getting lund for the hunter vice illinois at monza dot and team hollow. Hey orla yet. kite year. Had the vans does diesel. Tuna molson have not disasters limousine and its vajna and help them. Because i can sign to see texas stratus could it's crime. S these incidents. Bet one hundred actor edged. I got a heater for her side. On film ties put sent as vendor survive tackett highest despite the style versus just shut up in fizzle beat abides by not as well biden's high fun by volume to be de laviolette ones on the first center infix asthma. She didn't aucoin deduct all the actor. Looking the relative foolish lesson ford. Nazi incidents nissan responds. It's often flight. So minnesota via infant only soc navy monthly and skipped connecticut via tests and then cloudy late. Vail mendez de scared follow and sudan as visits often intensive sooners fire decided to english that so few and dust fun atmosphere negotiate con ed vinik stab at in from naturally and five infant gravity lighter in schools as physical harm on allah undermine him naturalist neutral rethink yet on pam tessin. Cad hoffman within infect zone. The unless gannet foreign does highest in front van at being after intensive above administration exponentially blackstone harm if v niche on relied zied side percent and often intensive still off. It had such dying. It's as unita's push lawson the counselor and huchon then. Light off on is on with pens. Mohammed took through in mass nam from genoa vessels. Andy dot so as we will also until cantalamessa behind russia and listeners. We have michigan. Russian vaccine does decide a fellow. Mit valley unterberg vitek steamers tots. Alana's nnamdi timeouts gotten. England does asthma lockdown. I n them lest abba. But i z. To hoffner was be at strategic. Nate us smile. My noise reactors that so quickly tab does ati info vanish unfurling also abbott with an anchin relative to mosman paul. Does we. don't talk on todd soclean. don't you ellena ghanim on sandstone. Dow fogarty dissatisfied. Tells them i don sponsorship fest on does does this is even gets gets. Vr as got some s often optional. W bomb does he go here you. That's what kids for. Swift told common zips income of your dozens of infamy to among its army lush. At the moment it's conflict dot com becomes. That's in china didn't z. For by each fingers wodc asian had already shackled goldens of that so largely fiber on the garden hoof. It's pseudo bellini's the big by you shut talbot. Ewing's is not a platform calendar. Does that unrestrainedly arousal by. I don safina hyderabadi income plan your in dodge lance also agnes is immanent infancy schmitz circuits five hundred linen on for meals off ganesh again i believe via does it will help could. Then let's daughter stevie and dodge lunch blitzen asthma after his on shaft bloomer d done. I'm end muka visors. Who are dependent me in schisms. Failing uncon- thumbed also is cleared mir yet andrea boom. I'll stay on that side. How v istana too often woman for tired of david. This is gone so far enough to fourteen skipped university and it was an institute has a folklife taught them for fair and the matt's by four stand skipped over Coif on instagram comas x. Yarden emf owned off the lenham at home income russian lender and find outside few coma. Six media from these doesn't delenda mcneil the zanu income for food side. Come a few million on internet tonight. Initative it differs with doesn't seem to restart kovacs when diesel and ends combined media zepa. There's a stacked wellish stunt couldn't get sooners naturally kubat meet us under an individ- foot of had stanford in philosophy pondimin. Even i needed linda. Relative schnell in pompon infant under the is the s in the nuba hoped for sheet of zolt front. Zag epidemiologists is it. What god infused lennon global sudan's tummy and kenya vs and for the of as they needed a good sign. That's least these gucci garnish tests and kernan one. Gita from austin mentioned blew him too much in little deloyed infancy at far epidemiology sang. Wendy infamy niche scans masika pushed and is thus ideology beach and viewers motor onto to advocate illinois. Who had on lord addition immunizations internet viewers. Edm to experiment. Fit gets almost isn't immune to house to calm the situation. One hundred will lead to show. Foci amalgam lender t mass nam gigging dependent on glacier dolphins and violent even or win organisms on monday by the managed to let's say folk comforting armour jets mukhlis on ganz got seen talk of often. That sean superfood in deutschland dot sims of of vietnam mangan gibson taught sim viga schmila impeached off in anger. Linda linda to binds zinsou. Become ed you give to sean. I must choose on alcott. Dortch land tom. They're their stock to begin their funding meaningless illiterate heat. Push worn on him. Wrangler stick initative. Dish provides event habit. The wrong solter does give you some minutest indian vertical amazon lenders who fought image of inclusiveness from tune yet by india writing linda's physique yet harm it's good for she you. The bizarre act would often congressional and lennon but under couldn't bush was seeking gambia. Don knapp abba momentum to answering cuisine. Espn will be focal emphasis on default along the out of it or his desire to get a snitched initiative the hampshire book tour untracked tight depending me the potential of our product initial impact off. Dvd fifty became from vancouver annoyance in of verts. Dammit under the film and mia and beleaguered often here in can as policewoman tan on and africa sponsor invasion the osteopathy in east eighty percent com. Thank you andrea alice. Cloud does vast yet undies. Motor morgan ordina talk and the organic updates maids conditioning vacillates that site e even only pflueger choose on business come and some forbidden seattle's see argon.

dell technologies Galas fajitas del ponte alan gobs minta Shuttle gabriel Mayor rahm Tuna molson de laviolette soc navy Vail mendez asthma ed vinik pam tessin huchon cantalamessa Yuba hoffner mosman paul todd soclean
TikTok Reportedly Selects a Bidder  DTH

Daily Tech News Show

07:35 min | 1 year ago

TikTok Reportedly Selects a Bidder DTH

"If daily tech headlines Helps keep you up to date. You could support the show directly check out the description Democ a one time donation. Now is the time to act on change I'm on Hutchinson, and in this new podcast, are we talking to leaders companies across food finance technology and more to learn about the triumphs and challenges of inspiring company-wide commitment to inclusion you won't want to miss these incredible conversations with people who are leading the charge to create sustainable change for inclusion in their companies and within the communities they serve subscribed to time to act for free on apple podcasts or wherever you listen. Know. These are the daily tech headlines for Monday August thirty, first twenty, twenty I'm rich drop Alina. CNBC reports that according to sources tiktok elected a bidder for its operations in the US New Zealand and Australia with deal that could be announced as early as September. First however, over the weekend talks parent company Bite Dance and those that it would need a license from the Chinese government to sell Tick Tock to a US company as the company uses artificial intelligence technology as part of its recommendation engine on August twenty eighth. The Chinese government published an updated technology expert lists that requires a government license to export technologies for recommendation of personalized information services based on data analysis. On August twenty eighth at terminated the developer account of epic Games with all remaining epoch titles now move from. The move comes in response to epochs violation of Apple's APP store guidelines, regarding inept payments and epochs ongoing lawsuit as ruled by the Judge in the lawsuit epoch secondary developer account, which manages it's unreal. Engine is still active while the legal proceedings continue. EPA game sent emails to android users meanwhile, nothing that they can still play the new season of fortnight using the epic games APP for Android, and they can access it from Fort Dot com slash android or from the Samsung Galaxy store epic says fortnight users who already the game on Google play can continue to play through the current update. But because these three battle pass wrapped up on August twenty, seventh players can't progress further the battle lab duos and limited time game modes are also a no-go for Google play users. NETFLIX's launched a watch free site with the selection of original content that can be watched by anyone without an account content includes a Pre roll highlighting Netflix's offering and previews to sign up for Netflix, after the show is over, this includes the first episode of Netflix, original series like stranger things love is blind when they see us and grace and franky as well as movies like bird box murder mystery, and the two popes watch free is available on desktop android browsers, but not on IOS or smart TV's. Protocol reports, comcast is pursuing plans to offer its excellent setup box operating system to smart TV makers extra powers the company's xfinity cable boxes, as well as a Roku streaming box called flex comics. Cable already is some x one hardware and software and charter says it's negotiating licenses well. Excellent isn't just for Cable Service though it runs third party apps like Netflix and Youtube. Google. FACEBOOK announced that they will revise their proposal for the Pacific Light Cable Network, Undersea Internet cable to no longer include Hong Kong setting privacy concerns raised by the trump administration. A revised proposal now calls for the companies to run cables through the Philippines and Taiwan in June the US, justice? Department. Asked the FCC to deny the link to Hong Kong. Walmart announced the sale of two of its online brands shoes, dot com, and it's lingerie brand bare necessities the private equity firm critical point capital acquired choose dot com while bare necessities will go to the Israeli apparel maker Delta Galil industries although items from both brands will still be available through Walmart's third party marketplace site. Walmart sold its MoD cloth- clothing brand back in October entered jet dot com earlier this year according to sources speaking to Bloomberg Walmart isn't considering selling any of its remaining ECOMMERCE sites. Medium CEO EV Williams out several updates to the platform customer means are returning from the platform which were previously available but have been paused since twenty nineteen. The company also revamped its newsletter offering with an editor similar to medium story editor support for scheduled, sending and customize subject lines as well as a new landing page with statistics available and medium profiles cannot be customized to give individual blogs a more unique look. Google announced a new mode for android tablets called kids space, which rides a kid friendly features, content Andy you Y as well as parental controls. Kids space will include a customizable avatar offer absolute dedicated make play read and watch tabs with parents able to add absent the Google play store parents can manage kids space through Google family, Lynn Cap the first device with kids space we'LL BE LENOVO TAB ten, H G gen to with more devices planned to the future. Samsung preordered for the galaxy m fifty one in Germany. The six point seven inch phone offers an old screen with an unnamed eight core processor six gigabytes of Ram one hundred, twenty, eight gigabytes of storage and seven thousand, million power battery, the M fifty one. Is a thirty two megapixel selfie camera, as well as a sixty four megapixel main camera, a wide angle macro and depth sensing cameras on the rear. The phone starts at three, hundred, sixty euros and chip September eleventh. And finally, Motorola announced its first five G. Phone for the US market the Motorola one, five G., the device includes a six point seven, inch ninety hurts full HD display snapdragon seven sixty, five G. processor for Gigabytes of Ram, one hundred twenty, eight gigabytes of storage with micro SD expansion a five thousand million power battery a three point five millimeter headphone Jack. An NFC the front of the vice has dual whole punch cameras with sixteen megapixel main an eight megapixel ultra wide while the rear. Has. Four cameras a forty eight megapixel Pixel bend main camera an eight megapixel ultra white a two megapixel sensor and a five megapixel macro with an integrated ring light. The phone also features a power touch slide bun with a fingerprint reader that can be customized with different functions based on how it swiped tapped the Motorola when five G. will be solter at and T. and verizon, which will offer special millimeter way. Variant Motorola. Didn't announce exact pricing but said it would be under five hundred dollars. Remember for more discussion of the Tech News of the day subscribe to take new show at new show dot com. You can find shown on there and links to all these headlines there as well. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next time an from the center at Dillard's headlines Remember. Have a super sparkly day. This is a cast recommends every week we pick one of our favorite shows and this is one we think you're gonNA love. Let's get real have you ever wondered why adults are so obsessed with Disney I've seen. Park. Journalists, Carly Wiesel and I'm right new podcast very amusing. I'm discussing every story secret and Shenanigan I know to bring you an inside look at what's really going on there from secret spaces like Disneyland's private fifteen, thousand dollar dinner to surprising celebrity hot takes we're covering all of your curiosities subscribe to amusing Carlysle now on apple spotify or wherever you get your podcast. CAST is home to the big Wad gas from the US and around the world subscribed to this show and hundreds more now via cast or wherever you get your broadcasts.

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Ep 383 - Abolir Democracia, Pensamento, Imprevisibilidade

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Ep 383 - Abolir Democracia, Pensamento, Imprevisibilidade

"Wink at your seat. You still gaza mookie. Abedin's tune them. You'll see these would view there. Barrett mcdougal mr mainland. We've launched these polish gay. Her cement huma thunder yelm bought a souffle. You mouth ammo. No midway glad to will on building meet on the on the old mabuza some coercion. Lia the them to brad in the materials on success or traditions who says move farrell varada vehicle song expert at corley wall minty specify you get your stephen for rent safe said it waters son no site now. Cena fassi excited you start at dilma camera but a visa ashton tish to smuggle eat soup. Mitch welcome back to the ukraine koelnische. Pure she took abs. Ouch very much does it. You'll flew mao so much. Bessie brings his yes. Senior study in ashkenazi. Lamar grim kick him being seasick. Nickel little media. Present murata showing. You made a video of vice to this school choice. Measurements goals giver meted. Seen dea via saddam estimate danube gauche. You'll soon book. We'll see now. Summarize at nunc the city via no care. The sasia miso men's details. The miserable asks him with Intimate evita gsa civil would mesh and unleash because into seattle log. Slim castle lean-to's ers from brat. We're the official man's today. Reveal lacombe at abc's stabby episode them stiff. Got the scene. You you will squawking blueprint. A coral will squawk beween ucar income. You slowish still lopez some stop. Metro gotha at their minion nilton. Us you vm. Commuter apar- premie traffic complete off google. They come me stiff room to wash. Women push guests here usually machine. That is sewage. Moral ability to the briquet causes of tune it to imagine that assist foolish kazan pushed late. You as a recovering catholic assi vietnam. Open grand cordon to. There's as emmy fica so he's doomed. Blundell selena initial signing muchly val brick ilham sade be all l. on capitol. Depart the bill and say envisage adjective to say part of forty is in australia's weather shouldn't that much the miserable suburbs zillow prisoner stop. Mcconnell ecumenism zeke opinion with. Linda volley in the course. Tweeden's each bend you over cuba's on industrial you are nestle industry. I'm these adam. Avila abandoned skomer to vizanco schwabisch squeezing bond. That is complete on your. Is he a farmer's mr moon the completes east to the shop service gaza the cuza they spouse and their styles off from there so comfort your word intimate none of the renton league now. So can't premier motorsport visible really me and with bush fish filing more personal stop. Support it brandt offers you outage noida. Sokaia mika sedated munaf teach pro catholic around climate bash wash steals the galaxy. Pacelle goose gear more woosh. Aqua has his own garage graphic blissett nursing mall ring bustle disgruntled. Brandom them michelle. Men's eleven busey. Do you. You'll him into bank leave. Subdued minnesota's guests push shove stock bash. Them made them symphony toons. Instead of kim. Mostly some publicity tab. Many i which to move it jaffrey key mothers quizzes mice inch humana portola garage nest out not spotting no-ball gada trieste snowball offensive. Against avary you might include average. But he's still start sali's judy mary missing fish. The body in through the gained gave the garage. The kazak nnamdi bait also we know panicky and the gaza sivvy's mesh aqazadeh star inch sl Absolutely indeed sleep. Don't get it was accused. Absorb thing still car pulls out suitor car garage. He basketball technical saying magic. Noel car if leash demand luke dot me slash income absorb less or sarasin measles barrick guinea black iraq mitigate leaning cassava conclude that usually museum seasonal as cover komu thousand mammalian local seat. Sad mathiot afrin town do geo when lucy placentia merrily. Still leah schooners summarily. These snowville caramel hit reform. Marcia chapman mesh swine. The teams lives. Luke sound any special would mobile shark lenient. Clean bathrooms competing. You bring shame fodder. This seat was so bad auburn mayor this could. He does utah soup quitting. Do you think he mean it. S a melody care. And i'll see trip so launch ishasha q. Combustion better comb suit bell bellsouth slack. You live facilities. The suet wood-rot relegating. You'll see almost sports gashed gash. Meisel cath yes. Views soukous ashby assam. Giving to geico quiz used the key before at prevent staff really are michigan florida. Since you're you spell thank them. Winter stanic used years. Stunning views using tempstar. Stylish accused be fan per se. Us convince them starve. A percentage of internal karen with such wish. Masha mafia summarily mash was well then we do wish when the saab some paired she gone pulled from shaimaa walk since remove woke up. Caesar remember jessica's contributed orange. Half from your ac- benso sinker kenyon at buffalo. This means all panthera muthu native series also stem zone stems may have kit. Thank you mao this evening. A every cell parameters comes in you got to vote for judge modest saying f freaks out yet will use be made a mint and mall kit puckish michigan through of kabwari zimran sock on a usually neither should be nine nods socal bell can y'all mixed acidification published a passed murphy todd. The muslim sewage leasing eastern rashly. See that leap toward near these answers. Push in quintero. The hedgerow this keynote date image fair when sediment diminishment soy in boston will be. That way won't be some cmec. Woman comes ziadeh those father's mission we call the ball adamantly squarish nash to that city she our diverse thought towards medium leaders. Salaudi dement equal me. Et you blame the inkster branch soc yields these large and the solid not build economy quizzes. Asleep will soon with bush quizzes and which graphics meters manage muslim. Contact simple So swell us again. Econ conspiracy consis. Jeff spoke may me to josh dot gov views mental if he commenced a kia will be focused on after saw. S- clipped border. Yeesh they get yours. Kim beetle compete allegiant. Visualize theorem might as well move. Kid is troubled. Resolve containment food. Your quick and emergency gauche dumps nasty miserable drive. Solve getting good brands. There's two nevada the egypt Sewage in tv to control due to imprint recurs. Josh cintas com your source ganja saliva meaning stealing prisoners inquisitor. This team knowing oregon and music theory used to tradition allergic immune simple scarf all narrow scarf. See you deal to buy lauren. Gal wound down using using airport. Wasmund to whistle. Then then you in kizzee layish not push behram a decimal vish pretty professor. No not back. The bill are bassim. Minka lavery bill cement khushi not watch pat the via for example you pull some momentum of freaks yicky zone bond to passan. Sandra doorley skewed. Cdl democracy or pinson e. tim. Sarah abc's window darryl records be komo deeply to incitement carry on will. Mesh used to be a consensual. There are no am. I greenwich to be year. Milov coach the mysore completed the victim. Much give us a sawyer. Michelle mitch be too soon dish. The laws she could be a three mile equal. Mia you win. Believe luke warm are snowcapped ariza q-quarter-inch benesch sauvage in our men judge bills grave he. You're not jess some buyers. Mazey's lavar with some freak so he keeps shuffle. Far miso mench clarita begins which grants petroni's deletion valencia. So google facebook. My segment amazon. Sue is jewish and microsoft extra thick so kick provoke get inflict so moved us kicking bev loop sitting them your bell cement cook. But i am woman. Laura inco's vivo. Almost escorting seasons of insider with his image my few aged one include input on you and women can south. Barry one main input on you re key known barrick esi non you throw venous mander india s l. Know saiki the boys out that they usually kennedy colorado values quizzes but can park in the for the blue pill cement yet the believe mcwilliam to dish ticket the days when the lobby mills that elegant. Thou schimdt sowed students. Cvc machine is simply is safety. The ear sound at the end of using on the phone mean out that i keep coming cereal of scrap. Sent you inky abc's makamba dealer must certify in asia. Air ally mccoist dunaway again. Are we there. My commander kelly the jeep sumo cuisine. These are super boot. They will sue from lavar Entrepreneur quiz norstroms affront. Fundamentalism stems question. Meant as a patch in bush acres. Get more stem key. Google says of his work seizure genre getting should then them carrying pavilion not from console. Swirl nike stood console. Pull the views armageddon thuringia as you know inserm. By a moving in sorrow in issue as quizzes to mash gladisch aimed acknowledge from this imagine dow. Dan's mopey cpa bbc progressivism. Economy stems gpo silent. Three mckay. who's nerd will corrine. Corrine make you we can do. Has i'll end the freemen. Merge cd three kellett's you believe of dementia britney mal strive out when emol emol vis vowed this will have impo duma searcy archambault so complement toco cuisine. Sports to muir soclean air stanton as you so much patty economic if we trash plan our pro mundi to dissolve complete them into soon to q. Nauseam view but keep bush's position. Eve will qualify a key freak cell free excel airway sees air away and thus improvising live quote my previous vish forums mice loops them king. Sketch three union mike. Parisi forums s without who mantra. Bishop teams. aren't zoo in a skit. Google office woke van. When does not start getting teach. Yes indeed marfina so marchioness of mayor in town familiar at the quizzes claim or mental freak. So abe louis loudwar me some various quiz come sobbing away. Neue mother street to improve his be. Philosophy reached exquisite sugiman kadupe improvising. We have danish love you book this and sell it and him. Metaphors metaphors tournus men. Improvise evil eat muslim. The fast with measures that and moldau gupta comes from your moldau comprehend warming warming. My previous evil might louisville thousands of cement sequel seattle physical q. Luke mistrust somewhere comes salami for sma. Mimi injured darville. the sequel stillness in the mesh interval. Love the music. These two and impulsivity aylmer looks facile salad capital visuals. Negotiating previously screened. Glitzier dominion worst. Chrissy it each watched muslim engine wide politicized new year's swing skis skis. Begging the sound obscene. The mailman and that's gonna switch at. They carry treasurer. Thought this at the quizzes and tricia todor as potential facebook. Google we're not the mickens presentable complicit macaque monkey solter story. Mr maintenance am is external combining decifit huish alum bootcamp the sinkers prince yaroslav believer that so soda lever. That did extreme chrissy saving stallion from to defy mirror clenwar but danish happy. Tish partner in east timor. Simpson these younger. Southbound staff simple timo quiz saint inkling gwen wish saps epight by google facebook. A business gem lenient yours fasel mea culpa monte morris bishop assadi so what could use intel impolitely chrissy some investors rich quizzes for nessie s freaks cell s affleck soaking kim kia smash style notch at over at calixto statistic admit paris via summum messrs mundi makiya much competitive immense loose that but it'd comprise some tubes circuit torch statistic vacated by pennzoil it affect traffic to both cast emotional will fade. We've been much queens thing a lot of inside story. Could you know that thing. Father give israel's Advisories rotors views. Now does kamau to leave him. Guilty survive from now the quiz lead to the fema soins you smear dench fleming. Plumes was are comparison. Siaca foreman is group stain whim. A missile. kim converted to chant lijian vita ville staff. Simple briere kickstart on cnn or ceo toledo estimated some compete the visualize you simply mouth lativa. Sympathies yelled washer. Padania bloom at buffer mahfoud lewis. Human sake mcnew should Bills eliminate and see kooky optical risk being voca. The diversion can. There's not this year.

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Clare Connolly  REPLAY

Write with Love

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"<music> welcome to ride with love. I'm you heist. Sarah williams selling author speaker and creative entrepreneur each week. I checked too passionate conspiring olefins janey in creative writing some are traditionally published some himselves. Everyone's janney is different and everyone has something interesting to say. We all love love and love will be today's show is brought to you by our amazing fans and supporters unpatriotic. If you'd i'd like to help support the show and get some awesome bonus episodes very patriotic dot com forward slash. Sarah williams author to learn more now now. He is today's show. I'm sarah will young's roommate solter. An independent publisheh bliss shot at serenade publishing today on talking to hybrid oda clan connolly. Welcome to the cycler sarah. Thanks for having me no worries. You're very busy lady these days on. I am very busy but in the best possible way. Can you tell us a little bit. What about your journey to publication show so i have been writing since forever. I brought my full manuscript at fifteen and submitted a tremendous burden in his who i've always wanted to write wall and who i've always loved reading. It was rejected but i continued to rot read a lot of <hes> blogs. Even when i was in high school the internet had just become a thing which might sound very old but it was you know this great opportunity and to write about what you wanted to put out there and i i loved it and then we lived overseas and i continued to ride aimal working full time and but it wasn't until i was fine with my two little guys that i really <hes> wrote again in in earnest with the heart of turning it into a career <hes> when i say that i think they want <unk> <unk>. They didn't feel it. Realistic hopes it felt like a very very far away. I maybe sort of thing <hes> again. I started submitting to melbourne and had a few rejections from them which is very disheartening but the fact that it took six months to sort of get your rejection mentos already another book down the track by the time i got it so i was invested in something else wasn't as horrifying as allies vein and at some point i sort of when my daughter was nearly a year old and i was about to go off thinking about going back to work and a job that i really love. I i see stock and <hes> my husband said no. You really should sell population again that was sort of in two thousand fourteen where it had probably been so publishing and been around for wall but it was maybe added senate <hes> at i would say and i so published i i did. It and i really didn't think it's really because i just needed. I'd written this book so i was very initially. I use an amazon kaba creator an amazon image. We were <hes> <hes> single income with two kids so i end. This was my hobby so i didn't wanna put any money into it because it felt almost like a vanity project and so i didn't i did not thing thing. I didn't even have a facebook page for the first months. I did nothing to free launch myself by just published. A thing with amazon is a you can track you the to any of your listeners he joined you can actually track your sales pretty much in real time so you just refresh that graph all day long as you can see the lips going and about ten minutes after her went live. I sold my best book and just watching lord i._c._u. And i kept watching little dogs guy and it was you know wasn't selling huge amounts but we cannot i wake because probably selling twenty to thirty coffees day which to may was mind blowing because i'd written it with no expectation of that and <hes> yes that that sort of launched me into an indie career which was incredible unfulfilling but i continued to submit to muslim bone because that was my long-held l. drain and it was in twenty sixteen at the romance writers mistrial conference here in adelaide where i leave. It was right around the corner from my the house. I wasn't actually a member of you at the time but i signed up the conference and i each joe grant because i knew joel graham was and i thought rot got the opportunity for anyone not listening. I think she's had taught me something. I think she's executive head of acquisitions or aditorial head of aditorial u._k. Or something cute she's <hes> she used to work as a present setup so i think for <hes> a lot of great helical presents that's right anyway. I pitched her and six weeks later. One hundred two very young and of course it was actually at allied conference. I i me at the newbies so you've you've gone traditional now. We've got your deal deal with harlequin and i've gone the other way but the exciting i have because i say rotting mozambican has always been my dream very much seriously from more than half my life. It's been what i've wanted. I would have to say it's one of the rare occasions where dream has excelled <hes> my expectations. It's been everything and so much more. It's been absolutely an incredible experience in every way but i'm still gonna tow in my envy stop of slut dan how many any indie book second release in a year but i'm still very came to keep connecting with those ratings of mine who <hes> who have been with making the beginning and who raid digitalize align leeann at k._u. Is too yeah so with harlequin your doing the dayline isn't it so that's the quite steamy erotic science going to tell us more about the look at that this soup stadi- very sexy but they office wilmer mills a boon romances so they are a lump story and i said that to everyone <hes> yes. They're quite hot that they're not erotica the romance roddick. I'm there's a there is a distinction there so you can come into these books expecting everything you love about about mohsen. Birds are that beautiful escapist romance fantasy tension angst while written tightly edited with happily ever after but just a lot more sexiness and graphic sexiness and a few swear words to which is quite <hes>. That's a real twenty-first-century rada saying they is long as it's true to rely rate is quite enjoying that slowly in his whole contemporary isn't it. You don't do anything historical. I'm i'm putting in a historical because never say never thought at the moment i my published work is <music> at a great contemporary rabbits fantastic and so you're still riding a little bit for fifty publishing. You still doing a little bit on your line. So is that different from the things you submit to harlequin probably the very similar because of the way it'll it'll work for me i was i was really writing the kinds of books that i was hoping to submit and get published with halloween as an indeed so i did got a little bit off the reservation but not huge <hes> say neither that i'd say there's a lot of overlap and it's interesting to nickname now that i'm with milton berle i mean i realized that a lot of my rate is from the early days i di- hod boonies in love them and boone's and i obviously read my books recognize that they're quite similar in the premise in the promise and so they'd come across to me as indy which really lovely i then you know of course there's a different process to it and <hes> yeah and you you still design your uncovers for your andy published and i love that that's why i was a real. <hes> you go in school allowed aiways <unk>. I told myself h._t._m._l. I love do my own website. I love to less staff and it's yeah it's a real pleasure to make a switch off my rotting brain and switch on my graphics frame and it's something that i can do when my husband and i are watching a movie. I'm we find at the moment. You know what it's like. When you've got young kids we buy tend to work off to dinner because that's just the way we have to shake out workdays. At the moment i am so he'll be doing stuff and i'll be beside doing my stuff and it's but there is something romantic in that. It's everyday romantic because at least when together chatting with sharing a laugh about stuff but it is. I can't wrought obviously while the t._v.'s it will the t._v.'s on but i can do my covers so i i do not incur with them. Yeah extent and you've been with your husband longtime heaven jason seventeen or something we would two weeks two weeks only met i i it was a long time ago. Yeah so you've got your ryan urine saint joe love story which fades into your rising lovely yeah he's part and it's nice because we have been such a long time and we've we've had all the fun and traveled the world in dental this album we've sort of growing up together whereas i know a lot of people get together quite young congr- oh pot and that's fine too because you have sort of relationship experience and move on and find someone else that we're very happy and he's lovely excellent and sorry for your harlequin that obviously polokwane would promote your books quite quite well like his four year where you finding my c._e._o. Sales are coming from the international world based stralia. It's old different. 'em so what does is rockets are leaning toward able some more toward print books. <hes> <hes> and i think the great thing about category romance is that it does tend to be this range of sales where you get the books come come out within a month will generally so a set amount and that's just the way it is they get their location in shots quite permanent <hes> their assad in some wilmots putting them near the register selected titles which is obviously an incredible place to be magazines that if you there you can just they are not <hes> so america is probably a big mockup four mozambicans and south but then so as the caso is a strategy. It's all relative. A mills rosenberg actually sells every four seconds around world wow so you they're huge behemoth of publishing. They are there. They've been around for such a long time. I'm the kind of the tried and tested model now. They're doing something right. What i've done is releasing that. I think i think about these facts brought in the lead up to world war two general publishes they published everything and then with the advent of war to pentecost became so expensive they they could only publish what was naturally wobble woman and that was wri mets they knew that in especially <hes> and i was reflected on this yesterday that you know particularly when there are bad things happening in the world people turn to good things like romance things that made them feel good that that are escapism <hes> that's gonna bulky down in too much <music> grief all eggnog going to promise you that nas up lifting feeling at the end so i found fascinating was actually more generalists the they <hes> the financial reasons moved into romance and they just <hes> the leading a mess publisher world now. That's fantastic so i think even for us who are in days. There's there's certainly something to learn from the model and to see what they're doing and they've been around for a while. I don't think they'll be going anywhere given a key say they selling so well and so many people do love the remnants and i think as well. The great thing about moses boone is that they they catch you know within emails have been there so many different sub genres. You've got your love inspired annual nocturnal and you've got your presents in your cherish. You've got if you want to read a romance where the couple intimate together at all but i've got a line for that if you wanna raise their internet but you don't see it as a line for that intimate and you do see it that's what iraq fool fool with <hes> muslim been sexy or halloween presents and then for the really really unite twenty-first-century <unk> rating habits says now dare which i think um on those boone has shown again and again if they really good at keeping up with rita tastes and and i think that the dan line very well yeah <hes> of it's fantastic and i know you are very fast writer so tell us how many books are you getting out a year. She weighed count like show. Why am accounts rizal and i am. I didn't used to be so. I suppose you could have trained myself to be fast and it's owning of actually toyed with the idea of doing just pleasure is either writing a blog about this or doing some kind of thing because i do think that everybody can learn to bake foster not that i think it's the only way to rot <hes> but if you want to be faster i think there are things you can do <hes> so i write a thousand words in twenty minutes so i ended up can do three thousand in our block and that's consistent for may i but in order to do that. I have to get myself into the head space so i do. I make sure that i've read up to where i'm at so i'll wait out in the last thousand words of my story before. I sit down to work so that used to be if i was at the gym in the morning i would have it on the treadmills. Las twenty minutes on soda spend just quickly ratings <unk> so that by the time i sat down my computer. There wasn't any time wasted getting back into my characters mindsets literally guard. I also find reading my book rat before i go to bed so i always email a copy of my kindle and arrayed arrayed facility ten minutes before i fall asleep say that i don't know if i have nice on speak basis for this but i feel like it in my mind or not so that when i wake up in the morning joining a quarterfinal trying to rot before the kids get up and it's ready to go. I'm itching to guy like it's like my brian has just been instead of seven not an unlocked and lighted the what's the next morning so my my rising spade has probably come out of the fact that writing at the time when i first started doing really well as indeed indeed my daughter was one and a half and my son was maybe stray and you know it was very hard to get rotting time and so i needed to make every minute applicable count <hes> and now writes <hes> presents and desa two different mills and boon minds and also in my inbox say yet so it's consistent remain around the year well. So how long does it take you to finish writing a category. Do things yet i also i should say as well that i i prefer to rot loss when i rot last. That's how i feel it better so i feel i ride them page really quickly so it's not easy when i'm in a book monotony because it's all i wanna do wake up and i ride and then i juggled things through the diana ryan and i wrote at night and i pretty much like my husband will come to bed at midnight and be like i thought you went beds. Reality guard <unk> sneaked out with today's writing but i i i sort of wanted to wait but with that being said there's a lot of guys before that and a lot of energy that happens often the the actual just get it a first draft <hes> which can often be quite different looking to stop a lot to get it out of twice as i can and do you scrivner or a microsoft wet or is there something years ago. I'm i see the appeal of not and <hes> and i've got friends who use it but i for what i wrote which is very linear. I tend to think that's what what's fine for me but i'm also i'm a product. Have you know i wrote the first probably twenty of my books on a computer that my husband both i._d. Dulles secondhand from his office. I'm very well. This is what i thought said is tout. Wax could begin to bought my systems and get back up. It's fantastic so obviously we saved about romance writers of australia how we both made it that so did you sign up and join i did i did and it's one thanks when now i'm i say it's a do do as i say not as i did because i didn't join the other way and i and i can't complained because i still manage to do what i did but i can see now how amazing it would have been to have this support beforehand so yes amazing organization. <hes> i seven eight hundred members <unk> quite big granite is about seven hundred now facebook group but you know there's lots of support award for wherever you're at in your career at it's very nice to the people who have been around for at really successful times bestselling oh u._s._a. Today take the time to come back and sort of mentor and give the benefit of their experience to new authors so really lovely community to be a pot of that special. Yeah it is a will you be going to conference sierra in sydney. I will be going this year. I'm i'm really looking forward to it and <hes> <hes> one of the reasons is that i'm so kate. Kate gopher hate raisins kathleen sheet ling who is the executive editor of the dan line is coming and met her and seeing she has to concentrate on a lie of my books. I feel it'd be nice. At least you don't have to pitch to either. That's right peach for fun. You could so what if he coming out next i i have got <unk> out at the moment is my muslim van der which is called off limits and that's a february title sorry in stores. Now i have a wedding wedding not surrender which is a muslim boom presents or sexy which is out in eight and then i have another muldoon day in may <hes> which is called birmingham once and in the meantime i've got better. He's innocent. Mistress which is an indian combined which actually comes out on the in sixth my wedding anniversary happens congratulations go lucky lots of things going there and if anyone's senate yes released neck at the moment which is really nice and then on i should have looked toward the end of the erika matz coming out then but i know there are things that you you seems like you've got subaru. You're waking on at the same time of safe you can put them out that often than people might have to wait and we know how veracious ships raymond's rate is us i did. You've got that method downright. That's anything i love as well about. Motza burn is the books that are coming out now books arroyo along time ago really in the scheme of thinks or feels like that so they you know they're <hes> the lead time is very different and ah tonight i've got most of the books that will come out for the rest of the <hes> either original in editor oriels so i'm i'm through the rotting that now i'm concentrating on what i'm rotting next year yeah oh well. That's incredible us such inspiration to us clear. I'm just i'm going to take cool cooled back now and think okay. Gotta get my writing estate up. That's brilliant. I as i said everyone's different so i've got really really good friends. Who are you know a thousand debt consistency. One thousand words a day is more than enough yeah and you've obviously go the stories you not lacking for any story ideas this. I've got a big night book full of quick thoughts as they come to me and my mind is jabbed with nights full of ideas and then i just did the bat ah during the matt as you would know and making sure the plot will go through the whole balkan and writing it yeah absolutely well thank you we can we find you online so i have a website which is commonly dot com so c. l. a. r. e. connolly with two ends into els or i'm on available on all the social media's with at clare rats lau. Thank you so much clear. I really appreciate you coming on the show today. Thanks thank you. Thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed the sharp. Jump into my website. Sarah williams both at dot com. Enjoy my mailing to receive free preview of my books lots of other inspiration. If you liked the show i'm wanted to continue you can become a sponsor you just a couple of delays a month great patriach dot com forward slash sarah and remembers of follow me on facebook twitter in instagram dime to subscribe to my youtube channel and lever view of the podcast. We'll be back next week with another loved up your beside by.

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"<music> welcome to ride with love. I'm you heist. Sarah williams selling author speaker and creative entrepreneur each week. I checked too passionate conspiring olefins janey in creative writing some are traditionally published some do it themselves. Everyone's janney is different and everyone has something interesting to say. We all love love and love will be today's show is brought to you by our amazing fans and supporters unpatriotic. If you'd i'd like to help support the shot and get some awesome bonus episodes very to patriotic dot com forward slash. Sarah williams actually more now now. He is today's show get. I'm sarah williams romance solter. An independent publisher ed serenade publishing today. I'm talking to you a site today. They selling new zealand also he writes contemporary <unk> in montana. Welcome to the show leanna malkin good to be easier. I really appreciate taking the time today on now. You've got a busy schedule. I'm so can you tell us if you also janney start. How does your punish my sisters folk teen age among books some foolish i since the person encompass purpose should have twenty five oaks at a year and a half ago signed up my full time roles and exclusively russia which which is wonderful songs. Joan huge has not gone rushing at five thirty two more than a blessing to scold inane. Incoming <unk> has teenage knowledge join winky's don matsuo jammed montagne rush plus. It's been amazing journey excellent and have you always wanted to be thorough. You hit a a day job before that will be very often. It was awesome when i was when i was doing x. My business studies degree extra merely may say i want that christmas break which which is analogous reich. I would skate piles of most votes. Honestly i would not probably fusty nelson bugs and not to take myself with the reading romance because journey euros reading management teeth and books on contract law or just needed some light relief. Thank me and my self conscious about rushing always thought like everyone else walker do a change which was an eas. I thought god to don't she wrote this through saints book cut it into a roommates rudge's museums competition because i didn't know if i could watch and i got really good faith baked <unk> children and lots of has moves aimed different job saw <unk> make anyone tune forty conduct bank on the last fifteen years nassau we did they gong and i don't want the knicks teen years to is quickly not achieved one thing that i wish i'd done when i was eight so i decided that one would be writing aid. I'm sorry michael was right one book into someone enjoy. It wasn't mom day. I might have five years i in a house gone to achieve as a technical boxes fox's h year on the model annual places <unk> doubting giants that have forty nine now on a lot of books original <unk>. My mockeries changed completely done scottish and you're giving to full-time. Which is the drain hung. I'm self publishing as a combined signs of my bryan. You've got you created some. I got the col- marketing promotions businessage sorry. Are you gonna find a fine line between balancing sides. What's age disney not meet some really neat people so he's right. That's excellent so you'll books rotation montana in the u._s. How how did that come about because you are in new zealand to last year out of montana so well when i was russian which is the bulk of the montana bronze series and character gracie when i started washing even wants to cede rach watch watching non librarian and one of my i got my suit boca's library in advocacy was from new zealand and she's gone to she wants to find booths a <unk> montana while she didn't actually google may be sure day huge each and i just might is lead straight to montana. Nevada didn't know anything about it well. We're best montaigne anyway. We clicked on google. Immensly sure we sold bonds minutes. We're day was and it was great because she didn't know anything about ranch on the design. I didn't know what tale from the obama that would just shameful coming from new zealand <hes> after i brush i had gracie story. The atas evolved age. I actually before age that seed in stride yet and use theon in our change. The environment the whole blade scott to montana entire age zeros excite so you actually have been to montana now was it everything you expected by wall was really need caused was. I did a lot of research about morten age inch. This was not stephen at your major nice asia in straight day you on science fiction movies. We have people that have gone to a different reality will base line. Can i walked into a bookstore and durant on familiar. It was long confidentially are mainly before i hated. It was the thing that argues for one of my books for immolate humilation at one of the girls partake session partake down to the last thing i hit china since i'd say it's a level all spread out but not a but yet the cowboys i found a couple of cowboys <hes> but will work crews dog stage during the wait sorry that was voted <unk>. That was good. We do like cowboys. I write rural as well sir anything with cowboys's michael pitchy. He cowboys are defined a cowboy onto dry yet fantastic. I succeed. Tell us about you series. You've got four different. Series of books is an overnight characters pop books on for for instance one of the places we gracie. One of the places teens to communal k._f._i. To confront and bosnian assam <unk> angel works fine in the ninety bounties cheese so she he's eating food for cairo's <unk> story at nine books launcher in but she pops up on each of the box gone through little kenyans and mean just as the state family are another another books in frames and frames two out of the box so not only to religious side what i try to do is out of. I decided to savant my books into four series rather than just one series because i wanted to give my raiders but different in some even are the station is assigned a these characters <hes> the montana bryans continued remains <hes> mm-hmm age the night club which is a follow on series. Today's <hes> as continue primates demonstrated near an in an emerald like billionaire series decided by the style wants to clean and private values h._p. Really nice mean gene aid because i want to believe books are quite alpha mile in not stakes day. Sorry these are just really sweet omar that there. Here's a little bit of seeks bash. Any mon- series is more a major sustains. Marei has learned that family that the <unk>. I keep waiting because i give them some difference. Don't just strike team pre romains. That's excellent so yet if they want a little bit of suspense go one way they like swayed the guy the on that that's it's brilliant. I have read several of your books. They are really really brilliant. Just couldn't put them down. What i found is that even people that zero reduced. Are you gonna speeds joy reid he'd stole my speech isn't a procedural procedural. Meetings speeches wash hero hero hero heroine hitting someone chase them saw darryl site. The site is roy made so many good excellent. That's great and i love how you because you keep them. In bozeman it creates that community in the friendship between the characters is a really love how that plays out now married a couple of one series of the folks ninety augie marriage <unk> backdrop to story. That's going on folks on talk with with nine on a young go caleb <unk>. Who's africa chair drains a she's a college student song got off to weeks. That's also building your end of the world and say tell us about your ridesharing. Thank you a fast rising to this many books out already talking on fast on just determined aim some. I'll i try to unlock as wounds die. <hes> i can do two thousand and he's nor reason why i couldn't do three thousand by thanksgiving my wife today's margolis lucius <unk> that <hes> cheetahs ongoing cyrus being the faced ninety five minutes of the diary raiding pres arch in making idiots in just stop for me. Tommy books finished <unk> copy until i put it through rains mccomb they want maybe the <hes> he saw it so i would i would do about two thousand probably about five hundred leads acetates for as a russian in i do not a week with our top touching movie <unk> advocate donate for awhile and held hell value eating priciest while he went off finished the manuscript i going through it myself in arranged for talk child because quite often how russia's russia the hulk bruin scenes and i i'm used micro hikes sixth floor structure is aimed donate in the after every food check to review scarring ifan stone trait fucking need brian wakes earth <unk> golf in a different direction. I see it's it's the story some of the tom maggie to clean copy. I'm hedy with the story lan. <hes> cheek and mom is your age. She's my i saw you're such as wonderful because she picks up one day. She does a first rate. She picks up woods that mind ryan his undeveloped areas of the story that <hes> maxine studio she used to rain summoned 'twas. I know that it needs to be updated. Subject abc before or stallion you say he doesn't follow on pre sponges covered lanes the raiders sorry she they might lead us out in a framed cold design a seating structure aid. She knows as a bath will affect that rushing suck. I'm so she'll go through a just say was used to match or the teens might not be on your on your past. He's using an active student aid of wins so she does really place design us bishop. I got it all and that caused opinion has died eighteen eighty pineda's batch of americanisms so she makes sure that the tomb analogy sometimes the way in america's sites outline is different to how we would side even not to sign williams it's and she picks up the old alabama and i must which is great and she'll cirmac suggestions agents. She just had a suggestion boxes coming out next week to the aimed in the next story. Match <unk> sounds really commission aimed at <unk> zone excellent so it's just the two aggregate is slow. Smash wade's aggregate or amazon eight. Five stars czar ought to start using place on its quantity sante check because on a chocolate folks aged optimizing bake nation and your books to research new series or information workshop died edge tight tight to funds any <unk> no one else it could be circe so she's australian as well and you don't put your books in print that'll east <hes> although i news criticized entity honest the only reason actually published books and had vague <unk> titians where i needed to his ah quesion because i found they must have multiple my book so remote his evil <unk>. Thanks <unk> signs aches <unk> sunday. Mike's bicycles job straightaway fast <hes> cali. Do you want to count commercial with the dog. Outside goes so i use published. My books is pike bakes. Andrew creates spice the styles on your age months so <hes> but costs about one hundred twenty dollars for julie's for me to get a full compromise after our hid evoke <hes> on <unk> <unk> wanted to today this issue and i'll probably go to bed keno twelve fifteen. It needs to be done at a certain age. Eventually launched unacquainted more. Yes yeah well. You're doing brilliant ceos with just a books so tell us a little bit about how you get. Some die sales's book bob promotions russians. What are you doing there. While these things go i started on the right i ch- <hes> you just need to keep severo genus <unk> knowledge see <hes> and i it really came <unk> aaron's or a book. <hes> age <unk> hopefully tracked raise to sign up to newsday's on us eight and nine hundred sears <hes> i use. I think the publishing a book every three msa the mazdas really pulled hunt <hes> conservatives stop mentioned to forge terminent into the night. <hes> prey on is really on amazon <unk> to pre one of three months in advance smashed woods activities tehran thankful search sunday. It'll encourages people to order the next welcome series after we debacle biased so preorder hooky aren't widened guard age in exciting donkeys five thousand dollars. I want to start a mission to the last four finished in time son. I'm on <unk> facebook tossing outside. Thomas are places like eagle. Sarda robberies <unk> age <music> our free book book city <unk> succeeds just kate my nine appier in people's commission yeah brilliant. Sorry what you say. I see a sales come from the u._s. States <hes> age his accommodate sixty five siege <unk> hueys and battino <unk> australia-asia that team stage from yucai in about five succeed from anywhere else in rhode. Some spain go jumping to pass the salary whereas report talking before tim brought full-time amazing age afar mayday decision resigned from watch all. I wanted to actual rest styles. I hit a number of ibooks <unk> ethanol dan which is <hes> still page the the capability of day or it just making what did that's. That's a really great way of thinking about it too. <hes> yep don't give up your day job before so you can make that much money in your rushing last night at two hundred sixty dawson age in song <hes> uh-huh aside <unk> so are we to the roommate stock instead of the conference in being hit another trophy mind excited because <hes> because foul salary brian helps me northern during rush sung because i'll call the question for the future eventually <hes> yeah that's fantastic congratulations. Tell us about yours i._c._s. Romance writers to new zealand helping within my hit bay joined adjoin dot with a wide awake when i'll stay all when i i thought i was going i'm patty shut mates in rejoined bat two thousand to shame in two thousand fourteen patchy <unk> shang he started watching eva and presented company's gone age boss president of this this great age <hes>. We're gonna have some great conferences. Modern people wanted topsy checked <hes> some awesome people in some really really ross's rushie tori <unk> data and it's just a nice french off in it so nas awes- recharge your bedroom response among she got into meetings excellent. Have you done any of the workshops like <unk> until it called for when i grow up title cobblers ones conference cop leased garages self publishing one shot and it's fun <hes> <hes> when i was the library manager kalki loggers less sea ice <unk> jane sign we teach on people <unk> polish josh some days carrying on after ali which is great cheer because english does she. The knowledge with me is clock and help someone else to do that and i i am also a member of the romance writers of new zealand and i'm going to my fist w._i._n._z. conferences. Yes oh definitely come say hot and i i just love the facebook group unites so much sharing and support these toll puppy syndrome or anything like that <hes>. It's the same with australian as well. I just love heff acquistion oscars. It's great difference daij iraqi jouni even myself publishing these rogers who are on contracts of publishing houses without agents in theon trying to get these publishing contract song. It's really nasty buster free experiences yeah. Would you even consider going traditional. If you go to really not so i can clock down a united. We're not what the goals because they can choose thousand full-time south talking sharing will so on june eight nikon publishing contract which is restaged buddy windings wind it was that they are not gonna found agent in new york <hes> saadia age. She was singing madrid's. My facebook around publishing houses people interested not just ask the question which i should have asked these flies is how much does that is fun and she see about stolas plus. Extras infant sounds ira assume ranch on utah two of my friends for making some self publishing sean and i it dates jesse not interested on he'd be why are people fake age publishing so any last year <hes> <hes> <hes> australian politician house colon asked if i was interested until tournament and we really conversation but traditional polishing is quiet constraints you you can't publishable three months spies wants to hear writing months and the money from a book published study. I'd i take a south published. I'm ah than what opportunities for australian option ask. How has your good context. The americanized combat cash on consented because as senior back muscles that one wasn't fine wind really interesting conversation at each other's cannot often publishing extend their regret. That's fantastic. So what are you waking on. At the moment just punishable cool the next twenty weight age. It's aspects on tv series age. <hes> the balkan roger now on khanates the book for the vanities ears <hes>. I wasn't gonna handle foreign series. It was only going to be three books. Series spot are reaching the e._s. Force report from last year and i did a breakdown of <unk> faced considers fray <hes> how comedy books you need to impede published after eight to break even or make money by styles navy's inside idea major numbers four books in series an extra books. You're probably brian teed money and saw on decided drought folks. This year is not teratogenic professional. Mutually today's aids actually guarantees your own heroin onrushing as recommended until i got my brain kind of lax <hes> that song the macau design steamer narvik for constructions nations <unk> foisted spike nick series after the wire <unk> switzerland his i heroes heroes from bosnia and hate skunks banks. I'm really was real betis on the run as a gun finding treasure regime today <unk> j. I don't know what i'm doing so roy led siege montains michael. Hi getting a call back showroom. Laura shrink when the before trilogy animal second should agassi aston full book series <unk>. Spokesman receives an assignment gusting <unk> on bass. Laura combines from bosnian ties to you'll be. I mean all of your books anyway. You can just raid you don't and have to rate them in any particular order so it's probably and such just tell us quickly about your cover designer. Sorry you've got your branding done so beautifully. I just kind. I changed the pictures. I bought this status cavs myself now. Were very much what we say now except which faltered my name's deborah song song titan as three kings plus alison concerned shot a stall comes <unk> extortion gothic lots of places to find images and i decided that it was taller <unk> rauch creation camels 'cause i'm not a design trade very heavy on what i did is i found stay on massawa cover that he hit on so i contacted have made he took it at fought because i wanted to start a simple i wanted a found that would stained through with whatever iraq with qatif remains remaining sustained thrown what he wanted to go taking changes suburb <unk> four. Thank ak sign purchase on the phone for my age. I'm carrying on from the eventual removal when you when you connect carr's <hes> if anyone's watching remained at that age genre specific how cash saw instance continue pre roommates. You're looking at more softer history. Generally tasteless shines lose hinkle's soft drink accu gone towards a romantic speeches more easy callous brown's conference goals reads movie time so keep that in mind when you're choosing a covers argue with martinez series two of the books a multi priroda means that i do incendiary saddam's cavs brush than the other wines series so we state ta subconsciously negative differ fearful coming consensus for <unk> statement on vague for construction. He's amazing injury processed. Yeah that's fantastic tonight. Extent sorry <hes> we find you online flee when a fully on social media and don't leeann dot comb it reflects the book for number five on my facebook <hes> can may may yes could unlike hearing for people not hearing him a story attach ers washington group teaching it does doesn't will thank you so much for this today. Leeann i in. I will come in <unk> conference in oakland. We might have a little feisty clive together getting back to your pledge. You're doing a little bit of research on it yet. You'll get the thank you very which leanna very well from the thanks for joining me tonight. I hope you enjoyed the sharp jump onto my website nine. Sarah williams wolf end up. Enjoy my mailing must to receive free preview of my books and lots of other inspiration. If he liked the shy and wanted to continue you can become a sponsor for just a couple of dollars a month to patriarch dot com forward slash sarah williams horta and remembers of follow me on facebook twitter and instagram time to get to subscribe to my youtube channel and labor of use the podcast. I'll be back next week with another loved up yep aside by.

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Interview with IP Attorney Kathryn Goldman: S. 6, Ep. 21

The Crime Cafe

36:40 min | 6 months ago

Interview with IP Attorney Kathryn Goldman: S. 6, Ep. 21

"I i this the crime. Cafe your podcasting source of rape crime. Suspense and thriller writing. I'm your host. Debbie mac before i bring on my guest. I'll just remind you that. The crime cafe has to e books for sale. The nine book box set and the short story anthropology. You can find the by links for both on my website. Deputy mac dot com under the crime. Cafe link you can also get a free copy of either book if you become a patriot supporter. You'll get that and much more if you support the podcast on patriae on along with our eternal gratitude for doing so but i let me put in a good word for blueberry podcasting. I've been using blueberry podcasting as my hosting service for my podcast for years and it's one of the best decisions i ever made. They provide great. Service are in complete. Control of your own podcast. You never have to leave your own website. There is a plugin that you can use to incorporate blueberry and distribution through your website. So it's a great service. That has taken a lot of the work of podcasting out for me. And i find for that reason that it's a company that i can get behind one hundred percent and say you should try this if you wanna podcast. Try out blueberry. It doesn't require a long term contract. It's it's just great company period. And i am. I am a blueberry affiliate. So there's that and did i mention that they have free technical support by email video and phone. Yes you can actually reach a human being there. I'll say no more. Hi everyone today. I have is my guest. A person of great value to writers other creators an intellectual property attorney her particular interest in protecting online content representing writers artists time prefers and other businesses who have an online presence. She is enter legal blog. Creative law center. Which i can tell you is a must read for writers artists and other creative people in any interest of full disclosure. Both of us attended law. School at the university of maryland school of law and graduated in nineteen eighty seven so year maryland. Pleasure to introduce our guest today. Catherine goldman i catherine so good to see you. Thank you for having me debbie. How are you today Fine thank you. how are you doing good. It's beautiful day outside. Wonderful little chilly. But that's okay. We'll bear with it. You know april will improve. Yes as time goes by. Let's see let's talk first about the case act now. What is the case act and the benefits for india authors and publishers. So the case act is the copyright alternative in small claims enforced case. That's what that stands for and it was passed at the end of last year on it's been Bouncing around in washington for a lot of years now and it's finally gotten past and what it does is it gives any copyright holder the ability to enforce their rights. In a small claims tribunal the copyright office has been set up the copyright claims board. And so you will be able to file a claim against someone if your work is being infringed And you don't have to go into federal poor which can be extraordinarily expensive. So this is really really beneficial for Indy authorised and small businesses small publishers and create it's to enforce their rights now the scoop of the sect covers anything that can be copyrighted correct. That's right and you have copyright registration on your creative work you can go and enforce your rights at the copyright planes board and the type of claims that the boardwalk here are infringement claims and claims of abuse under the dmc. A are you familiar with the dmc. I know of the joke. Copyright at correct correct correct and so the dmz a has a system whereby if someone has Posted your protected work online. You can issue a takedown notice to the web host and you can have that Unauthorized copy taken down off of that website. The problem with the dmca. Is that the person who posted. It can file a counter notice within ten days and the unauthorized. Poppy goes right back up again so it has no real teeth as noon. Forcement mechanism and what you have to do at that point in order to keep the unauthorized work off of that site you have to go into federal award which is extraordinarily expensive to do so. The copyright claims board is going to be able to hear cases under the dmc. A if there has been Abuse somebody has filed a counter notice to put work back up that they actual did not So now the copyright claims board can put an end to that game of whack. A mole that a lot of authors are going through Now at this point the board itself is not actually formed correct. That is correct it. They the copyright office is now higher. Read the attorneys to make us the claims ford officers They are setting up the processes. They are formulating their roles. They're setting up the fee structure. They're building the infrastructure. The the website where people will go and file their claims so all of this is being set up and they have a year to do that. Which means that Hopefully it'll be set up by the end of this year. The law passed on december twenty seventh last year so they have a year to do and if if they don't think they're gonna make it in that year they can ask congress for a six month extension but they look like they're going you know breakdowns and it looks like they're gonna get it done very interesting. So the process would be conducted online entire. That's the beauty of it. I mean we're all now used to zoom meetings and we've all seen some of the core proceedings that have occurred on zoom. I know now that lawyers have the solter with the cat but got so many different stories at this point. So we're going to be to have these hearings on zoom or on some kind of video platform And king is that these independent artists authors will not need to hire attorney to reckless and that is a huge savings. The affordability of the case act is enormous for independent creatives and the the remedies are basically limited to take down correct. No you can get damages up to thirty thousand dollars. Thank you for mentioning that. Yes now now. If you're going to federal court the judge would consider was called wilfulness if somebody willfully infringed copyright and in that case the damages could be up to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in federal court very hard to prove willfulness copyright claims board will not consider wilfulness so there is no opportunity to go above thirty thousand dollars in damned. Is that the mount set or is it liquidated in other words. It is like mets not yet. That's the maximum and it's not clear to me yet how they're going to be determining damages there is a statutory component. Excuse me there's a statutory component and then. I'm sure there's going to be some kind of lost revenue lost licensing fee component and. You're going to have to choose between one or the other. Regardless of which pray you choose to measure the damages for infringement. They're going to be capped at thirty thousand dollars. Gary interesting it's going to be interesting to see how that develops. Do you have any thoughts on how to best organize online content to submit it for copyright right. So it's really important that Independent creators and writers has their work registered with the copyright office because Without a registration not going to be entitled to a decision from the claims or you will be able to file a claim with just having filed the application. But you won't be entitled to a final decision until you have registration on your work. Okay so now. We have this whole year for people who have not prepared their work. We're had not filed for applications On their work to clean up their portfolio. And get everything registered. I talk a lot about that On my blog at the creative laws sensor dot com. I talk about carole to triage portfolio your backlog of words so that you can figure out what you should be applying for first. How do you. How do you build up a protection in your or folio now with respect to online look. There's a new form that the copyright office has come out with for Filing groups an application to cover a guru of short online literary works and short online literary works could be blog posts. They could be social media posts. They could be Anything you you you do in snippets. And there's a there's a size limitation believe it has to be under ten thousand words so these and you can group them together in groups of three months and you can group them all together and you can file one application in four All online posts that you did in three months and in the greater loss sandra. There's a a membership and we did a complete workshop on how to while that application. Yeah i think. I attended that one to a good one Let's talk a little bit about the nature of copyright self technically copyright Existed minute. You write something down if you're a writer but Again why do you want to register a copyright. Okay so i'll copyright exists at the moment you fix your creative expression each hands warm many you write it down whether it's on a piece of paper whether you're typing it into your computer whether you're dictating net You take a picture of something. The digital file is considered tangible form. So there's absolutely nothing you can do with that. You cannot enforce that copyright in united states without a registration. And so that's why you want to file an application for registration on your creative work For instance if you have a registration and your work is being infringed on facebook and you can issue a takedown Through you know. The facebook hasn't interface for issuing donaldson's if you have that registrations that you can attach to your take down this. Facebook is going to act like that. If you don't have the registration certificate you are likely to get to the end of the line and also if you have a registration certificate. You have a better shot at the offending party. Not being able to re post it on. Facebook or amazon is another one because then they become repeat offenders so baseball amazon google. They love seeing those registration certificates. So on top of that you also have Now the copyright claims board which is going to give you also some enforcement power to me. It's kind of like real. Estate establishes a clear title to your work. It it absolutely is a adopt minute. That that's correct. Yeah when it comes to publishing contracts with terms should authors be attentive to i guess so the most important contract term in my opinion and this is not just for polishing contracts that this is for just about any contract agent contract anytime contract termination prevision. And it's how you get out of the contract. What if the deal isn't working out. What if the relationship isn't working out. How do you get out of it and pan in. Henry's that is how long is the term before you can get right So if it's a two year contract and you can only get out at the end of two years. You have to be willing to take the risk that the person that you're going to work with You're going to have a successful relationship with and that you and if it's not successful that you can withstand being not successful for two years then you have to pay attention to well. When do you have to give notice that. There's not going to be renewal of the term. Is there a ninety day notice clauses. There is sixty eight. His loss does it automatically renew. Don't give notice in that period so there are a lot of terms that are important. Price for instance. You know how much your your getting paid. what you royalty rate is happening again in publishing contracts. How often that you you get paid. What the reporting requirements are there lots details but the relationship and a contract is what's important and if the relationship isn't working out you need to be able to terminate so that is one of the first things i go to and you'd be surprised how many publishing contracts i look at these days. There are a lot of publishing. Companies opening up indie publishers small. Publishers hundred publishers and there aren't any termination provisions in the contract and authors authors have signed these contracts with no way of getting out of them who grease goodall how words exactly is a hybrid publisher and has it differed from self publishing or just publishing. Well there are. There are many varieties of fiber publishers And once that. I've seen who are very successful They're offering services okay and you're able to maintain your copyright control your rights but used them for the services that you are unfamiliar with if you're a new author and you've got your first book and you're setting up your amazon page and you're starting to set up the meta data right. So maybe you need somebody to help you determine how do you determine your keywords are how do you how do you set that all up so there are people who offered those kinds of services. There are publishers who or hybrid publishers. Who provide you with editorial packages proofreading packages Plus the publishing services So there it's almost like a chinese menu right. You can take this this this this and this And so what. Hybrid is that that combination of people who offer the services. Don't take your rights. that's dallas And early services as affordable as say hiring a freelancer yourself out so if you're hiring just two options and the question questions. How experienced argue. And how comfortable are you knowing. What the services are they unique okay. Do you have a number of books out. Debbie in you know that you need you need a book designer you need an editor. You need a proofreader. You need you need this rioting of services and you have enough experience in work with enough people to know who you're comfortable working with. Who delivers the kind of product that you want and you can put together your own Chain of freelance support for new authors. Who are coming into this space. Should you not have experience. Who start by googling online. You know what do i need next. What's developmental editor. What's a line editor you know. And you know what i need they can. They can go to these publishing services they can go to these services and they can have somebody. Guide them rue the process and again. They're keeping their rights. They're choosing exactly what it is. They want help with their learning on the way and then the publisher would get the second book if there's a good outcome if there's a good relationship the author on the other hand learns the system. So that's that's how i see. It is interesting. I never really thought about that But that's interesting Tell us a little bit about contracts when one are they and have the same work. And what's important in those okay. So a literary auction is when occurs produce sir approaches you And wants to turn your book into movie. Or into a you know a tv episodic on series and they love your story and they envisioned it as a movie so they offer you A small amount of money generally upfront. And you agree that for a certain period of time. They have the right to see if they can go out. And and put the package together to get the financing to get to secure a screenwriter To attach a scar you know to to put the project together and so the option is the amount of time that they pay you for where you can't sell those rights to anyone else usually a year or months with a renewal for another year eighteen months and maybe even a second renewal Because these projects take time to build and so in that option and there are a lot of requirements of the author. And now this this back to filing your copyright registration whose producers first of all. They want to see that. You have filed your application for copyright registration. Because as you mentioned earlier they want clean type. They want you to warrant that. Your work is original. That you're the owner of it and that you haven't given rights to anyone else and so that is going to be secured or double checked by the producer with a copyright title search so another reason to filed a copyright. Registration is in the event that you option worker. Your wealth is options. The other thing that a writer has to warn in option agreement is data. They haven't defamed anyone in their both that they haven't invaded anyone's privacy. They're both And that they have an fringed anyone else's work in their books about all those are the nations of the author then on the other hand The author doesn't want to give away all of her rights and so she works to limit the scope of the option and she wants to make sure that she's only optional film rights okay or tv rights For instance not live performance rights. Okay let's say the producer has optioned for film and then decides while really. This should be a great musical on broadway. Well no that's not what the original option was. The producer would have to come back and renegotiate the option in the option agreement although it's generally small price that's paid for the option the purchase price if the options exercise should also be negotiated upfront and so and without that purchase price negotions. It's let's say the producer puts the package together gets gets the financing has the screenplay written and has attached to star To a perform in the film and is ready to start shooting the producer than exercises the option and hershiser's the rights to the ball to make it into a movie. It's at the time that the options exercise that the author is paid the purchase price for the transfer of those rights to the producer. Does that make sense. That makes sense to me. You're at that point transferring copyright to someone else you are you are transferring a piece of the copyright yes less specifically for the production of your creative were into a movie or tv series so a part of your copyright is transferred to somebody else literally they own this now and can exploit it in any way they specify within the contract that's correct that's reddin you as the author no longer control that aspect of your copyright and you can't sell it to anyone else right. I can see why. Sue grafton was a little bit lows to have any of her books into movie she used to work in screenwriting. So explains a lot. She isn't it is giving up quite a bit there when you do that. What yeah i mean. Another thing that Producers walk in that contract is they want to prevent the writer from having any say in what the final garage because the last thing of producer wants is filming has started. Were now in their editing mode. Or they're they're in the rough cut or the directors and the author says. Oh you can't portray that character that producers just not gonna go for that s again so you do you give up a lot lotta rights. You give up a lot of controls and that's why you wanna make sure at the very beginning when the option is offered to you or you offer the option to producer and you think about all these things because even though it's a small option rights there are big consequences if you don't think about it when the project gets me all good to know ahead of time for people to now Let's see you also mentioned something about being careful when you are writing about real people. Can you talk a little bit about that right. So if you're writing about real people you have to. You have to minimize your rules of being sued for defamation Or invasion of privacy. Those those are the two big ones in the third one is. If you're writing about a celebrity you have to be sure that you're not a encroaching on their rights of publicity okay. They have a right to profit from their celebrity. You don't have a right to profit from their celebrity without their permission. So those are the three big things Invasion of privacy defamation and rights of publicity We also did a a workshop in the creative law center membership on memoir grading which covered a bunch of these issues. I don't know of you attended that one but that that workshop winning into death on how you manage these issues whether you need to Choose the story. And if you do change the story how much of it do you have to change to protect yourself. And what the impact of a disclaimer is and how effective a disclaimer can be interesting. Because most of the time. I know fiction writers will say oh you know. This character was inspired by something. So been they've changed all the attributes that they've never recognized themselves so they're not really ready. A person that that person to sparked something in them. You know what i'm saying. There's a difference between that writing about a person in your work. And that's what we're talking about here right right especially writing in memoir know the people who are your family and friends and and who know you are going to read the book and they're going to see themselves right if you're writing and fiction reading crimes which You know you can be inspired by the characteristics of a person you four great those characteristics into one of your characters but that doesn't mean that person that you that was inspired you is going to see themselves in the character so factually you have much more protection in in fiction than doing them more and have it nice disclaimer. The phillies this is not based on a true story is just totally made up right exactly and that's effective. You know everybody expects to see that makes at the beginning but if you're using celebrities gotta be careful. Is there any book that you'd recommend on subject for authors that they could benefit from Show there there are a bunch of copyright handbooks out there That are useful. I'm right about these topics. All the time degreed loss center so that that would be my recommended for for your for your listeners There are a number of books that i use as reference and some of them are actually out of Out of print said artists legal Legal handbook can mean there. There are a number of them out there. No low press is a really good source or solid legal information or creates and very accessible very readable actionable. so that would recommended place to go Yeah i've heard them. I knows them. Yeah is there anything else you'd like to share with us before we finish up. No i think that i really yes. I really want to encourage everybody to take a look at their portfolio. Creative work and figure out what which that's not protected by a copyright. Registration should get protected by copyright registration triage portfolio creative. Were get those applications file because they're going to be extraordinarily useful when the copyright claims board is up in money all right. Well thank you catherine. And when in doubt call on chattering goldman. She can help you out. Everything i made us. A wonderful attorney and I'm just glad that you're able to beyond today. Thanks so much. If you're going to make a career of writing it's essential that you understand copyright. I think the point has made This is in fact. Our final episode. It's a season. I can't believe i've been doing this for six years. Not remember we are patriots supported. So please do. Check out the patriotic. Page for the podcast. Real sisters drafts my work. I'm currently tweaking the end of my latest novel to death. I think they should be finished this month. And then they'll be able to send it off to the enter and it will have to go through a lot of lot. More changes probably performed done with it so in any event one benefit of katri news. Is that the start. Sharing my audio. Were on patriotic as well as my works in progress so be on the lookout for that a law for it at level not too high but it's worth about a month so be aware that also if you enjoyed this episode. Please leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts. Seven appreciate it very much. It helps and on that note. Thank you for listening. I will see a few months when our guest will be richard meredith's in the meantime happy reading.

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49. Nashater Deu Solheim: Relationships are at the heart of leadership

Access to Inspiration

33:38 min | Last month

49. Nashater Deu Solheim: Relationships are at the heart of leadership

"Hello it sue stockdale again. And welcome to the podcast. You know inspiration is like a magical gifts that's within. All of us is free energy that we can give to others when we share our experiences our insights and what we've learned about him is that you get inspiration through conversation whether i'm talking to a neuroscientist or a nonprofit leader their stories have appeared to ship strengthen and challenge your views and values we hope each episode ignites new possibilities within you makes you think and maybe even take new action as a result we've known published almost fifty episodes and want to measure the impact. They've had on you so let us know as your lincoln this show to do this. Either by the survey or leave us avoids not onto today's episode. I'm speaking to dr nassar. Turn to solheim about how to take care of. The relationships are important to us. Beat as a leader in social circles or with families. I watched her. Ted talk titled what working with. Psychopaths taught me about leadership. And that got me curious to find out more. Now she explains to suckle taste it. We need to be aware of before. And during a conversation to demonstrate empathy curiosity an interest in the other person to build that important trust and connection something that she had to do in working with psychopaths. I looked at the national trade. Uc's leaders don't have to have an answer for everything. It's not a requirement when she talks about why leaders sometimes avoid difficult conversations especially when they're discussing something more than just to work task. I hope you will enjoy it too and be curious to learn more. Welcome to the podcast. Nash eater thank you so much so i'm delighted to join you. Thank you for having been. You've got so much. Knowledge about human behavior are fascinated to learn more. About what got you interested in understanding human behavior in the first place. I love this question. I have been if full and it's one of those questions. I wish i had a wonderfully succinct and fascinating institute. I didn't if this is fascinating. But i do come from a very large family with seven children thirty different personalities. I'm kind of six in the hierarchy. Does the so. I think it does go back. Probably to growing up in the lodge. And where did they not interest. Take you in terms of your career path. I studied psychology at university in liverpool as a bachelor level and miss joined. The studies is discovered that she doesn't waiting which you can use on college in very practical and clinical fashion to help the people that really attracted my attention. There was also module that really caught my attention on forensic psychology and so it was then radio. I decided to go in and train as a clinical psychologist. One side. finished my bachelor's onto my doctoral program onto to learn how to apply in practice to help other people so you've given us a nice segue into even more interesting part of your career working with psychopaths which is always something. I'm sure that people are intrigued to find out more about. How did you end up doing that. Run i was during my kindle training. I did a specialist placement. In france at a special hospital echoed in the uk which is essentially a maximum security hospital which is housing people who have committed offenses usually very very violent consider very dangerous individuals hence they need maximum security environment. High walls bobbed wire locked doors and intensive vision but the quote hospitals because they also present with a mental disorder mental illness. And i just fell in love with the whole way of using psychology to understand what brings people into these jigs pittances. Their stores what are they. Journalists have can we as individual psychologists but also society perhaps even begin to think about preventing people from having these experiences where we can so that they don't end up committing these terrible crimes and getting onto creating the home that they do both to others onto themselves. Had decided months left my technical training to go and work in one of those hospitals. Which i did for several years really looking at the role of mental disorder defending and also the road psychology and personality and subgroup with those people's classified the second psychopathic correct about that and they are really extreme end of that personality spectrum. So i'm imagining that. It also requires you to be doing a bit of adaptation going into work in that type of extreme environment. nash deter. How did you prepare yourself for doing that. Effectively we have very intensive and expert training jury. My training and the core of that really was bad ensuring that you will wear yourself as much as you will involved in looking at the paper and assessing them. Undiscerning them you've got to work on yourself. We had our own supervision. We have arab therapeutic. Experience is to make sure that we were able to understand what it really means to put other people through the process is week taking them through and part of the training was for how to handle high secure environments in my forensic training and some of the things that i did that. See actually me talking about in other settings in my book or how you prepare yourself. Preparation biggest of that process. Had you prepare yourself before you will with somebody who has the propensity for violence the may trigger something inadvertently inadvertently that. She would understand who they all do your homework. Do your research find that halfway up presenting today. How they're feeling how they feel about seeing you and you would also be very conscious about figuring out as much as he kinda about their interest in the drive. Isn't that motivations said that when you go in and you speak to them and in this environment that they locked up and they had no power really you carry on the pali wearing keys. It opened opposed dourson that very much in a restricted environment. So important for you to understand those dynamics and how to bring out the best in the conversation need to eat and get information you need. I was very well prepared. That was popular training. We trained very much in understanding how to communicate non-serb through body language where to sit how to how to us about it on which to communicate openness and cooperation in where to sit in the room so that we was safe unable to Financial onto ourselves. And then we were trained. In the auto compensation doppler many of our listeners may be leaders in organizations and hold power and other listeners may be having on the way up the ladder and be often going into conversations. Run they're speaking to somebody who has more power than they do. What are the things that are particularly relevant from your experience that they ought to be thinking of. it's a great reflection and actually is exactly the reason. I went into those working the way i do with leadership coaching but also is captured in the book. I really reflected when i became a lead of myself. You know. I moved from that forensic environment of just mentioned the moved into working with the ministry of defensive looking with activity and then i moved into working in business leader myself and then as a coach for the latest one. I've arrived in that business environment. It was in miami That i started to draw on the training. That i'd had even also and i wasn't expecting it to be as relevant at side of those environments that i had been trained to use them in cylinder. Find myself in a business environment leader and drawing on. oh yes. it's very helpful to know the person that you're speaking to the more research you do on. What their motivation. Coming to this conversation with you today interested in what can be this win win that we create that. Although i'm asking for support or i haven't agenda. I'm also able to meet the needs and make sure they come away with funding from the compensation and thinking about my body language thinking about what questions. Shy ask kashmiri pundit compensation i was doing all of that and the more i did it the more i started to find myself sharing master my coaching practice inside business at the time. I'm people respond to with all that's helpful. We haven't thought about it that way in such a systematic way and it came from that when i observed the lead is then when i become coaching further that that wasn't necessarily always some people certainly did it. So by no specially much mustang that you're never explicit. I certainly greatly to. I think without realizing it will doing those things really preparing well really conscious of hathaway communicate non verbally on a but they will certainly many leaders. I had experienced myself in my own betas but others. I was coaching. Who didn't have that insight to experience or understanding when i shed with of mental like. Oh if you do that in that way that you describe what a difference it makes to the cavity feed of a conversation. What a difference it makes to how willing somebody is to go the extra mile. Oh i haven't thought about not just racing in with my agenda put on the table and demanding. That happens lead it because i cannot power monday. So your question yes. It really does help when you use these psychological techniques and practices to create more collaborative environment. Which isn't about showing up with power. It's about showing up as a wooden in the compensation. at least that's what. I think is very effective leadership. Well i must just let our listeners know that you did grow model your practice in preparing for conversations national tour which is all to experience that when engaging with a guest so i commend you for actually remodeling what you talk with others both. Thank you sue. Because it's something now that has become so inherent in the way through work. I've been conscious of it when i'm using it. If it reasons but in these kinds of situations. I'm so curious about what it is. We're going to want it to be such a good experience. I guess it's become really my everyday practice. Thank you for showing us. You mentioned the word. Nato diverse a moment or two in what. You're talking about national tour. I know that research shows these days. It when seven people in the workplace are likely to be nudo diverse thinking about leaders recognizing that maybe a number of people they work with or they themselves are new diverse. How should they be mindful unable to adapt to different types of people that may engage with them. What a wonderful way to describe our differences. Louise phrase neuro diverse. And i like to use it in its broadest. Sense refers actually to specific spectrum of people all people with differences riots usage in its wider. Sense that we are all neuro drivers every single one of us a slightly different to another person. And so i think it's so important elitist to see their team as diverse in itself and to recognize the individual differences within the team that this team has in common ago away of working tasks. Focus out of this. But they are individually different and that diversity if we are able to use that in such a way that we maximize or exploit in a positive way that diversity towards the common goal. I think that's when you get high performing teams. It's when we ignore those differences. We try to get people to move towards a common goal in spite of those differences that we see a loss of productivity or drag as quoted in william not recognizing that somebody in this team. It's a different way of communicating with you. They need a different way of being explained to. They needed another way of understanding this same task. The person next to them i think. That's what a lot of drag Celebrate diversity really learned individuals team and then use that tools a comical. I have afraid to share it to say police who don't know that team members beyond the tasks don't really know their team. And that's a real pitching because there was so much you can then utilize together by learning each other better and deeper so it makes me think by the tentative nature that leaders sometimes have or reluctance or anxiety to perhaps go beyond what might be seen as tasks i've certainly come across many leaders conversations. I've had where they say. Oh i don't want to talk about private stuff with my team. Let's parasol don't want to go there. And yet i'm hearing you talk about them needing to get to a person better get to know them more deeply in order to demonstrate empathy and get the best from that person and for it to be collaborative conversation. What would you suggest leaders do or anyone for that. Matter to be brave enough to go into those areas. They may perceive uncomfortable. That's something i also recognize is a challenge for many leaders. Who believed that really. The reason somebody is work is to do task. And that if we just focus on that whether the task is don't own not then that's what's most important but what we miss them. What leaders missing that risk that we all very complex human beings not sosa elvis but we are affected by our emotions our souls our experiences in our feelings and so when somebody showing work a not delivering at their full potential custody. As you would expect when you've known them to do before would not be curiously the to figure out what that's about and that that might well something that's happening for them in the health or it might be a personal situation relationship at home with their children oil something as simple as driving into work they may have had anonymous run accident if we don't take the time to see people in older dimensions to understand what's impacting their motivation drivers of work. We lose the opportunity to build the trust. And it's really about trust building that trusting relationship with somebody else comfortable coming up to you and saying the reason i'm not at my best today is because of this said that you understand and in that goodwill on the trust between you they will be able to get a contract much more quickly with your support if you have no idea what's going on his life and you keep battling nothing to deliver holiday deliver faster to deliver a mole and you have no idea. What's holding them. Back you breach suck trust and you will eventually lose them and several lose a goodwill before so it's critical on thankfully leaders to see that they are leading people not task delivering machines and in understanding in using that emotional intelligence tool kit that they have to understand. What's driving this person. What brings the best out in what might also affect them in terms. Nothing to give their best. It's seven it's actually a non-negotiable. I think indeed issue. You're making me think about national. Tear is lead to see their people as human beings not just human doings dot. Yes oh i do like that. Yes if all we needed to tusk some will. That's where we're seeing lots of summation coming in and that's where a automation digitalization. These huge digital transformation taking place in organizations where tasks getting replaced from using. Do into automating this. The person doesn't need to be in focus to get the task done. I can't see that. There is an environment is she says. It's very boldly. Michael cartoon see that. There is a business environment where a person is not required. Summer in the business and where a person is required. We need to understand that. They come with interest in experiences motivations and drivers and we need to pay attention to those so important and one of the ways to do that and i think we've used the word already in. Our conversation is to demonstrate empathy. And i know people often confuse empathy with agreement to somebody else's point to view. Hell can anybody learn to demonstrate empathy whilst also not necessarily agreeing with somebody else's viewpoint. You've heard people talk. Combat leaders niki. Show empathy and they need to be vulnerable to send take and there's a lot of these words being thrown around that all around leaders needing to get out of their own heads as i call it and much more into the experience of the other person and empathy for me key in that because empathy is about understanding the other person's perspective now to understand doesn't mean to agree i've been clinical psychologist for many is. I've had patients coming into my clinics. Have had very different experiences to those Pod and nevertheless. i've needed to help them and support them to move from those into a different way of being healthy way obeying will to recovery. And i've had to empathize meaning. I've had to put myself and issues and try to understand from their experience. What they're going through says the daikin help them. That doesn't mean that. I have to have the same experiences. I couldn't possibly not. I have to agree that what they're going through. I need to agreement at you know that you are feeling terrified and scared. I understand that in your situation given your experiences you feel terrified scared of doing. What do i need to agree. That's the only way to be no. I don't need to agree with that. I want to help you to move from that to a different way of being so actually. I'm more interested in taking that experience. Validating it showing empathy. I understand where you're coming from. An i recognize how that's come about. And let's look at how we can move forward very different to sympathy. Which is i think he often gets confused. Where for me sympathy would be much more about. Aligning yourself with you presence feeling agreeing with the other person's Now i feel terrible jalen. How awful even and staying lady without emotional agreement whereas empathy and the business environment is about understanding another person's perspective seeing how they have come to that decision or way of thinking and thinking about how we can move on from that tools. Goalies happen lead a show. It curiosity curiosity me. Is the antidote to a lack of empathy. If you're struggling to understand somebody else's perspective get into curious mind. Listen very actively and ask very questions. Silence she can be very helpful. I think can empathy often. We feel that the best show these keep talking listening silently and the language person to speak and then see if that curiosity opens up a different perspective for conversation continues in a few seconds. After this. if you're a busy person and probably always feeling behind then you may be wondering how you can get more done in less time. One solution is working with virtual assistant can help with social media graphic design customer service copywriting digital marketing and many more tasks i work for is a social enterprise that connects you to tell them take dramatic workers from countries in crisis most of their team come from venezuela country facing dire economic circumstances by hiring for my worker like we do. You'll get back some time for yourself on helped to change a life. Find out more by listening to episode. Twenty where i spoke to co founder john miles or you can look at their website. I work don't see off to find out more back to the podcast and curious. No national churches from what you said there. I'm imagining that. That idea of asking a question and not knowing who like to come back for often stops somebody asking the question the first place. What in your experience helps somebody to keep going and not just to close down and not go there. F- elitist who are uncomfortable with other people's emotions. I think that may be something that they struggle with in their personal lives. We are human in leadership and a lot of what we bring to leadership is what we are like in other parts of our lives so if a friend came to you re child outside. I came to you with some kind of emotional share. How would you showa for that person. What would you do now. It's not directly transferable in its entirety. You may get that personnel hugging your social life. You make open a bottle of wine and sit down and talk it through another. Stop what i'm recommending you do but the point is that you would be drawing on your will empathic gills. If you will get to you are open to listen. You would reflect haring. You would give empathic responses like oh that sounds like. That's very tough. How you going to move forward from that. You know what help do you need. How can i support you. Those phrases that you would use a not dissimilar to what would be helpful to work environment that said if you are uncomfortable generally when people show emotions and you try to avoid opening up. That's something i really think is part of your personal development is lebron you need to both reflect tunnels get help with but here's something you can do in the moment do reason we get uncomfortable is because we often feel that we have to fix things or have answers and leaders do not need to have the answers to everything. It's not a requirement often what we're looking for is lead to become good coaches and help the person who shed in find the romances so rather than taking on the south must taking on and engaging getting into the emotion to the person is showing you can simply listen and ask questions so you can help the person find afraid simply. I encourage leaders to keep empathic responses which just reflect back what they're saying if somebody's intesting you know. This is really difficult. You can just reflect both the you're nonverbal language which is very powerful device informal powerful than what you're going to say in by sharing through facial expressions in language that you care that you're paying attention the listening in on your phone while the not you're not talking. Gop sake scribbling notes. You look them in the you pay attention and you show composite language to sound heroin on this thing and then you come back with. You know what you've just shared the a badge. Note the difficulties. You have in view paul with your colleague. Sounds very stressful. That simple validation can take you along. You don't need to get engaged in finances even than us the flow question. So what if you saw about doing. What kind of support if he sold. Lose advice if you'd looked into. What can i do to help you. That can help lead issuer bitch uncomfortable to stay in the space of book working on it together then taking it on a field day but to run away and find the right onces unsalted situation themselves. That's a really important distinction between actually the role of leader is as you say isn't too heavily answers. Perhaps to ask the right questions. And i do find that a lot of leaders who struggle in that leadership role during one of two things. They are either deciding for themselves. That's the rolled against take so they run around fixing things even not us to and that's seen as micromanagement or interfering by louise all. They feel that they have to have against feel overwhelmed when they don't and it can make them feel this thing called imposter syndrome. I'm supposed to be the one that knows. Everything has leeann says an. I don't do that makes me feel inadequate incompetent. I don't feel. I believe this big job no enough. Neither of those is required data ship. What's required is the ability to have been very direction of where this team. This nation needs to go to be able to communicate that clearly and not to have all the answers but to work collaboratively with your team to find those answers towards that direction. That you over That really is at the hall of the leadership gave With you on that one nash. Eter what do you think makes it difficult to decouple our emotions from our behavior so that any of us don't avoid those tricky conversations when we are potentially overwhelmed with emotions or feelings of uncertainty head can be better doing that this neuroscience to that which is good literature on why we are so quick to emotion and what's happening in our brains and our hormones and physiological responses some of you have heard of flight and fight when we're in a threatening situation even if it's not the bus coming towards but Conflict conversation that same positive. Our system is triggered. This need to either get into the argument or a runaway. Get away from. It is a lot going on there. Physiologically which means that. We are responding very quickly in a knee-jerk way without posing for solter reflection before we respond. And so how can we decouple. It is exactly that is to introduce pools between the feeling the urge on getting to jump into conflict to run away from it for example to pause and reflect and give you time to consider. What is it. that's being treated me. Why am i feeling the way. I'm feeling what thoughts coming around in my head. How can i create reflective place in that might mean discussing it with somebody else to just get some tariffication to get a different perspective to think through your options before you even to watch him so it is physiological tendency. Have that is driving the emotions to give us knee jerk reactions behavior but we can interrupt the flow and it does take practice. It won't come as the end. It will come more easy to some than others to be able to create. That pool is often use a traffic light system leaders. When i'm working with him instead. You know when you feel that coming to jump and uncriticised to speak to seoul to fix. Just sit for a moment by yourself some time and things. What my options here. And why am i wanting to react by. I am and is not the right response to have. I'm imagining the set of traffic lights in my mind. Now what the red amber green stand for the registered office. Just stop in your tracks. Don't say don't right don't press send on the email don't shouted don't fix it just as stuck for a moment and whether that stock full literally a moment or you've got the time example to buy yourself some time you might encourage league just to rather than answer. The mel straight away. Just send him out saying let me think on that and get back tomorrow survey type As opposed to the person knows what you're going to take some time. Don't just go quiet. Nobody likes radio silence when they put to request so just let them know. You're going to need some time and then go to stop create a space either in the moment or longer if you have the option and communicate that you're doing that than the anger is really your research time gallon figure out. What is it the i can do it. What are my options. Either on your own or use. This phone partner will coach your colleague in your environment. This is what i'm thinking. What might be bias. His hair the making me wanting to do this is particular course of action. What other options do i have. What would you do etc. And then green is okay. Once i've done that evaluation of what might option saw. Then i can go in an am in a calm state of mind now because i've decoupled the emotion so by the time i go into responding a not responding from an emotional defensive nature place and actually have the other person in mind place except thought through. What's not just right for me. What's right for you. What are you needing in this situation and so will not respond when i go green on taking care of what you will send meet in this conversation with his us. Nothing new really easy way to remember the traffic idea. So i'm gonna hold it in my mind for future nash. eter absolutely. We began our conversation today with you talking about an interest as a young girl in human behavior and that driving your career path if we look at it from a few years old died in your career and all of the experiences that you've gained today. What are the insights that have about humans and how they behave. Some cost lesson enormous question. Suicide fascinating question appropriate. Spent a whole day or longer answering that. A couple of insights. I think that. Have more recently dawned on me through your peculiar flex on executive at what role the lessons experiences that i've had and how do they make sense of amina highway us so a couple of things i would share one. Is that when we talk about. Diversity only gets this so fall humans when they work together. Yes we all diverse but at some point we also have a lot in common and that there is an important element when we're working together with other people whether it's in relationships talking. Intimate relationships papas together or in business teams leaders and teams colleagues. That some point what we have in common needs to be as important as what makes us different because it's what we have in common that helps us to collaborative move forward them together as much as it is what i can bring versus what you can print so that was one thing that i reflected on that we need to talk more about our commonalities as much as we do right. If this is second reflection had was the importance of focusing on the other person's interest is a real revelation to me. When i did my negotiation training how much we can solve in conflict and disagreement in those difficult conversations when we have the other person's interest drivers motivations infocus raw than just battling on with what we need i need was in my head. What's my gender. My inside was a knee-jerk is to think about lascelles. I i have this idea in my head sung dante. Share it to have this story. I to speak it or have this need. I need to fulfill it even with the best intentions. Collaborative intentions you. You tend to have a focus on your own agenda so that if we can pay more attention sought to the entrusts the paterson we can get so much further in a more cooperative. How far away is introduced to those with two insights thing really important insights there now. Shitter are those contained within your boot that you've been mentioning so far they off they absolutely all. And perhaps i'd want to highlight that by detects tool on what i learned from working with scientists and what about leadership in there making point out the importance of bingles centric. We need to be true cells. Show actress also the importance of bingo centric with empathy took. Lost by amputated is super regional. Wanted to mention that was. It created quite a bit debate that that temple because of the idea that we encourage people to be authentic. Show she choose cells but when you will treat will send take self means. It comes at the cost of the other person. Perhaps he liked to be honest with other people. Turn to cliche approach for you. Tend to be very dogmatic and control in a peeping environment and appreciate approach than being authentic. Having an pissy to help other people might be treat. It is important particularly woke environment. Because if you live in a vacuum short you can be authentic and you can be true. Soften never have to fill to what you say but when we're working collaborative with other people they will send jake but showing them for is the difference between engaging people and then disengaging well. I think you've brought the reminder to me. it's not just about me. it's about the we even business. A the way we look at society is to become president of the effect. Were having on other people when we're being a fantastic is how i'm interpreting what you're saying exactly about business leadership but absolutely we think about our families if you think about us social circles we all together with other people and if you want those relationships to thrive and to be sustainable than taking care of them is important right we would say that we have relationships to us. We want to take care of them. Taking care of our relationships means showing empathy and understanding other people's needs aside from iran. So that's really at the heart of or relationships. I've learned so much for me today. Nash eter and really the word empathy is gonna stick in my mind and it really does put a spotlight under reminder. Hopefully our listener Is all about is about helping to highlight commonalities as opposed to the differences between all of us as human beings. So it's really been wonderful to speak to you today. How can people find out more about the work that you do and the big that you have also thank you so much thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and highly inspired by login story. Actually throw to been able to join me today. So the best way would be to either find me on progressing minds which is my business website for on linked in. I am very active. On linked in my book is also available through amazon. So if you key my nine or the leadership pin code which is the talking book then you can easily find details as reach out on pretty good getting back to people personally so i'll be very happy connected to them. Produce interested. well that's great then. We will put all the details on the show notes. Make it easy for our listener to be able to find out where you are located on social media nash. Eter thank you again for your wonderful insights today about human behavior. It's been great to speak to you. Though my pleasure sue and grapes t to enjoy the rest of your day. I hope you enjoyed that conversation. what did it make you think about and harry going to turn those reflections into action. That don't i leave you today. Remember you'll find transcriptions for all of the episodes and some playlists on our website accessed. Inspiration dot org. You can keep in touch with us on social media on facebook. Instagram lincoln twitter just search for access to inspiration member to take care of survey or. Leave us voice note. Give us your thoughts on the impact. This podcast has on you. You'll find details on the show notes for next time. It's our fiftieth episode. And i'm going to be in the hot seat rather than being posting. I'll be the guest reflecting on what i've learned june. The last fifty episodes hope you can join us then.

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Screw Loose Auto - Shanking Monty

"Radio TV radio is for you the veterans active duty, service member, and civilian supporter of the military TB radio dot net is the online better network may four and by veterans from original shows to syndication you can find it here on DVD radio dot net in an effort to continue our mission and make better quality shoes each and everyone of you visit our patriotic at Patriotair dot com slash. The radio whether you can only pledge one dollars per month or that entire million dollar inheritance your uncle up to you. There's a tear with rewards waiting for you. So why not keep TV radio running and get rewarded at the same time at the patriotic dot com Ford Slash, Devi radio. Now that's Patriot dot com. Slash DB radio. Radio please remember the views and opinions expressed by this show or any other show TV radio, and it's strictly those of set and vigils and do not reflect those dvd step nor the Steph devotional veterans. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to screw loose auto I'm your host rescued nuts. Hardaway is the coolest thing I've ever got to do with an hour of my time on a week night go to the hospital for them to basically cream my back. Sorry for your aiding in ear. I love cars. I love what this is about being being a veteran myself. Wow. We just lost half our listeners Brown. We're not even live yet. Joe Dude to hear that every single. Week. Bro wouldn't have a minimum standard if the minimum standard wasn't good enough. Ladies and gentlemen welcome into another rousing episode of screw loose auto. I'm your host rusty nuts. With as always is Mr captain obvious Brian Check tonight. Our. Incredible host is not are not incredible US Jesus Christ. Credible guests. Is. My right is my right hand man at the shop Shashank what's Up Dude Or? Nice? Well done. Yeah. Yeah Wow Many words. TV Radio W DVR WE'LL put that in there to splice that end. licet in. Jj I'm sorry man I'm late you down tonight. It's all good. How's everybody doing? I. Brian, what are you talking about? Where are you going? Do you're going to some wedding or something? Yeah. Yeah. My cousins getting married. So we're flying out to Manassas Virginia tomorrow it's cheaper for us. It was RV five people crazy. Yeah 'cause you guys have that big. Don't you shut it. Yes. Nice though. It's not. Like so now our toll, our total travel time from the time we leave the house at the time we land at. Dulles is just under five hours instead of taking two days. That's pretty legit. So hell. Yeah. That's awesome. Tease me with a good time. So. You don't know I we Shashank myself in. Monte. Along with my beautiful wife, Tony Run hard-luck Automotive Services here in Oklahoma City. Shashank give us Give us a quick bio dude. See what do you WanNa know. Why give him a standard military by or just say screw it all out. Say from puberty till a year ago who? was a cold winter night. Telling more. Let's start off with Want. Together in your garage man. A seventy two chevelle these four fifty four, hundred, regular three, fifty move training. Scott Seventy front clip. So it does like seventy. Sit in a shock right now on the lift nothing but a frame into upper lower control arms looks like a damn slider now. Just don't don't gloss over the control arm sir. Qa One your baby -culing onstage to your suspension. Nice sitting there waiting to be put on a waiting to get my. Ray Conversion figuring out which one do. That's awesome. Somebody up they got debit to radio. Sure he would. Here. drooling over your car. I'm not sure I was walking attention. All of that so Suspension seventy chevelle seventy, two, front or seventy, two, Chanel seventy, front, Clare, thousand, four, fifty, four, and awesome skater. Places Oh. Ooh, what are we doing? I I got a I just had a little bit of an Internet malfunction there and was rambling on about some shit about shit. I can't fucking remember and then all I get the banner across here that says Internet is unstable and I was like well, fuck and then you guys chime in on all I hear is we go from talking about big blocks to puberty. So we were talking about was like how to grow hair and strange places even touching girls but. I am so sorry I missed that entire conversation I'll just have to wait for to come out on tape. Got GotTa wait for the PODCAST. Fuck. Now Man I'm I don't know how this Shit Works On a tape someplace. I've got A. Real is there Yaser? Involved with any of this is there. A huge reel to reel machines sitting. wrecked. Good that was pretty good. Deep. Green. Tights on a little half hold on. Were you sitting? Were you dancing because I'm thinking like the Warner? Brothers like exactly the frog? Yeah. No Frog Dude Yeah. FROG. Puberty. My mom you suck at this tonight they tell me the most memorable occasion there at. Hard luck. What was the most memorable? While talking about going to be upset. The parking lot today. Besides aside from that because walked, fuck his sit in the parking lot today. I had A. Interesting individual try to pick me up sucking popsicles. Davey, right. You're the you're the navy right. Line let's go dude you guys have to hear this let him go signed me up for that. So you don't want none of this so When the kids come up there on offer possibly my son little creepy do right. So. The mob side. One of those popsicles share not problem on rigid code. You can eat this pop settle. Now granted this woman was I'd six foot to. Bill. Now. So omitted sell side. So he can only imagine what is chick rooms light. And listen to preface this Shawshank a love. You like the brother of never had bro. You're only like five four and a half, right? That's right. Yeah. Five, four, three, quarter A. Quarter. So, leg. Okay. Carry on. So he's walking around with. Obstacle. Right I'm sitting in driver seat I'm reading all these codes and I look over the quarter mind seared distinct the half her body in the passenger seat. And I hear this slurping and sucking. And I look at. With the fuck you know defect. Now, May I ask you a question like okay I'm thinking you know what's the codes my own was going on she seca. Are you in the tattoos taken us the? Old. You said Yeah because I what we some of that and she's slurping on his fucking popsicle on my all yet. It is yet. Wasn't, enough. She's like. So you got a twin brother with the same tattoos I need me so. I was like, Oh no, I'm the one and only, but you can't have this. Orioles. Chickasaw the brain baby and the trees. Picked up the ball pain. The fucking the Chink drove the Saab Suv and she used it to haul livestock and she wanted us to change like. Battering it's. Like M. I say because there's underground fires all over two, hundred and thirty. Fires Across Java Chicken. So fucking crazy bro. She calls me once a week asking me if I WANNA come over to our house and pick up the water purifier. fucking makes water out of thin air. She's a fucking window. But. The bad news. You told her that I lived in Saint Louis and I never lived there. I visited for a week. But yes, it was a word. That want to be visible. Rumour drawn? Yes, never know molded on the south side. Well. You know I saw a what is it like the day after the break in you guys found somebody sleeping in one of the cars. Use Non. We find needles in the parking lot dude man. It's rough dude it's part of town bro Fuck. You ever like have never been exposed any of that until I was stationed on the Abraham Lincoln out of Everett Washington but I was housed in Seattle in a discovery park in Seattle. So I take the ferry across every morning yell at like four thirty in more earlier than shit to get to make muster on time, and there's no parking downtown Seattle unless it's gone now but unless you. Went under the viaduct apart about a mile away from the ferry docks and I will never forget the day. It was walking back to my truck after after work and there was somebody smoking crack like hiding behind the fronts of the cars Arctic. They're smoking crack and I'd never smelled that before and I'm like Jesus what the fuck is that smell because that shit smells nasty and then I started noticing. Then I started noticing the needles and that like all that scary shouldn't like holy I grew up in Alaska man I was sheltered I didn't know about that Shit. Well, I grew up in Wyoming Bro. There was there was only two kinds of drugs you did math other. We'd yeah. The marijuana. Levels Lettuce, Devastat, gavel status, and I. I do have to apologize we Oklahoma is illegal. We'd state and this is the first I made a huge grave mistake this evening in consuming my cannabis before my radio show I had a I actually had to work today and that's not something I usually do which Shashank will attest to and my ass got kicked and I came home and slept into the bedroom popped a couple edibles and jump in the shower before I realized that I I had an obligation siblings so please hard mice lowness. Just. Waiting to see what the hell comes out of your mouth because sober, you're fucking alert. A. Yeah it was going to say okay. So you've had some weird customers what's it like working with rusty ear? This shift that comes out of his mouth. That's what sayid you'd Never. And you know what? Dude some of it I'm so fucking stupid. I. Do it's Myself Man. I don't have a filter sometimes and I am so wrapped up in try to be fucking comedian that I lose all sense of space and time but then he tells me my mouth and then he just. Absolutely. I'm trying to be a better man threw you out that. I can't do it, but you to watch your fucking likely. I I am so bad dude. I am so bad you know. That's funny. I'm surprised there hasn't been some sort of like. Complaint or lawsuit filed. About that the garage. Group Guy. You're going to burn his house down. So Hey, down the road, I may or may not have some friends in city, Hall and Choctaw here and Thank you judge I appreciate the help on that. A. Day. Phasing. unbelievable. fucking believable is get you know. That's the only reason I enjoy recording. This is just because God only knows what's going to come out here mouths next. Do. Right. I should she not I called City Hall and I was like, Hey I need to I need to pay this. It's do today and she's like Oh. Wait honey I need to talk to the judge about this. I'll call you back tomorrow. And I was sitting in the shop and I got a call and I already had labelled in my phone Choctaw City Hall I'm trying to you know. Schmooze the people around me to help us put any shop someplace. You know we're losing our place in April. So I'm tryin to I reached out to every all the city halls all over the place and labeled him in the phone so that I knew who was calling me back, right? Well, she says I talked to the judge this morning and you don't have to pay anything. We we agree that this other guy was a fucking asshole. So. Thank you. Thank you for your service. Nice. And All I. Get out of Tony. Is Are you fucking kidding me? Love it wasn't a wife is background Jim Kid. Yes. Yes. Hoping for me to fail you know. Aren't you boo. Kaput pups. Oh my Lanta. Handle was more Latte. An. Yeah. We. Get some weirdoes in there man but you know what? For every Weirdo that comes through the door. Just today I got a picture of it. I need to make a post. I just made the post that we're not going to be taking new customers Enviro. I gotTa make. that. Sweet Old Lady comes through the gate today. With this huge trae. Cookies. Banana bread. OATMEAL cookies like individually wrapped snickers and just this huge platter of. Sweet Shit and she said, you helped me and my family. A couple of weeks ago with our car and we wanted to say thank you. Act that you know you're on the right path. And then we all sat around an ad like the pre diabetic sweats, from eaten, Bananas Post. Afternoon. Thank you so much for helping my family here. Have we do a fractured? EYE INSULIN COMA I love it. I love the wacky. Shit people, send us the tools ma'am. Shawshank. Tools we we got yesterday bro a thank. My great grandfather used them in W W one S it was so own broke. We got. With the opening bucks. One side taken off each got the. You know that was altered for some reason. Like there was there was some specific reason that those got off. I don't know what? Do something on the one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, seven, four here. Actor there are you came back? You dropped on us Bro. And he's gone again. No I'm not. For Fuxing. Box. I'll tell him story about the fucking. What's last thing you heard for Fox sake tolls for the sake. Of Man. What a shit show? This is why we have seven in the CAN. You know what? Though at least it's not like we started this show two minutes into it realize it wasn't going live. Worse Yeah you're right. Thank you for that Brian. I love that that that black fucking best video posted on my page for three and a half fucking minutes. Thank you. Video. Oh I own. Here's. The Not. Guy. Not. Love that Dude I love that dude he always last week. Last week you were bitch about that dude now, you love him. Dude he's. Crazy he is my kind of fucking crazy. I don't think I'll ever interview again especially when it comes to salad dressing her is couch or his own. Whatever but yeah, I think he's fucking hilarious grow. That's that's that's comedic gold. You can't make that shit up. There's no rehearsing the timing of that new chiming in and saying you guys know I can still hear you right. That was amazing. You do. that. I feel accomplished in my craft because I have that on my resume now. Shut the fuck up. The dog is barking at the cat meowing at the other dog on the couch. It's like weird. Triangle Pate. So yeah. All right somebody else talked for second man I feel like talk for twenty nine minutes straight yeah. We were. But your Internet cutouts and nobody heard a thing he said for fucks sake. Man. EXCEPT, that everybody heard that that's like a third time goes oh boo. Captain Obvious. What great new and wonderful things are happening in the Marine Corps today. Oh my God don't get this Guy Stars Bird. Okay, I call this dude captain obvious I don't know how the fuck this works in the year, the land of Navy and marine whatever. Right But one day Brian was a chief foreign officer and then the next day Brian was a captain. You got to learn before. Yeah. Sure Yup so. You can gave it to them right and then I asked him like. Night Guy off he was trying to talk. So like. Give, you don't really have to do everything that a captain does, but you're getting paid as a captain, but they won't give you like Captain Lee duties because you're not like a real captain, but you are a real captain. Pretty active duty still and he's That's that's interesting. Purgatory has not ended yet. Ohi. About that. Is is because maybe four twice Eighty two twice. You know like I'm that guy that I was the career e for. Got Out on a fat guy profile couldn't reenlist non-profitable just fucking dirtbag. And I'm surrounded by you successful astles. And I have I. Not Be more like proud of the company that I keep and I love to talk shit on her I. Think we just felt the cracks. Bright Yeah Yeah. They only do. I just kept. I just kept my head down enough that I never got. Any desks. We all know that the Marines are Marines are who invented sex, but it was the navy who introduced it to women Oh, Shit. A. That means it. I don't know. That's that's not that's a dark stinky whole I don't want to go down. Is. That far surpasses eating Crayon. That does kind of change that narrative dozen. This up. Shashank and I are also crowd members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle sociation chapter ten one together. Stay up right. That's That's shit year we're not gonNA. Get. into. How Complete. We got trikes to Bro we got. Do it right? Everything? We do the don't ride. Dodges Ford Shitty. Come on stop, stop says. You're in a motorist club. Now Sarah and. Socio where where Whatever same thing you guys? Very. Much in the verbiage I'm trying to. Angels I get it. It's the same deal. One. percenting listen I've seen I've seen the Mayans. All right Allie y'all fucking role. School me on with your bikes and you're you got chains and shit, and then you. A. Watch. I know We have a lot of her. At Brian you're actually talking to a couple of guys that came from that world. To the May. Can't scares them. But it's it's actually kind of cool. Yeah Past Life. Any here's. Just. To make good tires. Oh. My God you guys. Keeping your eye on the. Tire Bait Date okay. This is a car show. So we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk a little bit about tires about the goodyear rep and where they stand with the thin Blue Line and all this other stuff. All, right. All right. So listen we've been on we've been on twenty five minutes straight now. So let's let's let J. J. do his thing. Let's take a break and we'll be right back. Radio. Are you looking for veteran resources and fear support? Objectives zero has an APP for that. Download the objective zero. APP for free from the APP store or Google. Play access wellness resources like yoga and a free year subscription to head space. The world's most popular meditation at Checkout veteran's resources and access nationwide network. Here's support speak to fellow women, veterans or someone in your field and branch of service. You get to choose who you want to challenge learn more at www dot objective zero dot org that's www dot objective zero dot org. We're. We're. Only. Radio, we went to break I kind of tease about out the the goodyear tire thing. I don't want to get into a political debate. I more. So wanted to say how fucking pissed off I am that this politics shit has infiltrated our fucking car culture. that. You can't just knock a guy for being a dumb ass and driving a dodge now gotta. shushing. Black. fucking. Or Guy. Is Only fucking redeeming quality that he's building a fucking GM product you. Dow Man like that kind of back and forth shits you give each other that should be where the politics stops when it comes to car dudes. That should be where the politics stops when it comes to a Lotta. Shit Man. Yeah. Man Why and what dumb ass in human resources thought to make that a slide. Like, let's make this. Let's put this out there for the world to see this is how we're handling this as her stocks are Crumlin a fucking June. So. Point. Snow. The day when they was at CNN or ABC Post s orbit you're saying bolt but it was a picture actually of heart they. They. Did that Shit on purpose how you would have. I would have never ever seen that article if people hadn't shared the ever living shit out of it. Talking Shit about the fact that they fucked picture bits, they do that shit a purpose and I know it is Bate. Exactly. This this to me it's the same shit somebody all the way, and this is the same thing that happened with vw when they did that that shit with the cheating scandal with a diesel diesel. No fucking way I. Think they did that as Bait Dude. Absolutely. Absolutely, this kind of stuff doesn't doesn't just come from some chick down the bottom is this. This is this other start-up in ultra secret closed doors groups within companies, and they're like, okay, we need a way to get ourselves out in the media. Because what they did was super fucked up row. Yeah. But it doesn't matter though because what happened everybody was talking about repressed and then for three days, everybody got buttered. Fuck Goodyear. We're not GONNA use. Them bubble. And you know what? About you? Every police department across the United States is still buying good your tires. You know why? Because they make a quality product it's American made and you can't beat it and so they they won they won. And you sounded like one of those cheesy autoparts commercials that they showed and Tommy boy. Dummy I love. Cheese now. Your mom's a bacon cheese a she's more delicious seats. Fuck I. completely forgot what what else is going to say laying. toasty cheese it's. Okay so We're giving away a motorcycle. Okay. Probably. By the time this episode airs, it'll probably be given where. Excuse me I'm dying. Tony for Fuck Sake at the Gordon. Show over here. Hey. Girl like that you leave her alone. We. Be Quite woman I'll slap the shit out of you. Sir. Riot Sir. So we were losing our place in April so we're busting our ask we're trying to do some fundraising ideas. If this bike thing goes the way I think it's getting in the way that it is going dude. Excuse me. We're going to be doing this a lot. The outpouring of support has been amazing. The popularity of what we're trying to give away has been great. We're doing really well. We reached out to all these different municipalities around where we are here in Oklahoma City to try to see if anybody wanted hard-luck where they're at. and. We actually got a couple of bites from the city's. Nice. So Midwest city. Particular force basis they offer us a parcel of land for free that we are responsible for developing developing. Substantial amount of money in this land like upwards of quarter of a million dollars overnight when we sign the paperwork. Hard luck will be worth a quarter of a million dollars. On. The other hand, we had the city of Choctaw offering us our own already built facility. In exchange. For helping out their mechanic program. We run hard-luck luck out of the city of choctaw. They benefit by having our presidents there we benefit by them completely footing the bill for the shop. And they let us do whatever we want. And then we saw the place. It was. A fucking and shit show by. Weight is this the place you told me about the other day? Yes. We're there was like kitty litter on the ground, but it was actually like I cat's to shit in and not for fucking oil spills. There's just buckets of bolts and fucking weird liquids and shit all over the walls and on the ground it was I thought this place was of built up. Just flatland don't do. That's the that's what mid West cities offering us. Chart offered US their maintenance facility. So we were like holy, Shit Dude it's already bill sardi everything all the overheads gone. We don't talk about paying utilities even if it sucked a little bit, we could save up some money and use this price. Until It's it was just. fucking unlivable dude. It was bad. It was like I said there were part forty two years of partially Shug. When you take part of they just threw it on the floor just chuck it on on a fucking pile someplace and it was literally forty yards from the new ship plant. Yeah the new she avenue water wastewater treatment plant was going in forty yards behind the place and the guy, the city manager Choctaw called me. And even said I was hoping for you to rescue me. What the what? It was bad for a city building. Look like this. There is no Otieno APA their. Naral Friday way. Man. No fucking way. has exploded. What did you guys sell him? Bro Thanks but no thanks he called me and he's the city manager called me and he's like you know. In a runoff. I said I said, yeah you did run us off absolutely sir I said what you offered was unreasonable. You weren't. You weren't looking for a partnership you're looking for us to rescue place and. Sunday this is a retired lieutenant colonel who has a pergram managed with the air force. He knew that he had it what he needed so. Yeah. Well, that sucks. So you know. The other place straight up dude. I. Put it out on the radio station today it went out on the local. Like current hip hop station this morning I had a little like two minute interview. Those guys we went ahead Tony Mani Shawshank and I would breakfast this last weekend and we said, let's lose right after we left Choctaw. We should listen what the fuck we're. GonNa do where we're going to be crazy enough to pull this off. Or we just going to Tuck our heads and just wait for a miracle to happen. And, we said fuck it. Let's do it I called I called the Midwest city. Robert, Coleman and said, hey, we're in this man was we were crazy enough to think we can raise a quarter of a million dollars between now and April. Nice One Million Dollars Yeah, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars A. Million dollars, quarter million. Twenty million no quarter million. That's. That's actually achievable. Bro, you could. Do. that. We sell t-shirts nude call your close personal friend micro. I did. I mean, he's old and what's incredible is everybody that I called row. Wants to do something about it. Out. I'm the one that reached out to T. J. J routing K. J. One three here locally in Oklahoma City. The most popular radio station in. Oklahoma. City. And she straight up calling me back. This is the Janet is the same woman who? When she's wearing her hard luck t shirt when she travels all over for work, she takes a picture of herself it on our facebook page. It's so fucking bad ass dude when I reached out to your house like, Hey, this is what we kinda got going on. We help US pitch it. She said Yeah we'll give you an interview and it was two minutes today at nine o'clock in the morning grow prime-time prime time too nice nice. So. Yeah. It's incredible. That's cool. So WE'RE DOING A. Thing with news nine next week Carl tour our local news guy from news nine. Is going to supplement interview next week. We're going to be hit the thunder up yet like a suggested. LISTEN DO I try to stay I try to stay pretty a political. Hard block and this shit. Situation that you know I hear you mad I guess well, there's a lot of oil money in Oklahoma Bra. Now all I do a lot oil money in Oklahoma. Well I mean that's it's up and down. Here they are ewing. Dallas. I'm only forty I know that dude that's Dallas. Messing with your bed. fucking. Guy Says Jared. Out there like I'm GonNa know. Brian Regan air that Shit. No that is because my mom didn't have cable in Evansville Wyoming where we grew up. So it was on reruns all the fucking time. Now. That's good. Shit. No. So yeah, we're we're going to try to. We're GONNA. Try to raise money. I've got some friends o'casey army veteran fellow, army veteran. Holler at him and he knows anybody reach out to touch. Amazing. Bro. It's all resources man that's why every time something like this POPs up. I'd say fuck it. Let's do it. You know if somebody says, Hey, we're from the the the curbside chronicle and the here in Oklahoma City. We have a newspaper that is dedicated to trying to help the homeless make money. So what what this newspaper has, it's called curbside chronicle and what they do is they print it specifically for the homeless to hand out and make money off of, and then they get a percentage of what they sell. Nice. So they're selling newspapers and the these guys get to put a buck in their pocket, right? Yeah. The dude came the interview. Cool. Super. fucking. Cool. Super. Now, I can reach out to him. It's a resource now job to him and say, Hey, man, this is what we got going on. Help me pitch it. Yeah. That's pretty awesome. That's pretty awesome. We. Big Mystery going on in the background there some behind seem shits going on. We got a fucking scooby doo mystery going on a DVD radio tonight. What. Someone, mistaken I remember there was no show. There was no barracks stock live Saturday night right someone mysteriously. Devi. Radios account someone who apparently has recorded one of our shows in the past. But it wasn't me it wasn't never more and it wasn't. dvr link or Frosty. And it wasn't blow. So we're trying to figure out who the hell has a Password Devi radio accounts. Nobody can help you because nobody knows who those people are fake. Exactly. So we're we're sitting here wracking our brains going who the fuck their computer name is McMahon for twenty. That's so we're somebody too much swordfish I don't know man I don't know. We're just trying to figure out what the faulk who, who, the hell. got. into the account it doesn't look like the for somehow they recorded an episode of fragment drag-out. So it has to be somebody we know. What for the life of if I'm not recording it, never Moore's recording it she's not recording. It is recording it right and it's none of our computers. So what the fuck? What the fuck welcome it's a mystery, the Scooby Doo mystery. Old. Man Jenkins from down the road. Of. With the Muffin man whatever could, hey, could that lives on Jury Lane I'll have them for the one armed man. Oh straight CYCLOPS. Wait A. One armed man. Both of which the original movie and the one Jim Carrey. So famously satire both aren't grow. How life is weird and crazy shit? And Shit and. From. Rhinos are just unicorns have let themselves go. We aren't Shishir. Nine. Now we know what happens when rusty nuts eats the wrong I'm telling you that this. Is. Right, now, if I was charging people for the she had given their money back tonight. This is only scratching the surface slow. Yeah. This is only a little baked and then I was like Oh shit. But when I, intentionally try to get gas. Yeah. Like don't there's absolutely zero productivity that comes out of me. There is absolutely no solter no part of A. Lot of shit talking. Like it. Yes it's great smoking. Talking Shit to monitor. Oh Yeah. I. got. On and not money he can't defend himself, fuck. Let's call them up. Let's do it hey bitch. Goods Obituary. Hold on to the group chat. I'll try to do two things at once here A. laude. Hush your faces multitasking. Hoshyar faces we're going to make this happen. What's who we talking about Monte? To talk about. That guy. That one. Do that did this thing? Let Guy you know? With I think he's got hair. Yeah, actually money doesn't. Oh, another fucking Bald Guy Great. Is the army warrant. Logistics. But was he ever? See Phil Let's see if he'll come on. Yeah let's see if we can get that dude on there. I. GonNa be fucking Green. Pray calling guests. This is. The show ranked hall radio shows. It's the next release. So instead of people calling in, we call people. Yes. So hold on this is what we're going to do I'm going to. I'M GONNA, call and put it on speaker so everybody can hear it. And I'm going to tell them to get into this God. A. Starting knocked out. Only he's probably broke. These are pass out what time is it? Yeah. Eight Twenty, eight done. He's in a metamucil coma by now. Health. Drank two cups of chocolate. Your. Zinc Bro and it puts him out. Hold on on hold on. On what are you doing buddy? With his naked hey, can you get to a computer naked? You can naked. Okay. Listen did I on Messenger I added you do a messenger chat click on the zoom link and come join us. We're we`re We're about to. Go, back, live on the radio show bringing on naked. Please, wear pants. No. No pants. Just go. Go to facebook. Okay see in Messenger there's the zoom. You could probably do it on your phone to I don't know how fuck shit works. I. Just do it on my computer. You probably don't fall into a big Joe Biden right now naked. It's got to be your fucking bowl. Nagin. So do you see the chat here? Did you see what I'm talking about? Are you face fucking me right now money. Hey. Group. Listeners does your hill? Hang, up? Now. Came by pool no answer. Well. Diet here. In your. Hard it is really try and Rocca. fucking. Shit goodies fucking video. No I do. I. Shake. Hey you're supposed to be on zoom you. Ding. Dong not on facebook still goose. Hear me. Turn it off. A holy fuck this is. How many? Look how many thumbs up we're getting in the chat Doesn't vomit into fucking salvageable on. Good. This is great this. Suspecting victim. This is what we get every day at the shopping. Yeah. This this car comes in today. Did this fucking car comes in to replace the overflow tank on the radiator this the kind of guy we're dealing with money before he chimes in here. Pulls me and Jake. Pulls the takeoff puts swaps the new. Overflow tank in. The sense young girl down the road and she. She calls me out thirty seconds later out of my car it's acting. So funny I'm getting all these lights and it's not running right? Can you help me and I'm thinking we just all we did was the fucking. Take so she comes back in I immediately, Hook my scan tool up to it and I'm getting mass air flow sensor coats. So I clear the codes, the car start to stutter on itself, and then the computer readjusts and look out the window I'm like Mani, plugged the and mass airflow sensor back end when you pull the intake booed off. Oh you're yeah. POPs the Hood I looked underneath and it's fucking dangling right in front of the. Alike it. Pit crew minute might be right up your alley. Man? Thank you for sending that again Brian Push the button. Yeah. Bright. Actually you're ahead of me I'm too busy trying to get oxygen from laughing so hard. Sorry. A. I like Jack, asses on the spot could chat. Now he doesn't know what fought to do because it's out of his like little window of fuck and seeing. He doesn't. He doesn't know fucking scroll up and Click on that shit. I. Oh Shit. I'll be sitting he probably is cussing at but not using curse words. He's one of those guys on. He'll up an F. bomb every once in a while, but you'll catch like and up and being an old man. ANYWHERES kneepads no shit. You hear this. Oh. Naby. I'm like shosh. Old Women that they're fucking full of Shit. Those words like? Listen Bro. Take a little more data Mommy's book here, and we can't tell people they're fucking stupid. Well we'll talk. I learned I turn around I want you to know I turn right around and I I tell Monty I'm like. If I get famous from his television show. It's going because of that be that will dwarf motherfucker over there. Telling little old ladies to go fuck themselves. Well Body is you don't need fucking video money. Was He. Children video out. Eight point served. A body got your specs fixed. You find a precision screwdriver for those we. Did I've got him what? Roger. Just. I just wanted to throw out there that that's That's how we ended our day. Today's Monte looking for precision screwdriver Su he could the tiny screw on his glasses arm. Couldn't. Prime Ready. Insult see somebody no know. And the thing join without video. My mind is fucking perfect bro. I get to hang out with these two guys every single day of the week. Dear. The does dude it's amazing. Mani. Please introduce yourself man the last five minutes of this episode. Did I, lose you buddy. stagefright. He hit the wrong button he went out of the Curb. Very y'all. Back Yeah. Are you back Yeah, he's back. Bonnie. Yourself on you. Jesus Christ, are you having a stroke? This is having a stroke. Mani. The button twice if you need US money, he's raising his hand. Yes, we'd like to call on Monte please. Made. Until would. God. How? You know how often we're gonNA Brian next episode. I'm bringing these guys back on and we're GONNA do a force. Okay. Are fivesome. acquitted. Up. Some some. Put that's what they call it in Thailand. Smoking member I wasn't sober Thailand Settle Mani promised me so. Thank. You guys promised we will do it again. Next week without the we'd are maybe what the we'd I. Don't know I kind of joint it or maybe all of a sudden we. where I live. That's not so suck Tony just told me I couldn't all right CLO- closing thoughts. Mani give me thirty seconds of just how how about your day what you'd like the people on my radio show. Okay. Shashank. Did the same buddy Wait. I just came back I lost I couldn't hear you guys. Own. Screwed up a mess blow. Air Censor. Mrs. Mass airflow. San. I am so sad to save money. By the time, you got your shit figured out Bro, the five minutes that I want to spend with. You is completely fucking Gone Bro Story, my life. So I I promise me you guys will come back on next week. This is good. Yeah I'll be ready. Next time I'll have all my stuff together. You Might WanNa sign into our early. Bryan Bryan remain needs have some technical help The help Monte with his share. You know what I'll do. I'll just call shelby, he'll score you. must not helping the right. That's got me this far. But I. Rolled over on my phone three or four times. I got a crack screen. So I ever hit something something else happens. like. Way. My. Computer. I haven't rolled over on this screen. Sounds good. Oh my God. Thank you so much money for being the human that you are to me. I hope that's a compliment I'll take it absolutely is dude I thought you love you man you guys tonight has been amazing. We're GONNA do this again Devi radio. Thank you guys for putting this shit show together and giving us a platform to come on here and just laughing joking fun If if you guys are giving mood I would encourage you to visit. TV, radio's website the go to DVD farm check out with those guys do throw some other ones that Jj. Dog. checkout cable Soco. We Love we love Chris new. Yeah Hey. Wash your ass with that. Shit. I'm telling you and this goes for the ladies to lady listeners I, know some you You guys have beards to checkout permafrost. DOT PERMAFROST FEARS DOT COM. That's unfortunately. We were go died. Almost over, we don't have time for that. Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for all this. This has been screws thought, oh I'm your host rusty mets catch on the flip deuce top now what the fuck? A place that is hidden. influencers. Built their social media platform from ground up for far less than any other, and they had here freedom of speech to the core. Oh they're veterans do it all for free? Who are they say skating say say skate you can grab your profile on say scape by downloading the APP on your android and IOS devices. If you'd rather head to say scape DOT COM richer profile from your computer stop having forced posted advertisements, your social media feed while Adams choose what you get to see say scape it's where you can choose what an who shows up in your news feed say enough is enough escapes gay download safety on your mobile device or had to say scape dot com now. Say. Ski Ski Ski Dot Com.

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"How To Be An Olympic Champion"

The Red Box Politics Podcast

41:51 min | 2 months ago

"How To Be An Olympic Champion"

"The every year compliance regulations change thousands of times and every year. Adp makes thousands of seamless platform updates so businesses can focus on everything else. Like running their business grow stronger with adp hr talent time and payroll. Hello welcome. Thanks for downloading. The times read books. Post you absolute lazy layabout. We are going to get you into fighting fish shape so you can compete in the olympics. And we've got some advice for you. Adam petty's mom is going to tell you what to do. The person says the precise olympic association's going to tell you what to do the person you've got Dame jessica hell into shape is going to tell you what to do All you need to do is just actually dedication to the table and stop listening to poke us although not this one obviously keep listening because provided voice later on after we pick the brains of fantastic callers today india. Night and james It you well india very well thank you james. You're in the flesh and a studio gun. Yes i am and feeling funeral afford wonderful good to have you both here. I sat on the train this morning. And i opened my copy of the times I thought thirty minutes. I'll have a leaf. And i thought oh james would have written something fascinating here are. I'll flip to that page. And i read the headline. If we want to live we have to suffer in weep and it was a moment rice of the paper again. I thought and i thought i opened it again and it was fantastic. But the classic case of didn't write the headline james. I think actually some people keep saying i need. I need to write some optimistic collins actually at some point. I didn't know it's going to be a little bit depressed at times. It which is actually which is actually the thrust of the column yes and kind of africa completely with the word is now but things not actually feeling tip top. It doesn't have to be a medical issue or something that needs intervention. Yes exactly just that well sort of fascinated to read about the trans humanist movement which is the incredibly popular in silicon valley with various tech billionaires has all these sort of utopian ambitions of the human race sort of digitally augmented intelligence and technically technological mentor. Bodies and help us extend extend human lifespan. But i was very interested in reading about this. Particular aspect of this movement which wants to with characteristic. I'm bishen abolish. All sent all the suffering of all sentient lifeforms. And that's a really interested to read that because it made me think of a theme that i think i've noticed bit in society which is kind of slightly. I feel like a lot of our society is geared around this latest obsessive asian. Any any of any kind of suffering so think about wellness stuff. You're gonna incredibly elaborate lengths. People go to stop feeling remotely stressed all the kind of meditation and mindfulness and yoga and stuff. And i sort of was thinking that we're forgetting important truth about life. Which is the human condition is suffering and suffering is important so this is very depressing. Just suffering suffering is an important part of life and although it can be horrendous obviously you know proper mental mental health issues require mental tension We shouldn't forget that some deep in our experience of life and you know all all all human experiences is is valuable. Yes and i should put a big facetious. It's a fantastic interesting. I think. India where use sit with all of this. Are you right now. Under load of stones coveting goop products. No i really hate all of that stuff. And i hate the facilities. Is it flat. Pathologies aac tanning thunder janis as shouldn't a ordinary human conditions example. My daughter who is seventeen might say. Oh i have. My anxiety is terrible. You know. I have anxiety about my math test. You have to say you didn't have anxiety it's condition you are anxious. You're feeling answers. These are not the same thing. I think it's really important to keep things like that very very carefully separate otherwise you ended up being two hundred years old and the kind of imbecile nimby feeling feeling feelings. You have to let you have to. I think in order to live for life. You have to let yourself feel. Watch your feeling and i think not unease important in terms of for example mental health but also it's important in terms of being a human being otherwise you might as well be sort of placid underneath something a bit higher than an amoeba. An them attention. you know. it's not. It has nothing to do with life or or indeed as james says in his particularly excellent this week creativity and art and and all the things that are beautiful and that matter very often come from a place of suffering or discomfort or misery all morning all in all of these things so yeah absolutely india technical reasons. I don't understand but whenever you speak a picture of you flashes on the screen here in the studio and you sitting in the most fantastic pink. Looking sitting room looking fabulous. Oh my god comes close to my word you must be able to look at my nas. Not new it's like. It's like a professional photograph that just flicks up something they put on the street anyway. It's great photo. James is it the case as you're saying that actually you sort of getting it this. There's a lot of creative good to come out of these sort of dreadful feelings and actually that particular grisly end of the of the human condition. Yeah absolutely Well what am i here. Is the perfect larkin. Said the happiness writes white. Which is that. If you're you know it's very hard to create any art from position of perfect happiness. Which i think is just because perfect. Happiness is not a particularly central aspect of the human condition. There's another interesting thing. I wanted to mention was. I think there's a lot of if you pick up almost any sort of big ideas book these books like know sapiens by yuval know harare and the load of others. There's this kind of this. Really current idea that when human beings hunter-gatherer as we all live in the state of sort of absolute perfect. That was a natural environment and all perfectly happy in that. Which i think is i think anthropologist increasing me sort of skeptical of and when one of my books. I've read recently by relationship. Psychologist psychiatrist called randolph schools. Good reasons without feelings about the evolutionary history of why we develop emotions and he makes a really good point which is that. We didn't Develop emotions humans didn't evolve to feel happy humans evolved to survive and to reproduce and our emotions. Make us do those things. They didn't necessarily make us feel happy. And the the things that propelled survive and reproduce those often on good feelings So there's just the most fundamental things about about about being human and it excited me particularly because my my all time favorite philosopher. Schopenhauer says this. Life is striving and the condition of life is striving and struggling. And i just thought he was proof right by science. Two hundred years tunisia's beta which was incredibly gratifying to me. It's always been one of my big hobbyhorses in the papers that indigo story. No i just wanted to say the other thing is that this constant striving for some sort of idea of perfect happiness actually makes people because they they look. I didn't that instagram feeds or or famous people in the newspaper. Whatever knitting go and then they crop and so you know constantly striving for something that doesn't exist. That is in the on achievable makes you so unable to live in the moment that you'll doomed to a life of misery and dissatisfaction so you might just want embraced. The bag is what is the good. Because then you know then you can proceed semi-state In state there's a whole big page on the woman who stole all those jewels in bhutto's because had the news yesterday that she was jailed. Try to blame on her dead sister india the weekend. You are writing about this. How well the head on has to secretly root for the cleavage flashing bounded bottles What is about her. That is hypnotized. You so it's just the bulls of it really. I mean we know we must say that. Stealing diamonds from esteemed is very very wrong although never been found x. Interestingly the absolute just the the mo the moment where she picked up the diamonds put them in. Her handbag was told by beatles expert to desist at once and put them back on the table when all right all right put them back on the table in that split second. She'd swapped the pouch of diamonds a- parts of temples. And i just think that moment do make out of the building. I just i find it quite exciting and i know it's wrong and i know it's wrong to steal diamonds but still i think that's something weighty kind of thrilling about old fashioned heists like the old man who dumped into the volt and hacking garden but this is a complete that was that was some violence here that was made violence no nothing. It was incredible amounts of planning and then just a from tree incredible audacity and actually in the thrilling james israelis. It this is real. Actually something quite enjoyable in fiction of somebody just like getting away with something as india so potentially homeless in a physical sense But thrilling yeah. I love i love that columbine engine it completely made me feel. Maybe feel much better because i come. 'cause you still a little time middle-aged absolving you maybe indian judge me for for my various heists just i don't know i mean yeah as india says we have to wrong but i just i i will not be able to. I wouldn't be able to stop myself. Emotionally rooting for ingenious cleavage. Flashing diamond bandits. Over over over over the diamond company. I just think i'm emotion capable of bake myself feel the other way too so cool. I mean how i know. It's just of human ingenuity and docility and the bravery it's lots of lots of very admirable qualities but maybe in the service of i think probably have knowledge an admirable and india as you sort of say in the read like fiction. I mean just even the she's called lulu. I mean that's it's almost a bit sort of okay tone it down a bit and so when we we're writing this novel of this little detail in the in the reporting so the head of bhutto's i think he's called mr wainwright getting that claimed he couldn't tell when he was saying effects of lulu and doodoo sister says it was her dead sister. Actually the dna was very conclusive about that. So i mean thousands of then sister but you never know anyway when he was showing pictures of them. He said he couldn't tell it he couldn't remember the woman's face because he was transfixed her enormous bosoms which were on display an and you can sort of see you know the head of this kind of very grind journalism. This woman with her cleavage. Not in the first flushing us behaving slightly or and you can just. You can just feel him wishing she'd go away but wanting the deal and sensitive you know when when she gets up to leave knocking. Hang on a minute thinking. Gothi person leave my nephew journalist. It's all so satisfying all new stories like that and speaking of real life Exciting stories. I guess it into the olympics. In the past few days we've been absolutely spoiled in terms of triumph and law schools. The news this morning about helen glover. She's now going to after her comeback. After having children the rowing she's going to retire. Retiring without a metal on the flip side. We had tom daley who finally made it. Gold is probably going to retire afterwards. James those people in the days have been have been again thinking. Do we put too much pressure on these poor souls in tokyo for the you know f- three minutes or even just a few seconds of the life. Yeah i was thinking that actually The maiden body olympics. I've been watching. This is skateboarding which transfixed by and the thing that because it's in that hoodie. Yes and that's that's why that's why you kick kick flips in the studio earlier. A skateboarding is in. Its first olympic year and struck me about skateboarding. was that the republicans enjoying it so much as the personality off all the participants they all attending. You'll have the airports in chains and there will be dante whenever they were struck. Me that sort of. I think it must be because skateboarding has not have the huge vast pressure years and years and years and years of an olympic sport creating industry of of pressure and expectation and sort of horrible life destroying training programs. That gives it this sort of extra sort of flamboyance and the generally. Yeah and the people who have lives outside skateboarding and it made me think that something to be said for the kind of you know for not taking as amazing to what people do fantastic things he said for not taking sport incredibly seriously and letting letting sort of letting people have interesting lives and be interesting yeah capable of other aspects to their lives in a way that i suspect if your you know in a very elite gymnastics or running. It's very very hard to do much outside on the other end of the spectrum away from skateboarding and you can see what happens when that pressure comes becomes too much and you have people like balls having to walk away from it yes. I admire enormously from a for walking away from it. My favorite olympic story of the day is the gold medal art for island for donovan clinton mccarthy in the men's double sculls because that completely grades good example if people who see at least from the outside to not take the whole thing insane me seriously they train in in skippering rowing clubs screen has a very special place in my heart and when O donovan won the silver rio with his brother. Didn't if you remember. The kind of the interview went viral. He said you know there's not much to it. You're trying to get for me to be and you put like a dog and pulled like a dog became outside and they're very very kind of chipper was wondering about rio and and even yesterday after winning this was saying it's a real shame not and skip rain because the town will be you know. There'll be barrels in the street and people will be exploded with joy. Says there is a way maybe easy for men than women no of just being with you you what you do and staying sane about it but yes simone. Biles neighbor soccer you know. I think they've done a really significant and important thing. I take my hats off to them. I hope you'll both have a pen and paper ready at eleven o'clock. We'll just have to eleven o'clock because we've got advice for both on how to become an olympian. Actually how to get involved. How start training how to get all that money from the national lottery to take you disposing excellence. If we would lay all of their own for you. James and india. What's what would you be doing. James absolutely skateboarding clearly. The coolest thing ever and i was a complete idiots teenager spent so much time reading books and not skateboarding. I really repents about that india. What training for it's only really going to happen. If hasn't in texas eating cheese all what a great about yes i will. I will tell you could so scoop up the chutney with the metro and instead of jumping fantastic. I was in the united james mart. Fantastic columnist in a moment how we're going to whip you into olympic shape. Adp we understand the importance of building the right team and offer the data insights to help just as importantly our ai. Technology helps you pay the team accurately grow stronger with adp hr talent time and payroll now. I'll guide on how to olympia. Starting off this morning somebody who quite literally knows how to limp is born caroline petey morning caroline. Good non of course mom of one of tv's greatest hopes the Tokyo olympics who won gold recently. Thanks so much for your time. I'm wondering what we'd like to get from you is is. How does it all start. I guess and does it. Begin as just an occasional hobby swimming something to do of of an afternoon when you're young all stars as as well as a live skull i because they need to swim and then solter developed from That into fraud to compete. Because that's one of the biggest things he loves to campaign. Yes an automatic test. And i wonder at what point so you'll take him onto to the swimming baths because in unit needs. Learn how to swim like children. To what point does it get serious. If that's the word. I think he's when you have The intervention of a coach that sees the talent of each child house. How's that report with. your child. Moves a on from that because when he was fourteen about fourteen in the haw Wanted to meet with me and he. She said to me that you know he eats. He is a future olympian. Really what she said at that point. Yeah i didn't believe him. I'm just getting but how does it gave and all world mills involved with with adam does at the moment and malaise code. Yeah so how does someone like actually see a sort of you know a a young adam in the pool swimming out. How do they even meet mal. Mess him through a trial and he was. He was at valley coach. It commodity from darby a to. I think to do some what with with children and he said to me is worth can for trial with now is a very good coach for the sotoudeh. Ave is really Said this a few times. She's really good discount for tryout. I was not eager but Did and then. The rest is history. They built that relationship And at one point you know that relationship it sorts of separated ours. Didn't make anything less is just Two relationships one with his coach which override road mind sometimes and then one is family. One kind of way. I think one is. I think she had more influence over him at some Outside she still does it at some point. See no he like. It's like The extra sessions he had used to have to. Do you know also drugged along. I'd much joyce boats Increased sashes mel has been so good. She's she still laughable awesome family and the freedom as well and as a parent is over point. Where you worry about your child with these kind of aspirations not having fun and you sort of worry oh is it too much of a of a grind for them especially when they're in their mid teens. I said no. I would have done if it wasn't added onto went very pushy parents. We're very pushy. Were like the leading to swim. Walls and education was bush's outweighs it after complete. This thought the other Homework weather swimming At serve curricula lot the gymnastics they used to do on the swimming. But we went very pushy. There was only purse. He the one that let everything you know. He said he wanted to do it. If it was one point he's not updated weather. I want to carry on. And i said well you got finish what you started now. And then the tools of some break suicide Rethink if you don't want to do it behind you. One hundred percent Just need that time just to rethink and so what is your advice. Then t to parents who are maybe in your position minus you know a few years. Do your parents coming up saying you know you know. My kid seems like some fantasy leading light in whatever i wanted to all the way. What do i do that in. How form let them have phone. Because i think By having they all learning and and while it's four it's not like were because it is more like play so just go with the flow but be prepared to have a to invest if you really want to go the whole way. It's invested time and time away from your belay financial restraints on not as well so there's a lot to think about book you know if it's your child is within means then go for it because we just lived his dream to be all this. I can honestly say hand on how that never expected him to win. An olympic gold nive not at that point but because he loves the city and as you get three that appear. I'm going to win olympic gold. But whether you've got children but you you saw to. Yes you were if you if you were called you can achieve wherever you want to and a great believer in that. You mentioned a moment ago if you've got if you've got the means that's that's an aspect in this isn't it. It's actually costly business. And i wonder how hard was it for you in the family in the early days sleep fund. Some of this until autumn reached the commonwealth. He has some difference portayed later on but the very early days he didn't we we had to fund all that saw on. Both malkani are very. We're both working. People work hard long hours and so we were trying to put every penny into our but we had a great set of neighbors absolutely fantastic. That neighbors we used to love like weird host parties evenings to get togethers neighbor angela. She used to enter in case he. They used to raise funds for us through raffles. You know that was used to draw tower parties and that used to pay for the petrol. Gosh for me or for needed trunks a lot. There's a company small company reflect tops. And there's a few little competition you talks deter like they're not massive companies but they used to donate one hundred pounds hundred pounds down so fantastic and i want to know because because you're the point adams winning gold and he's in tokyo doing absolutely amazing things. Obviously it. this all seems worth it. But it'll be many parents out there sort of soaking away as you were trying to scrape the money together and should there be more financial support for young hopefuls. Like adam was years and years ago to actually stop someone. Maybe innocent less fortunate situation than adam was slipping through the net. Oh yes. I'm a great believer in funds. But if you if you look around and search the internet they're all charities that will support you like this assembly matthews foundation in stoke-on-trent they gave us I think it was about seven hundred fifty pounds you for you went to a major competition because he needed the trunks Because i i honestly didn't think the cost of the trucks. It all the equipment they needed. It was it was such a lot. But i tell you i put about the charges but shouldn't uk is a whole Big broadcast as the sponsors. They're making as much as they can at the moment out of admission. They've been the ones putting the hands in their pockets. Only one to actually fund people might be the next item. Yes i do. I think they do really need support. Our younger children who've got talent torres scale within the sport. But i i think all children should have access to whatever sport they what they choose to. Do you know into helped flattened that tap into to go to whatever level they. They want to as long as they're not forced. Obviously you know because we struggled. We really did stroke. We never had a holiday or break away for four years as he treats you tonight holiday now. I treated us to row. When he was racing in rome. I am a couple of years ago but you can hint to feel what you've done that now in the radio caroline good to talk to you. Thank you so much for your for your time. And and yeah. Congratulations on on adam. He must be able to. We are all the best carolina. Mother of adam. Pete back to our guide on how to make an olympic team limping. Steve ingham is ceo. At supporting champions. This scientists led team. Gb support team in london. and rio. Morning steve just hearing from caroline. Pt about The early days of adam. Pc and how they actually get him into the slipstream for want of a better phrase in terms of elite sports. Once someone is with you. What kind of level are they. What typically this is a level of excellence already being demonstrated so there's a sense that they've got potential and then they you have what's called a funnel really where people start to show prominence at that might be physical quality that typically it's also a psychological quality tenacity the resilience and the willingness to to put the work in an instant. I was gonna say sale. I'm going through that through the system and myself to be an absolutely amazing swimmer. I i'm on your radar and you're talking about this funnel how you actually testing that kind of resilience. How you actually make no sort of difficult decisions about who supported and who isn't well first of all there's a shrewd analysis of what it takes to be successful in an event in that can shift with time so you profile the event and therefore you got an idea of the physical demands the mental demands and so varies based upon the different types of events. So something like team in cycling is really controlled and so you can dictate the level of probability what's required whereas say with lots of moving parts like canoe slalom where there's chances for mistakes or team sports you. You're up against some opposition and as we've seen in taekwondo something can change very quickly and so you have an idea of what it takes within the event but then you start profiling the physical characteristics and mental characteristics. So you want to physical test to determine the engine size of an athlete. The strength characteristics the power characteristics and also. How are at that time so it might be that you come in to a system and you don't you have just a little bit off the required level by over time. You're at netting faster than somebody else you might be already and fulfil their potential so those are the sorts of profiling methods that we would use to ensure that we're looking at the people that are already demonstrating talent or those that could bloom little bit further down the line and so then when you're backing them you've done all that you've identified them as a really worthwhile hopeful gives an example of the kind of work that goes on around athletes. Maybe because example of someone you've worked with something that you know as particularly Complicated or elaborate may be in terms of the science and the and the support actually pushing person towards gold one thing to bear in mind. There's no textbook on me. Performance very few research studies primarily. Because there's only one of these rare olympic champions kicking about so you can't just go and look it up. You have to use objective science to work through and so the good example would be jessica ennis hill currents hill. Whatever she's going by this. These days. So i started working with her when she was eighteen years old and so in that situation. She's so she she's a heptathlete if anyone has already heard of her she got seven events to perform and five of those events are real strengths last two when she was eighteen years old at the chaplain and the eight hundred meters were weaknesses so she was leading the world championships in two thousand and four junior world championships and went down to fifth place and in sixth place in those events and so there's always a competing demand. Where should we put more into the hurdles. Super more into the shop poach would put more into the high jump but the event was really sort of separating the winners from the losers with eight hundred meters and fundamentally the a lot of the events in heptathlon are over within the blink of an is so explosive power oriented movements whereas the eight hundred meters trained for that and you're not far off training for endurance marathon. Most you're turning them into a jogger and so what we know from how the body works and our physiology is that we've got different types of muscle fibers if you train for strength you. Your insurance goes down if you trained for endurance. Strength goes down. So we've now got a problem to solve of. How do we get the eight hundred meters really good without eroding from hurdles performance two hundred meter performance etc. And if that is going on in your head in in the heads of people in the team or is there some kind of like strategy document written out for just continue your example of let we need to do this to get a bit more like this and that know he's all over actually formulated. What if you look at the tradition of brilliant athletes in the country. You've got denise lewis case heatherton. you've got jess. You've got katrina. Johnson thompson and all of those will do it very differently. So there's no blueprint four and in the moment for the coaches for team genesis as we were called. We're making we're making fifty one forty nine decisions where actually it's a real way weighing up of the judgement which were should we go. And part of that is applying scientific methods. Young to what she's doing as in. We think this probably might be the right way to go about for for jess back in two thousand and four two thousand five. We've got time to test that and trial it and and develop a performance plan that she can go into liver and so the first time she delivered. The performance plan that we'd have hatched was two thousand nine three years out from the twenty twelve games and that gives her time to refine it rather than just launching a new program week before the games and just finally briefly. What about the psychological side of all of this because definitely comes to the forefront in terms of the coverage in at the moment that especially in terms of what's happening with simone biles howdy factual of that in the mental health. Somebody going through all of this. Yeah i think this is very much of the four. Is that we. We've got to be really clear when we're setting setting out for these goals won't the agreed way of working here in coaching terms in psychology they're talking about contracting what. What are we choosing to do how we go. How's it going to run around here. And and i think now that the stigma around talking about what's going on in our mind is starting to drop slowly but surely still there is still a lot of get criticism of somebody showing weakness under certain circumstance. We we've got to normalize in terms of the way that we're training a muscle for strength output. We're all strengthening the mind. But at times a muscle will give way they'll fatigue it will break and so we've got to understand that mental health is is on a par and is similar way and treat people with respect in the area. Good tokyo absolutely fascinating stuff. Steve thank you so much for your time. Steve ingham. Ceo at supporting champions. All of this of course is not just about individual athletes and teams as part of a system. There is a national strategy. There is national funding. A part of that is the british olympic association. Earlier i spoke to his chest. He robertson in tokyo. I think there are four things to contribute to an athlete winning a gold medal. They are and it sort of old money structure teaching and athletes. The money has come through a combination of from the exchequer and Olympic sport gets a olympic and paralympics. She gets at the moment just under sixty million a year from the exchequer but he gets a lot more money from national law street plaza. And if don't stop that accounts for about two-thirds money if it were not for that None of this would be possible then. Need to use that money to put the right structure their high-performance structures around the athletes. You then need to find the best coaches anywhere around the world as athletes and then you need athletes with the necessary talent and of course mental toughness to succeed in watson incredibly competitive environment. Remember the many many than metals decided by fractions of a second. Say you've got to have salute in the right mental freight and Rights that are state of mind in order to achieve this environment. So is there a lot of investment just into the person but also i guess that the signs of the technology around them the supports them as well. Yeah you're right. I mean you could you could. I mean if you're one of these sort of you know one in a million dollars you can probe so you say vote for something like this you can probably get through without a structure. I'm without coaching. Vote would extremely difficult but for the overwhelming majority of olympic athletes. They need to have the right structure around them. And of course. The combination of nelson extracted from buys in the nutritional experts the right coaching experts right conditioning. Experts the right In contrast in every everything else that wraps around and athlete then able to form. I won't is the national strategy at the moment in terms of olympics. Is it simply win as many medals as possible. Os or certain. Sports power ties. Maybe sports on prioritize depending on on the likelihood of that when he met on olympic games. But this is quite longtime is say k sport which is the government funding body Works very closely with the individual governing bodies of the sports And we have twenty six sports. She representative out here and take you and they try and identify the most likely to win medals as linda gays. Not the next games but the one off. I'm very often for the one after that. And as an example of how that works here in tokyo we reckon rummy salted seventeen percents of the school had a better chance of winning a medal in paris. Then they didn't take you but the hair for through you know you may be lucky we have been in a number of instances but but it's it's very much it's long term. Well thought-out does that deliver medals in successive games. Not just at one time. So what are the g. The growth areas looking forward through all looking. Maybe even all the way to brisbane actually are the areas where you think that's what we're we're going to see growth. I think what we've always tried to. The country is to try and give ourselves the maximum number chances across the greatest number of sports on usually for national olympic committee. We have twenty six sports representative If you looked at the metal table rio we won medals in more sports than any other country anywhere in the world and the company that normally leads the metal table. The united states does size They win by concentrating. Very happy on track and field and and the pool. We do that. We spread ourselves much wider base Pity that slightly more costly but actually if you look at the results for what is awful. The tiny island million people. It's things like tax relief successful world spectacularly successful but. Do you think you have the resource that you need all when you go to tokyo and you see. Everyone assembled Do you find yourself. Jealous may be whether countries are what they're putting into it. No i mean. I think it's reasonable to say that. The united states operates an entirely different systems. Everybody else because they're underwritten by bake broadcast money To russia and russia and the immortal it's competing and china. You know to states that do you pull vast resources in that. Clearly we count much thought. Actually where at the moment very well from did at a level that has produced huge success in beijing then rolled on into london and then extraordinarily into a and this as you can see the results of saw. you know. We're going to do well again here in tokyo so actually in a sense the you know the the olympic success for us in this country isn't purely about money but goodness me it helps and that shave those one message to everybody listening to this. Please go out with the athletes by buying lottery. Tickets and a couple more. If i may in terms of people's enthusiasm for the games this time it's been somewhat tampered by the availability to watch it. Of course this is the first time a long time that you can't watch. All the sports live free to our on national television discovery. Have a huge slice it. Let's go to be annoyed at being a crown jewel event that it is. The olympics should a free two hour on television or online for everybody. Well wait i mean. Is there on the franchise every decade. But i i. I was the minister in charge of all of this Governments and john back in time. When i was an impeachment. And i shall. I made the olympic Afrita or event so yes clearly. It's it's disappointing in terms of that much more importantly disa- disappointing in terms of team. Gb the british olympic and say we have to raise all our money to bring the athletes out here to kick them out so getting a again battle relies on stumps and commercial income that is driven by the visited. The athletes so yes. It's clearly disappointed. The people on seeing As much of of the athletes as we want it's actually it's very disappointing for the athletes. Themselves probably may civil for people trying to watch it because the nation really gets going t- gpa and they come back says the athletes. It's disappointing for everyone just having fun. Yes it it's After without before this complications getting out there. And you know goodness me getting in to take you this seven days. Getting through the airport rest of it was it. it's been. It's been a huge achievements to get three hundred and seventy-five axes representing twenty six sports. Here in tokyo touching every bit of would around me you know. We haven't had a positive corona virus test. You know unlike. I'm sorry to say many other. Nec's around the world. So i i think the athletes really into the sports worrying less about getting pinged on the app and actually this olympics as was getting momentum. It's and that is great so he was in charge which olympic association. Thanks for you time my pleasure. That was sir. Hugh robertson the chair of the british olympic association. So hopefully. now you've already got your life or on you've already shimmied into your trunks and you are ready for gold. Thanks for listening. I'll be back tomorrow. Might still off this week. We'll be back monday if you subscribe. It means the focus goes of your phone whenever you whenever new podcast. So yeah i'll be back tomorrow. Cast powers some of the world's best podcasts. Here's a show. We recommend i'm melissa amber saney host of the melissa ambrosioni shirt each week. 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